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Hp Pendrive unaccessible

Question: Hp Pendrive unaccessible

i formatted my pendrive with Innostor Mp Tool and then it changed to Innostor NAND Flash Drive.Now i cant access it,format it nor create a partition.i tried many softwares but none helped.The VID is 1F75 and PID is 0916.please help!!!!

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Preferred Solution: Hp Pendrive unaccessible

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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my pendrive is detected but other pendrives are not detected my lapy.
i have windows 7 pro os registered but i dont have product key. i forgott my key.
now my windows 7 is format so i need product key.
could you please give a my win 7 pro product key?

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Several hours after successfully setting up a wireless network(The hardwire machine with WinXp and the wireless with Win2K; Linksys router and USB adaptor), the hardwired one froze. Since then I have tried everything but the C drive is not accessible. I can boot a FIX-IT utilities CDROM but the program cannot access the C drive, I have tried everything but reformatting the C drive (which I don't want to do). Help!

Answer:C drive is unaccessible

Hi callisto2

First check to see if the hard drive is seen in the systems bios. The drive needs to be seen there before you can boot from it.

If not, recheck the drives jumpers and try a different IDE cable. Its possible that the drive has just died. Try downloading the manufacturers drive test and running that. Is the drive under a warranty?

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hi. i just had to reinstall xp on my hard drive because of a hopelessly corrupt boot sector. anyway, the install seemed to go fine. i had 10 gb of unpartitioned free space during the install, so i created a third partition on it with FAT32, planning on storing music there. this would have allowed my other OS (Ubuntu 8.10 on separate drive) to access my music. at first it appeared as unformatted, even though i formatted it during install. after a few tries at formatting with windows it finally worked. i then put 10 Gb of music on it. then after the next start-up, i got the error windows is unable to format the disk, and i can't access it or reformat. i had my music backed up, so no problem there, but i was wondering if there's anyway to recover this partition, as i could use the space. thanks, grassisblue

Answer:unaccessible partition

Ubuntu 8.1? Is that the latest release? If you run an Ubuntu LIVE CD can you see the partition? How 'bout if you boot up with a Knoppix LIVE CD?

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Well today I found this text file that teaches you how to make directories inaccessible without any special software, just DOS. Say you make a folder called "test" on the C drive, well you rename it using DOS to have a special character in it. Go into DOS and press ALT + 1, 9, 4. It will give you a weird "T". My problem is, I'm trying to create a little batch file program that will "HIDE" something for me, but I can't get it to work since the special character won't work in notepad. Any ideas? When I press ALT + 1, 9, 4 a little hyphen comes up so instead of the special character it just renames it with a hyphen. Do I need to use wordpad or something? Please help. Thank you.

Answer:Unaccessible Directories using DOS


I have just tried the ALT + 1, 9, 4 in Notepad and I got the little T but lower down. It won't allow me to post it here. Is that what you are trying to get? If so, just keep Alt down then press the numbers. Can you post this text file so that we could have a look at it?

You say all you get is - . Am I right so far? are you getting any of the other characters wrong? If not, there is a workaround. Go to Start | Programs | Accesories | System Tools | Character map.

Under ariel font, scroll down until you see the T . It will be somewhere near the bottom. Click on it, press Select and then Copy. (I'm doing this bit as its in Win2000. It may be a bit differnet in Win98, but not that much). now, go to Notepad, rightclick and Paste. Does that work?


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I've discovered a new drive ESP that I cannot access. What should I do? 
Thank you so much

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When I look at my USB drive (Toshiba 8GB) in DiskMan it shows 0kb for both free and used, as well I can't format or change any settings on it at all.
The problem occurred after using diskpart to clean and create a primary on the disk with an offset of 4096. When I tried to format the drive it told me that NTFS was not supported, which I thought was odd, so I tried FAT32, also no supported, so I tried using "recommended" which came back with the error "Access is denied, see the system event log for further details." The event ID is 8 and the source is Virtual Disk Service, which doesn't even show up on technet...

Any ideas?

Answer:USB drive unaccessible


Figured it out, apparently in the cleaning it screwed with the drivers for the drive somehow. I put it in another machine running XP Pro and used DiskMan to format it to FAT32, then used diskpart on XP to format to NTFS, and now everything is copacetic.

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Its my first post here and I dont know where exactly to ask this question.
The External Hard Drive is not accessible. Whenever I try to open it on any of my computers, it says:
"G:/ is not accessible"
Some days ago, I changed the File System from FAT32 to NTFS to increase speed as I use it only on my Win XPs.
I have performed chkdsk in CMD but nothing seems wrong there. But whenever I plug it in now, I dont see any sign of it being plugged it except for the "safely remove icon". WHen I open My Computer Window in Details View, it only shows it as Local Disk (G while before, it used to show it as EXTERNAL (G with updated Used Space and Free Space.
What I think is that some "access" attributes have changed after I converted it from FAT32 to NTFS. But, my question is that why did it happen just now? and most imoportantly what I can do to regain access to my 150 GB of documents as I do NOT have any backup or clone anywhere else.

I do NOT want to format the disk or change file system becuase in all such cases, I would lose all my documents which I cannot afford. If it is not possible to change the "access" attributes and regain direct access to the files and folders, please advice me on other ways of restoring my documents as they are highly important.

At that time, I was cutting/pasting alot of encrypted documents in the drive and many different users on the network were accessing them.
*** Maybe the encrypted documents' attributes th... Read more

Answer:Acomdata 160 GB HDD Unaccessible

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I need help accessing my HDD. I was working on my PC and I got an error message saying data couldn't be found on my eternal HDD. I unplugged it from the power source and disconnected the USB cable for abit thinking I could get it back working after a while but to my surprise each time I plug it into the system it registers in windows but says it's not accessible. I believe it's a trojan issue cuz my system has been infected with one for awhile. I just sorted that out last night so I guess the gist of it is I need help accessing my 750GB External Seagate HDD. Please advice.

PS: My system runs on Windows XP


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Working Helldesk and having an issue with a new image for our new PCs. I can't get the AutoComplete to work for website addresses, you know, like when you start typing a site in and it unfolds a bar that suggests sites with the same name? You can set it in Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete settings. Logged in under the Admin account I cannot change the settings, the check boxes are grayed out.

We're running Windows XP professional with SP3 installed and we use Novell for our networking software.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled IE 8, I've reset both the settings and the advanced settings,
and I have gone into the registry and checked for GroupPolicies (Nothing).

Nothing seems to be working and Windows support pages are fairly useless. Any advice from a techie who has run into the same thing?

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Some virus/spyware has removed my access to the taskmgr, cmd prompt and even regedit. The system is also running ridiculously slow lately.
Please tell me how to fix this.
I just don't want to gain access to the programs but I want to completely delete the 'thingy' that's doing this to my laptop.
Please somebody help asap!!

Thx in advance,

Answer:taskmanager, cmd, regedit unaccessible

Hi and welcome to TSF.

Please start here and follow the instructions.

If you cannot complete any of the Steps, simply move on to the next one - remember to let the Analyst know about this when you post your logs.

Do not post your logs back in this thread - follow the guidance in the above link!

Please note that the Security Forum is always busy, so I would ask for your patience while waiting for a reply.

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Hi folks,

small network served by W2003 R2. The machine and install is new (upgrade from older machine W2003R1). Workstations all run XP (max SP2) and are not new installs - they just access the new server

The server has a printer shared that can be added to the XP machs.
Problem is: Every day the XPs lose access to the printer. Its still "there" but
printing to it says its unavailable. Right clicking on the printer's properties results in a, essentially, "unavailable" message. All other access to the server is fine from XPs. The server shows no manifestation of problem. logs are clear, test page ok etc.

The server is restarted each morning. That may be the trigger for the loss of access. It hasn't been confirmed. It does seem conincidental. Most XPs are also shutdown at night and restarted in the AM. Also a possibility.

the question is: why it happens at all? In five years of running XP -> W2003 have never encountered this.

Any thoughts or answers?

thanks much. B

Answer:Printer on server go unaccessible

You could try restarting the Print Spooler service when the problem appears and see if it solves anything. Try it on a client as well for kicks.

