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how do i recover to my original windows 8.1 with recovery di...

Question: how do i recover to my original windows 8.1 with recovery di...

Please help me.......I had formatted my original operating system (windows 8.1) and also my HDD and now i lost my old os and now i hav installed pirated windows 7 with legacy boot order....WHAT SHOULD I DO TO RECOVER MY ORIGINAL OS 8.1?I ALSO TRIED THROUGH RECOVERY MANAGER IN BOOT MODE BUT ITS NOT OPENING...PLEASE HELP ME ...ANYONE...

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Preferred Solution: how do i recover to my original windows 8.1 with recovery di...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi all,

I just got my L500-1XL laptop about a week ago. When I got it I was annoyed by HALF my hard drive being absorbed by the recovery partition,
and thought that the recovery CD would do the same job. So I formatted and reinstalled. Only problem...I noticed my laptop being a little slower
and it rated poorer in the windows ratings (excellent laptop on 32bit=athlete having to run around a garden for excercise). THEN I noticed
the recovery CD is only 32bit...I unknowlingly downgraded 64 to 32 bit Win7...

OK so I understand advantages of 64 bit include:

1. Future of computing, takes advantage of more powerful computer parts
2. More resilient to viruses since much of malicious software is made for 32bit
3. Twice the computer calculations allowing better performance

How do I get 64 bit back? Can I order a 64 DVD? Also, unless I'm mistaken, I think if I were to format using the Tosh DVD I could actually specify the size
of the recovery partition? Because I tried using disk management and 3rd party software to resize and it just wouldn't....Tosh lock?? I HATE having to find
and reinstall ALL the drivers...there is loads, one or two is fine but ... and we're generally taught to leave MS update as last resort so I'd love the benefit of
using a Tosh DVD.

Many thanks for any ideas, comments, help.

Answer:Order Recovery CD or recover original settings?

I presume your notebook was delivered with Win7 64bit HDD recovery image and Win7 32bit recovery DVD, right?
If you want to have 64bit version again try to order it on

Sorry but I don't understand why you didn't create recovery DVD as recommended by Toshiba.

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Sir I have hp pavilion dv4 1211tu model notebook with window vista originally installed, my original hard drive died and I replaced it new one and and installed window 7 from market, now I want back my original window vista by DVD recovery , please tell me how get it possible, let me know the solution , I have recovery DVD,

Answer:recover my original window vista by using recovery cd

Hi,I noticed you had posted similar query last year. you have recovery discs with you, please try this: laptop came with Vista Home Basic 32bit.HP or third party sellers like, are not stocking the recovery media for your model. So if discs you're having is not working, you're left with no other options.Good luck!RegardsVisruth

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Hi there,
I have a PC i am trying to format and reinstall windows vista. Unfortunately my mate has lost his original recovery dvd I made him and has now got a corrupted/damaged recovery partition.
After all the searching I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I want to format the hard drive and start from fresh as he has major Virus problems.
I tried searching old threads but couldnt find anything like what I needed, I hope I am not repaeting a thread already. If so please point me in right direction.
If it helps its a Acer 6252 travelmate.

All help greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance...

Answer:How to recover Vista Basic - no Partition or original recovery discs

Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc — The NeoSmart Files

the 32 bit version is a bit further down

how to use............

How to Make a Windows Vista Repair Disk If You Don’t Have One :: the How-To Geek

let us know how you get on

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I am trying to recover a Dell Inspiron One 2330 computer. I tried to do it from a recovery DVD but it failed.
Now I am trying to do it from a BIOS download from the Dell support web page but the file was not recognized from the USB drive.
Can someone help me with more precise steps to get the BIOS or Windows 8 operating system recognized from the USB drive?
I will answer any question I get to clarify the situation if needed.
Desperate thanks in advance for the help.

Answer:How to recover a Dell Inspiron One 2330 from a usd or DVD when original recovery media did not work?

Hi czamudioy,
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Please refer to this link, to download the Dell Recovery & Restore to a USB drive. Enter the service tag of the system and if it is still in warranty you would be able to download the Dell Recovery & Restore file.
If you still got issues, request you to please provide us with the screenshot of the error message you get.
Kindly get back if there are any further queries.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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I tried to recover my Windows 7 Pro X64 system using the Repair disk I created after install and got the following message :-

This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of Windows.

I then tried with the original install disc and got the same message.

Why does this happen? Is there a way round this problem?

Should one create Repair/Recovery discs periodically?

Answer:Windows 7 will not recover with original DVD used to install it

Either the versions are not identical or the DVD is corrupt.

I suggest that you download an exact same ISO image of your version from and burn another DVD at not more than 4x speed. Try recovering from that and most likely you shall be up and running.

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I have recently downloaded the windows theme installer and installed a new theme in my computer. After changing to the new theme and wanted to return my window theme to the original windows 7 theme, I was unable to do so.
Even when I used the restore to original system file button in the window installer theme.
I would like to kindly ask if there is a way to get back my original windows 7 start button orb?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to restore or recover original windows start orb

The best and easiest way to do it, in such a case, would be to do a system restore. If that is not an option, then run sfc /scannow or System File Checker.
To run the System File Checker in Windows 7 or Vista, type cmd in start search box. In the result, which appear, right click on cmd and select Run As Administrator.
In the command prompt window which opens, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.
The sfc utility will run for a while and if any corruptions are found, replace them on re-boot.
More on that here: Run System File Checker (sfc /scannow) & Interpret its logs in Windows 7 & Vista | The Windows Club

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Hello.I Have installed a new Windows (7). But now I want to recover my Windows 10 preinstalled with built-in Lenovo Apps as I get from factory...Is that possible with Onekey recovery ?If not : As a solution, can I make a recovery disk from a same Laptop as mine and install it in my Laptop the resolve the problem ?Lenovo model :V110-15IKB. 

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Looking for the files needed to make a bootable windows 7 USB/Disc.Original OS was Windows 7 Home Premium. Upgraded to 10 everything was fine.but due to some future troubleshooting I had to do a complete reinstall but I loaded Windows 10 Professional and since windows to doesnt recognize my product key for a clean install, I now have to go back to 7 then upgrade again.But I need the files to make a bootable windows 7 recovery disc.The microsoft website doesnt accept my key, because it was a "preloaded version of windows.The laptop works but since windows isnt activated There are features that cannot be used.

Answer:Need to recover windows 7, dont have original restore files

Hi, Please use the following instructions: Regards.

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Dear All,

My colleague mistakenly deleted all the file from the Windows 7 recovery drive, drive is still there and nothing have been copied in that drive after deleting the recovery files. Machine is HP Probook 4530s. Is there any way to restore the windows 7 recovery reset the system to its factory settings?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Recover Deleted Windows 7 Recovery Files from Recovery Drive

You might be able to use a free recovery tool like Recuva or MiniTool Partition Wizard. But there are no guarantees that all deleted files will be recovered or that they will be in a usable condition.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

MiniTool Partition Recovery

It may be safer to contact HP support and buy a set of recovery disks for your particular machine. I'm taking a guess that you are in India?

Contact HP - Office locations | HP? India

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hi just wondering if anyone could help? my partners laptop has crashed and wont boot windows and it came without recovery disk. how do I resolve this? any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:where can i get recovery disk for original windows 7 home prem

I think that this short video from MS will help solve your problem.
Good luck
Create a system repair disc

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I have two older computers, both with Windows XP Home. They both still have the OEM license key stickers on them, and no major hardware changes.

Neither computer has a XP disc or recovery discs. I'm not even sure if they came with them. If I were to purchase XP Home OEM disc, could I use it to re-instate both computers, using their own unique product keys of course?

I do not want to recover anything, I want to wipe clean and start completely fresh and new. All the drivers I need are available on each manufactures website. I do not want any Sony or Gateway add-on junk

Answer:Can I install Windows XP Home without the original OEM disc / recovery discs?

short answer YES.

if you have genuine oem keys you have the right to install the oem version of that os on your system.

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Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Thinkpad x201. Original OS was Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on the main data partition and therefore i lost my original OS. But the recovery partition and the smal 1GB partition (system_drv) are still intact! Now i cant access recovery partition in windows, nor i can access it via ThinkVantage button on startup.I found something on similar issue - linux installed, but not windows.So can i recover original OS and how to do it without buying recovery discs? Thank you for help.


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to recover original OS when different OS was installed

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My son has a Pay As You Go acct. with BT.Just over a week ago (for different reason) I needed to reformat and re-install W98SE for him.Though everything else runs sweetly the ISP stuff is miserable, defying all attempts to re-establish a usable internet connection either by leaving installation to sort it or by forcing the old number upon it.Have tried the premium helpline which gave a freephone window of 24 hrs to follow through. They even phoned my son's mobile from Mombai, but it was just going round in circles.Have re-installed W98 again and this time made a Ghost image before trying all through installation from a "virgin system"My granddaughter in the same house is fine with hers (a sub account of her father).So was the connection from my house (a week ago)It would seem to be location or computer specific, which it is not supposed to be.Any ideas, before I try harder to "sell" my son the idea of Aol which IS site specific, but I am at home with that and have never had connection troubles.

