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Case suggestions for industrial mITX board

Question: Case suggestions for industrial mITX board

Evening, all

I bought an interesting little Single Board Computer as an mITX motherboard (a WADE-8020, more info at the link below):

I have another similar board in an old Hoojum Cubit 3 case, and was wondering if anyone might have any other suggestions for a similarly eye-catching case, probably ready-made, though I'm not averse to either buying a DIYed case, or maybe trying to make one myself (I have a Dremel but not much else, and that includes skill )

Cheers, Jon.

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Preferred Solution: Case suggestions for industrial mITX board

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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All, hope this post reaches knowledgeable eyes.  My college aged daughter dropped her P580 and banged up the left rear corner of the Lap Top.  I am looking for the QIWy9 Power Board UMA FRU 90000332, QIWy9 Upper Cae-H
 FRU 90201008, QIWy9 Lower Case -H FRU 90201009, and the QIWy9 LCD Hing-H FRU 90201003.  I contact but good luck with that.  If it is not on their list they don't have it.  This is a fairly new PC, bought around Sept 2012.  I used the maintenance manual to disassemble the laptop and just need the parts. 
Can anyone direct me to a supplier of these parts, PLEASE.  I can't believe the parts aren't available.
Admin edit - this site is no longer valid.  Please visit the Lenovo support site for latest information on obtaining Lenovo service parts.

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Suddenly my Mesh PC has died. I press the power ON button and it sterts to buzz and whirr as normal then just dies. The amount of buzzing and whirring varies from 2 seconds to about 8 seconds but it allways dies. I am thinking (total guess) a possible PSU fault though somebody has suggested mother board. Can anyone shed some light on this.Any comments appreciated,Les

Answer:New PSU or new mother board...any suggestions

Could be overheating and the system shuts down... check that the heatsink on the processor is firmly seated. Have you moved the machine around recently?

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Hey guys, I am not much of a gamer but I have a customers kid who is. He bought a Nemesis Elite Case...

Too fancy for me, but he also tried to transfer his Dell components into it (power supply and all). Needless to say, it did not work.

What I need to know from you guys is what Board can he get that will work with all the gadgets (the case has an LCD display, firewire, usb on the front and stuff) and will also give him a good gaming experience? I am clueless as to what board would be perfect for this Nemesis case. Any help appreciated! He is a 13 yr old who obviously has no idea what he was doing. LoL.

Answer:Help w/Board for new Case

Looks like something from Tron LOL .Any board and parts in the world really ( Exept dell parts ).You basically would probably be best building a new comp,how good depends on how much you wanna spend,you could use some of the parts from the dell cd roms,HD's, but then you would end up with one computer and some junk when you could have 2 full working computers for only a few dollars more,again depends on how much you wanna spend.

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I would like to order the following m'board A7N8X/DLX Skt A DDR400 NForce2 Audio/Lan/SATA/FW click here will this be compatible with my ATX 201 Coolermaster case click here. Thanks for all responses.

Answer:Will this m'board be ok for my case

Hey that's the board I want !!! and on dabs too!!! this post is too small for both of us.joking, look at the form factor for both board and case, it would be either micro ATX, ATX... fpr this board I believe it is atx and so is the case, so you should be ok! Would you go for DDr400? if yes where do you get it from?

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Hello all im just after some info my case is this

would this board fit in it ( new to all this)

Answer:New case/board help

Looking at the product information on your case, it supports both atx and micro atx motherboards.

So the motherboard you have chosen would work.

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I bought a new pc the other day and I cannot even get it to post or anything, I'm about to get all up in it's grill and throw it back up Tiger Direct's arse.

My case has a chip out of it and I think it may be bad.. what do you think? What type of case do I need to buy to replace it?

Answer:I think I may have a bad case? Suggestions?

I don't think that your CASE would cause your machine not to boot, unless you've forgotten to put stand offs between it and the motherboard. If that's the situation, you may have a hard lesson to learn here....

Does anything happen when you push your power button? Do fans spin up, even for a second? Is there any LEDs you can see light up on either your PSU or your motherboard?

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Hi im building me a new gaming rig amd processor and a gtx 770. This will be my first pc i would like to try and overclock. So keep that in mind. Im looking for a sturdy case, with alot of air flow. I have been searching on newegg to find the one, and not having any luck. I'm really looking for a mid tower black and green case. So if you so happen to look on the cases and check the sort button for best raiting, several come up, with each having there own problems. I was looking at the DIY ranger r8 and found reviews stating flimsy cheap materials. But as stated i really need it to be durable, Then i looked at the raidmax viper, where i noticed no side fans which ive never not had a case without a side fan and i am trying to overclock it, that worries me. Plus shorting issues, and the face plate tending to be cheap and breaking. I thought i found one looking at the raidmax smilodon. Though this one has no cable managment, and not alot of room for components. Any ideas or recomendations? and should i go with a micro atx board? To keep it safe with more room and airflow. Thanks!

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I need a new case, my trusty Lian-Li 65b is not cooling my new heat producing mad hardware the way i would like it. I love my case, but the days of its 80mm fans are over. And I need 120mm for sure.

Now when it comes to a case I am picky, I dont like big flashy alien looking cases all bubbled out and stuff. I like a clean look inside and out, very contemporary. I want my case to say "Im classy and mean all rolled into one"
Kinda the feeling you get when you look at a BMW......They are beautiful, but not overdone, yet pack a punch if you happen to get next to one at the green light.....

Basically with that said I need a 120mm intake and exhaust and preferably a side fan to blow on my 8800GTX which is my biggest heat problem at the moment. It needs to be black, a mid tower and preferably a have a side window but it is somthing that I will sacrafice for the right case.

Just spent about an hour on newegg searching the cases and I only came up with one solution that has everything I am looking for. However some of the parts on the case seem weak such as the plastic bracket for the PCI expantion slots.

These are examples of what I do not want to have reccomended:

Other than that I am open to suggestions....

So Let the suggestions role in

Thanks in adv... Read more

Answer:Need new case...suggestions ?

Here are some decent ones:

For a bit less:

Hopefully these are along the line of what you are looking for.

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I'm thinking of doing a case upgrade to my PS some time this year. Most likely around or in Oct and I was just wanting to get ideas of both brand and models in that brand that would be nice to use and have a high level of quality.

Right now I'm thinking of the Cooler Master brand and this model.. MasterBox 5 Black Mid-tower with Internal Configuration, E-ATX Support, and Nine SSD mount positions: Computers Accessories

My criteria is simple.. must be able to handle a full ATX motherboard and 120mm fans so I can make use of liquid cooling, if I want to use that later on. Oh and it must be durable(cat proof).. yes Mr Kitty can be hard on my PC.

So.. TIA as usual

Answer:PC Case Suggestions...

How about this one Jeff Thermaltake CORE X31 Black ATX Gaming Mid Tower Liquid Cooling Gaming Computer Case Cases with Power Supply Cover Design: Computers Accessories

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Hey all, I am wondering if any one can give me some advice on this case. I have an Asrock 939 dual sata2.
Its dimensions are 12"x9.5". So it should fit in this case...right??

