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GNU GRUB problems while booting

Question: GNU GRUB problems while booting

So I wanted to delete Ubuntu from my laptop dual boot so I deleted it's partition. Then I went to reset my pc completly because I'm selling it, and when it went to reboot, a console prompt came up saying GNU GRUB version 2.02. I have no idea what this is and have no idea how to operate it. I have close to 0 knowledge about pcs so I am stuck. Rebooting only brings me back to the same console prompt. I am using a Toshiba Satellite L50-B.

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Preferred Solution: GNU GRUB problems while booting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: GNU GRUB problems while booting

Grub is the Linux bootloader which allows you to choose which operating system to run at startup. This should help you to restore the Windows bootloader.

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I've a dual boot machine running XP Pro and openSuse 10.3 using GRUB as booloading. Recently I developed some problems in windows after a virus attack and windows is not working. When I try to start in safe mode 'safe mode' apperas at the four corners of the screen and the screen remains black.
Linux is working fine.

I've decided to repair windows. I've changed the BIOS option to boot from my DVD drive first. But even though from the GRUB option when I choose windows it's not booting at all. The XP CD is fine and working perfectly in another computer.

Is it a GRUB problem or anything else?

Please help

Thanks in advance

Answer:Win XP CD not booting from GRUB

Once you performed a repair install on XP new default entries were entered into the mbr for Windows replacing Grub as the boot loader. You would now have to add XP back into it as a boot option.

Are you dual booting across more then one drive? Grub may be on one while the other contains the XP boot files.

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Hello everyone. I have a dual boot with grub. I have win7 with grub installed with it, and winXP as my second hard drive. My problem is that I need to format Win7 because It will not run backup successfully. It stops half way through and then stops. So I want to format Win 7, and reinstall it to get rid of a suspected virus. Will grub be erased when I reinstall Win 7. If It erases Win & then I cannot use Win XP either.

Answer:Dual Booting with grub.

Hello noel1d, welcome to Seven Forums!

Before we make any specific recommendations will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map with a full description as to which drive/partition is which, so we can see what you have going on as there may be a fairly simple way to resolve the situation.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a snip of that.

How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums

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Hi Everyone been a while since I have been on here.

This is not really a Windows 7 Problem more a general Computer issue. I'm posting in Win7 Forum because that's what original was on the Desktop.

I made a multi-boot USB stick so I could load different OS's on it to do installs. As well as some system tools (UBCD). One on particular Desktop I'm trying to boot to the Grub menu to select the UBCD to run a test on the RAM. When ever I boot the desktop to the USB stick it doesn't seem to recognize that there is a GRUB menu on it and boots directly into the Windows7home.iso.
I have created a second one just to see if it could be something weird with the stick, but still same result. As well I tested the sticks on other test PC i have around and they all boot to the GRUB menu.
I know your thinking just take the RAM out and put it in another PC to test it. I tried that as well, none of the other PC's Motherboards are compatible with that stick. I have resorted to getting a random HDD installing Windows 7 and running Windows ram Diagnostic (So that's taken care off).

I checked the BIOS to see if there was any option to enable/disable that would allow to boot, but nothing that sticks out to me.
What do you think causes that PC to not boot to the USB GRUB menu?
I'm in the process of updating the BIOS to see if that will help but if anyone has any other ideas post them.


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Essentially I have dug a hole deeper and deeper, and now I am stuck.
So I had a normal Windows 10 computer and tried to dual boot Kali Linux. I shrunk the hard drive and ran Kali through a USB all worked fine. Once I installed it and tried to boot into it, the login page was blank except for the default background. When I restarted it, I couldn't get into windows because an error that stated "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change may be why" etc etc. I pressed enter and it got me into the Kali boot loader, where I could select Kali or advanced. In advanced, there was an option called windows recovery, which led straight into my original windows. Windows was working, but I had to get through Kali to do so.
Later on, I wanted to redo the whole Kali dual boot thing. I deleted the partition in windows disk management, and also saw what may have been the culprit, which was the Windows Partition hadn't been set as the active one, whatever that means. I restarted with the USB with Kali plugged in. The error message popped up once again, but now there is a grub recovery terminal after I press enter. I have tried doing LS in the grub loader, f8 when the computer started to boot and load all the options. But it hasn't worked yet. I don't have any data that is TOO important, but still, I would like to get back to windows. I have the possibility of getting the windows recovery disk, but I would like to avoid that path seeing as I don't think I have one...
I can us... Read more

Answer:Windows 10 Not Booting, Going to Grub Recovery Fro

Changing and altering the partition would definitely caused the problems. If you have a full Windows recovery USB booting from this should allow you to restore the hard drive/computer back to how you originally got it, it may delete everything or it may put files etc into a folder called Windows.old.
If you want to duel boot Kali Linux it would be easier to install it onto a second Hard.

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Ett problem SOM pasta ATT man Kan Inte G?ra N?got AT, man Blir tvungen ATT G?ra en ominstallation.

Fel: Ok?nt filsystem
Inmatning rescuse in p? L?ge ...
grub rescuse

JAG HAR Win 10 installerat prim?rt i B?rjan AV h?rddisken and Det ?R Bara Win 10 JAG HAR this Meddelande om.
V?xlingsystemet Linux Ubuntu logiskt i B?rjan AV h?rddisken. Ubuntu ?R Det Inte N?GRA problem Med OCH kor Bara nu 14.04
Nu Har Jag this ORDNING Ubuntu 14.04 / Win 10 i v?xlingsystemet OCH ATT ga ?ver till Win 10 Har webbplatsen FEL uppst?tt.
Win 10 Saknar synd Rad testare, ENDAST den Normala startfilen?
Vad here M?rken v?gen Har Jag Inte en aning Om? JAG HAR f?rs?kt Med Uppdatering f?r Win 10 Utan Resultat i partitonen Gparted SOM ?R till f?r Linux. Jag Tror ATT N?gon Har l?sningen i This FEL, Med Tanke i ATT JAG HAR tillg?ng till Win. ? 10 startfil

Repair Grub boot, Det ?R f?rmodligen en chans?
Ett problem SOM pasta ATT man Inte Kan G?ra N?got AT, M?ste du G?ra en ominstallation.
Fel: ok?nda filsystem Ange rescuse l?ge ... grub rescuse
JAG HAR Win 10 installerat i F?rsta handen jag B?rjan AV h?rddisken and Det ?R bara Win 10 jAG HAR Det here meddelandet. Kopplings Linux Ubuntu logiskt i B?rjan AV h?rddisken. Ubuntu ?R Inte N?GRA problem OCH k?r Just nu 14:04 Nu Har Jag this order Ubuntu 14.04 / Win 10 i kopplingssystemet OCH Byta till Win 10, intr?ffade felet. Vinna 10 Saknar synd serie testare, Normala Bara h?la startfilen? Vad Det HAR GATT, har Jag Inte en aning? JAG HA... Read more

Answer:Repair Grub booting, there is probably a chance to?

Hej Andry, v?lkommen till Ten Forums.

Ten Forums ?r en engelskt sajt, alla posten ska vara p? engelska eller inneh?lla en engelsk ?vers?ttning. Med det sagt, jag f?resl?r att du tar det h?r upp p? Ubuntu / Linux forum, f?r det verkar vara en Grub / Linux problem.

Hello Andry, welcome to the Ten Forums.

Ten Forums is an English site, all the posts must be in English or contain an English translation. Having said that, I suggest you take this up on Ubuntu / Linux forums, for it seems to be a Grub / Linux problem.


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Translated to English: A problem like pasta That You Can not Do Something AT, you will have to do a reinstall. Error: Unknown File System Input rescuse in one fashion ... grub rescuse I have Win 10 installed Primarily in the beginning of the hard drive and it's Only Win 10 I HAVE thismessage. The switching system Linux Ubuntu logical in the beginning of the hard disk. Ubuntu is Not a problem With and cows Right now 14:04 Now I have this ORDER Ubuntu 04.14 / Win 10 of the switching system and to go over to Win 10 has the website error. Win 10 does not have a SIN number of testers, Only The normal startup file? What Mark here the way I do not have a clue? I have tried With Update for Win 10 to no avail in the party ringtone GParted Which is for Linux. I think someone has the solution for Denna ERROR, Affectionate That I Have to Win. ? 10 startup file repair Grub boot, it is probably a chance? A problem like pasta That You Can not Do Something AT, you need to do a reinstall. Error: Unknown File System Type rescuse fashion ... grub rescuse I have installed Win 10 in firsthand the start of the hard drive and it's only win 10 I'll have it here message. Join Linux Ubuntu logical in the beginning of the hard disk. Ubuntu is not a problem and running right now 14:04 now I have this order Ubuntu 14.04 / Win 10 of the coupling system and switch to Win 10, the error occurred. Win 10 has no shame series testers, Normal Right burrow the boot file? What are the General, I have not a clue? I... Read more

Answer:Repair Grub booting, there is probably a chance to?

Hej Andry, v?lkommen till Ten Forums.

Ten Forums ?r en engelskt sajt, alla posten ska vara p? engelska eller inneh?lla en engelsk ?vers?ttning. Med det sagt, jag f?resl?r att du tar det h?r upp p? Ubuntu / Linux forum, f?r det verkar vara en Grub / Linux problem.

Hello Andry, welcome to the Ten Forums.

Ten Forums is an English site, all the posts must be in English or contain an English translation. Having said that, I suggest you take this up on Ubuntu / Linux forums, for it seems to be a Grub / Linux problem.


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Hi all, first time poster (not super tech savvy, unfortunately) here. These forums look great and I hope I can get help/give help in the future! Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.

Alright, so--

The long and short of it is that I needed to authenticate my Windows 7, and the method I chose to use (don't need to get into specifics here) to do that asked me which computer brand I was licensing under, and gave me all of the computer brand options: Asus, Dell, HP, etc. I'm actually using Windows via Mac's BootCamp, which has worked just fine until this recent issue.

