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Laptop BSODs when putting Powerpoint 2016 in presentation mode

Question: Laptop BSODs when putting Powerpoint 2016 in presentation mode

Laptop BSODs when putting Powerpoint 2016 in presentation mode, it has crashed several times and is somewhat repeatable, Has happened with previous versions of Powerpoint
· OS - Windows 10 x64· What was original installed OS on system? Windows 7 OEM· Age of Hardware? 3 years· Age of OS installation? >1 year· CPU - Intel Core i7 - 3720QM - 8 cores, 2.60GHz· Video Card - NVIDIA Quadro K1000M· System Manufacturer - Lenovo· Exact model number - W530· Laptop

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Preferred Solution: Laptop BSODs when putting Powerpoint 2016 in presentation mode

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Laptop BSODs when putting Powerpoint 2016 in presentation mode

Appears to be an application issue, rather than a system issue.
More Possibly Useful Links
Moved topic from Crashes/BSODs to Business Apps forum.

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Laptop BSODs when putting Powerpoint 2016 in presentation mode, it has crashed several times and is somewhat repeatable, Has happened with previous versions of Powerpoint
· OS - Windows 10 x64· What was original installed OS on system? Windows 7 OEM· Age of Hardware? 3 years· Age of OS installation? >1 year· CPU - Intel Core i7 - 3720QM - 8 cores, 2.60GHz· Video Card - NVIDIA Quadro K1000M· System Manufacturer - Lenovo· Exact model number - W530· Laptop

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Sorry about te typo - now...

I have created a Powerpoint presentation (one slide at a time w/effects) and want it to run continuously during a luncheon. I am really new to this and need some guidance. TIA for any assistance / Tips.

Answer:Solved: Looping POWERPOINT presentation presentation

Slide Show - Set Up Show = Loopp continuously until "esc" (is pressed)

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I am trying to make a presentation. I would like to play a song as slides change. I added music using the slide transition button but it stops as each slide changes. How do I fix this. I tried putting a check mark in the place where it says loop and it still didn't work.

Answer:powerpoint presentation

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I have just finished a 80-slide PowerPoint presentation for work. I am undecided as to what format or type of disc to save it to. I want it to be passed around to various individuals so that they can view it in their own time (as opposed to a collective audience). Is there any way I can get it to run from the 1st slide, rather than go through the 'click on' programme icon which opens up the Powerpoint page? My machine is running WinXP-SP2, and some of the other machines are also Win XP, but there are a couple running WinME. Would this present problems?

Answer:Powerpoint Presentation

Hi, I am not clued-up really on PP but I would think save-as Powerpoint Show in jpeg format on CD, or as a Web-Page to view on-line.Just guessing really, but might put you on the right track.Cheers.

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is it possible to burn pp presentions i have made to cd rom and play them on a dvd player to show on television. also what format is required to transfer my photos to cd rom to show on a dvd player so i can run a slide show with loads of photos in possibly with music in the backgroundestoy

Answer:powerpoint presentation

You cannot display Powerpoint on a DVD player. To display photo's, they would normally have to be jpg format and the DVD player will have to have the ability to play them. Not all players can do this.

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Hi does anyone know how to compress a pps file I have created, the size is 42 meg and usally when someone sends one to me they are about 5 megs. Cannot fiqure it out, the pps file I have created has pictures and music.


Answer:PowerPoint Presentation

You may find solutions at this Office Support page.

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So I have powerpoint 2003 on windows version of which I forget (computer is 2-3 years old) The question is while doing a presentation can I view my notes on my laptop while the projector shows only the slides.

Answer:powerpoint presentation

Use "presenter view"

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I am trying to create a CD based brochure with PowerPoint. I have designed the slides and linked correctly from one to the next. However, I want to have some objects on each page fade in as the screen loads. I've done this by adding custom animations to the objects. This works fine the first time each screen is opened. However, if you are on, say, slide 26 and click a link which takes you to a different slide and then return to slide 26 by following a link to it, then the fade doesn't work and the slide just changes. I've made a quick example with 2 slides to show what I mean. If anyone can have a look at this and let me know what I'm doing wrong, I'd appreciate your advice. It's in my webspace: click hereThanks in advance,Gary

Answer:Presentation CD with PowerPoint

Leeme look at your site and I'll get back to you...........

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I have been sent an incredible powerpoint presentation on transportation in various Asian countries.

You know the sort of thing.
4 drawer filing cabinets strapped to a bicycle.
Livestock on the back of a bike, or motor bike, etc.

I'd really like to save the individual photos, from the pps file, to become part of a screensaver program.

Is this possible? and how do I do it? Bazza

Answer:Powerpoint presentation.

Can't you just right click the image and "Save as" then change the file type to JPEG, BMP, etc. Whatever you need for the screensaver program?


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I just got a brand new laptop with Windows Hello. It's very useful for logging in, but my laptop now goes to sleep every time I leave my desk. The red light next to the infrared camera blinks often when I'm using my laptop (which is also pretty annoying), and then if I get up, even for a few minutes (to grab a snack, notebook, etc.) my laptop goes to sleep. I'm pretty computer illiterate, but I suspect that the camera is still looking for me while I'm using my computer and then decides my laptop needs to sleep when it doesn't see my face anymore. Is there any way to change this? I like not having to use a password, but the red light and going to sleep is annoying, especially since I tend to get up from my desk a lot just to stretch. It also seems like having the camera on all the time would drain the battery pretty quickly. Am I way off base here?

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Hi everybody:
First time here and have a lot of hope to get help.
I need to know my best options to have a high quality recorded presentation at scientific conference take place next week. We actually want to give a copy of this DVD to the people who cannot attend the meeting and let them able to watch high quality presentation.
Here are some points to be considered:
1- I do have two camcorders (Canon VIXIA HF10).
2- The conference is one day and we have six speaker (total time about 7.5 hours)
3- I want to record each talk as separate file but all on one or two DVD.
4- To record each talk I will need to switch between the two cameras, one on the speaker and the other on the screen showing the PowerPoint presentation.
5-if it possible to record the PowerPoint presentation directly from the LCD projector to assure the highest quality, that will be great and may use the camera to show the audiences.
6- I need to have constant sound levels, so I may record the sound not via the camcorder.
7- I need the DVD/s to be ready as fast as possible, next day will be the best.
Now I need to know what hardware I need to do this project.
I'm a scientist helping our multimedia service Dept to achieve this job.
Any suggestion will be appreciated

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I worked over 13 hours on a group presentation that had about 180 slides in it by the end of my working time. Unfortunately, now I can not find it; however, I am pretty sure I know what happened.