Answer:Case suggestions...


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Question: Case suggestions?

ok here's the thing...I am looking for a case for my computer that cools well and is reasonably quiet that looks good and does not have a door on the front of it. Any suggestions?

Answer:Case suggestions?

Budget? Have you taken a look at

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I've started purchasing components for my new gaming monster. So far i've got the AMD X2 4800+, 2GIG of OCZ plat. rev 2's, DVD-ROM & DVD burner and Audigy 2 ZS. I'm ordering the PCP&C turbo-cool 850w SLI next week.

I'm waiting on a MOBO and Video cards. I want to see what the benchmarks of the new r520's are vs. G70's. Also i may go with crossfire instead of SLI. If i go with crossfire, i have to wait until the ATI 300 express chipset MOBO's are available. Hopefully they will support 939 & Dual Core.

BUT - my question is this... The only thing I can't really decide on is a great case. I know it's going to have to be a FULL sized ATX case. I'm not sure if I should go for a really EYE CANDY CASE, or just go for a solid nice looking case. The case also has to be large enough to fit a liquid cooling system

ANY SUGGESTIONS or IDEAS for a great CASE for this system.
The system will probably be in the range of $4,500 - $5,000.
This will also be on display at my new store that i've opened.

so what do you think?

Answer:Any CASE suggestions? has a large variety of cases. i got the blizzard style it is kinda like an alienware tower. i suggest checking the site out.

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I'm thinking of doing a case upgrade to my PS some time this year. Most likely around or in Oct and I was just wanting to get ideas of both brand and models in that brand that would be nice to use and have a high level of quality.

Right now I'm thinking of the Cooler Master brand and this model.. MasterBox 5 Black Mid-tower with Internal Configuration, E-ATX Support, and Nine SSD mount positions: Computers Accessories

My criteria is simple.. must be able to handle a full ATX motherboard and 120mm fans so I can make use of liquid cooling, if I want to use that later on. Oh and it must be durable(cat proof).. yes Mr Kitty can be hard on my PC.

So.. TIA as usual

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Question: Case Suggestions

Which namebrand of computer case would you guys recoomend?

Answer:Case Suggestions

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I have just sold my previous machine, this was a Gigabyte Board & AMD Athalon XP, I need to replace, any help on Spec & reliable supplier, please at a reasonable cost, I have previously bought from Comp markets and have found them not to be the best source ?

Answer:Suggestions for new M/Board & Processor & supplier

i have used komplett for my last 2 upgrades mainly because they don't charge a premium for delivery to northern ireland. however their prices are competitive and i have found their customer services very good. click hereyou haven't stated a budget for this rebuild so it maybe worth considering how much you want to spend then look around. if you see something you like why not post back here and you will get more than enough suggestions

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This system I will be building for a friend will be a non-gaming, non-overclocking rig for the purposes of Window Office work, Windows Publishing, video and picture editing, online banking, DVD burning, internet surfing, downloading music and other things, and other applications such as Quick Books.

I have done a lot of research into AM2 boards, including here, but there is so much to consider I could use some help in finding a good board. A number of them seem to be picky about RAM while some others have issues with certain X2 cores.

Why AM2? To take advantage of AMD's huge price drop in their X2 chips. He figures with what it will be used for it should last him for some time, thus the need desire for a solid, steady and reliable motherboard.

I did look seriously into the Asus M2N-E nForce 570 Ultra MCP but I have read online of MANY people having issues with this board even at stock settings.

Desired Parameters:

1. Buget: $75 - $125

2. No onboard video.

3. Can do at least 8 Gigs of RAM (for the future); but 4 Gigs is definitely doable.


Answer:Need Suggestions on a Solid, Stable AM2 Board

Im using the MSI K9A Platinum mobo with a AMD X2 5000+, 2gig ram and a x1900. Not a bad board and was around 80 quid if i remeber correctly.

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if you look at the usb slots and the Rear I/O connectors they are lower than the top of the mother board.and if you look at the case, the Rear I/O connectors are supposed to be at the top. now i would like to get an experts eye on this but does it look like the extra space above the connectors marked in red will have the room to fit into the case.

Answer:Does this mother board look like it will fit into this case?

im stupid i forgot to add the photos and here they are. . ..

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I'm sure it fits physically but will it hook up ok?

Answer:Can I use a micro atx board in a atx case?

Yes, should be fine.

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Am looking for a mb with intergrated video to help a friend with an upgrade at minimal cost. Found this only in micro atx form. Will that fit into her atx case?

Answer:microatx board in atx case

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I am getting ready to swap a motherboard into an old case, someone told me once that sometimes the motherboard doesn't fit into the case correctly, is this true? Before I do anything I need to know this so it doesn't haunt me later on.

Sir Loin

Answer:Mother Board does fit in new case

give the information and specs on the board and the case. what you said was pretty useless.

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hiBit of a basic one this I have built 2 PCs in the past with full ATX cases.I now have my old Chaintech 6btm atx board with P3 Coppermine 800 and 512 MB ram fitted.I'm loathe to waste this and fancy building a budget pc for my small children.Space is an issue however and I would like to get as small a case as is possible.Do mini ATX cases require "mini ATX boards" or will they fit a full size ATX board ?thanksswayzak

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if you look at the usb slots and the Rear I/O connectors they are lower than the top of the mother board.and if you look at the case, the Rear I/O connectors are supposed to be at the top. now i would like to get an experts eye on this but does it look like the extra space above the connectors marked in red will have the room to fit into the case. Idn if this belonged here of there so i posted in both spots.

Answer:Does this mother board look like it will fit into this case?

no this mobo does NOT fit in this case.

that mobo looks to be a ATX and i cant remember what its (WTX:confused) called but a lot of newer systems are using it.

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having a hard time determining if my msi z77ag45 motherboard will fit in my hp h8-1214's hard but mid size case..Will the holes line up

Answer:New mother board old case

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I have an HP D530 minitower which is an Asus P4SD Socket 478, I was wondering would the motherboard fit and line up with any ATX Computer Case. I want to change the case on it and go with a regular desktop case instead of the minicase but I want to make sure before I buy one first that it will fit.

Answer:Would Asus board fit in an ATX Case

How would I know if the case would support it, the case I want is this

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Looking for a messenger style bag with room for the power brick. Just wondering what you have found that fits well?

Answer:Case suggestions for y580?

I just got a sleeve from BuiltNY today that fits perfectly. They make messenger bags as well. Here's a link to what they offer: Can be had for much cheaper elsewhere. My $50 sleeve was $12 at Amazon.

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Hi all,

I've decided to mod my case instead of buying a new one as i prefer the custom look

Was just wondering if anyone had any good suggestion of Fan positioning
for a good Air Flow in the case.... heres a few pics of what i've done so far

Firstly thats the skeleton of my case just so you can see the lay out.

