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Yoga 500-15IBD sudden power off

Question: Yoga 500-15IBD sudden power off

I bought a new Yoga 500 15IBD 2 Months ago and since a view weeks the Laptop had several power breakdowns while in battery mode. All of a sudden the Laptop turns black, all lights and the hdd turns off and I have to connect the power cord to get it started again - although the Battery certainly isn't empty according to the OS-Battery indicators AND often having the Laptop fully charged less than half an hour ago. (The Yoga runs for at least 3 hours if the bug does not appear). Now this is no driver issue, I have the problem while running Windows 10, Linux Mint and Backbox Linux. I suppose it's either a battery issue or a faulty architectual design. Since I see a lot of similar power-off related messages accross the spectrum of lenovo devices, could someone finally publically explain the source of the problem so there is a chance to get rid of it ... especially in future products?

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 500-15IBD sudden power off

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Earlier today, I had shut the lid on my Chromebook (putting it into standby mode) and had put it away. At this point it had full power. About half an hour later, I had opened it up again, but it had shut off, and I coudn't get it to turn on again until I plugged it in to auxilary power. When it revived, it still had full battery, but had forgotten the details of the network until I had signed in. This is similar to another issue, wherein the system will occasionally stop opening and running user-installed applications and block any access to local storage (such as viewing and downloading files), citing lack of permission (which does not apply otherwise), until restarting and logging in again. My device is fully up-to-date on the stable update stream. Why am I having these issues? Are there any ways to fix this permanently (aside from purchasing a different device)?

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Earlier today, I had shut the lid on my Chromebook (putting it into standby mode) and had put it away. At this point it had full power. About half an hour later, I had opened it up again, but it had shut off, and I coudn't get it to turn on again until I plugged it in to auxilary power. When it revived, it still had full battery, but had forgotten the details of the network until I had signed in. This is similar to another issue, wherein the system will occasionally stop opening and running user-installed applications and block any access to local storage (such as viewing and downloading files), citing lack of permission (which does not apply otherwise), until restarting and logging in again. My device is fully up-to-date on the stable update stream. Why am I having these issues? Are there any ways to fix this permanently (aside from purchasing a different device)?

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Earlier today, I had shut the lid on my Chromebook (putting it into standby mode) and had put it away. At this point it had full power. About half an hour later, I had opened it up again, but it had shut off, and I coudn't get it to turn on again until I plugged it in to auxilary power. When it revived, it still had full battery, but had forgotten the details of the network until I had signed in. This is similar to another issue, wherein the system will occasionally stop opening and running user-installed applications and block any access to local storage (such as viewing and downloading files), citing lack of permission (which does not apply otherwise), until restarting and logging in again. My device is fully up-to-date on the stable update stream. Why am I having these issues? Are there any ways to fix this permanently (aside from purchasing a different device)?

Answer:N23 Yoga Chromebook - Sudden shutdown, won't power on without charger; no local storage access?

EDIT: The shutdown seems to be caused by overheating, from what I can tell. Is there seriously no heat sink on this device? For shame, Lenovo.Still no idea why local storage keeps breaking, though.

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I recently bouht refirbished Yoga 500-15IBD, It has Intel HD 5500 and GeForce 940M. When I bought the laptop online I was under the impresion that the display is FHD. Unfortunatly the maximum resolution that I see in the Windwos 10 display settings is 1366x768. Is this a software issue or the display is not FHD? I am wondering if it is possible that seller changed the original FHD display with HD display. I can't find the full spec of the laptop. Machine Type Model: 80N600FWUK.

Answer:Yoga 500-15IBD no FHD

Hi stefan_minev , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Using Machine Type Model: 80N600FWUK from the parts look up page :
This was distributed with LCD Module W Flex3-1570 HD part number 5D10H91422 . 
Similar to what was offered here for 80N600FWUK  15.6" HD Touch Screen
Yoga 500-15IBD are marketed (hardware manual specification page26) with either :? 15.6" 16:9, 1,366 768 pixels HD / 1,920 1,080 pixels FHD
Display for this mahine number is HD.
Hope this help answer your query.

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Hi, I've tried looking for tech specs (I know the hardware specs) for the monitor so I can work out what pen/stylus would be best for the touch screen. However, I can not find this particular product (spec specific) on the website.  If anyone could help me out that would be great, Ideally I'd like something with pressure levels as I do digitally draw from time to time, and would be helpful whilst writing. But would settle for something that isn't due to owning a GFX tablet anyway. Also, I'm unsure if this ideapad is referred to as a 15, 500 or 8 due to not know where this terminology is based from (model name, model series ect) seems unclear, perhaps I'm just looking into it too much and it is just a 500. Thanks to anyone that spends time reading, and thanks in advance for advice. ~Kris

Answer:Lenovo Yoga 500 15IBD

>>>bump same question here!!!why we got a touch screen with no pen ?how to mascarade a small finger?

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I bought the yoga 500-15IBD(w/i5 5200U;GT 940m and 8G of RAM) in summer of 2015. At first the notebook is doing fine. But at mid-late 2016 the notebook start acting strange, the CPU start lock the frequency at 0.44 Ghz while charging. I find out that the BD prochot is the reason and I disable it with throttlestop. Then when I start gaming for few minutes the laptop just shut down, because of overheating. So I try playing game with BD prochot on and with battery. And the gameplay become very laggy. Not like low fps, but just very laggy. I monitored the CPU and the CPU just get throttled massively frequently and the frequency just go up and down. Which never happen before, the laptop used to be at least playable with consistent (low) fps.  What should I do. Is some component damaged? Should I clean the fan (I checked the fan and it seems fine to me)? Should I charge the thermal paste?  ps I try to stress test both CPU and GPU, it's fine when doing test alone. But when testing both CPU and GPU the temp of CPU just go sky high (~100 C) and the GPU seems to be cool in terms of temperature(75 C)and than the laptop shut down. Even when testing GPU only while CPU is idle both temp got ~75 C. When doing only CPU test CPU temp ~88 C max and GPU stay at ~55 C. It seems the GPU is transfering heats to the CPU.

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Hello, i have the problem that the fan is often too loud. No matter how little or how many programs run or whether the CPU is hot or rather cool. Only at the beginning  the fan ran quietly or in normal volume.  The problem is well known. The Laptop runs on Win8.1. I have installed all possible updates even for BIOS. I cleaned the fan. Not perfectly.I also reinstalled Win8.1 . Nothing helps. I have not yet tried to install Win10. One reads it doesnt help also. Can someone help me?Thanks

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Hello, I want buy LENOVO Yoga 500-15IBD (80N60084PB) you maybe know what is a difference about this 80N60084PB and about this Lenovo YOGA 500-15IBD (80N6006FPB)??? According to the specifications of the laptop is the same and the price differs by 400 PLN Best regards

Answer:LENOVO Yoga 500-15IBD

Hi mariuszwol5, Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums. Based on what I've found out, seems like both models has same specs as you have mentioned. If I'm not mistaken, the difference here is that, the 80N60084PB has this FRU : 18201638, whereas, the 80N6006FPB does not. FRU : 18201638Description : LGD LP156WF4-SPL1 FHD AG S LED1 NB LCDCommodity Code :  LCD PANELS Also checking on the price of the part itself, based on ebay, it is around USD $99.00. Which as per google, 400 PLN = 98.21 USD.  Hope this helps!

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Hello, i have the problem that the fan is often too loud. No matter how little or how many programs run or whether the CPU is hot or rather cool. Only at the beginning  the fan ran quietly or in normal volume.  The problem is well known. The Laptop runs on Win8.1. I have installed all possible updates even for BIOS. I cleaned the fan. Not perfectly.I also reinstalled Win8.1 . Nothing helps. I have not yet tried to install Win10. One reads it doesnt help also. Can someone help me?Thanks

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Hi mine is this one Yoga 500 15IBD 80N600AMVNSerial # R90HK9NQMine have GT940M card but only b/g/n wifi Broadcom QCA61x4The same model without dGPU card has Intel 3160 a/c wifiI am wodering what is exact spec for my system

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HelloI want to update the BIOS of my Yoga 500-15IBD and downloaded the latest version from Lenovo support site.Last BIOS version comes with a txt file where I can read:Support models     S41-70, U41-70,                   Flex 3-1570, Yoga 500-15IBD, Yoga 500-15IHW,                   Flex 3-1470, Yoga 500-14IBD, Yoga 500-14IHWBut when I execute the exe file (bdcn60ww.exe), I get:I am a bit confused... Is this BIOS really for my Yoga 500-15IBD? Is there any risk if I try to install it anyway?Thank you

Answer:BIOS update on Yoga 500-15IBD

Hi, I do this update because i seen my product in this page ( but it's not a good idea. Now my computer boot is much slower and i don't know the how-to to downgrade. part of  : -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Updated Date 2015/08/18
Software name BDCN61WW
Support models S41-70, U41-70,
Flex 3-1570, Yoga 500-15IBD, Yoga 500-15IHW,
Flex 3-1470, Yoga 500-14IBD, Yoga 500-14IHW
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 10 32/64-bit
Microsoft Windows 8.1 32/64-bit
Microsoft Windows 8 32/64-bit
Microsoft Windows 7 32/64-bit
Refer to marketing materials to find out what computer models support which Operating Systems.
Version 61

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Hello everybody, I just bought the yoga  500 and immediately started having the following problems. Can somebody please help me, since the company i bought from doest accept to bring it back before the distributor decides whether I can or not The problems are as follows: 1) The mouse coursor  and touchpad keeps on blocking regularly.I tried it also with an external mouse and I faced the same problems. 2) WIFI:  a) it keeps loosing its signal continually             b) It dissconect from the wifi almost every 30 minutes              c) Whenever i want to reconnect to the wifi it shows there are no connections available eventhough my phone and my girlfriends laptop is already connected ( and there are over 5 other wifi-s available from my neighbors)             d) Every single time I have to use the troubleshooter which says "problem with wireless adapter or acces point". And then it dissconnects again. 

