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Unable to enter Bios Setup in order to change boot sequence

Question: Unable to enter Bios Setup in order to change boot sequence

Hi, Im trying to enter to the BIOs setup menu on HP Notebook ba019nr to change the boot sequence. I already tried with Esc, F2, F6, F10 and others several keys. which key should I use?

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Preferred Solution: Unable to enter Bios Setup in order to change boot sequence

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I want to change the boot order to allow bootup from iso disks.Keyboarding F10 at doesn' t bring up the BIOS screen, and the machine just boots into  Win7. Any suggestions?Thanks

Answer:Can' t enter BIOS to change boot order

@ZL1BNB?, welcome to the forum. Try using the Esc key to see if that works.

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I can't enter bios with F2 or change boot order with F12. It always prompt for a supervisor password that I never set.
The only thing I can do is to hit F11 to enter bios with limited functions where I can't modify anything.
The notebook was brand new and it is working well with W8.1. The problem arose when I tried to boot from a backup dvd to restore the system.
How can I get rid of this problem?
Thanks for any help

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optiplex 360 unable to change the boot order of the disks in the BIOS.Can anyone help.Already tried to reset CMOS/Jumper and updated the BIOS version to A07.
On startup of machine everytime I need to press F12 then sElect to boot from HDD.
Can anyone help to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:optiplex 360 unable to change the boot order of the disks in the BIOS.Can anyone help.

If it's not saving your changes, replace the CR-2032 battery on the mainboard.

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I recently (April 2014) bought a Dell Inspiron 15 computer (4GB of Ram and 500GB hard drive) with Windows 8 installed. I have created a backup image of the OS and also burned a bootable disk so that I can reinstall Windows 8 at a future date.
My old computer (which uses Win XP) permits me to change the boot order sequence by using the f12 key during the startup process to access the BIOS and then edit the boot order sequence so that the machine boots from a DVD or USB drive. This makes it possible to restore a backup image from a previous date or even to use a different OS, e.g. Linux.
My problem is that the f12 key does not work on the new machine and I do not know how to create a boot order sequence that will permit me to boot from a DVD or USB drive instead of the hard drive. So at this point, I cannot use the bootable recovery disk that I prepared. I understand that there is now UEFI technology that controls booting.
Question: How can I make make the new computer boot from a DVD or USB drive?
Thanks in advance.
Thoughtful Skeptic

Answer:How do I change the boot order sequence in a Dell Inspiron 15 using Windows 8?

Immediately after pressing the power button start tapping the f2 key until the BIOS opens.
Be sure to change the BIOS to Legacy, then change the boot order to what you need.
Press f10 to save the changes, you may be asked to press Y to confirm your choice, the exit the BIOS.

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I've struggled with a new H50-50 after adding a SSD and making it the OS/Boot drive.  WIN10 sometimes want to convert back to HDD drive because it has shawdow partitions/programs. I use F2 to get into BIOS - but where is the Boot Order dropdowns for start sequence. Thanks!

Answer:How do I enter Boot Sequence in UEFI BIOS of H50-50?

Have you got the SSD plugged into SATA port 0 on the motherboard as it boots from port 0?  I added an SSD to my H30 - I initially put the SSD on SATA port 2 on the motherboard, port 0 was the existing HDD and port 1 was the DVD drive.  After cloning the existing HDD to the new SSD I swopped the SATA cables on the motherboard so the SSD is now on port 0 and the HDD on port 2.  It booted fine from the SSD even though the existing HDD was still a system drive.  For info I then re-partioned the HDD into one partion for a data drive and pointed my user folders (documents etc) to the HDD.

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Specs: Dell Inspiron 4000 notebook (circa year 2001), Pentium III, 750MHz, 512Mb RAM, running Windows XP upgrade over original Windows ME (all XP Service Packs and hotfixes installed).     How problem started: An installed 10/100 PCI Network Interface Card was bent while in one of the two Type II PCMCIA slots on the left side of the notebook. I removed the card and threw it away (I don't think I should have thrown it away but that was months ago).     While attempting to install a USB 2.0 Notebook Card (covered in another post this same date), I discovered that 3 entries pertaining to the discarded NIC appear in Device Manager under Network Adapter. The first one reads:  U.S. Robotics 10/100 PCMCIA NIC TX - Packet Scheduler Miniport. The 2nd and 3rd entries are the same with the exception that #2 and then #3 appear after TX in each succeeding entry.     I thought to uninstall these items since they pertain to a device no longer available to the notebook.  I right-click and click Uninstall, go through the Yes/No box, then receive a msg for each entry that it cannot be removed because it may be needed to start the computer.  I reboot, go into System Setup, and see that, indeed, "Cardbus NIC" is listed as the 7th item in Boot Order (listed as Disabled). BIOS is Phoenix A23, latest that is on Dell support site. I research the US Robotics device and learn that, by default, on installation of the NIC it had ... Read more

Answer:Remove item in BIOS Boot Order Sequence

Same comment as in you could edit or re-write your message, breaking it down into paragraphs, it would be much easier to read and comprehend.  I'm sure I'm not the only person who looks at a message with one gigantic paragraph, such as yours, and decides to not take the time to try to decipher it.

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When I connect a second HDD, and reset the BIOS to boot from the SATA socket to which THAT HDD is connected which I want to boot from, booting may still happen from the other socket/HDD. How can the BIOS setting be enforced ?

Answer:BIOS ignores desired boot priority/order/sequence

You select the HDD you want to boot 1st...move it up to the top of the boot priority list using the up /down arrows...when set to your liking Press F 10 to "Save settings and Exit"...The PC will re-boot with the new settings.

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I need to change the computer setup boot option to boot off the CD drive. It is a Compaq nc4000 laptop. It won't let me change the harddrive from coming up first.

Answer:Computer Setup Can't Change the Boot Sequence

What have you done to change it?

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I had a strange set of circumstances today. I was trying to update my memory from 2 to 4g. My system would not boot with the new memory and the bios gave 3 beeps. After removing the new memory, the system would boot to XP but I had no video. I powered down and powered back up. I now had video but the system would hang. In Safe Mode, it would hang after the following entry system32/config/system. Note I never observed any windows error messages, just the hang.

I used the Recovery Console from an XP CD and did a chkdsk /r and chdsk /f
I also ran fixboot

None of these solved the problem.

I then ran fixmbr
Recovery Console displayed some kind of caution message that I had a "invalid" or something MBR and that it might prevent me from access partitions or something.

Well, I ran fixmbr anyway since i was out if ideas.

Now when I try to boot, it is freezing during the post process. When I hit F2 to enter the BIOS setup, it says "entering setup" but it never does. It seems to be hanging right after the drive detect process.
Note I have one standard IDE drive © and 2 SATA drives. Windows XP is installed on one of the SATA drives.

Any ideas? Let me know if you need any more info.

Answer:BIOS Hang, unable to enter BIOS Setup after running FIXMBR

This sounds more like a BIOS = hardware issue. Since you have been inside the case it is possible something got nudged loose. Re-seat your memory and video card if it is an add-on.

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I already clear the cmos but still i cant go to the bios setup, it pops up "enter setup password" i clear cmos but nothing happen, what can i do?

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I was upgrading a friend's Computer with a new CDRW ( Liteon52/24/52 and 128 Meg SDRAM. The Computer is an old Gateway, Pentium 433Mhz. I hooked everything up and then it started happening !
I started getting a weird error about " WIndows is not in good configuration" and so on. I checked all the connections, and everything is good. I have the Hard drive on Primary Master, CDRW on Secondary master and CD-ROM on Sec. Slave.
I disconnected everything and tried to put it back the way it was, but now I can't even access BIOS ! I keep hitting F1 and I see it blinking at the bottom " Entering set up" and then I get a long beep and then two short ones and a display on the screen :
" B: Error". I know that F1 is for entering BIOS because I entered it prior to install to see what the configuration was.
I tried to boot with a start up disk, and I get the same error," B: boot error, hit F1 to resume". If I do that then I am able to get to the set up screen, but if I try to access C:\ it tells me that " This program has caused a device flow error, please contact system vendor". I tried to boot with just the floppy and hard drive with the same result.
OS: Windows 98, BIOS Chip : Intel/AMI ? Hard drive: Quantum Fireball 13GB. Onboard LAN, Graphics and Sound

Please help before I have to replace this computer...
Thanks in advance

Answer:Unable to Enter BIOS Setup

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I am using the tutorial on resizing a partition using the GParted Live CD.