I've cut the hole in the top of the case to allow easy ventilation for hot air, it will eventually be covered with a thin sheet of mesh but i'm not sure whether or not to attached a fan to it to help extract the air as it might desterb the airflow?

My other dilemma is whether to add either 2 fans at the front bottom end of both side panels and use ducts to point the air intake in the right direction or move my front usb's and side mount them and replace them with a front air duct to a front mounted fan.... these images might help you get an idea...

Side Panel opposite MB (other side panel will be the same minus the extra CPU fan) :
Note: The extra CPU intake will have a duct guiding it straight to the CPU so to not disturb the air flow

Thanks in advance for any Input

Answer:Air Flow Suggestions for New Case Mod?

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Hey guys, I was looking at redoing a build as a mini-itx so it would be more in the question to carry it somewhere if need be. This is my alternative to getting a laptop as a primary computer and ill be gettiing some sort of cheap portable tablet/laptop for college work.
So I was looking for mini-ITX cases that would be best for my situation. Alot of them are cube-like and im not a fan. I would prefer something that I could put my xbox on top or vica versa. Not that id definately be doing that but thats generally what form factor I want. I also need to be able to fit like at most a GTX 770 in it. I know thats asking alot but alot of the cube cases can do it...
all mini-itx cases ive really seen are too slim or to cube like and that makes it feel clunky to move anywhere. Id really like to have the most efficient PC case possible. Ive got a corsair c70 build right now and it just doesnt work at college as well as id want.

Oh yea. my budget is at max $75.

Looking further im starting to think I won't be able to get a build small enough for what im looking for. and I guess thats understandable.

I guess I should say my PSU budget is $70 so it either needs to support a normal PSU or have a smaller one in that price range and wattage/amperage that can run a non overclocked i5 and a GTX 770.

Answer:mini-ITX case suggestions

I am doing a second mini-itx and the case does not seem to be working. the first case is no longer available - I posted pics here - it was all acrylic/clear - over the long term, it turns out that the acrylic broke at the power-on button and where the power supply meets the back of the case.

You might want to look at some that are for video - they have a low, flat profile like a DVD player.

You can get one that will accommodate a pico-psu power supply. This is a laptop-style power supply, with a barrel connector to connect to the computer.

This connection needs to be figured out before ordering parts. The right pico-psu will connect right into the ATX power supply plug, just like the plug coming out of a regular ATX power supply. But the barrel connection needs to be supported by the case.

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Today, on 'a spur of the moment whim', like a women who see's the latest handbag or pair of shoes, i saw a Mobo and CPU on the shelf of my local retailer, and decided, "Ive just gotta have em!". The Mobo is a full size Asus A7v333. My dilemma would be that I currently have only an ATX Mid tower case that is too small to house such a board. But even so, I went ahead and bought the components, plus some DDR333 & 300w PSU, and decided that i would pull my old machine apart and build a new one. At the time, what i bought, completely gobbled up my available budget, and i overlooked the factor of saving back enough money for a new larger case . Dumb i know, but at the time i just thought "Hey, you dont necessarily need a case around this setup to have it working". I am now sitting here with 250's worth of kit that is great!, but i now have no house to protect it, and also no cash left for a larger case . So i was getting to thinking, that surely there is some sort of improvised case that i could make out of some everyday objects? haha, i know this sounds pathetic and im probably opening myself up to a barrage of silly and sarcastic suggestions here. But, surely, one of you guys (or gals) here must have made yourself, or heard of a sensible method of improvising some sort of case? Is there a way?

My only alternative to knocking something together, would be to buy a case. I have only 20's left, and dont need a PSU with ... Read more

Answer:PC Case Improvisation Suggestions

How can an ATX Mid Tower not hold an A7V333?? You're absolutely positive it won't fit?? That seems a bit odd...

Do you have a mini refrigerator?

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Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to but a window in the side of the case as attached? I would also like to get a fan into the middle of the window.
Thanks in advance
Allan (alvdy)

Answer:Any Suggestions? Case Modding!

any shophead should be able to do this.

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I need something that will run QUIET. This will be out in the family room for all to hear and I want it ultra quiet and well constructed. Who has some suggestions?

Answer:I need a great case - suggestions please?

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About a month ago my main board (GA-Z77X-UD3H) started to fail for some odd reason and ive been wanting to replace it since, but now ive beought myself a mini itx RVZ01 case and SFX-L power supply to make a small gaming oriented build and finally replace my motherboard, but i cant seem to make up my mind on which motherboard to buy, having in mind that im running on a gtx 670 and an i5 3570k processor, which is not that powerfull for todays standars, and i dont want to waste a lot of money.

My initial thoughts were on buying this motherboard ASUS DDR3 Intel Z77 2400 Socket Motherboard P8Z77-I DELUXE/WD: Computers & Accessories

but then again ive found a lot of cheap options like this ASUS P8H61-I R2.0 LGA 1155 Intel H61 HDMI USB 3.0 Mini ITX Intel Motherboard: Computers & Accessories

My main concern is that the cheap alternatives wont keep up with the gpu and cpu and i dont plan on making any serious upgrades since i would have to replace the entire pc components for it to be worth the huge next gen investment. (EDIT) Ill post my original specs somewhere; not using win 7 anymore btw.

So my question is: Any suggestions? What should i buy? (having in mind that im using an 1155lga cpu and a mini itx case) Im looking for anything under 200$ but when it comes to choosing i simply cant make up my mind and would really appreciate some help.

Answer:Need suggestions on a Mini ITX 1155 board replacement.

I just bought and installed the Asus P8H61-I R2.0 board to build a new system using some old parts I had lying around (an i3-2100 cpu and 4GB of DDR3 memory.
It is very impressive board, and Asus has an excellent reputation.

One thing about this MB, it only has one expansion slot (a PCIe x16) so you can add your graphics card if you want but that's it.

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I'm trying to find a good (free) message board host so I can start a dedicated support forum for my app, D7.

The main requirement I have is that (other than free) the board be HOSTED, (not by me!) that I can just link to (or better yet, embed somehow) into my existing site (which is hosted by Google Apps.)

So far, I've looked at,, and even considered Google Sites as options.

Wondering what others opinions on hosted boards are...

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I'd like to get a gaming headset with a mic, i have 7.1 audio if that matters and can't spend more than 80 dollars.

and also there's a program called windowsblinds, i had a crack but i heard that after a while it would hurt your computer so i stopped using it, does anyone know of any other free/legal/harmless programs to change the way my windows and toolbars look?

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I have a proboards message board on one website, and it has always been reliable, but it gets nearly no traffic.  10 posts in a year would be a huge amount.
I am planning to make another message board for a different purpose.  But this board would have a lot more sections and subsections, even more than this website, and if it catches on, quite a bit of traffic too. 
So I'd like to get some ideas on a message board program that can take the volume and traffic, and what else do I need to consider?  Bandwidth limits?  Getting a hosting account with more storage space on it?
Can I have the message board program on my web hosting account all by itself, or do I need to make a simple one page website with its own index page to base the board off of?
I'm guessing I'd have to make a simple one page site with the FORUMS link at the top.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Suggestions for a suitable message board program?

