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Headset mic relaying headset audio (stereo mix disabled)

Question: Headset mic relaying headset audio (stereo mix disabled)

I can't figure out how to fix this. I noticed that, when I'm watching a video, my headset's mic will relay the audio coming into my headset. Disabling Stereo Mix doesn't fix it. The physical controller that's on my headset cable doesn't stop it from happening, as even if I turn the volume knob all the way down and flick the mute switch, it's still picking up the audio. Muting my headset from within the computer stops the mic from hearing it, as does switching to my speakers that are plugged into the front jack. My headset is a 3.5mm jack type plugged into the back of the computer, directly into the motherboard.

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Preferred Solution: Headset mic relaying headset audio (stereo mix disabled)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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How do I set up Stereo Mix in Windows 10? In Windows 8.1 I used to set my speakers as default playback device, then enable Stereo Mix and set it to listen to my headset. Then I would get two volume controls in taskbar, one for speakers and one for headset. But now, in Windows 10, when I set it up like that, nothing happens, as Stereo Mix has no function.

Answer:Set up Stereo Mix: audio playback on both headset and speakers


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I have a bluetooth headset connected to a bluetooth usb adapter but I am unable to get the mic to work while using stereo audio, only when it's in mono audio. I read somewhere it's about the number of profiles supported, would I need multiple bluetooth adapters, a better one or is there a way to make it work that I'm just missing?

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Hello, I bought a "Plantronics Audio 60 Stereo PC Headset" from amazon awhile ago, and I'm not *entirely* sure if it actually worked from the beginning...but it sure as hell isn't workin now.

*Running halflife*

Well anyway, it works GREAT when I do sound recording (Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Sound Recorder) but when I try to do it in a game, no one can hear me (when I did the voice tweak, it plays kinda staticy the thing that I said, then repeats it over and over again, getting louder each time. The other config option doesn't help either) Has anyone else experienced problems with this product, or any product and experienced the same problem..? Is it fixable, or will I have to get support from plantronics? Thanks in advance.

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So I've only recently discovered Stereo Mixer and have been messing around with it for a few days. I've looked high and low for solutions on getting it pick up on my mic, but nothing works. I've read that it won't work with USB headsets, but I want to be sure of it before I give in and buy a new one.

I've set my speakers are the default playback default, headset as the default recording with Mixer as the default communications device, as well as vice-versa in regard to recording devices. I've also set "Listen to this device" in the Mixer to play back through my headset and tried without it checked off. I've gone so far as to use VAC with 3 audio repeaters in some roundabout way to try to get it to work, but still no luck. More details on that of anybody asks.

I have a friend who got it to work flawlessly, and he has a wired headset. I'm using a PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, so I'm almost positive the headset is the problem. Does anyone have a better solution to this or am I just gonna need a new headset? If so, any suggestions? Preferably within the $80-$100 range.

Answer:Stereo Mixer and Wireless USB Headset; Mic not mixing with audio.

The Stereo Mixer should be sets as the default "Recording" device. Then any recording device that is plugged in and recognized by Windows can be used.

I don't have a wireless mic so I can't try it in my system.

However, the wireless connection and pairing must be done first. If this is not done then it won't work as Windows will not see the mic and/or headset. This is the first step, get it connected and Windows recognizes the devices. Its not the Stereo Mix problem, the problem is basic - getting it connected and working with Windows.

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(cross post from Computer Audio, don't think anyone there knows the answer)

OS: Windows 7 Pro (64)
MoBo: EVGA e762 4-Way SLI
Headset: Roccat Kave (analog 5.1, not USB) - Rear plug
Speakers: Generic analog 2.0 stereo - Front panel plug

Before I upgraded my situation, I was using regular 2.0 stereo headset and the same speakers I have now, only before, the plugs were reversed. I had the speakers plugged in the back, directly to the motherboard, and I had the headset plugged into the front. I always disable "front panel detection" (or whatever that option was called) because I don't want my speakers to Mute when I plug in my headset, because I have it plugged in all the time.

I use my PC mostly for gaming, but also watching videos. When I have the gf over, we like to watch things together. This was not a problem before. I would simply turn the volume nob down on the speakers, put on the headset, and launch ventrilo / teamspeak + game, or take the headset off, hang it on a hook on the wall, and turn the speakers back up when I wanted to do something else. It's also nice, when the ears get tired, to just hang the headset around your neck and turn the speakers up when you still need to be somewhat active on vent/ts but don't want to use them right now.

Nothing is coming out of my speakers. Or at least, nothing useful. It seems as though the sound option in Windows that determines whether or not you are in 5.1 or 2.0 is a hierarc... Read more

Answer:Audio problem with analog 5.1 headset (Roccat Kave) and stereo 2.0 desktop speakers

Why not get a splitter and split off the rear output? One to the speakers, one to the headset?

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So three days ago I wiped all of my drives and installed Windows 10. I have a Corsair Vengenace 2100 headset. I installed the realtek drivers from ASUS download section for my motherboard and then I installed the headset drivers.

The problem is that my headset does not record anything through the microphone if I set it to be the default device for audio output. If I have my other computer speakers as the default output device my microphone works just fine.

This goes for all the USBs in the back of the motherboard. The headset works just great if I plug in the wireless reciever in the front of the computer.

I have tried to reinstall the drivers multiple times and checked a bunch of different settings in the sound manager in windows but nothing seems to work.

Have also googled all kinds of things but nothing seems to relate to my problem.

I do not have any external sound card plugged into my computer.

Thanks for any help provided!

EDIT: Can be closed as I found the win 10 forum after I made the thread. Sorry!

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HelloSo three days ago I wiped all of my drives and installed Windows 10. I have a Corsair Vengenace 2100 headset. I installed the realtek drivers from ASUS download section for my motherboard and then I installed the headset drivers.The problem is that my headset does not record anything through the microphone if I set it to be the default device for audio output. If I have my other computer speakers as the default output device my microphone works just fine.This goes for all the USBs in the back of the motherboard. The headset works just great if I plug in the wireless reciever in the front of the computer.I have tried to reinstall the drivers multiple times and checked a bunch of different settings in the sound manager in windows but nothing seems to work.Have also googled all kinds of things but nothing seems to relate to my problem.I do not have any external sound card plugged into my computer.Thanks for any help provided!

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HelloSo three days ago I wiped all of my drives and installed Windows 10. I have a Corsair Vengenace 2100 headset. I installed the realtek drivers from ASUS download section for my motherboard and then I installed the headset drivers.The problem is that my headset does not record anything through the microphone if I set it to be the default device for audio output. If I have my other computer speakers as the default output device my microphone works just fine.This goes for all the USBs in the back of the motherboard. The headset works just great if I plug in the wireless reciever in the front of the computer.I have tried to reinstall the drivers multiple times and checked a bunch of different settings in the sound manager in windows but nothing seems to work.Have also googled all kinds of things but nothing seems to relate to my problem.I do not have any external sound card plugged into my computer.Thanks for any help provided!

Answer:Headset microphone not recording when headset is default audio device

Hi iBSOADed and welcome to TenForums,

First of all, you shouldn't have had to worry about installing any drivers after installing Windows 10 as Windows should do that automatically.

Have you tried using the Corsair Gaming Headset Setup program in the Downloads section of this page? Vengeance® 2100 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset

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Hi all. From some days my right audio box and my right earphone don't work, i assure you i'm not deaf
Anyway I think it's a software problem because it concerns both the hardwares.
Thanks for the attention.

Answer:Audio right box/headset disabled itself

any suggestion?