Answer:BT Yahoo cannot recover original set-up

If this was a pay as you go customer, why dont you just set up a new account from scratch, thats the simplest way to sort this out.All you need to do is get a CD from a Retailer and connect.

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my computer was infected with ( trojan , HDD) virus, i tried everything, but nothing helped,
now i want recover my computer to factory default, can someone help me?
i tried with F8, but nothing changed..

Answer:How to recover my computer to the original?

Hello Sophie

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have exactly?
Do you use original Toshiba preinstalled operating system?
Do you have recovery DVDs?

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Hi,I have an iBook g4 and it is great.  I had os x 10.4 but got an upgrade cd to 10.5.  Thus really slowed the computer down tones.  I have now decided to downgrade back using the original recovery CDs that came with the iBook.  I put the cd in, clicked restart entered password, it restarted but then showed a small file with a question mark for a sec then a Mac icon in the same sized folder.  And then continued booting the 10.5 operating system.  Does anybody know how to stop this and recover?  I tried to partition the hard drive but the same thing happened.  Any help welcomed thanks

Answer:iBook won't recover with original CDs. Want to downgrade

Apple lets you know, but I would be glad to help. Basically, knowing you have a PowerPC (Apple iBook G4), your parameter RAM needs to be reset, since a previous reinstall temporarily made your Mac forget the exact location of the bootloader so it looks for a minute. All you need to do is boot up, and press Cmd+Opt+P+R. On the second chime, let go, and now to wrap up: Go to the Apple menu -> System Preferences... -> Startup Disk -> Choose the disk you want to start up on (like "Macintosh HD Mac OS X v10.4.11") and click Restart. In the sheet that rolls out, click Restart.Problem solved. It's literally that easy.

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I am new to this website and I have spent sometime looking over past threads to see if some would help me with my problem. But my biggest obstacle is that I am just a layperson with very little knowledge of computer lingo. So I am hoping that someone could help me here and go through the steps with me in plain non-technical language. LOL

My HP touchsmart tm2 crashed a few weeks ago after I tried making a recovery disk using drive D on the laptop (which wasn't the smartest thing I could've done!). After a 4 hours, I got the error message that I did not have enough space. But when I tried to undo it by doing a restore point prior to the recovery disk making, it did not work and i ended up with zero memory left on my computer which led to the computer crashing. When I tried a factory reset, it did not work and i ended up with a computer that does not boot... some error i could not recall anymore. Bottomline, I had my computer sent to a "technician" here in my city who said there was no way to boot my computer except to replace the OS.... which he did by putting a Windows 7 Ultimate operating system into my computer. It now works fine... EXCEPT for the fact that this is a pirated software. He warned me not to do updates on it as it will detect the illegal software and freeze my laptop. I cannot live with the fact that I am now using an "illegal" software when by rights, I still should be able to use the original "legal" one which came with... Read more

Answer:How can I recover the original OS on my laptop after it crashed?

The shop is engaging in criminal activity by charging money for pirated software. This was completely unnecessary because the HP comes preinstalled with an OS which you own for the life of the machine to reinstall as often as you want.

What is the licensed OS which came preinstalled on the HP? It should be listed on the COA sticker on bottom along with a Product Key which if readable will allow you to reinstall and activate the licensed version.

Everything you need is here to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 including the latest official Win7 installer for your licensed version.

If the original OS is Vista then follow the same steps but first compile the installer using Vista ISO download.

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The disk from an old Compaq has stopped working and I can't find any original cds, so now I've put an old HDD in it and I have the Windows 7 key on a sticker on the side, but if I try to get the ISO from Microsoft, they say that it's a pre-installed OS and that I should get it from the manufacturer instead. Already searched HP support but I can't find any downloads for the OS. Any ideas on how to recover it now?

Answer:HDD broken and I can't find the original cds; how to recover...

@GSC, welcome back to the forum. HP can't provide Product Keys for the original preinstalled version of Windows.  Microsoft prevents HP from doing it.  You will have to buy a full version of Windows or try this company to see if they have the disks available.  I know that several members have been able to buy the disks from them. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Hi folks,I have a question about Rescue & Recover on Thinkpad T61.After starting up the computer, I press the ThinkVantage button, from everything I have read I should get access to a menu that I can access rescue and recover my PC to its original state. But  Ialways got following:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Startup Interrupt MenuPress one of the following keys to continue:ESC to resume normal startupF1 to enter the BIOS Setup UtilityF12 to choose a temporary startup devicePress ENTER to pause ...------------------------------------------------------------------------------I want to access their default Rescue & Recover workspace, and I am sure Inever change anything in their hidden partition, so what I can do to go intothe workspace? anyone has the same experience?  I have also tried pushing F11 on startup and that does nothing.Thank you very much

Answer:Trying to Recover T61 to original factory settings

THIS means that the laptop recovery partition is either damaged or deleted, did you get this laptop from someone, or did you do any reformating. 

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 Hello, I have purchased ACER-5742 model in 2011.It has Windows 7 Home basic 64 bit operating system pre installed. But unfortunately my brother installed pirated version of OS- windows 7- premium on my laptop. I have my Home basic product key. I tried to install origial Home basic from Windows 7 Website. after product key verification it showed me followig message,ErrorThe product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options.Kindly help me out, what should i do to to recover my original OS. Thanks in advance.swapnil7507062691

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Dear all,

I replaced the hard disk, i have the three recovery DVD for windows 8. please help me to recover the same.

when i am trying recover from Recovery of factory default software(out of box) is not working. please help

Answer:How to recover Windows 8 from Recovery DVD?


Start your machine and press F12 to enter boot menu. When you see the boot menu on the screen put disc 1 in optical disc drive. After doing that choose CD/DVD as first bootable device and press ENTER button.

ODD should start to read recovery disc. All you must do is to follow the menu on the screen.

When you write “it is not working” what do you mean exactly?

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I have a problem. I installed Windows XP on my toshiba. First I changed in BIOS AHCI to Compability mode. Then I installed Windows XP on C partition. I didn't know that this stupid Windows will combine D: (hidden recovery partition) with E (my data partition). Now I have two partitions C: (system) and D: ( 4,5 GB HDDRecovery directory and all my data). I'd like to recover original Vista but when I'm starting my computer - button F8 ( recovery button) disappeared. please help.

Answer:Satellite A300 15C - how to recover original Vista


I think this was a big warning for you? you should not install anything before you have created the Recovery disk buddy!!
The Recovery disk essential and this should be done at first step.

Usually if the F8 option would not work then you should not be able to restore the notebook back to the factory settings but I found very interesting thread posted here in the forum and maybe it would be your last resort.

Check this:

There you can find a interesting workaround.
To be honest I don?t know if this will work but you could test it and could provide an finale summery here in the forum.

Check it out!

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Hi all,
I have just bought a second hand old desktop XP HP Pavilion 473 for my friend who's PC has died (I have another thread on that). It seems to run fine although very slow to leave the blue 'HP' screen at start up. My question is, it has a recovery partition. Should/can I use it to restore the PC to it's original settings? Would I lose anything (other than added on programs and any data stored)by doing this please?
Thank you in advance.

Answer:HP Pav Desktop PC- Should I restore/recover to original settings?

If it is that old then updating the Microsoft updates will take some considerable time. Although SP 3 is available for download, click here, and similar for SP 2 if you search. I don't know if the other updates will still be available via Windows updates on XP.
If not you would have to run Belarc, that program shows all the missing updates, then use Google to manually download them, a few at a time, and install. Could take a while.

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I have 2 500 GB hard drives. I have all the info I want to save copied onto my E drive. Will recovering my computer to its original factory condition only affect my C drive?

Answer:If I Recover my computer to its original factory condition

Hello TimeTrecker,

Yes, it should only affect the C: drive.


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Hi all, I have an X1 Carbon 3443-CTO (original X1 Carbon from 2012). The motherboard seems to have fried, and I'm out of warranty, so I went ahead and ordered a new laptop. I have data on the SSD of my X1C that I'd like to retrieve if possible, but I've been looking around and it seems like the size/interface of the SSD is proprietary (?). Is there a way I can connect the SSD to another machine to retrieve the data, via some sort of enclosure, or other method? Thanks!

Answer:Recover Data on Fried X1 Carbon (original)

Hello and welcome,
I think this adapter would help.  I haven't tried it or verified that it's the right one.  Please verify yourself.  You should be able to Google up several possible adapters.
This is just an example, not endorsing:

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Got lent my bosses hard drive for some films and accidentally pressed "scan & fix (recommended)" which removed a folder with a large amount of movies and changed them all to .CHK filetypes because of a few bad apples. The files are all without corruption. Just need a way to revert them to exactly how they were before windows 'scan & fixed' them.

Otherwise can someone help me on finding a program which scans movies without any reference, just the data from the file and name them accordingly. That would be great

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I've just brought my 2005 Portege R100 out of retirement to give to one of the children - However it didn't want to start. I've changed the boot order to CD-ROM>LAN>HDD>PC Card and have put the original recovery disks in the genuine (and compatible) Toshiba DVD drive.

