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Flash MFC application is not responding

Question: Flash MFC application is not responding

I have a G200 gps which I purchased from wikango (based in France)and which I now find does not have a support service.
The device was ok when I used win 7 but not on 10
When I connect the device om my PC it says device not connected,so I tried to download the emergency update to save on my PC so I can update using that file manually,but when I try to download the emergency update software,I get the message Flash MFC application is not responding .
My technical knowledge is as a beginner. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Preferred Solution: Flash MFC application is not responding

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a custom built PC (about 3 months ago) running Windows 8.1 Pro with Gen 5 Intel chip (almost top of the line) with 32Gb and an SSD drive. I have one application that frequently, but not always, goes into a Not Responding mode and only in a very specific circumstance. Allow me to explain:

The system was built specifically for trading and there are very few other applications installed, purposely to keep it as clean as possible. Defender is the AV and Windows is kept up to date with maintenance, within reason. One of these applications almost always fails when it attempts to shutdown which it does according to a set time. Because it is an auto trading application there is an interface to a broker site when it gets streaming stock data and will also open and close trades. I am not yet using the latter capabilities as I am only doing simulation trading. Every time the application goes NR it has always been in the interface to the brokers data feed and always at shut down time. The application has a "watchdog" service that starts and stops the main application. I've varied the shut down times and the NR moves with it.

The software vendor states that I am the only one of "thousands" of users having this problem therefore it must be in my PC. Essentially he is not working on finding a solution because of limited resources and because I supposedly am the only one having this problem. He has offered to return my license fee but it's no... Read more

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 Ok so I woke up this morning and was playing games like usual but when I restart it later some notification pops up, the application is not responding, the program may respond again if you wait. Do you wish to end this process? When I tap, end process,my screen goes blank. My Windows bar at the bottom is frozen and I can't tap on any program at all plz help thank you. 

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Hello people, my problem is something that happens at quite random moments, i've been having it for a while now.
What happens is that at random times every application on my PC just stops responding(even some games), sometimes i'm still able to scroll in my browser but i cant click anything.
My mouse still functions but whatever i click on stops responding. after about 5-15 seconds it stops and everything works like normal again.

I cannot figure out what is causing it, i thought it was a cooling problem so i bought a new cooler and case for my PC and CPU, nothing changed.
I thought i was my Ram so i bought 8 gig more, nothing changed.
I've also reinstalled windows 2 times but it did not fix it. Anyone experience this before?


Operating System
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
AMD FX-8150 35 ?C
Zambezi 32nm Technology
16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 480MHz (6-6-6-15)
ASRock 990FX Extreme3 (CPUSocket) 45 ?C
ACER X243HQ ([email protected])
PLE2407HDS ([email protected])
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (MSI) 52 ?C
111GB Crucial_CT120M500SSD1 ATA Device (SSD)
465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000YS-01MPB1 ATA Device (SATA) 39 ?C
2794GB Seagate ST3000DM001-1CH166 ATA Device (SATA) 33 ?C
Realtek High Definition Audio

Answer:Every application not responding


Please follow our Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista

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Sooo..I have reached the limits of my troubleshooting abilities. The following sequence happened to my PC:
1.) A month ago some programs (especially browsers) would go unresponsive (no white-screen or message). It seemed like it was just giving very long delays, but in the end, it stopped completely. If taskmanager was started or the start menu was used, after the first few clicks, these, too would stop to respond, needing a reset. A thing of note is that as soon as the first symtoms appear, the network connection breaks down.
2.) Ghosting the PC did fix the issue for around a month
3.) The issue came back, but now it degenerated quickly into white windows and the application not responding messages.
4.) I bit the bullet and started a completely new install. However after the first boot, with no drivers installed, no programs, nothing, the issues started to appear. I also noticed that the disc access was really slow in the "My computer" window.
Things of note:
- I have switched network access hardware in the time (first onboard LAN, then USB-wifi, now PCI-wifi)
- The issues seem to have nothing to do with CPU pressure or temperature. Actually demanding games run just fine.
- I did disc checks on the SSD the system runs and the other HDD where I have most of the data/programs stored. No issues detected
- I did the common malware searches. No threats detected
- I ran  a RAM check, with MemTest86 no issues found
Thanks in advance

Answer:Application not responding followed by entire OS

Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  When  FileHippo opens, click on Download latest version in the upper right pane.
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:
• List last 10 Event Viewer log
• List Installed Programs
• List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
• List Minidump Files
 Click on Go to start the scan.  Once it is finished highlight the text, copy it and paste it in your next post.

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I am desperately trying to track down some frequently repeating errors without having to do a complete repair install since the present installation is only about 5 months old.

Win 7 Prof 64 bit SP1 up to date. Cable modem bought myself Motorola Surfboard newest model. Apple Extreme router. I frequently use DNS other than those provided by my ISP for obvious reasons

Run Eset NOD and MBam as well as windows firewall. I also have five hard drives on the system all of which test ok. Two SSDs and three WD black caviars.

I frequently get a "not responding" in Outlook 2010 and I cannot track down something I am specifically doing when it happens. Here is the error message which I fear I don't know enough to interpret in a meaningful way. Hoping someone can help me do this.

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 12/18/2012 9:23:49 PM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: mg-PC
Faulting application name: OUTLOOK.EXE, version: 14.0.6126.5003, time stamp: 0x505b1685
Faulting module name: OUTLOOK.EXE, version: 14.0.6126.5003, time stamp: 0x505b1685
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x005f6701
Faulting process id: 0xf10
Faulting application start time: 0x01cddd5e9ee580f0
Faulting application path: E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE
Faulting module path: E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft ... Read more

Answer:Application not Responding - usually Outlook 2010 but can be anything

Work through these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

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Running Windows NT 4.0 SP6

When I shut down the computer I receive an 'end task' message stating that the following application cannot respond to the shutdown: "OleMainThreadWndName"

Does anyone know what this application is? It does not appear in the applications running list.

Also, does anyone know how to correct the problem?


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I have a serious issue with my laptop. Any program I try to install by opening the .exe file, the installation process goes to 'Not Responding' state. I am forced to close using Windows Task Manager. This is very frustrating as I am not able to install any new software or application. Kindly support me on this issue.

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I am extremely frustrated with my g510 laptop- so frustrated that I am about to go spend money on a new laptop when then one is only 10 months old. Computer boots fine. I start to use it. Doesn't matter what application I am running I get a message box titled Microsoft Windows: Application Not you want to end the process.  Doesn't matter what I hit the computer will then not respond.   Frustrated with what was going I tried several things...eventually I gave up and just reset the laptop completely to factory and then downloaded the few programs I use and am STILL getting this message.   I run Mcaffe Internet Security and the "few programs I use" are Adobe CC for Photographers, Google Chrome and Yahoo Messenger. Anyone have any ideas or do I have a $700 boat anchor?  


Go to Solution.

Answer:G510 Application Not Responding. Do you want to end the process?

Hi Amykay74,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issues with application not responding in your Lenovo G510 laptop.
As you have mentioned that you are using the MacAfee internet security, try to uninstall the MacAfee internet security and check for the issue.
Hope this helps. Do post back if the issue persists!
Best regards,       
Ashwin. S

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I have a serious issue with my laptop. Any program I try to install by opening the
.exe file, the installation process goes to 'Not Responding' state. I am forced to close using Windows Task Manager. This is very frustrating as I am not able to install any new software or application. Kindly support me on this issue.

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I have been having problems with my computer where it completely freezes up, and I can do absolutely nothing cause the computer will not respond. I will then get an error that says 'Microsoft Windows application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait. Do you want to end this process?' I cannot open the task manager either. Then there are other times where my computer isn't acting right so I will try to restart, and the computer will go to the turquoise screen you see when the computer is shutting down, but the computer will not restart. I have been forced to shut down my computer through the power button at times which I know I shouldn't be doing, but it is the only way to be able to restart my computer, and to start using it again when Windows stops responding. When I shut down using the power button, the screen doesn't go black, but becomes the same color as whatever was on the screen before powering off. 
I have performed windows 7 repair installs on 2 separate occasions because I don't know how to set up everything I need to set up after a fresh install. I always had a friend who would do that for me, but no longer do. I have checked my c drive for errors, but that hasn't fixed the problem. I've tried the repair your computer option while booting up, but that never finishes. I know a fresh install will be recommended, but I will not do that. Hopefully there is another solution.
Computer Specs :
Windo... Read more

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I was playing a game just the other day when all of a sudden the FPS drops to half what it usually plays comfortably at. I restarted the computer and this did not solve the problem. In addition to this (I'm not sure if this is coincidence or a linked issue, i assume it is linked) the computer started to become unresponsive and issuing the message while just using basic Windows functions:


Microsoft Windows
The Application is not responding. The program may respond if you wait. Do you want to end the process?

Ctrl Alt Del only becomes available once the system has started responding again, the mouse functions are still available, but obviously there is nothing to click on except End Process on the alert window.

