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P50 - Sound still crackling/popping

Question: P50 - Sound still crackling/popping

I got a new P50 and I think I've upgraded all the drivers. I'm still getting the crackling on audio. I know its supposed to have been solved but I'm getting it on driver version I'veh had this a few weeks now.... dont know if its been there before but its been very noticable since today. Its happening with both Youtube and videos from my HDD.

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Preferred Solution: P50 - Sound still crackling/popping

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have had this problem for quite a long time but I am getting enough from it.

Basicly nearly always when I start playing any sound source there is crackling in sound at begining. Happens usually with high frequenzy sounds, adjusting volume on youtube videos or click rewinding youtube video fast, also usually when I close video there that annoying sound occurs.
So basicly, always when someone talks in Mumble or I click to play video there is that annoying crackling/popping, it doesnt last long. Only when sound starts playing.

Here is some pictures you might find helpful

Answer:Sound crackling/popping

First off welcome to SF. Second with sounds I would double check all your connections. Most often this is the pin making poor contact or even the beginning of a wire breaking down maybe from a bend or crimp. Then I would uninstall and reinstall the most current audio drivers and as well go to the mono mfgrs. site to check for other driver updates and lastly read to see if any bios updates deal with sound issues.

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My computer speakers have started crackling and popping like it is amplifying static. I haven't blown the speakers, because I have tried several different sets of speakers and gone through my stereo. All setups have the static. It seems to be an issue with the sound card or the computer. It isn't any of my wires to the speakers, as I have gone from the sound card directly to the speakers. Could it be static electricity from the winter being so dry? I've never experienced this in the winter before though. what can i do to diagnose and fix the problem? Thanks!

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I had crackling sound problem in my old computer, and now after building new one it still exist. All parts are new except RAM.

When I watch video without pausing it there wont be any crackling, if i pause/play it fast there will be popping/crackling sound. Problem is pretty bad in Mumble/teamspeak when there is few people speaking, same in many games when there is many different audio sources to play. Crackling and popping really makes gaming with friends annoying...

I have tried different headphones, fresh install windows, new audio drivers.

Here is few videos I recorded (using speakers)
in this video i turn volume completely off and then back on

and this i only adjust volume low/high (pretty fast)

Answer:Sound crackling/popping

Heres latencymon results

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Hi just recently my onboard soundcard(AC97) has been playing up on games,it is crackling between sound files,so when i play games that are read from the HDD they crackle and pop and sound like they being played in tunnel!!,I have installed Xp drivers for onboard CMedia Chipset,Uninstalled Soundcard,disabled on board card,and Installed a CMedia CMI8738 PCI card and drivers,I have even tryed more than one of the PCI slots,is it possible that Direct X 8.1 could be corrupt? Please Help!!

Answer:Sound is popping and crackling

Have you tried dxdiag? if you thing DX may be to blame.

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All right, so my sound is popping at loud frequencies. For example, if I click on my volume adjuster to hear the different sample levels, little pops and crackles can be heard. I was starting to notice some crackling when I got the Logitech g35. Thinking the g35 was faulty, I got a refund and a got a sound card (Xonar DX) and a non-usb headset (MMX 300). I first noticed the crackles on the system sounds at this moment. So I tried all kind of different drivers for the xonar. But to no avail, the problem still occurred on headphones and speakers. Then I removed my graphic card, the soundcard, all kinds of usb ports, and the sound popping is still happening on the on-board sound which I had never noticed until the g35. So, thinking maybe I had messed some windows file, I reinstalled windows 8 and reset the BIOS. The crackling is still there. I also tried using one of each ram sticks.

This is really frustrating! I am a competitive COD player and the season has already started. Please help me

Answer:Sound Popping/Crackling

Popping and crackling has been an issue with some. Wi-Fi is one known cause. Old drivers are another, for both the sound and video. Some system monitor and configuration programs can also cause this. The is no "one fix", from what I've seen - on the Windows 7 forum and the Dell users forum. Its not as prevalent as it was but there are still occasional reports of problems.

Sadly, the DPC Latency Checker is not valid for Windows 8 so that very useful tool for trying to track the problem down, can't be used.

Sound & Audio - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Hi everyone, I have been experiencing a problem with my speakers. After 4-5 minuites of use on my computer, a crackling and popping sound occurs (constantly and it is annoying as heck). At first I thought it was the speakers, but after getting a new set; the problem persisted. Now we think that it is the sound card that is causing all of the poblems but we can't sure. If anyone else has had this problem and knows weather or not it is the sound card (or know what it really is, it would be much appreciated.)I am currently using:-Sound blaster Audigy 2 ZS [C880] sound card -Altec Lansing speakers.-Windows Xp

Answer:Constant popping/crackling in Sound

Has it always been this way? If not, what has changed?

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Hey everyone!

I've just got a new HP dv6-3031tx and it works perfectly...except for the sound, which from the very start has popped, crackled and dropped out. I'm running Windows 7 dual-booted with Linux Mint 10, and the problem is repeated over both operating systems. I've tried upgrading drivers, tried disabling wireless card, webcam, etc. I've also tried to see if there is a correlation with DPC latency, and while there are some spikes on my system (still unsure where they are coming from), they do not match up with audio problems, for instance during a period of high latency spikes, the audio ran crystal clear, before reverting to it's normal crackle when latency was normal. At the moment I'm thinking perhaps sound card? As the problem carries over to the headphone jack as well? Any help would be much appreciated, I'm a bit of a music geek and a laptop without workable sound would be a nightmare for me!

Hp pavilion dv6-3031tx
4gb DDR3 RAM
640gb Hard drive
core i7 720QM 1.6ghz
Windows 7 Home Premium (dual booted with Linux Mint 10 Gnome)
Intel HD Audio - IDT audio codec

Thanks for your time!!

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I've got this laptop for christmas and I've had many problems with it so far but I've solved all of them but this one. I've been looking for a solution via google and can't find anything that works for me. It's an Acer Aspire laptop with 2.7GHz(with turbo boots from 1.7GHz) intel i5 cpu and nvidia geforce 840M video card with 2GB vram. The laptop itself has 8GB DDR3 ram. I've reinstalled the windows 3 times already trying to fix the issue but it's still happening. When I watch youtube videos or streams on twitch the sound pops and crackles and everything starts lagging for a few seconds, especially when I open another tab. Rarely happens in games and when I watch movies in the laptop. I've tried updating my drivers but every single one of them say that it's up to date. I'm hopeless at this point, can't fix this problem myself.

Answer:Crackling and popping sound in windows 8.1, especi...

which browser are you using when watching youtube and twitch?

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Hi guys,I have a very annoying problem on an otherwise excellent machine. Whenever I'm playing my music through my media player, or watching youtube, I would get crackle and popping sound from the speaker (same thing with my headphone).I have installed the latest drivers from lenovo.Any idea how I might be able to fix this?Any chance I might be able to find prev version of the sound driver somewhere just to try it out?Thanks!


Go to Solution.

Answer:T400 sound crackling / popping issue

i have searched though google about this kind of topic. It seems that no one have exact answer for this problem. No one suggested whether this should be driver problem or hardware defects. I am only having problems when the system come up from hibernate or standby mode. The crackling sound occur or no sound afterwards. Hope someone can give hints on this. 

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Hello after one year sound problem ocured on my laptom. Everytime I swap between tabs within no matter which web browser strange sound arise form both speakers. Its not only due to flash but also winamp/vlc ... I have run latency meter dpclat.exe and it goes to RED every time the crackling sound arises. I tried all drivers (intel graphics, chipset, contextant...) then clean instalation of windows 7pro and sound is still crackling ....  does anyone have similar issue ? 

Answer:E320 sound crackling / popping issue

Hi Martiner, I have a similar or the same issue and it's driving me crazy. Now I know at least that a New Installation of Windows won't help fixing it After hours of desperate search, I have found what's the source of the problem. It is the Power Management Driver not the Energy Manager. I would like to use the Energy Manager because I do think it's a great program which manages the battery life perfectly, but without the PMD it is no use. How did you manage to get solve of the crackling/popping issue??? An Answer would be highly appreciated, I actually just signed up in this forum because of that issue...

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Hello after one year sound problem ocured on my laptom. Everytime I swap between tabs within no matter which web browser strange sound arise form both speakers. Its not only due to flash but also winamp/vlc ... I have run latency meter dpclat.exe and it goes to RED every time the crackling sound arises. I tried all drivers (intel graphics, chipset, contextant...) then clean instalation of windows 7pro and sound is still crackling ....  does anyone have similar issue ? 

Answer:E320 sound crackling / popping issue

Hi Martiner, I have a similar or the same issue and it's driving me crazy. Now I know at least that a New Installation of Windows won't help fixing it After hours of desperate search, I have found what's the source of the problem. It is the Power Management Driver not the Energy Manager. I would like to use the Energy Manager because I do think it's a great program which manages the battery life perfectly, but without the PMD it is no use. How did you manage to get solve of the crackling/popping issue??? An Answer would be highly appreciated, I actually just signed up in this forum because of that issue...

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My speakers and headphones are crackling a lot while playing all audio. It's happening on the following devices:

Speakers, USB Headphones, 3.5mm headphones in to motherboard. I figured that this HAS to be a sound card issue ( onboard ) so I have found an exteral USB sound card and even through this device, it's still happening.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I'm assuming a motherboard fault at the moment because I honestly don't know where else to look, but I don't understand how it could be.

My specs are:
Asrock 890GX
External Soundcard: Creative USB Sound Blaster
Headphones (USB): Corsair HS1
Headphones (3.5mm): ATH-ES7

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Sound crackling and popping - Motherboard?

Resolved by a BIOS update.

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I'm trying to record a few of my old videos onto my pc, but when capturing, well even without capturing, the speakers are making this very annoying sound.

Its like a constant popping/crackling sound, kind of hard to explain.

Goes on for a while, then stops for about a minute, then starts again.