The system boots from the DVD drive and then gives me the following messages:

No CD/DVD-ROM drives found

It then reads the source files from the A: drive and tries to mount the PCMCIA drive

It then tells me it can't find the device driver 'TOSCD001'
No valid CDROM device drivers selected
Bad command or file name
Could not copy from CD-Drive to RAM-Drive C:!

Any advice will be gratefully received as said child is eagerly awaiting his laptop!



Answer:Can't get Portege R100 to recover using original disks


I assume you need a companion disk as described here

You have to boot from such diskette in order to load the driver for CD/DVD drive.

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Hi all,My T440p came with Windows 7 32 bit and I initally created the Recovery Media to a USB drive. I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 but now wanted to revert back to the default factory setup. However, the Recovery media does not work and there appears to be no way of creating the original Recovery media again as there is no R&R software etc for Windows 8.1 The Lenovo_recovery partition is still there - so is there any clever way of kicking of the Recovery Media tool?I have already fixed the Recovery.INI file so I should be able to create another recovery media - IF I can run the app again. Any tips or advice? OR should I be able to get free recovery media from Lenovo - I have a 3 yr onsite warranty on my T440p. Thanks!

Answer:Cleaned installed Windows 8.1 but no Recovery Media option for original Win7 factory install?

NOTE: I have just tried the REAGENTC /SetOSImage stuff for the two .WIM files in the D:\FactoryRecovery folder but it says 'no valid image found in the specified path'  

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I have my netbook dual-boot WinXP and Windows 7. (I used EasyBCD for the dual-boot setup.)

In booting into Win7, I used to have the option of the "repair your computer", which brought one several useful tools, if there is problem booting.

Of course, the exact same tools are on the Win7 setup DVD, which I have. However, with a netbook, I don't always have the USB DVD drive with me, or the DVD, and that recovery stuff boots up much faster from the HDD partition, than from the DVD. So I think it is good to have. (Not at all like the notebook manufacturers recovery partitions. I wouldn't want to use those at all, wiping out all my data.)

Recently I upgraded to a larger HDD. I used Acronis to clone my old HDD (at that time in the notebook) to the new HDD (attached via USB enclosure). (It was an older Acronis version, long predating Win7. I don't know if I would have had better results with a new version.)

Well, at first I could not boot at all, with the new HDD installed. I was able to fix that though. (I forget the details of it at the moment.)

Also, my drive letters (I have four partitions-drives) were messed up, so somehow the Acronis cloning did not keep that information, and I had to fix that in both XP and 7, with Disk Management.

For the most part though, my partitions were all intact in the new drive. Being a larger HDD, I increased the size of a couple, in the Acronis interface.

I realize now though, that I do not have the recovery boot-up option any mor... Read more

Answer:Recover Windows 7 Recovery Partition?

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized full Disk Management drive map with listings, using Snipping Tool in Start Menu. Screen Shots

If you cloned the HD over then the Recovery Partition should be intact, although whether it will still run from the hotkey at boot is questionable. What is your make and model so we can advise you on trying to boot Recovery?

If Repair console is on the HD it is the 100mb System Reserved partition placing it on the F8 Advanced Boot tools menu. What options do you have on that menu now? Does Repair load if there?

Since you have the DVD to use the preferred method of reinstall, you probably don't really need the Recovery Partition anyway, so may want to recover its space if it doesn't cue up to run from boot. You can always order Recovery Disks from your tech support if you didn't make them when Recovery was still working from All Programs.

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I upgraded my Yoga 2 13" (non-pro) to Windows 10.  It has been working fine.  I left the battery run out then when I turn it back on, it wont boots up.  It shows me the message below.  The problem is I didn't create the USB Recovery Drive.  Can I just down load a Recovery image somewhere and create one on a USB drive? Recovery
Your PC needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information
File: \BCD
Error code: 0xc000000d 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Recovery Drive and Use it to Recover Windows 10

You cannot download it, but if you known anyone else who has the save 32-bit or 64 bity version of Windows 10 that you installed, you can create the USB Recovery Drivie on their PC, and then use it to repair yours.  .You'll need a 16GB USB for 64-bit  Good Luck

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Hi All,
I'm in a real bind. When I first bought my ASUS N61JQ Laptop it was recommended to make a set of backup cd's to recover the system in the event of a major incident, which I duly did.

Today, after putting up with a poorly running Windows for too long, I decided to install a new SSD and try and do a clean install of my system software, from these CD's.

They all loaded successfully and when they finished loading I was prompted to Restart the computer.

All looked good on restart, the Windows logo appeared, then another screen, and after a few seconds, a very large red word saying "ERROR" and the message "cannot find c:\recovery.dat.

I've spent the rest of the day trawling the web to find the way to recover Windows from the data put on the SSD from the CD's, but to no avail.

I would have thought that if ASUS wanted you to make a backup of the recovery files, they would also give you the procedure, on how to recover to a clean installation. Unfortunately I can't seem to get a lead anywhere.

I'm confident there are some people out there who know how to do this, and I would really appreciate it if you can point me in the right direction, because is starting to really do my head in.

Regards Ron

Answer:Can't recover Windows 7 from ASUS recovery CD's

Hmm, wait until someone gives a green light on this:

Some searching show this is quite common

Make a bootable media of Partition Wizard free and delete the hidden recovery partition.
If it works, later "move/resize" C into unallocated space on left.

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Hi everyone.I am trying to repair my old Window XP desktop. When I try to start it, I get this message : Windows could not start because of an error in the software.Please report this problem as :load needed DLLs for kernel.Please contact your support person to report this problem.After searching the internet, I now understand that an essential file is corrupted. I created a bootable XP Recovery Console CD. I'm using to recover the system. I followed all the steps, but now I'm stuck and don't know what command I should use to recover the corrupted file. Please help me to do so.

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Hi, I assume that this was asked before but I could not find a POSt and I don't believe that this message board has a SEARCH function so I will ask (probably re-ask) it again.I would like to reinstall System Update and do NOT want top reinstall anything else.Is this possible and if so, please advise how I can do this?Thank you,Bob

Answer:Recover / ReInstall only certain components from Original Factory Settings

Boblink wrote:Hi, I assume that this was asked before but I could not find a POSt and I don't believe that this message board has a SEARCH function
Yes, it does.  It's on the Main screen just above the board listings and is a box with blue button labeled Search.

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I recently purchased a used ThinkCentre M59 (8187-34U) from the IBM used equipment program. It has come with Windows XP Pro preinstalled, and does not have re-installation media.  I have several questions. 1.  The system has the IBM Recovery Program installed on a hidden partition.  I have installed a DVD R/W drive.   Can I somehow burn recovery media onto a DVD or CD from this partition? 2.  If I replace the hard disk with a larger one and install XP Pro from a retail CD, how can I use the OEM product key provided with the system? 3.  Is recovery media available from Lenovo/IBM to restore the system to its original configuration for a reasonable fee? I would like to build a dual boot system with Fedora Linux and Windows XP Pro, without losing the original pre-installed software and XP license.  


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Answer:How do I recover original system after replacing hard disk?

Hello asniadow, 1. You will be able to create recovery media (DVD or CD) by using the Thinkvantage application that should be installed on your computer. 2. I'm not sure about this one... wouldn't the retail package have its own product key to be entered? 3. Yes... it's best to call them up to find out the cost.  However, your recovery media, once created, should be able to do the job. Hope this helps.

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My Acer Aspire A7600U-UR24 came with windows 8. I made a recovery drive by choosing "create recovery drive" in windows 8. After making the drive i installed windows 8.1 from DVD. Some time later I tried to restore it back to factory with my recovery usb. Every time I try I get "windows cannot find a system image on this computer" even though my flash drive is plugged in. I tried booting from the drive, doesn't seem to work. Not sure if my windows 8.1 version not being activated has anything to do with it (I installed 8.1 on 2 computers from the same dvd didn't realize i couldn't do that) . but I think I should still be able to boot from the drive. I need help.

I was thinking if the problem is my flash drive, can I somehow transfer the system image from one flash drive to another?

here's the screens:

at this point there should be an option for windows 8 but there's not.

Answer:my windows 8 recovery drive not found. trying to recover

If I understand correctly you created a USB Recovery Drive when you had Windows 8. It only contains files that help recover Window 8 in the event of a problem, it will not contain the factory recovery partition. It is of no value now since you tried to install Windows 8.1 by DVD. Was it an update version or upgrade to Pro?

Should you wish to return to Windows 8 OEM you must use the recovery partition process as outlined by Acer to reset to Factory Conditions. Hopefully the recovery partition was not corrupted when to tried to go to Windows 8.1. If it was, you will have to order Recovery Disks from Acer for a nominal charge.

Others here on this forum may have different ideas or understood your problem differently.

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Hello there, I am new to this tread and just want to thanks ahead of time for any help that anyone has to offer.

I have a HP DV6-6190us Laptop that I am having issues with. I have several virus's that I have been unable to get rid of. I am trying to do a factory system recovery, but the options are all greyed out. I can still get on my computer and once logged in and I go into HP Recovery Manager I am able to click on all of the options with no problem but once it shuts down and loads into the manager the only things it allows me to click on are the perform computer maintenance and get assistance from HP. Everything else is grey and will not let me click on them. So here is what I have tried.

