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Desktop powers on but does not boot to windows.

Question: Desktop powers on but does not boot to windows.

So I have had this trouble for a month now. I moved from my apartment to the new home I purchased and made certain I was the one to pack the computer, which was basically the last thing to go before we left.

At any rate, this was a custom built PC that isn't even a year old. All parts purchased in 2015. When i power on the pc normally it doesnt boot into windows, but actually every now and again i can actually get it to boot. I have tried various trouble shooting for this circumstance. Swapped ram around, removed CMOS, reseated video card, etc. It can't be the ram as I've tried every single chip and I have 4 ram chips. I don't have any other video cards, PSU, or motherboard to try out to rule out the problem. Any suggestions? It completely puzzles me as to why it will randomly boot up sometimes but 9/10 times it just sits there with a black screen. Oh and by the way I get no beep codes from the motherboard anymore. No beeps at all.

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Preferred Solution: Desktop powers on but does not boot to windows.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Desktop powers on but does not boot to windows.

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When comming to switch on pc with XP, it start to boot then bleeps and powers off.Monitor shows Amber standby and nothing on screen.Where or what could I look at to sort this out.Needle in haystack, hardware or Software ?

Answer:XP Wont Boot into desktop and pc powers off ?

Try Safe Mode by tapping F8 as it boots.

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When I power up my PC, the BIOS boots, then I see the blue window in the center of the screen as Windows 10 x64 is allegedly booting, then my machine powers down/off. If I then press the power button again, Windows 10 actually boots as it should. Why the frack is Windows 10 doing this, it is very annoying. I did google this already and saw an alleged solution, to uncheck the Windows 10 Fast Boot option, but that has not fixed this issue. I never had this problem with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 which I had on my PC until a few weeks ago when I bought Windows 10 64 and installed it. Any solutions? Is this a known bug?
Joe Coder

Answer:Windows powers down during boot, wtf?

Hi Joe Coder. Welcome to the TenForums @Joecoder

Are you applying any Overclocks to system? I don't have your system but the system I have will try to Overclock and if unsuccessful at one overclock will powerdown, drop the overclock and try again.

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The other day i was using my notebook and i got a message saying my computer was going to restart to finish updates. it did not give me the option to cancel. When it finished restarting all i get is a blank display all i see is the backlight. and ive tried everything. Hard reset. Restoring BIOS. i tried connecting to an external monitor but that doesn't work. I feel like this is not my fault windows did not allow me to cancel updating it just restarted my laptop as i was using it. i dont think i should have to pay 59.99 for phone support or anything else. This is a huge inconvenience to me as i use my laptop everyday for work.

Answer:Notebook powers up but wont boot windows only displays backl...

I have an Envy M6 and Windows 10 OS

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 The initial BIOS screen appears, then eventually powers off. F2 to enter setup or F12 to select boot device also don't work. I did a couple of impatient hard power offs and now behaviour is as described - effectively bricked. Grateful for any and all suggestions! I tried booting off a live CD, but unsurprisingly, that didn't work either. When I select F2 or F12, a message appears saying entering Setup or device selection, but nothing happens, then power off after a few more seconds. 

Answer:G470 BIOS won't boot; won't enter setup or boot device selection (F2, F12); powers off

Welcome To Lenovo Community
We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing,  
Please try disconnecting all cable from the unit , Now press the power button for 30-40 sec then release , perform this action 4 -5 times , now connect AC adaptor  to check  by powering on and booting the system. If system is working fine, try entering the Bios, if you are successful press F9 to load Bios defaults   & press F10 to save and exit
In case issue remains same please contact local Lenovo support to have system verified
Do give this a try and let us know  
Hope This Helps

WW Social Media Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

                        English Community &n... Read more

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Flat screen is plugged in, light is blinking but when I power on the CPU it appears to boot up but nothing changes on the monitor. The monitor works because I hooked it up to my laptop top no problem. What are the possibilities? Maybe video card? Why would that go out? Any other ideas ... thanks

Answer:HP desktop powers up but flat screen gets nothing

Can you post the system specs on the computer in question? Is it the desktop in your computer specs? If so Please post your system specs, To include Make and model System if Big Box, or same info for the following if custom or home built, Mother Board (including Revision number), Processor (Exact Model Number), Ram, Video Card, Hdd(s), Optical Drive(s), Power Supply Manufacturer Model, Wattage and Amperage on the +12V Rails, OS, and any other peripherals installed on the motherboard.

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Hello everyone,
My PSU fried some time ago and now whenever my desktop is plugged in, it turns itself on by itself then back off after a random time.
I could use some help to fix it, or determine which component is busted to replace it.
What happened is the desktop turned itself off two weeks ago while I was playing a game of Doter2, then emited a weird whistling noise, like something was fusing inside the case. I unplugged the computer and smelt if something had burnt inside but couldn't pick up on it, then tried to turn it on again. Nothing happened.
So I documented a bit about my issue and came to the conclusion that my PSU was dead (No led on the motherboard, tried to connect the green wire to the earth, I didn’t test it on another computer fearing it would damage it). I went to buy a brand new Corsair CX750, and plugged it in, but my computer still didn’t show any sign of life aside from the green led on the motherboard that was on.
So I decided to test the new PSU on another computer, and it worked properly.
At this point I plugged everything back in and decided to call it off for a while, that's when it first happened :
Out of nowhere (I wasn't touching the computer in any way) it powered on and turned off again after a few seconds, then repeated this behaviour a few time, and eventually booted all the way to windows, telling me it shut off because of a power surge in the BIOS.
While my desktop was loading I tried to move the case slightly because it was in... Read more

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I have a nine month old HP P6110y desktop, Vista 64bit. About a month ago, it just starting powering itself down. It is a controlled power down. It gives the message that computer is powering down and it shuts down. These are the things that have been done to it.

Parts have been replaced three times by HP. First time, an HP tech replaced the motherboard. The next two times, I had to ship it to HP, and they replaced the power supply both times. The software has been reloaded several times. It still powers down. Anyone have any ideas where the problem could be?

I have a call in to my case manager, and I"m thinking of asking for a new computer. I had already talked to them about it, but they don't make this one anymore. They offered me a couple of models, but I would have to pay the difference. I turned them down. But now I think I will take them up on it and get a newer model

I have this other question. They are making these faster computers with bigger hard drives, but they are SATA 3g 5400 rpm drives. This one has a 7200 rpm drive, and I do some video editing for home movies. Can anyone tell me if this drive will slow down the pc when creating and writing the DVD file? I always use the slower speed for creating the DVD files, but I don't know if that means writing at a slower speed.

Answer:Solved: Nine month HP desktop powers down

You should not notice any difference. The writing speed I think you mean, is the writing to DVDRAM (DVD Disk) not the hard drive. The writing speed of the burner drive.... is also dependent on the DVD disk, the file size, type, and of course the drive itself, as well as the computer's CPU and RAM, plus a few other things. I generally use a writing DVD to disk burn speed one or two settings below the maximum, it depends though on those other things whether you can use Max or not.

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Computer is AMD FX-62 with NVIDIA 7950 card and 750W power supply. Purchased in August, 2006. Processor and video card have been overclocked by a "boutique" vendor. Running XP2 updated with all patches. No power-saving options are enabled. About once a month, this computer just randomly powers itself off, usually in the middle of the night when it is idling. Event logs show nothing abnormal. Vendor suggested removing the powered USB hub, which had no effect on problem. Running an APC SmartUPS 1500W which shows only 37% usage. Any ideas? Thanks

Answer:Desktop Xp Computer Powers Off Randomly

About that time did you install any programs, or utilities? They may be powering down your computer after updating.

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It's a friends pc. I replaced the power supply but that did not fix it. It's not a virus cause it did allow me to install linux. So the cd rom worked through the install. The computer has a lot of dust in it. I was going to blow it out tomorrow. Could it just be dust? Any other ideas.

Answer:PC powers on/off during boot, wont complete boot

am not a pro but i know this much atleast cus i have already faced similar problem, the os goes to the loading screen takes long than usual to load and then reboots without getting to the welcome screen right? cleaning surely helps

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Power supply light is on and solid. Fans are on. Monitor is on just not getting input from case. Wall outlets are fine. Cables are fine. Dust gone. I unplugged and replugged all the connections I could get to. We replaced the 2032 coin battery, but then when it didn't work we put the old one back, the way it was. We removed RAM to look at it and I assured it's back in place.

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I have an e-machines (Gateway) T6410 desktop 2.20 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64, running Windows XP SP3. A few days ago I was browsing online when the fans started to quickly, but incrementally, speed up. As I heard that happen I tried to quickly shut down my e-mail and browser (Firefox) but before I could accomplish that, it shut off. I waited awhile and tried to boot it up (thinking it may have overheated) and before I could log in under my user account the fans started increasing in speed so I tried again to shut it down, but it didn't quite get there before it shut off again.

After reading the forums with people with similar problems, I tried to boot into safe mode to be SURE this wasnt actually malware, but now it doesn't want to power on - it makes a whirring sound (reminds me of trying to start a car when the battery is dying) and then does nothing.

History: The power button did the same thing about 2 months ago (with NO history of shutting off or overheating, kinda like it just was getting worn out all of a sudden), and then after one or two successful times booting, it would no more. BIL was here for Thanksgiving, he's an IT guy and actively pursuing further master's level IT classes etc (so I am assuming fair knowledge of all things computers), so he took a look at it, confirmed my suspicion (thanks to reading here) of it being the PSU, "borrowed" the PSU from another computer we werent really using since daughter #2 went... Read more

Answer:Desktop powers off after start - fans running fast

Well, it has been the blind leading the blind since I posted, and has taken longer than it would have with some guidance, but I tried to find photos of what the various parts are in the tower, and when hubby could be home to help (he is NOT computer knowledgeable, but does now how to identify some of the components better than I do) we were able to determine that the heat sink was loose. Don't know if it happened when my BIL helped replace the PSU or if it just vibrated loose with time? Gently cleaned a bit of dust on the thermal paste and after quite a bit of time figuring out how to rehouse it (not at all like the one in the photo I found that was supposed to be installed in my emachine) we got it situated and it restarted just fine.

I was unable to determine the wattage on the original psu for my machine, had hoped for some input about how to find that information, but it seems okay right now. We have a 250 watt unit subbing at the moment.

