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Portege Z20t trackpoint replacement cap - finally found it

Question: Portege Z20t trackpoint replacement cap - finally found it

ThinkPad Super Low Profile TrackPoint Cap Set, Part number:4XH0L55146. this is the cap fits to thinpad x1 yoga.

since having z20t for the last year and half. I still can not find any other 2-in-1 to be better. this comes from someone who had previously only used the most expensive thinkpad models and updating every 1-2 years.

however, the trackpoint cap drives me a bit crazy as I rely on it most time as a 10+ year thinkpad user. it is tiny, needs a lot of force to move, and after a while, the surface becomes smooth and easy to slip.

I did tons of search and bought quite a few replacement caps to try, none worked. and it bugs me that toshiba does not sell a replacement either. so one day when the cap wears out or damaged, I would need to buy a new keyboard dock at least.

finally I found one that works perfectly, from no other than thinkpad itself.
ThinkPad Super Low Profile TrackPoint Cap Set, Part number:4XH0L55146. this is the cap fits to thinpad x1 yoga.

It fits perfect into the space, right size recess to connect to keyboard, just a bit higher than keyboard surface for easier usage. It is also low enough that it does not touch screen at all (far from it) when closed.

more importantly, as it is bigger and have many dimple on it. it is actually much much better user experience. I would say now it would give similar feeling as the best thinkpad trackpoint now. no slip, needs much less force to move around.

I found this solution by accident as I bought a thinkpad x1 yogo to try out as replacement (mostly because the trackpoint experience, want to go back to thinkpad). but it only gives 6 hours of wifi browsing battery life, just too limiting. as I was debating which one to go, tried out the cap from x1 yogao on z20t and it all just fits so well.

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Preferred Solution: Portege Z20t trackpoint replacement cap - finally found it

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I can't find any reliable info whether the z20t-b or z20t-c supports the DisplayPort Alternate Mode over its usb type c port. If so does it support 3840*[email protected] ?

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For a while now I've been looking for something to replace the p2p file syncing that Mesh had. Skydrive uses the cloud, and storage would be too small for my purposes anyways. (syncing photos I take, averaging around 40GB/year)BitTorrent Sync Beta
Found that, which works like a charm!

Answer:Finally found a good free replacement for WL Mesh!

That great you found a replacement!

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Hey cant get my position with bing maps, here maps, oder mapfactor navigator, even GPS Information Apps cant show position when WLAN is off.

I bought this for Stand Alone GPS Features.
Updated Win 8.1 to the latest Updates. Still no location Service in APPs.

GPS is on in Windows 8.1 Settings, i allowed the apps to use the gps/position.
All latest Toshiba service updates are installed. Even with a SIM CARD i get no GPS.

Only in WLan i get a position..

So return this is it damaged? BTW must work tomorrow drive around the world. When its not working i must return it.

Tested here Maps und the windows maps app and mapfatorGPS.
none gets a fix when wlan is off.

Answer:Portege Z20t-b GPS no working

In the description of Portege Z20t-b-xxx the “Assisted GPS” is mentioned.

The assisted GPS is part of the 3G module… so it should work using the 3G connection too.

Did you test it?

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Its possible charging Z20t-C through USB-C or only proprietary power brick works?

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When I go to input method panel in Win 10 I cannot choose inking as input method.
I have latest Wacom software.

How can I enable inking (handwriting) input method?

Answer:Cannot use inking handwriting on Win 10 with Portege Z20t

I also have this problem after upgrading to Windows 10. handwriting entry panel has disappeared and there is not way to enter data in Tablet mode. The pen works elsewhere but the pen entry option is greyed out in the keyboard chooser.

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The camera apps "Camera" and "TruCapture" on my Windows 10 Z20T-B2112 don't offer the rear camera, only the front web cam.
Any idea how I can fix this? Is there a specific driver needed?

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I have a Z20t-C-15M. SN 5H071828H. Online specs says there's a battery inside the docking keyboard and a battery inside the tablet.
Battery indicators is saying Battery # 1 is not present whereas battery led indicator in the keyboard dock displays no light (nor white nor orange).
Battery indicators is saying battery # 2 present and led indicator is white on the tablet.
Is this a normal behavior or an issue ? Why can'I get the secondary battery ?
From the specs :
Battery Life up to 9h30min tablet only (Mobile Mark? 2014 running Win10)
up to 19h tablet & keyboard (Mobile Mark? 2014 running Win10)


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Had a portege Z20t-b for 4 weeks, turned it on and had 5% left on primary battery, 5 min later it suddenly turns off and now won't turn back on. Tried plugging the power in and turning it back on. Removed the screen and tried turning it on and nothing happens. The battery light is flashing and goss solid when plugged it. Any ideas what my problem is?

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I undocked the screen from the keyboard without issue (using the "eject hardware safely" icon), but when reattaching the screen, it does not recognize the keyboard. Physical connection is 100%, but no communication at all. Usually it dings and switches from tablet mode to PC mode. Not this time. Interestingly, it DOES know that the keyboard is being charged, but only "Battery 2" is present.

Any ideas before sending it to the dreaded "Depot"?

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I've got a z20t-B-107. Lovely machine, upgraded to win 10, all working fine - I had to download a new Wacom driver to get the 'left-click' to work with the pen.

I'm using it in tablet mode to digitise some data points on a map, and to sketch with the pen. However, when I rest my hand on the screen it 'activates' the touch screen and makes things go crazy. I really need to be able to temporarily switch off the touch digitiser and have only the Wacom digitiser running, and if I can toggle it on/off somehow that would be useful. Otherwise i need to use the pen in a very unnatural position to avoid touching the screen with my hand.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note which uses the Wacom type digitiser - it doesn't seem to suffer from this, as soon as it detects the pen near the screen it appear to switch off the touch part.

I would be grateful for any help - I've tried search engines but they only seem to give results about touch pads, and that's completely different...

Many thanks in advance

Answer:Portege Z20t - can I turn touch screen OFF?


I use a Z20t too (but with Win8.1) and have the same problem. I have decided to switch off the touch complete. It is not a good solution, but a good working with OneNote is only with switching off the touch functionality possible.
Maybe this is a possible solution for you.
In Win8.1 I switched off the driver in the device manager.

I found the following steps here:

1. Right-click and select "All Apps" at the lower right corner, then select Control Panel
2. Select Hardware and Sound
3. Select Device Manager
4. Select Human Interface Devices
5. From the list, look for the driver for the touch screen. This can be tricky since on my tablet they are all listed as "USB Input Device" and there are 3 of them. I found it by disabling and re-enabling one at a time until the touch screen stopped responding. You can also identify the touch screen by checking the Properties | Details and get the "Hardware Ids" then do a search online to see what the device is. In my case, the touch screen has the ID USB/VID_0EEF&PID_7302.
6. Once you know which is the touch screen, disable the driver and the touch screen should no longer work
Enable this device to make the touch screen work again.

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I have a client who wants to use a Portege Z20T but in a wall-mounted position (either fixed or flexible bracket / frame).
Has anyone had to deal with this situation and what have they used?
Or, what would anyone suggest (apart from not using a Portege Z20T)! :-)


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Last April I bought a Port?g? Z20T-C 13Q (PT16AE-02J03LCE) and a Stylus Pen (PA5133U-1EUC), with the intention of starting to use this device (as in the advertising itself of the product is announced) Other uses, take notes and draw schemes.

Unfortunately, I saw from the beginning that the Stylus Pen did not work. I thought the reason was that neither the Wacom drivers nor the TruNote program were installed. There was no major problem, because I downloaded those files from the support page for my Port?g?. After installing them, my computer still does not recognize the pressure of my fingers, let alone the presence of the Stylus (maybe because I have chosen the wrong stylus).

Please: What should I do? How do I get to use my computer as it is initially advertised on the website? What Stylus do I need?

Curiously, on an Amazon website we recommend this Stylus Pen as Toshiba Portege Z20T Stylus Pen, and for that reason I bought it from the Toshiba dealer along with the computer.

Thank you for answering my questions.

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Good morning, after using the Lenovo x61t for over 7 jears it is time to find a new one.

The z20t seems to be the only one which fits my needs:
* convertible
* track stick
* at least full HD display (and not a mirror one!)
* native(!) Ethernet

The only drawback is the little ssd (max. 256) and that is only HDMI 1,4, no 2.0 (CPU limitation) or Display Port to get [email protected]

Then I stumbled over a Z20t-B-10C-SE with a 500 GB SSD ! Is this real or a fake? It was listed yesterday with 16 GB RAM, today with only 8 GB RAM.

