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Slow Dell customer support: how to get (actual) Dell support?

Question: Slow Dell customer support: how to get (actual) Dell support?

After having been in touch with Dell support for nearly three months, I decided to recount my experiences here, mainly to provide insights for future Dell customers as to what their rights are, and to provide tips on how to effectively contact tech support.
I hope this guide can be of use for people struggling with their purchase as much as I did (and in fact, continue to).
Anyone having further insight to improve this article is welcome to leave notes here, and I will try to incorporate them in an update if deemed relevant.

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Preferred Solution: Slow Dell customer support: how to get (actual) Dell support?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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 I bought the Laptop Dell about 4 months ago, model : Inspiron, i see a problem with my laptop : the powder coating at the left-lower conner was foamed and the color was darker (original color is silver).I think it is dirty.So i clean it and the paint cover was laptop was urgIy. have contacted to Dell Support center in Vietnam.But i can not image that They said Dell can not make warranty.I ask him Why ??? He explained to me the issue is made by customer. how they can said that! It is so funny.i wonder whether the issue happen with other Laptop Dell ? and How did Dell support his customer ??? 
Now, I feel angry with Dell.and I also understand Why so many people choose Apple's laptop....

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Nobody would Help me downgrade my Dell Inspiron from Win8.1 pro to windows 7 pro.

Is it a useless post? 
well, I purchased Dell Inpiron 3542 with Windows 8.1 Pro OEM
and been using it since half a year or so, and now I want to downgrade to windows 7 Pro because that's faster and more comfortable to me.. check this article, yes its free of cost but just for OEMs,
Now I'm wasting 2 hours of my time already while debating with Microsoft customer support as well as Dell Support on phone again and again. and they just won't cooperate at all, whats the matter? aren't us your legitimate customers, now please some one kind enough there to help?
I'l send Express Code or Service Tag in private message, just some one please help me out.


Answer:Is Dell Customer Support so careless to me?

You are absolutely correct that your purchase of Windows 8.1 Pro pre installed on your Dell computer gives you the right to 'downgrade' to Windows 7 Pro.   The Microsoft artical that you linked to states that quite plainly.  It is a bit surprising that someone could misinterpret that.
But there is no magic wand that makes this downgrade happen.  It requires that you completely wipe your current installation of Windows and reinstall the new version yourself, followed by all the necessary driver, Windows updates, application software, and your data.  A very time consuming undertaking, more so if you do not do it regularly.  
But that Microsoft article also states "Neither Microsoft nor the OEM is obligated to provide media for the downgrade."  In other words you have to obtain the software media yourself (as well as all necessary drivers that are readily available for download from Dell).  The article also details what to do should your new installation of Windows not automatically be activated (call Microsoft about activation as instructed in the Windows Activation dialog - explain that you are downgrading 8.1 Pro to 7 and they will probably ask for your 8.1 activation code from the sticker found on the PC).
I have two suggestions on how you may want to proceed to rid yourself of Windows 8.1.  The simplest is to upgrade for free to Windows 10.  This 'in-place upgrade' can be done directly over your... Read more

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I bought a used Dell laptop from a reputable vendor, but unfortunately the admin password in the BIOS was set. A week ago I tried asking Dell support if there was a way to remove or access the function.
"Oh yes sir, we can do that!" was their reply. "But you have Business Services, you have to speak with Consumer Services. Here is their number."
The next agent says, "Oh yes, we can do that but you have to speak to the people at Out-of-Warranty Services. Don't worry. This one time service call will be free."
The next agent says, "Oh yes sir. We can do that but you must speak to the Canadian Services group."
The next agent says, "Oh yes sir. We can help you, but you must register online and provide a receipt as proof of purchase, and a picture of your service tag."
I go online, create an account, have my Dell recognized by the website by installing an app, and get the required documents and start all over again.
After going through all the transfers from one agent to another, I find someone that finally seems to be able to help me. I email him the documents. The account that I created seems to be completely inconsequential as they ask me for more registration, and details. We mess around with establishing me as a Dell client for 2 hours (of a day of vacation).
He finally tells me that he has a password that I can use to access the BIOS settings. I reboot and try it, and of course, it doesn't work. Several hours making ph... Read more

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Has any forum member encountered a "stop all activity" order from Financial Services when trying to submit a change of ownership form ? I purchased a relatively new Dell XPS M1530 from a storage unit auction and while trying to assume ownership online, a D-Tech took me all the way to the point of removing the Master P/W then announced a problem w/ Financial Services. Using a landline I contacted them only to have Finance transfer me straight back to Support which said they were transfering me back to Finance who said they would transfer me to T. Support.... at which point I hung up. Any Clues out there ? I have noticed user hpgl posting bios/master p/w and submit the following info in hope theres a chance I too could be helped.
Thankx to all forum users and especially posters who dare to break the bond big industry thinks they have on the personal computers who purchase their products..
Dell XPS M1530
Duo 2.4
service 5TBZ6G1
express 12657547873

Answer:Dell Customer Support/Ownership Change

Surely someone has encountered this situation w/ Dell Financial. As big as they are and as many of us that there are,the chances are atleast 50-50. So I'll ask in a diff'rent way:
Anyone care to share their tips, numbers and or experiences sufferred from DELL with respect to master p/w requests, change of ownership requests and generally any info we as a group may find usefull ? Like,for example,the pertinent info from a live support chat (number codes ) not the entire chat but the meat of the request..

anyway just an attempt to get my post number up and maybe get the info to do it myself. My selfishness shall end with this: I've shorted 6 systems with 100% success and will post my photos and results.

Dell XPS M1530
s/t 5TBZ6G1
e/t 12657547873

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So I just ordered a Dell XPS 15 and got the confirmation email and everything. When I try to click on see order status a blank page shows up, when I try to search by the Internet Receipt Number, nothing is found. I tried calling Dell Norway several times, but a automatic voice machine say I should go to the website for answers or chat with Dell. When I open a chat no one there is willing to help me and are giving me a email to a 3rd party shop that sells Dell computers, but they can't help me because I didn't place a order with them.
I'm getting so frustrated with this I'm considering canceling my order!!

Answer:Dell customer support can't find my order and no one is helping me!!

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please private message us the Internet Receipt Number along with your email id and we will check on the status of this order.
Note: Please don't share the Internet Receipt Numbe on a public forum as it contains personal information.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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dell [email protected] 1-800-554-2087 Technical Support Number dell printer Customer Service Phone Number?dell [email protected] 1-800-554-2087 Technical Support Number dell printer Customer Service Phone Number?
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(?*?)I_800_554_2087(?*?)dell printer tech support number, dell printer technical support phone number?
dell Printer Support Number dell Printer Support Phone Number dell Printer Help Phone Number dell Printer Customer Service number dell Printer Customer Support number dell Printer Customer Care number dell Printer Customer Service Phone number dell Printer Customer Support Phone number dell Printer Customer Care Phone number dell Printer Tech Support Number dell Printer Technical Support Number dell Printer Tech Support Phone Number dell Printer Technical Support Phone Number dell Printer Support Number dell Printer Support Phone Number dell Printer Help Phone Number dell Printer Customer Service number dell Printer Customer Support number dell Printer Customer Care number dell Printer Customer Service Phone number dell Printer Customer Support Phone number dell Printer Customer Care Phone number dell Printer Tech Support Number dell Printer Technical Support Number dell Printer Tech Support Phone Number dell Printer Technical ... Read more

Answer:dell [email protected] 1-800-554-2087 Technical Support Number dell printer Customer Service Phone Number?

Scam ...

