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250GB SSD M.2 not recognised by bios or OS

Question: 250GB SSD M.2 not recognised by bios or OS

Hi. I need advice on setting up a M.2 SSDriveMy Laptop is a ENVY X360 Convertible Model: m6-w105dxI installed a Samsung EVO M.2 250GB but I really can't make it work.It is neither recognised by bios nor by OS (windows) or any disk management software (samsung magician or intel rapid storage technology, so I have no clues how to solve this.Samsung 850 EVO M.2 seems to be right choise cosidering my laptop specificationsI contacted HP support and they told me: maybe is a loose contact between ssd conector and mainboard slot , I've double cheked that and all seems OK. in place and securedThen they told me to disable secure boot and enable legacy boot option @ bios configuration.... no results after that... SSD keeps unseen by my laptop bios and OS...Any expert advice or any success M.2 SSD installation experience would be really nice and appreciated...I've asked on other threads in this forum with no luck..thank in advance for any help on this.RegardsAle

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Preferred Solution: 250GB SSD M.2 not recognised by bios or OS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have looked through previos questions but couldn't find a solution. I have a 250g USB driven HDD not recognised by ny PC. I used the HDD on my TV so I think it will probably need reformatting. When plugged in it appears in Disk Management but without a drive letter and when I right click on the drive most of the options, including allocate letter are greyed out. Any solutions?

Answer:USB 250GB HDD not recognised by PC

I would recommend PartedMagic, it is now paid for software, but at only $4.99 it is a sound investment. Download it, burn it to a cd or put it on a USB stick and boot from it.
Have the suspect drive connected and PartedMagic should be able to see it and it will enable you to format the drive, whatever the existing filesystem is.

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Hi I have an Acer T135 -S870 and would like to install a 250 Gb SATA drive but it is not recognised in the Bios or through Linux Mint that is installed at present on my 80Gb drive in the T135-S870 Could you help me please in solving this problem.

Answer:250Gb drive not recognised

Have you tried to connect only the new hdd with the same cable of the old HDD?

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Hi I have an Acer T135 -S870 and would like to install a 250 Gb SATA drive but it is not recognised in the Bios or through Linux Mint that is installed at present on my 80Gb drive in the T135-S870 Could you help me please in solving this problem.

Answer:250Gb drive not recognised

Have you tried to connect only the new hdd with the same cable of the old HDD?

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I have a SmartDisk 250 gb external harddrive that seems to not be recognised on my computer (vista premium os). I plug it in, it does not go into the usual "installing new hardware" thing, but I can go into the device manager and the hardrive is listed as being on the system. But, in the device manager, it is named "Samsung SP2514N". I downloaded the drivers for that model and installed, still have no access to it. the device manager gives the following info on it:
Disk: Disk 3
Type: Basic
Status: Online
Partition Style: Master Boot Record (MBR)
Capacity: 238474 MB
Unallocated space: 2 MB
Reserved space: 0 MB

thats all I have on it. any help on accessing and using this harddrive would be greatly appreciated

Answer:smartdisk 250gb external not recognised

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I've recently installed a new MSI KT3 Ultra motherboard, and a new 250 gig western digi hard disk. Now, in the bios it recognises that the drive is 250 gigs however when i setup xp it only recognises it upto 130 gig and won't see the full size of the drive.I know 48-bit LBA mode addressing needs to be enabled and as far as I can see it is turned on in the BIOS and as i say, the bios recognises it as 250 gig but windows doesnt and only shows it as 130 gig.Any ideas?

Answer:BIOS Says 250GB HDD... XP says 130?


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Hi, I'm new to the DIY PC World and urgently need some help.
My hard disc is a Samsung 250Gb disc and it is recognised in the BIOS. As soon as I attempt to install Windows XP, when formatting, it only recognises 127Gb. I installed it anyway and ran some Windows updates from the MS site, thinking this might fix the problem. It didn't. I also accessed the Disc Management window (saw this advice in one of your threads) to no avail: it says that this device is working properly, although only showing 127Gb. If this is important, my CPU is an Adlon 64 Venice 3000+.
I'm grateful for any advice any of you might have.... !!!

Answer:Need Help!! 250Gb Harddisc in BIOS, but only 125Gb in MS XP

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Hi there, I've got a 250gb maxtor HD and it can't be detected in bios or something is wrong. WHENEVER its connected (either on its own or with another drive), it says "error loading OS".
(PC boots fine with my other Maxtor 120gb HD)

On some sites it says to set Bios HD Access to LARGE instead of auto/lba etc

BUT - my bios doesnt show me such a setting when i go into HD config screen. I know what screen it should be on, but believe me, there is no "large" option for HD access.

Motherboard = MSI MS-6567

Can someone pls help me?? Thanks so much


Answer:BIOS won't recognise 250gb Hard Drive

Well, error loading OS only shows that it can't load an OS. Do you have an OS on that drive?
At bootup, your BIOS should list the drives it detects. Do you see the Maxtor in the list (next to the optical drive)?

That's a rather old motherboard. It could be that it simply does not support hard drives larger than ~130GB. And I can't see a BIOS update that would fix it either.. You can try updating to the latest BIOS and hope that it fixes the problem of course.

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I had a password locked HD(30Gb), that I finally gave up on. I purchased a 250Gb replacement drive. When I go into the bios to check to see if the system detects it, it show 137Gb, when it did not show anything with the locked HD. I also check to see if there was a bios update, but there was none, just the same as what's already on my 1100. I thought I'd try to use the new drive, while I wait for another replacement, it started to format at 250Gb.

I just wondering why it shows 137Gb. I know this is an issue with some older bios and P3 systems, but I did not expect it with a P4 system.

Anyone else experience this? Any problems if I keep the 250Gb installed, or should I order a 120Gb.



Answer:New 250Gb showing 137Gb on a Dell 1100 bios

Usually this problem is caused by formatting the drive with a verision of Windows XP that has no Service Pack, Service Pack 1, or Service Pack 1a. None of those will format higher than 137 GB.
If you switch to an install disk with Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3, you can format up to 1.5 Terrabytes without problems.
Alternately, once you format at 137 GB, use a partition editor such as Ghost, Partition Magic, Source Forge, or Acronis (I recommend Acronis)... to extend the partition to the full size of the hard drive.
Either way, you have a cost.

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Recently bought Athlon64 3200+, Gigabyte K8NF-9 F11, 1GB RAM & 250GB SATA seagate hard disk. The problem here is that the BIOS (Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG) recognizes the harddisk to be only 130GB. Does Gigabyte K8NF-9 supports SATA 250GB hard disk or its's something I've done wrong? Pls help me out here. Thanks.

Answer:BIOS can't recognize 250GB SATA hard disk

I had a similar problem, I thought it may apply to you.

When I first installed my XP Pro on my system with a new Seagate 250 GB HDD, XP created the C: drive at 125 GB, basically cutting the disc space in half. The rest was just unformatted.

Go to "disc management", and you might find your missing 120 GB in unformatted space.

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I updated the bios after I had notified from Toshiba about the Bios v3.50. The process was done by the Toshiba Utility software, and after the reboot there is "Password =" on a blank screen and it not recognise my BIOS password, writing "Not certified".

I have also tried the HDD password but no luck.

What can I do now?

Answer:Satellite Z30-A-12R BIOS password not recognised after BIOS upgrade


Before trying to update the BIOS, all passwords should be removed!
BIOS password can be removed by authorized service provider available in your country.

But the unknown HDD password cannot be removed anymore.
In such case the HDD isn?t accessible and cannot be used.

Sorry mate but in my opinion you have only one chance to get the BIOS password removed; you need the ASP assistance.

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This one has me scratching my head.

Turned on the computer and the bios tells me Bootmgr is missing. Ah! panic, looked in bios and one of my drives is not recognised which happens to be the O/S drive. I opened up the computer and re-seated the Sata connections and went back in to the bios - the drive is still not recognised, however, it's there in the boot order section as an IDE not Sata drive...A bit weird.

I select that drive as the first to boot and the O/S loads with out a glitch. My question is how can the O/S run if it's not recognised by the bios?

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on tech-forums. I hope I am at the right place.

The problem I am facing is regarding my Sony DVD RW. I own a Compaq machine with the following config at present:
OS: Windows XP Professional SP2
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 524 3.06 GHz
RAM: Total 1280 MB (2 sticks; 1024 MB, 256 MB )
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775
BIOS: Award S/w international, v F7a
HDD: Western Digital Caviar 250 GB
OD: Sony DVD RW AD-7240
Audio: Realtek AC'97

It came with an IDE HD and an IDE CD RW. After some time I installed the SATA DVD RW in one of the two SATA ports. Everything was working fine and I could boot from my DVD RW. Recently my IDE HD went kaput. I replaced it with a SATA HD (WD Caviar). I had to reinstall the OS in the new HD. At that time also I could boot from my DVD RW. But last week when I tried to install Linux by booting from a live DVD, I couldn't. The BIOS is not showing the DVD RW although its working fine in Windows after booting. I have removed my IDE HD and CD RW. Please help me out.

Answer:DVD RW not recognised in BIOS

Hopefully this qill put you back on the right tracks, with your default hdd that has xp on it make that Raid 1
Take you other DVD-RW drive and put it on raid 3, forgive me if thats wrong, but I dont have a picture to go by with your mobo.