If I'm allowed to dream, I would add these ones to the z20T:
* the third mouse button to the trackstick for scrolling (this is something I use almost everytime))
* Perhaps putting 16 GB RAM to the notebook
* HDMI 2.0 or Displayport - this problem is solved itself via an upgrade to Skylake which provides HDMI 2.0
* Having PCe-Lanes (one would be enough) in the dock connector
The last one enables to have more keyboard variants:
* the one which is offered today
* one with a ExpressCard slot (additional card reader, more USB ports, TV cards, special internet connection cards, interface cards for data aquisition etc.)
* one with a ExpressCard slot & second SSD/HDD bay (e.g. for a "cheap & really big HDD")

Additional, a "small & tiny" one for people for which every gramm is important could be nice (no, I prefer the "standard" one which comes with the z20t a lot over the tiny ones which comes with many other tables)... Read more

Answer:Portege Z20t-B-10C-SE - hardware specification question

Your “dreams” sounds good

- The additional 3rd mouse button… well I never required such button on my touchpad… so for me such button would be useless…

- 16GB RAM… definitely big YES… but unfortunately this Portege Z20t-B-10C supports max 8GB RAM… this limitation appears due to the chipset/CPU

- Espress Card slot is could be a nice-to-have feature but I think this kind of interface is already more or less in decline…

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I've worked on many Toshiba portege z20t laptop/tablet and i always have the same issue: the screen feel slack on the hinge. If i put a little piece of paper on the hinge before connect screen it solve the problem but it's not a professionnal solution...

Anyone can help me please ?


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I own a Portege Z20T B-10C which is a rather nice machine, but has one annoying flaw: The screen gets scratched by virtually any contact. For example, I can't use the "emergency pen" for touch input or to write on the screen as it causes scratches. Also, the screen has already collected a series of scratches shaping the outline of the touchpad, i.e. supposedly produced when closing the laptop. Hence, you can't really use the laptop the way it should be used and I fear that a few months from now the screen will be filled with scratches.

While I'm waiting for my notebook shop to decide whether this is a warranty case or not, I wonder if anyone of you owns this model and has come across the same problem?


Answer:Portege Z20T: Screen becomes scratched by virtually anything

I have exactly the same problem. I've only been using the machine since July and already it's quite damages. Basically the screen rubs against the dock and I have the imprint in the outline of the touchpad. I'm concerned that they will soon damaging the images captured by the camera since the outline of the touch pad is right over the lens.

Toshiba is so far unwilling to repair this and I've included the response from my account rep below. Frankly, I was shocked since this is such an expensive computer and the cause of the problem seems so obvious. I was also disappointed that they didn't consider this thread when evaluating my case since it is the first result when one Googles 'portege scratched screen'.
Hello Eric,

I sent your email with the pictures of your laptop screen scratches. They replied back saying that the scratches are not due to a manufacture defect and there have not been another reports of other Z20t touchscreens getting scratches like this on the screen, so there is nothing they can do to replace it. Our Customer Service Manager will usually just make the call to replace it, if the laptop is with the first 90 days, which is 2 ? months past the normal return policy. He was not able to get the approval to replace it.

I am glad that you were able to get this laptop back up and running. Please keep that Business Technical Support number handy for any future needs, which I hope that you do not ever have to use it in the future. Please give me ... Read more

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I can't seem to fix this problem. The screen on my Port?g? Z20t-B2112 is just out of focus. It's enough to make you nauseous. Any ideas? I installed the windows 8.1pro.

Answer:Fuzzy screen on Portg Z20t-B2112

Have you set the right display resolution?

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I am interested to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue. Since upgrading Windows 10 to the latest Version 1511, Build 10586 released in November by Microsoft i am having strange issues with the Conexant HD Audio device.

The issue being when i am playing stereo music and i encounter a lower volume section of the music (i.e - strings etc) the sound switches from Stereo to Mono and when the volume of the track increases it again reverts to stereo. Sometimes it switched back and forth regularly which is irritating.

I have the latest DTS Studio Sound (1.2.41) for Windows 10 and the correct Conexant HD Audio driver from Toshiba ( and this is the exact same driver/software version i had prior to updating Windows 10 to the latest version so the issue has definately been caused by the update.

To get around the issue i have installed the generic High Defination Audio Device drivers from Microsoft and the issue no longer occurs but i obvisuly can no longer use DTS Studio Sound with these drivers.

I am hoping Toshiba will be releasing a new DTS Studio Sound and/or driver to correct this issue.

Thanks in advance


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I?ve got a Z20t-B-10C with a 256 GB SSD Samsung MZNTE256HMHP, which is a SATA M.2 2280 module.

I assume, I could replace this one by any other SATA M.2 2280 module, like the new SanDisk X400 1 TB (also named SD8SB8U-1T00-1122 or SD8UB8U-1T00-1122, don?t know the difference yet).

Does anyone know, where I could also replace it by a PCIe M.2 2280 module (also called NVMe), like the Samsung SSD SM951-NVMe 512 GB M.2 (MZVPV512HDGL) or the Plextor M6e 512 GB M.2 (PX-G512M6E)? Do I have to look for the M.2 ?B? and/or ?M? key?

Answer:Portege Z20t SSD upgrade – SATA M.2 only?

I dont think the notebook supports PCIe, you should get a SATA drive to ensure compatibility.

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Hi ,
I have bought new toshiba portege z20t that came with pre-installed windows 8.1 pro downgraded to windows 7 pro , inorder to get windows 8.1 pro againe toshiba company has accompanied 3 DVD recovery media for windows 8.1 with laptop and its written in instructions to switch from windwos 7 to 8.1 I have to enter bios change it from CSM mode to UEFI mode I made this and I put the first DVD in my External dvd and chose F12 then boot from ODD what happened is that Toshiba logo came in screen loading for long time with no further continue to enter /windows 8.1 installing option . I don't know how can I setup the windows

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When I turn the display off, the touchscreen and digitizer are still enabled, so, if I touch the screen, the display comes back on. Any way to solve this?

Also, not sure if related, if I turn the screen off and leave it overnight, the battery drops by 25-30% in about 8 hours. Same thing happens when I leave the screen turned off for a short period of time, the battery just doesn't last. Not sure if its because the touchscreen and digitizer are still on.

P.S. Running on upgraded Windows 10 64bit.

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I have a Toshiba Portege Z20T-C. I purchased it 6 months ago. After 3 months it developed a white ghost spot on the screen (approx 1cm across) which I now understand to be a pressure mark.

I don't actually use the touch screen of the laptop so I was surprised about this.

I wondered if any other Z20T owners have had this problem. Since I don't use the touch screen I wondered if it was a common fault with this model.

I did send the laptop back to be looked at under Toshiba's repair and warranty, but was told it wasn't covered and it'd cost me ?528 to repair.

I paid this. It took 3 months to get the machine back and the new screen has a similar pressure mark, just on a different part of the screen. Plus I have a lot of nice scratches all over my (was as new) laptop.
I suspect the pressure mark was caused by the engineer whilst reassembling the machine and pressing on the screen.

The Toshiba repair company say I can send it back to be re-assessed. They won't guarantee to fix it under their 90 day warranty - only to assess it.

I certainly won't spend another ?528 and wait another 3 months.
So, I've had a very expensive laptop for 3 months that's now pretty useless.
I can't say I'm having the best experience as a Toshiba customer.

Does anyone have any advice?

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Recently We order some model "TOSHIBA Z20T-C".Our company policy have to enable Windows bitlocker function.
I have a problem. I can't input bitlocker pin on screen keyboard when I power on the tablet or normal model .
Model "Z20T-B" is no problem.

PS:Portege Z20t-C
P/N : PT16BT-01T04Y
BIOS Version : 5.50
EC Version : 1.30
OS:Win10 or Win8.1

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Hi, I got an S230u Twist last autumn and have been really happy with it. At the time, I ordered a set of replacement rubber TrackPoint caps. When I replaced the original cap the other day, I realised that the replacement ones are about 0.5mm shorter than the original one, with the result that the H and G keys get caught on the edge of the cap; you have to hit them quite hard to get them to work. I compared all the new caps from the packet against the original one, and sure enough; they're all a little too short. They fit, but it's annoying to have to go back and make sure all my ""G"s and "H"s typed correctly.  Has anyone else had the same problem? Lenovo, could this just have been a bad batch, and if so can I return the unused ones for a replacement set that is the correct height? 

Answer:S230u - replacement trackpoint TrackPoint caps are too short

If you bought them from Lenovo I'd just try and return them. If not dispute on eBay/PayPal/Credit Card. But never use poor quality TrackPoint Caps. Remember if a computer is running efficiently so is the person behind it generally. 

ThinkPad Twist S230U-OS-Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bitCPU-Intel Core i7 3517U @ 1.90GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm TechnologyRAM-8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)Motherboard-LENOVO 3347CTO (CPU Socket - U3E1)Graphics-Wide viewing angle & High density FlexView Display 1366x768 ([email protected]) Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Lenovo)Storage-298GB Seagate ST320LT007-9ZV142 (SATA) 22GB SanDisk SSD U100 24GB (SSD) 29GB SDHC Card (SCSI)Audio-Realtek High Definition Audio

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The current driver in my computer is:-
Device Manager>Display Adapters>Intel(R) HD Graphics 5300>Driver>
Version= 18-11-2015 Intel Corporation.

