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Help installing Win7 on Dell T5400 server with Vista drivers

Question: Help installing Win7 on Dell T5400 server with Vista drivers

I bouoght a dual quad Xeon workstation on eBay that I want to use for 3d graphics rendering. Price was right but if came with no OS. It has a Vista key label but I want to install Windows 7 Pro 64 on this machine.

I found a number of forums where people talk about successfully using W7 and on the Dell site it says the machine is compatible with basic W7 functions so it should work. Most of what they say involves issues with RAID drivers. I really have no need for RAID and have just one drive in the box. (It is currently running Linux just fine)

Problem is cannot get it to install because it can not find "suitable drivers". I have all the drivers available from Dell for Vista. There are no Win7 drivers for this machine so have to use Vista 64 drivers.

How can I get past that driver barrier and install Windows 7 and install the Vista drivers? Is there a way I can load it using another machine as a source? I have the same OS on a couple other machines although the other is an i7 quad. The video cards are the exact same model.

What if I got a Vista install disk and use the key on the box then upgrade to 7?

Shame to have a really fast linux door stop! :scratch:

Dell T5400 / Dual Quad Xeon / 32 GB RAM / Nvidea 730 GPU


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Preferred Solution: Help installing Win7 on Dell T5400 server with Vista drivers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Help installing Win7 on Dell T5400 server with Vista drivers

Go onto dell site and see what drivers are available for it if there are win7 drivers you can just install 7 is there a tag number on it if so enter that to get all drivers

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Hi there,

I've got a problem and was hoping to find some advice here.

I have a Dell T5400 that has Vista x32 running and I wanted to upgrade to Win7 x64 to make use of increased RAM.

First I tried to do a clean install of Win7 from DVD. This did not work as I got the missing cd/dvd driver error when trying to get through the installation.
So I've tried to make a bootable USB but whenever I get to the step when I run the bootsect.exe it says access denied.

I was pretty sure the DVD is working so I installed Win7 from within the Vista OS onto a separate HDD. No problems whatsoever.

I can now decide to use either Vista or Win7 when I boot up. Both work.
However Win7 is now on F: and Vista still on C:

I removed the Vista HDD to see if I can get just Win7 working but it comes up with the message that Bootmgr is missing so cant access Win7 alone.
I tried using the DVD to repair the install. It does recognize the Win7 but it didnt fix the bootmgr problem.

I couldn't find any drivers for Win7 for the T5400 on the dell website either, only Vista.

So now I'm not sure where to best go from here.
I have 3 HDDs in the computer and I only really want/need one OS.
Ideally I wanted to use the 160gb WD Raptor for the OS/Apps and then use the 2 1TB Hitachi in Raid 1.
The Win7 installation is on the newly formatted WD Raptor whereas Vista is on one of the 2 Hitachi in a big partition. So thats not overly convenient for me.

What would be the best way for me to get either a new clean ... Read more

Answer:Advice re Win7 x64 installation problem on Dell T5400

Hello Unterberg Welcome to the Seven Forums!

I can start off here explaining just why 7 won't load up by simply stating the 7 boot entries as well as the shared BCD store containing the boot entries for both versions are on C! Once you removed the Vista boot drive from the equation you now have to build a new BCD store which isn't quite what you are looking for to make the F drive bootable on it's own. MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

The fast way to deal with replacing the factory preinstall of Vista x86 is either reformat C with the drive tools available on the 7 dvd when first starting up the Windows installer there. Or you could use a drive partitioning tool to remove C only not the hidden recovery partition however in case you want to go back to Vista later in order to see a totally fresh new C primary to work with.

Either way with the Vista preinstall removed you are now ready to follow the clean install instructions for seeing 7 go onto the C primary. Clean Install Windows 7

In fact you could go one step further and see SP1 and MS updates included as well. Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 into a Installation DVD or ISO File

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Hey everyone, I am new to the forums and generally new to Windows too (always have had Apple products - don't shoot).

I am a Design Engineer, and the past few years I have been running Windows XP, then to Windows 7 via Boot Camp on my iMac with Pro/E WF4 (now Creo Elements..). Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and get a Dell refurbished workstation.

As Ordered:
- Dell T5400 Refurbished
- e5440 Quad Core 2.83GHz
- 2x 500GB SATA HDD
- Quadro FX 4600
- Windows Vista Business

As I will be using this primarily, and most likey only for, Creo Elements I ordered the following parts that I will be installing:

- AMD Firepro V4900 1GB
- Crucial M4 128GB SSD SATA III
- Windows 7 Professional x64
- Soyo 24" MVA 1920x1200

I read through the Sticky "How to do a Clean install of Windows 7" and a few other very informative posts on here, but have never done much at all with Windows. As far as setting the computer up (everything should be here tomorrow) I assume these will be the steps to take:

1) Replace video card with V4900
2) Replace 1x 500GB SATA with 128GB SSD (I ordered one cable and SSD->3.5" bay adapter, couldn't find a definitive answer on what all I need to physically install the SSD...)
3) Plug in monitor, mouse, keyboard and power cable
4) Turn on and....?

I want to just use the SSD as a boot drive for Windows 7 Pro x64, and also install Creo Elements and possibly Lightroom 3. Will it automatically recognize the SSD? Wha... Read more

Answer:Dell T5400, Clean Install Win7 Pro x64, SSD, V4900 - Settings?

Follow these steps to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which are the same for retail. Unplug all other HD's and peripherals during install to SSD.

Depending upon how it performs you may want to adjust SSD Alignment - Windows 7 Forums. I would consult with the tutorial's author and SSD/imaging expert Wolfgang on this and updating your firmware correctly.

Install Programs to SSD for best performance. If it fills up I'd install only rarely used ones to HD.

Best way to link to data on HD is to create a set of User folders similar to your Named User folders, then rightclick on each to add to the related Library - Include a Folder - Windows 7 Forums. This is more stable than actually moving the User folders to the HD which can present problems we have found here. When you click each Library you'll see the C and D folders within it, so if files pile up in the C (SSD) folder simply drag them to the D (HD) one.

Type Disk Defragmenter in Start Search box, click on Schedule box and uncheck Scheduled Defrag.

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This may well be a server issue. I just don't where to begin.

I have a Windows Server 2003 file and print server on my home network. And I have an HP 4050 laser printer on the network that is shared through the W2k3 server. Previously, all PCs and laptops on my network had been running Windows XP and they could install a network printer and get their driver from the server. My Windows 7 Pro machine cannot, probably because there is no Win7 driver on the server.

How do I place the driver on the server, so that I can install the network printer on the Win7 machine?

* I have just a workgroup environment set up on the home network, no domain authentication. I'm logged in an admin on the Windows 7 machine.

(I'm guessing that there may be other ways to go about this, like maybe installing the driver directly onto the Windows 7 machine and then pointing at the shared printer on the server, but I'd just as soon get the driver onto the server so that setup is easier for future Win7 machines.)

Answer:Installing Win7 printer drivers on W2k3 Server

Quote: Originally Posted by Carson Dyle

This may well be a server issue. I just don't where to begin.

I have a Windows Server 2003 file and print server on my home network. And I have an HP 4050 laser printer on the network that is shared through the W2k3 server. Previously, all PCs and laptops on my network had been running Windows XP and they could install a network printer and get their driver from the server. My Windows 7 Pro machine cannot, probably because there is no Win7 driver on the server.

How do I place the driver on the server, so that I can install the network printer on the Win7 machine?

* I have just a workgroup environment set up on the home network, no domain authentication. I'm logged in an admin on the Windows 7 machine.

(I'm guessing that there may be other ways to go about this, like maybe installing the driver directly onto the Windows 7 machine and then pointing at the shared printer on the server, but I'd just as soon get the driver onto the server so that setup is easier for future Win7 machines.)

It's unlikely that server 03 will have a printer driver for Windows 7, you will definitely want to install the driver on the Windows 7 machine.

The problem is that with old printers it may be difficult to obtain Windows 7 drivers but that is your best bet.

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As the title states, my Dell Inspiron 546 Vista Home Premium is not wanting to install some drivers. One of the driver says "Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the MODEM device for this driver." That was for R189670. And then the other R233205 says, " The NVIDIA setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit." Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Dell Inspiron 546 Vista Home Premium Drivers not Installing

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I have experienced a lot of problems when I first attempted to install XP on on my laptop which came with windows vista preloaded. I somehow managed to setup dual boot.

The problem then was to find the right drives for me dell XPS m1330 laptop. Dell would not support for XP.

So what did I do? I wrote two posts on my blog with step by step procedures to:

1. install XP on a vista laptop
2. XP drivers for Dell XPS m1330

Answer:installing XP on a vista laptop and setting up dual boot. xp drivers dell XPS m1330

Nice write up, thanks. I posted the links on the Dell forum, hope you don't mind.

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I bought a used T5400 with the idea of using it for 3d graphics and rendering due to the dual Xeon processors and 32GB ram.
It came without a video card so I installed a Geforce Nvidea card which seems to work  fine so far.
But I cannot seem to install Win 7 on the machine. It has a HDD which does not seem to work even connected to another machine so I put in a spare SATA 250GB drive which will be just fine for the OS. (Can add another later)
I think I turned off RAID as I don't need or want that for this purpose.
I made an iso for the OS and added a folder /drivers and put copies of all the drivers I could find here on DELL for Vista 64 as I could find nothing for Win7.
Install halts when I try to locate drivers. It just tells me no suitable drivers found.
A search of Google says many ppl are running Win7 pro on this machine but they all talk about drivers for RAID etc. and I cannot find info on what specific drivers I must have on the disk to be able to install Win7.
I guess I can put Linux on the box but then I have to run WINE or similar to run my graphics program. (There is a native luxrender for linux so I could just slave this box but reallty want Win7 on it so I can use it stand alone.)
Any help appreciated in installing Win 7 Pro 64 bit on this machine.