Next, look at your bios IDE and raid configuration setup,if it ask you which mode you want, raid achi or ide...
Tell it you want ACHI mode and save your settings, let it do a normal restart, if your windows boot logo comes up great!
If not it will show you which partition you want to select, windows or linux ?

Let us know what happens later on.

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This one has me scratching my head.

Turned on the computer and the bios tells me Bootmgr is missing. Ah! panic, looked in bios and one of my drives is not recognised which happens to be the O/S drive. I opened up the computer and re-seated the Sata connections and went back in to the bios - the drive is still not recognised, however, it's there in the boot order section as an IDE not Sata drive...A bit weird.

I select that drive as the first to boot and the O/S loads with out a glitch. My question is how can the O/S run if it's not recognised by the bios?

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I recently bought new cpu and m/b after installing i got error message
the cpu installed in your sys is not known to the bios I have tried clearing the cmos but it is still the same

Bobby H

Answer:cpu in new build is not recognised by bios

CPU plug in correctly.....Compatible to that Mobo??

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I have a Time laptop model 8375 I have replaced a broken the Panasonic CD drive UJDA750 with another one of the same make and model number but the BIOS does not recognise it. The BIOS is Insyde Sofware which gives very basic access to configuration.
When booting the computer I get Auto detecting Primary Master: ST94019A, Secondary Master: None. If I enter the System Configurating Utility I get IDE Primary = ST94019A
IDE Secondary = Disabled. I cannot find a way of enabling the IDE Secondary. I have tried setting the boot sequence all to CD but this does not work.
The only difference from the original CD drive which it recognises (the laser drive is broken) is the FW version.
Please help

Answer:CD Drive not recognised in BIOS

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Ok. I've got a GeForce 6800GT card in my computer that has been reliable for over a year now. I'm running WinXP Pro and a gig of RAM.

I shut my computer down; left it for an hour and then started it again. BIOS showed up and then the strange stuff started to happen. The monitor went into standby mode and was blank.

So then I restarted and Windows recognised that I didn't have a successful boot up. I then loaded with "Last Known Good Configuration". The windows load up screen appeared and scandisk ran in which it found a few corrupt files and indexes. Then the computer restarted automatically and the "Last Known Good Configuration" screen showed up again. I selected it again but this time the monitor went back into standby mode again. I did a hard reboot and this time....not even a BIOS! Also a audible single beep during start up.

The computer boots up fine because I can hear the Windows load up sound. But still a blank monitor. I tried to attach a different monitor but to no avail. I'm starting to panic now. A Nvidia GeForce 6800GT is a v. expensive card. Please tell me I'm not going to have to replace it.

Answer:No monitors are being recognised. I can't see anything...not even BIOS.

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This has been driving me mad!

I have a samsung sata hdd i want to install in to my mb:
Board: MICRO-STAR INTL, CO.,LTD. MS-7037 Ver 0A
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 12/13/2004

The info that came with the drive says there are no drivers needed and that once regonised i need to format the drive.

I have enabled the seraial ata setting in my bios to auto, and also tried legacy mode.

it is plugged in to sata 2 with no jumpers, if plugged into sata 1 the computer does not boot past the first screen with the maxdata logo

I have ran an updater from the micro star site and installed the updates.
I am wondering if the controlers need updating on my MB, they are:

Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 24D1
Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 24DB

but i cannot find any drivers for them.

I have tried un plugging my main ide hd in the hope that the sata recognises the disk but this has not worked. Im running out of optiond before i go to a very expencive computer shop.

any help would be mint


Answer:SATA HDD not recognised in BIOS

Is the current boot drive ide or sata?
If you are in Windows, you need to go "Run,diskmgmt.msc, OK and see if it shows there. It probably will so you need to partition and format it there.

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I have Ga z77x up5th I factory reset it but now it doesnt recognised my usb keyboard i plug my iphone to see if there something wrong with the usb port it charge my iphone i tried another keyboard the same thing happen I took out the battery waited for 15 min yet the problem persist I read a lot of comment yet no one seem to have the answer on any of the forum i read if you guys can help me please let me know what i need to do thx

Answer:usb keyboard not recognised in bios

u have four usb 3 ports and two usb 2 ports...........have u tried all of them?

did u just reload windows??? if so did u load the usb 3 drivers

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I have just added some extra RAM and a USB2 port to my PC. All appeared to be fine until I noiced that the light on my CD-RW drive was permanently on. When I boot up, there is an error message, saying that it could not be found and there is no sign of it in My Computer. I can't even eject a disk by pressing the button on the drive.I have checked the wires (power, parallel and audio) and they all seem to be connected correctly. Is there any way of testing it, or should I give up and get a new one?

Answer:CD-RW Drive not recognised in BIOS

Hi, light permanently on is somtimes an indication that the ide cable is the wrong way round on the back of the drive. I would advise a thorough check again on all connections.Cheers.

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Hi There, I Bought a new HP 550-117a 2 month ago and wanted to add a new RAM to the board, however, the BIOS cannot recognise it, even though CPU-Z can see it. The original RAM with HP 550-117a is Hynix DDR3L 1600 8G.   The new RAM I bought is Kingston DDR3 1600 8G.  However, in the Task Manager, only 8G can be recognized: Could you please help me regarding this? 1. How can I fix this?2. I checked "System Configuration", there is no limit on the max RAM. Thank you.  

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Mesh Matrix A64 3200+Asus Kv8 Deluxe MotherboardSingle Maxtor 160GB HDD (replaced from new).After problems with the computer running slow and erratically also without sound in the part ten days I decided to re-install windows from the Mesh OEM recovery CD.I cannot get into Windows set up without the error message that no HDD were found. Also in the Bios the Primary IDE is shown 'Not Detected'. The HDD continues to work in Windows XP and has been error checked.I have checked the HDD Sata and Power cables are connected/reconnected. All seems Ok. Bios has been up dated with no improvement. Also loaded Asus drivers via boot disc for SATA controllers.I cannot think what other solution to try, ay suggestions please? Before all the problems occured with slow erratic behaviour and no sound, I tried replacing memory (since the new memory did not work re-insterted the old memory). Also installed Norton Internet Security and checked Creative sound card drivers.

Answer:HDD Not Recognised in Bios and During Windows Set

As you have updated your BIOS I suspect it has reset to "Defaults".You will have to enter your BIOS at boot up, and change the setting from IDE to Sata, I think this is under the "Advanced" section of the BIOS, not forgetting to F10 out to save the changes.

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It's a hp pavilion elite m9652uk. Getting really frustrated. I'm installing from USB with Sata drivers on them but they don't help!

Answer:My new ssd not recognised in setup of w7 but IS seen in bioS

Hello mm2222, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check using the tutorial below to make sure that you are loading the SATA drivers during setup.

SATA Driver - Load in Windows 7 or Vista Setup

Hope this helps,

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I have win7 premium home edition. I have added a second HDD Sata 1 TB. First time computer wouldn't boot. On restart it did boot, but windows explorer shows no second HDD?
Investigation says I probably have to enter BIOS to reconfigure somehow. However, I cannot get pc to let me enter bios.
I have a gigabyte card, and I think I have to press delete key, but continuously pressing key makes no difference. The pc still boots up as normal and still doesn't recognise new hdd.
Any help appreciated. Please be gentle, I'm an old codger.

Answer:Second HDD not recognised, can't enter BIOS

OK, so I have managed to get into BIOS and new HDD is there. So I exited and while it didn't show up in Windows Explorer, as I hoped, it did show that it was looking for drivers etc, then asked me to reboot. I did this but 2nd HD still doesn't show in windows explorer. Device settings does show that it exists though.

Any ideas....anyone?????

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Hello all,

I have bought a Samsung SP1604N. I am not sure if it is an IDE or a SATA (I suspect IDE)
1) How can I find which it is please?

I have currently got a Maxtor 6L200P0 200GB hard drive connected as my master which is working fine.

I have connected it the Samsung HD on the same ribbon as the Master and set it as a slave, master,cable select. None of them work. It is not recognized in the BIOS at all. I have tried connecting other smaller hard drives and then are auto detected fine.

I also have 2 DVD drives connected on another ribbon, I have unplugged one of those and tried it on that ribbon but still no joy.

My boot order is DVD, Hard drive then floppy. 2) Does this matter?

I have an AMD Athlon 64bit Dual Core 3800,
My mother board is an ASUS A8N-E

Any help at all is appreciated


Answer:Samsung HD not recognised in BIOS!?

Top is SATA, bottom is IDE

If you had to connect it to a ribbon cable, then its IDE.

If it's hooked up right (cable is in tight, and power cable is firmly attached), then I'd say the drive is DOA if your other drives work fine.

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I've got XP home and have been trying to install GoBack v4. I tried a while ago, but Symantec said it wouldn't protect drives over40GB. I've got one of 30GB & one of 80GBI've now got the larger one partitioned, using Partition Magic 8, but GoBack seems only to be working on the C drive of 30GB. The Read Me file on the GB CD says this:Norton GoBack protects all disk drives that are recognized by the basic nput/output system (BIOS). If the disk drive is not recognized during the initialBIOS identification phase of the boot process, or if it requires special device drivers, Norton GoBack will not be enabled for that drive. I'm a bit wary of poking around in the bios - can someone tell me where I can find the section which presumably lists the various drives? The D drive is partitioned as D and L, as I've got various card readers, CD, DVD drives and a zip drive.Or have I messed up the whole thing??