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i currently have a dell Inspiron 5558 laptop for over an year now but the screen stop working over 6 months ago, i looked up the warranty information at the time of screen stopped working and was re-assured that it showed February 18, 2017 therefore i did not consider that it is very urgent to call tech support since i have other laptops. today when i call the support service, i was informed that product was not registered and i have to pay $233 to replace the LCD screen, they still argued that dell warranty website showed the correct information but when i looked it up, the website still displays the same.  did anyone else encounter this issue??
below is the warranty service which is still display at this time

Answer:Dell Warranty is reflecting incorrect data as per technical support and support manager

Was the system purchased direct from Dell, or at retail - or on EBay, Amazon, etc?

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We are Dell resellers and had placed an order for 43 Laptops - Dell Latitude 3560 with Dell on 13th June, 2016. We delivered them to our customer on Friday 17th June, 2016. On Monday 20th June we discovered that all the Laptops are faulty and are not functioning properly. They have not been able to use a single system due to touchpad issues in the entire lot
We have made innumerable calls Dell to resolve the problem, but the team is unable to identify and rectify the problem. 
We have spoken to our partner account manager, regional account manager, Service Specialist and Escalation Team, requesting them to provide us with a solution at the earliest as their work is getting hampered. Our customer has to deploy the same by 1st July however they do not have any Dell Laptops functioning correctly.  
How do we escalate this to the Dell management and get a replacement ASAP

Answer:Who do you contact if the DELL India Escalation and Support Team fails to provide support for brand new Laptops

Hopefully one of the Dell rep see your post and be able to help. If no one answer your question then I suggest you contact Technical or Customer Support in the link below.

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Started about a month ago - pops up over and over and over and over - about every five minutes or less.  I've got a Dell Studio XPS with Windows 7 Professional.  Another forum said to just uninstall Dell Support Center (Support Center Software) - but when I try to uninstall it - THE SAME STUPID WINDOW POPS UP ASKING ME TO INSERT THE SOFTWARE.  I tried doing a Browse and it's looking for DSC20.msi.  I haven't managed to find it yet.  I have at least found \Program Files(x86)\Dell Support Center but there's so many sub-directories...
I shouldn't have to be jumping through so many hoops just to uninstall a program.  This is driving me crazy and I haven't found an answer online yet.

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I really thought that dell improved, but clearly no!!

You guys just refuse to learn from your past sins.

The SR number is attached, this is for a brand new top of the line XPS 13 machine.
This supposedly super piece of machine had debris in the screen.

While this is bad still acceptable, however what boggles me is the customer support.
I have been reporting this issue and have been pushed from one dell department to another...without anybody helping me.

Why can't you show some customer service empathy and solve my *** issue!!!!!

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As we know Dell is one of the most reputed Brands in the field of information technology because of it provides high-quality services to its customers. But still sometimes some products of Dell might face some technical issues and due to these type of issues, some important work may get stuck. So if you don?t want to face such kind of situation then contact us we will help in keeping your Dell product Error-free. So for that, you have to dial our toll-free Dell Support Number +1-888-989-8478. For more details please visit our website-

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I have a T430s laptop and it is less than 6 months old. It starting getting blue screens within a month of purchasing it. Technical support has been helpless in trying to fix the laptop. First, tech support told me to turn update my computer daily. Then another tech support employee told me to turn OFF my auto updates. This did nothing and over a few weeks the blue screens progressively got worse. Next, tech support told me to run a diagnostic on my computer which turned up nothing. Then, they tried giving me recovery discs and a new hard drive. After that failed they took it in to replace the system board which made the blue screens worse. Then they sent me MORE recovery CDs to try to fix the problem and that also made the blue screens worse. I called tech support after this and they said they would send in a request for a replacement laptop. I was told I would hear from someone in a couple days. FIVE days later I got a called from someone asking if I wanted a replacement and I said yes. Then I was told I had to wait two more business days to get contacted about it. Another 3-4 business days later, someone called me to tell me that they would NOT be replacing the laptop despite the fact tech support could not fix the laptop. After calling tech support once again, I was told that they wanted me to send in my laptop again for up to 7 business days! This is completely unacceptable. I have had problems with this laptop almost the entire time I have owned it and no one knows... Read more

Answer:T430s constant blue screen and no help from customer support or tech support. Help!

What are you running when you get the blue screens?  (operating system and applications)
Are there messages in the event log when it crashes?

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I just swapped out a e5-2603 CPU and installed a e5-1620 CPU in a Precision T5600.  The PC will not boot, and prior to a forced entering to bios setup, it gives a warning/error
"Your dell current power supply does not support the recent configuration changes made .."
My PSU is a 635W - this should be sufficient, yes??
So is the 1620 not compatible with this model?
thanks for any help, david

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I am very concerned. My laptop is consistently taking forever to start and/or freezing. Is it possible to uninstall anything dell related? Or how do I fix it? I created a system report from the system information module if that would be helpful I can send it. The event log keeps complaining about the Dell applications listed below as reasons it is failing:
This error occurs repeatedly at start up: 
The Dell Foundation Services service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Dell Foundation Services service to connect.
A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Dell Help & Support service to connect.
A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the DellDigitalDelivery service to connect.
The DellDigitalDelivery service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
In Applications:
[5] ERROR- FindPartObjects() Lable not matched! Target:WINRETOOLS, Current:Image, Partition:PartitionPos {disk:0, part:5}, curGptTypeStr:{de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac} #StackInfo#
[5] ERROR- Exception on mounting SOS: mk_dellsupport_lnk can't find DSP! errno=0 #StackInfo#
5] ERROR- [SOSINSTALLER] TRYMOUNT-DELLSUPPORT: mk_dellsupport_lnk can't find DSP! errno=0   at utilities.SymlnkBroke... Read more

Answer:Dell Foundation Services and Dell Support Software Crashing Laptop

I am no expert here, but it looks like the Update service is looking for a Recovery partition which may hold the WinRE tools.  On my current system, that would be partition 4 but it could be different on yours.  Running the command below in an administrative command prompt should show what partition is configured for the Tools.
reagentc /info
Have you made any changes to your drive configuration?  The reagentc info should show the same partition the Update Utility is looking for.

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PC: Dell Inspiron 15 3542
OS: Windows 8.1
Problem:  I am unable to download drivers from the dell support website
Dell System Detect has been successfully installed on my PC.  It's icon is present in the system tray.  Inspite of this I am repeatedly getting the message that I need to download and re-install the Dell System Detect software.  No matter how many times I install it as the administrator, I get the same message.  I am unable to accomplish anything on the Dell Support Website. 
I have looked for a problem with the software on my laptop.  Sfc scans do not detect any problems with missing or corrupt windows software.  What else can I do to correct this frustrating glitch?

Answer:Dell System Detect is Installed on PC yet Dell Support Website does not Recognize this

do u have "supportAssist" installed? try using that. and also have u registered ur "service Tag" or "express service tag"
the SupportAssist" can be found by going to start screen and clicking that arrow that takes u to all the apps installed on ur laptop
no, dont work for Dell, just offering suggestions

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I got a DELL Inspiron 7559 in July 2017. The rear left corner is already pulling a part at the seam. It doesn't seem to be the hinge, but it does pull further a part when opening and closing the screen. 
I called DELL support. Even though the computer is only 5 months old, this problem isn't covered under warranty. 
Online, it looks like several other 7559 buyers have experienced the exact same problem. It seems unethical of DELL to have a recurring manufacturing problem and refuse to repair it.
Any suggestions on options to get the split repaired without spending $140? 