On the Toshiba web site,
Intel Display Driver Driver Windows 10 64-bit 179.7 MB

And on the Intel Web site, Driver is 28-JAN-2016

Now how is the Intel driver at 28-JAN-2016 version 15 and the one in the computer at version 20 but dated NOV-2015 and the toshiba web site says version 10 and says that is still current?

And all of this is because Firefox does not restore properly and also the computer does not wake up when I open the lid.

Answer:Portege Z20t - Win10 graphic card driver version

I am using Portege z20t with Dynadock 4k and external monitor. The Intel 5300 driver cannot see second display and is clearly not working properly. Will this be fixed? Can I update it to latest version of driver from Intel?

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We have bought a Portege Z20t-C-121 to test it as a replacement for some of our senior management. I re-built it with Windows 10 Enterprise and installed all the latest Drivers from the Toshiba Website. The Intel Wi-Fi Driver did not work correctly so I downloaded and installed it from the Intel website.

The only thing I can't get to function seems to be the auto screen rotation; when I un-dock the screen to use it as a tablet Windows detects this and switches to tablet mode but, however I turn the screen it remains in the same landscape orientation that it was in when it was docked.

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
OS Version: 10.0.10586 N/A Build 10586

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get this feature to work please?

Answer:Portege Z20t-C-121 screen does not auto rotate in tablet mode

Did you install Win8 or Win10 drivers?

Did you install the Toshiba System Driver and Toshiba System Settings?

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in the instructions:

Changing the screen orientation
When operating the computer in tablet mode, you can change the screen orientation by roting the computer sideways. The screen orientation automatically changes according to the rotation angle detected.

But it does not go!
The operating system is windows 10.

What can i do?

Answer:Portege Z20T: Windows 10 - Changing screen orientation don't work

This response from Toshiba is an outrage.
Es tut mir sehr leid, dass Sie eine negative Erfahrung mit Ihrem Toshiba Ger?t machen mussten.

Aufgrund der Themen-Komplexit?t und m?glicher notwendiger R?ckfragen k?nnen Anfragen zur Konfiguration und Installation von Software (Treiber, Betriebssystem etc.) nicht immer vollst?ndig per E-Mail beantwortet werden. Wir bitten daher um Verst?ndnis.

Nutzen Sie hierzu bitte unsere umfangreichen Online Supportangebote <> oder wenden Sie an unsere Experten unter 0900-18674422 (1,56 Euro/Minute).

Sollten Sie noch Fragen haben, z?gern Sie bitte nicht, erneut mit uns Kontakt aufzunehmen. Sie erreichen uns Montag bis Freitag von 8.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr unter der Telefonnummer (0 21 31) 52 40 40 00

Mit freundlichen Gr??en,

i.A. IME Service
Who can help, when the Support dont help?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????

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i tried to install a toshiba Z20t-c-11g

OS: Windows 10 LTSB
Driver: complete

I tried to install the new BIOS from the drivers page on
That BIOS sadly does not work ...? Why?

Anyway... the problem i had and i wanted to have fixed is:

Bitlocker encrypted my whole drive.
it starts correctly and displays the keyboard.
GPO: Keyboard Slates (or something like that) is activated.
BUT: Touchscreen does not work. That means.. i can see the keyboard but it does not work.
thats why i wanted to update my bios but it says it is not working on my computer... well thats frustrating...
why offer the bios update when it does not work at all... or is it some sort of windows 7 only? cant imagine that tbh.

i guess the only problem is the bios but i could be wrong (z20t-b works on same settings for example)

Any help would be pretty nice. Thanks ..

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on a Z20t-B-10C with one minor modification (upgraded to a 500GB Samsung SSD, dropped recovery partition, but not the EFI partition), I have the following issue:
When the BestCrpyt Pre-boot screen shows up, I cannot directly enter the passphrase, but have to 1) hit at least one key 2) wait for approx. 10 sec. 3) delete the entered key(s) and then 4) enter the passphrase.
Thought it may have to do with a delayed interaction between tablet and keyboard dock, but a USB keyboard directly connected to the tablet, not the dock, shows the same behaviour. Trying different things in the Bios (switching to UEFI legacy, etc.), with no effect. This phenomenon is, according to their support, not known to the BestCrypt people. Operation system is Windows 10 64bit, all drivers and bios are recent.
Has anybody else observed this behaviour? Or experience with other full disk encryption which are compatible with a UEFI bios?
Thank you in advance,
Kind regards,

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HI, I have a Portege z20t - the letter "A" key has come off and I am wondering if anyone knows the trick to getting it to stay back on. I am still under warranty but it is such a long process to get it fixed ( return it to Telstra who send it off etc) that I am wondering if its an easy fix? thanks

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After just a few months of usage, my W510's TrackPoint cap came loose. I ordered a three-part TrackPoint cap collection on eBay. Alas, the caps don't fit.
No surprise if you look at this photo of a non-W-series keyboard with the cap removed. The TrackPoint post in my W-series ThinkPad is yellow rather than black and significantly smaller:
Link to picture
Also, the W-series is prominently absent from the list of supported models in Lenovo's specs of the replacement caps.
Anyone know if replacement caps for the W-series are available?
Also, how would I attach the cap? Just pushing it back didn't really do it for my original cap, it kept coming loose.
Moderator note; picture(s) totalling >50K converted to link(s) Forum Rules

Answer:Replacement TrackPoint cap?

some of the cap collection on ebay is fake. The W510 uses the same keyboard as mine T400s, and the real Lenovo trackpoint from T60 fits the T400s keyboard perfectly.

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I was testing out the other trackpoints that came with my T400 the other day, and when I took one of them off, the black piece that fits the track point cap onto the little nub in keyboard came with it. When I tried to pry it loose it went flying off, bounced twice, and like all small, critical pieces do when they hit the floor, disappeared. I haven't been able to find it, and without it the caps won't fit. I've looked around but it seems nobody offers a replacement. They just have the caps. Apparently I can't even contact customer support to ask if they have a replacement, since my laptop isn't in warranty, so I'm asking here instead.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Replacement trackpoint part?

Hi and welcome to the forum!

If I'm not wrong, that's part of the keyboard and it doesn't come loose unless it's broken. You'll need to replace the entire keyboard if you want to use the trackpoint again, sorry! 

I had an old IBM keyboard with broken trackpoint holder, wasn't able to fix it.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espaol Visit my YouTube Channel

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I have had my keyboard replaced twice on my x240. Both of the new keyboards had/have a different trackpoint from the original keyboard. It is set much lower between the surrounding keys, but more serious is my problem with the movements: I have to use much more strength to move the cursor around and sometimes (= several times per hour) it is like a bow: If I lift my tired finger from the trackpoint the cursor moves across the screen in the opposite direction like an arrow.The keyboard is definitely not the same as the original one, as the original red rubber knob doesn't fit on the new keyboard.Am i the one onewith this annoying problem?/Peter

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Greetings,  I need replacement trackpoint caps for my X200. I like the Soft Dome type. I checked on Lenovo Quickpick: It says I have two options:  73P2698 - ThinkPad TrackPoint Cap Collection0A33908 - ThinkPad Low Profile TrackPoint Caps (10 pack, Soft Dome)Option 2 sounds ideal for me, but it says "Low Profile", and I am not convinced they are compatible with the X200. I read here: "For older models, you can get a pack of six TrackPoint caps (2x Soft Dome, 2x Classic Dome, 2x Soft Rim), search for FRU 73P2698. For the Haswell and the upcoming Broadwell machines, you can get a pack of 10 caps (all low profile Soft Dome), search for 0A33908." Again, sounds like Low Profile trackpoints are not for the older models. Is Lenovo Quickpick wrong? 

Answer:X200 Replacement Trackpoint Caps

Gentle bump.My trackpoint is running on fumes, which ones do I need?

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In a rushed situation, when removing the laptop keyboard to clean, I pulled off the middle button above the trackpad, in doing so breaking it. My question is simple. Is it possible to buy a replacement of just that button or would I need to buy a new keyboard/get it serviced.


Go to Solution.

Answer:E320 trackpoint scroll button broken. Is it at all possible to get a replacement?

how did you break the trackpoint button? There is a piece you can break off under the red cap, which you can put back.Lenovo don't sell the scroll button separately (unless you are talking about the red cap).

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I am trying to reinstall the original harddisk that my Toshiba Portege M400 146 came with, but the recovery program will not accept that there is a working harddisk in the computer.

I know the harddisk is working as i have used in other computers for experimenting with Windows 7 etc, and in the Toshiba computer windows 7 (still on the harddisk) will also start to boot, but them crash.