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I run Windows ME on a 2001 Evesham desktop. When I click on Windows Explorer, I get My Documents and no search facility. Why and how do I revert to Explorer? Many thanks.

Answer:Unaccessible Windows Explorer

If you goto start,run, explorer.exe - does that bring up explorer 4 u ? If so just create a new shortcut on your desktop pointing to it

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hello again, my wired friends. this time it's quite a big problem i'm havin' here and this is totally because of my irritation (me and my freundin seem to be having some relationship problems- you all know how it makes ya feel); no matter- i just lost all my senses (incl. sheer logic) and when my PC just popped up with "C:\windows\sytem32\config\system is corrupt or missing, please start the repair after inserting Windows CD-ROM", i did that. yeah. this was the only good thing i did. THEN, i figured out that i don't reckon ANYTHING (well, almost) in the repair screen. as i was unable to get some help there, i decided that i could re-install windows. (i got some REALLY hard earned music on my HDD - bout 5.36GB, so i didn't even want to think bout formatting it out). i installed ANOTHER windows XP OS in the same partinion (i have only one) in "WINDOWS2" folder. JESUS!
then i overwrote my old OS...

now i am in some really deep ... All the contents of my old user account are gone or COMPLETELY unaccessible - just as some of my music files are. i don't know why, but i cannot do ANYTHING with 'em - nor copying, tag editing, renaming, playing, whatever...

to hell with formatting - i'll probably do that, but how do i regain my "lost" data?

please help me, cos it's very ugly. and don't be disturbed by my amateurish actions - even i myself don't understand what in the world just happened to ... Read more

Answer:unaccessible files after XP re-install

1st: the scolding section:
I'm sure your music was heard earned, so why didn't you burn something on physical media? I have 8 gigs of music, and over 60 gigs of music videos. I would cry if I lost them. I spent an entire day burning them, but ya know what? I got em now when stuff like this happens.

Ok, onto the "help" portion

Option 1) Do you have a second crap-ass 10 gig or larger drive around?
Easiest would be to set that to master, put your old one to slave, and install XP on the small HD. Then you could copy your music over.

Option 2)
You say you tried the repair option, but I have a feeling you got to the recovery console repair. (looked like a DOS prompt?) There is a lesser known Repair version that works 10x better for me.

Try this instead.
Boot from XP CD
when it 1st says press R to repair (while it's copying files) DON'T HIT R
let it run.
It will bring you the "setup windows XP" screen hit ENTER
at some point it will start scanning your hard drive for "previously installed versions of Windows". When it finds it, you can then choose to REPAIR THIS INSTALL, or delete and start a new one.

REPAIR it. This will overwrite all your system files and give you a pretty good chance. It will not change you installed programs or your music. I've had some good results with reapirs like this.

Good luck.

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I am logged in as admin.
I go into the users folder.
I can't get into some of the folders.
How do I access these?
I just get an accessed denied error.
(I've customised the folder view opitions - but I'm sure I didn't see anything relevant there.)


Answer:How do I access unaccessible folders?

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I have a PNY 4GB Swing Drive that I've only had a few month's and have only used it maybe 3 or 4 times. I am running Windows 7 Premium and I have a Tablet with WindowsXP SP3. Tonight I used the drive to move a program over to the Tablet from my main PC and afterwards I put the drive back into my main pc to put a iso on it and what do you know. I have been bit by the flashdrive bug.
: Inserting flashdrive, the pc responds as always by saying it has safely installed the drive and it is working correctly
: After it has installed correctly I go to My Computer and wala no Removeable Media (I have empty drives hidden). I unhid the drives and it shows up just as it always does, except its showing as empty
: Clicking the drive gives me the Insert Disk Error
: Going to Device Manager displays the drive with it's factory name
: Going to Disk Management it displays but shows 0% of 0% disk space used
: I cannot format since it won't let me, and I have downloaded 5 different tools to try to fix it and do low level formats and all do the same thing. They recognize the drive as being there but will not allow access saying Insert Media
: Everything points to the drive as being the problem as if it has decided to forget what it is and what's it for
: I have also tried Reassigning Drive Letters. Restoring Services just to make sure, checked the Registry settings, switching to different computers, everything I could possibly think of aside from tossing this thing in the trash
The fl... Read more

Answer:USB Flash Drive Unaccessible

Use Diskpart Utility to clean the volumes and re-create partition.
DISKPART> List disk displays all available disks on Computer, suppose your pen drive is disk 1
DISKPART> Sel disk 1 it will select the disk 1 to perform disk operations
DISKPART> Clean All clean everything data, volume, partition may take time, depends upon your system speed.
DISKPART> Create Part Primary create a primary partition
DISKPART> Format Recommended formats your pen drive with recommended settings like file system, sectors etc.
its done...if you found your device in Computer.
otherwise try it
DISKPART> ASSIGN it will assign a available drive letter to your pen drive

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winbook tw-101 with windows 10:western digital 1.5TB external hard drive;not accessible,Corrupted unreadable

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We have a small network set up on 5 XP machines 2 Vista machines and 4 laptop Vista machines. We use a linksys wireless and wired router.

We have one computer as our main computer (I guess you could say it is our server). We store all kinds of info on this computer. We have been able to access this computer from any computer for over a year now. All of the sudden to day one of the computers could not access one of the folders. I told him to reboot his computer and it then worked fine. Another, user said the same thing, "I cannot access a folder". I had him do the same. He was not as lucky. He can access 3 other folders on the computer, but he cannot access the one he wants. The computer where everything is stored is an XP machine.
Any idea why?

Thank You for any insight to this,

Answer:Folders unaccessible... All of the sudden?

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My cd-rom and floppy drive are both unaccessible and I don't know how to fix it when I go to the control panel it says they are working fine I even tried finding a better driver for them and them say I already have the newest one available then I tried uninstalling the cd-rom which I think I did as I know longer see the D drive...I'm stumped don't know what to try next-my cd won't even open up so I can run my recovery disk. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:cd rom and floppy drive unaccessible

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Please go to the Control Panel to install and configure system components???

I have been running my system for some time.
Running XP Pro sp1
I have a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2
2 Gb Ram
AMD 2700
Running 8 hard drive
520W ATX power
All in wonder vid card

With no wornning that I saw. Suddenly I couldn?t open one of my drives. Instead I got ?Please go to the Control Panel to install and configure system components? I could not find anything refiring to anything I could install. I checked add hardware. I tried to reinstall the drivers for the hard drive. XP said all was ok. I was only able to access the drive by way of the administrative tools to open it. Not wanting to lose the files on the drive I added an other drive formatted it and transferred the files to the new drive. I del. the old volume and reformatted and retransferred the files back to the old drive. All was working fine for a bout 5 min. I had to reboot and now I couldn?t access the old drive again and to boot the new drive is no longer accessible with the same error message. Both drives are WD one is 120g with now 91g of files the other is a 250 with 2 equally divide drives. One has the 91g and other has 40g. The other drive on the 2 drive disk seems ok. Go figure !! Both disks are less then a year old. I know they could go in the first week. I doubt in this way?? I have been working on this PC most of the day and I?m getting ready to sharpen the ax. It is now 1am and I am going to bed and get a new star... Read more

Answer:Unaccessible Hard Drive

This happens if there is a file named Autorun.inf in the drive's root directory. Right-click the drive and choose "open", look for this file Autorun.inf and delete it. Restart Windows.

If the Autorun.inf line reads the following, the first error message is displayed:


C:\Windows\System32\Setup.exe is launched actually

If the Autorun.inf line reads the following, the second error message is displayed:


(where the filename.exe file is missing)

The file Autorun.inf is not intended to be on the hard drive root folder. They are used in CD-ROMs (to launch CD programs automatically).

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Hey out there. New to the forum.Yesterday I downloaded a corrupt file and now I have no access to my Task Manager and no its a result of the files If any of you guys could help it would be well appreciated. Heres the Hijack this log.Thank a bunch, VinzenzeLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 6:16:14 PM, on 2/2/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16574)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exeC:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exeC:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\nvsvc32.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Fi... Read more

Answer:Task Mananger Unaccessible/ Hijack This Log

Can anyone gather anything from this log.