If anyone could help me with this, it would be fantastic,

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Annoying crackling/popping sound when capturing video.. Please help!

are you recording from VCR tape or from dvd video disks"

check video and sound codecs for the capture card.

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I have an HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition CTO Notebook PC. The oddest thing happened the other day, I didn't drop my laptop or do anything out of the ordinary to it. One minute the speakers are fine, the next minute there is a frequent popping or crackling sound coming every 20 seconds or so, even while using headphones.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver from the product website to no avail.

However, there is this one driver that always has a yellow exclamation mark on it called the "High Definition Audio Device". It would make sense that this driver is the culprit but its been yellow for a month now without any popping or crackling sound and it is absolutely impossible to resolve it. I completely uninstalled and re-installed my sound drivers and that didn't fix it and windows troubleshooter can't find the driver either.

I'm at a loss here guys. I don't want to have to replace the speakers on a one year old computer but I might have to. Thank you in advance for any help I can get.

Answer:Crackling/Popping sound from laptop speakers even when using headphones

Ha you tried to back up your hard-drive and find a restore point before your problem started taking it back to that time see if it's back to normal.
Remember if you try that full battery charge and mains plug in throughout restore.

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Hello there,
ive got an Acer (AS5739g-874g50mn) with Realtek integrated onboard. Im experiencing some sound issues which are some.. static noises, popping, crackling (or whats the word) regardless of volume. The noise seems to be relevant to system load as moving a mouse or scrolling a webpage slide makes it a bit louder, also the noise can be clearly followed by hdd indicator or just adding a dvd.. (ofcourse its minimal and i cant hear it during music or any other activity but its still annoying once idle)

Once i had windows 7 32bit installed and old headset used to crackle the same way as new headphones does now on 64bit os, however old headset is working fine on 64bit now.. (completelly silent once idle unlike headphones).

Ive tested new headphones on cellphone and win xp 32bit (not this machine) and it is working fine there, it seems that issue is not within device.
Headphones | Old headset

I tend to believe its a bad placed/isolated hardware issue as sound chip is very close to the main fan and gpu and maybe its just extended new headphones frequency range so i can hear it unlike the headset. (bonus freq: 10-20 & 20k-22k Hz) Is there some output software frequency limiter around, so i could test if thats the problem?

1 more note, be sure that no other software than fresh installed windows is making this issue as it happens just by installing 'default' windows drivers and the issue persists with all the specific Acer drivers installed from their driver d... Read more

Answer:Sound Crackling/Popping relative to system load

So, no ideas of what else could cause this? I could think of many issues myself but basically all of them are hardware-based, hence needs the new parts.
Any software-based fix scenarios would be most welcome!


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Hi all,

I recently connected my laptop to the TV via HDMI, and I am hearing a popping/crackling sound whenever music, video or games are being played. I've tested the speakers with my Xbox and MP3 player, and there is no popping or crackling when I am using them.

I have updated to the latest drivers from Toshiba, but it still hasn't sorted out the issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My system's specs are as follows;

Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 480M
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

Answer:Popping / crackling sound when Satellite L650-1PQ is connected over HDMI

> I recently connected my laptop to the TV via HDMI, and I am hearing a popping/crackling sound whenever music, video or games are being played

The crackling sound is coming from the TV speakers. Right?

Can you hear the same crackling sound using the notebook speakers or headphones?
If no, then I don?t believe that this issue could be related to sound driver.

In your case I would check the settings in control panel -> sound -> playback tab -> digital audio -> Configure

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I am so depressed about this I just wanna jump off a bridge. i just recently go a stereo hooked up to it & I listen to all sorts of sound effects & tons of music & all the sudden today after 3 hours it just gets all poppy & crackly. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum but I didn't know where to post it. I have already tried lowering teh audio quality to CD. Didn't work. Firefox always updates automatically & I alwasy update flashplayer when it asks me to. PLEASE HELP! My computer makes youtube sound good & all my stuff on the hard drive sounds like it's coming out of a tin can, so this was a life saver for me. I don't want to lose it. I would wear out all my DVD players really quick if I tried to play the amoutn of audio that I like to play off youtube everyday. Windows 8.1

Answer:Youtube Sound All The Sudden Started Popping & Crackling Today :(

Are your audio drivers up to date?

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Chenbro Gaming Bomb II
Asus A8N32-SLI / | BIOS 1205
Realtek 97 Onboard sound
Opteron 144 @ 312 x 9
Koolance EXOS AL
2 x 512MB OCZ 4200EL
EVGA 7600GT 256MB
Silver Stone SST-ST60F
Maxtor 300GB SATA x 1
Maxtor 120GB SATA x 1
Emprex 16X DVD/RW
Dell 2405FPW
Saitek Gamers KB

All Logitech Mice
Cordless Elite
Corded Elite

XP Pro w SP2 and all Updates

Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers
Sennheiser 575 Headphones
Above is my system, and I’ve got a problem that I can’t solve. I get crackling and popping through either my speakers or my headphones and I can’t make it go away. It’s seesm to be mouse related BUT it’s not hardware related. And I get the same thing with all of the above mice. When you move the mice the noise gets worse, but it never goes away. The problem doesn’t start until the system boots into Windows. Before then it’s perfectly quiet. I tried Fedora Core 5 and it didn’t occur. So I know it’s a Windows problem.

So here’s what I’ve tried:

I’ve uninstalled all Logitech drivers and software, and that did nothing.
Reinstalled all the Logitech stuff and nothing.
Did a registry cleanup on all Logitech stuff and nothing.

I’m currently running the Realtek 3.89 drivers which are the latest ones.

Unistalled, did a registry cleanup, and ran Driver Cleaner.
Reinstalled the Realtek drivers and the problem went... Read more

Answer:Crackling and Popping in XP

it is not uncommon for onboard audio to have some electrical noise come through the speakers. Its happened almost in some form or another on every onboard sound card I've had. Even on the awesome nforce 2 board with soundstorm, etc, I could hear some feedback from my scrollwheel on my mouse.. its always querky

I say buy a new soundcard, if it fixes it, just keep it. If not, then return it and figure out what it is. I'd recommend you have a look at your systermboard and make sure there are no bubbled-up caps either. They seem to use shittier and shittier components anymore :\

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Hi all;

Question about the audio on my laptop. Have any of you ever experienced "popping" during audio playback? It says the drivers are working ok. It never threw a code or anything. Any suggestions, ideas as to goings on?

Answer:Crackling and popping audio.

This is a fairly common complaint, although there haven't been many lately. If you search through the postings here you will find a lot of them. Unfortunately there is no "one fix" for this problem. Drivers are one issue, make sure you have the latest (and correct) driver for your sound device. Video card drivers is another known cause. Wi-Fi is another known cause.

Just have to start, one at a time, updating drivers and trying to isolate what the problem is.

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Hey fellas I don't know what is going on. My logitech speakers are messed up. 1st off, I have to play around with the base volume on the center channel to get any bass whatsoever. The place where you have the power button, volume, M3D, etc buttons. 2nd if I change the sound volume from the "Center Channel" or whatever its called, I hear this loud popping and crackling sounds. Sometimes its like a lightning storm. I don't know what model my speakers are but I bought them is 2003. They are Z-series, I believe. I looked up logitech but they only show the latest models on their site. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Oh I found the model:

Logitech Z560 THX Certified 4.1 Speaker System - Hot Hardware:

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Hello, I've been searching the internet for a few weeks for a solution to this but it's driving me nuts. I've started getting random audio cracking and popping noises in music and videos on certain frequencies and I really don't know exactly when it started (it's been around a month). It's not a hardware issue since I booted Ubuntu and audio sounds perfectly crisp with no crackling so it must be a Windows or driver issue. I re-installed Windows 8.1 but the issue still persisted even after installing the drivers one by one. I disabled/updated the network adapters, graphic cards, installed new realtek audio drivers/reverted back to the old realtek audio drivers, etc. but none of it has worked. Issue persists with any headphone/earphone I tried.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Y50 audio crackling/popping

Try Microsoft's generic driver rather than Realtek's, by manually selecting it in update driver through device manager. Otherwise it could be a 3.5mm hardware socket problem, but as you say under a different OS you have no problem, so unlikey. Failing all that, check for any RF interference (mobile devices, radio etc.) near where you are using your laptop.

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Hey, I'm looking for help on this.. so far I've only noticed this popping and crackling in games. I've read all over the internet and there's no set fix for this.. I've flash my board bios and done all the proper updates, but still it goes on. Not only this but when the crackling starts my fps stutters and the pc is being effected by this which stinks...

Anyone from these forums have any fixes for this problem? I was also reading about changing the bus freq on one of the values for the sound card but maybe only a myth?

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I recently noticed that whenever I'm playing audio through my EMU 0202 and I do anything that changes the CPU load (ex. moving the window around, or dragging the window to fullscreen, browsing the internet etc). This has not been an issue in the past, I just noticed it the other day.

Anyone else running an EMU on windows 7?

Answer:EMU 0202 Crackling and Popping

Well I figured out something very strange just now...

The popping/crackling is only present if I'm using the Windows 7 Basic Theme. If I use the Aero Windows 7 theme there is no crackling! Anyone have any more info on this...

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I have a Hewlett Packard Media Centre M370. Everything has been going fine bar a few minor hitches. Now I can hear cracking and popping coming from my speakers, which is making listening to my music unbearable. This has been going on for about a month but getting worse.

I thought it was the speakers and to make sure plugged in some other speakers that I knew worked fine and the same thing happen... which leads me to conclude that it must be an internal fault. But what could be causing this and how can it be fixed. I dont want it to blow up on me.

Please help!

Answer:I can hear Crackling and Popping!

First find the sound card in the Device Manager and double click it and see if it is working properly.

Try seeing if there are any update drivers for the sound card.

If it is Turn off your PC and re-seat and clean out any dust and check any cables and make sure their getting a good connection.

Still problems go to Device Manager and click on the device and uninstall the driver and reboot.