Answer:Drives recognised by BIOS

All I can say is that your BIOS will only recognise the actual physical drives not the partions. Hope this helpsYou should be able to see all your drives in my computer but this will show physical drives and partions.

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I've had an SSD drive now as main drive for past 12 months and it has been really good, fast start up instant access you name it brilliant.
Apart from yesterday when it went missing, sounds daft but it just went missing from the PC.
It seems that it is getting to be a common issue with SSD drives and they do not show up in BIOS at all.
If this does happen to you there is a work -around that brings the SSD drive back on, posting link to one site that explains how to do it enter link description here it seems that this will work in 90% of cases.
It did work with my drive and it is back up and running so I thought I would post a solution here.
It's the first time that I have had a hard drive that doesn't even show up in BIOS .
Any way with luck nobody will need this advice but with SSD drives becoming more affordable you never know.

Answer:SSD drives not recognised or not even in BIOS

Thanks for the information.

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Hello. I've tried lots of other forums, but nobody so far has been able to help me. You're my only hope.

My BIOS won't recognise my new internal DVDRW drive (This one). Windows XP recognizes it, and it works perfecty.

The CDRW/DVD drive that came with my laptop 3 years ago (This one) has always been unreliable (cyclic redundancy errors galore). I got around this by using external drives, but my BIOS doesn't support booting or reloading via USB and - according to the guy at Time Computers (who I bought the computer from) - it cannot be upgraded.

Rebooting or reloading from the cyclic redundo-drive is nail-biting stuff. And this is why I bought the new drive.

So is there any way to get my drive recognised by the BIOS? I upgraded the drive's firmware, but that didn't help. And the drive isn't faulty - the one I've got now is a replacement of an identical drive whch I sent back because I thought that its BIOS-invisibility was due to a fault.

The guy at Time Computers said that my computer would probably only work with the original drive (due to some special ID number embedded in the drive or something), and offered to sell me a replacement of it for "£40-80". Pfft, thanks a lot Time Computers!

Answer:DVDRW not recognised by BIOS

Lazy Jones said:

The guy at Time Computers said that my computer would probably only work with the original drive (due to some special ID number embedded in the drive or something), and offered to sell me a replacement of it for "£40-80". Pfft, thanks a lot Time Computers!Click to expand...

If that's the case, there's not much you can do except bend over and pay the 80 quid.

Surely that would apply to the other hardware as well?
Which means that your whole computer is a time bomb waiting to go off (pun intended).

Don't know anything at all about Time PCs i'm happy to say.
You could spend some time hunting down similar disgruntled users on the Internet and seeing if you can get to the bottom of it.

(Try a different, more standard optical drive from somewhere if you can too)

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I have just bought a WD 1200JD Sata HDD. Installed it and enabled jumpers for SATA on MOBO. So far BIOS does not recognise the disc (I have searched) and if I go to the RAID SETUP on boot up the drive appears. When windows XP Pro starts it wants to install RAID controller. However it can't automatically find this.

Not sure what I need to do.

I currently have a IDE ATA WD1200JB HDD installed as master too.

Should BIOS recognise the drive? It does'nt so do I need a update? My MOBO is Asus A7N8X-E DELUXE. Surely not as my MOBO comes with SATA capabilities.

Do I need to use RAID with SATA? This is only optional right?

How can I get windows XP Pro to recognise it? Was thinking maybe need new service Pack, but I'd rather not! Could anyone explain what the RAID CONTROLLER is?

Hope this is clear guys.



Answer:Sata Disk Not Recognised In Bios

you have a raid setting turned on, either in your bios or via jumper(s). if in doubt, reset your bios following the procedure outlined in your board's manual.

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Hoping someone can help....

I tried to update the BIOS but it didnt work. Computer re-started and now my SSD drive with windows installed on is not recognised and hence i cannot get into windows. I have a 2tb slave drive with stuff on i cannot afford to lose. Something similar happened a while a go so i got a new ssd drive replacement but i dont think anything is wrong with it. Last time i had to repartition the drive as it was in RAW format but i cannot remember how i did that? The computer is less than 6 months old and a pretty powerful machine so doubt its the hardware as such, more that ive done something to it after trying to updatethe BIOS im sure.

Any help would be great, can provide any more ifo if needed.

Thank you


Answer:Hard drive not recognised in BIOS

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Now, I've tried to upgrade an old computer - Time computer to be exact. 500D I think the model is.Installed a new seagate 80gb Baracuda IDE ATA drive, instead of the current 20Gb one.However, BIOS crashed on post when detecting IDE. So set it to limit to 32Gb mode on the jumper, BIOS worked, and recognised disk fine.However, when trying to boot from it, I get %011010001010101101010001011010011101010101010105 all over the screen, and it fails to boot.Linux recognised and installed to the drive, but it just wont boot from it.Any ideas?

Answer:New 80Gb upgrade not recognised in BIOS

Forget the 5 by the way, its like % with a load of binary digits, and ends with a %

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I have an A60 which started to switch itself off and then fail to boot.
I tried using the recovery CD which reinstalled the OS but the laptop still failed to boot after that.

I suspected the HD was failing and bought a replacement toshiba 40gig drive. I've installed the new drive but and been into the BIOS (F2 then F1) but the BIOS says there's no HD installed.

The recovery CD won't install saying there no drive selected.

Can anyone offer any help/advice on what I can try next?

Here's some technical details.

Laptop Toshiba A60-672
old drive MK4025GAS (40gig)
replacement drive MK4026GAT (40gig)


Answer:Satellite A60 - replacement HD not recognised in BIOS

> I have an A60 which started to switch itself off and then fail to boot.
I tried using the recovery CD which reinstalled the OS but the laptop still failed to boot after that.
For me it sounds more like a overheating issue caused by high internal temperature.
This is a typical issue if the cooling ventilators are clogged and if the air cannot circulate correctly.

> I suspected the HD was failing and bought a replacement toshiba 40gig drive. I've installed the new drive but and been into the BIOS (F2 then F1) but the BIOS says there's no HD installed.
A friend of mine has upgraded the own Satellite with the new HDD and the HDD has not been recognized by BIOS due to wrong pin assignment and jumper settings? Check this!!!

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Can anyone help?

I just bought a WD SATA 320 gb HDD and am trying to install it as an extra storage space - not a boot disk. the problem is that my mobo (ASUS K8V SE Deluxe) has two raid controllers. One is a VIA that i have two HDD's plugged in and not set up as raid - the boot disk (maxtor) is attatched to the primary and the other (storage) is connected to the secondary, and everything works fine. the second Raid controller is the promise 378 fAST TRACK controller and this is the one that i am trying to attatch the new 320gb HDD. I have updated VIA drivers, mobo bios, fastrack driver (fine in system). But Windows does not trecognise the drive.

If i put the promise controller as an 'ide connected device' in bios i can set the boot order and use my normal drive (VIA primary contoller - maxtor) which works fine but windows doesn't recognise the new WD drive plugged into the promise controller. But if i set the promise controller to 'RAID' in the bios and use the little prog to arrange the array, so it is recognised, the boot order changes and i cant access windows!! The bios recognises that there is a drive attatched to the promise fastrack controller and attempts to boot from that - but when i go into bios and attempt to change it back to the maxtor (VIA controller) there is no option to boot from the VIA Raid Controller - only the promise.

This is doing my head in! Has anyone any ideas as to why this is happening or an... Read more

Answer:RAID and ASUS HDD not recognised in Win XP, but is on bios. please help

Boot up windows and go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management and find the Disk management tab on the lower left. Click it and the HDD should be there. The reason it hasn't been recognised by windows is that it hasn't been formatted. Use this tab to format the drive (might take awhile).

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Hey,I can't tell if it is a driver problem but maybe you can point me in the right direction.I have a Fujitsu Lifebook s6231 Laptop and a few months ago the computer would take 20 minutes to boot. The DVD drive has a quick-release and one day I found that the computer would boot fine if the DVD drive was disconnected from the computer. I figured replace the drive and all will be well.My old drive was a UJ-830B (a slim drive) and I tried replacing it with a UJ-831B. When it came in the mail the drives looked identical, just move the harness and install!The drive installed perfectly! sooooo easy, the driver loaded right from the drive and everything. I was playing dvds within minutes! but........The next time I turned the computer on the drive didn't show in "My Computer" or even the device manager. I did a lot of reading and found that it wouldn't be compatible if it wasn't recognized in the bios so I checked that. No cd rom in the bios!!!!It worked though, so I was confused. Remembering my old problem I started the computer without the drive connected. Then after Windows completely loaded I connected the DVD rom again. IT WAS THERE!Confused, I called the company who sold me the drive, he had never heard of my problem. He asked what the drive firmware was, it is 1.00 and so he asked me to send it back and he would replace it with one that had newer firmware. I didSame problem with now the UJ-840. If I want to use the DVD drive I need to wait until... Read more

Answer:DVD drive recognised by Windows XP, not BIOS

I would suggest backing up all of your documents and files, then reload the OS fresh.Then try the new drive, it won't solve the bios issue, but it may allow it to boot with the drive connected.The problem actually sounds like bios, have you tried updating the bios?