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Question: Dell t5400

i am having trouble getting my T5400 to post it is giving me beep codes and error codes iv looked up the error code and beep code and i am having trouble with it 

the error code is 1& 3

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Question: Dell T5400

hi everyone 
i recently upgraded my graphics card\GPU and i am running 2 monitors with DVI the only problem is my GPU wants to use the hdmi port for the audio 
does anyone have the drivers for the dell t5400 sound driver windows 8.1 pro 64bit

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Question: Dell T5400

Hello.  I'am using T5400, but i found that i cannot use most of the PCIe slots. When i try to use PCIe X4 (mechanical X8) slot with Creative Audigy FX card, or USB expander, or network card, somethimes during the boot post message PCIe slot 2 error initialising. With the sound card it boot OK but the windows can;t recognize the device. What can cose this problem ? How i can solve it. I need this slots. 

Answer:Dell T5400

PCI-E 1.0 vs 2.0 vs   2.1 and 3.0.  The Line Code and BUS Power and Bus Clock speed.
PCI-E 2.1 and 3.0 break backwards compatibility with 1.0 1.1 and 2.0.
This also means that newer cards in old systems DO NOT WORK due to several reasons.
1.  There is no more BIOS and Dos VESA mode 103 which the F2 Bios and post use.
2. The speed of the bus gets faster and current fast bus slots DO NOT DOWNCLOCK to accomodate older 1.0 1.1 2.0 cards.
3.  The Line code for PCI-E 1.0 1.1 and 2.0 is 8b/10b is a line code that maps 8-bit words to 10-bit symbols.4.  The Line code for PCI-E 2.1 and 3.0 is 128b/130b.5.  The 3.3v and 12v electrical power spec is broken for backwards compatibility with 2.1 and 3.0. the increase in power from the slot breaks backward compatibility between PCI Express 2.1 cards and some older motherboards with 1.0/1.1/2.0 .
All PCI express cards may consume up to 3 A at +3.3 V (9.9 W). The amount of +12 V and total power they may consume depends on the type of card:    ×1 cards are limited to 0.5 A at +12V (6 W) and 10 W combined.    ×4 and wider cards are limited to 2.1 A at +12V (25 W) and 25 W combined.    A full-sized ×1 card may draw up to the 25 W limits after initialization as a "high power device".    A full-sized ×16 graphics card[13] may draw up to 5.5 A at +12V (66 W) and 75 W combined after initialization a "high power device"... Read more

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Dell Precision T5400 was working fine until my customer decided to add a second video card instead of changing it. The video card was nvidia geforce 7950GT and he added nvidia geforce 710 which I already told him that it wouldn't work. The computer stopped working. Nothing shows on the screen I took out the second video card, leaving the old one as it was before Then I pressed the power button, The board has amber light. The processor fan blows for about 3-4 seconds, then the computer turned off by itself. no beep sound, nothing shows on the screen, not even bios info Unplugged the video card (no video card), it does the same thing. 
Is the motherboard toasted ? 

Tried reset BIOS, doesn't work, took out all memory and start the computer, same thing. No beep nor anything, just the first 3-4 seconds fan blows, then stopped.Dell Precision T5400 Dual Xeon E5450 3GHz 8x4GB=32GB DDR2 2x500GB RAID 1 128GB SSD Nvidia geforce 7950GT Windows 10

Answer:Dell Precision T5400 need help please

Before going further, check the condition of all the electrolytic capacitors on the mainboard - if any have bulging tops or show evidence of leakage (which is a very common thing with this model and similar-generation Precision and Optiplexes), it may be unrelated to the video card addition.
If the caps all look OK, unplug the system and hold the power button for 30 sec until the LED on the mainboard goes out and reseat (remove and reinstall) all the memory modules before trying to power the system up again with only the original video card installed.
If the system shows bad capacitors, and the user wants to repair it, you should advise them to replace BOTH the mainboard and the power supply together.

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Greetings. I recieved a nice Precision T5400 Workforce machine and am struggling to find the correct Audio driver. it has a nice windows 7 Pro sticker key on it, yet Dell does not have windows 7 drivers. I tried the vista 64bit and xp drivers but no avail. I need Sound and i believe chipset too. Any suggestions where to look?

Answer:Frustration at Dell T5400

This is my best guess.  If Dell can not help you, there is little anybody could say to help.But, for what it is worth...Consider using only the 32 bit version of Windows 7.Reason: This is a Xenon CPU that might not be supported anymore. You might what to check ans see if it can support Windows 8.1 64 bit. If not, you have a machine that has limited support. The Xenon  in   that particular machine might not be fully 64 bit compliant. Test it with the Windows 8.1 64 bit compatibility test.Here is one link: it fails the 64 bit test, you will have to stick with 32 bit.

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Greetings. I recieved a nice Precision T5400 Workforce machine and am struggling to find the correct Audio driver. it has a nice windows 7 Pro sticker key on it, yet Dell does not have windows 7 drivers. I tried the vista 64bit and xp drivers but no avail. I need Sound and i believe chipset too. Any suggestions where to look?

Answer:Frustration at Dell T5400

This is my best guess.  If Dell can not help you, there is little anybody could say to help.But, for what it is worth...Consider using only the 32 bit version of Windows 7.Reason: This is a Xenon CPU that might not be supported anymore. You might what to check ans see if it can support Windows 8.1 64 bit. If not, you have a machine that has limited support. The Xenon  in   that particular machine might not be fully 64 bit compliant. Test it with the Windows 8.1 64 bit compatibility test.Here is one link: it fails the 64 bit test, you will have to stick with 32 bit.

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Created RAID1 and RAID5 on my Physical server
Created a
Bootbale  USB to install  ISO Window 2012 r2 on supermicro x9drl-if Server.

But it is returning with an error:


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I also just got a Dell Precision T5400 workstation dual Xeno  (2008)
I only have one CPU and want to add a second. I hope it has 
"Quad Core Xeon Proc E5430, 2.66GHz, 2X6MB L2 Cache,1333MHz"
I think it has the 09 bios should I upgrade to 011?
Will this machine take a upgrade Xeon that would be nice to get an even faster chip but can live with "two" of the current chip
I also want to add dual graphics cards. Is this possible? The manual says this 2008 machine has "
nVidia Quadro FX1700 512MB dual DVI Graphics Card, Dell Precision T3400"
What would be the best upgrade if any or would adding another FX1700 due the trick I do a lot of video work and am moving up to 4K

Thanks for any advice gentlemen  
Tito Pagan 
wanabe be expert 

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Greetings. I recently acquired a nice new system. As the title Reads, its a nice power horse. A Dell Percision T5400 that runs currently with the Xeon X5450 (2 of them) each running at 3ghz, and 4Gb of RAM. I had to add a drive and video card. For now im running a Nvidia 8500 GT and a small 80GT drive. Issue is whenn i recieved the machine it would not post. The Ram Slots are in the configuration of 1,5,2,6,3,7,4,8 and when i recieved it it had a gig stick in 3,7,4,8 and after fiddling around a bit i put them in 1,2,3,4 and it posted. I moved the computer and put it back a few hours later to find it wont post again. i removed RAm from slot 4 and it posted but only read 2gb as im assuming it works in pairs on a channel. I tried again getting all 4 to work and in a way found the bad stick. I then rearranged the ram and currently running Memtest86 to try an eliminate the stick. BUt have no idea how to configure such a machine nor if im doing this correctly. Currently once again i have ram in slots 1 through 4 and running the test with the supposed bad one in RAM slot 1. So far 73% pass in and no issues. Any suggestions are accepted as to what to do next. I also have an issue where in the BIOS the fans go nuts but regular usage like in ubuntu off the live CD and memtest its fine. i will soon be installing windows 7 pro on it as its licensed for that. Thanks

Answer:Dell Persicion T5400 post/ram

I have a T5500 myself which is obviously a little different, but I'm somewhat familiar with this series of workstations.Have you checked the manual for the system?  Usually with dual-socket systems, the RAM slots must be populated in a particular order, they can also be rather picky with RAM so are all your DIMMs matched?Running Memtest on each stick in turn is a good idea if you can, off the top of my head I don't know if you can run that machine with a single stick or whether you need at least two whilst two CPUs are installed.What BIOS revision is it on?  Might be worth updating it to the latest.Also check your fan connectors, mine has an issue where one of the connectors is damaged so it doesn't read the speed although the fan does spin - this makes the fan slowly ramp up speed from boot so that after a few minutes it's at maximum speed although still reading as 0rpm.  Not exactly the same issue but it's worth checking to make sure the fans are all connected securely.

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Dear Community,
I have an Precision T5400 with Windows 8.1 and want to add a Seagate 3TB SATA HDD.Unfortunately the Windows recognize the drive as 746GB.
Bios detected: 3000GBRaid controller detected: 746GBWindows 8.1 detected: 746GBI already tried with SegateTools to set the drive to the maximum size, and also tried on many other way but without luck.Please pointing me to the right way how I can use this 3TB drive with my Dell Precision T5400.
Thank you

Answer:Dell Precision T5400 with Seagate 3TB SATA, how?

The raid controller DOES NOT support larger than 2TB.  The onboard SATA requires F6 Drivers and WIN7SP1 AND INTEL RST   this also requires DOTNET 3.5 which is not installed by default in windows 7 or 8 or 10.
You must have UEFI bios OR use a Host Bus Adapter if you want to BOOT from that drive.
Accepted solution is the Rocket 600 series card.
This is very clearly explained on the seagate site.

