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WebCam not working in Satellite L50-A-18R in Windows 10

Question: WebCam not working in Satellite L50-A-18R in Windows 10


Some weeks ago after a windows update or something, the webcam stopped working under windows. It isn't a hardware problem, as it works fine under Ubuntu.

Laptop Model: Toshiba Satellite L50-A-18R
Webcam Hardware ID: USB\VID_04F2&PID_B41A&REV_2960&MI_00

Uninstalling & Reinstalling the driver in the Device Manager
If I try the "On-line search" option, it fails to find the driver.Installing Toshiba Web Camera Application [doesn't work either]Reinstalling Toshiba System Settings app.Searching on-line by the hardware ID for the drivers.

But it's no use, i'd need the driver files to make it work again.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Preferred Solution: WebCam not working in Satellite L50-A-18R in Windows 10

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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my laptop specifcation here : ( [A300 - 1G5|] ) for any needed details ..

The problem simply is, the webcam stopped working for some reason, an error messeage says "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer".

I noticed that whenever I put the computer in sleep mode I was getting on the icon tray a notification says "USB device unrecognized"... I wasnt aware what it was - thought it becasue of the USB mouse being plugged... but I think its related to the camera...

software is installed but camera is not working and cant enable it .. I did download the latest driver from toshiba site , but still not working ...

Currently my laptop runs Vista HP SP2 32-bit, Windows defender enabled, Windows Firewall Enabled, Windows UAC enabled, Kaspersky Ani-Virus 2009 Enabled. I only use Windows Live Messenger (which up to date I think , version : 14.0.8089.726) which i used camera with, I quite using face recognition long time ago and rarely use the webcam ... I didnt install or update any drivers and used to have the laptop running perfectly..

So what happened now ?!

Answer:Satellite A300-1G5: webcam stopped working - Webcam driver open fail


I have had a similar error message and could solve this by disabling the webcam software from startup.
In msconfig -> Start Up tab I have unchecked the Chicony webcam software.
This prevents it from automatic loading.
I don?t use MSN but Skype and the Chicony webcam software is always disabled (not executed) if Skype is running.

Maybe you should try this too.

Furthermore you could try this:
Go to device manager, mark the webcam (imaging devices ? USB video device) and deleted it from the device list.
Then reboot the notebook and wait until the webcam has been recognized again.

Then test it.

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it says "webcam driver open fail, please restart camera or computer"

i have done that but i dont know what else to do to fix it

please help i need it for an assignment in grade 12

all help is much appreciated


Answer:Satellite A300 - webcam not working, message says "webcam driver open fail"

Remove preinstalled version from the system and install latest version you can find on Toshiba download page.

By the way: which operating system do you use?

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After looking through this forum, I have tried several 'solutions' but to no avail.

After trying to load the webcam i get the message: "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"

I have tried updating the Driver software for the camera, and updated the BIOS.

This message still keeps coming up. Is it worth uninstalling the camera completely then attemtping to reinstall it?

Sorry if some of this doesnt make much sense, im not entirely "computer savvy"

I hope somebody can help,


Answer:Satellite A300-1MC: webcam not working - webcam driver open fail

> Is it worth uninstalling the camera completely then attemtping to reinstall it?
Of course!

You should firstly go to device manager and should uninstall the driver.
You should also remove the software from control panel -> Software

After that you should clean the OS and registry using CCleaner. It?s free tool? google?
Then reboot the notebook several times and install the webcam software again.


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Recently purchased a Satellite Pro A300, with built in webcam. However, when i try and use the webcam in Windows live messenger it comes up with the following error messages.

*"We couldn't start your camera device. Please check that your camera is not currently in use by another program, and then try again."*

Also this message..

*"Messenger is not available right now. Please try again later. (0x82000009)"*

Now, the camera is not turned on, and Messenger is working normally.




Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - Webcam is not working in Windows live messenger

When you get the message if an other program use still the camera.

So try to disable the webcam software and other messenger programs in msconfig.
Then reboot the notebook and if you want to use the webcam software you have to start the webcam software firstly.

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Also Webcam seems to have no drivers installed....

Tried the lastest application/drivers from Toshiba but it does not install anything.

Answer:Satellite C670-19F - Windows 10 - Webcam not working No Drivers Installed

same problem but with C660-1MG... try everything!!!

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I'm getting frustrated so I've come here to see if anyone knows a way to help resolve this issue.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 which came with Windows Vista 64-bit pre-installed. After about a year or so of having the laptop, I decided to upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit. In the process, I believe the driver to my webcam (Chicony usb 2.0 camera) was deleted.

When I go into devices manager in the control panel, the webcam isn't listed; neither is "imaging devices."

I have tried downloading the driver manually, but I keep getting an error message, "Webcam open fail. Restart camera or computer."

My computer has listed my webcam as "unknown device."

If anyone knows how to fix this, please, I beg you, let me know.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Chicony webcam not working after windows 7 upgrade

> My computer has listed my webcam as "unknown device."
> I have tried downloading the driver manually, but I keep getting an error message, "Webcam open fail. Restart camera or computer."

This means that the webcam driver is not installed properly.
Visit the Toshiba European driver page and install the right webcam software/driver for this notebook model.

If the installation fails, restart the notebook and tries again.
This should solve the issue.

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Looking at a Satellite A350 which was recently upgraded to Windows 10. Since doing so the trackpad, webcam, microphone no longer work.
Has anyone managed to get theirs working successfully with Windows 10? Any suggestions on which drivers to use?


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I recently lost my picture when on video calls in windows live messenger, the sound both ways is working and i can see them but no one can see me.
I also bought an external webcam and it doesnt work either.

When I go into the device manager it says both cams are not working properly.
I tried updating the drivers but they are up to date.
I am wondering if it is a Windows live problem or a Toshiba problem.
I am using Windows Vista Home Premium and the newest version of messenger.

Answer:Satellite A100: webcam not working for windows live messenger in Vista

> I also bought an external webcam and it doesn?t work either.
>When I go into the device manager it says both cams are not working properly

For me it looks like a windows system issue.
Usually both webcams work independent from each other and therefore I don?t think that this is a webcam driver issue? I think it?s windows or windows live messenger issue?
Possibly something muddled up the registry keys or some files? maybe some updates or similar?

In your case I recommend uninstalling the internal webcam software, external webcam software and the windows live messenger.
Then you should clean the OS and registry using cleaning tool like for example CCLeaner. It?s free tool.

After that install the Chicony webcam software again and test the functionality without installation of windows live messenger.
If the webcam will functions then you could install the windows live messenger again.

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I have a new one Toshiba Satellite P50-A-U11 notebook. Built in web cam, and microphone, but non of them is working. And there is the same problem with the fast keys ( FN + F1...etc. combination) .

Answer:Satellite P50-A-U11 - webcam and mic are not working

It is really strange that you have such problems on brand new notebook. Have you noticed this from the first day?
Do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with it?

Anyway, original recovery image preinstalled on your machine is tested and if there is no some hardware problem everything should be OK.
Please reinstall this original image and test it one more time with ?factory settings?.

Please post some feedback.

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About a month ago my webcam stopped working. I tried various solutions and then formatted my hard drive, installing a 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. I still can't get the webcam to work. Could you please advise?

Kind regards,

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1EA webcam not working

Do you get any error messages?
What happens starting the webcam software / application?

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problem message displays........"webcam initialization failed.please check camera device and restart application or computer."
i cant find the device. and restarting does not work. i just upgraded BIOS to the latest version.............could it be that

Answer:Webcam is not working on Satellite L650

Try to reinstall webcam application.

Have you checked device manager? Is web cam listed there? It must be listed under imaging devices.

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At first my webcam gave up but i didnt really miss the thing by that time so i didnt do anything about it. Now my microphone, which i need to use skype also stopped working.

I noticed that in my Device manager there is no driver shown for my webcam, but i cant find the right driver for my laptop somehow.
i thought that if the webcam problem is fixed my microphone would work aswell because it is the same piece of hardware i guess.

What can i do?
please help me out.