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Hello I've been looking through some old threads and have seen similar problems as to the one I am having, however they mostly are trying to install a new driver or another problem is holding them up. I am just trying to explore the NVIDIA control panel as I am learning more and more about computers, but have hit a road block with the NVIDIA control panel. When I try to access it this is the error message that shows up:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BEX
Application Name: nvcplui.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 49b10fad
Fault Module Name: StackHash_f923
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Offset: 002fe4a0
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Data: 00000008
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: f923
Additional Information 2: f92312483911ff3caa0758fb27b58954
Additional Information 3: db84
Additional Information 4: db84cb8f7ffe57574cc3ef8e65849df0

These are the specs (I believe still learning things) of the display (1st pic)
I also looked at the drivers and the only one that had NVIDIA associated with it was turned off, not sure if that has to do with it or if I even have the correct driver(s) installed(2nd pic)

Here are the programs I have installed on this computer(give or take a few that you can't see at the top like chrome and personal programs) and its summary (3&4)

I've learned a lot from reading these forums in the past few mo... Read more

Answer:NVIDIA control panel unaccessible

All I do to get the control panel is Start and type in Nvidia and at the top is control panel. You can also right click on Desktop and there is a Nvidia Control Panel there.
Is this a laptop?

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Attempted to stream TV on my laptop (Aspire 7552G-6061/Windows 7).
McAfee alerted that it blocked a Trojan
Closed browser (Firefox) and got a brief BSOD
Comp restarted and I chose Safe Mode (w/o networking)
Ran anti-virus and it only scanned ~20% before shutting down comp
Rebooted in Safe Mode w/networking and re-scanned.
Completed and detected/removed 1 virus.
Re-scanned and went to bed.
Next day - booted and seemed OK. Not OK. Began false alerts and pop-ups, all desktop files disappeared except for trash can. Everything under START gone except for All Programs. Under All Programs, folders (empty) except for McAfee. Only way to get to internet and YOU is to launch McAfee and go to help website, which will launch Firefox.
McAfee tech suggests a sysfix.dll issue?
Installed and ran MalwareBYTES quick scan, cleaned (9) issues. Now I can see 'Computer' under START but no other folders/files.
Malwarebyte scan/clean, DDS and Attach logs below. 64-bit system so did not run gmer.

Answer:All files disappeared/unaccessible sysfix.dll?

Closed at member request.

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If you could help me with this .

I had performed Operating system installation due to C drive filling up :

post installation i dont have access to the Software drive .
it doesn't have a drive letter .

its showing up in Disk Management .
its showing up in DISKPART command .

Answer:LOGICAL DRIVE Missing /unaccessible

Right click on the drive to add a letter. Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums

Other tips here to get and keep a perfect Clean Reinstall Windows 7

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Hello, In the MS Store I downloaded Microsoft Mahjong. It loaded quickly and said it was installed. I cannot find it.

Now, I have a dual boot (win 8) and thought maybe the store is seeing the MS Mahjong from the Win 8 drive (C). Win 10 is E. I think it would be in ProgramFiles>WindowsAps but "You have been denied permission to use this folder. Please use the security tab"

I am the admin user (I verified under Users). What gives?

thank you,

Build 10130

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Can you help me figure out why I cannot access my Task Manager? I have tried everything. My fiancee brought this computer with him to my home in Dallas from his business in Houston. He had it for his business and he never used it. Since I've been using it, I discovered that I couldn't pull up Taskman by right-clicking on task bar. Nor could I get it by cont+alt+del. I did find the icon in windows folder, but it wouldn't open. I tried to do a sfc /scannow but that didn't work either because he doesn't have his disc. And after doing the scannow I find that I can no longer access my spreadsheets from excel! Please tell me you can help me! THANKS!Logs below:HiJackThis:Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 5:38:27 PM, on 6/22/2009Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16850)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exeC:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXBCES.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXPPS.EXEC:\Program Files\Bonjour\mD... Read more

Answer:TaskManager unaccessible-No virus found.

Hello . I removed the HJT log as they aren'y allowed here in this forum and to prevent this topic from being moved for now. if needed we will post it.

Are you receiving any error message about task manager?

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I am totally frustrated with this one. My husband and I have a home network set up over a router (DSL connection) with two different computer names and IP addresses with file sharing and printer sharing enabled using XP Home on both computers. Everything was working well until suddenly one day we could no longer share files. (We can still share the printer.) If I use map network, I can still see the other computer (from both computers) but when I try to access that computer I get a error message saying that I don't have permission. When I try Run \\Glenn (the other computer name - which is showing up on the network - I get the following error message:

"\\Glenn is not accessible. You might now have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Access is denied "

I have tried disabling the XP firewall, running the wizard again (and again), pinging (works fine), and anything else I can think of, but nothing work. I have no idea what could have happened to cause this. It was working great - I am not sure what caused the problem - maybe installing Service Pack 2 even though I have disabled the firewall? Please help... I have spent hours and hours and days and days on this one to no avail.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Answer:File Sharing Suddenly Unaccessible

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When I transferred from my old Windows98 systyem to XP Pro SP2 I zipped much data onto a DVD but now, altho I can see the files listed in explorer I cannot access them
Or in fact use the disk at all so cant copy them or anything.
It keeps telling me to insert disk or cannot read from source file or disk!
Does anyone know how I can repair the disk please? The is a great deal of information that I thort I had safely backed up but cannot access.
Your guidance would be appreciated thank you.

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Well, I have reinstalled Win2K. All that to fix the CD Player...

Anyway, I had a folder on my NTFS partition (the one containing win2k) the access to which had been restricted, before the reinstallation, to the administrator. I cannot open any of the 5000 or so files in it... tried everything I could think of, like taking ownership and, well... everything. Still can't open any of the files. Can't copy them (bet I can't delete them either, though I'd rather cut a couple of limbs than lose those files) can't do anything with them. How can I fix this?


Answer:Files unaccessible after reinstallation of win2k

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In the Task Scheduler library there is a subdirectory "Microsoft." It is shown as blank, though I know there are tasks there. Is this intentional or a quirk in my setup?. The reason I am looking this time is an article about reducing the size of the WinSxS folder This suggests to run the Task Scheduler Library\Microsoft\Windows\Servicing\StartComponentCleanup.

Answer:Task scheduler Microsoft unaccessible

Though this article was written for Windows 8 it talks about this scheduled task: Clean Up the WinSxS Folder. You can always run the DISM command manually, but I agree that something is amiss with your system. Using Everything to search for "StartComponentCleanup" on my production desktop, here's what I get:

If you want to try the manual command, the syntax is:


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Hi,I am having problems with my wireless network.I?m using a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and connecting to the internet using NTL.On Monday evening my Firewall (ZoneAlarm) decided for some reason to try to download a Vista update. I believe I managed to stop it before it done anything, but?Coincidently or otherwise my protected wireless network is now being shown as being unprotected (how would that have happened without someone disabling it?) and noone in the house can connect to it.I ran the NTL Broadband Medic which initially stated there was a problem with the firewall. I deleted ZoneAlarm as I?ve no confidence in it now and reran the Broadband Medic. It then stated that there was a problem and the Network Adaptor Test failed.I?ve not got a notion how to fix this. Does anyone have suggestions?The only previous time that I set up the wireless network I got someone to talk me through it. Secondly, can you have multiple (2 or more) networks running off the same router? I want to ensure that the previous network is fully deleted if I have to reinstall - how do I do this?Is there anywhere that I can get decent instructions guiding me to setting up the network?Finally, if I opt to reinstall and go for WPA protection can someone with a .b compliant wireless card use the network?Thanks.

Answer:Broadband network unprotected and unaccessible

I don't rate ZA either - I use Comodo, Jetico, or Kaspesky for networks. That said, I'm struggling a bit to work out why ZA would be to blame. But more to the point....Have you looked in the router's config yet to see if the WPA-PSK is still stored? I assume that you were smart and used that before this problem arose, but you mentioned at the end "if I opt to......go for WPA protection" which suggests that maybe you were wide open or using WEP. (Amounts to much the same thing really...)