The computer is an old Compaq Presario 700 with XP.

It has a floppy drive and it will not boot from the CD I made.

The instructions say "Note: You may need to change the boot sequence in you BIOS to boot from the CD drive."

I can't find instructions on how to do that, can anyone help?

Thank you.

I am doing this for practice.

Answer:change the boot sequence in BIOS

You need to get into setup as the computer first starts to boot, you may have to watch the screen as it goes through the boot sequence to whit key that machine uses. there are few variations, what for hit # so & so to enter setup. Once in setup take time to digest how to get round and what the different screens allow you to do. Amongst the menus you will find where to set the boot sequence, seat it to you CD drive and exit it will ask if you want to save changes. That should do it, if there is any problem or it just won't work on that machine go back into setup and choose default bios settings all will go back to factory board setup.


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Hi, i have a Presario CQ61 laptop and i cant change the boot up sequence in Bios. When i do get into bios i cant get the arrows to move up or down,the arrows seem to be 'stuck' which means i cant change it to boot/start from a usb stick or dvd/cd drive. I have tried  pressing other buttons on the keyboard but it still doesnt work.Saying that though i can still move the cursor/arrows left or right,Thx

Answer:cant change boot sequence in bios

Hi, The boot priority set in the bios is often ignored anyway, but you could try the following. Insert the Boot Media and Shutdown the notebook. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Boot Options Menu ( f9 ). Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM or USB Flash Driver option, depending on which typre of media you're using, then hit enter - if prompted to 'Press any key to continue....' - do so. Regards, DP-K

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I am trying to get to the boot sequence settings in the BIOS and I have forgotten the administrator password. Afgter 3 unsuccessful attemts, I get the following message 50902428. Can you help me get in?

View Solution.

Answer:Need to change the boot sequence in the BIOS

When asked for password try 45660408

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I have a tyan trinity s2099 main board with 1024 mb ram. 1.7 p4 processor and xp home installed.I also have an ati all in wonder 9000 pro video card and a zoom v.92 faxmodem. Bios version phoenix.
Lately I am not able to enter the bios setup by pressing the delete key,I am not able to figure this out. Can someone out there help me with this? thanks in advance. Kenpodad.

Answer:Unable to enter bios setup xp home.

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I am unable to enter the BIOS setup upon boot. Pressing F2 allows me to enter both master and HDD/SDD password (validation confirmed), but the screen freezes at the "Toshiba Setup Utility" graphics without any progress.

This problem started to appear quite suddenly, I did enter the BIOS setup several times before without any issue. The only change that happened as far as I know is a failed suspend/resume event.

My suspicion is that the laptop is now in the hi-speed boot regime. Can anyone confirm that? Is there any way to force it to normal boot at the boot time? I am running Linux so I cannot use the Windows utilities from Toshiba.

Answer:Portege Z30 - unable to enter bios setup

> I am running Linux so I cannot use the Windows utilities from Toshiba.
That?s bad :( within the Toshiba HW Setup you would find a setting to change the boot speed option.

> My suspicion is that the laptop is now in the hi-speed boot regime. Can anyone confirm that?
Hmm? in my opinion if boot speed would be set to fast, you would not be able to press F2 and to input the BIOS password.

However, in other cases if boot mode was set to fast, you could enter the BIOS pressing firstly INS button and then F2 button

Try it out.

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Hi, thanks for looking.

The hdd on the laptop went faulty so have replaced it with a new one...but when powering on and selecting F2 to check the bios or F12 to change the boot order to cdrom. i get the message ' Entering Setup..please wait' but nothing happens.

Tried without any hdd in but same result. Any ideas anyone?

Answer:Equium A300D-13x - unable to enter BIOS setup

Has it worked before HDD upgrade?
Remove the HDD and try it again?

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I am looking at a friends computer that has some issues to say the least. I ran malwarebytes and removed probably 150 trojans. Now it has Rootkit.0access.h on it and possibly a boot sector virus as well. I am not interested in saving anything on this machine, I just was to put a clean install of Win XP on it. At start up when I try to access the Boot device using F12, it either ignors it or freezes up. It does the same when I try to access setup with F2. I can bootup in safe mode using F8 most of the time. When I try to Install XP it goes through the motions until it tries to boot from windows setup then I get a blue screen of death. Any help will be very appreciated.

Answer:Solved: I can't get into setup or change boot order.

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Hello I updated BIOS on my Thinkpad W540 to 2.24 via software update. Now sometimes it stays on the POST screen and starts only after multiple cold start. And, I'm no more able to go to the BIOS setup screen. Can someone help me? Thanks!

Answer:Unable to enter BIOS setup after applying 2.24 update to my w540

Welcome to the Club.BIOS 2.24 is very bad version - see other threads.Two ways to solve: one is to change motherboard (to one with older BIOS version) and other one to wait for a new BIOS that fixes this problem.

Lenovo W541, Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1 TB, Sierra Wireless EM7345

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I want to boot my IdeaPad S10-3 from an USB HDD. In the default BIOS setting this is the 4th or 5th line in the boot device list.The help instructions in the right column of the BIOS page tell me to use the <+> and <-> keys to move an entry up or down. When I do this, the BIOS only responds with annoyed beeps. If the keys refer to a numeric keypad: there is none, and neither an indication how to map one onto the existing keys. Is this Netbook delivered with a BIOS that was designed for other PCs ? A workaround is to press <x> twice on a device above the desired boot device:The 1st press excludes the device, the 2nd press moves it to the end of the list. In this Forum I have found hints that "incorrect" changes of the boot device list may disable the internal harddisk, but I can't find precise definitions of "correct" changes that avoid this. Do I miss something or this just an improper BIOS ? 

Answer:S10-3: Change BIOS boot device sequence with + - keys does'nt work

Did you tried with Pg Up and Pg Down? Best regards.

IPnaSh First Spanish Community Guru - Colaborador ad honorem

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hello!! i'm a newby, in need of some serious help!! i just bought a new KT333 dragon motherboard, with an athlon 2100 processor, all new everything really. i'm trying to get in to format my hard drives, and when i'm in the bios, it only shows "floppy" as my choice, and i can't get it to change the boot sequence so i can boot from the cdrom (my windows xp disk). please help! i'm tired of calling and being on hold for 30+ minutes with soyo company!! thank you in advance for any help or ideas!!

Answer:[Resolved] award bios - can't change boot sequence to cdrom

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Hi! I have a very weird problem. My computaer was running fine, I wanted to install Ubuntu on it, so I created a bootable drive on a memory card which was in my phone. I did have Ubuntu on my PC before, it was intstalled from a bootable USB. I restarted my PC, opened BIOS and rearranged the boot sequence. I had one which said something like Linux Drive and one after that which said N/A. I have put both the Linux one and the N/A one before the HDD and CDROM, saved it and quit BIOS. Since then my PC is unable to even boot BIOS. I have tried to reset the CMOS about 10 times now, with jumper switch or removing the battery and still nothing, when I turn it on the fans start and then I have nothing, no beeps, just a no signal screen. What the hell should I do? I have never seen anything similar to this.

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I have an HP pavilion P6725it (Now with windows 10). Worked perfectly for more than 5 years.My HP has this motherboard So I bought a video card Nvidia GTX1050ti to replace the ATI HD6750 in order to work at 3840x2160 60herz.After installing the Nvidia the system didn't boot and showed a blue screen with HP logo.I tried to enter Bios setup but was not possible. Pressing F10 I only got a black screen with white characters indicating the processor type, the size ofthe cache and the size of the ram. I just could switch off the PC.So I reinstalled the ATI and everything was working fine again. Then I made a bios update with this everything was fine.Then I entered the bios setup and I changed the setting of the Integrated video from disabled to enabled. But with this change again the system didn't boot and furthermore it was no more possible to enter the bios setup to reset the previous setting (pressing F10 just black screen with white characters ).Then I also removed the ATI graphic card. But again, I only get the blue screen with HP logo or the black screen with white characters pressing F10. I also tried this: success (black screen and white characters only) Now what can I do to boot or enter the bios setup ?Clearing  the CMOS ... Read more

Answer:I can't boot, and I can't enter the bios setup

You know the answer already.Clear the CMOS and you should be able to POST. The GPU that you have installed requires a powerfull power supply.I'd recommend a 650W power supply. However, I do not think that the system board of your PC would support or be compatible with 3rd party power supplies.

