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How to send auto reminder in outlook if due date arrived?

Question: How to send auto reminder in outlook if due date arrived?

Hello Friends,I am practical student. I in process to complete my mini project during internship. I need to make a auto reminder in outlook by using excel when due date arrived. It is one of challenging task because I am student in Major business and minor in IT.There are a lot of coding I'm try.But still not success.I hope can learn more. I also love to learn new thing.I hope somebody can help me to complete this task before I finish my practical training. Thanks and regards,Zulaika

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Preferred Solution: How to send auto reminder in outlook if due date arrived?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How to send auto reminder in outlook if due date arrived?

Can you clarify something pleaseAre you looking to have a number of dates in Excel, which when reached/passed Excel is to create an email via Outllook and send it to someone?Can you provide an example of how your workbook is laid out

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Hello Friends,I am practical student. I in process to complete my mini project during internship. I need to make a auto reminder in outlook by using excel when due date arrived. It is one of challenging task because I am student in Major business and minor in IT.There are a lot of coding I'm try.But still not success.I hope can learn more. I also love to learn new thing.I hope somebody can help me to complete this task before I finish my practical training. Thanks and regards,Zulaika

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hi !
I have a spread sheet of 100 of employees , i like every time the expiry date come for there id a notification email come to me , i attach the example excel sheet please help me with that, i am just learning VBA not very good in it i am using windows 8

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Anyone can help me to advice how do i write VBA for auto email reminder for due dates.
I have tried one from internet guidance but it doesn't work.

i want the email reminder to a list of IDs before 60days and it's much helpful if the program can send the email without opening the excel sheet.

please help.
i have attaced the file.

thank you so much.

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I was able to successfully apply Hans' module and have the spreadsheet send an email when it was opened if something was out of the calibration date.

My question is now if it is possible to have it send 2 weeks in advance, and then again in 1 week later. I know that because the cell will be occupied that it was initially sent, it will not read it again for another send. Is there a way to automatically clear a column so that it just sends an email every time its opened within that range?

Finally, where do I add the column for a CC email?
Option Explicit

Public Sub eMail()
Dim lRow As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim toDate As Date
Dim toList As String
Dim eSubject As String
Dim EBody As String
Dim ws As Worksheet
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
.DisplayAlerts = False
End With
Set ws = Sheets("Master Equipment LIST")
lRow = WorksheetFunction.Max(3, ws.Cells(Rows.Count, "K").End(xlUp).Row)
If ws.Cells(lRow, "K").Value = "" Then Exit Sub
For i = 2 To lRow
toDate = Replace(Cells(i, "K"), ".", "/")
Debug.Print WorksheetFunction.Days360(Date, ws.Cells(i, "K").Value)
If WorksheetFunction.Days360(Date, ws.Cells(i, "K").Value) <= 14 And Len(Trim(ws.Cells(i, "M").Value)) = 0 Then
' If Left(Cells(i, 5), 4) <> "Mail" And toDate - Date <= 30 Then
t... Read more

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how to set auto reminder when a due date is reached mentioned in excel EVEN WHEN EXCEL IS SAVED AND CLOSED?

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I had made one excel to send automatic due date reminder mails via Groupwise (made with the help of your forums only).
The problem I am facing is as below:
[Also note, problem is not whether Groupwise or Outlook, problem is its generating multiple emails for each due item]

This is generating multiple emails and even the items not due are generating blank mails.
I would like to generate only one mail with different items different expiration dates.
After that group the identical addressees and compose one message with all the relevant data.

Right now its sending 3 mails as:

Mail 1: Please take notice of the following expiration date(s):
-Equipment A Job aaaaa expiration date : 19-Aug-12 -394 days.
-Equipment A Job aaaaa OVERDUE : 19-Aug-12 -394 days.
Sent at 17-Sep-13 11:11:04 AM

Mail 3: Please take notice of the following expiration date(s):
-Equipment C Job cccccc expiration date : 19-May-13 -121 days.
-Equipment C Job cccccc OVERDUE : 19-May-13 -121 days.
Sent at 17-Sep-13 11:11:04 AM

And the ones not due, going blank, i.e: the mail body (Mail 2) text reads:
"Please take notice of the following expiration date(s):
Sent at 17-Sep-13 11:11:04 AM"

What I wanted was a single mail with following in the mail body (Example):

" Please take notice of the following expiration date(s):
-Equipment A Job aaaaa expiration date : 19-Aug-12 -394 days.
-Equipment A Job aaaaa OVERDUE : 19-Aug-12 -394 days.
-Equipment C Job cccccc expiration date : 19-May-13 -121 days.... Read more

Answer:Request Help: Further study on Auto-mail for due date reminder

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Hello Friends,I am leading the finance team. I need to create an excel worksheet which tracks all my invoices raised on different clients alongwith the due dates. I want excel to send an auto email to client after 2 days of due date and second reminder after 7 days or so.I am from finance back ground and thus do not have any idea of running any codes or macros.Can any body help me with this on priority basis?Thanks and regards,Manish

Answer:Excel worksheet to send auto email reminder to clients

Try here: under the section: Add-ins and Worksheet TemplatesMIKE

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Hi folks,
I need a little help how to have reminder date from Excel xls into Outlook calendar.
It might be simple but our office IT guys couldn&#8217;t figure out so I need some help... I created a sample xls file with proper columns &#8211; attached. I am not a programmer so I am trying to figure out how to have automatic reminders 3 days before the &#8220;Start Date&#8221; which will be different for each item and there will be thousands of items on this list.

I appreciate your help.

PS I forgot to attach my xls and do not see a way to edit and attached so I may have to attach it in a reply...
or you can download from here


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Hi, this is my first post here and I will preface this by saying I am not familiar with VBA/VBScript language at all (only that it exists and perplexes me), which is why I'm requesting your help!
I have an Excel spreadsheet that I'd like to have send me an Outlook email reminder 6 months after the specified start date, without having to open the Excel file so the macro can run. The reminder email can be simple, just a short message like "Referral Alert: Check Spreadsheet"

I've attached a test file with the columns needed highlighted in yellow.

If this is too tall of an order, I understand!

Answer:Send Outlook reminder on specified dates from Excel

As far as I know, this is impossible in the given scenario. Macros only run once a file is loaded; therefore, not having the file loaded means any code won't execute.

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here. I need your help in developing a mechanism to send an automated outlook mail, when the due date of a payment is 10 days away from the current date. The script should preferably run automatically every time the PC is running. without the excel file necessarily open.

In the attached excel file, An email should go of to -email address (Col. Q), with subject "Vendor Payment (Col. C) is due on Due date(Col. M)", and body "Dear Name(Col. P), please update the payment status".