Anyway, in choosing one of the random brands (because Apple wasn't an option, I think I chose Asus because it was the first option) I think I messed up one of my Windows 7's licensing/whatever permissions. After I chose this option, THE ACTIVATION APPEARED SUCCESSFUL--the text in the corner that said "this copy of windows is not genuine" disappeared, and a Windows 7 window popped up saying "restart is required to use all of the features of Windows 7 ultimate",

but then when I restart it stops at a black, DOS looking screen (looks sort of like the recovery mode options, I think it's the boot manager) and says something about a file path like "root / bootmgr" and then "Error 15: file not any key to continue"

It then takes me to another DOS (red and white very basic looking) in which it presents me with a few boot option... Read more

Answer:need a GRUB command to get through windows 7 booting (or other fix)

"(don't need to get into specifics here)"
Afraid we do.
We can't help you with illegal hacks like the windows 7 loader
activation hack software you are trying to use.

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I'm a new linux user who has been experimenting with linux for a month now. I want to use boot magic as my bootloader because my pc is a family pc and it's just easier to use for my family. Well this is how i tried to do this. First I used partition magic to create a linux partition and swap partition so I could install Kubuntu on my pc. After I did that I installed boot magic as my boot loader. Then when I tried to install linux on my computer, it couldn't read the partition I made with partition magic(which was active for installation). I reformatted the partition and installed linux but then when I loaded windows and checked partition magic it gave me an error.(I figure its becuase I reformatted the partition) Right now both OS work fine but I could only use Grub as my boot loader,,but I would really like to use BootMagic. If any body could help me with a solution....or perhaps recommend a different distribution(with ease of use in mind) that allow this.....I would really appreciate it. By the way my friend recommended Slackware to me, I would also like to hear you opinion of this distribution and experience....Thank You.

Answer:dual booting linux with bootmagic instead of grub....Help

Grub is easy to use. I haven't tried using Bootmagic so I recommend using Grub or Lilo. As for slackware, it is an 'advanced linux distro'. If you like installing linux with nice and colorful GUI's and dont want to always edit text files, then slackware is not for you. But using slackware can help you learn how linux works.

I'd recommend Fedora or Suse for you. I haven't used Fedor or Suse yet but as what I've read, it's good for beginners on linux.

BTW: Slackware was the first the distro I've ever used

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Hi there
As Windows to Go is only available for ENTERPRISE versions and booting from a VHD requires there to be an OS already installed on the physical machine I was wondering if we could "Borrow" a trick from Linux.

Is it possible to install a Mini GRUB boot loader on a partition on an external HDD and on a second partition boot a Windows system.

Note here -- I want a RUNNING WINDOWS SYSTEM -- not an install / recovery / "Win PE" type system -- but a full Windows system that will work even if there is NO usable INTERNAL HDD drive in the computer.

Googling shows quite a few ways of either creating an INSTALL disk (HDD) or booting a VHD neither of which are what I want.

Using GRUB and booting an external HDD in theory should work -- and this should "almost replicate" a Windows to Go system.

Anybody tried this and got it working.

(I've had an external USB Linux system with VMware player installed -- that method works but the Windows system is quite slow even on an external USB3 drive -- running a Windows system natively should be a lot better).

I've actually got a spare SSD which I want to use for this -- I replace a 128 GB drive with a new Samsung 256 GB drive as I got a great bargain on it -- 99 GBP LESS 20% VAT which I got back at customs at the airport.

I'll use the SATA==>USB3 connector for connecting to the PC.
(Another possibility might be to get the Linux boot loader to load a Windows VHD from the external drive as well -- b... Read more

Answer:Booting and Running Windows 8 from USB drive via GRUB

This may be worth a look:
Portable OS - Carry your OS on an External Drive - Windows 7 Support Forums

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Hi. I had a dual boot Vista/Ubuntu but decided to remove Ubuntu because I wanted to switch to 100% Vista and then a Virtual PC with Ubuntu.
So I went into diskmanagement and removed the partitions containing Ubuntu and allocated the free space to my other partitions.
Everything seemed ok. However, when I restarded the computer I get the error mentioned in the title.
I would be forever grateful if someone could take their time and help me with this. I know it's my fault for being stupid but please help.

I tried using my Vista DVD and "repair my PC" but it can't even find my Vista installation... What can I do?

Answer:Trouble Booting (grub Loader Error 22)

The grub loader is looking for Ubuntu - and since it can't find it, it's giving you an error. If you were able to previously boot to your Vista installation and now you can't - I suspect that something in that was done in Disk Management has "hosed" your Windows partition.

If the repair doesn't work, then I'd have to suggest starting over with a full, clean install.

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Hi every one...I currently installed kali linux on my virtual box, but as times goes on i noticed that some features were not fully usable under the virtualisation environment such as the NAT and Bridged network protocols and some other network issues. I decided to dual boot kali with my Win10 wich is my primary OS, I followed the neccesary procedure like creating a bootable kali pendrive, disabling secure boot, enabling Legacy mode, disabling the fast boot, creating a free partition and so on.....The installation went smooth and perfect but I was unable to boot into kali's GRUB after the restart, instead, my machine boot into win10 and not even the so called black screen appeared, I wiped the partitioned space i used for the installation and started the installation all over with different pendrives, sd cards and DVDs and even downloading another ISO image with the intention that either the pendrive or the image had been corrupted but the sha1 sum is still the same with the one on the official website. I also tried other methods like using the Easy BCD toolkit and i got an error message "Due to limitations set by microsoft, many of EasyBCD features can not be used in EFI, and BCD edit to create a new entry but instead i got two win10 on my pc installing other linux distro like arch and backbox did the same... I tried using other iso burning tolls like linux live usb installer, win32 disk imager, windows iso burning tool, rufus.....the only thing i noticed was that i wasn't a... Read more

Answer:kali linux not booting to Grub after installation

@Remzified Sorry, but this is just a community self-help forum staffed by volunteers helping folks with MS Windows-related problems.HP only warranties their PCs for use with the original OS that comes preinstalled on the PCs. When you replace that or add a different OS, you then assume full responsibility for maintaining that PC.For support with Linux issues, your best approach is to post in the support forum of the Linx distro you are going to use.Good Luck 

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This is a brand new windows 8 system that was sold to a customer. He brought it in for being unable to boot into windows after having used it for a couple of weeks, and he demonstrated the issue to me. It literally just boots to grub. This customer is a basic windows user. No experience with linux or dual booting. He uses it for email. I have never come across this particular problem before, so I ran the normal partition tools to see if the table looked proper for a windows 8 machine. Everything checks out ok, however it is still booting to a grub prompt!!!!

Answer:New windows 8 asus laptop, booting to Grub prompt?

Killdisk first + clean Windows install.

If he never tried to play with Linux and GRUB is on there, something went crazy on him.

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Hi Everyone,I really messed up and would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me. Please. I have a Lenovo Ideapad U410. I had the a dual boot system set up with Ubuntu and Windows 8. For some stupid reason, I thought it would be a great idea to delete my Linux partitions using Windows 8 disk manager. Grub was my default boot manager and was deleted in the process . I've spent a great amount of time reading several threads and forums but to no luck so I thought I'd start a new thread. Please help me.My initial idea was to just boot from my bootable Ubuntu from by USB. However, I don't have access to the BIOS or the boot menu to change the boot order. I've tried a vast amount of combinations on system startup to try and get into the BIOS but nothing works. (F2, Fn+F2, F12, you name it). However, there is also another button on the side of my laptop which launches a Novo Button Menu which presents me with options to select the BIOS and Boot Menu, but it still goes to the grub rescue> terminal when I try to select one of those options.Executing the ls command gets me the following output:(hd0) (hd1) (hd2) (hd2,gpt8) (hd2,gpt7) (hd2,gpt6) (hd2,gpt5) (hd2,gpt4) (hd2,gpt3) (hd2,gpt2) (hd2,gpt1)The most relevant thread I could find was this one: tried andrew94's solution of booting into Ubuntu from another PC and installing a copy on a USB stick. However, when I plug in the USB to my non bootable laptop and try to run:ls (hd0)/Th... Read more

Answer:Booting from grub rescue> with no access to BIOS or boot menu - Please Help

Kratos321 wrote:Hi Everyone,I really messed up and would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me. Please. I have a Lenovo Ideapad U410. I had the a dual boot system set up with Ubuntu and Windows 8. For some stupid reason, I thought it would be a great idea to delete my Linux partitions using Windows 8 disk manager. Grub was my default boot manager and was deleted in the process . I've spent a great amount of time reading several threads and forums but to no luck so I thought I'd start a new thread. Please help me.My initial idea was to just boot from my bootable Ubuntu from by USB. However, I don't have access to the BIOS or the boot menu to change the boot order. I've tried a vast amount of combinations on system startup to try and get into the BIOS but nothing works. (F2, Fn+F2, F12, you name it). However, there is also another button on the side of my laptop which launches a Novo Button Menu which presents me with options to select the BIOS and Boot Menu, but it still goes to the grub rescue> terminal when I try to select one of those options.Executing the ls command gets me the following output:(hd0) (hd1) (hd2) (hd2,gpt8) (hd2,gpt7) (hd2,gpt6) (hd2,gpt5) (hd2,gpt4) (hd2,gpt3) (hd2,gpt2) (hd2,gpt1)The most relevant thread I could find was this one: tried andrew94's solution of booting into Ubuntu from another PC and installing a copy on a USB stick. However, when I plug in the USB to my non bootable laptop and try to... Read more

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Okay, here's the tenitive plan. This PC has a 30 gig hd and a 320 Gb hd.

I want Grub on a separate partition so my system will still boot if I uninstall one of the OS's

partition 1 -Grub
partition 2 -Arch
Partition 3 Vista

partition 1 - misc linux files (home directory)
partition 2 - misc vista files
partition 3 - a large partition for data.

Is there anything I'm overlooking?

Answer:Dual booting w/ 2 hard drives and seperate partition for Grub.

thats not how I would have set it up...but, anyway
Here is how I do it.

I put Vista on my 200gb drive. Then I split up my 300gb drive into 150gb, then the rest amongst three partitions for nix.

