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Continuous beep sound from my Dell inspiron n 5110 laptop on start up ??

Question: Continuous beep sound from my Dell inspiron n 5110 laptop on start up ??

Hi, I own a Dell Inspiron N5110 i5 processor laptop with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk. Its getting 14 months since I bought it.From the last few days, I could see that the machine makes beep sound on start up till the windows starts. The sound gets disappeared after OS starts. Especially if I turn on the lap from hibernation mode, some time rebooting also make the beep sound. However, I observed a similar low tone inside the system even when the machine is running. I have been using a cooler also to reduce the heat, all keys are working fine no thing is jammed, I have performed the dell H/W diagnostics test all the results were passed. Drivers are all updated, the processor fan i also running correctly. I am wondering what can be the reason.
Please do share your thoughts and suggestions about this issue.

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Preferred Solution: Continuous beep sound from my Dell inspiron n 5110 laptop on start up ??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Continuous beep sound from my Dell inspiron n 5110 laptop on start up ??

I have tried something from another forum that I found, but do not have the link so I cannot copy and paste or give credit to the poster. This is what I did:
1) Unplug all power from the laptop
2) Remove the battery
3) Hold down the power button for approximately 15 seconds.
4) Reattach the battery and/or plug in the power supply.
5) Power on the laptop.
This solved my problem.

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My Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop (4 yrs old)  continuously beeps on startup and it goes when I press any key. But it is getting hang as soon as the windows is open and getting an error message like windows performance is low. Please let me know the reason for this issue and how it can be fixed.

Answer:Dell Inspiron N4050 continuous beep sound during start up and getting hang once the windows is open

Beep codes and their meanings:

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I have Inspiron N5010 suddenly makes continuous Beep sound when press power on with black screen and not Start

Answer:My inspiron 5010 makes continuous beep sound when I press power button and it wont Start

If it's a continuous single beep, it means the mainboard is bad.  If it's some other pattern such as four beeps - pause - four, etc., post the sequence and someone can help you interpret the error.

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Okay... Confused.
Wife turned off computer, went to bed, next morning computr doesn't turn on. No lights. Nothing.

1) Checked out battery in other compatible computer. Is charged and works. Check.
2) This tells me my charging cord is also good. However, I did double check in other computer and that computer read being charged. Check.
3) Was advised might be CMOS battery, coin battery. Bought new. Replaced. Still doesn't work. Check.
4) Insides are clean. Nothing has been spilled. Check.

Help or is tech center my only option at this point?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 5110 laptop not turning on

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Getting 5 Beep sound when I start my Inspiron N5110 laptop, but when booting finished beep sound volume reduced and when i plug in the headset i can hear the beep sound as well.
could you please help me guys, what it is ? I tried to find out some solution. I tried diagnosis setup, it shows all devise working properly. 
Hope your support and help.
Thank you.

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i allowed Windows Assist to make some changes and after that experienced following problems -  1. Display became black2. Continuous beep sound3. Keyboard is inactive Tried to resolve the problem by making some changes in the settings of "sticky keys". Has'nt helped.

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I am getting beep sounds when i turn on my dell inspiron n5010.
Nothing is showing up other than beep sounds.
Please help me out

Answer:RE: Dell Inspiron 15 - 3000 series - Beep Beep Beep Pause Beep Beep Beep

Hi Ganny,
What are the exact # of beeps in a cycle? 
Kindly review this chart and see page# 47 - it will help isolate the source of the issue. 
Based on the exact # of beeps, that part would need to be replaced.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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My laptop here is a Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 series. 
The laptop itself works perfectly fine, I am able to get into windows (which I installed myself, it originally came with Ubuntu). 
Occasionally though, it will do a BEEP BEEP BEEP PAUSE BEEP BEEP BEEP PAUSE (repeats).
This happens on boot and sometimes when I am using it. Sometimes it turns off suddenly when I am shifting the computer around. It's extremely loud.

What is causing this? The sound seems to be coming from around the area the Memory banks are under the laptop, but nothing seems to suggest that anything is wrong.
I took a suggestion and used FN+Power to do Hardware Diagnostics which said nothing is wrong.

What else can I try?


Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 - 3000 series - Beep Beep Beep Pause Beep Beep Beep

I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check if the beep pattern repeats.

Switch off the computer.
Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
Remove the battery from the computer.
Press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
Then connect back all the peripherals and check if the beep pattern repeats and reply us with the beep count.

If you still receive 3 Beeps on the system then it indicates System board failure.. You will have to replace it on the laptop.
Please let me know the findings.

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This is Varun from India. Could anyone please help me fix a problem which has been haunting me from the last two days. This problem is currently occuring in my satellilte Pro A200. Actually the problem is that there is a continuous beep sound from an internal speaker during start-up that is when the name TOSHIBA appers at the time of starting and moreover it freezes there right on that screen. But , I somehow kept using my system by pressing F5 or F9 and then letting it start manually in NORMAL MODE.

But, i can't keep doing this all the time. And moreover, this beep sound blows continuously only while starting the system and it goes on hanged up in the same screen until i press either F5 or F9. I kept restoring my system but to no use. Could any one please help me out in this.

Sincerely waiting for the reply.....


Answer:Satellite Pro A200: A continuous beep sound during start up and freezing


To be honest it is very strange issue. Is some external device connected to your notebook?
Have you tried to update BIOS to latest version?

Sorry but I believe in such case there is no much you can do. Maybe BIOS update, clean OS installation. That?s all.
Maybe you should contact nearest service and ask what it can be.

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Hi Geek's
I am using dell Inspiron N5010. I am using this laptop for more than 5 years. The laptop worked flawlessly. last week i have changed my Operating system to Windows 10 and installed some drivers. Suddenly my laptop got restarted and keep on  producing beep sound. So manually i turned off my laptop. After a hour switched on my laptop the same beep sound is produced and display is not getting on. In my laptop except center indicator light both the lights have been turned on. Kindly provide a smart solution to get rid of this problem.
Swarnesh K

Answer:laptop continuous beep sound on startup

What is the beep pattern -- single beeps, or another pattern like four beeps, pause, four beeps?

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I am having inspiron 14r and I am facing some issue with it recently.
After starting my laptop, it works fine for 4-5 minute. After that continuous beep sound is coming.
It is very loud
Please help me.
Also, there is no problem with the screen or other software in the lappy. Only the continuous loud beep sound starts and after that laptop gets hanged.

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When I turn on my laptop the screen remains black and there is a continuous beeping sound. I ran a diagnostics test and there were no errors. The problem is still the same. What can I do?

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Hi, if someone could help me would be great! I receive this 7beep code from the motherboard every time I try to boot my inspiron duo 1090, nothing on screen just a 7 beep code not like 3-2-2 or 3-4 or something is a 1-1-1-1-1-1-1. I saw around the net that this is common and is just a fake alarm from the motherboard, and that dell support have told ppl to just press the FN key while booting and that bypasses the P.O.S.T. and boots like nothing again, some ppl say the just left they're computer there and tried like 2 weeks later and booted like normal. I tried this FN key to bypass the P.O.S.T. but NOTHING happened and my duo is out of warranty already and I don't wanna pay for a fake code or something please somebody help me =( 

Answer:Dell inspiron duo 7 beep code at start up!!!

I found an American webpage telling how to solve this within half an hour. At first I thought is was mad. I was desperate so I tried it.With the laptop on and beeping away wrap it up tightly in a large towel and place under the duvet. Leave it for 1/2 hour and then unwrap and switch off. Leave it to cool down and then switch on. I writing this on a dell laptop that had the 7 beeps and the above treatment.It works!!!

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Hello. I want urgent help that can I install Windows 10 on Dell inspiron 15R 5110?  If yes, then how? If not, then what is the solution to download Windows 10 on the same laptop?
Thank you. Waiting for urgent response.