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I am knew on the board. Greetings

I installed a NEW Logitech USB Headset 350 onto my Winows XP Service Pack 2 generic 'puter.

I now have no speaker sound and no option shows except the headset and "Modem #1 line ".

It sorta looks like I have no speaker drivers .

Unplugging the headset does not help.

Anybody know how to fix this problem so I am not forced to wear a headset for audio ALL OF THE TIME ?



Answer:Installed new USB Headset NOW no speaker audio even if I unplug the headset

Yeah, my USB headset was a little weird at first as well.

Try going into your volume control (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control):
1. Click Options
2. Properties
3. Change the mixer device from the USB headset to your speakers.

Should work.

Also should note you can change the output settings in most audio software (for example: Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.) so if you can't hear anything from your speakers when using those programs, try fiddling with those settings as well. I know for Winamp it's Options > Preferences > Plug-ins > Output > double-click the plug-in you use (mine is out_ds.dll) and again change it to your speakers using the drop down menu.

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Tried couple of ways but i cant get achieve my goal.
i'm trying to do a commentary of so games so i need to record game sound and allso my headset sound (microphone)
But since it's USB to not 3.5mm plug i cant find way to record both.
i own a Realtek Driver and a Gigabyte Motherboard.
i do not want any "virtual mixer" or something..
any way ?

Answer:Using Stereo Mix with USB headset?

The headset is basically a "digital" device to the system and when you use this, the headset becomes the default playback device, rather than your PC's sound device. As you can only have one default playback device, your best option is to use a standard "analog" headset, which does use your PC's sound device (Realtek) for your application rather than the USB type.

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I went to radioshack to buy this Gigaware USB Stereo Headset. It said it comes with a Skype CD. I plugged the USB device into my laptop andit said "___ Has been found" and "____ Installed and ready to use!". I could hear myself talk and make noises. I connected an audio chat with my friends through both AIM and MSN. I could hear them talk and they can't hear me. What's up with that? Where's the Skype Included CD? Help please!

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Hoping someone can give me some advise. I've tried 3 different branded stereo bt headsets. They all connect and show as connected. When I check them under MSN Messenger, they work. However when I switch on any media player, no audio comes through, it all goes through the laptop spkrs! Any help on what I'm doing wrong or need to do to fix would be appreciated!!TIA

Answer:R61 & Stereo Bluetooth Headset

hum you have to switch on or 'connect' the 'stereo headset features' through the bluetooth icon in your system tray when you switch on your bluetooth connection in your laptop. Bluetooth headset with a mic, usually have two modes one is for communication which uses a older protocol, the other is the A2P 2.0 or something like that enables stereo music mode.

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I?m using a Cyber Acoustics AC-850 Stereo USB headset with microphone on Windows XP Home ? SP2 and I need to have a software driver that provides control panel functions, i.e., headset volume settings, reverb setting, karaoke settings, etc. This headset came packaged without a software driver included. Can someone direct me to the appropriate website where I can download this driver? I?ve already tried the CyberAcoustics website with no luck, I also tried luck. I originally had this driver which was located and installed via a Driver Genius management tool scan. But since then I?ve had to completely reinstall my OS, losing everything.

Answer:Stereo Usb Headset Driver

Technical Support:
For specific questions regarding your Cyber Acoustics products and its use.
# [email protected]
# Tech Support Phone: (360) 823-4100

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I'm reluctant (well I'm not as I like spending money lol) to buy a head set as I have a very high quality home cinema av receiver.

However the position I sit to play games means the surround speakers are to my left, and ruin the whole surround experience.
And moving the speakers and or myself is out of the question.

So I wish to buy some gaming headphones.

Being a bit of a sound freak (hence the stupidly over priced home cinema system) I like things to sound good.

Now my speaker experience tells me that the likes of turtle beach or tritton surround sets can't possibly sound as good a decent pair of stereo speakers.

So I'm just wondering from your guys experience are the surround headsets actually any good? As I can't see how speakers in close proximity can come anywhere near close to surround.

Essay over

Answer:Stereo vs surround headset

I actually haven't tried any of these surround headsets, but I know that most (maybe all) of them use virtual surround. So what it means is that they tweaked their stereo sounding that much that it doesn't sound like a stereo headset... which they might call surround. These headsets tend to have the option to turn this feature off (who the hell bought them otherwise) but considering that you are an audiophile you wouldn't like it anyway because it degrades the audio quality (I know games' audio quality might not be as important as the music quality is).

I say buy a headphone which is a plain stereo one (I would go for an Akg since they are known for the non tweaked sounding, which saves you even more quality). I think that the virtual sorrund is only a matter of taste in games.

I hope I helped somewhat

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Hello everyone and sorry if I posted this in the incorrect section!

So, I love to record when I play to upload to Youtube and I currectly own an Elgato Game Capture. Since I use a DVI-D cable to my monitor and the HDMI does not send any audio to the Elgato (Using Elgato as a third screen but mirror it with my main one) I've been using Stereo Mix to get audio to my recording.

This has been working well except for that I can't use the audio plugs on the front of my computer, only those in the back. Nonetheless, I have not really cared since I could do either way. When I have it plugged into the front Stereo Mix is totally dead and does not send any audio to the Elgato, making my clips without audio.

Now, I've bought a new headset that's wireless and uses USB instead of audio plugs. And I've been having the same problems like before...Stereo Mix is totally dead when the wireless headset is the "standard" one. I could have both headsets plugged in but it's still dead. If I switch over so the OLD headset is standard it works as a charm, just like before. This forces me to use my old headset which I don't want to


Stereo Mix does ONLY work if I have a wired headset plugged into the back of my computer, otherwise no.

Any help is appreciated, thanks for reading!!

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When i plugin my USB headset I hear some audio sources but not all, Stereo Mix doesn't seem to appear for the headset.

If i reboot the machine then everything is fine..

Any help on how I can avoid having to reboot?

Answer:USB headset doesn't get Stereo mix

Sounds like the USB headset is not connecting correctly and when it does (unless rebooted) there is a corruption between the headset and Windows.

Try this and see if it helps. With the headset connected: go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the headset to highlight it and then Left click "Uninstall" (do not check the box to uninstall drivers). Then disconnect the headset and restart the PC. After Windows starts, connect the headset and Windows should detect new hardware and reinstall it. This fixes a lot of flakey problems and may take care of your problem.

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I?m using a Cyber Acoustics AC-850 Stereo USB headset with microphone on Windows XP Home ? SP2 and I need to have a software driver that provides control panel functions, i.e., headset volume settings, reverb setting, karaoke settings, etc. This headset came packaged without a software driver included. Can someone direct me to the appropriate website where I can download this driver? I?ve already tried the CyberAcoustics website with no luck, I also tried luck. I originally had this driver which was located and installed via a Driver Genius management tool scan. But since then I?ve had to completely reinstall my OS, losing everything.

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Hello, I am Aaron, and today I went out and bought a Stereo Headset... An HP Premium Stereo Headset, here is the link to the exact product...

Now, the problem is, I am using this for a Desktop Computer, and my Monitor has built in speakers and this Stereo Headset has a plug-in for the Microphone also, which is mainly the reason I bought it, and I cannot use the Mic nor the Headset when I plug it in to the CPU itself, I may only use the Stereo Headset for the sound when I plug it into the monitor plug-in. So either I do not have the right software installed, my computer cannot recognize the Stereo Headset and figure stuff on it's own, or I am just stupid.

I will be attatching my DxDiag.txt which has all of my system information...

