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2017 X1 Update?

Question: 2017 X1 Update?

I was waiting for Apple to update the macbook pro line to replace my older x1, since I can't stand the touch row function buttons. Of course Apple goes and releases their own version of the touch function buttons, which is the biggest reason I want to get rid of my machine. So back to square one, I will probably just get another X1. Are there any big updates due for 2017? I know updated machines usually get released around late January / early February and was curious what is expected for next year. Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: 2017 X1 Update?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi everyone, i have quite a few questions so i'll post separate threads rather than pollute one thread. I'm wanting to get something a lot better than windows defender. Comcast is my ISP so i can get NIS for free. As most of you are aware of Norton hasn't been doing a great job these days. There has been multiple vulnerabilities in its products that actually decreases the security of windows. Still NIS still does a pretty good job of scoring pretty well in the various test in terms of protection. I was thinking on going with either bitdefender or KIS but of course i would have to pay for those. If you were me would opt for NIS because its still pretty dang good and worlds better than bit defender or would you opt for one of the better products like KIS or bitdefender?

Answer:Kaspersky IS 2017 vs Norton IS 2017 vs Bitdefender IS 2017

bitdefender free+ CF and SAP i think will be good

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Not sure if this is the result of the ?Creator Update or coincidental hardware fail.
Yesterday my HP6735S laptop running W10 Home since last year was offered an update from v1607 (I think) to the latest. I allowed this to go ahead and waited .. and waited for about 4.5 hours all told.
Eventually it finished and after logging in again it appeared to be working.
After being left for a while it turned itself off - as normal.
I then tried to turn it on with the following result:-
Blue power light ON
WiFi LED Orange (Off)
HDD activity LED flashing Orange (Normally Blue)
DVD drive seeming to try accessing (Empty at the time)
Display Blank
Caps Lock LED flashing occasionally
Pressing and holding the power button turns Off as normal.
Tried removing battery and starting with adapter - same.
Tried putting in W10 *.iso DVD - same.
I can read the HDD in a caddy on another PC and it seems to be OK
(Except the small (100M) system partition reports empty)
I have 3 normal partitions:
Windows 7 (~100G)
Windows 10 (~100G)
Data (~500G)
I usually had to select W7 or W10 at start up.
Unfortunately I cannot run your SysInfo utility for obvious reasons.
Procesor is dual core AMD Turion X2 64bit with 4G RAM (2 x 2G)
Laptop came with (250G HDD)/Vista originally which I replaced with XP.
The HDD was later replaced with 1T HGST and installed W7.
W10 was installed using the code from W8 (bought) as a dual boot.
Any ideas?

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Question: Gin update 2017

UAC is on before

Answer:Gin update 2017

Add uBlock/Adguard and HTTPS Everywhere to your browser.
Enable Smartscreen for File Reputation in the entire system.
Consider a backup solution such as Macrium Reflect or the default Windows Backup.
Thanks for sharing!

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Hi there

Before you BUY Windows 10 note :

The FREE update from W7 to W10 is STILL working. (13 May 2017). Just done one and finished at 12.40 local time today.

1) download the media creation tool.
2) from within W7 run the setup
3) all done - and you'll see you have a digital license.

Note W7 must be activated BEFORE you start and do the updates.

W7 Ultimate / PRO to W10 Pro, Home to Home.

Probably works for W8 / W8.1 too but I don't have any systems running those.

Just to remind people -- check out before Paying - if you are running W7 / W8 / W8.1

(Backup old OS first in case the upgrade gets hosed up or youwant to go back).


Answer:Update from W7 still FREE (May 2017)

Just upgraded a Windows 8.1 machine to Windows 10, no issues. I guess Microsoft wants everyone on Windows 10.

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Before you install the update released today (9 May) be careful and take precautions.

It installed to my PC when I started it earlier, though I didn't know it. The PC had restarted and was stuck at the blue window start up screen, the little dots just happily spinning around. It sounds like Windows has started but the start up screen won't go away.

I got on my laptop to start researching the problem, not knowing about the update/restart. I found a couple things online I tried and even posted a question in the general forum. As I tried accessing my PC with a Win10 repair disk, my laptop updated and requested to restart. I wasn't using it right then and told it okay. Lo and behold, after it restarted, the laptop did the same thing as the PC, the start up screen that won't go away.

Hardware wise, there is no cross over between. The PC is a 4 year old BYOPC with an i7 processor and NVidia graphics. The laptop is a 10 year old HP Pavilion with a Core 2 Quad processor and AMD graphics.

I have had to resort to using my wheezy HP Slate10 HD tablet to post this warning.

Answer:Be Careful With The 9 May 2017 Update

My Win10 RTM Version 1607 Build 14393 updated this afternoon and no problems.

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Good evening everyone. Thanks for your access to this thread. I hope you to read and answer for this question.

I want to ask everyone that which software should I use for keeping security of my PC.

Now I am using Bitdefender Total Security 2017 as main anti-malware soft on my main desktop PC.
And also I was using F-secure SAFE as anti-malware soft on my PC until last week.

Yesterday, I heard that new Avast Antivirus 2017 was released, and new Avast Free is including behaviour scanning system.

I am having trouble deciding which software should I use as anti-malware soft.
Please tell me about your recommend.

I think that...

?Protection features
Better : Bitdefender 2017 > F-secure SAFE > Avast Free 2017

?Performance and speed
Lighter : Avast Free 2017 > F-secure SAFE > Bitdefender 2017

?the risk of false positive trouble
Bigger risk : F-secure SAFE > Avast Free 2017 > Bitdefender 2017

?SSL (HTTPS) Scanning is enable without fake SSL certificate to browser
Unnecessary fake certificate : Avast Free, F-secure
Need fake certificate : Bitdefender Total

F-secure SAFE is the very nice solution as protection from malwares and keeping speedy PC. But it is having big risk of false positive ratings; especially the website blocking is not good with many many false positive ratings. And, sometimes slow down my PC.

Bitdefender Total Security 2017 is the best solution as protection from malwares. This software is providing users very nice anti-malware solu... Read more

Answer:Avast Free 2017 vs F-secure SAFE vs Bitdefender Total Security 2017

Quick question, why Bitdefender Total Protection? Do you need ALL those additional features, or looking for an Antivirus only, because there are Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Free versions.

What about other protection software like Emsisoft Anti-Malware/Internet Security or ESET Nod32 Antivirus/Internet Security?

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I just heard info that HP has refresh the Spectre x360 13 at CES 2017 but their is no more info about the refresh spectre x360 13. So, I want to know what's new in the refresh model and when it is coming out to stores?
I plain to purchase the spectre x360 13 but after I heard that hp his update the spectre x360 13 so my plain change to wait for newer model. so I just want to know is it better to wait for refresh model or purchase current model?

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Jan 4, 2017 Windows update problem. Download and install several Win 7 updates. Everything seemed to work ok, but Windows Clean up of update files just hangs, and I have lost nearly 11 GB of freespace on my HD>

Answer:Windows 7 update problem on 01/04/2017?

Hi Welcome to Windows Central. Your post is confusing to me. What OS are you running? Run a Disc clean up!
Here's link from MS!

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I have two HP Laptops running Windows 10 Home. Both are running well without Virus or Malware. Today I'm getting the same error from Windows Update on both computers suggesting it's a Microsoft problem.

There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:

? Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB2267602 (Definition 1.239.530.0) - Error 0x80070643

Anyone experiencing the same issue today.

