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Satellite P50-C-18K - Touchpad - how to disable tap to click? Windows 10 64bit

Question: Satellite P50-C-18K - Touchpad - how to disable tap to click? Windows 10 64bit

Just bought my Satellite P50-C-18k laptop yesterday - I do not like having tap to click as it seems to be over sensitive and accidentally selects various links as I move the cursor around.
So a simple task - how to disable tap to click on the touchpad - or seriously reduce the sensitivity.

I have of course gone to control panel and unchecked all of the various multiple finger options etc for the touchpad/Elan. I have also had a look at the mouse options but nothing obvious there. I downloaded the touchpad driver from the Toshiba website but that made no difference.

I noticed an earlier thread where people were messing around with the registry but on a different model so i dont really want to try that on my new laptop but if someone can confirm if thats suitable for use with Windows 10 (anniversary updated) 64 bit on the P50_C_18K I will give it a go.

The website is pretty frustrating - with Yoko offering tips that are not really helpful and no obvious way to make a quick phone call for support.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite P50-C-18K - Touchpad - how to disable tap to click? Windows 10 64bit

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1NL running on Windows 8.1. I am trying to disable the tap to click option on the track pad, as I find it is way to sensitive causing increased frustration.

I searched Google and it says there is an option to turn of track pad, but when I go into my settings the turn off option is the only one missing? Is there a way I can turn off tap to click as it is driving me mental.

Answer:Satellite L50-B-1NL - How do I disable tap to click on touchpad?

If I understand you right you want to disable whole touchpad, right.
You can do this using FN+F5 key combination or using F5 key only.

Please open user?s manuals and check page 58. There you and find very useful info about usage of F keys.

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I have a problem with the mouse volume - everytime I tap the touch pad it is like I am clicking the mouse and its very noisey.

How do i turn it off?

Thank you

Answer:How to disable touchpad click sound on Satellite L


Usually the touchpad does not create any sounds.
I assume you have installed an USB mouse and the sound appears due to the usage of this mouse.

I have no clue what mouse software this is but I think you should check the settings inside this tool.
Otherwise you have to check the control panel -> mouse
There are some options which are available to mouse and touchpad.


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Hello all

I have had my new Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-11N laptop for a few days now and I like it a lot.. However I do NOT like the touchpad clicker. Is there any way to turn the click function off on the touchpad as it clicks things whilst I?m moving my finger across the touchpad and it is really annoying me seriously and there is no setting that I can find to resolve this issue!?

I have looked in mouse and touchpad settings and there is no setting to turn the touchpad click function off. Can anybody help please?

Thanks very much

Answer:How to disable touchpad click on my Satellite C50D-B-11N?

To be honest such issue is not known to me and I heard it for the first time now. Usually if something should be ?opened? you must use tapping option.
With other words, so long you have permanent contact with touchpad surface nothing should be open and click option cannot be active.

Anyway, check please if you can find tapping option in mouse properties and disable it just to see if problem persists.

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I updated an old G530 (4446-23U) with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit last night and everything more or less works (sound, wireless, webcam, etc.) but the one thing I'd really love to do is turn off the "tap to click" functionality on the TouchPad. I downloaded the Windows 7 64-bit drivers for the TouchPad from and although it did change some of the features that appear in the mouse settings in the control panel, disabling tap to click isn't one of the options. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Go to Solution.

Answer:G530 - How Do I Disable TouchPad "Tap to Click" Functionality on Windows 7?

As I understand your concern, you are unable to disable tapping.Make sure the touchpad driver is installed and the version for the driver is can download the touchpad driver from the mentioned below web link. After this go to Control Panel, open Mouse category then Synaptic/Alps  and then Touchpad Settings and check for "Tapping" option.  Also, like to share with you that if you want to disable the complete touchpad then you can do it with Fn+F8 key.

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Hi There,

Whilst the laptops originally came with the 'Touch Pad On/Off Utility' to control the touchpad 'on/off' button located just above the touchpad, I have accidentally un-installed it and cannot find it in the driver list.

I notice there is an XP version but not Windows 7 version.

Can anyone assist me?

Kind Regards,

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro U500-1DK - Touchpad On/Off utility for Windows 7 64bit


Why you have uninstalled this tool if you need it?

Anyway, for Windows 7 you need the tool ?Value Added Package?. After new installation of VAP, the touchpad on/off button should work properly again.

Check this!!!

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I have a U500-00X012 (Australian Model) which I have updated to Windows 7 64bit. The Toshiba Australia website says to use the Vista 64bit ALPS touchpad driver. I could not get any Vista driver to work with my U500.

The correct driver is available from the Toshiba Europe website

The driver is v7.105.303.117

Hope this saves somebody the many hours I have wasted trying to get the touchpad to work.

Answer:Satellite U500 - ALPS touchpad driver for WIndows 7 64bit


Normally the most Vista drivers also work on Windows. Do you get an error message during the installation or what happens exactly?

Another question: Why you don?t try the driver from the European page? Normally it should also work on your notebook.
Check this!!

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I've updated my Click Mini to Windows 10. I've encountered one problem where sometimes my touchpad isn't working correctly. Instead of making the pointer move up and down when instructed, the pointer will go left and right. When making the movement to make the pointer go left and right, it goes up and down. To avoid the problem I connect a mouse or use the touchscreen, however it's still quite annoying.

After booting up the click mini, this seems to be the case 50% of the time.. I suppose it's a software issue. Is there a fix? Is this a known issue?


Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B: Touchpad is inverted in Windows 10

Also it seems my screen doesn't want to rotate when I turn the tablet around. (No, screen rotation lock isn't on)

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OK, I've spent 2 nights now reviewing the forum, and have not found an answer.  Surely I can't be the only person that wants to turn off the tap/click feature on the touch pad. Every other machine I've ever had it's a simple click box under mouse headings.   I can't find anything.  And the sensitivity changes don't relly help.   I just have never liked that function.  Thanks for any help.

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I have been using my Lenovo X1 carbon for 4 months.  But the experience has been awful. I don't know if my tackpad is defective or not.  Currently I am in the Philippines and there is no way to check or service my unit since they don't carry this model here. My problem is when i tap the touch pad the right click button comes out 80% of the time.  This is really annoying.  I already disabled the right click to double finger tap.  But still even with one single tap on the middle of the touchpad the result is 80% of the time its like doing a right click.. Very annoying. Please help me.  If this is touchpad is defective can anyone let me know so I will have this serviced in Dec. in the US.

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My son has just purchased a Satellite P850 laptop to use for school work and gaming and has noticed a problem with the behaviour of the touchpad.

When using the touchpad, if you have one finger in the area of the touchpad used for mouse movement, and then try to click the right hand mouse button, the laptop behaves as if you clicked the left mouse button. If you click the right hand mouse button when you are not touching the mouse movement area, it behaves correctly.

We have tried changing various touchpad settings but have not been able to correct this problem. We have also updated the drivers for the touchpad to the latest version from the Synaptics website, but the problem still exists.

Is there a particular driver or setting that gives the correct behaviour of the right hand mouse button whilst still touching the touchpad with the other finger?

Answer:Satellite P850 - Right click on touchpad acting like a left click

> When using the touchpad, if you have one finger in the area of the touchpad used for mouse >movement, and then try to click the right hand mouse button, the laptop behaves as if you clicked >the left mouse button
Sorry but I use touchpad too but in moment when I use one of the touchpad buttons I don?t touch touchpad area at this moment. I have two Toshiba notebooks and I tried to test this on both of them but none of them react on the way described in your posting.

