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Is it working wireless LAN adapter in windows 7 64bit, hp 15...

Question: Is it working wireless LAN adapter in windows 7 64bit, hp 15...

please share me wireless LAN Drivers for mentioned above model laptop..

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Preferred Solution: Is it working wireless LAN adapter in windows 7 64bit, hp 15...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Is it working wireless LAN adapter in windows 7 64bit, hp 15...

Hi: You need these W7 wireless and bluetooth drivers for the model wlan card your notebook has... The package contains the Broadcom wireless LAN drivers and utility that are required to enable the integrated Broadcom Wireless LAN Adapter in supported notebooks that are running a supported operating system. This package contains the Broadcom Bluetooth driver and software for supported models that are running a supported operating system. Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 Driver is required to enable Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 devices and is compatible with Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 and earlier versions.

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I have a home build PC which I upgraded to W7 64bit and installed extra RAM (2gb up to 6gb). With the extra RAM the installed wireless adapter, Netgear WG311v3, does not work. Can anybody recommend a new wireless pci that will be compatible?

Answer:Windows 7 64bit wireless pci adapter

I used several pci adapters over the years ,but more recently I use usb wireless adapters ,they are very reliable and are relatively easy to setup , my current favorite is a belkin wireless N adapter . though if you plan to get one make sure its windows 7 compatible .belkin currently sell around 8 models and one or two only support OSs up to vista.

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Anyone know of any supported wireless network USB adatpers that will work with Windows 7 64bit?

Answer:Wireless adapter that works with Windows 7 64bit?


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Hi,I have a Lenovo G500 windows 8.1 with Broadcom 802.11n network adapter.I cannot get the WLAN to start. The message I get is ?This device cannot start (Code 10)?.I have tried updating the drivers with various different ones. Deleting the device and rebooting to see if it will pick up the correct driver. Doing a system restore. Installing any Windows updates that were outstanding. The thing is the wireless was working fine earlier today, it just seems to have suddenly stopped.When I try to install new drivers I get a message window saying ?Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while trying to install it?.Any ideas and help would be greatly appreiciated. One other thing, I did see a similar problem elsewhere on the internet and the advice was in the adapter properties to change the WMM setting to disabled. I did this and it did correct the problem and the WI-Fi started working again for a day or so, but I now seem to be back to square one. The issue is not with the router as all other devices in our household operate fine. I am getting desparate and maybe thinking it could be a hardware fault which might need replacing. I would be grateful for any help anyone could give me please Thanks Steve

Answer:Lenovo G500 Windows 8.1 64bit, Broadcom 802.11n Wireless Adapter "Not Starting"

Hi sjemerton ,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
This device cannot start (Code 10) message is generic and may also indicate possible hardware failure . 
Fastest way to isolate software versus hardware issue is doing factory reset but would delete everything and reimage it back the way it was from out of box condition along with appropriate drivers intended for the pc. 
Before deciding on a full reset , you can try uninstalling all drivers for the WLAN card from the device manager but before restarting , configure driver update to never  . Install WLAN driver from the website or D:Lenovo/drivers if still available. 
After installation , go back to device manager and change properties of the WLAN driver power management tab unchecked , on advance tab with roaming aggresiveness / tendency to highest.  
Update us how it goes.

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Hi All, I have ThinkPad R500 2714 - CTO laptop. And I am in a great need of 64 Bit wireless drivers. My Wireless card isThinkPad 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter III.  I have 2 operating system CDs with me, they are:1. Windows Server 2008 64 bit.2. Windows XP SP2 64 Bit. I tried installing Windows 7 64 bit wireless drivers it installed successfully but not able to connect to the internet. I tried installing Vista 64 bit Wireless drivers it gave an error saying OS not supported. I didn't find drivers for Win Server 2008 64 bit or Win XP 64 bit. Can any one help me in finding Wireless drivers for either of above two OS??  Its very urgent, thanks in advance Pratap

Answer:R500 2714-CTO :Need 64bit Wireless drivers-ThinkPad 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter III


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All of the ones I've found so far, don't have drivers for the 64bit OS.

Win7 doesn't even power up my old Belkin one.

Answer:Need a 64bit wireless adapter.

There are plenty of them available. I like the D-link DWA-140 but there are many to choose from. - D-Link DWA-140 IEEE 802.11g, IEEE802.11n Draft 2.0 USB 2.0 Wireless RangeBooster N USB Adapter Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA & WPA2)

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Hi all, not sure if this is the right forum, but...

I just bought a new computer yesterday and I am extremely pleased with the speed. However, my WUSB54G adapter doesn't work. I have researched and found out that Linksys does not have x64 drivers out yet...(stupid!)

So I was wondering you all could recommend me some wireless USB adapters that work with Vista x64, preferably with the drivers that come on the CD. Also, I'm a newbie to Vista so please be easy on my.

Answer:Wireless Adapter That Works with 64bit

Hi, kunu, and welcome to the forums.

You might take a look at 64 bit driver for Linksys WUSB54G - works with Vista RC1 - Wireless Adapters - Linksys Community Forums - the first post shows a guy getting that same driver to work with Vista 64bit RC1 - almost 2 years ago. It is possible that these will not work because of SP1, but it is worth a shot before you go out and buy another wireless adapter.

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Hi, I recently purchased a T400 but wasn't given any of the driver discs. The laptop had Windows Vista installed at the time and I formatted and upgraded to Windows 7. In the device manager there's a few exclamation points, one for the ATI graphics card which I'll take care of later once I can figure out how to get online. The other exclamation points are under "other devices" one says PCI Simple Communiciations Controllerthe otherUnknown Device When I try to connect to my router via wireless I get a "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter, reinstall the driver" I've tried all the Windows 7 and Vista drivers under networking that were posted on the Lenovo website and still can't get this network adapter configured. Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the laptop build I have.  edit: i can't even get the ethernet working when i plug the ethernet cord in

Answer:Can't get Wireless Adapter Working [T400 / Windows 7]

Hi mikeyrocks,Welcome to the forum!For wireless you need this driver:- , once unpacking the driver, go to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\WLANINT\Autorun.exe to run the driver setup.Next, once you're online with wireless,  install Thinkvantage System Update and fire it up, it will install all required drivers for your system:- Hope it helps.

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MY SMCWUSB-N2 wireless adapter no longer works after the windows 10 update. I have tried to download a new driver but says there is not one available. Please help!

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Hi all, I am sure someone has gone through the same issue. I upgraded from XP to W7 and knew I would need a new driver for the Atheros 11a/b/g wireless LAN Mini PCI adapter. Since then I have thown many of the drivers offered by Lenovo at the X31 but the adapter does not work. Any suggestions and advise VERY welcome. Thanks in advance RegardsJochen 


Go to Solution.

Answer:X31 - upgrade to Windows 7 - wireless adapter not working
Did you try this one yet?  It's for xp, but it should work.
You could also download Thinkvantage System Update and let it find your driver.
Sometimes drivers don't automatically install themselves.  You might have to go into device manager and manually update the driver.  Don't let windows search for it, point it to the folder where the driver got downloaded to.  

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I am using HP Envy notebook with pre installed Windows 10. 2 Days back after usual windows update my wifi stopped working. On restart wifi available networks disappeared and upon checking device manager i realized that the driver for Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 bgn is not working. Therefore it is not recognizing the adapter. I checked my windows update history and there was an upgrade history present related to Realtek Semiconductor Corp. driver update for Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter. Kindly help my out to resolve this issue. As i am unable to use my laptop with wifi. Thank you. Farhan Akhlaq

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Hello, I have a F5D8055v2 Belkin Wireless N+ USB Wireless Network Adapter which im having problems with in windows 7 64-bit. I have tried the following steps in order to try to make this adapter work

1) Downloaded and installed the latest drivers
2) Run the disc which came with the adapter in vista compatibility mode and normally.
3) Installed the drivers from the disc directly from the windows driver install wizard from the device manager.
4) Just connect the adapter and let windows install the drivers without a disc or program but this failed and said "Drivers could not be sucessfully installed"

All these steps have been attempted and none of these work. The problem I have been getting is that the drivers would install all fine and windows would detect the wireless adapter and the adapter would light up but the problem is when I go to enable it in the adapter settings I click enable and it says "Enabled" but it doesn't change it to enabled, it stays at disabled so there is no way i can get the adapter to work.

I have tried 3 other wireless adapters like the Netgear WN111, some dual rangemax netgear adapter and a TL wn321g and all have failed to work with my computer so im starting to think that there is something wrong with my computer and not the adapters.

I am in desperate need of help so if anyone here knows how I could fix this please post here ASAP. I would highly appreciate your help and effort.