Also, the script should put a check mark on Reminder sent column (Col. Q) after the mail is sent, the script should also check if the value of the cell is blank before sending email.

I have scored the forum for similar problems, and although I found a number of threads, I am not proficient enough in VBA to modify them to my needs.

I'd really appreciate any help,

Answer:Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here. I need your help in developing a mechanism to send an automated outlook mail, when the due date of a project is 7 days away from the current date. The script should preferably run automatically every time the PC is running. without the excel file necessarily open.

In the attached excel file, An email should go of to -email address (Col. D), with subject "Project (Col. B) is due on Due date(Col. C)", and body "Dear Name(Col. A), please update your project status".

Also, the script should put a check mark on Reminder sent column (Col. E) after the mail is sent, the script should also check if the value of the cell is blank before sending email.

I have scoured the forum for similar problems, and although I found a number of of threads,I am not proficient enough in VBA to modify them to my needs.

I'd really appreciate any help,


Answer:Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

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Hello all,

I'm receiving mail alert based on date only, it is not considering the month into the account.. Kindly suggest..

Attached the excel file with macro...

Answer:Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

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I've read the previous post with the same issue, but I'm unable to understand how to use the other codes posted within my product. I would like to send an email based on a date. I will attach my document so it is easier for me to explain the requirement. Columns L37-L45 have due dates - I would like the email to be sent 60 days prior. I have posted some mock emails in R37-R45 and the email message in the EMAIL workbook tab. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Answer:Auto send an email based on date in Excel

Welcome to the board.
I've had to save it as 2003 version but the code works under 2007

See attached my copy of your sheet with the code in ThisWorksheet module.

This just a simple way of doing it and you will have to edit it for your needs but maybe it can put you on the right track.

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I have Windows XP on my computer, but still am using Outlook 2000.
Messages come in automatically at regular intervals, but when I send an email, I must click on the "SEND/RECEIVE" button, or it will sit there until I do! It doesn't send even when a new message is coming in.

What can I do to fix this?

Answer:Outlook 2000 auto-receives, but does not auto-send

Hi Indy and welcome to the forums,

I have no experience with Outlook 2000 unfortunately but I would assume you have a setting turned off - something along the lines of 'Send e-mails automatically'.

I think it would be in Tools > Options? I suggest just hunting around in there and checking various settings

Hope this helps,

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Dear All,

In the attached excel file, An email should go of to -email address (Col. D), with subject "Project (Col. B) is due on Due date(Col. C)", and body "Dear Name(Col. A), please heads-up your project status".

I have scoured the forum for similar problems, and although I found a number of of threads,I am not proficient enough in VBA to modify them to my needs.

Really appreciate any help,


Answer:send a mail using outlook when the due date is reaching

members, please help

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I have recently had to reformat by Window XP Laptop reqiring a reinstallation of all ProgrammsOutlook 2003 has since this reload returned a none date when sending emails to the outbox.It should change the email into italics and have a send date by each email.Is there a simple setting to change this back.I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2003 but to no avail.Does anyone have any ideas please?Thanks

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Well I've got myself stuck on this one.
About 2 years ago I found a way to make Outlook automatically send/recieve. I do NOT have to click send/receive it just does it it minute or so. I know want to turn it off and can't remember what Idid to turn it on.

I remember it wasn't a 'normal' setting. I had to type in some code to do it, but can't remember where I typed it.

Anybody have any ideas?

Answer:Outlook auto send/recieve

Hi, try going to TOOLS then OPTIONS. you should find a tick box which automatically sends your emails. Deselect this box, click APPLY and then CLOSE. This should do it for you

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This issue is driving me nuts and I was wondering if anyone out there knows what to do....Here is the issue I have. I am trying to get Outlook to send a message to "user c" when "user b" gets an email from "user a". Here is a better example: Our reps out in the field send an email to a "centralized email address" it then moves that email to the public folder, (here's my issue->) I need an email automatically sent to the in house agents letting them know that there is an email waiting for them at in the public folder. Now you may wonder "Why not just send it to the agent?" We don't want them to "accidentally" delete the email.I see in the outlook rules there is an option for an auto reply back like "Hey, thanks for the email." But I don't see an optionto send a "Hey yo, youse got a email waitn' for ya!" to the agent. I tired to Bcc the in house agent on the reply back, but outlook didn't like that.

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Hi all,

I know there has been a lot on this subject (so apologies) but as my knowledge in this area is limited and as I can't find anything that matches my exact needs I am struggling.

Basically, as part of my job I manage records in the office but I sometimes forget when things needs renewing etc.

What I would like is a for an e-mail to be sent through and to my outlook when a date has been reached.

Please see the attached: CSCS.xlsx

If CSCS tests had to be done every year for example, Paul Smith would be due another on 01/01/2014. I would like to set up a code so that when it got 2 weeks before that time, I got an e-mail saying 'CSCS Test due' and 'Smith' (i.e.. cell C1 and Column A for reliant person, in this case A3).

Is this something that is do-able and easy to set up?

Thanks, charli

Answer:Solved: Excel Send E-mail (via Outlook) When Date Reached

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A number of years ago, my work PC had a button on the Outlook e-mail menu bar that, when selected, placed the current date/time ( and a set "Authorised Mail:" phrase in the e-mail subject window. This saved typing the date, time and phrase in EVERY email sent. Is this done with a VB macro (with which I'm only vaguely familiar) or is it available as a function of Outlook? Any help greatly appreciated!!

Answer:Auto Date in E-Mail Subject in Outlook 2003

Not really sure what you're trying to do.But any e-mail client (and certainly Outlook and Outlook Express) automatically inserts the date and time when you send an e-mail and that info can be seen by the recipient.Try sending an e-mail to yourself to check if that's what you want.

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I run MS Office Small Business XP under Windows 2000 Pro. Up until I had to reload my system due to a registry crash, when Outlook was called, it did an automatic send/receive. Now I can't get it to do it without clicking the send/reeceive button.

Can anyone offer help so I can get the automatic operation back?


Answer:Outlook Auto Send/Receive on Startup

If XP is similar to 2000, then go to Tools, Options, Mail Delivery tab. Make sure that "Send messages immediately when connected" is checked and "Check for new messages every ?? minutes" as well.

I set the minutes to 1, as I like getting the mails as often as possible.

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I'm having a problem w/ OL 2003 auto send/receive. It works OK when OL is open/active, but when it's closed, it doesn't work.



Answer:Outlook 2003 won't auto send/receive

i dont think outlook is designed to send and receive when its closed - mine doesnt using pop accounts and when i was connected to an exchange server it didnt.

but could be wrong

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(SOLVED) Outlook 2007 won't auto send/recieve

I already went to Tools > Options > Send/Receive and then said ok to all the option. It should send and receive whether online or off every 10 minutes. But it doesn't do it at all.