Like I mentioned above, this happens during basic windows functions such as using the windows explorer, google chrome, clicking on the task bar or skype. It doesn't seem to be picky.

I have tried the following things:
BIOS flash update.
Malware/Virus search.
Disabling Virus programs.
Registry and Drive de-fragmentation.
Repair install of windows,
Fresh install of windows on two seperate HDD's in the same machine.
Upgrade install of windows,
Reducing/increasing the RAM, shuffling the RAM into different slots.
Updating all drivers in use on the computer

System specs are below:
Motherboard:Gigabyte AM3+ GA970A-DS3
Processor:AMD Bulldozer 8 Core Processor
HDDSeaGate Barracuda 2TB... Read more

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I've had this problem for the LONGEST time and I think it's time to end. I got this laptop for Christmas so I've dealt with it for a solid 6 months. So,whenever  I'm playing a game sometimes it just says that message and one of 2 things happensThe game just crashesor I have to wait a certain time for it to respond againThis is just really annoying and I've tried so,so,so many times to fix this looking up guides but it just won't be fixedI have no idea what's happening and this is my last resort

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This is what it tells me but, when I use task manager, there is not foxfire running. I have restarted my computer, and still no luck. Not sure what is going on. I have looked all over the tasks and don't see foxfire running. So I can't shut it down. Even turning off the computer and turning it back on didn't work, uninstalled foxfire again. Same problem. Help, Thanks Bunny

Answer:foxfire not responding close application

Ok, I fixed it. I am leaving this up incase anyone else has the same problems. I installed internet explore 7 pro addon and this is when this all started. I went in and deleted all the user profiles for foxfire, and this solved my problems. So just wanted to let you know.

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Hi all

I have had Vista for over two years now and two things that are driving me to despair are: i) the 'Wheel of Death' and ii) Not Responding

The Wheel of Death, as I call it, is infuriating be beyond distraction. You know what I mean, that perishing orbiting blue wheel. It comes on for no apparent reason and just locks up the system - can anyone tell me what the use is of this annoying little ....? Worse than the old egg timer.

"Application" Not Responding. The screen just mists up and often works in conjunction with i) above. Once again, no reason is given. I know with AOL a message pops up to let me know that there is a fault and will let me know what the error is and what the solution is to cure it, but never, ever has! Sometimes my whole system locks up and have to reboot..

If a reason is given, I might be able to forgive Vista. I have tried just about everything to cure it - increasing RAM. defrag, disk clean up. Clearing Temp files and Temp Internet files, shutting down other programs running in the background. I think I have tried just about everything, but the one thing I haven't discovered and tried yet, must be the one thing someone else knows about and hasn't passed on to me yet.

Bill Gates! Try this computer of mine for a while and it'll soon wipe the smile off your face, especially when you are in the middle of something important or complicated, and the Wheel of Death and a Wipeout happens and you have to start all over again.

Any... Read more

Answer:Wheel of Death and Not Responding (APPLICATION CRASH)

Hi all

I am trying to back up my files etc to a Buffalo External Hard Drive - 500 Gigs, but get so far along and get the back up stops and a message tells me that the problem is that the application has timed out. System HDD is 160Gb.

Any idea how I can get around this apart from transfering the files manually?



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PLEASE...I need assistance.  Starting early this morning...I started to receive a small  box with the message:"The application is not responding.  The program may respond again if you wait.Do you want to end this process?  It appears to be speaking of microsoft windows.  It has taken over my machine.

Answer:Microsoft Windows - The application is not responding. END PROCESS.

I would like to confirm what application was not responding?
I would like to suggest you test the issue in Clean Boot to check if there are any software conflicts.
Regards, Arthur Li - MSFT

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Bascially i have a sony vaio latop, i have owned it for a year and a half and now it just says it can't respond if i try to open or save in any application. I firstly found out i had this problem in sony vegas pro 10.Please can you help and solve this problem its driving me crazy.

Answer:I can't save or open any file in any application without it saying 'Not responding'.

Do you know when this problem began? Try a System Restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem began. Here's the procedure: Be sure to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points. If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two. NOTE: You will have to re-install any software and updates you installed and uninstall any software you removed between now and the restore point, but you can use Windows Update for the updates.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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Thank you to any/all for taking the time to look this over and help out.
so what I have been having a problem is with the past couple days now is that all my applications suddenly decide to "hang" or "Not Respond". At first I thought it was just my Mozilla Firefox, so I ran CC cleaner but it still persisted. I soon noticed that it was happening in Chrome too along with windows explorer, even going through windows folder, and all applications.

Solutions I tried so far:
- Used PC Optimizer to fix registries
- Ran virus scan (Malwarebytes and Avast)
- Defragmented hard drive
- Updated video card
- Updated Windows
- Removed some startup programs

So far nothing has worked and it has become really frustrating. I know its most likely not a hardware issue, I've been running on it for a long time and my specs are as listed:
- Core i5 2500k @3.6GHz
- 12GB RAM
- Crossfire 6870's
- 1TB + 500GB Internals
- Gigabyte Z68X Motherboard
- TX850 Watt PSU

Can anyone help me out? I'd prefer not to do an entire reboot, I feel as if that would be a last resort.

Answer:Windows 7 - All Application suddenly hangs/(Not Responding)

In my opinion PC Optimizer or other programs like it are not a good thing to use on Windows 7. Windows 7 doesn't want or need such programs.
If it was my computer I would completely remove it and select a restore point before it was installed and used. Then see how things work. Remember that their might be more than one problem.

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Windows 7, PCSpecialist laptop.If I am holding a key the application/program freezes but my mouse cursor will still be moving around and its still responding just doesn't update visually until after I release all the keys. For example:In photoshop I can't do things like shift+clicking or space to navigate around my document.I can't navigate in 3D scenes.I can't ctrl+click to select files.If I'm travelling in game I can't then look around with my mouse.It happens with graphics tablet, mouse, trackpad and I've tried updating graphics and tablet drivers, tried adjusting Palmcheck settings - so I just don't know now.This is a hindering my work (and play) so any constructive feedback is hugely appreciated!

Answer:Keys freeze application visually, still responding underneath

Hi it might be your keyboard and mouse are broke all somethings wrong with the connection.

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This window has began to pop up when I boot up..
If I hit the end process bottom all the icons on my desktop disappear.
What is causing this and how do I resolve.
thank you

Answer:Microsoft Windows Error Message "Application Not Responding"

 Since you neglected to give any details about your system or OS, I'm afraid it will be somewhere between extremely difficult and impossible.  

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Recently my system has become very slow and stops responding to anything after a while. if it is restarted, it starts working again for sometime and same thing happens. i have avast installed and tried the boot up scan and ful system scan. it removed some infected files but the problem still persists.
Pls advice

Answer:possible virus attack, laptop application shows not responding

There can be multiples reasons for a slow computer. BC has a nice post for slow computers. Please go through each step in this checklist and report back if you face any problems during and /or after this. Will be happy to help.

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First of all , I have three flash drives and they work just fine. I have problem with this:I have Medion 8 GB USB Flash Drive. isn't working on my computer. It was working fine yesterday. The light comes on. However, flash drive It isn't showing up in the drive list.
Second, I went to My computer and looked up DISK MANAGEMENT. Flash drive isn't listed there. I checked my other three flash drives and they are listed on disk management.
Now more details: I am using Dell Windows 7 64 bit PC. Everything was ok until today. I downloaded movie(I have about 8 movies in there), and checked flash drive with Norton Antivirus, just to make sure there are no viruses. As usual I had no viruses. however, All of the sudden, flash drive stopped responding. it flashes, but I cannot open it.I hear clicking sound, like computer is trying to open it, and nothing is happening. Please help!!!!My Medion 8 GB USB Flash Drive drive
It is usually showed being drive I:
I hear clicking sound I se blwo light on on flash drive, like computer is trying to open it, and nothing is happening. Please help!!!!

Answer:Flash Drive is not responding

Do you think that plugging flash drive into usb port, and then rebooting computer while flash drive is in might cure the problem? Could there be a virus that's why Norton Antivirus somehow blocked flash drive from being read by PC?

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I am still having problems with shockwave flash not responding. It always says to go to chrome://plugins - press details - and then locate the "disable" button. I don't have a "disable" button. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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My USB 8GB Flash Drive is not working. Windows will not allow me to even format it. It will not let me move/delete files, or run scandisk or disk defragmenter. Any advice?


Answer:USB Flash Drive Not Responding

First, make sure you look it over and see if there is a locking switch that it is not moved to the lock position.

If it was unlocked, you could fire up a live linux CD, Knoppix and see if that can see the flash drive and allow you to format it. if you get the site in German, just click on the UK/US flag to switch to English.

utilities for data recovery and system repairs, even for other operating systemsClick to expand...

So might might be able to recover the files from the trashed flash drive and put them on another stick before you try and format.