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Hi, my toshiba 1tb external drive has become unaccessible after working fine till yesterday. When i plug in the drive the green bar ontop keeping forward and if i click on drive Explorer hangs. It also doesn't disply detail in my computer like free space. On previous threads you have asked for picture of disk management, i cant post it as it becomes unresponsive as soon as i plug in the drive. After searching for a while i am using photorec to recover files but it going slowly. Should i use ddrescue or clonezilla? Any other software?please any help would be appreciated. It is important that i recover my files.

Answer:External hard disk unaccessible

You could try burning a light weight linux distro to a CD such as Puppy Linux and see if your ext HDD is recognized along with the files.
Note when you mount partitions with puppy linux you can simply drag and drop folders from source to destination. When you drop you get options - select the copy not move.

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hi everyone,
i have a multi booy w7-w10-linux.
Could someone suggest me a trustable thirdy party sw (i already asked to MS and they said it is not possible with windows settings) to isolate partitions? i mean: if you are using w7, you can't access the partitions of w10 . or at least something that let you set the access only with a pw.
i know you can hide a partition with windows settings but this can't prevent a virus to access the other partitions.

I'd really appreciate if you could provide help.

looking forward to hearing from you.

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got a 40GB 2.5 samsung h/disk, after formatted to NTFS,
show 37.24GB and 66MB used. only 1 hidden system folder remain System Volume Information but couldnt access. System restore is turn off for the 2.5" harddisk. But how can it still occupid 66MB after formatting?

Answer:Unaccessible occupied storage space

The NTFS MFT occupies space on the drive, this is normal. The 37.2gigs is also normal, since disk manufacturers think a gigabyte is 1,000,000,000 bytes.

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Hard Disk - One Partition Unaccessible...!!!


I have attached three hard disks and have booted from one hard disk...but why one of
partition (partition J ) of another hard disk is not getting accessed from the hard disk
from which i have booted.

Normally i was able to access it in the past. Restarted but does not help. Also when I try
to access the same partition J by booting from its own hard disk; its accessible; this
means there is nothing wrong in partition J.

Any idea / suggestion as to how i can access partition J data while being booted from
another hard disk.

Thanks for ur anticipated help.

Best Regards


sunandoghosh at gmail dot com

p.s. The relevant screenshots are attached below:


Answer:Hard Disk - One Partition Unaccessible...!!!

Looking at your disk management screen, I'd venture that it needs to be formatted.

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Hi Guys,
As I know there are so many rundll issues and their solutions floating on internet, however I cannot find the solution of mine. It has all been started when I first got NTLDR is missing message when I was booting my system. At that time I didn't know what to do becus I cannot format system as my important data is on C Drive, so I just used Hiren boot to save my data on C Drive. I manage to get into the OS and moved C drive data to D drive and then-after I formatted my system, all is well then I can access my data n everything so I continued with installing other useful softwares like ccleaner and updated my windows.

But suddenly I am not able to get into the (shortcut of data drive) created under my D drive and whenever I tried to click and open the drive I got this message Error Loading_WNYGTGXVKKS.init .. the specified module could not be found all comes under RUNDLL message box, I have attached screenshot you can see that

Also when I right click this shortcut drive it shows 459 bytes however when I right click on D Drive it shows 41.4 GB of used space
Please can anyone help me I really need my data in this drive I have waited almost 2 weeks to get back my data and again something weird happening with ma data .

Answer:Unaccessible Data on Drive - RunDLL

Anyone outta here, looks like no one face such kind of issue. I would like to request to experts to see this problem and help me. I am new user here so please bear with me.

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I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 on a Lenovo laptop (T410), which I got almost a year ago, used. It had very few programs installed when I got it and up to a few of months ago, I am sure there was less than 100 GB on the C drive. I have not checked the C drive usage frequently to know when exactly this problem started.

I have Avast antivirus installed since I got the laptop and GrimeFighter installed recently on my computer.

I realize last week my C drive is quite full (244 GB in use). I know for sure I cannot have used more 100GB on the C drive. Disk clean up and defrag did not help. SpaceSniffer showed a 139GB of "unaccessible space" which contained no item. I don't know what this space is and what program needs it. How do I get back this piece of space? I searched Google but did not find any useful hints.

Answer:how to get back unaccessible space of 139GB on C drive

Hey, there is a known issue for Avast increasing System Protection max usage to 50%.
It will set it back to 50% if you change it manually too I guess.

You may search the forum or perhaps see a better resolution on Avast forums.

To check if you have this issue:
- Computer>Properties->System Protection->Configure
- Control panel->System->System protection->Configure
see the max usage percentage.

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Hello Tech Support People, I have a question concerning some recent weird occurrences with my computer. I apologize for the ensuing block o' text.

I noticed a few weeks ago that my antivirus (AVG2014 Free version) was not sitting in my toolbar like it used to. When I try to open it it says "This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator." So I looked up how to change group policies and so forth, but that didn't change anything. So I started up in safe mode and I CAN access it, but it doesn't detect any problems. I then, in my infinite wisdom, downloaded Panda Antivirus as I used it in the past and thought that in normal mode it could detect what avg couldn't. Well, turns out in normal mode I can't turn off the antivirus process in the background, so I have both panda and avg onstensibly running in the background, though there is no icon in the tray and I can't access their programs due to the aforementioned group policy issue.

I looked at some forums with people having similar problems and have downloaded and run rkill, combofix, and Windows-KB890830-x64-V5.11.exe. None of them notify me with any problems (I do have logs for them upon request).

I have noticed that my computer has problems starting up about 10-20% of the time now, freezing as I enter windows. It also seems to lag a little compared to before.

As per the forum rules, I will attach the requested logs below. If someone c... Read more

Answer:Antivirus unaccessible, computer acting weirdly

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Hi,I'm having problems with my network and windows firewall settings on Windows XP.1. The "Network Connections" icon in control panel is blank, and if I double-click on it, nothing happens.2. Windows Firewall is unaccessible. It says "Windows Firewall settings cannot be displayed because the associated service is not running. Do you want to start the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service?" If I click "Yes", it says "Windows cannot start the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) serivce."3. If I type "ipconfig" in CMD, it doesn't say any information, and says some error message instead, "The application has failed to start because netshell.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."Because of all this, I am unable to open any ports, however I'm still somehow able to use the internet.Here's a picture of the errors:'ve had these problems for a few weeks, and I'm not exactly sure what created them, but it may have happened when I installed a second harddrive or when I replaced my motherboard.Is there any way to fix this without reinstalling Windows?

Answer:Windows Firewall, Ics, Network Connections Unaccessible

Some reading here not sure if it's relativeMark

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I have been trying to boot my computer into safe mode by pressing F8 at start up but every time I did i got a blue screen with the following message:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer

If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. if this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check to be sure you have adequate disk space. if a driver is identified in the stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing video adapters

Check with your hardware vendor for any BIOS updates. disable bios memory options such as caching or shadowing. if you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press f8 to select advanced startup options, and then select safe mode

Techincal information:

***STOP: 0x0000007E (0xc0000005, 0x8053A593, 0xBA507684, 0xBA507380)

So I tried to boot it into safe mode by ticking the safeboot option in msconfig. Not only didn't that work but now my laptop won't boot at all. When I press the power button it gives me the option of safe booting or normal booting but even when i choose normal I still get the same blue screen message. I am running on xp sp 2 and it's a sony vaio laptop. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP? I have a whole bunch of files not backed up on my laptop not to mention I'm a computer geek. Thakns in advance

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Hi. I was looking for some solutions for my hard disk and i ended up here looking for something. Please help on the issue.

1. I was using my my Hard Disk , it was connected and i an restarted my laptop. After it was on the laptop did not recognised the hard disk and i was unable to see it annwhere.

2. I troubleshooted it and saw a a yellow color triangle on WD SES Device . In Disk Management tab also it was not recognised. I uninstalled the SES Driver and and did a lot of things Finally the Hard disk was Recognised in Disk Management Tab as " DISK 2 - Unknown , and it wanted me to initialize the Hard " Disk. (Screenshot Added)

3. I also used various Software to recover my Data ( Data Rescue , EaseUS , iCare , Ontrack ) most of them showed Bad LBA (Sector 1) and so on, some even stopped after clicking on the Hard disk. Current i am running EaseUS and iCare, It will take 3-4 hrs to complete.