Answer:Windows 10 Update March 31 2017

Toronto Cat said:

I have two HP Laptops running Windows 10 Home. Both are running well without Virus or Malware. Today I'm getting the same error from Windows Update on both computers suggesting it's a Microsoft problem.

There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:

? Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB2267602 (Definition 1.239.530.0) - Error 0x80070643

Anyone experiencing the same issue today.

Hi, @Toronto Cat

If it just popped up today, on both systems, and was not a problem before, I would be inclined to just let it go till tomorrow and see if it clears up. Sounds like you didn't do anything to cause software installs/uninstalls or the like. Reboot both systems and check. Could be just a temporary glitch somewhere...MS or your ISP or something else. Reboot your router, too.

If it keeps occurring, we can look into it further.


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Hi all

New here so sorry if it's not in the right place

I got a notification about the new update for my system and I decided to install it today

On start up it began the install and went through 100% and turned off,

Now on start up it gets to the black screen with the blue windows logo but won't go any further than that,

Now is this it doing some more installing or is this an issue(photo attached)

Answer:Windows 10 update may 2017 problem

Hi There

It can be a lengthy update depending on system specs.
I have seen it take 30 minutes + to update.

How long has it been in this state?

Post back after a while with an update


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Jan 4, 2017 Windows update problem. Download and install several Win 7 updates. Everything seemed to work ok, but Windows Clean up of update files just hangs, and I have lost nearly 11 GB of freespace on my HD>

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College Football Picks 2017-2018 Season Charlotte at Eastern Michigan Eagles September 01, 2017 @ 06:30pm

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My BD sub expires soon. Trying to decide whether I should switch to Norton 2017. It's my understanding that Norton is no longer the grand POS it used to be.

What say you?

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Hello, Guys!
I'm new on this forum but I Really Really like this good Forum
So I had Emsisoft for couple of months now
But Recently I've switched over to Avast Premier Beacuse I've never used Avast before So I wanted to try It out
But now I'm without any AV As I do not know what to Install Avast or Emsisoft!
I have licences for both So thats not the problem
Thanks In Advance And btw This forum really nice.

Answer:Avast Premier 2017 Vs Emsisoft Internet Security 2017

Both have excellent protection functions, but certainly they are two different security solutions.
I think the choice of one or the other one is really subjective, I've used Emsisoft for many years and it is my first choice

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The Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3213986) that was released today won't install onto my computer. Windows Update would download it and tell me to restart but when I restart, it doesn't seem to even try to install the update instead it stays at the "Getting Windows ready" screen but it doesn't show any install progress then after a couple minutes it just restarts and gives me a message that "We couldn't complete the updates, Undoing changes." I've tried several times with Windows Update and the same thing happens and I've also tried manually installing it from the Microsoft Update Catalog but that also didn't work. The other updates that were available today went through, but not the cumulative update.

This wasn't the first time I've had problems with cumulative updates but there was always a work-around posted on the forum before but this time it seems I'm the only one with this problem? Can anyone help? I don't even know how to stop my computer from trying to download the update again every several hours.

Answer:Today's (1 Jan 2017) Cumulative Update Won't Install

Temporary measure:

For more see the excellent Tutorial section which you are free to browse and search.

Sometimes certain updates have caused issues- manually download and try that way, assuming there's no fundamental issue with your PC. If it's an MS problem, wait for resolution, and block it temporarily.

Follow the post on the update in the News section in this forum.

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According to Microsoft KB3178960
will break Excel and in order to fix that we have to install KB3191855 after.  
My question is, can I skip 3178960 and just install 3191855? Does 3191855 cover the security update that the
3178960 have? Or I need to install both to get the security it provides? I don't want to install 3178960 because if for any reason 3191855 failed installing on a computer then I will end up with a botched Excel. Thanks!

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Following the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this past summer, Microsoft on Wednesday shared details regarding what?s next in line for its operating system.

The Windows 10 Creators Update, as it?s being called, will deliver a wealth of new features and improvements. As rumored earlier this month, Microsoft has given its core graphics application ? Paint ? a major facelift (and a new name, Paint 3D).

Microsoft General Manager, Megan Saunders, explained the goal of the new app is to make 3D creation as simple as taking a photo or video on your smartphone. She used a phone to 3D-scan a sandcastle and imported it into the app for manipulation. Microsoft has a new website,, where users can upload and share original content.Click to expand...
​The Creators update includes a variety of other important features, many of which Microsoft didn?t announce at the event. Here?s what we already know about:

OneDrive File Placeholders: Windows 8.1 introduced ?placeholder? files for OneDrive?files that appeared in File Explorer but were actually stored in the cloud and only downloaded when you needed them. Microsoft removed this feature in Windows 10, but an ?on-demand sync? feature looks likely to arrive in Windows 10 to replace it.
Blue Light: Windows 10 is getting a ?Blue Light? feature, which works similarly to the venerable f.lux utility. Many operating systems have been adding this feature lately, including iOS with Night Shi... Read more

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EDIT: Well, at least I know now why it failed, but no fix. I should have noticed I am running out of space yet again (A better error message would have been nice!). The laptop only has a 32GB non-upgradable eMMC storage chip, and for a year I have been able to keep 4 or 5GB free by constantly cleaning up things, and the updates installed. Well this update is so huge that the laptop is no longer updateable. I have done all I can do at this point. I also had to disable the Windows Update service because it fills up my laptop with 100,000 files every day that I have to delete every time to get space back.

What I have done to make space (These are instructions I give to other people with 32GB drives):

(NOTE: I believe Steps 1 and 2 will actually perform steps 3, 4 and 5):
1) Run Windows disk cleanup including system files.
2) Install and run the CCleaner application. Perform just the file cleanup.
3) Delete %TEMP% files. Use the search in the taskbar and type %TEMP%. Delete all the files there and just skip the ones that are in use. Double check that it takes you to the TEMP directory.
4) Empty the Recycle Bin.
5) Delete Windows/Temp files. (C:/Windows/Temp.). Skip the ones that are in use.
6) Run a search using the search field in file explorer and check for GIGANTIC and then HUGE size files you may have forgot about, like in the Downloads directory (Select Size Explorer).
7) Install WinDirStat. It will help you find other really large files you may have missed.

O... Read more

Answer:Can't install today's (05-09-2017) KB4019472 update

pjc123 said:

SOLVED: Well, not really solved, but there is nothing more I can do. I am running out of space and the laptop is now obsolete after only a year of buying it new. The laptop only has a 32GB Emmc chip, and for a year I have been able to keep 4 or 5GB free by constantly cleaning up things, and the updates installed. Well this update is so huge that the laptop is no longer updateable. I have done all I can do at this point. All my applications are on an external SD card, Minimal synced Google Drive files on the laptop, CCleaner cleanup, Windows disk cleanup including system files, Windows Settings Storage cleanup, and Windows is as lean as possible (Recovery turned off, Hibernation turned off, deleted the swsetup files, etc, etc, and every other possible cleaning method know to man).

PROBLEMATIC UPDATE IN QUESTION: 2017-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB4019472).

I have tried multiple times to install it in the last two days and it dies at 9% - 10% progress with the following error each time, no matter what fix I try:

1) Some update files are missing or have problems. We'll try to download the update again later.
Error code: (0x80073712)
What I tried:
1) Ran the Windows Update Troubleshooter and retried. No help.
2) Manually downloaded the update. Did not work. The installation ran for a few minutes, the progress bar only moved slightly, and then a message popped up saying that it was not installed.
3)... Read more

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We deployed June 2017 IE Cumulative KB4021558 to our endpoints and had users run into the iFrame printing issue. We then deployed KB4032782 to resolve the printing issue on endpoints. KB4032782 removes 1 fix from KB4021558 that fixes the iFrame printing
The question is does the July 2017 IE Cumulative update KB4025252 include the fix that was removed by KB4021558?