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Hi guys,

I have upraded to Windows 10 and now to the anniversary edition. I haven't used my laptop in a while so I can't remember the last time the webcam worked, all I know is that it did. What I have noticed is that the webcam driver isn't on the laptop and when I've searched for it on the Toshiba Drivers Site I can't find it. I don't even know what it would be called. I'm quite confused as it worked before. Could somebody help me? Thanks, Matthew.

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Recently got a Satellite L500-1DT for my Mum who's learning to use a computer for the first time and everything works apart from the built in webcam, of which was a big part of the decision in buying it.

The blue light comes on and it records sound but not any images. It also doesn't take the photo shot either, and in both cases just shows the cloudy sunset image that appears to be a defualt shot on the program. I've tried troubleshooting for her but there's nothing in the help guide that tells you how to fix it if it's not working.
The software was already preloaded when it was bought (we got it online) and I don't want to uninstall it as I don't think we have a disc.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Webcam is not working on Satellite L500-1DT

Hi buddy!

I?m not quite sure but in my opinion you should try to reinstall the webcam driver. Just check the Toshiba page for an update:

But before you install the newest version, remove the old one first and restart the notebook.

Regarding the disk that you mean, as far as I know Toshiba notebook will not delivered with ?recovery disk?. That means you have to create it yourself using Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. This disk contains an image about ?factory settings?. This is the same version as you have started the notebook the first time.

By the way: Normally after the first start you should get a message like this. Can you confirm this?


+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
+hat you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state, even if your computer+
+gets seriously damaged+

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I need help how to get my webcam back to work, I checked on the device manager and the imaging device is no longer on the list. I also did a system restore it still didn't work thinking that it might gonna help back the lost files that disabled the webcam application.

Can somebody help me pls?
How to resolve this problem?

Answer:Satellite C855- 1GF - webcam is not working

Wait a moment. You have installed recovery image again and webcam is not working with ?factory settings?, right?

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Hi All,

I'm Kim, new to this forum...
I am having a problem with my SATELLITE L755-1MU laptop and hope that any of you all out there can help me out....

the issue is that my laptop's webcam is not working, i tried video call with Skype, gtalk, i can see the caller on the other side's picture, but no one can see my video :-(
the blue light on the webcam on top of the laptop is on, but no picture is coming...

can someone help me out with this?

Many Thanks,

Answer:Webcam Not working for my Satellite L755-1MU


You said you tried the webcam with some 3rd party software like Skype?
But did you record and sample video using the webcam software preinstalled on the notebook?

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Hello everyone.
I bought a brand new toshiba satellite P50-B-103 a few weeks ago, in the begginning, the webcam worked fine, but after a while it says that "no webcam device has been found" and suchs.

Theres no information about a webcam in device manager and i cant find any drivers for this laptop, i wanted to fix this without making a full pc restore, thats why im asking here.
I've used Windows 8 "return to factory settings" and the problem persists.

Can anyone help me?

Answer:Webcam has stopped working on my Satellite P50-B-103


edit: i can now see the webcam in device manager, but it appears "faded out" (i have to check show hidden devices and it doesnt seem to be "connected")

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My Webcam has stopped working so i uninstalled and reinstalled the application and its still not working.

What do i do???

Any help would be great! Thanks :) x

Answer:Webcam has stopped working on my Satellite L


do you have any error messages, when you start the webcam is the led lighting?

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Hi, I've been trying to get my webcam to work, but it just doesn't seem to, I've had a look online but to no avail, so you guys are my last chance before I give up and buy an external one of send it back to you. I'll try to give you as much information as I can.

I've had this laptop since the 21st of August, I bought it from PC World. It's a Satellite L850 with 64-bit Windows 7

At first the webcam worked fine, everything was awesome and I thought it was great.

Then suddenly a couple weeks ago, it just stopped. I got a little notification in the bottom left of my screen that said "USB Device Not Recognised", Uh oh. Whenever I try to use it my laptop says it doesn't have one. For a couple weeks, the camera would be ok, and then not ok, it would change. Sometimes I could use it, other times I couldn't.

I had a look in Device Manager, and there was no mention of "Imaging Devices" as there was before. But there is an "Unknown Device" in the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" drop down, with a yellow sign above it.

Here's what I've tried so far:

Drivers - I followed advice from a forum and downloaded the latest apparent Webcam Driver for Windows 7 64-bit. Extracted it to my desktop, and ran the .exe. After pressing the start button, it loads up and asks me if I'm sure that I want the program to make changes to my computer. I press yes, but then nothing apparent happens. I was expecting a "Drivers Installed Correctly&quo... Read more

Answer:Satellite L850 - HD Webcam is not working

Best thing for you would be to make ultimate check and install recovery image again and test functionality with ?factory settings?. I know it is most radical method but after doing this you will see if the cam is recognized and listed properly or not.

If the problem starts to be present again I think there can be some hardware problem.
What do you think about all this?

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Hi All,

I have a few months old Toshiba Satellite L755 laptop and I tried to use the webcam for the first tiem but I get the following message:

"Web camera initialization failed. Please check your camera device and restart application or computer".

Any help with solving this problem will be appretiated.


Answer:Satellite L755 - Webcam is not working

download the current driver for you Webcame, and test it again.

Toshiba Drivers Link:

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I just got a new notebook, and my webcam isnt working. On msn web messenger it says that its already working for another programm, even if i turn the notebook off and on again.

Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite U series Webcam is not working

I think it would be not bad to known more informations and details regarding your issue;
For example it would be very useful to know, what notebook model do you have and what OS do you have installed.

PS: If you use Vista, then a SP1 is necessary to get such internal webcams working trouble free in connection with 3rd applications like MS messenger or skype.

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My inbuilt webcam does not work. Have just bought the laptop a months ago. Tried everything including re-installing the driver , but no luck. any one has experienced the same before and if what to do????
I want to try it myself before i approach the service center just to save on time.



Answer:Satellite L650 - Webcam is not working

Hi Uday

Can you start web camera application?
What happen exactly? Is there some error message?

When you check device manager is camera listed properly there?

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My laptop is Satellite C650-1CG, (PSC-14E) purchased in Dubai UAE.
It has Windows-7 Home Premium (64-bit) Operating System.

Lately I realized that the Web-cam is not working. Not shown so in the Device Manager.
No "Toshiba" folder under "All Prorams" too.
So I installed the driver, by searching at Toshiba Europe web-link & downloading from there.

Installation ended with OK & brought "Toshiba/Utilities/Web Camera Application" under "All Programs".
However, not reflected so in the Device Manager. Running "Web Camera Application" was no use. Apparently nothing happened by running it. No Error Message too.

Kindly help. Trust this will not need re-installation of Windows OS. Thanks in advance.

(PS: The shop that sold the laptop to me must have purchased the bare unit from Toshiba & must have installed its own Windows OS thereupon. This I realized by feeding the serial number from the label into Toshiba web-site.

The shop did not give me any kind of CD / DVD with the unit. Also they refused to entertain my complaint about the web-cam problem - using the excuse of delay in my complaint - 14 months unfortunately)

Answer:Webcam not working on Satellite C650-1CG

>(PS: The shop that sold the laptop to me must have purchased the bare unit from Toshiba & must have installed its own Windows OS thereupon. This I realized by feeding the serial number from the label into Toshiba web-site.

This seems to be the reason why the webcam software was not installed? possibly other tools and utilities are missing too.

> Running "Web Camera Application" was no use. Apparently nothing happened by running it. No Error Message too.

Starting the webcam application an webcam control bar should be visible on the display while moving the mouse cursor to the one of the following areas: left, upper, right or bottom area.
Check it.

But guess what? If you don?t have an recovery disk, you could order this here:

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Hi there.

I am using Satellite P850-12Z laptop and i have problem with built-in webcam. Everything was fine, there was no problem with video calls on Skype, but after some time it just stopped working. I reinstalled webcam drivers (product code is PSPKBE but i tried drives for all of them) but nothing happened.

It cannot be detected by Skype nor devices menu, when I try to run Web Camera Application it just says there was a failure and nothing is happening.
What is going on with this?