4. I Also used WD Drice Utility Software and it Showed me a " SMART Status Failed" and on Run Quick/Complete Drive test its not responsive. (Screenshot Added).

Please Help me on this Issue as i think the HD is not dead as of now and something can be done.

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The frequency of my cpu (x220, i5 2410, 320gb hdd, 65W adapter) is stuck on 800Mhz and the temperature does not go above 51C even under heavy stress in High performance mode. Different power modes both in Windows and Lenovo's power manager do not have effect. In desperation I thought that there might be something wrong in bios (i have recently updated to v1.26) but neither F1 (bios), F8 (safe mode), ThinkVantage button, nor F12 (boot options) work. The screen goes from black directly to windows login screen. There is no "Think" boot screen, no windows loading goes straight to windows login page. It might something to do with the Rapidboot that I installed and unistalled recently but I am not really sure about this. Anyway, i am unable to use the system recovery console normaly available under F12 after reboot and I do not have the recovery disks either. However, since the pc does not allow me to choose the boot options they would be useless anyway. Any suggestios? Should I send it back to the manufacturer?Thanks a lot. 

Answer:bios unaccessible, the cpu frequency stuck on 800Mhz

Have you already tried updating the bios through the thinkpad update program in windows? The clock speed  throttling was supposed to be fixed in a bios update.  I would try that first.   

-If this post was helpful maybe consider giving me a kudos for it.Thinkpad x230 -i5, 16gb RAM, 240gb SSD, 500gb 7.2k hdd, win 8.1 proThinkpad x220t - multi-touch, i7, 16gb RAM, 80gb SSD, 320gb 7.2k hdd, win 7 pro 64

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after a format, i cant access the hosts file except in safe mode - and that is a pain for routine maintenance. i have read some entries here that are very close but dont address my circumstances. i have run adaware, ewido (ver 3.5 and 4.0), spybot14, cwshredder, hijack this(log only contains vid card, a/v, a sound card entry, and my firewall - thats all and they are not malicious), a2-squared, spyware doctor, syysweeper, and trojan hunter - no results. i have been able to edit/update hosts for a few years now, then this problem shows up. additionally, i cant send any filez out to anyone using mirc,polaris, or invision. i have power cycled my cable modem and my router, and no solution has been found, truthfully i think its something to do with windows, but i will consider your comments and they are appreciated.
p.s i use for my downloads and have d/l this file 5-6 times, so i am reluctant to think its a bad version

Answer:hosts file unaccessible this week, was ok for past 2 yrs

What exactly is your problem? Why are you trying to modify the HOSTS file?

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ok, so I used partition magic 7.0 to merge D: and E: into one partition, there were a load of files on E:\ which were supposed to be moved into a folder called JJ on the new merged D:\

The operation broke halfway and now, the new drive shows up in explorer, the folder JJ is empty and says it has 0 KB, there are no files, but in the partition properties it says the drive has over 60 GB occupied!? My files are there somewhere, but not visible somehow. The empty folder gives me 'Access Denied' if i try to copy or open it. But I am running the one and only admin account on the pc.

I ran scan disk which scanned the disk after a restart, and its all still the same.

Would anyone know what happened??



Answer:files invisible/unaccessible after merging partitions

If, as you say, "the operation broke halfway", then the creation and moving of the files doesn't appear to have occurred. You may be able to use file recovery software to retrieve the files, but I suspect they are simply gone, especially since Partition Magic was working with the partition properties and the FAT.

EDIT: Everyone has to learn the hard way, but from my experience, NEVER work on a HDD that has files you want to keep.

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men i keep getting this Unaccessible boot device error even after i have swapped out hard drives three times and it won't let me even format.

Answer:Unaccessible boot device/blue screen

Did you try another cable?
"won't let me even format"
How are you trying to format the drive?

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Hi guys and gurls.
As you've probably guessed, i have a security issue.
Theres this folder on one of my drives, secondary drive, and i can't access it or delete it or even move it. I have no clue how it got there or where it came from or how to get rid of it. No scans recognise it eg. avg virus scan doesn't recognise it or even pick it up, but when i run a spyware scan, an avg pop up appears and recognises it. That pop up allows you to ignore it, delete it, heal it or move to vault. But you can select any one option and nothing happens. It also has this weird name, e7eea72b60191b8f411240ebb9c0231e, told you weird dnt tink it makes any difference but jus thot i'd mention it. And as i said in the title think it may be win32/parite or sumthin. But i've already used a win32/parite removal tool but it still re-appears. Someone please help, any help would do i just want this folder removed and gone.

Thanks for taking the time to read my prob guys n gurl.

Answer:Unaccessible folder (possibly win32/parite)

Hi ice_786,
If you are sure it's safe to get rid of that file, you might find this free prog - Move On Boot will help you:


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Hey guys, I'm new to these forums, and I really like how they look like, and how they're active, and everything.
After searching for my answer for several hours, I decided to register here and post you my problem. I hope I'll stick around on the forum, and become a regular member. Here goes:

So, yesterday, I wanted to limit off my moms account from accessing my hard drives. And all that went fine, but low and behold, I had to change the Users Permissions on my E: drive (I have a few partitions).

So, first off, I changed the permissions of Users to Denied. After that, I (with my administrator account) couldn't access the E: drive at all. So, I went to the security options again, and then I changed the Users permissions to default again (Read and Execute, List Folder Contents and Read). And that worked, but it only regained me access to half of my disk. I can access it now, and I can access some files, but some files are completely invisible. They do show up when I try to change the permissions again, just telling me that the access on the file is denied. So, they're there, but I can't seem to get to them.

Anyway, I tried accessing them from Windows 8 Developer Preview, and the folder Archives (that's the folder I was using to see if I can unlock the files from it, after it, I could go on to other folders) said that it was empty. The same as on Windows 7. Then I took my Ubuntu LiveCD and tried accessing the folder from there, and Ubuntu (from the LiveCD) also said t... Read more

Answer:Tempered with Windows security options - folders unaccessible

Quote: Originally Posted by Acolyte192

Anyway, thanks in advance. I hope someone can help me. Also, one question. Will uninstalling Windows 7 completely remove the permission setting from all those files and folders?


No! NTFS permissions are stored on the file system along with the file they are not a setting in Windows but of the file itself. The problem, you applied DENY permissions which override ALLOW permissions on a group all users are part of, the USERS group. Even tho the ADMINISTRATORS group is given ALLOW those DENY permissions set to USERS takes precedence thus locking yourself out.

You might try from an administrative command prompt: (Not tested.)

icacls E:\* /remove:d users /T /C /L

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Hello. Through the power of google, I have come here to see If I can get any help recovering data. Essentially found this thread: disk 1 is unknown, not initialized, unallocated and just having really similar issues.

Issue is with my sisters External Hard drive, a WD My Passport Elite 070B.
Asked her a few questions on how she was using the drive/any issues and she explained that she had to pull the usb plug while still reading/writing because it would hang/freeze (/facepalm)

Downloaded PW Minitool Recovery and EasyRecovery Pro Trial, but haven't really run any lengthy tests yet. Just tried them out for 10 mins to see if anything would show up. Going to leave the computer on tonight and do a full scan though.

Some other things I have tried:
-Tried connecting it to other PC's/Laptops(XP/Vista/Windows 7/OSX). Same thing.
-Tried different USB cables

Any suggestions or things I should try?

Answer:Unaccessible External Hard Drive: Disk 1 Unknown, Not Initialized

I'm facing the same problem too....
Un-detection of my ext BUFFALO MiniStation HD-PCTU3 3.0

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Helly everyone,

I got into custimisation and everything worked wel until i tried to change my start orb. The tool I used didnt work and now my start orb (looking default) is not clickable and, whats quite worse, I can't drag files onto my desktop nor rightclick it. As I have little to no knowledge about this in general and also couldnt find any help through Google, I really hope someone here can help me out.

Answer:After customising, start menu doesnt work and desktop is unaccessible

Try using System restore
System Restore
What tool did you use?