Answer:Belkin wireless adapter not working for windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by DeadlyCheese

I have tried 3 other wireless adapters like the Netgear WN111, some dual rangemax netgear adapter and a TL wn321g and all have failed to work with my computer

Welcome to SF, DailyCheese. Can you get anything to work on your usb port?

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My father purchased a computer with Vista 64bit installed and our current usb adapter doesn't work with it. Could someone recommend one that works with Vista 64 bit?

Answer:Wireless USB Adapter that works with Vista 64bit

Any modem (or old USB adapter) should work fine with Vista 64bit. What is your current wireless card? Did you check the manufactures website for 64bit drivers? If your unsure what cards to support 64bit OS then check the manufactures website for 64bit drivers before purchasing a new one.

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Hi guys,

I just got a new Windows 7 computer today and spent the afternoon getting it set up. The first thing I did was to get it hooked up to the Internet. I purchased a TRENDnet usb wireless internet adapter model TEW-648UB. I fired it up by installing the utility and drivers by CD and it worked great for a few hours. I proceeded to download updates for the computer until the Internet suddenly stopped working. I couldnt even get the utility to open anymore. Here is what I've tried so far:

I have reinstalled the utility several times, same thing, can't open the utility after installing.

I have also uninstalled my Bitdefender antivirus and tried reinstalling and opening the utility, still didn't work.

I'm totally out of ideas other than doing a system restore and remove the updates until it works. But I would like to avoid removing updates if I can. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I need to get this thing up and going!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:Windows 7 caused wireless USB adapter to stop working

I Realize that this is an old post, but the cause of this problem is one of the updates that was done after installing Windows 7. Although I'm not sure which update it is, I've had this happen on two computers after installing Win7 , Where the Wireless network card works just fine on Wi-Fi and then stopped after updates. Each time I rolled back the updates and The wireless adapter worked again after that.

In short, after installing a new version of Windows 7, you should only install a few updates at a time so you can isolate which update is causing the wireless network card to stop working. Unfortunately, I've been too lazy to isolate which one it was.

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... in Control Panel cannot turn it on... Troubleshooter says "Wireless capacity is turned off".
WLAN Auto Config Service IS running.
The web sites that say to remove a Registry Key results in the Key NOT found and then trying to run its' companion command line utility results in not found.
Before updating to Windows 10, the Wi-Fi worked properly.
Latest Windows Driver IS installed.
Any ideas to help resolve this would be very helpful to get my Laptop Running so that I can use it Wirelessly instead of having to connect via Category 5 land line cable to the router.

Answer:Windows 10 - Wireless adapter is up to date but I can't turn it on. How can I get it working?

Fix to this issue was as follows:
1. Install the latest copy of the HP Assistant.
2. Reboot and go into BIOS Settings and reset to Factory Settings.
3. Let Windows install the latest HP Assistant drivers.
This resolved the issue for me... FINALLY!

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I have an HP Pavilion tx1000z laptop that is not connecting wirelessly. I have tried everything I possibly can to fix it but nothing will wirk.
I called Hp and ATT (my ISP) and neither of them helped me in resolving this problem. HP said I should clean install my computer but that is my last result.
The problem: I turned on my computer as ususal and my computer normally connects to my wireless internet router (2wire) automatically. On my task bar the networks icon has two computers and a red x ( no network connected). When i double clicked on that it showed no wireless internet signal from anyone or anything. "windows cannot find any networks". When i diagnose the issue it tells me that Windows Wirelses Service is not running. When I try to start it I get an error saying that there is not network adapter.
"solutions" i tried:
i tried to use networking in safe mode ---- same problem
I made sure my wireless switch was on
I went to computer management > services and appliactions> WLAN autoconfig> start ------gave me an error message saying 'windows could not start the wlan autocongig service on local computer.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my Broadcomm driver 802.11......
I brought my comp to my university to see if it was just my router, but it would not establish a connection there either.
Any help by a professionaly would be appreciated.
Thank you

Answer:Network Adapter/ Windows Wireless Service not working

This could be either a software or a hardware problem. Rather then waste time getting you to try a variety of things let's narrow things down by downloading and running a Ubuntu Live CD.

Burn the CD image to a disc and boot into Ubuntu. When you boot go to the upper right corner to where you can see a wireless icon. Try to connect to a wireless network. If you cannot then we most likely have a hardware issue.

If however you can connect in Ubuntu then all we have to do is figure out what is wrong with Windows. Once you've verified either a software or a hardware problem please post back here and I offer further advice.

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Dell Support,
I owned Dell XPS 13 and everything was working fine since yesterday but WiFi stopped working all of sudden since yesterday. I haven't made any changes to the laptop not even windows update. I updated the wireless drivers, disabled ,re-enabled the network adapter from network adapter settings but no luck. I even uninstalled the existing intel broad com wireless drivers and installed back  no luck. I installed Dell Dell wireless 1560 802.11ac driver but the issue still persists. I even reset my router to make sure that it's throwing the wifi, all other devices like desktop, mobile, tablet works fine with home wifi but not just this Dell XPS device. All I can see in the status tray is the square box with red sign.
Can anybody suggests the fix for this?

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I have recently noticed that for some reason, my desktop's built in Wi-fi has stopped working and noticed in the device manager that Win10 borked out my Wi-fi driver and it went missing. I tried to uninstall the Ralink program in the "Programs and Features" section and reinstall the driver, but it doesn't work. I'm using Windows 10 Anniversary Update, just to let you know (My computer originally came with Windows 8, but it has since been upgraded). So, can anyone help me with this wee situation?

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My current wireless adapter works really well, however there are no Vista Drivers for it. I don't have much to spend at all but would like a reliable Wireless G adapter that I can use with XP and Vista RC1. I need to find something for $35 or less including S+H.
USB would be great as I can mount it where ever I need so I can get best signal.

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hey all, im planning on buying windows vista 64bit and i found drivers for all my parts except the D-link dwl-g510 Xtreme G pci wireless adapter, on the dlink site it only has 32bit drivers. I read on 1 support forum wherein a guy got it to work anyways with vista 64, but he didnt elaborate.

anyone know if pci wireless adapters are a big problem for Vista 64 or should it work out the box w/ no driver? cheers and thanks alot in advance.

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I have tried re-installing the Windows 8.1 drivers, still shows "Windows cannot initialise the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)". I tried legacy hardware drivers via Device Manager but that couldn't find my device despite pointing directly to Windows 8.1 drivers on my drive.

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I just thought I would share what has been the solution to the problem I've been having since downloading Windows 10. 
I have an XPS 8700 with a Dell 1704 wireless adapter and ever since upgrading to Win 10 it has a very spotty connection.  So spotty that I couldn't use the internet wirelessly at all.  I tried all kinds of things (countless drivers, command prompt stuff, etc). 
The other devices that I use work fine, it's just the Dell desktop that had an issue.  Well, apparently the 1704 adapter only operates on the 2.4GHz band, and our modem/router puts out both the 2.4 and the 5GHz bands.  So I went in to the router's settings and unchecked the box that allows the 5GHz aspect to broadcast SSID.  Voila the wifi on this computer works.  I think the adapter was getting mixed signals and didn't know how to handle it.  I have no idea why the wireless worked on this computer when I had Windows 8.1. 
I've never spent so much time on a problem to have the solution be unchecking a box, but whatever, I'm so happy to have the computer back.  And happy to be able to stick with Windows 10, I really like it otherwise.   

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my wireless adapter was not recognized then i installed the wireless network adapter driver 6hwc05ww for my thinkpad R51. now the device is working problem is i cannot control the adapter with Fn+F5 hotkey it only works for the bluetooth adapter. please can anyone tell me what to do to resolve this problem. i am using windows xp service pack 2.

Answer:thinkpadR51 fn+f5 not working for wireless adapter after installing wireless driver 6hwc05ww

do you have these items installed they are required for it to work properly ?Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 or later?Access Connections for Windows XP version 5.71 or higher?ThinkPad Power Management Driver for Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 version 1.60 or higher?Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 version 3.02.0000 or higher

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Hello TSG Forums,

I've got quite the challenge for you guys. I've gone through two different tech support lines, three computer savvy friends, and every troubleshooting trick and tip I could scour off of the internet. All efforts have been in vain thus far. So as to not make this post too long, I'll get to the point.

I recently bought a new wireless adapter to connect to the internet with. Previously I was using an older adapter that my room mate was lending me. ( a Motorola Wireless USB Adapter WU830G to be exact.) At first when I installed the motorola it didn't work. I can't remember what I did to make it work for the life of me, but I eventually twisted my computer's arm enough that it gave in. Now it's uninstalled from my computer, along with (I hope) all the drivers and programs that were using it.