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As stated above I have a Dell PrecisionT5400 with (2) Intel Xeon quad core processors [email protected]
I am running a 64 bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate and have 16GB of ram memory installed. I recently had a hard drive failure so I replaced my boot up drive with a solid state of 65GB for a quick start-up and I plan to add another 250 solid state drive for my frequently used software.Then I will add a Western Digital 1.0TB drive for data and what not that I don't access very often (maybe some movies and records, etc; the computer is set up for 5 or 6 hard drives and I already have the terabyte drive so why not use it. I am pretty sure my power supply is about 850 watt so I have all the power I should think I will ever need.
My main question is that I want to upgrade my CPU's and I don't know how high I can safely upgrade them. I also want to upgrade my video card as this unit is dependent upon a plug in card; it has no integrated video but I know that is a different section on the forum. If I could get some advice on upgrading my CPU's I would greatly appreciate it.
I am afraid that I may not be able to get much more performance out of this model but my desires are meager. I have found that I enjoy creating websites and blogs so I want to teach myself with the materials I can find online. It is surprising at the free information you can get to teach yourself if you are only willing. Please forgive me for going on; I desperately need some advice on ... Read more

Answer:I need advice on upgrading the CPU's on my Dell Precision T5400

I have a few computers and none of them come anywhere near yours so I'm puzzled that you feel any pressure to upgrade. There may be some interesting developments next year with Windows 10 and new hardware worth splashing out on.

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I have a Dell Precision T5400 workstation that was recently upgraded to Windows 7 64. Since the upgrade, I'm unable to use my audio card. I've downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Creative several times. No matter what I do, the device won't become available and I get a "Code 39" message in properties for the device in the device manager.

Here's a list of things I've tried: I've uninstalled and swept out all creative drivers and re-installed. No luck.
I've done the same and removed, rebooted, shut down, re-installed the card and installed the drivers. No luck.
I've tried running the installers in different compatibility modes. No luck.
I've check the registry entries for upper and lower bound entries in case this issue was similar to the occasional missing CD/DVD problem that's fixed by this registry hack. No luck.
I've lowered available memory to 2 Gigs as greater than 4 Gigs has been reported as a problem for SB cards in the past. No luck.
Dell support had nothing.
Dell doesn't provide Windows 7 drivers for this card or for the onboard sound card, for that matter.
There's plenty of talk in the threads about "Daniel K" drivers, but all the links are dead ends.
I've read through the Sound Blaster sticky thread and tried everything I could and some extra things to boot.

Am I missing something?

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other... Read more

Answer:SB0460 Not Working on Dell T5400 With Windows 7 64

When you installed Win 7, did you install the Intel motherboard chipset drivers? If not, that could be why you are getting the code 39 and it won't install. Here is the Dell downloads and chipset drivers for this model. These are for Vista 64 bit as Dell does not officially support Windows 7, but the Vista drivers work OK on Win7.

Click Me

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The computer has 2 750gb hard drives in it but I noticed it was awful slow for a dual quad core computer with win 7 64 bit and 16gb of ram so I checked in the bios and I don't really see a way to turn it completely off unless the hard drives are reformatted in some way. If someone is familiar with this problem please help. I have disconnected one drive and re-installed windows on the other for now.

Answer:How do I turn off raid mode on a Dell Precision T5400

You can't just take drives that have a RAID array on them and expect them to work when you turn RAID off. You'll need to re-format.

Anyway, the Dell BIOS has an option for HDD mode, it's in there.

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Now, I know this is an old system, but that is the reason I got it. Cheap and accessible, functional. I have two Xeons 5460 that used to get crazy hot the first time I applied thermal paste thermals subsided since then, even at load hanging around 50-60 degrees on one, and 60-70 on other ( I don't have a real heatsink for this one; got a small copper one that is half the height of the proprietary )
Ram is pretty chill as well, around 65 degrees under load.
Here is my problem, though; I ordered 16 gigabytes of ram and filled all 8 slots with 2 gigs sticks. Under load the temps ranged from 65 on the right most module, to up to 90 ( !! ) on the left most. The problem was the chipset was burning to touch! And distance from the chipset heatsink to the first two modules is the width of an index finger. Now I don't know why does chipset get burning hot, and that is what I'd like to know. Is there something in bios i can shutdown to reduce load on the chipset?
I took out half of the ram sticks so I'm still in quad channel configuration, but using 8 gigs, and temps dropped drastically. I'm talking 61 degrees on the first ram module from 90. Is my motherboard fautly, something causing 8 stick configuration to increase memory temps? Chipset heatsink is still pretty hot, and it shows, with first module being 5-6 degrees hotter than the last on ( that is still a lot better then before). Was my overheating problem caused by too many ram modules or the configuration mess... Read more

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I just purchased a Dell Precision T5400 and would like to know something since I have read on many different site that SLI and Crossfire is and is not supported on this system.  What I would like to know from Dell, NVIDIA, or ATI is; What are the different cards that work in the Dell Precision T5400 for both SLI and Crossfire?  Are there any systems changes that need to be done to get SLI or Crossfire to work?  That are not outside 3rd party mods and if there are no Native changes then, what are the Mods that work and are "safe"? (yes nothing is 100% certain)  I'm tired of getting mixed reviews from different sites I have looked at.  I currently have a NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700 that's not cutting it for what I need to do.  I do 3D graphic design now and need good high end cards that are compatible with my system.  Hopefully someone from the companies could answer this for me or someone that has the same computer and has gone through this process already.
Thanks MUCH in advance!

Answer:Best Graphics Cards for SLI or Crossfire in Dell Precision T5400

SLI And Crossfire are specific and not interchangeable.  
The T5400 WORKS with crossfire AMD FirePro W5000 (100-505635) cards for 3D graphics, cad, maya.
Intel® 5400 Memory Controller Hub (MCH)
1 PCI-e x8 slot wired as x4
2 PCI-e x16 Gen2 graphics slot w/ Dual 150W; (300W total)
2 PCI-X 64bit/100MHz slots with support for 3.3v or universal cards
1 PCI 32bit/33Mhz slot
It would certainly appear that crossfire has issues with Crysis when looking at this:
Note that for their 1920x1200 (medium) and 1280x1024 (high) tests,
crossfire actually reduces the framerate.

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Hello I need yout help to understand why i'm not able to install Windows 7 on my Workstation Precision t5400. I receive this error at the end of the installation "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware"
I had configured a RAID 1 Array on that workstation and i suspect that the problem is due to that but i'm not sure. Can someone help how to fix it??

Tanks GIovanni

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Hello to all,   I recently did a clean reinstall of Windows XP (Home) on my Dell Dimension 2350. All went fine. Now I need to install the correct drivers. I have the Dell Resource disc and this is where the problem starts.    As noted elsewhere, after the reinstall the screen display of the Resource disc is as it would be in "Safe Mode". I was aware of this. As such, the Resource disc Search Criteria screen was a bit larger than the monitor screen. I was able to size it to fit the screen but this is really not the problem it is the following: The Search Criteria options I have from the drop down menus (on screen) are as follows:System Model:   All, Dimension C521, DXC061, Dimension DXP0G1, Dimension E521, DM061, XPS710    (Which, if any, do I pick?)Operating System: (I think I got this one)   All, Windows XPTopic:   (Maybe this one too)   All, Applications, Dell Diagnostics, Diagnostics, Drivers, Utilities   For the life of me I cannot figure out the exact drivers I am to install*. Windows XP only appears in the Operating System menu. I pretty much know the install order but as I said, I'm a bit confused about selecting the correct drivers from the disc. This computer is not connected to the internet at the moment so I can't download and use any sort of driver detection program. Other searches have confused me further and have provided no specific answer to this problem.&nbs... Read more

Answer:Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc

You need, in installation order:

Chipset driver
Video driver (depends on which video card)
Audio driver
Network driver (depends on which you have)
Modem driver, if you use a dialup modem

Go to the Support page and put in your Service Tag. It should give you the drivers you need. You can download them on any PC and copy onto a USB stick for installation on the 2350.
You only need the applications, if you actually use them (eg, Roxio, Jasc Paintshop, etc).
Then install your antiviral software and get online to the Microsoft Update site for all the patches and updates.
Keep in mind that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and they stopped releasing security fixes for XP and IE9, more than 1 year ago. So they're both full of security holes and put your personal data at risk.

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Going to move one of my laptops from Vista to Win7 this weekend. I have downloaded 19 drivers from the Toshiba website. I just wondered, do these have to go on in any particular order. Many are for things like dvd player, face recognition and hdmi etc, but there are chipset, display etc. I would usually go for chipset first.
Also there is a BIOS update. Do I wait and see if everything works before loading this, just in case. Or should it go on first. It is the first download on the website.
Grateful for any advice.

Answer:Installing Win7 drivers

I would wait and see what works and what does not as a lot of the drivers are the same in both then update as needed.

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Call me crazy from tthe title of his thread, but... is this possible?

So ATI decided not to release XP drivers for the 6000M series (yeah yeah... old OS, not supported radah radah). I've got a Toshiba NB550D (Netbook), with ATI's 6250M graphics.

I've done a clean XP install (came with Windows 7 starter, only supported max of 2GB ram) and installed 4GB of ram.
I've got pretty much all the drivers for XP, except the video (+hdmi) driver. Which is the key thing, seeing as I'm using it as a bit of a media PC which outputs 1080p to my TV.

I've setup a dual boot of Win7start and XP. I'm thinking... if I were to copy all of the necessary "video drivers" (.dll files and the rest) located under System32, System32/Drivers etc etc and put them in the correct directories on the XP install, and add the registry entries... would the XP install recognise the video drivers?
Or, is there perhaps something else in these files which only allows them to run on Windows 7?

Alternatively, would it be possible to run video drivers intended for an older yet similar graphics card which does have XP drivers released by ATI?