As far as I know such behaviour can be result of ?confused? touchpad.
>... when you are not touching the mouse movement area, it behaves correctly.
In my opinion it is the right way to use touchpad correctly. I don?t think you can change anything using some other touchpad driver. Preinstalled driver is tested and I think the right one.

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New Dell Inspiron 5567.
In all of my previous computers from different companies but not Dell, "Mouse Properties" has included one additional tab on the far right of the tabs, which has a setting to Disable Touch to Click.

Mouse Properties on this laptop does not have that, nor can I find that simple but for me essential setting option.

How do I do that?

Answer:Touchpad - How to disable Touch to Click

Hi Ji li,
Please check the following given link if it is of any help.
do let us know if that didst help as we dont have anything in particular to stop clicking Touch to click.

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Is there any way to disable the right-click zone of the touchpad on my T440s?  The lower right corner seems to be permanently mapped to a right click with one finger, which is completely unnecessary given that I use two fingers for a right click.  Disabling this would make the touchpad behavior much more predictable.

Answer:Disable right click zone of the touchpad?

I second this. I can do this on Linux, the fact that I can't do it on Windows too is kind of a shame.

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Hey guys,

I have an HP Pavilion dv2700 Notebook with Windows Vista. When I first set up the laptop, I disabled the "tap to click" feature. But the tap to click feature has been enabled once again and now I don't know how to disable it. Originally, I believe I did the common sense thing and went to control panel, mouse, device settings and disabled it. Now when I click on mouse in control panel, I'm given only four tabs to choose from: buttons, pointers, pointer options and hardware. Device settings is no where to be seen. I've gone to a plethora of forums and every solution has said to use this device settings tab which isn't there.

Please help.


Answer:disable tap to click on touchpad (vista)

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Hey guys,

I have an HP Pavilion dv2700 Notebook with Windows Vista. When I first set up the laptop, I disabled the "tap to click" feature. But the tap to click feature has been enabled once again and now I don't know how to disable it. Originally, I believe I did the common sense thing and went to control panel, mouse, device settings and disabled it. Now when I click on mouse in control panel, I'm given only four tabs to choose from: buttons, pointers, pointer options and hardware. Device settings is no where to be seen. I've gone to a plethora of forums and every solution has said to use this device settings tab which isn't there.

Please help.


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I feel silly for posting to ask this - but I have spent an hour trying to sort this out now and am at the point of banging my head against a wall!

How do I disable the touchpad click feature on my laptop mouse.

I have an Advent 5301 and the touchpad is synaptics.

In "Mouse Properties" there are no options regarding the touchpad at all. Please do not tell me to go there. I have been there and I have looked thoroughly through every part of it. There are no touchpad options.

I tried downloading a driver by going here: - but that just stuck me with a program called Scrybe, which did not appear to do anything at all.
It took forever to download and install, so when it was finally done and after all that proved to be useless I uninstalled it out of rage, and now I just get errors if I try and install it again. I only try to do so as I am at a loss as to what else to do.

Could someone please find me a link to the driver for my laptop? I have looked but I'm drawing a blank right now.

Please help before I go insane!

Answer:Advent synaptics touchpad disable click

This might be helpful...............
Usually,when you install a synaptics touchpad driver,it
will put a synaptics control panel in the windows control panel
and sometimes an icon in the taskbar where settings can be accessed.
Just look for tap settings.

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First Lenovo product, purchased a T440.  The touchpad is really, odd I guess is the best word.  You can physically depress the entire trackpad to trigger a mechanical "click" or you can tap to click.  The mechanical click is obnoxious at best.  It's just sensitive enough to accidentally press down when moving the pointer. Is there a way to disable this mechanical pressing?  Like a screw somewhere to lock it in place?

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I am having lots of issues with the right button click zone on my Spectre x360. The default right button click zone is on the lower right corner of the touchpad and there is no way to move it to other corners of the touchpad. I'm right handed so most of my left clicks end up in the right button click zone, which is super annoying after a while. I checked all driver options and I couldn't find a way to shrink the size of the zone or completely disable it. I'm extremely surprized and frustrated at the lack of basic customization available for this essential user interface element. I'm running the latest available driver version Rev.A. Please help!Thanks 

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I find the Thinkpad Yoga touchpad very irritating as I keep touching it accidentally. But I need the left and right mouse click functions as these are no longer separate buttons as for earlier Thinkpads. Is there a way to disable the touchpad except left and right mouse click functions?Elling

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Hello forum. I want to disable the function called tab click on the touchpad. Tab click means that a click on the touchpad works like an click on the left mouse botton.The Synaptics driver should support an disable function. But this feature is not integrated in the driver i can download for the N200.  And install the driver i can download from the Synaptics themself will disable the working of the whole touchpad. Does anybody know where to get an driver for the touchpad which work on N200 an allow to disable the tab click function. TIA Andreas Riedel

Answer:Touchpad Synaptics driver disable tab click on N200

Just do a double-clic at icon of Synaptics near digital clock, then go to tab device setup (with the synaptics icon), do clic at values... clic at "touch" on left and uncheck "enable fast touch" then ok. Sorry if the options doesn't match due to translation of my spanish system.

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Until mid-December I had the Synaptics Touchpad 'tap to click' disabled. Then it somehow became enabled , the right-click menu item to change it greyed out and the mouse properties, settings etc contain no reference to it. It has been suggested that Windows Updates somehow interfered. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling touchpad drivers both directly from Synaptics and from the Toshiba site, but it hasn't helped. Apart from using the recovery disk and reformatting what can I do?
Toshiba Equium A200 15L Laptop (PSAE2E). Windows Vista Home Premium.

Answer:How to disable TouchPad 'tap to click' on Equium A200-15L under Vista

try Control Panel...Mouse....Advanced... Advanced feature settings... there is option for touch pad tap settings..
hope not too late

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I have an HP Pavillion DM4 laptop running Windows 7. The touchpad buttons make an annoying click sound. How do I disable that sound? Thank you.

Answer:How to disable touchpad button click sound on DM4 laptop

Where is sound exactly coming from? Is it from cursor movement area(where you move mouse cursor) or from left/right click buttons?  Also Could you please post complete product/model number of your Notebook? You can use link below to find this info

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I have been trying to disable this wretched tap to click function for weeks without success. I HATE TAP TO CLICK!! whoever invented this stupid function should be banned from using a computer for all eternity. Ok, anyway, someone please help me. I have read all the forums and scoured the internet and still no success. I have a Dell Inspiron 1520, recently upgraded to Windows 7. I installed the Alps electric driver and i still cant disable the tap to click function. Did i install the wrong Alps driver? First i installed this driver from R227995 because i read on a forum that it worked for someone. When it didnt work for me i rolled back the driver and then simply went to update driver via the properties and hardware tab in the control panel and updated the driver automatically. It installed the Alps driver again. Still can not disable tap to click. Somebody please tell me what im doing wrong. My scroll function also doesnt work and i would like to regain this functionality.