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We have a problem with the latest updates that was published by Microsoft 18 May about the daylight saving time, it's impossible to install the updates on our machines windows 7 x64  / server windows 2008 R2, the error displayed is :
"The update is not applicable to your computer"
Can you help us to resolve this issue ?

Thank you.

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My system got WIN10 update on March 15.  Afterwards, my FIXMESTICK would no longer load past message on screen asking for "fixmestick line login:" With the help of the FixMeStick Tech, we could not get my system to process the scan process; or even to get to BIOS to boot manually.Anyone else have similar experience?

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Anyone else having problems after latest (April 2017) update?
My PC went so s-l-o-w that it was nearly unusable.
My solution so far - after virus scan, looking for other setting and software problems- was to uninstal the latest update (KB4015438) - seems to have solved the problem at least for now.
Hope that's useful and love to hear other solutions.


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February 14 2017 security update release
Our top priority is to provide the best possible experience for customers in maintaining and protecting their systems. This month, we discovered a last minute issue that could impact some customers and was not resolved in time for our planned updates today.
After considering all options, we made the decision to delay this month?s updates. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change to the existing plan.

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A couple of years ago I moved myself and some of the fam from Apple Everything to Windows 10. Yesterday however, I bought an new 2017 iPad. I really love the Surface devices, so why?
First, because Microsoft are no longer supporting the phones that are in our house, we are being forced from that platform. So rather than living and breathing completely and happily inside the Microsoft ecosystem, I am now forced to diversify and go elsewhere. This really is a big deal, and changes my thinking from the unthinkable (leaving the MS ecosystem) to the possible (shifting back towards Apple). That being the case, why should I then buy a Microsoft Surface tablet (I was planning to buying a new Surface Pro M3) when I an now FORCED to be open to Apple and Android?
Second, Microsoft have made my leap back to Apple so easy, because they have done what Apple and Google have refused to do, which is to make their software available on the others' platforms. Thus the transition to iPad is easy. For example, Word and PowerPoint are effectively free (via my 365 account that I will not be renewing at full cost next time; I will use the academic version which costs me almost nothing). Outlook on iPad is a great app (better than on PC platform). Lots of other apps that Microsoft that I use are also really nice on iPad (e.g. Wunderlist) and made the transition really simple and clean.
Third, the Facebook app on iPad is ... Read more

Answer:I did the unthinkable and chose a 2017 iPad over a 2017 Surface Pro M3

Microsoft are no longer supporting the phones that are in our house, we are being forced from that platform
Can't make sense of that. Presumably you have really old windows phones that no longer get updates?
And what does that have to do with what tablet you use? Windows has timeline, cloud clipboard and a whole host of platform agnostic features coming this fall, so Windows will play nice with android or ios (better than those OSes play with any other).
You don't even need your tablet, desktop and phone to be the same platform. You just need the same services, which for MSFT, exist on every platform.

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My name is Daniel and I am having issues with the HOMEGROUP ever since the big update that came at the end of spring for windows 10.

First, my system is as follows:
there are 4 computers:
3 windows 10, 64 bits computers Home Edition, hardwired to the modem directly.
1 laptop windows 10 Home edition, connected wirelessly.

The problem that I have is as follows:
I have been using "Homegroup" for the past 3 years or so, and it always worked very well.
But ever since the "Creator's update" released either in April or may 2017, the Homegroup feature is broken.

My main computer which was the one who started the "Homegroup" got updated first, and after that, no other computer sees the homegroup.

However, I need to explain the following:
My main computer, who started the homegroup, still sees the "old homegroup" as active, AKA Ghost homegroup.
I have tried to delete it by following the steps here
Fix issues with the homegroup in Windows 10

Solution 1 ? Delete files from PeerNetworking folder

Go to c:\windows\serviceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking.Delete idstore.sst and move on to Step 3. If deleting idstore.sst doesn?t work, go back to c:\windows\serviceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking and delete all files and folders in it and go back to Step 3.Go to the Network Settings and Leave the Homegroup.Repeat this for all the computers in your network.Turn off your computers.Turn on just one, a... Read more

Answer:2017 windows 10 Creator update damaged Homegroup

In case you didn't, you have to create the New HomeGroup on the same PC that had started the Old HomeGroup.

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Today my PC has had a windows update, and it has done it overnight whilst my computer was turned off.
Now I cannot turn off my computer or put it to sleep, as it just turns on again straight away. I have disabled fast startup, prevented the WiFi driver from being able to wake up my device and uninstalled the Intel Management engine interface.
Is there any other fix to this problem

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We're happy to announce the release of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit 1.09 Build 1403.
Build 1403 has the following fixes

[*]Fixed conflict with Symantec DLP
[*]Fixed conflict with Chinese banking software
[*]Fixed conflict with Sophos AV
[*]Fixed Edge browser crashes on Windows Insider Preview builds
[*]Fixed MS Office application crashes with MBAE
[*]Fixed conflict with McAfee HIPS
[*]Fixed false positives with Java Protection Technique
[*]Fixed a logging issue for critical errors
[*]Fixed service restart issues
[*]Fixed IE Freeze issues in Windows 7Click to expand...

This version is available only from updating from the program. The adjusting file of the new version isn't present.
Download curent version:


Answer:Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit 2017 Update Thread

Latest version is

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

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i think upgrade advisor does not working on my lumia 730
i dont know why but i cant get windows 10 mobile update!!

Answer:there is no windows 1 mobile update for my lumia 730? its april 2017

What does Upgrade Advisor say? You have to run Upgrade Advisor and enable it first, if you haven't done so already.

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So I've used a few years ago Trend Micro and i was planning to try it and maybe buy a license, as it's one of my favorite AV. But I've seen on the Trend Micro forums that some users are complaining about some BSOD (see here and here) issues with the Creators Update. A hotfix seems to be available tough.

In their forums, the moderators say Trend Micro is not yet fully compatible with CU. But when i contacted them, they said it is and this problem can be solved with the hotfix.

So if some of you guys are using Trend Micro Antivirus / Internet Security / Maximum Security 11 with the Creators Update, how is going so far ? Any bugs or crash ?

Thanks a lot

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Hi, I am running windows 8.1. There was a recent update to my ETDWare ps/2-x64 Elan Driver on 4/2/2017. Specifically, there were THREE Driver Services added (ETD and i8042prt and mouclass) and a Device was installed (oem10inf). Since then, my laptop has been going crazy! It is acting like I have a virus on my laptop, but I eliminated that possibility. It is definitely caused by this update. I cannot rollback this driver. Is it possible for me to install the previous version? Details of what's wrong:When I try to scroll, a round ball with arrows pops up, preventing me from clicking and typing.When I click on open tabs in crowser, it closes them instead of opens them.WHen I click on buttons in windows, sich as "Okay, Close" etc., it does nothing.When I right-click, I cannot click on SAVE or any other option. Please help, I've been going absolutely nuts over this! Thank you,Richard 

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Source: Windows 10 v1607 media now available

3rd February 2017 UPDATE: End of servicing for Windows 10, version 1507 will now occur in May.​On November 29th, Windows 10 v1607 was declared the Current Branch for Business, also known as the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

End of servicing for Windows 10, version 1507​With the availability of Windows 10 v1607, the grace period for Windows 10 RTM v1507 will begin. That means, after May 2017, Windows 10 v1507 will no longer be serviced, as only the two most Current Branch for Business (CBB) versions are actively serviced (ie, v1607 and v1511)

What this means for you? ​Basically, Windows 10 users on v1507 are advised to upgrade to Anniversary Update (v1607) before May 2017.