If someone has the time perhaps they could still answer questions 4 and 5 from my original post? I am assuming that most MG readers/supporters purchase their components online? Just in case we need to still get another PSU or have any further difficulties (particularly due to the age of my computer).

Thanks again for any help you can provide.

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My son had this computer {e machine} for about a year and has given  (minus the ram which i have replaced) it to me because of the issue it's having. When you turn it on it powers up then  it beeps a couple of times, doesn't boot up, then shuts off. HELP please. I have copied the specs of the pc below.Kisses, TamaraSpecifications CPU :  Intel? Pentium? 4 Processor 631Hyper-Threading and Intel? EM64T Technology(3.00GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB) Operating System :  Genuine Windows Vista? Home Basic Monitor :  Includes eMachines? 17" Widescreen LCD Chipset :  Intel? 945G Memory :  512MB DDR2 dual-channel capable (1 ? 512MB), 533MHz (PC4200)Expandable to 2GB     Just installed 2 1 gb ram cards2 DDR2 Slots (Total), 1 DDR2 Slot (Available) Hard Drive :  160GB SATA II (7200rpm, 8MB cache) Optical Drive :  DVD?RW 16x Multiformat Dual-Layer Optical DriveUp to 8.5GB with Dual-Layer MediaWrite max: 16x DVD?R, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+RW, 4x DVD+R DL, 40x CD-R, 24x CD-RW Read max: 16x DVD-ROM, 40x CD-ROM  Media Reader :  High-Performance 15-in-1 Digital Media Manager?xD-Picture Card?, CompactFlash? I (CF), CompactFlash? II, Secure Digital? (SD), Mini Secure Digital? (Mini SD), Multi Media Card (MMC), Reduced Size MMC (RS-MMC), MMC Mobile, MMC Plus, Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro?, Memory Stick Pro? Duo, SmartMedia, IBM Microdrive  Video :  Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator... Read more

Answer:my desktop just powers up beebs a couple times thens turns off

    Sounds like replacing RAM caused this. You might have bad RAM chip, or have installed it improperly. Try re-seating it. Also check this link to learn more about beeps.

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Motherboard: Gigabyte z170n-wifi
Stereo: Sony STR-K850P

I'm down-sizing a bit and want to do away with my largish Sony receiver. I'm currently using it to drive a 3.1 setup. I'm okay with deleting the center channel, less okay with eliminating the powered sub. It just seems to me that small speakers usually need a sub to balance them out.

At this point in my life, I only use my speakers when the family isn't around and even then I'm past the "crank it" phase. Yes, I typically listen at a reasonable volume. The majority of my game playing is done via headphones (Sony MDR-7506).

I'd like to hear from users in a similar situation, as in what are you using and how do you like it? I am okay going with a 2 channel setup, but the speakers have to deliver a nice range. Am I looking for an animal that doesn't exist? Should I just stick with what is probably a 9-yr old receiver at this point? Truth be told, it's only crime is being too big (and yes, I get that a lot...)

Anyhoo - thoughts welcome.

Answer:Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers

Welcome to Ten-Forums !

What is your Sound Device on this Motherboard ?
For me over years being a music lover i prefer quality sound and does not have to be loud also to enjoy, but when it can be it should sound good low or high.
So this depends on Sound Device in your system to and at least for me. Using a Creative Sound Blaster ZxR 5.1 along with Logitech Z906.
This card has capability to hook to external Amps or receivers, but i prefer good pair of PC speakers and 5.1 because i also like to watch occasional movies and it also enhances Music.

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Motherboard: Gigabyte z170n-wifi
Stereo: Sony STR-K850P

I'm down-sizing a bit and want to do away with my largish Sony receiver. I'm currently using it to drive a 3.1 setup. I'm okay with deleting the center channel, less okay with eliminating the powered sub. It just seems to me that small speakers usually need a sub to balance them out.

At this point in my life, I only use my speakers when the family isn't around and even then I'm past the "crank it" phase. Yes, I typically listen at a reasonable volume. The majority of my game playing is done via headphones (Sony MDR-7506).

I'd like to hear from users in a similar situation, as in what are you using and how do you like it? I am okay going with a 2 channel setup, but the speakers have to deliver a nice range. Am I looking for an animal that doesn't exist? Should I just stick with what is probably a 9-yr old receiver at this point? Truth be told, it's only crime is being too big (and yes, I get that a lot...)

Anyhoo - thoughts welcome.

Answer:Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers

Welcome to Ten-Forums !

What is your Sound Device on this Motherboard ?
For me over years being a music lover i prefer quality sound and does not have to be loud also to enjoy, but when it can be it should sound good low or high.
So this depends on Sound Device in your system to and at least for me. Using a Creative Sound Blaster ZxR 5.1 along with Logitech Z906.
This card has capability to hook to external Amps or receivers, but i prefer good pair of PC speakers and 5.1 because i also like to watch occasional movies and it also enhances Music.

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I run an online pc game world of warcraft. When loading the game my pc would freeze. Event manager logged the errors as 3011 & 3012. I downloaded ccleaner and fixed the registry errors. Problem solved. no more crashing.

Game ran fine for awhile after the fixes to registry were applied. Then at an in-game loading screen my pc crashed again. Event manager logged the error 2004. Description for the event is as follows:

Unable to open the Server service. Server performance data will not be returned.

I wiped an Activex file off the registry with ccleaner and boot the pc game just to see if it works. While at the same online loading screen i always get to my pc froze and it reset itself.
Pc never booted after reset. I manually powered off pc and turned it back on. it powers on, but wont boot.

I have 6 x 2GB sticks of ram. ive already swapped them out seeing if one was bad. no dice. no beep code either if that helps. any other ideas?

Answer:PC powers on and won't boot

hmm.. theres no easy answer to that question, the first thing you should do is to make sure your monitor is properly plugged in, I wonder if it could be a hard drive issue because your computer dosent boot... check out your hard drive and make sure everything is connected properly, all the cables are where they should be cause when I was installing my new PSU, the system wouldnt boot, my solution was that I needed a spare cable from my other power supply to connect to the hard drive cause the two that came with the PSU were put into the CD/DVD drive and another important place that I cant remember cause I was frustrated at the time. If that isnt the solution, then, ill try to think of another cause

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I have Compaq Evo 310 running XP 2. A few weeks ago it started hanging up more frequently than normal, with the only solution disconnecting the power.
Yesterday after restarting, I got the DOS script saying that I was having a problem and should consider starting up in safe mode, or starting normally and going to a previous restore point. When I tried to start normally, I went bact to the DOS page.

On about the third effort to restart, all I got was a screen with Cmpaq's name and "press F10 for setup, press F12 for network...." Pressing the function keys took me nowhere. Only way to proceed was to disconnect the power. Further efforts to restart continued to give me the same screen, and occasionally just Compaqs name without the note about function keys.

I put the restore CD that Compaq provides in the D drive, and the introductory screen came up advising me that if I wanted to continue, it would reformat the hard drive and reinstall the hardware. Since that was not my choice yet, I started to move the cursor towards the cancel button when it locked up. Only alternative was to disconnect the power. On one more start, I got the introductry screen without the cursor, but on subsequent efforts, even the introductory screen would not come up.
Now all I get is the screen with Compaqs name, which I assume is part of the boot proceedure. I do not get the note about the function keys. Fans run, lights on the drives flash,, but no action
I disconnected... Read more

Answer:Powers up but will not boot


I'm sorry if I was clear enough in my previous post, but an early symptom was that the machine started in DOS. It has now progressed to a stage well beyond that. When I power up the computer, the fans start, and the HD lights blink, as if something is looking at them. However part of the time I get a black screen, and part of the time I get a black screen with a large orange word saying COMPAQ. I cannot go anywhere from there, or I don't know how to go anywhere from there.

At an earlier stage , the screen with the large orange COMPAQ also had the option of going to setup by pressing F8 or F10, or going to a network boot? by pressing F12. Now this option does not appear. When it did appear earlier in this problem period, pressing the function keys did not produce anything. The machine does nothing except display this one word.The only thing I can do is disconnect the power and try again.

I have put two different disks in the D drive to boot up. As my earlier post said, twice the introductory screen for the Restore disk by Compaq came up briefly, but would not run. It has not come up in the last dozen boots. After your post, I also tried the Windows CD but it was not run or found by the computer. All I get on the monitor is the word Compaq about half of the time. Then the machine produces nothing else, and I have no options except to turn off the power.

I believe that the display of the word Compact, and then the options to go to setu... Read more

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Hey guys,

I am at a loss here. I got a PC that will power up but no boot into BIOS. The monitor will not come on either. All fans run the CPU warms up, (as far as I can tell by touching the heat sink) The hard drive is spinning too, but does nothing else. I switched the RAM already, to see if that is the problem. To no result. I know I had something like that happen before but I cant remember what I did to fix it.
Any hints or any tricks are welcome. Thanks

Answer:Everything powers up but it want boot!!!!

Have you tried the monitor on another system so we know it works. If it does work then the video card is bad or not enabled in the bios.

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I have a hp pavilion slimline s3000. It is just out of warranty and died! Go figure... When I power it on, the power lights come on, the dvd/cd drive light comes on, fan spins, but the screen stays blank with the "no signal" displayed. It will not boot up, no lights no sounds. I checked connections, and cleaned out dust. Ideas?

Answer:Powers on but does not boot

Ask the mods to move your post to either the Mobile forum or the General hardware forum. You'll in all likelihood receive help there because this sounds solely like a hardware issue.

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Hello All,

My desktop has ceased to "boot up". When I turn it on, it will restart itself quickly twice then beep once. It will remain powered up, but not boot into Vista (or the rescue disc). It sends no signal to the monitor, which insists it is it in "power save mode". I have tried attaching it to a different monitor, but the same problem persists, so I reckon it's the PC at fault.

The PC is a Dell Inspirton 530 desktop, with:

Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600
NVIDIA GeForce 8660 GT graphics card

I'm not sure what do to fix it. I have data on that PC which I need to retrieve! Could something have "burnt out" inside or become loose?


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Hi, I am new. Please let me know if I'm doing this wrong.