Answer:Installing Win7 Video drivers on XP

Laptop/Netbook manufacturers supply their own Video driver for the ATI or nVidia chip. You would download the Toshiba Netbooks video driver by finding your model Number on the Toshiba drivers site. Then download. However, since this Netbook shipped with Windows 7, there will be no supportive drivers for XP available.
Copying Windows 7 drivers or down loading them will not work in XP, because it is a different OS. Installing video drivers for an older ATI Card will not work either, since the hardware is different. Your best bet is to learn How to find drivers

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When Windows7 ships, I will be installing it on my laptop (Dell Latitude D631). This machine currently has Win XP Pro installed on a SATA HDD of 120Gb capacity.

My plan is to remove this disk & put it to one side, and install Win7 64bit on a brand new SATA HDD. I have bought a 500Gb WD drive and ideally plan to create 2 partitions - one for Windows, one for my data.

My questions are:

1. Any upfront advice on pitfalls of this approach?

2. Any knowledge (I can't specifically find any data on this, having trawled all sorts of places) of any drive capacity limitation for my Dell laptop - I have heard of 120 or 137 or other Gigabyte sizes as a limit so am now a little concerned that my lovely new 500Gb drive may not be fully usable.
If there's any inherent limitation, what's the way around this? Or will the BIOS 'autodetect' and see all 500Gb or is there something I need to do in BIOS or elsewhere to ensure the whole drive is visible and usable?

3. Finally...can I use the Win7 install process to create the 2 or even 3 partitions successfully?

Cheers. Thanks. Danke. Merci, etc !

Answer:Installing Win7 on Dell - restrictions?

1. I would make sure I have all the Windows 7 drivers on a flash drive first, and Vista ones if they aren't available as of yet.

2. I doubt there is a limit that low, because I have several D630s with 250 GB HDDs in them.

3. You can, but I wouldn't. Only worry about creating your system volume during the install process. Once that is done, and you are booting to Windows 7, use Disk Management to create the rest.

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I got a Dell driver cd with my win7 installation dvd, but didn't notice that I had to insert the driver dvd first before installing. I installed win7. So now, whenever I insert the driver cd, it says that win7 was installed successfully. And when I try going to the Dell Driver website, I try downloading the necessary drivers, but they're downloaded as this DeviceManager.exe file and I can't install any drivers!!! It just says for me to select a driver.

Any help? Is Dell's driver website acting odd, or what can I do to get the drivers?


Answer:Can't install drivers for Win7 on Dell

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I am having no luck using the windows 7 32bit pro disk,  to upgrade from vista business  32bit ? everything seems to go ok until the last process when I am greeted with a box saying " windowssetup could not cofigure windows to run on this computer"   I have just replaced the original HD with a new SSDdrive , which has been cloned successfully and the system boots fine to vista,  Windows upgrade adviser has checked and reported most all ok any programs not compatible I have removed, I am stuck  not finding any solutuion? anyone done a similar upgrade, not a clean install?

Answer:upgrading t5400 precision from vista to windows 7??

Vista  Service pack 1 standalone and Vista Service pack 2  standalone must be installed in that order BEFORE windows 7 will "upgrade".

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Hi all,

I am trying to install Win7 on my SSD for my laptop, but I need to load USB 3.0 drivers before installing.

However, when I select the right driver and proceed, I get BSOD'd.

I'm going to try different drivers now, but if anyone has different advice, it would be welcomed.
EDIT: Tried drivers from Intel's site rather than laptop manufacturer. No dice.

Error number: 0x0000007E


Answer:BSOD while installing Win7 and loading USB 3.0 Drivers

How are you trying to install Windows. Are you using a DVD or a USB thumb drive.

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The product was delivered with Win 10 installed but I need to run Win7 Pro. I imaged the disc prior to working on it and can restore back to Win 10 without a problem. However, when starting the process with either a USB or DVD, I am able to select the country then able to click on "Install Now", but I am then prompted for drivers for the USB or CD/DVD drive. I downloaded them from HP site but the installation won't find them when searched. I am very frustrated and need to get Win 7 installed ..... how do I get the device to "see" the drivers to be installed in order to continue the installation?


View Solution.

Answer:Problem installing Win7 Pro on Probook 440 G3 - drivers not ...

Hi: The Microsoft Windows 7 installation media doesn't have the native USB 3.0 drivers. So you have to add the USB 3.0 drivers into the Windows installation flash drive. Intel came through on this one.  They have a utility that does all the work for you. Follow the instructions in the Readme link to make a bootable USB flash drive from your windows installation DVD. Run this and point to your Windows USB Installation media, and Windows 7 should install.

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I have my own driver for the hardware i wish to install. However each time i plug in the device Win7 installs its own driver which is of no use to the hadrware device i wish to use.

Im using Windows 7 Home Premium so i have no access to gpedit

Thanks for any help

Answer:Stop Win7 Auto Installing Drivers?

Hi neptune,

My name is Manu T S From Dell Social Media Team.

Perform the steps below to turn off automatic driver installation :

1.Go to Start, type change device installation settings in the Start Search box and then press ENTER.

2.In the Device Installation Settings window, select No, let's me choose what to do.

3.Select Never install driver software from Windows Update.

4.Click Save Changes.

Hope this helps.

Refer to the following link:
Stop Win7 from Automatically Installing Drivers - Microsoft Answers

Dell - Manu T S

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Hi All,

First time poster so take it easy! :P

I'm having trouble installing Win7 x86 onto a 160GB and the BIOS has no AHCI settings that I can find.
Motherboard = MSI 945PL NEO
Processor = Pentium 4 3.40 GHz
RAM = 2x 2GB DDR2
HDD = ST3160811AS ? Seagate 160GB
Windows 7 Ultimate x86 has been installed on that hard-drive previously; in fact, the Windows installation is still present. *This has since been removed and a new NTFS partition written using G-Parted.*

However, as I have changed the motherboard / processor / RAM = Windows won't load.
I get to the screen saying "Install Now" and when I click on that, I get the following screen:
The weird thing is, when I click on "Browse" I can actually view the 160GB hard drive and all the files.
The same situation when I try to run a start-up repair ? I can view all the files and system restore points etc
I've tried downloading the ICH7 drivers from the Intel site as well as the motherboard drivers from the MSI site = no luck. The Windows installation will load the drivers but keep stating there are no drives to show.
I've tried plugging the HDD into different SATA ports on the motherboard = no go.
Any ideas on how I can get Windows to detect the drive?
Also, here are the relevant settings from the BIOS:
Under 'Integrated Peripherals'
-> Sata Devices Configuration
... Read more

Answer:Problem Installing Win7 x86 - Missing Drivers

As you have used a 3rd party Partitioning tool, I would clean the HD with Windows partitioning tool.
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I have never installed a new os from start. Do i need to download drivers for my mobo ready for a fresh windows7 install?

Or does it find them automatically on the windows disc? Or online later? I have drivers on disc for all other hardware, but not mobo.

Just confused before I start.

Answer:Installing drivers on new win7 64bit ultimate os

Some drivers are available later form Windows Update, and some are built in. The best practice is to have them downloaded ahead of time, especially your network ones, just in case. I usually throw them on a flash drive and keep them handy for when my OS install is done.

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I've had a Envy dv7 for a few years now and just got windows 7 installed on it[Finally! After 3 attempts!], But now I've having trouble locating the proper drivers for it, namely the USB driver. I managed to get the internet driver working by using another harddrive/OS to download it. In device manager, it shows these as having errors[Along with their hardware ids]: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter VEN_10DE Ethernet Controller VEN_10EC PCI Device VEN_10EC PCI Simple Communications Controller VEN_8086 SM Bus Controller VEN_8086 USB Controller VEN_8086 Unknown Device [1] ACPI\HPQ0004 or *HPQ0004 Unknown Device [2] VID_138A I've located another thead from a few years ago where someone had this exact same issue, but all the links to the solutions are dead... I appreciate any help! Hopefully this is in the right subject.


View Solution.

Answer:Trouble locating drivers after installing Win7 on a dv7 pre-...

Hi: You need these drivers... USB driver: This package provides the Intel USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver for the supported notebook models and operating systems. The driver enables USB 3.0 devices. Standard VGA Graphics Adapter: This package provides the driver that enables the NVIDIA High-Definition (HD) Graphics in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. If high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) video output is supported, this package also installs the HDMI Audio Driver. Ethernet Controller: This package provides the Realtek Local Area Network (LAN) Driver that enables the Realtek Network Interface Card (NIC) Chip in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. PCI Simple Communications Controller: This package provides the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver for the supported notebook models and operating systems. The Intel Management Engine Interface enables communication between the host operating system and the Intel Management Engine firmware. SM Bus Controller:  NOTE:  Install this driver first, and restart the PC. This package contains the Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver for... Read more

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I just got a new dell XPS15 and ordered a 128gb m4 which gets here today to replace the standard 750gb which i plan to put in a USB3.0 enclosure. My problem is since Dell didn't see fit to give me a win 7 dvd I was downloading an iso from digitalriver and going to use ABR( to activate it legitamitly. Problem is when I checked the back up file the key ABR claims my laptop currently has does not match the win7 key on the sticker. Why would this be? Any help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Installing win7 using ABR on new dell, but keys do not match???

What version of Windows 7 did you download? What version of Windows 7 does the key allow?

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Hi all, I have just registered here as I am having some issues installing Windows 7 to a friends Dell Mini netbook.

I have previously installed the copy I have to my Samsung N110 netbook which has pretty much identical hardware as the Dell Mini. I had and still have no problems with it on my Samsung.

I am pretty computer literate but this error has left me stumped. I have never came across this before.

When installing to the Dell, it completed the copying and expanding files and then completes installing features. After this, it is as if it freezes and then I am presented with the error,

"Could not set the offline locale information Error code 0x80FF0000"

This confused me so I did a search (as you do) and tried various methods on solving this issue to no avail. The BIOS is up to date and the time is set correctly as well. There are no issues with the hard drive either as I can install XP no problems to it.