So I bought a new adapter (Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO USB Network Adapter - F5D9050) read the instructions carefully, and made sure that it was installed just as the manual says. (Install the software, wait for the prompt, etc etc.) Everything seemed to be going smoothly until I tried to configure my connections. (Where the wireless detects all the access points, and you put in your WEP key etc.) The wireless adapter seemed to be doing nothing. The device manager showed the adapter with no problems, and no errors, but the program was stubbornly pretending that my wireless adapter didn't exist. After trying multiple USB ports, uninst... Read more

Answer:Missing Wireless Network Icon; Wireless Adapter Not Working!

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On a Dell Inspiration 1545 Laptop with a Broadcom 4312BG wireless chipset (I believe), the driver installed (stock from Dell), when I try to scan for available networks, nothing shows including mine that is three feet away. My other laptop in the same place sees four networks.

I'm running XP pro w/sp3,
No firewall or security software,
No encryption, passwords etc.,
Device manage shows good, the connection shows in Networks with no issue.

I originally tried the software included with the 'Dell' package which was a Intel program (??), but it couldn't find anything. Then I just tried the Windows program, but the same thing.

Other than a broken cable(s) to the internal antenna, or a outright
defective chipset, is there a Windows 'Service" if stopped would cause this to happen?

Answer:Wireless adapter is working, but can't find wireless networks

Go into Device manager and "uninstall" the wireless adapter. Then hit rescan to force Windows to redetect and reload the driver. If that doesn't work, you have 2 possibilities. Bad card or bad antenna connection.

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On a Dell Inspiration 1545 Laptop with a Broadcom 4312BG wireless chipset (I believe), the driver installed (stock from Dell), when I try to scan for available networks, nothing shows including mine that is three feet away. My other laptop in the same place sees four networks.

I'm running XP pro w/sp3,
No firewall or security software,
No encryption, passwords etc.,
Device manage shows good, the connection shows in Networks with no issue.

I originally tried the software included with the 'Dell' package which was a Intel program (??), but it couldn't find anything. Then I just tried the Windows program, but the same thing.

Other than a broken cable(s) to the internal antenna, or a outright
defective chipset, is there a Windows 'Service" if stopped would cause this to happen?

Answer:Wireless adapter is working, but can't find wireless networks

I got a similar problem with 2 laptops, one a Toshiba 2400-s201 and the other an Acer 5050, both running XP

I have even tried to install USB wireless adapters, thinking that the wire to the antennae was broken/disconnected, but I get the same thing there.

In both cases I have done fresh installs of XP. If I hook up with a wire they work fine.

There has to be something we are missing in Win XP.

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I'm looking for a wireless 802.11n adapter for my PC - either PCI or USB (whatever works best) - running W7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Everywhere I look I see either compatibility problems being reported or poor quality adapters (or both). I don't really care much about the price, within reason, but I do want something very reliable and something that works in W7 64-bit.

Any ideas? What have you all found to work well in 64-bit?

Answer:Which 802.11n adapter for 64bit Windows 7?

Linksys WUSB600N. Don't use the CD it comes with. Download the drivers from their site first before installing it.

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I recently built my first computer.

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
Intel i7-960
6 GB RAM (corsair)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
GeForce GTX570

The old network adapter I had (Linksys WMP54G) doesn't work for 64bit. I need a new network adapter that I know will work with my system. My router is a Linksys WRT54G if it matters.

Any suggestions for a new network adapter would be great. Thanks.

Answer:Need network adapter for windows 7 64bit

Do you want an internal adapter or an external usb adapter? max you can use is G with your router, so even if you get N, G will be used. That means you can pretty much pull most adapters out of a hat and just choose one, as the benefit of getting high end is negligible, and they are so cheap that low end ones aren't usually for sell.

This makes it easy to pick a standard one off the shelf of some store

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Laptop ThinkPad T520 Windows 10 64bit
Upgrade to Win 10 64 bit from Win 7.
Upgrade problems: Intel HD from 4000 series not compatible with Win 10. Uninstall Intel HD, upgrade to Win 10 all OK.
Today open Internet and ... !!! Display white and a message: Display adapter crash
Restart Internet and no problems.
What happened? I don't know. Something wrong.
Pls help me. Thx

Answer:Windows 10 64bit - Display adapter crash

Originally Posted by baddog2 Laptop ThinkPad T520 Windows 10 64bit
Upgrade to Win 10 64 bit from Win 7.
Upgrade problems: Intel HD from 4000 series not compatible with Win 10. Uninstall Intel HD, upgrade to Win 10 all OK.
Today open Internet and ... !!! Display white and a message: Display adapter crash
Restart Internet and no problems.
What happened? I don't know. Something wrong.
Pls help me. Thx Go to Intel site and download win10 driver for Intel HD4000, it's compatible with Win10 since one year

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I work with a server with three POS workstations using Ascend (bicycle POS), we recently switched to ATT U-verse and got whatever modem/router they gave us. The three workstations retrieve all their information from the server database over the WAN that they connect through a built in wirless card.

The server does not have a built in wirless card.
I have a WNA1100 N-150 Netgear adapter that works and the workstations can connect to the server, but the signal strength is not good (20-40%), so I went and got a WNA3100 N-300 and the signal strength on that one is 100%. It works just like the N-150. Connects fine, internet works, but for some reason the workstations will only connect with the N-150, so I cannot use the N-300 for anything, but internet.

The workgroup is the same and they are connected to the same access point.

I am not sure what the networking problem is and why the workstations can connect over the router to the server using the N-150, but not the N-300 that works exactly the same.

Please Help!

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I have a ra-link usb wireless adapter. I bought it from online website. I have a pc with following specs:
Intel i7 6700 processor
Asus B150m plus (ddr4 version) m/b
Kingston hyper fury x ram 16 gb (8x2)
Zotac nvidea gtx 960 4gb gfx crd
Windows 10 pro 64 bit

So when i inserted that usb adapter in my pc it shows usb device not recognised with an exclamation mark.
In description it shows ..
The device cannot start. (Code 10)
The usb device returned an invalid serial number string descripor
Then i unplugged it from usb 2.0 and plugged it un usb 3.0 then it shows same error...
I have dual boot pc with ubuntu installed as secondary os.
So i booted into ubuntu and guess what. Usb adaptor was working fine.. recieving signals.. connection was fine. Internet was working.. then i tried it installing on my laptop. It was working fine in it too..
I guess it is a windows issue.. so i tried and installed windows 8.1 pro 64 bit. Same issue in that.. but works fine in ubuntu and kaali..

Answer:usb wireless adapter not working

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I have windows server 2012 r2 essentials on my laptop. Please help me how to enable wifi adaptor so that I can connect to wifi network. [Personal Information Removed]

View Solution.

Answer:Wireless adapter not working

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the W8.1 wireless card driver for that model wireless card. This package contains the driver installation package for the Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE wireless LAN Controller in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system. File name: sp71432.exe 

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Firstly I'm a total newbie when it comes to computers. So that said, here is my issue. My wireless was connected just fine earlier this morning. I put it in sleep mode as I headed out for an hour. Came back and it was not connected. I can't see my wireless adapter only my LAN adapter. Says it was never installed. I've browsed the forums and tried some of the advice given to others but no luck on my end. Will I have to take my machine apart to check the onboard card? Or what should I do next. My other devices are connected except my desktop. Thanks in advance.


Answer:My wireless adapter was working....

Welcome Inthewake2011,
Sorry it has been so long to get to you for assistance , For starters, please go to device manager and make sure you do not have yellow caution on the driver for your network. If none, then go to your Network and Sharing program in Control Panel and have it config. itself to your internet provider . If this fails to fix your issue, please post back as other tests are in order at that point.

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I need help! Two days ago my wife's computer would not connect to wireless networks anymore. It said that "No connections are available". It used to tell us to turn the switch in the front of the computer on, however it is on. (Now it will not troubleshoot, I receive an error during troubleshooting). Further the device manager says the network adapter (Atheros AR9285) is working properly. I have spent two days trying everything that I can find on the internet without being able to resolve this problem. I know the wireless router is working properly because I am using it on my computer. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Your help is appreciated.

Answer:Wireless adapter not working

Hi Italifin, welcome to sevenforums. Do you have the wireles signal strength bars showing in the system tray at the bottom right? (It looks like 5 vertical bars of ascending sizes) If you do have it, is there a red X through it or a yellow circle?. If either of these, right click on it and select to "troubleshoot connection" and see what the troubleshooter comes up with.

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I installed an Alfa AWUS036H wireless adapter on my Asus u50f laptop. It didn't work, customer support said it must be a defective unit and return.

One of the troubleshooting steps I tried was disabling the regular wireless adapter. I tried that and also uninstalling it.

Now, I have uninstalled the Alfa driver/utility, and simply want my regular wireless to work again. I tried reinstalling the driver automatically, and also others i found on the net, and none work. They all say device is working properly, but there is a red x on the tray icon and it says no connections and there is no list of networks in range like usual.