My Dell GX 270 became totally unresponsive, so I had to reboot by pulling the power cord. Now it won't even post, let alone boot. I hear the fans and the hard drives spining, but the screen remains black. The monitor works on another computer and I slaved the boot drive into another computer and it looks like all of the files are there. I tried booting to an Ultimate Boot CD, as well as the XP Pro installation CD, with no luck. I've got a fairly recent registry backup and driver backups. System info is below. Any thoughts?

Thank you, very much.

Computer Model OptiPlex GX270
BIOS Vendor Dell Computer Corporation
BIOS Version A07
BIOS Date 06-26-06
Windows Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Manufacturer Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
Clock Speed 2.8GHz
Manufacturer Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
Clock Speed 2.8GHz

Available Memory 75.96 %
Page File Size -511.1Mb
Available Page File -1232 %
Virtual Memory 2047.8Mb
Available Virtual Memory 97.94 %
Memory Slot 1 [DIMM_1] 256Mb
Memory Slot 2 [DIMM_2] 256Mb
Memory Slot 3 [DIMM_3] 1024Mb
Memory Slot 4 [DIMM_4] 1024Mb

Network Card
Adapters Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT Network Connection
Drive Type Drive Size Total Available Space Used Space
C: NTFS 74.49Gb 45.27Gb 29.21Gb
E: NTFS 372.6Gb 288.9Gb 83.63Gb
Type Description
DVD/CD-ROM Drives _NEC DVD+RW ND-2... Read more

Answer:XP Pro powers up but won't boot

Hi VK,

If you are saying that it will not power up by the start button and the only way to get it going was to pull the AC power then the Power Supply had shut down. PSUs have safety circuits for over, under voltage and over current. They shut down and will not reset util the AC is removed for a couple of minutes. Usually indicates that you are overloaded or have a device that is drawing more current than it should. Also safety circuits are bad about going bad themselves so it could also be a bad PSU. Maybe?

Good Luck, Jim

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I recently discovered that my PC, which runs Windows XP, is no longer booting properly.

When I switch it on the fans of the power supply, motherboard and rear of the case all run but no vision is sent to the monitor and no lights are present on the motherboard or at the rear ethernet port. The usual single beep from the motherboard is no longer present and the internal hard drives don't sound like they're doing anything. The power and reset buttons on the front of the case are now no longer able to turn the PC off.

I've checked the internal connections for any loose ones but haven't had any success. I also tried removing the memory chips from the motherboard one at a time and then both at once as a way to check if the motherboard or memory is at fault. The PC had the same response with each of the memory chips running on their own and there was no error beep made by the motherboard when the computer was booted without any memory attached.

From what I can tell I might be in need of a new motherboard. But any advice would be appreciated!

Answer:PC powers on but won't boot

if you remove the RAM and try and boot you should hear a series of beeps to say there is no RAM installed. If you do not then that would indicate the motherboard is knackered.

Also beaware that just because lights come on it doesn't mean the power supply is ok. Try another one if you can.

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Hi everyone, I am with my X230 on a clean Windows 8.1 Pro x64.After a complete shut down and the detachment of AC power, my X230 MUST powers off during next boot.And every time after that power off, I would be able boot my X230 normally. Anyone with any ideas about what is going on?Great thanks in advance.

Answer:X230 Powers Off During Boot

Seems no one knows

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Hello! Thanks for providing this service, I hope you can help with my issue.

System specs are as follows

Windows XP Pro SP1a
ASUS A7V8X with a lot of the special features
Athlon XP 2400+
512 MB PC2700
Enermax 530W power supply
Dr. Thermal EXTREME SE + Arctic Silver III
3 IDE HDD (huge front case fan)
1 SCSI HDD (single drive front-mounted fan)
Radeon 9700 Pro 128 (requires A: drive sized power thingy)
SB Platinum Extigy
Adaptec SCSI controller
Extigy extension card (ditto)
Lots of ports and stuff
Way more system fans than anyone will ever need

Pre-existing conditions:

Several months ago, when I installed my CD burner and tried to turn my PC on, it killed my old 230W (stock) power supply, which took with it my MB, video card, one of my 3 256MB RAM chips, and CPU, prompting the upgrade to the above specs. Several weeks of video card instability followed until ASUS released a more mature AGP driver, and other minor hardware issues came and went. Still looking at a rather un-burdened WinXP install. Due to high CPU temperatures with the stock fan, I switched to the loud but dependable heatsink listed above. Before, all that hefty new gear meant that doing anything more than surfing the net bought my CPU past the 180 F (82.2 C) safety threshold of the MB and made the system restart or shut down. With the new cooler came average temps of 110 F (43.3 C) that only rose a few degrees even under great stress. And all was good.

The problem:

With all the power and st... Read more

Answer:PC powers on but won't boot or POST

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I have a new computer that is running Windows Vista (quad core processor, 3GB ram, nvidia 8500 GT) and I encountered a serious problem today.

This morning when I turned on my monitor (I had left the computer running overnight - not in hibernation, just with the monitor off), there was an HP update window flashing with three recommended updates. The two that I can remember were an update to the system security and a motherboard BIOS update to improve system stability. I started the updates, minimized the updater and opened internet explorer. A few minutes later, the computer slowed significantly and the mouse and keyboard no longer responded, but normal use resumed in about 60 sec. When I was done, I closed internet explorer and waited for the updater to finish. While loading the BIOS update, it prompted me to close something called COM something or other with the option to cancel, retry or ignore. I tried retry a few times, but it continued to pop the same message so I clicked ignore and it notified me that a restart would be required when the update was finished. Once all was finished, I opened the start menu and clicked what looked like the power button. I expected it to offer me the option to select restart or shutdown, but instead the monitor immediately went dark and the computer seemed to be shutting down. After a few minutes, I grew concerned because the blue light on the front of the computer was still on and I could hear the fan, but the monitor was dar... Read more

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A couple of days ago i decided to upgrade some of the hardware inside my computer. I bought a new ram and graphics card , but now the now the powers up but does not boot. Its stuck on a screen which has the manufacture and intel logo. The mouse and keyboard do not work

The computer starts up and then beeps (short) once. I've tried removing other pci cards but its not improved. what could be the problem?

I have a fujitsu siemans scaleo p
Intel Pentium 4HT 2.0ghz
Windows XP Home

Thank you in advance

Answer:My computer powers up but does not boot

You need to find out what sort of BIOS you have that should help with the beep codes.

Knowing the problems I had inserting memory I would have a really good look to see if they are inserted correctly.

I initially though mine were ok but they were not, it's easy to think they are in properly when they are not.

Try reseating the graphics card too. You could also try without the card to see if it boots (obviously nothing on screen).

Sounds very much like ram problem. I'd put money on it (a small sum anyway - lol).

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Actually, I should say occasionally, like 1 out of 50 tries it MAY boot. Not sure what's up. This is an HP PC a1630n. Before I spend tons of time on this, what could this be? I'm thinking maybe a power supply??

The PC powers on and the CPU fan revs up on the highest speed and nothing boots. On that odd chance it does boot the CPU fan runs high for the typical 2 seconds, slows to normal, and then the hard disk starts to grind and the system powers up.

Any thoughts appreciated! Ask if you need more info.

Answer:PC powers up CPU fan high but no boot

Could be that the fan and heatsink are filled with dust. Could be that the fan is dying and it is over working itself cause it cant keep up with the colling any other way.

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I am working on a HP Pavilion DV7-4065dx running Windows 10. It powers on however it does not boot. The power button light and the power light on the side are on and white like usual.The caps lock light blicks whiteThe Hard Drive activity light and wireless light are orange and is solid.When powered on I can hear the CPU fan spin up. I have removed the HD and memory with same results.I have also pressed and held the power button for 20 seconds, which I believe is supposed to reset the BIOS. I remember that from another notebook I had. May not do that on this notebook not sure. Any one have any ideas?

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Good evening all

As you can tell from the title of this topic my computer powers up, but doesnt boot. All the fans, graphics card fan and processor fan spin, the fans spin at the same speed, that about it, i cant hear the harddrive doing anything, my pc doesnt recognise my monitor, keyboard the LEDs dont light up when I turn it on same with the mouse.

There are no beeps as well when my Pc is booting up.

My system spec

AMD Athlon 64Bit 3200+

Only started doing this after i removed the processor, and now when i put the processor back in place the following above happens

Thank you in advance

Answer:Help please: Computer powers up, but will not boot

Was there a reason for removing the processor to begin with?

Pull the processor again and look VERY CLOSELY at all the little pins. Make sure none of them are bent over. If any of the pins are bent you will need either very small needle nose plires or a sturdy set of tweezers to straighten them. Once you are sure there are no bent pins make sure the processor is fully seated in the socket before you slide the lock over. Also make sure the top of the processor has been cleaned of any old thermal paste.

Once the processor is properly seated and locked down you are going to need a good thermal paste (Arctic Silver maybe?). Put a small bead in the center of the processor then mount the heatsink and clamp that down then mount the fan and make sure the fan is plugged in. If the fan doesn't turn on when you start up turn the PC off and recheck the plug.

Post back with your results.


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Hey guys, got a problem, need some help.

My Dell PC has been shutting itself off during Windows Start Up.

This started happening a few weeks ago, windows and my start up applications would start loading, then all of a sudden it would shut down. Someone told me it could be one of a few things... fan problems and processor heating up and shutting down, RAM problems, powersupply, etc. So we played around. I had two RAM sticks in, one the original and one newer. When we took out the original the system worked normally. So i ran it for a couple weeks with one stick in with no problems. Just last night the same thing started happening. Windows would boot then while start ups were loading it would just shut down. I took out the remaining RAM and had it checked at a Comp USA. They said it tested 100% ok. So it doesnt seem like there is a problem with the memory.

Could this be the hardware (motherboard) related to memory? Or something completely different that we somehow mended the first time by removing the old memory stick??

Another piece to the puzzle is that both times this started happening were right after the computer had been moved from house to apartment... Could the problem be something was jiggled loose? It seems if that were the case it wouldnt boot up at all...

If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it. I am a graphic designer and have no system to work on now!


Answer:System powers off during boot

dagonpaul, My guess would be to check for bloated capacitors. if none are found I would try a new PSU (power supply).

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I have a 18 month old Sony Vaio Laptop which, last night, decided to give up the ghost.

When I power it up it turns on, I hear the hard drive come on an the fan start up. I even get a flash or two from the processor light. But then nothing the screens stay black and other than the power light, the fan and the hard drive there are no signs of life.