I have even tried doing a low level format and creating the partition tables outwith Windows 7 setup. Yet I still get the same error.

Also, last night tried again at optimizing the HDD for the install but got the same error.

Does anyone have a clue as to what it could be? Oh and don't be afraid to use technical language as I will be able to understand no problem.



Answer:Issues when installing Win7 to Dell Mini

Hello Fraser, welcome to Seven Forums!

From the little searches I've run, it could be, not enough HDD space to install Windows 7 to or, are you sure the partition you're trying to install to is a 'primary' and not a 'logical' partition?
Be sure to post back with an update.

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Hi there,

I recently bought Windows 7 as a christmas present to my parents so that they could upgrade their Dell Dimension 5000 to run Windows 7.
Original operating system was Windows XP.

I copied all files etc to an external harddrive and then I did a clean install of Win7.
Everything worked perfectly except for that Windows couldnt recognize the ethernet card and sound.

Because of that I couldnt connect to the internet so I took my laptop and began searching for drivers that would work for this system and Win7.
I started with Dells "Support and Drivers" section but they didnt have any drivers at all for Dimension 5000 that would work with Win7 - only for XP.

The only thing I found on Dells support section was a brief comment about this system:

Dell DOES NOT support Vista or Windows 7 on this model and you need, at a minimum, Vista drivers for the hardware devices (and you need Dell specific drivers for the sound). The 5000 was not a good candidate for upgrading to Win 7.
Try posting on the Windows 7 forum, maybe someone there will have something that will work, about your only hope.

And therefore I started an account here to see if someone have any suggestions.
This is the drivers needed: Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller

Is it hopeless to try and find drivers or do I have to buy a new network card?

I also tried installing XP drivers with the compatibility mode for Windows XP but didnt work.

Right now it feels like I wasted money fo... Read more

Answer:Win7 drivers on a Dell Dimension 5000

Hello henric and welcome to the Forum.

You might give this a try. Install it in compatibility mode and that might let Win 7 recognize it (assuming the Win 7 you purchased is 32-bit.)

Network: Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller Driver Version A02 - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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Hi Guys

I have a user who just upgraded his windows operating system to Windows 7 from Vista.

Everything is working fine, except his Graphics drivers for Windows 7 doesn't work.

I've checked drivers on Dell website but id cannot find anything and now the user cannot use external screen.

please advice which drivers i can install to fix the problem.


Answer:VGA drivers-Dell Vostro 1510 win7

If it is an Intel Graphics chip

32bit drivers
64 bit

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Ok this has been frustrating me for a whilenow
My usual steps for a clean driver install is uninstall driver first
goto safe mode and use driver sweeper, then reboot into normal mode and install new drivers
but since ive been using win7, whenever after i boot into windows after safe mode , windows automatically installing an older nvidia driver...
How do i disable this?
I've gone into windows/sys32/driver folder where it gets it from and cudnt delete it cos it said it was protected or something and i could'nt bypass that no matter what i tried...

I was just watching a movie and i got a bsod, i get erros while playing games once in a while...
I really just wanna do a clean install...


Answer:How to disable Win7 from installing Nvidia drivers automatically/

With win7 just uninstall the old Nvidia drivers, reboot, and install the new ones. Don't need to worry about what win7 automatically installs.

At least, that's what I've been doing for my last 3 driver upgrades and every single one's worked fine.

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so, do you or don't you?

i've come across quite a few boxes that have Standard VGA Adapter.... i can always tell because when i'm shutting down and the background grays out it stutters like crazy...

some people argue the less drivers/memory footprint you have on a windows server desktop the better.... stability could possibly be taken from the OS because of 3rd party driver programmers....

what are your thoughts? i always thought of it as a "no big deal"... load it up anyway... unless i was forced to get video drivers from like driverguide or something, and i didn't need any hardware acceleration anyway.

i guess it kind of depends on how much or what you're using that server desktop/gui for... administration? or cod4

Answer:installing graphics drivers on a server

Yes. Remote desktop applications work better, as does the higher resolutions on your monitor that is desired on todays servers. Esp with LCD monitors being more common for servers.....including the 1U KVM panels for server cabinets.

Installing the proper driver really has little to do with a "memory footprint". Servers have (or should have) "Server approved hardware/drivers". Commonly onboard ATI with most servers I've dealt with.

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I have a Dell inspiron 580 i3 64 bit and may order a Del xps 8900, both are desktops. I would like to know if I can take the hard drive out of the 580 and put it in the xps then use it as a D drive and still get win7 from that drive? Would then like to switch to win10 when needed? Probably a stupid question but asking anyway. Hey, thanks for any help you can offer. Hollyrock2

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In Dell optiplex 745 PC can install winXP but not Win what could be the reason ?but when we install winXP no problem at all !!!!!!! What could be the reason ?

Answer:Win7 installing in Dell Optiplex 745 struck in log screen

did you run the windows 7 advisor to see if it was compatible?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions 7 Medals

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Hello All,

I thought I would post an interesting Installation of Windows I did on my Dads 2006 Dell Inspiron 6000. I am posting it in the Drivers section because Dell never made a Audio driver for the Inspiron 6000 past Windows XP. I had to do this trick for Widows 7, so I thought I would try on Win 8.

There were a lot of post on how to install the drivers onto Widows 7 back in 2009. This link from the SevenForums helped me install Win 7 on this laptop. So I decided to try the same thing on Windows 8. Dell Inspiron 6000 audio drivers - Windows 7 Forums

1. Installed Windows 7 32 Bit - Processor does not support 64.
2. Installed Sigmatel STAC 9200 series audio driver 6.1 for Windows Vista
3. Upgraded to Windows 8 32 Bit
4. DONE and running like a champ.

I would like to add that Many other Vista and Win7 Drivers should help prolong other older generation computers/Laptops. I have done the same trick to a Gateway M475 with success.......

You loose nothing by trying.

I will at some point be trying this as a Fresh Install, Buts its Dad Computer so.........

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I've got an old 2800 server which I'm troubleshooting some nic issues. It has Intel pro 1000 mt nic in it. There are no new dell drivers available but there are some much newer drivers on the intel site. Since this is a live server I want to check to see if anyone has issues upgrading nic drivers downloaded from intel on a dell server.

Answer:Updating nic drivers on a dell server

I doubt you'd have any issues. As long as the drivers are for that specific card then they should work just fine. You can always roll back if you have issues anyways.

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Hi, these are my system specs:

PSU: Arctic Cooling 550
MOBO: Asus M5A78L
VGA: Club 3D Radeon HD 6870
Fans: 2 x 120mm
CPU: Amd Phenom II X4 955BE + stock heatsink
RAM: 2x2gb DDR3 Corsair Value (DDR1333)
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
Optical drive: Samsung SH-S222AB 22x DVD/CD SATA

Randomly (for example: while surfing the internet), on Windows 7, the computer crashes with a screen with blue and grey vertical stripes (or sometimes totally grey or black).
Sometimes this screen "hides" a BSoD, sometimes it doesn't.

The system crashes only if video drivers are installed.

On Ubuntu 11.04 (64-bit) and Windows XP (32bit), even after installing the drivers, there are no crashes.

In the Event viewer I found this error: (Sorry, it's in italian, I can translate them if needed)

Nome registro: System
Origine: Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger
Data: 25/09/2011 16:00:28
ID evento: 20
Categoria attivitā:Nessuna
Livello: Errore
Parole chiave:
Errore hardware irreversibile.

Componente: AMD Northbridge
Origine errore: Eccezione del controllo del computer
Tipo errore: Errore di timeout watchdog HyperTransport
ID processore: 0

Nei dettagli della voce sono disponibili informazioni aggiuntive.
XML evento:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger" Guid="{C26C4F3C-3F66-4E99-8F8A-39405CFED220}&q... Read more

Answer:Win7 64bit - Crashes after installing video card drivers

Are there Windows 7 drivers available for that video card? A driver is a piece of software, if it doesn't interact with the hardware or OS correctly it will crash the system. Take the RMA if they are offering one.

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So I am changing from the stock Windows 8 to Windows 7 on my laptop and so far it's been a bumpy road. Using driver programs, windows updates and starting with only the wr drive working on this driver-less monster.
Here's my boggle. Some "unknown" PCI device driver listed in Device Manager won't install. My USB will not work on my HP Envy d6 Beats audio intel i7 laptop. I tried a few suggested on the net and both claim that the hardware is not present, yet in my device manager it shows the 'usb device' as not having a driver. Just as well the 3 usb slots in my laptop do not work, (two on the left, one on the right.) I have almost everything working and I need help please.

(edit added) Thank you for any help into this matter as I love using Win 7 and can't stand Windows 8.

Answer:Solved: Installing Win7 from Win8 onto an HP Envy d6 laptop. Need drivers help

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We have a Server 2008 R2 print server that handles all printing for our mixed windows domain. I am trying to install 64 bit drivers so that our newer 64 bit clients can simply double click on the printer to add it to their list of printers.

According to what I'm reading online, I'm supposed to go into the printer's properties. Click Sharing, then click additional drivers. Makes sense. I select the x64 for the processor type (x86 is checked by default and will not uncheck).

At this point it wants me to locate the drivers. I point it to the HP drivers that I have downloaded for 64 bit processors and hit ok but it tells me "The specified location does not contain the driver HP laserjet 4250 PCL 5 for the requested processor architecture." Which it does, although it is PCL 5e rather than PCL 5.

I also have read that the drivers need to have the same name. I assume this means within the INI file. I've tried to change all the locations to read PCL 5 instead of PCL 5e but it gives another error instead. "Windows cannot locate a suitable printer driver. Contact your administrator."