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 The initial BIOS screen appears, then eventually powers off. F2 to enter setup or F12 to select boot device also don't work. I did a couple of impatient hard power offs and now behaviour is as described - effectively bricked. Grateful for any and all suggestions! I tried booting off a live CD, but unsurprisingly, that didn't work either. When I select F2 or F12, a message appears saying entering Setup or device selection, but nothing happens, then power off after a few more seconds. 

Answer:G470 BIOS won't boot; won't enter setup or boot device selection (F2, F12); powers off

Welcome To Lenovo Community
We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing,  
Please try disconnecting all cable from the unit , Now press the power button for 30-40 sec then release , perform this action 4 -5 times , now connect AC adaptor  to check  by powering on and booting the system. If system is working fine, try entering the Bios, if you are successful press F9 to load Bios defaults   & press F10 to save and exit
In case issue remains same please contact local Lenovo support to have system verified
Do give this a try and let us know  
Hope This Helps

WW Social Media Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

                        English Community &n... Read more

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My laptop has no problem before. Recently I try to install Windows XP. First attempt fail, so I change SATA at BIOS from AHCI to Compatible, success. However the partition that I want to install*Windows XP to is not available.*

So just to test I choose my Windows 7 partition. Since it want to format the partition, I cancel the installation. After restarting windows, it stuck at bios. I restart again and change SAT to AHCI. Restart, still stuck at bios. This time I cannot enter BIOS, recovery or change boot media. Assuming the boot sector has corrupt, will reseating the cmos battery will fix this *problem. Please help. Thanks in advance.*

Answer:Windows 7 Stuck At BIOS Cannot Enter BIOS or Change Boot Media

Somehow with guidance from Lenovo Community, I solved the problem.

For future reference:
1. Take out HDD, battery, plug off ac power.
2. Restart, change SATA Controller in BIOS to compatible, restart.
3. Check whether the SATA Controller is Compatible or AHCI. If Compatible, force shutdown laptop.
4. Put back HDD, boot with Windows 7 Recovery CD or Installation Disc.
5. Choose Autostartup Repair.
6. Restart.

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I have a Lenovo G470 with a bios issue. When I start the computer up, the bios loads the usual screen with all the trademarks: Lenovo, H2o, etc. This screen also shows the keys F2 and F12 to enter the setup or boot loader. However now the dialogue doesn't show up and the keys have no effect. I know the keyboard still works because capslock will turn on the indicator light. I need to boot from my CD or usb because my laptop is partially bricked and won't let me get into windows 7. I had Linux mint on a different partition giving me grub boot loader, but after deleting the partition from windows 7, I'm stuck in grub recovery. So My question is is there any way to get my bios options back or a secret key that will let me enter the options? Thank you in advance. 8gb ram/ 700gb hdd/ Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit/ Should still have warrenty/ Intel graphics HD 3000/

Answer:Can't enter Bios setup or boot loader. F2 or F12

me too, LENOVO G470. this is a problem. but fortunately it's fixed by itself , sorry i don't know why? i remeber when i re-install windows my new windows has a problem, it always restart again and again when i shutdown but when i fix this problem the bio's problem is fixed too. >>>this is link to fix my windows problem so i think this cause from operating system, not from bio system. at that time i install windows, when can't get in bootloader, by extract all file from ISO windows setup file and copy all file and paste it into hard disk drive (drive C) by another computer (remove Hard Disk from original laptop and connect it to second one). After that connect the Hard Drive into its original laptop and start it up.

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Why can't I change my UEFI boot order? I want to boot first from CD/DVD, then USB stick, then HDD if neither is loaded. When I go into the BIOS setup, it is simple to change the boot order. However, my system always uses the UEFI boot order, which I have been unable to change. I think that I should enable legacy boot, but when I choose that, I get a warning message. Would I render my laptop unbootable if I did enable legacy boot? My system is working, and I don't want to crash it, just change the boot order.

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I have 2 sata slots on my Motherboard so I put in a 160 gig hard drive with windows xp worked fine. Now I have one 40 gig IDE harddrive I wanted to put in just as a storage drive.(This computer has both Sata and IDE) computer reboots sees both drives I press F10 or 9 to continue . Then the screen goes black. I know whats happening,, Its reading the IDE to boot from and it doesnt have an O.S. on it. I want it to boot from the sata drive, SO I go into bios to change the boot order.. Every thing including the time is not letting me change it. Bios lock down ... Now I remember going into bios last year and I was able to change settings . Something happened! Now I cant change it. I even pulled out the dvdrom and put the IDE on the ribbon and power.... I heard that might fix the problem on another message board. SAME Problem. I see people with similar problems and the answer is to flash the bios,,, I have been reading about flashing bios and everyone says don't do it if you don't know what your doing. (PAPER WEIGHT IF DONE WRONG) Some one give me some advise and please something that helps !! I have heard so many dumb things to do I'm about to give up.

Answer:Can't change boot order in bios

Do NOT flash the BIOS! What type of keyboard are you using - PS/2, USB or wireless?

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Here's a video demonstration:

It's acting as if the left and right arrow keys don't exist, even though they work fine in Windows XP. I want to boot off of DVD drive.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk

Answer:Can't change boot order in BIOS

Post a screen shot of the screen you move the video to fast for me to see what the keys are. Have you referred to the manual?

Some are
Page Up
Page Down
Enter (then select the one)

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Hi all,
I have an old Dell laptop that is currently running Windows XP, but I'd like to install Linux on it. So I went into the BIOS, revision A14, and got to the page that changes boot order, so I can boot from CD. It says to use the right and left arrow keys to change it, but they don't do anything. So I am stuck with having to boot from floppy which I can't do for unrelated reasons. Any ideas on why I can't change this? The keyboard works fine, I can change other settings, just not this. Or am I totally missing something? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Can't change boot order in BIOS

Try moving to the selection you want and hit enter.
That might give you a selection window.
If not try + and -.
Page up and page down also works on some.

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I have a new ssd with a copy of windows 10 installed onto it, the only issue is that the machine I need to install it on, doesn't have a change boot order within the BIOS.
Am I missing something? Or do I have to upgrade to a later BIOS version?
Thanks in advance

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Recently, my BIOS has started to display ' view only item '; this means I can't change my boot order and few other things as well. Has any one seen this problem before ? I would appreciate some help.Many thanks, Colin

Answer:BIOS - can't change boot order.

Seen it for audio and graphics cards usual trick is to disable in device manager first before trying to change in BIOS.Never seen it for boot order though.

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Mod Edit:  Split from - Hamluis.
I have problem of could not change boot order to DVD on windows 7 my laptop is Dell inspiron 15R

Answer:Cannot Change Boot Order in BIOS

Please do the following.  This will provide me with the name of the BIOS manufacturer and its version.
Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  Clicking on this link will automatically initiate the download. 
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

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I have read many of the posts here on this subject. I have Googled and read many inputs on how to solve this problem. None of these have worked for me.
Here are some of my system specs:

Dell Inspiron 17R 5721
OS Name Microsoft Windows 8 Version 6.2.9200 Build 9200

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3517U CPU @ 1.90GHz, 2401 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical
BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A03, 10/24/2012
SMBIOS Version 2.7
Embedded Controller Version 1.01

Secure Boot State On

Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1

Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 G

As so many others have written, I can't change the boot-up order which means at this time, I can only boot from the hard disk.
I am hopeful that it is my ignorance that prevents me from accessing and changing the order, and that some good hearted soul will set my down the right path.


Answer:How to change the BIOS boot order?

Are you having trouble getting to UEFI/BIOS? Try turning fast startup off: Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8. If you have tried this approach, then please tell us what else you have tried.

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My IdeaPad S10 didn't prompt F2 to enter BIOS setup after power on. I googled similiar case of other brand's netbooks but I stil couldn't enter BIOS setup. So how should I enter BIOS setup in boot boost mode on Ideapad S10 ? Thank you.

Answer:How to enter BIOS setup in IdeaPad S10's boot boos...

Maybe you're using hibernation? Try simply log into sytem and then shut down (not hibernate). After this maybe the issue will go away.

//help will save the world

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I tried many key but it only halt booting up and let me choose booting device.
And how do u boot from network option?
i need to restore my laptop but haven't got a dvdrom drive...

Answer:How do u enter BIOS setup in M200? or how to boot from a network?