My group members sent me their slides of our presentation over email, and I used the first one I recieved as the base powerpoint, and then I just pasted everyone else's work on that one. But I didn't realize that when I was clicking "save", it wasn't actually saving, which is why I can't find it (obviously). I retried the process to see what might have happened and it looks like it was saved in the temporary internet folder. Is there any way I can retrieve it? Please help me, I really need it and, as you can guess, I put a lot of work into it.

Answer:Please help me retrieve my powerpoint presentation!

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I'm having a problem with a PowerPoint 2007 presentation i have to do at work. I have the presentation on my personal laptop. I did a dry run today and when i hooked my laptop to the projector it worked at first - i.e. it showed my Windows desktop, and also showed when i opened Powerpoint. The problem occurred when i hit began the presentation as a slide show. When i did that i heard a noise as if i was holding one of the cursor keys down constantly. When i tried to advance the slide it went back to the first one.

Does anyone know the solution to this problem? Thank you.

Answer:PowerPoint Presentation problem

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Hello. I am very confused about this problem. I've been working on a Who wants to be a millionaire game in powerpoint 2010 for 7 days now! I've been working on it from morning to midnight. And now, when it's at the end of completion, I can't get the lifelines work.

I am a newbie to VBA so I have no idea how to accomplish this:

I have a shape, let's say it's a rectangle. And I want to keep it on the slides from slide 2 to slide 5 without creating a unique one for each slide. I really need help for this one.
If I would make all possibilities how lifelines would be used without using the VBA, I would have more than 1000 slides instead of 15.

So please, do you have a solution for this?

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How can I add a WMA music file to an Office 2000 Powerpoint Presentation?

When I go to Powerpoint's "Insert" menu it allows me to add just about any music file, other then a WMA file, yet Windows Media Player only copies CD Music Tracks to my drive in WMA format!

This doesn't make sense. Why would Microsoft only allow CD tracks to be copied by its Windows Media Player software to a format that cannot be used with its own Powerpoint software?

Am I missing something. I don't really want to buy more conversion software if I don't have to.

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I am trying to use a movie in a Powerpoint presentation but cannot get it to work.The movie has been recorded on my digital Olympus D-490 Zoom. It can take videos either 15 seconds or 60 seconds in length, depending upon the resolution. I am operating Windows 98 SE and the saved files have the extension .movCan anybody point me in the right direction.Thanks

Answer:Powerpoint presentation & Movies

MOV files are Quicktime files. From the PowerPoint help files, Dirty Dick. "I tried to insert a movie, but I got a message saying PowerPoint can't play the file. If the movie is in a format that Microsoft PowerPoint doesn't support, you might be able to play it in the Microsoft Windows Media Player. If the movie is a QuickTime file, see also the next item in this troubleshooter. In Microsoft Windows, launch Windows Media Player (from the Start button, on the Accessories submenu). On the File menu in Windows Media Player, click Open, and then type the path or browse for the file you want to insert, and click OK. If the movie opens and plays, complete the remaining steps in this task. If the movie cannot play, then it won't play when you open the Windows Media Player in PowerPoint, so don't complete this task. You can consult Windows Media Player Help to try to troubleshoot the problem. Also, see the next item in this troubleshooter regarding QuickTime movies. Display the slide you want the movie on in PowerPoint, and on the Insert menu, click Object. Under Object Type, click Media Clip, and make sure Create new is selected. If you want the movie to display as an icon, select the Display as icon check box. Click OK. On the Insert Clip menu in Windows Media Player, click Video for Windows. In the Files of type list, select All Files, select the file, and then click Open. To play it, click the Play button just below the menu bar, on the upper left; to insert it onto your slide, c... Read more

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I can not close presentations. PPT closes momentarily, then reopens and "An error has occurred. Do you want to send a report' etc" window opens. No matter what I do, the sequence keeps repeating. Even "killing the application in task manager does not work!

The only way I can get out of the program is to shutdown & restart!

Dell Inspiron, windows XP, office 2007. Shows are from other versions of PPT.

Answer:Closing a powerpoint presentation

Hi Mike

Welcome to the forum...To solve your problem insert your MS Office Cd into whateverr drive you use, when it strats up it will give you an option to do a repair install..Select this and let it do its thing..Reboot your computer and all should be good..

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Hey I am trying to do a favor for a couple of friends. They asked if I could create a DVD from a PP presentation of their 50th weeding anniversary. Is there any way I could go about doing this, and if so what programs would I need?

I was thinking I might have to screen capture the PP, but I am not sure what programs I would need.

Answer:How to author a DVD from a PowerPoint Presentation

You'll probably have to find an application that does images to a video clip, and then export the slides to jpegs.

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I created many presentations on my pc. I opened one of them and it displayed an error: The Presentation **.pptx is incomplete. Please reload. I haven't seen such errors before. I need to find powerpoint repair tool.

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I want to add a song to my Powerpoint presentation but I cant figure it out. I want the sound to be in the format of either WMA or MP3 and I want it to start playing when the presentation starts and end when the presentation finishes. I can get the song to start ok but when it goes onto the next slide the music stops. Can anyone help me get this working ? Im using Offixe XP and Windows XP pro

Answer:Powerpoint Presentation and Music

Right click on the sound file icon and, from the context menu, select 'Loop until stopped'.

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I made a power point presentation in MS Office PowerPoint 2007. I do remember saving it in a folder on desktop, although it was saved as a PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation.
After that I closed the PowerPoint program. When I looked for it right after closing the PowerPoint, I could not find it. I opened MS Office PowerPoint and looked for it in the recent files there but it was not present in the list.
I clicked on the start menu and found it's shortcut in the context menu against MS PowerPoint Presentation (which shows the recent ppt files). I clicked on it but a prompt appeared which said, "Windows is searching for 'Presentation.ppt' . To locate file yourself, click browse"
After a while, a prompt appeared which said,"The item 'Presentation.ppt' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly.