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Running Vista HP and have had problems ( seems worse recently... maybe from the later versions of flash player! ) with message "Internet Explorer has stopped responding". Always happens at the initial "first" attempt to open IE7. Never happens when in use. Stopping Internet Explorer in task manager then restarting and it's fine. Have disabled flash player in "IE7 tools and manage add ons" and the problem appears to go away... just that to view anything that needs flash and I have to go back and tick re enable. Flash player is the latest version and the Adobe version test says it is the most up to date for my PC. Any ideas... please don't say use Firefox... this should all work with IE7. Have BT yahoo mail as home page and it is when initially opening this that it freezes, if it's going to do it. Happens I guess 50% of the time. If it does open OK, it doesn't matter how many time I close and open IE7, it will be fine... just that first start ! Have plenty of RAM, no problems with resources etc at start up.

Answer:IE7 not responding/Flash plug in.

goto use their flash uninstaller then close open and redownload and install from ads corrupt flashplayer and cause ie7 to close

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Recently i have started to face this issue on my lenovo y510p, I was using windows 8.1 then, and for the first time my computer get freezed, and the error pop up Microsoft WindowsThe application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait.Options: END PROCESS or CANCEL' I thought there must be some issue and error will go away, but to my surprise this error start to pop up regularly after using  my laptop for 15 - 20 mins, my system get freezed, to get over this issue either i have to wait for next 5 mins until this dialog box close or i have to shut down my laptop by pressing power key.Second issue that i start to facing after this is when system restart or start, sometime i used to get this error "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME", system when restart automatically and after 5-6 try system get started. This error is not persistent it appers rarealy sometimes. When this freezing issue become regular i thought there must be some issue with windows 8.1 so from my end i did following things:i) Upgraded my laptop to windows 10, issue was still there.ii) Used lenovo one key recovery and set my laptop to initial position which was windows 8, issue was still there.iii) Again upgraded to windows 8.1 and windows 10 and issue was there in both again.iv) Finally i downloaded a windows10 IOS file from official  windows website and format all my drive and did a clean install of windows, problem still persists.Someone please help me regarding this how to s... Read more

Answer:'Microsoft Windows The application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait.

You have scanned throughly for malware with at least two different packages. Ran diagnostic, memory and system board if Lenovo has it for download. Upgrading to a different version only makes a mess of things if there is malware.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C650-17Z laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I came across a problem today with the computer taking 2-3 minutes on the "Starting Windows" boot screen alone, but since it has finally gotten past that process applications are taking absolutely ages to load up, and stop responding when they finally do load up.

I attempted a Startup Repair and Memory Diagnostic - the Memory Diagnostic came out fine, but the Startup Repair explained that this could be a problem with a recently installed driver.

I recently uninstalled some MSXML and SQL Server bits and bobs which I thought were unnecessary - could this be the cause of the problem?


Answer:Computer booting slowly and stopping responding upon application open

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums, Robert.

The quickest way to find out would be a sytem restore to a point before you uninstalled the software you mention.

SQL Server is needed for things like Visual Studio and Microsoft Office Outlook Business Contact Manager so unless you use these applications there shouldn't be a problem if you uninstall it.

That said, if your computer is running OK, it's best to leave things as they are, in my view.

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So for a few weeks now, I keep getting a error on Chrome. A plugin (Shockwave flash) isn't responding. I don't know what's causing it.. I have updated version of Chrome, checked drivers etc and updates. I reset my PC, it started working then but a few days later its all stopped. This happens when I visit most websites espeicaly youtube.

Answer:A plugin (Shockwave flash) isn't responding

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
What model do you have and what version of Windows ?
Does the plug in problem also occur with Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge?

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My adobe flash player keeps saying it is not responding. Then it asks if I want to continue or stop the plugin. If you say continue, it is so slow that it is frustrating. If you say stop plugin, then it crashes. Can you help me with this?

Answer:My Adobe Flash player keeps saying it is not responding. Can I get some help with this?

Are you trying to play videos on Windows 10 for desktop PC under the Firefox or Edge browsers?

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Purchased a new Toshiba laptop yesterday - SatelliteC50D-A I believe the model to be and I am instantly having serious lagging problems with normal webpages opening and receiving the error message "Shockwave Flash ISNT responding!!!"
My favourite sporting websites basically revolve around this player it would appear and I need some help to alleviate or repair the problem.
I'm a bit of a novice computer wise as well so if you are able to assist me I might need simple instructions on how to do things.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Shockwave Flash ISNT responding

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The screen of the TOSHIBA Satellite A200 Vista machine displays a cross-full-length bar with the message: TOSHIBA Flash Cards (Not Responding) . The bar is troublesome because it hides important screen information. I have been unable to close it. I searched the TOSHIBA web site but found no drive available. Can anybody  help?

Answer:TOSHIBA Flash Cards (Not Responding)

Download the Value Added Pack from your support site.

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Hello, Thank you for spending your time assisting me with my problem.
When I open chrome and go to Yahoo, Gmail or Youtube, I get a yellow banner saying that Shockware Flash has stopped responding.
I have reinstalled Chrome, reinstalled flash, verified in chrome://plugins there is only one Flash entry, disabled all other plugins and tested, there are no conflicts in chrome://conflicts. I have done multiple Scans with Kaspersky, Spybot, Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner. All found items have been deleted, but it does not fix the problem.
The only way I can get Flash to work is be setting Chrome's settings to default, then Flash will work for a while, sometime it will stop responding within minutes, other times when I close Chrome and reopen it. This problem is not happening in Firefox.
This has started to happen after I allowed SearchLock to be installed, I was duped and thought it was part of Chrome. I have since then deleted it (I believe), by hitting the trash button in Chrome Extension. The only other extension I see running are from Kaspersky.
Any ideas on my next step, and whether this is an infection or not?
Thank you.

Answer:Shockwave / Flash not responding in Chrome

Hello -
SearchLock seem to be the latest in with Chrome when you add Flash Extensions
This is a basic removal for SherLock and many similar evtensions
Click the Chrome menu button on the Google Chrome browser
Select Tools > Extensions.

Look for any unfamiliar extensions like SearchLock and get rid of them by clicking on the Recycle Bin.
Always recheck your Start Pages are correct, and Reset them if not
If you have no luck, Uninstall Chrome browser and reinstall it, but read the Add-ons offered with extensions.
Many have extras included and you can always refuse them.
See how that goes -
EDIT - It is a "pushy extra" that is almost an infection, as it is generally unwanted.

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what is toshiba flash card and why is it always says the same thing that is not responding

Answer:toshiba flash card not responding, What is it

This is what flash cards are (download pdf to view): a nutshell, it's those F tabs at the top of the screen, which alter brightness and so forth, worked by moving mouse towards them or using keyboard. Part of Toshiba computer software.There are a lot of hits in Google about them not working - something there might help: Here's one with a fix that worked: other bloke...

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You haven't specified which browser do you use. In case you are using Chrome, Firefox or Opera, the following links might help you:
click here

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Question: flash application

i need help to fix flash application problem. please somebody help. im getting a popup window "name:my flash application" message "class not registered". how to fix this for my x200 tablet on windows vista?  

Answer:flash application

See this link -
Important to use Internet Explorer (and not Firefox) to visit the adobe site to reinstall the flash player.

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hey guys!
when i insert a usb flash memory (any one not a special one) to my laptop, it stops responding!! so here is my hijackthis log

Edit by bjgarrick: Inline HJT log removed. READ & RUN ME sticky not followed.


Answer:usb flash memories makes my laptop not responding!!

Welcome! to!

Please follow the instructions in the below link and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions.

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going.

Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not.
If you run into problems trying to run the READ & RUN ME or any of the scans in normal boot mode. You can run steps in safe boot mode but make sure you tell us what you did later when you post logs. See the below if you do not know how to boot in safe mode:

Starting your computer in Safe mode

If you have problems downloading on the problem PC, download the tools on another PC and burn to a CD. Then copy them to the problem PC. You will have to skip getting updates if (and only if) your internet connection does not work. Yes you could use a flash drive too but flash drives are writeable and infections can spread to them.


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Every time I start the laptop a black screen appears with hanger carrying message *Flash card (Not responding).* After some time it goes by itself. The date of installation/update of this software is 7th March 2007.

Please guide.

Answer:Satellite A200-1MD - Flash Card not responding


Hmm... It seems that the problem is related to Toshiba Flash Cards they appear if you press a FN key... With other words they control the FN key function.

You should check the Toshiba website. There you can find this tool and you should try to reinstall it. So remove the current version, restart the notebook and install newest version of Flash Cards Support Utility.

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Shockwave flash my be busy or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the plugin now or can continue to see if it plug will work. This comes up a lot. Is there anything I can do. Thank You all

Answer:Shockwave flash my be busy or it may have stopped responding

Stop it and then refresh the page you were on which will reload Flash.If you have many browser windows or tabs open, try closing some of them, especially ones which have videos or video ads.When you get a chance, download the newest version of Adobe Flash Player and install it. This will be the long term fix, especially if you see the issue repeat.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Everytime I close down World of Warcraft something pops up in the top left hand corner (looks like it should be a window but only top bar showing) which reads 'Toshiba Flash Card (Not Responding)'. What can I do to stop this from happening?