Answer:Dell inspiron 15R 5110 and Windows 10

Hi Missie1997,Thanks for posting.Unfortunately Windows 10 is not supported on the N5110. if you were able to get it installed and running, you may be unable to find W10 drivers for it.

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i have a dell inspiron 5110 with 4GB 1333 ram. I want to upgrade it. So i want to know,

supported ram is DDR2 or DDR3?
what is the maximum memory size?
what is the maximum clock speed?

Answer:Dell inspiron 5110 RAM Specification

4 G/module, 8G total max.
1066 MHz (i5 or i3), 1333 with i7.

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I have an issue with my laptop.. it beeps 5 time(loud) when I turn it on then when it loads the Windows it goes really quiet but still beeping.
I know that 5 beeps usually means changing the CMOS battery.. I did that but still beeping.
P.s i ran the diags, everything work fine with not a single error.. the windows boots properly (I can even keep working on it) and I have no problem regarding the drivers or other components..

Answer:5 beeps on a Dell Inspiron 5110

It could be a failure of the battery slot on the motherboard. Try a diff new cmos battery and make sure it is seated properly.

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From last month my laptop has started to beep when I hit on the body of the laptop. When I hit near the hard disk area it sounds easily even with lighter stroke. When I press the key little fast then also it start to beep.
What can I do to fix this problem?

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So I turned it on the next day I bought it, jerked around a little, plugged in my usb mouse for the first time and the time I plugged it in it BSOD'd on me. After a reboot I can use the mouse with no problems, but say...

Would it affect my future usage of the computer? I really really don't want it to go to repair all the time like my previous laptops. I have a vast misfortune when it comes to electronics, and I was barely able to buy this one with a really really strict payment plan, and I require having it in my very heavy daily routine of work and school so I can't even spend one day without a computer at hand.

This is really getting me nervous. I mean... is it a common problem?

Answer:Brand new Dell Inspiron 5110, BSOD in second run

Relax Falanca,
And cut down on the caffeine a bit... The computer will be fine

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Sorry if this is wrong section, I failed to find where else to post this.

I'm looking to buy some laptop (my first one) and Dell Inspiron N5110 NB caught my eye. Here's some hardware data:

CPU: Core i7 2630QM 2.26GHz
Screen: 15.6"
HDD: 640GB
GPU: GeForce GT 525M

If anyone has this laptop, could you let me know how Crysis 2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood or other new games run and what settings you used?
I'm just wondering if it can run games, as I'll use it mostly for gaming. Processor is better than my desktop computer has. However but I'm not sure about Graphics Card, is it better than GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB or not?

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Anyone has Dell Inspiron 5110 i7 2630QM 4GB 525M?

dell makes very good computers. i know as i have a houseful of dell laptops and desktops. if u want to use a dell computer for gaming theres dell models that will work much better than an inspiron.heres the dell models that u might want to consider instead. theres the dell xps, dell xps studio, the dell ademo, and the dell alienware.they arent cheap but they for the most part are for games and not for everyday computing.altho the insipiron will work and its a lot cheaper.hope this helps u.

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My Dell Inspiron N 5110 is shutting down suddenly when connecting adapter. It is running fine when battery is fully charged. But when battery is about to be empty, if I try to plug in the adapter, it is shutting down suddently, losing all unsaved data. This behavior is random but frequent, some times it works fine and some times not. It is not under warranty. This started happening from last 2-3 months. Before that it was working fine. It is around 3 years old, its mother board was once replaced by Dell, around 2 years back, when it was under warranty. But this kind of sudden shut down is happening from only last 2-3 months. Its fan was recently cleaned. It is also heating up a lot. I have also checked with some other adapter, but same issue is occuring.
Till one week back, message "The AC adapter wattage and type cannot be determined...." used to come during boot-up. If I press F1 and continue, AC Adapter Warning message "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined" used to appear in a window. Once I click OK, it used to suddenly shut down. But this is not happening from last one week, I thought it got well, but again today it suddenly shut down without displaying any warning message. This is very adhoc and painful.
After suddent shut down, it wouldn't start. Then I remove battery, press-hold power start button for 10 seconds and release. Then I replace battery, connect adapter, it will start. But again it may or may not display the message. If... Read more

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I am using a DELL INSPIRON N5110 , 2nd gen Intel core i5 ,4GB RAM,1GB NVIDIA GT525M graphics card,640GB HDD and Windows 7 Home premium.My laptop was functioning properly for 1 year but I had a serious misfortune last Saturday. My laptop fell down to the tiles floor from my cot ( approx 45cm depth) . After repositioning I tried to boot the laptop which had gone off. It booted with 5 continuous beeps, the sound of which decreases in intensity when the welcome screen appears. But the sound still persists. You know how much annoying is it to have! I did a thorough system checkup and diagnostics which turned out to be normal.All components worked properly, I played FIFA 12 , watched some movies and accessed the internet. The only problem I find is that the caps lock indicator is not working now. I tried to contact the DELL helpline that day itself but I couldnít reach them as the call got disconnected all the time. When finally I got the line, I told them my problem and they finally told me Iíll have to get my motherboard replaced which will cost INR11,000 . very sadly, my laptop warranty had just expired two days prior to the accident. When I went through various forums and communities, I got an idea to do a battery flea and after that the beep disappeared. Unfortunately the beep came back after sometime, still 5 in number !! I also got an info that there could be some issues with the CMOS battery which can be replaced. I am t... Read more

Answer:5 beeps at startup in dell inspiron n 5110

Hello Anees, and welcome to TSG.

You are most likely correct that the 5 beeps indicates a CMOS battery problem. There is no way of easily knowing if the fall loosened the battery in its socket and it needs to be reseated or if the fall damaged the motherboard in the area of the CMOS battery with a broken solder connection or a broken trace on the motherboard.

Checking the CMOS coin cell battery will require disassembly of the computer as described in Dell's on line documentation here:

A local computer repair shop should be able to do the work for you and tell you if the problem is more than just a loose battery.

Most standard laptop warranties that I have seen do not cover damage caused by abuse, like dropping the computer.

EDIT: I have no idea what you mean by a, "battery flea".

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I've had the Win 7 laptop for a few years, and it's worked faultlessly.
Now the HDMI port no longer works and seems completely dead, VGA port is ok. I've tried several HDMI cables and monitors / projectors. The laptop used to switch the screen off as soon as I plugged in a projector or monitor (and then displayed on the external monitor), that no longer happens, so it's not detecting the monitor or projector at all.
I've been trying to update the graphics drivers without success, I've tried two things:-
1. Went to graphics device in Device Manager and pressed 'Update Driver', it told me my driver was up-to-date (even though its dated 2011)
2. I went to the Dell driver download page and downloaded the most recent Intel (R) Graphics Family driver (August 2012), but this unzipped to a GUI application that crashed.
So I'm a bit stuck, any help appreciated, thanks

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I Have tried counting the Beep but it's a non stop beeping. When powered on the screen remain black  (no display) with the continuous beep. 
I cannot even see the BIOS. I have tried draining the static current by holding down the power button but failed. I have seen a post similar to this one but with no solution.
Please help!

Answer:Dell inspiron 15 R black screen with non stop beep sound on powered.

Hi Mangesh1309,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Can you connect the system to an external monitor and check if it powers on.
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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my dell inspiron 5110 suddenly started turning off and on randomly and after getting turned off it comes back again after touchpad is scrolled. then again it gets turned off after a while.   what might be the problem??  

could someone plz help.