Answer:Installed Alps touchpad driver- Still cant disable tap to click!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

Well, I too struggled with trying to disable tap-to-click functionality for a few hours.  But, I finally came to find a very simple solution.  I have a Dell Latitude E5410 with an Alps touchpad installed and it seems to have the latest drivers.  But, for some reason there was no Touchpad administration GUI that I could find anywhere.  I could find one to administer mouse options, but not touchpad ones.  At first after searching around I was getting the impression the Alps touchpad just didn't have a way to disable tap to click and that I'd have to install a new driver or something!  But, that didn't make much sense.  (Just goes to show, don't always believe everything you read.)  After searching for replacement drivers for a long time, I gave up on that idea and looked for a way to change settings in the registry.  I saw some things there under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alps\Apoint\Tapping but I wasn't sure what to modify exactly.  Then researching this I started to think maybe there was an INI file somewhere I could change to modify settings. Finally, I looked in the following path...  C:\Program Files\DellTPad ... and in this folder I saw a file there called "DellTpad.exe".  When I double-clicked this to run that program I then saw TouchPad Settings and clicked that.  Under "Taps" there was a checkbox to disable "Tap to Click... Read more

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Dear Support,
I have a Dell VOSTRO 3560 laptop that has an Elan Tech SmartPad touchpad. I like its responsiveness very much.
Unfortunately, I recently spilled a bit of coffee and some of that went under the touch pad left and right buttons. The buttons stopped functioning but the touch pad itself is still very good.
Even before the spill I rarely used the buttons. I always used the touch pad to tap to click and two finger tap to right-click.Strangely though, after the spill when the hardware buttons stopped working, the tapping on the touch pad also stopped working. I made sure that the touch pad still can do tap clicking by uninstalling the Dell TouchPad driver and reverting to the Microsoft Mouse PS2 driver. In that case I can use the tap to click feature but only for 1 finger tap. I do not get any other feature as the driver is the simple generic MS one.
My question is would it be possible to still use the Elan tech provided (Dell TouchPad) driver and somehow configure it to accept the tap to click and two finger tap to right-click? This in addition to all the remaining scrolling and gesture support that the driver implements? I tried all the Dell Touchpad settings applet but nothing changed. Perhaps a registry value setting in the section for the elantech?
What seems to be happening now is that the driver is doing some hardware diagnostics, determining that the hardware buttons left and right are not working, and consequently completely disabling left and right click comm... Read more

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I have tried "Fn and F9" to disable it with no joy. Can't disbale it from device manager and can't disable it with the Touch and Launch software I downloaded from Toshiba.

Answer:How do I disable the touchpad on a Satellite Pro A60?

Hi Neil

It is very strange. All newest Toshiba units have this option. The FN button must be hold down while you press F9 button. Check please ?Mouse properties?. There you will find ?TOUCHPAD ON/OFF? tab.

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I have a little question or rather a problem.

Is there any newer driver for the alps touchpad on Windows 7 64-bit than the 7.5.303.117?
The driver was made for Windows Vista not Windows 7, so it didn't work well on my Notebook!

It's very slow a startup and the first few seconds I can't move my mouse pointer.

Thank you in advance.


By the way sorry for my bad english ;)

Answer:Re: Satellite U500-115: Need touchpad driver for Win 7 64bit


You can check here:

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I bought the laptop with Windows 7 home premium.
Then I installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and my touchpad doesn?t work anymore.
I tried everything. I have the original drivers for 64 bit

When I make the auto detecting on the Toshiba page it shows me that I have a Satellite A200-17O. :/

Sorry for my English :D


Answer:Satellite L555-12V - Touchpad doesn't using Win 7 64bit

So what notebook do you have exactly?
Satellite L555 or Satellite A200-17O?

Did you check the device manager if the touchpad would appear as unknown device or as installed devices with an yellow exclamation mark??

I think it?s driver related issue? but from my knowledge the touchpad should work and you should be able to use it even the drivers have not been installed.

Did you check if the touchpad is not disabled? Check it using the option FN+F9

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In the drivers sections of has 2 operating systems to choose. win 8.1 32 or 64 bit and win 10 32 and 64bit.

Has anyone tried to install a 64 bit version of windows ?

Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B-102 Have anyone tried the Win 64bit version?

If you visit the drivers section it shows also windows 8 and 10 64 bit options. Has anyone tried

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How do I disable the touchpad to prevent me accidentally activating it whilst typing?

Answer:How to disable touchpad on my Satellite L550-113?

I don?t know which notebook do you have but you can disable touchpad using FN+F9 key on older notebook model.
Check F keys and one of them must have touchpad symbol. You can use it to disable touchpad. If you need it again uing the same key combination you can enable it again.

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I bought my new A350 laptop 3-4 weeks ago and i'm loving the SOUND QUALITY!!

Anyway, I want to disable the mouse pad but I can't. I have the user guid on my laptop, which says, Touch Pad :Pressing FN + F9 enables or disables the touch pad function. Sadly it does not! when I do press it nothing happens, I do not see a change in the Touch Pad icon, which apparently, if done right should have a big red X or something like that, but again it does not happen.

I've also looked the mouse properties of my mouse, and when I select the Advanced tab, then Advance feature settings...., under Touch Pad settings, there is no option to disable it which is higly strange. There is another settings button for that which I can press, but there is no option to disable it.

What should I do to disbale the touch pad, because at the time of writing this, hitting FN + F9 does not work?

Answer:Satellite A350 - Cannot disable Touchpad


What OS do you have and are you running the factory settings or have you installed your own Windows?

I think you should try to reinstall the touchpad driver and the Value Added Package. The Toshiba VAP controls the special function like the FN or illumination keys. You can find all on the Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

So remove the touchpad driver and VAP, restart the notebook and install the newest versions.

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G'day all

First post onto this Forum
Just bought a new L640 and yet again find the in-built touch pad an absolute damn nuisance

In the past I have stuck a thick piece of cardboard over it to try to disable it - or to at least minimise its interferance, but now I would like to disable the damn thing permanently. I am sick & tired of it

I have gone into msconfig and unticked the "synaptics pointing device driver" without any change occuring. I have done a search of the forum on "disable touch pad" and not got any satisfactory answers . . .

so does anyone know how to do it??
Thanks in advance

Regards, Phil

Answer:Satellite L640 - How to Disable the touchpad?

Hi Phil,

You can disable the touchpad using FN+F9 key combination.

Check this!!!

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Toshiba Satellite L300-19F which was with windows Vista
I have installed windows XP and everything works fine.

Since I am using USB mouse for operating I want to deactivate the touch pad but when I press the Fn + deactivate key for touch pad it does not work.

Need some help.
Can any tell me what the problem is?

Answer:How to disable touchpad on Satellite L300-19F with WXP?


To disable Mouse Pad, you can go to Control Panel -> Mouse and disable the mouse pad or you can use FN+F9.


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I have been unable to disable my touchpad with the FN-F9 keys.
My L500 Satellite Pro is loaded with Windows XP Pro and I am using a Logitech wireless mouse. I don't even have to touch my touchpad for my curser to jump around.

If I cannot find an answer the only alternative I have is to cut off my thumbs.
Any help out there?

Answer:Cannot disable touchpad on my Satellite Pro L500


Have you tried to disable touchpad in mouse properties ?

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How do I disable the "tap to click" function on the touchpad?

I've done it before, but it stopped working properly and I had to reinstall it a couple of days ago, with default settings. I'm stumbling around in the dark now trying to disable the annoying "tap to click" function.