Thank you, please help me,

Answer:Stereo Headset Installation

The monitor contains the audio amplifier for the built-in speakers. The CPU only puts out a low signal for input to an audio amp (usually built into PC speakers, hence the power they need). Very few motherboards have a built in amp.

You are trying to run the speakers from the amp input level which they are not designed for.

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I have been looking for a wireless stereo headset with microphone to use with my voice coms for in-game squad communications. Alas, i cannot find one!! Plenty of one ear headsets with mics for use with telephone and cellulat phone use but no stereo ones!! Anyone know why this is? It would seem like there would be a market for it...

If anyone knows of where I could find this I would greatly appreciate it!!!


Answer:Wireless Stereo headset with microphone

jseagull said:

I have been looking for a wireless stereo headset with microphone to use with my voice coms for in-game squad communications. Alas, i cannot find one!! Plenty of one ear headsets with mics for use with telephone and cellulat phone use but no stereo ones!! Anyone know why this is? It would seem like there would be a market for it...

If anyone knows of where I could find this I would greatly appreciate it!!!

JSeagullClick to expand...

Hmm, maybe because it would interfere with all other frequencys from a PC like the PSU's frequency, and the monitors, and the cpus, etc etc... That or maybe because sound quality sent over wireless is just butt; personally looking for a new headset/mic myself and I found (the USB 5H) and (the Icemat Audio - Black Siberia Combo)

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I wasn't sure whether to put this under Other software or Windows 10, because I don't know if it's something with the operating system or something else. When I use my mic, it seems to pick up and repeat the sounds of the computer (but at a much quieter volume), and the Stereo Mix process does the exact same thing with my mic sounds. I know it doesn't have anything to do with the microphone physically picking up the sound, because it still picks up computer sound even when I use the inline switch on the headset cord to mute my microphone, so it's something to do with the actual computer. Using the same inline controller to mute the sound coming into my headset also doesn't change anything. I've checked everything in the Recording tab and none of the 'listen' boxes are checked. This problem has persisted after I used Windows' Reset function due to a different issue. Anyone have any idea what the issue is?

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In Windows 8 Pro, Backbeat Headset shows as offline, it seems to install, however, I have not been able to get the headset online.
I know you need to right click, however, that will not work.
Any suggestions.

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I just purchased a USB stereo headset for my voice recognition software yesterday, and the audio is great. However, the only problem that I have is with my TV tuner card (ATI TV Wonder PCI). Because it plugs into my soundcard I cannot hear anything through my new headset. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Answer:USB stereo headset/TV tuner -- conflict

The tv tuner card plugs in where?

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I recently got a Skullcandy PLYR 2 wireless headset. The instructions say that plugging in the transmitter without also plugging in a 3.5 mm stereo audio cable will only allow the headset to play audio in mono, so I grabbed a stereo audio cable and plugged it in. Windows still only recognizes the headset as mono, and when I go to configure the headset, the only option available is mono. How do I fix this problem?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3547 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7520G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 450829 MB, Free - 201772 MB;
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled

Answer:Solved: Stereo Headset Recognized as Mono

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Hello Lenovo users, I migrated from T61p (XP) to W510 (W7). First, all of my Bluetooth devices worked fine under T61p. On W510 thinkpad, at first, it paired with my stereo headset SONY DR-BT50 as a mono headset but none of applications can see my headset. I upgraded it with "Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software II for Windows 7". Now my applications can see it as a mono bluetooth headset. But the program such as Window Multimidia Player won't see that I have a stereo bluetooth headphone and all the sound going through built-in speaker. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? Thank you. Hank--

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Stereo Mix randomly works, it randomly does not, this is seen in my game recordings, some have no game sound (stereo mix).

It has been a while now without stereo mix sound. I havn't changed anything.

After spending days googling it, I think it has something to do with the fact that I have a headset.
It connects by a bluetooth usb adapter which has its own hub to connect a cable to charge it at the same time as use, someone said it's because it has its own sound driver which stops stereo mix ?

My headset is Logitech G930 but I think its the same for any headset.

I just want to be able to record sound in games (I use shadow play, comes with geforce).
I would also like to be able to record music.

I need stereomix to hear my computer sound again.

I tried using Virtual Audio Cable has someone else mentioned but It's just too much work every time to just get a type of stereo mix recording to work...

I have windows 10 pro now but I forgot my password and there is no forgot password button on that forum. This bug is in windows 7 too though.

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Thinking of Nokia BH-505

Answer:Suggest me best stereo headset for Lumia 1520


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I have an HP Pavilion DV7-6143CL laptop running Window 7 64-bit OS.  I just recently purchased an LG HBS-730 Bluetooth Stereo Headset that gets recognized when I choose add device, however when the driver attempts to install it always fails, help.  When I connect my Motorolo bluetooth ear pieces, I don't have a problem in connecting them, I have two different models. I have run both Windows and HP updates and there are no new drivers for Bluetooth. I contacted LG for support and they said I must contact HP. Does anyone have a solution or link to install this LG Bluetooth stereo headset driver that Windows 7 recognizes?

Answer:LG HBS-730 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Recognized but Driver n...

I have same model, too. There are 2 bluetooth modes in LG HBS-730. Hands free mode and Stereo audio mode are their 2 modes. I think that your headset operates with hands free mode in windows 7 system. So, you may find stereo audio mode and select it. Then, you can play the HBS-730 headset for playing music or other things.  

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Am trying to connect S9 Motorola bluetooth headset for Y510 44Q model laptop. Though it shows connected but audio doesn't play from headset....can someone help me out whats the problem

Answer:Bluetooth Stereo headset for Lenovo Y510 44Q model

Try atjsting default audio playback device in Control Panel-> Sound and sound devices

//help will save the world

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I am just writin 2 u with a problem l have with my logitech clearchat stereo headset and microphone its not workin and its not detected on the computer when l first brought it worked but now it doesnt do l need to install any drivers for it to work my laptop is with windows vista home premium plz can u help l dunno wat to do without it

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Yesterday I bought the above-named headset to use when playing Team Fortress 2. It connects to my mobo with two separate 1/8" plugs -- one for the headphones, and one for the mic. I'm positive I've got them in the right jacks.

Right off the bat I noticed that I had to turn the volume down substantially from where I had it with my regular Sony headphones -- I was getting tons of high-pitched interference that disappeared when I turned down the volume, even though playback still seems to be good and loud.

The mic, however, is crap at this point. When I went to test it in the audio section of the control panel, I found that it barely registers on the level meter, even when I'm speaking at louder than normal volume. In properties I brought the mic volume all the way up, and made sure that the mute box is not checked.

The headset comes with its own mic mute switch on the cord, and it's open.

When I went to the voice recorder and did a test, what I recorded was a faint high pitched mix of static and electronic squealing -- sort of like the sound a fax machine makes, and yes -- it's not unlike the initial interference I was getting on the headphones. There was nothing in there that sounded like my voice or words.

When I went to test my mic in-game (before actually playing), I found that speaking at the same louder-than-normal volume pushed the level up into the red, but I couldn't hear myself over the headphones -- not sure if I was suppo... Read more

Answer:Logitech Premium Stereo Headset, mic doesn't work.

I usually go through the windows live messenger audio setup to get a microphone working correctly. 9 times out of 10 that alone will sort it.

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So, I've recently tried starting to stream games on twitch, and even did a clean install. I can't seem to get my external mic to work with my stereo mix as much as I try I just can't seem to get it working. I've tried going back and forth between setting default devices. Tried the reset thinking that might fix it Is there any way at all that this can be fixed? I've even tried contacting Microsoft support and wasn't able to fix it that way.  I just...Don't know what to do anymore. Can anyone at all help me?