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I have a Dell XPS M1730 and I run Windows XP. For several months now I am been unable to do Windows Update. I will go to tools and click on Windows Update and nothing happens. I have also typed in and it will not go to the site. Also when I try to click on a link in IE it will redirects me to a site that has nothing that I googled. Now if I open it in another tab then it does open correctly. Also if Im just doing nothing I get another window that just opens up or I will get these pop ups. I do not click on them. But I don't know what to do about it. I also did a scan tonight and it stated there were several trojans that were unaccessible. C\windows\system32\wuaucltexe(3000)\memory_001b0000 and also C\windows\ExplorerEXE(1656)\memory_001a0000. I hope you can help me. I did have 2 viruses that came on my computer about a month ago. I did get the first one off but the second one I had to go to a professional to get it off. But even before then I couldn't get Windows update and I couldn't click on a link straight because it would open with something else. Thank you in advance.

I tried to post this on my computer put it wouldn't let me.

Answer:Unable to do Windows Update, getting Popups, redirecting to another browser, and trojans unaccessible

Your computer is probably serious infected. Follow the steps on the article:

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As you can see by the title I am having several problems but I believe they are all caused by the same malware.


Windows XP SP3, "all" updates

F-Secure Internet Security 2008

Firefox 3.0.9 as preferred browser

The symptoms:

If I click on a google search result I am occasionally redirected away from the actual website to some other website usually an ad and I must go back to get the real site.

If I attempt to run Cmd.exe from the run dialog nothing appears and explorer crashes (the blue bar at the bottom goes away which I believe is indication of this) then when it reloads my tray bar is missing several of its components.

I have also tried to run cmd.exe from a file browser, but it will just not run. However, if I copy the file and rename it to foo.exe, then it runs just fine.

Windows update shows me a single high priority update (.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1), but when I try to install it, it freezes.

Frequent "generic hos process" crashes caused by svchost.exe

As opposed to other people I have seen posting with similar problems, I have no problems accessing web sites belonging to antivirus companies, or

Attempted fixes:

I ran ATF cleaner

F-Secure full scan, found nothing

Kaspersky online scan, found nothing

Malware Bytes Anti Malware, found nothing. Strangely, it could not update itself, so I had to download the latest database file manually.

Super Antispyware, found nothing

GMER.... Read more

Answer:Google redirects, Cmd.exe unaccessible, explorer crashes, Windows update freezes, etc.

Let's run an online virus scan called Kaspersky or KAV for short Internet Explorer.Please disable your resident Antivirus before performing the scan and re-enable it afterward.Choose the online scanner option1. At the main page. Press on "Accept". After reading the contents.2. At the next window Select Update. Allow the Database to update.Note: If prompted to run or update your Java, then follow the prompts to do so. Kaspersky requires Java to run.3. Once the Database has finished, under the Scan icon Select My Computer to start the scan. The scan may take a few minutes to complete.4. Select Scan Report.5. If any threats were found they will appear in the report6. Select "Save error report as"Then in the file name just type in kasperskyUnder "save as type" select text .txt Save it to your Desktop.Please post the KAV scan report in your next reply.after a reboot/restart Please download and run Processexplorer file and save as, create a log and post here copy and paste into a reply

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An   issue prevented Internet Explorer from displaying the web page.    Click the button above to launch HP Network Check to automatically   diagnose and repair the issue.<o:p></o:p><u1:p></u1:p>
About HP Network Check

Can automatically detect, diagnose and repair   many common network issues

Integrated with Windows Network Diagnostics   Framework, so it runs both simultaneusly

Provides clear instructions to resolve issues   that cannot be fixed automatically

Shows key system and network information for   easier troubleshooting


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I am trying to fix my friend's computer (the key word here is *trying*) and I ran across some things that I have no idea how to fix. First off, I used Spybot Search and Destroy in Normal mode and Safe mode to try and get rid of as much as possible. Even after doing this, I am still getting the world's most annoying messagebox with the title of "Windows Security Alert" The body of the messagebox reads as follows: "Warning! Potential Spyware Operation! Your computer is making unauthorized copies of your system and Internet files. Run full scan now to pervent any unauthorised access to your files! Click YES to download spyware remover . . ." I have no idea how to get rid of this.

Also, when trying to go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, I find that i can no longer access Control Panel (it says that the operation is cancelled due to restrictions on this computer, but there is only one account and it is admin). Now, Control Panel no longer shows up anywhere!

Posted below is my HijackThis file. I would appreciate any help with this matter. Thanks!!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:11:20 AM, on 3/21/2002
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Pro... Read more

Answer:"Warning! Potential Spyware Operation!" messagebox and unaccessible Control Panel

You should print out these instructions, or copy them to a NotePad file for reading while in Safe Mode, because you will not be able to connect to the Internet to read from this site.

Please download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri)
Extract the content (a folder named SmitfraudFix) to your Desktop.

Next, please reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following :
Restart your computer
After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, tap the F8 key continually;
Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu with options should appear;
Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode, then press "Enter".
Choose your usual account.
Once in Safe Mode, open the SmitfraudFix folder again and double-click smitfraudfix.cmd
Select option #2 - Clean by typing 2 and press "Enter" to delete infected files.

You will be prompted: "Registry cleaning - Do you want to clean the registry?"; answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter" in order to remove the Desktop background and clean registry keys associated with the infection.

The tool will now check if wininet.dll is infected. You may be prompted to replace the infected file (if found); answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter".

The tool may need to restart your computer to finish the cleaning process; if it doesn't, please restart it into Normal Windows.

A text file will appear onscreen, with results from the cleaning pr... Read more

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I used the program Regvac to clean my computer earlier today.After using it I found that I couldn't access anything on my computer. If I tried to use a program such as paint, or even if I tried to use the system restore, it said that the file could not be found.If i tried to redownload any of the files, it would say that "exe" is not a recognized file type.How can I fix this problem?

Answer:"REGVAC" Caused all drivers and programs to become unaccessible. Please help!

What operating system, please?

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I have 2 GB ram in my Computer. I want to upgrade my ram if i will buy it from market it can be very costly so i want to use pendrive as a ram is anyone is here who can help me how to use pendrive act like as a ram.

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My USB pendrive is not being detected. I tryed on 3 differents computers, every time the Windows install the pendrive but I can't see it nowhere, not even in disk management in computer management.
Can anyone help?

Answer:How to fix my USB pendrive?

Time for a new pendrive I'm afraid... The don't last forever

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Question: PENDRIVE

is there a pen drive which supports  - LenovoYoga 3 Pro - 1370 i need to use it as like microsoft surface tablets pens.


Hi achussaini,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
If you are looking for a working pen for your Yoga 3 Pro, then this discussion here.
It uses multipoint capacitive touch technology and not with the pressure sensitivity offered with active type pens.
Other pen choices that works fine with others are also discussed here.
Hope this helps answer your query.

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Dear Friends
This issue may be repeated, and may occur to any of us
I have a USB flash drive, of 8GB
it worked fine for months,
but unfortunately, it is not working any more!
If inserted, the computer recognizes it as a flash drive, and places it in the "Safely Remove Hardware",
but if we tried to open it, it says "Insert disk in drive..."
I saw it's properties it says: Rmovable disk>>> Size 0MB !!!
where the media gone?
I tried to format it says "no disk in drive..."
I tried to fix using HP recovery, and other utilities, but it insists on, "No disk in drive"

Is there is something to do?
Please help...

Answer:USB pendrive 8GB=0MB

This can happen when the drive is not removed properly.
Plug in the drive,then go to "my computer".
Right click the drive and click eject.
Remove the drive and restart the computer.
Try the drive again.

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Question: Pendrive

while am formatting...this error is showing"windows is unable to complete the format".
how can i format it?please post the answer


Select Quick Format and format it to FAT32.

Try various other options one by one if the above does not work, like NTFS, exFAT etc.

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i want to play movies on my LG lcd TV through Pen Drive.

plz guide me or give me software for that

thanking u

Answer:use pendrive on lcd


Have you checked your tv manufacturer's website to see if your tv can play movies from just a usb flash drive as most lcd tv's don't do that if this is what you mean. The usb slot on a TV is there mainly for updates for itself, although having said that there is a few that will let you play a slideshow of pictures from it.