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I've just added a AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (1667mhz) to an ABIT NF7-S2 motherboard. When I boot up the BIOS shows it at 1050mhz with an FSB of 100mhz. If I change it to 133 or 166 the system either hangs or fails to boot up at all. I've updated the BIOS but it still won't give me the option to manually change the speed of the processor. Should I just accept that it will only run at 1050mhz or is there something else I need to consider?

Answer:CPU frequency not recognised correctly by BIOS

Check the voltage settings in the BIOSYou'll need to establish which processor you haveModel 6 (Palomino) runs at 1.75voltsModel 8 (Thorobred) has 2 xp2000+ codesDKT3C runs at 1.65 voltsDUT3C runs at 1.6 voltsModel 10 (Thornton) runs at 1.6 volts

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I have 2 Dvds been working ok. Now not recognised in bios.I have tried restore and reset bios.

Answer:Solved: Dvds not recognised in bios

Faulty IDE cable.

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Hello everyone. I have recently got a new ThinkPad L540. Since I need to use Windows 7 (TrueCrypted company Installation on normal SSD) and Ubuntu I bought a HDD Caddy for the UltraBay together with a 1TB HDD. My problem is, that I can not select the second HDD (HDD1) in the BIOS to boot from. It does not show the name of the drive, just HDD1. HDD0 has a name that indicates that it is the Intel SSD. The new drive is visible and usable in Windows and when I use a USB-Drive to install Linux on that second Drive.Furthermore I switched the SSD and the HDD and the L540 boots sraight up into Ubuntu. When I switch back its boots Windows 7 again. During the Ubuntu installation I tried both, writing the GRUB2 bootloader to the root-partition or to the beginning of the HDD (schould be the same since the root-partition is the first on the drive). Gparted is also thelling me that the root-partition is bootable. I hope somebody has an idea!Thank you very much for your help in advance!!! 

Answer:L540 HDD in Ultrabay not recognised in BIOS

I have exactly the same problem . Bad solution is to change the AHCI to IDE mode in BIOS. Do you have an idea how to solve it?

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Hi, I do a bit here and there with computers and as such a friend who has gone travelling left me his laptop that wouldnt boot to see what i could do.

Its a HP Compaq Presario CQ60
S/N: 2CE910CBC1
Drive: Samsung HM251JI (250GB)

I have run a number of basic tests on the drive with the following results;

1)Tried connection of the SATA drive through adapter via USB on my system and rebooted the system.

HDD was not recognised in the disk managment console within windows 7. Was not recognised in My Computer.
Disk did show signs of life and was 'Ticking' and sounded like a CD struggling to find a track.
I also, after several minutes got a pop up saying i needed to format drive k to continue (obviously i didnt formt).

2) Connected the HDD directly to the MB and PSU on my system as a secondary drive.

RESULT: The same sounds came from the drive as before; during and after a very lengthy boot up.
Checked the bios for the drive and it was not listed.

My friend only requires his iTunes and photos off the drive. Please would you be able to give me any pointers.
Many thanks

Answer:No boot on laptop and HDD not recognised in bios

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HiI have just tried installing a new hard drive on my computer. (removing the old smaller one)It is a samsung 160gb ultra ata133 sp1654n.using a win me start up disk I can not access this drive from dos and therefore can not install os (win2000)The bios seems to recognise the drive ie it is displayed on the start up screen and when entering the bios it is also recognised. However it recognises it as a samsung drive at 160 gb but does not fill in values for cylinders heads and secors.The motherboard is a asrock k7sx8 with the origonal bios.Any help appreciated.mark

Answer:hard drive not recognised in bios

" The bios seems to recognise the drive ie it is displayed on the start up screen and when entering the bios it is also recognised. However it recognises it as a samsung drive at 160 gb but does not fill in values for cylinders heads and secors."That should be fine, just leave it on auto in the bios. F10 to save settings and exit.If you are going to use windows 2000, don't use the ME boot up disk. just set the bios to cdrom for first boot. Pop the cd in the cdrom drive, start the computer and follow the installation prompts. You can format and partition the drive as you load windows is a brilliant guide to installing 2000. click here

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two computers were running perfectly, 1 athlon 1800 and 1 pentium 2 - both windows ME. After upgrading son's computer, attempted to install his old hard drive (IBM deskstar 40 gb) in athlon system as 2nd hard drive. All jumper settings were correctly reset. Computer would not boot into windows from c drive and bios reported as "no fixed disk present". Did also not recognise the transferred IBM drive as secondary. ME boot floppy used and possibility of virus mentioned.I then tried (foolishly) to install the IBM disk in the old Pentium as secondary, with the same results. I now have two computers where the C drive is reported as " no fixed disk present.If the old drive had a virus, is it possible that it infected the C drives before windows was started? Can the motherboards now be infected? Would it be safe to try to replace the C drives with a clean drive, or will this too be affected? Finally, as I cannot get into windows to run anti-virus program, does anyone no of an anti virus program that can be run from DOS prompt? Or any other advice to resue these machines, please.

Answer:hard drive not recognised by bios

not an answer to your question as such, but have you entered the bios and checked that the ide's are set to auto detect.this needs to be set for the hardrives to be picked up by the bios, for some reason they may not be set or have been changed and may need to be set again..worth a try

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I have just bought a 200 GB hard disk and I cannot make my PC to recognise the full capacity.Is there a known solution for this? My PC has an Athlon 900MHz with an Award Medallion V.6.0 BIOS. Can I update the BIOS or the problem is with windows XP?

Answer:200 GB hard disk recognised as 130 GB. Bios or XP?

Do you have XP SP1 Version or later? You will need this to recognise the disk.

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New PC (2 weeks old) Everything fine until I installed some software (not kosher). When running this software after installation, machine froze and I had to power down. On restarting machine I now get "No Hard Disk Drive Detected". AVG antivirus software didn't detect anything on installation. Any ideas?

Answer:Hard Disk not recognised by BIOS

Assumation that if the pc is two weeks old then, you're have xp on it.Have you tried restore disk or have you tried using the xp disk to restore.sounds like a software problem, if you have the details of your hhd then it might be posiable to manualy reinsert these details into bois?

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I have bought a new hard drive that has a different connection to the one i have already installed! no prob went to my local pc man and got a bus port to connect with.I have set all these items up and what i get when booting up(bios is set to boot from cd and bootable windows cd in drawer) In big yellow letters i get the following......."If you want to install linux default partition raid driver,please do not use Oprom creation operation" Does this make any sense to you guys?? It then goes on to flash up the "E machine" logo to be followed by a flashing cusror!!!I worry now that i have changed a setting in the bios and screwed it good HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLL PPPPPPPPPPPPPP!ANY ADVICE IS TRULY APPRECIATED Hubelly Ps i have tried moving the connector to other bus ports but get the same deal???Th other point though is that the original hard drive that i took out works fine in my external drive!!!?? When i used that on the desktop it started going into chkdsk straight off and would get to "part two of checking disk on c" it would then stay static on say 33%.I left it for 72 hrs but to no avail so that's why i think bios?Thanks again Hubelly

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Hi hope someone can help. I have a Toshiba Equium EA60-173 and the hard drive is not being recognised in the BIOS. When I take the hard drive out and put it in another laptop it is detected fine. I have also tried another hard drive in the Toshiba and that doesnt work either. Therefore I suspect the IDE controller has gone, but is there anything I can do to confirm this? I wish there was some option in the BIOS to force a detect. I have successfully updated the BIOS but still the same.

This laptop is only just out of warranty so if it is the controller would I need to replace the motherboard? Are there any other options available to me?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Hard Drive not being recognised in BIOS - Equium A60

Hi Neil,

Unless there is some physical\problem with the Hdd connector/cable then it is quite likely that you will need a new mainboard for your notebook. I suggest you contact an authorised Servic Partner and ask them to check your notebook and give you an estimate of the costs of the repair. Then you can try to shop around for any cheaper alternatives.


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A couple of months ago the system drive on one of my old PCs suddenly stopped working - not particularly surprising given that it's about 10 years old. I swapped it out and left it until I had time to try to pull the data off it. It's a 60GB Western Digital Caviar WD600AB-32CDB0 EIDE drive. Now, when I connect it to the secondary IDE bus on my PC it does seem to spin up and the BIOS recognises it no problem, but neither Windows XP (Disk Manager) nor Slackware Linux 9.1 (cfdisk) do. This is not a situation I've come across before (disk recognised by BIOS but not the O.S.). Does anybody know what the problem might be and what I can do to try to resolve it? I have been pretty careful with its usage over the years (eg. not having a paging file) which I guess is why it has lasted so long, but I don't really need to use it any more - I would just like to pull the data off it if possible without incurring significant expense.

Edit: I forgot to say, on bootup SMART reports no problems!

Thanks very much,


Answer:IDE Drive Recognised by BIOS not by Operating Systems

Hey 3g. I've never been in that situation myself, I do believe the BIOS only reads parameters about the drive that it gets from the preprogrammed circuits in the drive, whereas Windows is trying to actually read data off the drive and can't. Is the drive configured correctly for where it's placed with it's jumper pins?. You may want to run a diagnostic test on the drive from the link below

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My second (slave) hard drive used to work fine but after upgrading my main (master) drive, and then re-starting, Windows XP does not recognise it.The slave is recognised by the BIOS and showing as okay. It is also showing as recognised by Device Manager (and shown as working properly) but I cannot see it anywhere in My Computer, even in the "Disk Management" section of utilities.