If all these fail to resolve the problem then uninstall programs one by one and reboot and see if that helps.

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So I just installed Windows 8 and decided to play some music, found out that my DPC Lat is huge and I did try disabling some things such as audio drivers LAN drivers etc. Still didn't solve the problem so I'm at a loss at what I'm supposed to do now.

Maybe I skipped over certain parts which I had to disable using the DPC lat checker so if someone wants to clarify that would be awesome, as well as any possible solutions to this would be awesome.

Thanks for any help!

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I'm using a GameCom777 headset. When I play with the USB adapter I get popping and craclking. If I play without it or with just the PC speakers I dont get any crackling. 'm running DX11. Plantronics' FAQ says to run DxDiag and go to the Sound 1 tab, then turn hardware acceleration from full to normal. Problem is I dont have a hardware acceleration slider there. I cant find settings for it ANYWHERE. I didnt have this issue when I was running the 32-bit version of 7, it started with the 64-bit. Its really annoying and I cant seem to figure it out.

Answer:Popping/crackling when using headset

Quote: Originally Posted by SXRguyinMA

I'm using a GameCom777 headset. When I play with the USB adapter I get popping and craclking. If I play without it or with just the PC speakers I dont get any crackling. 'm running DX11. Plantronics' FAQ says to run DxDiag and go to the Sound 1 tab, then turn hardware acceleration from full to normal. Problem is I dont have a hardware acceleration slider there. I cant find settings for it ANYWHERE. I didnt have this issue when I was running the 32-bit version of 7, it started with the 64-bit. Its really annoying and I cant seem to figure it out.

From your description, I'd think it's a driver issue. Have you tried going back to the previous drivers or, conversely, looking for newer drivers?

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I am at the end of my rope and hoping someone can provide some help. I have a Aptiva PC (AMD K6 400mhz Processor - 192MB) and am getting nasty noise and pops on SOME .wav files. I started on Win98 and ended up on Win 2k with the same symptoms. The onboard sound card is an ESS Solo. It doesn't appear to be a driver problem, as I installed a SB 16 (ISA) sound card and ended up with the exact same problems. Some sounds are fine (the Utopia set) others (like Chord.wav) are LOUD and Crackle and pop. I've tried running dxdiag and messages say everything is fine, yet I still get nasty noises.... I can't say for sure, but the first time this happened was installing a kid's game and I think it took me to a new release of Directx (5.0??) Anyone have any ideas???

Answer:Crackling and popping Sounds

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I've been getting this sound problem for a few days now, and it's really getting on my nerves. Whenever I try to play a game or do something that requires my computer to work a little, I get this very annoying crackling/popping sound coming from my speakers/headphones. I have 8GB of RAM, and I never see my CPU usage or my memory usage reach 100%, so it's not like my computer can't handle a game or two. This only started happening randomly one day. I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with my headphones, speakers, or the games I play, because I've tried re-installing, using different headphones, etc. The audio has also crackled a few times randomly, even when I'm not doing much on the computer. Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing this?

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I just bought windows 7 for the first time and after installation and installing all drivers I realized I only had one issue. For some reason when audio starts or ends there is popping/crackling noise. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I'm using a Sennheiser PC 350 headset and on board audio from this Gigabyte Motherboard.

Answer:Audio Popping/Crackling

Do you get the same pops/cracks if you use speakers instaed of the headset?

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Dear HP Support Team! There are many discussions on this issue... Of course, some of them are solved!BUT, I'm sure, that a lot of people are experiencing the same problem as me..., namely, each time the GPU throttles (observed with GPU-Z and/or EVEREST and/or GPU Observer ? Sidebar Gadget), it causes a DPC latency spike (~ 60k as in my case, measured with DPC Latency Checker) which causes sound glitches (audio crackling, popping, stuttering), when I listen to a music, browsing the Internet (for example)!!! You can be sure, I'm not alone! So, my question is: why there is still no solution to this problem?! excepting the disable powermizer (for those, who use nVidia graphic card) or disabling Windows Aero!I have this problem more than two years since I bought my HP Compaq 8710p (GC102EA) with Windows Vista preinstalled, and now with Windows 7 Ultimate! Please, reply!!!Thx. P.S.:Here're some discussions to this subject:dv6-2064ca sound crackling once every 5 minutesCrackling Noisedv6853cl Crackling sound playing mutimedia with speakers or headphonesSound distorts, pops while surfing internet on dv9730usDV5-1050ei - popping and crackling sound while playing any musicYou can find more by searching to the forums "Notebook PC Sound and Audio"  and using the tags: "CRACKLING", "POPPING", "STUTTERING"...


I have the same problem, only mine only does it on start-up and shutdown.  Brand new dv7 3174 right out of the box and it's got deffects.  Does HP not turn these on and test them before putting them on shelves???  This is ridiculous it's gone on this long and HP has offered no solution.  Also i spoke to HP on the phone today and they state that there is no record of this being an issue.......... yet all one has to do is google the issue to find out that most if not all of there customers are experiencing these same issues.  I personally would not buy HP again after this, the sales guy tried to talk me into buying a different name brand at the store and I didn't listen cause I liked the DV7, so maybe I brought this on myself.  SHAME ON HP FOR THERE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT ALONG WITH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT.

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HelloI have a HP Envy 15 N7L05EA#ABU I'm having terrible problems with the built in speakers hissing and popping whenever I try to play any media such as MP3s or Videos. I've updated the system BIOS to the latest version, I've updated the audio drives to the latest. The problem persists. Tried an older version of the driver and still the speakers pop. It's driving me crazy. If I plug in a set of headphones there is no popping through the headphones but the laptop speakers do continue to pop and crackle even with the headphones plugged in.  If the audio is muted, the speakers still pop.Here is a video showing what it's like:'m beginning to wonder if there is a physical fault with it? I can't continue with the problem like it is; it's making my computer unusable. Can anyone help?Thank you for reading this and for any help that you can offer.Steve

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So I have a lenovo y70-70 touch and it just recently started to have its speakers pop and crackle every few seconds. I updated the realtek drivers - to no avail. I rolled back the drivers to past versions - to no avail. My BIOS is updated, and now I am stuck on what to check next.  Headphones, both USB and via 3.5mm jack, work fine. But the speakers just crack constantly. I have:Lenovo y70-70 Touch (with no warranty, since it ended 2 months ago)Windows 10 Home (64 bit, w/ anniversary update)i7-4720HQ @ 2.60GHz16 GBNvidia Geforce GTX 960m, 4gb I have looked around and haven't found a solution in these forums or anywhere else. I tried setting the process power managment settings lower, but that didn't help either.   Anyone able to help? 

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Hello everyone. I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 (the problem I am about to say never occured on Windows 7). When listening to music, I now hear popping/crackling sounds. I use my headphones to listen to music but I checked using my speakers and the same problem occurs. My PC info is:System Manufacturer: Hewlett-PackardSystem Model: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PCSystem Type: x64-based PCProcessor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz, 2200 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB I have checked DPC Latency ( ) and there does seem to be a problem. The latency spikes very often. The latency that I always have is between 1000-1500us but it spikes very high. For some reason, right now it says my current latency is 1192us but my maximum is 908,300,885! This does not seem normal!  I don't know how to fix it! Has anyone else heard something like this and does anyone know a fix?  On device manager under "Sound, video and game controllers" there are two drivers. I have used Device manager to try to update the drivers but it is saying that I have the latest version for both.1. IDT High Defintion Audio CODEC2. Intel(R) High Defintion Audio HDMI Thank you.   

Answer:Crackling/Popping sounds on Windows 10

I had the same problem and now I can only hear if I use my ear buds, I have tried everything I know and nothing has helped. At first it was Crackling and Popping so I shut it off restarted it and now nothing from laptop speakers. Same with the drivers. I went back to a restore point before installing windows 10 hoping that would help, still no luck.

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My audio will not stop crackling, popping, and skipping. I've seen this on the boards before and it seems to be a running problem with no fix. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the devices, updating the drivers, and everything else, but nothing seems to work.

Answer:HP 2000 Audio Crackling and Popping

 Hi @weskara, Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand from your posts that you are having an issue with your HP 2000-2d68NR Notebook and the Audio crackling. Try-1. Right click the Speaker icon in the bottom right corner by your time.2. Click Playback Devices.3. Click Speakers.4. Click properties.5. Click the advanced tab on the Properties window.6. Change the Default Format drop-down to the highest quality.7. Apply the properties.8. Click OK to close the properties window. Restart your Notebook and try the sound. If that does not help, here is a document that shows you how to restore BIOS factory default settings. That way it will look at the Hardware installed on the Notebook. Please get back to me how this goes. If this post helps you to resolve the issue you can click the Thumbs up icon to show gratitude! Thanks.

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recently I've noticed a huge problem with my audio; whenever I listen to music or play games, the sound gets distorted and starts popping and crackling really hard. The crackling can also be heard whenever I adjust the volume from the Windows volume icon.
I'm using Windows 10, the headset is Turtle Beach Stealth 450. I haven't done any changes to my PC recently and I've never experienced this problem before.
I've updated the newest drivers and checked inside the PC case, I've also disabled all audio devices other than my headset, I've disabled audio enhancements and changed the default format to 16-bit;48000Hz, but nothing seems to help. What should I do?

Edit: sometimes when this happens and I adjust the volume from my headset, the volume quickly jumps to a loud frequency and won't turn down before I turn off the headset.

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Brand new P50 Win 10 Pro. Audio playback from videos are crackling and popping intermittently regardless of internal speakers or through the headphone jack.Thought it might be this problem: tried the solution in that thread  (updated the Audio driver) and it did not work for me.I also tried disabling the sound enhancements and dolby digital which seem to help but not stop it.Also updated to all the latest drivers I could find and the bios.Any suggestions? Could it be a hardware issue?