Have a look online at LG's website typing in your tv's make model/serial number, it will definitely tell you.


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Question: About pendrive

My pendrive have virus.. if pendrive have virus can it be format away those virus? thank for help.

Answer:About pendrive

Yes, you can format it, but you should check with the manufacturer to see if they have any recommendations.

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Question: pendrive's

HI,I was reading an article the other day about a chap who had spybot and other spyware software on his usb pendrive,and not on his pc i was wondering if it wasn't installed on any pc how was he running the spybot etc, on any machine to check for errors spyware without it being installed on the pc it was just on his pendrive.Puzzles me or is it me? help.Thanks daiol.


I think he probably had the installer executables on the pen drive. Then he could go to any PC with a USB port and install the program without having to download (especially if the internet connection wasn't working).I've done a similar thing with a collection of anti-malware and diagnostic programs burned to a CD.

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hi i have a 4gb usb pendrive ,i want to keep all my photoes on,(about 2.5gb ) in total i have loaded all of them from my h/d onto the pendrive,but i can only view 1 gb,all the otherscome up with an error saying that i can not open them because the are in a(pcd file extension) it alos give me the oppertunity to rename them but that dose not work, i am sure they were all in "jpg" on my h/d ,so i cant figure out whtas going total i have 84 folders in jpg format on my h/d,on the pendrive i have 84 folders, i can only read 22 in jpg all the rest are in (pcd).i hope someone on here can understand what im saying many thanks for reading this

Answer:4gb usb pendrive only using 1gb ?

this is a blind guess but it could be the 84 folders some equipment does not like too many folders. Could you start again but nest the folders inside other folders so that the drive sees a smaller no.

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Question: os on pendrive

how can i install xp on my usb pendrive?

Answer:os on pendrive

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Question: USN pendrive

I have a new laptop on XP Home and a user account as the administratoraccount.Plugged in a usb2 pen drive and I am told on screen "that aceess to the pendrive is denied. Consult your adminstrator".I open up my user account and cannot find any help on how to gain that access.

Answer:USN pendrive

First question, do you use USB for anything else?In other words, could it be turned off?

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I have a P4 computer but its RAM is just 256 MB. If anyone knows any method to use a pendrive as a RAM, please tell it to me. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Using Pendrive as a RAM on XP

This is not recommended, not practical, and I don't think it's possible. USB Storage Devices store memory as Flash memory, which is different than the type of memory used in your RAM. They are accessed differently and have different characteristics.The main difference is that the Flash Drive retains its memory when the power is turned off, whereas the RAM is completely erased when you turn off the power.Also, if you manage to get the USB Drive working as RAM, it would be like driving a car without circular wheels. It is just too slow to be used as RAM.Can you not purchase any more RAM? It doesn't come too expensive.

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Question: Pendrive problem


Today, i bought myself a 512mb pendrive, i wanted to use it, windows recognized it as a removable drive without any problems, so i drag-n-dropped a file onto the drive window, but it froze at 30 percent

Ive tried rebooting but no change, the files were still freezing at 20-50 percent

Ive tried to disconnect, and then connect my pendrive, but this also didnt work

I went to a friend of mine to see if this is because of a badly manufactured pendrive, but at his place everything seems to work out ok

Now, im quite a newb to computers, so if you guys could hook me up with any solutions do this, id be very thankful

My system is winxp sp1

Answer:Pendrive problem

first i would say, get sp2 and all the updates, and you'r sure you have no bugs, i would try to copy one file using xp right click. can't get much in 512mb.but clean temps. defrag, run chkdisk, unplug it, restart, nothing else running, try again.

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Hello,I was fomat my laptop after that it was not detecting any pendrive so what can I do?

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Question: Pendrive problem

I am using moserbaer pen drive (4GB) . When i plug it into my USB port, I get the icon of it in system tray but i could not see my pen drive icon in the explorer window.

Not only with pen drive even with the card reader the same problem( i could not see the contents of the memory card)
Please help me.

Answer:Pendrive problem

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Is it possible to install XP onto a USB pendrive and boot it from there? If it is possible, how to do it?

Also, does it have any drawbacks, disadvantages? I think I read somewhere that flash drives have a maximum lifetime, which is measured in write operations performed on them. If the number of write operations exceed this number, the flash drive will eventually get unreliable.
And, given that Windows is using the pagefile almost constantly, it will ruin a flash drive in a few hours. Can any expert confirm this?



PS: A little background for those interested.
I want this because I want to separate my internet banking operations from all the rest I do with my computer. So I need a second system, which is securely away when I work or surf or play, and which, therefore, is inaccessible for any possible attacks originating from viruses or hackers. (So a 2nd partition won't do, because it's part of the system all the time.) I don't like the idea of always changing hard drives, whenever I want to do banking, so I need an external source for booting the OS. USB pendrives came to mind.

Answer:Install XP onto USB pendrive?

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Question: boot from pendrive

hi i am using an acer aspire4736 model laptop.unknowingly i have cleared registryfiles with tuneup software.From then my system is not loading o.s.just it is showing boot options then a blank screen is appearing and again boot options like that.and i tried to boot it from pendrive but it is showing the option to boot from pendrive but i was unable to boot.then i tried with a DVD then it is not showing any option to boot from a DVD.please help me.

Answer:boot from pendrive

rams395 said:

hi i am using an acer aspire4736 model laptop.unknowingly i have cleared registryfiles with tuneup software.From then my system is not loading o.s.just it is showing boot options then a blank screen is appearing and again boot options like that.and i tried to boot it from pendrive but it is showing the option to boot from pendrive but i was unable to boot.then i tried with a DVD then it is not showing any option to boot from a DVD.please help me.Click to expand...

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Question: pendrive problem

i everyone,i bought a pendrive 4gb a week ago n now it isn't working.
'the disk needs to be formatted' apperars upon inserting it n 'windows cannot complete formatting' appears wen i try to format it. i cannot open or explore the pendrive. it also shows zero capacity. i'm using vista home premium, RAM: 4gb and HDD: 250 gb. plz help.

Answer:pendrive problem

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Question: bootable Pendrive


Can u help me to create bootable usb Pendrive to install after windows? please give tutorial for it.

thanks in advanced.

Answer:bootable Pendrive

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

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My pen drive can't be detected in any computer.
when plug in to pc shows, 'USB Device Not Recognized' and ' One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, Windows does not recognize it'. When i check in device manager it shows 'Unknown Device'. Please help me coz got some important data inside. Dont have back up too. Ur help is highly appreciated. thank u.

Answer:Pendrive does not work in USB

welcome to TSG - I have moved you post into a thread of its own,
please do not put your questions in other peoples posts

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i can't format or copy any data into my pendrive
It shows that Pendrive is write protected..!!
please do help...

Answer:pendrive not able to format...!!

Worst case: Your pen drive is dead. A pen drive that has gone through thousands of Read/ Write cycles can die a natural death when its flash controller decides that it had had its full run and it is no longer safe to write any data on it.(simple non-technical explanation. )

Since you have not given any details about the pen drive in question like the model/make/capacity, for how long you have been using it, whether it is still under warranty, whether other pen drives works normally on your computer,whether you had tried this pen drive on another computer and with what results, and if it shows in the Windows Disk Management how does it appear (is it RAW) etc., etc., it is not possible to give any specific suggestion to deal with that problem.

So here you go on a round-trip.

How To Fix Write Protection Errors On a USB Stick

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I got one weird problem with my new pendrive (bought 3). Cannot copy any dvd or avi file inside the pendrive (Steelmate 32gb). All data related to dvd/avi cannot be opened. I've try already with regular pendrive, evrything fine. When I bought the pendrive, seller state inside the auction page "designed exclusively for microsoft office data only". Other file like worksheet/picture/software running smooth with
the pendrive. I really think there no faulty hardware error with the drive. Maybe some kind of unlocked thing. Hope somebody can give me an idea. TQ .

I've already:

Format the pendrive
Scan for faulty
Zip the dvd/avi n move to the drive

p/s u can check the pendrive picture here:

Answer:Cannot copy dvd/avi to Pendrive

What format is the drive?
IF it claimed to be for other OSes it might of been FAT, when you reformatted did it format FAT32 or NTFS?
Are the files larger that 4GB?