I put all of my Vista data on the 150gb partition, and grub on the /boot partition I set for nix.

Then I use EasyBCD to have the Vista bootloader invoke Grub on the other drive.

No fuss, no muss.

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I'm trying to install OpenIndiana on a machine of mine to setup ZFS and i cant get past the grub command line when booting from the CD. I have tried 2 different cd/dvd roms with the same result. I even re-burned the media to a new CD. When it boots, i dont get any options to boot into OpenIndiana.

My hardware:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Windsor 2.4GHz Socket AM2 89W Dual-Core Processor ADA4600CUBOX

ASUS M2N AM2 NVIDIA nForce 430 MCP ATX AMD Motherboard

2 x A-DATA 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model AD2U800B1G5-DRH

MSI NX7300LE-TD256EH GeForce 7300LE 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card

Syba PCI Express SATA II 4 x Ports RAID Controller Card SY-PEX40008

8x SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s

1X Seagate 80 GB Ide hard drive (for OS)

1 x LG 22X DVD±R DVD Burner Black IDE Model GH22NP20

Any help will be appreciated.

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how do i bypass the error: unknown filesystem grub rescue>. i don't have a windows boot disk or usb as it was installed online. i had a partition running ubuntu precise pangolin and it was read and write in windows computer management, so i formatted it (it was a partition of my internal hard drive) and then a blue screen appeared saying creating dump report or file. Then my computer shut down and is now not booting up past the grub screen, saying error: unknown filesystem grub rescue>. i don't even have an ubuntu iso available (because it's on my internal hard drive that is not booting up, i installed ubuntu from a usb and then i deleted those installation files) what i am basically asking is what has happened, if i can bypass the grub boot screen, and is there is any hope of fixing it?



Answer:BSOD booting up computer, error: unknown filesystem grub rescue>

You are using GRUB bootloader to boot windows in a dual boot environment.

What you need is to update GRUB. You may get some ideas here.

Also I will request Golden to have a look.

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So i had my laptop dual booted with windows and linux but i decided to take linux off cause i was using it in a virtual machine and i wanted more hard drive space so i followed a video tutorial and i used easybcd to fix the mbr and to skip the boot menu but when i restarted my laptop it sent me to the rescue grub loader. so i put in my windows disc that came with the laptop thinking i can repair the windows 7 OS but i won't let me because it's not compatible with my laptop for some reason. Is there any way for me to get back to my old install of windows without having to reinstall it and all my old programs because i had alot of stuff for school on there.

Answer:[SOLVED] Dual booting deletion didnt delete grub loader

i even tried using a program that would reset my mbr but it still went to the grub rescue screen and i looked and the only partitions i have left are the ones that are used for the windows system

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Hi I am looking at Grub4dos since my recent foray into all things bootloaders. I am gaining a little footing with what I can and can't do (practically!) Although it was definitely trickier than I thought (or I just don't have the same time like I used to... ) Anyhow, I am looking at Grub because it sounds easier to learn the Grub2, and all my systems are pre EFI bios setups. I am looking for a 'Hoyle' maintainable setup. Therefore I decided to "initially" install W7 on C: and XP on D: (both on primary partitions)

But... also I have an existing XP image that was originally installed on C: Now I read somewhere, someone had a setup that would boot into a Master boot loader, presumably Grub, and then select one of two OSs and assign it C: and run it. and the other would become D: while leaving E,F,G, etc intact. That would really be a sweet setup for me because I could then use my existing XP image still since it would still think it is on C while running...

So my question is before I dive headlong into Grub. I know it would be the ideal bootloader for multi (pre EFI bios) But can it assign letters to partitions? so as to switch C and D like that while leaving other partitions assigns as they are? Just looking for a little confirmation and any tips. Here goes nothin'...

Answer:Dual Boot W7/XP using Grub - Can grub assign letters to partitions?

Why would you need to use Grub?

Take look at this:
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

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i have almost zero linux knowledge. i used it a little for wardriving, and now I wanted to get rid of it, i didn't use it anymore.

Under winXP, i deleted the linux partitions. on my next reboot, i'm stuck on a black screen with a grub> prompt

what do i do from here? later on i'm gonna try booting off winxp cd and doing a format /mbr or fixboot to see if that works

thanks for any suggestions

Answer:laptop dual booting winxp and linux. deleted linux partitions, stuck in grub...

boot off the windows xp disk and do the recovery console option then do

as described here

or you can download and configure another boot loader if you want to have a choice between some other os

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This is a very urgent thread as this is my primary laptop and I need to be able to boot into windows ASAP. My friend installed Linux mint as a dual boot partition on my HP laptop alongside Windows 7. The installation went fine, but I wasn't happy he'd done so and tried to uninstall it.

Tutorials on the internet assured me I could use a Windows XP Cd (even with a windows 7 installed), and run fixmbr and the problems with GRUB would be solved. Only problem being the XP cd doesn't work; it gives me an error once it has finished loading its files.

How can I get the boot manager back? I also can't open the HP recovery partition because of the GRUB bootloader, which fails to recognize anything now that I've deleted the Linux partition. It seems to me I should have tried to delete GRUB before the partition, but blame the stupid tutorials for that, and my noobishness.

Anyways, any and all help as soon as possible is appreciated. Many thanks!


Answer:GRUB bootloader problems

This may help.
Download EasyBCD 2.1.2 - NeoSmart Technologies
EasyBCD Download Registration Page — NeoSmart Technologies

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When it asks me if I want to install bootloader GRUB and I say "Yes" it shows me a blipping cursor at the bottom of the page and does not continue the installation. Any ideas how this can be solved?

Answer:Problems installing Android starting at BL GRUB

Added an image for reference.
Hope anyone can help me out here. Bottom of the image is what it shows.

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I'm having problems with Grub rescue. I want to boot to my windows installation disk to repair,but it doesn't want to work. I'm trying f12 when I power on, this usually works but it is going to Grub instead.

Anyone got any idea what my options are?

Thanks In advance

Answer:Satellite P850-138 - problems with Grub rescue boot options

SOLVED: I had to remove the battery to do a proper shutdown. F12 then worked.

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Hi all,

I Have a desktop compaq pc since 2011 with windows 8 installed,
This pc not formated/resetted since 2011 ( 6 years) and i have also installed in marsh 2014 reimage repair and freeven because of fake java/Dropbox installations by a suspicious sites,

In 2015 we are infected respectively by Filefact smart file advisor, alcoholsoft/filefacts toolbar with hxxp:// in default homepage in marsh 2015, then Fix-It Registry Optimizer in October 2015, and ZoneAlarm Toolbar in december 2015,

After installations on december 31th 2015 i have installed Abbyy Finereader 12 Trial version and Daemon Tools Lite, but with a suspicious site and one Boxore icon appears on desktop,

One day later late in evening, i have installed all Avanuest Trial version, one of theses is the malicious Registry First Aid rogue installed,

After purchased a logitec webcam on Amazon at marsh, i go to download the new Cyberlink VideoMeeting+ on a curious site and the Systweak suite comes on my desktop/windows explorer with regcleanpro and advanced systemprotector,

In rage, i go take multiples scans, disinfections apps and logs during all the marsh 2016 month, and now her results:
Zhpdiag: ZHPDiag.txt
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: tmp-29690-Malwarebytes Anti-Malware-rapport426775351.txt
Roguekiller: roguekiller-rapport.txt
... Read more

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Okay, so ive tried many ways, and Ive finally got stuck with using a VHD.
I have followed countless tutorials, and finally found one. (on this forums somewhere)
I go through all the steps, and it seems like it is working, and then when I boot my system it says this,

things I have done to try to fix this:
Updated BIOS
Enabled Virtualization in BIOS
Please help! I have been trying to get it to work for days...

Answer:DUAL BOOTING PROBLEMS- booting win8 with win7.

Hi Ronnie and welcome to the Forum.

Why don't you try this. It is easier and it works: VMware Player - Install Windows 8

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Hello everyone, I have a problem with Lenovo Thinkpad W520 (4270CTO). My laptop has a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080.  When I first installed Windows 8 Pro (64bit) (UEFI installation) the boot logo screen during the very first run was in 1920x1080 for a couple of seconds later though it changed in very low resolution.I can't tell how much,but it is very low.Almost the same thing happened when I instaled Ubuntu and I started using the GRUB-EFI loader instead of the Windows 8 bootloader.The resolution on GRUB-EFI is very low.I tried to change the settings in /etc/default/grub file and after that I ran sudo update-grub, but nothing happened. Another problem is that although my installation is a UEFI installation there is no option to access the BIOS from Windows 8.I am referring to the option which appears when you go to "Change PC Settings" -> "General" on the section which says: "Advanced Startup" below that title it has a button which says "Restart now". Press that and a blue screen will show.The press the "Advanced setup" option and you will be transferred in another submenu.In this submenu there should be an 6 options and one of the should be about accessing the BIOS. Please mind that I have the latest BIOS version which I think is the 1.42. Any help is appreciated. Here are few screenshots. I hope they are helpful.(Sorry for the bad image quality)    

Lenovo ThinkPad W520 (4270 ... Read more

Answer:Problems on Windows 8 boot logo & Grub-EFI boot loader & BIOS ACCESS

Although W520 has UEFI capability, it is UEFI spec version 2.0
Windows 8 requires UEFI 2.3.1, for advanced UEFI features like rebooting into firmware/BIOS setup.  There is no possibility to retrofit UEFI 2.3.1 onto W520.  Keep in mind that W520 is 2011 system and Windows 8 came later.
I have no idea about boot loader resolution problem.

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This is what happens when I turn my computer on. but if restart my computer it fuctions normally. i have an xp os as well as an ubuntu. i was getting this problem even before installing ubuntu. also lately, i am getting a lot of blue screens on my startup asking me to reboot. please help.

Answer:GRUB Loading stage 1.5 GRUB loading?

"i was getting this problem even before installing ubuntu"You won't get a GRUB error on a "pure" XP system. GRUB is generally loaded with Linux, unless you loaded a different distro prior to Ubuntu? Or some sort of boot manager software?"i am getting a lot of blue screens on my startup"Could be a sign of bad RAM or incorrect memory settings. Are there STOP: error codes on the blue screens? Post the error message....