Answer:Re: Satellite L - How to disable tapping on touchpad?

I don?t know what Satellite notebook and OS do you have but on my Satellite L300 I can disable the tapping function in this way:

1) Go to control panel > Mouse > device settings
2) Select the touchpad and click on ?settings?
3) On the new window you must only click on tapping and then remove the mark on ?Enable Tapping?.

That?s all! :)

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i can't find above mentioned driver for win7 64-bit .
Touchpad had worked normaly with a Win7 driver and after one error msg just stopped working ( i can't scroll with touchpad ).

Does enyone have L300 model with 64bit OS or know wich model have same touchpad and driver for 64bit win7 on support downloads ?

please help...

Answer:Satellite L300-1AM - touchpad driver for Win 7 64bit needed


Touchpad driver does not depend on notebook model.
You can choose the touchpad drivers released for other satellite series as well.
I can recommend the Satellite L500. There you can download Synaptics and Alps touchpad driver. Both are released for Win 7 64bit.

Please note that touchpad scrolling can be changed/enabled in control panel -> mouse -> device settings.

I think it needs to be enabled.

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I own a Toshiba L500-A-1EF and although the touchpad works properly, cursor moves, one tap acts like a click, etc, the click itself is not working.
I've tried updating the Synaptics drivers and playing around with the touchpad settings but sadly with no results.
Can someone help me?
Many thanks.

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I have the X1 Carbon Touch thinkpad with Windows 8 and I just noticed that I need to click on the touchpad real hard for the click to register. Tapping works fine but clicking requires me to apply a lot of pressure. I have restored the default settings of the touchpad and still have this problem.Are there any known issues with Touchpad click issues and requiring a hard presss?

Answer:X1 Carbon touchpad requires a hard touchpad press and click for click to register

Hi, vtjiggy
Does this apply to the entire TrackPad? Do both left and right-clicking require a great deal of force? You could also try installing the latest Synapatics driver and see if that helps at all. Synaptics is the company that develops UltraNav, which is installed on all ThinkPad systems by default. The latest driver can be found here.
Good luck. Let me know how it goes,

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I want to disable "Tap to Click" on my machine

I've tried going to Control Panel - Mouse - device settings - settings - buttons but the only choice there is "enable buttons" and if you uncheck the box you can't exit.

I put the Static Tray in the Task bar and if I right click the option "Tap to Click " is there but greyed out


Answer:Satellite Pro A200: I want to disable "Tap to Click"

Maybe this thread can help you:

*Mouse -> last tab called ?Device Settings -> Settings? of Synaptics TouchPad*

In new window choose the second option called tapping.
There you have to uncheck the option ?enable tapping?.


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Is there a way I can turn off the zoom function on my touchpad.
It's very annoying when it continuously changes zoom.

Answer:Satellite C50-B - How to disable touchpad zoom function?

Go to control panel -> mouse
Here you should check the last tab.

The name of this last tab depends on the touchpad driver which is installed on your notebook.
There are two possibilities: either its ELAN or Synaptics driver

In case your notebook supports ELAN touchpad, go to ELAN tab.
Now you will see new ELAN Smart Pad window providing 3 tabs: One finger, Multi finger, Additional
Choose ?Multi-finger tab? and disable the option called Zooming.

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I have had my Satellite L450D-11X laptop, pre-installed with Windows 7 64-bit, since November and have just learned about the function key to disable the touchpad - a very desirable feature. Unfortunately pressing the key combination Fn + F9 does not work. There is an answered question - now closed - in this forum which advises restoring the laptop to its original setup to cure this problem, which I presume means running an HDD recovery procedure and restoring the application software - not a trivial task. I took a chance and downloaded and installed the Synaptics Windows 7 x64 TouchPad driver. It has a facility to disable the touchpad from the mouse properties dialog, which works.

I became aware of the possibility of disabling touchpads when installing a friend's new Acer laptop, which has a button next to the touchpad for switching it off and on. Come the day when every laptop has such a switch an awful lot of laptop users will be happy, judging by the number of people I came across on the web looking for a way to disable their touchpads, especially when typing.

I would prefer if the L450D's key combination worked, however. Does anyone know how to do this without doing an HDD recovery? Some of my other function keys are also 'broken'. Not vital, but I do hate things that do not work as specified.

Answer:Unable to disable touchpad on Satellite L450D-11X

What you should do is to reinstall Value Added Package. You can find it on Toshiba download page. This package contains several tools and one of them is flash cards utility (FN buttons control). Remove preinstalled VAP from the system, restart your notebook and install latest version from Toshiba support page.

By the say, this small button is also available on some Toshiba models. If I am remembering well it must be available on A500 and U500. Maybe also on some other new notebook models.

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I want to disable the touchpad when using a cordless USB mouse. Can anybody tell me how to do this please?

Answer:Satellite Pro M70: disable the touchpad when using a cordless USB mouse


open control panel -> mouse. There should be an option to deactivate the touchpad.


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I recently reinstalled my touchpad driver because they had stoped working for some reason.
And Ow ow surprise.
Now the "fn+F5" hotkey doesn't work anymore, but I can enable/disable my touchpad by double taping the top left corner. OK why not.
What's annoying me is the really bright white led indicating when the touchpad is disabled. It really attracts the eyes.

Is there a way to disable it please ? (even if it means disabling the "double tap corner" shortcut, and find a way to reinstall the "fn+F5" shortcut)

Answer:Re: Satellite L50-A-1DE - Synaptics touchpad - How to disable the LED statu

I answer to myself. It is possible.
Just deactivate the automatic launch of "SynTPEnch.exe"
EDIT: it seems to randomly launch itself anyway .... I think I'm gonna uninstall it and stay with the generic windows touchpad driver

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How do I disable my touch pad zoom function on my L750? I couldn't find anything about it in the user guide but it's driving me INSANE. There are like 5 zoom functions already and toshiba decided what I really need is another one right on the touch pad where it will constantly get in the way.

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L750 - how to DISABLE touchpad zoom


I assume you are speaking about the pinch zoom.
It a additional option from Synaptics. The touchpad settings should provide the option to disable the pinch zoom.
Go to control panel -> mouse
Here you have to check the tabs? in my case it?s last tab called Advanced. There I have to go to Advanced feature settings which contains more options.

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I recently upgraded my A305-S6829 laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 7. I use a portable mouse and would like to disable the touchpad.

Unfortunately, the touchpad doesn't show up on my device manager and FN+F9 doesn't work either.

Please help me. Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A305-S6829 I would like to disable touchpad


First of all; this is a Toshiba US series notebook model.
Usually you have to use the drivers from this page:

But it seems that Win 7 drivers are not released on this page for Satellite A305-S6829
Therefore I think you could choose the touchpad drivers from Toshiba European driver page. There you can choose the A305 series or the A300.
I think you could choose also other Win 7 touchpad drivers released for newer notebook series.
Please install the touchpad drivers and check if the FN+F9 would work.

Note! If no FN buttons work, then you will need to install VAP (value added package) and Flash Card Support Utility

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on my childs satellite click mini L9W-B-102 the touch pad dosnt work and no mouse pointer can someone please help me

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Hi all,
I have a Satellite L350-156 and cannot figure out how to get the double click working from the large pad, without having to use the buttons,
Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite L350 - how to use double-click with touchpad?

any hint, would love to get some answers...tx

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I have a new U920t-102 which I am very happy with, but I have this issue with the mousepad's right click (meaning the 'button' the user is able to press on the bottom-right side of the mousepad): sometimes it actually works as a right click, sometimes it works as a left click.
This is annoying especially during web navigation: I'm used to right click on links and open them in a new tab, but when the right click acts as left, I loose the current web page.