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I recently purchased a hp pavilion 15-au102TX laptop 2 weeks ago, than ask to update windows 10  anniversary. after i update the windows startup and shutdown sound is gone till now haven,t solve. so i try to update the realtek high definition audio driver download from HP webside, after that B&O Audio was missing, than i try to roll back driver finally B&O Audio was come back. but the sound have crackling, popping during play the music. Problem1. how to solve audio crackling, popping issue?2. startup sound issue (It does't matter if it can not solve? detail as bellowMicrosoft Windows 10 Home Single LanguageBIOS version: Insyde F.23sound, video and game controllers-Intel(R) Display Audio: High Definition Audio: Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible)(WDM): regards KC      

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Hi. I've been dealing with this issue for a while now, and I feel I've ruled out almost every posibility.  The only parts on my computer I haven't been able to test are my processor and my motherboard.  The problem:Up to a while ago, my system was running perfectly.  I use my computer for gaming and recording.  All of a sudden I start getting some strange behavior:  Mp3's will make a crackling sound, like an old record, and randomly click and pop; same goes for videos, I get clicks and crackle and when I switch to fullscreen my screen will flash randomly.  The strange thing is that wav files will play perfectly. As for gaming, my computer is totally useless now.  Games won't load, and the ones that do load will make the screen flicker and are practically unplayable. Also I can't run flash v10, I'm running v9.0124 or something.  Some pages will load with clicks in the sound, youtube loads choppy videos and most of the time with a loud hissing sound.   Also I keep getting Invalid floating point every now and then trying to run executables.Specs:Foxconn K8M890M2MA MotherboardAMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+2GB of RAM (2x1Gb Corsair)250 GB SATA drive120 GB, 40 GB IDE drivesM-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496PNY Nvidia GeForce 9400 GTWin XP SP 2Troubleshooting:Ruled out speaker issues with headphones.Scanned for viruses and spyware finding nothing.All hard drives are set to DMA.Took out soundcard and vi... Read more

Answer:Clicking, Crackling and Popping sounds during mp3 playback.

have you had any other electrical appliances recently placed on the same power circuit?

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Hi, I've been dealing with this for a few months now, Both my DVD Drive and DVD Burner make the sound crackle/pop while their in use. If I'm installing something its even worse and can't even listen to anything.

Is there any cause/solutions to this without having to buy new DVD Drives. I would really like to be able to take care of this issue since I've been dealing with this for a while now and finally posted about it.

AMD64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ Live!
EVGA 8800GTS 640MB Superclocked
Thermaltake Black Armor Series
ASUS M2N Deluxe 570SLI
Corsair cmpsu- HX620
4 gigs G. Skill

Answer:DVD Drive causes Crackling/popping in songs and games - Please Help

Have you tried re-installing your audio drivers?

You can try this troubleshooter:

First, under the Volume tab
Check that the Device Volume slider is at least one-third way across.
Check that the Mute box is cleared (unchecked).
Check that the box Place volume icon in the Taskbar is checked.
Click the Advanced button.
Check that there are no Mutes and that the levels are at least one-third way up in all sections.
Click the Speaker Volume button and check that the levels are set somewhere in the middle.
Click the Advanced button.
Check that Speaker setup has Desktop speakers selected.
Click the Performance tab and check that both sliders are set to the far right.
Next, click the Audio tab
In the Sound Playback section check the selected Default Device. It should be set to your sound card and not your modem or anything else.
Click the Volume button.
Check that there are no Mutes and good levels (none at zero) for at least Volume, Wave, CD Player, etc.
Click the Advanced button. This is the same as you saw in the Volume tab, but re-check it anyway.
In the choice of speakers, Desktop speakers should be selected.
Click the Performance button.
Check that both the indicators you see are set to the far right.

Next, click the Hardware tab
In the list you see, highlight (select) your audio device from among the listed hardware (drives and other stuff).
Click the Properties button.
Check to see if it says "This device is working properly". If it doesn't we're loo... Read more

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Lately I've been having a problem where my audio snaps and pops. It's not constant but it can get pretty noticeable. Especially on more calm music. It occurs while any audio is playing. Skype calls, Youtube videos, songs, video games. Anything. At first I had thought it was simply because my headphones were getting old worn out, but when I switched to new headphones the crackling and popping still occured.

Looking at some old forum posts here from 2009 I downloaded a tool called DPC Latency Checker. Ran it, and then started disabling and enabling devices one by one in device manager. Running normally there's an alternating pattern Where it will be down towards ~130 then suddenly spike to ~2500 and back down again. Back and forth.

After nothing having any real logical affect on this I noticed something weird when I disabled a program I use called Virtual Audio Cable, for streaming purposes. Suddenly the latency jumped to the high 14,000's and stayed there. Then after re-enabling VAC, the latency continued to stay in the high 14,000's. I can't seem to replicate whatever happened there.

My BIOS is up to date, my sound card drivers are up to date, and really, I hadn't changed anything prior to this problem starting in order to cause it. If anyone has any idea on how to help, please. This is driving me nuts.

Answer:Seemingly random audio crackling/popping

Please fill in the My System Specs - we can only guess and talk in generalities without it.

If you look over the many posts on this forum (and other forums) about the popping and crackling you will see its an often reported problem.

There is no "one fix" for this, however there are some things that are known to cause it (and high latency). Wireless controllers (wi-fi) are one known cause. A user on the Sonar (recording software) forum reported getting spikes and high latency as shown with the DPC Latency checker. His problem turned out to the the wireless adapter (controller) and as soon as he disabled it his problem went away.

Video drivers and sound drivers are another issue.

That Virtual Audio Cable sets up virtual audio devices and that can be a prime issue. You should have a "System Mixer" (could also be called Stereo Mix and what SoundBlaster calls "What You Hear") and these functions will allow you to record streaming audio.

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I get crackling/popping sounds it my games. It's very annoying because it also affect my fps. I tried different driver version and different audio settings but no luck. I notice that it all started after I installed Battlefield Bad Company 2, after I installed my new video card (ATI Radeon HD 5770) the crackling/popping got more worse. I uninstalled BC2 to see if that was the problem but no. The crackling/popping stops when I return to desktop. I have ALC888s

Answer:Windows 7 Realtek crackling/popping sounds.

Maybe a dumb suggestion, but my son had a similar problem. It turned out that he had the volume level on his monitor turned up (he is using integrated sound from his mobo, not the monitor). We found that once we set that to 0 the popping in games and iTunes stopped.

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The Issue:
Audio crackles, pops, and clicks on occassion, usually when sound begins or stops.

Examples: When I recieve a message on STEAM, there is a "bloop" sound that is there to notify me that someone sent me a message. At the very end of the bloop there is a noticeable "click" sound.
When playing some games where there is audio that loops, at the end of each loop in the cycle there is a clicking noise.
When pausing and unpausing YouTube videos, the audio of the video is accompanied by clicking noises. If I exit YouTube in the middle of the video, a few seconds after closing out a noise can be heard, which resembles a split second segment of audio from the video.
When using Crtl+f to search for words and it doesn't come up, a ding is played, followed by the clicking noise. This is most notable when I force the dings to occur in rapid succession, by typing random letters. It occurs less often if it is only a single ding.


Logitech G633 Headphones, but the issue was also present on my Logitech G35s. Both are USB devices.

I'm new to this website so I don't exactly know what other specifications would come in handy... if there are tell me how to find them and I will post them.

Thank you so much for replies, I've been looking for a solution for a month now on the web to no avail!

Answer:Crackling/Clicking/Popping/ Audio Issue

USB devices do not use the PC's sound card, they take digital and convert it to analog audio. Does sound do the same thing with regular PC audio?

Popping/crackling, etc is an often posted problem. Unfortunately there is no "one fix" for the problem. Some known potential items are Wi-Fi, sound drivers, video drivers, power supply noise, etc. With USB headphones drivers for the headphones could be an issue.

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Hey guys, First off, I've search and searched for answers and tried everything to get rid of this. I know theres a few posts with the same issue as this but nothing seems to work.

First off, this is my system:
Asus p5n-e SLI
Using on-board audio
Radeon HD5770
6gbs ram
Intel Q9505
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

The issue I'm having is with my audio. Whenever I'm watching a video and browsing the web i get crackling/popping whenever i load a page. Its not just then either, its when I open a program, click the start button, move a window, and sometimes even just move the mouse.

I have tried SO much and haven't gotten anywhere, this is why I'm posting. I never had this issue before i did some upgrades. (ram, Harddrive, video card, cpu)

I tried out the dsp Latency Checker, and I get constant red when browsing the web and other small things.

Its driving me absolutely crazy. I also wanted to say that I just bought a new Logitech G35 USB headset and i get the issue with that as well.

I hope someone can give me a helping hand, or maybe point me in the right direction of fixing this, I'm almost tempted to buy a new Mobo but not sure that would even solve the issue.

ALL drivers are up to date, and i literally just got the new ATI update for my vid card.

Thanks guys, Great community you have here.

Answer:Crackling/popping when watching videos and browsing

We had a similar problem on my dads computer. He was also using on-board audio. The audio jack on his computer had gone bad. I'm not really sure what caused it, but for $20USD we got a new sound card from Best Buy that was better than the on-board sound ever was. That might not be the kind of solution you are looking for, but it's better than that annoying popping/crackling noise.

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so i got this laptop yesterday and everything works fine, but when i start up a video game like overwatch or guild wars 2 some intermittent popping or crackling noises start happening and it's kind of disconcerting this happens with both the onboard speakers and headphones it's only when playing games though, with youtube and general use it's fine i contacted the chat support today and did a clean reinstall of my display drivers, one person suggested it was a problem with the computer's keyboard (?) and i've been trying to disable it and just use a usb connected one to see if that held any water but i don't know how to do that without the keyboard just reinstalling itself immediately any ideas? 

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Hello, I tried a lot already... disabling Wireless Drivers, updating other drivers... but I can't figure out what exactly causes my sound to crackle... I also recognized, when I move my laptop up and down fast, the sound crackles too... maybe its a hardware issue? I have Win7 64bit Professional,all drivers updated... from HP Site... anyone else got problems with elitebooks? Any advice?