Do you want to delete this shortcut?

Now what should I do? I don't have the energy or time to work on it again. Please somebody help me. :'(

Answer:Lost PowerPoint presentation

Where did the short cut point to? Right click on it and choose Properties. It should show you where IT think it was!
If you can remember the name you can try a program called Everything from

Also look under your personal folder in Win 7. C:\Users\youname etc.

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I am trying to convert a powerpoint presentation that was designed with Powerpoint 2007. How do I convert it to one of the accepted file formats for the company's godaddy's website?
Maximum file size: 150MB
Supported formats:.3g2,.3gp,.3gpp,.asf,.asx,.avi,.flv,.m2t,.m2ts,.m2v,.m4v,.mov,.mp4,
.mpg,.mpeg,.rm,.vob and .wmv

Please respond. I have to get this done before I get hollared at by the supervisor of the company. I am pretty good with computers but no one knows everything about computers. I will check this post often because I have to report to the Executive Director of the company.

Thanks in Advance.

Answer:Conversion of powerpoint Presentation

Try the suggestion by Nate D here

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I have made a PowerPoint presentation with 26 slides containing animations, transitions & music. The problem I have now is that I need to convert it in order to make a DVD that will play on the TV at work.
There is no option of putting a laptop next to the TV as it is fixed high on the wall with no shelf near it and it is in an area where service users are, so security wise it would not be an option.
I therefore have only one choice, make the presentation into a DVD that will play on the TV... Easy you might say... not so easy as everyone seems to think I reply!! I've tried everything I can think of, including various freeware & shareware software that say they can do it... but they can't!!
Any suggestions will be much appreciated, as it isn't possible to get the same effects making it as a movie as I have by making a presentation, so really need the presentation to work on the TV if possible.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

P.S. I am using Windows XP & Office 2010.

Answer:Help!! How to make a PowerPoint Presentation into a DVD???

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I need to help a friend create a powerpoint presentation as a one off and neither of us want to spend the money on buying PowerPoint.I know that OpenOffice has a presentation module - is it up to the job? We only need a simple presentation that will show a few maps and tables of figures.If we create it with Openoffice, will it run via MSPowerpoint?Thanks as always, Dio.

Answer:Create PowerPoint presentation

Ignore this; I've just discovered that PP is part of Office 2003 which I have...

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I am hoping to add a dvd to be part of my PowerPoint presentation and have no idea how to do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Adding DVD to PowerPoint presentation

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HiA few years ago we used a piece of software in Art at School. It could be used to produce video clips (sort of like promotional videos) and also, and mainly, power-point like presentations. The effects were quite impressive and were done using 3D Text, it was also quite comparable to Swish in the way it worked.However, I can't remember what the software was called. If anyone knows what I'm talking about or knows of any software that performs this type of function it'd be much appreciated.

Answer:Name of presentation software? (Not powerpoint).

Hi, I don't know the actual s'ware you are looking for, but, any of the following would I think cover your needs - VideoWave5, Pinnacle Studio 9, or Photosuite 5 and I am sure there are many others. Happy hunting.

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I can play powerpoint presentations but cannot make new ones.Every time I try to open I get an error message:-The program can't start because MSVCR80.dll is missing from your computer.I have tried reinstalling the program - Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 but not fixed.Try to open PPTVIEW.EXE and get same message.

Answer:I cannot open PowerPoint Presentation.

Try running the System File Check command from a command prompt run:sfc /scannowYou could also try a repair Go to the Control Panel, Add / Remove programsselect the MS Office programthere should be two buttons, Remove & Changeselect Change then select Repair MIKE

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Hi, I would like to share a powerpoint file to the forum for discussion. Can I share this? If not what are the options to share this file in the forum?

Answer:How do I add a Powerpoint presentation to the forum?

Since you have a few post you should be able to share a link to the powerpoint... it would probably be better to do a PDF as not everyone has powerpoint. Unless it's some other format already.

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I have a Powerpoint presentation which, on some slides, advances to the next slide immediately after the last animation has finished, so no-one gets a chance to look at whatever is animated, for example they can't read the text because it disappears straight after it appears and goes to the next slideThis doesn't happen with all of the slides, about 8 out of 11 or so, which is quite strangeThe presentation was created on MS Powerpoint 2003 and Powerpoint in Office XP (not sure which version that is)I did open it in Openoffice Impress on my computer straight after I created it on Powerpoint 2003 at school, and realised that I couldn't use Openoffice because it didn't dispaly correctly, everything was in the wrong place (this is apparently a known problem and cant be solved until MS make their file formats open source, according to OO.O help)So I just used Impress to correct a few spelling mistakes and re-savedThen over the next few days I added to it with Powerpoint, then I had a look through it and the above problem occurredUnofrtunately I have no idea when this problem started creeping in, so it could have been caused by Openoffice or Office XPDoes anyone have any ideas why this would be happening?By the way, I've already checked the MS help site, and couldn't find anything helpful there, and I've checked that no slide timings are set or anything like that, all slides are set to advance on mouse click

Answer:Problems with Powerpoint presentation

Based on your info, the most probable cause seems to be modifying of the file in Open Office.  I'm inclined to think you might as well open a blank PowerPoint window and start over.  Hopefully, you can copy and paste some of the content from your existing file.  As far as using both PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint XP, I don't know whether that would cause any problems.  Next time, be sure to keep backup copies of the file before you open and/or modify it in another version of PowerPoint or some other slide creation program such as Open Office.

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Is there anyway to quickly tell how long my powerpoint presentation is? I am in PPT 2000. Just was wondering how long in minutes. As I want to put a song in the background.


Answer:powerpoint presentation length

It's as long as you make it with the transition settings. You could go to View-Slide Sorter view. If you've already got transition settings on it, then you'll see the time for each slide in slide sorter view.

If you're not setting it to automatically go from slide to slide (and you're using mouse-clicks to move to each slide), then you'll need to "rehearse timing"

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I have a powerpoint presentation that I do not the anyone to change. I don't see an option to lock this file. Does anyone know how I can save it and lock the file so that no changes are made to it? I have Windows Vista, Powerpoint 2007. Thank you

Answer:how do i lock a powerpoint presentation in wi

Try here:

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how can I extract a photo from powerpoint presentation I received in an email.