I tried to figure out what this behaviour depends on, looking at the animated synaptic icon in windows' tray bar while playing with the left and right click; if I continuosly press the right click button on the mousepad, after some repetitions it will consistely and correctly work as right click, but if press the left click once or more than once, the right click button works as left click for some pressures, and then 'corrects' itself and start again to work correctly.

Any idea/suggestion? is it a hardware problem?


Answer:Satellite U920t-102 touchpad right click issue

Usually the touchpad right / left click can be configured in the Synaptics settings.
Right click on Synaptics icon in tray and point to devices properties.
In buttons tab you will be able to choose right handed scheme or left handed.
Here you could choose the scheme appropriate for you.

You can also try to uninstall the Synaptics touchpad driver and could test the touchpad functionality without the usage of additional touchpad software.

But if this doesn’t help, your might have hardware problem

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hi users,

i bought a new toshiba Satellite L50-A111X, i dont that there is a problem or weither right click on its touch mouse pad isnt available at all.

please help.
thanks in advance

Answer:Re: Satellite L50-A111X - issues with right click on touchpad

Sorry it sounds maybe stupid now but I didn?t understand what do you mean exactly.
Can you use touchpad buttons? What is the problem with the right one?

Open please touch pad settings and check the settings for touchpad buttons please.

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There is no option to disable it on this laptop, I have searched for the answer online but nothing, there seems to be no way to do it on this model of laptop. I tried downloading the new touchpad driver from this site but had absolutely no effect and gave me no more options to disable it, it changed nothing. Completely stuck now and its driving me crazy!

The mouse also clicks on its own randomly even when Im not touching it, always seems to get bad when im gaming.

I still want to use the touchpad to move the pointer around, just don't want to use it to click.

Answer:How do i disable tap-to-click on Satellite C660/C660D?

On my Satellite S50-B is installed ELAN software and tapping option can also not be disabled.

Explanation: one finger tapping always performs Point/Click/Select function, which is equivalent to clicking the left mouse button.

It is really strange that this option doesn't exist.

Anyway, if you don't need touchpad in general you can enable/disable it using Fx button (don't know exactly which one on this notebook model).

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I have a Satellite A205 running Vista. The FN+F9 has never worked to disable the touchpad.

I have read that there is an option to disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged into a USB port. I do not appear to have this option.
I must go into Control Panel to enable/disable it entirely which is kind of a pain.

I am using a MS Bluetooth Laser mouse so there is no mouse plugged into a USB port, only the Bluetooth dongle.

Does anyone know of an easier way to do this?

Answer:Satellite A205 Vista - FN+F9 has never worked to disable the touchpad

Maybe you should check the Toshiba US driver page and should download and install the Toshiba ON/OFF touchpad utility.

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How do you turn off the scrolling function on the right hand side of the mouse?
It drives me crazy. Just want the cursor but cannot see anything in the Control Panel.

Answer:How to disable scrolling function on touchpad on Satellite A series?

This option you can find in advanced mouse options.
Control panel > Mouse properties > Device settings and if you have Synaptics driver just click on settings. There you will find option for virtual scrolling.

Just remove check mark in front of horizontal and vertical scrolling options and it will be OFF.

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Its wierd, I disabled it in the mouse menu and still works - which I want it not to obviously.

Answer:How to disable/turn off touchpad on toshiba satellite laptop

Why worry about it? If you have a secondary pointing device, just use it and ignore the touchpad.

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I have an A350-208 (PSAL6E) with windows 7 Pro 64bits NL. I have an Bluetooth mouse installed, Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000. It works very nice. But every time I am working on my laptop I seem to touch my touchpad by accident or make to much pressure on the keyboard and then my cursor is going suddenly to another place in the senctence en am I typing complete garbage. This is something that I had resolved under XP by disabling the touchpad. But now, under windows 7 there's no possebillity tot do so.

Please can someone help me to disable the touchpad?

Typing this little piece of text takes me so much longer while my cursor goes everytime while I am typing to another location in the words.

Answer:Unable to disable touchpad on Satellite A350-208 (PSAL6E)

Win7 works perfectly on this notebook model and if you have installed all stuff including flash cards utility you should be able to disable touchpad using FN+F9 key combination.
Can you do this?

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My Satellite C660 zooms webpages etc in & out from the mouse touchpad.
I have been trying to get used to it but its been a year & i have had to buy a wireless mouse as i can get on with it.

Can i switch off this fucntion so the mouse touchpad doesn't zoom in & out any more & just does the normal move mouse pointer & tap to click functions?

Answer:Satellite C660: How to disable touchpad's zoom in/out function


I think you are talking about the pinch zoom.
Yes, this can be disabled.
Go to control panel -> mouse -> device settings (I think its last tab it could be called Advanced too)
Here click the button Advanced settings
Here you should see all available options. I guess the option should be available there.

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how can I disable tapping on a A210-103 with a Synaptics touchpad.
Tapping means to me that when I touch the touchpad the notebook translate it under circumstances as a mouse click which I don't want.

In the German settings I have found nothing like "tapping".


Answer:How can I disable tapping on Satellite A210-103 with a Synaptics touchpad

Hello Hans Juergen

Of course you can disable the ?tapping?.

I assume you want to disable this ?tapping? and instead of tapping you want to use the both touchpad buttons. Am I right?

This can be disabled in;
Control Panel -> Mouse -> last tab called ?Device Settings? (or similar).
There you have to choose ?Settings? of Synaptics TouchPad

The new window should open and there you could find many different details and settings.
You have to mark the second option ?tapping?. It?s under the point ?overview?.
There you have uncheck the option ?enable tapping?

That?s all ;)

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I've recently got a new laptop, a L650-1CN,
I run the various kinds of software from Toshiba, and one of them is Tempro,
It shows me messages when a new update is available.

Today I got saw the message that a new BIOS update v.1.80 was available.
I downloaded it, and installed it. After installing my laptop shut down. Then I booted it again.
But after a few minutes I noticed that my touchpad didn't disable itself anymore.
I usually use a logitech wireless mouse.

Now I'm wondering if I should do a system recovery and not install this BIOS update, or find another solution to fix this. Because it's really annoying.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L650 - Touchpad won't disable after BIOS Update

Hi buddy,

Usually the touchpad disable it automatically if an external mouse is connected but only if you enable this option in touchpad settings.

I also use an external mouse from Logitech and have activated this option. You can find it in control panel > mouse. Go to tab ?Device Settings? and mark the option ?Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing device is attached.?

I hope it works :)

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I want to lower or disable the 'beep' sound when i adjust the volume using the touch buttons (below the power button).

I Cant find any info on this anywhere.

Answer:Satellite P500 - how to disable volume touchpad setting

Open ?Toshiba Assist? > Optimize > Toshiba Hardware settings > Button settings > Function Button Beep = set it to Disabled.

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Having just bought a ClickMini to replace my trusty Libretto 100 there are a couple of things that I hope other users or forum experts can help me with.