Answer:HP 1D63NR External Headset and Stereo Mix not working togeth...

Hi, Can you see something similar to the following image when open Recording device (Right click speakers icon at the bottom right corner).    Please right click and enable it Regards.

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Just bought a X5i stereo bluetooth headset (A2DP protocol) from BlueAnt and paired it with T61P.  The laptop recognized it and it connected to it.  When i started playing audio though, the sound is coming only from one side of the headset.  Do I need to update the bluetooth drivers for lenovo??  What do i need to do?  Please help!

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Hi All,

I want to know in Vista,

At the Same time,
How to get the Head Phone Front Jack on, output
the Rear output for the Speakers -5.1 Surround
a USB Headset for another Mic ONLY that is USB.

Three things all Going at once?

Is it possible,
I cant even get the Headphones front output-pink and the rear speakers playing at the same time

Answer:How to use front Pink Headset, USB Headset, and Rear Speker outputs atthe same time?

Hi Dash,

I know its possible with Realtek HD devices...What type of device do you have?


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So basically, will this headset work with windows 7 ?

Answer:Tritton AX 720 Gaming Headset with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset

Yes it will. Google for reviews.

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Hi All, I have Nokia BH-900 bluetooth headset and X60s laptop, how to use the headset for VoIP calls? The OS is Windows XP. So far I have added the bt device to the device list, but for some reason the device connection does not activate, ie the headset keeps blinking green, not blue. And I can not find the bt device from any settings. I already tried the search on this forum, but the given instructions did not seem to match my case, or I did not understand them  BRJorma

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On Lenovo Thinkpad x1 3rd generation with windows 10, i'm pluging in my iPhone headset (I also tried with my samsung headset and one plus headset), but it will not recognize the mic. the headphones speakers works just fine, but the array mic stays on and no indication on windows, what so ever, that a mic was plugged too. Thank you for your assistence Idan 

Answer:Thinkpad x1 iphone headset plugged. headset Speakers works but not the mic

I'm not sure, but I think that this answer, about enabling multi-stream solved the problem 

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I have an Acer Aspire V 15 (V5-591G-55pv) laptop. The laptop has a HEADSET jack (it shows a little symbol next to it referring to a headset with mic and headphone) and i have a headset that has 2 wires. 1 is for the headphones and the other is for the microphone, so i am using a headset adapter that came with the headset itself. I have used the microphone and the headset adapter on my PS4 controller and it works so the microphone is not defected. my computer does not detect my headphones but still plays audio through it, and the microphone is not detected. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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the topic pretty much says it. I bought myself a new headset(C-media headphone set or something) which uses a USB-port instead of an original sound-port-thing. The problem is, whenever I plug the headset in the USB-port pretty much nothing happens and I can't get the sound in the headset, it just stays in the speakers...

It used to be no problem when I used a headset with the sound-port on the motherboard to just change it. Anyone have any suggestions on what I might do? :(

edit: forgot to say that it works just fine after rebooting the computer.

Thank you

Answer:Problem with USB-headset(Can't switch between headset and speakers without rebooting)

Hi Foonksh,

Try going into the Control Panel and go into Sounds and Audio Devices. From there you can pick the default device for recording and for playback. In the playback section, set the headset as the default device instead of your speakers.

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With my old headset i used to have a blast recording sounds/music coming out of my comptuer directly using wave out. Often for MSN voice clips and such.

I haven't changed anything, but now that i have this new headset, the only recording i seem to be able to do is voice recording in sound recorder, i can't seem to record wave out mix on sound recorder, and can't record anything whatsoever in msn voice clips.

I can hear voice clips sent to me though, strange thing is, when someone invited me to an audio conversation earlier, i got the annoying ringing noise alright , but i couldn't hear anything.

I checked my volume controls nothing is muted.
Any help would be fantastic! Thanks in advance

Answer:New Headset dilemma (C-Media USB Headset to be precise)


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1 x AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core Black Processor Model HDZ720WFGIBOX - Retail
1 x SAPPHIRE 100248L Radeon HD 3850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card - Retail
1 x Rosewill Green Series RG530-2 530W Continuous @40°C, 80 PLUS Certified,Active PFC "Compatible with Core i7, i5" Power Supply - Retail
2 x G.SKILL 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Desktop Memory Model F2-8500CL5S-1GBPK - Retail
1 x Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM
1 x Rosewill RNX-G1 USB 2.0 Wireless Black Dongle with External 2dBi SMA Antenna - Retail
1 x Western Digital Caviar Blue WD1600AAJS 160GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
1 x LITE-ON SK-1688A/B Black PS/2 Wired Standard Keyboard - Retail
1 x SAMSUNG Black 22X DVD Burner Black SATA Model SH-S223B - OEM
1 x ASRock K10N78M AM3/AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 8100 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail
1 x Rosewill R223-P-BK 120mm Fan ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I have my front panel cord that's supposed to be plugged into the MB plugged out because it doesn't work properly(Only plays sound through left).

When I go into the Realtek HD Audio Manager and put 5.1 my Microphone tab goes away, thus unable to use my mic...

How can I have 5.1 enabled and and be able to use my mic too?

The Mic cord on head set can not reach to the f... Read more

Answer:Solved: New Headset. When I put 5.1 Mic gets disabled.

I'm sorry, could you clarify the question, please?

You know you have a faulty sound connector, and you are wondering why you aren't getting surround sound?

Are you asking about fixing the faulty connector, or fixing the software issue?

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I'm running Vista Home Edition SP1 on an HP Pavilion dv9000. It has four USB ports. Over time, my Microsoft LX-3000 headset has stopped working on some ports.

I plug it into a port and it works fine for a while, then it stops working on that port. The port continues to work for other devices: printers, speakers, USB drives.

So I plug it into a new port and it works fine for a while then...

I just lost the fourth port. Any ideas out there?

Note: This problem pre-dates SP1, so it's not specifically an SP1 issue.

Answer:[SOLVED] USB ports disabled for headset

Did you try updating the drivers and software from the MS webite?

heres the link MS Hardware

and also try uninstalling the device and deleting the device driver from the "Device manager" and then installing it again using the updated software.

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Hi, I just got a new Bluetooth headset with an integrated microphone and whenever this microphone turns on (for example when connecting to a discord server) I can't hear any other sounds. I think the problem lays somewhere with windows switching to a communication device but I have no clue on how to fix this.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Headset's sound disabled when I activate my microphone

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Hi, I just got a new Bluetooth headset with an integrated microphone and whenever this microphone turns on (for example when connecting to a discord server) I can't hear any other sounds. I think the problem lays somewhere with windows switching to a communication device but I have no clue on how to fix this.
Thanks in advance. you've checked in sound panel that the volume stays above 0?
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hi all,so yea as the title says it I accidentally turned off the headset from the processes in TaskManager.If any1 coud help me i woud be very grateful!

Answer:I accidentally disabled the headset from the processes in TaskManager

You have disabled some process,mean killed or .. ?

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I've searched around a lot about this topic, but after hours and days of searching, I've found nothing to fix my problem. I have a headset that has speakers and a microphone (3.5mm jacks) that work fine, except when I'm trying to talk to someone using the microphone, they can hear the sounds coming from my headset (youtube videos, game sounds etc). I've tried installing the Realtek HD Audio Codec but it disappears after it finishes installing and after I restart (although it still remains in the Programs and Features uninstall page), the program files for it is empty with the exception of RtlUpd64.exe which doesn't do anything when executed and a few other files.
In device manager, the things I have under sound, video and game controllers are Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus and the Intel Display Audio. I've updated everything to the latest. Also, I recently system restored my computer and before I did I had IDT High Definition Audio Drivers, but after updating they were changed.
I think the problem is that stereo mix is enabled somewhere or something to do with my drivers as when I tried plugging my headset into my brother's computer, it worked fine (he has the Gigabyte Realtek Audio Manager thing and was able to adjust the stereo mix settings).
If there's a program or workaround to this, or how to disable the stereo mix like through registry or something, please let me know.
My computer is a HP Pavilion dv6-7040tx running Wi... Read more

Answer:Headset mic recording sounds through headset?