To enter BIOS settings please press down ESC button while notebook starts.

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I got a nasty little virus on mt T42!!!  I was able to copy the files to another computer and I am now trying to reimage with the an IBM Recovery Disk (disk #1) which I created as soon as I got my ThinkPad.  I wasn't able to do this.  Then, I tried to load Startup - Recovery Disk.  I wasn't able to do this. I finally decided that I had to change the order of devices that the machine looks at when starting up.  I Hit F1 on the startup screen, enter the BIOS, and then I'm prompted for a password.  I thit the the 'Enter' key and this seems to work.  I can then enter the BIOS, but I can't change the boot sequence in the BIOS.  I'm not sure if hitting the 'Enter' key is causing me to bypass the BIOS ocntrols, of if the virus disabled the boot sequence in the BIOS.  Has anyone delt with this kid of issue before?  Does anyone have any advice?  Please help!!! Thanks so much,Ryan---

Answer:Unable to Change Boot Device Order

Welcome to the forum! Your ThinkPad has a Supervisor and/or BIOS lock. You will have to get the password from whoever sold you the laptop. We are NOT allowed to discuss password cracking on this forum. Good luck.

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I have a Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3 motherboard MA785GM-USTH. I have tried several times to set the BIOS to boot first from a cd/dvd. It does not change the boot order. I continues to boot from my hard drive. I want to boot from a UBUNTU CD and I can't. Can someone help?

Answer:My Gigabyte BIOS won't change the boot order

My short answer here to this, is that it sounds like your BIOS needs a swift kick in the pants! Maybe the BIOS just needs a jump start, maybe to get things back on track. This is just a real quick little fix, if it works.

1. Remove the computer from power, unplug the power cord from the power supply.

2. Take the side panel off your computer case, exposing the guts of the machine.

3. Look for the motherboard, then look for a small shiny chrome colored battery.

4. Remove that chrome colored battery off the motherboard.

5. With the battery removed, take your hand and press the (power) button on the front of the case.

6. Keep that button depressed and or pushed for approx. 30 to 40 seconds, while your computer BIOS is drained of it's power and hopefully it's current setting.

7. Let off the (power) button, replace the chrome battery back onto the motherboard, replace the side panel of the case and reconnect the computer power cord to the back of the power supply.

Now turn on your computer and see if that helped take care of some things! Again, this is just one of those quick fixes that may or may not always work.

Hope this helps.

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My dv6 has a shattered LCD screen, but works otherwise.  I'd like to get into the BIOS and change the boot order so that I can boot from CD/DVD or USB. When the computer boots and I press F10, computer goes into the BIOS setup but I cannot read the screen and navigate the menus. Any suggestions? If someone can see their BIOS screen, could you tell me which keys to press, in order, to reset the boot order and/or to set CD/DVD and USB to boot before HDD? Many thanks in advance,-Craig-

Answer:Busted LCD - Change BIOS boot order

This is what the LCD looks like. -Craig- 

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This is the first time I've seen a computer with a boot order that can't be changed. It's a rebuilt Dell E520. When I go to the bios, it lists about 7 changes that can't be made, and one is the boot order. It boots the HD first and the CD/Rom second. period! So is there some other way I can run the Reinstallation CD so I can repair whatever it is that's making this machine seem like it's got the FengXing Infection? Thanks, Bahb

Answer:Solved: Can't change boot order in Bios

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Hey guys,

My PC is running Windows 7. In the past I never had an issue running memtest from my CD. I would put the CD into the PC, restart the PC, press a certain key (I think) and Memtest would load.

Unfortunately I forgot what key I used to press and Memtest won't load, it goes straight to the Windows Startup Screen and the Desktop loads.

I went into Bios and I saw that CD/DVD was not #1 in the boot order which is strange because I used to run memtest many times on this PC and I never changed the Boot order.

I tried changing the boot order by hitting the + key but the key won't do anything. Is there some other key that I need to press in order to get + or - working?

also I see two CD/DVD's in the boot order of the Bios, I guess it's because I have two CD/DVD drives? Which one do I make #1? The Memtest disc is in the bottom CD/DVD drive.

Any help is much appreciated

Answer:Can't change boot order in Bios to run Memtest

Usually Memtest starts automatically without any key presses if your CD/DVD drive is 1st device.

What brand and model motherboard are you using? Usually it tells you at the bottom of the screen in the BIOS what keys you have to press to navigate through the menus. The manual probably explains it in great detail, but I know, who reads those things?

We aren't going to be able to tell you which drive is which, you will just have to try trial and error with at most 2 restarts.

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Hello everyone,
I need some help, I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre A55 9636 Desktop, and I need to boot off a CD but when I insert the CD in the CD/DVD-ROM and restart, it won't boot of the CD, it doesn't even give a message at startup to change the boot sequence (like press F2 for boot) or something like that. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mod:  edited the capitalization in the Subject line


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to change Boot order on a ThinkCentre (BIOS)

did you try changing the boot order in the bios?     Message Edited by vijaysaradhi on 05-18-2009 08:34 AM

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Hi there, I hope this is the right forum for this question.

My son has an i7 custom build computer and the previous owner gummed the computer up good with malware etc. The current setup is Windows 8, but our goal is to install a fresh copy of windows 7 Professional 64-bit which we have purchased "intended for distribution with a refurbished PC".

This is a bit of a project for us, so we are taking our time with it, and hopefully learning something along the way.

We are trying to wipe the HDD completely on the machine, but we are unable to run DBAN to do so, because every time we restart the machine it keeps booting up in Windows instead of DBAN. I have gone into BIOS and changed the order of the BOOT to read from the CD-ROM followed by the USB before the C Drive (I have copies of DBAN on both USB drive and CD-ROM). But it is still not booting. Not sure what to do???



Answer:can't boot DBAN trying to change boot order in BIOS not working

It is possible you have not created a bootable CD/USB. Use Rufus for example.

Also provide motherboard make/model please.

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I am trying to delete all the files from an old HP (XH545) laptop running XP. Its screen doesn't work, so I have it attached to a remote monitor. I have both a bootable floppy and bootable cd which have [email protected] Kill Disk. My intention is to boot one or the other and erase everything on the hard drive.

Problem: I am unable to get into my BIOS to change the boot order. Since I have to do a Fn-F5 to switch over to the monitor, I am unable to get there in time to see when to hit F2 to edit my BIOS. I have been trying for several hours to "guess" when to hit it, still with no success. I'm not even sure I would be able to see the BIOS screen anyway - maybe you have to get past that for Fn-F5 to swap out to the monitor.

If I let the system boot normally, I can swap over in time to see it loading Windows XP.

Question 1: Is there any way to change the boot order from within Windows (or from DOS prompts)?

Question 2: Lacking a positive answer to #1, is there any other way to delete all the files from the hard drive so I can dispose of the laptop?


Answer:How to change boot order w/o boot-up BIOS edit?

When you hit the power switch of your laptop at same time start pressing f2 and keep hitting it until you get in BIOS. After getting in BIOS I you know what to do.

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Lenovo G50-45, I need to know the key sequence to enter the BIOS so I can change the boot order. I want to boot from the DVD drive


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Answer:What key sequence to enter BIOS

Hi stosss, welcome to the forum.
     Please see this Knowledge Base Article:
    Also, read all the comments at the end for updated info.

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I was dual booting Windows 8.1 Update and Ubnutu 14.04 From the windows disk manager I deleted all Ubuntu partitions and rebooted my notebook. I was immediatlly present with the grub rescue promt. Normally this is a quick and easy fix, by booting a windows USB/CD and repairing the windows MBR.  My problem is I can't access the bios or the boot menu to change the boot order. Nothing I've tried has let me get into the bios to set my USB stick as the first boot option.  Using the small recovery key button on the side of the notebook which normally boots the notebook to the screen where you can choose which drive to boot does the same as the power button. There is no bios flash screen or abililty to press any keys before getting to the grub screen.  I've drained the battery and left over night hoping this would reset the state it seems to be stuck in but that also did nothing.  Here is a short video showing what happens when I boot the notebook   

Answer:U300s: Cannot access BIOS to change boot order

peavers wrote:I was dual booting Windows 8.1 Update and Ubnutu 14.04 From the windows disk manager I deleted all Ubuntu partitions and rebooted my notebook. I was immediatlly present with the grub rescue promt. Normally this is a quick and easy fix, by booting a windows USB/CD and repairing the windows MBR.  My problem is I can't access the bios or the boot menu to change the boot order. Nothing I've tried has let me get into the bios to set my USB stick as the first boot option.  Using the small recovery key button on the side of the notebook which normally boots the notebook to the screen where you can choose which drive to boot does the same as the power button. There is no bios flash screen or abililty to press any keys before getting to the grub screen.  I've drained the battery and left over night hoping this would reset the state it seems to be stuck in but that also did nothing.  Here is a short video showing what happens when I boot the notebook   I think the problem is in deleting Ubuntu. According to this video after the deletion of the Ubuntu partitions they must be combined back to the Windows partition.