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Am getting double beeps while turning on my laptop i tried reseting my ram and even tried fixing a new ram still the problem exists please help

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Windows 7 OS with all indications that the machine has an internet connection, (Network and Sharing Center, etc...) however, cannot browse at all. Normally use Chrome, but tried IE as well with no success. With all indicatons showing internet connection and yet having no access to the internet I suspect malware. It seems to be similar to a browser hijack. I can find nothing online that addresses this problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 5110-Shows Internet Connection-Can't browse

Welcome aboard   Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop.* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.* At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Up... Read more

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My PC gives a very long beep when it starts up. But it does start up. More over, it automaticall types the / character in the password field sometimes.
sometimes behaves upnormally by not letting to type any character....
Y is it so?

Answer:Beep Sound while Booting Dell Inspiron 1525 windows vista home basic

Try running the Dell Diagnostics Test (the full version) to see if it detects any problems. Here's how: How to Run the Dell. If it does, contact Dell Support for assistance (there's a link near the bottom of the above article).

I hope this helps. If the test comes back completely clean, then post back and we'll try something else (or if your computer is still under warranty, contact Dell Support anyway as they should be happy to assist you and know more about your computer than we do).

Good luck!

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Long time no see, friends.
My beloved I570 is acting up, probably some sort of Alzheimer or similar.
Here is what happened, will try to be short.
Initially I was using PCIE SATA card to attach 4 more HDDs to the system, then SATA card died (already second in this PC), so I decided to remove all extra HDDs sitting in the case.
Did all standard precautions, including grounding etc. In order to remove HDDs I had to clear MOBO of a lot of cables and remove GPU. Long story short, after I put everything back together and attempted to boot up, I got long continuous beep and WIN7 sliding bar freezes almost at the end, no further activity, just a long beep. BIOS was not accessible as well.
So, I removed GPU, pull out MOBO 24 pin PSU cable, removed CMOS battery, did multiple 30 sec press and hold power button thing, left everything dead completely for about 30 minutes - completely reset system clock and all BIOS settings to default. Also, swap RAM (I have 2 sticks in slots 3 and 4) places. Put everything back, fired up, went to BIOS and fixed everything, DONE, rebooted and everything went back to normal.
Multiple restarts were OK, did also a few cold reboots with some minutes apart - all seems to be normal. Turn it off for a day or so.
Now problem is back again, like nothing happened.
Please, help if someone actually can. I checked multiple thread here and all over the WEB. My keyboard is clean, RAM was resettled, all connectors are firmly attached. This doesn't make any sense.
... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3521 Laptop.
Firstly, I have detected a problem with the display, some pixels on the monitor were not loaded successfully. The number of those pixels has significantly increased over the time and, further, the laptop has begun to start at a second try, the first try involving a beep at power on, thus avoiding the initialization of the system.
At the moment, when trying to power on the laptop, it starts with a single beep which suggests me that it is a "Motherboard: BIOS ROM Failure" fault.However, I don't know how I could proceed in detecting the problem(s) and getting the laptop firstly to boot correctly and secondly to avoid the failure of loading the pixels. Furthermore, do you think that those problems are somehow related?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,
Roxana Stan

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3521 Laptop does not boot (1 beep) & Dead pixels

Unplug the system, remove the battery (or unplug it if it's internal) and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove the base cover and both memory modules and reinstall them.
If that clears the single beep issue, hold the D key through powerup, which will start an LCD built in self test.  If the screen then shows solid colors OK, it's fine.
If it does not - or the single-beep issue isn't cleared -- the first step is a big one: the mainboard needs to be replaced.  You're looking at about $300 or more with labor - and on a low-end system like this one, you may find it better to replace rather than repair a major fault such as a bad mainboard.

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Few months back my dell inspiron 3537 64-bit 6GB ram with i5 processor has fell down from table. It worked well even though there was a crack on the backside of the screen near right hinge.  But now from past one week it  giving trouble in many ways ! Whenever I try to start it it either starts to give continuous short beeps or goes into looping restart. I can hear the drive sound and see power led glowing but the screen doesnt display anything except for changing from dark black to light black. Hdd led also doesnt blink. Please help me configure the issue and solve it.

Answer:Inspiron 3537 gives continuous short beep and looping restart

How many beeps between pauses?
Can you get to the Dell diagnostics (F12 at powerup) -- press immediately after starting the system?

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I have this computer running xp pro that is giving me a strange error. Back in the shop where the computer has been sitting for 8 monthes and running fine up until today,

On startup while still loading BIOS I get this alarm sound. It is a contiuous alarm. No error messages, the Bios just stops loading and stays in one place.

What is weird is I bring it into the office plug it in and it works fine.

I have tried multiple outlets back in the shop but still to no avail.

Does anybody know what the continous alarm sound might mean when starting up the Bios?

Answer:Continuous beep on start up

Please have a look at the Power On Self Test Beep Codes,
and post back which beep sequence best represents your own issue.

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we have a Toshiba satellite computer with vista. when we start the computer, before it gets to the microsoft startup we get a loud continuous beep. if we use the F8 key we get by this problem and the computer starts and runs but we get a chatter where the "3" key keeps repeating and/or the cursor drops to the last item on any drop-down? Any idea what this is?

Answer:Loud continuous beep at start up

This could be a BIOS Beep Code that is pointing to your hardware issue. Find the BIOS your system runs and check out this link:

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I have a Qosmio G10. It's worked fine up until recently. Now when I start it up, I hear a continuous beep. There is also no screen image.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks


Answer:Qosmio G10 - continuous beep on start up

I think there is a problem in the hardware configuration.
Did the laptop receive a shock recently?
The laptop beeps because the checks of the bios detected an anomaly.
What you can easily do is to check that at least the RAM is correctly inserted in its place. It happened to me once: I did not inserted correctly the additional RAM that I added, and the laptop beeped loudly!
If it does not solve the problem=> toshiba service.

Message was edited by: djfizz2

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For the past two weeks my laptop has been beeping. It doesn't beep when I first turn the computer on. Once I'm to the desktop it starts to beep and it's VERY inconsistent. It may beep 5 every five minutes or every 20 minutes. Sometimes it beeps once and other times its beeped two or three times fast. And occasionally I get the BSOD saying something about "dumping my physical memory." On top of that when I load the computer I get an error saying that my Catalyst Control Centre is not working. I just assumed all these things were connected.

A few months ago my hard drive died so I installed a new one. I haven't had any issues until the issues I listed above, all of which start just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately my warranty has expired so Dell's support hasn't been much help.

So does this sound like the hard drive I installed is creating the issues? Any advice is very helpful!

Answer:Dell Studio 1536 with Vista 64 has a continuous beep and BSOD

Have you checked for crud in your keyboard... any cause for a sticking key, sticking space bar, etc.

Don't see how the hard drive could cause the problem.

Have you looked at all the Dell Beep Codes... They are posted elsewhere on this TechSpot forum... that could give you a starting point.

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Hi guys!

First of all, I'm new here. I signed up to this forum because of an issue with my little brothers's PC. I've found some threads about the issue but I wasn't able to solve it with the given information.

So, my brother is just playing a game and all of a sudden his PC gives a long beep, and starts rebooting. Unfortunatly after this incident the pc won't start up at all, it's just giving this never ending beep.

knowing that he has an Asus p5n-mx MoBo and an Award BIOS I starten looking for answeres.
The error should indicate that there is an issue with the installed RAM. So I removed it and replaced it with a spare strip. But that didn't solve the problem. So I took out the Videocard and tried to use the onboard chipset to boot up. Still got the continuous beep. I removed all the RAM and tried to boot up. The result of that the 1 long beep and 2 short beeps error code as repeating loop. Now I am not sure if that is the indication for a not properly installed VGA card but it said so in the beep-code list.

Pc specs:
Asus p5n-mx motherboard
Award BIOS
Intel duo core E7300 2,66Ghz
Corsair 1024 MB DDR2 667Mhz RAM (2x)
320 GB 7200 RPMWestern digital HDD
ASUS EN9400GT 512MB VGA card
Windows XP Home Edition
It would be great if you guys could help out with this one!