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Yesterday I clean installed the Dell factory image using reset PC. All went well but when I checked Reliability History it showed an unsuccessful application reconfiguration warning for Dell Data Vault when Dell Support Assist was installed. During Dell Support Assist installation there was an earlier successful application installation and reconfiguration of Dell Data Vault (version but that was successfully removed 15 minutes later for Dell Data Vault (version ...this was when the unsuccessful application reconfiguration warning was flagged.At the same time  a successful application removal message for Dell data Vault (version is also shown. Im not sure if that means now that I don't have Dell Data Vault installed.
Is this anything to be concerned about? Im not even sure what Dell Data Vault does. Is there anything I need to do or will it successfully update itself later on?

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Hello Everyone, In Dell XPS desktop 8500 PC, under System, or system info,  the link is showing wrong language?, if you click system and security, then System: On this page, the first tab is 1.Windows Edition, OK second tab is 2: System, OK third tab is 3: Dell Support: Wrong below this dell support is where you can find website: Online Support a blue highlighted and it supposed to direct it to Dell US website, instead it goes to Fr, check this out: Troubleshooting: I tried the Dell's suggestion to check on the Clock, Language and Region, everything is set to the right one to US.. despite the fact that the info is correct, somehow the support site is wrongly linked, is there a way to fix, any suggestions and steps to resolve this will be appreciated. Thank you

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I have a Precision 3520, i entered my TAG in the officiel Dell support, i downloaded all drivers for it, but when i want to install "Dell Touchpad Driver", it gives me the error message: "This driver does not support your touchpad".
Any help please?
Precision 3520
Windows 10 64.

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My computer is a Dell Latitude E6520, with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition. I couldn't agree more with the above statement - Dell's "support" (and I use the term loosely here) is practically non-existent.

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Dell Support "Assist" just ran without giving me an option to stop, pause, or control in anyway.  It was using nearly all computer resources (I could barely save the word document I had open at the time).  This isn't "assist" more like computer take over.

How can I control the S. "Assist"?  How can I adjust the time between it's runs (currently it looks like monthly)?  After finishing it's scan or whatever it finally closed (cuz it wouldn't close the 20 times or so I clicked the "X").  I then opened it, looking for some results of the scan, and found none.  How can I view results?

Right now, seems like worthless bloatware.

Also, there is not a [New Post] button on the Laptop Forum (at least for me).

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I keep getting these errors.  I uninstalled Dell Support Assistant, Dell Support Assistant remediation, and dell update services  and reinstalled them all but the errors keep coming back and I have a feeling something important in the winretools and dellsupport partitions are not getting updated.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
Errors for Remediation Service:
[10] ERROR- FindPartObjects() failed to find by both MSFT_PartitionToVolume and find_comp_by_files! #StackInfo#
Errors for DellUpdate Service
[13] ERROR- FindPartObjects() Lable not matched! Target:WINRETOOLS, Current:DELLSUPPORT, Partition:PartitionPos {disk:0, part:6}, curGptTypeStr:{de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac} #StackInfo#

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Hi, I own Dell Vostro 2520 with Dell Wireless 1704 802.11 b/g/n. Recently I upgraded my home wifi to 5G. I am unable to connect my Dell Vostro to Wireless as it does not supports 5G. How can I upgrade my Dell Wireless so that it support 5G Wifi connections? Do I need to change my Network Adapter?

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trying to open dell help and support.exe'  gets this dialogue box -
After a few attempts, Dell Help & Support failed to connect to the service. Do you want to quit?''

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Question: DELL Support :P

Is this the way DELL Support generally works?
I raised a complaint that my under warranty laptop has some issue. Forget about right action, even after a week I am getting lot of emails saying we will call you to diagnose your issue.
I though DELL support will be good from now I will never recommend anyone DELL laptops if my case is not solved soon.

Answer:DELL Support :P

How did you contact Dell? Are you sure you actually contacted Dell? Many scams are in placed using fake web sites that will be looking to take your money. If you call or do an on-line Chat with Dell, they will help diagnose the problem at that time. If you e-mail, it's going to take more time.
Here is the phone listing:
Here is the Chat Support:

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I have a dell computer with Windows XP home. When I recieved my computer, I never recieved my operating system cd. Now, I find that my windows is corrupted and I can't even get into safe mode without a blue screen. I looked up the stop error, and found a microsoft support page with troubleshooting suggestions. Unfortunately, most of them require the use of the Windows XP cd, so I couldn't fix the problem.

I called Dell support, and they told me I am out of warranty. They said that they can only mail me the OS cd if I'm under warranty. I don't understand this because whenever someone buys windows, they have a license to use the OS on a computer. The license allows me to reinstall windows on the same computer. I don't see why a warranty should even be an issue. Am I incorrect? Is my license basically void because my OS is corrupt?

Has anyone heard of this situation? Should I try to go after Dell for that OS cd? The idea that I have to buy a new copy of windows just to reinstall is foreign to me.

Answer:OS cd and Dell support

No, you are not out of luck. The XP CD, once provided with every Dell, is now available at the time of computer purchase for an additional fee of $10. The CD is irrelevant. If you know someone with a copy of XP Home, you can use their CD.

NOTE: There was most probably a copy of XP on your hard drive and a utility to make your own installation CD, only you didn't know it. If you can still boot to XP, look under All Programs for a Dell provided program. You may still be able to burn a copy of the XP installation CD.

You are licensed to run one instance of XP Home on your Dell computer. When you purchase a copy of XP, you are actually purchasing a product key which give you the right to run Windows XP on one computer (in this case, your Dell).

P.S. - There is a number affixed to your Dell that says "Service Tag." If you ever need to download drivers for your PC, go to Dell's support site and insert that Service Tag number. You will then be directed to the driver downloads for your particular PC.

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From my research, XMP 2.0 is supported by Intel’s X99 and 100 series motherboards. I do not see any XMP options in our BIOS (I have the XPS 8900) but also read some reports by users here that their ram was automatically overclocked. So I'm under the impression that XMP is enabled by default.
I'm asking this question because I'm interested in upgrading my ram to 2666MHz which is shown compatible on the Crucial website but on Dell's documentation, all I see is 2133MHz.
Could anyone verify this?
The ram sticks I'm planning to upgrade to is Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666MHz C16. I thought about the Corsair Dominator rams because they look cool and price isn't that different with these inflated prices but it would help a lot if someone from Dell or experienced users from the community could confirm my findings.
Thank you.

Answer:Does Dell XPS support XMP 2.0 (ram)?

Which XPS?
Probably not...

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I upgraded my XPS L701X to windows 10 - I had audio problems so reverted back to windows 7. I still have audio drop outs and stutters. I've given up looking for a fix and want to re-set my laptop to factory config.
I no longer have the original factory disks. How can I get a set of original factory install (windows and Dell drivers etc) that came with my machine in the first place. I had this laptop from new and have it registered with Dell but my warrenty ran out long ago.  I can't seem to find a way to speak to Dell to order a set of disks.any suggestions?

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Question: Dell Support

Not exactly within the rules I suppose but this sub forum is the most active for this subject besides the Virtualization forum of course.

Anyway all day I haven't been able to download the Dell OpenManage offline bundle for VMware ESXi 4.1. I've tried at work and at home with no luck. Anyone else having issues with Dell's support site downloading anything? Would anyone be kind enough to put it up on an FTP for me? I would greatly appreciate it. This is a free download from Dell's site.

Answer:Dell Support

Private Citizen said:

Not exactly within the rules I suppose but this sub forum is the most active for this subject besides the Virtualization forum of course.

Anyway all day I haven't been able to download the Dell OpenManage offline bundle for VMware ESXi 4.1. I've tried at work and at home with no luck. Anyone else having issues with Dell's support site downloading anything? Would anyone be kind enough to put it up on an FTP for me? I would greatly appreciate it.Click to expand...

what firewall are you running ?