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I just bought a brand new hp laptop and sometimes when I start it up aftering being off a black screen pops up saying that there is no bootable device. It doesn't let me do anything so I have no choice but to manualy turn it off. When it comes back on it is totally fine.

I've also being having another problem which started today and has happened multiple times. I will be online or my laptop will just be sitting there and the screen goes black for a second or two. It will then come back on and say something like the screen failed but it was restored.

What should I do? I just bought it a week ago. Should I trade it in for another one or is there a cheap (preferrably free) easy fix? Please help.

If you need more info just ask.


Answer:Laptop Having Booting Problems and Screen Problems!

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Hello,While this problem only happens sometimes, it is quite annoying when it does happen. This happened about a few hours ago. Firstly, when I connected the CPU and started it, the screen just remains blue with a "No Signal" text floating and hovering around it. Usually when this happens I just take out the RAM and slightly clean it, put it back, then it becomes normal again. This time however, that didn't work. So I took out my 512mb RAM stick (So now, I only have a single 2GB RAM stick remaining), and it worked, I was able to enter the desktop etc...But then I tried to re-insert the 512mb RAM stick again (After closing it of course). Then, the computer beeped 3 times and I'm stuck with the blue screen with "No Signal" again (Even after taking out the 512mb RAM stick again). After that I tried to start the computer again for several times, usually ending with the blue screen thing and also sometimes the fan along with the computer failing to start (Even after I pressed the start button multiple times).Idk, but by some random chance of luck it finally started, but I'm not entirely sure if the problem will happen again (I'll see if I close the computer again later on...)Anyway, do you guys have a solution for this annoying problem? Do I need to buy a new RAM stick or something else?Thanks in advance...

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Hello,While this problem only happens sometimes, it is quite annoying when it does happen. This happened about a few hours ago. Firstly, when I connected the CPU and started it, the screen just remains blue with a "No Signal" text floating and hovering around it. Usually when this happens I just take out the RAM and slightly clean it, put it back, then it becomes normal again. This time however, that didn't work. So I took out my 512mb RAM stick (So now, I only have a single 2GB RAM stick remaining), and it worked, I was able to enter the desktop etc...But then I tried to re-insert the 512mb RAM stick again (After closing it of course). Then, the computer beeped 3 times and I'm stuck with the blue screen with "No Signal" again (Even after taking out the 512mb RAM stick again). After that I tried to start the computer again for several times, usually ending with the blue screen thing and also sometimes the fan along with the computer failing to start (Even after I pressed the start button multiple times).Idk, but by some random chance of luck it finally started, but I'm not entirely sure if the problem will happen again (I'll see if I close the computer again later on...)Anyway, do you guys have a solution for this annoying problem? Do I need to buy a new RAM stick or something else?Thanks in advance...

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Hi everyone. I've downloaded multiple anti-spyware programs but a couple of problems still exist, mainly this one: Everytime I shut down my computer and turn it back on the Start menu and the icons never want to come up (even if I press F6 or F8 multiple times), only the background comes up. I'm afraid to shut down my computer in fear I'll never be able to get on again or losing all my data.

My other problem is the search bar spyware in IE- I can't get rid of it. My main browser is AOL, though.

Answer:Spyware problems, booting up problems

The best thing you can do now is post a HJT log and I agree.Leave the bleepingcomputer turned on.Read How to post a HJT log and use the reply button when you post the log.We'll take some time figuring out a good procedure that works for your present problem and reply.You can also use the 'track topic" button after you post.Then sit back & relax or spend some time at the site here.It does take 8-48 hours depending on factors.

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Hi, Im from the UK but bought my ideapad y710 from Miami a year and a half ago when i was out their with the rorayl navy. Anyway, the past year i've had nothing bur problems and i;ve reinstalled windows or had to roll back doing a system restore. The problem at first was with the sleep mode, it used to work fine then i removed my old memory and added 4 gig of new memory, when coming out of sleep mode it would just hang on a black screen so had to turn the power off manually by keeping the power button pressed in. Then upon restart it used to get the blue screen of death BSOD with the IRL is less or equal to effor and the only way i could start windows was to either wait 12 -24 hours then tro restart which worked a few times, or to load the windows cd (as i changed the partiton of the main hd which stopped the one key recovery) and do a system restore. That happened about 5 times, then i started to use hibernation which worked perfectly. My hard drive then didn't want to work to i replaced it with the removeable one and bought a new 500gb hard drive and placed that in the removable slot. Computer still done the same thing, hanging on sleep mode, so i know it wasn;t the hard drive that was at fault. I done a memory test and found one block of memory had thousands of faults so removed that. The other stick was healthy but the computer still would not wake from sleep as i tried it again, so had to do a restore as the same error from above came up on the BSOD. ... Read more

Answer:Y710 Booting Problems & other problems

It's really hard to diagnose.Looks like naughty northbridge behaviour which could affect results of memory tests btw.Sleep mode is famous for it's faultiness and it's not prefferable in everyday life.i'd continue jsut using hibernation instead of both sleep mode and shutdown.for now hardware malfunction haven't proved itself enough to be localized and replaced but you can try sending it for repair as I suggest your warranty time tick-tockles out right this moment.

//help will save the world

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Hi guys. I am having a problem booting my computer. So this morning, when i was on the computer, it worked perfectly fine. Then when i shut it down and went to school and came back, the computer wouldn't load. The computer loads onto the window xp thing where its black and has the xp logo with the loading bar going back and fourth (hope you understand what i mean) and the screen stays like that. I waited for atleast 20 minutes and it still stays there. So i tried to search for viruses while on safe mode, and nothing is found. So if anyone can help it will be greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance.


Answer:Booting Problems =(

that black screen thingy and the bar that scrols bak an d fourth is called a bootscreen

looks like you got a file in your system thats corrupted and is not loadeing. but im not an expert. ask dai, he seems to know everything,

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Question: Problems Booting

After installing a new 2.8 GHZ P4 my computer will not boot. All fans spin but no POST. Another interesting fact is that my CD-ROM will not power up either (works on my old 333mhz system though).

Reading around I've learned that the problem is either:
1)mother board

I have tried it with a brand new MB but no success, still no POST. Is it possible that my cheap 425watt PSU will not generate enough power for this new CPU (even though it successfully powered my 2GHZ celeron)?

Unfortunately, the pins on the older Celeron got bent so I cannot test with this.

What I have tried so far:
- reseating all devices (CPU, RAM, etc..)
- reseting CMOS
- made sure all jumpers are corectly set
- removing all devices except CPU and fans (no beep when RAM is removed)
- brand new mother board

Answer:Problems Booting

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

Man you have done a smart job reading up on this!

I think I'll take door #3. :bounce:

Do you have a way to test another psu?
Or can you straighten the pins out on the celeron?
You've got x'lnt trouble shooting, just missing a few steps..
Is the new cpu being installed on the same MoBo as the celeron?


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Question: Booting Problems

i have a very serious problem. first, I had left my computer on and left the room for a while. Then, when I came back, the screen was blank except for a blinking dash. The only thing my computer responds to is CTRL+ATL+Delete, which restarts the computer. I noticed that when the registration loads, the IDE-0 for my hard drive is all messed up, giving me strange numbers. Sometimes it will detect the registry and try to boot from it, but all I get is the blank screen and dash. Other times it won't and it asks for a boot disk, which I don't have. And on the rare occassion my computer will work, giving me a recovery error message and saying that there was a problem with the drivers. But after a while it will go blank again with the dash, what can I do!?

Answer:Booting Problems

have you tried running a scan disk.

Also what kind of hard drive do you have?
Do you have more than one hard drive?
Have you checked you connections to make sure something didn't come lose?

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Question: booting problems

Have recently been experiencing problems booting up. Sometimes O.K.
Other times nilch just a blank screen. Then again may boot up but when attempt to perform any task ------ blank screen again.
Oyther times this d*** fangled machine works like a dream------ but not often.
I have been considering buying a new PC but don't feel I want to throw the baby out with the bathwater if there is a remedy
Please any advise would be appreciated

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I've had this problem starting about 8 months ago, not sure why what or how and alott of the people I talk to are baffled or give me conflicting answeres ranging from my power supply to my motherboard commiting suicide. I need my desktop for school, its what I use for all my programming classes.

Anyhow heres the problem:

Sometimes when my computer is unplugged and I plug it back in and try to boot it up the fans spin for about a single rotation, it makes all the boot up sounds that would be expected in the course of a quarter of a second then it just stops like nothing happened, no power, no beep, fans dead, just sits there like I never pushed the power button. The LED's on the back still glow but nothing else happens next time I push the power button. If I unplug it again for 6 seconds and plug it back in it will spin the fan another turn and go silent again. Ussually if I unplug it and plug it back in then leave it for a few hours without pushing the power button, say come back in the morning, it'll boot up like normal and never have the problem again...until I unplug it for a seemingly random amount of time.

This in itself though frustrating to a C.S. major when he wants to do his homework (...honest) after he just got back to his room from spending the weekend at home isn't so bad just annoying but this weekend I got back to my house and tried it, had this problem when I first plugged it in (happens about 75% of the time I bring it to my room or hom... Read more

Answer:Really odd problems with booting up

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Question: booting problems

My acer desktop boots as many as 10 times after i have shut it down properly. I have to leave it on for days which i really dont like to do it hangs and bsods after i start it, the only change in hardware was to change the video card as the fan went, to onboard video and a new hard drive. I dumped win vista for win 7 ultimate sp 2 reformated. please help best regards Rick

Answer:booting problems

There is no Win 7 Ultimate SP2.  SP1 is the sole authorized SP for any version of Win 7.

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Question: Booting Problems

My computer is currently getting stuck at the boot screen. Sometimes with no text, and sometimes it just says Peparing Automatic Repair for upwards of 15 minutes. I have tried booting it off a disc using both the boot options command (F12), and going into the BIOS and changing the priority to the disc drive. Both of these solutions led to the computer freezing at the boot screen. This screen is black with a central, blue windows icon. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Edit: nevermind I solved the issue.