Answer:Slave drive recognised by BIOS but not My Computer

Try "Add new hardware" in the Control panel - I've seen it make drives pop into view.

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I have tried several cd dvd drives in this unit but the BIOS has "none" against the optical drive..

the drives are good units as they work with a USB caddy on another machine..

I need the optical drive to work so that I can re-install, as the hard disk has now become corrupted. The recovery seems to require the laptop to boot from the CD drive.

If there any suggestions on how I can install onto a formatted hardrive, without using a usb cd drive, that would be cool..

Answer:Equium A210 - Known good cd/dvd drive not recognised by BIOS

> the drives are good units as they work with a USB caddy on another machine?

The BIOS does not recognize the CD/DVD drive because of wrong master/slave/c-sel settings. You have to use a compatible CD/DVD drive. Such CD/DVD drive can be ordered from local ASP.

> Are there any suggestions on how I can install onto a formatted hardrive, without using a usb cd drive, that would be cool..

Maybe you could be able to install Windows from USB stick?
I?m not sure if the BIOS will support the booting from USB stick, but it?s worth a try.
Here a nice page how to do that:

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Satellite L100 - 170 Model No.PSLA3E 02501QEN running Win XP.

The CD/DVD drive icon has disappeared from My Computer and is not listed in Device Manager or showing in the BIOS.
There is power to the drive and the tray ejects OK
I have tried using the Add New Hardware facility in Control Panel but it does not list a CD Drive.
I have removed the drive and then re-seated it but it made no difference.

I have used System Restore to the last available date 26th January 08 but it does not restore the CD drive...and I no it was working at that time.
I don't think this is a faulty drive as it is picking up power and when you insert a CD it starts up as though it were about to read the disk but nothing appears on screen.

The Laptop belongs to an Autistic child and all I can get out of him is 'I don't know' when asked what has happened to the Laptop.
Sorry I don't have any other information.

Can anyone help.



Answer:Satellite L100: CD/DVD Drive is not recognised in Bios or My Computer

Well, usually if the CD/DVD drive doesn?t appear in the BIOS or the BIOS cannot recognize the ODD then the chances are that the CD/DVD drive would malfunctions.

But the best way to check this is a new OS installation. You should try to boot from a bootable XP CD.
If the notebook would be able to boot from the CD then the hardware is ok.

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Hello everyone.

i am new on that forum and I of course need Your help.
after bios update in my tecra a7 202 "Toshiba PC Diagnostic" shows:
Model name: Satellite M110
Number: PSBM0U-1234567
SERIAL NUMBER: 000000000000000000000000000000
Below that everything is ok.

I used bios5.10-win. but when i was trying to update antivir software panda did not allowed me to open winrar exe file.
There was vbs script which was dangerous in panda's opinion. I turned off panda, but it still blocked the exe file. I decided to open the exe file by winrar.
After that i run SA10Flash.exe. I backed up old bios and loaded new one - but there were 2 files .rom: S10PM510.ROM and S10GM510.ROM. first one was younger and i decided to choose it. Maybe it was wrong.

Anyway after update in Bios mode was error with TRM or something like that and option to choose: F2 to setup and F1-load defaults. I took F1.
After that i have Satellite m110 :(

please help
best regards

Answer:Tecra A7 after Bios update is recognised as Satellite M110


Sorry but I don?t understand you procedure!
Did you read the BIOS update document provided by Toshiba?
The BIOS update is risky if you use a wrong BIOS or wrong update procedure!

I have checked the Toshiba driver site and downloaded the BIOS for Tecra A7.
I have unzipped the bios-510win and I found the file S10V510.exe
This is one file. You have to run it!

For me it seems you used wrong BIOS or the wrong procedure and therefore the notebook shows a wrong name.

PS: Don't worry ;) the Satellite M110 is also a great notebook :D ........ just a joke

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Hiya,I've just been doing a lot of upgrading to my computer. I have just added an 80gig hard drive *Samsung make I think* and the BIOS recognises it as being 80gig. I then load fdisk and attempt to create a primary logical partition *i think that's the one.. the first option you get*, telling it to use all available hard drive space, but when it is done I only end up with 10gig space.Does anyone have any solutions? In the bios it is set to auto for all the options. Cheers for any help you can provide!

Answer:80gig hard drive recognised in BIOS but not fdisk

Have you added it as slave or master?You may be able to boot with your OS CD and use it to partition, format etc.

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ok, my pc wont recognise my sata drive until it loads onto windows. so i cant do a fresh install of windows xp onto it because it will only recognise my udma drive. i need to install windows xp onto the sata drive because the computer will no longer start up, it comes up with error upon error saying files are missing etc. Any ideas how i can get my computer to recognise the sata drive? It doesnt actually recognise it in the bios either. It says that the only hard drive there is the udma one. Please help me....

Answer:Sata Hardrive Not Recognised In Bios- PC wont work

you need to install drivers for the sata drive click herelokk here it will tell you how to do it wasted about 4 hrs trying to install on my brothers pc until i found the drivers they are ussually on the motherboard disk .

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Hi there. I have a desktop where startup takes around 1minute (during that time HP logo showing) and then freezes during the 'Microsoft Windows' logo (with the bar below not moving). Had to do a hard reboot (press the power button for 10secs), and just keep re-booting until it would finally boot properly. Although I did found out why my PC hangs -- and it's because BIOS doesn't recognise the DVD-drive, which causes windows to freeze. But once I reboot it, and it does detect the dvd-drive, then my PC works beautifully with no problems.

My question now would be: Why can't my PC detect the dvd-drive on BIOS the first time it boots? If I restart my PC, then it's also OK. It's only when I do a shutdown and then boot my PC that BIOS can't detect the dvd-drive. So most of the time I just end up not turning off my PC just to avoid the problem of booting my PC. But it would be good if I can turn off my PC (and save electricty) and not slowly killing it by doing hard-boots all the time.

My PC specs are:
HP Pavillion Slim s3380a
Windows Vista SP1
2Gb memory

I've seen other forums where they recommend removing upper/lower filters and I've done that too but didn't make any difference.

Any other suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Answer:DVD-drive not recognised in BIOS, Vista freezing at startup

In the BIOS, what is the boot order of your drives and where does the DVD drive fall in said order?

Also, check your SATA cable connects.

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What it says on the tin, really. I installed two new Maxtor 250GB SATA drives this afternoon, as companions to my 500GB main C:/ drive. They are picked up in the BIOS just fine, but Vista can't see them. They don't show up in Disk Management or the Device Manager, so I can't format them or do anything with them.

I've looked through the manual and the BIOS very thoroughly, but I can't find anything wrong. Everything that should be enabled is enabled. It's an MSI K9N Mainboard. I should stress that this is NOT a RAID setup - I just want two extra HDs.

Please, help needed on making Vista detect these drives

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Dear all, I'm going through a disastrous situation with my Lenovo ThinkPad 15 (0301-CTO) laptop.  I am running Windows 7, which was factory-installed.  Following an automatic windows 7 update (around 30-40 updates at once) on 14th September, the computer restarted itself automatically.  The first issue I noticed was that the wireless adapter was not working.  I was able to fix this by switching the adapter on and off. The second issue was that my USB mouse had stopped working.  I later realised that this was actually because all my USB ports had stopped working, so flash drives, external hard drives, etc. we're not recognised. The first steps taken to try and sort this out were:Uninstalling all the new updates.  I foolishly hadn't enabled system restore, so that wasn't an option.  Removing the updates had no effect.Running thorough scans for viruses and malware, using Avast and Malware Bytes.  Noting was found.I used Windows Device Manager to check the USB drivers - apparently they were all up to date.  I uninstalled and reinstalled them all anyway, but this made no difference.After trying these things and restarting my computer, the problem got worse:  I could no longer use the Internet as no network adapter could be found (wireless or LAN), I couldn't use my DVD drive, no bluetooth adapter was recognised, microphone and camera have all diappeared.  I tried restoring to the point before I reinstalled the u... Read more

Answer:No ports (USB, network adapters, DVD drives) recognised. All disabled in BIOS - can't enable.

Well, I've tried everything I can think of.  Managed to get my data taken off the drive, first. Updated the BIOSDid a Windows Memory Diagnostic TestRan start up repairFactory reset x 2Attempted to boot from Lenovo Hardware Maintenance Diskette (USB version), but ports weren't functioning.Opened the laptop up and removed the backup battery for around 16 hours, allowing CMOS to discharge.  Got the CHECKSUM IS BAD message, but no changes happened in the BIOS and I still couldn't enable the drives.Fixed a damaged USB socket (that had been damaged for months).Still, none of these actions have had any effect.  The motherboard might need replacing, but I'm not sure if this is neccessary.  Any advice/ideas, particularly from Lenovo staff would be helpful. Thanks

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Hi Geeks,

My Secondary hard drive has just disappeared and is not available in the BIOS or in Disk management.
This occurred immediately after installing Android SDK (on the drive in question)
An error message popped up in the tooltray with a write delay notification, I ignored it (regretfully) and proceeded with the last step of the SDK which was ADB restart (or something similar) which had failed.
After this, the drive had disappeared from my computer and it's nowhere to be seen.