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when i connect my usb pen drive to my pc it shows 'usb does not recognize' this happend me after i had put it on my friend pc, os is xp, kingston usb pls help me

Answer:problem with usb pendrive

How old is it?  Does it work on another computer?

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I have moserbaer 4gb pendrive.i use the Novicorp WinToFlash 0.6.0005 beta tool to make my usb bootable it works well i m able to installed windows 7 on my pc .But when i plug thid usb into anthor system it did not works i tried it on 4 different systems. It show the usb is not recoginized by windows XP.... i also tried window device manager properties.It did not work...Plz help me............................


Why did you make it bootable? Have you tried reformatting it?

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Question: Bootable pendrive

I know its been covered before however using a pendrive for a bootable drive are they faster than say a standard HDD due to the solid state memory?

Say for example i had a 4Gb pendrive and installed all the O/S and drivers onto the drive, would it boot faster than my 7200 160Gb HDD?

Or alternatively used the files and setting transfer wizard to make the drive bootable?

Surely the onboard memory of the drive has faster access speeds in a USB2 slot? Or does it have to be a USB1.1 because the drivers for the USB2 wont load at first boot?

Just being nosey really!

Answer:Bootable pendrive

Nope, a USB stick isn't any faster - some new SSDs (actual hard drives) are around the same speed as a good HDD.

A bootable USB stick will be quite slow and won't last as long as it has a limit on the amount of writes. They are good for playing with Linux though

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HELP-my pendrive has broken(almost snapped in fact) and contains word files that I need tomorrow. The files were only saved on the pendrive-will there be a copy hidden anywhere on the laptop's hard drive that I can access?All help appreciated cheers

Answer:Help!! Pendrive broken

If you had autosave on there may be files in the 'temp' folder. if you can remember the names do a search on the name.

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I have a 32 Gb pendrive which used to work, but now won't format. I get the error message "Windows was unable to complete the format."When I go into properties for the pendrive, it says that the File System is RAW.Is this behind the problem, and is it fixable?Running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3.

Answer:pendrive won't format

from kioskea.net1. insert the pendrive 2. dont open or format it directly 3. right click on my computer and go to manage computer managment window click on disk managment option 5. right click on the removable disk (i,h....) 6. select format

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When I plug my usb pendrive into usb port computer hangs. If I go 'ctl'+'alt'+'del' it tells me prog.'MSQSRV32' not responding. only way out is to end task. After this if I go to 'device manager' the icon for pendrive has red X on it and properties tell me windows has had trouble accessing mass storage device. I am running windows 98se and processor is a pentium MMX.Does anyone out there have a fix for this problem.I have also re-installed the drivers and problem persists.

Answer:usb pendrive problems

it looks like a driver problem, I have never seen anything in device manager with a red x, usually only a yellow conflict sign.What type of pendrive is it, and where did you buy it?the only thing I can think of is to run the system file checker, put the w98 cd in the drive, click start, run and type sfc and allow it to replace any corrupted files from the cd.

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Question: vista and pendrive

I have just bought a 4 gb pen drive. My laptop which runs vista will recognise it but my desktop pc does not and also when I insert the pendrive my pc crashes and will not restart or close downAny help on solving this much appreciatedIt is a sandisk

Answer:vista and pendrive

inserting the drive before you start the PC?What happens if you do that?

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32 gb kingston pendrive not responding

Answer:pendrive not responding

If you've had it for a while it may have reached the end of it's life. There is a limit to how many times you can write to it, and a limit to how long it will retain the data that's on it.I have found the original low capacity ones to be far more reliable, I'm still using a 1GB one after 5 years daily use, whereas the 8GB one I bought didn't last more than a year. So I no longer buy them. I use external hard drives instead. They cost more initially but are more reliable and last longer so you actually save money over the longer term.

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Question: pendrive locking

my pendrives nowdays are frequently been stolei dont know who did itso now i wanna ask your help to lock the pendrivei tried using bitlocker but i doubt the securityi want it to be locked,unwritable and most importantly unformatable i google for the softwares but each software has it own functionis there other ways to lock my pendrive?additional- i dont know if this sounds logic but can you trace your pendrive?maybe by putting something in the pendrive and track it when the person plugged the pendrive and then we trace it over the internet find their ip address maybe?

Answer:pendrive locking

no you cant trace it through ip it which is your pendrive company some pendrive companies have their own locking program

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i have pen drive. it contain some folders. after inserting in my friends system.. it shows all my folders as shortcuts. but in drive property space is not reduce. i was scanned with my avast5.0 and latest McAfeeit detected two viruses bit it didn't bring my files back..

Answer:about virus in my pendrive

You can use avira to remove these virusyou can use trojan remove too can use this software to recover your usb data

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Hi, I have a pen drive of 64 GB having some important data in it, I have taken backup of my important data, the problem is that if i am copying any data into this, copied data not appearing, i tried this many times but still data not appearing. my previous data is still in it and appearing i am able to use my data and can copy to my computer but i am unable to copy more files into it,
if i try to delete all files of my pendrive, it processed done but files reappear and coming back in my pendrive,
also it is not formatting saying "Window was unable to complete format".
I have also tried cmd, disk management and third party software like EaseUS, PartitionGuru etc. but Pendrive is not formatting.
please suggest any solution.

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Good morning to all.
Since the latest windows 10 update, When I insert a usb pen drive into usb port on my laptop it don't show up I have to go into the File explorer to open the drive,And this is the same with a usb hdd.
Been looking in the auto runs section but failed to solve the problem.
Any Help on this Please, I know its not a major issue but annoying.
Many thanks David.

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Good morning to all.
Since the latest windows 10 update, When I insert a usb pen drive into usb port on my laptop it don't show up I have to go into the File explorer to open the drive,And this is the same with a usb hdd.
Been looking in the auto runs section but failed to solve the problem.
Any Help on this Please, I know its not a major issue but annoying.
Many thanks David.

Answer:USB Pendrive problem

Hi Dafydd,

Go into settings and make sure your AutoPlay is configured to open the folders for removable drives:

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thought you might find this intrusting...

richard.jones said:

GmailFS provides a mountable Linux filesystem which uses your Gmail account as its storage medium. GmailFS is a Python application and uses the FUSE userland filesystem infrastructure to help provide the filesystem, and libgmail to communicate with Gmail.

GmailFS supports most file operations such as read, write, open, close, stat, symlink, link, unlink, truncate and rename. This means that you can use all your favourite unix command line tools to operate on files stored on Gmail (e.g. cp, ls, mv, rm, ln, grep etc. etc.).Click to expand...

here is the link


Answer:Gmail as pendrive!?

The Portable Virtual Privacy Machine

Carry your entire Internet communication system on a tiny USB drive.

Contains a complete virtual Linux machine with privacy-enabled Open Source Internet applications.

Carry your Internet applications, email, bookmarks, history, web cookies, download files in your pocket.
Perfect for travellers - nothing to be scanned, started, poked, or prodded at the airport.
Get English keyboard support no matter what computer you use.

No installation needed - just plug the drive into any Windows or Linux computer, and click on the Virtual Privacy Machine icon and you're ready to go.
The VPM's network connection will auto configure and run seamlessly on any machine with a working internet connection..

All Internet session data (cookies, history, downloads, etc.) are stored on the VPM, not the host computer.
Runs on any rewriteable media (USB drives, Flash Memory cards, Secure Digital devices, iPods, etc.)
This PR1 release runs on Windows and Linux - final release version will also run on OS X.Click to expand...
just might be in the front page tommrow
GmailFS might be too

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Hi, I have an r32 and I'm trying to boot from a pendrive to start Ubuntu.  I used the Ubuntu creator to make a bootable pendrive. When I press F12 and choose "usb external drive" it boots into windows xp.  So far I changed the setting allowing usb to run as "a" drive but it still boots into xp.  The Ubuntu live cd boots up fine. Thanks,

Answer:Booting from pendrive in R32

Welcome to the forum!R32, like any other ThinkPad from that generation (A31/p, T30) will NOT boot from a pendrive.It WILL boot from a conventional USB CD-ROM or FDD.Hope this helps.

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