Im pretty sure it pops up throughout the game as well as I hear a ding.

I have a Equium A100-338.

Thanks for any help!

Answer:Equium A100-338 - Flash Card not Responding


a solution can be disabling the flash card service if you don?t need your flash drive.

You can disable it just by following these steps:

- Go into Start -> settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

- Make a right click on "Smart Card" and left-click on "Properties"

- In the window which pop?s up you have to stop the service and disable it with choosing "Disabled" at the option "Startup Type"

After that your flashdrive service is disabled and you won?t get that annoying errormessage anymore.
(I hope so :O )


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Hello, My computer started to run slowly, or I should say respond slowly 3-5 days ago. I can hear something always running but can not see anything to account for it in the task manager. Sometimes if I click on a page, it can take 3 minutes to open. I use Firefox which has had 2 crashes in the last few days. I have received several dialogue boxes about flash player , something about stopping a script on the page. I use AVG, free edition but it has never slowed things down much, certainly not like lately. Any help greatly appreciated.

sys Info:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4007 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, 1811 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 800918 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P8H61-M LE/USB3
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Disabled

Answer:Pc responding slow, possible Flash Player issues?

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Not sure why this keeps happening on my Latitude D620 with XP Pro. 
I frequently get pages that don't respond or the error "A plug-in (Shockwave Flash) is not responding."
And then it locks up for a while and slows everything down. 
Any ideas what I can do?
Thanks so much. 

Answer:Pages not responsive or Shockwave Flash not Responding

I have found that many bad things can happen if you download Shock Wave from any other place except Adobe.Try this.

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I recently updated to windows 10 and I have been loving it. But today, most windows have begun to flash not responding when I interact with them (ie clicking, typing). This doesn't happen all the time but enough to interrupt my work. If you need any files or anything, just ask.
Thanks, Karsten
(PS: This might be a graphic card problem but I don't know so I posted it here)

Answer:Windows randomly flash not responding when interacting


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,y google chrome strucks frequently saying that flash player isnt respondingi cant find a solution help me fix thislenovo z580,windows 8

Answer:flash player stops responding frequently

hi chiru01,
Can you try to:
1. Close all browsers
2. Follow this guide on how to completely uninstall Adobe Flash Player
3. When done, open Chrome and get the latest flash player via
4. In the address bar,  chromelugins and disable/remove some Plug-ins that you don't use
5. Restart Chrome and observe
Let me know your findings

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So the title pretty much says it all. The keyboard works fine, its brand new and the only time I have any problems is while attempting to play a flash based game on the internet.
I have already tried clicking the game box, this is not the problem.
I am using Google chrome and have windows 7 ultimate edition.
I think a recent update I received is causing the problem since it was working fine before and just started doing this.

If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you so very much

Answer:Can Anyone Help Me? Keyboard Not Responding While Playing Flash Games!

I might only offer some help, but you could try this:

uninstall both flash player (should be in control panel>uninstall program) and any keyboard drivers you have at the moment. Then try going to adobe's website and your keyboard manufaturer's website and download and install the newest flash for chrome 32 bit (make sure you get it right) and your 32 bit keyboard driver.

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I have a problem with the flash cards not responding on my Equium A100-27 Notebook.
It's been gradually getting worse over several months, during which time Windows would notify me that "Toshiba Flash Cards Not Responding" and invite me to search for a solution and close the programme.

This always resolved the problem, but recently not only do the flash cards not work so that I cannot, for example turn the touchpad on or off, but Windows is no longer notifying me and searching for a solution.
The problem appears to be entirely circular, because Microsoft don't want to know if you bought your computer with operating system already installed (Why? Perhaps they can't afford proper customer support!) and Toshiba offer no means at all of communicating with them directly, other than at prohibitive cost.

Am I the only person in the world to conclude that this appalling lack of any meaningful customer support is clearly indicative of a "Sod you - I'm only interested in sales and profit" attitude and is there any kind soul out there who can offer the possibility of a solution?

Answer:Equium A100-27 - Flash cards not responding

HI lacourtade,

First of all keep cool!!!
Why you get worked up over that? Such things can happen, nobody and no notebook is perfect. Furthermore you have tried nothing as yet and I think your problem can be solved in few minutes so listen up:

The Flash Cards that you mean are a part of Value Added Package. So you should try to reinstall this Toshiba tool and you can download the latest version here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Before you install the latest version, remove the old one firstly. Then restart the notebook and install the version that you have downloaded.

Good luck! :)

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Hi everyone, sorry for my english,i met a big problem with my brand new Thinkpad Edge E320 1298-37G. I used ThinkVantage tools to update some drivers and also to install the bios flash utility.After installing this utility it began to flash my bios with a new one (flash in windows environnement). When it finished, windows closed for restarting but the notebook never restarted.The led on the "i" of thinkpad switch on and off  and also the leds of the lan port. I heard the cpu cooler starting when the led on the "i" goes on and stopping when the led goes off.I have nothing on the screen, no boot at all. How can i fix this?Is there any way to re-install the bios or make some kind of reset? Thanks for the help.

Answer:Thinkpad E320 not responding after Bios flash

I found another post with the same problem : - the red indicator light turns on every now and then, for short periods of time (~1 second)- when it turns off, I hear a sort-of mechanical sound from the left part of the laptop, it's comming from the CPU vent.- the process repeats indefinitely- i can shut off the computer by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. It is said that you should unplug the power and take out the battery, then put them back and try to start the computer.But for me it does not worked.

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So this problem just occured lately when i launched up Firefox. I get a script on responding error message when i play a video (Which requires flash) i tried reinstalling firefox with a fresh new one, disabling any sort of virus protection, starting firefox in safe mode which disables all plugins, downgrading adobe flash, upgrading adobe flash. When i uninstall flash completely, youtube and other flash websites respond with no script error but i need flash to play the videos.

Answer:Mozilla Firefox Script not responding when using Flash Player

Can you post a screenshot of the error?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

A Guy

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After direction from Lenovo to update BIOS, ran Lenovo Systems Update.   First system update worked. Then system restarted with Thinkpad BIOS Flash Update Utility, which is now not responding.  It said 91% complete.  Command prompts say SCT Flash Utility for Lenovo for Windows V1.0.3.9  Copyrights for Phoenix Technologies and Lenove.  Then 'SecureFlash BIOS detected and Read BIOS image from file' Do I have any choice but to cancel the update, shut down and reboot and see if the system is a brick?  This is on a Thinkpad T460S with Windows 10, just out of warranty. Thank you for any suggestions!

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Hi folks, I am just installing the things I want on the new computer and today I wanted to add the Flash player. As (I think) you can see, I have a HP z800, windows 7 64 bit. I also have an ssd as the C:\ drive.

On Firefox I installed Flash and in Firefox I have Flash set to ask to be allowed to run, just as I did on the computer I am moving from (Vista). However, two things seem to be happening now; 1) Flash always runs when a site calls it, it doesn't ask. I checked the Firefox plugin setting and it is set to ask. 2) The screen constantly flashes the box that says something is busy. (I used to see this occasionally on the Vista machine, but on this one the box goes on and off so fast I can't read it.) I did manage to position the mouse over the "stop plugin" button and click that when the box flashed up, but this didn't help. I don't remember that clicking this box ever helped on the Vista machine either.

I think, because Flash is installed on that fast drive, maybe it is just not designed for this and it just isn't going to work?

So far today I have uninstalled Flash twice, using the Adobe uninstaller (thanks for this advice from another post!) and re-installed it.


Since I am new to this computer, is this something that has been happening for a long time, or is everyone having this problem lately?

Does this have anything to do with Flash being on the SSD, and is there anything I can do about this?

What can I do?

Thank you!

Answer:Firefox and Flash, popup message about plugin not responding

Run the flash player removal tool again. Once finished:

Manually delete these:

Click Start (orb) > Run.

Copy and paste the following into the box and click OK. C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash

Delete all the files in this folder.

Do the same for the following:
%appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
%appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player

Reboot. It is important to reboot at this point.

Then get the installer for flash player for Firefox directly from here:


(copy & paste the link)

Save the downloaded file to you desktop and run it. Once finished launch Firefox and check plugins by clicking the link below.

Check plugins here:

Then get this addon:

In about:configpreferences - Firefox - type about:config in Firefox address bar then press Enter and accept the warning.

In the search box find:
plugins.click_to_play and set to "true"
plugin.sessionPermissionNow.intervalInMinutes set it to 0 (zero)

On about:addons (plugins page) flash plugin must be "Ask to activate... Read more

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 I'm running Windows 7 on my new SL510. followed the Thinkvantage System Update instructions and began with the BIOS Flash Update Utility. Running smoothly until 'Erasing block 13 of 31' .......3 hrs ago.... when the notebook stopped responding. Anything i can do??? Help please


Go to Solution.

Answer:Thinkpad BIOS Flash Update Utility not responding!