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I have a Lenovo laptop that is about 4 years old. It was working fine earlier today but when I picked it up to turn it on it was powered down and the message came up saying BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. I tried to restart and enter the bios to change the boot order so I could boot from my windows 7 usb to repair the problem with the command prompt but it would not let me into the BIOS. I tried burning a windows 7 Disc to try that but again it won't boot from the cd/dvd either. I know how to fix the problem but I cannot access the bios to change the settings. What could that problem be caused by? Is the mother board gone? I have seen other posts similar to this but everyone seems to pay attention to the windows part and not answer why they can't access the BIOS. I have tried all the keys, F2, F8, F12, F10, ESC, Del. Normally the F2 key works for entering the bios and the F12 is for changing the boot order on my machine. Please help with this BIOS problem and ignore the Windows BOOTMGR problem.

Thank you

Answer:Missing Bootmgr and can't get into BIOS to change Boot order

Might help any helpers if you fill in your computer specs. Keep in mind the more information you give, the better the chance that someone can or WILL help you... Computer type: Laptop & OS: Nevada???? are not much to go on, no?

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So, I dont know how but my Z580's BIOS is corrupted. I canot go into the bios or the boot options, even after pressint the right keys. and because i am at my college now, with no leaves left, I can not go to the lenovo service centre. So is there any way to recover my bios or changing the boot order without getting into the bios. and bcoz my first boot device is hdd i cannot boot from cd or usb.plz help.

Answer:Z580 Corrupt Bios : not able to change boot order.

Hi kmpways, welcome to the forums,
it will help members to help you if you could post which operating system is insatlled on your Z580 and also which keys you have been pressing in order to enter BIOS.
Have you been pressing the keys during a warm or a cold start?  There are some other very similar posts on the boards, the following seems to contain some good tips which you may / may not have already tried.

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last day i've just bought new machine thinkpad T430, when i try to change default order boot priority in BIOS, the menu is disable, i cannot change anything. Does thinkpad T430 came with default Supervisor password? Does anyone here know the supervisor password default? FYI, when i try to enter BIos, it ask the password, and i just hit Enter to enter the bios. Thank You


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Answer:Thinkpad T430 Cannot change Bios Boot order

It does not come with a password. Where did you buy the laptop?

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So, my friend has just received a laptop that isn't exactly functional at the moment. It only has Ubuntu on it, which is in guest mode, and there is no known password for elevated privileges (that we actually have). So I made her a bootable USB with Windows on it to install. The problem is that we can't seem to get into the BIOS, no matter how quick we are (tried everything). When taken to the GRUB bootloader, this is all we get:

Are there any commands I can use in Grub to get it to see the USB, or is there something I can accomplish in guest mode to change the delay so I can get into the BIOS? Or, is there a way I can help her get sudo access? I thought maybe it could have something to do with fast boot or something, but I have no idea. It's a little difficult because she's across the country, but I know more than she does when it comes to computers, so I'm trying to help.

The laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad T450. Please feel free to ask me for any other necessary information. I wasn't sure if this would be enough, but didn't know what else to include.
Thank you in advance for your time! ^_^

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Hi Peeps,

I have just bought a C850, and using KIS2013 produced a recovery setup on a usb pen drive. But how do I get the machine to boot from the pen, I can find no way to enter bios to change the boot order. I have been Googling all day and tried every method I could find recommended, non of which worked.

Thanks in anticipation,


Answer:Satellite C850 - How to change Boot Order in BIOS?

Perform complete shutdown and after you start your notebook again press F12 to enter BOOT menu.

There you will find option to enter BIOS settings.

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I'm trying to run Memtest86+ and have an image on DVD which I'm trying to boot from.

I restart and change boot priority, save and exit and the machine still boots to the HDD.

The Mobo uses "Click BIOS II" V 1.0.107.
Any help is appreciated!


I was able to change the boot order by moving the desired boot device to the first position at the top of the screen, double clicking on it and a menu pops up, then selecting the appropriate device. It then reboots to that device. Not very intuitive but... it worked.

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Hi, all.
As the title says, I have Windose 8 on a 64-bit Samsung laptop and I need to change the boot order to test if a bootable Linux CD works, which I intend to use if it does (or download it again and make a new one and use that), but I can't change the boot order from the OS to the DVD ROM drive.
Another thread online said something to do with Legacy but I don't know what that is nor how to disable it to see if I can enable and select booting from the DVD ROM drive.
Please help. Thanks.

Answer:Unable to Change Boot Order in Samsung Laptop UEFI

I don't know what model the Samsung is but in UEFI settings make sure SecureBoot is disabled. If there is a setting for FastBoot or QuickBoot then disable it also.
If there is a Mode listed set it to UEFI/Legacy. 
Reboot and enter UEFI. Can you see change your boot device priority?
On a Samsung tapping Esc at boot may give you a boot menu that will let you select a boot device but SecureBoot should still be disabled.

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Tecra M5 cant enter BIOS to change setting too boot from cd first

I bought this on ebay and the seller sold me a dodgy version of xp so I want to format and install my own at boot up it says:

Intializing Intel Boot Agent GE v1.2.31
KE-E05: the lan adapter's configuration is corrupted or has not been intialized. The boot agent cannot continue

Answer:Tecra M5 cant enter BIOS to change setting too boot from cd first


The message looks like you tried to boot and to install the Windows from LAN?

If you want to change the booting order then I recommend pressing the F12 button immediately after the notebook has been powered up!

Then a new boot menu should appear and you could choose the CD/DVD drive (ODD) and a boot device.

Also pressing the C button should allow you to boot from the inserted, bootable CD.


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I want to change the boot options so that I can get a dual boot windows 10 / linux.For this, I shoukd disable the secure boot option. I found it easily but in order to save the changes, I should enter a 4 digit pass code and hit enter. If I don't want the change to be saved, I should just hit the escape key.I am unable to enter the requested pass code. The system simply does not take it. I checked with assuming the keyboard would be set differently (azerty or qwertz) but the system just does not want to take any input except the escape key.Any idea how to have it corrected.For your info, in another forum, someone suggested to enable the legacy boot + disable the secure boot but it does not work for me either. I am still stuck on the message 021 with only the ESC key working.Also, the laptop is brand new, the only thing I did so far was downloading Skype and Sugou (to be able to type chinese characters). I did not even set any user password.Thanks in advance for the suggestion.

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Have a Lenovo H420 desktop that was upgraded about 2 months ago. We backed up everything and want to reinstall Windows 7.

But I can find no way to get into the Setup screen. I've gone to Settings, Update & Security, Advanced Startup and Restart Now. But I have no option to Use a Device. If I choose Troubleshoot then Advanced Options, the subsequent screen has no option for UEFI Firmware Settings.

I've disabled Fast Boot through Power Options in the Control Panel, then tried F2 and the Delete key when starting. Nothing...

The fact that I can't do something that was so easy in Windows 7 is enough reason in itself to remove 10. Throw in the fact that the scanner part of my printer no longer works is just icing on the cake. I have the Windows 7 disk. I just can't figure out how to use it.

Answer:After Upgrade Can't Access BIOS to Change Boot Order for W7 Reinstall

According to the mamual:

2.3 System Setup

System Setup configures the network configuration for the Lenovo Rescue
System to ensure your Rescue System can connect to internet. In addition, System
Setup sets and manages all passwords for the Lenovo Rescue system.

2.3.1 Launch
Repeatedly press and release the F2 key when turning on the computer until the
Lenovo Rescue System open, then select System Setup.

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Hello reader/answerer of my questions,
I am having some trouble with my 750 ODN's bios. This bios was an official update (3.6) from the support centre, and almost everything has been fine since (the plot thickens!). I decided one day I wanted to dual boot with linux, in particular Fedora (this is not related to it though).