Answer:Audio crackling, popping on HP Elitebook 8570w

Hello,are you getting the sound rom speakers for sure? we know wireless drivers can cause the issue however if the speakers are muted and you still get the sound, it has to be some hardware. please double check. this could be some broken part or broken screw. I suggest, please have it checked by HP or authorized repair center. Please contact HP support.Please visit > select the country from left hand side bottom (USA is selected by default) > on next page, on right hand side top, click "connect with HP" icon, you should have options to email HP or call HP.Hope it helps. 

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Basically after about 20-30 minutes roughly my audio just craps out and starts making popping and crackling noises that get progressivly worse until I go into the Cmedia control panel and click S/PDIF and it fixes it for another 30 minutes and then it starts again, so I have to click the same button, And so forth.

This is such a pain. I've tried re-installing the drivers and all other common solutions. I had no problem with the previous drivers, but they didnt support mic so I had to install the newest ones, which have been giving me this problem for the past year or so.

If anyone can help me, it'd be the biggest help.


Answer:Asus M2N-E SLI Audio Problem - Popping/Crackling

i got the same problem only it happens when i use my xbox 360 controller. i ended up ripping the sound card out of an old dell and sticking in finding some modded drivers compatible with vista for it and now im fine. NEVER EVER get a cmedia product. they have NO TECH SUPPORT whatsoever, other than the comunity support forums which noone from CMEDIA themselves uses.

i whish i could help but i cant. until there is a fix, i suggest sound blaster.

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Hiiam experiencing problem with audio quality , HP probook 4530s,cor i5,8gb.i have tried every thing from software uninstall/ reinstall,chipset driver,Idt codec versions,replaced internal speakers too,(cost me RS 5000), tried clean installing windows 7, 8 , 8.1,10 and again back to windows 7. nothind lasted long . problem returns,, crackling noisy/unpleasant sound from speakers again,always right speaker....this time it came up after installing latest windows updates. uninstalled all update but no luck.....HP is there any solution to this problem?iam totallay fade up...........

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Alright. I'm starting to be at a loss for things to try.

I recently bought the system displayed in my profile from CyberpowerPC. All in all its been running well.

Recently I've begun having problems with my USB headsets. I don't have speakers right now (they broke the day I order my new PC), but I usually prefer the headsets for gaming and have never had a problem with them in the 5-10 years I've been using them. Until now.

When playing games my USB headsets start skipping, crackling and generally having sound issues. They've even cut off completely from time to time. They also seem to lag/speed up randomly. While playing Chronicles of Riddick: BUtcher Bay (From the Dark Athena game) occaisionally voices would rise up to the sound of chimpmunks for a few seconds before returning to normal.

The popping/crackling is not constant. It comes and goes. I can play for an hour and not have any problem, and I can play for 15 minutes and have it last. I can alt tab and it will go away. I can alt tab when there is no problem and come back to other problems. If i listen to music by itself there is no problems. If I listen to music while gaming both start having problems. Ventrilo has continual problems. Sometimes people can hear me and I can't hear them. That appears to be a buffer problem, as if they leave the channel and come back I start hearing all the stuff they said when I couldn't hear them. All in all, its been hell in a handbasket.

Things I've tried:

Three different head... Read more

Answer:Random popping and crackling in Games on USB headsets

Sounds identical to my problems, same mobo as yours - I think its to do with the onboard sound and it being conflicted.. Hopefully someone out there will have a fix :x

My Spec

- Intel Quad Core I7 930 Processor clocked at 4.00GHz+ (switchable Overclock profiles provided)
- Corsair H50-1 CPU Watercooling Unit
- Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Intel Mainboard
- ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024MB GDDR5 Graphics Card
- 6GB of 1600MHz DDR3 Memory (Triple Channel)
- 2x 500GB Seagate Barracuda ST3500418AS 500GB Configured in RAID 0
- 1x 1TB Samsung F3 7200rpm 32MB Cache Hard Disk Drive For Storage
- Sony 24x Multi-DVD
- Antec Twelve Hundred Full Tower Gaming Case
- Antec CP850W Silent Modular Power Supply Unit
- Pre-Installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Operating System

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the audio on my laptop is CONSTANTLY clicking and popping. it happens with or without headphones. ive tried the troubleshooter, reinstalling drivers, tried looking into all the settings, nothing seems to help, what can i do to fix this? its driving me mad.

Answer:Bang and olufson audio popping and crackling

Dear Customer, Please try installing the IDT Audio drivers and see if that helps:  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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so i got this laptop yesterday and everything works fine, but when i start up a video game like overwatch or guild wars 2 some intermittent popping or crackling noises start happening and it's kind of disconcerting this happens with both the onboard speakers and headphones it's only when playing games though, with youtube and general use it's fine i contacted the chat support today and did a clean reinstall of my display drivers, one person suggested it was a problem with the computer's keyboard (?) and i've been trying to disable it and just use a usb connected one to see if that held any water but i don't know how to do that without the keyboard just reinstalling itself immediately any ideas? 

Answer:Lenovo Z70-80 80FG, crackling/popping audio

posted this kinda preemptively, updating BIOS seems to have fixed it for now

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After waiting for nearly 6 weeks, I finally got a replacement for my fried mobo (Gigabyte P55A-UD3). It's a different board but practically same as my original one except it has two eSATA ports (P55A-UD3R).

Ultimately, after replacing with the new one I'm experiencing noticeable popping or crackling noises while:
playing any videos via any media player
streaming such as youtube
I currently use a headphone via USB DAC. More importantly, I don't hear these noises while idling or doing anything that doesn't utilize audio.

After surfing for solutions, I was able to find few simple troubleshootings though non of them fixed the problem:
- Used different USB cables
- Used different USB ports as well as external hub
- Have latest driver version for the DAC
- Disable SPDIF from "recording devices"
- Disabling other audio devices from "device manager"
- Set sampling rate to something else

I also eliminated my headphone and DAC as the problem still happened for other devices. The DPC latency checker didn't help either as it showed constant green results with no drop outs.
With the new installation of mobo, every drivers and BIOS are up to date with newest version.

As a result, I'm starting to suspect the problem is caused by the mobo itself... after all, all of my headphones and DACs worked fine with my previous mobo with no issues.
With that being said, this isn't the only problem that is happening for my newly replaced mobo as there are all sorts ... Read more

Answer:Popping/crackling noises after changing mobo

Did you happen to install the Gigabyte "EasyTune" program? If you did, uninstall that. It caused me audio problems in my recording studio system that uses a Gigabyte motherboard (GAZ77X UD5H).

Other things that can contribute to the problem: Wi-Fi, a cordless phone or cell phone close by. Video card drivers, sound card drivers. Also a power supply can cause this.

But, as you have found out there is no "one fix" for the problem.

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i just built my first computer yesterday(specs are at bottom) and i also bought the xbox 360 wireless adapter thingy that lets me use my 360 wireless controller for gaming and for some reason whenever i plug it in the sound gets all poppy and crackly and i have to restart the computer to fix that im pretty sure its the mobo's problem because when i first booted up(w/o adapter plugged in) it had that problem until i installed the drivers i heard something about disabling the usb audio legacy drivers but when i did that my computer wouldn't boot so i reset to defaults and now im here

any help would be appericated


Computer specs

asus m2n sli mobo
seagate 200gb barracuda hdd
antec earthwatts 500wat
xfx geforce 9800gt
amd athlon x2 5600+
4gb ocz special ops dual channel ram
Vista home premium 64bit dual booted Xp pro 32bit(same on both OSes)

Answer:Popping crackling when I connect Xbox 360 wireless adapter

What exactly does that X360 adapter hook up to, USB 2.0 port? If so, once you installed the drivers it should allow the system to boot normally. Perhaps the device is configurable through gaming devices? If there is any software (not drivers) required to use the adapter/controller, maybe it needs to be patched/updated for use with that mobo?

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I bought some Logitech Z506 surround speakers for my PC, but after hooking them up I found the front right speaker (the one with the thick black cord) was making a crackling/popping sound. So I took them back and got another set and the exact same speaker was again making a crackling/popping sound. I noticed that the only time it would make the this sound was when I played certain songs that had a very low bass beat, deep chord or certain timber to the singer's voice. Also, when there was no sound at all I could hear a distinct hiss in that speaker.

I thought it was odd that the exact same speaker would be bad in both sets I bought, so I was thinking perhaps it might be something else (a setting, or something). I took the second set back also, so right now I don't have any PC speakers, but before I buy another set I thought I would post here and see if I could get some help or advice so I can figure out what's going on.


Answer:Trouble with right front speaker: crackling/popping sounds

Ive had this same thing happen to me before. Sometimes; it can be resolved by restarting the system; but if not; then you may have to uninstall the sound card etc. from the device manager; reboot; and let windows re-detect and reinstall the sound card and hopefully that will get rid of the crackling sound.

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Im desperate here as I simply cannot figure out the solution is and this thing is driving me nuts.

I have major latency issues and from DPC checker have figured out that its my network adapters (or at least I think).
When I disable both of them, I get nearly perfect sound.
Ive re installed them/dloaded new drivers multiple times and no difference.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I have a DELL E6400, Windows 7/64bit.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:6 months now and still no solution to audio Crackling/Popping/Dropouts

I know its no help but I have exactly the same problem with home built asus based PC, with tenda 802.11n W322P network card.

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Hi Everyone:

I have a Sony Vaio VPCL23CFX All-in-one desktop computer (See my SPECS).

I have an odd problem that I cannot seem to resolve. When I play a song, any song, or any MUSIC, for that matter, I get a popping/crackling noise every once in a while. Sometimes it won't happen for a minute, then it will happen every 5 or 10 seconds and then it will stop, then it will start back up again with the every 10 seconds and then not for a minute thing.

It NEVER happens when no music is playing, for example, during a movie when there is no soundtrack playing or if I am watching a Youtube video that has no music. I get the same popping/crackling noise whether it is though the computer speakers or through the headphones.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this to happen or how I might get it to stop?