-Entered the HP Recovery Manager both while logged on and after hitting F11 (always greyed out)
-I made the 5 recovery disks and tried to use them (no luck, it doenst do anything while loading so I tried ESC and started boot up from CD instead of harddrive "ESC...F9...Internal CD/DVD ROM Drive and it loads the first DVD and get this message

**The System recovery media does not support this computer. You are not able to restore this system with media

Keep in mind I just made these disk off of THIS computer last night.

I am sooooo lost and willing to try new ideals so please if you can help I would appreciate it. Thanks agian

Answer:Windows 7 System Recovery Greyed Out, CANT RECOVER


Perhaps the viruses are preventing you from recovering your system, or perhaps the disks
got corrupt, I would try to kill off any viruses first.

Run these programs to check for virus infection:
Windows Defender Offline

Please download Malwarebytes:

Do not start the free trial of Malware Bytes, deselect that option when prompted.

Run a full scan once downloaded, installed and updated.



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I am trying to do a system factory restore and have been unable to do so and am getting frustrated. By the way I'm using the Thinkpad Twist s230u with Windows 8.0 Here is what I have done so far... 1) Created recovery disk on a USB drive (I don't have any CD/DVD on this laptop).2) Rebooted and pressed F-11 to start recovery mode3) Chose my language and keyboard4) Selected "Troubleshoot" and "Reset PC"5) Selected "Target - Windows 8" At this point, I get the message "Insert Windows Install or recovery media." I insert the USB disk. I get the message "Media inserted is not valid."6) So I backtrack to "Troubleshoot".  Instead of "Reset PC" I choose "Advanced Options"7) I choose "System Image Recovery" Now I get the message "Windows cannot find system image"WTH?  I am sure that the USB media was created correctly and the recovery partition is intact on HDD 2 (Windows Disk Management shows the recovery partiation as "Hard Drive 2").  I try to browse for an image and it' asking me for a driver that has system info?  I can't get it to find the recovery partition, and it doesn't look like the USB disk has enough information to restore an entire OS.

Answer:I'm unable to recover Windows 8 from recovery media.

I believe I have solved this problem by using a partition manager, making a copy of the recovery partition to the primary drive. Then "reset pc" seemed to recognize it.

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Hey guys, I've tried searching a lot about this topic but couldn't find an answer or maybe it was too complicated for me. So basically i 'm trying to restore my windows 7 home premium to factory settings. I don't have a backup CD and I can't find my product key which is supposed to be in an sticker at the back of my laptop. Well there is a sticker but its been two years and the sticker has been washed out(sort of) and I can't properly see the product key now.

My HP G62 notebook PC has 3 partitions. Drive C is where all of my data is stored, Drive D is named recovery, which I guess is a manufacturer's recovery partition. It occupies about 11 GB of memory. The third partition has nothing. I was thinking I could restore my laptop to factory settings using this manufacturer's recovery partition but a Microsoft support guy told me I'll need the product key and a windows 7 disc for this to work.

So what do I do now? How do I get my product key? I tried contacting HP to see if they could help me with the product key thing but since I don't live in the US, they keep transferring the line from one department to another. I'm so disappointed with their so called support.

So could you guys please tell me what shall I do now?

Answer:Need to recover my windows 7 using manufacturer's recovery partition

Offhand, I think the MS support guy is wrong.

I've never had a PC with a recovery partition, but my understanding is that they will restore without any Windows 7 disc or Product Key.

Somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.

You'd need the Product Key from the sticker if you were going to do a clean install, but you aren't.

I think the recovery partition will self-activate.

I don't think recovery partitions are foolproof, so you may have issues of some kind. But generally they work OK.

You must back up any personal data or it will be lost.

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Hello all,I have a T530, which came with Windows 8. I tried it for a day or so, then installed Linux and went on my way. I now want to reinstall Win8 on the original hard drive. The only partition that has survived on the drive is the Lenovo recovery partition, which I believe can be used to completely recover Windows 8, but I am completely unable to access it in any way that I have tried. I have even installed an evaluation copy of 8.1 on the computer to see if I could use it to access the recovery partition, but no dice. Is there any way I can use just the Lenovo recovery partition to get back to Windows 8? Thanks!

Answer:Recover Windows 8 from just the Lenovo recovery partition

Try downloading and installing the ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery program - it may allow you to access the recovery partition if it is, indeed, still on the drive.

KeithFormerly 600E 2645, T30 2366, X31 2673, T40 2373, T41 2379, T42 2373, T42 2379, T60 1952, T61p 8889, T61p 8891Currently T420 4177-CTO, T430 2347-A54, T430 2349-L64, T430 2347-UN9, T430 2342-CTR, Ideapad K1, H520S 2561-1LU

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Install ubuntu and I had a problem when wanting to boot windows 8 did not work, and when you start System factory recovery comes not walked in, and not to do, lost partitions in windows 8 and I have nothing to recover it, as I can install windows 8 as before? I need help, do not know if it is USB, or some lenovo system, Thanks in advanceI have an Ideapad U310

Answer:Problem to recover windows 8 - Recovery system

Dear Customer
Welcome in lenovo forums
If there is any operation system has been installed over the native windows so the recovery as an option will be totally removed ,
Please contact the nearest serivce center to get the recovery disk or even microsoft to get a copy of windows

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Hi All,
I have a Lenovo Y50-70. I had upgraded it to windows 10.
One fine morning, the laptop decided to go in boot-loop out of the blue. It was continuously going in "Automatic Recovery" page. I tried to boot the system in safe mode, but same issue. Then I tried novo recovery, system restore, finally system restore, but none of them helped.
So I did a clean installation of windows 10 by making a bootable USB drive. I was able to start the laptop, but all my Lenovo default applications are gone.
I downloaded all latest drivers/firmwares from lenovo site. But I couldn't find Lenovo one key theater and Lenovo one key recovery. If I boot the system using novo button and select system recovery, it simply goes in normal boot sequence.
I suspect an issue with my disk as my laptop hungs more since last restore and I get 100% disk utilization on task manager.
So I have two questions,
1) Does clean install of windows voids my warranty.
2) Where can I get all the default Lenovo applications, specially okr and one key theatre feature.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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If you know much about recovery disc, I think you will know recovery disc is the best choice for Windows 7 admin password reset besides another administrator. The recovery disc includes password reset disk and system recovery disc. Password reset disk is easy to create before Windows 7 locked. While if you want to create password reset disk after you couldn?t log on to Windows 7, you have to ask for help from third-party software. For example, Windows Password Genius is conceivable option. System recovery disc can be instead of installation disc, if you have back up your Windows 7 Home Premium. But if you have not done that, it doesn?t matter. System recovery disc also could be created after you are unable to boot your Windows 7, as long as you find a computer with same Windows operational system. You have to create system recovery disc on it. For example, 64-bit System Repair Disc can only be created on a 64-bit Windows 7. You can check the properties about computer through Control Panel ? System and Security ? System, or right click the Computer and choose Properties. Now let?s see how recovery disc reset Windows 7 Home Premium admin password.1. Password reset disk reset Windows 7 admin password2. System recovery disc reset Windows 7 admin password 1. Password Reset Disk Reset Windows 7 Admin Password There are two cases you should consider, because password reset disk comes from two ways and is created in two periods. So when you use pass... Read more

Answer:How to Recover Windows 7 Admin Password with Recovery Disc

Thanks for this article, it is informative and I also find out the other ways to recover Windows 7 admin password with recovery disc instantly. It is to make use of the sade mofe, admin account,  password prompt and so on.  In that topic we can know the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is also a good tool for us. It is really another smart Windows 7 password key and it also supports Windows 8.1, 8,XP and Vista. You can't miss it.

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Hello there. ive had my emachines E4076 (windows xp, media centre edition version 2002) for around 3 years. It became cluttered and VERY slow so im deciding to use the recovery disks and reinstall the operating system and clearing all personal files. I used the operating system disk and rebooted. I got to the menus which asked for disc one of the 2 disc recovery disks i burnt when i first got the pc. this started the recovery process. It then asked for the second disc and continued. at around 50% it then said instalation incomplete please insert disc one . I did and it repeated the process. This went on 8 or 9 times so there is obviously a problem so i quit and restarted. my C: drive is exactly the same as it was before. no problem BUT now the recovery drive D: has a changed icon (it is now a black chip image and when i open this drive i am presented with 2 files. System restore and a file called PROD which has no icon and is 1kb in size. added: DetailsRECOVERY(D:)Local diskFile system FAT32Free space 2.31 gbTotal size 4.65 gbany advice on re-installing? 

Answer:Recovery discs for windows XP (emachines) wont recover!

You could try borrowing an MS XP long as the versions match and you have a liscense key for the machine this is perfectly legal...The 2 reasons this may be happening would be dirty CD's and/or a failing CD drive...