The drive in question is a 750 GB SATA.

If anyone can help me with this I'll buy you a coffee.

Thanks very much.


Answer:Secondary Hard Drive Dissapeared: Not Recognised in BIOS or Disk Management.


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Hi, I want to buy a new hard drive for my desktop PC, and I was wondering if the western digital black 250GB hard drive or western digital enterprise 250GB hard drive would work better for such a PC. Both of the HDDs I mentioned are SATA, in case you're wondering.

Answer:Solved: western digital black 250GB vs. western digital enterprise 250GB

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I'm trying to put an old hard drive into my PC as a slave but i can't find it in disk management. It is installed via IDE and BIOS recognises it as a hard drive but i can't find it when i login to my PC.

Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: hard drive recognised in BIOS but doesn't show in Disk Management

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Been having lots of hassle.

Finally got mobo to recognise my soundcard - Audigy 2ZS. Now comp is quite unstable. Keeps crashing of own accord. Sometimes rebooting, other times to completely unresponsive state with display frozen, sometimes to blackscreen and have to hold on button in till machine shuts off.

When I restart I have lost sound. Card not listed in device manager. Computer still crashing randomly.

If I leave the computer turned off for a good couple of hours, sometimes when I restart the sound has returned and card is recognised in devices.

Anybody know what might be happening.

Epox 9npa nForce4 ultra
AMD 64 3700 SanDiego
Gigabyte G Power Cooler pro
ThermalTake PurePower 480W
Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum
Windows XP Pro

Also, my mouse pointer is jumping all over the screen of it's own accord which is very frustrating. Cordless Optical Mouse, reciever about 5inches away from mouse, latest logitech drivers, worse with SP2, enhanced pointer precission switched off. Mouse mat makes no difference.

Any suggestion on rectifying this prob or is it related to comp crashing ???

Answer:Soundcard recognised. Crash. Soundcard not recognised. Wait 2Hr Recognised Again ??.


You didnít mention if your sound card is built into the motherboard or is an add-on card. I'll assume itís an add-on. I would check to make sure the sound card is seated firmly in the slot, or another option would be to try another slot. Perhaps the one you have the sound card in is bad. Also, you may want to uninstall the driver for the sound card and download a new one from the manufactureís website.

You also mention that your mouse pointer jumps all over the screen. Usually when this happens to me, it means the battery's are starting to run out and need replaced. Also, try moving the receiver as far away from the monitor, speakers and tower. Interference from any of these devices can play havoc with the signal.

Good Luck.

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I'm on Windows XP, AMD Athlon 2.19 Ghz, 608MB RAM, The mouse has no manufacturer on it and the drivers don't show up in Device Manager. For the keyboard, in Device Manager, under keyboards, it says: 'HID Keyboard Device' and 'Standard 101/103-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard'The Mouse is connected with a small circular input which I think is a serial port.When I unplug the mouse, the computer makes a high pitched circular noise, almost melodic, this only happened twice.The mouse is there in the middle of the screen, but doesn't respond. In safe mode, it still doesn't respond.I don't have another mouse to test, but the sensor light at the bottom still works, if that's relevant and I haven't installed any new hardware recently.In what I feel is related (as I'm reckoning this is an SCSI problem), I tried to update the SCSI and RAID driver, but it failed to do so and said 'an error occurred during the installation of the device. The specified service does not exist as an installed service.' Now, every time I boot the computer, a 'Found New Hardware' Wizard starts up, again trying to download the driver and again failing.

Answer:Mouse not recognised and USB Keyboard occasionally not recognised

Welcome!Computer Hope is the number one location for free computer help. The forum will help everyone with all computer questions. Is this a home built Desktop?The small circular plug is a PS/2 style mouse connector. It is not to be inserted while poser is on. You need to replace it. Or get a USB mouse. Do not plug in a PS/2 mouse with power on.You are using n Windows XP. What is the model of pour PC or the model of your motherboard. Did you recently install new hardware?  Is this a new problem. Do you have the CD with the set of drivers for your PC or motherboard?

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Bought a new W530 two months ago to replace an old T61p and its a great machine, but the fingerprint reader has stopped working today. The BIOS no longer recognises the fingerprint reader - when I go to clear the stored fingerprints it says none detected. In Windows the fingerprint reader shows under device manager but in Biometric devices under control panel it now shows as unavailable and the Thinkpad fingerprint software doesn't recognise it either Did a BIOS update, but that didn't fix it either. The lights don't come on for the scanner at any point. Anyone any ideas?

Answer:W530 - Fingerprint no longer working - no longer recognised in BIOS (but is in Windows!)

welcome to the community.
just to rule it out, you may wish to pull the palmrest and check the fpr connector to assure it is securely attached. if you don't have it already, te hardware maintenance manual should help with the process:
if that doesn't help, and since your machine is so new, i would recommend contacting Service to discuss your options.
phone numbers:
Ireland, specifically:
Country or RegionProductLanguageTelephone numberHours of operation

THINK-branded products
01-815-920201-881-1444(Warranty service and support)
9AM - 6PMMonday - Friday

hope this helps a bit.

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Hi all Last year I used the Lenovo system update software and it did a BIOS update following which the battery is not recognised so if I pull out mains power it hibernates.  I'm sure it's a BIOS issue but if I try to upgrade the BIOS it stops me halfway through as I don't have a full battery ie what comes first.....!. The problem is definitely not the battery age as I bought the computer off my work and the batteries had been replaced a few months before I did, and it hasn't been used that much. I'm not sure it's a IBM/Lenovo battery- it's not clear as it has a sticker on referencing model number VIS-50-T40L.  Would be a bit crazy if you can't use  non IBM/Lenovo batteries  I tried to fix it but gave up, and used my work laptop, but have just found these new discussion boards so will try again. If I had a dollar for the hours I've tried to fix this I'd be richer than Bill Gates - quite disappointed with Lenovo that an auto update  could do so much harm. It's the most rididculous problem that has driven me bananas for 12 months so if someone has the answer then I'll be eternally grateful. CheersMessage Edited by camtastic on 06-07-2009 09:22 PM

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Hi guys, I want to connect my ps3 hard drive on pc to use it on pc, so when I get my new computer I can use it with it straight away, but right now I want to use it on my current pc, I plugged in both the one cable and the other one (sata), that goes from power supply cable to the HDD.

when I booted the pc it said installing device drive software, and said, device is ready to use, I go to my computer, and it ain't there, do I have to set it as secondary in bios?

Win7 Ultimate final rev

It's automatically set as fourth IDE master. restarted pc and still doesn't show up, I heard I need to format, is that true? like that to know if I should re-gain windows 7 disk

Oh and t's actually 320gb

Answer:250gb hdd ps3 on pc?

Open up Disk Management (in the admin tools control panel), it should show up in there. I'd delete all the partitions and create 1 new one that incorporates the whole disk. Then format as NTFS.

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Question: 250gb and beyond

Hi all first post and yep theres a problem.... first the specs
MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum board
64bit amd chip
2gb crucial ram 3500
MSI FX5900SP VTD256 ddr
100gb ide
deskstar 250gb ide
deskstar 250gb ide
3 yamaha scsi dvd writers

quite a simple problem you would think....i need both of the 250gig drives to be unpartitioned ( os on one drive). so its down to the 137gb problem. all of the solutions i have read so far is based on the sp1 and sp 2 route .I.e format the drive at 137gig then install windows xp pro and, then update with the pro pack and the drive should be showing at 250gb , im not having too much luck with this approach has anyone any other ideas ?

Answer:250gb and beyond

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As the subject line says, I'm looking for a 250Gb HD to add a second HD to my main PC.Any suggestions/recommendations?Cheers

Answer:Which 250Gb HD should I go for?

That it's an E-IDE drive that I'm after, not a SATA one.

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I wanto buy a samsung evo 850 ssd which is expensive for my budget but i think itll be worth it...
I need advice as i dont know if i need the 500gb as opposed to the 250gb.
Ill only be having my os and a maybe 2 games (overwatch and league of legends) and ill only be watching youtube and movies and doing homework via microsoft office. Will 250gb run out easy if i get it?
Thnks in advance.

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hi ,everybody i have a dell d600 laptop with a 40 gb harddrive and 2 gb memory . my question is i am trying to install a 250 gb harddrive ,but the laptop doesn't recognise the drive ,so i can't install windows on it . i even bought vista .the laptop won't recognise the drive .help

Answer:250GB Hdd Not Recognized


What do you mean the laptop won't recognize the 250GB drive? Do you mean in the BIOS? When trying to install Windows? You can try to download a linux LiveCD like Knoppix or Damn Samll Linux and boot from that (F9 or F12 at the Dell BIOS) and see if it sees it. If so, format with QTParted or Fdisk and then try Windows again. Maybe the drive is bad.

Let me know if this helps.


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Question: 250gb hd problem

Hitachi 250gb hd, was working fine, everything was ok. It was split into two partitions a 128Gb clip, and a 104 gb clip. The 128gb clip had information on it. Now the drive is recognized in bios properly. When it boots to windows it comes up as 8gb, and has information on it, but I can't access it. One more thing the drive now says fat, when originialy it was ntfs. Under manager, The drive says it is split at 138g and 104 gb. Any ideas? when I run a drive test the drive says it has a bad cable, I swapped the cable out three or four times, to no avail.