Answer:one photo from powerpoint presentation

what does it mean when an icon appears on the desktop-showing a page with the top right corner turned down? How do I rectify this.

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I have put together a presentation of approx 10 slides and want to play music in background, it will play perfectly on my laptop but when I go to copy it to a cd I either have the music and the presentation does'nt work or I get the presentation and the music does'nt work. I have tried loads of different things but to no avail, can someone help

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Does anyone know if this can be done?I am in the middle of a power point presentation, displaying it and moving through each "slide". I want to use one slide as a flip chart - in other words, I want to type ideas and have them appear on the screen during the presentation.The version I'm using - te one that came with Office 2007

Answer:How to write into powerpoint during a presentation

Not sure that it can be done by typing (wait for someone to tell me otherwise). You can of course change your pointer to be able to draw and write using the mouse during a presentation.Sounds as if you want an interactive whiteboard.

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The Microsoft PowerPoint Broadcast Service makes it easy for PowerPoint 2010 users to share a presentation on the fly with anyone, anywhere, over the web.
Just send a link, and in one click everyone you invite will be watching a synchronized view of your slide show in their browser, even if they don’t have PowerPoint 2010 installed.
To broadcast your slides to an audience, follow the directions below. Step 1 : If you don’t have PowerPoint 2010 installed, download the Office 2010 today. Step 2 : To start a broadcast from PowerPoint 2010, on the Slide Show tab, click Broadcast Slide Show.
U will get the Broadcast window just like the example below.
Step 3 : Click on Start Broadcast (It will connect to the PowerPoint Broadcast service)
After that the Sign in box will appear. Sign in with your Windows Live ID. (If you use Hotmail, Live messenger or Xbox LIVE.
PowerPoint will provide a public link that you can send to remote attendees. Anyone who receives a link to the broadcast may watch it. Keep in mind that if an attendee forwards the link to someone else, that person can also use the link to view your broadcast.
You can invite more attendees with send Invite button.
To view a broadcast, just open the Broadcast link (All you need is the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari for Mac.)
Source :

Answer:Broadcast your PowerPoint Presentation over the web

thank you for this well designed posting where it was easy to follow everything

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Is it possible to loop an MP3 for an entire powerpoint presentation? I want to play a song over the course of the presentation, but can seem to only insert the MP3 in each slide which makes the song restart. If it makes any difference, I am using PowerPoint 2007.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:looping an MP3 during Powerpoint presentation

Go to Insert>Sound from File (On Media Clips) to select your sound file
The go to Animations>Animate> in the drop down box select play across slides

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I tried opening my powerpoint presentation but it came up with this message "PowerPoint can't read the outline from C:\Umbria.ppt. No text converter is installed for this file type.", tried opening it in open and repair but it doesn't work. I tried Office recovery but that even doesn't work.

Answer:Powerpoint presentation won't open!!

Which Powerpoint version ? Any previous versions used ever ?Read this and follow the instructions :

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I am preparing for a presentation at which several people will speak. In the initial PowerPoint which I have prepared, I have my introductory slides and then title slides for each speaker who follows.Each presenter has prepared their own PowerPoint Presentation and I want to insert these into mine after the title slide so that they will flow seamlessly on the day. However, this is presenting problems.Because each PowerPoint uses a different style (background, font styles, etc), I have a problem when I copy the slides from the original files and paste them into my presentation -- because the formatting of the copied slides gets changes so that it's the same as my presentation (i.e. the one that I'm copying into). So, the background and fonts all change so that they're the same as mine.Can anyone tell me if it's possible to string the presentations together either by copying and retaining the formatting or using some other means?

Answer:PowerPoint - Insert a presentation into another

How about hyperlinking to the other presentations on the relevant introductory slides. This way they will each retain their own format, but will play seamlessly and return to the original presentation (and slide) when they finish.

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is there a way to insert an outline of the presentation in the slideshow presentation ?
so the viewer can go to any slide at any time .

Answer:how to put an outline in a powerpoint presentation ?

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Hi everyone. I'm trying to put a presentation together for my family showing pics and movie clips etc. I wanted to play 2 songs back to back throughout the whole slide show. I got them inserted where they would play back to back but only on one slide. Is there a way to get the music to play throught the whole show with the slides advancing instead of it being linked to just one slide? It would be much easier having 'in' the slideshow then trying to just play it separately. Thanks!

Answer:Music Throughout Whole Powerpoint Presentation

If you are using Office 2003 the following link will help. I would look for similar settings in older versions as well. to add: I am not a moderator. I do use PP quite a bit. :-)

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Have a PowerPoint presentation set up.I wanted to move som pictures about but seem not able to do this with Windows 7.Can someone confirm this is correct please.Also if it is not possible any ideas how I can move the pics around I do not have a specific programme installed to do this having always done PP presentations on Windows XP before.

Answer:Moving Pics in a PowerPoint Presentation.

What you can do with pictures is governed by the program itself, i.e. PowerPoint. Whether it is running in Windows XP or Windows 7 shouldn't make any difference. Presumably you do have the PowerPoint *program* installed in Windows 7 and not just the PowerPoint *viewer*?

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I have created a Powerpoint presentation using the presenatation narrator. Everything works fine if the file is being viewed locally. If i distribute the file from a web server, the presenation narrator code will work fine until it changes slides. At that point it bombs out. Anyone had any experience with this b4? So far, searches of this site, MS, and Usenet have not provided an answer.


Answer:MS Powerpoint 2000 & Presentation Narrator

Resolved issue by saving Powerpoint presentation as web page, then adding the MS Agent script code in the resulting html pages. Not quite what i had in mind originally, but it works.

Please close this thread.

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Is there a way to view a microsoft slide presentation? The computer does not have PowerPoint on it. I would like to view the presentation.

Thank you,


Answer:Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Presentation

Hi Wadda

Yes just grab the Powerpoint Viewer thats free from HERE *can also get viewers for other Office apps too HERE

Another way is to install Open Office thats free and will open MS Office files, larger download tho from HERE but will give a system without Office many fo the Office functions.

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I have multiple videos I want to show.
Was going to put them in powerpoint slides and do it that way, but a white line at the edge of the video is always present no matter how I render the video (Not the question I was asking but if anyone knows, that'd be great).