Answer:Yoga 500-15IBD wifi and mouse problems

Did you run the updates via Lenovo Companion?What error does the wifi give in browser or repair?Are you using it pluged in to AC or on battery?Does Lenovo Companion show show ur Waranty?Did you ran a harware test via Lenovo Companion?You could contact/call Lenovo Sevice Center directly.

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Hi Guys,after upgrating to Windows 10 the microphone of my Yoga 500-15IBD is not working.I already tried every driver (windows update, lenovo, realtek) for this but nothing. Can somebody help me?

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I have a web-camera issue with my notebook. It doesn't work. It used to work once or twice. But then suddenly something went wrong. Neither works mic. When I opened my windows 10 "Camera" app it said "Can't find camera". I checked device manager for drivers issues and couldn't find anything about camera. So I added a knew device "Lenovo EasyCamera". My "Camera" app still doesn't work. So I tried to fix in with Lenovo Settings. But there is no any camera folder in it. Reinstalling still didn't fix it. Also I tried installing drivers with official Lenovo website. Still nothing. 

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Hi, I got a problem with my laptop. The fan is making loud noise everytime I open a new window, a new tab, any setting window and so. I believe it is supposed to make this kind of noise when I'm stressing it with more programs running, not by simply open the files explorer... Any idea on what to do? (model is Lenovo Yoga 500-15IBD)ThanksNstant

Answer:Lenovo Yoga 500-15IBD loud fan noise

Hi Nstant,  Most probably a program or App is running at the background cause fast spinning fan to cool down CPU temp.  To figure it out, right click in your taskbar and from the opened menu click on task manager.  -From top menu click on performance tab then click on resource monitor ==> from top menu click on CPU tab and look at to the Average CPU usage and see which App or Program is using a high percentage of your CPU capacity==> right click on it and end the process.  .Regards,  **If the issue has been resolved please, mark me as solution provided to help others find the solution easily and click the Kudos.** 

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Hi, I have a problem with the keyboard on my Yoga 500 where some of the keys don't work as they should.It's not a Windows issue and I could do with trying an older version of BIOS.Can anyone provide the previous version BIOS file to BDCN63WW.cap for a Yoga 500-15IBDThanksAndy

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I bought the Yoga 500 a week ago however immediately after starting it I have been faced with problems. At first i thought its normal since it is a brand new laptop and it takes time till it adjusts but that didn`t happen. The problems are as follows: 1) The mouse coursor  and touchpad keeps on blocking regularly. I tried it also with an external mouse and I faced the same problems. 2) WIFI:  a) it keeps loosing its signal continually             b) It dissconect from the wifi almost every 30 minutes              c) Whenever i want to reconnect to the wifi it shows there are no connections available eventhough my phone and my girlfriends laptop is already connected ( and there are over 5 other wifi-s available from my neighbors)             d) Every single time I have to use the troubleshooter which says "problem with wireless adapter or acces point". And then it dissconnects again.  Thank you for your help

Answer:Yoga 500-15IBD mouse and wifi problems

Hi txk1789,  Welcome to Lenovo Community,  Just follow the below link and install the latest Wireless and Mouse and keyboard driver for your machine. 1- After opening the link click of Driver & Software 2- From the component drop down menu click on Wireless LAN 3- From Pick on OS drop down menu click on you OS version 4- Download and install the WLAN driver 5-Repeat the same steps for your mouse and keyboard driver  Regards,   **If the issue has been resolved please, mark me as solution provided to help others find the solution easily and click the Kudos.**  

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Recently I just bought this yoga series of notebook Yoga 500-15IBD, but I couldn't find any thread that discuss about this model. Hope to get some review from you guys to make my decision whether to upgrade it to win10.Thanks in advance.

Answer:Is Yoga 500-15IBD ready for windows 10 upgrade?

Hi, I do the update and it functional but some lenovo software are not still available for Win 10 and i get a little error when my computer boot. Plarkass

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Dear all
I downloaded bios updater from lenovo support, after I run it, my computer restart it self. After restart, it just show (picture) and it cannot do anything. Please, how to rollback the bios or how to my computer work again?
Moderator Note: Edited subject to match content.

15172493293571569481233.jpg ?318 KB

Answer:Yoga 500 - 15IBD - Bios update went wrong

What you can see there is a Boot menu. Your laptop can't boot from disk and display boot selection menu. Try to enter BIOS (can't say how to do it, as you didn't told which Yoga model do you have) and try to change boot settings from UEFI -> Legacy (or in other way) and/or disable Secure Boot. Check if after these changes your laptop will be able to boot.

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The Bluetooth version is combo Wifi Broadcom 4335/ Bluetooth Brcm2045It always show as working device in Device Manager. Can turn on, turn off. Can descover and pair with other out side device such as Smartphone. Browing file on other device is ok. Now let try to transfer files back and fort, very terrible, it only works for small file, let say less than 100kb. For larger file, the transfer always stuck at some point varies. Try to change the Smartphone, change the angle, position of the laptop and the phone, the transfer speed some time change but, extremly slow. This is hardware fault, should I take it to warranty? How to talk to them and how do they would reply.Do they just say it is working? Or do they erase my laptop?  

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I am having issues with my current WIFI card not picking up a signal from any distance... and when closer, not always holding a signal.  After playing with software upgrade options, I'm considering a WIFI card upgrade, and would like advice as to the ease and value of this option.  Thank you in advance for your time and attention in reply.   Mike Luke

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I recently upgraded my Lenovo Yoga 15-IBD to an SSD, with a complete reinstall of Windows. Everything was working great; boot times were quicker and the system was far more responsive. However, the computer randomly freezes now, without any warning. I have to do a hard reset. Reliability monitor gives no clues of what the problem might be. The SSD is brand new, and passed a 'long' test this morning.

I have no idea where to go next; I seems that there is one problem after another with this laptop!

Thanks for your help!

Answer:Lenovo Yoga 500-15IBD Freezes Randomly after SSD Upgrade

Hi soopg.

When it freezes is there anything being logged in the event viewer? (System / Application / Other)

Have you looked at your Storage drivers. Before attempting to update please ensure you have an Image you can fall back to if required. While investigating would also be a good idea to have data backed up. You said this was a clean install so you likely have that point covered.

If you don't have a tool you could check out Macrium Reflect. Free, reliable and tutorial with forum.

You may wish to check out the Driver Verify process.

This tutorial will guide you through the verification process, heed the warnings. Assuming it fails follow the posting instruction in the BSOD section of forum.

Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable in Windows 10

The tutorial states make a restore point. Seems to be a lot of people having issues using restore points hence have an Image.

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Use Yoga 500 15IBD around 2 months. Bought with Windows 8.1, but same day ugraded to Windows 10 (never used with Windows 10).Make clean install + drivers from Lenovo website.Every week computer self restarts (2-3times per week). Event viewer show:Log Name:      SystemSource:        Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PowerDate:          28/10/2015 13:09:58Event ID:      41Task Category: (63)Level:         CriticalKeywords:      (35184372088832),(2)User:          SYSTEMComputer:      Gabriele-PCDescription:The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.Event Xml:<Event xmlns="">  <System>    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}" />    <EventID>41</EventID>    <Version>3</Version>    <Level>1</Level>    <Task>63</Task>    <Opcode>0</Opcode>    <Keywords>0x8000200000000002</Keywords>    <TimeCre... Read more

Answer:Lenovo Yoga 500 15IBD mystery restarts (BSOD)

Is this while running idle or under load? What surface is it being used on? (getting at ventilation) Leaning towards heat, but could be power issues or something else. Scape that, just noticed the dropbox links (its been one of those days) if memory serves bad_pool_caller is a processor 'misfire' Check in device manger that the processor is running correctly (ie flags 'device is working properly' this is stated in the devices properties (right click DM entry) ) if need be,uninstall, and have windows install them (this can be done in the right click menu of the device in DM selecting 'update driver software') Normally if this doesn't fix the issue its very often software based, ie something installed is causing the issue, bad drivers probably the top contributors, but not exclusively. Posting the .dmp file (google is your friend) would almost certainly flag the culprit. 

