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thunderbird email change font size in hotmail email client

Question: thunderbird email change font size in hotmail email client

I use T-Bird (v 31.7.0) On 2 occasions now, I have sent emails, with Attachments, to a friend in the UK, who is running HOTMAIL.On each occasion the Attachment is OK, but the message I sent with ti increases it?s Font size, line by line, until it is unreadable. Two 3 or 4 characters per line??and sections of the email are repeated. 4 or 5 lines, then back to the top.They are blaming me for a Virus?..but I am thinking the problem is their end, with a stuck key, or similar. Any ideas ?

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Preferred Solution: thunderbird email change font size in hotmail email client

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: thunderbird email change font size in hotmail email client

I don't know what is causing this but pretty sure "what it isn't".1. It is not the usual behaviour of a virus.2. It is not a stuck key their end. Keys don't come into the equation for received emails.Try sending an attachment to yourself and some other contact who will co-operate. That way you should be able to narrow down which end is responisible for the problem.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I use Thunderbird 3.1 with Windows 7. When I am typing responses, the font and type size will just change (seemingly) arbitrarily. Then I have to go back and select and change can I set this to just stay the same all the way through...? And btw, I've tried the font setting, but it won't hold.

Answer:In Thunderbird, why does font size change while I'm typing responses?

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Trying to simply enlarge the text a few points in the Mozilla Thunderbird Inbox display window I wound up
changing things in the message- in and message- out windows of the program.

In T-bird the default Inbox display is in Calibri at something like 17 point font. No amount of changing the
drop down numbers shown to increase point size did anything at all.

Please give the steps to make the font size in the display window of Thunderbird larger.
This is a Windows 7 new install and I have not used a mail program with it previously. I don't know if
Win7 settings have to be adjusted to make things work. Resolution is set at 1024 x 720.

Answer:Change font size on Mozilla Thunderbird display window

This may help: Bad Eyesight - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

If not, perhaps a better place to ask is Index page . You can use the search box on the right side of the screen, but to post questions you would have to register for the forums.

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Anyone know anything about thunderbird??I am trying it and it seemed very satisfactory, but noting nothing received for a while I sent myself a test message. The message sat with my ISP (Demon) for some hours - I checked with web mail. I have now opened Outlook express and the message was downloaded immediately.Thunderbird is selected as my default email client; I have it set to check for messages every ten minutes (I have always on broadband); I checked for new messages manually several times. A number of emails were received yesterday.I hope to be notified of responses to this via Thunderbird, but I will check with Outlook express ev ery few hours.If any has experience of Thunderbird I'd be interested to hear what they think of it.PeterC

Answer:Thunderbird email client

I should have said I am running Windows 98SE. (It will be interesting to see if this response isd detected by thunderbird)PeterC

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I've been using webmail forever and I figure one of these clients would be a lot easier for me. I'm leaning towards thunderbird, mostly because I'd have to pay for pocomail, but if there is a huge advantage to using pocomail over thunderbird, or if thunderbird has certain flaws I'd pay for pocomail.

I've read a few posts by mosin and some others, and I guess pocomail is more secure. But I've never had any email viruses, I use NOD32 and ProcessGuard now so I'm hoping I'd be safe enough

Answer:which email client... thunderbird? pocomail?

I use Thunderbird here without issue...never heard of PocoMail before though...


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Just wanted to start a thread and see what others thought of this program... I just started using it this past week and I love it so far... Any good plugins or anything available for it that aren't listed on Mozilla's site?

Answer:Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

its ok maybe slower than outlook

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I have been using pcs for over 20 years but have always "followed the leader". My new pc has both OE and Outlook. My old PC which is wifi networked to the new one has OE, a large folder collection, five years worth of emails and a large addressbook. I am looking for suggestions for an email client and why. I have Comcast for an ISP. The new PC is a Compaq Presario P4 with 2.4 GB Mem, 200GB HD, Norton security suite.

Thanks for any help.

Old New Guy

Answer:Email Client Outlook, OE or Thunderbird?

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In addition to the Firefox update posted by another contributor elsewhere, those of you that changed to the Thunderbird Email client, can now find version 1.0.2Mozilla simply states, it is a security and stability update. I can't see any more information than that!I loaded it without any drama in about five minutes. As a precaution, I backed up my Thunderbird Profile (just in case), Un-installed Thunderbird via Control Panel, made sure there was a clean folder to reinstall into and installed the new version. Works perfectly, automatically picking up your existing Profile into the new version.

Answer:Thunderbird Email client update.

Fixed in Thunderbird 1.0.2MFSA 2005-30 GIF heap overflow parsing Netscape extension 2MFSA 2005-25 Image drag and drop executable spoofingMFSA 2005-21 Overwrite arbitrary files downloading .lnk twiceMFSA 2005-18 Memory overwrite in string libraryMFSA 2005-17 Install source spoofing with user:[email protected]MFSA 2005-15 Heap overflow possible in UTF8 to Unicode conversion

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I have been a long time user of Thunderbird. It does its job even though its a bit wonky at times.

It's become stale to me so I searched high and low for a replacement and found eM Client. So far I am really impressed with it. It seems to be more thought out and fluid. Maybe because its new I am enjoying it?

Whatever the case may be if you are bored with your client and wanna get dirty with another program check it out. If you have eM Client let me know what you think of it.

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for a yahoo acount it is asking me for a sever adress to get the mail from what do i out there also what is POP should i select this ot the other one IMAP?

Answer:how to configure thunderbird email client?

NVM i realized yahoo only allows access if you have a premium account the bastards

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I am using Windows 7 and Thunderbird 16.0.2 and when composing an email response the font size is all over the map. It can start at one size and change to another smaller one in the same email. Usually when starting a new sentence with the traditional 2 spaces from the preceding sentence. I have tried every setting I can find. This has been going on for over a year (preceding Win 7).. is it still a bug in T Bird?