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Who uses this program? I uninstall it because I do not use it. Are there any benefits to it? Can you use this program to update the drivers?

Answer:Dell Support Center?

It's just automated updates for your PC and drivers. It's useful.

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Dell has a problem with some Dell Vostro 200 pc's which involves a black screen just after boot. The advised solution from Dell is to set prefetch to only boot rather than boot and applications. Empty the prefetch folder and in effect not use prefetch as it was designed for Windows XP, Is this a legitimate solution for customers experiencing this problem? I always thought prefetch was supposed to "speed things up". Any suggestions about this? Is Dell just blowing the customers off?

The solution provided by Dell is here:

Answer:Dell Technical Support

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I already registered my Dell inspiron 7459 all in one PC but for some reason in Help and Support, it still tells to register even though I already have.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

(Image of what it looks like is shown below)

Answer:How to register the Help and Support app that came with my Dell PC?

11tarbas,You can uninstall Dell Foundation Services from your computer by using the Add/Remove Program feature in the Window's Control Panel.On the Start menu (for Windows 8, right-click the screen's bottom-left corner), click Control Panel, and then, under Programs, do one of the following:Windows Vista/7/8: Click Uninstall a Program.When you find the program Dell Foundation Services, click it, and then do one of the following:Windows Vista/7/8: Click Uninstall.Follow the prompts. A progress bar shows you how long it will take to remove Dell Foundation Services.

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hello i heard Wan n bluetooth consume lot of battery.
that's why i disabled those drives
after that dell support center warn that disabling device affect the system
does it true ?

another offtopic issue
does it's urgent to update my win7 os.
does updating os slow down pc ?

thanks in advanced bro

Answer:about dell support center

Disabling Services does nothing to conserve energy unless you have a ruwaway Process that is hogging your CPU which requires troubleshooting in other ways.

You should keep Win7 fully updated for best security and performance. Optional Updates will help keep your drivers current and can also be trusted and useful.

Use the Win7 firewall with a free lightweight AV like Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast 6.

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I am asking for some input about Dell support. This is in relation to my previous thread on here "Dell Inspiron laptop slow loading" I own a Dell inspiron 15 series 5000 laptop. It frequently it takes a very long time to load web pages and when on a page it sometimes freezes up an sometimes when scrolling it takes a few seconds to move the scroll bar. It is very jerky when it tries to move. I have a intel(R) core(TM) i7-6500 [email protected] 8.00GB RAM 64bit . It is using Windows 10 Home and is a touch screen. It is only a few months old.
I contacted Dell support and they ran a long test and said it was a software problem and they would need a "special Dell tool" to fix it but I would have to pay $198.00 to have this done. I am a bit skeptical as to their intentions. The technician was giving me a hard sell to sign up. Do I need to get this service? has anyone else run into this problem? I took a speed test from Xfinity and another outside site ,Ookla,and speeds were Download 23.1mbps/upload 6.0mbps and 25.1 download/10.62mbps respectfully. Also I have a IMAC using same equipment as this laptop and it's readings were download 37.1Mbps/upload 6.7Mbps and for Ooka download 42.1/upload 12.37Mbps I have installed on my laptop an APP "networx" I ran a speed test with it and it was download 2.44Mbs/ upload 7.33Kbps. Can anyone help ? Thank you for your time.

Answer:Is Dell Support Legitamate?

"Legitimate" is a tricky term. Is Dell support legal? Yes. Are they malicious? No. Are they in it to make a profit? Of course. Do they often charge exorbitant prices? Absolutely.

Clearly, your computer is no longer under warranty. So you have the option to use Dell support, or take it to a shop. Think of it like you would your car that is no longer under warranty. If you take it in for repairs to the dealer, they too are legitimate and most likely will fix your car right. But it will cost more than if you took it to your local mechanic. The problem with the local mechanic is they may not be legitimate and may not fix it right. And they most likely don't have same experience with your make and model as the dealer does.

As far as your network speeds, I don't really no what your complaint is - or how you are connecting. You need to first look at your service contract with your ISP and see what you are paying for. Unfortunately, they often read something misleading (if not down right, should be illegal, deceptive! ) like, "guaranteed speeds up to xxxMbps".

Have you scanned for malware? Is your computer fully updated?

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I just finished a two-day marathon that started with McAfee Techmaster and migrated to Microsoft Support.  8 1/2 hours on Sunday, 2 hours today.  The latest Windows 10 Update apparently had some problems, resulting in the disabling of the Start icon, Cortana, Notifications Icon and more.  McAfee could not figure it out apparently, and the first online, chat Microsoft IT support person totally failed after nearly four hours of effort.  Another couple of hours on the phone with another Microsoft IT expert looked like a success until I encountered another glitch this morning with my Outlook Contacts being missing and some kind of restore function returning them but then I could not sign back into the computer.  So, the last person I spoke with resolved that problem, and the laptop seems to be operating normally.
My question is whether or not Dell Support personnel are trained and have access to Microsoft command codes, etc. to remedy Windows 10 problems?  If not, I am beginning to think that a person needs multiple support contracts to handle all the various problems encountered by PCs and Windows Operating Systems - as opposed to Apple.
If I am correct, I would need the following tech support contracts:
Microsoft for Windows 10; Dell for Dell-specific problems; McAfee for security-related problems, and maybe someone else to deal with "all the rest"?
If someone could clarify this issue, it would be appreciated.  I paid for a four-year... Read more

Answer:Dell Support for Windows 10

Extended warranties are only for Hardware failures, not software. Get software support for the windows 10 operating system from Microsoft. The MS Community forum is a good place to get help from MS and other users.

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Hi Y'all. I'm back with another family problem. My mom has a Dell computer and yesterday began getting the message Virtual Memory low. I visited her today to see if I could fix it....Discovered when she reboots the "wallpaper" comes up after the log on but not only is she getting the 'VM Low' message she is also getting:

1. "A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking license for this computer. Error Code 0x800705aa." And

2. "User Init.exe - Application Error - The application failed to initilize properly. (0xc00012d). Check OK to terminate the application." And

3. "Taskmgr.exe - Application error /same message as User Init.exe/".

So I tried for two hours to get assistance at Dell and NEVER got to talk to a person. No icons appear on her desktop and there is no Start button. I F-8'd a bunch. I tried:

1. Tried to take computer back to "last known good configuration"
(no change happened)

2. safe mode
(same wall paper but no icons nor Start button)

Does anyone have any suggestions. I couldn't get into Bio's......not that I'm an expert anyway but my XP hard drive crashed and I found this out by going into bio's.....maybe it's different on DELL!

I think I'll have to just reload her OS. Tell me if this is the right way and if I'm leaving any steps out.

1. Turn off the computer and when it starts to reboot, put in the CD.
2. Hit any key when promp... Read more

Answer:I NEED A Dell Support EXPERT

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many thanks in advance, I have a Dell 525 PC (I know "why did you buy a dell") well to be honest i wish i never it is about 10 months old after 3 months it was sent back to dell with a power fail, it burnt out, they sent it back to me only for me to find out it still wouldnt work so they talked me into the f8 restart.Any way I now need to restart again due to software faults, I have tried to do the f8 restart but it fails to do anything!! I have then gone into the f12 menu and re booted from disk!! this tho leaves the old system still there. I need a complete wipe out!!! could you please help me, as dell are refusing to...Regards in advance, Tony


dell normally have a recovery partition on the drive. You have to find out for your model how to use it. It will wipe your hard so you lose all of your files etc. I have restored several dells and normally it is simply a case of following their instructions. Do you really need to do a factory reset? If you tell us the exact problem on here we may be able to talk you through without the factory reset.