Any ideas would be gratefully recieved.

This is what I have tried so far.

1) Initially I thought that it was the screen but when I attach it to an external monitor the problem persits. Also if it was just the monitor and the system was booting correctly the NUM and CAPS lock lights would come up eventually, which they don't.

2)As I can hear hear the disc drive checking for discs I Inserted Vista disc in an attempt to boot from CD. No luck!

3)Removed battery, left for 20 minutes or so. I then inserted the power cable and held down power button for 1 minute. Apparantly this should initiate a hard reset, although I'm unsure if this is true or not but I thought it was worth a shot at this point.

4)Now i'm desperate. I open the beast up and check it's not been bathed by one of the kids. I also checked for any obvious signs of damage or cables having worked their way free. All seems fine.

5) Booted whilst holding function key and F10

6) Suspended it in a nice hot cup of tea! unfortunatley no finite amounts of improbaility were produced. Nor did it boot up.

Answer:Laptop powers on but won't boot.

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Hi, My Lenovo N200 laptop has recently started powering off during the boot process.

This happens consistently when the windows xp "loading screen" is displayed with the green loading bar.

I can get passed this stage in the boot if i turn on laptop and enter BIOS for a couple of minutes.

I have also noticed that a fan is audible as "whirring up" when the problem occurs but is not audible when xp boots normally.

I really dont know what the issue is, any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Laptop powers off during xp boot

It might be dusty and overheating or this could be a thermal shutdown. The CPU may be getting to hot. You can used a compressed air or vacuum it. Then try running it on a cooling mat.

Hope this helps.. Good luck

Dias Web Design

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I bought a new lot of compnents to make a build recently, put it together and managed to get it to power on. Initially I hooked up my PC to my monitor via HDMI and i got no display. So I linked it up through VGA. Still no display. I got no beeps or anything of the kind and have no idea what ive done wrong because the PC powers on with fans spinning, lights on and whatnot. The disc drive even opens and closes I took all the parts out of the case and set it up with just the MoBo, RAM, GPU and PSU attached and I have the exact same problem. I'm very inexperienced at this kind of thing but I'm fairly certain I didn't make a fatal error putting it together. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Powers up but doesn't boot

Its your PSU or maybe your volatge supply from power lines to your house. I also encountered a problem like this. I had so many theories but the problem was the PSU. I bought an AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator) and the computer could boot but when there were any brownouts or power sags(voltage drop), the computer would turn off and start again..Especially when I played games because that was when the PSU would draw more power. This severly disturbed me because of the risk of my hard drive getting spoiled. Since it still couldn't work, I changed my PSU to another lower-powered PSU and its working perfectly now. I didn't have to change any of my hardware to be compatible with the PSU's lower power supply. It has never turn off without my command since then. Hope this helps =)

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When I press the power button, the keyboard will light up and the USB fans I have will turn on, but the operating system won't boot. It used to be that it would take a couple hours to boot, but last time it took 6 hours and now it's been almost 24 hours. I'm really not sure what to do at this point.

Answer:Y580 Powers on but won't boot

Update:I read in a response to a similar problem that resetting the system board battery may help, so I decided to try that. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my keyboard off so I couldn't do that. However, I did disconnect and reconnect the hdd in the process, now the screen is still black, but I can toggle the keyboard backlighting, which I couldn't do before. I think that counts as progress. I'll redo some of the other methods I've found tonight and see if they work this time. I'll update my post when I do

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Ok so my computer powers on, but I get no boot. I had recently just swap computer cases with my computer. I took everything out of my old case and moved it one by one into my new case. I reseated my graphics card, my memory, and I even tried the other evga slot. When I boot I get a blue light on my monitor but a black screen when it is pluged into the right DVI port on the gfx card. I have a hdmi port on the mothrboard so i cant exactly hook that up to my non hdmi monitor. I reset the bios and nothing. I reseat the AMD processor and nothing. I unhook the memory and I dont hear beeping... the computer worked fine before I swaped cases last night =[

Nvidia GTX 260
Asus M3N72
AMD Phenom II X4
4g memory

Answer:Computer powers on, but does not boot

First I would recheck all power connections then I would check for a misplaced riser grounding out the bottom of the motherboard.

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Hiya hope you can help me with this
When I startup my pc it begins to whirr and the indicator lights on the cd-roms flash but then the system just stops and powers down. The monitor remains on standby

When i try to start it again the power button doesnt work in that it doesnt click so it doesnt start unless i turn the power supply button at the back of the system on and off or pull out and plug in the power cable

tanks for yer help

Answer:starts to boot and powers down

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Hi, whenever I turn my computer on it powers off a few seconds or so after turning it on. I had a similiar problem not long ago (a few months maybe) where I took it to a PC repair store who replaced the motherboard and wiped the hard drive. I would do this again but the problem was it cost me almost ?90 so I'd like to know if I can fix this myself first. It's an Asus motherboard and has a pentium 4 processor which im pretty sure is 2.8ghz I can't say for sure what the hardware is because I can't get as far as the device manager. If I clear the BIOS it will get further to the XP loading screen before powering off though. Another thing that might be relevant was that before I took the computer to the shop for the first time I had an ATI graphics card but now I have an Asus one in there, I tried removing this and starting the computer with monitor plugged into the inbuilt monitor socket on the motherboard but the same problem happened. There's no bulging or leaking capacitors on the motherboard and because it's only a few months old max I don't think that's where the problem lies but I couldn't say for sure. Also the computer sometimes used to completely freeze where the sound cuts out and you can't move the mouse at all and the only way to come out of it was to power off and on again. One more thing is that I have the hard drive plugged in as a slave drive in another computer so I can access the files on it and it doesn't seem to have any problems.

If anyone could shed some ... Read more

Answer:Computer powers off on boot

video card
power supply
are you running
any error message
check your tempretures and voltages in the bios and post them
redo the paste on the cpu with some arctic silver

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My PC is not booting up since 5-6 months... Today morning I tried to start it again and after 4-5 attempts itstarted nornally once but again after restarting it stopped booting.->The CPU fan turns up, The MoBo standby LED turns on, HDD is spinningbut there is no signal on monitor nor any type of post or beep!<-I tried to put ram sticks one by one in different slots.I tried to take out all components and then one by one try to boot but it didnt work.I even tried to boot PC in bios recovery mode (taking out the jumper) and it post "system at halt" with continous beeps.I don't think there's problem with PSU as I tested all rail voltageswith multimeter and they seem to be correct!.The CMOS battery is also new and has 2.95V.My Ram sticks are clean and working properlyAlso HDD is Gr8 as it worked in morning!!I am not getting what the problem is!I have :  Intel D101ggc MoBo              Pentium 4 2.66 GHz processor              2x Transcend DDR3 1gb RAM              Seagate 80 GB HDD              Iball ATX Smps 450WattPLEASE HELP ME OUT TO RECTIFY WHAT THE PROBLEM IS AND HOW TO FIX IT!! (pls only technical replies only!) 

Answer:Pc powers on but dont boot

Does your motherboard have any swollen or leaking capacitors around the CPU? Given its age it was likely manufactured during the height of the capacitor plague. Bad Capacitors can cause this if the power supply and hard drive is truly healthy. I am guessing you dont get a BIOS post when it fails to boot which indicates a hardware problem ( Motherboard, PSU, or RAM )... More likely to be PSU, then Motherboard. Also to mention it could still be power supply issue as for if the power supply is weak at the initial boot but then comes into voltage spec you would see the voltage as within the correct operating range, but because it booted with weak (undervoltage) at the initial initialization sequence of the motherboard it will hang at a black screen. There is a timed window of opportunity for everything to boot within a timed sequence. If that sequence is tripped up by a second or so undervoltage state it wont boot successfully. If your capacitors are healthy looking I would still swap out the power supply.

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I removed my CMOS battery to let the CMOS reset. When I put it back in, the computer will not boot up. The monitor stays black and my mobo displays a C1 and is constantly beeping.

Answer:Computer powers on but does not boot.

Please post in the right fourm so that help can be given easier an w/o problems.  Can you provide more details as to what happened?

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Hi, I have an N200 laptop that if it hasn't been used for a while will completely turn off a few seconds into booting into XP. If I turn it on again it will boot up fine, but if I leave it for an hour or so then the next time I turn it on it will cut out again. Doesn't appear to be overheating and all devices appear to be functioning fine. Any ideas? Thanks, JAG.


Go to Solution.

Answer:N200 powers off during boot

You may just have a problem with the battery.A bad or failing battery can cause random shutdowns. Try with the ac adapter only.

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I was searching the web and my computer froze. When i tried to restart it wont boot. It's not going to the bios screen and there is no power to the PSU keyboard. Everything else seems to be powered fine. Any help anyone?

Answer:Computer powers up but won't boot.

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the metal conductors that keep the mobo off the case... i screwed several in... some of them didnt have a hole for a screw so its just against the board... could this be causing that problem? grounding the mother board 2 the case? i just thought of it while i was sitting here in college and i have not gotten to test my thoughts.... possible or no?

Answer:computer powers down after boot up

YES they will cause shorting to the case. Only install standoffs where there are screw holes in the motherboard. A standard ATX motherboard has 5 or 6 mounting holes. This goes for miniATX boards too

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A couple of years ago I bought an eMachines T6216 from a circuit city display. Paid about 600.00 for it and it only ran for about 6 months. I have had it put up for some time now and refuse to give up on it working again someday.  It is an eMachines T6216 with amd athlon 64bit processor (2.0 ghz), with 512 ddr sdram, nvidia geforce 6100 vid, with windows xp sp2 installed.It powers up and I can hear the harddrive run, all the fans run, but I get no video.I have tried different monitors, extra video cards, and nothing happens. its still the same. So I figured maybe it was a loose cable or dusty memory so one by one i removed everything except cpu and powersupply. Nothing different. Then I removed the cpu and fan and heatsink and reseated it so to make sure they weren't loose. I also tried a diff power supply.I just so badly do not want to have a bad MB. I would be greatfull for any suggestions. thanks.

Answer:My computer powers up but will not boot.

Wow, i have the EXACT same problem, my computer is a emachines too, the only thing difference is your processor is 64bit, everything else is the same.