Answer:Thunderbird email font sizes screwed up

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Thank you for helping me find a new email client. I was using 2012 WLM and being Microsoft is dropping it I looked for a new one. I tried a few and even paid for some and they all seemed to have glitch's.
I've been using Thunderbird now for a few months...But Thunderbird is so much better then the others and WLM especially. So glad I found this forum years ago. Thanks again to those who suggested and helped me set it up.

Answer:Thunderbird email client is so nice thank you members

No probs mate I think I was involved in that thread and yes it is good eh?? What I do like about it is that it can be configured to look like the WLM GUI although it takes abit of fiddling around with to get the gist of it.

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Hi all,After my last Vista update I can't login to my email. The email server is found but can't login(authenticate). Doesn't matter which client I use like Outlook or Thunderbird. Webmail for the same account works fine.First thought it was a firewall/antivirus(Mcafee) problem. Shutting it all down doesn't help, also the logs don't show anything.Any help is much appreciated.Pim

Answer:Cant login to email from client like outlook or thunderbird

Check your email account settings, in particular make sure that for the outgoing server (SMTP) you tick the option for "My outgoing server requires authentication", Then tick the box for "Use same settings as my incoming server".Click 'OK' to save new settings, then restart the email client.

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I am currently using Eudora and am considering using Thunderbird instead. However I don't want to lose the mailboxes and past emails. Can they be imported into Thunderbird, please?Hey, I downloaded Thunderbird and it did it all for me! Thanks, but I think I'm OK now.

Answer:Need help changing email client from Eudora to Thunderbird

Thanks for posting the solution. Of course we'll have to charge you anyway. (Just kidding)

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I know this is going to sound really strange, but I wanted to see if anybody else has noticed this.

I am working on a computer for a friend and ended up completely wiping the drive and starting over from scratch.

After getting Windows 10 installed and everything working, I decided to get a free email client. I first tried Windows Live Mail 2012 (it messed up and stopped being able to connect for some reason, saying the comcast server was not responding / timing out).

So then I put Thunderbird on there.

After getting it set up - defaulted to IMAP, whereas Windows Live Mail was using POP3, I noticed a huge number of SPAM messages coming through... the ED type ones as well as some "work from home", "claim your giftcard", "survey winner", loans, etc.

And there were absolutely none from before the time I set up Thunderbird.

So I logged onto the Comcast web mail page to see if any of those emails were showing up there. It turns out, there were none of them.

Now the only thing that makes sense to me, is that either Thunderbird is injecting those SPAM emails or Comcast's IMAP server is compromised.

Has anybody else noticed anything like this?

Again, this is on a computer that is completely clean. The drive was wiped(cleaned) with diskpart, and it has a clean install of Windows 10 so I do not suspect any type of malware or virus.

Answer:Thunderbird email client injecting SPAM?

It's probably a spam filter that's integrated in their mails server that Thunderbird doesn't play nice with. I'm dropping all local mail clients cause it's a "pita" and webmail is much nicer to use in 2016.

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I can see where one can choose which email client to use as the default in the system settings, but Thunderbird is not listed in the available options.

Answer:How do I make Thunderbird my default email client?

Try and set it within Thunderbird itself under options.

Although I'm surprised it doesn't show..

Mine wasn't listed as default, there was no entry. Maybe setting it as default in Thunderbird over rides W10. Mine is acting like it is default.

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Is there a way to set Thunderbird as the default email client w/ MS Word 2010?
Thank You,

Answer:Thunderbird as the default email client w/ MS Word 2010

You want to use Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor for Thunderbird?

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Hello.  I hope that you are well and enjoying life in general.
Having lost Eudora/WinXP, which did everything I needed, my new Windows 7 computer is running Thunderbird for emails.  But it can't import address lists and it can't really separate groups of recipients into folders except under a master list that contains all addresses in all folders which is kind of awkward.
Can you recommend a more list-friendly client that I can use for club and customer emails?
Thank you kindly.

Answer:Wanted: List-friendly email client, which Thunderbird isn't

As far as I can tell from this article: , Thunderbird handles address lists just fine.  Perhaps it does it differently than the way you are accustomed to.
~ OB

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I need a converter to move messages from Thunderbird to MS Outlook. I'd like to be able to move the message attachments as well. Do you know what I could use? I'm on Win XP. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: email client converter: Thunderbird > MS Outlook

This TSG topic from March, 2006 may help ...

Posts #11 and #12 seem to link to solutions.

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Is their email client or notifier which uses Hotmail ?

Answer:Hotmail and Email Client ?

What are you trying to do? Are you trying not to use Hotmail not through Hotmail/

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I wish to receive mail from the mail box not using Outlook, and not using a site Whether there are other free email clients which can to work properly with hotmail?

// Windows XP email client

You need an upgraded email account from MSN:
If you are a subscriber to MSN Plus, MSN Premium, or MSN Hotmail Extra Storage, you can view messages from your POP e-mail accounts within MSN Hotmail. If you can't retrieve messages from your POP account, try the suggestions below.

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Is their email client or notifier which uses Hotmail ?

Answer:Hotmail and Email Client ?

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Is their email client or notifier which uses Hotmail ?

Answer:Hotmail and Email Client ?

Do you mean you want to use an email client for Hotmail access?

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Outlook Express was becoming hopelessly dysfunctional, so I installed Thunderbird Sunday night. As of Wednesday the darn thing was still downloading my Inbox over and over and over again, eating up way too much of my processing power. Today I uninstalled Thunderbird and reinstalled it anew. This time was different in that I got the Import Wizard to come up. But now Thunderbird is bogged down in an excruciatingly slow Inbox download which may be repetitive. If the darn thing is still downloading the Inbox tomorrow, I have had it.