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All week I have been attempting to e-mail a support query to Dell at click hereEvery time a reaponse comes back 'Communication Failure' or some such. Most frustrating - has anybody else experienced this - I don't want to tie up my time on a long phone call for what is a fairly minor issue.

Answer:Dell e-mail support

Bump; to get you back to the top

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Received a 7275 today but cannot get the resolution to increase to 2560x1080 on my external ultra-wide. Unplug the HDMI and plug it into my old laptop. 2560x1080. The maximum resolution in the advanced settings are 1920x1080. Help.

Answer:Dell 7275 UHD support

Hi toddtorres,Let me see if I can find anything to try on this, has anything changed since your post? Also can you Private Message me your Service Tag?Best regards,Brad

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My Store and xbox stopped working.  So I clicked on Dell Help.  Got message it stopped working but no way to fix.  I had seen online that sometimes "store" stopped because of Win 10 updates.  I removed the latest update and rebooted.  I got back Store and Xbox but not Dell Help. I still says "failed to connect to the service".

Answer:Dell Help & Support not work in Win 10

It is possible the site was down. Did you try rebooting and trying again to connect?  Have you performed any Dell Updates to see if that will resolve the services? If not, try the Dell Updates..

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I have started to get the following message when starting up:

Dell Support Centre has stoped working, windows will close the program and report if a solution is available.

Nothing happens if I wait for it to close, ditto if I close it myself, I must admit I have never had to use the support centre but wonder what is going on
Vista Home, SP2

Answer:Dell Support Centre??

Just disable it, if not needed or wanted
Pujutengineered World: How to Disable Dell Support Center Startup

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I've purchased 2x8gb TEAM TED38G1333C9-SBK memory banks and managed to install them but my notebook failed to boot (4 BIOS beeps). After some research I found that this model supports max 8 GB (2x4) unless Sandy Bridge i5 cpu should work fine with 16. After second try the system have been running successfully for one day with 16 GB but then failed to boot again (after hibernation). Has anyone upgraded his dell 3350 to 16 gb (I found few success stories on internet)? Is DELL planning to make BIOS update to fix this issue? Any useful information will be appreciated.

Answer:Dell 3350 16 GB RAM Support

Could you confirm if the system is Vostro 3350?
Thanks & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell

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Somehow, dell support software was deleted from my Dell 570 Inspiron Windows 7 software. I have tried several times to download but keep getting error messages that there is no software. It was working a week ago until I had to do a system restore. I have searched the net but cannot find an answer to reinstalling. Can anyone help me.

Answer:dell support center

Closing dup. Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic. Two of us have replied to your other thread. The ball is now in your court.

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Hi all,

You have been very helpful in the past, so just wondered your thoughts on Dell Support 3?

I've started getting pop-ups from Dell offering me this service.

I've gained a bit of insight into it via on-line, but nothing really conclusive.

I'm of the opinion that if it ain't broke, then don't fix it, but i stand to be corrected and Dells package may be fantastic for all i know?

Anyway if anyone can offer advice i would be most gratefull.



Answer:Dell Support 3, yea or neigh?

If it's free OK, but if you have to pay for it I wouldn't bother, you'll get better support from Tech Support Guy

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Hello folks,
My Dell Studio XPS 1640 won't boot properly. Windows 7 64-bit. It tries to fix itself, can't, and can't identify the problem...Called Dell...they sent me the recovery discs, which I had to pay for. Fair enough, it is out of warranty....then they transfer me no less than EIGHT times, dis-connect me once and THEN tell me it will me more $$$ to tell me how to use the discs! So I am beyond mad that they didn't mention these "additional" charges until I received the discs and called them (like they told me to) to install them. The idea is to install without losing any of my data that is on the machine. I want to boot the machine from the disc, but it won't allow me. I can only select to boot from the hard drive....which is not working! I am an old COBOL programmer, and DOS is but a dim memory. In theory I should get to the command prompt and look for boot.exe? I just can't remember....Can anyone please help before I just give up and make this thing a boat anchor? Many thanks in advance! And I think I am going back to Toshiba after this!


Answer:Dell support is useless, please help!

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Have had a Dell 1545 laptop for over 2 years now.Vista and 32 bit. In the past I have had prompts from Dell and have used their support centre for scanning, and downloading drivers, etc. Recently the message comes onto the screen- Dell Support Centre has stopped working, Windows is looking for a solution.
Is the Dell Support Centre necessary for me? One friend has told me to uninstall Dell Support Centre as it is not absolutely necessary. Correct or not. ??
Any guidance and answers will be appreciated.

Answer:Dell Support Centre.

Have a look at this thread,

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I am looking to purchase a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 2-in-1 with 5th generation i5 processor. BUT I researched and am seeing some pretty bad reviews on Dell's customer service when things go wrong. So not sure what to do. Any advice appreciated!

Answer:Dell premier support?

It is up to your experience level. I have several Dell laptops, and I like them. I have never and would never contact Dell support for a Windows or other software issue, I'd only end contacting support if I needed hardware replaced under warranty. From the little bit of experience I've had contacting support for this, it wasn't awful, no worse than any other brand I've ever used.

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I am returning the Dell described below. Decided to do that on or about Sept.23 and I began applying to Dell for their RMA number. The timing of my ordering and then receiving the Dell was an almost impossible time. I am blessed with the C.O.P.D. disease and a head cold began to make it's presence known---and how it did!! Still have it and you never want the combination of these two "killers" to hit you together. I began to have my anxiety depleted when I could not get in touch with Dell; or rather no contact with any sympathetic soul and in fact, it was pretty much just the opposite. Support in India is strictly for no one. Well, they got my Scotch/Irish anger burning and I didn't give up---it was like not being able to contact anyone at Dell Support. I really and truly felt helpless; it was like no one was home.
Dell kept saying that I had 21 days to return the computer and I had among the several items in the computer box this one page of printed info with Dell logo in several places so I scanned it and sent it attached to one of my many emails to anyone at Dell I could find a name for. Today, I got my answer. Who ever approved it said he(?) was making an exception and gave his approval. Don't really see how an exception was made when the "letter" I scanned and sent to them clearly said 30 days and in which I was well within the boundary. I did threaten Dell with letting PCMag and Smart Computing know about their lack of support and commu... Read more

Answer:Dell and their lack of support

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can't access help and support from start menu or browser and receive error message (windows can not open help and support because a system service is not running. to fix this problem, start the service named "help and support'). i tried using my dimension resourse cd to no end. what am i missing ?

Answer:Dell Help And Support Center

Start, RUN, type Services.msc and hit enter.
look for the "help and support" service and start it. see if that helps.

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I just ordered a Dell OptiPlex 780 from eBay (I probably got a lemon or a chopped and screwed computer) and I want to order a graphics card to put in it when it gets here. What GPU would be best to put in it? Money really isn't a problem.  

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I have a DELL Studio XPS 1640 Laptop running Windows 7 - 64 bits. I am using Firefox instead of Explorer. I cannot run DELL Support Center because it looks for IE and I am not using this software. Anyone know how to fix this problem.

Answer:DELL Support Center


Did you disable IE or something? Try turning it back on, and see if the problem goes away.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Rishi,
does that mean that if I have a processor that supports 16GB RAM I could upgrade my RAM? My exact model is Intel Core i5-2520M and according to this site 16gb RAM is supported

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Does anyone out there have a solution to obtaining Hardware service for Dell products that doesn't involve someone who doesn't, or barely does, speak English. My system (4600) has a noisy CPU fan. After a 48 min wait I spoke with a tech for some foreign galaxy, but couldn't understand him (her/it) and asked to speak to a supervisor and was refused. I can and might go ahead and order and pay for a fan just to get the prob resolved. But I have a service warranty and shouldn't have to do that. Is there a stateside telephone number that I can use to speak to someone who speaks english? I'm disgusted with Dell's service but love the products. HELP!