I even went MS help and they said that I should make a new Send receive group, disable the old one, and set up the new one in the same way.

Same result. It is not auto sending or receiving.

I'm trying to use outlook to automate certain email functions thus it defeats the whole point if I have to tell it to send and receive myself.

Is there an addon I can get that will bypass outlook's BROKEN send/receive function and just force it to do it? I've look around on the internet and this seems to be a very common problem that outlook has had for years and years. I therefore believe it to be a flaw in the software to be bypassed.

Answer:Outlook 2007 won't auto send/recieve

I had this saved in a notepad, hopefully it applies here to you:

Do you want to save any data in mail? (hopefully not)
Remove your profile:

Control Panel-> Additional Options-> View 32-bit Control Panel Items-> Mail-> button Show Profiles?


to find this file:

Start-->Run--> %CommonProgramFiles%\System\MSMAPI\1033

try re-opening Outlook
Still problems?
Go to Add/Remove programs and do a repair on Office

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I was wondering if anyone knows of an add-on/plugin which configures your Ms-Outlook 2003 to send an email out to specific people at certain time intervals?


Answer:Outlook Auto-Send Script/Plugin?

Yeah it's called "Rules Wizard" in Outlook.

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Unlike Outlook Express and Outlook 98 and above, 97 doesn't have a auto retrieval/send option right in the options. Or at least I cannot find it. Does anyone know a quick workaround so I can set it up for outlook 97 to just check the server in Internet Mail mode every 5 minutes? There has to be a way to set this up.

Answer:{RESOLVED} Outlook 97: Auto Send/Retrieve

I figured it out. The scheduling option is under the Internet Properties on the Connections tab when you are setting up your Services for OL97. I would have never guessed to look there, and on top of that I found it on MS's site.

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Is it feasible to automatically send a copy of an email from one machine to another address. For example an email sent from Peter to Fred is also copied to Joe.This is not to spy on anyone, in case you're wondering, but to keep a third individual in touch with what's happening with particular communications that are always sent from one paticular computer. All parties agree this what they wish to do.Any incoming emails are copied automaticlly to the third party but I can't find a rule to do it on the way out.This is on a small peer to peer network of about six computers without Exchange

Answer:Outlook - auto send copy email

Make a Distribution List in your address book with Fred and Joe listed.

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Dear All,

I am creating a tracker file for Purchase Orders in which end date in column 'J' is very important.
Column 'J' has following conditional formatting
1. If cell date is in between todays date + 14 days --- YELLOW
2. cell date <= today's date ------------------------- RED
3. cell valus > today + 14 days ---------------------- GREEN

So now when the cell turn Yellow I want the excel should send the mail to the concerned person whose mail id will be mentioned in same row of column 'G'

One more requirement there should be two mails. Reminder 1 & Reminder 2.

I use officer 2010 & mail is outlook 2010 & OS is windows 7.
This file will be on share point. This file may not be opened everyday.

Please reply with the procedure as I am not a programming/ IT person... I may not understand all terms.. please try to simplify the response.
Thanks in advance for all the help.

Answer:Auto mail from Excel to Outlook based on date in cell

Hi there, welcome to the board!

You'd want a location to mark when an email was sent. I'm assuming you want a worksheet change event for this, which will basically always run when a cell on this specific worksheet is changed. There are other events you could use to fire it off, like the calculate event. You could, if you wanted to, assign this functionality to a button, but then it wouldn't be automatic.

The below code does what you ask. It goes in the worksheet module of the worksheet your data is on. To get to it, right click the sheet tab name and select 'View Code', then paste this there.

EDIT: The locations to mark when an email was sent (btw) were columns K and L, as you'll see them set as constants at the top of the code. You can change those letters to any column you want to house it in. It just puts the current system date in those cells, and that will be checked when the values in column J are checked. If nothing is there it assumes an email hasn't been generated yet and will do so. But if it has a value - any value, it will ignore that row.

Also, I assumed a 'yellow' highlighted value was your first reminder, and a 'red' highlighted value was your second reminder. It uses this as text in the subject and body of the email.
Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Const ReminderOne As String = "K" 'column letter
Const ReminderTwo As S... Read more

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Every Monday I have to send out the same 'reminder' e-mail to the producers that I work with. I have a template that I use, so it's not like I'm typing it up each time -- but I was wondering if there is a way to have it sent automatically? I haven't been able to find anything on this. (Of course, I could be using the wrong search terms.)

Thanks in advance,

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Hey guys,
I have a question about coding and setting an excel file to send emails. I am using an excel file to track maintenance work orders and I would like to get an email each day for each work order that is requested to be finished on that days date. I have attached the excel file I am using, and the column that is important is C, "Date Needed" - If that date is today's date, the cell turns red and I would also like to get email notification about it. A separate email for each cell that matches today's date.

Also, if possible, I would like for it to look at all the sheets, not just the current month's sheet. For example, if a work order was filed in July but wasn't needed until September, I would still like to get the email reminding me that it needs to be finished on xx date in September.

I have attached the excel file I want to use.

I have searched all over this forum and others and have found many posts similar to this, but I am not a great manipulator of code, so I cannot get any of the other solutions to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Answer:Solved: Using Excel 07 to Send Emails When Date in Column = Today's Date

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hrhsherry writes on 9-30-03 about a page that comes up which has on the top bar "Reminder: with the correct day and day." The page has a heading "This page cannot be displayed". There is no 'X' in the upper right hand corner and the page cannot be resized. I have the same problem,which occurred about the same time as that of hrhsherry. I know I can make it go away by going to the Taskmanager (Windows XP) and ending the task. But, the screen pops up again over and over.

dvk01 (derek) said to hrhsherry to download HijackThis! and that he would look at the startup log on this forum. He's indicated to me to post MY startup log from HijackThis! on this security forum so that he or someone else can look at it and give me advice along the lines given to hrhsherry. So, here it is. As to the advice given to hrhsherry, I've already downloaded AdAware 6.181 and I have Norton Anti-Virus 8.00 on my system already. I'll be downloading Spybot, to follow through, once I get a reading on this startup log. I'd ALSO like to know how to prevent this nuisance "reminder" from getting into my system again

dvk01, let me know if you can help.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.3
Scan saved at 10:16:10 PM, on 10/28/2003
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\serv... Read more

Answer:HELP-hijackthis.log for The page cannot be displayed & Reminder w/ day's day and date

Could someone look at my hijackthis log to see what's causing a message to pop up all the time? The screen for the message looks like a standard Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer message screen. It says "This page cannot be displayed" and the title bar has the words "Reminder" and the day's date and day. However, there is no X to close the window and the window cannot be resized. I can get rid of the message by going to taskmanager and ending the process, but it pops right up again.