Yeah, I can relate; my college cafe at is a ghost town right now.  I created a couple new forums aimed at Education and Computer stuff, and decided to simply park my articles in there, one by one.  If anyone reads 'em, great!  Eventually, a search engine or two will pick up a few topic titles    The only advice I have:  pretend you are posting as a library; it's there for the interested.

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I have an Abit KN8 board with an Antec mid tower case. I know that with some of the front case coneectors you can tell if they are on backwards by just switching them. Some however (power ones) I hesitate to change. My question is "should the label on a connector face the bottom of the case or the top? Wish color coding was standard and consistent!


Answer:Case switches and Abit KN8 board - Help Please

Usually the top ones face the top and the bottom line face the bottom, but often times the power led needs to be reversed...just look see if the two lights are on in front and if not, reverse the power led or the hdd led.

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Hello. I am the new owner of above board (8.5" x 9.5") and trying to determine if it is suitable for 390 DT, SFF or both. The form factor size seems unusual. Thank You.

Answer:390 case fitment for M5DCD board.

Dell uses proprietary front panel and usb and audio headers so there is no board that is suitable.
They also DO NOT DOCUMENT OR PUBLISH what the pinouts are.

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Looking for a good external... have a couple in mind below... any suggestions on different ones or experience with them

thanks for they help

Answer:External Enclosure / Case Suggestions

Gremmie said:

Looking for a good external... have a couple in mind below... any suggestions on different ones or experience with them

thanks for they helpClick to expand...

I have for 3.5" drives and one for 2.5" drives.
Both are from "AirLink 101".

I much prefer walking in the front door of the place I'm buying from, so I resist doing business with places like NewEgg.
I buy all my computer parts from "Smart Guys Computers" in Longwood, FL.

The prices for those enclosures, minus HD, are significantly higher than what I paid for either of mine.

You can at least see what I'm talking about, Here:

Good Luck,
The Shadow :cool

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Hi, i ordered a new case, and i wanted to know what your suggestions for cooling are, intake and exhaust config.

^^New Case^^

As you can see it has a fan on the side panel, and 2 rear fans.

how should i configure this system, what should each fan do (intake/ exhaust wise)?

Answer:New Case, Cooling system suggestions

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hello, i was thinking of moding my case, i have an hp pavilion 563w and i wanted to cut out a square in the side and install plexi glass. is this safe? would u recomend doing it? IS IT WORTH IT? i am planning on installing many many LED's and most of all, How do u recomend i approach this, any replys would b greatley appreciated :bounce:

Answer:Computer Case Moding Suggestions

It wont hurt to mod the case. Stores like Frys sell all sorts of kits and lights.

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Story time: a few years ago I started upgrading my pc an hp a6244n I bought a cpu and a gpu GTX 550 ti And an Intel e7500 the gpu worked but the cpu did not because the mobo could not support it so I bought a mobo that could i.e. (P5b-vm do) but the chord for the power button did not match so I recently bought a case to get it all working a rosewill fmb-01 and got it together only to find there's a green light blinking on the mobo when I went to plug it in I also bought a PSu Rosewill 450W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Power Supply CAPSTONE-450 Black

Answer:New pc case and mobo p5b-vm do green light on board

The manual that came with your new motherboard should tell you what the blinking green light means.

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I've read a thread on here before about someone wanting to do this. I think it was SB that bought up an important point that Plexi is a great conductor of static eletricity.

How worthy would a metal mobo tray be in there? Would that only ground the motherboard? So that I dont have to spend $20 on a cheap case just to part it out, is there any way to ground the components with some wiring and a ground (only) plug? My dad does this kinda stuff so I would be able to rig about anything up.

I would still use standoff's when mounting the mobo, but would I want rubber washers/gromets between the plexi and all the hardware that gets mounted to it?

Also what would be the best way to cut a 80mm or 120mm fan hole into it - just the old dremel?

Any other comments or suggestions that would help are appreciated.

Answer:Building a Plexi Case.. Suggestions / Comments

---agissi--- said:

Also what would be the best way to cut a 80mm or 120mm fan hole into it - just the old dremel?Click to expand...

Using a dremel would work.. but it would be a pain in the A**. I use a hole saw...seen here

I think if youcould make the project work..i would be cool...but it seems like a big hassle

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Hello allI have a macro that copies all the sheets from two workbooks into a new workbook. That is all good and working. Each sheet contains x-number of rows with items in them. Each of those items has a serial number attached to it. Some of those items are duplets and I want to count the number of occurrences across all of the worksheets in that combined workbook and display it in the column next to the item being tested.The way I have done it at the moment is by using a code that Counts the number of worksheets and then selects a given case corresponding to that number of worksheets.When the case is selected, it puts in a formula like this in all the U-colomns in each worksheet: =COUNTIF('Sheet1'!T:T;T1)+COUNTIF('Sheet2'!T:T;T1)+COUNTIF('Sheet3'!T:T;T1)This gives me the correct number of occurrences, but it is not very easy to maintaine. As you all surely can see, the above formula that gets inserted is if case 3 is selected. The problem is that I have up to 20 cases, where I have 20 countif-functions added together.Any suggestions to how to make this simpler? I know there must be a way. It doesnt have to put in a formula at all in that range("T:T"), the result of the above formula is all that I need.Thanks in advance/Jacob message edited by JacobJ

Answer:Alternative suggestions to this select case code?

Try this, =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'"&"Sheet"&{1,2,3}&"'!T:T"),T1))Only tested it out a bit, so no guarantees.MIKE

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I have built a computer a few years back, and at the time didn't have a lot of money so I went with a nice, big, yet cheap case. An AsiaPro (now ASYS) with two blue lighted tubes on the front, blue side fan and 450W Power Supply included (which recently went spazoid and died on me).The case is very flimsy and the power supply is extremely light - hardly weighs anything. The MATX motherboard (A-Bit IS-10 with P4 2GHz Intel CPU) sits on the side and the power supply almost sits on the CPU heatsink/fan assembly (just like maybe 1/8" to 1/4" of room if that between the two). I can't use a heavier power supply as it'll bend the back of the case, and sit on the CPU fan/heatsink assembly.So, I'm in the market for a good case. I would like to keep my existing hardware (2 hard drives, 1 3.5" Floppy drive, 1 DVD burner) 2 PCI cards - modem and TV Card, and an AGP Video Card, motherboard, CPU, etc.) All I'm looking for at this point is the case and power supply.I've been reading reviews on for cases under $150 US and found many people saying some are "flimsy". The case should be sturdy enough to hold up even the most heaviest (in weight) power supplies these days. I'd like some room to grow, maybe for eventually a couple SATA drives added on and maybe another DVD reader/burner. Maybe some more lights if the case doesn't have enough already.  I like the cool looking gamer stuff. Also would want a side-window as it is helpful for seeing how the fan... Read more

Answer:Need suggestions for Case/Power Supply Combo

Antec makes nice cases and power supplies. Hard to go wrong there.Sometimes the "bling" factor gets you some other nice extras - poor airflow and noise. You do, indeed, get what you pay for.  