So instead I've got to use VNC or WMP fullscreen to do this thing.
While I am switching videos, how do I make sure all the audience sees is a black screen (or logo)?

Also the extent of my knowledge is pretty much how to do multi-monitor displays, and as such, not sure how the best way to present this would be (Either mirroring my laptop's display or extending the desktop).
Problem with mirroring monitor is they can see me changing the videos, and the problem with extended display is I can't see it until it's on the projector...


Edit- PP would be perfect for this (Although the ONLY hurdle with that is I have a looping presentation with music in a seperate file I'd have to switch out). But here is the problem:


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I have just created a presentation and I'd like to know how long is it to add some music and to know where should I fate the song out.

Thank's ahead

Answer:Powerpoint - How do I check how long is my presentation?

Play it and time it?

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Hi,I saved a powerpoint presentation over the weekend, opened it up today and only the first 2 slides are there, I definitely saved the presentation. Is there a restore I can carry out or could it have saved to a temp location. I have completed a search on the file name but it brings up the file with only 2 slides.Any ideas please ?regards

Answer:How to restore a powerpoint presentation in Vista

PowerPoint/Microsoft Office, and which version you have, there will be an auto-save every fifteen minutes or so. You can easily check.For instance, in PowerPoint 2007 Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click 'PowerPoint Options'.Click 'Save'.Look at the 'Save AutoRecover information every x minutes' check box. In the minutes list you'll see how often the program is set to save your data and the program state.Unfortunately, if you can only see an incomplete file in your saved location it's not looking good.

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I have an old presentation created using PP for Windows 95, but Office Professional 2010 does not seem to recognise it. An old laptop with PP for Windows 95 can read it so I know it' not corrupted. How can I get my current PP 2010 to open this presentation so I can do more work on it, please?

Answer:Problem viewing old PowerPoint presentation

May be this will help?

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I am running Office 2010, on Win 7 64-bit. I have inserted a sound file to play accross all the slides in my presentation. It plays just fine from the PowerPoint program when I test the slideshow. However, when I save the presentation as a PowerPoint 2003 .pps file, and play that show back, there is no sound. What am I doing wrong? Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks for any and all responses!

Answer:Sound not working in PowerPoint Presentation

Possibly an issue concerning 'Linked' or 'Embedded' music:
Use embedded and linked sound files in PowerPoint - PowerPoint - Microsoft Office

The differences between linked and embedded objects

The term "object" in this article refers to a sound (including a piece of music). An object can be the sound itself, or it can be the file that contains the sound.
The main differences between linked objects and embedded objects are where you store them and how you update them, if need be, after you place them in the destination file (in this case, your presentation).
Linked object A linked object is created and stored in a separate source file, and then it is linked to the destination file. Because the two files are linked, when you make changes to one file, the changes appear in both the source and destination files.
Embedded object An embedded object is created in a separate source file too, but then it is inserted into the destination file, becoming part of that file. If you make a change to the original source file, the change will not show up in the destination file.

An embedded object
A linked object
The source file that contains the linked object
How to choose the best file type

Let's say you've created a presentation to which you've added several music files that act as a soundtrack. You've set up all the transitions and timings and such, and it works like a charm on your computer. Here are a few... Read more

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Hello friends, I had a PowerPoint presentation using my Vista Home Basic laptop this afternoon. I had to press the keyboard combination "fn + f4" for Vista to pick up the projector to enable it to display the slides. When I connected the serial cable from the projector to the laptop, the slides on the laptop screen became wider/bigger even though the projected images of the same slides looked normal. After the presentation I pulled out the serial cable from the laptop and waited for the screen characters on the laptop to return to their normal look and size. To my dismay they never did. How can I get the laptop screen back to its normal look and size without running the Vista RESTORE utility? Please help. Thanks.

Answer:Desktop Widened After PowerPoint Presentation

The laptop probably picked up the projector's resolution. You need to reset your resolution.

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Trying to put a slideshow together using laoptop and Optoma EP719R projector. MPEG clips play OK on laptop screen, but not on the projector, otherwise everything is fine. Any ideas?

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Friends, I'm supposed to prepare a powerpoint presenation and incorporate an MS project plan into this presenation and I have no clue. Will a simple cut and paste do? Maybe I can be given a link to where to read up on this. Thanks.

Answer:MS project plan in powerpoint presentation

Last time I tried to do this I had to resort to using screen grab software (Hypersnap DX)to take a pic of the MS Project view and then paste it into Powerpoint.

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I am trying to do a PowerPoint presentation using a laptop with information from a USB stick, via an Epson Projector. About 10 minutes into the presentation the screen goes to a screen which states Source: Usb display - 'No signal' and I have to unplug the leads and put them back in then the presentation commences where it left off! Is this a pc or projector error and what can I do to sort it out? I have an important presentation next week! Help!

Answer:PowerPoint Presentation Problems using a projector

If you have an important presentation next week and your USB signal is questionable, don't bother trying to find the source of the problem until after your presentation. In the meantime, copy your presentation on to your hard drive and run it from there. Investigate the USB source then at your leisure.

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My daughter made a Powerpoint picture and we would like to put it as desktop picture. IRFAN and other applications cannot open it as file format is unknown and cannot change its format. Any suggestions please? or is there a way to put this pic straight from Powepoint as desktop ?I tried r/clk desktop-properties-desktop-browse but the pic is not there.

Answer:Powerpoint presentation - change format. How?

Try these suggestions click here

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Hello all, can anyone help with this problem. Now and again I receive a powerpoint presentation with wonderful photo's, my problem is, can I extract and keep the ones I like for my own files?

Answer:Extracting photo's from a powerpoint presentation

If you have Powerpoint then if you SaveAs a Powerpoint presentation (.ppt) file then you can right click a picture, select Copy and paste into Paint.

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Hello! I am desperately seeking help to recover an earlier version of a powerpoint lecture I have to give on Monday. Somehow, it got replaced by the original version I saved with only 5 slides. The last time I worked on the lecture (Monday the 2nd of July) I had a total of 157 slides. I just went to back it up yesterday on a thumb drive and noticed that it had been replaced by the original 5 slide version. This is about 20 hours of work that seems to have just disappeared. The interesting thing is that when I look at the properties of the currently saved 5 slide lecture, it says it was created and last edited on July 1st, neither of which is true as I created it on the 28th of June and edited it on the 2nd of July.