Hi and welcome to the forum!Did you ever get past the flashing process? if no, then the process might have bricked your system board, if this is the case then try contacting lenovo support for warranty claim.Hope it helps.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espaņol Visit my YouTube Channel

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dear community,

perhaps this is not the cause at all, perhaps i have malware and will eventually post in that area, but i think the problem is caused by my outdated operating system and inability to update things... -

i am stuck using windows vista and, chrome will not accept any more updates, and the _flash_ chrome is running, is old, and now...

any time i run flash in chrome (for example, to earn a bit of spare money i use two different programs, one plays videos and the other streams music...),

things will appear to stop responding - for example if i try to go to a web page, the page will stay loading forever -

and then if i try to CLOSE chrome, my computer's TOOLBAR WILL STOP RESPONDING (the desktop icons though will still be responsive, for example if i mouse over them...),


(i even found a way to make shortcuts to the processes of task manager, and even a shortcut to the command to restart, and those - work at other times, but do not work once this happens)

and then the only way to get out is to push my computer's power button... your expert opinions, does this sound like a malware issue (and then i'll head over to that area and, run allllllll the diagnostics...),

or does it sound like a result of having to run such outdated chrome/flash? (and if so, do you know of any way to possibly fix it?)

thanks so much for taking the time to read my issue!!!

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I open Firefox or IE8 and go to this Y8 Games site but when i click to the game it's not load. My browser not responding and i must endtask it. it's ok when I use my desktop. Please help . Thank you so much


Go to Solution.

Answer:My Y550p cannot play Flash game ( browser not responding )

re-install adobe flash player, then try again.
or disable "hardware acceleration" in flash options.

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At the moment we are running an online virtual world game with around 1500 simultaneous users in the evening and around 1200 new users a day. Unique logins are around 13000. They are mostly kids between 8 and 12 years old. Currently we are having problems with files not being cached in the browsers of our clients. We tried all kinds of different headers but to no result. This results in heavy bandwidth usage of our server giving us high costs. Since most of our users use Internet Explorer we don't want to rule out IE specific problems (if any exist). Last month we moved around 6000 gigs.

The situation is as follows:

We have 34mb worth of files ( SWF's and some MP3's) of which the main SWF file is the largest (8mb). This file loads all the other files depending on need. We are not using any get or post parameters on url's to load these files and the files are 100% static. We are not using any expiry dates or times. The only thing we basically use is if-modified-since in our headers. We don't do any frequent updates of our content.

Yet hardly anything seems to stay in the cache, with our own tests, it seems fine for a couple of hours but after a longer time ( maybe 24h) it seems to disappear from the cache without any serious browsing or downloading. Although we don't have hard evidence for it we don't think it is the cache of our client overflowing as it would require a lot of browsing and downloading for that to happen. Which is not very likely for an average... Read more

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Okay, This one is a bit hard to explain.

I have a burnt copy of Flash on disk which I wanted to install onto my computer.
Just to clear up, not Flash Player (Like to watch things) but the application (to make things) Got it?


So, I open up the file in Windows Explorer.
The disk also contains some flash movies and stuff.. but they shouldn't be a problem.
Before I can even click anything, an error message pops up
"Windows Explorer has experienced a problem and needs to close"

Extremely annoying.

Now before you all go to the easy solution of "Its a virus"
I assure you, I am well protected with Norton 360 and my two friends have never had any problems with the disk previously.

Help would be much appreciated !!

Thankyou =]

Answer:Explorer/Flash Application Error. Please Help.

Hi lustmyeyes

Did you resolve your error?

I imagine you'd be fine if you move the flash installer & it's files to another disk -- likely some other file on your current disk has a file-extension that is assigned to Explorer, which can't run it and throws up the error.

Another tactic would be to disable Autorun on the CD/DVD drive temporarily.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

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Whenever I try to click on my flash drive "Removable Disk H:" I Always get a "Application Not Found" error message and I cannot get into my Flash drive to view some important files! All that came up on Google for "Application Not Found" is various programs and files giving that error message, there is Nothing regarding just double clicking a flash drive in my computer and getting that error message.
Any ideas on what the problem could be?

Answer:Flash Drive "Application Not Found"

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy,  taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
   Go to Piriform's website, and download the free version on the left.  Click Download from (the FileHippo link requires an extra click). Or if you want to use a portable version of Speccy (which doesn't require installation), click the builds page link and download the portable version. You will now be asked where you want to save the file. The best place to put it is the Desktop, as it will be easy to find later.
    After the file finishes downloading, you are ready to run Speccy. If you downloaded the installer, simply double-click on it and follow the prompts until installation is complete. If you downloaded the portable version, you will need to unzip it before use. Right-click the ZIP file and click Extract all. Click Next. Open up the extracted folder and double-click on Speccy.
     Once inside Speccy, it will look similar to this (with your computer's specifications, of course):
     Now, at the top, click File > Publish Snapshot. You will see the following prompt:
 &#... Read more

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Hey ,

since I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium x64 I'm getting a wierd problem. Sometimes my Browser ( FF 3.5 , IE8 , Opera10 ) stops responding. I have to close it via Task Manager and re-open it. When viewing a video on youtube , it stops responding immediately.
I cannot use Windows Media Player , ICQ , Skype or any Internet Browser until I reboot. The event history is only giving me a " 1002 - Application Hang ".

I think it has something to do with Adobe Flash Player. If I uninstall , the problem goes away - but I cannot live without Adobe Flash

My Problem is very similar to another one from this board :

I also tried uninstalling the Flash Player and reinstall it - but it doesn't help.

My System :

ECS Elitegroup A-780GM-A
2GB Geil Ultra DDR2-800 CL4
ATI HD4850 512M
Cosair VX450W PSU
Athlon 64 6000+ X2


PS: Sorry for my bad english

Answer:Application Hang / Flash Player 10

You can only use flash in x86 browsers.

I.E. x86 is included in the x64 Windows install.

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Hi!i have made a(bit special) analog clock in Flash, which is working fine. But i don't know, how to make the actual application. When i make an EXE file from SWF or FLA it will only run in flash player or firefox, which i dont want. I could not find any solution in Visual Basic either.How to make a genuine application, which you install and which runs on its ownr, from this Flash or SWF file???Anyone, who has an idea???

Answer:How to make an application from a flash file

Visual basic can make common executable programs. You can't start with flash that I know of.1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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I have a flash application running within a secure site. The program uses resources such as video clips and powerpoint presentations. Video clips work OK, but when I ask it to open a .ppt, a popup window appears briefly and then disappears again.
Popup blocker is disabled, and I don't have google or yahoo toolbars.
It's running in a trusted site with all the settings set to minimum security.
there is nothing wrong with the ppt - it runs perfectly on my pc, and from within my secure site.
And (perhaps crucially) it all works perfectly in Firefox!

This all leads me to conclude that there is a setting in IE7 that is wrong, but I can't for the life of me figure out what.

Can anybody help?
The ppt is one of the Resources within the SCORM-compliant "OCR PE AS level Teaching Support" from Heinemann. This is running as a course within the Fronter VLE. (Just on the off-chance that there is someone with specific knowledge of this!)

Thanks in advance.


Answer:running a program within a flash application within IE7

Welcome to TSF

What type of anti-virus & security programs are installed? I know Norton Security has some type of popup blocker in their settings.

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 I am trying to do Automating using UFT and trying to Automate a Flash application. Inspite of UFT having Flex bundle its unable to indentify the Flex application. Can we automate web application which uses Flash through UFT. If its possible what are the steps that I need to follow. 

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When i connect my Flash or Phone to my Laptop copy files from it or to it,It Create Shortcuts and Applications of the ?Folders? in my Flash or Phone inside it,Please what wrong?

Answer:Flash Create Shortcut and Application

Hello Playbobgini and welcome to TSG,

My screen name is kevinf80, i`m here to help clean up your system, continue as follows please:

Anyone other than the original starter of this thread please DO NOT follow the instructions and advice posted as replies here, my help and advice is NOT related to your system and will probably cause more harm than good...

Change the download folder setting in the default Browser so all tools we may use are saved to the Desktop:

Google Chrome - Click the "Customize and control Google Chrome" button in the upper right-corner of the browser.
Choose Settings. at the bottom of the screen click the
"Show advanced settings..." link. Scroll down to find the Downloads section and click the Change... button. Select your desktop and click OK.

Mozilla Firefox - Click the "Open Menu" button in the upper right-corner of the browser. Choose Options. In the downloads section, click the Browse button, click on the Desktop folder and the click the "Select Folder" button. Click OK to get out of the Options menu.