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I am an IT student and lately we were given a case study about network and designing a LAN solution. I admit I am not a network guru and I appreciate some suggestions on some of the things about the case study. I kinda figured out some of the things but some just are mind boggling to me. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Case Study: Building is 5 levels. The first 3 levels has 5 classrooms including a computer lab. level 4 is a student lounge with 10 computers and a library with 5 computers. Level 5 is the department and administrative offices. There are 16 people in the departments all in all (who needs a PC), an accounts director and a academic director. The computer labs should be equipped with 30 student PCs and 1 tutor PC.
More Details
- Each staff member should have their own PC, access to printer, internal email and student database
- The 10 student lounge computers have access to a paid printer
- Students and staff who has their own laptop can connect to the internet via wireless service
- Student computers should not be able to access official printer, internal staff email and student database
- Staff should be able to share files between departments
- Network should be secured
- There is a surveillance camera on each level

Need suggestions on these
- How many routers, switches, sockets, ISP's and Gigabit NICs do I need? And what kind?
- Suggestions on the network architecture & topology
- Servers and their locations
- Secur... Read more

Answer:Suggestions for a LAN network design case study

Sounds like you are trying to get us to do the assignment for you.

bayushihigure said:

- How many routers, switches, sockets, ISP's and Gigabit NICs do I need? And what kind?Click to expand...

Well you need at least one router for internet and wireless connection. At least 1 ISP to provide the internet. Gigabit NIC's only really depends on the total amount of data tavelling across the network and where. Switches and sockets - You need to be more precise in your description of the layout as 16 PC's all in all for a department does not even cover the 30 students in the computer lab so I have no idea how many PC's in total you are using never mind on each floor. Bascially switches come with a certain number of ports and you will need at least one port for every machine (probably 2/3 for servers) then for interconnects between the switches and you may want some extras for future expansion.

bayushihigure said:

- Suggestions on the network architecture & topologyClick to expand...

Depends enitrely on the size and layout of the building.
Could have a switch on each floor or switch and a router depending on if you are using layer 2 or 3 switches, could run the full 3 layer model or have a collapsed distribution/core layer. Maybe not even that if there aren't too many machines.

bayushihigure said:

- Servers and their locationsClick to expand...

Again depends on a lot of variables. What is the budget? Could run each servi... Read more

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I've combed many web sites trying to find more information about this. I dimly recall even contacting the folks at ARM corporation, asking whether they are working on it (without a response, of course).

Does anyone here think that it will happen? What would you use such technology for? I'm interested because, as you probably know by now, I'm hoping to build an ultra-low-latency rig that lets me create some monster audio (using a MIDI-capable DAW like Cubase).

Now that Windows 8 will support ARM, I'm curious to see whether the industry will move toward low-power, high-efficiency, yet powerful processing.


- S

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Hi all, I have acquired a used Antec fusion-life style case, (no m/board) I am confused as to which board to be used. I have tried several places to find out a suitable board for the case, and with no luck,( I keep getting is I am a sell staff not technically minded.)Can any one inform me of, if possible several matx boards for this case.I would prefer the board to be able to use a AMD athlon 64x2 dual processor, as I have a spare.I may also need help on the connections in the case, after purchasing a board.Thanks in-anticipation of repliesGraham

Answer:m/board for a Antec-fusion,life style case

a standard atx motherboard is 305 x 206 mm, at least the foxconn one I have in my hand at the moment is.

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Hello. The short of this is that I am having problems with 2 things in setting up my MIC and EAR for the front panel of my case. There is a GND wire from the case wire that I do not know where to put which is from the EAR phone wires and I'm confused about: MIC VCC or +5v for the MIC-VCC. I think what I have layed out below is so far correct. I have more detailed info below:

I have an ASUS A7N8X E-deluxe motherboard ( ) which I am trying to connect to the front panel for Microphone and Headphone of my Sky Hawk case ( ) . On page 2-26 or reader page 46 of the manual it says: front panel audio connector (10-1 pin FP_AUDIO and I have to remove the jumper pins. Now the motherboard pins are setup:

Motherboard pins setup from left to right:

Line out R__BLINE OUT R
Line out L__BLINE out L

And the CASE wires are:

MIC (bunched together)

Mic IN

EAR (bunched together):

Ear L1___Ear L2
Ear R1___Ear R2

I have a few guesses but I have to say I am a little confused.

So it should be:

Line out R =Ear R1
BLINE out R=Ear R2

Line out L = Ear L2
BINE out L = Ear R2


so that leaves a choice of MIC VCC or +5v for the MIC-VCC AND one ground wire with no pin if I am looking at this right. THe motherboard has 9 pins (but 1 is NC) and the case has 8 wires for the MIC and EAR. So the only thing that is left is the confusion around... Read more

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I currently have the desktop not the tower. I would like a midtower so I am not limited with psu or gpu choices.

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Customer came up to me with a HP G62-435DX Notebook PC. Laptop doesnt POST and Caps Lock key blinks on and off in about 1 second interval of ON .... OFF....Checked and Reseated RAM and that didnt help as well as powering it without RAM installed shows same fault. Removed laptop battery and tested it. Tried to power it without battery installed powered just from wall and still same fault. I cant change error condition so it has to be very low level such as bad bios flash etc. If I got a memory beep code etc, at least I'd be able to know how far its getting in the POST.Only thing that comes to mind since NO POST is that the BIOS may have been flashed by malware or hacker to kill it ( brick it ). I told the customer that it doesnt look good. Looks like the main board has to be replaced and the cost of doing so is beyond what the laptop is worth.I then suggested that we can place the hard drive into an external enclosure to get access to their data on another computer if they wanted to get their data back."This is NOT a critical issue since they said its time they upgrade anyways, but figured I'd throw this one on here to see if others have seen this before and found a cause." HP has fault blink/beep code reference and that wasnt much help. Laptop wasnt abused from the looks of it. Pretty well kept, and the fan spun so it wasnt a tach fault from a seized fan. Google search suggested cooked CPU, and one person claimed to switch the CPU in laptop and that didnt ... Read more

Answer:Thinking its Toast, but figured I'd mention here in case any suggestions

Looks like a few things can cause this::See Here...Most common one ...RAM or BIOS.

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I am about to start a new build from scratch. Coming from an older Cosmos S case, which is not only huge but also weighs a lot I would like to downscale to a smaller case. Therefore I've been looking at Mini ITX and Micro ATX cases but I've noticed an ongoing trend;

It seems that many of the mITX cases are quite close to the size of normal mATX mid towers, rendering it quite pointless to go through all the additional difficulty of the smaller build. (Such as the increased difficulty in cable tidying, increased chances of thermal problems etc.)

Does anyone have any recommendations on a mITX case (preferably with a side window) which can handle full sized components such as a 1080Ti without cooking itself to death but not being the same size as a mATX mid tower?