Answer:Satellite P850-12Z - Webcam is not working

Is webcam listed in device manager or recognized in Skype video settings?

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Hello !

First of all, I have to say I am a French user. For many months, my webcam hasn't work anymore. The pre installed Toshiba Webcam application disappeared so I tried many times to install again the driver found on the Toshiba website without success.

Today, I decided to install Windows 7 as if my computer was new, as on the first day. I thought it would help to cope definitely with this problem but once the setup finished, I couldn't find the Toshiba Webcam application. This is strange because this application must be on my computer the first time I used it.

Does this mean that my webcam is broken ? Would you have a solution


Answer:Webcam is not working on my Satellite L650-10G

>Today, I decided to install Windows 7 as if my computer was new...
It was very good decision. It is the best way to check hardware functionality.
>...I couldn't find the Toshiba Webcam application.
That?s somehow strange. When you open control panel > Programs and features you should be able to find it listed there. All preinstalled software are listed there.

I?m not 100% sure but this should start with Windows by default or you can start it manually using start > all programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Web Camera Application.

By the way: Is web camera listed in device manager under ?Imaging devices??

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Webcam is not working. I tried to uninstall webcam application but unable to uninstall it also tried to upgrade webcam driver downloaded and tried to install webcam driver upgraded on July 2011... dat too cannot be done.

Help me fixing my cam.

Answer:Satellite C660 1-EL - Webcam is not working

How to help if we are missing most important info:
Which operating system do you use?
Do you use original preinstalled OS or own OS version?
Is webcam listed in device manager?


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Using Toshiba Web Camera Application - Ver, no video or photos available.
Blue light comes on and records sound in video mode, by plaayback.

Checked Device Manager all appears OK.
Uninstal USB 2.0 Camera, Restart, Log onto Toshiba get latest software, no change.

Install new external camera OK.
Any hints please??

Answer:Satellite A660 - Webcam not working


Does the notebook support the Face Recognition?
In my case the webcam did not work due to the Face Recognition software?something went wrong there and the webcam has been locked by another application.. this was the Face Recognition software?

I uninstalled Face Recognition and then webcam software?
Then I rebooted the notebook and cleaned the registry using CCleaner?(its freeware tool can be downloaded from many 3rd party pages).
Then installed webcam software and the Face Recognition utility?
After that the webcam worked again?

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The webcam on my Satellite L300-215 has not worked since I downloaded the new Toshiba software months ago.
The Chicony webcam is not even recognised and it will not install the Toshiba software.

Two hours with Toshiba technical staff, including them having remote access to my computer, did not solve the problem.
It seems this is a very common problem and I have tried some of the suggestions on postings but with no result.

Does anybody out there have the answer?

Answer:Satellite L300-215 - Webcam not working

I have two Toshiba notebooks, Satellite P200D and Satellite A300, both with webcam and everything works well. So I don't agree with statement about very common problem.
Does webcam works well if your notebook is preinstalled with Toshiba recovery image (factory settings)?

>I have tried some of the suggestions on postings but with no result.
What you have tried to solve this?

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As above the webcam will not usually work with any program or website. I just got it going with skype and the light came on but the picture was terrible. Now i cant get it going again... Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite L500-1D1 - webcam is not working

Does cam work with preinstalled Webcamera application?

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I'm trying to use Skype, but the webcam is not being recognised.
When I open the Web Cam Application, it says 'Web camera initialisation failed'.

I've downloaded the latest drivers from the Toshiba site (is there a difference between Windows 7 32bit and 64bit?) and even uninstalled Windows Live as I don't use it, but still doesn't work. I've never used the camera, but want to start.

Many Thanks :-)

Answer:Webcam is not working on my Satellite C850


First of all check if webcam is enabled in BIOS.
F2 to access the BIOS. Advanced tab -> System Configuration
Here you should find the webcam (enable/disable)

If its enabled, go to windows device manager and check if webcam is listed there.
If it?s not listed then either your webcam software was not installed properly or the webcam module malfunctions.

?and yes: there is a difference between 32bit and 64bit version. Be sure you have chosen the right one!

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this wass also a reply to another thread posted by romeshomey, link bellow:
---------My laptop model is Inspiron 17R 5720 and Im having the exact same problem after the Microsoft Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607: August 31, 2016 - KB3176938, done Sep 4th. I was also already running Win10 and it didnt mess with Webcam Central - till yesterday when I gave the reboot necessary to install the update files.Pan/Zoom/Position Arrows show as available to be used but if you try to use then, nothing happens and back to full zoom. Only thing it allows me to do is to change to Face Tracking.I called Dell Suport Center and for about 2 hours I ran diagnostics and tried possible solutions with the tech assistant but he wasnt very helpfull at all. All diagnostics came back with positive/OK/passed results and they offered me a paid support to fix the problem. Not exactly a good solution, is it?It was clear though MS updates messed up with the webcam driver - I checked myself at Devices/Imaging there was an update for the driver done exactly when MS updates were done. Unfortunatelly, the rollback option wasnt available. For that matter, I decided to uninstall the whole Windows KB3176938 and CAPICOM (what ever that is) updates done using Control Panel/Updates but no-go. Next step was to google for that problem which leaded me to other Dell Forum threads pointing to reinstall Webcam Central which also didnt work at all then I bumped into your threa... Read more

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I've owned this laptop for quite a while and had been using Webcam Central to control the Integrated Webcam on my Alienware M17x R4.   I never had any issues using Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or even Windows 10 until my system updated on 8/20/2016 with a scheduled Windows 10 update.
After the windows 10 update my system restarted and the next time I went to use my webcam I noticed that I couldn't control the pan / zoom / or tilt or alter any of the settings in webcam central.  If I attempt to change anything it automatically changes back instantly.  For example of I move the slider to zoom, or attempt to change the pan, it auto goes back to where it was and will not allow me to change the settings.
I also notice that my mouse pointer flickers over the webcam central GUI, meaning, there seems to be some issue with the GUI after the windows 10 update, I assume is also whats causing the settings not to be changed.
I have tried uninstalling both the drivers and software and reinstalling to no avail, same problem is present after reinstallation of both drivers and the webcam central software.
Wondering if anyone else has run into this and whether there was some type of resolution.
I was able to get the pan / zoom / tilt working with 3rd party webcam software, however I would prefer to go back to using webcam central.

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I've never tried using the webcam before, but having recently tried to access it on Skype and it appears to be not working (it says "we could not find a webcam on your computer).

In fact, I can't find any files about the webcam anywhere on my computer.

Can anyone help? many thanks

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro U300: webcam 1.3M not working with Skype


The internal webcam needs the preinstalled webcam software.
Did you delete or remove this from the system?
Check if this software is available on your notebook.
It?s calling: Camera Assistant Software.

If you would start this software then you could check the webcam functionality and the settings.

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System Specification:

Satellite Pro a350d-202
Windows 7 64bit

I am not sure if this is related but since I updated my laptop to Windows 7 my Chicony Webcam has stopped working. I have tried all of the following:
Complete rebuild of my system from scratch.

Safe Mode drivier installation
+For some reason, it doesnt let me log in via safe mode. I get to the windows log in screen and it reboots itself after a few seconds. Any explanations? Again, have rebuilt PC a few times.+

No Device for webcam in Control panel devices and printers or hardware.
+Manually installing drivers as recommended doesnt work. I cant see the webcam being recognised+

Half closing the lid of the laptop to hear it recognising the camera or new device.
+Unsuccessful. This does not happen+

In essence, i want to know if this is a Windows 7 compatibility issue or a Toshiba technical fault.

Either way an OFFICIAL word from Toshiba would be key here as I was using the webcam for vital web conferencing for work and now I cant.

Please provide any options or anything else I can try.

Any suggestions deeply valued. Including links or other articles I may have missed

Desperately seeing a solution.



Answer:Chicony Webcam Not Working on Satellite Pro A350d-202

> No Device for webcam in Control panel devices and printers or hardware.
Manually installing drivers as recommended doesnt work. I cant see the webcam being recognised

The Chicony webcam should be listed in device manager under the option Imagine devices. There you should see USB Video Device entry.
Can you see that?
If yes, delete this from the device manager and reboot the unit.