Nobody's answered yet, but I think there's someone out there who could help.


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Have started to get a small popup window (approx 3" x 3") in center of screen every half hour that has heading Reminder S, September 29, 2007 Saturday 4:30:00 PM, with starndard internet error message:This program cannot display the webpageMost likely causes: - You are not connected to the internet. - The website is ..... etc. O More informationWindow has no close, full screen or send to task bar buttons. The reference tab on the task bar has no right or left click functions. The only way to close the window is to use End Task in the Windows Task Manager. When I close it, another popup appears at the next half hour interval (new time).Have looked thru all the IE 7.0 options, tabs, etc. and see nothing to indicate any type of time reminder or scheduled popup.What is this?

Answer:Ie 7 Reminder (date & Time) Window Popup

Hello SCP,The following all seem to point to HP and some "Easy Internet Sign-Up" feature as the culprit:

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I want access to remind me 7 days prior to a set date that expires. Example: In my database I have a date that the trainees has completed training and this training is valid for a period of one(1) year. 7 days before this one year period expires I would like acess to give me a notification of all the candiates who is due for training in 7 days time....Is this possible?


Answer:Solved: Expiring Date Reminder/notification

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I have ordinary excel table with formulas and dates.When formula in cell fill up another cell with notification "SendReminder" i need to cell send me notification on e-mail. I need also to macro runs even when table is closed. Thank you

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Hi everyone. I am currently setting up a database that will hold employer contact information. This document is going to be used to keep track of when a person called the employer, the part that will require some effort and code is setting up a reminder. In this database I need to add a counter or some form of counter that keeps track of how many days its been since the employer has been contacted.

So in one field we have a spot left for Date Contacted. So based off of the information in that Date Contacted, say I contacted an employer today, what I need is for that counter to basically automatically send someone an email when its reached a predetermined amount of days since that employer has been contact for arguments sake lets just say 5 days.

IF anyone can help me with this I would be grateful, Im not very MS access savey. Currently I am working off of MS Access 2003.

Answer:Auto-email Reminder

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I have been asked to send warning e-mails to a short list of adresses from an Excel file where reminder dates correspond to the actual date, and I have no clue how to do this with Macroís. Iív tryed to understand how some examples of macros dealing with Excel and e-mails with no success as I still have a lot to learnÖ

Here is my problem : I have a spreadshhet containing company names (col.A) and contract renewal dates (col.D). there are about 80 companies listed. When the actual date corresponds to the reminder date an e-mail containing the company name, a fixed blabla and the reminder date should be send to 3 known e-mail adresses.
Could this be done with an Excel Macro
Iím using Windows 7 32bits, Office 2010 with Outlook as mailing system.

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Reminder date in Excel sends an e-mail

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Hi, i am new to this forum. Can anyone tell me if i can have a date reminder system for my database in Access? Basically its a licence database and each year a form has to be isgned by each licence holder. is there a way the program can remind me for each name when the form needs to be resigned each year on a particular date?many thanks

Answer:Microsoft Access Data base date reminder?

There doesn't seem to be that facility in Access.Just as easy to use Outlook I would think.

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Using Excel: I need to send one email reminder to participants three months after they sign up.
This is only done once.
I need to mark a field "sent" after they have been sent this reminder.
The next time I check for people needing a reminder those marked "sent" will not be sent another reminder, only those who have not been marked "sent".
Thanks for the help.

Answer:Solved: Excel send reminder and mark it was sent

Hi, welcome to the forum:

Option Explicit

Sub SendUpdate()
Call MailData("subject string", "status file updated", "[email protected]")
End Sub

Function MailData(mSubject As String, mMessage As String, Sendto As String, Optional CCto As String)
Dim eSubject As String, EBody As String
Dim app As Object, Itm As Variant
Set app = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set Itm = app.CreateItem(0)
With Itm
.Subject = mSubject
.to = Sendto
If Not IsMissing(CCto) Then .CC = CCto
.Body = mMessage
.Save ' This property is used when you want to saves mail to the Concept folder
' .Display ' This property is used when you want to display before sending
' .Send ' This property is used if you want to send without verification
' .Attachments.Add (Filename) ' Must be complete path'and filename if you require an attachment to be included
End With
Set app = Nothing
Set Itm = Nothing
End Function

You will of course have to add your macro to send the mail and then enter a true or false in the sent column

A handy link to use ...

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This is my first time posting on here so I hope this is the right place.

I have attached a spreadsheet I will need to populate and we would like to send staff members an email reminder before they need to do their task. Maybe a day or the morning of the day is fine, as long as they get the reminder. I was just wondering how I would go about doing that?

As the Excel file would need to be opened in order to work , I was also wondering how I would be able to set it to open on the start up of everyones machine. Even if it can only start up the programme then it will be obvious to people what they need to open.

Could the email or subject include as much info as it can. Like name, company, job title and contact number. and for it to be sent to the Asignee.

We will then change the next contact date once completed.

Any help would be appreciated!


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I am looking to set up a macro or formula that basically inserts the current time when a cell is filled SO:

when a2:a100 is populated with any thing then the corresponding C cell will be populated with the time.


when e2:e1000 is populated wiith anything then the corresponding D Cell will be populated.

Currently I am using this macro.
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A6:A100")) Is Nothing Then
With Target(1, 4)
.Value = Time
End With
End If
End Sub

which works great for the A and C cells

but it does not work for the other one.. how do i add and modify this so all my needs are met.
I need another 2 sets of 2 macros accross the sheet for time entry.

Answer:Excel date auto populate date/time

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Hi guys,
I have a list of some certifications and their respective expiry dates written in Excel sheet. What I want is to be getting Auto reminder few days before, on and after the expiration date.
Attached is the VBA program that I tired to use but it was reading the whole data instead of being selective. Also attached is an extract of the excel sheet.
Pls I will appreciate any help

Answer:Auto Email reminder from Excel

Have you read the Thread under yours -

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Dear Team,

I have gone though the below thread, which helps somewhat on my requirement but not completely. Please need you kind help on VBA code. Sorry if i have missed any other thread which would have met my requirement.

Here is my requirement...
I have a data in excel (attached file) basically its a re-assigment project which needs 3 tasks.

Column A to E are filled manually which need not be automatic.
Column F has a formula for 29 days date for Column B and accordingly Column H for column F.
Column G & H are the status of task action.
every day we are manually opening the WB and checking for daily pending assignments in column H & F for today's date.