If it helps and for reference this is currently my potential build that I'm considering purchasing:

The case I was considering:


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I am about to start a new build from scratch. Coming from an older Cosmos S case, which is not only huge but also weighs a lot I would like to downscale to a smaller case. Therefore I've been looking at Mini ITX and Micro ATX cases but I've noticed an ongoing trend;

It seems that many of the mITX cases are quite close to the size of normal mATX mid towers, rendering it quite pointless to go through all the additional difficulty of the smaller build. (Such as the increased difficulty in cable tidying, increased chances of thermal problems etc.)

Does anyone have any recommendations on a mITX case (preferably with a side window) which can handle full sized components such as a 1080Ti without cooking itself to death but not being the same size as a mATX mid tower?

If it helps and for reference this is currently my potential build that I'm considering purchasing:

The case I was considering:


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I recently built an HTPC for use on our TV for watching movies, surfing, light gaming, etc. The System configuration is as follows:

CPU: Haswell i5-4590s (65w) using stock cooler
Memory: 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws (2x4GB) DDR 3 1600
Vid card: EVGA GTX-950
Case: Cooler Master Elite 130
Using CPUID HW Monitor I noticed that this lower-power CPU was running at about 60C at idle ... but at idle the CPU is at 25%. Other than a mis-aligned heat sink I'm having a hard time figuring out 1) Why the CPU is idling so high and 2) why the idle temps are so high (60C or more).

Any advice to investigating this? Thanks ...

Answer:New MITX Build ... can't explain CPU usage and high idle temps. Your take?

svchost.exe is using 25% of your CPU, so it's not idle.

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Hello all. Our work is looking at purchasing some Surface Pro's that can be used with our forklifts. Does anyone know or have any experience with using the Surface Pro's for industrial use? We are also looking for a mount that we can attach the Pro to on the forklift, but I haven't came across any solutions for that yet. Can anyone else recommend a product that would be a good fit to mount the Surface Pro's? Thank you!

Answer:Surface Pro's for Industrial Use

Arkon makes a large range of tablet mounts that you could screw onto the forklift to hold tablets, that also include flexible arms so that different sized drivers can position the tablet where needed for best use while on the forklift.

Tablet Drill-Base Mounts:

However, I am not sure if they make one large enough for a Surface Pro.

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Hi folks, I'm going to be setting up a line of site remote office ( < 1mile away ), and we were thinking that instead of getting a seperate connection for this location, we can just piggy back off our t-1 here at the office. Further, we will be using the wireless link for domain authentication and, depending on the speed, our sql client software.

I have never set this up before, so does anyone have any suggestions as to the equipment? I have good line of sight, short distance. I need high bandwidth, low latency and preferrably: linux support ( if it matters ).

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Industrial strength Wireless?

Bridging won't be dependant on any OS.

Cisco 1400 Bridges would be my first choice. Expensive. Then Proxim's bridges. These would be on the costly side of the 802.11G world. If you want much higher bandwidth you can go a number of ways. For proprietary wireless gear I preferProxim's WMUX Tsunami line. They have as a full duplex 480 Mb solution, one way, so you basically have a gigabit wireless link. Would work wonderfully at the distance you mentioned. Mega bucks there though. They also have FD 100 Mb bridges as well. Two radios in each bridge. One for transmit, one receive. So, for the 100 Mb bridges each direction is a 100 Mb link. Piece of cake to setup as they come configured. All you really need to be proficient at is panning (pointing your antennas if your eyeballing it) and getting the ethernet interface to it.

W-Lan also has Full duplex high end bridges that I've used a few times with good success. Really depends on your budget and requirements.

Edit add-on: If you set the link up correctly then ther is no latency. 1 ms

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Dear Sir/MadamI work in an engineering company in the field of  substation construction.I wonder whether you could explain me the major differences between  an industrial computer and commercial computer. Meanwhile please do me a favor and inform me if you know any standard which recommend to use industrial computer instead of commercial one as a server or operator workstation in a DCS(distributed control system) substation.By the way ,is there any definition for industrial computer in a standard?I look forward to hear from you regards,f.zabihi

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Just embarking on a new project for wireless monitors and are seeking a little help ?

I have a rather large print press around 50 meters in length with a PC at one end and also staff at the other packing pallets and need them to be able to scan info and input data,

have researched the Possibility of wired touch screens but as we all know you have degradation and not enough power points for signal repeaters. but am open to wired suggestion.

I need Industrial grade Wireless touch Screens any Suggestions also have looked at Viewsonic but they are not sturdy enough

Many Thanks

Answer:Industrial Wireless Monitors

wireless monitors???, havn't heard of them.

but i googled it and came up with a few things:

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Hey guys,

My lumbermill is implementing a brand new "line" (as we call it) that has just about everything computerized (almost every individual motor on it has an IP address associated with it) we would like to be able to have our electricians take out their laptops to any part of the line and be able to access the line's network with a laptop and wireless connection. Thing is that there is a lot of steel in and around the line and the hub where everything comes in... I was wondering if you had any suggestions on a real good wireless AP for this situation as I doubt your run of the mill Linksys WAP might not cut it.

Answer:Industrial strength wireless??


run of the mill Linksys WAP

No pun intended of course

Sorry I am not much help, I just found that funny, but what I thought was you run repeaters to spread a large area like that.

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what can someone who studied industrial physics do in a computer firm or let me say like a bank maybe a newspaper establishment, what can he really do in such an establishment. what will his field of work work be?

Answer:Does an industrial physics have hope

are you looking for jobs or are you asking what their role would be in each case?maybe you want to try the industrial physics forum here:

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The "computer" is part of an industrial machine.

It is vintage 1994, with 2 MB of ram & a 33 MHZ cpu. Original HDD is 865 MB.


Non-system disk or disk error at boot. The owner was told to harvest data & install a new HDD & FDD. I performed those tasks. But the smallest, new HDD to which I have access is 40 GB. The 40 GB drive is not detected at boot.

The bios does not have "auto detect". The largest "pre-set" is less than 1 GB.

I cloned using Norton Ghost 2003, & put the destination drive in my bench PC. It boots to the industrial machine program.

I put the source / original drive in my bench PC & booted. It also boots to the industrial machine program.

I think there is a problem outside of the HDD.

The machine's manufacturer can offer machine support, but not computer support.

I haven't tried to boot the device with the original HDD installed, so I can't tell you if the device's bios detects the original HDD.



Answer:Solved: old, industrial system

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I'm sick of cheap flashdrive cases breaking, or the plug coming loose from plugging it in and out so many times.

I'm looking for a sturdy replacement. Throw me some ideas.

Answer:Need Industrial flashdrive recommended

Corsair Survivor.

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Industrial tour for engineering students in Coimbatore. Successful industrial visit programs for over 12 years. students can visit industries in Coimbatore. industrial visit in coimbatore

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I don't see much difference in the systems. I have a Dell Dimension 2400 here and am considering a replacement board. E-bay seems to have better deals on Dimension 3000 boards and they do look the same to me.