Usually the Windows 7 should recognize the cam automatically and should refresh the driver.
Is it the case?

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I've had my laptop for less than a year. I've always been able to use Skype without any problems, but my intergrated webcam and mic are no longer working.

I've installed the latest webcam driver from support, but the webcam still does not work and I installed the latest sound driver and my mic still does not work too.

Please, please please can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Webcam and microphone not working


And why does webcam and microphone not work? How do you notice this?
I mean is webcam picture just black or what happens exactly? Also what is with the microphone?

The microphone is a part of webcam so it?s enough if you reinstall the webcam driver. Newest vesion can be downloaded on official Toshiba website. If the driver is installed make sure the webcam is set as default input device. You can do this in Windows sound settings.

Is the webcam listed in device manager and does it work if you start the webcam software instead Skype?

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I have an ultrabook z830 and the webcam is not working since W10 upgrade. I have tried installing the webcam application software from toshiba and also the one supplied with the laptop but when I try to run it it just says webcam initialization failed please restart application. I have uninstalled and re-installed a few times. The webcam worked fine before W10 upgrade. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for the correct webcam drivers. I have tried many without success.


Message has been edited: subject changed from Portege Z830 to Satellite Z830

Answer:Satellite Z830 - webcam not working since W10 upgrade

hmmm somebody has changed my title to portege z830 instead of ultrabook z830

I dont believe my laptop to be a portege

when I list my part number in the drop down menus it shows me this

Satellite Z830

I cant find the words portege anywhere on my laptop

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When using the integrated camera directly on the satellite it works quite well. When trying to use it with Skype, all I get is the hearts-full screen. I have been trying different settings but nothing happens. Therefore I use a logitech webcam while looking for a solution.

Does anyone knows how to set it to work with Skype?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite A660-12E - Webcam not working with Skype

Hi buddy,

I never heard about such a problem? Can you post a screenshot?

Well, I think if the problem works with Camera Assistant Software, it?s a problem with Skype. So check the webcam configuration of Skype and make sure that you are using newest version of Skype.

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I have a Toshiba Satelite L850-1kt windows 8.1 and today my webcam stopped working.

I can't find any newer version of the driver in the download section of the website.

In the device manager my webcam is listed only when show hidden devices is on, the properties tab shows that the device is unplugged, while it is not unplugged since it's a built in webcam.

Please help I need this fixed quick because i need my webcam

Answer:Satellite L850 webcam stopped working

I don't know why this worked but what i did was turn the chipset utility (which was having problems to) off and on in the device manager, and both started working fine again

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Hi Guys,

I got Satellite L500, webcam quality is very poor, especially @night time. But suddenly it stop working while I was on windowLive messenger with Window 7.
I tried few settings but doesn't work. It display the light but in window have only green scenery.

Could you please anybody help me out?

Answer:Webcam on Satellite L500 has stopped working

hi Rozer,
deinstall the webcam in the device manager, reboot and install again.
this procedure helped me on a other machine (asus eeepc900)

if you have more than one application that accesses the camera at the same time... bad no one wins ;-)

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The webcam on our laptop has started giving us the error message "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer" but everytime we restart it says the same thing.
What do we need to do to fix it. Our system runs Windows Vista Home Premium service pack 1.


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I recently got the Toshiba satellite c660/c660D laptop for my 21st birthday in July. It says there is an integrated web camera but I can't see it or find it. Also when I try to use the video call on Skype it says there isn't any web camera connected.

I was just wondering how can I get the web camera working? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D - Webcam is not working

Which operating system do you use?
When you open device manager check please if web cam is listed there. You can find it under imaging devices.

Check also BIOS settings. I’m not sure but maybe is webcam disabled there. Check it out.

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Dear all,

the integrated webcam on my Satellite T130 isn't working.

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and already re-installed the 64bit webcam drivers through this website. Nevertheless, when I click on the webcam application, simply nothing happens - program doesn't open at all or shutdowns instantly. Skype also doesn't recognize a cam. Also, there is no webcam in the device manager (one undetected USB device though) and no cam symbol in the Toshiba quicklaunch ribbon, which is how the camera is started according to the "manual".

Anybody got an idea of what the problem is? Seems like a common problem according to Google, but no suggestions other than reinstalling drivers. Maybe some other application blocking the camera? Firewall settings?

I'd appreciate any support, thanks.

Regards Florian

Answer:Integrated webcam on my Satellite T130 isn't working

>one undetected USB device though

This might be the webcam since the webcam is connected to the internal USB controller on motherboard.

It looks like a webcam driver is not installed properly.
Try the webcam driver released for the satellite t230 or other Satellite series.
The versions are newer?

Furthermore recommend checking the BIOS settings.
In some cases the BIOS contain an webcam option where the webcam can be enabled and disabled.

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The built-in Web Camera on my Satellite Pro L500 has stopped working with the following message:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Toshiba\Toshiba Web Camera Application\TWebCamera.exe

The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.
The Event log points to microsoft.vc80.openMP.......

Could someone please tell me how to fix the web Camera. I very rarely use it so I do not know exactly when it stopped working.

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - Webcam has stopped working


What do you think about reinstalling the webcam software? Maybe this will work?

Please check the Toshiba driver download page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Just search for your notebook model and available downloads. If you find it, download newest Camera Assistant Software but before you install it, remove the old version first and restart your computer.

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My webcam and microphone have recently stopped working. Model satellite C660-1F1.

If anybody could help me sort it out that would be great.

Answer:Webcam & Microphone are not working on Satellite C660

do you have updated the current driver for you Hardware? Did you change anything in the system?

Do you become error messages wenn you start the webcame, and is the LED lamp lighting from the webcame?

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Hello I recently upgraded to windows 10 since then my webcam and microphone do not work - I tried searching on device manager for these but they are not even showing on there - how do I go about re-installing them? I tried searching for a relevant driver but no luck?

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Please help.
I have had this machine for 2 months and cannot discover how to make the webcam work.
I have been into device manager which tells me that the cam is working and that I have the correct drivers. What should I do now?

Answer:Satellite P200-13Z - how to make the webcam working?


At first I think you have Satellite L30 and not LX30. Am I right about that?

Sorry my friend but how to help if you didn?t write which webcam you tries to use. At this point I can just tell you read user?s manuals you got with your cam and be sure it is installed properly.

Have you installed some application for webcam usage or you try to use it with some messenger like MSN, ICQ or Skype?

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hi guys.. from 3 day.. i have update to windows 10.. all good except from drivers of webcam.. i can see that the pc recognise the webcam but not see the drivers.. i can't use it!! plesae let me know wht i have to do.. ;-)

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The webcam of my T130 stopped working.
When windows start, there is a message saing the camera is not found.
At the same time, Windows tries to install a driver for an "unknown" usb device and... failed.
If I go to the device manager, I can see this unknown device (marked as unknown)

I tried to remove it and refresh the devices, windows tried again to install the driver.
I tried to remove the whole usb stack and got the same result: everything reinstalled properly but still an unknown usb device

I tried to remove the webcam driver then got a fresh copy on Toshiba website and reinstalled it... Without any success.

Then, to eliminate a BIOS or hardware problem, I've booted a Linux system and there, the webcam works.

The webcam used to work few weeks ago. Maybe a Windows update is responsible of that.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Webcam stopped working on my Satellite T130


Something has muddled up the webcam software/driver.
The unknown USB device seems to be the webcam since the webcam is connected to the USB controller.
Usually new webcam driver installation should solve this therefore it?s really strange that you could not solve this installing the webcam software.

Maybe you should clean the OS and registry using the CCLeaner (freeware)
Would recommend this workaround:
- First of all uninstall the webcam software
- Then clean the OS and registry using the CCleaner
- Now reboot the notebook
- After that install the webcam software which you have downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page. By the way ? would recommend testing the webcam driver released for Sat T230. This is a newer driver version

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The computer recognizes the webcam in device manager and says it is working properly, but when I try to use the Toshiba Camera Assistant software, I get the "Graph Render fail" message.
I have tried updating the driver, but the driver utility says I have the most current one. The camera also does not work using yahoo messenger.