I think I have it all listed, oh windows xp home, installed on it's own drive.

Answer:250gb hd problem

Has nothing to do with drivers or Spyware, it is more of a Bios issue. What is the manufacturer and model of the computer that this drive is in? Also, do you have SP2 installed for XP?

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I just bought a maxtor DiamondMax10 250GB HDD...
and i bought an external case so i can use it on my laptop(toshiba A-50)..

I have used a 400GB external Drive on the same laptop before..
I have also used 200GB external drive before on the same laptop..
all of my previous hdd were western digital....

The problem is:
I wanted to format (partition) the hdd... but the computer said that the capacity (unformatted) is around 2 TB
i tried to format it as one partition, it wont do it...
I tried to minimize the capacity to an acceptable (close to real) level (set it to 230Gb) but it wont do it...

I tried to format it using FAT32, and it worked but to a maximum of 200Gb, it is ok... but the problem is that i can only use 10 GB after that the harddrive gives an error (write-protected)...

1- have anyone used Maxtor drives before as externals???
2- Have any one came across this problem before ???
3- Will it work in a normal PC or not?? (just to format it)... because getting a pc in here is quite difficult

Thanks in advance....

I used the windows XP disk managment tool...
and i used also Partition Magic 8.0....
all with the same results...

Answer:problem... 250Gb Hdd is seen as 2TB !!

What external are you putting the drive in?

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I'm sure this is simple, but I can't figure it out and searching google hasn't found me any answers. I am building a new system. It all works fine. But I have a WD 250GB hard drive I"m using. When I boot from WinXP Pro CD, and go to format the drive and install the OS, it only tells me I can format 130GB of space. Nowhere to be found is the rest of my drive...

Any thoughts as to what I"m doing wrong here?


Answer:XP won't format whole 250GB HD

Hi, if the version of Windows on the install CD pre-dates Service Pack 2, you will get this problem.

Microsoft added the ability for Windows to see hard drives bigger than 137 GB in Service Pack 1 (and Service Pack 2).

If you have access to another PC, download Service Pack 2 (which includes Service Pack 1 btw), and integrate it into your install source and burn a new CD from which you can install. You can find good instructions for doing that here:

You can download Service Pack 2 (full 266 MB package) from here:

As a workaround, you can create a partition less than 137 GB, install Windows, and then install Service Pack 2 and you will be able to access the rest of the hard drive. Then you can partition the rest from the Computer Management interface (right-click "My Computer" > Manage...)

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Hello, I'm hoping I can find a solution to my problem here as I couldn't find one elsewhere on the net.
I have a laptop and currently have a 120GB hard drive in an external enclosure. I have just bought a new 250GB hard drive and have installed it in the external enclosure. Though partitioning and formating the 120GB was a breeze, I've had nothing but problems with the new 250GB.
Below are the specs of what I'm working with. In both Partion Magic and in the Win2000 Disk Management, it correctly displays the 250GB drive (233GB). Regardless of which program I use (ie. Partion Magic, Win Disk Management, command line FORMAT) I get problems.
Generally, what will happen is it will partition fine. Then it will begin to the formatting process (VERY slowly) and then either throw an error either during or at the end of the process. And this is when I try to format a very small partition (ie. 100MB). I have successfully formated a 10MB partition. On a large partition (ie. 30GB) the format process will start but will not progress.
The only two things I can think of is that the drive is faulty, or because I am booting my OS from a floppy there is some sort of recognition problem.
I can't run the diagnosis software from Maxtor because that requires the drive to be installed internally.
So any help to this problem will be greatly appreciated.
Additionally, how long should it generally take to format the 250GB drive in its entirety?

Comp: Toshiba Satellite 2805-S201
OS: Win2... Read more

Answer:What's with the 250GB Drive

HHhhhhhmmm...sounds like a bad drive to me. Do you have a desktop computer that you can use to attempt to format the drive??

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Maxtor 250

Just put a Maxtor 250 GB into my mate's machine, Maxblast3 will only let me have 137GB, Windows XP will only see it as 31.4GB. I've managed to partition & format it in my own machine correctly but when I put it back in his, it F***s up again

I've updated the Via 4in1, the bios is already updated to the latest version

I'm guessing a new MB is in order ??????

Answer:Maxtor 250GB seen as 137

i've had that 2 with my 200Gb, windows only allowed 138Gb
do you have SP1 installed cuz that seemed to do the trick on with my 200Gb

:grinthumb The best of Luck :grinthumb
Greetz Selage

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I purchased a new samsung eco drive 1tb hdd to add on to my custom built pc. I currently have the 250gb partitioned with xp on it. I installed XP on the new 1tb and when i have both hdd hooked up, XP gets a blue screen of death with the 250GB... if i unhook either one of the drives and run them alone, they run fine.
I updated the bios, chipset drivers, etc...

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I do not know what happened.. but I lost... 250gb+ of my files in my laptop. On the HDD where was 40gb free space now there is 326gb..
Most of my programs that I had... they just disappear... same with the movies.. (but for example .3gp files still are there)
Moreover, option "restore system" was disabled...
Those are logs from the OTL.. I dont know if it will help...
Extras -
I gave this laptop to a computer shop.. but all they did was trying to install antivirus.. then they did that checkdisk when you start the computer... before the login window (it took like 2h or maybe even more)... after that I took the computer back...
Now I dont know what to do, because files can be overwritten, due to the system partition.
And giving this laptop to a professional shop that is specialized in restoring files will cost me SO MUCH.
I beg you for help... on the HDD I had very important things
Thanks in advance,
Btw: Sorry for my english.. I hope you can understand everything

Answer:250gb disappear from hdd

Hello, please repost your question with the full OTL log here so we can advance.
Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs

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I have two 250GB hard drive in my pc and I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro SP2. It's running on an Abit motherboard with Athlon 64 dual core 4400+ CPU. I got the computer from a friend and decided to do a clean install so I deleted the previous partions and made a new one. It went through the whole formatting process fine then went through the windows setup. It then did an automatic reboot but right after POST it gave me an error message. It said Trap followed by 0000005c ==============EXCEPTION=========================== and a series of hexdecimal messages afterworsd. I've done this twice and had the same problem and I just wanted to know if you guys knew anything about this?

Answer:Installing Win XP Pro SP2 on two 250GB HDD

Greetings gfx dude, Welcome to TSF!

Firstly, you only need to install the Operating System one ONE of the HDD's not both of them.
The second HDD can be connected as a "Slave" and can be used to 'save' everything that you download, plus emails and other data, such as music etc.
I suggest that you check the CD for scratches and marks; wipe it very gently from the centre to the edges with a lint free cloth.
To give you the best chance of getting Windows? installed without hassles, such as those you are experiencing, is to completely wipe the HDD with Darik's Boot N Nuke.
Wiping the HDD this way will completely erase everything off the HDD and take it back to a RAW unformatted state, as if it had just come out of the factory.

Just so that you do not forget anything when doing the installation, please read this...

The Windows? XP Installation Check List.

1. The Windows? XP SP2-CD (naturally)

2. Darik's Boot N Nuke (Click the coloured Link).

3. Please read this guide.

4. The Motherboard CD that contains all the necessary Drivers etc.

A couple of tips...
a. Darik's Boot N Nuke will take about 4? hours to completely wipe the Drive; however, this will vary depending on how big the Drive is. (That estimate is for a 80Gb HDD).

b. When you get to Figure 7 in 'The Guide', you can create more than one partition here by simply telling Windows? how big you want it. Should you do decide to create an extra parti... Read more

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My T510 is getting that and i'm not sure if it's enough space or speed.   is $63 dollars worth a 320gb 7200rpm hd?

Answer:Is 250gb 5400rpm hd enough?

whether it is enough depend on how much programs you have and how much you store on the laptop. 

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I've recently reinstall a fresh copy of XP Pro, I got a Gigabyte 8inxp MB, a WD 250GB install on primary channel as Master, with 2 partition, 125GB each

I've also got a Maxtor 250GB connect to ATA133 card

Before, I got everything up and running , then I install Maxtor drive, card, and Maxblast 3

and I have drive C = 125GB, D = 125GB, and G = 250GB(this is the Maxtor)

then I do a boot-from-cd and install a fresh copy of XP Pro
now I cannot see my Maxtor

I tried to use my Maxblast3 software to mount the drive, but it say it only detect the Windows drive, therefore it won't let me run

When I tried to run Maxblast3 in DOS (from a floppy), I have to format and erase everything, I don't want to do that, I have some important documents on that drive that I do not want to lose

all drive were NTFS

Answer:Cannot see my Maxtor 250GB

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hello,i have installed a 250GB Western Digital Caviar HD on my system. but i cant seem to get the full 250 GBi have installed XP PRO and service pack 1 but its showing 233GB and it says that its using 106 GB i dont know what to do to have the full 250GB showing, you guys have any pointers pleasethanksVJP4 3.2Ghz HTAsus P4 C800 E-Deluxe512mb PC3200 DDR RAMSapphire All In Wonder Radeon 9800 ProWestern Digital 250 GB Hard DriveAntec 350W PSU

Answer:cant get full 250GB

The drive manufacturers reckon a kilo is 1000 (reasonable, I suppose), but the rest of the computer world regards it as 1024.So a 250Gb drive is 250/1.024/1.024/1.024 = 233Gb.