Anyone know any reason why the 3000 board wouldn't do well in a 2400 case?

Do they both use the same memory?

Answer:Will Dimension 3000 board fit Dimension 2400 case?

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Dear Sir/Madam,  According to my last  post, as we had several meetings recently, whether to replace the industrial computer in the substations by commercial types for economoc savings reason, I wonder if there is any special priviledges by the industrial computer which distinguishes it from commercial one meanwhile it is requisite for the high voltage substations.In other words,I am investigating to find features which can not be supported by commercial types at the same time are  essential for such an environment .Thank you for your kind cooperation in advance. Best Regards,F.Zabihi

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Hey everyone.
Can I run 3 x Noctua NF F12 Industrial 3000rpm PMW fans off the fan headers on the Asus X99 E WS motherboard? I'm getting really confused by the Amps vs Volts side of it. I just thought as it was a 12v fan it would be fine but the people at Overclockers said it would be too much for my motherboard.
The link to the fans is here and the manual to my motherobard is here
Thanks in advance for any help :)

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My name is Liam and I am currently studying product design at a university level. I am looking for a workstation laptop for 2nd year that will be able to easily deal with the requirements of programs such as Solid Works, AutoCad, Photoshop and Illustrator. I have configured a laptop on however I'm also open to purchasing a complete laptop. My budget has a maximum of £1200 so any advice or opinions on this topic would be appreciated.

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Internet security firm Webroot has launched a new toolkit aimed at delivering threat intelligence and increased security for connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Built for designers of IoT and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, the new Webroot IoT Security Toolkit offers integrated protection against threats such as malware and zero-day exploits, as well as internal vulnerabilities.

The toolkit can leverage existing cloud-based, real-time threat intelligence services to increase the security of IoT devices in various scenarios, Webroot said.

The toolkit includes three components: Device Agents, Threat Intelligence Services, and Secure Web Gateway, each designed to offer defense mechanisms at a different level.

The Device Agents are low impact, small footprint software components that can detect new or altered files and anomalous events at the system level and send the information to Webroot?s BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Cloud Platform, without impacting device performance.

System designers can integrate the BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services into IoT gateways and platforms to defend against malicious inbound attacks, while the cloud-based Secure Web Gateway service monitors traffic between devices and control systems over the Internet to intercept malware before it reaches the network or endpoints.

?Because the Webroot IoT Security Toolkit leverages real-time threat intelligence to protect deployed systems against cyberattacks, solution d... Read more

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Does anyone know of a company that makes a switch that meant to be deployed in a harsh industrial environment. We need a switch that can be installed in a factory that does graphite milling so the switch cant have fans, but needs to withstand 100_ degree temps. Im looking for something that has 24 GbE ports and at least 1 fibre GbE uplinks. Have any of you guys deployed anything like this?

Answer:Industrial switch to be installed on factory floor

it would probably be best just to get a filtered cabinet for it...

then you can use any switch you'd like...

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I recently upgraded to WIN 10 from WIN 7 and to all intent my DVD/CD drive doesn't exist on my PC, although it was working prior to the upgrade.

Answer:Industrial group sales and marketing manager (Ret)

This sounds like a driver problem. If you know the make and model of the drive you could search for an updated driver, otherwise you might download Belarc Adviser and let it scan for your drive - it will provide you with the make/model details.
If you are confident with PCs you could also open the case, unplug the drive lead from the motherboard, start the computer, shut it down, replug the drive, and start the computer again, to see if Windows 10 picks it up.

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I have a working IDE drive whose partition table has been scrambled. As a result, any of the three operating systems on that drive will not boot. In fact, the drive is not even seen by the system when DOS is booted from diskette, because no drive letters are being assigned.

Norton Utilities are of no use because of the no drive letter situtation. NU can't see the drive, but FDISK and Partition Magic's PARTINFO program can.

There must be some powerful data recovery tools out there that would enable me to fix this drive, and I would appreciate recommendations for same.

If money were no object, I could send this drive to a disaster data recovery house, but those places are expensive and are really for drives that sustained physical damage. The cause of this drive's failure was nothing more than the powering down of the computer during a system boot.

R. J. Emery

Answer:Industrial Strength Data Recovery Tools

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My company requires a source of CD + DVD writers that are manufactured to a standard higher than CE (Consumer Electronics)- We are currently using Philips 52x writers but as they a designed for home and office use they are only expected to experience 20%usage/80%idle during lifetime. Our application is killing them in a couple of months. I have been told that these 'heavy duty' machines exist for medical and scientific applications but after talking to Philips and TEAC have had no luck finding any. Can any one help ???

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Industrial control systems built by engineering giant Siemens are being targeted by computer hackers. A virus is currently circulating that activates an unusual kind of malicious software, which some analysts describe as 'corporate espionage'.

The Stuxnet virus is spread by devices plugged into usb computer ports and tries to steal data from computer systems used to monitor large automated plants. These could range from manufacturing to power generation to water treatment.

Siemens, one of the world's largest makers of such industrial automated systems has that it has learned of only one customer whose industrial control systems have been infected. However, researchers analysing the virus warn that it surfaced several weeks ago and is now attempting several thousand infection attempts daily. The malicious software, or malware, is only activated if it lands on a computer running the Siemens systems software.

Full Story


Answer:Virus attacks Siemens' industrial control systems

Holy crap

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A friend of mine acquired a few of these-


-from a factory he works at because they were faulty. Turns out, they were just minor issues that I was able to fix. I run an audio production studio, and I thought that, considering these were surface mountable displays, it would be a great addition to the studio to mount them in various locations and use them as virtual mixing boards I guess you could say. For example, I want to mount one on the outside of the isolation booth so that I can adjust the microphone levels inside the booth, from the outside, without interrupting the recording session. I've already set this up and have it fully working with my software, but the issue I'm having is the touchscreens work by mouse capture. Is there any software or anything I can use to change this? Maybe something that can imitate multiple pointers or something so there's more than one to capture? The reason being the one I have surface mounted in my desk, acts as a full scale mixing board and modulation board, and it would just be so much more effective if I could manipulate multiple parameters at once. I'm not sure if this would be the right place to post this, as I am new here. If anyone has any ideas or can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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If someone knows any good program where you can create 3D designs and renders It would be very helpful. Especially if someone is experienced who could lead me on the right track or even help me out a little.
I currently use AutoCAD 2015, but I'm still open for any suggestions before I give all my powers into it. It's my graduating project and I need to complete it in 3 months. And I'll sure share it up here when I'm done :).
Sorry for English, it's 2 in the morning :)

Answer:Preferred software for industrial design ? - Smartphone Project

I saw the the thread title and was going to say AutoCad 2015... But other than that, have you looked into 3D Studio Max? (Aka Autodesk 3DS Max)

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I need drivers for wireless keyboard and mouse ms industrial set 708-wc. I cannot find anywhere online this driver.
Keyboard and mouse works without drivers, but lot of multimedia keys cannot work without drivers.