You are correct, that is the usual cause of this problem. And aside from being set in the drivers, it can sometimes be set in the application (used for the communication).

That model does appear to use the IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio chipset. The problem is likely in the fact that you upgraded to Win10 and I don't see that HP supports nor supplies drivers for Win10 (I only see drivers for 7 and 8). Which means you are using generic drives supplied by Windows. The generic Windows drivers often work well enough to get hardware functional, but quite often don't support all hardware or all features of all hardware.

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I have 2 headsets both from different companies, one from Andrea the other from Altec Lansing. I have them plugged into the front ports of my tower. My computer detects them both and says that they are working. However, I can hear out of them, but I cannot say anything. It does not hear me at all. I've tried various testing procedures and it doesn't detect anything.

What do I do?

Answer:Headset detected, not working (2nd headset)

Hi Cdn, The Vista default setting under audio and microphone is rear line in. Right Click the speaker
icon in your task bar or system tray. Click on the Recording tab at the top. Make sure that Front Mic.
is enabled and has a green check mark next to it. Click Apply and Okay. Try it now.

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Ive got an Logitech 250 headset USB, And i have a stereo soundsystem. So i wont be using the headset, but only the microphone. Is there anyway to 'split' the microphone from the headset, like with a software or something, Cause i dont want to hear everything on the headset when i plug the usb in, but i want to hear it on my soundsystem.

Any help? Without ripping my headset apart? :b

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I have a almost broken headset, but the microphone still works fine, The microphone is connected on the wire right before the headset, Its not actually touching the headset itself.

Would this microphone still work if the headset was cut off?

Sorry but I can't manage to take a photo but

Answer:Will a Headset microphone still work if I cut it off the Headset?

Is the microphone actually supported by the headset, by that I mean when the set is on your head is the microphone carried close to your mouth so you have both hands free. If this is the case then cutting off the headset will mean the microphone will not have any way of being held near your mouth.
If you cut it off you will have to be very careful you don't cut the wires for the microphone & it's possible that there is a common return wire for the earpieces & the microphone in the form of a shielded cable, so it would be very difficult, but if you have skills in this area it could be done.

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Sound does not go through headset. A headset is not working. 

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I have tried 2 different headsets using front ports of my computer. The headsets are detected by the computer and I can hear fine out of them, but no voice is detected. I have tried numerous tests and other small things, but nothing seems to work. The headsets are supposed to be working properly according to the system.

What do I do?

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I've been having trouble getting clear audio consistently with my new headset on my laptop which is currently running Windows 7. I have tried reinstalling the driver, restarting my laptop, combinations of restarting and reinstalling driver, replacing the headset (before I realised it was a computer problem), even flashed the BIOS to see if that would help, also tried using different USB ports, nothing has fixed it and if it does it lasts 5 minutes before it starts to crackle and sound quality degrades again. I cannot think of anything else that I can do to fix this. I have looked for a fix on Logitech's website which directed me to Microsoft but none of the solutions posted has fixed the problem. Headset works perfect on boyfriends computer, also running Windows 7, and my boyfriends headset (same as mine) has the same problem when plugged in to my laptop. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Having trouble with audio on my Logitech ClearChat™ Pro USB Headset, distorted audio

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After updating my audio drivers, I get a VERY noticable popping noise whenever I'm using Skype or listening to music, I haven't tried using Driversweeper to remove the Drivers completely but I did try doing a system restore to two days ago and didn't get anywhere with it.

Answer:Audio popping from headset

I'd revert to the previous drivers. Perhaps the new codex are not good.

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My Plantronics RIG headset has been working fine since I bought it. However, yesterday when I left my laptop (HP - Pavilion) and returned to use it I couldn't hear any sound coming from the headset. I plugged in my other headset to see if my RIG was broken, but I couldn't hear any audio from this one as well. Since my headset is a RIG, I plugged in my iphone and I could hear my music playing. I feel like my headsets are working but there is an issue else where.

I have already checked the 'sound' options if the wrong device was set as default. I have the proper options set up in the 'Sound' options and everything is plugged in fine. I have tried the other USB ports, but no luck. The speakers on my laptop work fine. While I in 'Device Manager' I could hear the 'Beeping' sound play through my headset. Restarted my laptop, shut it down, updated my HP - Pavilion drivers. The microphone works fine as well.

Also just to point out in my 'Sound' options that the 'AMD High Definition Audio Device' is NOT PLUGGED IN.

Thank you very much in advance for any help, P4nnywise.
Also, sorry if this thread is in the wrong section.

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Anyone know how to copy a directory structure without the files inside.

Lightroom has made






folder structure for me of raw files and I want to keep direvateives seperatre but in an exact matching structure. t is very labourious to ask lightroom to generate all this for the derivatives. Must be a simple way to copy my fiolder structure without nthe files.

Vista 64 bit


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I want to connect my Creative set on the laptop. At first everything worked very well. After a while there was no sound anymore. Also when i use a headset there is no signal. Later it was working again but i did nothing special i remember. On this moment it there is no sound. I try anohter headset, try out my Creative set with a I pad and it worked and change the wire. Also i go to the control panel to try something but i don't know exactly what i can do. Can you help me please? Kind regards, Cor2

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I'm trying to send audio out from my computer to the transmitter for the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 Headset. It works perfectly with my ps3, but I can't get it from the computer.
I've got an Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard, and I'm using the optical audio out port with an optical audio cable into the optical in port on the transmitter. I'm not getting any sound in the headset. Any ideas?

Answer:Audio from PC to Ear Force PX5 headset

Problem solved. Audio driver update did it.

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Since upgrading our Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PI1505 to Windows 7 in the past few days I've only been able to get sound through a headset and not through the speakers. Not particularly having a clue what to do I've tried installing the original audio drivers but can't do so as Windows tells me that more up to date drivers are already installed. Details below:

Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 13/07/2009
Driver Version: 6.1.7600.16385
Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows

Any ideas on how to resolve this problem and if indeed it is a driver issue any ideas how I can get the old driver to replace the new without Windows reinstalling the latest ones on Restart.

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Audio only works through headset

Hi SteveBC

Check your speakers set up.

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Ever since I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10, I've been experiencing brief audio popping/cracking noise. Sometimes I could go an hour and not hear anything, other times I hear a pop every 30 seconds. There has to be sound playing for the popping to occur. Its brief, but can get annoying when listening to music.

I have tried many things including:
-Updated drivers (Realtek HD Audio)(AMD GPU drivers)(Realtek Network Card)
-Tried disabling Realtek HD Audio since it doesn't effect USB audio
-I do not have a WiFi card so its not that
-Its not a DPC Latency issue; No spikes from LatencyMon
-Disabled sound enhancements from playback devices
-Its not the headphones themselves as they work fine on other sources
-I tried an old set of ear buds that weren't USB and they seemed to work fine so it may just be USB audio.

I do have a Dell XPS 435t/9000 that's about 4 years old with some hardware changes like PSU/GPU etc., maybe its the motherboard? (Though that's kind of a stretch). Dell says that certain computers don't support windows 10 upgrade, but I feel like that's just so they don't hold you responsible if you do upgrade, as everything else works perfectly.