Answer:Dell hardware support.

I used chat online with a tech on their support page recently for a DVD reader. Got good response but did end up on the phone and as you say it can be difficult.
First chat, I was connected in 1-2 minutes. Second chat, the queue was about 15 - 20 minutes before connection.
Hardware was to me in 2 days and fixed problem.

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my Inspiron 5547 back cover is broken after end of warranted time.i contract to dell support in thailand.but i cannot buy / get service because- they cannot open sell part / service without Service Tag or Express Service Code- they cannot open sell part / service for out of warranted device in Saturday or sunday- they not have store of store that have part - him think no part store for replace - him tell no my notebook informational no detail of warranted but i can open your website and get more detailed Inspiron 5547 Service Tag: DP71602 Express Service Code: 2xxxxxxxxShip date: October 02, 2014 Country: Thailand PrintService Start date (GMT time zone) End date (GMT time zone) STANDARD TECHNICAL PHONE SUPPORT October 02, 2014 October 03, 2015 POW (Parts Only Warranty) October 03, 2015 January 04, 2016 NBD (Next Business Day on-site) October 03, 2015 January 04, 2016 COMPLETECOVER COVERAGE PROGRAMME October 03, 2015 January 04, 2016 ProSupport for IT Tech January 04, 2015 January 04, 2016i unknown why dell thailand is working on bad process. in my experience from other brand. dell thailand make very bad thinking to your brand.

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The Irish and UK Dell support website is down. When logging in with my product code I get:

Error: 500 Server Error
Application Init Error. We are unable to display the requested page.

This has been like this for the last week.

Answer:Dell Support website down

Hi,We’re listening. We did check and the website is loading now. There might have been a temporary outage due to maintenance. We request you try accessing the website now. You can also try a different browser.

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I find it frustrating that there aren't any actual manuals for my laptop, but I thought, at least, that the Help & Support application would be able to give me answers. 
However, every time I try to start it, I get the following:
"After a few attempts, Dell Help & Support failed to connect to the service. Do you want to quit?''

I've ensured that I have the most up-to-date version, I've reinstalled, I've tried everything I can think of, but no joy.  I did see another person ask this question over a year ago, but the reply was very difficult to understand (grammatically, not technically), so I am hoping someone else can give me some ideas.

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Can I change CPU in Pentium to Core I7 ? 
Dell Optiplex 380 Support this CPU?

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Does the Dell T7910 support M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD?
Does it have a M.2 port?
Specifically I'm looking to add this: SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 512GB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-V5P512BW
I also have a quadro video card in my configuration, will that cause any conflicts due to not enough PCIe lanes or something?

Answer:Does the Dell T7910 support M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD?

I have just spent 3 weeks trying to make the Samsung 950 PRO work in my Dell t7910 and after sending the 950 pro to Dell to have them try and figure it out, they have given up and told me it is incompatible.  I also spent many hours on the phone with Samsung and they gave up as well.  Good Luck!

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Ok, First off Dell support is the worst, and they wont event answer, what I think should be a simple question.

I am forced, by my college to use a dell laptop, and it came with a 1.3ghz intel celeron mobile proc. I want to upgrade the proc. Simple right? Wrong. I was unable to find out the fastest proc that I can put into my omputer.
So here is the info. I hope someone here knows.

Dell Latitude d505
1.3 Ghz intel celeron M proc
400 mhz system bus
Chipset: Intel 852/855 GM/GME Chipset
60gb Hd
512 mb Ram

I would like to put in like a 2Ghz proc. But I do think 1.7 might be the highest. Would it have to be a 1.7 intel celeron mobile. Or is this mobo compatable with the Pentium Mobile? Whats the socet type? and whats the best/fastest proc I could buy?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Dell Support Blows. I hope someone can help

Download and run CPU-Z and it will tell you.

I THINK they use Socket 478 IIRC.

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I have a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF and I wanted to upgrade my q8300 to a Xeon x5450 using the LGA 771 to 775 mod but don't know if the motherboard supports it?

Answer:Dell 03NVJ6 Motherboard CPU Support
Xeon X3363  2.83 GHz  8.5x 2 x 6 MB 1333 80W 45nm Yorkfield-CL  LGA 771E0 (SLBC3)C0 (SLASC)
View Sellers
List of adapter sellers (sorted by price)
List of LGA 771 & 775 CPUs + Current Prices
There are Three requirements that your motherboard must meet in order to be able to run LGA 771 Xeon processors:
You must have an LGA 775 motherboard with a compatible chipset.
Your bios must support an LGA 775 CPU that's similar to the Xeon you want to run.
You will have to cut the ears off the socket and you will have to ADD the flex circuit to swap 2 pins.

Physically no it does not. q45 chipset as per intel's web site states that it is not compatible with 5000 series processors.
 CPU Type Socket LGA775Intel Q45 / ICH10 ChipsetIntel GMA x4500 Integrated Graphics
Specifications:Processor Type: Intel Core 2 Duo; FSB up to 1333 MHzIntel Core 2 Quad; FSB up to 1333 MHzIntel Pentium Dual Core; FSB up to 1066 MHzIntel Celeron; FSB up to 800 MHzMemory Type: DDR3 SDRAMMemory Capacity: 1 GB or 2 GB non-ECCMinimum Memory: 1 GBMaximum Memory: 8 GB

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Am thinking about buying a new desktop pc from Dell, and it comes with Vista Home Premium. But when i was customizing it, there was no option to change it to XP Home or Professional. that sent alarm bells ringing that it's not compatible with XP Pro. Here are the specs :

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+
Vista Home Premium
320GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 16MB DataBurst? cache
2048mb nvidia Geforce 8600GT Graphics Card
16x Dvd Rw

apart from contacting dell, which i will try on monday, any opinions on whether its xp pro compatible? my initial thought was that its not a brand new model so it should be compatible...

Answer:Does Dell Inspiron 531 support XP Professional?

downgrading it from Vista Home to XP Pro will still cost you about $80 or so.

Basically, any computer released nowadays can support Windows XP Pro.

Your best bet would be to contact Dell and ask them for a custom modification.

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My problem with my Inspiron 14R N4110 is: the laptop failed to boot, complaining disk error.  I tried the recovery disk, but it did not help.  The laptop is still in its 1-year hardware warranty. 
I bought the laptop in US and I am in Canada.  Do I have to ship it back to US for repair?  Could Dell Canada repair it for me?
The DELL Tech Support online chat does not work for me, as I am in Canada and I bought my laptop in Staples of NY, US last summer. I tried to call 1-800-847-4096 (Canada tech support number), and after over 40 minutes waiting and 3 helpless agents transfering my calls around, the phone was eventually transferred to a deadend and cut-off.
The worst tech support I ever experienced!!!
I know this forum may not be the best place, but I do not want to waste my time on phone.  Is there a DELLsupport email address for me to contact the tech support by email?

Answer:Dell Tech Support sucks!

I think you may have to do a International Ownership Transfer Form Don't think it's this form, Dell - Ownership Transfers
Sorry to hear you're having issues. If you click on the blue DELL-Lorna M on the next page start conversation, please provide the following information. Lorna will be able to assist you.
Email Address:Name:Shipping Address:Phone Number:Dell Order Number or Service Tag number:Issues:

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I have a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop that when I boot up an error msg pops up saying "Dell Support Center: The feature you are trying to us is on a CD-Rom or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the Dell Support Center Disk and Click OK." Then I press OK and it says" Cannot complete installation because another program is trying to install.
I have tried: Uninstalling the Dell support center program, but it did not uninstall. I used to try to clear it out, but it still did not uninstall. I have old version of Office 2003. Hopefully, you can guide me cause I am unable to install any other software because it says another program is trying to install. Also I can not open attachments on my emails. Any help is appreciated!