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Hi everybody, when I unplug the charger on my yoga 500 the screen starts to flicker like a rave party, I have searched like crazy all over and have found no solution to the problem. Things already tested:-Unplugging and plugging battery cable.-Disabling Windows error reporting service and Problem reports and solutions-Trying to update intel drivers from driver section and intel site.-Trying to update, and disable realtek hd audio driver. Things to take in account:-When connected to a second monitor, the new one won't flicker.-Laptop has warranty voided because of ssd install. (problem still occurs on bios with and withouth an HDD/SSD) so it shouldn't be considered a Windows 10 problem.-After SSD install, windows update doesn't allow me to update anything. I believe it thinks I'm booting from external hard drive. I cloned the original HDD into the SDD so that shouldn't be happening-Flickers increase with mouse, cursor and touch. Anybody has a fix for this? I read that a lot of people have this problem but I rarely see fixes.proof video 

Answer:Yoga 500-15IBD 80N6 Screen flickering on battery

Hi, Nedeffv  ?
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
While on AC power, Desktop>Right Click>Properties>Settings>Advanced>Monitor. Here, under Monitor settings, set the Screen Refresh Rate to 50 Hertz. After applying these settings, the blinking problem gets fixed.
Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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Hello, My laptop got stuck in sleep mode: during a night in sleep mode, I wanted to turn it on with the power button but since then no response. Nothing just the power button blinking.I have tried to click on the novo button beside the power button but same behavior: no response and power button continues blinking.What could I do ? Is there a procedure to follow when I use the novo  (emergency reset button)?I thank you in advance Good day 

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Hello, First of all sorry for my bad english but I wasn't able to find a Germen anser.Last week I bought myself a Lenovo Yoga 500-15IBD. After the first start I upgraded the OSto Windows 10 all worked fine but after some time the mouse and touchpad began to snag every few seconds.I also have downloded and installed the last driver for my touchpad. but it is still not working I hope somebody of you knows the anser to my Problem.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo Yoga 500-15IBD Mouse and Touchpad snag

Dear computerxd,
Welcome in lenovo community,
Please try to uninstall the touchpad driver from the device manager, and check if it will work well with the Microsoft Generic driver or not.

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My Yoga 500 ideapad totally loses it when I plug it into power. The CPU slows down imidiately and runs at 100% usage every time I make an action (opens Chrome takes like 30 seconds). In Speccy, I can see, that the CPU runs at a speed of approx. 500 Mhz (Core speed). If I unplug the laptop, the speed goes up to like 1,9 Ghz when I opens chrome (chrome opens instantly) and CPU usage maxes out at 40% or so. I can now close Chrome, plug in the laptop once again, and if I open chrome now,it maxes out at 500 Mhz speed with 100% CPU usage. I have just completely reinstalled windows (10, 64 bit) hoping that this would solve the problem. But it haven'tI have downloaded ALL the drivers and software possible from Lenovos own support page for my laptop, I have ran numerous tests from Lenovo, and other thirdparty applications, no one in which finds any problems. What should I do? I have done everything in my power to try and fix this problem. I have tried every possibly advanced power options, I have even changed the "when plugged in" power options to match the "on battery" ones, but without any change in performance. I cannot figure out, if this is a problem with my power supply? Or the CPU itself? And no tests suggests any problems...  Anyone able to help me out with troubleshooting? (Yes, I have restarted multiple times, I have updated everything in windows update and drivers using Lenovo support page and a third party driver update software (driverbooster from... Read more

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what are the memory size limitations, (if any) for the supported types ?

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My lenovo ideapad 15ibd model no.80qq after upgrading win 8.1 shows driver power state failure.. It also does not accept the nvidia geforce driver it asks for intel driver first laptop has dedicated nvidia gt920m graphics card... Please help me...I have been trying troubleshooting for one week no solutions is there. Also in the device manager it says no 3d video controller driver found .its so frustrating.. I bought my laptop just recently . Pls help.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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Didn't realize the laptop was unplugged and went completely dead sitting there for a month. Went to plug in to power up and nothing. Thought maybe cat chewed on charger cable and tested it and was only pulling 4v vs the 20v it's supposed to but tried new charger that Lenovo sent and still nothing. I've heard battery could be un-chargeable if left to completely die and sit for a while but still don't get why laptop won't boot up when plugged in.  Am I dealing with something else internal in addition to a dead battery? 

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I'm having trouble with the battery on my satellite P10. I can use the Notebook fine when I am on AC power but when I want to run it on battery power, it will last a while ( showing 100% and slowly decreasing as normal) then will suddenly change to 5% and switch off due to critical battery level.

Can anyone help me?

I wouldn't of thought it is just a case of needing to replace the battery becasue it has suddenly gone like this, it hasn't got gradually worse over time.


Answer:Sudden Power loss when running on battery power on Satellite P10


How old is your battery and how many times did you charged and discharged the battery?
Usually after a one year or after 500times of charging/discharging, the battery slowly loses the performance?
In my opinion this is a simply battery issue and the battery must be replaced to solve this problem?
Simply contact the ASP in your country and order the new and compatible battery!


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Hello, I have recently come across these power related problems on my Lenovo Y510P: i7 Model, 8GB Ram, GT750M configuration. ---- It first began after I installed a new SSD to the system, clean install of Windows 8.1 with all latest drivers except previous version BIOS and Lenovo Energy Management. Before all of this began, the battery would not charge; I troubleshooted and fixed this issue by removing the battery and holding down the power button. Over the next few days, I began to have additional issues. When I unpluged the power adapter, the system suddenly powered off. Here is what occurs: 1. Power up system with adapter plugged in and battery attached.2. Unplug adapter3. Quickly replug adapter4. Quickly unplug adapter again.5. System powers down completely. Then, I began to notice that under "Optimized Battery Health" plan, that the power state would cycle between adapter and battery power as observed in the cycling of screen brightness and performace spikes. This only occurred if the battery charge level was above 60% but under 98%. I regularly used this energy scheme, and did not notice this behavior until very recently. ---- I reinstalled the original SSHD (same OS and driver installation methods), where these issues were not present in the past. However, both problems persisted. I upgraded both the BIOS and Lenovo Energy Management to the latest versions. Both problems still persist. ---- I would appreciate any h... Read more

Answer:Lenovo Y510P | Sudden Power Loss on Unplug & Power State Cycling under Optimized Battery Health


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Hei.  i have bought the yoga 13.3 i7 one month ago,  and experienced many times of sudden stuck ,  even sometimes i was not doing anything with pc,   it went fine normally,  but sudden stuck is quite irretating.   does some of you experience similar? 

Answer:sudden stuck yoga i7

my yoga1 i7 sometimes gets stuck from the frequent windows updates. Some are so drastic that my wifi won't work upon restart. I have to restart again to get things working. You can track this in windows update control panel (history).

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Hi everyone, i am using lenovo laptops for more than 10 years for me and my family. Never had any problems before i bought Yoga 2 Pro machine. All these flickering issues, yellow color instead of white, constants bios upgrades, SSD replacement during the warranty - not the whole list of issues with this machine, the others, by the way, work perfect  Now, after more than a year of Y2P usage i am out of warranty and have new problem. The laptop shuts down suddenly, without any reason, there is just black screen and nothing more.What i tried to do:1) To clean CPU fans (thought that may be there can be an overheating problem) - they are fine, the temperature is steady around 70 C2) To connect/disconnect AC adapter and internal battery - the problem is still here, the laptop continued to shut down occasionally3) Connect/disconnect SSD (during this time the system was booted up from usb-flash) - the problem is still here, it happens even without SSD4) Disconnect wireless card, update and reflash bios - nothing helped. It`s an EPIC to have such problems with more than $1000 machine, the others, which i have in my family (more than 4 here) work perfect, but these problems and finally, the last one (unexpected shutdowns) makes me think that high-end Lenovo laptops is not an option for me anymore, paying more than one thousand you get only one year warranty and continious problem.Anyway, did anyone has any suggestions what to do next? P.S.: going to Lenovo serv... Read more

Answer:Yoga 2 Pro sudden shutdowns

OK, i think that i have found a problem.It is connected with ME region of the BIOS.Somehow during the BIOS update procedure the ME region was deleted. Now i am unable to install intel management engine interface drivers and laptop shuts down EVERY 30 minutes.The only one solution here is to restore ME region, but i need a full dump of any Yoga 2 Pro bios.Do anyone have it?Thank you.

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If you have experienced sudden shutdowns with your Thinkpad Yoga S1, then this test may help.
I experienced several sudden shutdowns during normal usage. The thinkpad has never been dropped or damaged in any strange manner.
After the shutdown, the power button would not respond immediatly, but eventually you could power the thinkpad again.
Test to reproduce the shutdown
-Put thinkpad yoga in laptop mode
-Power up
-Hold thinkpad with your right hand, having the thumb on top and the 4 fingers below the laptop, landing on the grid at the back. As shown.
-Lift thinkpad above table with one hand (the right one).
Shutdown occurs
Would lenovo replace the whole unit (bought in June 2014).
Link to image 1
Link to image 2
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

T61, UZ2AQGE 2.5 Ghz, XP Pro SP3T400s, NSF20UK, 2.4 GHz, SSD 128 GB, Vista B

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My Lenovo yoga 3 will often go to a blank screen when I am working on it writing a paper or something. When it goes blank, I have to wait a few seconds and then I can hit a key on the laptop to make the login screen appear and login again. Sometimes it will happen just once, but often it will happen multiple times even within a minute. Any idea how to fix this so it quits blanking out on me? Please and thank you!