But, when I burned the disc and tried to live boot (too test it out) I found that the boot order was set to hard drive first! I rebooted and pressed f12 - didn't work.
I tried delete and escape - neither worked. I then tried all the f keys - none of them worked.
Every time it took me to Windows boot menu, and I explored that and I couldn't find anything.

It's also worth mentioning I am running Win 7 SP1.
I tried both PLoP and osloader (too boot from the dvd) - neither worked.
I also can't remember what the key to start the bios was originally - oops!

Also the toshiba logo with instructions never appears.
I would really just like too change the boot order though, the rest of the bios I don't need access too right now.

A separate issue is that Windows randomly decides it wants to check my hard drive, which takes ages, and it won't give up until it gets to check it. I think it may need some medical help.

But, any help, from a qualified doctor or not, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L750 BIOS trouble - cannot change boot order


> I also can't remember what the key to start the bios was originally - oops!

Pressing F2 while powering up the unit would help you to access the BIOS.
But you don?t need to change the booting order within the BIOS. You can do that by pressing F12. This should be done immediately after you have powered up the notebook.
Then the boot menu would appear and you could choose the right boot device.

Does it functions?

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Have a Lenovo H420 desktop that was upgraded about 2 months ago. We backed up everything and want to reinstall Windows 7.

But I can find no way to get into the Setup screen. I've gone to Settings, Update & Security, Advanced Startup and Restart Now. But I have no option to Use a Device. If I choose Troubleshoot then Advanced Options, the subsequent screen has no option for UEFI Firmware Settings.

I've disabled Fast Boot through Power Options in the Control Panel, then tried F2 and the Delete key when starting. Nothing...

The fact that I can't do something that was so easy in Windows 7 is enough reason in itself to remove 10. Throw in the fact that the scanner part of my printer no longer works is just icing on the cake. I have the Windows 7 disk. I just can't figure out how to use it.

Answer:After Upgrade Can't Access BIOS to Change Boot Order for W7 Reinstall

According to the mamual:

2.3 System Setup

System Setup configures the network configuration for the Lenovo Rescue
System to ensure your Rescue System can connect to internet. In addition, System
Setup sets and manages all passwords for the Lenovo Rescue system.

2.3.1 Launch
Repeatedly press and release the F2 key when turning on the computer until the
Lenovo Rescue System open, then select System Setup.

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I've got a Windows 7 upgrade disc, so I first installed Windows XP and now need to boot from this new disc. Because I'm going from 32-bit XP to 64-bit Windows 7, I have to boot from the disc.

I can press F12 to get into the boot order selection screen; but pressing the arrow keys, escape, or enter has no effect. Once I'm on that screen, I just have to turn off the PC because I can't do anything else.

Both keyboards I've tried have been USB. I actually bought a new keyboard in case my keyboard was the issue, but the stores only had USB keyboards--if USB is the issue, I'll have to wait a few days before I can borrow an old keyboard that uses PS2.

Is there any way to workaround this using the USB keyboard I have?

Answer:Keyboard doesn't work in BIOS, any other way to change boot order?

Try plugging the usb keyboard into the usb port next to the ethernet port.


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I can't acces to cmos to change boot priorityre. HELP !!!

Notebook Satellite S2410-504.

I try to normally press "C" on startup to boot from CD. but it don't work.
F12 too don't help.
I think some set some password on HWUtility, but how disable this pasword?

Please HELP!!!!

Answer:I can't acces to BIOS to change boot order on Satellite 2410


Try to enter BIOS settings using ESC button at the start up.

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I can't believe this is an unsolvable issue...
my Studio XPS1340 isn't that old...
and my battery was replaced by warranty a little over a year ago...
it was charging fine...then suddenly, when I rebooted, I got:

WARNING: The battery cannot be identified.This system will be unable to charge this battery.Press Any Key to ContinuePress <F2> 2 times to enter SETUPPress <F12> and Any Key to enter Boot Menu
Do I just need to replace the battery?

Answer:WARNING: The battery cannot be identified. This system will be unable to charge this battery. Press Any Key to Continue Press <F2> 2 times to enter SETUP Press <F12> and Any Key to enter Boot Menu

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. You can follow the steps below:
Drain the residual power of your computer and recaliberate the battery by following the steps below:

Power off your computer. 
Remove all the external peripherals  (printers, scanners or any other USB device) connected to your computer.
Please remove the AC adapter and battery of your computer. 
Press and hold the power button of your computer for 10-15 seconds to drain the residual power. 
Release the power button
Keep the battery out for atleast 2 - 3 hours.
Then insert the battery and charge it overnight with the system powered off.
Insert the battery in and connect the AC adaptor.
Then power on the computer and see if it works.

If the issue still persists, you can update the BIOS of the computer.
Note: Make sure the ac adapter is connected and the battery is charged 10% or above to update the BIOS. Also, disconnect all the external peripherals before updating the BIOS. All the programs should be closed and documents saved.

Click on the below link:
Click on “Download File”.
Select “For Single File Download via Browser”.
Click on “Download Now”.
Save the BIOS on your desktop.
Once the BIOS is downloaded on the desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
Follow the prompts on screen and restart your computer.

 Please reply with the findings.

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We are pushing a new image this summer but we need to make boot and file system changes, my boss wants me to automate this process. the goals are to desable legacy in bios, enable UEFI, select PXE,  change UeFI boot order (usb,cd, NIC, Hd) using the Bios configuration tool at command line. I have the config.ini file from the bios. can I make all those changes at once or do I have to reboot in between enable UEFI and changeing the boot order The why: we are moving from MBR to GPT with the new image Win10, and we save time on the boot by disabling legacy. The boss says so. (the short answer) any tips or suggestions welcome.

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We are pushing a new image this summer but we need to make boot and file system changes, my boss wants me to automate this process. the goals are to desable legacy in bios, enable UEFI, select PXE,  change UeFI boot order (usb,cd, NIC, Hd) using the Bios configuration tool at command line. I have the config.ini file from the bios. can I make all those changes at once or do I have to reboot in between enable UEFI and changeing the boot order The why: we are moving from MBR to GPT with the new image Win10, and we save time on the boot by disabling legacy. The boss says so. (the short answer) any tips or suggestions welcome.

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I have a Satellite L300 that will not get past the POST or the Toshiba Splash Screen. It states to press F2 to enter setup or F12 for boot sequence, but pressing either button does nothing and nothing more happens --- it just stays there. the HDD activity light blinks for a few seconds and then stops.

I have tried new RAM and a different HDD, both with power connected and only battery to no avail!

anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L300 - Unable to enter BIOS or boot

Hi jhilton0105,

Hmm? I think you have already tried everything what you can do and in my opinion it seems to be a hardware malfunction. Maybe it?s related to mainboard, CPU, ROM module or something else?
I think your notebook must be checked from professional people to get rid of this problem.

You can find a list of ASPs here: > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP

Good luck! :)

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This is my problem..

I am curantly working on a Acer aspire 4520. The problem with this computer is that it has sticky keys, first i thought it was the keyboard so i plunged in a usb keyboard and still had the same problems, keys don't react fast, when i turn caps lock on it turns it off and vise versa, when i use the mouse to click something it selects everything on my desktop and opens it all at once.

So i thought it might be a bad OS, so i decide to preform a reinstall of windows vista but when i go to the BIOS it wont let me change the boot order, when i press the keys to chang the order it just makes a beep.

so i went back and did more research and found that some other people are having the same problem and they told me to do i BIOS flash, but that did nothing.. this is the website..
i am out of ideas, what do you guys think?

Answer:Solved: Acer aspire 4520 Sticky key and cant change BIOS boot order.. Need Help..

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My CPU decided to go belly up the other night... dodgy ZALMAN fan... anyway I invested in a new MSI K8N Neo motherboard and a 160gig SATA HD. It nearly all went well, but problems have started to arise... the boot sequence has decided in it's infinite wisdom to put the HD as the 3rd primary master, completely missing out the 1st primary and 1st slave and the 2nd primary and 2nd slave. It also only want to recognise ONE of my CD drives (it doesn't mind which one). I've looked into the bios to see if I can make the appropriate changes myself but for the life of me I can't suss it out. Also, I was under the impression that SATA drive were really quick.... not so in this case, the boot up sequence is taking ages to boot. I've just re installed windows XP service 2, checked for spy ware and done all the usual stuff... HELP !!!!:)

Answer:Boot sequence in ODD Order

I DO need help with this one... anyone?