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Question: Deskstar 250Gb Hdd

I just bought a new deskstar 250Gb Hdd which I am trying to install in my Compaq Pressario S3190UK

I know its got to be set to slave but I wasnt sure if I should set it up as a
16 head, a 15 head , 32 byte clip or auto spin dissable and all of those choises are available on the drive

I went for 16 heads and booted up

In " my computer " the new drive does not appear ( I still see all my original drives there) yet in System/Hardware /device manager it shows up under drives and on clicking its properties it says this device is working properly

Without seeing it in the " my computer folder " I cant really format or partition it so I then tried partition magic
That saw it fine and reported its size correctly . I told it to create an ntfs partition and use all the drive . It changed color as it should and all that was left was to click on make changes now but when I did that it went straight back to tell me the new drive had no partitions created

I tried various combinations, of primary or logical drive , small or large partitions and fat or ntfs but always it refuses the last step of actually creating the partition .
What am I doing wrong ?



Answer:Deskstar 250Gb Hdd

First I will assume your drive is showing up as the full size in the bios and is corrrectly identified.

If you are using either xp or win2k. Go to disk management; start>run type in diskmgmt.msc and hit enter. See if your drive shows up there; it should be listed as disk1, disk0 will be the master drive. If it shows up there, you need to partition and format the drive. Right click on the drive and choose to create a partition; I like extended partitions for data / storage drives. After you create the partition, right click again and choose to create logical drive. You can make the entire drive one partition or organize it into say 3 logical drives; whatever you want. After you create the logical drive you will need to format them. Again right click on the logical drive and choose format. Use ntfs for your drive. In fact if you use partitions greater than 32 gig, fat32 is not even an option.

Just think about how you want it organized before you start.

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Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Please do not type in all caps. It is considered rude and yelling.

How have you gone about connecting the drive to your PC?

Does Disk Management see the drive?

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I've been looking at some of the features in Samsung Magician, and ran the Benchmark test twice. Both times I got very high scores, above the max listed in the program for all 4 tests. I have the drive set to MAXIMUM RELIABILITY. Just wondering about the scores reliability.

Scores in Parentheses are Samsung 's listed maximum high:

Sequential Read
549 mb (540)
Seq write
532mb (520)
Random read
97442 (97000)
Random write
70189 (66000)

Answer:Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250gb

Benchmarks are artificial at best [and a benchmark from the mfg is tailored to that particular piece of hardware] I would think you would get different results using a another benchmark program such as ATTO.

In short do not put too much emphasis on any given benchmark. Modern ssd drives are reliable and it should last for quite a while so I would not worry about the drive.

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hello i have formatted my new Portable HD after 4months but its showing used space 97mb can anyone pls tell me is that normal or is there sum problem ? i mean it should show used space 0 bytes ?

Answer:WD Portable 250GB HD

Is the file NTFS or other i.e. FAT32?

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Hello, I just ran out of room on my 500GB HDD, Its a 7200 RPM and I like the speed of it. I started looking for a new HDD when I came across an 60GB SSD. I never thought of buying an SSD before. Now I can't decide if I should get the SSD or the HDD ( same price) I need a new drive for linux, but my current drive only has 3GB left. I was going to partition 30GB to linux and keep 30 for Windows. Then transfer my OS to the remaining 30GB, that would free some room. I am a gamer so I need alot of room for games. If I get the 250GB HDD then I would have alot of room for more games and linux. But then I would not be able to boot Windows 7 in seconds. What should I get?

My specs:
Intel core i5 2500K ( stock speed )
MSI - H61M-P20(G3)
8GB of Vengeance DDR3 RAM @ 1333 CAS 7
GTX 550 Ti 1 GB ( Overclocked )
1 500GB 7200 Western Digital Caviar Blue HDD
500W PSU.

Answer:SSD 60GB or HDD 250GB?

Go with an SSD. If you choose the 60GB SSD, you will have just enough space for the OS and a Office Suite and a few other apps before you start to run out of space. If you can afford it, go with a minimum of 128GB SSD as your primary drive, then wipe your 500GB mechanical drive and use as a storage drive.

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Hi My os : Win10 64 BitSSD : 250GB SamsungBefore posting here I searched here for a solution and i only thread that i find is here l Even if i shrink many of the software out there clones entire disk! Tried Macrium Reflect as per a CNET video, it says not possible to clone to my 250 GB ssd and my C drive is only 105GB with some software like AutoCAD etc.Any solution for this ?

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Hi. My new laptop will arrive soon. But the laptop comes with no operating system(it?s called dos). The laptop has a m.2 pcie nvme slot which i can add if i want to. So, i bought a samsung evo 960 pcie ssd. What i want to ask is can i straight away install windows 10 pro 64bit by using my samsung evo 960? Or i need to install windows 10 by using my usb(i?ve download the windows 10 setup files from official website).
I want to boot my laptop using my samsung ssd since it?s much faster compared to hdd.
Please help. Thanks

Answer:Samsung Evo 960 250GB M.2 PCIe ssd

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Hi, I have Lenovo S500 and after I install the OS, the partition OEM Reserved is hidden in Windows and I want to use this because it's to large(it's not a few GB... it's almost 250GB, and i think that it's too much).I want to know why is created this partition? What's his function? Sorry for my bad english. Thanks!

Answer:Lenovo OEM Reserved 250GB

Hi Rxgamer,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I understand your concern, but let me inform you these partitions contain recovery image and Drivers/Default Applications. By deleting the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partition the system will loose its ability to "Factory Reset/ OKR (One Key Recovery)" of the system.
Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards
Shiva Kumar

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My computer is only showing it has 127.99gb, when its supposed to have 250gb. Anyone seen this problem before?

Answer:HD showing I only have 127.99gb, its really 250gb

read the first sticky on the forum called: 137gb barrier

maybe the same issue as in yours

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Computer info:

HP Vectra
VL420 MT
WinXP Home SP2
LBA on
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.00 GHz
HP System board A08
Chipset: Intel i845 Rev: A3
Southbridge: Intel 82801BA (1CH2)
BIOS: American Megatrends, Inc.
Version: JA.01.07US
Graphic Interface Version: AGP version 2.0
Intel(R) 82801BA Bus Master IDE Controller
(did I miss anything?)

I appologize in advance for the long read.

This computer came with only a 10GB Seagate drive. It has less than 300MB left of unused memory, so I tried installing a 250GB Maxtor. It is only recognized as 30GB in the BIOS. I don't understand this because I have WinXP SP2 and LBA is enabled in the BIOS -
Not only that, but I have another 300GB Seagate that I want to install as a slave (I had previously installed this one as a slave to the 10GB but had the same problem with only 64GB being recognized.
I don't understand why my BIOS isn't recognizing it at it's full capacity since I have the latest version of BIOS and LBA is indeed enabled (I thought SP2 was supposed to correct this problem).

My hope is that someone out there can walk me through this step by step (from erasing the disk to installation) because I've been working on this thing all day long and nothing I've tried seems to work. The 10GB drive has to go. I want to install the 250GB drive as my master, copy the 10GB drive to it (I have Casper XP 3.0 for this purpose), and then install the 300GB drive ... Read more

Answer:250GB drive is seen only as 30GB

Did the Maxtor not come with a setup disc .....?
When you go to control panel / admin tools / computer management / disc management and right click on the "free" space of that drive what options do you get?

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I was wondering if LANParty UT NF3 250Gb Motherboard is good for gaming or other usage. How reliable is this motherboard ?

Thank you

Answer:LANParty UT NF3 250Gb MoBo

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I am new to this forum and desperate to find a solution to my problem. My colleague told me of this service and here I am.I had a Windows98 PC with an external Maxtor 250GB firewire connected to it. I took the main HD out (the one with the w98) and installed new one and installed a newly purchased copy of XP. At this point I've connected my Maxtor without installing the driver thinking that XP would recognise it, but nothing happened. I installed the driver but nothing? it can be seen in the disk management as disk 1 and that's all; the next step would be a format, which I refuse to do it.I reinstalled my old drive (w98) back into the case, win98 started as normal, I connected the Maxtor and to my big surprise this drive is not being recognised anymore; even when the PC configuration is exactly what it used to be. I only can see the Maxtor through fdisk but not anymore as a 250GB FAT32, apparently now is a 40GB FAT !?!?!!.Please help me. I have far too much data on this drive including pictures going back 4 years and documents. This drive is a back up of my previous PCs. I cannot afford to lose this data.ThanksAndy

Answer:Cannot see Maxtor 250GB Firewire W98 pc --> XP pc

The data's probably there, just need to connect OK. I had trouble with my Maxtor OneTouch when I connected it without the Maxtor drivers installed, even on WinXP. Suggest you install Maxtor drivers properly before connecting. If that doesn't work take the drive to another WinXP comp, but install the drivers first!

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I have a 250gb Maxtor Diamondmax10 SATA harddrive. In windows it only reads/writes up toe 233gb, it shows that thats its limit. In everest and every other diagnostic tool (hell even BIOS!) they all say that its 250GB. Any idea how I can get my other 17GB back??

Answer:250gb HD only gets 233gb on Windows!

Upgrading Service Pack might help.

Also goto disk managment and see if theres any unallocated space.

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