Do you have any suggestions?

Answer:Webcam not working on Satellite A305-S6872


I have had this same problem with my a305-s6843

it has a chicony usb 2 web camera built in

now bare with me because i fixed mine awhile ago and dont remeber where i got the driver file from (*it took months of looking for one*)

anyways I downloaded an *_Acer crystal eye driver for my specifc camera_* and it works

pros: the camera work with im software ie. windows live messenger,yahoo, and my video editing software

cons: the camera assistance software that came with my laptop will not recognize it , and now my device manage call it a (Acer crystal eye web camera)

so in the long run i got it working again and that is fine for me because the c.a.s is not good anyways

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my C660 is 2 weeks old and the webcam has suddenly stopped working, the window where the camera image should show has been replaced with an image of a flower.
Face recognition was working fine up until today but this also has stopped working. I have checked all the settings and everything to my (admittedly limited) knowledge seems to be as it should be.
I have tried a system restore and this has made no difference.

Can anyone help?
Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C660D-14W - webcam stopped working

Start web camera application and there you will find option ?Effect?. Open it and go to third tab called ?Screen Cover? and be sure it is set to OFF.
This should remove this flower that you see.

Restart you notebook and check webcam application again.

Please send some feedback.

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Webcam has stopped working, does anyone know how to fix this???

Answer:Satellite Pro c650 - webcam stopped working


How about reinstallation of the webcam software?
The software can be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page?

By the way: would be nice to know more details about the problem?

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I hope someone can help me.

My integrated webcam on my Toshiba Satellite R630 spontaneously stopped working in the last couple of weeks.

I have tried:

- Checking whether it is activated in BIOS and there's no option to select a webcam here.
- Restoring my laptop to an earlier state when the camera was working. This didn't work either.
- Updating the webcam driver - this installs the driver but then it disappears and nothing happens.

A few things that it might help to know:

- In Device Manager, 'imaging devices' is missing, so I cannot find the webcam driver here.
- I used to get a pop-up every time I turned on my laptop that was trying to load a bluetooth webcam but saying it couldn't. This has stopped happening; i think i turned it off in msconfig.
- It's not a hardware issue
- Yesterday I had a weird breakthrough moment - I'd downloaded an app to my phone to try and use it as a webcam via bluetooth. I'd turned on bluetooth on my phone and laptop. I plugged in my phone to my laptop and the bluetooth camera pop-up (see previous point) came up, but this time worked without the error message. However, instead of my phone working as a webcam, the blue light came on next to my integrated webcam and that started working. I thought it was fixed so closed everything and ejected my phone and the webcam stopped working again. I've tried to repeat this sequence but with no joy.

I'm out of ideas and really frustrated. Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite R630 - integrated webcam not working


If imagine device isn?t listed in device manager, then this means that the module could not be found. Even if the driver would not be installed, the module should be listed in BIOS as imagine device, unknown device, etc?
But this isn?t the case?

So I think there are two possibilities: the module is fault or the connection between the module and the motherboard (controller) isn?t established.

As far as I know the internal webcam module is connected to the USB controller.
If the connection drops (loose cable) the module will not be recognized in device manager?

So from my point of few it must be some hardware related issue?

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I need help to resolve this issue. I am using Satellite Pro A200 with Windows Vista. When I am using my computer online my web cam stop working after and never restart again until restart my computer.

Please send me some suggentions how to resove this issue-

Thanks [email protected]

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Webcam stop working after 10 to 15 min


How do you notice this issue? Do you get an error message or something else?

It?s really hard to say why does this happen but at first I would try to update the webcam driver. You can get the newest version on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Install the newest version and try it again.

By the way: Are you running ?factory settings? or have you installed your own Windows version?


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I've upgrade the device to Windows 10 64 bit, everything works except the webcam and built in microphone.
Microphone shows in device manager, webcam does not. I've downloaded the Toshiba Webcam software but the webcam still does not appear in Device Manager. Any ideas?

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I have a had a P750 for 6 months and one day when I went to use skype the webcam had stopped working.
I hadn't been playing with settings or making any changes so this has come just out of the blue.

I've tried reinstalling the webcam app from the Toshiba site, from the backup drivers in the start menu, and checking for hardware changes in the device manager.

Anyone got any other ideas?

Answer:Satellite P750 - webcam stopped working

And which status has webcam in device manager?
Is webcam listed properly in ?imaging devices??

Is ?web camera application? preinstalled on your notebook?
What happen if you try to start it?

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I recently updated my laptop satellite pro c650 to windows 8.1 pro.i updated and installed my drivers with the help of drive booster software.All the other drivers are working fine but my inbuilt webcam is not working,it has failed online webcam tests.I tried to find the solution online but to no relief.My microphone is also not working eventhough it is seen in control panel>sound>recording.The green bar is not going up.I have installed conexant hd audio.
Kindly help!

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Mi webcam is not working after installing Windows 10.

Any solution available?

Answer:Satellite L755-16M - Webcam not working running Win 10

Can you please post full model name and model number of ypur machine?

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I'm having problems with my webcam. using windows 8.1.

When I start the Toshiba Web Camera Application it comes up with a Toshiba window saying 'web camera initialisation failed. please check you camera devise and restart application or device'.

I've download various drivers from the toshiba site but when I try and open the zip file it says 'windows can not open this file...... the zip file is invalid'.

Any suggestion please?

Answer:Satellite C855 and Win8.1 - Webcam is not working

> When I start the Toshiba Web Camera Application...
Can you please tell us which version have you installed? I cannot find this tool for your notebook model offered for Win8.1.

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I have a problem with my new notebook :o( I have it only for three days and the webcam stopped working. When I try to use the camera, a dialog window opens and says: Webcam driver open fails. Please restart camera or computer. I re-installed the program, restarted my notebook for several times, but nothing happened :o( Please help me. I dont want to send it to a service just because of this "small" problem. Thanks for answering it.

Answer:Webcam stops working on my Satellite A200-10W

Hello Michal

Have you already tried to reinstall OS using delivered recovery DVD? If possible please do this and your notebook will have ?factory settings? again. After doing this it should work again.

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The webcam on my Satellite L955 stopped working. I thought I would uninstall and reinstall it. However, having uninstalled it, I need the latest drivers to reinstall it. Despite my best endeavours, I cannot find any drivers relating to the webcam. Can anyone help please

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I am trying to get my onboard webcam to work but it doesn't. Sometime its works but its random. I restart the notebook and it sometimes work but not everytime.
The notebook is a toshiba satellite u305-s5097 and it has windows vista home premium.

I installed the hotfix. I downloaded here:

I installed the hotfix and restart and it still doesn't work with msn or other programs. What else can I do to fix the problem?
Could it be the drivers? What type of camera is it and where can I find them? If the drivers don't work what else can I do?

Thanks in advance for the help

Answer:Re: Satellite u305-s5097 webcam not working

Download the updated Chicony Webcam driver: v1.7.175.0123 from the Toshiba Website
Install Vista Service Pack 1, or hotfix 934374:
Update MSN and your other webcam-related software

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Can't get my microphone and webcam working under Win7 64.
Drivers not available on the download section of Toshiba.

What to do please?

Toshiba Satellite C70D-B-310 PSCLEE.

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-310 - Webcam and Microphone not working

All essential and necessary Win 7 64bit drivers for Satellite C70D-B are available on Toshiba EU driver page.

The single webcam driver isn?t available because as far as I know the Toshiba Value Added Package already contains the essential driver to get the webcam working.

The mic is part of the webcam and should be chosen in control panel ? sound ? recording tab

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the web cam was working fine till the windows upgrade to Win 8.1 pro, the webcam is not shown in device manager.Bios setting o.k, I could not find a driver for TOSHIBA WEBCAM HD for windows 8.1 pro, please help

Answer:Satellite P850-057 Webcam not working after upgrade to win 8.1 pro


The Windows 8.1 does not need external webcam driver.
Usually the webcam driver is part of the Win 8.1 system and therefore the webcam should be recognized automatically.