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hello, recently ive dug myself into a bigger hole than i thought. after dealing with a virus outbreak, i decided to tackle my Internet problem. after thinking i had deleted a vital system component. i used system restore and after that, my PC restarted non stop it would start with company logo, progress bar, XP loading and then back to the logo, i tried safe mode but it wouldnt do anything. so i read somewhere that it could be a RAM problem, so i switched out ram chips. then it wouldnt start at all, so i decided to go back to square one and reinstall my old chips in the order they were in, and it wont restart at all. so now my PC powers on, but teh red loading light on the front stays on and noting happens on the monitor, except for teh monitor light blinking. so i thought it was teh display and switched from my graphics card to the integrated one but still no dice. so now im pretty much stuck. please help

Answer:Possible RAM problem, PC powers, does not boot

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This is what i have so farGA-P55A- UD3L MBIntel i5 1156 DDR3-10600 (2X2GB sticks)Centurion 550 mid tower case w 2 fans400W power supplyAfter assembly I tried powering it on and it comes on for 1 -2 secs then powers off in a continous loop, I disassembled everything down to just the CPU and CPU fan and still problem remains.  When I plug in the 4 pin 12v connector it doesn't come on at all......any suggestions?......Thanks in advance

Answer:Motherboard powers on for 1 -2 secs then powers off continuous loop no post beep

Power_good signal maybe..Try another power supply of equal or greater wattage.

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My X1 Carbon just keeps powering on and off continuously and there is no way of stopping it. It first started with the screen having some funny, shimmering, short horizontal coloured lines during boot up. Then, the keyboard and power button just kept blinking on and off. At first, the power button would blink 3 times in quick succession and then power on and off. Eventually, the laptop would turn off totally. But, when I pressed the power button to start up again, it went into this crazy cycle again. I've tried turning the computer off by holding down the power button, but it doesn't work. The first few times, the laptop would eventually power off, but now, the laptop won't power off at all. The power button now blinks once only on powering up and then the entire laptop turns off, but immediately it would start up again, and the cycle just keeps repeating itself and I don't know how to stop it. The LCD screen remains blank and doesn't seem to switch on at all. Does anyone know how to fix this probelm so I can use my laptop again?

Answer:X1 Carbon 20A7-CTO1WW; Powers up and immediately powers off continuously; cannot be stopped

Good day and welcome to the community.
I've not previously heard of the symptoms you're describing. Frustrating, I'm sure.
You might want to try pressing the emergency reset button in the tiny hole on the underside of the machine with a straightened paperclip. (See page 7 of the user guide)
Hope this helps.

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Well ok, while cleaning my desk my pc was on the floor and the side the motherboard isn't on got struck and my pc shut down and wouldn't boot. I threw in my old psu in hopes it was just that and now the fans spin but doesn't boot. It's done this before and when I play with the wires it usually turns over after a few boot attempts but now it won't. I'm freakin, ive read loose wires touching metal or anything might be the problem that's how I fixed this in the past, any ideas? My gpu cards fan spins super fast for a few seconds then it spins normal but now all the fans spin and the gpu just keeps spining super fast and won't turn over

Answer:powers up, wont boot with details, help!

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My Satellite L350-20G starts to boot up and after 10 seconds powers off.

Also it refuses to charge.

We have exchanged fully charged battery packs with an identical model and same problem.

Answer:Satellite L350-20G powers down during boot up


For me it looks like a hardware problem?
Did you check the AC adaptor? Is the power LED on?

Possibly an faulty AC adaptor might be the reason why the battery cannot be charged and why the notebook shuts down during boot process?

Otherwise it might be a power supply electronic issue on the motherboard?
That?s possible too?

How about booting using only one RAM module?
Check it? a friend of mine could not boot the notebook because of the faulty RAM module?

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The following are the components that are in the build:

Asus P8P67 LGA 1155 Intel CPU Support
Intel I5 2500k Sandy Bridge
G.Skill F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM Ram
Radeon HD 6870 xfx graphics card
Basia 550 W PSU
500 GB HDD

I'm pretty sure that they are all compatible, but the issue is when ever i hit the power button it starts up for 5 seconds then the power cuts out, but a few seconds later it powers back up. LED's on the mobo are on, HDD is spinning, all fans are going the CPU and Video Card included.

I swapped the graphics card with a buddy's of mine and it worked fine on his rig. The issue that i'm experiencing is that it doesnt Boot at all. The computer stays powered on but nothing ever goes onto the screen. Granted i'm a new to building PC's but i think it might be either the Ram, or the Mobo...

any suggestions?

Answer:New computer build, powers up but won't boot

So when you power up your PC, it starts and then turns off and then back on? So you swapped a GPU with your friend and the PC booted, or what?

Have you overclocked yet?
How many sticks of RAM do you have, 2 or 4? First try only with one stick. If the problem stills persists then swam for the other Stick.

What OS did you install?

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 Hi everyone I have a laptop that doesn't boot up. The last time I used it was 11 hours ago and I used the hibernate feature to shut down the computer. THe last software I installed is Big Kahuna Reef Game found on and the game download program. Those are found here: [...] 820&sr=8-1 So I press the power button and these are the symptoms: -black screen, no a single text, letter or image shows up-No option for entering setup or bios- keyboard does not show lights, so I can't tell if it responds even after hitting cap locks.- touchpad mouse has a light but when I push the disable touchpad button it doesnt change to orange as it should. So that's frozen- I dont hear any beeps or error codes- It automatically powers off and back on repeatedly every 20-30 seconds Here's my specs: Compaq Presario Laptop F557US model2 years oldWindows Vista Basic 32Bit SP2AMD Sempron Processor 1.8 Ghz2GB DDR ramBroadcom wireless card that failed 1 month ago (randomly boots back up)NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100 Video Card100GB (5400RPM) Hard Drive (SATA)24X DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive15.4" WXGA High-Definition Brightview Widescreen (1280 X 800) Display Any other specs may be found here if needed: [...] ct=3370444 Software:Avast Antivirus updated dailySpybot SD updated biweeklyRouter Firewall Stuff I tried:I removed CMOS battery for 1-2 mins.I removed ... Read more

Answer:Computer powers on but doesnt boot

Quote from: distingy on September 12, 2009, 11:09:45 PM...I removed both ram sticks, Hard drive, wireless card, cmos battery and booted it up...I don't understand.  How did you boot it up, if you removed all that stuff?

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My laptop was working fine last night, no new software installed or anything. This morning, when attempting to boot my laptop, I came across multiple blue screens for NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM & FAT_FILE_SYSTEM stuck in an infinite loop. As I could not do anything, I force shut down the laptop. When I turned it back on, it powers on but will not boot.

The first time I powered it back on, the fans were working in overdrive. I let this run for maybe 20 minutes before force shutting down again as nothing was happening.
Ever since then, powering the laptop back on works but nothing will boot. The fans are on but are not working excessively and the third light on the side does not turn on (I believe this is the hard drive light but I am unsure). I have tried fixes from the Microsoft forums such as holding the power button for 1 minute with all power sources and battery disconnected before plugging into power again, that did not work. I also cannot boot from a CD/DVD as the laptop will not let me eject the disk drive. It seems to be permanently stuck in the state between pressing the 'on' button and the appearance of the Toshiba loading screen.

I am a university student who desperately needs this laptop back ASAP, and I cannot afford expensive repairs! Please help

Answer:Satellite P850 powers on but will not boot

Sounds like the HDD may be faulty.

If you remove the HDD and connect it to another PC using a USB caddy, can you access the data?
Hope you have backups of your work.

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New to boards, have a problem as well!

Hi all, I have been reading on this forum for a while and finally signed up. I am fairly new to building computers, though I have successfully built a few. I am building one for a friend right now and am having problems with it. Its all assembled, however, the computer is not powering on. I have done searches with no luck to the exact problem I am having. The issue is that the CPU fan and PSU fan are both powering on, and will stay on, but I am getting nothing else. I have checked all my connections and everything seems ok. I am running an Elitegroup RS400-A MB, and a 3.2Ghz Pentium 4 Processor. The PSU is 500 Watt, however, I tried a 350 Watt out of my personal computer and got the same results. The Hard Drive is not spinning, and the lights on the CD/DVD RW Drive are on, but hitting the eject button gets no result. What could the problem be?? Thanks in advance for all your help

Answer:Computer powers up, but doesn't boot

Welcome to the board.

Does that motherboard support the latest Intel CPU's? I've seen some issues where the board doesn't support, for example, a prescott CPU and the same thing happens. A BIOS update can normally fix this.

Any beeps coming from the PC speaker? Everything seated properly?

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I was just wondering if this is normal. Even when I have Gobi 2000 turned off in Windows, if I turn off my comp and then turn it back on, the led light indicator for the gobi card broadband lights on until I log into Windows.Where the bluetooth light and WLAN turns on for a brief moment during the BIOS screen, but then turns off the moment after (while the WWAN light stays on still). Is this normal? Or is there a setting I can tweak, since I added the gobi card after I bought my x201T. It wasn't factory preinstalled.

Answer:Gobi 2000 powers on during boot?

Can anyone confirm.

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Hello,I am having a niggling problem with a Lenovo 3000 n200 with both Vista and Windows 71.  close lid, system goes into standby2.  After a couple of hours system powers off ( power cable is in)3. Power on,  system starts booting and powers off, turn power on again and problem repeats indefinitely4  To overcome problem I select repair and recovery, this sometimes powers off once or twice too, but  eventually system boots, repairs and works fine. I have rebuilt system several times and tried 3 different hard disks. Problem occurs with both 3.03 & 3.05 firmwares thanks for your help, Taggn8tor


Go to Solution.

Answer:System powers off during boot and I have to repair

"After a couple of hours system powers off ( power cable is in)" System is entering hibernation. You should disable hibernation untilyou find the problem. Then just shut it down when not using formore than a half hour or so. Could be a battery problem, or other hardware.Could be power management software problem. Any new symptoms, or have you solved it?

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trouble started today... fan was whining so checked it and rebooted, got some bad beeps(7 then 1 long 2 short i think), rebooted again and it booted fine but fan was barely turning so powered off and bought new fan, put it in... started booting, fan started, it was checking drives and then just powered off...

took the opportunity to get new case and power supply and put everything together again... same problem

disconnected all but the motherboard... same problem

would love to hear that this could be something other than a fried mobo...