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My windows cannot run updates i use Windows Update Diagnostic check and show the message "Windows update error 0x80080005(2017-06-19-T-01_21_54P)", how solve this problem? Kindly reply soon! Thank you! 

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Windows updated a few days ago and since then I can boot.

I get: Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're.....

I can't manage 'Windows Update' (...there is little to manage anyway since the updates are literally forced down our throats) because at the top of the screen it says in RED, "Some settings are managed by your organization." I am the organization. This is a personal/one-user machine.

I create a full image twice a day so I used MR to restore a good image and got back in. Now, Windows 10 10586.753 installs updates every night and I have to do it all over again. I'm in a terminal loop.

I can't utilise a program like "WhoCrashed" because I can't get back in to analyze it. I have to restore an image each time. While I was in a restored image it do perform a 'Restore Point' so I could try that on the next boot failure in 'Troubleshooting.' But once in 'Advanced Options' during the boot repair, under 'Restore' I had no Restore Point listed.

I booted using WinPE and looked around a little but I couldn't find much to see or do there.

I ran SFC and DISM inside a restored image they both came back perfectly fine.

I used the following two lines in 'Safe Mode Command Prompt' during one Advanced Repair attempt but neither correct anything:

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:/windows
bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy
Crash dumps won't help because I can't get to ... Read more

Answer:Feb 2017 Windows Update breaks boot. Can't boot machine after Update.


Is this happening in a Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview build?

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Windows updated a few days ago and since then I can boot.

I get: Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're.....

I can't manage 'Windows Update' (...there is little to manage anyway since the updates are literally forced down our throats) because at the top of the screen it says in RED, "Some settings are managed by your organization." I am the organization. This is a personal/one-user machine.

I create a full image twice a day so I used MR to restore a good image and got back in. Now, Windows 10 10586.753 installs updates every night and I have to do it all over again. I'm in a terminal loop.

I can't utilise a program like "WhoCrashed" because I can't get back in to analyze it. I have to restore an image each time. While I was in a restored image it do perform a 'Restore Point' so I could try that on the next boot failure in 'Troubleshooting.' But once in 'Advanced Options' during the boot repair, under 'Restore' I had no Restore Point listed.

I booted using WinPE and looked around a little but I couldn't find much to see or do there.

I ran SFC and DISM inside a restored image they both came back perfectly fine.

I used the following two lines in 'Safe Mode Command Prompt' during one Advanced Repair attempt but neither correct anything:

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:/windows
bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy
Crash dumps won't help because I can't get to... Read more

Answer:Feb 2017 Windows Update breaks boot. Can't boot machine after Update.

Moderator. Please delete this. I've started it in the 'General Support' forum.

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In our testing environment MBSA, stops working after installing KB4015546. 
Security assessment: Incomplete Scan
Scan date: 4/12/2017 8:31 PM
Scanned with MBSA version: 2.3.2208.0
Catalog synchronization date: 2017-04-10T21:31:59Z
Security Updates Scan Results
Issue:  Security Updates
Score:  Unable to scan
Result: Cannot load security CAB file

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  This is a big deal in our organization because our systems are all disconnected from the Internet, so we rely on MBSA for primary verification that patches have been installed before deploying to the larger base.
This problem has been reproduced on Windows Server 2008 R2.

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For those of you who would like to know the complete update history that Windows 10 has gone through since it was first released in July 2015, you can view it in the 3 enclosed images.

The version number is based on the last 2 digits of the year and the number of the month of the release.
Version 1507 was released in July 2015
Version 1511 was released in November 2015
Version 1607 ("Anniversary Update") was released in July 2016
Version 1704 ("Creator Update") is scheduled to be released in April 2017


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Why i lost every save i have at truck simulator after the last win10 updates i installed just today?

Why is this happened? I believe it isn't normal this to happened correct?

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Hi, IE11 won't launch any more on my laptop- seemed to happen after the big 9/13 update so I'm guessing it's related. When I try to launch from anywhere (taskbar, clicking on a link etc), the spinning wheel appears for a moment, that's it. I've trawled the web and tried pretty much every suggested fix I could find. It seems something similar has happened to others after upgrading to 10, however mine was pre-installed and I haven't seen anyone else with exactly the same complaint. I don't want to do a re-install if I can help it...also I found I had system restore turned off unfortunately. Has this happened to anyone else?

I don't really want to change browsers. As mentioned above I have tried all the fixes I could find but would welcome any suggestions. Thanks.

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been digging on this for a couple of hours and conclude that HP changed something in their BIOS update files, removing the Bootable Flash Utility that was there in the past. I have a HP laptop pretty dead, and the last hope is to try to force-update [replace] via Bootable USB stick - auto-run on the blind. HP has pages and videos dedicated to the process but they are wrong in today's world. There was a HP Utility for creating the USB stick, but it is not now included in the typical [email protected]#######.exe download as it once was, and I can find no other Utility except one for large shop replicated BIOS installs which involves editing batch files with a number of options.

So you know the story: this is a HP G4-1117dx, which had intermittent issues for months, then quit. The hard drive is fine. The system, when powered on, runs the fan, checks the optical drive, displays the LED'S at the power button and WIFI indicator, but no other evidence of life. not a hint of video, no beeps. Holding F11 or F12 produces nothing. Using the HP recommended key-sequence for recovering "last good copy" of bios fails [trying Windows-Key+V, or Windows-key+B]. Trying all this with external monitor as well as onboard produces no vid. So this is my last shot before pronouncing the MB dead.

any direction you can give is much appreciated.

EDIT: The applicable page at HP for doing this sort of recover is
Section 3, Steps 5 through n are simply wron... Read more

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I work in IT in a University and last week I prepped and set up a number of W10 computers for Student Admin DYI use. Everything up to date, tested, functioning smoothly. Today, (first day of classes and I go in to just make sure) and the computers have been bricked by an update. Endless 'Installation failed, press any key to restart' and on it goes. Safe mode doesn't work. Win10 install Disc Repair doesn't work. Nothing works. This is totally unacceptable, particularly when advice received goes along the lines of "If you are stuck in a reboot cycle please go to the control panel and .....". We have resigned ourselves to the inevitability of a complete rebuild and a huge delay/cost associated with that. I will point out that no cloning/dsim or other reproduction techniques were used. This was a clean individual install of W10Ent to several machines. We have applied for extra manpower solely to deal with the expected W10 problems but I'm getting the feeling that the unexpected ones are going to require even more. This is not a suitable OS for mission critical situations (and this is not the first major stoppage, we have 2 surface pro 4's on their way back to MS for un****ing, and I have a list of tickets with similiar inquiries/faults). I use to think I was a Pro in IT but W10 has reduced me to damn near tears. Just saying.

Answer:Windows 10 update: endless failed installation reboot Feb 2017

Hi, I sympathise with your plight- fortunately not one I've experienced.