Answer:Installing Additional Drivers on Print Server

I am not sure of the error you are recieving, but for my Server 2008 R2 print server when I add additional drivers I go to the print server in server manager, right click on drivers, and then select add driver. I believe doing it this way it adds the drivers to the pool of drivers the server has access to which in turn should make them available to that HP LJ 4250. Let me know if this helps and I hope my steps make sense. If not I can take screenshots. Also the universal print drivers HP provides helped me get around a lot of the driver issues, directly related to Windows 7, that I experience on my print server.

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I recently came into possession of an old Dell Poweredge 800 and I would like to turn it into a desktop by installing windows 7. The computer has a 64GB SATA SSD which I would like to install the OS on, this is not setup in RAID, and a 500GB hard drive for storage. The computer also has a fairly old 64MB videocard and 4GB of DDR2 RAM. The screen will read that it is installing windows files then It will run the standard Windows 7 startup screen, but at the end of the startup screen the computer crashes and returns a fatal system error (c000021a) on the blue screen of death. I am fairly inexperienced with computers (especially servers), does anybody know how I can get windows to install? Here are the specs I got it with, minus all hard drives. The Ram was upgraded to 4GB and I added a 64MB videocard.

Answer:Installing Windows 7 on Dell Poweredge 800 (Server)

You can download the DOS Boot disk ISO image for [email protected] and burn the image with their Image burner or IMGBurn in my signature. Boot off of the Kill Disk CD and do a low level format. This will wipe the drive of all previous instlalls. This will take quite a while so please be patient. Once it is wiped, boot off of the Windows 7 DVD and install Windows.

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i did some searching before hand and came up with nothing...even the Dell site is helpless.

i am currently working on a family members Dell inspiron 1501 Laptop.
i just formatted and clean installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and everything runs just fine, did all updates and the computer runs great, but i cannot get the video card drivers to work or the ATI Catalyst Control Center to "work" right. It keeps saying that it installed the drivers and everything works but the display does not have the Aero capability...its just annoying. Im not sure if he even cares if it has the Aero option, but i have it has to be done right...

Im not sure what info is needed to help, so please ask all the questions you can. i really wanna get this figured out, this is the only thing left and his computer will be fresh!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1501 no video drivers for Win7 64bit

Visit this site and choose drivers for your OS:

Dell Inspiron Drivers | Dell Inspiron 1501 | Free Download |
PS: read the green lines before downloading.

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I own a power edge server 1800 and running windows xp and server 2003
enterprize duel booting on it. I am looking for a nic driver for
windows xp that will work but can't find one. This driver will be for my
integrated nic on my motherboard please help!

Answer:Need some help with xp NIC drivers for dell 1800 poweredge server

Intel will likely have all the drivers for your board/integrated components:

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Answer:can't install drivers after installing win7 ultimate on my laptop Sony VGNNS140D

You can get the drivers from the manufacturer support site. (see link below)

Sony eSupport - VGN-NS140D - Support

Make sure to choose the correct version of Windows.

If you don't have internet connection on the laptop you can save the files to

a disc or USB drive and then transfer them to the problem PC.

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just installed windows xp on a dell laptop and will not long on to internet. I was told that drivers need to be installed

Answer:help installing drivers on dell laptop

What is the make and model of the Dell, do you have a Dell Asset tag #? Write that info down and go to a working computer with internet access and download the Ethernet driver for your computer from Dell onto a flash drive and install it on this computer. Once that is installed then you can go to the Dell Support site to download any other drivers your missing in the Device Manager (sound, Video, chipset etc) with this computer.

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HiWhen i try and run my drivers and utilities installation cd, i get the following error message. 1155: File D:\INSTALL\INSTMSIW.EXE not foundI click OK and nothing else happens. I cannot run the installation and cannot install the drivers for the Dell PC.Any suggestions pleaseCheersWayne

Answer:Problem installing dell drivers

As far as I know this is Windows Install file, Paste it into google and look through the results.

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Hi folks,
I am using a Dell Inspiron 1545 which came with win Vista originally. i upgraded this to windows 7 (64 bit).
after upgrading, i am not able to use WiFi. (LAN is working fine and BT is also working fine after reinstalling BT driver).
I don't see any entry for wireless network hardware in "network adapters" in device manager. i could only see LAN hardware. also, i couldn't see wireless network connection option in "change adapter setting" option.

I installed drivers from dell website but i couldn't install them. e.g. R246753, R228532, R248337.

Could you pls help in this regard whether i am installing wrong drivers OR there is some other problem?

Answer:wireless NW driver not working after installing Win7 on dell insp 1545

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Run Windows Updates .. Once you have done that go to the Intel Website ..

And Download the Intel Chipset Driver it is a Series 4 you need ..

Are your Function Keys working ? ...

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Hi, i switched on my computer this morning and and got fatal error messages, i had to reinstall vista via a disk and now i cannot install any drivers and cannot access the internet or anything, i have a driver disk from dell but still the drivers are still not installing!! any help whould be great, thanks guys its driving me mad

Answer:need help with dell inspiron 1445 not installing drivers please help:)

There is a 7-character "service tag number" on the sticker on the case.

Go here and enter that number. It will bring up the support and software site that's specific only to your Dell. Go to the drivers and downloads section and look for the device drivers that you need.

Are you sure about Inspiron being the correct model name and 1445 being the correct model number?

You didn't clarify it that computer is a desktop or a laptop.


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I reformatted my Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop yesterday and did a clean install of the Vista Home Basic 64 bit OS. Next, I need to install the drivers, but I'm not sure which ones are already installed and which ones I need to install off the Drivers and Utilities CD or the Dell website.

When I put in the Drivers and Utilities CD, it showed a list of drivers on the CD and tickmarks next to a few drivers which meant that it scanned these devices existed on my laptop. So I installed the three drivers which showed the tickmarks - ATI graphics, WLAN, and Bluetooth.

The rest of the drivers don't have tickmarks on them. So I'm not sure if they match my laptop or not, and whether I should install or not. I mean, my little manual says I have IDT 92HD81 audio, but on the CD and website (under my service tag) it gives the number as IDT 92HD71B. Can I install this even though the number is different?

Second question - do I need to install chipset, network, camera, touchpad, and other drivers too? How do I know what to install and whats already installed?

Please help, I'm really confused.

Answer:Please help me with installing Dell device drivers after a reformat

Windows will install drivers for devices it supports by itself. So in addition you will need the drivers for the devices Windows Vista does not support, or for which the manufacturer has a better driver than the Vista driver.
The easiest way to decide which ones are still required is to look at the device manager, and look for devices that show an error, or that are listed in the "Other devices" category.
By checking the hardware ID or device description, you can determine which devices are involved.
You can also use software, like a driver finder program, which scan your computer hardware and show drivers that are either missing or out-dated. Those programs are not free though. But you can at least run a free scan and see what is missing

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(ON DELL DIMENSION 4550)so i just reinstalled windows on a new hard drive and im at the point where i have to install/update drivers. On the device manger there are 3 devices with a ?and! : Ethernet Controller,Multimedia Audio controller, and PCI Input device. I have the resource cd but i don't know how to update the drivers. any help is appreciated

Answer:Installing drivers on Dell dimension 4550

Put the resource CD in and Device Manager Right click on the device and select update driver, when prompted select the CD drive as the target to search.

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Hi, no matter how many times I follow SupportAssist's recommendation to install:
Docks/Stands Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver
Chipset - Intel Serial IO Driver
Chipset - Intel Management Engine Interface Driver
and then reboot, it keeps telling me I need those drivers.
It did download and install a new Intel Video driver which hasn't reappeared.
Laptop: Brand new XPS 15 QHD display, windows 10.  TIA
PS why the ridiculous number of "I am not a robot" Captcha pictures and puzzles !!! :-)

Answer:XPS 15 - Dell Support Assist keeps installing the same drivers over and over

then i would uninstall the dell support assit. and manually download and install the drivers your self, you don't have to use Dell's support Assit.

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Need assistance. Purchased a server however the actual server was not compatible with the OS server 2008 only 08r2. We have several programs that still require 32bit OS thus the reason for server 2008. After finding out that the server would not support the OS we  were advised to attempt a few ideas. I have installed server2008 on my 660 ispirion. It has an I3 processor so it can handle the environment. The only issue I received is a network issue. Not able to connect to the internet and the drivers are not recognized in order for the LAN to make the connection. Are there any updates or drivers that will fix this issue? Please help!
Intalled Server 2008 in Dell Inspiron 660 with I3 processor when it would normally have WIN7 or WIN10 on it
Everything installed perfectly with excetion to " Not able to connect" and gives a "Code 10" when attempting to update driver and connect to internet.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 660 not connecting to internet after installing server 2008

Can someone please help? Is there a driver or something that needs to be installed that will allow the drivers to work properly? It will not even recognize that there is a driver that I can download that will help this issue

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ok. So i have three Dell Poweredge 1750 servers, and am attempting to make use of them and install linux based servers on all of them. Most preferably ubuntu. I tried just plugging the cd in, and booting like any old computer, my ISO freezes at the ubuntu splash screen, or i should describe it as the screen with the options for the "Install Ubuntu Server", "rescue a broken system" ext. So i go to the dell website and look around. I see that they have the Server Management ISO for my server. I download it, and it boots, so i know it is nothing wrong with the computer, due to the reason that it boots to a LIVE cd environment just fine. So i go back to the dell site, and see that ubuntu is not compatible with the "Server Management" disks they have, but it seems the only way to install. Does anyone know how to get around this, or if i am missing the right ISO from dell so i can continue with the ubuntu install. Thanks, This is probably a rookie question, as i am new to the world of dedicated rackmount servers.

Answer:Dell Poweredge 1750's installing Ubuntu Server problems?

well, the Server Management disks to not allow me to boot to the ubuntu linux that i know and love, it is only allowing me to use the Fedora Enterprise servers, the SuSE servers, or Microsoft, and if i attempt to place a disk with Ubuntu on it, the Server Management refuses it. I guess this is kinda confusing. But to be honest, i am a bit confused as well. Failed OS's so far: Ubuntu Server 12.4, Ubuntu Server 11.10, Ubuntu Server 10.4, CentOS, OpenSUSE, ext extThe only thing that might work is the Server Management thing. I just want to know how to boot to regular disks.