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I purchased a MSI K7T266 Pro2 version 2.0 Socket A Motherboard DDR KT266. I had an AMD 1900 Palomino in another computer, so I know it is fine. I finally put everything together but I cannot access anything in the Hardware Monitor setup to change the CPU FSB from 100 to 133. The whole right side has nothing on it, i.e., arrows, up/down, etc.. And once I am in it, I have to reboot to get out of it; escape will not get me out of there. So now I am only running at 1200mhz with the 100mhz FSB. According to the manual "Monitor functions available only if there is harware monitor mechanism onboard". Whatever that means. But the specs on this board supports the AMD palomino 1900. So something is amiss. Any ideas? thanks

Answer:Unable to access Hardware Monitor setup in BIOS to change FSB- MSI K7T266

Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem. Same MoBo, AMD 1800 Palomino, can't reset FSB from 100 to 133 because the Hardware Monitor freezes when I try to access.

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Hi dear!

I got an old computer that I used for perhaps one year ago, and what I did to destroy it was to delete the language pack somehow. Now I would like to try to fix it, as I actually need it. But I do have some issues, maybe someone of you guys know. I can start it up all the way to where I choose between safe mode, and so on - then I get the blue screen that lasts the whole 2 seconds, amazingly enough.

I have Windows 7 Installation, that's all I have. When I start up my PC also says two fix the problem:
1 Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2 Choose your language settings, and then click "Next."
3 Click "Repair your computer".

Had this been as simple as the system claims, I would have been fixing it myself asap. The problem is that when I put the CD, restart the pc is also nothing happens. So I've searched up a bit, where you can do so in a way pc starts via cd so I can install windows 7 The problem is when I enter the BIOS I can choose between "Information, Main, Security, Boot and Exit ". When I go to BOOT it says "Boot priority order" and that's the list:

I can not do anything here, no matter what I press. It's sort of gray text, what I can do about is completely black. So it turns out that they are locked. What should I do ..

Have also tried ALT + F10, the Acer eRecov... Read more

Answer:Acer Aspire 5552G: Deleted language pack - BIOS, can't change boot pri order

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Hi, I had a phone tech work with me and he changed my boot sequence. I can't remember the order that it was in before he messed around with other things and didn't put it back to what it was. A little frustrated with his help because it was for naught, and only made a bigger mess. Anyway, as I said I can't remember what order, which comes first? He has it set to floppy. Does the hard drive come first in the list followed by disk drive, then floppy? Please advise. With thanks,

Answer:correct order of boot sequence

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I'm in the BIOS of my Acer Aspire laptop. I need to change the boot order (to boot to the CD). The legend on the right side of the Bios Boot screen says that in order to move a selected device up or down in the boot order: press + or - . When I do this the computer only beeps. What am I doing wrong?

Answer:?key sequence to chane boot order

Quote: Originally Posted by gripshift

I'm in the BIOS of my Acer Aspire laptop. I need to change the boot order (to boot to the CD). The legend on the right side of the Bios Boot screen says that in order to move a selected device up or down in the boot order: press + or - . When I do this the computer only beeps. What am I doing wrong?

Just a guess but you have to select the item from the menu (some hit enter, some right click) then use the +/- to move

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Satellite C850-F0055 laptop

I am trying to figure out how to access the boot menu at power on.
I have tried f2 & f12, f2+fn & f12+fn, tried holding the keys, tapping the keys
holding for 1 second etc, I have tried all the f keys as well, tried esc, backspace
ctr+ del nothing works.
what happens when I boot up, within 1 second 'Toshiba Innovation' screen appears
and then proceeds to load Windows 8.1.
I can access BIOS/UEFI via charms-pc settings and navigate to UEFI and get in that
way but that won't help if I need safe mode.
My settings are:- ODD/USB/HDD, boot speed set to 'normal', Secure boot disabled
I have a dual boot system with Windows/Linux.
If I put a boot disk in and power up, the boot option is totally ignored but with the disk still in
and Windows loaded and I access UEFI via the above route, enter UEFI and exit again
immediately the disk bursts into life and loads the disk as is supposed to happen at start.

I have not sure where to go now so any help will be appreciated

Cheers Rozzer

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Hi,Problem started with comp insisting that Mozilla Firefox was running. Checked in task manager: not running. Uninstalled and reinstalled MF. Could never use MF again.Then, started to get "UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME" when starting up. Message became more common, and recently 3-5 attempts were required every time for successful boot.Last night was unable to access emails, and many websites did not give full access. Notes started appearing whenever I tried accessing these www's, but I forget what they said. Basically indicated the comp was very unhappy.Tried booting today and DOS(?) message changed from UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME to telling that I needed to run a disc check. DSCCHK/ F (?) something like that.Now it will not boot even that far: the screen flashes DELL in very large font, with F2 for setup and F12 for boot menu. After this, the screen goes blank except for curser at top left for 2 seconds, then goes completely blank.Tried to use CD-ROM to boot; no joy.?Cheers.

Answer:XP: can't boot at all: nor enter safe mode etc. can only enter (DOS?) setup menu

Change the boot order in the BIOS to CDROM 1st then HDD via setup...Then boot to the Recovery Console and at the prompt type in chkdsk /r and hit Enter...NOTE: There is a space between chkdsk and the /r switch...Let it run to NOT interrupt it.

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Hello, Thanks for your answers. My HDD is out of order on my G700 laptop, i'm going to change it and reboot from an USB key to re-install Windows 8, but i want to know how to tell to the BIOS to startup from USB without windows 8 already installed?

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Hi, my Packard Bell Easynote TE69 Kb series laptop will not allow me to change the boot device from BIOS, I have restored it from a serious malware problem and was not happy with the hdd so bought a new one, but when I try installing windows from the cd it is not recognised and all other boot devices are greyed out in bios, I have been told that the AMD A4-5000 processor installed was locked, any ideas/suggestions on how to unlock it please?
Thanks in advance

Answer:unable to change boot device in bios

Could it be that it is a GPT disk? Your BIOS will be looking for an MBR disk. Not had any direct experience with GPT disks yet but it could account for the installer not seeing it.

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Hello all, I've been messing with and Googling this problem all day and am stumped. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

My laptop:
Toshiba A105-S4134
MCE 2005
Intel T2400 Duo Core

1. Two days ago I had a glitch - a bunch of browser windows were open and the system just sort of froze up. I ended up doing a hard restart. The PC then took a longer than normal time to boot back up.

2. That made me nervous, so yesterday I made True Image images of both partitions on the HD, that is C: (OS and apps) and D: (data).

3. This morning I decided to run a memory diagnostic disk (I had memtest86+ and Windows Diagnostics CDs on hand). I set boot priority to CD/DVD ROM using Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Toshiba Assist > Optimize > Toshiba Hardware Settings > Boot Priority

4. When I restarted the PC, I heard the CD Rom drive spin for a few seconds, but the screen stayed lack and didn't boot. After some time passed with no activity, I hit control/alt/delete a couple of times and XP then booted form the HD.

5. I unsuccessfully tried multiple times with three bootable CDs (that worked on another Toshiba laptop), including the Recovery and Apps disk that came with the laptop. Same result. I re-checked boot order a few times and the setting priority was still as I had set it.

6. I then found that I was unable to get into either safe mode or BIOS, or to get the PC to boot from the CD ROM during startup using any of F12, F8, F2... Read more

Answer:Solved: Toshiba: Cannot boot from CD or enter Safe Mode or enter BIOS on startup

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Hello there,  I have Lenovo T520 4243 series. I need to change the boot option in Bios settings, because first option is Lan and second is HDD but i would like to boot from DVD or Usb DVD. My problem is i cannot edit the settings, also unable to set bios settings to default F9 is is not allowed.In password menu i can just change or set Power-On Password User and Master. Supervisor password is not highlighted. What can i do ?

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Firmware 1.6.0.  With "Switchable Graphics" disabled, laptop LCD will be blank when startup until Windows Login screen.  With this, it is not possible to enter bios, boot selection or command prompt.  The only way to enter bios is to open the back cover and pull coin battery to load default that enable "Switchable Graphics".
This is ridiculous, M6700 & M6800 does not have this issue.  Dell is forcing users to ENABLE "Switchable Graphics" by this way??
Tried with and without "Enable Legacy Bios" still the same.
Windows experience is still normal because the screen shows up at login screen.  Before that everything is blank off.
Is this a firmware issue or purposed feature?