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i have this pc about 7 yrs. it powers on but no disp. boot beeps, but the fans, hdd, dvd rom works.

my psu is not branded btw. 540w, and the prob occured when i smelled something burned or toased. i just cant tell surelly.

note: i have no vcard, also tried reseating cmos. checked the cpu hsf normal temp

Answer:powers on but no display, boot, beeps

As you know, something burned out (literally).
The most likely suspects are the power supply and the motherboard (a component on the motherboard).
If you can borrow a compatible power supply from someone you can hook it up to test.

If it is not the power supply then you are most likely looking at a new motherboard. And since this is 7 years old there is a good chance you will not find a new replacement.
It could be time for a new (or new used) system.

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Hey there. The problem I'm currently having with my PC is kind of weird. I usually leave my PC running overnight, and when I come back in the morning it basically doesn't wake up from Sleep Mode. I then restart the computer in which the fans power up, but get no signal to the monitor and BIOS doesn't load. Sometimes after waiting 10 seconds, I'll hear a short beep, but that's it. The fans are usually running REALLY fast when I try to boot it up. Sometimes I hear the BEEP right away and I get power to my heaphones and keyboard, but BIOS still wont load.

So I usually just restart the comp 20-30 times, at which point it finally boots BIOS and everything works fine. It's basically a bone stock PC.

Gateway FX4710-UB802A
Intel Quad Core Q9300 @ 2.5ghz
Two 2gb sticks of RAM
Nvidia 9800 GT
Windows Vista 64-bit
640gb SATA II hd

The problem occurs whenever the computer is shutdown or restarted for any updates. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Answer:PC powers up, doesn't boot BIOS

Can you remove different combinations for the RAM sticks? Remove one, try it in all slots, then put that one and remove other, try it in all slots until you get success.

Try removing the harddisk and see if you can get success.

Try not leaving your PC overnight for a day or two (don't let it get too much heat), does this still happen?
Tell me what happened, and I'll give my opinion on it

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Hi guys, having a rather odd and frustrating problem.

I purchased a new CPU cooler and had to remove the MB to fit it. Everything went fine but when I plugged it all back in the PC powered on, fans and drives started spining but nothing displayed on the monitor (no error beeps either). After a bit of screwing around I figured I damaged the MB while removing/fitting the cooler so I went down the road and bought a new MB. Went through the install process of fitting the new board, but once again same problem! Power but no display, monitor light just blinks.

I tried a different PSU, RAM and video card but nothing helped.

The only thing I haven't changed is the CPU (don't have a spare). Could the CPU be fried? I don't see any scorch marks or smell anything. When I insert the CPU without the heatsink I can feel it get hot and then cools when I power the PC down (only did for 10 seconds so I don't really fry the CPU). To me this "indicates" that the CPU is ok, or will the CPU continue to heat even if it's dead?

Any suggestions/ideas?

Oh, one odd thing I noticed immediately after fitting the cooler in the original MB was after I powered the PC on the DVD drive made a strange sound and the light blinked. I pushed the eject button but it only came out half way and then went back in. Never seen that before.

Answer:PC powers on but doesn't boot - no POST

Have your tried a new MB? maybe somehow if broke something in it. i don't really think your cpu is dead, i have had old processors that i bent pins and dropped and spun around but they still worked when i built older system for family * pins were bent back straight just so everyone know* i would think that something is wrong with your motherboard but thats just me i could be completely wrong. hope you find the problem though

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I am using a HP Pavilion 734n, XP SP2, AMD Athlon. More if needed.
Anyways the problem is the other day I noticed my comp had rebooted itself. It was at the Windows login menu. So I clicked the owner and it started to load windows, then stopped. I saw the background, the icons, the taskbar, etc.... I figured it locked up, so I held the power button to turn it off then rebooted. Same scenario. Background icons etc.... So I tried once again this time I got the improper shutdown. So I tried safe mode, it got so far and stopped. Now it wont load past the same point in safe mode. It also wont load past pushing enter on the start Windows normally.

Also it now has a habit of just not powering at all. I looked in back and the led in was off. So I unplugged the power cord and plugged it back in the light came back on. I pushed power and it died again. I unplugged the cord again then plugged it back in and let it sit a bit, started up got to the menu to choose safe mode normal last restore etc... tried normal and it died while I waited. Now it may load the parts where it stops or it just dies.

Any ideas?

Answer:Wont fully boot....sometimes just powers off...

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trouble started today... fan was whining so checked it and rebooted, got some bad beeps(7 then 1 long 2 short i think), rebooted again and it booted fine but fan was barely turning so powered off and bought new fan, put it in... started booting, fan started, it was checking drives and then just powered off...

took the opportunity to get new case and power supply and put everything together again... same problem

disconnected all but the motherboard... same problem

would love to hear that this could be something other than a fried mobo...

Answer:no boot, black screen, powers itself off

Sounds to me that you have a short circuit that is grounding your MoBo (where it shouldn't be grounded)

make sure that you did not install any standoffs where they don't belong. remove your mobo from the case, verify that your standoffs are in the right spots for your mobo and form factor. the holes that your mobo should have mounting screws in will have a metal ring around them, if it doesn't, then dont use a mounting screw or metal standoff there (you can use a plastic standoff if you want)

before reinstalling the mobo, try "table testing" it first...boot up without mounting it in your case to verify that everything works before installing it

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Dell Inspiron 1521 powers down while Dell splash screen still up. Can get to setup, but powers down again.
What I have done:
Reset RAM, Hard Drive
Tried a different power adapter
Removed Coin battery
Removed Laptop battery
Blown out all dust

It's almost like it's overheating. Fan is running.

Any Ideas?


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Hello, I had a system which was fully working up until yesterday, then I shut it down and it doesn't boot anymore.

Specs are:

- Motherboard ASRock H77 Pro4/MVP
- CPU Intel G2020 Dual Core
- RAM 2x4GB Ballistics
- SSD + Hard Disk
- 400W Corsair PSU
- Nvidia GTX 275Click to expand...

All lights come on when I power it up, fan start but system does not boot.

What I tried:

- Reading on the internet I read something about removing the CMOS battery and then put it back up to reset the BIOS which I did. As a result, after I did that it booted once, I got into the UEFI BIOS, confirmed the settings as default and booted again and... it doesn't boot anymore and I'm back to start.

- I also tried clearing the CMOS by moving the jumper but this way it didn't power on at all, so I put the jumper back and I am back to the initial problem.

Can anyone help me out?

Answer:Solved: System Powers up but does not boot

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ok, first some system information:
-Western Digital Caviar SE WD2500JS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s
-ASUS P5N-E SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard
-Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz LGA 775
-Leadtek WinFast PX8800 GTS TDH GeForce 8800GTS 640MB 320-bit GDDR3
-CORSAIR CMPSU-620HX ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 620W Power Supply
-CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
-EDIMAX EW-7128G PCI Wireless Card
-Running WinXP Pro

I home built this PC around April or march of this year. It ran perfectly till sometime in October. I booted my PC and did normal stuff, launched a few programs,nothing special. It suddenly BSD'd on me, and immediately rebooted itself, not allowing me to get any info off the BSD. When it rebooted it hit the post screen, beeped 1 time, and then that was it. It locked up there. Powered it down and back on, and same thing: post screen, 1 beep, lock up. I popped out the lith battery to clear it, and tried again.

It booted all the way to windows, and worked for about 5 minutes, then the same BSD, post screen lock-up mess.

I had not changed any hardware, any drivers, or any BIOs settings in months. I took the PC to geek squad (ugh) to run diagnostics on the hardware, and they came back with a bad mobo. I RMA'd my mobo, and replaced it last night. PC boote dup fine and worked great all night long.

This morning I got same BSD, post screen, lock up dance from before.

Any suggestions?

Answer:PC powers up, wont fully boot

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Last night before bed I put my laptop to sleep. Tried to wake it up this morning but it did not boot up. The power light, AC light, and Battery light all remained on, but the hard drive light blinked only for a second before going blank. I have tried turning it off and turning it back on, and I only get the same result. I have tried just about everything I can find on the internet: Holding the power button down for 30-60 seconds without being plugged in and without the battery; switching out the RAM in all combinations; taking out both hard drives and switching them around as well, but to no avail.

I had a friend try my RAM on his computer, and it worked fine, so we know it is not the ram. The thing that seems strange to me is that it was running totally fine last night, but after I put it to sleep I haven&#8217;t been able to do anything.

I am just about to get to where I need to crack open the case and get into the motherboard, but if anyone knows anything that could work before I go this far, please give me your suggestions. My laptop is a Toshiba x205-s9349.
Any help is appreciated

Answer:Toshiba laptop powers on but won't boot.

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Hi, I have Acer Etensa 4420 with factory installed Vista Home Premium on it. It had been giving me many issues with functionality, hangs, etc. Recently, after almost 1 year, and even with McAfee full version, it caught a bad virus and computer began hanging, playing TV ads, hanging while shutting down/restarting etc. and I had no clue as to how it got in my laptop in the first place.
Anyways, after I thought I had enough I decided to install XP professional 32 bit on my laptop. Everything seemed to be going smoothly (I had also made backup of my drivers.) I was advised through posts online to do clean install since xp cant override vista.
I changed the BIOS boot up to CD first and then formatted the C drive (drive on which vista was installed previously). After formatting, xp started installing and the laptop powered down by itself. At the instant of powering down, it had just began the setup in the more graphic stage (I am not a computer guy so dont know the terms forgive me. This was after the booting up and installing of components was over and I could see the windows XP logo).
The laptop has also powered down many times while in the boot up stage as well.
I again powered the computer back on changed the BIOS boot up to HDD again, and it went again to the setup (said setup will be resumed after displaying xp logo) and the same thing happened again. Oh, and it displayed an error message right before it powers down (at this stage) saying something about some library may... Read more

Answer:Please Help: Laptop powers down during xp install boot up


Originally Posted by yashsharma91

Hi, I have Acer Etensa 4420 with factory installed Vista Home Premium on it. It had been giving me many issues with functionality, hangs, etc. Recently, after almost 1 year, and even with McAfee full version, it caught a bad virus and computer began hanging, playing TV ads, hanging while shutting down/restarting etc. and I had no clue as to how it got in my laptop in the first place.
Anyways, after I thought I had enough I decided to install XP professional 32 bit on my laptop. Everything seemed to be going smoothly (I had also made backup of my drivers.) I was advised through posts online to do clean install since xp cant override vista.
I changed the BIOS boot up to CD first and then formatted the C drive (drive on which vista was installed previously). After formatting, xp started installing and the laptop powered down by itself. At the instant of powering down, it had just began the setup in the more graphic stage (I am not a computer guy so dont know the terms forgive me. This was after the booting up and installing of components was over and I could see the windows XP logo).
The laptop has also powered down many times while in the boot up stage as well.
I again powered the computer back on changed the BIOS boot up to HDD again, and it went again to the setup (said setup will be resumed after displaying xp logo) and the same thing happened again. Oh, and it displayed an error messa... Read more

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My laptop is powering off directly after the loading screen for Vista. I can load safe mode (from where I am writing this), however, I cannot use the DVD drive to read any disks (such as the Vista disk for repairs...), as it also powers off when I put in a CD/DVD.