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Question: Booting Problems

Hello everyone,

A while ago - like half a year I had a problem with my computer - it didn't boot and always showed me the nasty blackscreen that said "Press CTRG+ALT+ENTF to reboot."
The thing was it worked after retrying several times until I realized that the computer was only able to boot at a certain temperature. The moment everything broke down a friends suggested switching the cables from my CD to the hard drive (because the cable might be the problem).
Well, it worked and my CD-Drive did, too.
(Obviously I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my current problem)
Everything was fine until a few days ago my computer gets stuck on "Starting Windows" or in the blackscreen after that and before the log in screen ONCE a day. The computer itself doesn't stop working since you can still see the Windows Flag glooming in the way it does.
If I restart my computer then (by force shut down) everything is fine.
I could live with that if I didn't have the fear that it might get worse again.
I hope I chose the right forum for my problem and, that I can get some ideas


Answer:Booting Problems

might need a new data cable to your hard drive, you can pick one up for just a couple bucks or less, you should get your power supply tested, low voltages can play havoc with your hard drive/s

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I'm trying to boot from a CD so I can fix this problem I'm having in another thread. I think I'm supposed to make a new one for this so I apologize if I'm going about this wrong.

So here's the problem. I've got a laptop, it didn't come with an XP CD on its own, but a i386 folder. I followed the instructions here

to make the DVD. I've done this successfully once because I installed Windows XP on a virtual machine once.

But for whatever reason, I cannot boot from this DVD. I go into my BIOS and change the boot order. I should mention, the original CD\DVD drive in the laptop died so I have to use an external USB DVD drive now. I set "USB Storage Device" at the top of the boot priority (and put the CD\DVD Drive right after it just in case thats what it considers my external DVD drive to be), save the settings and then restart. But it just boots normally from my hard drive. It doesn't ask me if I want to boot from the DVD and it also doesn't mention anything about the DVD failing or being the wrong disk or anything. It just boots up normally.

So I'm not sure what to do or what's going on. I'm not sure if the DVD I made is the problem, or I'm doing something wrong procedurally or something and I'm hoping you guys can help.

Answer:problems booting from a DVD

Perhaps your computer can not boot from an external optical drive. Have you ever booted from the external CD/DVD drive?

The USB Storage device indicates your laptop may be able to boot from a USB stick. I know my netbook can do this.

You might have to create a bootable USB stick and put the i386 info on that. I have never made a Windows bootable USB stick. I've only made more than 1/2 dozen linux ones so I can't tell you how to go about doing that.

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Just got my system up and running after a motherboard switch..and I'm encountering some errors.

I kept my old hard drive and everything on it.
I'm having troubles booting the XP installed on it. I must be doing something wrong in BIOS because when I save and exit all I get is a black screen. Any ideas?

I have a XP disc that I can reinstall, but how should I do it? (how to delete the XP already on it, or keep both)

I'm still pretty new at custom building...all input is appreciated.

Answer:Booting problems =(

If you can still access the XP disc...
Boot with the CD follow the user friendly questions.
When you get to the part of the partitions, delete all the partitions and create a new partition. Install Windows XP on that new partition.

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Question: Booting Problems

Okay, my computer has really been getting on my nerves lately. It's been running fine since I bought it, for the most part, but three days ago it didn't want to boot up - powered on, but nothing appeared on the monitor. Checked video cables and all that, everything looked fine.

The only thing out of place was that the CD drive was making a weird noise, so I thought it might be trying to boot from a blank CD I had in there. I took the CD out, no boot, same noises. I decided to unplug the CD drive, so I took off the cover and unplugged the case fans, but couldn't get out the plugs to the CD drive, so I gave up, replugged the case fans, rescrewed the cover, and tried powering it on again - and it booted fine.

The next day the same thing happened - same steps, except I unplugged that 2 by 10 pin adapter going into the CD drive, which didn't seem to make a difference, but after I reconnected everything, it worked fine.

And now, the third day - I unplugged the 2 by 10 and figured out how to unplug the molex power thing to the CD drive, didn't boot, replaced the case and replugged the case fans - no boot. I'm using a spare laptop right now.

By "no boot", I mean that not even the motherboard thing shows up, so I can't check what the boot order is - but if that was the problem the motherboard thing would show up right? I'm getting really annoyed because it seems to work whenever it wants to regardless of what I do to it. The only... Read more

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Hi, i'm new here and was researching this problem i'm having with my new PC. I just built the computer in question about 48 hours ago, literally, and now it doesn't work. The first 24 hours it worked fine, but i realized the power/stand-by LEDs were not working correctly, so i shut my computer down, unplugged it and corrected the LED cable connection, i also took out the only CD drive in my computer to check the drive above it (Fan control/temp gauge) to see if i could find out why i can't control fan speed. Turns out i couldn't figure it out.

When i connected everything back up, i forgot to connect the CD drive. When i plugged that back in, the computer wouldn't work anymore. Everything powers on fine, fans run, LEDs work, CD drive ejects. But nothing goes to the monitor. My monitor works fine, i checked that and my video card in my old PC, both work perfectly. I checked the RAM to see if there was something visibly wrong with it, there wasn't, but i moved it to another slot just in case the slot was defective. Nothing i try works. I have enough power i think, 420W supply. And the processor is securely under the heatsink and fan. The processor isn't fried as far as i know, it runs idle at 58-59C. I know that's a little hot but it's not enough to fry it? I've also tried booting it in safe mode, doesn't work. I've posted this problem on other forums, searched the internet for about 3 hours now and can&... Read more

Answer:Problems Booting a new PC

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Hi all

Just recently when I try to boot up I end up with a black screen. If I manually power down and restart I get the "Windows did not start properly last time" screen. If I go to last known good configuration the PC will boot up OK from there.

Any ideas on what might be going on please?

XP Home SP 2 with all updates.
2.53 Pentium
512 RAM
60 gig HD
256mb RADEON 9600 Pro Graphics card.

The PC is 3 years old and so far been very reliable. Model is an ADVENT 3112 if this helps at all.

Cheers all

Answer:Problems booting up

Try clearing the cmos, unplug power supply, pull mother board battery out for a few minutes, reinstall. Will have to reset time and date. ed

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I have windows xp standard edition and everytime I try to boot up my computer I get this message:

Windows Could not start because the following the file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll
Please re-install a copy of this file

I don't have a windows disc either. Can anyone help me?

Answer:Problems with booting up

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Question: problems booting


i recently built a computer and am having problems getting to the screen that allows me to enter bios.

After all of the hardware was installed properly I turned on the computer and the screen that has all of the system info and the options to continue or enter bios setting I accidently hit continue when I knew that I needed to enter bios to boot the dvd drive first. So I restarted the computer and everything turns on (hard drive dvd drive fans cpu) but there is no display, the monitor doesn't come off standby and I also don't get any post beeps. I know that the video card everything works and is compatible. I have a 500 watt power supply so I don't think that it is being overworked. I have tried using the jumpers to reset the cmos settings but no change. I have also left the cmos battery out for over a day and no change. I am completly baffled any help is greatly appreciated.


Answer:problems booting

Try from basics. Disconnect everything, except floppy drive (if there), 1 stick of memory and the graphics card. Try to boot into BIOS, press Del a few times when starting.
If no video, try another card. If no go, in all likelyhood your mobo is shot.
If it works, add 1 item at the time and reboot. eventually you should find the 'sinner'.

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Help! My computer cannot boot. Here is what happened:

I press the button, nothing appears on the monitor nor do I hear the familiar beep sound when my computer starts. I hear a sound which is similar to the sound made when any of my cd-rw or dvd drive is being scanned, and the LEd in them flashes. Then, the sound and LED lights stop, then returns after a few seconds. I try to reset it and press F2 or F8, and if nothing happens, I restart the computer. I reboot it for about 10 times until the XP screen appears.

The first time it happened, I saw some colors and digit-like figures in the monitor before it booted (sort of matrix-like).This happened every day for 3 days and now, no matter how many times I try, the XP screen does not appear any more.

What do I do?

Some things that might be helpful:
I did a virus check(PC-Cillin) in it while the pc was still working: no viruses so far.
As I remember, there was no recent hardware or software change except for some webcam drivers that were installed.
I already tried to bbot with the XP CD but nothing happened, I also tried to create a floppy boot disk but has not been successful so far.
I have read similar posts in this site but nothing has helped me.
Specs: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHZ S478, Maxtor 40GB HDD 5400 RPM, Twin moss 128MB DDR

Answer:Asking Help for booting problems

This might be the problem with SMPS that you use inside the CPU.
Please check the SMPS. It might be stopping power to the motherboard.

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Question: Problems Booting

Hi I have an annoying little problem when my computer is turned on the fans start but the green light in the front is just flashing. I can get it to boot if i push the other button which is set to turn on off sleep but it takes a random amount of times before it works. I'm wondering if reinstall of win 7 will do the trick.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9950 Quad-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 2 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8191 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 146202 MB;
Motherboard: BIOSTAR Group, A740G M2+, 6.0, None

My power supply is only about a year old but the rest of the machine is prob 3-4 years. Does anyone know what could be my problem

Answer:Problems Booting

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Question: booting problems

I own a toshiba satellite which I have had for over a year now and just yesterday I put it on and it didn't should me no booting device and that I should insert a booting disk.

Answer:booting problems

what operating system to do you have? windows xp, vista, 7?

if you have vista or 7 try putting the disc in, select language then select repair computer and if it doesn't detect an issue then select startup repair.

if your hard drive doesn't come up at all i would suggest running an hdd diagnostic tool to scan the drive for errors and give a pass or fail.

they can be found here.