I am not interested in webmail. I already have it with my ISP, and that is a good thing. But my unmovable preference is to work with email in a freestanding application. Suggestions for the best freestanding email clients are welcome.

Computer: DELL Dimension 2400
CPU: Intel Pentium 4-2667 (Northwood, D1)
2666 MHz (20.00x133.3) @ 2658 MHz (20.00x132.9)
Motherboard: DELL 0G1548
Chipset: Intel 845GEV (Brookdale-GEV) + ICH4
Memory: 2048 MBytes @ 166 MHz, 2.5-3-3-7
- 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K
- 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K
Graphics: Intel 82845G/GL/GV Graphics Controller [DELL]
Intel i845G(L) Integrated, 64 MB
Drive: WL120GPA872, 117.2 GB, E-IDE (ATA-7)
Drive: HGST HTS545050A7E380, 488.4 GB, Serial ATA 3Gb/s <-> USB
Drive: SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-252S, CD-R Writer
Sound: Creative Technology SB Live! Series Audio Processor
Network: RealTek Semiconductor RTL8139 PCI Fast Ethernet NIC [A/B/C]
Network: Broadcom 4401 10/100 Integrat... Read more

Answer:Want a non-browser-based email client if Thunderbird continues to stink

I have found MailBird to be an "acceptacle" client
and Lifetime Licenses are not too expensive.
It is now my default Mail client for Outlook.
Here's a link if you want a look.
Don't like Outlook? Get Mailbird.
I used to use eM Client and liked it too, it may be worth a look.
eM Client
Good luck

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Question: email font size

In some of the emails I receive the font size is a very small 8pt instead of the more usual 10 or 12. Why is this and how can I change it?

Answer:email font size


What website are you going to, to check your emails. Does this happen with any other browser or just chrome?

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Lately, when sending an e-mail, I cannot control the size of the font. I have used the tools menu, options, compose tab and font settings. I used to be able to use Antigoni 12, then I had to change the size to 14 --- I am now up to 18; I am thoroughly confused..... any help out there........ miissfuffy

Answer:email font and size

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Hi,Apart from Outlook and outlook express, are there any other clients that will work with Hotmail and MSN?Outlook express has been great so far but the interface is basic and dull. I don't mind using it but if there are alternatives that will work, I'm willing to try them.ThanksJohn Tran

Answer:Looking for Email Client that works with hotmail

try eudora click here

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Is it possible to set my online Comcast email client as my default email client in Vista? If so, any explanation on how this is done would be appreciated.
I just spent a few minutes online with a rep. from Comcast who couldn't answer the question.
Thank you.

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I few months ago I bought an HP Stream to try W8.1 and see if I liked it or not. It's not bad but I'm really looking forward to 10 to see the improvements there. In the mean time my mother's Samsung Tab's email started acting weird, I thought I had a handle on it but the problem reoccurred. Last week I found a Stream at Best Buy at a good price and bought that for her so she could take it on vacation with her.
We/She's got it pretty much set up but one thing is annoying her and that is the font size of the email inbox, it's far too small for her. I've followed Windows' 2 recommendations to fix but all it does is alter the sending/sent email font or alter the font size everywhere else but the email inbox.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi,Can you please advise?When I use Outlook Express to send emails, I can't change the font size. If I go into tools and options to change font size it will allow me to change the size, but when I create a new email the font size is default at 12, even though I have set this to 14.If I then go into format text and choose Rich text to ammend font size, it appears to allow me to change the size, but as soon I type a message the font reverts to size 12. If I want to re-install O/L Express how do I do this?

Answer:email font size problem

type your message, highlight the whole thing, then change the font size

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Anyone else noticed this? my [email protected] address has stopped working on my phone and on my PC. It looks as though has stopped functioning on all email client programmes and the only access is via webmail. Anyone else come across this? Email Client Problems. Assistance?

I did get an e-mail from Microsoft following a recent update to say that, after changes to (previously Hotmail) I had to "reconnect" my Outlook 2016 (part of Office 365). There were some instructions about how to do that, but sadly I have deleted them now. Sorry, probably not much help, but you might find something on their website.

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While I used to send emails from Yahoo, it doesn't seem to work with Windows 10, as I have to type Soooo Slowly or Win 10 can't keep up.

Anything more than one digit (letter) every two Seconds and it just hangs.

So now I've started using the email that comes with Win 10 and now I can type as fast as I like with no problems, except for one.

The Default Font and Font Size, doesn't suit my needs, as I like to use 'Verdana font size 14' and although I can do this, it always defaults back to 'Calibri 11'

Is there a way to Stop it defaulting back from the Font and Size that I set?

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How do I change the font type and size for plain text messages in Live Mail?

Answer:Set default font and size foe text email

I'm not using Live Mail,but I googled I got this,maybe will helps you
Change the font size in Windows Live Mail email program

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Hello all,I've got a bit of a problem at the moment where when i print an email and it comes out the font size is really small making it very hard to read. It seems to happen randomly aswell which makes it hard to find the problem.Any one had this problem before ?

Answer:Printing email font size problem

If it's Outlook Express, go to View>Font size>choose Medium.As OE shares some features with Internet Explorer, you may have to repeat the exercise in IE (Page>Text size for IE7).

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How do I get the font size to stay at 10, I have changed it but it always reverts back to 12 when I start a new email. I didn't have this problem with Outlook 2002.

Answer:email font Size in Outlook 2007


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Recently the font size has doubled or tripled in size whenI print an email,I amusing OE and an HP 932C printer. I have look at all the settings andoptions of both and cannot find how to reset it. Any help out there? Thank you.

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Is their email client or notifier which uses Hotmail ?

Answer:Hotmail and Email Client? (Moved from Windows 10 forum)

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We have 2 computers in the house, both have Windows XP with Outlook Express available. Based on some reading here and at other sites, we are going to use Firefox browser for increased security. Should we also use Thunderbird for our email? Or will Outlook be just as secure?

p.s. We have NAV 2005, Zone Alarm, and the major anti-spyware products. (Not that that matters for this question, but just in case.)