Furthermore, I cannot boot from a DVD either, as it powers of before the boot process, if I power up the computer with a disk in the DVD tray. This is before even encountering any OS installation (seemingly).

What can possibly be the issue?

Would it be safe to uninstall harddisk drivers for a reinstall, or could I risk losing data or ability to boot up if I do that?

Answer:Laptop powers of during Vista boot

Hi -

Given that you can boot into SAFEMODE, a start-up app may be responsible. Use MSCONFIG to troubleshoot.

See "Step 1: Start the System Configuration Utility" -->

Regards. . .



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Alright I have a problem.So my laptop worked fine until I decided to add a stick a ram to it while it was on. That was a bad idea. When i added the ram my laptop screen went black so I powered it off.Now whenever I try to turn it on, it powers up(fan working, led work, etc) but it doesn't start up windows or anything. It just powers on and I'm left with a blank screen.I tried replacing it with new ram and tried resetting cmos, but I'm still getting a black screen.

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Hey guys, new to this site!
My issue stems from having to re install Windows on my pc. When I turn it on to boot from the cd, it will automatically go to the splash screen without asking to "Press any key to boot from cd..." and then it will power off all my devices and "softly shut off." There is still power going to the pc fans, lights, etc but keyboard, mouse and all that shut off.
My initial guess is that the power supply went bad or it is overheating somewhere. It worked fine until I turned it on and Windows had crashed. I've confirmed all the components are working after installing linux on the machine from a cd. Can there be a Windows virus in the bios? I'm about to go back to it and clear the cmos. One more side note, the linux installation took about twice as long to install as normal with several loading cursors that took about 10 minutes each. Is that another sign that it might be overheating?
Thanks for any help I can get.

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So I've looked around for possible solutions to my problem.

My problem is I turn on my PC and I see a green led for my Motherboard power. The fans spin for just a second then stop, and no boot.

I've disconnected every component except the heatsink, cpu and fan.

I've tried resetting the CMOS by changing the jumper settings. No good.

I've tried switching the memory around. Nothing.

I've now taken the motherboard battery out and will re-insert it after this post is finished.

If that doesn't work I fear I'm running out of options.

I tried the PSU in another PC and it was fine. So I know it's not the PSU. I tried the OTHER PCs ORIGINAL PSU and that did gave the same problem.

I've read up on a couple of articles about shorting out the motherboard or power supply or something as a solution.

Is this true? It sounds more destructive than creative.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions I would really appreciate it.

This PC is extremely new. Literally half a year old. It has a BFG 850w PSU, an ASUS M8 Motherboard w/ an Athlon Dual Core Phenom 3.2GHz

It has built in SLI with two Nvidia GTX 260s

Two 1gb HDDs

it has about 5 fans including two graphics card fans.

it has 4gb of DDR2 ram.


Answer:PC Powers on but no boot. Fans turn off after a second

Did this rig ever work?

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My issue is best described in this video -

I have an Acer Aspire 5552-7819, Windows 7. AMD Processor.

Bascially, I power on my laptop. The power light is on, I hear it begin to run, but it doesnt begin to boot up windows or anything, and I'm staring at a blank screen. So I tried doing a hard reset (draining the bios by removing the battery and holding power), connecting to an external display, and removing RAM. All did not work. What is very odd is my universal power adapter was set on 24v instead of 19v like it should be. My friend set it back to 19v and it powered on, so I thought that was the issue. I had a working laptop for about a day, and then the issue reoccurred. I've tried using my stock power adapter, as well as the universal one, and no adapter at all. Still have the same issue. It's weird that it randomly stopped working, began workign again, and now is not working again. What is the problem, and what is the solution?

All help very much appreciated!

Answer:Laptop powers on but doesn't boot up.

'fraid to say it doesn't look good at all. If it were just your hard drive that were the problem you'd at least have a message from your BIOS saying something along the lines of "Operating system not found". The lack of any BIOS activity at all indicates motherboard failure (assuming you're certain it's not a display issue, but it doesn't sound like it to me).

24V input on a laptop designed for 19V is a massive difference, though: never more than 0.5V above or below is the rule of thumb. I'm not sufficiently qualified/experienced to tell you that you cooked your motherboard, but experience tells me your mobo is cooked nonetheless. I've had two laptops die due to motherboard failure - the first simply stopped working from one second to the next, but the second died a slow and painful death where it simply became less and less reliable, until it finally stopped booting in the way you describe. The point being that readjusting the voltage on your power adapter may have been enough for one last power-on, allowing you and your laptop to say your final farewells.

Anyone else care to chime in and confirm/reject my suspicions?

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Heeeeeeeeeello peoples!My computer turns on and everything powers up ok, but it doesn't even boot into BIOS, the keyboard/mouse lights flicker once but then turn off and stay off, and it just seems like no information's getting sent out of the computer.I've tried reseating every cable and component (CPU, video card, both sticks of RAM, etc.) in the computer, I've tried clearing the CMOS, and I tried every combination of starting up the computer with various components in and out as possible. Any idea on what I should do? Is it the motherboard?Thanks mis amigos,Danno

Answer:Computer powers on but won't boot into BIOS

Well we know it's a computer....And we know it's not working right ...Other than that we don't have much to go on....

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I have a Compaq Presario 18XL4 notebook PC that will not boot. I press power and it will spin up the drives, but powers off before the display initializes. I tried on battery and with the AC adapter together and alone. I get no warning beeps or anything.

I haven't changed hardware or bios. RAM is seated. Processor is seated. Hardware is connected to my knowledge.

I removed all hardware including the processor and powered on, and it will just stay on and spin the fan like normal.

I don't even have the display attached at the moment, just RAM and processor but it just powers off a few seconds after I press power just like it was when allt he hardware was attached...

Any clues/help or general ideas of what the issue may be? Thanks for anything.

Answer:Notebook won't boot: powers off during post

If it worked without the processor, maybe it burned out. Check the pins on it, check the housing

You said you tried it with the ram and CPU, have you tried it with just the CPU?

If that works, then your ram is the problem.

Hope this helped,

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My 4 yo gateway NV53 laptop just won't boot up although the power LED turns on and I can hear the fan and the hard drive running. I have tried connecting it to another monitor to exclude monitor problem. I have also tried draining the charge by removing the battery and then hold the power button for 60s. The screen is completely black and no error message come up. It is running on Windows 7 64bit Home media edition.

Answer:Gateway NV53 powers on but won't boot up

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When I try to power on my Lenovo R61i, the screen shows a Thinkpad screen for a second, then it powers off.I cannot get it to behave in any other way.I have taken the battery out, tried to power on just on mains, but still it does not power on.Has anyone come across this problem before?Thanks

Answer:R61i Powers on - Shows Thinkpad Screen - Powers Off

Hi pvrms90,Welcome to the forum!Try the following:-1.) Unplug the power cord and the battery.2.) Press the 'Power' Button 10 times repeatedly.3.) Then hold the 'Power' Button down for 25 seconds.4.) Put the battery back in and plug the power cord back in.If it shows no sign of life then try removing the RAM and HDD one at a time to diagnose if it boots or throws any errors. If no go then maybe it's the motherboard that needs to be replaced.Hope it helps.

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I have a P5V800 box that automatically powers on when I turn on the ATX power switch. The green LED and CPU fan were always on, but won't boot, and no displays at all on the monitor. The machine was working before till I removed the button battery on the motherboard. Any advice on how to fix this are bery much appreciated!

Answer:P5V800 automatically powers on but can't boot, no display

"The machine was working before till I removed the button battery on the motherboard"...
Why did you remove the CMOS battery in the first place? By doing this, you cleared the data that the computer needs to be able to start up. Did you replace the battery?

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I have a computter that was built for me and I got a virus at some point and formated my harddrive then my sister was messing with the computer and taking it apart to check it out and now I believe that I have put it all together right and it does not work I turn the power on and the fans turn and the lights for the drives come on but the monitor does not come on and the tower beeps like every 6 sec and never boots up HELP ME

Answer:My Computer powers up and all the fans but will not boot up and keeps beeping

Take the ram out and put it back in, being sure you get it seated well.

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One of my users just brought his X1 carbon in for me to look at.  When powered on, it comes up to a solid white screen.  The wireless radio light is on, and I see the HDD light flicker a couple of times, very briefly.  I have tried holding the power button in to power it off and bring it back up, pressing the reset button, and also holding the reset button for 10-15 seconds.  None of these made a difference, the lcd still displays a blank white screen when I turn the laptop back on.   Before I put in a support ticket and send it off to service, is there anything else I should try?

Answer:X1 Carbon: Won't boot. Powers on to a solid white...

Hi, swhitcher
For clarification: Does the computer go to a white screen immediately, or only when it is booting Windows, i.e., can you see the BIOS or any screens at all? My first recommendation with issues like this is to boot into Safe Mode, but if you can see nothing but a white screen, troubleshooting steps will be vastly different.