Answer:PC wont't start up except for a long continuous beep.

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Hi I just installed some new ram on my computer going from 1gb (2x512mb) to 2gb (an extra 2x512mb). The memory is all Geil 512mb PC2-5300. I have tried every combination I can think of yet whenever I have the new memory installed the computer wont start and there will just be a continuous beep from my motherboard (ASUS P5nd2 -SLI). I have sent the new memory back however it was sent back to me telling me it was fine!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it, thank you!

Answer:Installed new ram, wont start, continuous beep

Post motherboard specs. You may need to adjust the memory timings to get it to work.

Check the motherboard manufacturer's combatibility list. Some RAM will not work, or will have problems with certain motherboards.

You could have a bad RAM slot on the motherboard.

You will need to test each stick one at a time in the same slot, to make certain they will all work with the board.

Are you absolutely certain all 4 sticks are exactly the same ?

Since the old pair works, trade them out for the new pair. If the are good, and exactly the same as the old pair, they should work in the old memory slots. If they do, move them to the (previously unused) memory channel and see if the new memory will work in the new channel. if they do, then the issue is not the new memory, but using more than 2 sticks at the same time.

Then focus on getting 3 sticks to play nice.

At some point things will stop working, and indicate the direction of the problem.

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DELL XPS i5 laptop ..! Strange Beep sound when i press keys what to do ... i read article from net and did diagnostic test by pressing F12..The test shows its al working well only. but still the beep sound is coming why it is like that and how to rectify it .. the sound is soo annoying .. could some one help how to fix it back ??

Answer:DELL XPS i5 laptop ..! Strange Beep sound when i press keys what to do

Madhumitha, I'm not very good with Laptops, but I suspect you have pressed a function key to turn on some feature, probably by mistake. Most likely your manual can explain it. You may try holding down the function key (Fn) and pressing X and see if that solves it.

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From last 2\3 day my laptop start making a constant beep sound during booting. At the start up there is no problem with Bios and I am able to change the options, but when I save&exit and system starting booting it make beep sound. I have both ubuntu& windows. Thanks in advance

Answer:Beep sound at the start of G570 laptop

hi Shariq_G570,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I tried Checking the BIOS of your system
        Can we check if this is the one causing the beep

Let me know your findings
Best Regards
Solid Cruver

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Hi, i am using DEL Inspiron 15 since Feb'14 and there was no issue till yesterday, when my laptop wont start and is making beep sound (7 beeps) on power up. Can you please help.

Answer:My laptop won't start and makes beep sound

Seven beeps usually means CPU Cache test failure or Processor failure. I like to suggest removing the battery from system and see if that will make a difference. Please follow steps below:
1. Power off the system. Remove all peripherals from the system, remove AC adapter and then battery.
2. Press the "Power On" button for 15 seconds to release Static Flea Power. Replace battery, and adapter, and then power on system. Hopefully computer starts normally and there're no more beeps.

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My Laptop Makes Beep sound when I press power button and it wont Start.
It makes 4 beep sounds at short interval and after a long pause repeats the same.
Please help me with this.

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Hi all, I have bought HP Pavilion G6 about 4 years back. Now while turned on the continuous beep sound is coming but after while the system will open. After turned on the cursor would not , if i press "ESC" key the cursor becomes active and again some error sound will come and it will not work properly. There is a lag while using the touch pad and also  If i delete the file it is not deleting. Please suggest if i can do anything for that problem before carrying to the service center.

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Dell 5110 AMD version with W7 64 bit. This laptop is real crisp when it is not having problems that I think are related to these freezing problems. It is getting random total freezes that don?t seem to be caused by any specific task. It freezes whatever is on the screen, the mouse and keyboard. All that is left is the power button and the led?s. It may happen as soon as windows starts, after a couple hours of use or anywhere in between. Usually it seems to be pretty sudden, but sometimes it gives some warning something is coming up. I have even reinstalled a clean non Dell OS since I am planning on selling it but I need this fixed first. I have tried many of the things I have found to try and fix this.
Memtest and the Dell hardware tests all pass. The only added program on to what the OS has is chrome. I updated IE. Nothing has been done to likely get any malware. MSE scan comes out clean. I have all current updates. Drivers may have been wrong for the Bluetooth but I think that is all straightened out as I have no yellow marks in dev mgr and the quick freezes don?t seem to be happening anymore. I have run sfc scan and it always comes up clean. chkdsk has been run and it repaired a couple file location problems. I have run defrag.
I can?t really follow the event viewer errors. I don?t even know if it sets any errors for this as they are so sudden. Are there some tests or logs I can send so someone can determine what process is killing this?

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Last evening my laptop speakers sound quite suddenly fell.when the system comes out sounding laptop shakes and the sound is deafening.Zar Zar. does not clearly

Answer:laptop dell n 5110 win 7 64bit speaker


You really need to explain your issue better, I'm afraid we don't quite understand you

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Hi all
i have a dell inspiron 1564 which i purchased about six months ago.Recently i installed ubuntu 10.10 along with my existing windows 7.But from yesterday i hear unusual beep sound at bios screen when i tried to shut down ubuntu and tried to log in to windows.I even tried uninstalling ubuntu and doing system restore but the noise still remains the same when i restart the system.Moreover what i notice is that the noise is not coming from the system.Could it be something related with virus or hardware?

Answer:Dell laptop making unusual beep sound at bios screen

any pattern to the noise
.Moreover what i notice is that the noise is not coming from the systemClick to expand...

what exactly do you mean by this

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Is there a way to fix this issue I re installed it dell quick set, and the icon stays till I shut down the computer or restart it then its no more I want this to stay I did the msconfig already, and its not on there and how would I work around this to keep it staying on permanently? 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop Dell Quick Set icon goes away after start up

Where are you placing this icon?
How are you creating the icon?

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what is the cause of continuous beep at startup of my laptop

Answer:what is the cause of continuous beep at startup of my laptop

Detex said:what is the cause of continuous beep at startup of my laptop

It mean something is not working correctly

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My laptop is making a continuous single beep when I turn it on. It goes to a black screen and won't load Windows. Tried f12 but nothing happened. How do I fix it?

Answer:Laptop continuous single beep when turned on

Unplug the system, remove or disconnect  the battery and hold the power button for 30 seconds.  Remove and reinstall both memory modules if they're removeable.
If that doesn't solve the problem, you have a bad main system board.
If you require further information we'll need the model information (i.e., XPS L322x, Inspiron N5110, etc.).

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I have a DELL XPS laptop that makes beeping sounds and the screen is still black after I pressed the power button.
It makes 5 beeping sounds per interval and goes on until it shuts itself down. What should I do and who should I contact to help me fix my laptop?

Answer:My Laptop Makes Beep sound when I press power button and it wont Start

Hi AhLong
Thanks for writing to us. 
5 beeps usually means CMOS failure, now it could be the battery failure or the motherboard failure. If your system is under warranty we can get it repaired or else you can check with a local Dell authorized repair center and get it checked. 
You can try another CMOS battery if available.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message.