Answer:Change email to Thunderbird?

I can highly recommend thunderbird as an excellent mail client. I have been using and recommending it since it's very early beta releases. Thunderbird includes many security features such as remote image and script blocking by default. It has a reliable and adaptive junk mail filter, useful option for unlimited extensions (provided by the mozilla community) just like Firefox, solid identity management, easy outlook/express migration and many other desirable features.

I am yet to have a problem with thunderbird, and would love to hear any other members impressions of it.

In my opinion you should get it.


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I have recently changed from a Tiscali to Sky email account. I previously accessed my Tiscali emails through Mozilla Thunderbird and now want to do the same with my Sky account.
I have changed the POP and SMTP settings on Thunderbird to reflect the appropriate Sky details as follows:
POP - server name =
- username = <>
- Port = 993
SMTP- server name =
- user name = <>
- Port = 465.
However any new emails sent to my Sky email address only come up on my Sky email site, and when sending emails from Thunderbird it asks for the SMTP mail server password; I don't recall setting a password up for the SMTP.mail server

Can anyone help so that I can both receive emails in Thunderbird, and send them?


Answer:Change of email provider - Help with Thunderbird

Hi alisterjones, and welcome to TSG.

alisterjones said:

I have changed the POP and SMTP settings on Thunderbird to reflect the appropriate Sky details as follows:
POP - server name = to expand...

I would guess that you have mixed up POP3 and IMAP settings. You need to decide if you wish to access your new account via POP3 (incoming emails are downloaded to your computer with an option to leave copies on the server) or IMAP (All messages are kept and managed on the SKY server using Thunderbird and/or the web based interface.

I don't use SKY but I found some information that may help you with the settings. The write up is for Outlook Express but the basic server information would apply to any e-mail client

FWiW, in some cases SMTP mail servers require a log-in as an attempt to cut down the chances of being used to send spam. The user name and password would most likely be the same as used for logging in to receive e-mails.

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Just wanted to post this because it totally fixed the problem I was having today (I found it on a very old expired post):

Try holding the Control key and scrolling the wheel on the mouse. This will increase or decrease the viewing scale.

Thanks Tech Support Guy... two thumbs up!

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I have my main Email as "gmail" and wish to get my facebook with Thunderbird changed to Gmail account.

Answer:How do I change my Facebook email from Thunderbird to Gmail

Top l/h corner > Edit Profilemessage edited by Johnw

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I have 3 email accounts I use with thunderbird. How do you change the default account when composing messages? Quite frequently I forget to change the account I am using when composing and the email gets sent from the wrong account.

Figured it out - nevermind!

Answer:Change email account order in thunderbird

you can also change the From: address via the pull-down anytime prior to
clicking Send

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Is it possible to change the font/text color for all outgoing emails?

Answer:How to change email font color

Not on Windows Phone, nope!

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If i am in Excel, I want to open Gmail NOT OUTLOOK with VBA
Is this even possible?


Answer:Change WINDOWS email client

Gmail isn't a Windows e-mail client. It's a web-based e-mail provider. All you can do is make a generic web browser call to

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I'm probably just wasting your time but I have to ask.........

Is there any way to change the default email client on Win7 to a web based email client such as Yahoo or my ISP's email client even? I'd prefer Yahoo since that is the one I need to succeed with an experiment I am trying to achieve results from.

I have searched the web over and found replies that range from installing the Yahoo toolbar to installing Yahoo Messenger to many threads that state it is not possible with a web based email.

If I remember correctly, I once achieved this on my Vista. Yahoo actually displayed in the set windows default programs options. Was I imagining that?


Answer:Change default email client on Win7

See if this helps,

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How do I change my Hotmail email adress.
I can't find any info in the Help Section.

Answer:Change Hotmail email address!


Welcome to TSG

You can't change it.

But you can start a all new account and get a new address.

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I had to reinstall outlook the other day. Whilst the font I use is Arial 11 it has the appearance on screen now of about Arial 24 which is too big to look at and type comfortably. Ive tried to adjust various window appearance settings but to no avail. Any tips please very welcome. Thanks

Answer:Outlook Email Type Font change the appearance of

I have Outlook 2003 and default fonts are set at Tools>Options>Mail Format>Stationery and Fonts>Fonts

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Hi Folks,
Ive just changed my desktop PC to a Toshiba Satellite laptop. It has the driver installed for my Epson scanner and printer. But i have tried testing it to send from My Gmail account rather than my old talktalk one. It does the scan fine but when its attached as an email I get a message saying the @supperted email client is no installed.' Any idea how i go about setting this up for gmail on the SX400 ? Have a good day.

Answer:Email client change for Epson SX400 printer

Have you got your gmail account set up on the laptop?

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I am trying but failing to change the default email. When I want to send a picture by email in the Send To list the email defaults to Outlook which I don't use any more. I use gmail but all my attempts at changing it have failed. Does anyone have any tips or advice. Thank you.

Answer:Unable to change default email client to gmail

Nice informative thread here.
Affixa might suit

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Hello Out There --

Can someone please help me with this problem? I need to change the default email client in Windows 8 to Gmail in Chrome.

I thought that this would be an easy fix, but I have searched the Web, searched the forums, and cannot find anywhere that it tells me how to do this.

Besides the fact that I want all of my MAILTO links to use my Web based Gmail account, I need it to do so to make it work with OneNote.

In OneNote, when I try to send someone a page, it gives me an error message about Microsoft Outlook not being started or set up, and says to change it in Default Programs. I tried doing this, but my MAILTO links are all set to Google Chrome, which seems like it would work.

If anyone can help me, I would be truly grateful. Thank you for your kind consideration of my issue.