When I run the Windows (7) troubleshooter, it says there is a problem with the driver but offers no solution.

I tried system restore from multiple points, but all say it can't restore (possibly due to AV program). So I uninstalled avast, tried again, and still can't get a restore.

I've been playing with this for a couple hours and can't think of anything else to try. For the record, the ethernet connection works fine.

I hope I'm not screwed, really don't want to have to do a fresh install....

Answer:Wireless adapter not working

Recheck your drivers and check this Driver Download site -Driver - ALFA Network 21 Aug 2012 << Driver install directions -

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Last night I was on the Internet and suddenly lost the connection. At first the laptop said that I was still connected to my network but that there was no Internet connection. I called Verizon and they said that the router was fine. But afterwards the computer couldn't recognize the network, or any other wireless networks. Today, thinking that the network adapter might need to be updated, I tried updating it but the device manager says that this is the most recent update. Yet it's still not working and I can't get online without an ethernet cable. What should I do?

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Hi. I suddenly had a problem with my usb wireless adapter.. Before, when it was perfectly working, the driver installed for my wireless adapter was RTL8188. Everything was working perfectly, the adapter and the software "realtek wireless lan utility" still detects my adapter. But oneday, I really don't know what happened, my pc just started to not recognize my adapter. The "realtek lan utility" doesn't detect my adapter. The "disable adapter" option box is always "checked" and when I unchecked it nothing happens. I also notice that every time I plug my usb wireless adapter, a pop-up icon saying "This USB device can perform faster if you connect it to a hi-speed USB 2.0 port" which before doesn't appear every time I plug it in. Also the "Found new harware" message appears every time. I don't know what happen but I think somehow my pc is not recognizing the usb wireless adapter properly. Because when I uninstalled the driver and re-installed it, nothing happens. When I plug my usb it still says "found new hardware". I tried using "driver identifier" to reinstall the driver and searching it on the net but I was surprised because the driver it was pointing to was "RTL8192u" someting like that which installs "RTL8192cu" and not the original "RTL8188". The device ID is "VID_0BDA&PID_8192". I tried installing the driver but the system crash... Read more

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Hi,recently, my wireless adapter suddenly stopped working. it happened at the same time my standby button greyed out.i've got an intel (R) Wireless WiFi link 4965AGNand intel 965 chipset.i'm running xp pro sp3, and again, i can't remember what i did to cause the change.funnily enough, my wired internet is working.any suggestions will be appreciated. 

Answer:Wireless adapter is not working

Are your drivers all installed properly?

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i've recently been struggling with the wireless adapter (internal) now when i switch it on, it doesnt light up, i dont even get the message that'd let you know that the WLAN has been enabled/disabled. when i check on the device manager, under Network Adapter it says that the device its working properly. im running VISTA and i have a NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller.
if there's anything else you need to know please tell me,

Thanks In Advance

Answer:Wireless Adapter Not working

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Hi guys,recentaly my Toshiba Satellite A100 became infected with a killer virus. I had to re-run windows XP on it, but happily I did not have to re-format the hard drive.My only problem now is that my computer does not think I have a wireless adapter installed, but before the virus it worked fine. I have no idea what to do so can someone please help? I really have to get it working again...Please reply as soon as possible, or email me at:[email protected]Thanks guys.

Answer:Wireless adapter not working

?Bob? not a good idea to put an email address on the forum as may be abused. Any member can email you just by clicking on the envelope next to your name at the top of each post.Was wirelss card included with the laptop or are you using a USB adaptor? If the latter then you will need to reinstall the driver/softare that came with the adaptor. If its built in then Windows should support it. Check in Network Connections to see if you have any reference to Wireless Connection. If it's Disabled then right click and set as Enabled.

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I just recently purchased a new Windows 8 PC that does not have a built in wi-fi adapter. I have a Zyxel G-220v3 wireless adapter that does not seem to want to work in my new PC (I know it is at least 4 years old.) When I plug it into the USB port in the front of the PC, nothing happens. When I open up the devices and printers tab (from the control panel), I see it listed under "unspecified" with an exclamation point next to it, stating that it "needs troubleshooting." I right click to troubleshoot and am given a message stating that the driver is not installed. I installed the driver, but it still gives the same error message. Do I need to just give in and buy a newer (compatible) wireless adapter? If so, can anyone recommend a wireless adapter that will be compatible with Windows 8?


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So I decided to help my friend re-install his PC. I was able to get Win7 working on it, but his old wireless router doesn't want to work. Routers name is WDL G132 according to D-Links website, it only supports Win XP and 2000. According to this site, Network Cards&os=32-bit it supports win 7. Anyways I had tried all 3 different driver versions that I could get from the D-link, non of them worked. After the installations it would ask me to restart and after that would give me an error when ever i try to open the installed drivers, I have to do that in order to configure the wireless USB stick to my wireless router.

The newly desktop icon im trying to open is the "D-Link AirPlus Utility", but only get this error, name = "AirPlusCFG.exe - Entry point not found:" contains "The procedure entry point aspGetInterfaceCount could not be located in the dynakic link library wlanapi.dll."

I really dont want to have to install Win Xp back on his PC, but I must get this router to work (wireless only).

Please help.


So I was able to find the link that dresses my problem, however when I try to install this, the installer open up but then closes. Tried it a bunch of time, and different compatibility modes as well as "Running as Administrator" option, nothing work.


After lots of headache I think I ... Read more

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Hi everyone,

I recently bought this adapter. Plugged the item into my desktop computer (specs: gigabyte p55m-ud2, Radeon 4890, Windows 7 32-bit) and it would automatically install the drivers, BUT that's all it would do. Then several minutes later it shoots me a popup saying:

"Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Asus 902.11n Network Adapter. This operation returned because the timeout period expired."

Well apparently even after saying there was an error, the driver installed anyways (or so I think) because when I check in network places the device showed up. BUT it says disabled. So I try and enable it. It goes from enabling... to enabled. BUT the device still shows up as disabled. I checked device manager, updated to latest driver, uninstalled driver, reinstalled. I even did a fresh install of Windows 7 and it still gave me the "timeout error". I might also add that whenever I plug in the adapter, everything is much slower. Shutdown hangs, startup hangs, opening programs hangs, etc. I had windows troubleshooter check and it gave me the following response:

"There might be a problem with the driver for the Wireless Network Connection adapter"

I looked this up on google and found no help.

Then I tried it on my laptop (Gateway P-6860fx) , and when I inserted the adapter, WOW it worked, everything was working fine., internet goes But I don't understand why it won'... Read more

Answer:Wireless USB adapter not working

It looks like a USB port issue. Have you tried different ports? sounds trivial and i don't expect it to be a fix.

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Hello! I just bought a wireless adapter for my PC, linkseys ae1000. It's been approximately a week, and the computer has been on most of the time...roughly 8-12 hours of a day, not in use the whole time, however. Then today when I booted up my computer, the wireless adapter didn't turn on! It's like a little USB thingy...and when i took it out, it was extremely hot, even though it wasn't doing anything! I tried multiple USB slots as well, to no avail...What basically happens is I put in the CD-rom installation disk, then when it prompts me, I plug in the adapter...and then it takes me to the connect to network screen, at this point the adapter has it's little wireless light blinking, then I try to connect to network, the light stops blinking and turns off, and it just tries connecting to the network for an eternity...anyways help would be much appreciated, i spent $60 on the darn thing. Just say if you need any info about my computer(and how I can find said info) I'm willing to send it back for a refund, just it's a 45 minute drive, I want to make sure this isn't fixable first.

Answer:New wireless adapter not working..

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recently i've bought tp-link tl-wn721n wireless usn adapter..
dont know wether already install properly or not..
but i found wireless icon in said "Enabled"..
when i tried to create adhoc...cannot..
what shud i do?

is it this usb adapter can create network n access internet via home broadband without any wifi router?

Answer:wireless adapter not working

If I understand correctly....
Yes you need a wireless router as well.

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I recently purchased a Tenda W311U wireless adapter for a machine in a second room. Plugged it in, Windows 7 loaded the drivers and it was good to go. I set it up to be an RDP server, was able to connect to it without issue. The only problem I had with the Tenda adapter was the range & power, so I ended up replacing the Tenda with a TP-Link TL-WN722N.

I downloaded the latest driver for the TP-Link adapter, installed it, and was able to connect to my DSL router, and to the internet. Connection solid, good speeds. The only problem is, with the TP-Link adapter, I cannot connect to this machine using RDP. Everything else seems fine. Is there something in the TP-Link driver that would kill RDP? Any other ideas on what might be causing this?

When I plug the Tenda adapter back in, I can again connect to this machine with RDP, no problem. I'm stumped. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, I've done a lot of googling and haven't found any clear solutions.