Can you please help me with a VBA code which should send a email notification/reminder not to individual email addresses instead it should send an email to me, If the Column F & H has today's date i.e. current date with the table of data in body of email and update the status as Done in excel sheet once the email has triggered.

Hope you will help me on this. Many Thanks in advance

Example of email

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Hi All,

My name is Diego.

Can anyone send me code to automatically send me an email when the date listed in "column J" is the same date as today. Also, it needs to email only once and even if I am not running excel or at my computer. I want to use Microsoft Outlook and use the ClickYes program as well if this helps that was talked about by Zack Barresse in
Essentially I have to be reminded of a reapplication for specific state licensures on healthcare courses I provide. I don't want to forget which courses I have to reapply for so I need to have a program that will look at a date which I have in column J and then email me to remind me of this.

BTW - I am using Outlook 2007 and Excel 2007 on Vista.

Thanks. I appreciate your help! Also, extra points and praise for the person who solves this problem!

Answer:Automatic Email Reminder from Excel based on Date in Cell

Please do not post duplicate threads.
One thread per issue.
Continue replies for this issue in this thread:
Thank you.

Closing thread.

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Normally when you try to send an email from a link from firefox via "file->send link", your default email program automatically opens assuming it's not already open. If Outlook 2010 is already open, no problem; it works fine. If it's closed, I get the error below about a dll error telling me to reinstall outlook 2010. if I manually open Outlook, I can then email the link.

If I insert the Office 2010 disc to try a repair, I get an other error (below) saying 2003 was not uninstalled properly and to uninstall it before I can do the repair (gotcha-catch22-can't get there from here, etc....). I see nothing in add/remove to indicate there is a trace of Office 2003 remaining. I can send screen shots of the registry if desired, but see nothing there indicating 2003 was not removed fully, but could be wrong. I'm fine with surgical edits if necessary.

I've been running Office 2010 for a year with no other problems beyond this and it's possible this existed from day 1 and it just took me a while to notice it..

Any suggestion on how to either fix the dll issue directly, or deal with the 2003 uninstall hopefully without uninstalling 2010 and starting over?


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I am very new to Excel 2007 and macros. I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to get to send an email reminder to the point of contact [ col b ] 5 days prior to the closure document due NLT date [ col m ]. I am looking for assistance in writing a macro which will accomplish this if it is possible. I have attached the spreadsheet that I referenced.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Answer:Excel 2007 Macro to Send Reminder Email

desantisj, welcome to the Forum.
There are already 3 or 4 posts on this forum that have the VBA code (Macro) that you can modify for your Workbook if you can read the code. Zack has written the code so it is a bit complicated, but it should be a case of substituting your Cell references that hold the data for the ones that others have used.
Otherwise it is a case of waiting for an Excel guru to come along and help. If none of them come along I can probably help you, but I normally work with Access.

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I would like an internet calender service that will send me unlimited reminder emails.

What happens: I will have a diary event...
I will set myself a reminder.
I will get the reminder: and I will still forget!

Much better: if I am allowed to set several reminders!

i.e. first reminder 3 days before the event, 2nd 2 days before, 3rd 1 day before and 4th 3 hours before.

This way: I won't forget!

I want the reminders sent by email.

At the moment, I use Yahoo calendar.
This does the job.
For any event you can set 2 reminders.
so what I do: create several events at the same time sending out different reminders.

Problem: creating more than one event os cumbersome and takes time.
Much better: be able to creat one event and add several reminders for that event.

Does anything like this exist out there...!!!

(Funnily enough... I have come accross something that does do this: Not sure if you *have* to be a registered member though. And also: not sure of the reliability.)

If anyone can make any sense of my request... and knows an answer: please reply!!


Answer:Need a calendar web service that will send me unlimited reminder emails.

erm... i've found something i'll be more than happy with!
it turns out that's email is using gmail in a wrapper.
have a look: i've used it before and didn't know they had done lots to improve!

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Hi everyone,

I have no prior experience with Macro/VBA and would need help in creating an excel spreadsheet where an email reminder would be sent 60 days, 30 days and 7 days respectively if the project is not completed to the email stated in the 6th column with information from its row. If its completed, the checkbox would be checked and no mail will be sent.

The email should look like:

To: <email stated in that row>
Subject: Reminder to complete project within (e.g. 60 days)

Dear all,
Reminder to complete IN1661234 by 31st Aug 2016.

<personal email signature>

Do I need to create a button where I have to click in order for those reminders to be sent or will it be sent automatically everyday as long as the spreadsheet is opened?

Also, is it possible to create 3 different email template for each reminder days, such as 60 days prior to the deadline, the subject of the email would be First Reminder, 30days would have Second Reminder and 7 days prior would have FINAL REMINDER and a urgent marked on the email?

And how do I change the email where those reminders will be sent from?

Any help with regards to the above would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Answer:Auto Email Reminder from Excel when project is almost due

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Hi Guys,

I have just joined this forum, I found some solutions given by Zack quite useful to me. Thank you so much.

But also need help in taking it further, as I have created a worksheet with lots of data which will have to be incorporated while sending auto email reminders to various admin officers depending on the dates, especially for Statutary payments like Telephone, Electricity etc.

If any body can help....... Please...............

Answer:Auto Email reminder from Excel Sheet

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Answer:Excel 2013 auto sending of reminder e-mail

This cannot be achieved with a formula you will need a macro. The requirement is fairly straight forward but we need some more information to be able to produce this. How is your workbook laid out? we need to know1) which cell has the dates in it2) which cell has the email addresses to which you want the email to be sent3) what the email body and subject will be Also please note writing it caps is considered shouting, please don't type in caps.

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Question: Outlook Reminder

I have a user who claims that her Outlook reminder window, that pops up for various tasks she has set up, would remain open even after closing Outlook. I have checked every possible setting I can find and scoured google for anything referencing this and have found nothing. As far as I know when you close outlook, all reminders close with it. I'm guessing that her Outlook may not have been exiting properly in the past and that's why these Windows remained open. But any ideas or suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Outlook Reminder

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Question: outlook reminder

This is probably really simple but I can't see how to do it, hope someone can advise.I want to enter birthdays etc into outlook so that it will remind me, but I don't want to take up space on the calender when I might need to enter an appointment/meeting etc.Any ideas anyone?Thanks John

Answer:outlook reminder

about half way down > Space for Birthday and Anniversary.

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cant send reply to all when received an email from anyone else?
please how can i fix this problem

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I am getting multiple (thousands of) repeat a reminder from a ? virus that i thought was erraticated last year from Plaxo. It is a bogus birthday reminder that opens within a minute of opening Outlook 2003.