Others may have better ideas.. but noting you've not had a reply...

a. Can you invoke system restore by booting from a Win 10 install disk, then click 'Repair your computer' and navigate through Troubleshooting to System Restore?

b. Failing that, and this is significantly less than ideal, can you restore the backup copy of the registry?
Boot from e.g. a Win 10 install disk or bootable disk such as Kyhi's at the top of the Software and Apps section of this forum

The Windows 10 backup copy of the registry is under:
Boot up the PC using WinPE or Installation Disk into command prompt and copy all files under RegBack to C:\Windows\System32\config

(This will probably leave inconsistencies between some files and the registry, and I can't advise how you might reconcile those simply).

I'm wondering whether you have ever considered the routine use of disk imaging so you have a quick way of recovering?
Also whether you have considered any of the various was of restricting Windows updates so that you can test them before general deployment?

Windows update log files
You are probably aware of this, which seems to make accessing them in this instance remarkably challenging.
You'd have to extract them and process them on another machine, unless perhaps you can do that having booted using Kyhi's boot disk.

Windows Update logs are now generated using ETW ... Read more

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Hi Folks
My 7202 Rugged Tablet has been a perfect performer until the recent BIOS update. I get serious FAN NOISE after the update. Anyone else have this issue with the same of similar system?
What are some possible steps to resolve?

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I'm attempting to manually install critical-only updates to a Win 8.1 box.

I found April 2017 windows8.1-kb4015550-x64_516ecbc130cb85fe3ae74f04c9f2cc791b669012, which i believe contains critical updates only. Great.

But, it's prerequisite is April 2014 KB2919355, which is over 700 MB.,-windows-8.1,-and-windows-server-2012-r2-update-april-2014

I suspect that, at that size, it's not a critical-only update, but instead includes all updates up to that point (even non-critical stuff not required for the 2017 update). Correct?

If so, how can i identify the absolute minimum prerequisites needed for the April 2017 update? -thx

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My computer recently did the "Creators Update" and my USB 3.0 SD card reader speed dropped to about 1/3 of what it was before the update. Before the update I could transfer video/photo at a rate of about 90 MB/s but now the maximum with the same cards and content is about 30 MB/s. Both read and write speeds were affected.

My external hard drives (also connected via USB 3.0) were not affected. Their read/write speeds remained the same.

Has anyone found a fix for this problem?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Slow SD card reader after latest Win10 Creators Update (May 2017)

What is the Make and Model# of your Computer/Motherboard?
go to the Manufacturers Support/Download Drivers, type in your Make and Model# or Service Tag#, choose your version of 10 (ie) 32bit or 64bit. Download the SMBus Controller or Card Bus driver for your model.

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Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 5759.  I started seeing alerts that the above bios update was available. I haven't installed it yet.
Has anyone applied this update? Any problems or issues?

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Hi Gents,
I have rollout IE KB Update KB4025252 and after the update, few users are not able to access SharePoint 2010 links. Users are able to view SharePoint home page but not able to access links. IE Keep crashing "Internet Explorer has stopped working"
I was able to resolve the issue by removing the above KB and reboot.
My question is I have 2000+ Users to run rollout job and it will be helpful if there any update fix update released by Microsoft.

Thank you and regards,


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in our company we use Windows 7 Clients in ActiveDirectory 2008R2, a WSUS and GPOs for Windows Update active.
Updates are automatically approved for a group of computers for testing.  These Computers are set with a GPO that does not install updates automatically but informs the user about new updates . The user decides the installation time. Among other settings
we also set with GPO that disables an automatic reboot after update installation: "No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations" enabled.
GPO Result Check prooves, the policies are still appliead as expected - and this has always worked as expected.

The GPO has not been changed for over a year.

With KB2952664 Rev.200(!!) reissued by Microsoft on 06.06.2017 and installed today we experienced an unexpected forced reboot within 15 minutes for
all affected computers of the above mentioned group. The shown image (German text) popped up and it was not possible to stop the reboot process.

08.06.2017 10:02:28    WindowsUpdateClient    22
Restart required: To complete the installation of the following updates, the computer will be restarted within 15 minutes: Update for Windows 7 for x64-Systems (KB2952664)

Today, our clients are rebooting once again. This time after installation of KB3203460.
I copied this thread from customer forums: Read more

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Today, at Build 2017, we announced the next wave of Windows 10 innovations built to empower the creator in all of us ? the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Available later this year, the Fall Creators Update delivers new experiences for more than 500 million Windows 10 devices: A new design system for the next wave of creativity across devices; experiences that move with you across Windows, iOS, and Android; iTunes, Spotify, SAP Digital Boardroom are coming to the Windows Store; new tools that make Windows home for all developers; and the world?s first Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers ? no markers required.

The spirit of creativity lives in each of us. So often our lives are changed by creating something out of nothing, from a big idea, a dream, or just a simple thought.

Like the incredible developers here at Build, I experienced my own personal creativity in software development. I remember what it was like to wait as my code compiled, then seeing it come to life on the screen for the first time. There is an amazing feeling of creativity that comes from software development. I love seeing that spark of creativity in our Windows developer community.

The Windows 10 Creators Update began rolling out last month to more than 500 million Windows 10 devices around the world. It?s exciting to see more than 300 million people using Windows 10 every day for more than 3.5 hours a day on average. With all of this engagement, we?re most proud that Windows 10 c... Read more

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Read More. Microsoft confirmed today that the next feature update for the company's Windows 10 operating system, the Fall creators Update, will be out on October 17th, 2017.

Today, we?re pleased to announce that the next update of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, will be available worldwide October 17. With the Fall Creators Update, we are introducing some fun, new ways to get creative.

Lenovo did leak the release date earlier today in a press release, but edited the release afterwards to remove the date from it. Considering that Microsoft confirmed the date today, Lenovo might edit the release a second time to add the official date to it again.

Read More. Microsoft confirms: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17th, 2017 - gHacks Tech News

Answer:Microsoft confirms: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17th, 2017

Is that the Redstone 3?


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After windows 10 updated itself to version 1703, the TrackPoint on my X1 Carbon stopped working. It's enabled in the BIOS, and uninstalled and reinstalled the Ultranav drivers. When I go to the Ultranav settings the "Enable TrackPoint" section is grayed out. It there a new driver or fix for this issue?

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Hi guys
Wich do you perfer?

Answer:avast 2017 or F secure 2017?

Avast has nicer user interface and more features besides that everything else is pretty similar.

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My Lumia 640XL device running on Windows 10 OS version 1703, Build- 10.0.15063.414 . While checking for update a new update shows up i.e, 2017-08 update for arm based phone devices, but while trying to download the download never starts, showing an error code (0x80070020). I am using wifi to download. I can't understand the issue.

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Why Lenovo didn't test compliance of Yoga 2 Pro (20266 / 80AY) Windows 10 with Anniversary Update (1607) or Creators Update (1703)?Will be nice show some respect to their costumers providing updated drivers for all your systems.Lenovo devices tested for Windows 10 version 1703 (update March, 2017)Regards,

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hi All,
the MBSA 2.3 reported that Adobe Flash Player security update KB4018483 is missing though it is installed correctly.

I have downloaded the latest catalog file from website with the same result.
Is it because of the MBSA catalog file is not updated? The latest catalog file is 2017-04-10 which is before 4018483 release date (April 11, 2017)
PS, I tested it on a Windows 10 machine, it does not has this issue.
Any input is appreciated.
Thank you.