(thanks gavinzach for the link in your signature)

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I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 (MP061, BIOS A00) with XP Pro.
The problem is that on start up, the laptop starts to Boot and freezes with the loading bar at ~1/4 loaded. I have tried several times to get it to boot (even tried to hit the Fn button on boot to do a diagnostic) but no just freezes.
Any ideas as to what I should try? I've had it suggested it might be the I said any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Booting up problems

I doubt that the PSU is causing the computer to freeze on the boot up... it's either a hard drive, motherboard, or processor failure, or a corrupt OS... try reinstalling the OS first and see if that works. If that doesn't work it's possible that it's the hard drive failing to find certain OS files, but before you start wasting money to replace stuff... i'd recommend taking it to your local geeksquad and having them run a diagnostic on the computer; that will test for hardware failures if it is one... But certainly try to reinstall your operating system first... if it's a dell it should have come with recovery disks...

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Question: Booting problems

(Windows XP.) Downloaded 'windows update' last night. Once it had finished it asked me to re-boot-I didn't right then as I was also doing something else. I finished what I was doing and then turned off the computer the usual way as I had to go out.
A few hours later, I tried to turn the computer on again-a black screen comes up with white writing:
safe mode
safe mode & networking
safe mode & command point
last known configiration (didn't work)
start windows (didn't work either)

Tried to put it in 'safe mode', then SM & networking and SM & command point. A big long list of (what I think) is computer systems/programmes comes up on all of the safe mode options but I am unable to move up or down the list.
It is slowly driving me nuts. I am using my old, slow computer so at least I am able to leave this in the hope that someone can help me!!

Answer:Booting problems

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Question: Booting problems

Hello ,My hp laptop won't start.I was adviced to do a reset by long pressing the power button which I did but to not effect.

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I just had a quick question. I have a HP Probook 4430s and under device configurations in the F12 options, what does "Numblock on at boot" mean and what does it do. I'm still having troubles booting up. I can start up in safe mode and w/networking and have been trying to figure out how why it dosn't want to work right. When I'm in safe mode everything works fine but when i shut down and try to power back up i can only do it in one of the safe modes, also it takes a really long time to even do that.So I was just wondering what Numblock on at boot ment and what it does. Thanks

Answer:Problems booting up

Is it Numblock or NumLock?

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Question: Problems booting

Okay, for a while now I had been having a problem with my computer where I'd shut it down and unplug it (usually to move it nearby) and when I plug it back in it wouldn't boot up. If Id come back a few hours later the computer WOULD boot up. Since it would boot up eventually I never really bothered dealing with the problem. However, this weekend I took a roadtrip with the computer, when I got home I set it up and had the same usual problem. So I waited for a while and came back to boot it up. Even after waiting the computer still wont boot up this time. When I turn it on all of the lights go on, but only the CPU fan turns, the PSU fan and the case fan dont turn. My best guess is that something is up with my PSU. Its an Antec SmartPower 350w. Heres wat its pushing...

AMD 64 3200+
Radeon X1600
1 gig ram

Please help me out!

Answer:Problems booting

Well I think you answered your question yourself. I would look into that PSU. Antec is a good brand but you have a pretty demanding rig so it might of failed. Do you have another PSU to test it with?

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Twice in the past week I've had trouble booting up my system. When I turn on my computer it starts booting normally, then when it gets to the Windows XP screen it stops after a few seconds and starts booting up all over again. It keeps doing this over and over. After resetting a few times, it finally completed booting. Now I am afraid to shut off my computer. Is there anything I can do to check what is wrong with my system. I would appreciate any help.

Thank you,


Answer:Problems booting up

You could have a virus, what virus protection software do you have?

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Hi, I built a computer last christmas running a geforce 6800 ultra by evga, an athlon 64 3400, on an asus mainboard running nforce 2. I recently started having a problem. The computer performs a cold boot fine, but if i try to reboot, it locks up before POST. If I shut down and restart, the fans turn on and the drives spin. but Post does not run and it just sits there. If i wait about 2 hours, it will turn on again fine, but if i shut down or reboot, the problem occurs again. Any Idea of what it could be? The Ram I know is good. Im thinking its a video card problem, because i think post will not run if the video card is bad. And we have had problems with evga cards dieing before. Thanks.

Ps, something I just remembered, when I first got the pc, the board had a problem with grounding itself. Could something be touching the board now thats doing that? I cleaned the entire pc with compressed air (electronics safe), including behind the board, and now it will not boot at all.

Answer:Problems with booting

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So, I installed the new gfx and mobo drivers from nVidia, specifically for the GTX 280 and the 780 i. After restart after being prompted in the installer, my computer no longer boots properly. I'm not sure what the problem is, since it could either be a virus (was looking at some video compressors), or the drivers f***ed up the system.

When I boot, it goes into where the, "welcome to windows" screen would pop up, except all you see is a black screen and the cursor.

I'd appreciate if someone could tell me how to roll back the drivers without going into the OS, or solve this problem entirely (If it's a virus.)

My Specs:
GTX 280
4 gigs ram
1000 watt PSU ( so I doubt I'm running out of power)
I don't know if you want anything else, just ask.

I'll repost this in the virus thread in case it is a virus.

Answer:Problems with booting.

hi iam afraid you have to go into safemode and sort from there once in go to device manager and fix the drivers

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Question: Booting Problems..

NTLDR is missingPress any key to restartthis is the error i encountered when i starting the windows, my friend told me that i need to reformat the hard disk and install again the Operating System coz of this NTLDR.. but the problem was, i got this message everytime i boot from CD:Boot CD-ROM Type: Non-Emulation BootingCDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD - Code: 1the bootable CD is good coz i use it also in the other computer and its work, i suspected that maybe the CD ROM cannot read the CD...? have any idea of this? Please help....TravelMate 291LCiIntel Pentium M 1.4GHz30GB HDD256 DDR SDRAMWindows XP Profesional SP2

Answer:Booting Problems..

Where is this CD from and what does it say on the cover ? ?If it's marked with a Sharpie all bets are off...

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Question: Problems booting

I don`t know if this is a hardware issue but thought this might be the best place to post it.I am having constant problems booting my PC.On the very first screen,only half of the text comes up and the part concerning auto-detect is missing.Other times I`l get past this initial stage to the Microsoft "green bar" page that either doesn`t start going across at all or freezes after time.I also sometimes get past this stage but the screen stays black and the Microsoft logo never appears.I even sometimes get to the blue "Welcome" screen that seems to go on a lot longer than usual,then when it proceeds My desktop icons and background area are just a black screen and even though the "start menu" icon is in the bottom left I can`t use it! I am having to constantly turn the PC on and off to finally get it to boot.When I do get it to boot it often is fine all day (although it has also frozen on occasions!) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,it`s driving me insane!
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor, x64 Family 16 Model 2 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 1790 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: A: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 307031 MB; C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 5058 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, N68-S, ,
Antivirus: COMODO Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: E... Read more

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I have a problem. I can't boot my computer with 4GB of ram. It boots normally with 2GB. Ram slots are intact and working. I know this because I first tried with two 1GB ram modules and then with one 2GB ram Module. I kept switching the slots to make sure they all work and they do. Memtest86 didn't find any errors in any of the modules I tested.

I didn't spot any leaking/burst Capacitors, scratches or any other physical damage on motherboard.

I'm suspecting a PSU Failure but I find it hard to believe since it is quite new (4 months) but then again, It's an old version of NX-5000 (I think 1st gen) and who knows how long it have been sitting on shelf before I purchased it.

Answer:Problems booting with 4GB of Ram

Maybe mis-matched memory sticks ! What brand & what speed ?

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Question: Booting problems

Hey, I'm new. Actually, I signed up to these forums because I'm desperate for help.

About three days ago, I tried to uninstall SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition (I'm going to college in a few days, they provide an antispyware program), and the uninstall went wrong, I guess.

Anyways, I tried to reboot my computer, and now it successfully boots right up until the login page, and then it just stops. I have Windows XP, and I've learned more about computers in the last three days trying to fix this problem than I have in my whole life. I figured out how to get into the Recovery Console, and I heard that a corrupt kernel32.dll file might be the problem, so I replaced that, and still no luck. I've tried deleting the files remaining from the spyware program, but since it's in the program files folder, I can't do anything to them without first logging in and giving myself access to do that (which, if I could do, then I wouldn't have a problem in the first place.)

Any suggestions?

Answer:Booting problems

Have you tried booting into safe mode by hitting the F8 key during POST?

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i am not very computer savy but i have an hp pavilion laptop with widows xp that is no longer turning on all the time. it sits on the hp logo sreen for a long time and then just goes to a blank screen with a blinking white cursor in the left hand corner. if i try to run a hardware dianostic when its not working it says "there is no IDE device". Also if i disconnect the battery it seems to work. one tec i have talked to thinks its a software problem. i reinstalled my windows from the disks i made when i first got my computer thre years ago. problem still occurs. another tech thinks its the board. what do u think. board, software or battery?

Answer:problems booting up

It's definitely a hardware problem.?

Go into the BIOS, at startup. (For most it's the F2 key that you have to press at startup to enter the BIOS.) Though it should say at the boot logo screen about what key to press to enter the BIOS/System Settings.

There make sure that your hard drive and correct IDE drives are enabled and selected.


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Sorry if this is the wrong forum, just thought it sounded the best place to put this. Anyway, I recently bought virtually an entirely new PC (nVidia 8600GT, some MSI motherboard I can't remember the model of, an EZcool PSU and 2GB of Corsair memory) but the problem is I can't seem to get it to boot. Everything powers up as it should when it's switched on, but nothing appears on the screen. I've looked over the internet as much as I could, lots of things saying it's because of a dead CPU, some say it's a bad graphics card, some say a dead PSU, and so on. I've tested the PSU and it's fine, the CPU I have used with a different motherboard (one which we previously believed was broken, but my guess now is that it's not) and the exact same things happen. I get the same thing happening no matter what I try, I've tried taking out both the memory and CPU and the screen still doesn't show. I can't test the graphics card because I don't own another PCI-E or PCI graphics card, and there is no onboard graphics from what I can tell. So the only culprits left that seem likely are the CPU or graphics card. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem, or is one of the components faulty?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Problems with booting

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Hi all
just built a machine for friend all worked fine etc when they got the machine
home and plugged in there monitor keyboard etc op system tried to boot but
at the xp screen monitor switched off and wouldn't come back up.
unfortunately they just hit the off switch and when it came up with boot into
safe mode etc after making a selection it just does the same. By all accounts
if you leave the machine alone when it times out it just reboots and goes
through the same process in a loop.
they tried another monitor and same problem, the resolution wasn't high.