I cannot do anything with the program. I have to go into Task Manager and end the task which closes the program completely.

My spyware program (Malware) and AVG antivirus programs show no problems
But I know that I must have multiple viruses. Plan to subscribe next week to Dell online support, but hopefully you can help me until then.

Can you help me?

Answer:Outlook reminder virus?

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new thread, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.


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Help! My MS Outlook 2003 (running on Vista Home Premium w/ Service Pack 2) crashes as soon as the reminder pop up appears.
Any suggestions for a fix?
Thanks, Peg in MN

Answer:MS Outlook Crash with reminder

uninstall/reinstall Outlook 2003?
Backup your personal files first.

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I'm trying to create a calendar appointment that would re occur every last Monday of the month. I can't find a way of doing it, but a mate of mine say's it's possible in Mac Mail

Does anyone know a way of doing this in Outlook 2007 please?


Answer:Solved: Outlook reminder

Go to your calendar. Open a new appointment on the last Monday of this month and enter the information. Click on "recurrence". Set the recurrence pattern to weekly, every Monday, at 4 week intervals. Save.

This should do it.

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I have outlook 2007 with business contact manager installed. each time I open outlook the reminder comes up and when I try to dismiss it tells me that it cannot find the occurrence and it will not delete.

to date I have tried the following : I scanned and repaired the pst file still not luck

I have also tried starting outlook from the command line with the /cleanreminders switch

when I look for the occurrence on my calendar it does not exist

any solutions not a major issue just a major pain


Answer:outlook reminder problem

Did you try "outlook /resetfolders"?

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Hi can anyone help with a recurring message on outlook, message says cannot turn off reminder as one or two parameters are missing. This is stopping my ability to sync iphone with outlook. please help

Answer:outlook reminder message

Try this:

Start >> Run
Type outlook.exe /cleanreminders

Click 'OK'

Note: you must leave a space between exe and the forward-slash

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Hi, I have a file in which i have to set the reminder as per selection of End Date. I have to fix 3 reminders (before 2 months, before 1 months & before 15 days). If in between saturday & sunday is coming the reminder will move the next working day. I have attached a sheet for you reference. i want to get a reminder mail without open the existing file or open any file in excel. Waiting for reply.

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I am having a hard time with this,I had a windows error when I replaced some ram, it corrupted my Outlook ( don't ask why)...So I ran the Repair option from the disk. After that the send and send / receive buttons are missing. (send from email messages also). The Send receive button appears for a second when it loads and then dissapears.

I tried deleting the outcmd.dat and restarting outlook but it did not fix it.

Answer:OUtlook 2003 Send & Send/Receive button missing

Your Outlook profile may be corrupt, try a new profile.
Create a New Outlook Profile

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When i open my outlook 2000 there are lots of meeting reminders and after about 50 pop ups,there is an error which asks me to close some windows because of memory resources.
I disabled the reminder by unchecking tools>options>calender>default reminder, but it still continue to pop up.
Please HELP !

Answer:Disable outlook 2000 reminder

Try cleaning the hard drive, then AFTER YOU DO, click on help, detect and repair.

Close all programs when you run the detect and repair.

Also remove all programs from the start up or msconfig
Instructions for both are on the following page.


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I am having a persistent, but intermittent problem with a reminder screen popping up with say 150 or more 'reminders'. All of which are overdue, and none of which were actually set as I do not set them. It pretty much locks up outlook, I click on dismiss repeatedly and it keeps coming up. Office version 2007.

Answer:Outlook Reminder popping up, Can't be dismissed and never set

Hello MChance000,
Have you run Office Diagnostics?
[Outlook > Help > Office Diagnostics.]

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Firstly I'd like to say that I'm well aware that you can turn off reminders in outlook for when you're creating appointments IN outlook. My issue comes that my outlook calendar is loaded by a company program that creates the reminders regardless of what settings i have in outlook and i can't make the program stop. i have over 75 appointments a week and its a huge hassle turning off the reminders one by one. Is there anything I can do to to run a script to remove these reminders once a week? It's driving me nuts because my phone is buzzing all the time and my laptop is always popping up reminders.
Thanks in advance!

Answer:I need a Batch reminder remover for Outlook

just out of curiosity, why does your company put so many reminders on there? Can't you just talk to the IT department and have them clear them?

and welcome to TSG.

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Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2010 64 bit
One of my users has a reminder that keeps popping up and will not go away. Here is what I have done to try to fix it.

Deleted the luck
Deleted the appointment as a luck
ran scanpst on the file and repaired luck
ran outlook.exe /cleanreminders and outlook.exe/cleansniff with no luck
I have even deleted the original OST file and started fresh and it wont get rid of it.
Tried deleting the reminder from OWA with no luck....
Even tried the mfcmapi tool to remove it with no luck...
Please suggest something I haven't tried. I am about to strangle this thing

Answer:Exchange / Outlook Reminder Issues

Do they have a smartphone with the appt also on it and that is somehow causing the issue?

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I am looking for an add in for Microsoft Outlook to remind of scheduled appointments. I have found some that will remind me of a scheduled appointment, but what I want is a way to automatically send a reminder to a client scheduled appointment in Outlook. For example a day before the meeting a reminder is e-mailed to the client. I would like e-mail to be custom with my logo and personal salutation, but also pull the appointment information from Outlook. It seems that it would be simple to add the Client's name and email address when the appointment is scheduled, and a option of when the reminder should be sent. Does anyone have any ideas or recomendations?
Thank you in advance for the help

Answer:2010 Outlook Appointment Reminder

i would send a meeting request with a reminder set.

Schedule a meeting with other people - Outlook -

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Hi all,

i have a problem with a user at the office. His reminder are popping before time.

is there a way to work that out ?


ps : all his reminder are "normal" date and time is ok.

need more info ?

thanks !

Answer:Outlook 2000 reminder - before time

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I have just gone over to using Outlook instead of Outlook Express for my emails. When I log on in the morning it asks for my password which I enter and it quite happily sends/receives all day without repquiring any further password entry.However, since changing to Outlook I must enter my password every time I send/receive. I have it set to check for mail every 10 minutes but it errors every time with the "password error" message. I have it set to remember password. OS is XP home and MS Outlook 2000. Can anyone tell me how to get around this?

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I am having an issue with calendar reminders in Outlook on Exchange. I am getting an error message of "Problem reading one or more reminders, some reminders may not appear. Can not locate recurrence information for the appointment"

I did a goggle search on the error and here is what I've tried so far:

I tried the /cleanreminders & resetfolders switches
Verified that the calendar is not pointing to a personal folder
Turned off then reset the reminders back on
Deleted the profile and re-created it
Created the profile on another computer using an admin account same error occurred

Some fixes indicated that a recurring reminder might be causing the issue. Viewed all of the recurring reminders and all of them were viewable. The only issue I could find was that some of them had a year end date of 4005. I was able to view those reminders - no problems.