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Good morning to all! My computer was running fine, either with Windows 7 64-bit or with the upgrade to Windows 10 64-bit. My battery is dead, so i use the laptop without it. Just AC cord in. Last night, as i was setting up a Wi-Fi router at home, i left it on for about 3-4 hours.When i finished, i powered it down normally. This morning, i took it out and set it on the dinnign table, and when i powered it up, the leds from the sound, wi-fi and mouse pad stay lit, the fan starts up, the leds from the caps-lock and num-lock blink once, but no bios or OS boot. I powered it down, removed AC cord and reset holding power button for 1 minute+ 3 times, then power cord in and powered it up and the same thing happened, but this time i got 2 blinks from the caps and num lock, then 5 second pause, and another 2 blinks: BIOS corrupted, right? Since i have customed my laptop with an HyperX Fury SSD drive 240Gb from Kingston, i don't have the partitions from HP Recovery or HP Tools, so i tryed to get the BIOS file from HP Support and created a BIOS recovery flashdrive. The BIOS file is not the latest BIOS update tool from HP, it's Winflash, so doesn't allow creating a recovery flash drive directly, so i extracted the contents and put it in a 4Gb flashdrive, formatted in FAT32, Renamed HP_TOOLS, and tryed the whole reset process, then hitting Win Logo + B keys in and pressing Power button for 1-2 seconds to recover BIOS. Worked once out of 7 tries!... Read more

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I just recently had a virus and did a system recovery, so my computer was fresh like new but it seemed slow.... so i opened it up to change the drives, i put back my original drive and turned it on and it just kept beeping.
....beep...beep....beep...beep its an annoyence please help

Answer:My Computer powers up and all the fans but will not boot up and keeps beeping

This is a shot in the dark but check to see if your memory is seated good in the slots. Also make sure the jumpers are set correct on your harddrive and check the cables. Also tell us what all you did before this started to happen so we can better understand your problem

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Hi guys, now I am well aware that this model has gone absolete by now. Would really appreciate it if I could get any help from you guys. The laptop was working just fine like an hour ago and all of a sudden it goes blank. I try rebooting the laptop and it keeps powering off. I even tried hard resetting the laptop by removing the battery and draining the residual charge and running directly on charger adapter. The laptop powers off soon after the dell splash screen. It even turned off mid way while I was trying to run the diagnostics using f12. Any help wouldbe appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Inspiron N5050 powers off automatically after boot

Remove the battery, unplug and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall both memory modules.   Plug in without the battery -- if the system will stay powered up, the battery is bad.  If it won't, the mainboard is bad.

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When I push the power button to my HP ProBook 4540s, it does not boot, but a few seconds later the fan turns on and the screen remains black.  If there were any error messages, I can't see them.  The only way to shut it back down is to press and hold the power button.  Then I try to boot it agian.  The computer will boot normally about 1 out of 35 or 40 attempts.  Briefly removing the battery and placing it back does not help.   I haven't made any changes to the computer.  It is about 10 months old.  Any ideas???

Answer:ProBook 4540s Powers on, but won't boot... fan turns on with...

Hello MS, Question:  Do any of the LED lights on the keyboard turn on when the computer doesn?t boot?  Here?s an HP troubleshooting document for notebooks that won?t start, along with some info about LED error codes: If that doesn?t help, it is probably a hardware issue. Since you've only had the notebook for 10 months it?s probably still under warranty. You can contact HP: Please let me know if any of these suggestions helped.  If not, I will try to investigate further. TobindoHP Representative 

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Hi All. I have a T61P and and having issues that i cannot identify. First off, when i turn it on, it will boot if i leave it on my lap but if i rest it on a table, it wont boot. When it does boot up, the Thinkpad icon appears but is distorted with colored pixels (sort of like starry sky) followed by a blank screen with random font appearing ie. upside down question mark, a couple zeroes, etc... all randomly placed.  I cannot run in normal mode. Only in safe mode - when it actually boots, and in safe mode, it is also distorted with the colored pixels/dots. If in the case it does not boot up, the screen remains black and when i hold down the power button to shut down, it will beep once right before it totally turns off. Has anyone heard of this? Please let me know asap as i have ran a harddrive diagnostic that failed and purchased a new hard drive but am not sure if thats the issue. Thank you!!!

Answer:T61P - 6459-CTO 1 beep right before it powers off and won't boot up
i think your nvidia GPU is the culprit of this problem, read the above link. In order to qualify for this repair, you would have to get the 1-2-2-1 beep sequence. 

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Hi guys, I have Z60m, without harddrive, which powers up (1,A LEDs blinks, CPU fan rotates, DVD blinks) but nothing happening. Nothing on screen, battery Yellow and blinks. I removed DVD, Mem and WIFI.... still the same, there is no noises etc... What can I do to figure out what is going on? How can I get into BIOS? May be I have to reset CMOS?\ Thank you.

Answer:Old Lenovo Z60m doesnt boot but powers up

If the battery-LED is blinking fast (approx. 2 times per second) remove the battery, disconnect from power supply and press the power-button for 30 seconds. Then attach the power-supply  leave the battery off and try to poweron the notebook. Dead batteries also can lead to the symptoms you described.
More hints:
The Z60 is based on the ThinkPad T43. It also can get "Flexing". 
Other causes may be contact with liquids in the past, damaged keyboard, crashed BIOS-update, a short in the USB-ports.
To reset the CMOS you also can remove the BIOS-battery but take care: If BIOS-passwords had been set, you only can run the computer after entering the supervisor-password.

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My Sat Pro M70 powers itself off in the middle of the boot-up secuence

After switching if on , it passes post test and enters grub menu (Linux + Windows) or BIOS
without problems, but most of the time after the selected OS start to boot -up, suddenly it powers-off.

The problem is getting bigger and bigger as i hardly can boot any of the OS

As seen on earlier posts I cleaned up CPU vents with a spray just for sure i was not an overheatting problem.

Anyone have an insight of whats can be happening??


Answer:My Satellit Pro M70 powers itself off in the middle of the boot-up secuence

Hmm? the notebook passes the POST properly and it shuts down during the OS booting. Is it right?

Well, in such case I would exclude an RAM malfunction.

I don?t think also that it is an overheating issue because the notebook should run a little bit longer untill it would shut down due to a high temperature.

How about the HDD malfunction? Are you sure that HDD is ok?

In my personal opinion you should check the HDD and maybe trying a new one.


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I hope someone can help me. I have an Equium A210-171 (PSAFJE). When I press the power button, the blue Equium text at the front left lights up, the blue power light (O with a vertical bar pointing upwards) lights up, the HDD spins up, the CD/DVD clicks a couple of times and its amber light flashes briefly but nothing (i.e. BIOS and POST) is shown on the screen.

The battery and power block are fine.

I have tried attaching a stand-alond screen to no effect.

The CPU HSF appears to be spinning and blowing air out the side.

I have removed the SATA HDD and attached it to a desktop system - it reads and seems absolutely fine.

I have reseated the SODIMMs - actually, I removed them and then replaced them, each in the other's slot.

When powered up, if I press the '*FN*' & '*F10*' keys together, the indicator below the F10 lights up & remains lit until I repeat the key press sequence. This does not happen with '*FN*' & '*F11*'.

I have downloaded a *+Satellite A210/A215 Satellite Pro A210, Equium A210, Satego A210 Series Maintenance Manual+* (First Edition May 2007) but the instructions for *+Removing the Keyboard+* don't appear to be correct and the notes for opening up the laptop (to have a look at the system board) say that you must do this first (and don't seem to be accurate anyhow).

Does anyone have any idea what more I can do, what the problem might be and/or where I can get valid instructions for opening up the case?

Many thanks for any help.

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Answer:Equium A210-171 (PSAFJE) - Powers on but will not boot

> Does anyone have any idea what more I can do, what the problem might be and/or where I can get valid instructions for opening up the case?

In my opinion you did everything which would help to determine the possible fault?
I would also check the RAM and HDD at first? it seems that HDD is ok and that the RAM modules are not the problem. I don?t think that both RAM modules could be faulty at the same time, so I think the issue cannot be related to faulty RAM.

It can be possible that the CPU or motherboard is affected but in such case some diagnostic tools are needed which would help to get more details about the affected parts?

But this can be done by an Toshiba ASP technician? so what to say? it sounds like a serious hardware issue (mobo, cpu, etc?)

But try this: disconnect AC adaptor, remove battery and leave the notebook disconnected for a longer period of time? then connect both parts and try to power up the laptop?

If this does not help, then ASP technician help would be necessary?

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When i depress the power on button, i get an indication that power (from battery) is present, but the systems won't boot. when i release the key, the indicator goes off.

Help! Any ideas? is this some kind of a lock?

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When I press the power button it goes to turn on but doesn't kick in, the fans spin and the lights come on, also if I pop out the CD tray it will make an attempt to load a disc but ultimately doesn't.this video of problem MY LABTOP NAME : acer aspire e5-e511-p29d

Answer:Laptop powers to Black Screen, no boot

Try HDMI out to a TV to check your video card. Report back. Jack E/NJ 

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It's a HP pavilion g6 2249wm it powers up but won't boot up it stuck in a black screen. It used to take me 10-20 times powering it up before it started. Now it has not booted up and I have tried almost all day just powering it up and it won't boot up. I checked the ram and it's okay. I also tried taking out the battery and holding the power button and powering it up to no avail.

Answer:hp pavilion g6 2249wm problem - powers up but won't boot up

Hi JayNava,

For the issue with your computer powering up, but not booting. I have included the following document, 'Computer Does not Start (Windows 8)'. This document explains many different error states and provides great troubleshooting steps.

If this document fails to resolve the issue, please let me know if there are any error messages. These messages can be displayed on the screen, beeping noises, or flashing lights.

Please let me know how this works out for you, thank you.

I worked on behalf of HP

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I lost power today and now my machine will not boot up, or even post for that matter.

Probably not the best forum to post in, but I've got a little history here in this community so I figure I will appeal to whatever help I can get.

It's not the hard drive. I makes a sort of a hollow click every few seconds. All fans come on, motherboard lights up, but nothing outputs to the screen and I never get the beep that the machine has actually posted. Strange. I have tried pulling all power from the machine, discharging any latent power, and turning it back on. No good.

This is a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H with an I5 processor. 16gb of ram, 512 gb SSD.. GTX 960 graphics card. It is maybe a year old.

It seems like it is trying to post, but not making it. No error codes that I can hear or see.

I tried unhooking everything, including all the internal drives, but I still can hear the click sound, and no output to the screen.

Any help appreciated!!

Answer:Lost Power, now PC won't boot. Powers on and clicks.

Reset the RAM modules by reconnecting the RAM modules.

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