Answer:How to change default email client to Gmail in Chrome

I use this extension:

Gmail notifier also does the job:

Gmail Notifier

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someone got into my hotmail account reciently and changed my password allowing them to also set a secondary email address for resetting my password. i now have my email address back and im wondering how i can change the secondary email address. ive tried changing the password and the secret question and answer and neither have asked me about setting a new secondary email address.

Answer:how do i change my secondary email address on hotmail?

You could always sign up for a completely new email address as its free.

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When I go into contacts in hotmail (or Outlook as its now known) - you see the sign edit, and when you scroll down to your friends old address, you click on the box, and the edit sign disappears. I managed to get the old and new address against my friends name, but it wont let me delete the old address. Why do they make a simple job so hard?

Answer:How to change a friends email address in hotmail.

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I recently was sent an email that needed to be printed so as it could be attached to a notice board. The print was too small and all attempts by me failed to achieve a larger size of print. Any ideas?

Answer:change size of print on an email

You could copy and then paste into wordpad. Then you can change the font and text size.

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When I respond to a "contact us" on a website or want my scanner to send the document by email, Outlook email is automatically chosen for the email program to send it. I don't use Outlook as an email program but use Hotmail or Yahoo for email. I have looked for a way to de-select Outlook and select Hotmail or Yahoo instead, and have not found where this can be done. Any suggestions out there on how this can be accomplished? TIA! Dick

Answer:Change my default email program from Outlook to Hotmail

I would think the easiest way would be via Start>Default Programs>Set your default programs.

You haven't said which version of Outlook you're using, but in Outlook 2010 you can change it under Options.

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My school has recently switched to Google Apps for its email service, now resulting in students having an address of [email protected]. I also started working for a company that uses this email in the form of [email protected]. I would like to be able to access both of these email accounts using Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0.

I've been told that by changing the user name for these accounts to include the full email address will allow access as if the account was a regular Gmail account, but I have not been able to make this work. I continue to get an error message:
Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: Username and password not accepted.
This also happens for the mail server

I tried using the Unlock CAPTCHA feature for both accounts. It worked for the [email protected] email address (it unlocked it, supposedly), but not for the [email protected] account. For the edu account, the unlock CAPTCHA responded saying the username and password do not match.

I also just installed the addon Gmail IMAP Account Setup for Thunderbird, which seems to know just what to do. However, with the employee email, I get the error message, "Login to server failed." With the student email, I get the error, "Invalid credentials (Failure)" followed by the same error as the employee email.

My I know my login information is correct. This is getting very frustrating. What do I do to... Read more

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Does anyone know how to change the font size permanently?

Answer:Changing default font and font size on hotmail

You may use your personal e-mail signature to choose default font in windows live hotmail...

In the options menu, select "more options" and then "personal e-mail signature". Choose the desired font style, size and color and type the phrase "text here". Save changes.

Now all you have to do, when writing a new message or a reply is highlight the phrase "text here" and start typing. It's that simple!

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Hello, I always use web-based email via the browser at home. I do not use an email client(well in the office we have Outlook). I'd like to use Thunderbird at home with a Gmail account that can be used by the kids. Now I am using Avira IS 2012 and would like to make it scan emails through it's mailguard component. I have seen Thunderbird work with Avast IS on my brother's pc but I see that for it to scan all emails the SSL/TSL should be deactivated. I was asking the tech guys at the office about email clients, digital certificates etc and they only remarked "google it" So I came here....Now my questiosn are: a. Is it safe to disable SSL/TSL in an email client? In the office we have that(with Norton Enterprise) and I see an indicator at the bottom of the email message that it was scanned by Norton. b. Can there be an application that can allow me to have SSL/TSL at the same time have Avira scan my emails...? I searched google and found out that in Avira it also has to be disabled to let it scan all emails. c. SSL/TSL is encryption right..? Does not using encryption in email okay..? I mean at home. In the office it's important but at home...opinions please..d. What ports for POP3 IMAP SMTP should I allow Thunderbird to use In the firewall( I use Comodo). If Thunderbird wants connections via other ports other than the default ones...should I allow it or not..?e. Can an email client be run inside a sandbox? Is it sane enough or crazy..? Just... Read more

Answer:Thunderbrid email client, Comodo Email Certificates, Avira IS 2012 questions

I would highly recommend that you keep TLS/SSL enabled this makes sure that your password and user credentials are not sent in the clear.

if the AV needs to have this disabled then its not a good AV..

The ports are on the setup page for Gmail:

Digital Certs are expensive to create and use, and only vital for businesses and not home users.

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My email client, desktop program PostBox (for Win) has been slowed since I installed BD TS2016 (I'm quite sure this is the reason as it was very fast before, and slowed immediately after...)

I also run WebRoot AV (which does not scan email as per their documentation) and HitmanAlertPro (which could also be affecting my email client, but I uninstalled it to test this somewhat small chance given its just an anti-exploit, and it doesn't seem to have affected it, the client is still slow).

1. I would LIKE BD to scan my email as of course having AV w/o scanning email could in many ways be pointless given email can be a deadly vector for heavy malware.

2. But I don't want my client to be slow. It's not horrible, and I suppose I could tolerate it (basically deleting messages, loading new messages, and the program responsiveness overall, is a bit sluggish compared with its normal instantaneous response)

3. Is there a way to configure email scanning differently? Or should the program NOT be slowing my client noticeably in general, and is this behavior indicative of something being wrong?

I'm sure BD users will be able to comment on whether it slows their email or not given they use a desktop client like Outlook, Postbox, Thunderbird, etc.