I have tried going to the previous versions tab, of which none are available. When I try and restore my system to an earlier date, it seems I never set that feature up when I bought the computer.

I run windows 7 and office 2010 on a Sony Vaio.

Please help!! There is no way I can regenerate this lecture in time.

I appreciate any and all efforts to help recover the nearly completed version.



Answer:Powerpoint 2010 Presentation Lost!!

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how do you delete a powerpoint presentation saved on Windows 8Where are the lists of saved docs on Windows 8?

Answer:Powerpoint Presentation Deletion in Windows 8

The Documents library is usually the default location of saved documents.You've been helped by a 15 year old.

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My Church is preparing to reproduce our PowerPoint presentation on CD in English, Zulu, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi, and perhaps another.We propose to press the various languages on the one CD using certain common files such as images. Will there be any difficulty saving the different languages (many of which are in Sanskrit) in my English PowerPoint 2003? All advice on this question and likely pitfalls will be appreciated. God bless,Anthonymessage edited by biblebelievers

Answer:Create Church PowerPoint presentation CD in several language

Oh I see, alright. I apologize, I thought I understood you. You can make them all part of one presentation. When you work with PowerPoint, you insert things in tiles. You can, by default, hide some tiles that will become visible upon a click. Just write the languages out in these tiles and hide all of them. You can them program a hyperlink to change the visibility of them to become visible when clicked. You should be able to save them that way, yes. As long as no odd characters are used in the name, I can't see Microsoft having an issue with that. 20 years in IT and counting, baby\m/ > < \m/

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When I was using Vista and MS Home and Student 2007, I was able to extract music file from any pps ( provided it was not password protected ) by .....
right click existing pps > New > Office button > save as > at save as type, select web page (*html) > save.

Now I am using Win 7 Home Premium and the same MS Home and Student 2007.
My problem : there is no " web page (*html ) " save as type option, just Web Page.

So, how do I extract music file from a pps ?

Thank you.

Answer:cannot extract music file from a powerpoint presentation

This looks like the procedure you are looking for:
Extract files or objects from a PowerPoint 2010 file - PowerPoint -

Please take note of the Tip before you begin:

You can later change the file extension back and restore the presentation, but we recommend that you copy the presentation first and extract the objects that you want from the copy. This ensures your original presentation is preserved.

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I am going to hold a presentation at a congress using Powerpoint and I want to use my iPhone as a remote control. I'd like to use iPhone to click from sheet to sheet as I move freely in the room, I also want see a copy of the actual sheet on my iPhone screen.

I used i-Clickr Remote for Powerpoint some years ago, I think i was with Windows 7, but it had some issues, e.g. it did not work with all of my computers. It was so much hassle that I gave up in the end.

Does anyone have a good suggestion for an app? Have anyone used i-Clickr recently, has it become better over the last five years?

By the way, I can choose a PC with either Windows 7 or Windows 10 for the presentation.

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I am taking a course in Microsoft Office 2000. I have Office XP installed on my computer. In the PowerPoint 2000 Project, I am told to click on the Common Tasks button on the Formatting toolbar, and select the Staight Edge presentation design, which should appear in the selection box on the left of the screen. PowerPoint XP does not have a Common Tasks button; instead, it has a Design button. When I select it, Slide Design open in the right pane. Is this the same concept as the Common Tasks button? Since I would like to complete the project with the correct template, how can I obtain the Straight Edge.pot file?

Answer:PowerPoint Straight Edge Presentation Design

There are many differences between Office 2000 and Office XP. If you want to do the coursework at home, then you should probably get a copy of the same software that you're learning about. This is likely only one of the many differences you will encounter. You're not really learning how to use Office 2000 if you're doing all the coursework and learning on Office XP. There's also the possibility that your presentation will not open properly in Office 2000. Some features and files do not convert well.

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Hi all,

I'm looking to run a windows batch file with power point presentation (office 2003) to automatically run the presentation file as a slide show from point go instead of hitting f5 once its loaded.

I have the following in the shortcut:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\POWERPNT.EXE"

can i add some switches to the end of that for example

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\POWERPNT.EXE" -load test.ppt

or something like and make it run directly as a continuous slide show direct from the shortcut?

Can anyone help me on this?

Kind Regards,

Answer:Running a powerpoint presentation as a windows shortcut.

all sorted.

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Hello There:

Does anyone know how to incorporate visio diagrams into a powerpoint presentation?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Answer:Does anyone know how to incorporate visio diagrams into a powerpoint presentation?

hi Carmine.....

this should help you........


Inserting Visio Content

You cannot insert Visio content into PowerPoint in Visio's native drawing format. Either you'll need to link to an existing or newly-created Visio drawing as an object - or export from Visio to a graphic format and thereafter import it into PowerPoint. Between the two methods, you'll have to choose the latter if you want to transport your presentation to a system without Visio installed. Let's examine the Insert -> Object route:

1. In PowerPoint, go to Insert -> Object. In the resultant dialog box, choose the 'Create New' option and select 'Microsoft Visio Drawing'. Click OK.

2. Visio opens with the 'Choose Drawing Type' option. Make your selection and decide if would like to use the colour scheme from the PowerPoint presentation - thereafter create your diagram.

3. Click anywhere outside the Visio area to go back to PowerPoint.

The second method is more straight-forward. Although you cannot edit the original drawing this way, the resultant presentation will be more compact and portable:

1. Open or create a Visio diagram. Choose File -> Save As.

2. The resultant 'Save As' dialog box allows you to save the diagram to several graphic formats - both vector and raster. In all you can save to 28 formats - we'll choose WMF (it's the second last option) since that's the best format to transport graphic cont... Read more

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Tecra A9 (OS XP Pro) - A pptx presentation when in slide view randomly has slides where the image has been partly lost. It works ok on another computer. It has been suggested that it is a display driver problem.

I have installed the latest A9 display driver from the Toshiba website but the problem persists. The slides are fine in normal or zoomed mode it is only when full screen is selected.

Any ideas / solutions please.

Answer:Partly lost PowerPoint presentation on Tecra A9

Is your Tecra A9 preinstalled with original recovery image that you got with it?
Have you noticed any similar problem using other applications?