Regardless, I'd appreciate any help with this issue.

Answer:Audio Popping USB headset

Anyone at all? I'd appreciate anything.

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As of about one year ago the audio system in my computer was working fine. My speakers were hooked up to my Creative Soundblaster Live Series audio card and they were working properly.

But at that time I decided to buy a headset so I could talk to my friends online through programs such as Ventrilo. Since I also have a Playstation 2, I bought one of the Logitech Playstation 2 Headsets that connect by USB.

I hooked up the headset and after a little playing around (restarts) I got the headset to start working. I used the headset for the new half a year before I realized there was a problem with the computer. Whenever I would unplug the headset, the speakers would not work. I checked everything: changing default devices under the audio and voice settings, checking to make sure the speakers were plugged in properly, restarting the computer without the headset then plugging the speakers in, restoring the audio card's default settings, etc.*

However, after this entire year I have still not managed to get the speakers back and working again. I pondered that the speakers may have died, but I hooked them up to another computer and they work fine.

The reason why I have dealt with this problem is because I had no real reason to get rid of the headset and a computer with speakers was not that big of a hassle. But now I won't be using the computer anymore and the future user will more than likely want the speakers to work. And I do not want to hook the he... Read more

Answer:Headset, Speakers, Audio Oh My!

check the playback preferences in control panel. Go to audio>options>properties> and make sure the your sound card is chosen. Or check for any device conflicts under system manager.

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okay, so i was changing the volume of a audio device, and so i did something(donno what) and then the volume only comes out of my headset and not my speakers and my headset, it came out of both before. i cant system restore because i forgot to activate it. i have my headset coming out of my front port and my speakers coming out of the back port.

idc if you use computer jargon because i have my A+ Essentials.

Answer:audio out of both headset/speakers

Check the audio properties first : start => run => mmsys.cpl. Check all the settings there : advanced settings, speakers volume, ... In the playback control tab click options => advanced to have more options.

Have you tried unplugging/replugging your headset and speakers ? Does some program popup when you plug the speakers (soundmax of whatever) ? If so check the settings in that program as well.

Is this on an XP system ? You profile says you have Vista.

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Greetings, this is my first time posting here but hopefully I can find some aid. I've looked through similar topics but not sure that any directly address my problem.

Anyway on to my problem. Until a few days ago I was fine, but now i'm having some strange goings on. Everyone on ventrilo, or other voip (like MSN etc) seem to be able to hear all the sound coming into my headset. My headset is all I use for sound, no speakers hooked up.

My soundcard is an Analog Devices Soundmax HD integrated soundcard. When talking on ventrilo or voip people can hear any music I have running, and any game sounds from whatever I maybe playing as well. I have my microphone muted on the playback side of things according to my control panel along with stereo mix on the record side, yet for some reason all the sound still seems to be coming through. Mic sensitivity isnt all that high either

I installed Skype a few days ago, and promptly removed it after one use. I dont believe it started right after that, but its all I could think of being the problem. I tried a system restore to before I installed skype to be sure tonight, along with reinstalling my sound drivers from my motherboard disk, but still the problem persists. I've been over every option and setting I can find relating to sound, but still people can hear what I hear in my headset

Any help or insight would be appreciated, this is really getting on my nerves

Answer:Headset Audio Problem

First, check the motherboard or PC manufacturer's download/support page to be sure you have the latest driver version for your on-board sound (even if you do, there's no harm in doing a reinstall in the event the current driver is corrupted).

Did the problem start after an automatic update of Windows or your VOIP software? If so, use System Restore to roll things back to before the problem started. If the rollback solves the problem, reinstall any updates one at a time until you find the culprit (and find a way to block the offending update from reinstalling itself).

Finally (although unlikely), it could be the headset itself. If possible, borrow a different one and see if it works better.

Good luck -- hope these tips help.

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I am trying to hold an audio conversation using MSN Messenger. I can hear the other party but they cannot hear me. I'm using a mono headset and mic.; they are using their web cam mic.

I'm using Windows XP Home Edition as are they. The video/audio test in MSN was OK. My Sound card is a C-Media 18738/C3 DX PCI Audio wave device on my main board.

Any ideas please.

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I use Audacity and I would use WASAPI and did not need Stereo Mix enabled with my old headset. Now with my new headset I have to use Stereo Mix, WASAPI won't work anymore, pretty weird issue to say the least. I installed Asus Realtek Driver I record in Mono. My mic boost is at +0.0db. I plugged in green jack in headphone port to record system audio and it does not work. I had no issue with my old headset recording system audio. Now I have an issue with this new headset. Any help woukd be appreciated. Here is the new headset I bought from Amazon. If you want to buy this headset for yourselves I highly recommend them, they sound great and mic picks up sound really well. [2015 New Version] eTopxizu ET2000 3.5mm Plug Wired Gaming Headphone with Noise Canceling & Microphone for PC Games Black Blue: Computers & Accessories

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I can pair this thing to my T61, but i cannot get it to play Audio. I have searched until my eyes bled and can't get this to work. I do not have a "My Bluetooth Places" icon, I do not have an option to change the Audio Gateway (that I can find), and when I go to Sounds to change the device, there is not Bluetooth option. My only option is the SoundMax HD. For specs on my OS, see the title. Please help, I don't want to go back to best buy to return this.  Thanks! 

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Hi, I am currently using HP Envy 13. I am not able to connect my wireless bluetooth headset to the laptop. The Laptop is not detecting the audio device.Bluetooth hardwares are working fine in the laptop, as I am able to other devices like my mobile to the laptop. The Audio Device is also working fine as the same is getting paired with other laptops or to a mobile. The issue is with the connection between the HP Envy and the audio device.Kindly provide me with help here.

Answer:Connecting Audio Headset through bluetooth

 Hi @Shanhadeep, Welcome to the HP Support Community! I read your post about your HP Envy 13 Notebook not detecting the Bluetooth Headphones. Here is a link that shows you how to check that Bluetooth discovery settings are turned on and file sharing is also turned on. If you need additional assistance please include your Notebook Model number and type of Headphones.Please let me know how this goes. To express appreciation for my post please click the Thumbs up icon.  Thanks.

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I bought a Logitech USB headset/microphone for playing games with Teamspeak.
When I plug in the USB adapter, the headset audio works great. The audio from my speakers stops working.
I am assuming XP is redirecting the audio streams to the headset/mic, but I wondered if there is some way I can have audio out on the speakers and on the headset ?


Answer:No speaker audio if USB headset is plugged in

Does this help?**&p_li=&p_topview=1

EDIT: I did a bit more Googling during lunch and could not find a better answer. It looks it is an either/or situation between headset or speakers if you want everything to come from one or the other.

Not sure if this VOIP telephony solution works for a gaming application:

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Since upgrading to Windows 10, 64-bit, I have no audio on the headset. Also, speakers are not muted when headset is plugged in.
Headset checks out O.K. on sound test.
HP Pavillion 500-249 Desktop.

Answer:No audio on headset. But sound test O.K.

summerray, welcome to the forms. Try right clicking the speaker icon it the lower right side of the taskbar, choose recording devices, the right click the headset and set as default.

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I just bought a turtle beach x11 headset and when I plug it in all PC sounds play through the headset as they are suppose to. But when I open a external program such as mumble or ventrillio any voice over ip all sound stop playing in my headset and starts playing out of my pc. Is there anyway I can make it so all pc sounds come through my headset instead of my laptop when I open a voip. Also for some reason i cant use th mic on my headset all games and voip programs automatically use my intergrated laptop mic.