Answer:Intermittent popping/crackling noise during audio playback

Popping and crackling, if you look over the old posts here, is a frequent issue. Unfortunately there is no "one fix" for the problem.

Among many potential issues, sound drivers (make sure you have the correct sound driver from Sony), video drivers, Wi-Fi, power supply, external source such as a wireless phone or cell phone close by.

On the audio, if you only have the generic Windows installed "HD Audio Codec" that is the first place to start. Get the correct sound driver. What you list for the Sound Card is not really what it is, correct designation is "RealTek", according to the Sony site.

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hi all. i made a post similar to this one before in the hardware section but im starting to doubt its a hardware problem. i have a creative audigy platinum 2 ex sound card that started to crackle and pop when i played sound in winamp. it wasnt too big a deal at first but it became louder and more invasive after a while. so i figured my sound card was the problem. so i got an m-audio audiophile 24/96 card and the problem was still there. this is terrible for me as i use a lot of audio editing/multitracking software. and these programs would also stutter and crackle whether i was recording audio or just playing back. so i figured whatever ill use the onboard soundcard for a while, but even that one is doing the same thing. with winamp the crackling wasnt as often as with the creative/m-audio cards. when i use any audio editing software however it would crackle a little then the whole comuter started to slow down. i made a habit of keeping task manager open while using the software to check what was eating up the cpu and it was the audio program. but i noticed if i closed the audio program quick enough the cpu load would transfer to another program and if i closed that program it would transfer to another program for a few seconds, usually my antivirus. another problem i have is with youtube. about a minute into any video the sound stutters so it sounds almost like an echo and the video along with it. in task manager it shows iexplorer.exe using 100% cpu. ive tried everything: i... Read more

Answer:audio skipping/stuttering/crackling/popping problems

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I'm having a real issue with my WMP and VLC...
While watching movies, I am getting popping and crackling noises and at the same time, the video will stutter.  This just started happening around 2 weeks ago.  Today, when I tried to play a Hidden Object game, it was doing the same thing.  I have tried updating the drivers for audio, DirX and RealTek.  I have removed and reinstalled both Realtek HD Audio Manager and VLC.  I've also tried adjusting the settings on both the WMP and VLC.  Today I ended up doing a System Restore because I feared that maybe I had changed something I shouldn't have and whatever I was doing seemed to make my problem worse.
I'm at my wits end and extremely frustrated.  I'm hoping someone here in Bleeping Computer Land can help me with this.  
Thank you. 

Answer:Popping and Crackling while watching movies or playing games

Try to update your Chipset drivers & your Vga Graphics Drivers. You may also want to update your bios to see if this helps. Post back with any updates.

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Hi, Today I've noticed some crackling/popping sounds coming out of the left speaker of my HP Envy notebook. I figured out that they're coming from the left speaker. There's always a crackling sound lasting for roughly 3 seconds, then there's about 5 seconds break before the sound is there again. It goes on like that all the time now. I can listen to music etc without any issues but the problem is there even when I'm not using the speakers to play any sounds which is even more annoying as I can easily hear it when it's quiet. I've tried first 5 steps from this list, including reinstalling the Realtek driver and using Windows troubleshooting and none of them helped. I will really appreciate getting some solution as I had this laptop since September and never had any issues but this crackling thing is quite irritating. Thank you,Jacek

Answer:Constant crackling/popping sounds coming out of the left spe...

dear iam facing same broblem long long back with my hp probook 4530s, tried all three windows 7,then 8.1,than 10 and again back to windows 7 ultimate 64bit. at starting it worked great but after installing last night update it started crackling sound again. tried every thing,googled alot but nothing helped . even i replaced hp internal speakers too thought of hardware issue but it was not , its totally software issue, do not listen if somebody say its hardware failure  ....i found, systen restore priore to windows update helps little,try your luck, mine worked little bit 

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I have the Logitech X540 5.1 surround system, which I'll start by saying is a fantastic system. However, recently (and by recently I mean today) I began to hear the most annoying popping/crackling sounds coming out of active speakers. When I play music the sound is most intense in the speaker getting more sound coming out of it, like when the music switches from the left to the right channel (a good example song would be Meant to Live by Switchfoot, the very beginning), the speaker with the sond coming out will crackle. It only happens when sound is coming out, and it seems to do it ragardless of the volume or loudness of the song. By volume and loudness I mean the volume as what I control, the little knob and the control in Windows, and loudness as the actual loudness of the source song.

It's a really annoying issue. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself an audiophile, but if I had the money to buy the system to support that then I would be. This little system was just $100 retail (and I got it for $50 because I worked at Circuit City at the time.)

Just so I'm not posting without actually trying anything, I've tried listening to multiple sound formats. I've tried default sounds on Windows, I've tried DVDs and CDs, I've tried music from my own collection (WMA or MP3 compressed) and I even tried ripping some CDs to WMA lossless to get the most out of it...and nothing, same problem with everything.

I don't listen to ... Read more

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4095 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6670, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 466936 MB, Free - 237675 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., M4A78LT-M-LE
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2013, Updated and Enabled

I have a problem that arose a few months back but I had just brushed off as faulty speakers. They had started crackling and popping a lot, often in response to any activity the computer was doing (opening a file for example would induce a sudden frenzy of unintelligible noise from the speakers). When I got the speakers replaced the problem didn't go away, leading me to conclude that the problem lies with my computer instead. The sound doesn't happen all the time. There can be complete silence for ages, then I open chrome or run a game and the speakers make a 'pop' and suddenly start making noise that doesn't stop until I unplug and plug back in. Then it'll be gone for a little while but comes back regularly. Sound quality for videos and games is still good.

The first thing I tried was plugging into the front of the computer instead of the back which actually doesn't do anything, it might be for headphones only because it has a little headphones symbol next to it. However a little window comes ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 - Any speakers I use produce crackling/popping sounds

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Hello 7 forums,

I'm having an issue with my audio that is driving me up a wall. I'm having that (apparently common) issue of crackling/popping/static-y audio on a Realtek chip. I've tried multiple drivers, from Realtek official to Generic to Vista ones. My latency graph has little to no spiking too! (A problem most people identified in the previous megathread). I know this is a solvable issue because previously I've had it under control. It was just so long ago and I've forgotten...

Anyways, does anyone know how I can fix this? It's making me so sad.

Stats as follows:
Asus f50sf
Nvidia GT220m
4gb RAM
Win 7 Pro x64
Core 2 Duo 2.53ghz
Realtek HD Audio Driver
Hardware ID for Soundcard:

Bios, video card, and OS are up to date. If you need any other information I can get it.

Also, even if you are unsure of a solution, post it. I will try anything at this point.

Answer:Audio Popping/Crackling/Static Windows 7 x64 on Asus f50 Series

I'm having the same issue, I believe so at least. Quite randomly, at about 5 to 10 second intervals, the sound will cut out with a pop which lasts for 1/4 of a second and carries on.

I 'fixed' it briefly last night by reverting all of my Realtek Sound drivers to Windows drivers, but when I turned on the computer this morning, the problem was back.

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Hello again everyone! I have a computer that SHOULD be running amazingly well, and it does for the most part. I really have NOTHING on here, it is a Dell customized PC, only running 28 processes regularly. Here are the specs:

Dell Dimension DIM4600
Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GhZ
1.00 GB RAM
Windows XP Home Edition 2002

So, everything runs fine, I have a wireless Linksys router which I JUST upgraded to the latest firmwire and everything, brand new speakers, an external MyBook 500GB USB Hard Drive which holds my music.

Everything was running great, but my music pops and crackles id say about every 10 seconds. I also use a Midi Controller Keyboard (Keystation 61es by M-Audio), I play the M-Tron software and it crackles louder than hell when going on a note for longer than 3 seconds. It is all in and out, on and off.

I have no idea what could be causing it, people have told me it is the CPU and the computer is struggling...but it just does not make sense, I am barely running anything on here, my processes are all normal and everything, the Linksys wireless was a hog for a while but the firmwire fixed it up a lot.

Does anyone have any ideas or can help me? Also, all of the midi keyboard software is detached from the external HD, the external HD is JUST music, so it has no connection to the popping and crackling of the M-Tron software with the keystation 61es!

Thank you for any help anyone can give!

Answer:Awful crackling/popping noises consistent in music and midi-apps...


I have tested old speakers with the OLD audio card, which is still installed above my new Audiphile one. Old speakers work PERFECTLY, so it is NOT the CPU or PC. It is either the SPEAKERS or the AUDIOPHILE sound card. How do I find out? I have no other speakers that connect to the Audiophile card, and I have no other PC with a card that can test the speakers.

Anyone have an educated decision? A popping noise every 10 seconds or so, on and off, sometimes never happens...audiocard most likely, right? The speakers were bought brand new, M-Audio Studio Pro 3's. They seem just fine.

Any ideas?

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It's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
I spent an hour on the phone with a technician who restored the laptop with Windows 8.1 to an earlier point in time and it stopped crackling for the rest of the day, but the next day, the noise was back.
The worst are "ding" sounds, they have more crackle than ding. Video playback is bad but at least we can understand what is said. Youtube is bad. mp3 audio is bad. Crackle is there with earphones too.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 (3147, Mid 2014) makes crackling sound whenever sound is played

lelouIt's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
Hello. If it made the noise right out of the box you probably should have returned it as defective during the brief return period. 
Does it make the noise only when running on battery power or also when plugged into house current?

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Dear readers,

I'm the owner of a toshiba l665D and there is a problem.
Every time i have to use something involving
sound it sounds rubbish.
The sound isn't played smoothly there are pauses and there is a big cracking
sound sometimes in it.

This is not because of the speakers, I have also tright it through the headphone tube.
Could this possilybe because of a damaged soundcard.

It's sound really rubbish and the laptop isn't even 2 years old yet.

What could it be?

Answer:Satellite L665D - sound isn't played smoothly - crackling sound


I think this is not related to faulty sound card but due to old iRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) driver.