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On my Windows 10 pro PC, I'm running (BDTS 2017 + Voodoo Shield Pro + Malwarebytes 3), and this combo is very smooth for me, but when I saw the results of MT tests here : AV Test - MalwareTips - Bitdefender Report - March 2017 and here : AV Test - MalwareTips - Kaspersky Report - March 2017, I think that these tests demonstrated that Kaspersky did a better job then Bitdefender
So my question is to know if it is a good idea to replace BD by KIS on my config ?
NB: I have paid keys for both

Answer:Bitdefender Total Security 2017 vs Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

1/ kaspersky with tweaked settings alone

2/ kaspersky, slightly tweaked + Voodoshield

3/ bitdedender with ATC = aggressive + ransomware protection enabled | Heuristics = normal

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I am from National Insruments, we have a software product called Lookout, when we install the update 2017-06 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4022719), there is a problem for window to pop up.
In our software, there is a control panel(panel 1), in panel 1,there is a button(button1) which is connected to another control panel(panel2).
If we click button1, panel can pop up. Before we install the update, the normal action is panel can pop up on the top layer, which can been seen in the following picture.
But after we install the ipdate, the phenomenon is strange, when clicking button2, panel 2 can pop up, but under panel1, we have to click on the button for another time, then panel 2 can show up in the front, this phenomenon is not expected.
I wonder if there are some changes causing this reaction. For example, modifying register key of fixed value of windows parameters , anyone has any ideas or recommendations?

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When trying to update via Windows Update I got the above mentioned fault announcement. Network is working properly. Windows update problem solver doesn't solve this problem. What to do? Thanks! 

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Good evening everyone! Thank you for your access to here and reading my post.
Tonight, I want to ask you that how much the Avast Free Antivirus reaches some solid anti-malware software, which are the paid version.

Now I am using F-secure SAFE as Trial license on desktop PC, which is one of the mine.
It seems to nice for protect PC and F-secure SAFE is light despite it is one of the very strong scanning system as consumers.

But now, I am worrying about false blocking by browsing protection of F-secure SAFE.
In usually, f-secure is not making something to bad situation for me, I am feeling it.
But the Browsing protection feature of F-secure SAFE blocks websites too many times.
The most of sites,which were blocked by F-secure are obviously safe. Of cause, they are judged safe sites by other major antimalware soft (e.g. Avast, Bitdefender Total Security).

So I want to compare them; Avast Free Antivirus 2017 and F-secure SAFE 2017(or Internet Security 2017).
I want to ask you that which is the more strong software under the below situation...

OS is Windows10 Home and updated with latest security patch.
Main browser is the latest of Mozilla Firefox with ublock origin.
If I use Avast Free 2017, I will configure some setting (e.g. File Shield, Mail Shield, Web Shield, and Behavior Shield) to aggressive security level. For example, I will configure by referring to this page avast! Optimal Protection settings by RejZoR​
I heard that the latest edition of Avast Free A... Read more

Answer:"Avast Free 2017 with aggressive setting" vs "F-secure SAFE 2017"

Try Avast with these settings. How to setup Avast Internet Security for Maximum Protection (2016 Guide)

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I know 2017 version of avg devoloped from Avast. And also both of them use the same engine. But i want to ask you a question. Which one have more feature at the moment? And which one do you recommend to install my computer?

Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.​

Answer:Avast 2017 vs AVG 2017

Hey man. Of the two I would choose Avast, much more reliable and customizable.
My personal choice is Bitdefender though. I believe you could do some research on Youtube so that you form your own opinion. Here are some interesting channels:

The PC Security Channel [TPSC]
Malware Blocker
Aca Faca

Make sure to post on Security Configuration Wizard forum your full setup after you made your choice

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Just threw this article together, I want all the brain's in this forum to chip in and if there is anything missing from this article (at all!) let me know ASAP, in this thread.

A top quote :

Previously we wrote a long post about Best Laptops for Hackers, which included a run-down on the best laptops for programming and penetration testing (pen-testing). This article turned out to be very popular even though it wasn't exactly intended to be that, now we are proud to finally publish the long-requested article of 'Best Laptops for Video Game System Emulation'.

The idea of this post is to give an accurate summary of which laptops are suited for, or adept at emulating various consoles and their games, and which ones also can easily perform these duties, at the lowest possible cost.

Now obviously, the better hardware you have the better your system will be at emulating other hardware/software. That doesn't necessarily mean a more expensive laptop. Where the demands of hacking and pen-testing demand vital and significant internal storage, the prerequisites for game emulation are generally just a good graphics processor, and good RAM/CPU.

Your laptop should also be in good working order and not muddled with high-risk pirated downloads and large bits of video. To emulate efficiently, you should also have as little processes and programs running in order for the emulator to run smoothly.

These are all common sense tips but...
If you are lo... Read more

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Question: best pcs 2017

Which one to buy from these?

1. Aspire TC Desktop - TC-780-UR12

Windows 10 Home
Intel® Core? i7-7700 processor Quad-core 3.60 GHz
Intel® HD 600 Series with Shared Memory
Keyboard and mouse included
30-day Microsoft Office trial included
2. Inspiron 24 7000 Touch

3. New XPS Tower Special Edition

4. Hp Pavilion All-in-one-27-a24ose

Windows 10 Home 64
7th Generation Intel® Core? i7 processor
16 GB memory; 1 TB SSHD storage
NVIDIA® GeForce® 930MX (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated)
27" diagonal FHD UWVA touch display
5. HP ENCY Curved All-in-one

Windows 10 Home 64
7th Generation Intel® Core? i7 processor
16 GB memory; 2 TB HDD storage; 256 GB SSD storage
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M (4 GB GDDR5 dedicated)
34" diagonal WQHD UWVA display


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I have a consult about my old XPS410 /Dimension 9200.It came with a mobo Dell E210882 zocket LGA775   Ram DDR2-800  (I have 6GB running goog) The bios's version is 2.5.3 SMBios version 2.3.Brings a processor Intel Core(TM)2 CPU [email protected] SL9ZL  3718A945.I was trying to install an Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 and mobo does not accept it..My questions are: Can I get a fastest processor that fits in the mobo? I have (perhaps) to change the mobo? You now better, wath can I do??
Best Regardas,

Answer:Hi, I wish the best for everybody in 2017!!!

The E6700 is the fastest CPU you can use in that system.
The Q6700 should also work.

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My current set-up which i have recently changed.

Any comments or suggestions welcomed.

Many Thanks


Answer:AMD's set-up for 2017

I recommend Zemana Anti-Malware as a second on demand scanner.
Think about getting system image software (Macrium Reflect is great for this) in case very bad things happen and you want to restore your whole system in a few minutes.

Thanks for sharing your config!

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ummmmmm... This is July 16, 2017 and this just started up for me in the last 3 weeks or so.... thought it was me or the result of an update. Any new ideas?

Answer:Still happening in 2017!

erm... hard to say as happening/event to which you refer isn't exactly clear from what you post here...?Perhaps a few more details might be in order?

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I haven't used Mcafee in years, but thought I'd try out their new 2017 version for fun. It's fast, and much different than previous editions.

We should have some of you guys who are skilled at testing, give it a shake.

Answer:McAfee 2017 - I KNOW But This is Different.