Answer:How to make pc audio play through headset

Change the settings in your VoIP applications so they know to use the headset, they don't normally re-route the mic/speakers in VoIP apps in order to make you not go crazy.

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So I recently got my computer fixed and I am trying to talk on skype because I record youtube videos. Up to now I've been using my Turtle Beach X32's as my headset and I just had an additional cord I purchased for $10. Now that I'm back my headset won't work. I can hear through it but I can't speak to it and I have both cords plugged in the right place. I do think it's a setting that you need to change... help?

Answer:How do I change my audio settings to headset?

Welcome to Seven Forums Matt123321. Easiest is right click the speaker icon in the system tray and click on Open volume mixer> Make sure the mic isn't muted.

If it isn't, try some troubleshooting:

Right click the speaker icon in the system tray> Click Recording devices> Does it show the microphone with a green check mark and default device?

If not, highlight microphone> Click on Properties> Does the Jack information show the location you are plugged into (IE: you have it plugged into front, does it list rear panel, etc.)

If the mic is detected and default, highlight it and click on Configure> Click on Set up microphone> Click on type of microphone (headset?), and click on next> Follow the wizard

If needed, post some screenshots of the sound screens. I don't use a headset myself, but I'm sure many who do can help if my suggestions don't.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

A Guy

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Whenever I try to use my Logitech Premium USB headset 350, all the sound is highly distorted and sounds tinny/robot like. I thought that it was the headset, so I tried it on another PC, just to make sure. On my friend's, it seems to work perfectly fine with no distortion. Could this mean that maybe the drivers for the headset/soundcard are messed up in some way? I have tried installing the new realtek audio driver and numerous other things, but nothing seems to work and my headset still remains distorted. Speakers however seem to work fine on my PC. Please help.

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I just upgraded my Y40-80 with Windows 10.  Initially, when I plugged my earbuds w/mic into the audio jack, it works.  However, that stopped to work for no reason.  When I use my normal earbuds without mic, the audio jack works.   Now, the only thing I could think of is Google Chrome prompted a message telling me to upgrade to a new version.  After the upgrade, the audio jack failed to work with earbuds w/ mic.  I'm not sure if that's the culprit. I downloaded the lastest audio driver from Lenovo and still doesn't work. Any thoughts?  Thanks.

Answer:Y40-80 audio jack not working with headset with mic

Hi Wilsonlee,
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with audio jack in your Lenovo Y40-80 laptop.
Try to reinstall the operating system once and check for the issue, please take a data backup before reinstalling the operating system.
Best regards,         

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I have an Asus Intel core i5 laptop with Windows 10. I use a GXT 784 headset. While talking with friends, my headset suddenly stopped working and they couldn't hear me. After checking everything I could, I figures out that the headphones are working and I could hear things. However, despite being enabled, not muted, and at 100% volume, no green bars were appearing in the microphone section of the sound panel. I really have no idea how to fix it

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a big hello from the UK to all the members. I hope to get to know a few of you better as my time on these forums increases.
Secondly, a story and a problem for you to feast on.

One day during some gaming my microphone on my headset stopped working.

Now I proceeded to do all the usual troubleshooting. From physical connections to reinstalling the sigmatel audio drivers or even updating the drivers.

The present norm: Every time I plug the mic into my microphone slot a pop up window appears. Now it always used to be microphone by default. Now it is line in.

Problem is: even when i choose microphone it stays on line in.

Is there any way to solve this problem? Perhaps by disabling the line in to make the microphone on the only possible outcome?

I run Windows xp with SP2.

any help will be very much appreciated!

Answer:The story of Sigmatel audio and a headset mic

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I have a new headset which i bought today, and the audio out of the headset doesn't seem to work. The mic does though.

This is the headset,en

thinks to note are that i have 2 ports on my computer, one to the motherboard and one on the front panel of my computer, i have tried it in both several times, fiddled with the mic settings, i've also set the vista sound to headphones out as default but nothing works. No matter what i do i get no sound through the headset. I am using the 3.5mm plug in things, pink and black, as the usb converter did not come with my headset.

what the hecks wrong? im on vista.

also, even when it is not plugged in, in the vista sound options Headphone and mic are in still there.

makes no damn sense whats wrong, it also makes a huge screeching noise instead of actualy recording my voice.

Answer:New headset, audio out doesn't seem to work.

when i plug the headset in the back on my computer my Vista sound control says ive plugged speakers in not a headset. and then no sound comes out.. halp!

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I frequently use my USB headset (Razer Kraken Chroma) to talk with friends over Teamspeak. We play games with my PS4 console but I can only use either machine at one time due to the headset only having a USB output. Is there a adapter or some method I can use to allow me to still use my USB headset to talk and listen to my friends while being able to hear the game audio from my PS4 console?

My old headset had both USB and a 3.5mm jack where I could just plug in the USB my computer and the 3.5mm to the back of my monitor, but my new headset, like I said, only features one USB. I thought about maybe having the console audio play through my PC via Line-In and just have my headset pick up that as well as my Teamspeak audio.

Answer:How to use multiple audio signals with one USB headset

The Line-In method sounds plausible depending on the line level output of the console. You can't just use the console speaker jack and plug it into the Line-In jack on your PC. Check both your console and PC for the line level specs.

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I just bought a new gaming headset and it has an audio and mic coord. Thing is that my pc dont have have the mic slot. So i was wonder if there any program or trick i can do to get the mic working for the headset. If i have to buy something i got no problem.(well depends how much it is haha)

Answer:Headset has a audio and mic coord but pc dont

There are many different HP 15 Notebook models. What is your exact model number so I can check to see what it has.

You may want to consider a USB connected headset instead of the traditional analog type.

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Ok, here it goes.

I have an HP Pavilion XT993...specs here

I just bought a headset. There are three slots off to the left in the back of the tower (like usual I believe)

Green "out" slot
Blue "in" slot
Pink "mic" slot with mic logo

To the right of these, however, this is a orange slot with a speaker on it. I believe it routes directly do the soundcard in my system (which I believe is VIA AC97 (WAVE) according to my research). I can plug my headphones in and get sound from the orange slot, but not from any of the other slots. Also, I cannot get my mic to pick up in any of the slots.

Can ANYONE help me? I'm willing to give you money for crying out loud. Just PLEASE help! :cry

Answer:Need help badly with audio/headset problem.

Sound works but not MIC?!

Just bought a headset and have been trying to get it to work. The headphones work, but for some reason when I plug the mic input in I can't change the "recording" volume in Volume Control, I can't hear myself, nor can the computer recognize my voice (DXdiag says I failed the voice test gracefully?).

Please help. Is there anything I can do to make this work!?

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Hello,I've got problem with Dolby Audio on Lenovo Ideapad Y700-17ISK Win10 x64 Pro. Dolby Audio works fine with speakers and headsets connected via microJack, but does not work with my bluetooth headset (Bluedio Hurricane Turbine T2+). When I connect these via bluetooth, Dolby Audio shows "Please connect speakers or headset to turn on Dolby Audio". How can i solve that problem? 

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I use Audacity and I would use WASAPI and did not need Stereo Mix enabled with my old headset. Now with my new headset I have to use Stereo Mix, WASAPI won't work anymore, pretty weird issue to say the least. I installed Asus Realtek Driver I record in Mono. My mic boost is at +0.0db. I plugged in green jack in headphone port to record system audio and it does not work. I had no issue with my old headset recording system audio. Now I have an issue with this new headset. Any help woukd be appreciated. Here is the new headset I bought from Amazon. If you want to buy this headset for yourselves I highly recommend them, they sound great and mic picks up sound really well. [2015 New Version] eTopxizu ET2000 3.5mm Plug Wired Gaming Headphone with Noise Canceling & Microphone for PC Games Black Blue: Computers & Accessories

Answer:My new headset not recording System Audio Help.