As they live 150 miles away i can hardly pop round, any ideas?

thx .d.

Answer:xp Booting problems

I'll ask them to open the box and make sure that nothing has lossen up during transportation. They should reseat all the cards, memory and connectors. Any error or beep ? Try with a simple DOS or windows start up diskette can help to isolate the problem too.

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my windows xp keeps rebooting after it starts to load windows xp it restarts the computer
and it keeps saying:

it says

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but windows did not start successfully. a recent hardware or software change might have caused this.

If your computer stopped responding,restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect files and folders, choose last known good configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.

If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the power or reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem. choose start windows Normally.

i tried all of these and the same thing happens . It starts loading windows then after a while it turns of and starts agian.

any help well be appreciated

Answer:my xp has booting problems

Welcome to TSG....

If you have a Full Operating System on CD then you can try this:

1. Configure the computer to start from the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. For information about how to do this, see your computer documentation, or contact your computer manufacturer.
2. Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, and then restart your computer.
3. When you receive the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press a key to start your computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM.
4. When you receive the "Welcome to Setup" message, press R to start the Recovery Console.
5. If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot computer, select the installation that you have to use from the Recovery Console.
6. When you are prompted, type the administrator password, and then press ENTER (if none was set, leave it blank and press ENTER).
7. At the command prompt, type bootcfg /list, and then press ENTER. The entries in your current Boot.ini file appear on the screen.
8. At the command prompt, type bootcfg /rebuild, and then press ENTER. This command scans the hard disks of the computer for Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, or Microsoft Windows NT installations, and then displays the results. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to add the Windows installations to the Boot.ini file. For example, follow these steps to add a Windows XP installation to the Boot.ini file:

a. When you receive a message that is similar to the following message:
Total Identi... Read more

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Question: Booting problems

Boot Failure Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device Press any key when ready

What do i do

(its a laptop)

Answer:Booting problems

First, please read the thread on "how to make a good post" in my signature... Under "New Members Please Read:"

Then save money to buy a new hard drive, or take your laptop to a repair center

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So, I have 2 PCs:

My main rig that is as:
HD Sata2 seagate 5900 2TB
HD Sata2 Maxtor 7200 1TB
RAM: DDR3 PC-1600MHz 4GB Corsair XMS3 DHX CM3X2G1600C9DHX (two 2GB sticks)
CPU: QuadCore Intel Core i5 750 2.67GHz 8MB
VGA: XFX ATI Radeon HD5850 1GB DDR5 765MHz
Windows 7 professional x64

And my old PC that is as:
CPU: Pentium 4 Hyper Threading 2.8GHz
RAM: 1 GB DDR PC-3200
VGA: GeForce FX 5600 XT 256MB DDR1
HD: 2x IDE Seagate 5900 200GB
Windows XP professional x86

My old pentium 4 was there leaning on the other room and my mother asked me to prepare it for her to use. It's been a year since the last time I turned it on and as far as I remember it was working fine despite the huge noise that the power supply was making... Therefore, I decided to enhance it a little by replacing the shitty 600W power supply of the CLONE brand (lol) by the 300W power supply that came with my (also shitty) Satellite X-Blade 511k case that I hadn't used yet. I also swapped my old VGA GeForce FX 5600 XT for the GeForce FX 6200 256MB ddr2 that was from my brother's old PC and added two more RAM sticks of 1GB DDR1 PC-3200.

When I turned it on, it made ??3 beeps and hang up, then I read the motherboard manual (asus P4V800-X) that this mobo supports up to 3GB of ram, but if they are pc-3200 it can only support a max of two simultaneous sticks, then I took one of the sticks and it worked, but then it hanged up in the initial black screen saying "NT... Read more

Answer:Booting and DVD-ROM problems

Any luck with this?

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Question: Problems Booting

A friend of mine has asked me to look at her computer as it wont boot. All the fans are going but I csn only sometimes get it to the mobo splash screen then it just freezes. I have tried unplugging all the drives, tried a known working gfx card ans swapped the ram with working strips still no luck. Most of the time all that happens is the fans come on and then no signal is displayed on the monitor. So far I have not got passed the splash screen and into CMOS.

PLease help

Answer:Problems Booting

What is the brand and model of the computer?
Sounds as if it is an eMachines.
We will need brand, and model, or motherboard part number to be of much help.
Startup problems are the result of:
Failed memory module, failing hard drive, various spyware or virus infestations, filed power supply on the 5V line while PSU appears to be good, failing CPU fan, failing video graphics card, or bad motherboard. Rarely is it the CPU... and only certain motherboards seem to fail. Sometimes a major electrical failure of a DVD or CD drive, or a pci device such as a modem can cause this.
The signs and symptoms you describe are typical of a hard drive failure. So please explain what you mean by, "I have tried unplugging all the drives."
If you can tell us the brand and model, various people who post on this forum can suggest from experience with certain brands and models, what they might suspect.
If the computer has a floppy drive, I would disconnect the power supply and insert a floppy disk with Windows 98 or MS-DOS, to see if it will boot to SAFE MODE. Then change a memory module. Going down a list of trial device removals can be helpful.
Does she still have the computer boot disk of Windows, or a recovery disc? If so, you can attempt a cold boot to that disc with all other drives disconnected.
Good luck.
Please let us know what worked.

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Question: booting problems

my system is having problems booting while having an ipod connected during start up. should this be happening? my motherboard is the asus p5n-e sli with a 600watt psu, c2d e8400, 8600gt 512mb graph,(main ones that need power) is this the fault of a bad usb wiring? or??

Answer:booting problems

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Hey guys,
Im having a major problem with my computer. When im on my computer or even away from it, it will randomly shutdown and restart. Sometimes it will boot all the way to the desktop with no problem, other times it will start booting up and restart when it starts to load windows xp, and it will continue to boot and restart till i come home and shut it down. And theres other times while its booting up, that it will do a "check disk scan" to make sure that system files are in the correct index's and it will find something wrong and delete the system files and never replace them when finished, so when it goes to reboot, half the system files are missing and i have to reformat and reinstall windows xp to correct the issue (which Ive reformatted and reinstalled windows xp 9 times because of this) And other times it will not mess with the system files but attack my programs and its even deleted the themes to windows xp. Ive disabled all external stuff on my computer that was not needed thinking maybe something external was causing the issue, but the problem still persisted. Ive used programs to test the Ram & hard drive thinking maybe something was wrong there, but they both tested successful. I have programs watching the Temperature & voltage of the CPU, but the CPU seems to be working fine. Ive even called Microsoft and talked with there technical support guys about 7 times, and they still haven't been able to give me a actual answer to my problem... Read more

Answer:Booting up & OS problems

I'm going out on a limb with this one, but with everything else you've tried and seen no problem with, the only idea I can think of right now is that it might be a faulty power supply. Its the only thing I can think of that might be causing the rebooting and Windows can become corrupt if its doing something while the power briefly goes out. Just a thought.

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Question: Booting problems

Greetings! A while ago, my computer started to have booting problems. BIOS check okay, floppy check okay, and then it would list my IDE and then it would stop. If you pressed a key it would check for a floppy then back to checking the IDE and loops. Now when I tried my boot disks, when I went in the Bios and disabled the hard drive, the boot disks worked, but when the hard drive is enabled and recognized, the boot disk doesn't work. I've reset the CMOS, that doesn't work. Is my hard drive defective? If so, I would at least try to recover the data if I could, so could that be possible? Thank you so much for your time. Here are my specs: 200MHZ Pentium MMX, 32 megs of RAM 2 megs video, 56k modem.

Answer:Booting problems

it doesn't sound like it would be a defective drive because all that's happening at that step is recognition of what's in there...if this were happening when it was trying to load the OS i'd suspect bad drive. i had a problem of the BIOS hanging at the IDE detection stage, but it was due to my toasted CPU. since that probably isn't your problem i might suspect the IDE bus to be at fault, it's conceivable that it could be damaged in some way. i reccomend swapping your hard drive into any other machine you can get your hands on and seeing if the data is accesible. also taking a known working hard drive from another computer and putting it in yours to test will tell us something about what's going on. until you do that i'm not sure what else to say.

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When I turn on my computer, I get to the point where I see my desktop icons but can't click on them. I see two things:

#1 Your version of { No Pconfig} can read files on this disc but you will not be able to edit or add to them.

and then...

#2 Please wait while Windows configures Norton AntiVirus 2006

#1 I've had periodically and have been able to just click "OK" and get through it but not now. The mouse stays in the hourglass position for an eternity and I can't use my computer.

What do I do?

I have a Dell 4600 running windows XP

Answer:XP Booting Problems

Boot the computer in safe mode and uninstall Norton. GO here and read and follow the instructions carefully if you think you might be infected with spyware: If not uninstall Norton then do a repair of the current Windows installation using the XP cd. I am aware of the fact that the computer boots but that might help.

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Question: Booting Problems

Alright my friend has this Dell computer, he says that on Saturday night he was using it, he then put it on standby went to bed and it didnt work Sunday. It will not even boot, at all. There is power coming to the power supply, the fan starts moving, and a light on the mother board indicates it is reciveing power. Other than that nothing else shows any sign of reciveing power. I am totally lost as to what could be wrong. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Booting Problems

Well make sure his monitor is plugged in and it might be that he needs a new PSU.

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can you help me,everytime i boot my win 7 professional,cursor is busy,there are no icons only busy cursor,backgoround and empty taskbar

Answer:Problems when booting win 7

Tap F8 when booting and see if it will work in Safe Mode. That could give us a clue what to suggest.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Question: Booting problems

Just lately I have been having problems booting up. I very often get a "No signal" icon that goes across the screen and it can take many tries to get it running. Even then I can be doing something and the screen goes black and the icon returns. So far I have tried system restore , c cleaner , command prompt , and defragging but to no joy. Then sometimes It will work brilliantly for a week or two before acting up again. Any ideas ??