Yes i have heard good things about it too,so i think it is a splendid request

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Spoiler: Changelog
This version fixes the following issues:
? Fixed a rare Chrome crash when accessed from the upgrade page
? Fixed Profile not scrolling to the bottom
? Fixed a crash when downgrading the product
? Fixed a crash caused by Device Management
? Fixed a issue where the Anti-Spam events would not show up in the Notifications tab
? Fixed a rare crash where the installer would crash at system check
? Fixed a issue where the Drives and Devices would be greyed-out on a limited account
? Fixed a issue where the Vulnerability Scan would show notifications when there are no vulnerabilities
? Bitdefender Agent Schedule has been set back to 1 min
? Fixed a graphical issue in Scan Reports
? Fixed a issue where the Firewall would block the printer
? Fixed a issue where the WMI Provider Host would eat unnecessary CPU
? Fixed a issue where the Remember This Website on SafePay would have no effect
? Fixed a crash on systems with their language set to Greek
? Fixed a rare crash when the system comes out of sleep
? Fixed a issue where the Scan USB Devices function would automatically immunize them as well
? Fixed a issue where the Paranoid Mode will remain enabled even after disabling the Firewall or the AV
? Fixed a issue where the Agent login page would be blank due to IE security settings
? Added Whitelist option under Web Protection
? Fixed a crash caused by IE
? Fixed a rare crash caused by the Update engine
? Fixed a issue where P... Read more

Answer:Bitdefender 2017

The best AV in the world for 5 years nowand the best interface(i think).
Bitdefender 2016-17 have saved me from 4 ransomeware attack the last 3 weeks.

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Question: F-Secure 2017

When will the new version of the F-Secure 2017?
Competition already has new versions.
What new can we expect from the new version of F-Secure in 2017 in addition to the improved engine?

Answer:F-Secure 2017

nastavnikhe said:

When will the new version of the F-Secure 2017?Click to expand...

Hmm... Either before 2017 starts or sometime during 2017 maybe?

nastavnikhe said:

What new can we expect from the new version of F-Secure in 2017 in addition to the improved engine?Click to expand...

Hopefully good zero-day behavioural protection features, such as virtualisation utilisation (via usage of hardware technology like VT-x/AMD-V SVM).

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Question: Kaspersky URP 2017

URP 2017: ????????????????? ?????? ?? ???????? ????????????? - Kaspersky Lab Forum

Usability Research Project

Does anyone have a good idea then it writes in Forum to time unfortunately only in Russian


Answer:Kaspersky URP 2017

For 2015 version it was also an URP In English section of the forum... We'll see if this time They do the same...

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Question: pes 2017 crash fix

My pes 2017 crashes when am tryin to open general settings....
Am using
Windows 10 64 bit
Amd a10 8700p 6g+4c
Crimson relive
8gb ram

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I have an old compaq laptop that uses windows xp. When I turned it on and connected to the internet it didn't go to any websites. Can I still use this computer? If so, How do I get online? Also, How do I upgrade to a newer version of windows?

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A video resume lets the employer see you and hear your story via our Happy Minds APP, In fact, your 60 second video resume can give you a better chance at showcasing your skills and work you've accomplished. Take few minutes of your time to get your career graph shaped. Download our app to search and apply for jobs. Create your video profile right from your mobile, go video and get noticed.

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Backup browsers: stock, preinstalled M$ IE / Edge set to clear browser data on exit
Clearing TEMP folder manually
Thread might be updated in case i switch to another AV vendor for testing purposes
My main machine has the same config, however uses M$ Windows 10 x64 Pro, with M§ Account
AVG is set up to max HEUR on my main machine
Suggestions are welcome
& thank you guys for reading


Answer:Der.Reisende Sec 2017+

Nothing to add. How is AVG 2017? Wanted to test this one in my VM

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Is the X1 Carbon 2017 with or without a fan. Is it useable with a dock having the screen lock'ed down, - without getting hot?

Answer:X1 Carbon 2017 fan?

Hi rodding,Warm Greetings & welcome to Lenovo Community, happy to have you here.As I understand that you have query regarding X1 Carbon 2017 is a fanless or not
rodding wrote:
Is the X1 Carbon 2017 with or without a fan.

The system is having fan & it requires Active Cooling. Also you can use system with dock and put the display on off it should work fine. 
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Hi, I just bought an XPS 8910 with 256 GB M2.SSD + 2GB HDD with 16GB DDR4 RAM.(Win10Pro) I installed whole necessary Sotwares, updates, etc.When I finish, I pluged in USB 3.0 Extern HDD (1TB)Then rebooted and started with Acronis TI 2017 CD.Till here everything works fine.TI does not recognised C:\ [M2.SSD] as normal but Extern HDD C:\ itself.So, I cant make any image copy with Acronis Live CDANY IDEA

Answer:M2.SSD Does not appear on Acronis TI 2017

The Chipset 8910 M2 drivers are not native to windows. You need to talk with Acronis about mass storage drivers.  There is support from Dell for Windows PE and DISM but it is not free.
Imaging using anything other than windows PE 10 and Microsoft Tools
is not supported by Dell or Microsoft. When you deploy a duplicated or imaged Windows installation, it is required that the System Preparation (Sysprep) tool is used before the capture of the image.
   You must run Windows Setup before you use Sysprep.
   You need a tool to capture an image of the installation, such as Microsoft DISM

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Question: 2017 4K V nitro?

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, couldnt find anything in regards to the v nitro series.  Ive been looking at a new laptop to replace my V3-771g from 5 years ago and im looking at the V nitro series. The 2017 models are finally for sale but none have a 4K screen. I was wondering if this feature will be released on later models or not at all. Thanks

Answer:2017 4K V nitro?

Hi,  It is likely that 4K models will be released, however, acer hasn't confirmed this and it is only public speculation. The top tier models seem to have a GTX 1060, which isn't good enough for 4k gaming. I'd still recommend the 1080p version 

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More info: KFA\KAV\KIS\KTS\KSOS 2017: - Kaspersky Lab Forum

Be a bit patient, still uploading installers

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Anyone know when will the new 2017 Envy AIO 34 All-in-one be available in Australia?


View Solution.

Answer:Anyone know when will the new 2017 Envy AIO 34 All-in-one be...

Even the newer products are available in Australia. Here are the link:

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I'm sure there are similar older threads, but things change quickly for VPN services and extensions.

I have used ZenMate, DotVPN and GOM VPN extensions in the past. But it's been over a year, and they seem to have changed. DotVPN didn't require sign-up when I used it for example, now it does.

Which VPN extension (for Chrome) do you use/recommend in 2017

Answer:Which VPN extension do you use in 2017?

None of those, I use Private Internet Access. However, it is paid
It has an extension for chrome but I mostly use the windows app.

My favourite free alternative in Chrome used to be ZenMate. I have some friends who use Hola free vpn but I've never tried it so I'm not sure it's any good. Well, it depends on what you want it for.

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Question: End of Vista 2017

I understand that Vista finishes in 2017. Can you expand on this for me?

I have Home Premium 32 bit at present and Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor seems to recognise only minor adjustments to be made. Would you suggest I upgrade now or wait until Vista ends?

Answer:End of Vista 2017

It will be just like XP. What it basically means is that there will be no updates from Microsoft for it. Vista will still work just like xp does still work.

If your happy with Vista then you can continue to use it for the rest of your life if you want.

What I recommend though is that do not use internet explorer use another browser. if you use it after the finish date as it will be vunerable and make sure you have a firewall and AV software protecting your system, but you should have that now anyway.

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Read more:

The new Box V2 includes all of these features, plus an enhanced assessment tool that scans for weak or default passwords and other vulnerabilities hackers could exploit.

New Features
Leverages heuristic data gathered by Bitdefender about what safe and normal network traffic looks like, should it detect anything untoward?exploits, brute-force attacks, port scanning?the Box blocks access.

Monitor where you enter personal information?such as address, Social Security number, etc.?and prevent you from accidentally submitting that data on fraudulent or insecure websites.