Answer:BitDefender Email Scanning Mechanism? Performance Issues w/ email Client

In the past I used BD TS exclusively with OutLook as my e-mail client and had no such issues, have you tried, or open to try switching clients to see if it's something about Postbox that BD TS disagrees with ?
do let us know what you discover either way.
Thanks for sharing

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Everytime Im at a web site and it says send so and so an email...when I click the link I get a message that reads.."No email client installed " or something like that! I dont want windows live because I have to sign up another email account! I have yahoo and thats all I want! I dont need more than one email offices!...I just want something that will do the job and that job I described above only....thanks..outward express is close but it wont work on my yahoo account cause I have not upgrade.

Answer:Is there a simple email client without all the extras like opening a new email accoun

Re: Is there a simple email client without all the extras like opening a new email ac


Sadly nothing is easy I'm afraid when using Yahoo webmail unless you have the paid account, Live Mail and Gmail are the better free email accounts, but try the below.....

You can use your Yahoo email address with the Windows Live Email Client, or try Thunderbird as its free too.

BUT note that to setup POP3 account with an email client application you may need a Yahoo Plus account which is a paid for account over the free email account. But you can try Ypops! to set the free email up with POP3 access. Thunderbird + Ypops instructions HERE

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Here is the problem: I have my email client (PocoMail) set as my default email client. It shows up as default client in the "Default Program section" in IE7.
When I click on a email link, whether it's in another program or on a website, my email client doesn't open the compose window with the address entered BUT IE7 starts and opens about 80 windows which need to be killed with Task Manager. By the way, this has nothing to do with PocoMail because it also happens when Thunderbird is set as default.

I am stumped. Any ideas?


Answer:Opening Email Client Via Email Link Problem

Has this been resolved?

you could try the following : START RUN type : regsrvr32 urlmon

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My email is through hotmail, my wife's is through Earthlink. This is the oddest this: when I respond to any Craiglist listing, my wife will get a copy of that email I have sent to Craigslist via my hotmail account. Not only is each getting a copy of my email to craigslist, but on her sender line, her account name appears, which is her first and last name. This is a tremendous problem. I called a tech at Earthlink, and they said the problem was not from their end of things. The tech told me to call hotmail, and or craigslist. HELP! What the heck is going on?

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Good afternoon everyone! I have both a Hotmail ( email account, as well as, the email account(s) provided free by my ISP (Cox Communications).I would like to inquire if there are any methods/programs I could utilize so that if I receive a new email in my Hotmail account (while offline, for example)...I would be alerted via either some icon on the Taskbar and/or sound generated?Thank you for your time and any information!

Answer:Hotmail email account; any ways to be alerted when a new email arrives?

@ Moderators/Admins: This topic may be CLOSED for comment! It obviously was of no interest to anyone, and I managed to locate some helpful assistance in another forum!Thanks anyway!

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Is there some way of moving all messages from my hotmail account to another email address? So when I emails are sent to my hotmail address they are then sent to my other email address, (then deleted from hotmail).
Is there a program that can sit on the desktop that is always checking hotmail, and when a email is recieved it is then sent to another email address? (this address is not a hotmail address).

Any possibilities??

Answer:Make all email that is recieved from my hotmail account go to another email address.

if you have outlook express linked to your hotmail account you can run a rule on the mail - not sure if it works on webmail cia outlook/outlook express
but the rume to forward certainly works

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Not a problem that I'm needing to solve - more a heads up if you didn't know about it.
Although I have set Outlook Express to delete Hotmail pop email from server after 14 days, I have discovered that Windows Live Hotmail does not do that. On logging in to Windows Live Hotmail server I am told:
*"Your messages are in your POP folder!
Some other program is set to download and delete your messages from Hotmail. Just in case this was an accident, we've put them in a special POP folder. Not an accident? Change settings "*
So it seems that instead of deleting emails it puts them in another folder until I change the settings on the Windows Live Hotmail server.
Upon opening folder 'POP', I get:
*"What's in this folder?
These are the messages that you downloaded to another program using POP. If you'd like downloaded messages to be permanently deleted, you can change your settings "*
I find I have hundreds of emails there that I thought had been deleted after the 14 days (my setting in Outlook Express) and gone for ever..... Hmmmm... I've now got to change the settings on the server.

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail server doesn't delete POP email until you Change Settings

just posting so that I get the tick to click as resolved

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I use Thunderbird, and I set the font size to "large." However, at some point in messages, it will always revert to a smaller size font. Drives me crazy. How do I set it so that the font stays the same size all the time?


Answer:In thunderbird, how do I keep the font size the same???

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I use about 5 different internet based email accounts to manage my affairs( Yahoo email mostly, but also Hotmail and Gmail, etc,....NO Onboard email used at all) . Some are for friends email, some for family, others for various business interests, online purchase, etc. If I get certain emails, I NEED to know about it ASAP as I'm working/browsing on my computer.

I have used a program called "eprompter" before but found it unreliable. Sometimes it would not notify me at all that a new email had just arrived that I'd been waiting for. That is very aggrevating when they are important and need to be opened and replied to promptly. That NOT being notified at all when new a email arrives in my Inbox Can Not Happen. Most of them are TOO Important for it to just not tell me about!

And also, if I independantly just go to my Yahoo Inbox, I notice it just marks emails I have not already read. That's Spooky! I Just DON'T Trust ePrompter!!!

There Must be a good one that doesn't try to fake out whether you've seen emails or not !
Does anyone know of a free, but really good and dependable Email Notifier program to monitor all my internet based accounts at once, please?


Answer:Best free email notifier for Yahoo and Hotmail email ?

A friend uses this notifier for her multiple emails...he loves it...might help you!!! If not this site has different ones you can see if you find something better. GL.

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When I try to file an email into a folder that is near the bottom of my list of folders, I scroll down to the folder but the list immediately jumps to the top again. I am unable to get the list to stay on the folder I want long enough to select it.