Answer:RDP not working with new wireless adapter...

Nevermind...I'm a tool. The new wireless adapter had a different IP address, so I needed to re-apply the port forwarding rule to the new IP, in the router settings. Working now, woot! Thanks to all who peeked at my post.

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Hi, I have a Toshiba Portege R835-P55X laptop with Windows 7 and recently the wireless will not work. It will try to connect to a network but will run the troubleshooter (and have no solutions) and then disconnect. The wireless adapter is a Intel Centrino n-1000 adapter and I have already uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers for it. After that did not work I replaced the adapter with at Intel Centrino 6230 adapter, but the problem is still there. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Wireless Adapter(s) Not Working

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My computer will not even load the wireless adapter it says This device has been disabled by the wireless button and cannot be enabled from the Wireless Assistent and I looked and not even loading it up.

Answer:Wireless adapter not working

Quote: Originally Posted by Morgancentral

My computer will not even load the wireless adapter it says This device has been disabled by the wireless button and cannot be enabled from the Wireless Assistent and I looked and not even loading it up.

I can't even connect to internet

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I have recently rebuilt my toshiba L750 PSK2YA OL702S laptop and are currently having issue with the wireless adapter

I downloaded the atheros drivers from the toshiba website and everytrhing appears to be working ok

However when I try ipconfig /all it does not appear

any advice would be appreciated

Thank You

Warwick Lyons

Answer:Wireless Adapter not working

Hey, you might try also clicking on the view, then 'show hidden device' and scroll down to the universal bus controller. check for conflicts there. hope that helps.

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I have a Canyon CNP-WF511 that just will not work.
It installed on Windows XP and ran fine but now windows
now installs the drivers and thats it. Nothing else. The
card doesn't appear on the list of network cards. Then
though after a few restarts it asks for the drivers again.
Also the card says it supports Windows Vista. So im
supposing that it will work on windows 7. My old graphics
worked of Vista drivers so I don't see why this card
can't. The computer does recognize that there is a card

Any help?

Answer:Wireless Adapter not working

There are W7 drivers for your device here: Download drivers and software

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Hey guys! im coming on here because i've been having a lot of problems with my new netgear wireless usb g adapter for my xp desktop. I've been on the phone with tech support and they don't even know. I'm actually being able to "connect" to my router as it is saying on the task icon that it is connected however, i cannot load a web page or web site. I've tried pinging the router and when i do it says ... error code 65, packets sent 4 received 0, lost 4 (100% loss). They told me to contact my computer administrator ( i am the administrator) on how to disable my firewall... But i don't have a firewall setup nor anti-virus! They're idiots. can someone help?

*note... i did just about everything i can to setting my ip address to the router, to restarting the windows zero configuration... and i have a compaq presario amd athlon 64 3800 single core 250 gigs, 1 gig ram, xp media center...

Answer:wireless usb adapter not working?

did you also reset the router? (if it has a reset button)also have you tried another cable (ethernet cable) and pinging the NIC of the PC's? i think the problem lies between your computer/'s and the router.this steps may help isolating the problem. rolleyes

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usually my adapter would sometimes get knocked off the modem and the internet would stop working and i'd have to go to network settings and reconnect and go through the whole long process. i right clicked the internet icon at the bottom right hand corner and saw "repair". being curious, i clicked it thinking it would automatically fix the connection problem. well.......boy was i wrong. it said it was disabling the adapter and in a panic, i took the adapter out of the laptop. when i put it back into the laptop, only one of the LED lights were on. then i went into "device manager" and saw that the BCM5701,Gigabit Ethernet had a yellow exclamation mark infront of it. how do i fix this??? i realy need to fix this quickly!!!!! thanks in advance for your kind help.

Answer:wireless adapter not working

The repair function disables and then re-enables thats how it fixes it.Re-installing the driver should fix the problem.

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I recently installed a Linksys Wireless G-PCI adapter in my older desktop PC. It is showing up in the tray, but gives me the message "Windows cannot configure this wireless connection. If you want windows to configure this wirless connection, start the wirelss zero configuration service. Article 871122 in microsoft knowledge base."

Does anyone have a solution for this? this adapter was in another computer of mine, and I just moved it to this one.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Answer:Wireless G-PCI Adapter Not Working

Have you tried the steps that are outlined in Article 871122 ??? If that failed what happened when you used the trouble shooting References?

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I have a Dell XPS 400 desktop. I just purchased a Medialink MWN-150N Wireless N USB Adapter. I have never had wireless on this computer and I have always been hard lined directly to the router without any problems of connecting to the net. I installed the software, am able to connect to my network with full bars, but have limited/no activity. I unplugged everything and hooked up the modem 1st, router 2nd, and turned on the computer last, but no luck. I am still able to connect with the cable though. Please help. Thanks!

Answer:Wireless USB Adapter Not Working

Make sure you have the latest wireless driver from the manufacturer's web site.

Disable encryption and MAC Address filtering on the route and try to connect. If successful you can probably re-enable encryption and reconnect. If unsuccessful please attach a screen shot of the Networks page of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I just bought a new Linksys E1200 N speed router to help with my internet, since I share it with 8 other people. But after I got everything working, the internet was really slow, then it just kicked me off and said my adapter wasn't compatible. It's a Linksys rangeplus USB wireless adapter (WUSB100).

How can I get my adapter working with my router?

Answer:Wireless Adapter Not Working

Been reading a few other websites and a lot of people say the firewall on the router significantly damages speed. But if I turn it off won't that invite viruses? I still have my computer firewall but still.

Edit: So I think there's a firewall on the router, plus the network is password protected, I think my adapter has security too, and then there's my computer's firewall. Should I disable a couple of these?

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thanks for looking in and trying to help. I have a laptop with Windows 7 on it, and as usual today the laptop's screen frame also accomodates the internal Wireless Internet antenna. I am able to use the existing networks when they are close enough to me.

But I wanted to have a better reception, so I bought one of those USB-based Wireless Internet Adapters (WIA) which have mounted a little 5 dBi antenna (dBi = Decibel) on its side. I bought recently a much larger 22 dBi antenna, which I can use to replace the smaller antenna on that WIA. Windows also recognized the USB device correctly (please see the screenshot link:, but the connection tool at the lower right side of Windows (system tray area) displays only those networks which the internal screen frame antenna captures.

I tried already to disable the internal antenna, but then I don't get any network. Why can't the Network Connection icon not show networks the USB WIA might capture? What is it I am doing wrong?

Please don't mind to ask me for additional details here, I will provide them as additional details.

Answer:Laptop: Wireless Internet Adapter: Windows 7: Can't use the adapter. Why?

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SO basically it goes like this: I was installing Windows 7 today and everything was fine until it got to the desktop.

Everything was fine except it had nothing installed on it except for the OS.
I mean it booted fine, but it needs the guts.

My network controller hardware ID's are this:


My PC is a Lenovo H535 desktop

Answer:Need network adapter driver for Windows 7 Home 64bit

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. What is the Model Number of your Lenovo Computer ..

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Hi all, I recently purchased a Lenovo B575 (picked it up yesterday) with AMD-450 APU running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and my Ralink RT3090 802.11n Wifi adapter is not working properly. I have done fn + f5 and it says "first switch on wireless device". However, my switch is already on. I have updated drivers and gone through BIOS to show "enable" for wireless. I have also changed my power settings and set the wireless to "maximum performance" regardless of whether it is plugged in or not. I have a feeling the switch is spoiled which is aggravating because the last laptop I bought (not from lenovo) had the exact same issue out of the box.  Anyone out there know how to help me out? Thanks for any help!

Answer:B575 wireless adapter not working

Hi fox-hound,
Thanks for posting and welcome to the Lenovo Community,
Am sorry to hear about your issue and I?d like to confirm to you that if you?re sure that the wireless switch is on the on side please check the below contact numbers for the support service center:

United States
IDEA-branded and  B, C, E, G, H, K, N, Q, V, Y Series Products
1-877-4 Lenovo  (1-877-453-6686)
24 hours a day   7 days a week

Hope the information helps. Let us know.


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Hi Everyone,

I'm usually fairly saavy and resourceful in getting a computer tech problem solved, but am at my wits end to get this one solved. I've searched many posts for the answers and, just when I think I'm close...the post dies. So, here's hoping the superior intellect of the Tech Support Guy users can save the day!

First, the hardware:
Computer: HP 520n (specs here: lang=en)

OS: Windows XP2
Added hardware: New 4-port USB 2.0 PCI card, loaded and works just fine with all other USB devices (iPod, thumb drive, printer, etc.) (Onboard USB ports are 1.1)

Device I'm trying to install: My Essential (Belkin) G USB Adapter (

The story do far:
I installed the My Essentials software and, when asked to please place the USB card in a USB 2.0 port, I place it in and get an error stating that the card did not install properly. The driver is found and the computer recognizes the device as a "My Essentials USB Adapter", but gives the error.