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i have lots of problems since its old and over used, but recently it used to close itself then when i close it and reopen after a while it give me message that it was over heated but opens fine after i skip it, i think its not a heat problem cause sometimes it close after a while.anyway today when i was using it i noticed the light getting darker than normal in seconds then suddenly screen turned black i tried to close it and reopen i see dell start screen and low beep then screen turn black but its still working and i can hear it open normally just screen black.i tried to take off battery, AC chord and pressing power button for a while but didnt work same thing happens though the screen sometimes give red light.i tried to work with AC chord or battery only still not working.i tried to connect my laptop to another screen but it doesnt connect i dont know if it needs options first or no but with black screen i cant see everything to download program if i need.well i dont know whats wrong all happens dell start screen low current beep then open normally but with black screen.a note if it helps, my screen side cover broken did that cause problem or it doesnt matter?EDIT:i tried to open it again its fine but screen black i can barely see shadow of everything, i think something happened from cover damage or is it something else?message edited by mamera

Answer:my dell inspiron 6400 turns black after dell screen and beep

Best first step would be to beg or borrow a monitor and plug it in as an external. That would tell you if you have a monitor fault or not.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I thought I would start a new thread as the old one was getting a bit longAS I said everything is functioning fine except the sound I know it must be the software as it works fine with another hard drive inIt seem that the software has never been installed from the Dell resource diskI cant find the disk so if I go to the dell site and download the audio file from there would that do the trick?

Answer:Dell Inspiron laptop pt 2 no sound

Probably click here=

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Over the last 2 days I have been having a problem as indicated in the title of this post. The fault has rectified itself 3 times, but again today, it is back to "battery plugged in, not charging." As I am running the laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium; 32 bit) on the adapter without problems, I assume that the adapter itself may not be faulty.
I also have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop running Windows 7.  Can I safely use that adapter with the Vista laptop, without causing damage to the Vista ?  If it is safe to do so, and the battery on the Vista starts charging, then it would indicate that the Vista adapter/charger has some kind of fault.
Hoping someone can give me some guidance. Thanks.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Battery plugged in not charging. Can I use adapter from a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop ?

If the adapter has the same plug and the same or higher power rating, you can swap them.
Check to see whether the 1545 recognizes the AC adapter or whether it shows unknown (F2 at powerup).  If it shows unknown with two different adapters, you have a bad power jack or a bad mainboard.

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Right, so I have a dell Inspiron laptop it was fine and then I turned it off for the night and when I went to turn it on the next day it froze on the starting windows screen and has done this every time I have started it up. Nothing has fixed it, I have tried every but a reinstallation desk or similar and taking it to a professional. Please help thanks

Answer:My dell Inspiron laptop won't start up, any help?

Press F8 BEFORE windows starts to load. See if it will run in Safe Mode.

Startup Repair is another option. I think Dell includes this in the recovery panel, accessed by F8 at Power One.

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I have dell inspiron about a year old and I recently upgraded to Windows 10. Today my system has been refusing to start. I can't even see the Dell splash screen. Only the startup LED flickers and goes away after about 3-4 seconds.  Then nothing happens. This goes on continuously. Monitor is completely blank.
Would appreciate any help.

Answer:Dell inspiron going into a continuous boot cycle

The Dell diagnostics (F12 at powerup) is the place to start.  Run an extended test on the hard drive.
If any errors arise, please post those along with the exact system model information (i.e., Inspiron N5110, 5221, etc.).

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Hi all
Just done a fresh install of XP Pro, now no sound, no startup/shutdown music. The sound card is OK, the speakers are working as the error bleeps etc are making there sounds. Any ideas please?

Answer:No sound from Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop

It sounds like you haven't installed the sound/audio drivers, which aren't part of XP and which you should be able to get from the Dell website. There may be other drivers you need to install too - look in Device Manager for yellow exclamation marks.

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I have been trying to get an old Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop working with the help of the very helpful people on this site and I am very nearly there but for one problem I can't get any sound.I have 2 hard drives the original one which is very small and as such everything was going at a snails pace it could take 5 mins just to open up Word etc so I have replaced it with a larger hard Drive which works a great deal quicker But I just cant get the sound to work. I have checked out the sound in control panel and all the options are greyed out and when I went to device manager everything was ther ok except for "Sigma Tel C-MAJOR Audio (with a yellow !) I clicked on this and ticked the option to update driver and it came back with unable to find a better one than the one installed can any one help me out wit what could be the problem Cheers Ray

Answer:No sound on Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop help

I have had similar problems. First things is older laptops will be slower and the clock rates inside are slower and the software is getting mor demanding on speed.I would recommend reinstalling XP (I assume it's this) to clean everything out). You should have the DELL discs, if not get them from DELL. Make sure you extract all Keys from the laptop first so the reinstall is legit and you can get all the updates (SP3 etc).If you don't want to do that get the audio driver from DELL (that's what I did on the same laptop some time ago).I would not think the laptop can be upgraded to Vista (too slow) but you may consider Ubuntu as an alternative (may not be quicker but just a thought).Google your problems and you should get answers for a common laptop such as that one.

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Hi Experts,
I have a Dell Inspiron laptop that won't start anymore. It had been working fine, but does not boot now. I do not see the light on as well that indicates that the laptop is charging. I have tried putting the battery in a friend's laptop of the same model and that seems to be working. Also, the battery adapter works with the other laptop.
Any pointers on what other steps I can do to fix this problem are greatly appreciated.
Laptop model: Dell Inspiron 15 i15547-5033sLV Signature Edition Laptop
Thanks and Regards,

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 i15547 Laptop won't start

Does the laptop power on or doesn't have any power at all ? The laptop power on but you aren't able to boot into windows?  You're able to hear any beeps? How about Power and battery-status light? Does the LED on the adapter light up ? When you removed the battery, you did press 'Power On' button for 20 seconds to release Status Flea Power and then replace battery ?

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i was using my laptop the other night when in bed and had it on my quilt cover. all of a sudden the whole thing just turned off and when i tried to turn it back on again there was no power goin to it at all no lights nothing. so i took the battery out of it and tried and power lead and then put them back in and tried to turn it on again and nothing happened. it is a windows vista. also when i have the lead plug into the socket and not the laptop the blue light will come on the lead but when i go to plug it into the laptop the blue light turns off.. please any help is greatly appreciated

Answer:Please help My Dell Inspiron Laptop wont start

if you need anymore infor or anything just ask any help at all is appreciated.

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The first problem that came in was I couldn't log in to windows. Later after the first start up screen it went automatically into safe mode. Now it doesn't even stop in safe mode and stops at loading files. The OS doesn't even start. Tried formatting but new OS installation doesn't go beyond few steps.

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This is probably a simple fix, but at present haven't found an answer from any site I've visited. My laptop won't start - as in NO POWER of any kind. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. I have removed the battery and held the power button down from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, a few times, and then restarted the computer. Nothing works. The computer is 'dead.'

I would appreciate any advice concerning this. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron E 1705. OS is Windows XP.


Answer:Dell Inspiron E 1705 Laptop won't start

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Dell Inspiron 15R (5537) suddenly wouldn't want to start. When boot up, nothing seem to appear, blank screen, no logo, no text, nothing. there is a continuous beeping, it not 2 beep or 5 beep or any number of beep, it just beep continuously, never ending, until I turn off the laptop. 
Did some searching around on the web, forum, and so far I attempted:
-Checked ram and hard-drive to see if it fully connect.
-Turn off computer, unplug battery and ac power, press the power button for 30 sec.
still haven't resolve the problem yet.
Next, I try to do a Pre-boot System Assessment, FN+Power. Took SEVERAL attempt to finally got it to run Pre-boot System Assessment. Hold FN + Power, hear beeping, turn it off, Hold FN + Power, hear beeping, turn it off.
Did that for about 20 times and finally got Pre-boot System Assessment instead of the beeping.
This is the result I got from it, Currently doing the remaining memory test. It taking a long time, ill have an update once that is done, it stuck on 98%. 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15R wont turn on (continuous beeping)

This paper discusses troubleshooting steps for notebooks that are not turning on.  Typically it could be one of three issues,  No power (no power to the notebook), No post (the system has power but is not fully turning on), or No boot (the system has power, it is turning on, but it is not booting to the Operating system).
From your post it is obvious that the notebook has power,  but it isn't fully turning on.  I would have to say that this is a No post problem. This paper will go over further troubleshooting steps to help determine the problem.
If the notebook is not starting up or showing a blank screen:

Remove any peripheral devices that are attached to the computer. Peripherals include:

Media Card Readers
Mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets or portable digital assistants or MP3 players
Digital cameras or video recorders
USB storage devices
Remove the computer from a docking station if it is in one
Remove any CDs or DVDs in the optical drive
Remove the AC adapter from the computer and remove the AC power cord from the wall outlet.
Remove the computer's battery. For instructions on how to do this, consult the Online Owner's Manual.
Press and hold the computer power button for 15 seconds.
Insert the AC adapter plug and make sure it is seated properly.
Plug in the AC power cord to a known good working outlet.
Press the power button to see if the computer turns on.
If the computer starts, turn it off and put the... Read more

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dell inspiron sound not working

Answer:my dell inspiron 1525 laptop sound not woekin

3 x postings ? did it ever work ? have you changed any settings ?have you been to Dell Support and downloaded/installed the Sound Driver ?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop with Windows Vista Basic.  Today after plugging in a headphone set both the speaker and the headphone sound stopped working.  I have not changed any audio settings but checked them anyway and nothing was turned off or muted that I could see.  I have tried downloading and re-installing the audio drivers from the Dell support site but when I go to install them I get an error message saying that 'This is not the correct audio driver for this system. The installer will now exit.'
Any suggestions to get the sound working again? 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop sound not working

Try using System Restore. Try running the Dell Diagnostics audio tests to rule out hardware failure. See the "No Audio" FAQ for details.

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The problem still exists even after Dell repaired the laptop. It took two weeks to get the repaired laptop back from Dell.

The problem is:
When I plug or unplug the charger while playing music/video on laptop, the laptop is freezing with buzzing sound for 1-2 seconds when the laptop begins charging. Even after Dell repaired the laptop, the problem still exists.
Tried installing the updated drivers, the laptop works fine only for a short period and then after some time the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.
Also, if the laptop is restarted it works fine for a while and then the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.

Not satisfied with the Dell and Dell repair services.
Need help with this problem.

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When I push the power button it won't get to the dell logo often now. It simply starts the fan, the lights of the optical drive and hard drive will flash (looking for the boot drive I assume) and then the fan and hard drive light will shut off and it will make a beep type noise, not in any pattern for any count, it will just beep at a steady interval until I hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off. After many times of trying it might turn on. Once I was able to run the ePSA (the quick and the thorough tests) but it came up as passing in all areas. From what I've seen online I have a issue of no-POST.
When it first started doing this, it would start the second try and it seemed to help if it was on a flat table surface. When it is on I notice no performance issue or other issues. Now it might take an hour to get it going.
What can I try? Where should I be looking? How can I rule components out?

Answer:Dell Laptop Inspiron 15-3521 won't always start (no-POST)

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please check in the below link for the steps to troubleshoot:
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id along with the result from the above steps.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop and everytime I turn it on, NOTHING comes up on my desktop except the desktop picture. No startup menu, no icons, nothing. I called dell and since my warranty just expired they can't help me. I don't have the disks to reboot the entire thing. I don't mind loosing my files since I have them backed up. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks a ton,

Answer:No start up menu on Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop

OK. try this:
Press ctrl+alt+del to open up task manager
find new task and type in "explorer.exe" without the quotes.

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Aloha Chev65 & Centaur78,
Many Mahalos for the assist you've been giving to KrazyJethro...I've got the same problem so your posts have helped me to at least get crucial info for your review via ?SFDT?. I've also attached a screenshot of our Dell Laptop system info. This is the wireless client giving me problems.
I can play with the settings and finally get it connected then after a while of usage, for no reason it'll loose connectivity. If I reboot the machine, still no connectivity, I have to go into device manager and disable the LAN adapter for about 30sec. Many times even that doesn't work.

Our network consists of Cisco/Linksys: 1) Router,LINKSYS-E3200, 2) Switch, LINKSYS-EG005W ver3, 5 port Gigabit Workgroup Switch, 3) Range Expander, LINKSYS-RE1000-RM. Additional devices are, 4) NAS, NetgearReadyNAS NV+V1 (RND4410-V1), 5) Printer, HP OFFICEJET PRO 8600 N911a, 6) 2 wired clients, 7) 6 wireless clients (Dell Laptop & HP 8600 included).
The newest addition to the network is the range expander. The problems with the laptop have been ongoing for several months but are now more frequent.

The HP8600 also receives a error message of not being able to reach the server. Our connectivity problems with the printer have also been ongoing for several months.
Mahalo & aloha for any assistance you can provide.

Answer:Continuous loss of Wireless IP on WIN7 DELL INSPIRON N7010.

On the range extender, be sure and turn off any type of DHCP it may have on. DHCP should only be turned on with the router that is connected to the modem. Also plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN port on the extender, don't use the WAN port at all on that.

Besides those potential problems I'll post a link which covers about every problem with Unidentified Public Network which can be caused by a million different things but the most likely problems and some solutions are covered in the link.

Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved

It would also be worth trying to start up in safe mode with Networking to determine if the problem is caused from an installed program or A/V.
Safe Mode

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I have Dell Inspiron 15N 5010.  When I press the Power on button, it starts making beeping sound  8 times continuously and does not start. Screen is totally blank. What to do ? Please help me.

Regards Vivek

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Hello Everyone,
I purchased this laptop on thanksgiving deal last month. When I play music/video/audio with more than 50% of the volume level of the speakers, the speakers/sub-woopher are  giving crackling sound. it's terrible. 
I checked the Realtek for driver updates and it's already updated. I troubleshooted the audio for issues but it doesn't display any problems with speakers/audio. 
Any ideas please. 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 i5577 Gaming Laptop Crackling Sound

Save yourself some time and frustration. Check and see if the speakers still crackle when not plugged in via ac power. If they sound fine when the ac adapter is not plugged  in, the problem could be the adapter. Out the box, my brand new dell sounded like garbage. I did everything, drivers, reset, etc...Finally, I just decided it wasn't a deal breaker, I would just use a bluetooth speaker. But I finally realized the only time the speaker sounded like garbage is when the ac adapter was plugged in. So I tried another one and they still sounded bad. I thought maybe I should increase the wattage so I got a 65W adapter and viola! I reset the system, plugged in the new adapter, changed the bios setting for power and it's been working like a charm. I hope that helps.

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Hi! I have been using dell inspiron for almost 2 years. Everything was working fine all through till now. Two days back I turned it on as usual but it didn't start. The power button lights up , I hear the fan , the dvd drive works , but the screen doesn't start and after some time I get 3 beep sounds consecutively with gaps in between. I left it aside and turned it on again after 24 hrs and it started normally and worked as usual. Then I turned it off and switched it on again after 1 hour but it didn't start and again I get the beep sounds. It remains so till now. What should I do ? ?

Answer:Dell inspiron 3 beep sounds

Unplug the system, remove or disconnect the battery, and hold the power button for 30 seconds.  Remove and reinstall the memory module(s).
Try powering up - if that clears it, you're set.  If not, budget a few hundred dollars for a replacement mainboard -- or depending on the model, for a new system (sub-$700 systems aren't really worth a major repair like a mainboard once they're out of warranty, as the cost will exceed 50% of that of a new system).

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Hi all,

My DELL Inspiron 1501 laptop is not starting properly.

First the message is that the last time the computer was not shut properly and asks if I want to start Windows Normally or in Safe mode etc. Even if any mode is selected, after a while the message on the blue background screen that I get is as follows
" STOP: c0000218 {Registry file failure}
The Registry cannot load the hive(file):
or its log or alternate.
It is corrupt, absent or not readable.

Begining dump of Physical memory
Physical memory dump complete
Please contact administrator...."

The thing stops there!

I tried to boot using the Windows CD but the Boot menu is not showing the DVD/CD drive.