The error message is that there is no working harddisk and the following text can be found in 2 command windows both with the title:


*Error screen 1:*

Checking MBR partition type
NOT FOUND: ID of partition 4 is 0x00 not 0x88
Checking for TMBR
No TMBR found!

Microsoft DiskPart version 5.2.3790.1830
Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: MININT-JUC

Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

The disk management services could not complete the operation.
Specified drive does not exist.
ERROR: Reco-unpacking of E:\04386R01.TPA failed!
Press any key to continue . . .

Error screen 2:

Handle RAID configuration ...
# Mode GET1 F
# Flags 0x00 0x00 0x00
# Flag1 is 0x00 not 'F'!
Get current RAID state ...
RAID Level = RAID Ready
Status :Optimal
Get number of drives ...

I have also tried with other harddisks and the same problem persists.

Have anybody seen the same problem and found a solution?

Berst regards

Answer:Portege M400 - No HDD found during Recovery "no TMBR found"


Possibly the partitions which appears on the HDD are corrupt.
I could not install the OS on my notebook because the partitions were muddled up? I don?t know why but I couldn?t format the HDD using the recovery disk.

Finally I took the Windows XP disk and formatted the whole HDD and removed all partitions from the HDD. Then I have installed the Windows XP using Microsoft disk.
After that I took the recovery disk and installed the OS again using the Toshiba disk.
Then it was possible to reinstall the OS.

Note; The M400 seems to supports the RAID and therefore you will need to install the RAID driver firstly!

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For weeks now I have been downloading and redowloading, running end re running the spyware, virus, and trojan tools with no success! I tried everything and nothing worked. All the suggestions here and elsewhere for solving the problems were not helping and I was ready to throw in the towel and buy a new pc. Then I read that certain spyware may cause the automatic download and installation of Service Pack 2 installation to stall. I went to the Sp2 download page for profesional users and manually downloaded the service pack 2 (which took most of last night with all the problems my pc has been having,) and have finally successfully corrected all that was wrong!!! I have now re-booted repeately with no more of the same problems resurfacing on re-boot! Iv'e successfully installed and run all the Major Geeks recomended protections against spyware, adware, virus, and trojan, and my PC is again running like new - or actually even better than when new!!!!!

My sound is even back... something I thought I had permanently deleted in all my futil attempts to fix my pc, so I can again play music, voice chat, record CD's...! Files and web pages now open as fast as lightning, instead of taking 5 minutes each or freezing and having to restart, my mouse and scrolling again work perfectly, I can open more than one window or file at a time, I was able to successfully run avg, spybot, and all the other utilities without them freezing in the middle, and booting is no longer and hour... Read more

Answer:I Finally Found the Sollution!!!

Glad you got everything working!!

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I have finally found my key for Windows 7 but I have lost my CD. This got me thinking...Can I download a Windows 7 ISO so I can burn or is that illegal?

Answer:Finally found my key again...but lost my CD

What makes the Win7 installation "legal" is having a legit purchased key.

The risk with downloading an ISO from the internet is that it can be infected or edited. However you can check both by right click scanning the extracted ISO with a good AV and Spybot.

You can also check the ISO HASH checksum against the official HASH to know it is intact and not corrupted: Windows 7 RTM SHA-1 hash / checksums
HashTab... is the coolest thing ever!

You might want to also take a look at MS latest effort to make good on problems with the Student downloads only being in 32 bit: Microsoft Fixes Windows 7 Student Edition Upgrade Problems - Windows 7 student edition - Gizmodo

The best way is to borrow a friend's copy, extract the files to your desktop to delete ei.cfg from Sources folder, then recreate an ISO to burn to DVD an all-versions installer: Bootable ISO - Create from Installation Files

Hope this helps.

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Hey guys i was snooping around and found this nifty little contraption. It looks like quite a deal. Just showing fyi and wondering if anyone can suggest this to me. It looks like a great computer with some good graphics (finally!)

Here's the link:

Thx to all who reply!

Answer:Finally Found a New Laptop: What Do You Think?

it's a decent laptop for a 700$ laptop.
i suggest upgrade ram after getting it though, as ram getting cheaper.

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Hopefully if your still dealing with this i can help...a couple of years ago i bought my wife a brand new acer aspire v5 122p.. I was happy to buy her what i thought was an awesome comp. for the price... I was wrong. Since the day she powered it on the cpu would maxed out and the system would lag super bad... Anyways here we are several years later and i think i finally fixed it.. Go to device manager then display adapters. Hopefully yours is the same but under display adapters mine said it was radeon something something. Double Click , select update driver, then browse computer for driver software. It will find a few drivers. In these results will say Microsoft basic display adapter. Choose this and let the computer do its thing. After its installed everything will be back to normal. Im really not sure what the display adapters actually do but i cannot tell a difference in appearance or anything but my computer cpu is at 14% as im typing lol. It constantly goes up and down from lets say 14% and will jump to 95% for a second then goes right back down but not enough to slow the system down... I can actually navigate from page to page with very little lag and can actually open chrome and watch YouTube!! Like i said hopefully your problem is the same and this will help you out. Ive searched and searched online and have tried everything but nothing made a difference... By the way i did update this computer from windows 8 to windows 10 awhile back and still running windows 10 so i... Read more

Answer:Cpu maxxing out finally found a fix that ACTUALLY ...

Thanks for posting your solution

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After weeks of problems from something diabling my services I finally installed the full version of AVG AntiVirus and Firewall. Prior to that I had tried Symantec Endpoint, SpywareDoctor, Stopzilla (which usually finds any bad stuff), Malwarebytes, and Avast free version. None of these found any viruses that might have caused the problem.

This morning AVG found Win32/Heur, which is a dangerous self-replicating trojan that can do a lot of damage. It was too big a file to put in their vault or to delete because it was in a DVD freeware program that I had downloaded a couple of years ago and never installed. Also AVG couldn't clean it. I found the program and deleted it. When I ran a scan of the same Recycle area where the virus had been found, it was now clean.

My question is, could this have been the Trojan that has been disabling my services?


Answer:Finally found viruses

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Whew! lots of false starts!

If I disable the Security Center automatic Updating, then my computer works fine!

Does anyone know why Security Center automatic Updating causes Vistax64 Business SP2, ?

there must be some software setting in the registry which is causing issues, or something along those lines.. . .

any one encountered similar issue and have a solution?



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I have always, since going to a GB of memory years ago, ran without a pagefile. I've never had a problem, because I don't use Photoshop. However, last night (system in my sig) I got an "Out of Virtual memory" error after about 5 autosaves in Half Life 2. I've never had a problem, even with Doom3 and BF1942. So, I created a static 500 MB pagefile, and the game runs great now. I notice apps like Outlook and Word don't open as snappy, but it's hardly a difference worth complaining about.

Anyone else notice this?

Answer:Finally found the app that made me re-enabled a pagefile.

djnes said:

I have always, since going to a GB of memory years ago, ran without a pagefile. I've never had a problem, because I don't use Photoshop. However, last night (system in my sig) I got an "Out of Virtual memory" error after about 5 autosaves in Half Life 2. I've never had a problem, even with Doom3 and BF1942. So, I created a static 500 MB pagefile, and the game runs great now. I notice apps like Outlook and Word don't open as snappy, but it's hardly a difference worth complaining about.

Anyone else notice this?Click to expand...


edit: damn it to hell. Your asking that question?
*popcorn, beer, lawnchair*
Maybe I'll sit this out for the first page or so.

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I started noticing problems a few days ago when my computer shut down all on its own.  I was probably on Facebook or something.  Since then, Avast has been going nuts with alerts every few seconds.  I scanned with Avast, Malwarebytes, and Adwcleaner and all found nothing.  Finally did a boot scan last night with Avast and it found Win32:Zbot-PX.  Deleted it.  Today, computer would hang up when starting.  Did a restore to a point before I noticed any problems, and it is at least working now.  But I have read that this particular bug is a really bad one, and I need to know how to get rid of it completely.  Any help is very much appreciated.
Here is my FARBAR log:
Additional scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 18-06-2014
Ran by Sissy at 2014-06-18 15:54:33
Running from C:\Users\Sissy\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\YBJYKLAW
Boot Mode: Normal
==================== Security Center ========================
AV: avast! Antivirus (Enabled - Out of date) {2B2D1395-420B-D5C9-657E-930FE358FC3C}
AS: avast! Antivirus (Enabled - Out of date) {904CF271-6431-DA47-5FCE-A87D98DFB681}
AS: Windows Defender (Enabled - Out of date) {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
==================== Installed Programs ======================
64 Bit HP CIO Components Installer (Version: 7.2.8 - Hewlett-Packard) Hidden
Adobe AIR (HKLM... Read more