Answer:Booting problems

desktop PC or a laptop?

sounds like your video cable is potentially loose if you have a separate monitor.

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Question: Problems booting

I was playing unreal 2k4 and my computer suddenly froze up, i had to do a hard restart. When it rebooted the welcome screen showed a mouse and it stayed there for a about 10 seconds (much longer than normal) then when it booted the taskbar came in piece by piece as opposed to all at once and it took a few extra seconds to do than normal. Also when shutting down it goes normally until it says Windows is now Shutting down and it stays their for about 20 seconds which it used to do instantaneously. I am using windows xp home and any suggestions on what to do would be most helfpful. Thanks

Answer:Problems booting

Sup Korean. Try some basic stuff to start with. Scandisk, defrag, then scan for Virii and spyware. Could be memoy timings too tight or voltages need a bump. Try reloading your mainboard chipset drivers and video card drivers again after the maintenance then boot to your bios and have a glance at your memory ratios and such and check your voltages. If timings are really tight consider loosening it up a little.

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My computer was running fine (except for a massive amount of pop-ups, adware, malware, etc.) but when I restarted it after installing Battle For Middle Earth II (which can't be the problem, this is the second time I've put it on) the computer won't boot up anymore. It'll get past the splash screen with the loading bar then the screen turns black it stays that way. I can goto Safe Mode but only Safe Mode w/ Networking and that's only if I hammer the Esc key to skip the setup process.

I've run Ad-Aware, Spybot, Hijack This and have managed to permenatly delete 90% of the stuff plaguing my system but it still won't start. I've made a HiJackThis log and will post it, but I'm curious if this sounds familiar to anyone?

Also, if this helps, Ad-Aware continually is pick up the following:
Could the first one be the source of my problems?

Answer:Problems booting up

Before you post the Hijack This; Please follow the steps below:

- Run ALL the steps in this Sticky thread READ & RUN ME FIRST Before Asking for Support

Make sure you check version numbers and get all updates.

- Very Important: Make sure you tell us the results from running the tutorial...was anything found? Were you unable to complete any of the scans?...Were you unable to download any of the tools?...Did you do the on-line scans as suggested? etc.

After doing ALL of the above you still have a problem make sure you have booted to normal mode and run the steps in the below link to properly use HijackThis:

Downloading, Installing, and Running HijackThis


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Hi friends, i need some serious help here...

I have got an Acer Aspire 1600 series(1640 to be precise) laptop which i bought in 2006.
Till now, i didn't face any problem with this particular product, but now this laptop has made my life a hell of a place!!!!!
4 months back, the battery got damaged(i don't know how!). Since then, i have been using the laptop without any battery.
Everything was fine, when suddenly my OS crushed down. After that, problems started creeping in one after the other.

I would write down my problems point-wise for better understanding.

1. Two weeks back, my laptop started producing strange beep sounds during booting. I could not count the number of beeps coz they were quite heavy in quantity. The sound is still continuing to harass me till date.

2. Today, as i was doing some work, i restarted my laptop. After that nothing could be done. It might sound to be a bit strange, but it is true. When i click on the start button the start menu comes and then automatically vanishes. Similarly, when i right-click on the desktop to refresh, the menu comes and then automatically disappears. I cannot install any application as everything gets cancelled by itself. In fact, i tried to reinstall xp(sp2) (through a bootable installation disk), but it also got cancelled by itself. Even when i try to shutdown the system, the shutdown dialogue comes and then disappears.

Man, this is a really big problem and i am in a real emergency situation!!!

What ... Read more

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Question: Booting problems

I am using  windows xp home edition sp1 and everytime i boot my computer up I get the message"lsass.exe unable to locate  component the application failed to start because LSASRV.dll was not found" and I cant get my pc up and running; can anyone help me?

Answer:Booting problems

Insert your XP CD and power down and re-boot...Press R at the first screen when prompted which will bring up the Recovery Console.Type in fixboot and hit Enter.Remove the XP CD and re-boot.If this does not work repeat the process and type in fixmbr and hit Enter again removing the XP CD and re-booting.Good Luck.

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hey fellas,

i bvought my stuff bout 2 weeks ago honestly im not the best setting a board up but i do know if u fried a board it wont even boot.I mounted placed everything the way it was meant/ suppose to be set up im just wondering if i fucked the wires on hooking em up.Someone thought my bios arent getting through cuz i put 2 different gfx cards in no pics,i try to open my dvd roms.nothing happens nothing.The only thing that happens is the pc just sits there by it self turned up cant even turn off the way i turned on.The reason y im on here is that im wondering if the motherboard is messed up.

Gigabyte GA-965P-S3

Answer:Having problems booting please help

Please see this post for what I would do in your situation.

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Question: Booting problems

I recently had 4 ram sticks each with 4 gigs. but had to take two out because they went bad.

Just recently, My computer would boot up normally but as soon as it passes the Welcome screen it would just go pitch black and I can only see my cursor. It would give me memory issues.

So I took out another ram stick, now I have 1. I can boot it up now but everything is so alot slower and alot less smooth. I'm not sure what is wrong.

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Question: Booting problems

When laptop has been sitting for at least 15 minutes it starts up no problem.
If I restart say after installing new software or changing settings or from start menu it shuts down restarts and freezes on the "IN TOUCH WITH TOMORROW TOSHIBA" Boot mode screen, the only way i came shut it down is by holding the power button. then i push the power button again and it starts up and freezes on the same screen.
I have to let it site powered off for a minimum of 15 minutes before it will start properly again.
Any idea as to why this is happening?

- Toshiba Satellite PSM40C-JM800E
- XP Home

Answer:Booting problems


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Question: Booting Problems

I recently tried to reboot my windows on this computer but in the middle of the installation an error came up saying some filer could not be loaded off the cd so i canceled setup in the middle of it. I have a second Windows XP cd i tried using that but it wouldnt boot because a certain file is missing. This is the second computer im having booting problems with but the case is a little different with this one. I just nuked the computer so theres nothing on both my hard drives. Can anyone help me out. Thx ahead of time.

Answer:Booting Problems

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Question: Booting Problems

When I flashed the bios to update it and restarted Win. XP wouldn't boot or recognize the SATA hard drive. I no longer have the SATA drivers on a floppy disk and even worse I no longer have a floppy drive. I am not sure where Win. XP saves the drivers for SATA hard drives, but I think flashing the bios has deleted, moved, or did something to them. My only other thought was flashing the bios does something to the MBR :suspiciou (I am not sure if it does). If this is the case, could Lilo or any other MBR controller be used to fix the problem? Is there a way to add the SATA drivers to the MBR?

Please help I need catch up to my friend in WOW and I only have two days until he gets his new hard driver!

Answer:Booting Problems

Flashing a BIOS does not affect a HDD in any way, they are 2 seperate things...
Are you sure it was the correct BIOS ? ? You might have hosed that MBoard.
Try booting the system with your MBoard driver CD...some of them are bootable.


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Question: Booting Problems

I have an Acer Aspire 1800 that should be running XP Home SP2. When I went to go turn it on today, I got a message to the effect that Windows could not boot because a file is missing or corrupt, and the file that it says is windows\system32\config\system. I know the hard drive is not broken because I can put it into an external hard drive housing and access the files on another computer. It does say something to the effect of to fix the problem insert the original install disk, which I have with the SP2 on it, and press r at the first page. I did that and a black screen came up with some writing and a list of the windows partitions, I only have one. So I selected the C drive and I am stuck from there, it is a comand prompt like thing. Somebody please help, I don't feel like reformatting if I do not have to, unless if I would be better off doing it anyways.

P.S. I do have all my documents and everything else important already backed up and the install files ready to go if I do have to reformat.

Answer:Booting Problems

I've seen problems like this on some older machines that have had an upgraded (i.e. larger) hard drive installed. How old is the laptop? And what's the size of the hard drive?

I suspect that you're at the Recovery Console when you get the command prompt. Be careful what you type here -- you could easily wreck the entire filesystem (but I think you knew that anyway).

Anyway, let's see how far down the tree you can get. Try these commands and see what happens:

dir \windows
dir \windows\system32
dir \windows\system32\config
dir \windows\system32\config\system

See how far you get, and post back.


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I want to boot linux mint from my usb stick so i went in the computer bios and change the boot order.But it failed to boot from my usb and so i tried different programs such as unetbooting. But it still doesn't work. in the option in my computer bios it says USB-FFD and USB-ZIP.can anyone help?thank you

Answer:Problems booting from USB?

.I have tried to boot my netbook from a USB drive and have found that the netbook wouldn't boot to the USB Drive if the partition was too large.I had success with a 128 MB (yes I do mean megabyte) and a 512MB that was partitioned to show only 100MB. The 512MB would not boot if the whole 512MB was left as one partition.This situation may be particular to my netbook or its BIOS, but it is something to be considered. The link below has quite a bit more information on this herePeter.

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Question: booting problems

When I boot my computer, I get a message that says I have an invalid Boot.ini file and that the system is booting from C:\Windows. Then my computer boots up. What is that all about? And how do I fix it?

Answer:booting problems

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Question: Booting problems

im have a
msi k7master-s(ms-6341) mainboard
tbird 1.4ghz
asus v8200 gf3

my problem is this:
when i turn my computer on it doesnt boot my d-led on my mainboard shows 4 red lights which means "bad processor" and i dont get the startup bleep, then when i switch the power on and off really quick on my powersupply switch the computer boots up and all my hardware works perfectly anyone know what may be happening?

Answer:Booting problems

could the power button on the front of your computer be connected to the wrong connections on your motherboard?

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I shut my computer down normal last night and I turn it on today and it shows the first windows xp screen (with the options boot menu and such) then it goes to a black screen with a blinking underscore on it. It refuses to go to safe mode or continue to load from the black screen.

Answer:Problems booting up.

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