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I am trying to record a voice narrated powerpoint. I purchased a logitech desktop microphone but I can't get it to record sound. I went to speech recognition and accessed the microphone but when I attempt to record individual slides, it doesn't record. Please help. My project is due tomorrow, April 25.

I have windows Xp and microsoft business 2010
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 2650e, x64 Family 15 Model 127 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1789 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8200 , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 146635 MB, Free - 94302 MB; D: Total - 148365 MB, Free - 148270 MB;
Motherboard: eMachines, WMCP78M, , 0000000000000000000000
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Unable to record voice on powerpoint presentation.

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A Powerpoint presentation produced using Microsoft Office 2007 on Vista will not play video on an XP computer on which a free download of Powerpoint Presentation 2007 has been loaded.All other aspects of presentation run as advertised.Is this as Mircosoft intended it to be? If so, is there a working fix?Any advice would be most welcome...Thanks in advance.

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I have a PowerPoint presentation that has sound bites in it and the path to the file is shown when I choose 'Edit Sound
Object' from the right-click menu.

When i play the presentation on any other computer but mine it doesnt play the sound.

Does anyone know how to edit this path in order to point
it to a new location when the file is moved?

I could just reinsert the sound object but it would mean
a lot more work (there are lots of slides).

Answer:Powerpoint Presentation Sounds Path is Wrong

Looks like this might help:

or this:
'nother clicky


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When i try to open a presentation (which was created 2 years ago) in PowerPoint 2003 i recieve an error: PowerPoint found unreadable content in Presentation.pptx.
How to repair PowerPoint file?

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I have Windows 7 64 bit with Office 2010 with Powerpoint 10
I have designed a Powerpoint Presentation with 3 videos inserted in the WMV format and it works great in my powerpoint presentation.
I did a Save and Send, Create a Video, Computer & HD Displays, Use Record Timing & Narrations, Seconds to spend on each slide 6.00, Create Video
After I do this and play the video....the 3 Videos in the presentation will not play the sound.
Help...I do not know what to do to make the sound work in the Video.

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Is there some way to copy slidemasters from one presentation to another? I don't want to have to recreate them for my new presentation.

Answer:Powerpoint 2003 - copy slide masters to another presentation

Have you saved the slide master?

Save As > Save as type = Design Template (*.pot)

Save in the default folder that will be auto selected and it should appear in the Format Designs pane next time you open PPT. From here it can be applied to other presentations. If it doesnt appear use "Browse" (at the bottom of the pane) to find it.


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Ho everyone.Does someone know how I can send a big (10 Mb) powerpoint presentation to someone else (I am able to send it via email but the recipient cannot get/download/open it)? I would like to use a free internet platform and the presentation is for my recipient only and should not get public.Slideshare allows powerpoint presentation transfers but the private option is part of the Pro software... which is not for free.Any suggestion?Thanks a lot in advance !!!

Answer:How to email 10MB powerpoint presentation file to recipient

When sending it via E-Mail, compress the file by using a ZIP program like 7-zip.It's free and must be used by the recipient too, to decompress the file.

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I wanted to view a presentation on CD but a message box came up saying "the presentation requires Power Point Viewer you want to download it?". Does this mean it wants to download the viewer into memory? I don't want to download it to the hard drive because I currently have Office 2002 on the computer in question and I don't want to foul up that install with something from 2010. The PC in question is old and 2010 would not run on it anyway. I was just wondering if you can use the viewer and not leave any 2010 components behind in the process. Thanks.

Answer:Download PowerPoint Viewer 2010 to view presentation on a CD

You can safely install Powerpoint Viewer 2010 without issue or confliction with older versions of office. It will not run out of memory and will want to install the application to your workstation. Download from here:

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Hi everyone,

I was attending a presentation recently and noticed that the presenter's laptop did not display the same thing as the projector (i.e. the current slide), but instead showed a box containing the current slide (i.e. what the audience saw), another box with the next slide, and the timing of the current slide and of total presentation.

I think being able to preview your next slide before making it visible to the audience can be very helpful when giving a presentation, and I would like to ask if anyone knows if (and how) this can be done in PowerPoint 2010. The presenter I saw had a Mac so he was probably using Keynote to deliver his presentation, however hopefully this can be accomplished in PowerPoint as well.

Many thanks in advance for any help!
(I also posted this question on these two other forums: 1, 2)

Answer:Powerpoint 2010: Previewing the next slide while giving a presentation

Found the answer - use Presenter View under the Slide Show tab

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I have some family pictures on a powerpoint presentation and I want to convert them to a jpeg file so I can upload them on myspace. I tried saving them in a Word document and transferring it to Adobe Photoshop but that didn't work. If I right click the photo there is no option to 'Save picture as'. Help me out here.

Answer:How do I convert pictures from a Powerpoint presentation into a Jpeg file?

If no one responds and helps, I will tell you when I get home.* I don't have powerpoint here, so just wait a little while.

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PowerPoint will only accept .wav files for embedding. Problem is that .wav files are 10 times the size of an .mp3 file (+/- 40MB). That makes any PP presentation or Photo Album very big and a pain to upload or ship to friends.
I stumbled on this site PowerPoint Embed mp3 files
that explains how to fool PP to accept an .mp3 after all.
I thought that may be useful information for some of you.

Answer:A superb trick to embed .mp3 audio into a PowerPoint presentation

Nice find, whs

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Is there any way to turn a powerpoint presentation into DVD format (or any other DVD player compatible format) so i can play it on a DVD player?


Answer:Solved: Can i turn a Powerpoint presentation into something i can play on a DVD player?

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Hello all,

I perform a comedy set using a Powerpoint presentation.

I would like to have a simple method when I could press a button/combination of buttons to activate a mp3 to play from a media player such as VLC or KMplayer, whilst in the middle of a Powerpoint presentation. Any freeware media player is fine.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could achieve this?


Answer:Hot key activation for music whilst giving Powerpoint presentation

I would use AutoIt3. You can assign a hot key that works only while the script is running. That way, the hot key can be a single key like "z". Once you end the script. The letter "z" no longer triggers the mp3.

AutoIt3 will play the MP3 file by calling a Windows API. In other words, it does not need a 3rd party player. Windows can play MP3 files directly.