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Hi All,

I am planning to buy Dell Precision 650/670 with approximately the following configuration:

Intel Processor XEON 2.8GHZx2 (Dual)
Intel Motherboard 7505 CHIPSET
Supported Interfaces : IDE/SATA/SCSI
Harddisk: Optional
Optical : Optional
AGP Graphic Card

I plan to run a server application on these machines, on either Windows 2003 or 2008 Enterprise Server.

I have searched the website and cannot find any drivers for these models for Windows 2003/2008 operating system.

So I just want to know that are there any working drivers (for all the system components) available for these models for Windows 2003/2008 operating system.

Has anyone been using these systems in a similar setup/environment.

Please share the drivers/links any other performance considerations necessary.

Thanks for your help and guidance.

Answer:Windows 2003/2008 Server Drivers for Dell Precision 650/670Ū+E7505+Chipset
is this correct??

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HELP needed with Dell T105 server and SBS2003 - NIC drivers don't work (

I have the CD and I also tried and their only options are Server 2003 and Server 2003 x64. So, naturally I picked Server 2003, even though I have the SMALL BUSINESS SERVER.

Alas... no luck! Anyone???

Desperately need help.


Answer:HELP needed with Dell T105 server and SBS2003 - NIC drivers don't work :o(

The driver for 2003 should be the same. How are you installing it? Sometimes you need to install through device manager not just the executable.

But you can probably get faster answer by getting on the dell support chat, they dont let Poweredge people wait long, should be fixed faster then you created the thread and read this response lol.

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I needed a 32 bit OS for an app.

I had been running a dual boot system with Vista 64 and Win7 64.

I used to get a boot screen asking which system I wanted to boot to, now that I loaded XP I get no options and it boots straight to XP.

Is there a way to create a Boot Loader or force boot to C: or D: which are Vista and Win7 respectively?

Is this issue because I loaded the oldest OS last?

Thanks for any tips to get original two OS's back!

Answer:After Installing XP Cant Boot to Win7 or Vista

Boot from your windows 7 Dvd.
Then try to perform a startup recovery.
Hopefully that will fix it..

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I have an MSI gaming computer running Vista home premium 32bit, I am planning to upgrade to Win7 64bit (I already checked compatibility and its good). My hard drive is in two partitions, one for the OS and one (labeled DATA) where I've installed all my programs and personal files and such. If I wanted to install Win7 over Vista on the OS partition is there any chance the process could corrupt or damage my files on the DATA partition?

Answer:Installing Win7 (Over Vista) on one partition

I also have an AMD 64 turion dual core hard drive (2.2 GHz) in case that could be a factor in the switch as well

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Hi. I just bought a Win 7 PC (64 bit; 1TB HDD; & 8GB RAM); My old PC is a Vista 32-bit laptop(250 GB HDD).
I understand that it will be likely be a simple task to transfer all my files from the old machine to the new.
That said, is there any way to avoid having to re-install all of my applications? I'm fairly sure that i'm going to have to re-install all of my applications, but perhaps there is a way. Many thanks in advance...


Answer:Vista(old pc) to win7(new pc) without re-installing applications?

You cannot transfer programs to another PC. The only thing you could have done is an in place upgrade which isn't an option for you.

What you can do is use Windows Easy Transfer to easily transfer your files/documents.
Video: Transferring files and settings from another PC - Windows Help

You can use something like backrex if you want to backup and move over IE settings.
Internet Explorer Backup - BackRex Software

Transfer Chrome Settings
How to Backup and Restore Entire Google Chrome Setting | Juan2Geek

Transfer Firefox Settings

Here is another link for Windows Easy Transfer
Windows Easy Transfer - Transfer To & From Computers

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What's the best way to install windows 7 on a T500 machine ?Let it install and then manually download/install all the drivers from the lenovo website ? (Is there a list of all the things that should be downloaded ?)

Answer:Installing Win7 on a T500 with Vista

Standard answer:  install Win 7, then install ThinkVantage System Update and let it pull down the appropriate apps and drivers. I don't know if it's the best way, but maybe it's the easiest. Z.

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The official WHQL drivers are out so go get em!

Answer:ATI Catalyst 9.7 RC3 Drivers for Vista/Win7 | x86\x64

Or you can get 9.7 WHQL,

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Further to my thread regarding removing the crapware on my new Dell: New Dell PC: Removing Crapware?

I've done a clean install, and want to install some drivers from the Dell web site. I've downloaded the files, but if I try to extract or install them I get an error, see image attached.

When I open the location they were extracted to, there are no files there!

I note in the install log that it has a personality error as below, not sure if this is relevant:
WARNING Personality Module lib FAILED to return Values via GetPersonalityInfo().

Image below is error after attempt to extract or install drivers or applications:

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Further to my thread regarding removing the crapware on my new Dell:

I've done a clean install, and want to install some drivers from the Dell web site. I've downloaded the files, but if I try to extract or install them I get an error, see image attached.

When I open the location they were extracted to, there are no files there!

I note in the install log that it has a personality error as below, not sure if this is relevant:
WARNING Personality Module lib FAILED to return Values via GetPersonalityInfo().

Image below is error after attempt to extract or install drivers or applications:

Answer:Installing Dell Drivers: installation package could not be opened

What Dell machine is it? I see no mention of it here, in the other thread, or in your system specs.

I'd expect Dell drivers to be .exe files, so something seems odd with your download.

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Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 5559.
To get rid of the crapware I've done a clean install, but I want to install some drivers from the Dell web site. I've downloaded the files, but if I try to extract or install them I get an error, see image attached.
When I open the location they were extracted to, there are no files there!
I note in the install log that it has a personality error as below, not sure if this is relevant:
WARNING Personality Module lib FAILED to return Values via GetPersonalityInfo().
Image attached is error after attempt to extract or install drivers or applications.

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Hi, I've this laptop to repair and I''m facing big trouble to find drivers and possibly to find some hardware issues with it. First I ran diagnostics within setup and found that DVD drive is bricked. I removed it. Also I got BSOD with WHEA_... some message which said that Win has problems with some hardware or drivers. OK, I replaced thermal paste and currently I'm not getting this problem. Realtek FE driver I tried to install couple versions but it says me device cannot start - error code 10. Also there is problem with the Bluetooth adapter driver. What can I do to fix it. Thank you.

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Hi there,

Need urgent help!

I've a Dell Latitude 5420 - but don't have Wifi drivers installed on it. So tried downloading the drivers using my service tag (JYSC8R1) ... Intel(R) WiFi Link 6200 v15.6.1 (A04) April 11, 2013 but this fails. Following is the log.

Can someone help me interpret it?

&#2573;&#2573;&#65279;[06/04/13 06:34:11] Update Package Execution Started
[06/04/13 06:34:11] Original command line: "C:\Users\amit.kapur\Downloads\Network_Driver_4RH68_WN_15.6.1_A04.EXE"
[06/04/13 06:34:11] DUP Framework EXE Version:
[06/04/13 06:34:11] DUP Release: 4RH68X00-00
[06/04/13 06:34:11] Intializing framework...
[06/04/13 06:34:14] logo.png
[06/04/13 06:34:25] User Command: attended
[06/04/13 06:34:25] DUP Capabilities Value: 6291455 (0x5FFFFF)
[06/04/13 06:34:25] DUP Vendor Software Version: 15.6.1
[06/04/13 06:34:25] Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes
[06/04/13 06:34:25] Local System OS Version:
[06/04/13 06:34:25] OS Compatible with this Package? Yes
[06/04/13 06:34:25] Local System OS Language: EN
[06/04/13 06:34:25] Language Compatible with this Package? Unknown
[06/04/13 06:35:27] Identified Behavior : attended
[06/04/13 06:35:27] Temporary payload log file name: C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Network_Driver_4RH68_WN_15.6.1_A04\DUPEA7D.tmp
[06/04/13 06:35:27] Translated Command Line : mup.exe /v"/c mup" /l:"C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Network_Driver_4RH68_WN_15.6.1_A04\DUPEA7D.tmp&quo... Read more

Answer:Installing Wifi Drivers for Dell Latitude 5420

try running the drivers install as Admininistrator. Acording to dell this is a fairly new PC. Why do you need to install the drivers? Did you have to reinstall Windows? If so What version is on there now?

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Let's say i have 2 partitions, Vista and Win7. If I'm now ready to get rid of my Vista and Install Win7 final release over it (for example), what's the first step I have to do with the Vista partition? do I have to reformat it first? what are the steps on doing a clean install on the vista partition. thanks!

and BTW, I have read that the RTM was released, but some says that it's not the final RTM. so what's the forums conclusion about it? final or not?

Answer:QUESTION: about installing WIN7 on Vista partition

ill answer your first question: What you can do, to make this as simple as possible, boot from your W7 disc,and when all the partitions are shown, where your Vista install is, format it, then deleter the partition, so you only have 1, then proceed with installation, which will install W7 onto your HDD. And your second Question, i dont know lol.

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When going to Win7, I wonder if there is any difference beween upgrading from Win Vista and Installing Win7 from scratch. Is the outcome the same? If not, what is the difference? Is it a cleaner installation if one installs it from scratch and not upgrade it on a top of Vista or XP?

What is recommended?


Answer:Diff between upgrading from Vista and installing Win7

There are always risks of data corruption that may follow your upgrade from Vista to Windows7. While it is not that common, if it happens to you, it ends up not being worth the time saved in reinstalling your programs... The preferred method is a clean install, 10 to 1, if not more...