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Tool says firmware version unknown and i am not able to get into my system

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I have just used the Thinkpad recovery feature to restore the Thinkpad to Factory.  When this happens it sets the Thinkpad to Windows 7 Pro 32bit.   How do I get the recovery to set the ThinkPad to Windows 7 64Bit? 

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I recovered my Idealpad Y650 after used it for several month, at beginning, it worked normally and looks like recovered correctly. After this it restart automatically, then there is message again, which shown restart failed and need to insert install CD, but this computer didn't come with it at all. the massage was shown as below: File: \windows\system32\winload.exestatus: 0xc0000225Info: the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt. I am really sad about this, is there anybody can help me ? Thanks !!!

Answer:Windows Vista of Y650 can't boot any more after recover from the Onekey Recovery

corrupted or missing one key recover button and select to fix boot issues. or just press f8 :- select "fix boot issues" or select safe mode, restore your computer a couple of days ago. if this doesn't work, use full recovery for your computer. if you can't, use recovery disks, if you don't have, call lenovo support line.

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This situation is a bit messy but anyways:

So I dualbooted Windows 8 Developer Preview with my OEM Windows 7 Home Premium years back and removed it thereafter, together with restoring the MBR and everything. So now, whenever I press the F8 button at startup to access the Advanced Boot Options, it shows the usual Windows 7 black-and-white options.

^ After pressing F8 key at startup, this shows. (thanks to SevenForums for the image)

The problem comes when I select the "Repair Your Computer" option, which shows me the Windows 8/Technical Preview "System Recovery Options", instead of the Windows 7.
^ this shows up (thanks to EightForums), instead of...
^... this. (thanks to SevenForums)

While I have created the Windows 7 System Repair Disc to access my Windows 7 options, this bugs me a little as the "refresh" and "reset" options don't apply to me, several options like System Restore doesn't work and my OEM options to access the recovery partition isn't there. Furthermore, I'm prepping for the upcoming Windows 10 upgrade and am worried that the upgrade will further mess up the current situation.

So, is there any way that I can recover/restore the Windows 7 System Recovery options?

Answer:Recover/restore Windows 7 System Recovery Options after dualboot

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image.

Tell us which partition had Windows 8. Did you correctly delete that partition which is how an OS is best removed?

Do you remember how you "restore[d] the MBR" exactly? Did you move the System boot files to Win7 or its System Reserved partition, and how? Has Startup Repair been run from 7 disk and what did it report?

If you deleted or formatted the Windows 8 partition and it's System Recovery Options remain then was the remaining System Reserved partition originally for WIndows 8 and only updated when Windows 7 was installed? This is the only way I can think of that Win8 SysRecovOptions would remain.

Seeing the screenshot and knowing the answers to these questions should make correcting this possible if the boot manager isn't corrupt. Keep in mind that any factory installed Win7 is a grossly inferior install to begin with, larded with bloatware and duplicate factory utilities that have much better versions built into Win7. Most tech enthusiasts choose to Clean Reinstall Windows 7 with the Product Key on the COA sticker.

As a last resort if you've lost Factory Recovery via F8 and that is the method to boot Recovery for your model, you didn't make the Recovery disks, but Recov partition is still intact, we could show you how to Boot Recovery Partition using EasyBCD to set the rig back to factory condition. Then you can Clean Up Factory Bloatware

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Not able to do full recovery on u310... I have created "Factory Default Recovery Disc" previously and have 3 DVDs.  No matter what I tried I'm getting this Notice on trying to recovery from factory DVDs. "The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect.  You may have to recreate the partition to continue." When I click "OK" it goes back to the "Welcome to Lenovo OneKey Recovery" screen.  I'm not able to get past this error.

Answer:u310 not able to recover using OneKey Recovery - "Factory Default Recovery Disc"

Adding... The NOVO key recovery does not work.

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how do I recover my document files, photos, videos and music I had in my hard drive after upgrading to windows 10

Answer:Document files, photos, videos and music recovery after upgrading to Windows 10, how do I recover them?

What do you mean recover? Are you saying they are gone?

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I'm a mainframe person with some windows experience, but I am an Ubuntu/Linux virgin.

I was aked by a relative to see if I could sort out a Toshiba NB100 11R with Ubuntu remix loaded. The touchpad was no longer working.

I assumed it was a driver problem, so found my way to the drivers. I couldn't get any further, it was password protected. The relatives didn't know the password or even that a password had been set.

As they had the recovery disk and I had an external dvd drive, I decided to do a full recovery.
The recovery failed.

When I tried to boot the NB100, I got a GRUB error 2.

I tried the recover disk again, this time I got error 20107, I can't find this documented anywhere.

I also managed to get a boot menu at one point, which gave me the option of booting Ubuntu, or recovering. I chose the recover option, this failed with "cannot open root device SDA2 or unknown block".

I downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition and tried to boot the NB100, this failed with a multitude of read errors.

I re-booted with the Ubuntu 10.04 netbook, this time it worked. I chose the try Ubuntu option. Ubuntu loaded.

So that's where I am at the moment, I've managed to load Ubuntu running from the DVD drive. The NB100 hard drive seems to be ok. The touch pad is working. I can't recover from the dvd drive or the boot recovery option.

As I said I'm an Ubuntu virgin, I don't know what to do from here.

What I want to do is recover to factory cond... Read more

Answer:Unable to recover NB100 from recovery cd or boot recovery option.

Well.. It seems the recovery files related to Ubuntu in the "FileSystem" are damaged. And the GRUB loader is severely damaged as well. Error 20107 means that the recovery can no longer be initiated. That error happened to me before but when I tried to recover my database on MySQL. I don't know how is this related.

Anyway, since you can access the partitions from the Live CD, If I were you, you can get an External Hard Disk and backup all the data onto that Drive. And Install a new version of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 that you've downloaded . You can Install it from the Favorites when you boot from the DVD by "Install Ubuntu Netbook Edition". When it comes to partitioning, Choose the option to Erase all the Hard disk. That will install a new system with new GRUB loader as well but Erasing all the data on the netbook hard drive. From this point you can start the recovery from the Recovery Disc. I know this is a long solution. But to be sure if the problem is from the recovery CD or the system itself.

But one question, Does your NB100 come with an Ubuntu Recovery Disk ? Toshiba notebooks always have problems with Linux Based OSes :S

If you need more help, I am here. I worked with Linux systems for about 2 years but not as much as Windows ofc.

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The company which I am working for provided me with a Satellite A30 laptop. Now my system has crashed and I need to restore. However, I was not able to find a Recovery CD for oroginal Windows XP Home edition.

Please tell me, is this kind of Recovery CD supplied with this laptop or not? I am not sure because I am not the first user of this computer. It could be that the previous user has lost a Recovery CD. All I have now is a "Tools and Utilities" CD.

If Recovery CD is indeed supplied and I manage to get it from previous user, what are the instructions to restore the system to original factory state?

Thanks a lot for any info.

Answer:Original Recovery CD

Hi Brian,

?Recovery CD? is supplied with any Notebook. If you want to have an original factory state the best and fastest way is to use original Recovery CD. Each Notebook model has specific Recovery CD and you can use it just for own Notebook.

In your case there are two possible solutions. First one is to contact Toshiba Service Partner. You must go there and sign a statutory declaration and then you will get a new Recovery CD.

In other case you can install OS from Microsoft WXP CD and then you must install all necessary drivers alone using ?Tools & Utilities CD?.


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Hi, guys. I had tried to reformat my G460 previously using the one key recovery. But half way through the recovery there is a error pop up and stop the recovery. And caused my computer to have a winboot.exe error whenever I start up. I had lost the recovery CD.Please advise on what I can do. I had search the web for Lenovo recovery CD Iso file. But I cannot find it.Thanks in advance and wish u guys a happy Chinese New Year!!

Answer:G460 lost recovery CD, One key recovery cannot recover

HI Kuniyo , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Assuming that the harddrive integrity is still ok , you may simply proceed to a clean installation of windows if other repair option would not work . 
Copy of  the recovery image can be ordered at tech support for your OS version specific to your pc along with the preset drivers needed . Do you stillo recall the windows version you had originally?
English, Mandarin 6818-5314 (Standard Charges Apply), 1-800-818-5219 Schedule a Callback for faster support
9:00 - 18:00 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00 Saturday 
Alternate option is to get your ISO similar to the original Windows version that came with your pc .
This would automatically activate the product key embedded on the system . 
You may review similar discussion and steps that was previosly done on this thread. 
With regards to the drivers , simply download it from the support site. 
Update us how it goes. 
Gong Xi Fa Cai .

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I'm looking for original CD for Toshiba EQUIUM A60.
Please give my a link.


Answer:Where to get original Recovery CD for Equium A60?


if I understand you right, you are looking for a recovery CD.
Unfortunately you cannot download it.
You can only buy it from an authorised service partner.