Improved Hardware
Dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor
1GB of DDR3 memory
4GB of eMMC/NAND storage
Supports Dual Concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHz
802.11n MIMO 2x2 + 802.11ac MIMO 33 AC1300
Two 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet ports

The beefier hardware is designed to run more activities locally, from the Box V.2 itself.

Price and Licensing
The Box Version 2 is expected to retail in the sub-$200 range, and will go on sale later this year with pre-orders beginning in summer 2017. Bitdefender says it will likely keep both devices on the market to provide different price points. Either device comes with a free year of security coverage from Bitdefender, which will cost consumers $99 a year afterwards.

Both BOX devices are now part of Bitdefender Total Security £34.94 at BitDefender UK and provide consumers with unlimited lic... Read more

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Hello Forum
Windows 10 Pro + K?s 2017
Shadow Defender?

No shady or nasty stuff
Safe browsing


Answer:Which one(s) to complement KIS 2017?

Shadow Defender for system wide virtualization.. or you could uninstall KIS and use AppGuard + HMP.A + Re-HIPS + Shadow Defender for signature-less protection

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Question: F-Secure 2017

F-Secure products for home

F-Secure total security and privacy​
Complete protection for online safety and privacy​
Protect all your devices against viruses and online threats​
Surf the web anonymously and access blocked content​

F-Secure SAFE​
Protect all your devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones and Mac's) with one service​
Quick and easy for you to install​
Stay safe from online threats​

F-Secure Freedome​
Block intrusive tracking to protect your privacy and browse faster​
Access blocked content by changing your virtual location​
Connect safely to any public Wi-Fi with an encrypted connection​

F-Secure KEY​
Store all your passwords and credentials securely​
Generate strong and unique passwords​
Auto-fill your passwords on log-in pages​

F-Secure Booster​
Clean up your devices​
Get better performance and stability​
Speed up your devices​

F-Secure Internet Security​
Simple, affordable and dependable​
Automatic protection against viruses, malware and all online threats​
Secure Internet surfing with Browsing Protection​

F-Secure Anti-Virus​
Protect your computer against viruses, spyware and other malware​
Advanced malware removal technology​
Stop harmful attacks on your computer​

Free products and tools
F-Secure SEARCH​
Ensures safety of your search results​
Provides website... Read more

Answer:F-Secure 2017

is that ultralight antivirus included in the new product line?

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I Just bought a 2017 XPS 13 ; Touchscreen Model ; i7 Processor with 16 GB of RAM 
and this *** machine is a toaster! 
Its just out of the box with windows 10 Pre Installed and its heating with or without the power plugged in. 
It  is getting hot to the point where I cannot use it anymore ( At the Table or in my lap ) 
Also on a full charge the battery capacity is reflecting as 3 hours and 30 minutes only. 
Is it normal? How do I fix this? I have done the BIOS update , System Firmware Upgrade etc. and everything is up to date. Tried reinstalling windows and also tried with the power saver mode but issue still persists. 
What to do?

Answer:XPS 13 , 2017 OVERHEATING!

You don't mention which XPS 13 you have but my 9365 gets warm when something is working.  Anti-virus scans, system maintenance and others will heat the system even when you are not using it.
My system will get to 112 °F near the back and mostly on the left side.

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Any other forum regulars in attendance today/tomorrow?

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Hi all,

About a week after my last visit I noticed a browser hijack. I opened a page and in just under a second the browser loaded a page claiming to be a Firefox update page, and it popped up a download window asking me to download a javascript file. It's been busy at work so I haven't had time to deal with this, but today it happened again and I was in the middle of typing in another application when this download popup took over and I'd hit the spacebar before I knew what was going on. So now I probably have something malicious and definitely need to make time to deal with this crap again.

Here are the FRST and MBR logs:

Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 11-03-2017 01
Ran by ****** (administrator) on ******-PC (11-03-2017 15:10:28)
Running from C:\Users\******\Desktop\Virus Stuff
Loaded Profiles: ****** (Available Profiles: ******)
Platform: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Chrome)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool:

==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================

(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)

(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\nvvsvc.exe
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\3D Vision\nvSCP... Read more

Answer:2017-03-11 - Back for more

Let's clean some trash from the machine before a FRST fix...

Clean up temp files and reduce startup load with CCleaner.
Note: This tool will clean your browsing history as well.

Download CCleaner from here.
After install Click Options.
Go to monitoring.
Uncheck All Monitoring items.
Go to advanced -- Click close program after cleaning.
Go to settings -- click run ccleaner when the computer starts.
Now that you have ccleaner installed and set-up:
Open the program.
Go to Tools
Go to Startup
Now double click each item. To Disable.
Leave only your antivirus enabled.
Then disable All items in your scheduled task as well.
Unless they are related to windows defender.Or your antivirus.
Reboot the machine.

ZHP Scan.

Please download Zhp Cleaner to your desktop. Right Click the icon and select run as administrator.

2. Once you have started the program, you will need to click the scanner button.

The program will close all open browsers!
3. Once the scan is completed, the you will want to click the Repair button.

At the end of the process you may be asked to reboot your machine. After you reboot a report will open on your desktop.

Copy and paste the report here in your next reply.
Rogue Killer Scan.

Download RogueKiller -- (Portable) -- from one of the following links and save it to your Desktop:

Link 1
Link 2
Close all other the running programs
Disable ALL Antivirus -- Antimalware -- Applications.
Right Click Rogue Killer and Run as Administrator.
Cli... Read more

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Here is a Best Answer from a google product forum:

"When a Chrome extension is removed from the store, the developer of that extension can then submit a new version that doesn't violate the Chrome web store terms. If that new version is ready, they can submit it on his store dashboard page. However, because they violate the Chrome web store program. This extension will also get a manual review by a Google employee, to check if they meet Chrome web store guideline (that takes 48 hours). If OK, then you see the Chrome extension back in the store.

So the Wot Chrome extension is now safe."

Answer:Do you trust WOT again? - 2017

No i do not use WOT.

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Trang soi c?u chúng tôi gi?i thi?u cho cac b?n dàn xiên 3 mi?n phí víp cho các b?n tham kh?o là 15-68-87.

Lô 15 trong 100 ngày ra 36 ngày hi?n t?i 2 ngày ch?a ra.

Lô 68 trong 100 ngày ra 19 ngày, hi?n t?i 3 ngày ch?a ra.

Lô 87 trong 100 ngày ra 33 ngày, hi?n t?i 7 ngày ch?a ra.

Chúng tôi cung c?p dàn xiên 3 là mi?n phí nên nó ch? mang tinh ch?t tham kh?o. Tuy nhiên t? l? ra c?ng cao, b?n có th? tham kh?o ? nh?ng ngày tr??c ?? bi?t t? l? ra c?a nó nhé. N?u b?n mu?n l?y c?u t?t h?n th́ hăy vào c?u lô ?? l?y.

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Hi there- At it doesn't appear you can order a US Region laptop with WWAN.  Are the US models WWAN upgradable?  Am I simply missing something?  We nabbed a couple 20HR000FU but there no WWAN slot and no antenna pigtails.  I'm guessing we're sending these things back? What should be our strategy for getting laptops with functioning WWAN? Thanks!Ryan

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What you guys think?
Which one is the best at the moment?

I'm been using Chrome for many many years but i donno maybe something better out there for me
I got like an average of 40-50 tabs open daily, often upwards 60-70,
my laptop hates me

Answer:Best Modern Web Browser for 2017

Not sure which is the best browser but i am a fan of Cyberfox and Vivaldi.

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