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I have purchased Dell Inspiron 3 years ago and the warranty is over.
I have purchased it with Windows 7 and I have a valid product activation key for windows.
Windows started crushing every time. so I want to re-install windows 7 (home premium oa).

I have called Dell support in Israel, and they said that since the warranty is over, they cannot supply me with a link to download Windows, and that there is nothing they can do and that I should call Microsoft.
So , I have called Microsoft and they told me that Dell did not purchased support for the Windows they distributed to me. so they can'y help me.
I don't need any support, I just need the ISO file for Windows 7 home premium OA.
What should I do ?
I don't think I will buy Dell anymore if this is how they behave after the warranty is over...


Answer:Dell Israel Support is not efficient

Dell doesn't offer Windows 7 ISOs for download - you may want to consider upgrading to Windows 10.  You can still do so at this point.

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You guys did a great job!Thanks~cr~

Answer:Congratulations, Dell Online Support!


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: xp sp3
Processor: dell
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2 gb
Graphics Card: sigmatel
Hard Drives: 1 225 gb
Antivirus: avast

I am downloading dell support center. It downloads as aulauncher,exe. with the dell wrench icon When I launch it it tries to install microsoft .net framework 3.5 and not dell support center

Answer:dell support center aulauncher

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What is the max possible cpu i can put with no issues on this laptop?

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Three different tech support personnel helped me upgrade from Win 7 to WIN 10 on my 1 week old Inspiron 3650.  I paid for the following from the parts list "


Windows 7 Pro English 64bit (Includes Windows 10 Pro License)"

Not one tech mentioned going from Win 7 to 10 would wipe my drive.  So I found out at the cliff, where there was no turning back.

I ask for $150 refund, they say "We politely refuse", and I never get out of talking to india.

Their response:
Dear Glen,
Thank you for taking time and discussing the issue with me. I sincerely apologize for the ordeal you had to go through, the feedback discussed will be shared with the team. Since Dell does not guarantee on customers data, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate your request towards providing any compensation at the moment.
For your reference I am emailing the Dell warranty terms and conditions:
Under How to Use Your Service, the second point quotes ‘Software/Data Backup. It is solely Customer’s responsibility to complete a backup of all existing data, software, and programs on affected Systems before receiving services (including telephone support). DELL WILL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR LOSS OF OR RECOVERY OF DATA, PROGRAMS, OR LOSS OF USE OF SYSTEM(S). You understand and agree that under no circumstances will Dell be responsible for any l... Read more

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Hello, I bought the Dell XPS 9350 Intel core i5 model on Amazon less then a month ago and it worked perfectly until I started noticing a very annoying buzzing coming from the fan with little pressure on the internals. I contacted two different del support reps and they both suggested sending it to the Dell depot. I already shipped it and it is en route but my question is regarding their part replacement. In the notesI requested that they only use brand new parts in my system and not refurbished or used parts. I have a good amount of doubt that they will do that but I am wondering if there is a way I can tell if they put a refurb part in or not? And after reading the horror stories of the depot if my laptop continues to have issues what steps can I take to get a full refund or replacement? (Dell warranty is good for around a year still, Amazon return is not possible anymore)

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I purchased two almost identical Dell XPS laptop, one 15" and one 13", for the purpose of back up each other.  If one computer is down, the other is still running.  The 15" runs fine, the 13" with the same hardware set up is full of problems.  The 13" wireless keep drop in and out of the wifi while the 15" has no problem at the same location.  The 13" keep have this notification "dell update ready to install".  After the install, the computer is crashed 5 times with blue screens.  Both computers are 3 months old, and I asked Dell to send  a replacement while they could repair the 13".  I keep sending them the pictures of the crash blue screen. But they refuse to send me a replacement.  Dell insists they will send a technician to my place for the repair.  That means I cannot work for that day: I travel and visit client as my job.  I have worked on it for 4 hours. How many hours do I need to work to fix the *** computer?

I will keep everyone posted of this.  And every time when the computer crash, I am going to make a call and ask for replacement.  Lets see how many times I should try to get any answer.

THe above was an old post.  the following is what happened next 2 months:

October 27th. called Dell about the wifi signal dropping problem,, spent 4 hours with Dell Technician, trying to update firmware. end up cause more problem. Had to turn angry and deman... Read more

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I was wondering if anyone knows if a Dell motherboard model 0G1548 A00 can have a firewire connected to it?  I tried looking into it but could not find an answer.

Answer:Does motherboard support firewire (Dell)

If it has it a firewire port on board, then yes, otherwise you'll need an add on card.[Update]QuoteDell Dimension 2400s don't have FireWire connectors on them. However, you can buy a PCI FireWire card that will plug into your computer and give you FireWire support.

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Niece just brought me her Dell inspirion 6000 which "was working great and then is just went crazy!"
Turn on and boots right up to where the desktop would show, then BSOD, X0000051 (?), which googles to "bad registry." Resolution would be much easier if the cd/dvd worked, but it hasn't since the rest of the machine dumped out. I see 3 scenarios and I'll try to make them brief. Assistance greatly appreciated!
1.) I don't think the registry is bad, I think it is showing bad registry because a file it accesses is bad. The hang-up always occurs at the same place (duh!) If I boot in safe mode, the previous 35-40 items prior to lock-up are always the same, which leads me to believe there is a master list which tells loader what to load and when. That would be nice to know since the listing I get from safe boot is the files which have loaded, not the one failing to load. In other words, I see "a"-"r" on the screen as sucessfully loaded, implying "s" is the object causing the problem. Where is the list to tell me the name of "s" so I can fix or delete it?
2.) This Dell is about 4-1/2 years old. According to Dell's site, that aged Inspirions have recovery partitions which contain iso's of the original configuration of XP and are supported by a Symantic "Ghost-like" restore device. With a partition manager I can see a partition which contains Dell drivers and programs. There is another partition with a couple... Read more

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Im looking to add the pixelview play tv pro pci card to my dell desktop computer but i have heard that dell computers will tend to not support upgrades and other enhancements that are not a dell product. I was hoping to know if this problem had occurred with anyone else and if someone has already installed this product on their dell desktop.

- Please refrain from double posting

Answer:do dell computers support this hardware

Well, Dell will not support it, but by this I mean if you call Tech support they might try to blame that card for whatever problem you have. Other than that, it will probably be fine unless you maxed the system out on options when you bought it.

Your specs in profile are a bit vague, if you'd post your specs or your service tag, I can tell you for sure whether your system would be able to support it as far as power requirements and such.

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Hi, Sorry if Ive posted on the wrong forum but laptops looked like the closest option. Yesterday I clean installed the Dell factory image using reset PC.
All went well but when I checked Reliability History it showed an unsuccessful application reconfiguration warning for Dell Data Vault when Dell Support Assist was installed. During Dell Support Assist installation there was an earlier successful application installation and reconfiguration of Dell Data Vault (version but that was successfully removed 15 minutes later for Dell Data Vault (version ...this was when the unsuccessful application reconfiguration warning was flagged.At the same time  a successful application removal message for Dell data Vault (version is also shown. Im not sure if that means now that I don't have Dell Data Vault installed.
Is this anything to be concerned about? Im not even sure what Dell Data Vault does. Is there anything I need to do or will it successfully update itself later on?