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asus cm5571 not rebooting, when i put recovery disc in, says no driver found, PERecover.exe error, tried f9 but dont work, keeps tellin me to select proper boot device or put in disc

Answer:Recovery to original format

Check your manual or try F8 during boot up for boot options. You are looking for a Factory Recovery so you need your Recovery Console or whatever they are calling it to start the Factory Restore or an option to boot to DVD drive for your recovery disk set, or go into BIOS set up and set DVD drive first in boot order in order to boot to it and recovery disk.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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I have a Compaq Presario CQ61 laptop that I did a clean install of Windows 10 TR 9926.
Is there anyway to get back to Drive D: which has the original factory programs etc. on it and re install it and take off
windows 10.

Answer:Original Factory Recovery

shipinomore10, try the steps in this vid

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If I delete my backup partion by accident and if i send my computer in for service, will they restore my computer to back to what I had on there before the crash? ie put the recovery partation back on the computer?

Answer:Original disc image recovery

you can ask the hdd to be reimaged by the depot, it will reformat to the condition that the laptop to the factory state. 

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I got a preloaded Compaq 7AP170 at a yard sale. However, the XP Pro requires a password. The old owner doesn't remember it. Dell PC's could be reset by pressing CTRL+F11 at start up. Does the Compaq 7000 series have something similar that I could do?

Answer:Compaq PC recovery to original configuration

i don't think the compaqs came with a recovery partition.

if i'm not mistaken they had a program to create recovery disks.


<whisper> safe mode administrator no password </whisper>

but i didn't tell you that

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A while back, I totally screwed up my computer, which was then a Windows XP Home machine, and got it reformatted and put XP Professional on there. When I got it back, though, my recovery partition (the part of the hard drive with all the things for recovery and stuff) went missing. Is there anyway to make another partition with all the files put directly onto the partition without the CD or am I SOL?

Answer:adding original recovery partition

SOL if the partition and contents are gone. Sorry.  :-/

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I created a system image of my Lenovo U410 on an external hard drive and want to restore to it. However, One Key Recover gives the error of "The program cannot find the service partition." I did some searching and realized the problem may have be due to OKR not recognizing partitions correctly and have been following the tutorial in this link to set the partition types to the correct ones: Recover Lenovo One Key Rescue after Resizing Partitions However, OKR is still throwing the same error and I'm not experienced enough to figure out why. I've attached my current list of partitions (image from diskpart and EaseUS). What are the original partitions for the U410? Can anyone shed some light on what I should do?

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My husband's Sony Vaio VGC-RB34G suddenly quit while he was using it. The original system is XP with Media Center. A few years I upgraded it and another pc to Windows 7. I managed to access the DOS prompt and rescued data files. However, I could not get it to load Windows 7 all the way without it rebooting.

Not knowing about your helpful site, I tried whatever I could with whatever little knowledge I have to no avail. Had 2 other PC's (laptops) with major issues but managed to get them up and running (one had to be restored to factory settings).

The system is old but my husband only manages the checkbook, emails and surfs the net. So, a new PC would be wasted on him as he has no desire to do anything else. Using the Windows 7 update will allow me to get to the System Recovery Options. There are no restore points that work so I thought about doing a restore to factory configuration and then upgrade to Windows 7.

System Recovery Options
System Restore requires restarting and selecting the system to restore (which I take it to mean Windows XP) but only Windows 7 appears.
System Image Recovery: Does that require my image?
I made restore disks when we first purchased the Vaio desktop and had to use them one time but somehow they got misplaced. I recently ordered Sony Vaio VGC-RB34G System Recovery DVDs from but am not sure how to use them under the present conditions.

Startup Repair Dialog

System Disk = \Device\Harddisk0
Windows directory: = C... Read more

Answer:System Recovery to original configuration

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Laptop was dropped... HDD died and I replaced it with a new one.  Now I need to reinstall Windows 10.  Where can I get a recovery DVD or USB drive?

Answer:Original HDD dead - Replaced HDD - Need Recovery DVD - Where...

KamilG Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about needing the HP Recovery Kit and wanted to help -- but need more information. I see you're running Win10. Did the PC come preinstalled with Win10? Or, did you upgrade it from a prior OS to Win10?This is important as the recovery/reset method is different for the two situations.We can proceed when you provide the answers.

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I have to recover a USB drive with many Excel & Word files.  However, the result is given with re-named original filenames instead of the original.
It is hard for me to sort it out and organized like these, 0001.doc, 0002.doc, 0003.xls.
Does anyone one know which recovery program, can give me the original filename result, instead of 0001.doc, 0002.doc, 0003.xls ?

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It has  win 10 pro installed, there is a hp tools partition and a recovery partition on drive but can not use f11on startup. I have downloaded all the drivers and all of the protech tools that I can find.

Answer:How to restore original OS without hp tools but recovery par...

Hello, Did you make changes to Boot records? such as installing OS etc.. if yes, it will make changes that leads for the product not not trigger recovery from partition. i think you need to use HP recovery media. This should help get the media., Please visit ; select country from the bottom left handside if you are outside please select "support and drivers" > now click drivers & software> input model number of your computer. (if the list is populated incase similar models are there in this series, select the model you have)select the OS you recieved this with computer and click next > now you should get one option "order recovery media - select that and under that you have type of media available. select and media you want.incase you have issue in ordering media; you can try after sometime and/or contact HP support to get the media ordered.also for few countries or products recovery order online may not be available; in such cases, please visit region/country website ( and select country). click connect with HP and contact HP. email/phone support numbers are available, please contact support team to place an order for your product in specific country(if available).hope it helps, Good Luck !!!

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A few months ago my NB100-12A caught a bad virus and stopped booting into windows completely. So I downloaded ubuntu on another computer and installed it on my nb100 via a USB thumb drive. I now want to put windows xp back on the notebook I have the original restore CD that came with the notebook but I do not have access to an external USB CD/DVD drive? Is there any way using another computer that I can put the restore CD onto a USB thumb drive and boot from there to recover my NB100s system.

Any help is greatly appriciated.

P.S I think the fact that one is provided with a recovery CD for a notebook that doesn't have a CD drive is quite ridiculous. Especially as there seems to be no alternative

Answer:NB100 Have original recovery CD but no external ODD

I thought the NB100's came with a hidden Recovery partition rather than Recovery Discs. Are the Discs proper stamped discs? Or are they DVD-R discs?

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I have a HP desktop PC. i am thinking to make a recovery usb with the manufacturer image, and to insert an ssd in the pc, make it primary hdd and use original hdd as second disk. Will the recovery usb allow me to reset the pc and thus reinstall windows? So, reset from recovery usb will reinstall windows in the ssd? Ssd will be 750 gb and original hdd is an sshd of 1 tb. Also, if windows is successfully installed in ssd, will the utilities of HP still work, like the update utility, recovery manager, diagnostics, the utility that puts diagnostics in a usb stick etc? The update utility, will still be able to update hardware drivers, the BIOS, the firmware of the original hdd? The diagnostics will be able to still diagnose problems of the pc and also  check the new ssd? Will the recovery usb, during the reset, will allow me to format the original hdd and partition it, so that it will have only one partition? I won't need the recovery partition in there, as a functional recovery partition will get installed in the then primary ssd (apparenty?). After putting the ssd in pc and before the reset, I have to see if the ssd is recognised by the BIOS, and if the original hdd is also seen as second hdd there?  Is it possible that the ssd will be incompatible somehow with the pc and problems will arise after the system recovery?

Answer:Can a recovery usb install hp image to new ssd? Original hd...

Sint wrote:... Ssd will be 750 gb and original hdd is an sshd of 1 tb.....Hi, Yes BUT that may be the problem. You need SSD size equal or larger (capacity). Which tool do you use ? Regards,

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I can't get into pc recovery drive (D) to restore pc to original condition in two pcs. I think it is because I reinstalled Windows 7 into drive (C), which prevents pc recovery from drive (D) [because it's not the original software. I can see the recovery drive (D).

Also, I used SpotMau to get the windows 7 Ultimate product key, but the lable on the pc shows that Windows7 Pro is installed. The product keys are different. The pc was purchased from Dell and came this way.


Answer:Can't get recovery drive (D) to restore pc to original condition

Whats the exact model of the DELL?

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This computer has never worked well since upgrading from the factory installed 8.1 to Windows 10.  It kept crashing or giving my low memory messages.   It does not seem to have a hardware problem (according to HPwwhen I first starting having problems).  It recently crashed and did a disk error recovery and now it seems Windows 10 is not fully installed and I have lost my bookmarks in my browsers and some of the older software.  I want to reload all of the softward before I give up on this machine--it is less than 2 years old.  Anyway, I see from the microsoft page, I can redownload Windows10.  My question is should I do a system recovery to the factory installed windows 8 before I I upgrade to Windows10?   Will Microsoft recognize I have a valid copy of windows10 if I start totally over?  I have a USB drive labelled recovery, date 4/2016.  Not sure if it 8 or 10, probably 10, but it could be corrupted, too.

Answer:Need to do a full system recovery. Original OS 8, now window...