At first, I would receive a CODE 31, saying the drivers would not load properly. This error also then showed up for the onboard LAN as well (yellow exclaimations on both adapters in device manager). So, thinking there might be some conflict between adapters, I went into the bios and disabled the onboard LAN (REALTEK). Now, after uninstalling the software, rebooting and reinstalling, I get a CODE 1 error in th... Read more

Answer:At Wits End! USB Wireless Adapter Not Working :-(

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Without any apparent cause, my wireless card stopped working. I was/am worried that my network card is shot and needs to be replaced, but I have checked the Device Manager and it says all my Network devices are working properly.

Gateway FX Series Laptop
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Duo
4GB Ram

Network Devices listed:
Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
Microsoft 6to4 Adapter #2
Realtek RTL8168B/8111B Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)

Any recommendations for help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Answer:Wireless Adapter stopped working

Open a command prompt, Windows Key + R, type cmd and then type the following without the quotes and paste all the results back here, "ipconfig /all". Also check, open IE, click Tools, Internet Options, Connection Tab and then the LAN Tab and in the window that opens make sure that all the check boxes are clear, if not clear them and close IE and re-open IE.

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Winows 98se, HP xe2 laptop, linksys wpc54g wireless adapter.

Was working fine. On booting up yesterday, got message "Your network not working properly. You may need to set it up again"

Have tried uninstalling drivers, removing device in device manager. Then reinstalling, drivers first then the card itself as per the instructions. Get part of the way through then it asks me to insert windows98se cd. When I do it says it cannot find file iphlpapi.dll. And so that's where I'm stuck. Running search I do have file iphlpapi.dll on my computer at c:\windows\vcm. But if I type that in it is still no good. Have tried downloading iphlpapi.dll from the internet but then I get message cannot find services.

Have tried restoring the registry to a time when it was working but it still doesn't work.

Have tried a different pci adapter slot - no difference.
Haven't got another laptop to see if it's the card at fault.

Answer:wireless adapter stopped working

nick reynolds said:

Winows 98se, HP xe2 laptop, linksys wpc54g wireless adapter.

Was working fine. On booting up yesterday, got message "Your network not working properly. You may need to set it up again"

Have tried uninstalling drivers, removing device in device manager. Then reinstalling, drivers first then the card itself as per the instructions. Get part of the way through then it asks me to insert windows98se cd. When I do it says it cannot find file iphlpapi.dll. And so that's where I'm stuck. Running search I do have file iphlpapi.dll on my computer at c:\windows\vcm. But if I type that in it is still no good. Have tried downloading iphlpapi.dll from the internet but then I get message cannot find services.

Have tried restoring the registry to a time when it was working but it still doesn't work.

Have tried a different pci adapter slot - no difference.
Haven't got another laptop to see if it's the card at fault.Click to expand...

Hi Nick,

I have my old Win98SE disk slaved to my WinXP Pro SP2 and found iphlpapi.dll in what would be: C:\Windows\System

Faced with your situation, I would try to copy the file from C:\Windows\vcm to C:\Windows\System and try to resume what you are doing to completion.

-- Tom

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Afternoon All

Hopefully someone can help me, seemingly out of the blue my desktop PC would not connect to the internet, wireless icon on bottom right of desktop has a red cross next to grey signal bars and it says 'not connected - no connections are available;.

I have a 802.11n Wireless LAN card which is showing in the device manager, it is enabled, the blue wireless light on the front of the desktop tower is on, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver software, I have done a system restore (3 times on different restore points), run the pc in safe mode, everything but it still doesn't work, windows is telling me the device is working correctly.

I thought it must be a dodgy card so I have just purchased a netgear wireless adapter in the hope that would work, it installs the software and then says to plug in the adapter and when I do and follow the installation wizard it says the adapter is not found. I have ensured the wireless card is disabled prior to doing this as I thought it may have interfered but still nothing.

I then thought maybe its my virus software (BitDefender) so I have just uninstalled it completely but still no joy.

I can't work out what is wrong please can someone help?

Many Thanks

Answer:Help! Wireless LAN Card & adapter not working

does it work at all if connected by a cable to the router ?
what windows version ?
What firewall / security suite or anti-virus do you currently have on the PC - or you have ever had on the PC in the past - any trial ware - like Norton, kaspersky or Mcafee or any free security suites like zonealarm, AVG , Webroot etc

can we see an xirrus screen shot
and an ipconfig /all

ipconfig /all

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the infomation above those entries

For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop.
Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
For windo... Read more

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I tried looking around for a solution but can't seem to find anyone with a similar issue to mine. I just bought an ASUS usb n53 wireless adapter. I was previously using a Rosewill wireless adapter just before I installed the new one and everything with my connection was fine. After I downloaded the drivers off the disc and tried to open the utility program for the adapter I get this message: Wireless Lan Control Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Not sure what I need to do at this point. Thanks in advance for the help. Just let me know any info you need for me and I'll post back asap.

Answer:Wireless adapter has stopped working

I tried going to the ASUS website and downloading newer versions of the utility and drivers but to no avail. I also tried turning off my anti virus software but that didnt work either.

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I just purchased a Pendo Pad 10.1 running Windows 10. I tried to connect it to my home WiFi and found that there was no option for this although researched proved there should be. When I troubleshoot it said that there is a driver or hardware problem with the Broadcom 802.11abgn Wireless SDIO Adapter. I factory reset the tablet and the problem still persists. I've tried to find the drivers online but haven't been able to and I'm not sure how to find the right ones when the tablet wont connect to the internet. When I purchased it I was told that it had been used very briefly and was factory reset, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the problem. If you know where I could find the drivers online or another way of fixing the problem please let me know.

Device Status
This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Driver Version:

Answer:New Pendo Pad Wireless Adapter not Working

we have exactly the same issue reported here
see post #9
Thank you all for reply. After contacting Pendo, I;m told that this particular model of PendoPad looses WiFi drivers after a reset. So Pendo has had quite a few very unhappy customers with the same problem, they also tell me that Microsoft is aware of the problem, and a will eventually, maybe, in the near future ,hopefully soon have a solution.
Pendo will replace my PendoPad with a comparable one if Microsoft is unable help.
So, how long should I wait?Click to expand...

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I have my hp dv6 1152tx laptop but the wireless connection is not working after i updated it to windows 7 from vista. I have downloaded the latest driver update for win 7 driver pack sp45524 but still it is not working. i have tried check if the wifi is turned off from bios but i cannot find it there too.checked it on manage wireless network but it is saying my wireless is not enabled.Red cross on network in task icon of wifi in mobility centeri cannot even find my driver in device manager.i installed broadcom sp45524 but still nothing has worked.

Answer:Wireless network adapter not working DV6

Hi: See if installing this utility and restarting the PC allows you to turn on the wireless network adapter by using the software interface. This package contains the HP Wireless Assistant for the supported notebook/laptop models and operating systems. The HP Wireless Assistant is a user application that provides a way to control the enablement of individual wireless devices (such as Bluetooth, WLAN, or WWAN devices) and that shows the state of the radios for these wireless devices. There is also a newer driver you can use for the BCM wireless card your notebook has...   Jul 13, 2012

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I've had a Linksys wireless adapter for a little less than a year now with no problems. Recently it has ceased to work. When I plug it in to any USB port, the light on the adapter does not blink like it normally does, and I can't search for networks. The adapter doesn't even show up in the device manager. I don't understand why the device would all of a sudden stop working.

Answer:Linksys Wireless USB adapter not working

it may have just broken
if its not in device manager you could try re-installing the drivers you got with the device or downloading and copying onto the machine
control panel>
hardware tab>
device manager button>

network adapters
click on the + sign

post backs whats there

also any ! X or ?

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I'm using Windows XP service pack 2 on a desktop computer. After installing windows on a new, formatted hard drive I installed my network adapter 802.11g 2.0 usb and installed the software needed to run it. Firstly it could detect the wireless network that I wanted to connect to so I clicked it and then clicked connect. A small window popped up saying that it is trying to connect and detect the network type. After a few seconds it says that it cannot connect and may be out of range but there is nothing wrong with my router as I have tested it and it is only 2 metres away from my adapter. Now I added my wireless connection to preferred connections and typed in the SSID, the WEP key to see if that made any difference. I went back to scan for wireless connections but it still wouldnt connect. This time when I scanned the wireless network it told me that it is automatic (so it should automatically connect) but even when i tried to connect, no window appeared asking for a password and just tried to connect. After waiting for about 5 minutes, it stopped trying to connect and so I looked for more solutions. I went to device manager to update driver but it is the latest version, I tried to roll back driver but it said there arent any files to back it up so neither of these worked. Then I clicked on 'change advance settings' by clicking on 'view wireless networks' and then 'configure'. Here I clicked on the tab 'advanced' and changed the pr... Read more

Answer:Wireless adapter 802.11g installed but not working

802.11n can be problematic especially in compatibility with other vender's devices. 11g should be easy.