From my knowledge the webcam is connected to USB controller. Do you have some unknown devices (USB devices) in the device manager marked with yellow exclamation mark?

By the way: Did you update the BIOS to latest state and is Toshiba System Driver for Win 8.1 installed?

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Hi. I have a Toshiba Satellite L855 and when I was using my webcam on Skype it stopped suddenly and now it is showing only white and black lines( see attachment). I have tried a few things like updating the driver, uninstalling it and again installing and still it doesn't work. Can someone help, please?

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I use the webcam on the laptop on Skype which was going well one day the stopped the next.
I have updated the drivers and all but I get a message on the toshiba webcam application stating ...device is locked by another application....when I try it in Skype I get the message...can't start video try closing other applications which might be using your webcam.

The problem is I have no idea what is doing this.
I do not use yahoo messanger or any other programme.

The only programme I have ever used webcam for is Skype.

Please help!

Answer:Webcam not working on Satellite - device is locked by another application

Hi buddy,

Can you post some more information about exact notebook model and operating system?

What drivers you have updated?

Usually if you reinstall the webcam driver this should solve your problem and should make the webcam useable again. You can download newest webcam software on official Toshiba website.
Furthermore I would recommend using a registry cleaner like CCleaner that can delete old registry keys.

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Hi there,

as posted in the thread title I have a problem with the integrated webcam of a customer notebook. Two days ago the operating system of this laptop was damaged by a virus and needed to be re-installed. I tried to install it with the recovery partition, which did not work. After it I tried to re-built it with the dvd I burned from the recovery partition with the same result.

The only thing that worked was a clean install with a windows 7 64 Bit retail dvd and the key printed on the sticker of the laptop. I managed to get everything working again except one part - the webcam.

No driver installation, bios update and re-installation worked to get this part to work.

Did anyone of you know this problem and have a fix for me?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Saphire

P.S.: One thing shall be also important. When I look into the installed devices manager the driver for the webcam is listed as usb webcam and the manufaturer of it is Microsoft.

Answer:Satellite L450D Webcam not working after new installation without recovery

I presume you have installed right webcam driver downloaded from Toshiba support page. Can you confirm this?

Can you start ?Toshiba WebCamera Application?
How do you want to test webcamera functionality? Using some additional application like Skype or MSN?

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I upgraded from Win Vista to Win 7, and my webcam stopped working.
It says there is an error. On the support page it says that this model isn't planned for Win7, so I installed drivers from Win Vista.
Because the driver for Win7 is unavailable, the link is down.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite L300 webcam stopped working after upgrade to Win 7


For me it sounds like you have not installed the right webcam software and therefore you cannot get the webcam working with installed Win 7.

What Win7 version did you install? 32bit or 64bit?
Toshiba European driver page provides the webcam software for Win 7 32bit for Satellite L300?
It?s version

I found it choosing: Notebook ? Satellite ? satellite L300 ? webcam driver
In such case you will get listed all webcam drivers for L300 series

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Hi everyone,

I have a L500D (I've had it for about 2 months now) and yesterday I realised that my webcam was not working properly anymore even though it was working just fine a couple of days ago.

Here's the problem: when I switch it on (through Skype or through the toshiba web camera application), the colours are all inverted: it's exactly as if I had added an effect on the image such as "posterize" or "threshold". Everything is bright, grainy, saturated ...

I tried in both low and high light and the night mode is not on.
I couldn't fix the problem with the webcam settings but whatever I do, I can not get anywhere close to a normal image.

I spent quite a lot of time browsing the web but couldn't find a solution (nor someone with a similar problem actually). I have windows 7 64bit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I handle my laptop with a great deal of care which makes it even more upseting when something goes wrong ... Thanks in advance!


Answer:Satellite L500D - Inbuilt webcam is not working properly

Hi mate

Didn?t find any similar threads about a described issue? it seems you are the first one who has reported this?

Did you try to reinstall the webcam software?
Try this.
Remove firstly the webcam software and then after new reboot, install the new downloaded webcam software.

PS; did you remove the thin foil/film securing the webcam lens?
Check this!

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The inbuilt webcam for my laptop has stopped working, I've tried checking device properties and uninstalling and re-installing the driver but all I get in device status is

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

The I/O device is configured incorrectly or the configuration parameters to the driver are incorrect.

I cant find anywhere to change anything so im not sure what to do.

Answer:Inbuilt webcam has stopped working on my Satellite notebook

Can you please tell us which notebook model and which OS do you use?

By the way: since when have you noticed this webcam issue? Has it started from one day to another?

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and then my Webcam doesn't work... I checked if I have the driver in device manager but I couldn't find it. I don't know how can I fix it I was looking for driver in thosiba website but I got any result.
Someone can help me?


Answer:Satellite NB10t-A - Webcam is not working after Win8.1 update


Which notebook model do you have?
Webcam should be listed under “Imaging devices”. Can you see any entry there?
What happen when you try to start Camera application?

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my doughter recently bought a Tochiba Satellite C660-1NW.
This laptop has a webcam on board.
When using Facebook webcam chat the webcam does not work.
The led indicating webcam is active does come on, but the facebook app stays blue without webcam screen.
Audio is working.

Using skype the webcam is working.

I have updated the drivers but still no go :(

Please help to get facebook webcam active


Answer:Satellite C660-1NW - Webcam is not working with facebook chat

if Facebook doesn't recognize your webcam right away when you want to share a video, click the Look for Cameras Again button.

Your Adobe Flash Player settings will pop up.
From the tab, make sure you select the correct type of camera you are using with your computer.

From the tab, you may also need to "allow" Facebook to access your camera and microphone.

If adjusting your settings does not work, try uninstalling Adobe Flash Player from your computer and download the most updated version of Flash-Player.

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Computer: Toshiba Satellite L830-10N
Platform: Windows 7

Hi guys,
I am having problems with my integraed microphone and also the webcam. Suddenly out of nowhere, it didn't want to work. I have tried to restore the system from a previous point where I knew it worked, I installed several anti-virus programs to clean the computer just in case of viruses and still nothing.

The Sound Recorder was also checked but when I try to record, an error message comes up and says "An audio recording device cannot be found."

I have also tried going to the Control Panel > Sound > Recording, but a message says that can not recognize anything.

Also, the system tels me that I have a problem with the WD SES driver, which seriously, i have no idea what it is but just in case it could be related.

It has been working before without any problem and I have not dowload or do some kind of suspicious action, but now it won't work.

I have checked previous answers related with the topic but none of them work for me.

Thank you so much.

Answer:Satellite L830 - Integrated microphone and webcam are not working

Is webcam listed in device manager (imaging devices)?

If you use Win7 64bit try to reinstall webcam driver .

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Hi I would appreciate some help. I have a new L300D-15B and we are having problems with the webcam. It is less than a week old. We use MSN alot and noticed that sometimes the webcam went black whilst on a video call - when I say black you could see us as outline shadows. Once we waved our hand over the webcam and it seemed to come back to life but othertimes we have had to shut down the video call and re-call to get the webcam picture back.

We have phoned Toshiba and reinstalled the driver but this seems to have made it worse. When we open the independant software for the cam we can be seen for a second and then black. We tried on MSN and this happened once but then we could be seen clearly after a few seconds and it stayed on for the duration of our short call. This has happened on and off mains power.

Some ideas would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A300D-15B webcam not working - black screen

Have you tried looking at its properties?

There are options there, you can activate night mode so you can see yourself when you use your cam.

hope this will help.. :)

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I just upgraded my Skype to the last version and now my integrated webcam USB2.0 UVC doesn't work anymore. In fact she seems to light (blue light appearing next to it on my screen) but the image stays black with a searching grey circle turning in the middle.
My PC is a Satellite U500-1DZ.
To be honest, not been using my webcam since 3 months before that but last time was working perfectly With older Skype version

At the same time, my Toshiba Tempro advice me to update my display driver and my BIOS
I have been trying to do it few times but It's not working.
For the BIOS I'm just able to download 44% of it and then it just stops. Same thing for the display driver.

Could those 2 problems be linked?
What can I do?