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hi guys,i need your help, i just bought this 14inch YOGA 500 i have problem with the screen. have been 3 times this happen guys..while i'm normally used the laptop the screen suddenly black out but the iindicator power and battery not blinking that indicate they run normally. what do you think the problem guys ?i try to tap keyboard key and power button nothing happen guys, the screen still black. the only way  back to normal i press power button to shut down and start the computer again.  Please help me guys.  Beast Regards,Dewi Tri Wulandari  

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My G50-70 laptop is just 6 month old, recently found there's problem with the mouse senser, then the next day the laptop shut down in a sudden when i'm working and couldn't boot up again, even after i;ve taken off the battery.
What can i do now to start up to get my unsave files back? 
Mod Comment: Edited subject to include model.

Answer:G50-70 Power cut in a sudden

Shellstreet wrote:
My G50-70 laptop is just 6 month old, recently found there's problem with the mouse senser, then the next day the laptop shut down in a sudden when i'm working and couldn't boot up again, even after i;ve taken off the battery.
What can i do now to start up to get my unsave files back? 
Mod Comment: Edited subject to include model.

If you do not have any LED lights on the front lower edge of the notebook it means the AC adapter is not charging the main battery.  You can try the following steps to correct this issue.

Make sure the AC adapter is working, try a different plug (source) to use.  If the AC adapter is not working the battery is depleted and will not allow the notebook to turn on.
If the AC adapter is working (producing DC electricity) and the notebook does not show a light to indicate it is charging then it may be an issue with the connection on the notebook for AC power has failed and needs to be serviced.
If a LED glows white on the lower front edge when you plug in the AC adapter, but the battery will not charge it indicates a problem with the charging circuit or the battery.  Check for damaged or bent pins on the battery connection.

If nothing works, it means you will need to send the notebook in for repair as it may have a main system board issue that will require replacement.  If you need to save your user files, do so by removing the hard drive and using a different computer with a USB... Read more

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Question: Sudden Power off

My PC shuts down randomly when playing GTAV,sometimes during the day it can stay on for 2-3 hours without going off,sometimes lets say during the same hour it shuts down every time i start the game (like 1 minute or 5 after loading the game) and sometimes it never shuts down like it has it's own mind,so far i have tried the following:

Checked all cables.
Removed DRAM's(have 16GB,used only 2 then switched with the other 2).
Removed OC profile in BIOS.
Disabled Anti surge from BIOS and used a power plug protector(electricity is very stable)
3 clean OS install.
Tried different Nvida driver versions including all settings.
Everything is up to date.
Cleaned all components.
Tried another wall power point.
Changed the cable connector between the wall and PC.
Non heat issues.

This is what i see after the shutdown

"Power supply surges detected during the previous power on.
Asus Anti-surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit!
Press F1 to Run Setup"

The way it shuts off is as if someone pulled the plug out of the wall,i've posted about this some time ago thinking that the issue is gone but it has come back now,is there any way to fiind out the cuase for this ? thanks.

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Question: sudden power off

I have a Mesh tower pc which is just 3 years and 1month old - 1 month out of warranty.Whilst I was working on it - it suddenly powered down without any warning. I have done all of the obvious things like checking that the leads are in and hoovering out the inside of the chassis - it was very dusty. When I try to power up again - the power up sequence goes on for between 5 and 20 seconds before powering back off again. During this time, all of the fans are working.Help please

Answer:sudden power off

Have you added any new hardware? It could be the psu (Power suply Unit) is failing.I had a phaze of this happening when I added a new dvd drive. I just bought a higher wattage psu. Seems to be working fine now.D

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Hello all, About a month ago, the DC power jack on my friend's Yoga 13 broke. (It's not all that well designed, honestly--for a part that is subject to frequent use, having a tiny piece of plastic in the middle of the jack really stinks, IMHO.) Unfortunately, she only noticed this after she'd decided to drain the battery before recharging it. Needless to say, she couldn't charge it anymore.  Since I'd already gone inside the computer to upgrade memory and hard disk space, I took another look and thought it looked like an easy repair. When the part finally arrived, I figured it'd be an easy fix. But no. The computer is a dead as it was before. Not only won't the machine turn on, even the light that is supposed to come on when the battery is charging doesn't light up. Even with the battery disconnected and the cord plugged in, it won't start. Today I even dug out a voltmeter and from what I can tell, there is power everywhere there should be, including off the motherboard to the battery cable, and to the switch that turns the machine on (which is on the keyboard bezzle). Obviously this is only true when the power cord is plugged in. The battery itself however still tests as dead (assuming I'm doing that test correctly), despite leaving it time to charge.  So now I'm stumpted. I'm thinking that the consitent volt readings I'm getting are misleading, and that there's some sort of short nonetheless. The laptop is just a year old, so I'm totally confus... Read more

Answer:Replaced DC power jack in Yoga 13, but still no power, no nothing. Is this a short circuit?

Welcome To Lenovo Forums.
Dear alicetesla,
Kindly Contact the Numbers Below as it seems that you are facing a Hardware issue.


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Hello,I have the 14" Yoga Pro 2. I've been getting messages saying the power adapter isn't supplying enough power and yesterday it died while plugged in. I haven't been able to turn it back on. Also, the power indicator light stays on, plugged in or not.Has anyone else ran into the same issue? I tried unplugging the battery and turning it on while plugged in, still no luck.Thanks in advance. Edit: found a solution in a post below. Unplug the batteryUnplug the CMOS battery then plug it back inPower on the laptop from the adapter only, then shut downPlug battery back in  Worked perfectly.

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My YOGA 13 ultrabook had been dropped to hard floor during charging and the charging port has been damaged since it was plugged. So I just ordered the charge port from ebay($19.99) and replaced it. Of course, I have followed the instruction to disassemble it. Now I am so frustrated.. My laptop never get power on after reassemble all the parts. Is it possible that my motherboard got a significant damage when I do soldering charging port? My battery was completely out before fixing it. Better get professional to diagnosis?

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I have a Gateway NV79 laptop. In the past couple of weeks I have been experiencing a problem where the computer randomly powers off. It happens most often when watching videos on the internet, but has happened once or twice in other circumstances. I am running Windows 7. Any thoughts on how to identify the cause of this problem would be appreciated.

Answer:Sudden power off problem

This is usually caused by overheating. Blow out all fans with a can of compressed air. Make sure the bottom of the laptop is well ventilated. Do not use the laptop on carpet or a bed. Consider a laptop cooling pad.
Try a Clean Boot. If that solves the problem, add one startup item at a time till you find the culprit.

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Hi, I'm new here but it looks like a very informative and friendly forum... can you help?Last night, whilst playing "Painkiller" (I'm 38, don't start!), I had a sudden loss of power to my desktop; without any warning and no jarring to the case, it suddenly died.Monitor, speakers, external HD all carried on working.When i switch off the power at the wall and switch back on (UK 240V), there is a momentary flicker of life as the case fans (and leds) flare up for a tiny flicker and then die. It will do this once only... subsequent pressing of power button does nothing, HOWEVER if i disconnect power to the wall and reconnect, it will do the same thing.I opened it up and the processor, PSU fans all start momentarily and then die.No other equipment in the house flickered at the time (like lights or TV).Am I right in thinking it's the PSU that has suddenly died? (One thing of interest... a week ago I updated my video driver to ATI Catalyst 7.9; this wouldn't run any of my Half life installation so I removed it and reinstalled version 6.Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.AMD Athlon 2.2, running at 3.21GB RAMRadeon 9600 graphicsOnboard sound.Fancy case.

Answer:Sudden loss of power

Forgot to add:I have a 400w power supply and ASRock K7S8X motherboard.

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Good Day Everyone!

Hello here am i on my everyday life using my desktop at home this never happened to me before, so the case is I am playing a game and suddenly my computer monitor went off (but the cpu and avr still has its lights on) and after a while the computer have no life(lights) too and so does the avr. So what happened here? this never happened before and no matter where i plug the avr or cpu it wont turn on? (and i also tried plugging directly the cpu to a wall plug but i guess it needs AVR) I've read some information on internet tried finding some other guys that has the same situation as mine and some say it must be the power supply or i need to replace the avr. But Im not really sure what to test first? or buy? Hope you can help me.

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Question: Sudden power issue

(I've searched the forums for a couple of hours, with no luck, before posting) I have a T61p which has worked great for a few years.  Suddenly yesterday, it refused to power up:  a cold boot goes like this:  to start, only the power-plug light and battery lights are on.  When I press power button, the Z-with-a-circle light and the caps-lock and num-lock buttons flash (with a faint click), then then, with another faint click, the caps-lock and num-lock lights go off -- and nothing else.   I've taken out the battery, unplugged the power cord, drained the laptop by holding down the power button and plugged the cord back in -- same result (except the battery light isn't on, of course).  Today, putting the battery back in only makes the battery light flash orange, making me think it's not charging, either. Am I deeply hosed?  Should I now start asking about how to recover my data from the hard drive for my soon-to-be-newly-purchased laptop?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Sudden power issue

Hi masseydvt, Sounds like hardware failure to me. You should able to retreve data as it doesn't sounds like HDD problem. Please contact local lenovo for hardware test.Worldwide Support Center phone list for ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation systems

T61 + X201i

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Question: Sudden power loss


I'm putting together a computer for my dad out of a few parts I no longer need and was creating a new partition on the hard drive in preparation for a format and installation of Windows.