Answer:Avast finally found Win32:Zbot-PX, not sure how to get rid of it

Greetings and to BleepingComputer,
My name is xXToffeeXx, but feel free to call me Toffee if it is easier for you. I will be helping you with your malware problems.
A few points to cover before we start:
Do not run any tools without being instructed to as this makes my job much harder in trying to figure out what you have done.
Make sure to read my instructions fully before attempting a step.
If you have problems or questions with any of the steps, feel free to ask me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.
Please follow the topic by clicking on the "Follow this topic" button, and make sure a tick is in the "receive notifications" and is set to "Instantly". Any replies should be made in this topic by clicking the "Reply to this topic" button.
Important information in my posts will often be in bold, make sure to take note of these.
I will attempt to reply as soon as possible, and normally within 24 hours of your reply. If this is not possible or I have a delay then I will let you know.
I will bump a topic after 3 days of no activity, and then will give you another 2 days to reply before a topic is closed. If you need more time than this please let me know.
Lets get going now
Hi Ravyn317,
I must give you this warning:
Looking through your logs, one or more of your infections has been identified as a Backdoor Trojan. These threats have backdoor functionality which allows hackers to remotely control your computer... Read more

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Hey, Just in case anyone else is having this problem, It took me a while, but I finally figured out how they redirected on my computer, It was fairly simple, Im not quite sure why when I did a text search on my hard drive the first time it didnt pick it up. Anyways Today I installed this program called silencer, which blocks all kinds of Ip adresses, and it brought my attention to this file in the windows directory called host
I looked in there and right at the first line it said

So I deleted it problem solved. Sheesh after all this time I cant believe it was so simple, Anyways if anyone ever has trouble with something redirecting your adresses and you know its not right, just check a file in your windows directory called host, edit it with notepad or word pad. It might be empty or not exist. But who knows, take a look at it, you might be suprised whats in there.
Heres something neat I noticed that the silencer program does, you can do it yourself I imagine though.

If you ever want to disable some Ip adress, such as You can do it easily by placing this line in your host file in the windows directory

This works for any site you want to put in there, It redirects the domain to your local IP which disables alot of ads , I dont know if it protects your ports, but I noticed a heck of alot less ads on the internet because of this. The silencer program at d... Read more

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Permissions Time Machine. AMYD Projects: Permissions Time Machine v1.4 Install, tell your antivirus it is NOT malware and move the executable out of the virus chest (I'm beginning to dislike Avast) then Run as an administrator. Choose the drive you're having file access issues with then click the Default button and wait until you get the Successfully popup. It works! It works where every other action that's supposed to do a mass fix on permissions fails. The only other thing I'd found to work is Windows 7 Tweaker that added a right click option to Take Ownership - but it could only do One. File. At. A. Time. So after several days of fighting with Windows over access to MY files from the previous XP install, it only took a few minutes for Permissions Time Machine to set things right. It also has functions for fixing WMI permissions, Registry permissions and some other things.

Answer:Finally found a permissions fixing tool that actually works.

This works right clicking a folder. Just don't right click on C: or the Windows folder. Worked fine for me right clicking on Program Files and Program Files (x86)

Take Ownership Shortcut

Edit: Thanks for sharing the utility you found.

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Very long story short removing the following line from the web.config on the ClientWebService and ReportingWebService fixed all my WSUS problems.
          <remove name="Documentation"/>


Changing "remove" to "add" [name] works too, but might as well just remove it and let IIS do its thing.
Tags: WSUS HTTP 500 error [request format unrecognized] ClientWebService ReportingWebService error fail WSUS 6.3 Server 2012 R2

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HI folks,

Can someone point me towards a replcacement HDD for the R400? The ones listed on are horrendously overpriced, of course, so I'm looking for a standard 1.8" drive that will fit this model.
I notice the present HDD has a female connector while most HDDs appear to have a male one (I say "appear to" because nobody actually seems to have actual pictures of their drives for me to find out!)



Answer:HDD replacement on Portege R400

According notebook specification your notebook has 80 GB 1.8-inch PATA HDD.

To be honest I don't know what do you mean with ?standard HDD?. The fact is you must use compatible HDD for this notebook model. According notebook specification you can use MK8007GAH HDD. In my opinion you should replace HD with the same model. So you can be sure everything will be OK. I also believe 80 GB capacity is enough.

I found nice pictures for you:
Here is the HDD picture
Here you can see connectors

At the end I must say that HDD replacement seems to be easy but these 1,8? HDDs are more sensitive and pressure on the wrong place can damage the HDD and data can be lost.

Do you really want to replace it alone?

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I spilled water on the keyboard of my Portege Z30-A-10W (it's backlit) and some of the keys don't work. Where can a replacement keyboard (backlit with UK layout) be bought online?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Portege Z30 - where to get replacement keyboard?

In my opinion the question is: who should exchange the keyboard?
Best option for you is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can order original keyboard for your machine and exchange it for you.

If you want to do this alone it can be risky, small mistake and you can damage something. Anyway, every keyboard at the back side has part number that can help you to find it Goolging around.

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Hello Forum,

the fan of my Portege R200 (R205?) doesn't run anymore. i searched for a spare-part at ebay and found out,
that such a fan only costs between 12,- and 25,- euros.

... that's cool but how do i find out, wich type i need?

now we want to replace the fan:
... and ask myself following questions:

1. what do i have to disconnect (power) before changing the fan?
2. do I have to remove the whole cover and disk, like described in 4.9 before i could change the fan?

best regards

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Answer:Fan replacement on Portege R200/205

How to find right part? I don't know man. Either you will contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. They can check Toshiba database and give you exact part number or you must disassemble whole notebook and check if fan has some sticker with part number.

Please disassemble your notebook just if you know what you are doing. Before you start to do this disconnect AC adapter and remove the battery.
From my experience for fan replacement the whole notebook must be disassembled. Fan has small connector to the mainboard for power supply and it must be disconnected from the mainboard.

Be careful with all this. Notebook design is very sensible and small mistake can result with broken parts like cover or small plastic holders.

Please think twice before you start to remove screws. :)

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I just ordered an R700 and am hoping to upgrade the 320GB HDD to an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD.
How easy is it to replace the hard drive in the R700? Will I need to remove the keyboard is there a panel on the back?
What size hard drive will I need - 2.5" or 1.8"?
Will an SSD simply plug in using the existing connections, or is something else required?


Answer:HDD replacement on Portege R700

According notebook specification Portege R700 has 2,5? HDD and it is HDD with SATA interface so I think you should order 2,5? SSD with standard SATA connectors.

HDD is placed at the bottom side near the cooling vent and it is fixed with one screw only.

Remove the screw and HDD cover. You will see how the HDD is placed and how it must be removed.
It is very simply and you can do this alone.

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I have a Portege M200 with a 40G hard drive. I'm running out of space now.
Does anyone know the maximum capacity drive compatible with this machine?

I was thinking of Seagate Momentus 320G.
Could anyone please advise me?

Answer:HDD replacement on Portege M200


I have read here in the forum about the HDD upgrade on Portege M200 and the guy has upgraded the HDD to 160GB.
Therefore I would assume that you could upgrade the HDD to 320GB as well.

You would need a 2.5? IDE HDD and it?s no matter what speed the HDD would support.


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Hi Everyone

I purchased a used Portege M200 and replaced the 40 Gb hard drive with a 160 Gb.

After about a week and a half of searching, I succeded in getting almost everything back up and running.

Answer:Portege M200 - HDD replacement


Do you have some question about your Portege?

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i have a Portege R400-106, which no longer has a hard drive - so can't just get the number off the old one :-(
i'm trying to work out which hard drive i can put in it,
i can see that hard drive space in the laptop has IDE prongs. It is possible that this is PATA type, but my research so far suggests that when drives say they are IDE, i should be OK (please tell me if i have this wrong!)
i believe it is a 2.5" drive i'm looking for and the original drive would have been 80GB, which is about what i think i need.
I think i may be wanting an MK8025GAS ???

i found one at:
but the cost is pretty prohibative as i live in the UK and the shipping is loads.

I can't seem to find anywhere that can tell me which drive is suitable
cheers in advance for any ideas :-)

Answer:HDD replacement in Portege R400-106


I found info that original HDD is 1.8-inch PATA HDD with 80GB capacity and you can use TOSHIBA MK8007GAH.

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My portege has started freezing after about 10-15mins of use and the internal fan doesn't seem to be kicking in any more.

I am assuming it's the fan that is causing the problem as the screen stays the same (i.e probably not graphics problem) and there are no odd blue screens or errors and CTRL ALT DEL does nothing..

I've had the laptop apart and checked for dust and the fan connection and it all seems ok.

Is it possible to pickup a fan assembly on it's own, or does it come attached to the heatpipe (it's back together now and can't remember what it looks like!)

Do the entire 3400 series use the same fan assembly?

Apologies for all the questions but i really need my little laptop working again

Many thanks :)

Answer:Portege 3490CT - Fan replacement

Well it's totally stripped down again....any suggestions other than running a low voltage through the fan to test it?