You need to use a WIRED connection to configure your WiFi router;
find the WiFi settings
set the channel
set the SSID (don't use the default!)
leave encryption off (set this latter)
and set the mode {a,b,g,n} to match your systems WiFi device
save the settings
CHANGE the admin password and save again
Now disconnect the wired connection and enable the WiFi device;
Look for your SSID and connect.

Once this works, then you can get back into the router (wired connection)
and set the encryption (WPA2) should be your first choice and WEP the last.

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I have a HP compaq 6537s laptop which was working fine last night, when i turned it on this morning i can't connect wirelessly. diagnosing shows "this computer doesn't have a wireless network adapter installed and configured"Any ideas how to fix this?

Answer:wireless network adapter not working

Go to device manager, click on network or wireless adapter, right click to update driver.

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Hi there,
 I have an Atheros AR9285 (version Wireless adapter installed in my Ideapad Z570 running on a Windows 7 32 bit Ultimate operating system. I have installed all the respective drivers required for my wireless LAN and Wifi. But nothing seem to work. The driver shows it is upto date and the device is working properly. Yes I have turned on the switch for enabling wireless connections. But all in vain. 
There is no signal or detection of available connections when the Wireless is turned on. When I diagnose the problem it says :" Wireless capability is turned off". From  the network connections, by clicking on the ' see full map' it says 'adapter is not connected .' against - wireless network connections.
I even had the related drivers uninstalled and did a clean install. Nothing seem to work, not even on safe mode with networking. 
I have also checked on 'services.msc' and set the 'WLAN AutoConfig' to 'Automatic'. Tried with the function keys as well, to activate/enable the wireless. Gone through your forums and nothing is helping me. I have attached below a detailed diagnoses of my great wireless adapter. I hope this helps to find me a solution.
Spoiler (Highlight to read)
Network Adapter Publisher details

Issues found
Wireless capability is turned offWireless capability is turned off Not fixed
Turn on wireless capability Completed

Issues found Detection details

6 Wireless capability... Read more

Answer:Z570 wireless adapter not working

also tried to active the wireless by pressing fn + f5?

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My friend recently had me set up a wireless network for him. For a while, it was working fine, but recently his wireless adapter quit working. He has a Linksys router and an Encore adapter. Both computers are running XP Pro.
The reason we believe it is the adapter and not the connection is because the "Link" light on the adapter will not turn on and Windows tells us the device has malfunctioned. Windows suggests replacing the device, but we hope that a 2-month old device won't need to be replaced. Also, I am posting this message from another computer connected to his network, so it's not his internet connection.

Thank you for all your help.
P.S. my friend will be making a TechGuy profile soon and will be taking over this thread at that time.

Answer:Wireless Adapter Stopped Working

I'd simply call the manufacturer's tech support and get an RMA. Stuff dies all the time.

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yeah well it did!!!

it suddenly cant even detect any wireless networks....

what to do?

Answer:wireless adapter just stopped working

What kind of adapter? PCI card, PCMCIA card, USB, internal, external.
What does Device Manager show for the adapter?
What does ipconfig /all show for the adapter.
Can you connect by ethernet cable with no problems?
Could be corrupted drivers. The adapter has died. TCP/IP stack problems.

Lifted from a post by JohnWill

Try these simple tests.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands one at a time, followed by the Enter key:

NOTE: For the items below in red surrounded with < >, see comments below for the actual information content, they are value substitutions from the previous command output!


PING <computer_IP_address>

PING <default_gateway_address>

PING <dns_servers>



Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

<computer_IP_address> - The IP Address of your computer, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above.

<default_gateway_address> - The IP address of the Default Gateway, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above.

<dns_servers> - The IP address of the first (or only) address for DNS Servers, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text ... Read more

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My housemate's Belkin Wireless G USB Adapter FSD7050 v3000 is not working. The ISP is Verizon. His OS is XP Pro. I've used the drivers online and the CD. It won't connect to either router -- Westell 7500 modem/router wired to a Linksys WRT54GS2 router. Both units have different IPs. In device manager, the adapter is listed as installed. My Linksys PCI adapter connects perfectly fine for both. I've temporarily disabled the encryption and authentication for both and the adapter still wouldn't connect with the Belkin software.

I think it might have something to do with Window's Wireless Zero Configuration service. I've replaced the netwzc.INF file with an XP disk. I've reinstalled the INF file. I've started the WZC service and set it to automatic. Under control panel, when I right click the wireless network connection, there is no "wireless networks" tab. Belkin says their devices should work with WZC alone or in conjunction with the Belkin software. I'm aware they both can't be enabled at the same time.

Answer:Wireless Network Adapter Not Working

try updating the firmware for the router?

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Help!  I've bought a ThinkPad S440 which has stopped connecting to the internet at only 4 months old, and I've now spent many more hours trying to repair it than I have using it.  I'm not a computer expert so don't understand most of the on-line fixes.  I can't find any on-line help from Lenovo, and the call centre is only open when I am at work.  Do I stay at home (and lose wages) in the hope that it can be repaired, or just buy another laptop?  I took half a day off last week, 30mins on the phone got me a temporary fix which stopped working when I turned the machine back on the following morning.  I'm not impressed with Lenovo's customer service, I have to say.  Anyone want to buy a little-used S440?

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Hello, I have a ThinkPad E550 20D laptop running windows 8.1 Enterprise. I'm having hard time with my wireless adaptor since day 1. Currently it connects to my wifi network but while pinging the router there are intermittent time outs and sometimes a ?transmit general failure? is shown.   I tried to uninstall & reinstall the driver but that didn?t help.Whenever I install the wireless driver, a few other drivers are added automatically and most of them with an exclamation mark next to them. They are called WAN Miniport IP or IPV6 or L2TP etc.  They can?t be uninstalled unless the wireless driver is uninstalled.I have also tried the same wifi with some other devices and all are working just fine.The driver should be RealTek RTL8723BE and it?s updated.Any Ideas ?

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Hi, I just got a new WG111v3 adapter off of Ebay. So I replaced my old v2 one with the new v3 one. I tried to put the v2 one in my other computer. But when I try to use it I install the software with it. I open the software and sometimes it appears as a blank box and sometimes it is just a item on the taskbar. The computer is a Windows 98SE with 128MB of Memory and a 8GB hard drive.Thanks in Advance,Lolopop81

Answer:My WG111v2 Wireless Adapter isn't working

You could try to right click on the wireless icon in the task bar and click use windows wireless zero. This may help

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Hello to everyone, I have bought a brand new Flex 2 14 laptop and the wireless adapter is not working. I ordered a replacement adapter, it came today, I installed it, and the wireless is still not working. The computer does not recognize the factory nor the replacement adapter. I do notice that Bluetooth is working and I believe, but correct me if I am wrong, that the Bluetooth works off of the same adapter as the wireless does. When I try to uninstall the "Unknown Device" which I believe is the Wireless adapter and then scan and install the driver for it by an automatic online search, the computer finds no drivers and leaves it in the Unknown state. As a workaround, I am currently using an USB stick wireless adapter. Here are the files which I deemed helpful to anyone who might be able to help me resolve the issue: Device manager, System information, Network Adapters, and Diagonstics Log File - If this helps any, I also cannot shut down my computer. It does not stay shut off. It restarts.  

Answer:Flex 2 14 - Wireless adapter not working

I ordered the following WiFi adapter and the computer states that it is not compatible:Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 3160NGW 802.11AC WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 NGFF Card I have upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and the issue persists. I am unable to use WiFi on the laptop. Is there an official Wifi adapter card that I can purchase and would someone point me to the link? Cheers

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I have a desktop pc that the ethernet card died in so i just went and bought a belkin wireless usb adapter

it just does not work ... If i reset my modem it works for one second then stops

it used to hang on waiting for network when trying to connect
now i have gotten it to connect but it goes to limited conectivity.

I have disabled my onboard network card
ive removed all networks on my wireless list
i have run the network connection wizard
ive done
TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2.

For these commands, Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt.

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ip reset reset.log

i have tried turning off the security on router
ive tried to change the channel
ive tried changing the name on router
i am able to connect all my other laptops and wireless gadgets to this router


Answer:Belkin wireless usb adapter not working

Ever considered the device may be faulty?