I found an thread about very similar issue.

Update of the iRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver) to version V10.1.0.1008 or higher should solve this problem.

I recommend trying this out!

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Hello, about 3 days ago i bought a sealed brand new HP OMEN 17-W03np which comes with Windows 10 Home (64-bit), i noticed there were some problems with the sound which have been a constant problem since day one. Before and after any sound plays there are these pops/crackling sounds that are noticable (and pretty irritating), the sound appears to play fine after it starts but in a few occasions the sound actually started breaking and there were random pauses while playing sound. There was also this one time the volume randomly went up and down on its own when pausing a sound (in this case it was a video) and then playing it again.Random pops/crackling have also happened while i was on my browser on web pages but there was no sound sources in the web page at all. I've attempted to use earphones while testing sound, and while using them the pops/crackling sound sometimes come out through the earphones, but sometimes they also come out through the notebooks built-in speakers despite the fact the sound is then played through the earphones (which i found pretty strange). This is my first experience with HP and i have to say i am feeling quite dissapointed, could this be a software problem or will i have to send my notebook back? I'd also like to point out that no major program/software installations have been done as this is a brand new notebook so most of the programs/software in it right now are the ones that come pre-installed with the notebook. I will a... Read more

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Hi folks,

Recently I was setting up a VPN client (PacketIX), and the setup wizard suggested some Audio/Video Streaming "Optimization" tweaks. I didn't pay attention and confirmed.

Since then, I often hear some crackling / popping noises. For instance, this systematically occurs when I Alt/Tab between a running game and my desktop.

An obvious guess is that the damn VPN client messed up some sound settings, but I can't figure out what to do.

I've found a good deal of DPC latency workarounds around here which I tried in vain.

Any ideas ?


Answer:[Sound crackling ] VPN client messed up my sound settings

Try a system restore to before you installed the VPN client. (System Restore)

Then reinstall the VPN client and don't let it fiddle with the audio settings.


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Hi.My laptop model is hp 15g009ax.When i stop hearing song or any audio in earphones, after approximately 6 seconds I hear a quick crackling sound. The crackling sound comes after any sound that ends or After the specific application that is playing the audio is closed). I will tell you what is did to stop this.1) I updated the sound driver from hp support website specific to my model. Didn't work2) Tried the earphones in other phones and lapotps. Working fine.3) Thought the problem is with windows. So dual-booted windows with Ubuntu 14.04.1. When I tried Ubuntu without installing it, earphones seemed to work fine without crackling after sound ends. But after installing Ubuntu and checked, the same problem repeated, but this time crackling sound started coming before the sound starts and after the sound ends.This is very irritating and after reading some articles about this problem, Some said the problem is due to interference(Not sure) of motherboard with soundcard.Can you please specify the source of this problem and a solution to it.Thanks In Advance

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I've been having issues since February's windows updates with crackling sound typically in DirectX games and some video playback such as Steam. In an effort to isolate the problem out I've gone over all my drivers and dust contamination yet again this month. I removed both the 3.51 and 4.01 Klite packs and the VLC player I had been using. Registry cleaned and defragged.

My sound card is an Audigy Fatality champion series with the front panel breakout box.

June 3 2009 driver for it #

Dxdiag attached as well.

Next on my list is to see if maybe there's new drivers for my tv tuner capture board which does have sound card resources apparently.

As a side note, I use Ventrilo daily. When ever I launch it after a fresh reboot and connect to a server it locks the PC up for like 90 seconds before behaving normally and displaying the MOTD. It's done this for maybe 6 months. Whenever I have bad game problems I can generally disconnect and reconnect from the vent server without that little annoyance. I want to lay the blame at DirectX, but I've tried several forced updates of it without any improvement.

Playing in the APB beta as well, and thru tips from those players disabled multimedia network throttling in the registry which improved in game performance there a ton.
I really do not want to reload this machine as it takes an eternity to get everything back the way I like it.

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Hi Everyone,

This issue has been going on for about a year now, both on 32 and 64 bit XP. My computer is around 3 years old, and no hardware has changed since then.

All my drivers are up-to-date, BIOS updates, software, patches, windows etc.

I have had lots of "theories" or "temp fixes" sent to me but in reality are not suitable.

When I play music (with any player) sometimes the sound crackles, to resolve the issue I have to pause then unpause the song and it stops for the duration of that song.

My Sound Card:

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Sound Card - OEM (PCI-Express) to expand...

I have found lots of information, but non suitable.

Sound issues with crackling and popping
A number of owners of X-Fi cards have come to experience what is known as a constant popping and crackling noise during use of the cards. Creative has attributed the case to be NVIDIA nForce motherboards, however many other users who do not use these motherboards continue to experience the sound issues. Creative has not provided a fix as of yet for this to expand...

I have 680i SLI NIVDIA motherboard.. but none of the above fixes work.

There's tons of websites/webpages with people having the same problem. Read more

Answer:Sound Blaster X-Fi [Sound issues crackling]

It's a bit hard to suggest without going through everything to see what you might have tried already (although I did have a look at your second link and a very quick look at the third). So please excuse if you have already tried the following, or if they seem too obvious (more hardware than software suggestions, as you have perhaps been trying mostly software, by the look of it).

It kinda sounds like something's deteriorating, and when you give it a moment to rest, it resets itself.

You haven't mentioned anything about your speakers (or headphones). Are they OK? Have you tried others, or tried yours in another computer? Can you try a USB speaker (if you haven't got that already)? How are the connections/cables/jacks?

Do you have an onboard audio driver you can try (ie take out the sound card)? Can you borrow a sound card to try?

Maybe it's a poor connection, including solder joint, in there somewhere. Hard to track down - have to try swapping things.

Is your problem confined to one medium (CD/DVD, stored audio files, downloaded music), or does it happen with all types?

Does it happen when you're eating Rice Bubbles? -D) (It's late, OK?)

Any possibility of interference from nearby electronics or electrical appliances?

Is your power supply unit OK? (Don't know why these last two items would be fixed by pausing the song, but I'm running low on ideas - maybe I'll stop here and let someone else have a go...)

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I upgraded my Win XP to Win 7 like 1 month ago.
Downloaded all drivers (from their sites) updated them... then i open WMP 11 and start playing some music. After listening to that i heard some weird sound lag, I believe its called crackling. I searched on internet found some solutions, but none worked and none was for mine sound card.
This wasn't happening on Win XP.
Oh and if i have older version of driver it works way batter (only hear crackling when my cpu goes up to 1000MB (100%) ), but then my Microphone goes really quiet like I disabled microphone boost.

Hope you understand my problem.


"Windows","Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (Build 7600)"
"Internet Explorer","9.0.8112.16421"
"Memory (RAM)","1023 MB"
"CPU Info","Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz"
"CPU Speed","2802,0 MHz"
"Sound Card","Speakers (C-Media PCI Audio Dev)"
"Display Adapters","NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 | NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 | RDPDD Chained DD | RDP Encoder Mirror Driver | RDP Reflector Display Driver"
"Monitors","1x; Generic PnP Monitor | "
"Screen Resolution","1024 X 768 - 32 bit"
"Network","Network Present"
"Network Adapters","VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter | Hamachi Network Interface"
"CD / DVD Drives","2x (D: | E... Read more

Answer:Genius Sound Maker Value 5.1 Crackling Sound

Here Two Pictures from two programs (DPC Latency Checker V1.3.0 and LatencyMon), while playing music.
The results are pretty much the same.

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My motherboard is a PCCHIPS M848LU V1.2 and the onboard sound is a C-Media AC97 (I don't know the exacts of it, but I think I can find out) It has up-to-date drivers

I just bought this comp from, its an AMD Athlon XP2600+, maxtor 30gig 7200rpm hd, 128mb ddr pc2100 ram (512 PC2700, whenever it gets here...) nvidia 128mb geforce4mx440, Windows XP Professional SP1a, 52x24x52x cd-rw..onboard NIC, onboard sound.

Anyway, whenever I play *most* (I say most because a few mp3s either from winamp radiostations or mp3s on my harddrive dont crack, but the sound quality is still alittle bad) it cracks some-what badly, some worse than others.. I've tried reinstalling the drivers and messing around with the settings, no help...everythings brand-new, so think it might be defective, or an hardware conflict? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Sound crackling, bad quality (onbored sound)

Well you could visit the PCCHIPS website and see if they have any updates for the Sound.

Also try another pair of speakers, could be bad speakers or a damaged cable/plug.

Thats a fairly nice machine, however you shouldn't have skimped on the motherboard - its one of the lowest end manufacturers of mobo's.

You may be better off by simple buying a PCI soundcard - I recommend a Creative Soundblaster - and disable the onboard sound. You'll get better quality sound and better performance in games.

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In the last week, all sound on my laptop has started to crackle slightly. I changed headphones, but realized that thats not the problem. If i increase volume, the crackling gets worse, and distortion really sets in. Strange....only started happening last week. I have tried reinstalling my sound card driver, but no change there. Have looked around all my audio settings but cant find any clues. music etc is still listenable, but there is just a faint crackle constantly annoying me. and distortion if i turn the volume up louder.

Does this mean my sound card is wearing out?? or is it a physical prob inside?

my sound card is : Conexant AC link audio
i have windows xp home edition on a HP compaq nx4800

any help would be much appreciated!!


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Question: Crackling sound

I have one game in which I get crackling sound its Sword of the Stars and the expansion Born of Blood.

Only problem is I have absolutely no idea what sound I have I used to have realtek, but now all I can see on my system is this.

I don't want to get the latest realtek if it is not what I have, anyone know what mine might be, I realise it will be hard but I have no other idea of where else to look, to be more helpful. It just says High Definition Audio Device

Hope someone may know

Jekyll and Hyde

Answer:Crackling sound

I don't want to get the latest realtek if it is not what I have

It is, or at least according to what is available from Abit it is,

Universal abit > Motherboard, Digital Speakers, iDome, AirPace, Multimedia

Seeing as what they have is the R1.90 and the latest is R2.10, I would go with the latest,

unless some of the other Realtek users have a better recommendation that the current driver.