1) does anyone know how to TURN OFF tapping to click on the ALPS 'mouse pad'. Having been used to a 'nipple' and proper click bars this 'feature' does not work well for me, giving false activations more often than I would like. Note that I have looked at the pad properties in Control Panel and, it appears from this, that tapping either is not active (which it is) or that it cannot be changed. Note also that the ALPS driver is up-to-date having downloaded from the Toshibs website without effect on my problem.

2) how can I display the status of both the battery in the tablet section and that in the keyboard dock? Several folk refer to doing so, or seem to, in the threads below but I cannot find any way of doing so. Your help and advice will be valued.

Finally, although new to this forum and with a new machine, I am far from a Newbie in PC computing terms having bee using compurters in various guises since before the IBM PC was invented. So I am far from being inexperienced and unable to read between the lines of an instruction manual, indeed I have written many myself!

Hoping someone out there can help, yours aye

Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - questions about: touchpad and battery

> 2) how can I display the status of both the battery in the tablet section and that in the keyboard dock? Several folk refer to doing so, or seem to, in the threads below but I
> cannot find any way of doing so. Your help and advice will be valued.

Go to the classic Windows desktop (not the modern Tile-GUI), locate the battery indicator in the task bar in the lower right corner, double click it to expand it and it shows the status of both batteries.

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I have a problem with the left click of my Satellite Pro M40 (PSM46E). It has lost the 'click'.
Does anyone have some guidance for taking the top off to repair? What screws and how etc?

Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro M40 - touchpad and left click repair guidance


I think you will not get some guides because only an ASP (authorized service provider) has someone. These documents are not for the public.

I don?t know how to disassemble the notebook but this procedure is tricky. You must remove a lot of screws and parts like keyboard, LCD, upper cover and so far.

*You can try it and try but it?s your own risk*. I think this should do by a notebook technician.

By the way, I founded a maybe interesting article for you:


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I have a brand new Satellite L50 CI3 laptop. However, it seem there is a fault with the left and right buttons on the touchpad.

The right click behaves like a left click i.e. it does not open a menu.

The left click cannot drag and drop, this includes when using scroll bars.

I've reinstalled everything but nothing has changed. Is this a common problem? Is this likely to a problem with the hardware or software?

Answer:Touchpad right/left click is not working properly on Satellite L50


On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. Have you noticed this issue from he first day of usage?
I mean when you start your notebook for the first time it has original factory settings and everything should be OK.

If I understand you right there is some reaction when you use touchpad buttons so what you can try is to set all touchpad options to default settings.

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Hi again.

Can I configure the clickpad in a way that the two-finger tap emulates the middle (or mouse wheel) click instead of the right click.

I can't seem to find it among the properties of the clickpad.

Thank you very much

Answer:Satellite L50 - Synaptics touchpad: two finger tap - middle click


The Synaptics touchpad can be found in
Control panel ? mouse ? last tab ?Device settings? ? ?Settings? button-

(the tab and button name could be different)

If the mentioned option isn?t available in the Synaptics settings, then the option isn?t supported

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I'v just bought a toshiba u400-15.
It seems to have a problem in a key of the touchpad.

After pushing the left key, it makes a sort of "click" when it goes up.
The right key doesn't make this sound. Is it normal?

Thank you.

Bye. Valerio

Answer:Satellite U400-15h - touchpad key makes a click noise


It looks like a mechanical touchpad button issue.
I think in your case only a touchpad button replacement would be a real option ?

What do you think about this opinion?

I think the ASP help is needed and therefore you should contact the ASP in your country for a touchpad test?

But is this issue really so annoying? I mean the technician would replace this but you will have to send the notebook and should wait a time until this issue could be fixed.

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Hello there, recently I installed Win 7 and the double click on the touch-pad is not responding. I have to use the left button. I re-installed the the drivers various times but the issue is still persisting. I'm using A300. When I go to Device manager settings everything looks like normally - device working properly. Is there any "connection" among Win 7 - VAP - Synaptic? At least I have a wireless mouse and it's working just fine :). Any idea?!

Answer:Satellite A300: Win 7 touchpad double click is not responding


You have to check if the ?double click, double touch? is enabled in touchpad properties!
Please go to control panel -> mouse -> device settings -> settings (or properties???)
There you will get many options related to the touchpad.
There you should find the option related to ?double click?


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The left click on my touchpad has stopped working. It works *very* occasionally but mostly it doesn't. It also freezes the screen if I try to click it too often (in a fit of temper usually ;) )

A USB mouse works fine, which is okay when I'm working on my desk but means I can no longer use my laptop on my lap! The tap click does work, but I don't like using it.

I reinstalled the drivers and that hasn't solved it. I turned the laptop upside down and gave it a good shake to get rid of any crumbs etc under the mouse and that hasn't solved it either.

Any other ideas?

Answer:Satellite C650D - left click on touchpad does not work


Could be possible that there is a mechanical problem with the touchpad button?
Pressing the button too often might lead to the system freezing because of the CPU stress and load.

In my opinion the touchpad board or the single button (if possible) should be replaced.

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When using the touchpad on my new laptop the right click works fine when I am not moving the cursor
however when I have one finger on the touchpad such as my index finger and try to press the right button with my thumb it only ever registers as a left click.

This seems like an intentional function so I hope one of you has a simple solution.

Answer:Satellite P850-02C - right click is not working while touching touchpad


I think you will need to disable the option called Momentum.
This can be done in the Synaptics touchpad settings (control panel -> mouse -> Synaptics tab -> Settings button)

Expand the option called ?Pointing? and remove the mark from ?Momentum? point.

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I'm having trouble with my touchpad and I've tried everything I'd be gratefull if someone here helped me...

My problem is that I can't left click with my touchpad, the button doesn't work neither does taping, although the right button works.

I on the internet when suddently it starte failling and draging everything i clicked, then it just stoped working.

Also I went to the mouse options and switched to left handed touchpad, and when I click with the right button the left button works, but then the right click (that's now on the left) won't work neither does tapping.

Answer:Touchpad left click does not work on Satellite L650

So this means that touchpad hardware (touchpad buttons) are ok.
You should check if new touchpad software/driver installation would help you to get rid of this annoying issue.

In device manager you should firstly remove the touchpad device. Reboot the notebook and then install the touchpad driver once again.

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Satellite C660 running Windows 7 64 bit OS.
When clicking on a picture / image, the RH click context does NOT contain option to 'save as backgound' to desktop even though the Windows 7 instruction on changing your desktop say that this is how one does it.

I've run XP previously and this option was always there,
Any ideas how this can be remedied?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Touchpad RH click does not contain save option

And when you open certain photo using Windows photo viewer is this option available with right mouse click?

By the way: I use the same OS on my Satellite notebook and this option is available.

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I just got this new laptop and I really NEED to disable the touchpad. It drives me crazy jumping all over the place when I'm typing.

I've tried FN-F9 and it doesn't work. I looked in the Control Panel and I can Uninstall the drivers but can't Disable it. I like to use a roller ball mouse except when I am traveling, so I don't want to uninstall the drivers. Isn't there a simple way to turn it off?

Also, it seems to be EXCEEDINGLY slow accessing the internet with a wireless connection. Nothing is different with my internet connection or service provider except this laptop is probably ten times slower than my old laptop.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I can't go back to the Acer because the motherboard died or I would.

Answer:Satellite L455D - How do I disable touchpad & slow wireless access

> Isn't there a simple way to turn it off?