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I use Toshiba Satellite L645-S4056. I lost my recovery partition so i installed windows 7 from another DVD. Previously my laptop had home premium but i installed ultimate with a DVD. After installing computer doesnot detect any Network adapter. It doesnot even show wireless adpater in device manager so i cannot install specific driver. I went to toshiba website downloaded an exe file that install wireless driver specific to my model but still it does not recognize. While troubleshooting it says cannot detect any properly installed network adapter. Is it because of home premium and ultimate conflict ?? How do get proper driver and install it ?? Please help ASAP !! Thanks in advance

Answer:Wireless Adapter driver not working .

Did the Network Adapter get installed when you tried to install it? If not then did you get any message regarding success or failure about your efforts?

I think that things should work if you use your original Home Premium DVD that was supplied by Toshibs.

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Recently I bought a D-link wireless adapter (DWA-131 Wireless N Nano USB) to put into an old Compaq computer I have.

The D-link adaptor software loads fine but it doesn't seem to interface with this version of XP. Its clear that the adaptor itself is working because:

1. I have tested it with my current computer and its fine. Picks up wifi and I can browse online
2. When I load it onto my old compaq it asks at some point whether I want to scan for connections and it picks up my wireless connection no problem

Its just that when its done the connection has a red cross next to it indicating that its not connecting.

Anyway I have attached some screenshots that explain what I have done much better than these words. Have a quick look at the processes I have been through. I'd be amazed if anyone can help me with this one.
Also this version of XP seems to be customised in small ways for compaq and one of the things that I have never been able to get work was the wireless connection - which I always assumed was just the wireless card not working (I never worried because I got it from the warehouse at work)

Answer:D-Link DWA-131 Wireless adapter not working with XP

There is a firmware update for the DWA-131 here which may help:
DWA-131: Wireless-N Nano USB Adapter - Technical support D-Link

There are three listed, but for Windows you need the last one (DWA-131 Firmware v1.20).

The device uses a Realtek driver because it's chipset is made by Realtek.
It's not unusual for device manufacturer's to use chipsets made by a well-established third party, especially where wireless devices are concerned.

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Hello all
I have an orange wireless adapter that worked fine with my old orange livebox but doesn't work for the new one. The green light on the adapter is solid and not flashing like it should be. Do I need to configure something or set it to the new livebox somehow? I haven't got a clue. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Wireless adapter not working for new Livebox

Try looking through this FAQ

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Hello everyone, I have an Atheros AR9285 (version Wireless adapter installed in my Ideapad Y470 running on a Windows 7 64bit Home premium operating system. The driver shows it is up to date and the device is working properly. Yes I have turned on the switch for enabling wireless connections. But it didn't work out.  There is no signal or detection of available connections when the Wireless is turned on. When I diagnose the problem it says :" Wireless capability is turned off". From  the network connections, by clicking on the ' see full map' it says 'adapter is not connected .' against - wireless network connections. It happened just out of a sudden when I'm browsing the web and I remembered that I turned off the bluetooth also. Desperately waiting for a solution.  Your sincerely,Mark

Answer:Y470 wireless adapter not working

Hi Mark please try Fn + F5 key combination... and turn Wireless and Bluetooth on. Zehn

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Hi, my problem is, i bought a w700 (used). Noticed, the wireless LED not working. Checked, the card is inside its slot, even tried the Intel 5300AGN in another Lenovo (X301), and its working (the card itself). Tried to place it to another slot (next to it), Vista recognizes it, just cannot start it , error code 10. Started Rescue and Recovery, the card is found when its in the other slot, not in his original slot. Its enabled in BIOS (The wireless WiMAX switch). Upgraded to the newest BIOS. Anybody has any idea ? I suppose its a hardware error. Thanks in advice Zsolt

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I have recently set up a wireless network using the Belkin N Wireless router. The router's connection to the internet is fine, and all three of the laptops connected to the network are able to access the internet.

As my PC did not come with a wireless card, I am using the Belkin N Wireless adapter supplied with the router. After initially installing the provided software and plugging in the adapter, I could not find my home network using the Belkin Wireless Utility, I could only see several secure local networks (indicating that the adapter at least was working).

However, after uninstalling and reinstalling the software, Windows refuses to identify the adapter, with a system tray window stating that a device that I have plugged in has malfunctioned, and directing me to the USB root hub, which defines the adapter as an unknown device, furthermore the Belkin software now displays no connections whatsoever. In addition, the LED on the adapter is not on when it is plugged in.

I am running Windows XP SP2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have trawled the internet and exhausted my own ideas as to what the problem could be. After emailing Belkin, I was twice sent an automated response telling me to disable WLANcfg.exe, although I can't find any such program in the system directory or elsewhere.

Answer:Belkin N Wireless Adapter not working

"... the LED on the adapter is not on when it is plugged in."

Assuming that's a power LED, that could be a dead adapter. Plug it into a USB in another computer and see if the power LED comes on.

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Hello, my issue is that my Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter isn't working correctlyIn device manaher it says for device status: This device cannot start. (Code 10) {Operation Failed}The requested operation was unsuccessful. And i have no clue what to do. I have already tried reinstalling and uninstalling the driverIt doesn't matter what version the driver is on Also restarting the laptop does not help

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I've checked bios settings, turned on. I've installed and reinstalled the driver from 2 sources. I've enabled and disabled the adapter. I've restarted my laptop. This happened after I tried installing Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit. All other drivers are installed (Intel,Nvidia etc.)Ethernet works, but the WIfI button is greyed out.

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I have a D-Link wireless adapter (DWL-G122) that I have been trying to install on a Windows XP computer. After various uninstalls and reinstalls of the drivers and programs that come with it, I have found currently the best way to get it to work is leave the D-Link programs uninstalled and have Windows install the driver itself.

The problem is, it doesn't seem to keep the drivers on restarting, so every time the computer is restarted, it must be installed again. This is not ideal.

It occasionally worked when I installed from the CD, but the D-Link programs that would install with the drivers created problems of their own.

Is there anything that could be causing these drivers to be deleted every session? Or perhaps they are not being installed correctly by Windows?

The computer is running Windows XP SP3

Answer:Help: D-Link Wireless Adapter Not Working

Welcome to TSG.
What I might do is display the adapter in device manager.Go to the drivers tab.Note what library and driver are being pointed to.Is that the correct version driver? If not,I might go through the update driver script,and point to the driver and location that you want to use and see if that sticks over a re-boot.

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I installed Vista Ultimate but it won't recognize the Dell 1450 Wireless USB adapter OR the MS MN-510 USB wireless adapter.

Anyone have these issues, or am I going to have to buy an ultimate (lol) long ethernet cable?


Answer:Wireless USB adapter not working? (Vista 64)

D-Link's seem to work. I have a DWL-G122 Rev B1 that works fine.

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I recently did a clean installation of Windows 7 Home Premium on an old laptop of mine. I installed the driver for the wireless adapter and everything started working fine. Now, however, it seems the wireless adapter has stopped working entirely, as in, it's not a driver issue. So far, I've tried reinstalling the drivers, starting windows in safe mode with networking, and then restoring the system to a point where I knew it had been working, and none of these have worked; which leads me to the conclusion that this is a hardware-based issue. So I'm just wondering about what possibilities there are for this sort of problem to exist?

Answer:Wireless Adapter has stopped working

Hi Pipman,
stupid questions really, if youve not got any problem devices in device manager,
Have you set the SSID and password?, turned it on


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Hello, I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I have a T410 with Win 7 64bit installed. I've just done a complete rebuild and all drivers are installed except for the Wifi adapter. I've tried all of the ones on the website and tried looking on the Intel site but can't find any drivers for Win 7 64bit. How can I identify exactly which adapter I have? Has anyone else had this problem and can point me in the direction of the correct driver? The machine is 2537-22G Many thanks

Answer:No working wireless adapter driver

Hello and welcome,
If I go to the "support" graphic above the forum it takes me here (in the US, anyway):  I used the "quick path" tab and entered your full model number.  The top of the page that shows up says:
ThinkPad T410 (2537-22G)
i5-520M(2.4GHz), 2GB RAM, 320GB 7200rpm HD, 14.1in 1280x800 LCD, Intel HD Graphics, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11agn wireless, Bluetooth, Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure Chip, Fingerprint reader, 6c Li-Ion, Win7 Pro 32
"Download Drivers & Software" on the left brings up a page full of drivers.  Expanding "Networking" gives a list of drivers.  The first one says "Intel Wireless LAN (bg, abg, abgn) for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), XP - ThinkPad" which looks to be the correct one for your machine - even with 64 bit Win 7 installed.
Do you see something different?  Maybe your different location is giving you a different page?
One other way to do this is to just manually install ThinkVantage System Update via your wired connection and let it pull down the correct drivers.

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Can someone help me. I have a R61 type 8933-ay6 with Intel pro/wireless 3945abg adapter. The problem is with Access Connections. I can connect to a wired network but not to my wireless router. Does anyone have some suggestions? Charlie

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