Thanks in advance for your help and answer

Answer:Satellite U500 - USB2.0 UVC webcam is not working anymore

It is not easy to say what is wrong there but what you can try is to reinstall webcam software from Toshiba download page and check functionality again.

If there is no other problem with your notebook I think there is no reason for updates, especially BIOS update.

Anyway, latest versions you can find on Toshiba download page -
Check it out.

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So just yesterday I was video chatting with someone on my Toshiba laptop -- model: Satellite U405D-S2874 -- and then today I went on Skype and it won???t let me video chat! So I went to the camera assistant software and it says "Webcam driver open failed. Please restart Camera or Computer"....I don't know what to do.

I looked stuff up online and they all mentioned reinstalling the driver but I???m not that good with technology so I don't know what that means/where to find it. But I also have a feeling that it isn't the problem!!
Please help!!!

Answer:Webcam stopped working on my Satellite U405D-S2874


It?s very easy;
Message says that you have to restart the camera or computer.

You should reboot/restart the unit and should check if the webcam would functions.
If this would not be the case it?s recommended to reinstall the driver/webcam software.

The unit seems to belong to Toshiba US series and therefore you should visit the Toshiba US page in order to download the Chicony webcam software.

After webcam software download, remove the installed software from the system.
This can be done in control panel -> programs & features
Uninstall the Chicony software, clean the OS using CCleaner (free tool, google for that) reboot the unit and install the downloaded software again.


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I have a satellite 400 with integrated webcam.
The camera assistance software is starting automaticly and the web cam is working fine with this software.

But if I want to use MSN Messanger with webcam, it is not working.

The error message is coming: "Another software is using the webcam"

And if I want to configure the webcam within the MSN messanger software via the menu "extras" .. the message is coming: "The audio and videa setup can not start"

Who can help me ??


Answer:Satellite U400 - MSN Messanger isn't working with integrated webcam

> The camera assistance software is starting automatically and the web cam is working fine with this software.

I?ve got a U400 too and I?m using the internal webcam with the Skype.
It?s working perfectly!

But my software does not load automatically. I have disabled it in the msconfig.
The software doesn?t need to be loaded automatically in order to se it in MSM or Skype.
So I would recommend disabling the automatical startup.

Futhermore you should update your OS to the latest state...

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I have toshiba laptop Satellite A300, It had windows vista installed in this laptop but i formated and installed Windows 7 and since i have installed this windows 7 my webcamera is not working it gives an error "webcam driver open fail.please restart camera or computer" and even after doing this its not working.

And after installing this windows I think the display setting is also out of order, I tried to install the sorftwares and drivers from toshiba support but no success.

I need help to solve this issue.Please help

Thanks in advance.

Hope to hear soon.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Webcam not working since I installed Win7

Hello sajjad

I?ve made very good experiences with Satellite A300 and Win7. In front of me I have Satellite A300-1LI. It is PSAG8E model and I can confirm that everything works perfect.

I have one offer for you:
Send us please exact notebook model and we can check Toshiba download page to see what is available for Win7 for your notebook model.
I can also send you exact installations order how to install all Toshiba stuff.

Please let us know what you have done to get camera work.
Let us know how you have installed Win7 and all Toshiba stuff (drivers, tools and utilities).
Do you have some other issues with Win7 on your Satellite A300?

See you :)

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I?ve had my laptop for several months and all was well until yesterday when the internal mic stopped working then today I have come to use the webcam and it is saying that it has failed and needs to be restarted (I have done this multiple times).

I then endeavoured to download the latest driver which I have on my pc. I run the file but nothing happen afterward i.e. no setup wizard nothing.
Am I doing something wrong, do I have to delete the existing application?

What is wrong here?

Answer:Webcam and internal mic has stopped working on Satellite C660-1D7


The webcam should be listed under the point: Imaging Devices
There you should see USB Video device.
Can you see this?

If can see this, then uninstall the driver in device manager.
Then go to control panel -> software and uninstall the webcam software.
Then clean the OS and registry using the CCleaner.
After that reboot the notebook and download the latest webcam software from Toshiba driver page.
Install the webcam software and reboot the notebook.

After the notebook has booted up, start the webcam software and check if the webcam can be used.

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I am desperately looking for help with my built-in Chicony 2.0 webcam that came installed in my Toshiba A215 Satellite notebook.
It has not worked properly since I got the computer last August 2007.
Always says webcam locked by another application.

Now the webcam is not found at all.
I went to device manager and it says the drivers are updated.

I am so confused I dont know what to do. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A215: chicony webcam not working - locked by another application

* Download the updated Chicony Webcam driver from the Toshiba website drivers section. If you cannot find an updated driver, try a newer driver from another Toshiba Model.
* Install Vista Service Pack 1, or Vista Hotfix KB934374: (KB934374 is included in SP1)
* Update your Messenger software (MSN/Yahoo Messenger, etc..)
* If you have another program that can use the webcam (Skype for example), make sure they are completely closed, and not sitting in the System Tray.
* Try closing the Camera Assistant Bar on the left of the Desktop.
* To stop the Camera Assistant software from running on startup, run Regedit and delete "Camera Assistant Software" from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run \

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After a trouble that occured to my webcam I tried to fix it by uninstalling the driver and reinstalling (it by the toshiba's website).
I did this twice and it didn not work,
allthought the pc installed the driver, the camera did not work because a file was for win95 and my pc has vista.

After several restarts I did the following
-all programmes
-camera assistant software
-right click
-options (the last button of right click menu...)
-select work to compatibility with win95
Sorry for my english, I am greek and my vista menu also...:)
If anyone wants more details pls contact me.
I hope this might help those in despair....

Answer:Chicony webcam driver is not working properly on Satellite A200-13O

Hi there,

yes I would appreciate some details ;).

For example: from which manufacturer is that camera, is it a built in, did it worked before, and so on...

So there is much to tell, you did already told the second part but I am missing some things like I described above. By the way: you can try to recover your machine, if you really need your camera, but this is really the LAST RESORT.


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Since upgrading Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate the integrated webcam has not worked. I've re-installed the Camera software whch proceeds to the point of updating driver software. The process fails with the messages "Windows encountered a problem install the driver software for your device". "Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Chicony USB 2.0 Camera". "The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary entry. This may be because the INF was written for Windows 95 or later. Contact your hardware vendor".

The Toshiba download site does not contain drivers for this device. only the Camera Assistant Software. The Chicony Electronics site contains some drivers for cameras, but doesn't describe the cameras and refers to model numbers which don't tally with the Toshiba references. I tried the latest model, but the driver installation completed with no termination messages and the camera still didn't work. Running the installation a second time recognised that something had been installed and proceeded to remove it, again no completion messages. A real class act!

Can anyone suggest where I might find a solution?

Answer:Satellite P200 - Webcam stopped working after Vista upgrade


> The Toshiba download site does not contain drivers for this device. only the Camera Assistant Software
That?s the driver *and* software!!! This is the complete package that you need for the webcam!!!

Before you install the latest software you should remove the old one firstly. Then restart your notebook and use CCleaner to clean up your registry and Windows. One restart more and you can install the latest drivers from the Toshiba website.

Check this!!!

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My integrated webcam on my P200 recently stopped working.

To fix the problem I thought I would updat the drivers from this site however on doing so, the installation of these drivers fail saying I should contact the hardware vendor meaning I cant use my cam.

Anyone come across this before and got a fix?

Answer:Integrated webcam on Satellite P200 recently stopped working

Did you uninstall the previous drivers first?

Installing Vista Service Pack 1 may also help.

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Hello Toshiba People,

I have been using Satellite A665-14F PSAW3E over 2 years and I didn't really have any problem with my web camera till today. I suddenly realized (when I entered a website requiring webcam) that my webcam is not working. (It has been working perfectly). My laptop stopped seeing the built-in webcam.