Internet Explorer - Click the Tools menu in the upper right-corner of the browser. Select View downloads. Select the Options link in the lower left of the window. Click Browse and select the Desktop and then choose the Select Folder button. Click OK to get out of the download options screen and then click Close to get out of the View Downloads screen.
NOTE: IE8 Does not support changing download location... Read more

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my laptop (Asus F50sv) has recently been freezing for a good minute and then the screen will go black and display this message: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered." it happens when i watch videos on youtube, or hulu or basically anything with FLASH Player

things i have tried:
1. removed video drivers, and re-installed same ones. didnt work
2. removed video drivers and installed updated drivers
3. uninstalled flash player, clean sweep, reinstalled
4. updated bios
5. checked temperature of my laptop,cpu, processors, video card
6. deleted all temp files
7. virus scan (avg and symantic), malware (malwarebytes), adware/spyware scan (ad-aware)
8. unchecked hardware acceleration on flash

It works fine in safemode but not in regular mode. I don't think its a hardware issue, but since its a display driver error, i figured i post it here.

Recent Updates: Windows Service Pack 1

any suggestions? please help!!!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 12:30:41 PM, on 5/8/2011
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Hotkey\HControlUser.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\acrotray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuschd2.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\... Read more

Answer:Display driver stopped responding and has recovered Nvidia/Flash

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Hey guys,

I'm having a similar issue that the user had here:

Where basically, after going to YouTube a number of times, my browser (Firefox) hangs along with other applications in Windows 7 such as: Windows Media Player, Steam, etc. This issue also occurs with Internet Explorer as well, not just Firefox. In order to use these programs again, I have to restart my computer.

This is error message I specifically receive for Firefox:

The program firefox.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.
Process ID: df0
Start Time: 01cab04181311ad9
Termination Time: 38
Application Path: E:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
Report Id: 6973602b-1c59-11df-b4c0-00270e00352b

So far, to remedy this problem, I have tried:

1) Completely uninstalling and reinstalling the latest Adobe Flash Player.
2) Using CCleaner and Ashampoo to see if it was some kind of registry/program issue or whatever that could be sorted out.
3) Virus scan with Norton AV 2010 and Malwarebytes. Removed any infected items, but the problem still persists. I don't believe it's a virus or spyware because I scan regularly and it doesn't seem to affect the issue I've been having.

So my question is: is there anything I could do that I haven't done yet to try and fix... Read more

Answer:Application Hang Associated With Adobe Flash Player

Here was one suggestion I found.
Internet options
Change security level to MEDIUM and apply

Here are some steps from Adobe that may help.
Copy tn_19166 Troubleshoot Flash Player installation for Windows

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Hey there!
I?m experiencing a BSOD everytime any kind of Flash is needed (e.g. watching Youtube videos, playing flashgames on facebook). It?s the same pattern over and over again: The Application works for about 10 minutes, then the BSOD appears. Games are not affected, Skyrim and Rage are running perfectly.

My system:
Windows 7 Professional 64bit Full Retail, installed 4 Weeks ago.
ASUS P7P55D Mainboard
Intel i5 750
Radeon HD 6950 2GB (Catalyst 11.11c)
Samsung HDD 1 TB
4 GB A.Data Ram, 1333

Caused by driver "dxgmms1.sys"
Caused by adress "dxgmms1.sys+1011b"
Crashadress: "ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40"
What I tried until now:
I combed the desert for solutions and advice. So I reinstalled my graphics drivers, checked my RAM with Memtest86, scanned my HDD for erros, disabled one unneeded sound driver, reinstalled flash player and plugins, updated my browser to Nightfly (64bit version of Firefox) and drank coffee...a lot of coffee But nothing except the coffee helped, no errors were found and the BSOD still is reproductable.

So what the hell can I try now? Can anyone of you help? ^^

Answer:BSOD using any flash application, error 0x00000050


In this order,
If you overclocking anything stop,set everything back to default settings.

Download and install the new version of Driver Sweeper
Download the most recent software\driver for your ati AMD Graphics Drivers & Software

Uninstall ati software\driver,restart in safe mode,run driver sweeper,choose only AMD-Display and clean,restart in normal mode.
Install the new ati software\driver,restart.

Update DirectX.
Read very carefully the instructions and run post here the results.

Run RAM - Test with Memtest86+
This time leave it to run overnight.

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Hello people of the internet. Many times I have been trying to install Adobe Flash Player 18, but instead I get an application error saying
flashplayer18_ha_install.exe - Application Error
The exception Illegal Instruction
An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction.
(0xc000001d) occurred in the application at location 0x004059db.
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program
OK Cancel
What should I do? I have tried multiple times reinstalling it. Im running a XP PRO SP3 Amd Athlon, 1.5GB RAM. PLEASE HELP ME. Thanks!

Answer:Application Error after trying to install Flash Player 18

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I don't know if any of you are aware of the website called, It's an interactive flash site that you can order on cd-rom if you like it that much. The problem is, I ordered the cd, but when I run the program, my mouse pointer sticks to the center of the screen, when I try to move it, the pointer moves so far, then quickly goes back to the center, which means i'm unable to get to the menu's or anything, making the whole thing useless. I've tried emailing the distributors, but my emails get returned undelivered. I'd also like to add that my mouse works perfectly with it on the website, but not with the cd. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks

Answer:mouse pointer problem with flash application

congrats. Sounds like you got some adware.

now remove it.

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I just installed windows 7 today, and I just find out that the flash-related application - you tube and Facebook flash game crashes whenever I tried to launch them.

I had followed the instructions in adobe, uninstall and reinstall adobe player 10, but it doesn't solve the problem...

Also, I tried IE 8, and google chrome, and both of them are facing the same problem.

I think the problem lies in Microsoft or Adobe itself because I didn't experience the problem in Windows 7 RC.

Just when I wanna give a thumbs up to 7, problem comes

Answer:Flash player related application crashes on windows 7

Does it happen if you test in [safe mode + net]?

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Have XP with all recent updates. When going to, I can't load Flash Player. I keep getting the following prompt - iexplore.exe - application error... This memory could not be written See attachment for screen shot of the application error message with additional coding information.
Here is what I have tried so far without success:
When prompt appears - tried clicking cancel to de-bug...Results in computer freeze. Usually have to reboot.
Removed all past flash players versions from hard drive.
Scanned for virus and spy-ware - None found.
Tried the Repair Registry Software that claims it will solve this problem. It didn't help.
Security set to medium / custom setting to enable active X settings
Tried loading older versions of Flash Player to no success. Get the same prompt.
I'm at a loss as to what needs to be done. Can anyone provide suggestions?



Answer:Solved: Flash Player - iexplore - Application Error

When you say 'load', do you mean that you are attempting to install or upgrade the Flash plugin for IE? Assuming the Adobe site works for you, try this version tester to see what, if any, version you currently have; (the latest is 10,0,32.18).

Newer versions of Flash should be uninstalled with the special Adobe uninstaller, if you didn't use it, try it now in case your problem has something to do with leftover components of old versions of Flash; Note that if you have other browsers installed, the uninstaller will remove their Flash plugin as well and you will need to replace it.

If the uninstaller doesn't help, you could try following the advice in this Adobe Troubleshooter; Hopefully, the Registry 'repair' tool you ran hasn't done any permanent damage. Those things rarely do any good!

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Greetings. Got a virus from yahoo (redirected to another website and clicked on a pic) and our laptop couldn't get on the internet. Tried a few things and computer does connect to the internet but can't see video. If i go to youtube or any other video, i get like a sad faced lego piece and it reads "adobe flash plugin has crashed" Also when I first turn on the computer i get 3 application error pop ups. (Sorry... running Windows XP)

cvpnd.exe - Application error
The instruction at "0x0045e29d" referenced memory at "0x003575b4". The memory could not "read"
Click on OK to terminate the program Click on CANCEL to debug the program

CFSvcs.exe - Application error
The instruction at "0x00403726" referenced memory at "0x005f4f38". The memory could not "read"
(same as previous application error)

TAPPSRV.exe - Application error
The instruction at "0x005922f1" referenced memory at "0x005922f1" The memory could not "read"

Then i get 3 pop ups about programs that encounter programs and need to close and 1 about microsoft visual studio debugger. Lastly when I try to turn off the computer i get i last pop up. Here they go.

AVG Tray Monitor
AVG Tray Monitor has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience
If you were working on something, the information you were working on may be lost.
Please tell microsoft about this problem.
To see what this ... Read more

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What does someone need to know about installing something like Skype onto a usb flash drive as a portable application? There is a website which shows a listing for Skype. Some things seem unclear. One can install to a usb flash drive, what I may like to do. Would one download the installer for the portable Skype to the computer or to the flash drive itself? When the installer is then run and the destination for the install is picked, as to the usb flash drive, does the computer itself have registry entries and other files put into Windows System/System32 folder, which would not be on the usb flash drive? Then how are the flash drive and the computer from which the installation was made, be coordinated or associated after installation? What then should happen if later one wishes to update or upgrade to a higher version the portable Skype? Need to go back to the same computer and the same flash drive and run an update or upgrade installer? What about uninstalling?

If instead of an installer, the portable application were to be merely in zipped form needing to only be unpacked onto the flash drive, then this would appear simple; but one seems to be directed to download and INSTALLER, not a zipped package.

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Hello so basically I'm still trying to solve this problem when I'm just web browsing or doing something such as watching videos, I will notice my laptop screen will flash randomly so when I look into Event viewer I noticed the application Experience is causing it. I think it could be other applications but when I looked into this one it was Googleupdate.