Please advice the steps I should take to return the Laptop to normal working.



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Hi iam using dell inspiron is having  continuous beeps on startup with black sreen. Could you please advise what will be the problem.

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Just started to use my new laptop Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop. I realized that something is wrong with the headset port. I have tried to use my earphones and then headphones which the laptop not able to recognized a headset device connected to it. The music sound was still coming out from the laptop speaker and did not switch to the earphones / headphones. (Note: I plugged in them properly.)

Answer:Dell laptop inspiron 15 5000 series - no sound from headset port

Hello. Test the audio driver by switching between the Realtek driver and the Windows native audio driver.1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked [but SEE NOTE].7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, sometimes you have to restart, sometimes not.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]NOTE: if you have a 2-in-1 model and do not see a "High Definition Audio" option after step 6, then uncheck "Show compatible hardware". Then in step 7, if you see 2 "High Definition Audio" devices, select the 2nd one. On some models it is called Intel High definition Audio.If you only have the symptoms with one of the drivers, then the other is at fault. If you have the same symptoms with both audio drivers, then it is very probably not a driver issue.
If you reply back... Read more

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dell inspiron 5 time beep how to fix

Answer:dell inspiron 5 time beep on startup

Hi ajinkyad,
Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.
Usually the 5 beeps indicates an issue with the CMOS battery.
Are you able to boot into windows normally?
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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I'm getting a single beep at seemingly random intervals on my Dell Inspiron 1545, Windows 7 64 bit. The beep comes from inside the laptop, it doesn't come through the main speaker (from the motherboard I assume).

I've searched and have found the beep codes and according to that it is "BIOS checksum failure. Possible motherboard failure". I have no idea what a BIOS checksum failure means though. I have been told that this isn't a beep code though as it doesn't happen at boot. It can happen every few minutes or several days can pass without hearing it.

I don't seem to have any problems at all, everything runs as it should. I think the beeping might have started when I replaced my hard drive, although I'm not 100% sure about that. I can't really contact Dell as the warranty has run out.

My battery is also pretty much dead and while I don't need it at all, I wonder if this may have something to do with it?

I have disabled the beep entry in the registry but that hasn't solved the problem. I have also flashed the bios with the latest one but this also didn't help.

This is my system spec in case it is of any help:

Answer:Getting a random beep on Dell Inspiron 1545

Do you get any errors on the screen?

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Yesterday my dell computer would not come on. When I hit the power button the keyboard would light up but the screen would not start. The computer was completely charged and the power cord works with no problems. It does not have a battery pack so I let the battery completely drain overnight. When I tried to turn the computer on again after 3 attempts of holding down the power button it finally rebooted. While my computer is working now I am concerned that this may happen again and that next time my computer will not start at all. Any suggestions or recommendations as to what could have caused this problem and how to prevent it from happening again. I completely love my touchscreen dell and would hate for it not to work!

Answer:Laptop (dell inspiron 15-7000 series-7537) wont start

It could have simply been a program or utility hanging the system.  Holding down the power button for a couple minutes should have fully shut down the system allowing you to boot, but baring that, you either have to remove the battery or wait until it is fully discharged.
I do suggest running diagnostics just to make sure that this isn't and indicator of possible hardware failure.
Please check here for more information on how to run diagnostics.  Please let me know what you find out.  

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 I have dell inspiron N5010 model laptop.From last one month it has started giving problem in booting.It creates 8 times beep sound while starting.If i keep shift+del+Cntl keys simulatanously pressed for longer time then some times it restarts normally.Some times during working also it suddenly gives black screen and  restarts with black screen and creATES same 8 beep noise.I have shown to local mechanic and he has done something it afterwhich laptop wokked for 2 weeks and same problem started again.I am really confused about dell's product.I dont know is the problem of hardware or software? Also why this is happening about Dell only?So please help to solve this problem.

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15.6-inch 4K UHD touchscreen
Intel Core i7-6700HQ
8GB memory/1TB SSHD
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics

Link to full specs and such:

Hey guys I have recently purchased this laptop from Microsoft and the only thing that is preventing me from loving it is whenever I open the start menu from desktop, my moouse would start to lag and slow down until i close start menu or windows explorer. All my driver has been updated and can't find anything else. When I disable the HD Graphics 530 from device manager, the lag would stop but I am not able to use the brightness keys and the sleep button from start menu would also go away. Also I have another problem is that, every tme I start up the laptop, I would see white spots in the black screen. I've been reading some posts and it could be a bright pixel or something like that. Thank you guys in advance. Any help is welcome!

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My Dell Inspiron 15 laptop repeatably beeps on start up with black screen and does not boot the only way to stop it is remove power and battery then try again.
After several failed attempts it will boot
Any ideas on how to fix this?


Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 laptop repeatably beeps on start up with black screen and does not boot

Hi Gary,
I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check if the system switches ON.

Switch off the computer.
Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
Remove the battery from the computer.
Press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
Then connect back all the peripherals and check if you are able to turn on the system.

If the system is not switching ON please connect the external monitor and check if the system is switching ON then I would suggest that you run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.

Turn on or restart the computer.
Immediately at the Dell logo screen, starting tapping the <F12> key once a second until the One Time Boot menu appears (if the computer boots to Windows turn the computer off and try again).
At the One Time Boot menu, press the <Down> arrow key to highlight Diagnostics, PSA+ or Enter ePSA, then press <Enter> to begin the hardware Diagnostics.
Write down any error codes listed. Reply to us with the error codes.

Since the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop computer emits a series of beeps during start-up if the LCD cannot display errors or problems. Please let me know the number of beeps you are receiving during startup as
Let us know your findings.

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My Dell Inspiron Laptop which runs on Windows Vista will not start properly, the screen will go black after loading, this is before i can get to the log on stage. There is only a cursor which i can move.

I then started Startup Repair and it performed the checks, but my computer still wouldn't start. I then tried System Restore which didn't have a backup. I clicked the link to create a backup, but it said 'Your computer is running in a limited diagnostic state'. I have tried running the Windows Vista disk and it doesn't change anything. I have tried every method I know of, but I cannot get my computer working. Is there any other way, if you know please help me.

Answer:Dell Inspiron Laptop wont start and System Restore doesn't work

One last thing you can try is to press F8 while booting and on the next menu, select the 'Last Known Good' option

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Appears to be working fine, less than a week old. I was expecting a beep on start up but I hear nothing (unless it's very quiet) Should I expect a beep code. Couldn't find anything regarding this in the manual. I have a S2316H monitor with built in speakers attached via the HDMI.
Any thoughts appreciated please. Thanks.

Answer:Inspiron 3650 does not beep on start up. Should it?

With newer versions of BIOS and UEFI, there's no one beep at POST, unless there's a problem. Now one beep at POST typically means: System Board: BIOS ROM failure.  
A while back, Dell had a brand new model giving the "normal" one beep at POST, but users confused that one beep with the motherboard failure code one beep .
That led to a lot of motherboards being needlessly replaced under warranty. Dell subsequently suppressed the "normal" one beep at POST in a revision of BIOS, and spared the life of a lot of motherboards!

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I would like to present my problem with my Inspiron 15R SE laptop, bought in september of 2013.

This last week, I've regularly been experiencing a beeping sound at the startup of my laptop. When I turn the laptop on, three buttons light up and turn off again, and the laptop screen remains black. A soon as that happens, the beeping sound occurs. The beeping sound is continiously and indefinitely untill I decide to turn the laptop off forcefully by pressing the power button for 3 seconds.

I haven't downloaded any software in the last three months, nore have I installed any hardware on my computer.

Today I did start the ePSA procedure at the startup. I selected the quick test and the thorough tests. My system passed them all. No fails, no system errors.

I don't have the patience to go through the complete history of this community board for usefull suggestions and tips. That's why I want to ask what sollutions there could be for this problem. I can send the Service Tag of my system if that's necessary.