If you want to RECORD you use the PINK mic jack for the microphone part of the headset. The GREEN Jack is the Speaker out (for connecting a headset or speakers).

A computer mic requires +5VDC to operate. Only the PINK mic jack has the +5VDC on the "Ring" connection.

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I bought a Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 320 yesterday, and I have a major issue with the surround sound. Whenever I play a game, audio that is coming from the front is very quiet. For example, when I play Skyrim, and someone is talking to me, I can only hear them properly, if I turn my back to them, so that their audio is coming from the back, because it is too quiet from the front.
I tried to reconfigure my headset, by going into the sound options (I have Win7) and changing it from 7.1 surround, but the audio is still too quiet. I tried messing with this step of the configuration:

But the front audio is still very quiet. I noticed, however, that when I clicked on the speaker circled in red, the noise that was played was much quieter, than the ones played if I clicked on the other speakers
I hope that was enough info, but I can provide more if needed

Answer:The front audio of my headset is very quiet

I messed around a bit in properties, and found, that if I turn Dolby off, the front audio is even quieter

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Hi all, Hopefully there is someone that could support me. Since yesterday there is no sound coming from my laptop anymore, not through the internal speakers nor when I plug in a headset in the audiojack.  I've tried to uninstall/reinstall the drivers, disabling/enabling them and a hard reset. Nothing seemed to have worked. No changes have been made to the laptop in the recent weeks. One thing I noticed though is that I only have HP Wireless Audio Adapter and not the IDT high defination audio anymore in the device manager.Anyone some more tips?

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My brother just asked me to help him setup the audio on his computer, he wants only the game audio to play on his 2.1 speakers and he wants only ventrilo chat to be heard over his headset. I've never tried to setup something like that before as I've always been more into console gaming where this issue doesn't come up so I'm hoping someone here can give me a quick instructional on how to do this.

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Hey guys, first time posting here so if I'm in the wrong category, I'll make the appropriate switch.
Anyways, so I'm running Windows 10 and have Realtek Audio manager installed. I've had no issues so far, until I recently purchased a headset for gaming. My issue is either the PC itself or Realtek will detect the headset and mic, but if my speakers are plugged in, the speakers over-ride the headset and the sound comes through them. The microphone works as expected. I cannot seem to find a way to make my headset the default playback device, or to automatically over-ride speakers when plugged in. I have to unplug the speakers for the headset to work properly.
It's not a crippling issue, just annoying. I'd imagined both speakers and headset could be plugged in and I could disable/enable them in the Sounds menu/Realtek at leisure depending on the situation. If anyone has an idea about how to fix this it would be appreciated. Thanks guys

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My mic works PERFECTLY on windows vista but my computer gets the blue screen for some reason saying something about my secondary processor. If anyone has any clue about that, that would be awsome, BUT, back to the main issue. I have an integrated audiocard "Soundmax HD audio" i guess. When i used my headset on vista with ventrilo(communication program) everyone said the quality was PHENOMENAL and since i had that crashing problem i had to revert back to xp pro x64, and now my mic sounds like crap. I have the latest drivers installed and i have no idea on what to do. Any help will be much appreciated, Even more appreciated if you could help me with the crashing problem with vista

My rig:
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6400+ (2 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Memory: 2046MB RAM
Hard Drive: 250 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor
Sound Card: SoundMAX HD Audio
Logitech HID-Compliant KeyboardMouse: HID-compliant mouse
Mouse Surface:
Operating System: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (5.2, Build 3790) Service Pack 2 (3790.srv03_sp2_gdr.070321-2337)

Answer:Audio Card and Microphone/Headset Problem

anyone? anyone?

Beuller? Beuller?

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Hello. My audio / headset jacks on the front panel of my PC running Windows 8.1 will not work. I had the Beats Audio Panel installed and was using the IDT High Definition Audio Codec and had rear sound through my speakers only. After checking your forum, I unistalled that driver (and Beats Audio) and installed the High Definition Audio Device driver only (no Beats Audio) and both rear jacks work. So, I can get sound and recording in the rear, but not it the front. I hope you can help me. Thank you.  

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Hej, when testing my new bluetooth audio set (deleyCon KH-B01) in conjunction with my Lenovo W520, I experienced a certain audio delay when watching YouTube videos (for example). Is that to be expected? I just read that the A2DP protocol is not supported by the Lenovo Bluetooth stack, and that one has to purchase a "professional" bluetooth stack such a BlueSoleil for this. I would of course like to avoid that  Any advice welcome! Greetings from Vienna,  Gernot :-)

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Hi everybody, since this is the first time using sevenforums I will try to make it readable.

So I got sound card with 5.1 speakers on it, and headset sound will work if I put in jack into there where my speakers are, but If I put headset jack elsewhere it won't recognize the device and will do nothing ( that includes front and back green jack's ), I thought Realtek HD AudioManager will show me but that ain't in the Control Panel under Large Icons or similar. I really don't know what to do with my headset now, might the problem be in the jack?

Sorry for bad explaining and english, But I sincerly hope you know what I mean.

Regards, Fenix1214

Answer:Realtek HD Audio Manager not there/problem with headset

Do you have a separate sound card? along with the RealTek on the motherboard audio? Or just the RealTek audio?

The RealTek audio manager, in my PC, is located in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound.

As the front panel headset is not recognized, the first step is to check the connection from the front panel to the motherboard, if you have RealTek on the motherboard audio. Make sure the connector is fully and properly seated.

If you have a separate sound card, the front panel headphone/mic jack must be connected to the separate sound card.

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hi, i just recently ran into this problem. I am running windows XP sp3, and for some reason my realtek audio jack is not recognizing my plugged in headset. it had been working fine a month prior. Sometimes the headphones on my headset work, sometimes when they do, the sound only comes out of one ear. the same story for the mic part, only it rarely works and whenever i am in a voice chat, the person on the other line can hear my audio, but not my voice.
Please help as this is an issue that i have been looking to resolve for a almost a week.
Edit- I was ment to say that i BOUGHT the headset a month prior, and before that i used a standard mic which worked fine.

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I have a USB headset that I use for gaming, but want to use the 3.5mm jacks on the back of my pc to run a pair of desktop speakers to play music or youtube, etc. I do not want to have to switch the default between the USB headset and the speakers, but to have sound coming out of both at the same time. Is this possible with windows 7?

Answer:using USB headset and onboard audio plugs at same time

ctanner, welcome to the forums.

In Windows default audio settings, no it isn't possible. You can however do it if the media player you are using is anything other than WMP and allows you to select which audio device to use when more than two are present. Winamp for example allows you to choose which device to use for playback in its settings.

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I'm having problems using my gaming headsets with my PC. I have a TurtleBeach Z22 and a Razer Kraken and both have the same issue.
When I plug my TB into my PC (via the USB and jack), it will say on the recording tab located from playback devices 'Mic in at front panel (Pink)'. Yet, I cannot hear anything in the headset nor is the computer picking up the mic. If I change the input to Headphone when I plug the jack in, I can hear sound on my PC, but it gets rid of the Mic from the tab..
I've tried reinstalling the drivers, i've tried literally everything I can find on the internet and have been desperately trying to fix it for about 2 hours at this point, so if anybody can help it would be much appreciated!

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