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A Twinhan 1020a PCI Satellite Card works perfect with x64 BDA drivers in 64-bit Vista on a PC with 4 Gb RAM installed. But after installing 64-bit Win 7 the same card with the same drivers can only work normally when setting less than 4Gb RAM to use at startup in msconfig. Why is that, and how to fix?

Answer:Vista Twinhan drivers don't work with 4GB RAM in Win7

Quote: Originally Posted by zamar21

A Twinhan 1020a PCI Satellite Card works perfect with x64 BDA drivers in 64-bit Vista on a PC with 4 Gb RAM installed. But after installing 64-bit Win 7 the same card with the same drivers can only work normally when setting less than 4Gb RAM to use at startup in msconfig. Why is that, and how to fix?

What driver are you using in win 7. You can use the vista driver if you install it in compatibility mode.

to do that simply right click the installer>properties>compatibility>vista

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Hp Compaq dx2000 MT business desktop, came with XP Pro, owner wants to run Vista, looking online I am seeing windows7 drivers for this unit here on HP's site:
I know normally you can use vista drivers to load win7 but this is the opposite, would this work problem free please?

Hp Compaq dx2000 MT business desktop, came with XP Pro, owner wants to run Vista, looking online I am seeing windows7 drivers for this unit here on HP's site:
I know normally you can use vista drivers to load win7 but this is the opposite, would this work problem free please?

Answer:Can Vista work on XP machine with win7 drivers?

When I went to your link, I selected the dropdown box for OS and Vista drivers were available. Vista Home, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

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Hey, I was wondering how I should install a 2nd OS on my computer, and someone suggested VM Server. So i downloaded it, installed it, and now im lost. What do i do with it? I don't see a client i can run or anything. I've googled how but I dont get it >_< Any helps appreciated, THANKS!Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

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Hello Everyone,First of all really thankful for Dell Community for  my last query,  Most satisfactory technical support. we (sloxsoft) looking forwards for further assistant. in our office we had more 200 desktop and 100 laptom of Dell. They are working properly but on timely basis we need to boost the performance of system.So, Please anyone can suggest us for re-installation of Dell official software drivers. Sincerly
Steve Smith
Manager SloxSoft

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I have the model laptop above which when I have installed win 8.1 and try to install Intel and AMD display drivers, will fail to display after a restart or wake from standby. I can tell that the laptop is on and the mouse icon will show but it will fail to display. I can use it as is without the display drivers but as i need to connect my second screen via VGA or HDMI it will not be possible as it needs the enhanced drivers.
Please help.

Answer:Dell Latitude E6440 fails to display after installing drivers

I met with the same problem too. I got into system from safe mode, and remove these new drives I installed, and then my laptop got to normal display. If you can?t remove the new installed drives, try to restore your laptop to the previous point before these drives are installed.

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I have been having some trouble reinstalling the audio driver onto my computer. The reason I am re installing the drivers is because there were some errors since I have just cleaned it out completely and I wanted to make sure everything was working since this computer had a lot of problems when I got it, I have installed all other necessary drivers that I got straight from the dell website. I do no know if this is a problem with the hardware or software. I am running Windows XP on an old Dell Dimension 300 is there any other information that I need to provide?

Answer:Getting error while re-installing audio drivers for my Dell Dimension 3000

Ok, well, what exactly is the error you're receiving?

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click herethis link will say what happened to my acer aspire 5715z icl50,click hereand this link will say what trouble im having with mandriva linux 2010 spring,what I want to know is can I use our win7 64-bit dvd to do start up repair and recover vista from the hidden partition like my win 7 disk did?My aspire is 32-bit

Answer:can I use dell win7 reinstall dvd to recover vista

one post per problem would be sufficient as continuos posts create confusion and could lead to less help.johnny

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I got a Asus P5Q-E Mobo, 8gb ram
Having Win7 7077 x64 installed for one week and before the upgrade nearly 2 months with build 7000.
I bought a new gpu, and replaces my old 8500GTS with a new 9800GT,
Problem is, Windows find the gpu, installs standard driver. all fine.

Second, Install new Win beta 7 Drivers (was trying new vista x64 drivers too), and i got black screen and lockup half time in install progress and when doing a hard restart right before Loginscreen also.
Restart, and windows is doing reset, and old drivers back.

Trying to install several times. no luck with any settings or admin settings to install, same problem, black restart black reset, black restart black reset, black restart black reset.... etc etc.
Putting back the old gpu, install same drivers, power of, putt new gpu in, and its getting black...

What is the problem? I cant find any info in systemlogg either, but the gpu works with standard drivers from windows

I hope i havent missed anything

Best regards /T
Edit: My psu is Corsair 650w, i got 10 HDs, and it uses max 220-260w what i have tested, a bit more while playing (old gpu)

I will get a Vertex SSD this week, maybe the problems solves when installing a fresh Win7 on it? Otherwise i hope someone knows the issue.

Updated Bios on Mobo, Adaptec 2405 and Rocketraid 2320, Still same issue.

I have noticed that the HD led blinks all the time with that gpu, and its gets very hot...
I plugged out the power of my 2x5hds hotswapmodule, so ... Read more

Answer:9800GT Black screen only with Win7/Vista x65 drivers

I don't know if this will help or not but i had a similar problem with my XFX 9800GT on my current motherboard which is Asus P5QL PRO. Windows Vista default VGA drivers works fine but for some strange reason i can't install any drivers from NVIDIA regardless of what version from 17x.x, 18x.x even the latest 19x.x.

Upon installation of drivers and restarting, windows vista loading bar finishes loading, the screen goes to a black screen. I can't even enter windows unless i remove the drivers in safe mode and go with the default VGA drivers.

The only work around i had was to trade my graphic card with another friend which was using a MSI 9800GT and it suddenly able to load into windows with the latest drivers.

The only similarity i could find between yours and mine is that our motherboard is from ASUS. I suspect there might be a conflict. I also read on other forums some other users using ASUS motherboard can't update to the latest drivers and stuck and 182.50. Well i can only speculate . Hope my situation gives you some ideas on how to solve this problem.

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I have an old scanner but does not work with latest Windows! Still in working condition. Has anyone got this to work?

Answer:Canon N650U drivers needed for win7/Vista

Hi there ... I only think there are XP Drivers available for that Model ..... How ever i found an old thread which lead me to the link below .... Might be worth a try if you have not already done so

DRIVER NEEDED: Canon CanoScan N650U (Windows Vista) [USB] - DriverGuide - Support Forums. Windows 8 Drivers, Windows 7 Drivers, Windows XP Drivers, Driver Downloads and Driver Updates

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how do i disable the internet information services on windows vista in order to allow the Apache server to run?

Answer:installing apache server on windows vista

click here may help

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Hi ,
I am facing the same pbm. How u solve this one?

Answer:Installing Windows 2003 Server over Vista

and welcome to the Forum

Boot from the Server 2003 installation disc . . delete all the partitions and create new ones . . then install

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Ok this will be a long post, here it goes:

I had some beast malware on my laptop (a Dell Studio XPS M 1640) so I went ahead and re-installed the OS. However, I messed it up.

So I instert the Dell Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit SP 1 disk and the dell symbol comes up and says loading so I press F 12 and the boot menu comes up and I select right from CD/DVD. Then it says press any key to enter so I do. I believe I got it right up till now.

I then Formated both of the drives (C and D) when the two options came up. I proceeded to click on the one I thought was right and clicked next. So it does its stuff and I enter my password etc. I notice however when I get to the desktop my D drive has 450 GB and my C has only 15 GB. So I re-try installing it and pick the other option (I didnt format it this time). This worked out a little better, the C had 450 GB and the D had the right amount, 15 GB or something. I noticed that both said Local Disk C however and there was no recovery. So I am worried but proceed to try and install the Dell Drives and whatnot but am perplexed because I can't figure out which to install and if I was doing it correctly. THEN, I restart the comp and I low and behold there are TWO choices, both saying Windows Vista. One was the OS with the D drive of 450 GB and the other was the more normal one.

So, I go ahead and try to reinstall it again and Format the two drives but being and idiot I picked the D drive as my main slot again so it has 450GB!!. At t... Read more

Answer:Need help re-installing Vista on a Dell

don't it's only a machine! so you have vista on it?

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I bought a Dell Desktop last summer (e6600, 2gb ram, 250gb hd) and i am have issues installing xp onto the hardrive. I know how to set the settings so it boots from disk that is not the problem. It goes to the blue screen and loads the necessary files and then says, "Loading Windows" and then a new screen pops up saying my computer has shut down to prevent damage to the computer. This has happened with about 3 different copies of windows XP I own. Please give me some information to fix this issue.

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Im trying to update my Creative Xfi drivers in vista but when i install the crucial update it fails every time even though a message come sup telling me the update was successful. Without the audio drivers not only do my recorded songs not play properly on my 5.1 sound system but i cant get Vista SP1. So far Vista has proven to be useless crap, im glad i installed this on a separate partition to xp rather than upgrading because this operating system is a big load of crap. I just want things to work that work in Xp and its fair to want to be able to install the service pack.

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How can I stop vista from installing drivers all by itself?

Answer:stop vista from installing drivers?

Vista installs drivers by itself?Google

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I am Trying to install Vista.

I have a SATA Hardrive, it is recognized in the bios. But it won't be recognized in the Vista Install, No drives were found. I know this is a driver issue, I got the disk i got from dell with the device drivers on it, transferred them over to a flash drive and tried to install them. I scanned the folder, and none of the drivers came up as compatible, they all came up as incompatible.

I have a Dell Inspiron 530, Vista HomePremuim 64 Bit
My Hardrive is a Samsung HD642JJ
4 Gb of Ram
Intel Core 2 Duo

Thanks in Advance

Answer:Drivers not reconized when installing Vista

Have look at this:
SATA Driver - Load in Windows 7 or Vista Setup - Windows 7 Forums

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