I'm eagerly looking forward to your responses.

Kind regards,


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Need help with my laptop it won't boot when I press power and FN get beep code 3-3-2-1 tried googling this code but can't find anything out.  thanks in advance

Answer:Dell inspiron won't go to boot screen, when I power on and press FN I get beep codes 3-3-2-1

Hi Leef28,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Do you get the Dell logo screen? What is the status of the power button?
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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I've recently acquired that Dell's notebook - Inspiron 5110 - with GT525M on board. It has excellent performance for its price, recent games fly on this hardware... but the true reason of taking the notebook was need for powerful workhorse for 3D CAD/CAM/CAE and design systems. And there was a pitfall - some specialized things and Autodesk 3ds max refused to work correctly.

3ds viewports were full of glitches - they flickered, showed picture from another viewports, were very slow - until I enabled OpenGL renderer for viewports. Of course, I have desire for 'Nitrous' and DX thing...

CADs gave me a slideshow. On previous computer those CADs' performance was smooth. On small assemblies. Therefore I needed an something more powerful. But performance on new one was so slow that I preferred a simple pencil to it.

The Nvidia drivers are latest - I played with it settings for preferred graphics card (since this Dell has Intel graphics chip on board) - but nothing changed.

Do anybody know the solution?

Answer:gt 525 problem with CAD/CAM/CAE on Inspiron 5110

Quote: Originally Posted by detorio


I've recently acquired that Dell's notebook - Inspiron 5110 - with GT525M on board. It has excellent performance for its price, recent games fly on this hardware... but the true reason of taking the notebook was need for powerful workhorse for 3D CAD/CAM/CAE and design systems. And there was a pitfall - some specialized things and Autodesk 3ds max refused to work correctly.

3ds viewports were full of glitches - they flickered, showed picture from another viewports, were very slow - until I enabled OpenGL renderer for viewports. Of course, I have desire for 'Nitrous' and DX thing...

CADs gave me a slideshow. On previous computer those CADs' performance was smooth. On small assemblies. Therefore I needed an something more powerful. But performance on new one was so slow that I preferred a simple pencil to it.

The Nvidia drivers are latest - I played with it settings for preferred graphics card (since this Dell has Intel graphics chip on board) - but nothing changed.

Do anybody know the solution?


your laptop should have:

2nd generation Intel Core i3 with HT technology
Nvidia GeForce GT525 1GB DDR3

Don't expect to have a "powerful workhorse for 3D CAD/CAM/CAE and design systems"... Games could run fine at medium-high graphics settings on this laptop because of the Core i3 and the dedicated graphics card, and the low resolution which your screen ... Read more

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I posted yesterday about my laptop HDMI problem (the post never did appear in this forum), instead I had a private reply, which requested I click on a name to reply (Dell-Hema)
I did that but there was no provision for sending a private message, at least not one I could find. You requested some info, here it is:-
#tag 6DXMHR1Email [email protected] Bernie Raffe
You also suggested I update the BIOS, but didn't provide any further details

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I've had the Win 7 laptop for a few years, and it's worked faultlessly.
Now the HDMI port no longer works and seems completely dead, VGA port is ok. I've tried several HDMI cables and monitors / projectors. The laptop used to switch the screen off as soon as I plugged in a projector or monitor, that no longer happens, so it's not detecting the monitor or projector at all.
I've been trying to update the graphics drivers without success, I've tried two things:-
1. Went to Graphics device in Device Manager and pressed 'Update Driver', it told me my driver was up-to-date (even though its dated 2011)
2. I went to the Dell driver download page and downloaded the most recent Intel (R) Graphics Family driver (August 2012), but this unzipped to a GUI application that crashed.
So I'm a bit stuck, any help appreciated, thanks

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Hi Group,
:suspiciou Could you please give me some information how to fix this problem.
When I turn the computer on it makes a continuous beeping sound and stops on the post screen. I also get an error message on the post screen saying ?Keyboard error?.
Can someone please help with this matter, Thank you?Mark

Answer:Help Needed...Continuous beeping sound on start-up

Oh and the keyboard is working ok. Tested on another PC! Also when i unplug the keyboard i still get the same bleeping sound.

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Hi, I have a Samsung r519 laptop, with Windows 7. It normally runs fine, but for the last few days it has been making a continuous 'start navigation' sound. It's driving me mad! I know how to turn this sound off through the control panel, but what's bothering me is what is causing it to make the noise approx 4 times a second. I've done scans and the software can find no virus. I use Microsoft Security Essentials and Advanced System Care.

Any help would be appreciated Attached is the hijack this log if it helps :)

Answer:Annoying continuous 'start navigation' sound

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Please submit the FAQ logs for my review.

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Hi, I have a Samsung r519 laptop. It normally runs fine, but for the last few days it has been making a continuous 'start navigation' sound. It's driving me mad! I know how to turn this sound off through the control panel, but what's bothering me is what is causing it to make the noise approx 4 times a second. I've done scans and the software can find no virus. But sounds like something is trying to access the internet?

Any ideas?

Answer:Annoying continuous 'start navigation' sound

Anyone? It sounds worse now and my laptop is running really slow :(

Any help would be appreciated x

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Hi All!

I'm trying to resurrect an old Optiplex 5166. Last time I "checked" in on it was over a year ago at work, and it had worked fine. Since we had to move out of offices, I got 2 of these back home. I took two add'l Memory Chips from the other and placed them in the remaining slots (4 total). Didn't start. Just beeps. I have since tried, and retried almost every combination of the slots, with 1, 2, 3, etc, and even differing positions. Each time, no luck.

The beep code appears to be 1-3-1-1 (I had thought it was 1-3-2, but there is no such thing, ha).

Any ideas on why I can't seem to seat these correctly?

Thx for any advice.

Answer:Old Dell Won't Start Now.....Beep 1-3-1-1

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Hello everyone!I am a proud user of Dell Inspiron 5110 (win7 Home Premium x64) and it has 5 years. About 3 weeks ago I wanted to perform its first win7 reinstallation - it was needed.I was too stupid to read about recovery partition before I did format C: . But well, it worked. I saw new win7 logging screen but without Dell signs anywhere. I couldn't activate my system because there was no drivers for WifI etc. I checked my partitions after format and clean reinstallation and I saw : - disc 0 partition 1: DELLUTILITY 100MB , empty space: 99MB, OEM- disc 0 partition 2: RECOVERY 14,6GB , empty space: 6,9 GB , SYSTEM- disc 0 partition 3:                          227,1GB, empty: 213,4 GB, win7 installed here- disc 0 partition 4:                           223,8 GB, empty: 223,8GB , partition for my thingsSo when I saw this I decided to download using my friend's laptop WiFi drivers and Dell Backup and Recovery program. I performed recovering, waited patiently aaaaand.... After reboot I saw again no dell signs (this blue background and dell's logo on login screen) and I could NOT log in using my old name and password. Additionally I had no "welcome new user" screen with cofiguring those things AND I cannot per... Read more

Answer:Inspiron 5110 recovery and user account problem

First off, do you have the recovery media that may have came with your computer or that you made?  If not there IS a way to boot from the recovery partition but its a long drawn out process that may or may not work.  Another way is to either see if the recovery ISO is on or order recovery media by clicking here and following the first section information. 

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The update to Windows 10 went smoothly but Fast Access no longer works.  On boot up, the computer will just sit on the Fast Access screen.  I can sign in by password but Fast Access no longer works.
I have attempted to uninstall the program but the computer gets to the end of the uninstall, stops and reinstalls the program.  I have a link for an update but it gets to the end and returns everything to the original program.
Windows 10 has a facial recognition program, Hello, but it won't activate.   I think it has a problem with Fast Access.  Help!

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