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Hi There
Does dell have an online chat to technician service in Zimbabwe struggling to find it. It really *** even if you have an international warranty what a waste of money. Compared to online assistance to microsoft dell *** really.

If any one knows how I can start a chat with a technicain from zimbabwe please advise thanks, failing to access this from here in Zimbabwe

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Is there any planned support for the i7-7700k processor for the Dell Aurora R5?

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In Dell Support website, after i gave my service tag number, i received only the shipping date, the country i purchased was specified unknown. How can they not know the country where it was bought? why do they have to specify like that? I have my service tag number. Is there any other way to find out the country where it was purchased?

Answer:dell Support - country specified unknown

Your only help in this matter is Dell themselves. We have no way of determining which country your laptop was purchased in. Start by contacting your local Dell reseller.

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So I have a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF Desktop and I've been wanting to upgrade the crummy Core 2 Duo it has in it, to a Core 2 Quad or do a LGA 771 to 775 mod on it, but I have no idea what the maximum CPU it could support would be. It's motherboard model is 03NVJ6 and a Q95/Q93 chip set and it supports DDR3 Memory, would I be able to put some form of LGA 775 or 771 quad core in it?

Answer:Dell Optiplex 780 SFF Motherboard CPU Support

Hello Poke109
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Your post is blank, do you want to know what processors are supported by optiplex 780sff?
Please provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message to help you further.
await your response.

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how to remove PC virus from my dell computer as its keep on crashing, now its giving me FBI virus and iam not able to do anything on my laptop

Answer:dell virus support required

Run HitmanPro Kickstart. Note: You will need a USB flash/thumb/pen drive to use this method.Instructions the FBI MoneyPak Ransomware or the Reveton Trojan Removal Instructions for FBI MoneyPak Ransomware using HitmanPro.Kickstart:Once you have created a HitmanPro.Kickstart USB flash drive you can use it to rescue a ransomed PC. For that you must first make sure that the ransomed PC is powered off.Insert the HitmanPro.Kickstart USB flash drive into a USB port of the ransomed PC and turn on the power of the PC. During the startup of the PC, enter the Boot Menu of your BIOS (press either F8, F11 or F12 depending on the manufacturer of your BIOS) and select the HitmanPro.Kickstart USB flash drive. 32-bit 64-bit

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Every time I try to use my Dell Support Center to run a scan I get the message error try again later. I have been using this avenue to scan my computer since 2007 and I have never had trouble accessing it until a month ago.

Answer:Dell Support Center error

and welcome to the Forum

Have you downloaded the newest version from Dell?

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Hi all,
I am trying to help my niece in dealing with Dell Tech Support. I did not know where else to post this plea so if I am in the wrong area please forgive me.

I bought her a new Dell laptop to take to college last June. By Aug. she was having problems. They told her it was the disk drive and walked her through fixing. Ok for a while.....December...keyboard problems- ended up sending her a new keyboard and walking her through installing it. Now, April and one day after typing out a research paper, she left the room and when she came back it had shut off and she could not get it to reboot fully. It will go a partial then give some message and die again. Now they are sending a hard drive. I am not asking for help fixing anything here, I just want some tips on dealing with these people.

When she calls support, first: she cannot understand them(bad English). Second: they blame her. Third: they agree to send some new part but she has to install once again.

I feel we got a lemon. All the major parts have been replaced and it still does not work. I want to help her but I thought I would start here and ask all of you if you have any tips on dealing with them. Again I apologize if I am in the wrong place.

Answer:Dealing with Dell Tech Support - help please

How do you know it is a hardware problem?
It could be a virus or bad software.

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hi to all. I have Dell Inspiron 17R 7720 SE laptop and I'm trying to install Dell Support Center. I downloaded the aulauncher.exe and tried to install it.
please someone post a link here for the full setup installer of Dell Support Center so I can install it to my laptop.
thank you!!!

Answer:Dell Support Center setup?

An issue was found and corrected in the AppUpdater rule set yesterday.  Please download and run to have the correct version of the application downloaded and installed on your system.  Direct links cannot be provided to the full installer since different platforms and operating system architectures require different installers.

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Our apologies. Dell would not contact you in this way. We are aware of the problem and have notified our Dell Fraud team. Please go here and fill out the secure, "Report Phone Scams" form to assist our Fraud Team in finding these scammers.

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Hi i have a HELL (yes i did it on purpose) dimension e310 and im trying to reformat it...

i popped the windows media center reinstallation disk in the drive...and tried to boot to the cdrom...but it wont boot to the i thought the cd-rom was messed took my cd-rom drive from another computer that i kno is working...but still no luck...any suggestions?

Answer:DELL E310 Reformatting support...

its also saying "selected boot device not available"

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Yesterday I got a call from an unknown number. The caller introduced himself as jack and told me he was from a company contracted by dell to provide software support sand that he had received reports from my computer that the was malware on it and my files were at risk. The call followed the same routine described by others and he asked me to use the run box to show me the problems.
He had my phone number, email and service tag but I was suspicious from the start and when he asked me to run www.remcontrol....... I told him I wanted to confirm his credentials before continuing.
He gave me a phone number which I called and the guy who answered gave me the same story but did nothing to confirm their authenticity.
After this I hung up and did not answer the two subsequent calls. It seems to me that dell has had a security breach that has put customers information in the hands of scammers.
Does anyone have any other info regarding this scam?

Answer:Dell tech support scam

Hi steveloz, and welcome.
You describe a textbook case of a classic phone scam, in every aspect. You were right to not give them any info or to visit their website.
The aim is to get you to surrender your computer via remote control to the scammers, for their various nefarious purposes. It is so easy these days for scammers to mine various 3rd party databases for your personal info, to lend a sense of legitimacy to their calls, but these calls out of the blue are all scams that have been going on for years.
It bears repeating:
1) No computer (or operating system) vendor can detect problems (including malware) on your computer over the internet. Not Dell, not HP, not Microsoft, not Apple etc.2) No legitimate vendor will cold-call you (phone or email) with such a message.3) Never turn over control of your computer over the internet, unless you have initiated contact with the vendor, using contact info you trust, in order to solve a problem you have identified with their hardware or software, and their tech support recommends this approach. In practice, this will rarely, if ever, be needed.

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which is the company that works best after sales support for desktops

i change my laptop.......

Answer:HP, IBM, Dell, Acer: who offers the best support?

Well I Dunno What you mean About Sales Thing or Whatever because I'm only 14 And Spend Money At My Will But I have An HP And I love it Because I Screw Around With My Computer Alot And The Recovery Disks Save My life Tons Of Times. And You Can get the Best deals With It I have A BlueRay Burner And 512MB Graphics Card WithHDMi port And Tons Of Car Readers And A TV Tuner 4Gb Of ram And 750GB Of Room So i think I Got A Pretty Good deal For $1000

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I cant hear sound while i play videos on youtube

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Hi I have just bought a XPS 13 build 9360 and a UP2715K monitor, I can get it to work at 4K but not 5K, I am using the thunderbolt connection and I have an adapter for this to 2 DP ports

Anyone any help

Answer:Dell XPS 13 9360 does it support 5K resolution

LIkely not.  The only notebooks that have 5K support right now are Macbook Pros -- and only the very newest of them.

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I don't know if AMD FX 8320 is compatible with DELL Inspiron 580 motherboard

Answer:DELL Inspiron 580 motherboard support AMD?

I don't know if AMD FX 8320 is compatible with DELL Inspiron 580 motherboard
No, the Inspiron 580 only supports Intel socket LGA1156 processors, not AMD.
The Inspiron 570 supports AMD processors.

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