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Question: Sound crackling?

Hello, just wanted to say sorry for my poor english.
So... My sound has been crackling/popping in alot of games and not only , also for mumble and this kind of stuff, same with Skype.

I have read many forums about this but couldnt find solution , i have heard that "outdated drivers" might be the problem... but the thing is i dont know what sound card i have :\

I'm using Windows XP
Heres what i have in my "Device manager - Sound , video and game controllers"
- Audio Codecs
-Legacy Audio Drivers
-Legacy Video Capture Drivers
-Media Control Devices
-NVIDIA High Definition Audio
-NVIDIA High Definition Audio
-NVIDIA High Definition Audio
-NVIDIA High Definition Audio
-VIA High Definition Audio
-Video Codes

And it happens even in games and things that used to sound fine , it all started happening after formating pc? I think

Please , help! Sorry if i didnt provide enghout info , please ask if u have any questions about my pc :\ and pardon my bad english once again

Answer:Sound crackling?

-NVIDIA High Definition Audio < are most likely the video card HDMI port audio drivers

-VIA High Definition Audio < should be a motherboard audio chipset and most likely the default audio chipset.

What is the brand and model of the computer? Or the brand and model of the motherboard if it's homebuilt?

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Question: Sound Crackling.

Hello all,
I have a refurbished Toshiba Satellite L650D laptop that I got exactly a year ago. Lately I've been having a problem where the sound goes crackly and even distorted when playing, and up until today I thought it was just me playing sounds too early because it would always go away a few minutes after start up.

Today it stayed around for 10 minutes, before I rebooted. After that it seemed normal at first, even the startup sound wasn't distorted, but about an hour later there is still at last some crackling in my music. It doesn't just happen with window's media player, but youtube as well and it first started to show up around october when I played Skyrim (I just blamed how much memory the game takes up).

I've tried disabling the enhancements (which seemed to be the solution for most others with this problem), I have done virus scans, I have even used the task manager to end some non essential processes that took up memory.

I have noticed in my searches that most reporting similar problems found it got WORSE the longer the computer was on, while in my case it's usually at its worst around startup.

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I'm been having trouble lately with my PC. Admittedly it is 5 years old, however I don't really have the money for a new one at the moment.

What is happening is that when I run a game that it has never had any problems with before often everything slows down and the sound starts to distort with a crackling noise. This has been most obvious in Race 07 when there is a full grid of cars around me. Everything practically stops at this point. Normally I would chalk it up to the computer not being powerful enough but it has never had this problem before in that game. It sometimes also happens when watching a HD Youtube video. Some less intensive games such as Super Meat Boy seem to be okay.

I have also had an occasional BSOD on startup, I took a photo which you can see here.

I have the system information from dxdiag here.

My guess is the graphics card is on it's way out but apart this everything else is fine so I am hoping there is a fix for this. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Crackling Sound and Lag

The BSOD is referencing nvlddmkm.dll - which is a nVidia driver file.

Go to Visual Computing Leadership from NVIDIA and update your GPU drivers for your card to see if that alleviates the issues.

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I have all the latest drivers installed on my P50, but I still hear pop/crackling sounds whenever some audio is playing, irrespective of the source. There's a thread here which addresses pop sounds when nothing is playing, so this is a different case. You might think this might me due to clipping as I'm overworking the onboard amplifiers, but this is not the case because even at very low volumes I still hear the pop/crackling sounds. It's the type of sound you hear from someone with a severe cold trying to clear his very clogged nostrils. It's really irritating having to hear it about 5 times every minute. The most weird part of it all is that if I reinstall the drivers, the pop/crackling sound disappears entirely. However, they return after 2 or more restarts. I only experience this issue when the onboard soundcard is being used because I don't notice the issue through my external dac + amp combo. Can someone help here ?

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Hey guys, My sound started a few days ago to start randomly cutting or crackling how ever you say this. It started some how this week on my Compaq Presario cq56 model tell me what i need to provide for you'r help please I found some answears online none of them worked.Please help. Thanks. Some system infowindows 764bitModel: Presario cq56 notebook pcProcessor: Amd athon ii p340 dual core processor 2.20 ghz4 gig of ram but 2.3 usable some reason..Ill post more if u need it.

Answer:Sound keeps crackling when i put mp3

It would be helpful if you posted what you have already tried so we don't waste our time and yours making the same suggestions.

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I have an Acer Aspire 5534 with Windows 7 Home Premium. I've had it for about 2 years and in the past three months, the sound on is crackling. At first it started with the start up sound and the log in sound and then it spread to my music and video. I can't figure out the problem with it. I have more details if someone will help me. Thanks, Windfang21.

Answer:Sound Crackling Help?

1- I presume you tried updating your sound & video drivers?2- Did the laptop come with windows 7?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Question: crackling sound

i wnt sum hlp to fix dis problm
my audio outpt is terrible , its crackling 2 much
its jus in case of songs , windows sounds etc.
bt in case of video its fine
pleeeeeeeeez help me !!!!

Answer:crackling sound

Are you using a wireless mouse or keyboard?

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Question: Crackling Sound

Hi all,

Am new to the forums so please be patient with me!

My machine is fairly old but runs Windows 7 32Bit perfectly fine. In fact I was amazed to find all the hardware is picked up fine and runs nearly as fast as XP did.

Have been using it for some time without issues but recently the sound has become what I would describe as crackly and breaks up. It happens when Windows boots and it plays the little intro tune, then when I log on its fine. Then if I play a Quicktime movie trailer for instance it crackles or Youtube etc.

My MSI motherboad doesnt have any downloadable drivers for Windows 7 so its using whatever is the defaults.

I have tried changing the sound settings to different qualities and also reducing it from 5.1 sound to 2 channel stereo but to no avail.

To make sure its not a hardware fault I have reinstalled XP and also Ubuntu with no issues at all.

I then reinstalled Windows 7 and immediately the crackling returns which puzzles me as I ran Windows 7 for months without issues.

I have also tried changing the emulation in the BIOS from AC97 to Azalia but again to no avail.

Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.

Many Thanks


Answer:Crackling Sound

Sounds like your on board sound isn't properly supported by windows 7. Did i read correctly that the crackling only happens on certain things? Also does your mouse lag or any applications lag when the crackling happens?

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Question: crackling sound

Whenever I try to play a CD or DVD on my computer, the sound crackles, but when I listen to Itunes, it is usually clear and just fine. how do I fix that crackling noise problem?

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this is really weird after my pc is on for a while like after i turn it back on from standby. My sound will be crackling when opening a file,program,website anything that uses cpu usage. Its more of a crackling sound like if i was moving around the plugs or something from the speakers. I know its not my soundcard because i tried another sound card. I put both of them in the same cab and i got about the same problem. After i restart my computer it seems to go away but i want to know whats the problem here.

THERMALTAKE Silent Purepower W0014RU 480W Power Supply
AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 800MHz
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 digital
Logitech® Z-5300e speakers
NEC FD1231H-302 Black Internal Floppy Drive
NEC Black IDE DVD Burner

Answer:crackling sound help

Check to see if your speaker wires are near any power sources, and move them around. On a side note, you might want to read the rules and edit your signature accordingly.

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Question: Crackling sound

I've just started to get a crackle which goes up and down with increased volume - any ideas? Dust??

Answer:Crackling sound

Loose connection?

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Sometimes randomly i have crackling noises in my sound and i have no clue what is causingit i have the latest drivers for my soundblaster xfi fatal1ty soundcard just seein what u guys can come up with.

Answer:Crackling in my sound

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So i finally got windows 64 bit running rather smoothly...
(I need 64bit for my computer specs)

unfortunately.. when I play music some of the songs crackle. (WMP)

I know this isnt interference, but seems to be a driver issue.. (so I think)
even tho the drivers are the latest version.

I plugged the speakers into the motherboard and they worked fine.

motherboard has got latest bios update (but that didnt fix the problem)

Ive looked for solutions, new drivers, fixes etc without any luck.

Ive googled this problem many times, but always find the wrong information or unanswered posts.

an example of the music crackling:

open WMP play a song, the song may crackle. if it does, press Pause, then click play, and the crackling will be gone.

Im totally baffled! and just dont know what to do. :confused

Sound Card:

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Sound Card - OEM (PCI-Express) to expand...

I would be very grateful for a reply or two!

Thanks, Chris :wave

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Question: Crackling Sound

When I listen to music using Winamp or Windows Media Player (CD and MP3) after a while it gets crackly and sounds funny. If I stop it then play it again its fine. Its really annoying to have to stop and start songs all the time. Is there a way to fix this?

Answer:Crackling Sound

how much ram does your pc have? if it's less than 256 on xp then that can cause this type of problem. if this is the case then you can go to and go through his tutorial on xp and that will help free up the ram. Also download latest drivers for your sound device. if you have onboard sound the drivers will be located on the manufactures site for the mainboard or pc if you have a namebrand ie dell, hp. If you installed a soundcard then you'll have to go to the soundcard manufacturer's site to get the latest set of drivers. you probably know where to find your driver's but I add this info just in case you do not.

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Question: sound crackling

sound cracking when starting windows or shutting down windows...sound does not crackle after windows has started...i am using an external usb sound adapter...when i use the built in realtek sound it hums...i am wondering if it is the video card or power supply

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fitted a new liteon 16x dvd rom to go with my philips dvd rw dvd 8701 ive got the dvd rw as master and the dvd rom as slave and when i play a dvd in the dvd rom the sound crackles and a bit distorted but when i put the dvd in the dvd rw ithe sound is ok... the pc is a dell dimension 1100 with a celeron d 2.6 gig processor 256 mb of ddr memory 250 w psu didnt install the driver because windows xp reconised it when i used the dvd rom it used most of the cpu usage

Answer:HELP crackling sound

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