I can't take it off easily as the thermal compund on the processor is pretty thick rather and i'd rather not upset it at the moment.

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Recently I found a COOL chrome extension, which can save web files directly to Google Drive and Dropbox. It?s called Ballloon. I spotted it when I find some tools which can improve my working efficiency.
I?m tired of those downloading steps before I keep some online files to cloud. Ballloon exactly solved the problem. I just need right click the file and choose the destination cloud, all works are done.
It is worth mentioning that the awesome experience of saving images. It only need ONE click when save images to could. I compared it with other similar extensions, this ?one-click? function is pretty distinctive. If there are a bunch of pictures need to be saved in a short time, it will be really convenient.
And Balloon is incredibly fast! Especially when I am fed up with the slow download speed.

If you use Dropbox or Google Drive as well, I think it will be every useful to you. c:

Answer:Finally I found my Dropbox a good partner…Do you use some tools for cloud?

Supports Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and OneDrive.

Currently in beta.

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Hello everyone,

I changed the SSD on my Port?g? Z30-A-12V and now I can not install windows.

In boot, i press F12, choose "USB" and then always gives a message:
"Insert system disk in drive.
Press any key when ready....

The boot USB it's working well (test on other PC).
The SSD is ok.
I teste in the 3 USB port.

Anyone can help me?


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can anyone tell me what the size of the connector should be on the Portege A600-120 keyboard?

My keyboard failed last week and I ordered a new one which was supposed to be compatible with A600 but the connector was too wide.

Mine is a flat ribbon termination 15mm wide.

Keyboard serial number is G8C000903EN but a Google serach shows that is the keyboard for the R500....


Answer:Keyboard replacement for Portege A600-120

>can anyone tell me what the size of the connector should be on the Portege A600-120 keyboard?
Unfortunately I cannot help you with this info but at the bottom side of the keyboard you will find label with exact part number.

Strange thing is that using Google and G8C000903EN I cannot find anything.

Can you please check this part number one more time?

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Dear All,

I have a Portege M300 which i bought around 3 or 4 years ago and i am very happy with and with no problems. The laptop originally came with a 60GB and i wanted to upgrade it to one with a larger capacity, one of 160GB! My laptop has around 1.2Gb Ram and runs on windows XP SP3.

I recently bought a Samsung HD-160 (160GB) which should be compatible with my laptop. After installing it from scratch and used it for about 2 weeks, the computer suddenly stopped. The HDD stopped spinning and an ERROR#0 came up every time i tried to restart. There was NO WAY the HDD would spin again so i contacted Samsung and they replaced it. The HDD did have a slight smell of component burning, but very slight.
I replaced the malfunctioned HDD with a 2nd replacement and to my disbelief, the SAME THING happened again just after 3 hours of use!!! I contacted Samsung and once again they will be sending me a replacement, with the same type of harddisk. I have tried to get some explanation from both Toshiba and Samsung for why this is happening but so far i have no explanation.
Without hesitation i put back my original 60GB Toshiba drive that luckily still had my documents and the laptop is happy again touch wood.

What am i doing wrong? can some one help me please get to the bottom of this so i don't suffer the same problem with my 3rd replacement? I wish to have a bigger harddrive on my laptop and i believe all of them should be compatible. I did buy one that should be compatible wi... Read more

Answer:Portege M300 - HDD replacement failed

Portege M300 is pretty old notebook and maybe you should be careful with these upgrades.
According notebook specification your notebook can handle with 100GB HDDs but I am pretty sure you can use 120GB as well.

So maybe you should try to upgrade HDD with 120 GB HDD to see if everything will be OK. I also believe 120 GB is enough and you will have enough free space for data saving.
What do you think about it?

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I wish to upgrade my Portege 7200 with the standard 12Gb HDD to a 60Gb, my queries are:-
1. Will I have to update the BIOS?
2. Will a standard notebook 2.5inch 9.5mm HDD drive fit (e.g. 60GB 2.5" IBM/Hitachi Travelstar 7K60 ATA100, 7200rpm, 8MB)
3. Are any special caddies or cable required.
4. Does anyone have any instructions or is it straight forward.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Portege 7200 - HDD Replacement/Upgrade


about your first question:
BIOS update is helpfull, but I don't know how much GB the newest BIOS for P7200 can handle! You have to try and test!
2. Normally a 2.5 inch HDD would fit. I don't know which size the old one has, but you can compare it with the ew oe!
3. no
4. Normally HDD changing is not difficult. The problem is "Does the BIOS detect the new HDD and the right size". But there only experiences would help you!

Bye Bob

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I need a replacement keyboard for my Portege R600. I need a US-international keyboard.

Can you please tell me where I can buy that? Google gave me links for R500 but not for R600. Also the part number would help, for R500 it's P000488460, but for R600 I haven't found it yet.


Answer:Portege R600 - replacement keyboard


You can buy a keyboard and other parts by an ASP (authorized service provider). Here you can search: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP

I don?t have a part number because it?s a user to user forum. Part numbers only have ASPs.


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Dear All,

My Z830-10f (an Italian model - core i5 doesn't power on anymore and is giving a 72h code (PPV voltage is not more than 0.68V when the computer is booting up).

After a bit of googling I've understood that the motherboard has a serious problem and should be replaced.

On ebay I've found an used mb from USA but it comes from another model Z830 Intel Core? i7-2677M @1.80GHz. Aesthetically the motherboards appear identical, thus I'm wondering if they can be compatible.

I know that I should find the exact spare part, but it's really a jungle and probably all the differences are related to the different codes used worldwide.

Any suggestion is really appreciated!!!
Thanks a lot in advance!


Answer:Portege Z830 - motherboard replacement


From my point of few the new motherboard from another Z830 would be compatible.
The motherboard has exactly the same dimensions but supports just another CPU.

I guess the BIOS would be already available on this new motherboard and the new other i7 CPU supports internal GPU unit (Intel HD Graphics 3000).
Therefore you should not get any problem with the graphic card as well as other parts like RAM or HDD...

I think you should get a shot and go with this mobo.

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I am looking to purchase a new replacement screen for my Toshiba Portege - here in Australia they can cost way over $500 and in the US $100 range. Unfortunately no one seems to have them in stock and wonder if any poster may know of where I can buy one as a good price.. My Toshiba was only 1 year old when the screen died and Toshiba refuses to honor the guarantee because they state I caused the damage - well it was sitting on my desk whilst I having breakfast and when I returned to the desk and moved the mouse there was nothing on the screen except black and white solid forms. :cry
Full details of the screen are

1. LT121DEVBK00.
2. ADLR8I103081
3. G33C00052110

Numbers on back of computer
Model no. PPA60A-01H00G
ACN: 001320421

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Replacement screen for Toshiba Portege

There is always sites like Ebay that you could try.

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Problem: On my laptop Portege R100 the RTC battery needs to be replaced (laptop loses system date and time when starting up after having automatically done a shutdown when batteries were going empty).

Question: I am trying to figure out if this RTC battery is easily replacable ie can I order it at my dealer and can their technician quickly/easily replace the battery or is this battery soldered onto the motherboard and does the replacement therefore have to be done by Toshiba technicians meaning my portable will be gone for a couple of weeks?

Thanks a lot for any input.

Answer:Portege R100: RTC battery replacement


As far as I know the RTC battery is not soldered on the motherboard but only connected with the cable. To remove the CMOS battery you have to disconnect the RTC battery cable from PJ8760 on the system board and remove the RTC battery from the RTC battery slot.

That?s all. But if you have no experience in such things you shouldn?t replace it yourself. The safely option is to contact the Toshiba service partner to replace the battery. There you can also order the compatible one

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I have Portege R500 and i've manage to crack the screen.
Part number is LTD121EWEK. Do i need to replace it with the same one or are they some compatible screens which will fit?


Answer:Screen replacement on Portege R500

It is always best option to use the same parts. So you will be sure everything will be OK.
Question about other compatible screens is interesting but I don?t think anyone here can give ou final answer.

Contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. They have access to Toshiba database and they can check which screens can be used on this Portege notebook model.

By the way: I found on internet the same info that you can use TMD (LTD121EWEK) LCD display.

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I have Portege z830-10h from few months. It's battery has already lost 15% of capacity, and I think it's inevitable that battery will be neet to be replaced sooner or later.

Do you know, if I'm able to replace battery myself (as in full-size notebooks)? Or it can be done only in Toshiba service?

What can be cost of replacement by Toshiba service?

Answer:Battery replacement on Portege Z830-10H

Lithium batteries wear down over time and eventually need replacing, they are considered consumable items. The battery will need to be quoted and replaced professionally at a Toshiba service center.

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Can anyone provide advice or documentation on how to replace the keyboard in a Z930?