Answer:unable to file a hotmail email email to a folder

BlueMinny, maybe I'm way off base here, but seems I recall that you're dealing with web based mail here which must be downloaded FIRST. It exists only on the web, not your machine(?). Try "save as" on the mail first. THEN see if you can put it in the desired folder.HTHEd in Texas

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saved too large an email and cannot readily retrieve the data

saved a large email , and when opened to option of resume drafting the email or delete, get the below message in quotes,

"The message is too big to be completely displayed. Only the first 4096 KB is shown."

when I open the email in completing the email with more, not all of the data is on screen, need all this data and saved out of this program to get out of this situation, need all this data , any help much appreciated

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Hidy ho all,

I wanted to set up an email client that acted a bit like my phone handles email. Downloads the new ones, lets me choose what to do with them (read them, delete them, mark them as special or something) but then simply uploads the instructions to the server without actually deleting them from the server. Is there an email client that does this?

Answer:Email client that doesn't download email?

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Hi:Everyone Please i need some help. I cant use an email client like Outlook,Thunderbird,claws etc.I was using Thunderbird for years but all of a sudden it quiet allowing me to send out emails i can only receive.I have tried all three of the clients i just listed.I have a network log i will try to send.Please Help.Thanks I am running Windows XP Please Help Thanks John :confused * Account '[email protected]': Connecting to IMAP4 server:
[14:14:56] IMAP4< * OK IMAP4 server (InterMail vM. 201-2260-151-124-20120717) ready Sun, 18 Nov 2012 14:12:13 -0500 (EST)
* IMAP connection is un-authenticated
[14:14:56] IMAP4> 1 CAPABILITY
[14:14:56] IMAP4< 1 OK CAPABILITY completed
[14:14:56] IMAP4> Logging [email protected] to using LOGIN
[14:14:56] IMAP4< LOGIN completed
[14:14:56] IMAP4< Login to successful
[14:14:56] IMAP4> 3 LIST "" ""
[14:14:56] IMAP4< * LIST (\Noselect) "/" ""
[14:14:56] IMAP4< 3 OK LIST completed
[14:14:56] IMAP4< * STATUS {4}
[14:14:56] IMAP4< Sent (MESSAGES 4 UNSEEN 0 UIDNEXT 1004 UIDVALIDITY 1351091132)
[14:14:56] IMAP4< 4 OK STATUS completed
[14:14:56] IMAP4> 5 SELECT Sent
[14:14:56] IMAP4< * 4 EXISTS
[14:14:56] IMAP4<... Read more

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On Thunderbird 5, the font size is set as I requested, but often, halfway through a message I'm writing, the font size will suddenly shift to a smaller size. How can I set it so that this doesn't happen, and I'm not constantly having to select the text and enlarge it manually?


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I had theme font and size changer on thunderbird. Now not there and page fonts too small. Mozilla did not give an answee that worked. Thunderbird is 52.5

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I use many different font in my line of work and need the font in the selection drop-down box to be larger. Is there way to change the default size of the listed fonts?

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Hi, I recently upgraded to Windows 10. I'm having some great difficulty in upsizing the default font size. I've tried changing the font size, but I'm only afforded the option to increase it to 24 (which the current font size is not). Apart from changing a file in regedit to change the default font which I learned from this link; , I don't know what might be the culprit behind this problem. I have tried upsizing to 125%-150% but some applications look blurry as a result. I would prefer to increase the font size and nothing else. Any suggestions?

Answer:Cannot change Windows 10 font size with text size increase

I think the culprit is likely my mod to regedit. Unfortunately, I did not save a back up. Would anybody know how to undo this change to regedit after implemented?

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts]
"Segoe UI (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Black (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Black Italic (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Bold (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Bold Italic (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Historic (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Italic (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Light (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Light Italic (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Semibold (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Semibold Italic (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Semilight (TrueType)"=""
"Segoe UI Semilight Italic (TrueType)"=""
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes]
"Segoe UI"="Verdana"

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How does one change the default font size of hotmail overall (as opposed to only OUTGOING mail which I know how to do)?



Answer:Overall Font Size (re. Hotmail)

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I have windows 7, Hotmail, Internet Explorer.
When typing in a new email message on say font size 12, after typing the 3rd or 4th lines, the next line font size decreases to 10. How can I stop this happening. Thanks, Bill & Ben.

Answer:Hotmail font size changes!

It automatically goes back to default but have a look at this
Hope this will help

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Hi there

Those using Thunderbird and are bugged by fonts too small this easy font size and theme changer works very well indeed.

(Works in Firefox browser too if you are using that)

Theme Font Size Changer :: Add-ons for Firefox

To install manually simply download and in Thunderbird / Firefox simply load add on from file and point to downloaded file.


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My Email client, MSN Premium (not Hotmail) will not open to write an email when clicking on any website's button labeled "send us an email". Instead this action causes several instances (up to 5) of IE6 to invoke and then the Op Sys (WinME) hangs until I use Ctrl-Alt-Del to end the erroneously opened IE tasks. I thought maybe it was that MSN mail was not my default email client so I used the proceedure to make MSN mail my default instead of OE6 but each time I returned to the options to see if it had changed it still says my default client is OE. Interestingly, if I envoke the MSN explorer and go to my MSN email inbox I can send and receive my email perfectly. This machine has been up and running since last October. I do not know if the problem has always existed or started more recently since I don't often click on "send us email" buttons.
I have three other machines similarly set up and none of them exhibit this problem.
WinMe, MSN Premium, and MSN messenger 6 all are up to date and current.
McAfee AV is on and up to date.
CounterSpy and Spybot are up to date and actively running.
Firefox 1.0.2 is my default browser

Answer:Solved: Clicking "send us an email" hangs system and will not open my email client.

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Specifically if using the portable form of Opera Mail, the mail client available from
I tried looking at many articles from internet searches but found nothing telling where to find the folder holding the email messages for the email client.  My copy of portable Opera Mail is on a usb flash drive.  I have tried looking through the folders for the application but still do not know how to recognize any email messages.  