Any thoughts, suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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Does anyone know how to turn off (and make off the default) the Reminder check box in Outllok 2002 when creating a new Appointment? Outlook doesn't remember my last appointment selection, and always opens up the new appointment with the Reminder box checked. Thank you!

Answer:Outlook 2002 Reminder Default

I believe it is under: Tools, Option. On the preference tab there should be a checkmark box labelled Default Reminder under the Calendar heading.

Hope this helps

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Got a strange one. Outlook 2000 freezes everytime the "Dismiss reminder" pops-up. CTL-ALT-DLT shows "not responding". After about 15 mins. it starts to work again and every thing is normal. Send/Recieve works fine. Running Win 2000 P3 1500. Have tried normal system checks, disk clean, safe mode, defrag, virus scan, reboot and hitting the computer. None seem to have fixed anything. Things I have not done yet, reinstall outlook. Has anyone had a similar problem with reminders? Thanks.

Answer:Outlook Freeze during Reminder popup

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My first post so please be patient.

I'm having major problems with a reminder in Outlook 2007 running on Windows 7. This reminder keeps multiplying - it is an old reminder that I have deleted a year ago but every Tuesday comes up - today I have 12,134 of these and it's jaming up my Outlook - I can't do anything in Outlook because of these reminders. I try dismissing them but that too freezes up my Outlook. Please help.

Answer:Outlook 2007 Reminder Problems

This site has a good Tutorial concerning your problem, it should help,

if not, post back.

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Is there a way to setup a reminder (you've got mail or new mail) for a secondary "Mailbox" in Outlook 2003 - Exchange 2003 server?

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I just imported a large PST file (exported from my old computerís Outlook 2003 Inbox folder) into Outlook 2010. I ran the Inbox Repair Tool on it before importing it to make sure it was error-free. But now over 6,000 reminders are demanding my attention. Oddly, only some of them are actual old calendar items -- some are Contacts, and many are simple filenames (e.g., C:\\WINDOWS\Desktop\etc.).

I canít get the reminders to go away. No matter what I do (Dismiss All, Dismiss individually, close dialog box), Outlook hangs up for a minute or more (Not Responding). When I do regain control, it's only for a short time before it stops responding again, and eventually the reminders dialog pops back up and I'm right back where I started.

Things I've tried to no avail:

Running Outlook with both the /CleanReminders and /ResetFolders command line switches.
Running the Inbox Repair Tool on the merged PST. Errors were found and repaired, but it didnít fix the reminder problem.

This problem has rendered Outlook virtually unusable, and Iím stumped. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Recently I permanently deleted a folder in outlook by mistake. I thought it was empty but it's not. And just after it was gone, I realized that there are still some emails in it.

It seems that outlook will only ask if you are sure to delete it and move all its items to Deleted Items when you delete a folder. But I'm wonder if I can get a warning to tell me that "this is not a empty folder " when moving a not empty folder in outlook.

Is that possible ? Thank you.

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This problem concerns my father's laptop which runs on Windows XP Home SP3 and has Microsoft Outlook 2007 installed on it. I think my father updated from Outlook 2003 to 2007, and from the very start (since he has been using 2007), he has been getting the following message on opening the program:
"There was a problem reading one or more of your reminders. Some of the reminders may not appear."
My father tried deleting all the reminders, then he tried using a program feature called clean switch or something, and nothing has worked.
Does anyone know what's going on and what can be done to solve this problem? Thank you in advance for your time and answer(s).

Answer:Microsoft Outlook 2007: reminder problem

More than 24 hrs later: bump.

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Using Windows Vista and Outlook 2007. I keep getting a popup reminder for an event that was deleted before it happened. the reminder says the event is to happen "now". When I try dismissing it, it pops up again any time there is another reminder of a different event. I have tried putting /cleanreminders at the end of the command line (as stated in previous postings - Aug 2010), but that doesn't seem to help. The error message I get is "...cannot locate recurrence info. You may be reminded again." I do have my Outlook synchronized with an iPod Touch, could that have something to do with it? Thanks for any help.

Answer:Solved: Outlook 2007 Reminder Error

Hi, and welcome to the board!

If you're calendar is synchronized with your iPod calendar, it's probably picking it up from that, and you'd need to delete off both. I've never been fond of mixing PC and Apple (call me superstitious!). These links may provide some use: (yes, I realize it's BB) (unsure if related, but doesn't bode well)


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I have a Calender Reminder that will not go away. I am using MS Outlook 2007 Exchange. A reminder comes up and will not let me dismiss it, delete it or snooze it. I cannot open it. Just will not let me do anything. I tried using MFCMapi to delete the reminder and it tells me
Code: MAPI_E_INVALID_ENTRYID == 0x80040107
Function DefaultOpenItemProp( iItem, mfcmapiDO_NOT_REQUEST_MODIFY, lppProp)
File E:\MFCMAPI\5.0.18\ContentsTableListCtrl.cpp
Line 1331
Code: MAPI_E_INVALID_ENTRYID == 0x80040107
Function m_lpContentsTableListCtrl->DefaultOpenItemProp( iSelectedItem, bModify, lppMAPIProp)
File E:\MFCMAPI\5.0.18\ContentsTableDlg.cpp
Line 771
Code: MAPI_E_INVALID_ENTRYID == 0x80040107
Function m_lpHostDlg->OpenItemProp(pNMListView->iItem, mfcmapiREQUEST_MODIFY, &lpMAPIProp)
File E:\MFCMAPI\5.0.18\ContentsTableListCtrl.cpp
Line 1405
Code: MAPI_E_INVALID_ENTRYID == 0x80040107
Function DefaultOpenItemProp( iItem, mfcmapiDO_NOT_REQUEST_MODIFY, lppProp)
File E:\MFCMAPI\5.0.18\ContentsTableListCtrl.cpp
Line 1331
and Error:
Code: MAPI_E_INVALID_ENTRYID == 0x80040107
Function m_lpContentsTableListCtrl->DefaultOpenItemProp( iSelectedItem, bModify, lppMAPIProp)
File E:\MFCMAPI\5.0.18\ContentsTableDlg.cpp
Line 771
Code: MAPI_E_INVALID_ENTRYID == 0x80040107
Function OpenItemProp( iItem, mfcmapiREQUEST_MODIFY, (LPMAPIPROP*)&lpMessage)
File E:\MFCMAPI\5.0.18\FolderDlg.cpp
Line 1079

Please help

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Can I please get help with the following:

I want to do recurring appointments that saves any changes onto future reminders.
For example, a reminder with "buy one apple" that recurs every Monday. If you change it to "buy one apple and a banana" then click on 'save and close' it won't change the reminder to include the banana for future reminders. it remains as "buy one apple" because that is the original appointment.