However, whilst the the partition was being created the power died. Now the machine won't switch on. There is a red LED on the motherboard that lights up when the power button is pressed and the processor fan twitches, but doesn't start turning. There's no power to the CD-ROM drive.

I've tried disconnecting all disk drives, removing/switching position of RAM etc, but nothing seems to work.

The case and power supply are new and the machine was working fine for 30/45 minutes prior to this happening.

I'd appreciate any thoughts - I'm afraid it might be a problem with the motherboard, but am not really sure.

Thanks in advance, Jake

Answer:Sudden power loss

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Hi all!

Recently, my pc started to shut down for no apparent reason, No blue screen, No messages, No overheating

I have attached a event log to what i believe the problem to be but if i is not that i can easily do another log

PC Specs:
Processor: Intel Core I7-4770K CPU @3.50GHz
Ram: 8.00Gb
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit
Graphics: NIVIDA GeForce GTX 670
Power: 750w Psu

And sorry if this Thread is in the wrong area!

Answer:Sudden Power Failure

Sounds like the usual poor quality power supply. Brand and model of your Psu please?

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Question: Sudden power issue

<->Thinkpad x201 8GB Ram, 480GB SSDWindows 7 Ultimate with all patchesHeavy duty batteryRemaining battery over 30% When using the laptop under battery power it will suddenly power off.  It does not go through a power off sequence.  There isn't any warning.  Once second it is running and the next it is powered off. At first I though the battery was getting dislodged somehow as it happened with the laptop on my lap.  However, it just happened with the laptop sitting on a table with plenty of room around it. The power options have passive cooling set for when running on a battery.  Could this be the problem? It only happens once every few days so there isn't anyway to isolate the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer:Sudden power issue

Try letting the X201 calibrate the battery, it'll take a while but it should help.

______________________________________________________Owner of: ThinkPad SL510, X131e, X230 (not fond of)Other systems: MSI GT640, Sony Vaio PCG 709K, Dell Latitude D430,

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I have recently upgraded my motherboard, fan and processor as my last one broke, some how all the pins were bust. My new spec is shown in the picture on the right:
Only trouble is when i was running my HP printer install it seemed to be installing and then when i came back to my pc it had gone off completely. I thought maybe it had shut down and not restarted after the install until its been doing it a few times not only when im installign things but just randomly, it doesnt run a shutdown it just goes off like ive pulled the plug, ive tried different sockets etc, and i am just not sure if it is liek i have read on other forums do i need to replace my power supply, i am not experienced with any of this, please help.


Answer:Sudden Power off for no reason

I think it is the power supply. If you used the one that came with your case than that is probably the issue.

Try to replace it.

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Question: sudden power loss

hi guys
a question else where obout turning off power by pressing the power button has promted me to ask this question im in a village where power loss happens fairly often somtimes for just a couple of minuets sometimes for hours is the sudden loss of electrisity liable to be a problem like pressing the power button to turn off your pc im mainly surfing the web so losing work is not a problem

Answer:sudden power loss

If you are not working on a document or editing a video or just about anything that you might need to save then having a power cut should not do any damage, you might get a nag screen when you reboot saying windows was not shut down correctly etc but apart from that,It should hopefully not be to much of a problem.
Of course pressing the power button still allows your PC to shut down correctly whereas a power cut does not.

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I just had a laptop issue on my Lenovo X61s.
This laptop suddenly powered off while playing a game (StarCraft2), twice within an hour, in the heat of the game (AND I WAS WINNING GRRRR).
Avast doesnt seem to have found anything odd so I can only guess that the fairly recent game makes my old pc work hard even though all settings are on "low quality" (grfx, sounds etc). Could that be a safety procedure to prevent overheating of the cores?

here's about the laptop :
intel core duo L7500 1.60 GHz
2 Gb ram
win xp pro, sp3



Answer:sudden power outing

Sounds like thermal protection kicked in to me. The only other thing that comes to mind is your graphics driver. Have you updated to the current version?

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Windows has suddenly changed the way the computer powers down and boots. I am the only user of the computer and do not use accounts. In the past, when I click "shut down" I was prompted with three icon options (shut down, stand-by/hibernate, and restart. Now I am prompted with a pull-down menu with these options plus "log-off" with my name as a user account.

Similarly, in the past, when booting, the system went right to my desktop. Now it either prompts me for a (non-existent) password, or brings up a welcome account screen with my name on it and asks me to load my settings.

I've tried changing settings in user accounts (unchecking use welcome screen) and also change the setting in power options that requires a password in recovering from a stand-by. None of this helps. I also note that there is an account called "ASP.Net Machine A" alongside my account and Guest account in User Accounts. I don't recall seeing this before. What's going on?


Answer:Sudden changes in power down and boot up

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Hi, since the power of my Y3P with display at max birghtness does not hold very long it would like to build a powerbank for it. Since the Power Adapter is 20V 2A I wonder if I could put 4 x 5V (2A) Power Banks in serial and have 20V and enough amps to fuel the Y3P. I also ordered a cable with the right plug to connect to the Y3P. However it has 3 wires inside. When mesuaring with a meter one is ground and two deliver about 5V. How could that be? How would you wire it to power the Y3P. Does anyone has any idea?PS: I know this is gonna wipe warranty. 

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Hi, I recently bought a U410 which was working fine apart from a random loss of power. The machine would switch off suddenly in a number of situations (both when being used fairly heavily and when idle) and both under battery and mains power. When it switched off the machine was not excessively hot. When turning it back on the machine booted fine, had adequate battery power and did not report anything in the event logs other than an unexpected shutdown. As the machine was only a couple of weeks old, I returned it to the store and (with a bit of convincing) managed to get a refund. Since this appears to be a fairly isolated issue I bought a new U410 but unfortunately within a couple of days this one was also experiencing the same issue. I would rather fix the issue than take this one back since the U410 is otherwise a very nice machine. After a bit of research on these support boards I found a few threads referring to different potential causes, but no definitive cause. Everything tried so far (fully updating drivers, bios, windows etc) hasn't alleviated this issue. Did any definitive cause of this issue ever get found?

Answer:U410 sudden loss of power

hi stevejefferies,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
Most intermittent shut down / power loss issues that I've encounted is due to overheating or a faulty component inside of the PC.
Here's what I would do if I was in your case:
1. Monitor the temperature of the HDD,CPU,GPU by using HWMonitor.(the Core i-series CPU has a TJ max of 100 C before the unit shuts down)
2. If there's no sign of overheating, eliminate the OS and the preloaded apps as the issue by doing a fresh OS install. If you're running Windows 7, you can get a Windows 7 ISO on this website then install all the drivers (keep windows update disabled for the meantime) and observe.
If the issue reoccurs, I recommend you contact lenovo to report the issue and have it serviced.

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Notebook - Toshiba Satellite P10-833 PSP16Exxx.
Problem - Sudden power down.
The solving of this problem are described by Toshiba.
I've downloaded and installed BIOS 1.50 on my notebook.
But the problem remains.
Help me, please.


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Answer:Toshiba Satellite P10-833. Sudden power down

Hi Dimitri,

Sudden power downs without the normal shutdown process occurring can be caused by over-heating. Check that your notebook is not blocked with dust and debris in the area of the air intake fans and CPU heatsink.


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Hi everyone!

Recently, my pc started to shut down for no apparent reason. No message, no BSOD and no overheating. Just like I'd pull the plug.

Any idea on this? I got a desktop with a phenom x4 9850 cpu, with windows xp sp3, a geforce gt 460 768mb videocard, a 650w psu and 4gb of ram ddr2. If another precision is necessary, just ask.

Thanks a lot for answering!

Answer:[SOLVED] Sudden power failure

Hi joseph7179,

Can you let us know of any errors in red that show in your Event Log:-

Windows Key+R and type eventvwr.msc into the box and hit Enter. Click on 'System' on the left and then click on the 'Type' tab at the top to sort the errors into their

categories. (easier to find). Where there are ones in red that relate to the time/ date area of the blue screens/ freezes/ power shut downs, can you tell us the EventID and

Source for each one (most regular ones)

Or attach them to you next post by doing this: When in the Event viewer window with the System error logs showing, go Action (at the top) and choose 'Export List' called it System Errors or something like that and attach that file to your next post.

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About a couple of weeks ago, I went to change my power settings, so my Moniotr wouldn't turn off and , There are no schemes available, all the setting drop-downs are disabled! Anyone know what might have happened? I had changed the settings a couple of weeks before this so I know they were working recently.


Answer:Power settings all of a sudden disabled

Is this a laptop or a desktop?? Well, regardless, it's probably the ACPI drivers which are usually part of the chipset software. ACPI controls power saving features. Check your device manager for any yellow question marks under system devices.... If nothing else, try a system restore to right before the problem happened. Also, check your system BIOS and see what the power settings are in there: it could be that the power saving options have been disabled.....