Below is some code that I threw together to test the idea. You can modify it was you see fit. You can copy/paste/edit the functions to have as many hot keys as you like. Change the path to the mp3 files as needed.

See this post for instructions on how to make use of the code below.

AutoItSetOption ("TrayIconDebug", 1) ;0-off

#include <Sound.au3>

$S_running = "comedy-mp3s" ;name the script
If WinExists($S_running) Then
MsgBox(0, "AutoIt", "This script is already running")

Global $aSozund=""

HotKeySet ("{ESC}", "end_script")
HotKeySet ("{SPACE}", "end_mp3")
HotKeySet ("z", "mp3_1")
HotKeySet ("x", "mp3_2")

While 1

Func mp3_1()
HotKeySet ("z")
Global $aSound = _SoundOpen("c:\temp\testz.mp3")
Global $iSoundLen = _SoundLength($aSound , 2)
_SoundPlay($aSound, 0)
HotKeySet ("z", "mp3_1... Read more

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As per my question above:
Anyone noticed the 36.3MP information on the PowerPoint Presentation whilst using Microsoft Continuum during the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices NYC Launch Event?
Does it mean anything.. or something?

Answer:Noticed the 36.3MP information on the PowerPoint Presentation whilst using Microsoft Continuum?

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question As per my question above:
Anyone noticed the 36.3MP information on the PowerPoint Presentation whilst using Microsoft Continuum during the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices NYC Launch Event?
Does it mean anything.. or something? Forgot to Log In

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I'm aware that movie files must be in the same folder as the presentation.

I currently have a presentation on a network drive. The movies are in the same folder.
I open the pptx file and add the movie. But when I try to preview it, it doesn't play. I get a white screen on the slide.

I copy the folder to the C drive. It still doesn't play.
I open the C drive copy. Re-add the movie from the same C drive folder. It works.
I copy the folder back to the network drive. Still works. But then I rename the C drive folder. The new network drive copy stopped working. So it must have retained the C drive link.

It seems that even though I have kept the movie in the same folder as the presentation, it's recording the full location.

How can I fix the links on the network copy?

Answer:Powerpoint 2007 - Inserting movie on network hosted presentation

I forgot to mention I have domain admin privileges. So it shouldn't be a permissions issue.

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I'm trying to put a short vodeo clip into a PowerPoint presentation. My video file is in Windows Movie Maker format (also tried VOB). It imports OK but only shows as a black rectangle. I get the choice between start automatically and start on click but either way it won't play.

Answer:Putting video in PowerPoint

try exporting it from windows movie creator into a wmv file which should then run fine in power point, if not please elaborate on which version of powerpoint you have.

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A strange issue, hoping someone has a fix or workaround.

Starting a few hours ago, all my PowerPoint presentations are blank as shown in screenshot:

Notice that the presentation shown above is (should be) full with graphics and text, each slide, and was shown correctly only a few hours ago. It is also correctly shown online as it's saved on OneDrive, I can see it and work with it in PowerPoint Online. This issue only applies to PowerPoint 2016 desktop app.

The above is just an example, all my presentations are blank at the moment using PowerPoint desktop app, all fully OK when seen online. Also, when making a new presentation I can only add text but not change design or background image.

Windows 10 PRO x64 Build 16170 EN-GB, Office 2016 Build 7967.2082.

Any ideas welcome.


Answer:PowerPoint 2016 - All presentations blank

Looks like a display driver issue, has windows update just delivered a new (broken) driver?

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Previously using my Surface Pro 2, I was able to use the Surface pen as a mouse so I can handle objects, such as shapes as pictures in PowerPoint just as I would with a mouse. But now using a Surface Pro 4 the pen acts as a pen and the only thing it can do it write with ink and cannot work with objects.

This is a big disadvantage for me. I was wondering how I can turn off this feature so that I can use the pen as a mouse cursor again instead of inking.

The same issue happens on Word and Excel.

I find this very frustrating as I cannot get my work done.

Im not sure if this is because of Office 2016 or Surface Pro 4 pen.

I have tried this option:
1. Open Word or PowerPoint.
2. Click on Customize Quick Access Toolbar at the top left side of the application on the top of the ribbon.
3. Select Touch/Mouse mode.
4. Click on Optimize spacing between commands besides Customize Quick Access Toolbar and Select it toMouse mode.

BUT it doesn't work, it still acts as an ink pen

Any help would be so much appreciated.

Thank you

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Whenever I click on the file tab in Word or Powerpoint 2016 (doesn't happen for Excel) the programme crashes. The tech support at Microsoft are unable to resolve so I'm wondering if it is a HP conflict with Office or Windows 10. Has anyone else experienced this and found out how to resolve the problem?  

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As stated on the title^^. I've been having this issue for quite a while. I attached the log event

Anyone is able to rectify the issue? Much appreciated

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As stated on the title^^. I've been having this issue for quite a while. I attached the log event

Anyone is able to rectify the issue? Much appreciated

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I bought an ASUS G73JH gaming laptop 2 months ago and just started getting this random, inexplicable error. It's happened twice this last week and I have lost a considerable amount of unsaved work because of it.

What happened the first time was I put my laptop to sleep in order to do something else and when I came back it had shut down by itself. After booting it back up the first thing that was displayed was the window in the images above. I don't know if my computer actually had a BSOD before it shut down because I was not there to see what happened.

Second time this happened, I just left my computer at idle without putting it to sleep and left the room. My laptop is configured to go to screensaver after 10 minutes and sleep after 15. When I came back this time, my power button was not blinking, meaning the computer was not asleep, but the monitor had shut off and could not be turned back on with the monitor on/off toggle. I had to manually restart the computer by holding the power button, and when it booted back up again the same window appeared. Yet again, I don't know if my computer actually had a BSOD because this time the monitor was turned off.

Any ideas?

P.S. My system specs are in the sig below and I've attached the requisite .zip file. No components are overclocked or otherwise modified at the hardware or software level. This is the OEM version of Windows 7 that was pre-installed on my system but I did a reformat right after I got the computer.

Answer:Random BSODs after putting computer to sleep or idling

Here's what my Action Center error reporting had to say about what happened:

First, "Windows stopped working"

Then, "Shut down unexpectedly"

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