How can you make it add the banana to all future reminders/appointments?

Hope that makes sense!

Answer:Outlook 2001 recurring reminder/appointment help pls

I don't know what Outlook 2001 is; I know only 2000, XP (2002), 2003, 2007, 2010.

I have just tested this on Outlook 2003, and when I open any of the recurring appointments, it asks me if I want to open

only this occurrence
the whole series
If I open the whole series and update it, the update will be reflected in every occurrence.

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Just tried upgrading from Outlook 98 to Outlook 2002, but now have a few problems. After Outlook opens, we get a message that it "cannot start reminder service. Unable to show reminders." Also, the inbox displays previous email messages, but we cannot open them. It says "can't open this item. The operation failed." Same with deleted items, etc. If I try adding an appointment to the calendar, we get "this item could not be saved to this folder. The folder has been deleted or moved or you do not have permission. Do you want to save a copy of it in the default folder for the item?"

This installation was done on a Windows 2000 workstation. We use Exchange Service on our server. I have checked the Microsoft knowledge base, but haven't been able to locate any info. regarding these errors.

Answer:Outlook 2002 - reminder service error

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This is a tuffy........

I want a macro so that when i type a message into a cell it will put it into outlook as a reminder, or even a simple macro button that opens outlook in the scheduler.

Any ideas?


Answer:Excel macro links to Outlook Reminder

Try this link.

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I keep getting recurring reminders of appountments that have allready passed after starting up Outlook 2000. If I dismiss them they reapear the following day. I then went into the calendar on Outlook and deleted the offending items. The next day on starting Outlook the reminders reappeared, on dismissing the reminder a warning box came up with a warning message saying "Cannot postpone the reminder. The message you specified cannot be found." Can someone please tell me how to prevent these recurring reminders?thanks in advance RG

Answer:Outlook 2000 Reminder unable to delete

Any one any suggestions?Thanks R.G.

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Can anyone help me with information on how to change outlook 2010 default reminder all-day 18 hour to "none" as I don't want to be reminded of an all day event.

Thank you in advance!!!

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For some reason there is a problem with this programme I have built (with help from Computerman) now I have transferred it to another excel file.

When I try to set a Callback Reminder (my terminology), once I have entered the details an error comes up for some reason. The programme has been tried and tested by itself and worked brilliantly but for some reason it doesn't now.

Please use password lfc1979 on the login screen

Answer:Solved: Excel outlook calendar reminder

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I would like to ask for an Excel macro which can send an automate email on a certain date every Month.

The dates would be as follows:

1st Monday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically
2nd Wednesday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically
3rd Tuesday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically
3rd Tuesday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically
3rd Tuesday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically

Subject line: ABC123D5679_Data transfer expected today

Details of the body of the text message:

"Dear All,
This is to remind you that we are expecting the data transfer to be posted in Novartis system today . This is just an advanced intimation.

Kindly let us know if you foresee a delay in the data transfer.

Kind regards,
Many thanks in advance for your help guys. This means a lot.

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I have currently tasked myself with what i thought was an very easy and simple job of being able to set up a way of having an automated email system which uses excel data.

My data contains basic information about calibration dates, i need an email (reminder) sent to a specific email address 6 months prior to the calibration date using the dates in the excel spreadsheet as a reference for the 6 months to trigger an email.

By *automated* i mean the program doesn't necessarily have to be open and doesn't require anyone to hit a command button to send off the email, it should be done without any manual interference if it is even possible to do this.

I hope you can get back to me on this issue.

Many thanks,

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Where to find a program to provide Outlook 2003 alternate calendar reminder pop ups ?

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Hi all,

am running office 2003 on exchange server 2003. One user whilst logged into terminal services, suddenly had about 20 calendar 'reminders' pop up at the same time whilst he had outlook open. Thing is most of em were for appointments that were ages away. Now you seem to only be able to set a reminder as much as 2 weeks in advance. But he said they were popping up for appointments that weren't for a couple of months (??)

Anyone got any ideas what may have transpired? No one else has reported any issues and we have anywhere between 10 and 35 users logged into TS at any one time.

Thanks for any input offered.

Answer:Outlook 2003 (exchange) 'reminder' weirdness!

System clock?

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I keep receiving a reminder for an Outlook recurring appointment that no longer exists. I deleted the recurring series some time ago. The message reads as follows:

"Cannot turn off reminder. You may be reminded again. Cannot locate recurrence information for this appointment."

Any ideas on how to turn off this most annoying reminder would be appreciated.

Answer:Outlook recurring appointment reminder problem

Try to open Outlook with the switch "/cleanreminders"
Syntax would be like this (without quotations):
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Outlook.exe /cleanreminders"

Type that on the RUN command line (Start, Run).

I think it might work if you type only "outlook /cleanreminders"


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Hi. I am using Outlook 2003 with the Business Contact Manager installed. The PC is running XP Pro SP3.

The problem I'm having is that the appointment reminder doesn't work. I don't know why because I use Outlook 2003 on 3 computers and this one is the only one that has this issue. Could it be something with the BCM since it's only on this PC?

I saw something on the MS website that said something about the reminder not working if the Outlook installation was set to handle mail through the main system while using the calendar in the Personal folders (.PST) so I made sure to set an appointment in the calendar for both to see which one would work but neither worked. Help?

Answer:Outlook 2003 appointment reminder problem

This must be a tough one for you guys

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If I enable calendar reminders and set it for 30 minutes for example it still ALWAYS defaults to 18 hours.
So I only have two choices off or 18 hours.

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There must be some way to set the default reminder in Outlook Calendar for an All Day Event. The default is 18 hours. I can set the ďDefaultĒ to anything I want under Tools/Options. But that only affects non-All Day Events. I would like to be able to set the default All Day Event reminder to 0 hours.

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Setting Outlook Default Reminder Time

Hi Don,

I remember spending some time discussing this very same issue with a collegue a while ago and unable to change the 18hrs; however 2 points:

1. If my working day starts at say 08:30 and I have an all day meeting, then I want to be reminded the day before so that I don't turn up late; 18 hrs is a reasonable reminder time to ensure I receive it during the previous working day. As much as maybe 12 or 14 hrs would be nice I don't know how to do that.

2. If you want a zero reminder time then just clear the reminder tick box when you set up the calender item.


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