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I am now concerned about the quality of the W510 I recently purchased after reading the numerous threads concerning the sudden and unanticipated power-off events that have occurred. My W510 only halts when running on battery power. The behavior is consistent with a hardware fault of some kind. The events produce no warnings nor logs. Once the laptop halts it will not switch back on until the battery is removed, AC power added, power button pressed. Then shut down to re-insert the battery. FUN!!!!So besides a bios update to speed up the fan on battery..... What is the advice anyone can offer concerning getting this taken care of in a reasonable manner?Thanks,Below is my setup:<hostname>                         description: Notebook    product: 4318CTO    vendor: LENOVO    version: ThinkPad W510    width: 64 bits    capabilities: smbios-2.6 dmi-2.6 vsyscall64 vsyscall32    configuration: administrator_password=disabled boot=normal chassis=notebookfrontpanel_password=unknown keyboard_password=disabled power-on_password=disabled uuid=<long stringhere>  *-core       description: Motherboard       product: 4318CTO       vendor: LENOVO       physi... Read more

Answer:Sudden Power Loss! [ W510 ]

It's not the BIOS, it's a faulty system board.  I've had 3 -- welcome to the club. Call Lenovo ASAP, explain the problem, they'll (sadly) know what to do.

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My HP envy 15-u111dx won't power on all of the sudden

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Hi,I having a problem with my laptop which power is sudden cut off automaticly since few months ago.The problem becomes worse since last week. ("power cut off" i mean is my laptop still plug with power adapter, power adapter did indicate everything fine, but my laptop just sudden no power).I notice that it cuts off when i try to do heavy job such as rendering / playing games. (casual use no problem)I did check there is no over-heating issue.I also did plug my old battery (not sure is faulty or not), it will charge for few seconds then the power also cut off. It will not charge, and no power coming in to my laptop, instead i using battery power.The next thing i did was test my power adapter, it listed 20 V rating,however, i tested with multi-meter show 23 V. It is possible the power adapter spoil? or my laptop?Thank you.

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Hello, I am using my girlfriends HP 530 laptop to write this. Basically, the problem is that since installing Windows 7 from Windows Vista, the laptop has been cutting out without any warning. It isn't going into standby or any other power mode, as it starts from bootup when pressing the power button afterwards. This occurs even when the battery is almost fully charged and plugged into the mains.

I have tried flashing the BIOS to the latest version. Recently, the laptop was displaying these symptoms from overheating, but the laptop was also making a really loud sound. We had to dismantle it and found that a large amount of dust had clogged up the vents, which we immediately removed and then put back together. This was only two months ago, since then we have not been leaving the laptop on soft surfaces such as duvets etc.

I have no idea what this could be, I have changed the power saving settings and updated all the drivers.

Does anyone have any experience of this problem?

Answer:HP 530 with Windows 7 (sudden power-downs)

Quote: Originally Posted by Sheepdisease

Hello, I am using my girlfriends HP 530 laptop to write this. Basically, the problem is that since installing Windows 7 from Windows Vista, the laptop has been cutting out without any warning. It isn't going into standby or any other power mode, as it starts from bootup when pressing the power button afterwards. This occurs even when the battery is almost fully charged and plugged into the mains.

I have tried flashing the BIOS to the latest version. Recently, the laptop was displaying these symptoms from overheating, but the laptop was also making a really loud sound. We had to dismantle it and found that a large amount of dust had clogged up the vents, which we immediately removed and then put back together. This was only two months ago, since then we have not been leaving the laptop on soft surfaces such as duvets etc.

I have no idea what this could be, I have changed the power saving settings and updated all the drivers.

Does anyone have any experience of this problem?

Hi and welcome

Being a cat owner yep. can you go into event viewer (type eventvwr in search) go to th windows logs>application tab. You need to look for things around the same time as the problem. It migh be a good idea to wait untill the problem happens then go to limit the amount of info to look thru. You are looking for errors (they have red in the left column) that relate to the problem they will either be in... Read more

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My PC isn't new. That said, I've kept it alive and reasonably healthy, sometimes with the help of the fine folks here, with high rate of success. Enough preamble, the new(ish) problem follows.

Periodically, with no warning signs and no error messages I've been able to locate, my PC will just shut completely off. I once investigated this same problem with the thought that it was originating from the power supply. Ultimately, even though I couldn't prove it to be the power supply as the source of the issue, that's what I replaced. This didn't fix the issue.

After watching the event happen for some months more, I began to suspect possibly a graphics driver issue. I play quite a few games, and I use AMD and ATI rather than more popular chipsets. The crashes almost always happen when I'm gaming, and seem even to happen more reliably playing some games than others, and even some VERSIONS of games than others. I've tried replacing the drivers with the latest suggestions, no improvement at all was noticed.

TSG SysInfo follows.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 10 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 16383 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5570, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 16394 MB; F: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 637994 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, 890GXM-G65 (MS-7642)
Antivir... Read more

Answer:Solved: Sudden Full Power Off of PC

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i have an emachines w047, with xp. i am going to give a series event that i have no idea if they are related or not. first, 2 days ago, my computer lost its network connection while it was in use. after restarting a couple of times, it worked again. the following morning, i lost my network connection again. after some effort, i got it back. then last night, the computer lost the internet connection while i was using it. i tried to restart, and it froze up in the middle of booting up. i kept trying to reboot, and eventually got the BSOD. the error said something about NV_4. (unfortunately, i did not write this one down) i tried to do a system restore, but it froze in the middle of it. when i got up this morning, i tried starting it a few times. sometimes, it would seem to boot up, never with a network connection, then i got the BSOD again. this time, the error was PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. i got this error a couple of times in between it almost booting, then it would not even start. when i turn it on, the fans cut on, and the yellow standby light comes on, but it never goes any further. now, that is where it's at, in a coma, or on its deathbed.
any suggestions on what to do? i have thousands of photos on there that i need to retrieve.

Answer:sudden death of power supply???

Emachines are notorious!!!! They are cheaply made with the cheapest components!!!! If the psu (power supply unit)has died then it will almost certainly blow the mobo (motherboard) too!!!!

If it is still under warranty then get Emachines to fix it, if not, it's probably gonna cost!!!!

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I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on my HP 6910p Laptop. The power plan options were working absolutely fine, but suddenly it has started to act weird. When I used to select a power option For instance , when I click High Performance: The brightness used to be full (As I Configured this plan to have max screen brightness) and when I used to switch to Power Save: The brightness used to be lowest (As I configured this plan to have lowest screen brightness)
However, now, when I switch between the plans, nothing happens. For instance, if I click high performance, the brightness remains the same as clicking the power save plan. Also, If I choose High Performance power plan and lower its brightness, and then click on power save the brightness remains same as the high performance. So, Apparently, there is no change.
Can anyone suggest me what to do?
I have also Battery-Care software installed if that helps.

Answer:Power Option Sudden problem..

Using this tutorial and reading the links below should help you in getting the right power options for
your laptop.
Power Plan Settings - Change

Welcome to 7 Forums.

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I have an equium A60-692, just over 9 months old. For the past few weeks the computer just shuts off while i'm working, especially while watching a dvd. I removed the battery and restarted and worked normally. Is something wrong with the battery or is the computer not using AC power but switching to battery?

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Equium A60-692: sudden power failure

HI David,

There are two possible reasons for your problem,

1: The notebook may be overheating causing it to power off. This will normally be evident from increased fan operation prior to the notebook shutting down.

If this is the case try clearing any dust/debris from your cooling fans using a vacuum cleaner hose.

2: Your power system could be suffering an intermittent contact from your power connector on your notebook, thus causing the notebook to switch to battery supply even though the mains adapter is still connected. Usually this will require a power-off/restart to restore normal operation. You should notice the low-battery alarm if this is the case.

At 9 months old it is likely that dust/debris is your real culprit so I would check this out first.

If you suspect your power connector then you should still be covered by your warranty although you may have difficulty convincing your Service Agent that this is not due to 'normal' wear and tear.


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My Laptop did a scary thing I was using my laptop unplugged to watch some videos before bed and while I was browsing between videos, my laptop shut off suddenly as if the battery had been popped out. It wasn't the normal, gentle low-battery shutdown that happens around 10% where it looks like the computer goes into hibernation and saves your current session, it was a harsh and sudden loss of power. I plugged it in thinking the battery was broken or something and turned the computer back on. When I did so, the "unexpected shutdown" screen showed up, as expected, and everything started normally. When I checked the battery icon, it said It was charging from 1%! What happened? How did my battery drain so completely and so quickly that it by-passed it's normal low-battery shutdown? I continued to let it charge as I ran scans for malware and such to be safe. While doing this, I checked on the battery and it said "62% plugged in, NOT charging" My first thought was "__________ I pushed the battery out of my mind for a few minutes to avoid an oncoming headache but when I noticed the icon fill up a little more, I checked it again and it said: "70% plugged in, charging" and after 5-minutes: "71% plugged in, NOT charging" and after 10 minutes: "74% plugged in, charging" Gently wiggling my power cord by the jack does not affect the charging/not charging status like other power-jack related problems I've experienced... Read more

Answer:Sudden Power Loss, Confused

Keep it clean...we have Members of all ages here.