Go to Control Panel-Hardware and Sound, under Devices and Printers click on Mouse, you will see Touchpad settings windows. In this touchpad settings windows, go to the device settings and check ,,Disable internal pointing device when external usb pointing device is connected,, Press ,,Apply,, and ,,Ok,,

> I've tried FN-F9 and it doesn't work

Have you tried to update the vap utility and Flashcard support on [European Toshiba Driver Page|] Remove previous installed vap utility and restart the laptop. then, remove flashcard support. and restart again. After this install Vap and flashcard support.

> Also, it seems to be EXCEEDINGLY slow accessing the internet with a wireless connection. Nothing is different with my internet connection or service provider except this laptop is
> probably ten times slower than my old laptop.

try to update wlan driver:

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Hello I had an Toshiba Notebook -

Satellite A200-1QZ
Artikelnummer : PSAE6E-07700HGR

Now I install Windows 7 64 bit - after the installation the card reader and the Mousepad apps are out of order!
I used the support list with all the drivers - from vista 32 bit and so on but the parts don't run!

Please gave me a quick response so I get the system still running!

Thanks from Germany

Answer:Satellite A200 and Win7 64bit - card reader and touchpad drivers needed

I?ve checked Toshiba download page and, as I can see, your notebook model is not supported for Win7 64bit. It is supported for 32bit only. So can you please tell us which drivers do you use for 64bit OS?

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Hi guys,

Just purchased a new laptop and have noticed that the right click key is very loud and hard to press, the left click is normal, quiet and light to press.

This was the most expensive laptop in the store with the 4th gen i7...yet the right click sounds and feels like something from a laptop from 10 years ago. Anyone else have this issue ?

Think I might return it as I just don't enjoy using it.

Answer:Satellite P50T-AO1C - touchpad right click key is oud and hard to press

I agree... visit the notebook dealer, show him the button issue, test the button on another P50T unit and ask for replacement.

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Trying to be helpful, I emailed Toshiba to let them know of a broken link to the latest Elan Touchpad Driver for the Click Mini. Obviously not trying to be so helpful, I received an automated email from Toshiba telling me I had to to post this on the forum instead. This doesn't give me a nice warm feeling regarding customer support levels, but hey ho....

The broken link is:

The driver support page points you to this dead link. I cant find the driver file in question anywhere else on the web:



Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Elan Touchpad - Missing Driver Hyperlink

Obviously something went wrong during the upload...

But ELAN touchpad driver does not depend on the notebook model.
You can use the ELAN touchpad driver released for other notebook series.

So in case this link doesn’t work, choose ELAN driver released for another Toshiba notebook series.

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My new Asus K52J laptop with Windows 7 has an Elan touchpad. I cannot disable the "tap to click" option, despite unchecking the enable box in the mouse settings.

I have used touchpads for years and comes as second nature so please don't suggest using a mouse.

I have updated the drivers but still the touchpad will not accept the "off" setting for "tap to click".

Many thanks in advance if you know of an answer.

Answer:Cannot disable "tap to click" on Elan touchpad

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thus anyone knows how to disable the mouse touchpad in Lenovo G410 notebook? is there an available software for that?I'm using windows xp. I downloaded ALPS touchpad in the drivers and support of lenovo but i didnt work there is no disable feature in the software. pls help........ thanks,Jeff


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to disable Touchpad in windows XP...

Hi Jeff,I also faced the irritating touchpad on lenovo.Go to, download pointer driver for your OS and install.You will get choice to disable the ps2 pointer which is touchpad.Disable ps2 pointer indicated as mouse. Girish 

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If I connect a mouse to a USB port, how can I disable the touchpad in windows 7 64 bit?

Answer:Disable Touchpad, Windows 7

Hi,Please write your notebook product number (p/n), which system are you using and country of purchase.Resource:How to Locate the Notebook product number (p/n)

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I have an  HP HP Pavilon   {g7 2010nr}
How do I disable touch pad
when I first got compiuter I tapped the button on left sideof pad to turn off touchpad and now it is working again and the little button is no longer working

Answer:how to disable touchpad in windows 7

See here: all the way to the bottom and under sub heading: Disabling the ClickPad

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hi, i am using thinkpad edge 14, and i want to disable the touchpad, i think use mouse is enough for me. thanks.Glo.

Answer:how to do disable the touchpad in windows 7?

Hi and welcome to the forum!
Click Start, then type in "mouse" in the empty "search programs and files" field, click it, in the opened window select UltraNav, then uncheck touchpad, thereafter "Apply".
Hope this helps.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espaņol Visit my YouTube Channel

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When I had 7 Pro i could disable the touch pad in the device manager
I had to go to 8.1  and no way can I turn the D--- thing off and I am about to throw thi thing in the trash
Does anyone out there no how t disable the touchpad using Windows 8.1

Answer:Disable touchpad with Windows 8.1

I searched for months trying to find a fix for this problem. This page provides the solution. 
Just following the instructions above. You will download and install new touchpad driver which somehow got removed or disabled. After install and restart, go back to control panel and then mouse properties. The touchpad tab will be there after the download. Just turn it off and save and apply. Test the touchpad and it should be disabled. I hate microsoft and dell for putting me through this. The answer is so obvious but for some reason it throws people for a loop.

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I recently updated/upgraded my Windows 8 laptop to Windows 10 operating system. I would like to know how to disable the tap-to-click touch-pad feature in Windows 10. It was easy to do on 8, but after searching through the settings on 10 I am unable to locate that setting. Thank you.

Answer:How To Disable Tap-to-Click on Windows 10

I thought I would update you on this. After playing with the settings on Windows 10, I have located the setting to turn off the tap-to-click setting. Follow these steps:

On the right side of the bottom taskbar click on the NOTIFICATIONS icon, then click on ALL SETTINGS. Click on PERSONALIZATION, then THEMES. The last option under RELATED SETTINGS is MOUSE POINTER SETTINGS, select it. Then click on the last tab called DEVICE SETTINGS and again on SETTINGS. A new window will open up with the mouse pointer options. Uncheck TAPPING and you're all done. Hope this helps.

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I recently updated/upgraded my Windows 8 laptop to Windows 10 operating system. I would like to know how to disable the tap-to-click touch-pad feature in Windows 10. It was easy to do on 8, but after searching through the settings on 10 I am unable to locate that setting. Thank you.

Answer:How To Disable Tap-to-Click on Windows 10

I thought I would update you on this. After playing with the settings on Windows 10, I have located the setting to turn off the tap-to-click setting. Follow these steps:

On the right side of the bottom taskbar click on the NOTIFICATIONS icon, then click on ALL SETTINGS. Click on PERSONALIZATION, then THEMES. The last option under RELATED SETTINGS is MOUSE POINTER SETTINGS, select it. Then click on the last tab called DEVICE SETTINGS and again on SETTINGS. A new window will open up with the mouse pointer options. Uncheck TAPPING and you're all done. Hope this helps.

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Since upgrading to Windows 10 we are unable to disable the touchpad for our 540p model Thinkpads.The "disable" toggle is not available under mouse settings or under the Ultranav tab. Anyone have any ideas of how to disable these as the trackpads are viewed by many as being substandard and an error point for some of our users. Thank you

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I have tried all examples given in previous forums, but under Windows 10, the options under "Mouse" are not the same.  I want to Permanently disable the touchpad.