Answer:Keyboard replacement on Portege Z930

Maintenance manual is not a public document so it is not possible to find it.
Sorry but this Portege is one of the newest models so if there is some problem why you don?t contact Toshiba service and ask for help?
What is wrong with keyboard?

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The SSD of my R830 is kind of small for me :( IS there any chance of swaping the Toshiba proprietary SSD with a "standard" SATA SSD? Asuming there are HDD models of the machine there must be a standart SATA interface and a HDD/SSD Caddy for the R830! I couldn't find any info on such a swap on the web :( Any ideas?

Answer:Portege R830-10Q build-in SSD replacement


Yes, the notebook supports the SATA controller and you can use also simple 1.8inch SATA HDD.

In my opinion this should not be a big problem.

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I had the keyboard pretty bad and I took it to be changed, but when I brought it back home, we realized that it was not the same as it had before. His explanation was that the original would be much more expensive ... but it does not match the volume keys or many others and also sinks a lot in the center when writing.

Anyone know how much it can cost an original keyboard of this model to replace it ??

I would like to put a claim but I want to have all the details first.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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I have an old Portege 3020ct and *I need to replace the 2.4 V - RTC* (real time clock) *battery*.
I already removed the keyboard unit and the "palm rest cover". But I couldn't find the battery anywhere.
Does anyone know where I can find the RTC battery?

Thanks for help!

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Answer:Portege 3020ct: Replacement of RTC battery

Huh it is so old notebook model.
I presume you have disassembled the whole machine, right?

RTC battery is placed on the system board. To get RTC battery free you must at first disconnect the speaker harness from PJ16. It is covered with tape. RTC battery is connected to PJ12. It is covered with RTC insulator.

I hope this few info will help you to find the way how to remove RTC battery.

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My Portege's DVD drive is making horrible clicking noises and appears to be on its way out. I have read from a thread on here that universal drives might not work as the Portege's BIOS has assigned the DVD drive as slave and that the new drive must be slave in order to work. Is this correct? I really do not want to be doing the soldering fix!

I have another laptop which has a TSST drive in and i plugged this in and the portgege showed an ide error. Is it just a matter of having the correct firmware or is the issue regarding the ide settings mentioned above.

I have shortlisted a Toshiba dvd drive PA3162E-2CD2 but it says it is compatitble with the Portege 4000, 4010, M100 and Tecra 9000, but does not list the A100 as compatible. Does anyone know if this drive will work on my machine?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Replacement DVD drive for a Portege A100


If you check User?s manuals for Portege A100 is there a list of compatible ODDs? Problem is that all Toshiba notebooks do not have the same hardware platform and all ODDs will not work on each notebook model. As far as I know pin assignment is different. Because of that you need compatible ODD for your notebook model.

As I said at the beginning usually all compatible ODDs are listed in User?s manuals document. Please check it. If not please let us know.

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Portege M750 Model PPM75A-007010 and I need to change the CMOS (RTC) battery.

Can anyone share with me
- where to find this battery
- is this the normal round battery and if you can tell me the battery number?
- or where can I purchase this battery and price range?


Answer:Portege M750 - CMOS (RTC) Battery replacement


Normally the RTC batteries in these models are rechargeable.
If not yet done, please let the unit run overnight (not off, not hibernated, not standby - but ON) and see if the issue is resolved.

I think the charge-description/characeristics of the RTC battery is mentioned in your users manual.

BR Tom

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Hi, i would like to replace the hard drive in my a200 with a larger one but i do not know how to remove the current one i was wondering if any of you guys could help me?

thanks james

Answer:Hard drive replacement on my Portege A200

Hello James

Unfortunately the A200 is not known to me but the concept is always the same. At first check if you can find HDD cover at the bottom side of your unit. If you can not find it from the outside than is the situation much complicated. It is possible that the HDD is placed under the keyboard.

If you have no much experience don?t do it alone because you can damage something and the warranty will not be valid anymore.

Good luck!

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I have a R700-1DD with stock 320GB HDD. I want to upgrade this to 500GB. This upgrade should be quite straightforward, cloning the old to the new.

However, I was wondering about the HDD password / fingerprint.
My HDD it set to require a password/fingerprint on boot - I guess this is all related to the BIOS and the disk itself but I'm not sure exactly how.
I believe the HDD itself is locked - this is not a Windows or BIOS password.

If I change the HDD will I still be able to use the HDD boot password/fingerprint? Are there any HDD hardware requirements I need to consider before buying the new HDD? Like does it need to be a specific type of HDD to work with HDD password/fingerprint?


Answer:Portege R700-1DD: Questions about HDD replacement and passwords

Hi bullerd,

The HDD password is stored on HDD so if you exchange the HDD you have to set a new HDD password in BIOS. The password is not stored in BIOS. Furthermore the fingerprints are also stored on HDD or let?s say fingerprint software but the whole operating system must be installed after HDD exchange so it?s new problem.

So both passwords you mentioned are stored on HDD so it?s no problem to exchange the HDD. :)

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Please help,

My hard drive in my R100 went faulty and I have replaced it and it has become a nightmare installing XP.

I have spent 2 days on it and I cant crack it!!!! I have the original Toshiba USB floppy drive which can be viewed by the laptop and an external USB desktop CD/DVD drive mounted in a USB chassis. It is the Sony DRU-540A. I have tried everything on this forum and it doesnt work.

I copied the I386 folder to the C:/ once I fdisk'd and formatted it and when windows was running from the CD it came up trying to find the asms file. When I run the Portege R100 Recovery Bootdisk it can see my Cd/DVD drive however the virtual D: it creates, causes the PC to freeze when I run winnt.

Please help as this is damn painful!!!!!!

Thanks Brendan

Answer:Portege R100 Installing XP on replacement drive

Why do you want to copy files from CD to your HDD? To install an operating system, in your case Windows XP just boot from CD and follow the instructions given by the setup routine.

You could change boot priority in BIOS settings or by pressing C key while notebook is booting up.

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I have a couple of these excellent small notebooks - but both are in need of replacement caps for the "nipple" mouse .....anyone know of a UK stockist ?

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Hi all,

I have a Portege A100 PPA10A, it's pretty old and the cable connecting the Touchpad to the Mainboard is broken. Doesn anyone know the part number for this cable or know where I can obtain the part number?

I sent an email to a place called "Spare=parts Warehouse", but they had trouble finding the part

But if anyone knows for sure, that would be great.



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Answer:Portege A100 (PPA10A) - Where to get replacement parts?

Hi Widget,

To be honest I doubt that somebody here can tell you the part number from this cable. It?s only an user to user forum where you can talk with normal people like you and me.

In my opinion you should contact nearest authorized service provider in your country. On the Toshiba website you can find a list of them: > Support > Find a Service Centre

Good luck! :)

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The hard disc on my portege 4000 has just crashed, can anyone please provide any guidance on a suitable replacement or upgrade part, where to purchase one and what is involved in making the change?

Answer:Portege 4000 hard disc replacement


the HDD replacement is not very difficult on the notebooks because mostly the HDD is laced at the bottom of the unit and it?s only necessary to remove the little cover.

To remove the HDD, follow the steps below:
1. Turn the computer upside down.
2. Remove two silver screws securing the HDD cover.
3. Lift off the HDD cover.
4. Grasp the plastic tab on the HDD to disconnect the HDD from the system board, then pull the HDD.
5. Place the HDD pack on a flat surface and remove four flat-head screws.
6. Remove the HDD bracket.

That?s all :)

PS: I think you can use 10Gb, 20Gb and 30Gb HDDs

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After buying a new keyboard for the R500 on EBay about a year ago, I finally screwed up the courage to replace a badly scratched keyboard with the new one. The reason I waited? I was concerned about how to get the old keyboard off (it is well stuck down to the chassis, and it was obvious that I would damage the old one upon removal.

There is a nice general write-up about how to take an R500 apart here:

The above write-up doesn't discuss the keyboard however, so here is some additional information and some tips:

* Read this entire procedure before beginning - it's straightforward, but not for the faint of heart.

* Shut down, disconnect power, remove battery.

* Make sure you have the correct keyboard for your model. The US keyboard is p/n G83C000903US for example. The one I removed was a Rev 1, and the new one I got was a Rev 2 (don't know the difference - they look identical). These can be had as low as $40 - but verify the part number before buying.

* The keyboard connector is underneath the computer, and so you'll have to take the bottom off, carefully following the instructions in the link above.

A couple of notes: (a) the PCMCIA ribbon cable connector must be opened to disconnect the cable, as it's the only thing preventing you from removing the bottom of the computer. You can easily do this through the memory access door on the bottom, but BE... Read more

Answer:Portege R500 - Replacement of keyboard - success

Thank mate for this review.
Usually the keyboard replacement is not really tricky and someone with small technician skills should be able to replace this?