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A week ago I have been involved in the adventure of setting up a computer with the MSI K7T266 Pro-R motherboard and the AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz. Unfortunately I ended with 4 red D-Leds on (processor damaged or not installed properly) and no possibility to reach the BIOS for subsequent setup. Among other things I have tried was the clearing of CMOS.

Yesterday I decided to reconstruct the whole thing and have noticed that I put the heat sink and fun in the wrong position, with eventual physical damage or frying of the CPU. Having no possibility to check the CPU, I have bought today a Duron 900 MHz in order to check the motherboard and eventually clarify the situation. The system recognized the CPU and the memory and resulted in the following message, with the 4th D-Led remaining red.

"CMOS settings wrong
Press F1 to run setup
Press F2 to load default values and continue"

Unfortunately the keyboard doesn't react, independently if there is a PS2, serial or USB connection. I have changed the battery without any positive result.

Any suggestion, any cure please?

Many thanks.


Answer:Unable to enter setup

I think you're going to have to get the keyboard working, because you've got to get into the bios setup to tell it about the new processor.......

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Need to re-boot with CD to get to recovery console, and when I get to the boot menu CD/CD-ROM is in the # 3 spot and I can't get it to move to the # 1 spot. I was on the phone with Microsoft for 2 hours the other night and they eventually gave up and told me to contact HP (my computer). HP couldn't help either because I upgraded everything a few years ago (I bought the original HP computer in '99) and they told me it's no longer an HP computer and they couldn't tell me how to change the boot sequence. Anyway, when I get to the boot menu, all I'm able to do is move the curser up/down to highlight the 3 choices but not change the sequence. Frustrating! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Can't Change Boot Sequence

If you look down at the bottom of screen, you should see how to make changes but without telling us the hardware we would be just guessing. I have seen the "+" "-" or "u" "d" letters do it and sometimes others, tell us what it shows and we can help.

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How do I change the boot sequence so I can boot up my computer from a cd/dvd in case of an emergency ? I have a H50 desktop

Answer:How to change boot sequence

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Page #16 of your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual will explain how to do a temporary one time boot from a DVD / CD or a permanent change for DVD / CD boot up.  Here is a link to that manual for your reference.......

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Having a problem with my Lenovo series 3000J PC, OS is XP.Hitting enter on start up to get to the "start up interrupt menu"... When I hit F12 from that screen; the screen goes completely black with 1/2D showing in the upper left corner.The same thing happens if I hit the ESC key to resume normal startup.If I allow the PC to start up normally, it will get stuck on the Lenovo screen and will go no farther... I can enter the BIOS setup utility by hitting the F1 key... but don't know anything in there to correct the problem. F8 does not work.Any help will be very much appreciated.

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I want to install Windows 10 Home Edition on a new hard drive i put in an HP Pavilion a6009n PC.  Trying to get into the BIOS to change boot sequence.  I tried every function key and other ways with no luck.  Any suggestions would be helpfull.Thanx.

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I need help using the
On an Inspiron 3655 PC
I would like to boot from a USB or DVD disk
What do I need to enter to select the boot device
The menu which I get is as shown here.
UEFI options
     Windows boot manager
     Onboard NIC (IPV6)
     Onboard NIC (IP4)
Other options
Enter setup
Peripheral device settings (OPROM setting)
Bios flash update
Change boot mode setting
Which option will ask me to select, usb, Dvd or hdd?
If you can help me I would appreciate it


Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly follow the steps below :
To specify the boot sequence:
Start the computer and press ESC, F1, F2, F8 or F10 during the initial startup screen. Depending on the BIOS manufacturer, a menu may appear.
Choose to enter BIOS setup. The BIOS setup utility page appears.
Use the arrow keys to select the BOOT tab. System devices appear in order of priority.
To give a CD or DVD drive boot sequence priority over the hard drive, move it to the first position in the list.
To give a USB device boot sequence priority over the hard drive, do the following:
Move the hard drive device to the top of the boot sequence list.
Expand the hard drive device to display all hard drives.
Move the USB device to the top of the list of hard drives.
Save and exit the BIOS setup utility.
The computer will restart with the changed settings.

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How can I change the boot sequenze, if it is not possible to open the boot menu with "F12"?

Answer:How to change boot sequence?

I?m wondering why you cannot access the boot menu?
What notebook and what Windows system do you have?

Usually you could change the boot mode in BIOS settings. To access BIOS you have to press F2 button
But you can also press a particular button while powering on the unit in order to boot from single devices.

For example:
C button -> CD/DVD drive
U button -> USB FDD
N button -> internal LAN

More here:

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Hi there, anyone can help....

As I have WinME installed 1st, then follow by WINXP... so after the installation, a dual boot screen will appear at the startup for me to select the OS I wanted to go into. But default is WINXP (1st on the list) which I do not use so frequent. How do change it to WINME, which is 2nd on the list? Thx

Answer:How to change OS boot sequence?

Boot into XP. Right-click My Computer, Properties, Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery button. Choose the default operating system in the top dropdown box (and maybe you'd like to change how long it waits before booting to the default, too).

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I have an old Tecra S1 that was given to me and after doing general cleaning up, adding more RAM, and diagnostic work it is very stable and does what I need it to do.

I need to change the boot sequence where the CD/DVD ROM drive is first bootable. The only option I have been given is to press F12 before Windows loads.

Listed first is this drive but I am not sure if it is actually first bootable. I can't access the BIOS as it is password protected and I know of no way to do this. When I go to hit Enter concerning the drive a quick screen pops up saying there is no CD/DVD drive, Windows loads, but all icons, task bar etc. fail to load. My desktop screen comes up and so does my cursor but that is it.

This haoppened twice and niether Ctrl-Alt-Del nor trying to shut it down via power button would reboot it. It remained frozen (except the cursor). I had to unplug the power cord for a hard shut-down.

This is a long way of asking: How does one change the Boot sequence for a Tecra S1? Or, how can I tell what the sequence is at this moment? Thanks for reading this.

Answer:Need to Change Boot Sequence

On most toshiba use ESC to enter bios setup

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In my bios menu it says my primary drive is hard disk c and my secondary is cd-r
how do i make my cd-r drive primary so i can boot an os off it?

Answer:How do i change my boot sequence

It usually involves hitting the + or - buttons, though it should have instructions somewhere in your BIOS.

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I have Windows 7. I want to boot from CD instead of HD.

I go to System Boot Sequence. It shows:

1. Onboard SATA HD
2. Onboard USB or CD-Rom Drive
3. USB device (Not Present)

I can select a device using the up and down arrows. But How do I change the sequence. I have tried + and - and nearly everything mentioned. But I cant get the CD-Rom Drive to be number 1.

I must be missing something. Can you help me?

Answer:Change Boot Sequence

Jay, I have a Dell 620 and if I remember well you have to use the keys U and D for Up and Down respectively

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This is unbelieveable for me! I have a 3000 J series (J115) Desktop. My PC was affected by boot sector virus which forced me to wipe out the entire hdd including Rescue/Recovery participation. Even though I had XP license key, I was forced to shell $50+ to acquire XP CD and reload it. But wipe HDD and make boot sequence to use CD was AN adventure! Here are the reason why -My PC did not come with a floppy disk drive;My boot sequence was set for FDD(1), HDD (2), CDD (3). However - there was ABSOLUTELY no way to change the sequence. I don't have FDD, my HDD is affected with virus - goes into endless loop, my CDD can't be accessed to install XP from scratch! I can't change sequence from FDD-HDD-CDD to CDD-HDD-FDD or FDD-CDD-HDD I called Lenovo support - they didn't know how that could be, suggested I take the PC to one of their authorised service dealer. But since the PC was just past warranty period, I had to pay for the service charge. I had to figure this out myself.(I didn't want to spend $200 on a PC that cost $399 with Monitor.) My question is - has anyone experienced this? Meaning - not being able to change boot sequence.What I did was - I pulled a FDD from an old PC, used a utility program on a floopy disc to remove HDD partition. This forced PC to jump to CDD (as HDD was not readable), installed my new XP. Again - how to I make boot sequence "changeable"? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks

Answer:Cannot change boot sequence!!

On my J115 I held down F12 when I powered on and got a screen to change boot order.

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