View Solution.

Answer:How do I permanently disable my G62 touchpad in Windows 10

Again, thanks!  But that window still does not open, and I do not have a ClickPad option.  My G2 laptop is apparently too old and too cranky to ever work.  Thanks again, but I am throwing in the towel and never buying an HP laptop again.  I do hover love my HP printers. I am now closing this subject!

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My laptop perfectly works fine, I have the touch pad able to move around the screen. The only issue here is that I am unable to click. I have a usb mouse and it is perfectly working and able to click. Its just the touchpad that has issues.
ASUS ROG GL551JM laptop.
Any help would be amazing! thank you!

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Hi there. I recently got a new laptop and while I have been able to figure out how to strip the majority of the useless Windows 8 crap out, but I cannot find how to disable this workspace thing when you click the top of the screen, probably because I am using the wrong keywords in Google.

Screenshots as to what I am talking about:

Any help would be most appreciated!

Answer:How to disable the top click and drag in Windows 8.1?

Hey there Brink! What I mean, is when you click and hold the top of the desktop in Windows 8.1, it lets to move it in the Metro interface, similar to how you can set those windows to take up half the screen.
What I want to disable is the whole click and hold thing, since it interferes with selecting items on the desktop.

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I have an IdeaPad y480 with the release version of Windows 8 64bit installed. I have downloaded the driver on lenovo's drivers page named "0pto09w8.exe" found under the "Mouse and Keyboard" category for the Lenovo IdeaPad y480. It says it is for Windows 8 32 and 64 bit versions and it's release date is "24 October 2012" (tomorrow). However, I could download it so I am assuming the right version is ready early?  Problem:I download and run that exe. It extracts then attempts to run but I always get this error:Even running in compatibility mode and/or as administrator. I've tried the Windows 7/xp drivers and I get similar errors or they just don't work at all, again in compatibily mode and/or being ran as administrator. Any ideas or any help is appreciated! Google hasn't help much, haha. Thanks,Andy

Answer:IdeaPad y480 Touchpad on Windows 8 64bit - Can't install driver

I encountered the same problem. I manage to fix it by pressing "No to All" when you initially run the installer. It seems like the original files are being overwritten by a different file.

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I purchased a T440s a few months ago. Suddenly I am unable to right click on my touchpad in order to open drop down menus, where they are available,or to right click while highlighting text? I manage to do this if  I click on a specific spot around the bottom, middle of the touchpad, but this takes a lot of fiddling around in order to get the precise spot that happens to work.  It is certainly not a practical solution.  Does this sound like a physical hardware issue, that I need to bring my laptop to the depot for, or might this be something else that can be addressed within my settings or some sort of update?   Has anybody else had this specific problem?   Thanks!    

Answer:suddenly right click not work on t440s touchpad, only awkward middle click

For the sake of troubleshooting, I should add that when I connect a mouse it works fine but, of course, this too is not a practical mobile solution.  A response from someone from Lenovo on this site, in particular, would be appreciated.

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If you wat to disable your touchpad on your 64-bit gateway laptop (my laptop is a M-1617) you need to first fdind 64-bit drivers for you laptop. Synaptics doesan't have what you need, Gateway doesn't support Windows 7. I finally found drivers that you can install and disable and enable at will. I downloaded the 32-bit & 64-bit drivers for the Gatewqahy NV73. It worked great...Just right-click on desktop, select personalize, select pointers, select touchpad, select disa ble....wala

Answer:Disable Gateway Touchpad running Windows 7

If you are having issues finding drives, also check for an option in your system's BIOS. A lot of machines have an option to turn it off there as well.

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i understand i have asked this before, but my touchpad still refuses to disable. i have tried 5 different versions of the synaptics driver, and i believe im currently running on the best version (according to my laptop). if i go to control pannel and disable it from there its still no luck. can anyone help because this is incredibly annoying and its making me regret my decision to update as it worked perfectly before.

Answer:Synaptics touchpad windows 10 wont disable

You can diable the touchpad when an external mouse is connected like so:
In the control panel, select the menu item Mouse, then in the properties go to "Device Settings" and hit the checkbox "Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing device is attached".

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Yesterday I installed Windows-7 on my Inspiron 1525 laptop.  I was
previously running Windows Vista and the Vista-driver for the touchpad
had the intelligence to detect the fact that I have a USB wireless-mouse
(Kensington brand) and so it disabled the touchpad each time I booted
the PC.
But under Windows-7 the touchpad was staying active. I didn't want it
to be active since that was causing problems when I inadvertently touched the touchpad as I was typing.
I went to the Synaptics website, went to the downloads section, and I
downloaded a driver named:
I used Windows Explorer to access my downloads folder and I double
clicked on the above .exe file to run it.  That replaced the
Microsoft-supplied driver for the touchpad with the Synaptics-supplied
driver. The touchpad mouse control worked just fine with the new Synaptics driver.
Then I clicked Start,   Control Panel,   Mouse,   and selected the 
Device Settings tab.  That tab displays the settings for the Touchpad. 
It has a "disable" option, so I clicked on that.  Then the touchpad was
entirely disabled.   If I ever wish to enable it again, I can navigate
to the same place and click on the "Enable" button.
So now my laptop is running under Windows-7 with the touchpad disabled and I use my
USB wireless-mouse as my only mouse. 
 ... Read more

Answer:How to disable Inspiron 1525 touchpad under Windows-7

I had the same problem (Dell XPS L502X / Windows 7 Professional 64). I downloaded the driver R242713.exe from Dell website, and after installing the driver everything worked exactly as Snowcat explained it here (very good and complete explanation). I am very happy because the jumping pointer issue is really annoying...
Thanks, Snowcat!!

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Search for touchpad turned up over 27000 hits, so sorry if this is redundant.
Windows 10 has installed a generic PS/2 Compatible Mouse driver on my Dell 1545.  No suitable driver is available for W10 from either Dell or Alps.  (R270497 ran when I first installed W10 but MS has somehow decided it is no longer operable after the "Anniversary Update" and refuses to install it.)
I am happy with the way the touchpad works with my Alps touchpad except for tapping.  I am too clumsy to have tapping active, and would really like to disable it.  Of course, the Dell Touchpad Settings software doesn't run on W10.  Quickset gives me no access to touchpad settings.
Does anyone know how to disable tapping on that touchpad?  Preferably a full-up package to make adjustment like Dell Touchpad Settings used to do.  But I would have no problem editing the Registry if someone could point to the proper parameter that would disable it if no full-up package is available.

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i understand i have asked this before, but my touchpad still refuses to disable. i have tried 5 different versions of the synaptics driver, and i believe im currently running on the best version (according to my laptop). if i go to control pannel and disable it from there its still no luck. can anyone help because this is incredibly annoying and its making me regret my decision to update as it worked perfectly before.

Answer:Synaptics touchpad windows 10 wont disable

You can diable the touchpad when an external mouse is connected like so:
In the control panel, select the menu item Mouse, then in the properties go to "Device Settings" and hit the checkbox "Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing device is attached".

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Hello, my friend want to set up a client computer for his worker which when that worker log into the user account and he was only able to control that program in full screen(cannot close, minimize and maximize) just like the windows 8.1 Kiosk
mode. So, is this possible to setup like that? Note: for disable task manager for standard user was no problem for me, just the how to disable the user of the Windows 7 Pro 64bit to close program .

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