First I checked the "device manager" to find and check the driver of it but I couldn't find the webcam. Actually I don't know under which category in the device manager I am supposed to see it. After that, I uninstalled the Toshiba Webcam Application from the "add/remove program" thing of Windows. I found the driver+application package of the webcam of my laptop from the European website of Toshiba and installed it. It asked me to reboot both after the uninstallation and installation. I did both times. It is still not fixed. Plus, now the blue light right next to the webcam (that is supposed to be turned on when the webcam is active) is constantly turned on, which is really annoying...

The only other detail that I can give you guys is that I realized that I have one "Unknown device" with a yellow triangle error icon on it under the category of "Universal Serial Bus controllers". Could it be related with my problem, like if the webcam is also USB related hardware? Cause I believe this unknown driver showed up in the same day with my webcam problem.

Thanks in advance to anyone for his/her time. (I use win7-64... Read more

Answer:Satellite A665-14F - Built-in Webcam suddenly stopped working

>The only other detail that I can give you guys is that I realized that I have one "Unknown device" with a yellow triangle error icon on it under the category of "Universal Serial Bus controllers".

I assume this is the internal webcam.
The webcam module is connected to the USB controller on the motherboard and the yellow exclamation mark means that webcam software was not installed properly.

In your case I recommend firstly:
1) Uninstall the webcam software again
2) Delete the unknown device from Universal Serial Bus controllers in device manager (mark it and press del )
3) Install CCLeaner tool can clean the registry and system
4) Reboot the notebook and install the webcam software once again.

Good luck

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Hi, I've just bought my laptop and right after installing the newest MSN and Skype, the video is not working with these programs. I tried to configure the video settings inside MSN and it told that "windows cannot connect to this webcam. It's in currently in use or not plugged in". The webcam is built-in, a Chicony USB 2.0.

Any hints ??

Answer:Satellite A215-S7444 built-in webcam not working with MSN / Skype

Hi there,

maybe you should download the webcam software for your machine from the toshiba driver download site and install it. The webcam works but the software sometimes behaves really weird so you just have to reinstall it. Maybe it?s an good idea to uninstall the old software before...


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The integrated webcam on my Satellite P300-13J doesn't work anymore. When I try to use it I get the following message: locked by another application. The only program on my computer that uses a webcam is MSN Messenger, so Skype or that kinda programs are not the problem.

I saw some other threads with this subject, but those ppl had another laptop. And because i don't know that much about computers I wasn't sure if i had to do the same steps to get it fixed.

Could anybody help me please?!

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Re: Intregrated webcam Satellite P300 not working:locked by another application


This issue is known to me because I had it too and it was already solved by installation of Vista SP1!!!

You can solve this following these steps:

? Download the updated Chicony Webcam driver from the Toshiba website drivers section. If you cannot find an updated driver, try a newer driver from another Toshiba Model.

? Install Vista Service Pack 1, or Vista Hotfix KB934374: (KB934374 is included in SP1) or the full SP1

? Update your Messenger software (MSN/Yahoo Messenger, etc..)

? If you have another program that can use the webcam (Skype for example), make sure they are completely closed, and not sitting in the System Tray.

? Try closing the Camera Assistant Bar on the left of the Desktop.

? To stop the Camera Assistant software from running on startup, run Regedit and delete "Camera Assistant Software" from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run \


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I have problem when I open my webcam Ii see this message:
+CEC_MAIN.exe has stopped working+

Can any one help me?

Answer:Webcam issue on Satellite A300 - CEC_MAIN.exe has stopped working


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Dear Toshiba Community,

I have a Toshiba L755 series. I was able to use the built-in webcam with Skype. while running skype recently, i was surprised to see that the camera couldn't be found.
I went to Device Manager to see what the problem could be, and there i couldn't see any "Imaging devices", as if the camera hardware didn't originally exist.

I tried then scanning for hardware changes. A new hardware was found, but while try to install the driver, I get a message saying that:
+Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.+
+Windows found the driver software for your device but encountered and error while attempting to install it.+
+This operation requires an interactive window station.+

Note that the Device is being recognized as: TOSHIBA Web Camera ? MP.
I tried to search online for this driver but couldn?t find any.
I also tried to download and install the Driver from Toshiba support, but again, still not working.

Please help.


Answer:Satellite L755 - Webcam is not working - interactive window station


On the Toshiba European driver page you can find the webcam driver v2.0.0.19 and v2.0.0.13.

Have you tried both?

Usually the webcam software can be found in Control panel -> Software
Uninstall the webcam software there and reboot the notebook.
Now you should clean the registry since every installation leaves some tracks in the registry? I can recommend an CCleaner tool? its freeware and cleans system very well?

After you cleaned the registry, reboot the system and try to install the webcam driver v2.0.0.19

Good luck

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 with a built in 2.0 USB camera and a windows 7 operating system, the camera suddenly stopped working since about 2-3 weeks ago with unknown reason!

I already tried system restore, un-installing and re-installing the camera driver, preformed a full scan by kaspersky internet antivirus 2012 (up to date), and I also ran a complete system and drivers troubleshooting ... and the problem still exists ...

When I use the windows live movie maker it gives me an error saying: can?t record audio or video from the selected device. Make sure that the device you're trying to use is installed properly and not currently in use by another program.

The microphone works well on skype but the camera doesn't open!
Please tell me how to fix it, what am I missing?

Answer:Satellite L300 - Built In webcam suddenly stopped working

> I already tried system restore

Did you recover the unit using Recovery disk from Toshiba?
In such case the cam should work?

Otherwise I would say it?s hardware related issue.

Some users here in the forum reported an webcam issue and the reason for that was an lose connection between the cam module and motherboard.
The webcam is connected to an USB controller on the motherboard.
If the connection does not exist, the webcam would not appear in device manager? does it appear in your case? Check this?

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The *webcam* on my *Satellite Pro L670-18F PSK3FE* which is running *Windows 7 64-Bit* worked fine until this week. My notifications bar started to say *"unknown USB device"* and when when I went to use the webcam it was no longer working.

When I turned the webcam off in the BIOS the notification stopped but when I turned it back on the notification kept coming up again. The unknown device is clearly the webcam.

I have updated my BIOS and tried system restore.

I have also downloaded the driver for the webcam from and have been trying to run that - +but it NEVER seems to finish installing!+ I will keep trying to reload the driver and see if that helps but as of now I do not believe that the driver will help.

If this is only a driver problem could someone suggest how I get the driver to actually install :-(

I am now at a loss. I am unsure what to do now. Suggestions?... +please!+

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-18F PSK3FE Webcam stops working become "Unknown Device"


Unknown device means that the driver is not installed.
I think the webcam driver installation should fix this.

Since the face recognition use the webcam too, I recommend uninstalling this tool as well as the old version of webcam software.
Both (or just face recognition) should appear in control panel -> software

Now download the both applications from the driver page.
Start with webcam driver installation:
1) Unzip the webcam driver package

2) The TC30049700N.exe can be unzipped too (right click -> extract here)

3) Now you should see different files exe, dll, and others? try to execute the setup.exe to start the installation. If this does not work, go to device manager, mark the unknown USB device (webcam) and install the driver pointing to the extracted folder containing the webcam driver files. The system should pick up the dll files automatically.

4) Reboot the notebook and follow with face recognition software.

Good luck

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Dear Community Peoples,

I am having a Toshiba Satellite L850-A925 just 6 months old. And I am having this annoying issue with the webcam.
I got all the drivers installed and even when I switch on the webcam application, It doesn't give any error.
The only problem I can't see anything on the cam of my side.
Just a black screen with some color stripes all over moving over and there.
Please suggest me a good solution for this or is it a hardware problem?
I had attached the screenshot of what exactly Iam getting when I switch on the webcam application or anyother apps using webcam (Skype, Oovoo,...).

Please help me on this and I am hoping for an easy and efficient solution.

Thanks & Regards,

Mohamed Marzook.

Screenshot Link:

Answer:Satellite L850-A925 Webcam not working (Shattered Lines appearing)


Since when have you noticed this problem? I cannot imagine it occurs from the first day.
In product specification I found info that this machine was preinstalled with Win7 64bit. Was everything OK with ?factory settings? after first start?

Easy solution? Everybody wants this but problem is that on this virtual way in most cases we can just speculate what the problem can be.

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