Hi, As the machine has been previously upgraded to 10, a hardware profile ( Digital Entitlement ) will have been recorded by the activation servers. As long as the previous installation of Windows 10 had activated Ok after the upgrade from 8.1, you can just create your own installation media and perform a clean installation as detailed in the guide on the following link.  Note: At the activation screen, select 'I don't have a Product key' - Windows will activate automatically once the installation has completed. Regards, DP-K

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I have a ThinkPad X60S that has a recovery CD set that you can create/burn upon initial startup. The discs installs ALL the OE software that came with the system automatically or selectively. THIS INCLUDES THE X60S SERVICE PARTITION, so you can get a brand new hard drive and return to original factory state without any issues. Now with the 3000 K100, I am trying to put a new hard drive in but using the discs that came with the system, it only installs VISTA. The other disc is for device drivers. The other OE software and the LENOVO TOOLS are not even there. Moreover, the SERVICE PARTITION is NOT restored on the new drive. Question: What happens if you have to replace the original drive if it dies?

Answer:Recovery CD/DVD does NOT reinstall original factory settings...

you wont get a service partition on the new drive even if you use rescue and recover.service partitions are only provided with factoryinstalled hard might not be  a problem after all u got the recovery discs isnt it?

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Dear Guru,This my first HP so need help as: Planning to get a SSD to become boot hdd.  Original will become data/backup hdd.1) How can i port over the original hdd recovery partition to here and install the new ssd as the boot windows hdd so next time anything happen to my ori hdd i still can do recovery from the new ssd with valid windows license? 

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I need to get my private info off my HP Pavilion zv6130us because I am selling it, but I cannot find the recovery disk that came with it a year ago. ARRRGH! I do have XP Pro disks. What can I do? I have a lot of programs to take off of there, but wanted to leave some freeware on there for the person I'm selling it to. I manually copied all (I hope) my documents off of there, but am having trouble removing programs. Does anybody know a better way I can do this? I could spend a few dollars if there is a cleanup program I should buy. I have spent many hours trying to do this before I got smart enough to ask for your help.

Answer:can I clean PC to sell without my original recovery disk?

So what is the ideal course of action here? Simply removing programs? Can you not do that with Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel?

Or do you want to go a step further, and format, wiping everything? A clean installation of Windows is what I would be happiest with as your customer... you can always reinstall the freeware.

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hello i turned off my laptop while it is resetting to factory and there are no windows to start up so how can i solve this problem and return my original Windows please help me

Answer:interrupted recovery and losing original licence

hassansleiman The answer depends on how much damage you caused by turing off your notebook during a factory reset. First, I would try doing these steps to see if the Recovery can be restarted or continued: Performing an HP system recovery (Windows 8) | HP® Customer Support If that does not work, see if this helps:  Troubleshooting HP System Recovery Problems (Windows 8) | HP® Customer Support If that still does not help, your only recourse then is to use HP Recovery Media.  This is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks.  You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update".  If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entty and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: Read more

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I'm willing to upgrade my Win7 to Win10 before offer expires, but about an year ago I had a very bad crash due to virus on my HD and IT services provider replaced my HDD by a new one as they coudln't erase the cause of my HDD issue.With that ontervention I have lost the original partition that had the Recovery files on it.How do I get this computer to it's factory defaults before upgrading to Win10? Reason for doing it is that original software was Win7 Home edition and current one is Professional (IT company requirements), but I don't want Win10 Prof version but rather the Win10 Home edition as this laptop will now only work within my home network.Any help will be appreciated  

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I've just bought new notebook from toshiba L500-208 recently. And i absolutely have no idea how to deal with this new stuff! Please help me!
I had one NB from compaq for 5 yrs, when i format window just use 1 cd and this finish!

But now what i dont understand is i have win7 64 bit (when i bought), but i have 32 bit recovery disc.
I want to know if i format notebook and use this recovery disc, i will lose 64 bit, right?
What if i want to have 64 bit for next installation, what i have to do? please help me too..
thank you so much!

Answer:Win7 64 bit (original pre-installed) ,32 bit dvd recovery disc


The whole situation is quite simply. If you check PC and notebook market you will see that more and more new products will be offered with 64bit operating systems.
So the software production goes slowly in this direction.

Toshiba offers you brand new notebook with 64bit operating system but also offer you 32bit version if you feel comfortable with it and if you want to use some software not designed for 64bit operating systems.

Your notebook is delivered with HDD recovery image and if you read user?s manuals you can find info that you should create own recovery DVD.
This can be done with preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery disc creator?. The shortcut for this tool you can find on desktop.

So, before you do anything please create this installation disc. After doing this you can install 32bit version and use it so long you want.
When you want to have 64bit version again use self created recovery disc for installation.

I hope you understand now how it works.
If you have more questions please let me know.

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Hi, I made an official Update Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro and now I can not go back to the orginal factory settings, because F11 no longer works. However, my laptop still has sections HP_Recovery and HP_Tools. Where can I get an image of the original MBR for restore HP F11 option? Somebody can make and give me such image HP original MBR for laptop HP mini 5103? I did HP_Recovery active profile in the hope to start booting from it, but it does not work. Thanks Regards

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Hi, I want to do a system recovery because WIndows 7 has accumulated some errors that prevent me using some programs and I was wondering if: 1: The system recovery reinstalls original BIOS or not  ? The reason why it is so important for me to know is because i upgraded to a graphics card that required a BIOS update, getting only a black screen otherwise... According to the info on system recovery it says it reinstalls hardware drivers so I am expecting that to include the BIOS but just wanted to be sure... 2+3: There is a BIOS update for my PC under windows 8 options that says once installed, it cannot be reverted to a previous version.  Will system recovery still be able to rewrite the BIOS to a previous one? If I install that BIOS version, will it cause problems for my windows 7 system recovery ? Thanks for your attention !!!

View Solution.

Answer:Using System Recovery reinstalls original BIOS ?

JoaoM System Recovery only affects the contents of the hard drive; it has nothing to do with the BIOS.  

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Greetings -

Recently purchased a Lenovo X220i laptop, which came with Win7
Home Premium 64 installed, but no separate media.

The laptop has Lenovo's Factory Recovery Disks utility, which I ran.
It created one CD-ROM of just under 300MB, containing:
BOOTMGR file (375KB)
WINRE.WIM file (288.5MB)
a 17MB BOOT folder.

Given that the C:\Windows directory alone has 14GB in it, the CD contents
strike me as being enough to perhaps boot the laptop, but not enough to
recreate Windows on another disk if & when the factory hard drive goes south
(or I decide to replace it with an SSD).

Is there perhaps a Windows7 utility backup that I should be using to create
a fully restorable Windows install package (excluding, of course, additional
programs that I've installed from original media) and, if so, what is it?

Insight welcome.

Thanks kindly,

- Richard

Answer:creating recovery disks w/o original media ??

You can Order Lenovo Recovery Disks from here:
Lenovo Support - Home (US)

Lenovo Recovery
Lenovo Support - Home (US)

For Windows imaging & backup:
System Image Recovery
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Restore Backup User and System Files

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I have a Dell XPS 8500 desktop running Windows 7. When new, I made the System Recovery Disks as suggested. Only used 2 DVD's. Kept them safe.
Within the past month I had to use them to recover a half working system. Tried everything I could think of prior to that.
My question: Could I use that same set to recover my system in the future if necessary? This is the only computer I have running Win. 7 so they are exclusive for this computer. Reason I am asking: I see no way I could make another set, no options anywhere I can find. Don't want to do a full image if I can avoid it.

Answer:Original System Recovery Disks Question

Welcome to Seven Forums Bd
Of course you can use them again, that`s what they`re for.

But you should really be creating disk images, even a partition on the same drive will work if you don`t have anywhere else to store it.

And you can always store an image on dvd`s but I don`t trust that method.

Isn`t there a Recovery partition already on the drive ? Dell usually always puts one on there.

Post a shot of Disk Management if you want.

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i need to install original window from recovery disk of original window 10 in my free dos kind system.... it is possible or not?

Answer:could i use recovery of original window in my new duos kind ...

Erick4 wrote:i need to install original window from recovery disk of original window 10 in my free dos kind system.... it is possible or not?Hi, Did recovery media come with THIS machine ? If yes then you can. Otherwise impossible, you can't activate Windows. Regards.

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  After a system crash, my friend installed a different os. I want to format it so it will revert back to its original factory settings. I've downloaded all drivers from this site but not sure if eRecovery will work on a different os.Can anyone help? Thanks.

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I need to install Win XP on a new 80 GB HD.  I have lost the original cd's. Is there a way to disable the Intel chipset that prevents installs without the factory CD's?

Answer:Reinstall WInXP on new HDD. Lost original recovery CD

Anthonyjt, welcome to the forum,
it would be helpful if you could post which ThinkPad you have, even better post the Type and Model Number this will help members to help you. If it ends in CTO please provide some details about the ThinkPad. Please do NOT post your s/n.

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My XP machine was installing downloaded upgrades before shutdown and the power failed.  Now when it starts it only goes as far as the Microsoft screen with the moving bar at the bottom, then reboots all over again, and again, and again...I popped in the original XP CD to try to recover and it only goes as far as the "Press R to recover" screen, then it reboots too!  I have never seen anything like it!  I admit I'm not Bill Gates, but I'm not computer dumb. This has me baffled!  Any help would be great.

Answer:Ican't even run the original XP install CD to GET to recovery console!!! HELP!!