Answer:Application Experience causing my screen to random flash?

You raised the exact same problem here:
Do I have a bad Graphics card or what is it causing this problem?
You were offered a number of suggestions but it doesn't look as if you tried any of them. Why start the same thread again when you haven't responded to the help previously offered?

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Can anyone recommend something that works well for this? The programs I've tried in the past always left a lot to be desired.

Answer:good application to capture flash and other streaming video?

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I've done some searching and it seems that both KeNotify.exe (Toshiba/Utilities) and TCrdMain.exe (Toshiba/Flashcards) are responsible for managing the Fn keys.

Could anyone please explain what each does separately, and what functionality will I loose if I remove them from startup?

Thanks a lot!

Answer:What does the Toshiba Flash Cards / KeNotify Application controls?


From my knowledge the Flash Cards (visual FN button row at the top of the screen) appears pressing if one of the FN + F1-F9 key combination would be pressed.
If you remove both tools, I assume that this visual menu would not appear anymore and you will lose the FN button functionality.

But you can test this just for testing proposes without deleting both entries.
In search type msconfig. In msconfig choose Startup tab and here uncheck both exe files. Save the changes and reboot the unit.

If you want to get back these processes, access the Startup tab again and enable both processes once again.

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I brought my Satellite A500 2 weeks ago and ever since at times and sometimes worse the screen will go black and come back on again and I get an error message in the bottom right corner with the following :-

Display driver Nvidia Windows kernal mode driver 187.98 Stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
Now i have updated the driver but the same issue is still present and the same error message but instead of 187.98 I get 197.16

Has anyone fixed this issue or is it a problem that Toshiba needs to fix and quick as I am not happy.

Answer:Satellite A500 - Display Driver Stops Responding Flash Black Screen

In my case, I could fix this issue downloading a graphic card from

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I'm getting a super annoying error. I get a popup window seen in the following page:

I tried both of the things in that article, and neither works. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Answer:Adobe Flash Player 9 - Where is the debugger or host Application Running

Hi -

What are you generally doing when you receive the screen (e.g., Internet, other application not involving internet, etc...)? Do you debug app crashes or kernel dumps - or is that one of the mysteries here?



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I have uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Flash Player. I have went to Adobe site to do a test, it says it is installed and working. Here is the problem. I have been to two different site for employement to fill out the companies online application, however I am getting messages that keep telling me to install an updated browser( I use IE8) Which I have installed several times and/or my flash plugin needs to be installed. Okay so here I have installed a browser update to IE8 and have uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe flash player which according to Adobe has installed successfully and working. I have also contacted the companies where I have experience the problems they say it's my computer not them.

Answer:Flash Player Plugins is installed and working?But won't work for business application

Is this the test you ran to check your version of Adobe Flash?; If not, run this and see if it confirms your version as Alternatively, you could try the test at this site (which is optimized for IE) to see if it confirms that you have the various plugins etc;

Assuming the tests are positive, there is one more thing you could do, which is to try installing a 'standalone' version of Flash;

If none of this helps, you may be a victim of an IE 8 problem which I can't help with, but someone else here may be able to. Depending on whether you use XP or Vista, it may be possible to revert to IE 7 (or better still, use Firefox or Opera). Wait and see what others advise.

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When my application(32bit) about to launch in Visat x64, it draws the border over my application and says "Not responding". This is not happening in Windows XP. Also the time period that taken by application differs from XP and Vista x64. Vista takes more time to load than Xp. Some one please help me out.

Answer:Vista puts "Not responding" box over my application always

if i were to take a shot. id say you're missing dll files.

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I'm starting to get "application not responding" messages a lot these days.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8096 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 4 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 204997 MB, Free - 108984 MB; E: Total - 357752 MB, Free - 319432 MB; F: Total - 376680 MB, Free - 289677 MB; K: Total - 799994 MB, Free - 657673 MB; O: Total - 99 MB, Free - 70 MB; P: Total - 76002 MB, Free - 26012 MB; S: Total - 199996 MB, Free - 124059 MB; T: Total - 334376 MB, Free - 141283 MB; V: Total - 99998 MB, Free - 99781 MB; W: Total - 53874 MB, Free - 53716 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, IPISB-VR
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated and Enabled

I've attached a ZIP copy of my EventsViewer log for the past few days. Can someone please help?


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3839 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 918 GB (341 GB Free); D: 12 GB (1 GB Free);
Motherboard: FOXCONN, 2AB1
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
Running Windows 10
Product name p6710f
Prod. No. BV 530AA#ABA
When a flash drive in put into USB port F File Explorer fails to open and Task manager reports File Explorer "Not esponding."
The adjacent front panel Flash drive (H?) works normally.
Using Device manager, I Updated the driver software for all USB ports but the problem persists
The Device manager lists all USB ports but does not identify them so I hesitate to uninstall/reinstall any port for fear of disabling the good ones.
Would appreciate any help.

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I'm not sure if this is the place to put this thread, but I couldn't figure out where else it goes.

For a while, my Thinkpad T500 running Win10 has been acting up. Sometimes when prompted to open a file in a software, when you click the drop down menu (where you can change which file type you are looking for) everything will be unresponsive for a second before flashing back to how it was. That was't a very good explanation, but it's kind of hard to describe. I ran my laptop without my battery (using an adapter) and it worker better, so I know that my battery is a problem. But sometimes when I open an application, it will open, flash and flicker the Not Responding in the top bar next to the name of the program, and then it will open successfully. There's also times when my mouse will vigorously flicker between the busy icon and the normal icon.

I've also been having a problem with the battery icon disappearing from the dock after starting my computer. Each time I boot up the laptop I have to go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Batteries > Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and disable it then re-enable it.

I'm not sure which of these is a hardware problem and which are software problems, but I'm hoping someone could help me.

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I'm not sure if this is the place to put this thread, but I couldn't figure out where else it goes.

For a while, my Thinkpad T500 running Win10 has been acting up. Sometimes when prompted to open a file in a software, when you click the drop down menu (where you can change which file type you are looking for) everything will be unresponsive for a second before flashing back to how it was. That was't a very good explanation, but it's kind of hard to describe. I ran my laptop without my battery (using an adapter) and it worker better, so I know that my battery is a problem. But sometimes when I open an application, it will open, flash and flicker the Not Responding in the top bar next to the name of the program, and then it will open successfully. There's also times when my mouse will vigorously flicker between the busy icon and the normal icon.

I've also been having a problem with the battery icon disappearing from the dock after starting my computer. Each time I boot up the laptop I have to go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Batteries > Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and disable it then re-enable it.

I'm not sure which of these is a hardware problem and which are software problems, but I'm hoping someone could help me.

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Whenever it is time to update Adobe Flash on my desktop I get this error message during the update process. I have to uninstall the program and then reinstall it directly through Firefox to get it to update. My laptop, which runs an Nvidia card, doesn't have this problem.

Is this normal system behavior? Is there a way to fix this so that the updates work the way they are supposed to? I have spent a lot of time researching the problem before stumbling onto this solution. But it should not be so hard to update Flash.

Answer:Adobe flash update: "unable to load application configuration"

The question in my mind is which version of the Flash installer the error is coming from. By that I mean, is it attempting to update Flash in Firefox or Internet Explorer? So, open this page in both Firefox and IE:

Many people forget to update Flash for IE, and if that version is borked up then it may be giving you the error you're getting and whatever you do with the Firefox version doesn't matter.

As a side note, are you using or have ever attempted to use Flash on 64-bit versions of either Firefox or IE? You probably haven't, but I'm just checking.

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This started about a week ago... no known, potentially questionable, downloads that I can recall. I've run McAfee scan- no virus activity... but it HAS quarantined the following on 11/5/08 (EUQV1EH1.exe, JS[1].pdf, 63XG4VU2.exe on 11/5/08... freescan[1].htm on 11/3/08, and CS8Q4SBJ.exe on 11/2/08).
The problem - even after running McAfee, problems persist. The issue- when running various applications (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, etc...) the Title Bar's 'flash' (from active to inactive) on occassion. I can usually restore functionality by clicking in the window, however, sometimes when this happens when using IE, it will close abruptly without pattern. I've recently been receiving 'Low Virutal Memory' warnings and recently switched the setting to allow the system to manage the swap size. Additionally- have been witnessing various CPU spikes in Task Manager when doing nothing at all!?!?!?... Any help you can provide is appreciated.
Logfile of random's system information tool 1.04 (written by random/random)
Run by HP_Administrator at 2008-11-05 22:12:55
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
System drive C: has 154 GB (67%) free of 230 GB
Total RAM: 1015 MB (52% free)

HijackThis download failed

======Scheduled tasks folder======

C:\WINDOWS\... Read more

Answer:Application and IE Title Bar's "flash" (lose focus) - IE randomly shuts down


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Just wondering if you guys can give me a hand with this issue.