Answer:Where on desktop is email for email client?

You do understand that downloading apps like this from most 3rd party sites poses all sorts of security risks, Remember this, That software while it was made by WhoEver has now been modified by somebody, How was it modified, Who did it, What else did they put in it? I may be wrong here however I also think may be against most software developers TOS to use modified software like this.
FYI only.
While Opera is free some sites and some people have used " the making of a app portable" on paid for software to bypass  having to pay for the software. I used to do just that a long time ago. I now know and understand why it is bad.
Making XXXXbytes premium into a portable application. While creating the portable you use a genuine key or "other" methods to activate Then compile it as portable with the activation in place, Now anybody with XXXXbytes portable has a free premium copy instead. That's software piracy. And Theft.

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Hello everyone

i want ask about email client. i have email address for customer service company in my office. Email address is [email protected]. Thats email address used several computer around 20 computer..

Currently i'm using POP3 and for mail client i'm using Ms. Outlook. But everyday so many email recieve.. until 40Gb pst file, and make computer too very slow.

I Already to try use IMAP, but any computer not receive email in mailbox.. please help

Thanks before everyone...

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Windows 10.

I am having much fun grappling with my displays. I say grapple because I CANNOT see the text!

I have a laptop, with a display that has up to 2048x resolution and an external monitor that does 1920x. I have tried to keep both set the same resolution so the mouse will easily go back and fort.

If I bump one setting, others seem to change. Like after an update too!

I need a script, to set, then set again, and again, the
display settings,
the custom scaling level, and
the "change only text size".

Keeping the monitor placement geometry the same would be great for me too.

Oh for a cross reference on Outlook 2013 to the system setting. I keep manipulating the view settings there too.

Probably to get started I could use a "settings display" script.

Help, please

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I am trying to set up a second imap email address using Outlook 2007.
My first address work fine.
When trying to use the second address I am unable to change the delivery folder for new items. There is no Change Folder radio button, not even a greyed out one. I have found lots of advice on the Microsoft help pages but none of it works (no change there then!).
How can I change the folder? I am unable to use the new address until this folder is changed.

Answer:W7: Outlook 2007 Email: Unable to change folder for new email delivery

Not quite sure what you mean. Outlook creates a separate folder for each imap account. POP accounts share an inbox but imap does not.

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Internet Explorer/Windows Live/Hotmail.
I wish to increase the font size for the Inbox page, and incoming emails on Hotmail, at present it is about 6-8, I want 12. How do I do increase the font size ??
(I have increased to 12 the font size for the outgoing mail, all ok)
I await your replies and thank you, Bill & Ben.

Answer:Font size for Inbox in Hotmail

It seems that the only way you can do this is to increase the zoom level - have a look at this article to see if it helps.

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Has anyone been receiving emails from contacts with the title "hello" or in french.For the past week or more I have been getting emails from friends who have not sent me an email but using their email addresses.It also seems my emails have been sent out with the title of hello to all my contacts.Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:"Hello" email and email in french-Hotmail

I would suggest running your anti virus scanner.

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I am trying to change the size of the fonts in my outgoing messages. I've been in the font menu and changed the fonts from 10 to 20 to 32, but I don't see any change. Any ideas?


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I just installed the most recent update for Windows 10 and I've noticed that my fonts in Windows 10 and my apps are smaller.

Even in apps like Chrome and Firefox my fonts are smaller.

How can I increase the size of my fonts?

Thank you.

Answer:How To Change Font Size?

NiceAndShy said:

I just installed the most recent update for Windows 10 and I've noticed that my fonts in Windows 10 and my apps are smaller.

Even in apps like Chrome and Firefox my fonts are smaller.

How can I increase the size of my fonts?

Thank you.

You could try using this 3rd party app for Windows Creative update. This does work and its free. Link below.
System Font Size Changer - WinTools.Info

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Hi - what would suddenly cause a font to change size? A friend of mine says his email, internet banking and other 'personal stuff' is shown in large font. I've told him to check Display Properties/Appearance, but he says this is shown correctly as Normal. Don't really know what to suggest that he can check next! He reckons he hasn't knowingly changed anything.Does anyone have any idea, please?

Answer:Change of font size

View | Text Size or hold down the CTRL key and rotate the wheel on the mouse.

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how do you change the font size on palm one desktop 4 I can't find it under options or preference or page setup

Answer:how to change font size

From what I've read, you can't change the font. The recommendation is to change the screen resolution when working with Palm Desktop.

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I have IE6 and XP Pro installed on a new computer. When I go to IE 6 the fonts are super large although I have the view set on SMALLEST. Nothing I seem to do will change the font size. I did the IE tools font sizes and under accessibility I checked ignore font sizes. Nothing is working. The XP Pro version I installed had service pack 3C...does that mean that IE 7 was installed and that I have IE 6 on the computer as well causing a confusion in IE?

Answer:Can't change font size on IE 6

Do you ahve the same problem in ie7?

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I am using Vista and I have Norton Security 09 on my laptop. For some reason I can't change the size of my fonts in any of my programs. When I try to change the font I hear a pinging noise. PLEASE HELP!

Answer:Can't change font size

completely un-install norton and symantics and install AVG 8.5..........this works WAY better and norton will not control you so much. it will also make your laptop faster especially if the OS is VISTA...Norton is a very, very heavy software program.un-fortunatly it comes pre-installed on almost every PC in 09'. there are many programs to un-install on a new PC. this is only one of them.....(NORTON)....make sure you take your laptop some where like Comp USA or similar and have your ram maxed out. once again esp. if you are running VISTA OS...

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Ok, a couple hours ago I got a runtime error ( i dont know which one) and it restarted windows explorer and my font size for everything got really big then i tried to change the DPI and it got very small ( changed it to 96 DPI).
Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Can't change font size.

I have just gotten this problem again and I forget how to fix it. Please help.

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