Taking a couple of guesses here, Mountainman, if you live in a remote rural area, could be when the power went, maybe there was a surge in the AC that maybe damaged hardware components on the motherboard, or the RAM? Not wanting to be gloomy but fried RAM can cause this type of thing. If you have 2 or more sticks try running with each one on its own (Remove and replace with the power OFF!!! -- AC plug removed from wall!!!) which might isolate any faulty module(s)

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I delete all partitions and the recovery tool for Xpress Media Player not operate. After selection of language and keyboard it crash and ask from me to restart. Know anybody if I prepare the partition table with a fdisk tool and what size for every partition???

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite M100: I want to recovery the system to the original state


Sorry but your posting is pretty unclear for me. Do you want to have ?factory settings? again and use EMP and OS as before?

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If you didn't guess, the OS here is Windows 8. The internet is full of threads on this topic, but every single one is answered in one or more of the following ways: The first type of answer is something the OP has obviously tried already like "Press F11 to get to the recovery partition". The people writing this don't realise that a clean install of Windows on C: also erases the old UEFI and replaces it with a useless one that isn't linked to the recovery partition.

The next type of answer is "why?". There are at least two painfully obvious reasons why someone would want to restore their laptop to factory condition, but asking which one is entirely off-topic. Until admins ban the question we're all going to have to learn to ignore it.

The rarer type of answer is the one that you can have some respect for. Probably something about active partitions, boot flags or even diskpart if the person knew how to fix this in Windows 7. Bravo to those people.

Some people don't even read the OP, but reply anyway, which is why I've put some things in bold and left the words "recovery partition" to the end of the title. Hopefully they won't see it.
But with Windows 8 and EFI none of that old stuff works anymore. In fact nothing that I'm familiar with seems to work at all anymore, it's all new. It's like being 20 again and not really knowing what's gonna happen when you hit enter.

Maybe you can answer one of the Internet's burning questions: with a newly insta... Read more

Answer:With a newly installed C: & UEFI, run the original recovery partition?

I've got this far:

Boot into the new UEFI and start command prompt by Trouble Shooting > Advanced > Command Prompt.

Use Diskpart to do the following (n is the number of your recovery partition)

list volume
select volume n
assign letter = r

After that cd your way to the recovery .exe. On my system it's called AutorunUI.exe and is in \sources\autorun

However, it doesn't run. It doesn't do anything.

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having to configure a new HP laptop with pre-installed Win7, I need to create some extra logical drives to organize things better.

Unfortunately, the usual OEM scenario applies: all four possible primary partitions are already happily taken by the manufacturer:
SYSTEM (no drive letter),
Recovery (D:),
HP_TOOLS (no drive letter).
(Why can't they just make one partition Extended to begin with...)

However, this thread and similar ones here contain excellent info*, so I know already what can be done. I don't want to touch SYSTEM, and don't want to remove Recovery or HP_TOOLS; so the only option for me seems to be to turn (C:) into an extended partition, then shrink, then add logical volumes as required.
Sounds feasible enough**.

The one remaining question I have is rather simple:
Is it possible to then assign another drive letter than the original (D:) to the Recovery partition?
The point being that I'd like the user (not me) to be able to use drive letters C:, D:, and E: (with Recovery being e.g. R:), so that she is not confused by, and always has to think about, having to "skip" D:

On this forum I found some statements saying no it shouldn't be done (because then the F11 boot into recovery won't work any more), while others say yes, it can be done with no ill effects.

Any "authoritative" answer to this?
Would it even be possible to remove any drive letter from Recovery, so as to make it "invisible"?

Thanks for any tips!

Tr... Read more

Answer:Assign another drive letter than original (D:) to Recovery partition?

Hello Tronje, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The Recovery Manager in Windows 7 and at boot/startup (F11) uses this Recovery (D) partition to start the factory recovery process. (in Windows 7) HP Omni 220-1100 Desktop PC series*-* HP PCs - Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 7) - c01867418 - HP Business Support Center
(at boot/startup) HP Omni 220-1100 Desktop PC series*-* HP PCs - Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 7) - c01867418 - HP Business Support Center
Removing the drive letter from the Recovery (D) partition would cause you to no longer be able to open the Recovery Manager in Windows 7. I'm not sure if at boot/startup (F11) would still work or not. You would have to test afterwards to see. If not, then you would need to add the drive letter back.

Changing the drive letter of the Recovery (D) partition could cause you to no longer be able to open the Recovery Manager in Windows 7. I'm not sure if at boot/startup (F11) would still work or not. You would have to test afterwards with both methods to see. If not, then you would need to change the drive letter back to (D).

Hope this helps,

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hello Window Eight Forums.

I have a question about my VAIO Notebook/Laptop. It originally came with a lot of Bloatware installed. Which was hindering its potential performance. So I deleted all partitions, hidden and not hidden including all the recovery partitions that come pre installed on a Sony VAIO laptop. I then reinstalled a clean windows 8 version using A windows 8 retail installation DVD I have.

I contacted Sony support about another issue I am having with my 1TB HDD making clicking sounds and I was told.
"Because I have done the above. I am no longer able to receive support from Sony EU. because I have wiped the recovery partitions and original windows 8. and reinstalled windows 8 Retail. Without contacting Fony."

So this brought me to ask these questions...

Can I reinstall the original Sony VAIO recovery partitions to my already installed windows 8 OS.
and is this even possible ?

Fortunately I created 5 recovery media DVD's not long after first use of my new laptop. These recovery media DVD's are basically a complete backup image of everything on my Hard Drive at the point of recovery media creation time. including the recovery partitions and Windows 8.

Windows 8 seems to be running okay at the moment, so I would rather not have to completely format my HDD (again) and start fresh using the recovery media DVD's I created.

Is it possible to reinstall only the Sony VAIO OEM recovery partitions along side my already installed windows 8 retail Using my... Read more

Answer:Can I reinstall the original Sony VAIO recovery partitions

Welcome to EightForums.

You would need reinstall the complete original Sony VAIO install & recovery partitions.

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Hi, everybody. I already asked about logo on startup, but knowbody answered for now.. hope somebody will. But have another short question? which is stated in the subject. If I you Recovery cd on my laptop will it affect bios?

Answer:Will recovery CD return BIOS to original state(version)

Hello Andrey

Recovery image has nothing to do with BIOS settings. Recovery procedure format HDD and install OS with all necessary drivers, tools and utilities.

After doing this notebook has ?factory settings? again.

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Just had to buy a new hard drive and switch it with the old one. I already checked that it was at the same size and SATA as the original hard drive. When i tried to start a fresh installation of the operating system from the recovery disk (that i bought from Toshiba service provider in my country - MAFIL), the boot option was not available.

MAFIL representative told me that the recovery disks are only suitable for reinstalliation of the o.s. on the original drive, but not for installing a fresh new copy. So how can i install my Win7-64bit, with all Toshiba apps and settings on the new drive?


Answer:Satellite L655-1GN - cannot install original recovery image on new HDD

On many different notebook models HDD exchange or upgrade can be done by notebook owner and after doing this you can install recovery image using recovery disc without any problems.

I have done this many times on different Toshiba notebook models. It works.
I really don't understand how someone can give you such info.

Set BIOS to default settings, restart your machine and press F12 at start-up. When boot menu is shown on the screen put recovery disc info ODD, choose CD/DVD as bootable device and press ENTER.
What happen when you do this?

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Dear brothers,

I lost the original recovery for my labtop Toshiba Satellite A300-146 (formated) and now the windows is not working.

I need the recovery CD if any body have it , please.

Answer:Satellite A300-146 - Original recovery (vista) is needed


If you have lost the recovery disk you can order a new one from Toshiba directly:


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Hello, I have a Yoga 13 that I have modified quite a bit. I have repartitioned the drive, installed a clean version of windows and deleted the recovery image. I may have to send it in for repair (I am begininng to recieve phantom touch screen issues) and I want to bring everything back to 100% full factory settings. I am still able to boot into onekey recovery, but it cannot find the original factory image (which makes sense). My question is two-fold: 1. Does anyone have a clean recovery file that I could use on my own computer to restore everything to factory settings? I am assuming that I can use another Yoga's image to do so. 2. If I am able to restore everything will it go so far as to repartition my main drive and get rid of any boot record changes I made? (These were done when I was dual-booting linux). Thank you in advance for your help; Hopefully I am not totally mistaken in my reasoning/hopes/dreams. 

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The story so far...

Laptop failed (A300-1MC)

No recovery disk available
Replaced HDD
Installed Vista using borrowed recovery disk from earlier Toshiba Satellite model
Installed missing drivers => working system without valid product key
Connected old HDD using external usb enclosure
Launched original TRORDCLauncher on old drive - no errors

So now I apparently have 2 recovery DVDs.

Question: Will these DVD's restore to original system ?

The earlier Satellite had no TRORDCLauncher and came included with recovery disks

I am aware of correct procedure => order recovery disks from

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1MC: Would recovery restore to original system ?

> So now I apparently have 2 recovery DVDs.

Recovery disk would always set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase?

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