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I have just replaced the motherboard on a Portege M200.
The install guides states you must run the T&D FD after replacing the motherboard and run the initial configuration option.

Does anyone know what this utility is and where to find it ?

Its also the same utility for setting DMI information.

Answer:Portege M200 - Where to get T&D FD Utility after motherboad replacement


As far as I know such Utilities are special tools which are not designed for public usage. Only the Authorized Toshiba Service Provider has got such tools and utilities.
Because of that I don?t see any other option as to contact the ASP in your country and to ask for the help.


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Recently got a 3500 off of ebay, happy with it as it does the job I want well, however, it looks a bit tatty and has some damage (due to age etc), and I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere to get new replacement housings for the portege 3500 and approximate costs. I've looked around, but can't find anything anywhere.

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Portege 3500 replacement housing case

Hi Daniel

Usually all parts can be purchased from the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country. The technicians should be able to order the original parts from the Toshiba head stock.

Here you can find the ASP which is responsible for your country:

So just make a call and ask for the assistance.

Good luck

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I own a R835-p88, which i bought in US a year ago. Because i had a food spillage last week on the laptop now i need to replace both keyboard and screen. As i live in UK i would like to buy it in UK.

My question is:
Will TOSHIBA P000540040 KEYBOARDOEM FOR Portege R705 R830 R835(UK) would be a replacement =item19c9b744e2 ?

Also for the lcd screen would nels&hash=item4ac6c7d5f7
this be a match ?


Answer:Portege R835-P88 - keyboard and screen replacement

The parts for Portege R830 should be compatible with the R835 too.
Usually this is the same series but released in another region.

The display seems to be compatible with the Portege R705, R830 and R835 series.
Therefore it should be compatible with your model too.

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Do anyone know a authorized service partner of Toshiba where i can oreder a
DC Power Jack Connector for Toshiba Portege R830 Series

in the UK??

please help

thank you

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I put Fujitsu SATA HDD into Portege S100-s1133 than in the BIOS settings at raid array section I couldn't able to change built in hard drive form JBOD to 1RAID-0. When I made that change in BIOS it could not recognize the RAID drive so I could not install OS.

If anyone knows about this issue could you please help me?

Answer:Portege S100: Not able to change JBOD to 1RAID-0 after HDD replacement


Before you will install the OS you will have to implement the RAID driver.
The RAID driver you will find on the Toshiba driver page!!!

Download it and save it on the FDD disk. Then connect the external FDD USB drive to the notebook. During the OS installation setup will ask you for a raid driver installation. As far as I can remember you need to press the S button.

But may I ask you what CD you use??? If you use the recovery CD you don?t need to install the RAID driver additionally because this driver already exists on the CD.
It?s only needed if you will install the OS from the original Microsoft OS CD

PS: Please check also you user manual. There is everything described in the simply way ;)

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The existing batter will no longer charge. It is a Li-ion PA3191U-5BRS - 10.8V 4700 mAh. I have an almost new replacement battery for my earlier Portege with idenitcal fittings but with 10.8V 4600mAh. It is not a Toshiba model and states that it is to replace PA3176U-2BRS. Can I use it in my M700 without risk of damage or reduced performance?

Answer:Portege M700 - Battery replacement - will alternative work?


To be honest I doubt that it will work because the specifications are different.
In your case I wouldn?t try it, in worst case you destroy the computer.

It would be better if you buy a new battery with the exact specifications. Authorized service provider in your country can make you an offer for this.

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The hard drive in my beloved Portege R500 has died.

The model is a Toshiba MK1237GSX and I am looking for a compatible hard drive to replace it with as finding this exact model is proving difficult. Alternatively and my first choice would be to replace the hard drive with an ssd drive - is this possible and any recommendations on model?

Any help is much appreciated

Thanks in advance

Answer:Portege R500 - PPR50E Replacement Hard Drive or SSD

If that HDD is a standard 2.5" SATA Drive, you can install an SSD. But be aware that SSD's are still new so there can be compatibility problems. If you avoid the cheaper SSD's and ensure it has the latest firmware, chances are it will work ok. If not, try another SSD brand/model.

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This is a post explaining my Bluetooth issues and how I resolved it.  It's a good thing.  I never found anywhere in my searches this answer but it does work.  Here's the story.
After upgrading to Windows 10 back when it first came out, I struggled with the Bluetooth reception and the ability to use Bluetooth devices (bose mini and Plantronics m55 headset).  Then in my efforts to resolve it and loading all the latest drivers, somehow I stumbled across the driver that works how it should.  This is what I mean.
When you originally connect the device, then turn it off, when you turn it back on it wouldn't reconnect AND play without removing the Bluetooth device and the re-pairing it.  Now, when I turn the device back on it automatically reconnects and works like it should.  It's a beautiful thing. 
Usually it wants to update the driver or install as original the Intel N6230 Bluetooth driver (it will say something like that in device manager, but with more words).  That is a troublesome driver.  Instead, you should use the "Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver" - do a search, I downloaded the cab file from softpedia.  After downloading, you have to uninstall any driver currently being used through "programs and features" and/or "device manager".  Just the one that's the Bluetooth driver, not the enumerator or anything else.  After you uninstall it, in device ma... Read more

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I have a Toshiba Portege Z835 P330 ultrabook. I accidently broke the old screen and ordered a replacement from My original 14" screen was a samsung model. The one sent me was an LG. The First LG screen I received partially worked as in I could see graphics, but no backlight. I sent the screen back for an exchange, and they mailed me a replacement. Same problem: Graphics, but no backlight at all. I am perplexed. What could the issue be? I've quadruple checked the connection and restarted the laptop multiple times. It doesn't appear the video cable is damaged.

The Samsung model # of my original screen is LTN133AT25-T01
The LG Model # of the "compatible" replacement is LP133WH2

Any insight would be appreciated as im not looking forward to hashing it out with the tech anymore. Thanks

Answer:Backlight not working on replacement LED Screen Toshiba Portege z835

There are two types of laptop LCD displays: older versions that use a separate fluorescent backlight bulb with an inverter, and newer models that use a true LED backlight integral with the display screen.
Do you know which type your laptop uses? Pure LED backlit screens with have only one ribbon cable to it. CCFL screens will have a second connection.

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For a while now, I have wondered why the virtual buttons shown in the utility don?t function as advertised. According to the utility, I should get a left click if I depress the left are of the touchpad, a middle click if I push on the bumps, and a right click if I depress the right half of the touchpad. In my experience, I get a left click regardless of where I depress the touchpad. The only exception is when I depress the bumps in the top middle of the touchpad?when I do that, the mouse enters some weird scrolly mode where I scan scroll stuff with the trackpoint. It definitely does not emit a middle click. But, more importantly, I cannot figure out how to get trackpoint mode to emit a right click. How do I get trackpoint classic mode to work? Is there a way to downgrade the drive or use a non-lenovo branded driver to get it to behave properly? Right now, I?m relying on an external mouse just to middle click and right click. I?m using Windows 10 b10240 and, as in the post?s title, my trackpoint driver is the latest listed on Lenovo?s support site (which I think WU actually installed for me)? Why don?t the virtual buttons work and are there any other workarounds that don?t involve using a mode other than Trackpoint Classic?


Go to Solution.

Answer:T540p unable to right-click with virtual buttons in trackpoint or trackpoint classic mode

Seems to have partially fixed iteslf since Windows Update (WU) installed 19.0.16. Now the right half of my touchpad performs a right click when in TrackPad Classic mode. However, the supposed ?middle click? zone still does a weird scrolly mode instead of sending a middle click. Guess I still have to use an external mouse to accomplish a middle click when using Classic TrackPoint mode, but at least the situtaion is better than when I couldn?t right click with this mode.

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Hi guys, I replaced my Toshiba R100's LCD screen, as the one they had in there was faulty. It looked like that was a replacement at some time though. Anyway, I got my new screen, but the video cable doesnt reach to the top of the LCD screens circuit board. How am I meant to connect it to the screen? Is there an extension cable or what? The screen they had in there previously looked like they soldered about 8 copper wires to the digitizer.

Heres 2 pics of what I mean

Answer:Portege R100 video cable doesnt reach replacement LCD screen


From where did you purchase this screen?
Are you 100% sure that it's fully compatible with your notebook Prot?g? R100?

Looks like it?s not fully compatible?
However, if an additional cable is needed you could get it from the Toshiba ASP in your country.

In your case I would recommend contacting the guys and to ask for compatible cable!


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Can anyone tell me what the part number is for a replacement Hard disk for Portege P2010 is? It has the latest BIOS installed, can the HDD capacity be higher than the original 30gig?



Answer:Replacement Hard disk for Portege P2010 - Part number required

Hello Martin

Unfortunately I didn?t found any precise information. If I am right this unit needs 1.9?? HDD and I believe that it can be much expensive like standard 2.5??.

Check please this page
There you can find some upgrade parts for your unit.


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