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After looking around the internet I've noticed this problem is quite common but...
As long as I am not playing a game my computer runs fine for hours this Critical Error only occurs when I'm running a game usually after few minutes. Most solutions suggested reinstalling audio driver/making sure there is only one. Well I only have one, it's up to date with one audio device running and was reinstalled a couple of days ago. It occurs in pretty much every game but the times before it happens varies for example Bad Company 2 runs for about 10 minutes where Just Cause 2 and Team Fortress 2 run up to about an hour. Critical error is always the same and always a shutdown even though Restart On System Failure is unchecked. Here is the entire error

BODY{font:x-small 'Verdana';margin-right:1.5em} .c{cursor:hand} .b{color:red;font-family:'Courier New';font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none} .e{margin-left:1em;text-indent:-1em;margin-right:1em} .k{margin-left:1em;text-indent:-1em;margin-right:1em} .t{color:#990000} .xt{color:#990099} .ns{color:red} .dt{color:green} .m{color:blue} .tx{font-weight:bold} .db{text-indent:0px;margin-left:1em;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;padding-left:.3em;border-left:1px solid #CCCCCC;font:small Courier} .di{font:small Courier} .d{color:blue} .pi{color:blue} .cb{text-indent:0px;margin-left:1em;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;padding-left:.3em;font:small Courier;color:#888888} .ci{font:small Courier;color:#888888} PRE{marg... Read more

Answer:Sudden shutdown Kernel Power 41 63

People PLEASE I need help on this I've tried everything I could possibly think of. I am extremely short on money so I have to be absolutely sure what to buy if it's a hardware issue. I need to find out what's causing this.

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A couple weeks ago, the wife was using her Dell Optiplex 780m Windows 7 Pro when the power suddenly went out.

After this episode, there are two problems that I have noticed:
1. Down next to the clock, in the little "Show hidden icons" menu, when I click the little "Safely remove hardware" icon, there is no response whatsoever; then, about ten minutes later, a notification box appears saying that the "safely remove hardware" program is not responding, with a "Close the program" option.

2. If the machine is left ON and unattended with no activity for a few hours, the screen will be bluish-black and there is no response whatsoever to anything I do, at which point, I have two options --- either disconnect the power, reconnect, and then start it up; or, hold the power button for many seconds, until it powers down, and then fire it back up.

So long as some activity is going on, it seems to work fine, other than the "Safely remove hardware" problem.

Any advice and input would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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I have a HP DV4170us notebook computer. I have used various programs to edit and encode video on it in the past with no problem.

When I run ConvertXtoDVD 2 and attempt to create a DVD from an avi, it works fine for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and my computer instantly and without warning powers off. Upon reboot, I get no errors from windows, and there is no information in the system event manager. The log file for ConvertXtoDVD contains no data since the shutdown occurs instantly.

I have used QA+ 32bit to run a complete system test, including a rigorous memory test and HDD test, and have no problems detected. I formatted and re-installed windows about a month ago, and so I should have the newest drivers for all my hardware. I also used Perfect Disk to defrag and optimize my HDD.

The laptop does not seem any hotter than usual when it shuts off, and the problem happens regardless of the 'priority level' I set for the encode process in the ConvertXtoDVD options menu.

My system is a Centrino with 1GB of DDR2 RAM and an on-board Intel video chip-set.

If any more information is needed for proper diagnosis, please let me know.

Thank you very much for your help.


Answer:Convertxtodvd Causes Sudden System Power Off

Ok, I have now tried in Nerovision Express as well and it does it there too. Must be a hardware issue?

I will repost in the hardware forum.

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I'm having a problem at the moment, whenever i run a program or programs (for example MSN Messenger, IE, WMP and Adobe Photoshop) that is dependent on allot of CPU the power cuts out and the PC goes dead to get it working again i have to unplug the PC from the mains wait 10 secs and plug back in.. simply pressing the power button does not work, nor does unplugging then plugging back in quickly.. any suggestions?
Win XP Pro SP2 (5.1, Build 2600)
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ MMX, 3DNow, ~2.1Ghz
Page File: 429MB Used, 452MB available

Answer:Solved: Sudden Power Outages

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On 2 occasions recently my A30 has suddenly just cut out dead, almost like a power cut (although it wasn't!). If I tried to re-boot straight away it would only get to the login screen and then completely cut out again. If I then leave it for an hour-or-two (to cool down?) it boots up OK. Curiously, you do NOT get the usual 'windows was not closed down properly, now checking disk for errors' message i.e. it just booted up normally, however the 2 Word documents I was working on were recovered OK.

My feeling is that it may be a hardware fault, possibly relating to temperature? Anyone out there got any ideas? Thanks in anticipation....

Answer:Satellite A30 - sudden power loss


It could be an overheating issue. If the temperature goes to the critical limit so the OS shuts down the unit. This is an overheating protection of the Toshiba notebooks.
Well, the overheating issue is a very serious problem. I would recommend to check the cooling ventilators for a dust. Try to clean this with the vacuum cleaner.
If the problem remains so you should contact the service partner.


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hi, I was on my computer tonight when it suddenly just died. No power to the tower. I hit the power button and it started to power up for just a split second then went dark again. Tried unplugging, turning off power supply, then reconnecting. Still no good. I'm guessing power supply...any thoughts? BTW, there was a thunderstorm going on but at that time there was no activity and nothing else seemed to take a flickering lights or anything. And it's plugged into a heavy duty power strip with surge protection.

Answer:Solved: Sudden loss of power

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This is my first build. Here are the specs:AMD Athlon 64 3200+ VeniceMSI K8N Neo4-F Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 ATX AMD WestDig Caviar 250GB SATA CORSAIR 1GB (2 x 512MB) (only one installed for trouble shooting)NEC 16X DVD?R DVD Burner Silver IDE All installation went ok. Fans run, components detected in BIOS, temp fine. Trying to boot Windows from optical drive, the initial drivers install and the SATA/RAID extra drivers on the diskette load as well (F6 and MSI-provided disk). However, when Windows asks about partitioning the hard drive, the system suddenly powers down before I offer a command.I have not swapped out the power supply. It is an unknown brand for me and provides 350W. I picked up an Antec to swap and will try that tonight. BIOS upgrad? MSI mainboard drivers needed? Why would Windows' set up force a power down when interacting with the hard drive (which is larger than Windows expects, being 250 Gb)?

Answer:Sudden Power Failure Installing Windows

sounds like to much power for your power supply.Also by looking at ya hard ware those do take allot fo energy so you might wanna get a new power supply 350 watts or sure thats what it is....thats a rather good machine thereok i see that your power supply is 350 watts wait are u sure.......well i'll do more research but im pretty sure it might be your power supply.I'll research it for ya.

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Hi, i really need help with my problem before i go to tech shop and get drained all my money

My laptop, windows 7 ultimate x64. Acer Aspire 4738zg suddenly shut off like the power been cutted off .

I recently got bsod with my graphic card and managed to fix it by updating the driver and with a clean format. Now another problem came up. After formatting my laptop works fine for about 2 days.

Then it suddenly shut off by itself whem im watching hd videos, surfing web or anything else within a period of time.

Ive been monitored the temp. The cpu temp were in normal temp (60c-70) even when multitasking with Hd vids, hd youtube, but the gpu is slight hot when im stressed it with multi tabs of hd youtube and vids (up to 95c) but it doesn't occur yet .then i closed all the task and surf the web or doing anythg else, then it shutt off with no restart,error,bsod

Btw my battery is out (consider replacing your battery).
Driver up to date.
I went to event viewer. It say kernel id 41 task 63 level critical.

Excuse my english and writing. Im a newbie and Im typing with smartphone right now as my laptop got this problem. Sorry

Answer:Sudden Shut Down. Kernel power id 41 task 63

Those temp's are high. Inside may need some cleaning.

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hi all, i has 2 lenovo laptops, one is U460 and another one is ThinkPad T410U460 for gaming while T410 for work purposes. i have no problem with T410 for more than 1 year. But the U460 giving me so much trouble. The first time of screen auto blackout happened since  1 year ago.after that, it's only happened once a while.  i was so busy for my work so i didnt send for warranty. Until recently, i think past 3 months. The blackout is happening so frequently.i couldnt stand with it.  i decided send to warranty, but i was so disappointed.IBM service center didnt solve my problem and wasted my time for travel time which is 1 hrs to reach their service center. from my prespective, i had tested with reformat the windows, and installed various Linux Distro but the result is still same.So, i do believe this is hardware issue. i need to send the laptop for warranty again but which will cost me using my paid leave because i need to travel from far place.    May i know anyone has similar blackout experienced?

Answer:laptop blackout itself just like PC lost power in sudden

Hello a13x and welcome to community,
The issue could be related to hardware. Please connect the laptop with external monitor and check does the issue occurs if not then it is Lcd issue.
Best Regards,

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I've had a T510 and a "Mini Dock Series 3" for a few years. It has worked fine. However, I recently upgraded to the "Mini Dock Plus Series 3 with USB 3.0" and have an approximately 50% chance of my T510 losing power when connecting or disconnecting. This is a hard cut as soon as contact is made or broken with the docking station. Occasionally it works (though I'm reluctant to keep tempting filesystem problems). Has anybody else experienced a similar issue? It looks like in the past, the T61 had a known issue that caused IBM/Lenovo to issue some rubber nubs to cover the metal pins on the docking station[1]. I could try the same here (simply with electrical tape, or some heatshrink), but I'd imagine those pins are there for a reason (to ground the laptop?). 1. Regarding the new dock, I checked the compatibility list[2] before purchasing, as the T510 doesn't have USB3.0. I really only wanted to drive two external displays. The T510 is on the compatibility list for this dock. (The USB 3.0 port functions as an additional USB 2.0 port). 2.