Ever since the latest windows 7 update I get this window message "application not responding...". It's upon start up and it basically freezes the computer so I have to manually restart it. CRTL-ALT-DEL doesn't work. If I get into the task manager right away I can disable a bunch of processes and make it so it doesn't crash. Just by looking at stuff I figured out that I can disable the Application Experience in msconfig. This let the CPU boot up and function perfectly except I can't print.

I tried uninstalling my lexmark x4550 and reinstalling but the application error came back. I just want to be able to connect to the printer again and not have my wife bug me bc the computer keeps freezing. I'm probably below a novice on computer trouble shooting so be gentle.

thanks in advance

Answer:"application not responding..."

My first step would be to go to lexmark's website and find the latest drivers for you product there.

I just went and looked and I think I see your problem, there are no windows 7 drivers for the product which must mean you are using vista drivers in compatibility mode.
It still wouldn't hurt to go here

and at least see that you have the last vista driver that was released.

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Hi everybody, will appreciate if any of you could give
me some feedback on the following. Thanks!

Many a time when I clicked on certain function/button of an
application the "Not Responding" message would sometimes
appear next to the title of the application in the title bar (at
the of the screen).

And most of the times I would not be able to even close the
application. Instead, I would need to launch the Task Manager
and end that particular application under "Processes" tab there.

What could be the cause, any idea?


Answer:Application "Not Responding"

Most of the time it is 1 of 2 things. 1 the applications is working on the proccessing of the action requested but due to certain factors like to many apps running or what not it is taking a long time. 2 the application just crashed.

If its the frist 1 where the app is just taking a long time for it to work then just let it sit for a minute and see if it works itself out. If after a coupel minutes nothing changes then its option 2. The application crashed. That could be a laundry list of reasons why for that.

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We have IE 6. Say a user goes to The ad on the right is a Flash object. Some of our users will see that object flickering when scrolling up or down on the page or when hovering their mouse over it. It's quite annoying. Almost all users are running Adobe Flash Player 9, but I think I've seen this happen on systems with Macromedia Flash Player 8 as well. Other systems don't have the problem. I've seen this happen on one system and not another while both seemed to have the same Flash objects installed.

Uninstalling all Flash players using Adobe's prescribed Flash Player uninstall tool seems to work at first, but users later complain again. Note that they just about always end up installing Flash Player 9 again, because sites ask for it. I don't believe I've seen this on any XP systems at all, including my own, but most of our users have Win2K.

Does anybody know why this happens or how to permanently fix it?


Answer:Ie 6 - Flash Objects Flickering - Using Adobe Flash Player 9 Activex R28 (shockwave Flash Object V.

More info: Adobe Flash Player 9, Macromedia Flash Player 8, and Macromedia Flash Player 10 all produce the same result--Flash objects that flicker when you put your mouse over any part of them. Moving Flash objects will flicker constantly while moving and stop flickering when the animation is done. SWF files (at least the one at work without a problem when using Adobe Flash Player 9.

If I don't have Adobe Flash Player 9 installed, the Win2K machines prompt me to install them for almost any site that uses Flash (I guess most recent Flash objects cannot be viewed with the older Macromedia Flash Players).

Any suggestions?

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Hope you can help! I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, 4GB, 64bit, Intel i5, NVIDIA, Kaspersky Internet Security 15.0.2.
I primarily use IE11, but switch to Mozilla Firefox 43.0.2 when IE stops responding. My primary email is AOL which I access via web, not software. Computer often slow and hangs.
The main issue is IE11 "stops responding" several times a day. I've run the latest version of Malwarebytes (subscription), Glary Utilities Pro, Kaspersky IS, CCleaner, and Disk Cleanup. I delete browing history daily. No virus or malware shows up after scans. Recently ran a full scan on Kaspersky overnight+ and still, no viruses detected. I'm not sure what the issue is and would gladly go back to IE9 or 10 if IE11 is the issue, but I need to be sure.
Whatever guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:IE11 stops responding, websites stop responding, computer slow

Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2. SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me.NOTE 3. If you receive UNSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEM! ABORTED! message restart computer and Security Check should run Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Restore PointsClick Go and post the result. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to your desktop.NOTE. If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed scroll down.Double-click ... Read more

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Hey all,

I have two problems with two employees. They both are connecting by vpn with the ATT Global network client from their homes. These Both employees are using outlook 2000. They are both behind personal routers. They can both browse the Internet and intranet web pages with no problems.

One of the employees can connect with no problem but after ten minutes only her outlook stops responding.

The other, her exchange server will no respond. She is able to ping it successfully. Created several new profiles have no effect or even simply trying a check name.

Any help on these two problems?

Answer:Outlook problems: exchange server not responding and not responding after 10 minutes

What version of exchange are you using?

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Hey all,

I have two problems with two employees. They both are connecting by vpn with the ATT Global network client from their homes. These Both employees are using outlook 2000. They are both behind personal routers. They can both browse the Internet and intranet web pages with no problems.

One of the employees can connect with no problem but after ten minutes only her outlook stops responding.

The other, her exchange server will no respond. She is able to ping it successfully. Created several new profiles have no effect or even simply trying a check name.

Any help on these two problems?

Answer:Outlook problems: exchange server not responding and not responding after 10 minutes

1) Are they on company or personal machines? If personal could this be a personal firewall issue?

2) Are they connecting wirelessly? Have they try connecting wired and see if it makes a difference.

3) I haven't used Outlook 2K in a long time, but I remember there being a setting about how to behave when using a slow connection. Something like tools, send receive, send receive settings. I think one of the options was to basically do nothing. You might poke around in those settings and see what you find.

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Please can someone help me?
Outlook just freezes sometimes & comes up with "Not responding" & occasionally Windows Explorer will do the same!!??
So once i have managed to close them i try & shut down my computer but it just freezes again on the "logging off" screen, i have no idea whats going on as i am pretty shocking when it comes to this IT tech stuff, it may be simple it maybe complex. i have had other problems b4 on this machine but this current problem is becoming very common & highly annoying!!!
In Outlook i run my main email account & then run two others with seperate email addresses down below...if that makes sense... it seems to be the secondary email addreses that crash my Outlook -  I think...
I have recieved emails to all accounts but when i try to send from one of the secondary accounts then the sh1t hits the fan.
would really appreciate any help.
thanks you!

Answer:Help! Outlook "Not responding" ! Windows Explorer "Not responding" !

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link.

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My original post was in the Window XP/Pro discussion. This is continuation from there as did not know if I needed to copy them over here........ This still happens when I start the machine: Services.exe - Application Error. The Application Failed To Initialize (0xc0000005)., Windows XP Professional SP2Then it will take its time loading....and if I try and install something it won't; it will shut itself off and restart..i think it has a mind of its on.... ok the following is what I have found today...this will all be hand type as the floppy drive does not work, the internet connection says it up in Task Monitor but to get online its not happening. Last night I attempted to run Spy-Bot Search and Destroy; it said I needed to load the definitions file....but I have no online anyone know how to update with out being online?Here is what I started with today.Turn machine on. Still get Services.exe - Application Error.Decided to uninstall some of the useless program that are no longer needed. Here is list as follows and results:Add & Remove Programs:Uninstall Dell DJ Explorer The Installshield Engine (iKernel.exe) could not be launched. The RPC server is unavailable.Google Earth An Error (-5009:0x800706ba) has occurred while running setup. Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications. If the error still occurs, please contact vendor: Google ( Read more

Answer:Services.exe - Application Error. The Application Failed To Initialize (0xc0000005)., Windows Xp Professional Sp2

Link to previous topic: Blossom

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STOP: c oooo 145 {application error. The application failed to initialize properly (0x 0000005). Click OK to terminate application. The above message is what I receive, when I run "error check". It was advised from the Microsoft website that I ran ERROR CHECK, along with "disk cleanup" & "defrag" analysis, to see if the machine needs to be defragged.I went along with the advised procedures by Microsoft, because it was said that the computer would run faster. I've been doing the ones that worked, defrag analysis, disk clean up & CC Cleaner. Along with those maintenance tasks, I update all the definitions on the malware software. With the aforementioned error message problem with the lap top, I also have a problem with Adobe Reader (listed in another topic), that I can't uninstall it, without getting a 'Error 1402' message. Then the one last problem is the cursor jumping around at random times, when I am typing to either the forum or in a Word document. I mention these other issues because I am not sure they're not related. This is a DELL Inspiron 1520, Centrino (2007). I have another laptop, a 5150 Inspiron, with a P4 chip, and it absolutely has no issues. It hasn't even caught a virus. I don't use it as much now, but in the past I took it everywhere. It is heavy & the fan was on the bottom, so I built a stand out of PVC pipe & fittings. It kept the laptop off of the surface so it could get air circulati... Read more

Answer:STOP: c oooo 145 {application error. The application failed to initialize properly (0x 0000005).

What steps are you taking to run the check?

That error seems to indicate a hard drive problem, which is why it was suggested to run chkdsk /r.

Start/Run...type chkdsk /r and hit Enter. Type Y in new screen and hit Enter. Reboot the system. The command should execute, before booting into XP.


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