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Hi,I let my T430s in suspended state and plugged to the AC at night. By morning I realized that it was powered off, I pushed the power button but nothing happened, it seemed like the laptop was totally burned up.I took out the SSD and put it in another laptop to do my work.After approximately 12 hours I pushed the power button and it booted up like if nothing had happened. I put the SSD back to the T430s and started to use it normally, then after a couple of hours, it suddenly shut down and there is no response at all again.What could be the problem?Thanks and sorry for my english

Answer:T430s doesn't power on at all after sudden shutdown

Hi Rcarrillo,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issues with the system not powering ON intermediately on your ThinkPad T430s.
Are you able to see any of the LED indication when trying to ON?
Check removing battery, memory once. Observe if you are getting any beep sound.
Let me know the status after that.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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Hey Guys - I was ripping some CDs to my moms computer, and suddenly the computer just shut off- Mother said that is has done this a few times before while she was just web surfing- or on facebook ,nothing demanding on cpu power.The first thing I did was check the CPU fan and Temp,and all was fine.I have no idea what could be causing this- any suggestions? It is a Dual Core processor 3.00 Gigs and 4 gigs of memory installed. I have never heard of a virus causing this,but I guess it is possible? I am perplexed!

Answer:Sudden Power shut -off for no apparent reason!

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 

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This has been updated since my original post from the other day

I am having problems with one of my pcs.
The one in question is an old computer but very reliable.
It doesn't like being turned off.
This has been happening for about a month now and because it's noisey it has to be turned off when someone stays with us in our spare room.

Everything powers up except the monitor
So far the only error message I get of any sort is on the monitor 'no signal check cable connections'

So, I've bought new cable connectors for monitor into pc,
replaced power cables,
exchanged 3 sets of vga wires
Tried 2 different monitors ( Blank screen for both )
Swapped hard drives
Took out ram, cleaned it and reinstalled it
Swapped 3 different agp graphic cards which all work on my spare machine
Tried 2 monitors, 1x CRT 1 x TFT ( Both work on other pc)

So it can't be the power unit (?) because the hard drives are booting up
It could possibly be the mobo but perhaps something is wrong with the agp slot (?)
This pc's stats are
Soltek DDR Motherboard P4 2.6mhz (Mobo has no ID on it and Soltek No longer exist)
Nvidia gt 6600 256mb agp
DDR 2100 ram 184 pins with 1 gb installed (More ram can be added)
300 watt psu
80 gb hdd
Xp Pro sp2

Any help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Sudden Mobo/ monitor power problem

Squiggey, don't know if this will help any but have you tried hooking up your monitor to the vga port to see if anything shows on your monitor?

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I have a T61 with a 42T4530 7.8Ah Battery. A few days ago I was using this on battery power (for about three hours) and the battery had gone down to about 15% indicated charge remaining. When I next switched the PC on I plugged in the mains adaptor - at this point the battery indicator started flashing orange. When I removed the mains adaptor there was no power. I tried an overnight charge but the light was still flashing. It seems as if the laptop is rejecting the battery. It seems unusual for a battery to have absolutely no charge and seems as if it is being rejected. The laptop/battery are around 14 months old and the battery is a original /genuine part. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks,Cliff 

Answer:Battery Issue with T61 - Sudden loss of power

I tested ny battery with the Lenovo tool and its gives the message "Thank you for using the Lenovo Battery Diagnostic Tool. Your battery is not eligible for replacement because it is not one of the affected battery FRU part numbers."

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Hi All, I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T520 with Windows Professional. My laptop's 9 cell battery is just over a year old. A couple of weeks ago it suddenly jumped from the typical ~3hrs of running time on battery power to much less. The problem began with the battery draining at the normal pace to ~80%, then jumping straight to <10% and shutting off soon after. Now it can only run for <1min on the battery. Since this was not a gradual decline, I assume the problem is not with the battery, or at least I would like to try all other possible solutions. I would hate to buy a new battery and have the same problem because, actually, something else all together is causing the issue. I updated to Lenovo Power Manager 6.38, ran all Windows Professional updates, performed a single battery gauge reset (since it's harmful, I won't do it again), and tried JDay's suggestion to select "always fully charge" in the power manager. Nothing seems to have any affect on the performance. I also removed the battery and plugged in the laptop and it operated just fine, proving that the motherboard is operating correctly. I would like to update the battery's firmware to see if that would solve my problem, but the firmware I found ( does not include my T520 model. Does anyone know where I may find the appropriate firmware? Any other possible solutions? Thanks! 

Answer:T520 Battery Power Sudden Drop

Did You try option of "Perform Reset" in "Batery Maintenance"/ "Battery section"/"Power Manager" software?If there is that option in Your version of Power Manager, U should use it, after checking "Design Capacity", "Full Charge Capacity" and "Remaining Capacity" of course laptop should be wroking without power supply when You want to check that battery infos. In case of no effect - You should contact Lenovos "party-line" (service infoline ).

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Hi please bare with me as I am not the most technical sounding but I try to be thorough. I am not exactly a noob with computers neither. I have an issue where I will be on the computer and then suddenly the computer loses all power and reboots. The only indication I have that something is happening at first is that I hear all my fans in the case stop (just silence) and then the computer is off. Then my computer restarts and states that it did not shut down correctly the last time and asks how I would like to start back into Windows (Safemode or not).

The only thing I can think of is the latest change to my computer which was a month ago now. My friend Dave talked me into putting in a different Motherboard for minor improvement since he got it for free and wanted to gift it to me.

I went from a Asus M3A78 Pro ATX 780G Motherboard (Chipset : AMD 780)
to a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz.

As far as I know that is all that has been changed recently.

No BSOD recorded in the last month or so.

Occurrence of the "power outage" was just yesterday.

My current specs:
System Information
Processor Name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz
Processor Information: Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 7
Number of Physical Cores: 4
Number of Logical Cores: 4
Installed System Memory: 4 GB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Graphics Information: ATI Radeon ... Read more

Answer:PC sudden power loss and don't know why. No error codes.

Let me get this straight... you went from a motherboard with an AMD chipset and presumably an AMD processor to a motherboard with an Intel CPU and chipset?

Assuming that you reinstalled Windows and all the appropriate Intel chipset drivers and all your programs from scratch, the only other thing that occurs to me is that the power supply may not be working properly.

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HP Envy 15 3xxx
i7-2670QM | AMD Radeon HD 7690M | 15.6-inch diagonal Radiance Full HD | 8GB 1600 DDR3 "Vengeance"| 64bit Windows 7 | 500GB Hybrid HDD

I seem to be having crashes on my laptop as of recent, but the patterns they follow are very strange. It's almost like i'm getting a BSOD while it being used, but instead the screen just go black and all power cuts. It then reboots and starts up as usual. As far as I can tell there is no conflicting software causing this, and it happens without any pattern. Since there is no Blue Screen, I cannot give a dump file. However, on the even
viewer, I see an event labeled

"Critical 8/22/2012 8:29:48 PM Kernel-Power 41 (63)"

under the critical category. Now this seems like the CPU or other internal component is overheating, But when i look at HWMonitor Pro, the CPU stays under a steady 84C under load and 60C idle. This happens in a range of occasions such as rendering videos with Handbrake to simply browsing the web. I will say this, I recently swapped out my RAM cards because the OEM one's were causing BSOD's about a month ago.

If you'd like more specific information on the laptop, visit my old thread. All the info is up to date, but i will re-do any tasks if you ask me to. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Strange random and sudden power cuts on laptop

I have almost this exact problem, but on desktop PC. I get the kernel power log, although in my case I think this is caused by the hard re-set I have to do to get the computer working again.

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I've had two sudden restarts in the past week. The first time my screen went black, but the indicator light was still on my monitor, and my computer was still running. Sound was still coming through normally. However my fans picked up speed like crazy. I've never heard them that loud. I finally shut it off manually, and it started back up fine.

Now just a few minutes ago my computer shut off completely. It would not power back on for several minutes, even when I pressed the power button. I opened up my case to make sure nothing had come loose. Also I unplugged my PSU and plugged it back in. Afterwards it started up normally.

The only recent change I have made is an update for my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670. It was only a day afterwards that the first error occurred.

12/14 I tried to turn on my computer after putting it on standby last night, but it would not start. All I could hear was the fans running. I had to turn it off manually and turn it back on for it to resume.

Any ideas?

Answer:Sudden restart without warning, no BSOD, no power for several minutes


Maybe high temperatures are causing this issue;check your temperatures with some software,like HWMonitor.

I would also check voltages,just to make sure you're getting enough volts (with HWiNFO).
You can download it here: HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download ,64 bit version.
Open it and click on sensors.Scroll down until you find voltages.
Report back here.

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Does anyone have any possible ideas as to the source of the problem for my Sony laptop, all of sudden the power has gone dead, it wont charge up, tried using another A/C charger but nothing, no lights appear on the laptop to show its charging or hibernating, dead as a dodo!The A/C charger is not faulty since checked on another laptop, and even removing the battery and trying to turn on laptop with A/C supply only is no good. No additional software or hardware or changes have been made to laptop since it was last functioning. Any ideas of possible cause. Thanks

Answer:Sony CR11Z/R laptop sudden loss of power

I don't know about Sony, but I have known the socket that the power supply plugs into, come adrift from the motherboard. This will prevent it working, and will probably need a proper repair.

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