Answer:Need driver for MS Industrial set708-wc (Wireless keyboard&Mouse)

Quote: Originally Posted by rainblader1

ms industrial set 708-wc

I can't seem to find any info on that at all. Is that the actual model number of the keyboard? If you look on the underside it should tell you the exact name of the keyboard.

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Hi everyone,
This is my first post in the BC forums but i can say that i have been following the website and the forums for many years and sincerely appreciate all the amazing insight and advice that this community and its admins have provided. Your collective advice and wisdom has helped me resolve countless PC related issues, so thanks to all for that. Here is something else i hope you can help me with. With each passing year i somehow become more and more paranoid (probably with good reason) as to who and what is tracking my browsing habits and what tidbits of history remain in the browser itself and in various places on my HD both in obvious and more hidden places. I am using Windows 8 and the latest version of Firefox and i do realize that FF is set to "private browsing" and " do not remember history" but i also know that certain online browsing "foot prints" are still stored on my HD and in the registry, despite the efforts of FF "private browsing" and even using Ccleaner and other cleaners to "clean browsing history". There is always some stuff left behind that the default FF settings and Ccleaner just don't get. I've been searching for and reading reviews on many many "true system scrubbers" that "truly" delete all browsing history from all browsers and in all nooks and crannies on my HD and registry. However almost all of these utilities only seem to cover one aspect or another, with no one program seeming to be a full suite of tools addressing ALL areas of pr... Read more

Answer:Recommended "Industrial Strength" Browsing History Deletion Tools?

One can use Wise Disk Cleaner's Common Cleaner -- the 2 Surf The Internet sections -- to remove browsing history and anything else related.  WARNING:  Do NOT use anything else within Wise Disk Cleaner except for what I mentioned above.  ** Going beyond Common Cleaner can and will cause more grief than joy. **
[I have used Advanced Cleaner, however, since doing it for several years has taught me what to mess with, what not to mess with.]

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by Dan Goodin
That's what operators of the Havex malware family have done with aplomb, according to a report published Tuesday by researchers from antivirus provider F-Secure. Over the past few months, the malware group has taken a specific interest in the types of industrial control systems (ICS) used to automate everything from switches in electrical substations to sensitive equipment in nuclear power plants. In addition to the normal infection channels of spam e-mail, the malware operators have added a new tack—replacing the normal installation files of third-party software with tainted copies that surreptitiously install a remote access trojan (RAT) on the computers of targeted companies.

Source And Read more

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I have an Ideapad Z510 without backlit keyboard.
I have ordered a backlit keyboard online.
The problem is that the laptop does NOT have a connector for the backlit keyboard.
I have tracked the possible solution to the part:
AILZB ODD Board W/BL PN:90004470
which probably means with backlit connector.
There is also the part AILZB ODD Board WO/BL PN:90004471, but this probably means without backlit connector.
My question is that, is this the correct part to order? It's a PCB that connects to the motherboard and the optical drive,
but also houses the socket/connector for the backlit keyboard.
My PCB looks like the one in the attached photo.
Can some user/Lenovo tech confirm that the part AILZB ODD Board W/BL PN:90004470  houses the mentioned connector on the PCB?
Thanks for your responses.
Link to picture
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Answer:Z510 - trying to find a backlit connector board (AILZB ODD Board W/BL PN:90004470)

There are only two Parts for this, those you gave
10 AILZB ODD Board W/BL 9000447010 AILZB ODD Board WO/BL 90004471
The Photo you posted, That port you're saying is present on the Maintenance Manual Photo

This one seems to have the port.
I believe that it is what you're thinking that the AILZB ODD Board W/BL 90004470 should have the Port you need.
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amd xp 1700(palomino) on a ga-7vt600, winxp sp2

i upgraded video/ram in my computer and now i can't even get the old(what was replaced) stuff to work. here's a few things to list:

install new vid card, update drivers/settings, reboot no picture to monitor.
unistall/reinstall card, boot and monitor has picture.
install another gig of ram, boot no picture.
take new ram out, boot no picture.
take new card out, put new card in, boot no picture.
take new card out, put old card in, boot no picture.
take all memory out, try known good stick in all slots, boot and no picture.
put all back in, boot, no picture.
turn power on and watch the led fans run on my 15lb paper weight.

it's a never ending combination that i've tried here and i cannot get a picture on this monitor. i've swapped monitors around and all are good, i've put components from this computer into another computer and they all worked. something is not letting this thing boot up, i get no picture to the screen and no beeps sounds or anything else, i turn the computer on and you hear the fans, hard drives, and burners powering up and everything, but there is no picture going to the monitor. it sounded like bad memory because i ran into a case of that before but all the components still work when placed into the other computer. my last guess is the board has gone sour. i was reading other posts and people have mentioned the power supply, but where do i check that at? it's a codegen 350w ... Read more

Answer:Last call for fix ideas(power/board issue?)....before I get a new board (Long Thread)

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How to execute a secure erase of the ssd?  From the bios, from partedmagic tool or similar tool, reinstall backup or reinstall image from recovery drive, reset from novo or windows?  Want to have a clean drive. methods to execute trim command?  Think is by way of optimize in properties of drives. any suggestion to erase free space effectively?   Parted magic claims to erase reset free space but cannot verify.  

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Hi.Can anyone help with the following problem please? I bought a secondhand Viglen branded PC with its HD wiped and reformatted. The plan was to take the HD from our old AMD-based Time PC (AMD 1Ghz), put it into the Intel P4-based system (1.7Ghz) and give it to my son to play games on. He's young, doesn't need a 'gamers' PC as such and as long as the PC is faster than 1.5GHz, has an Nvidia card (I have a spare FX5200) and a 16 bit soundcard all should be well. Except it isn't! The PC won't boot from my existing HD. I've tried a fresh install to the wiped HD and the PC boots fine, so it's not a hardware issue, but I don't want to lose all the applications and files from my existing HD so I'd much rather use that (both HDs have XP Pro SP2 on them).My guess it that it's a software problem, possibly related to motherboard drivers resulting from changing from an AMD board to an Intel board ie my HD doesn't have the necessary drivers on it to run with the Intel board. Would this seem a logical conclusion? If so how on earth do I get them on there? Most of the drivers from the Intel site are zipped and still are more than 1.44Mb, besides which as the PC won't even boot with this HD in, how do I boot up to get the files on there from say a USB stick?Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:Swapping hard drives from AMD board to Intel board

If you have an XP installation disk (even better with SP2 on it) and can get into the Bios, set to Boot from CD and then do an XP Repair.See:click herefor details of how to do it (DON'T select the Recovery Console in error, choose to Repair).XP doesn't always like a new mobo and a Repair gets over this problem if it arises.I've done this twice with new motherboards and it's been successful each time.

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I have the following desktop that just died on me one day...i was told my main board died.  It has the i3 processor and i was wondering where i can get a replacement board only?  not sure what model or brand to look for so that it drops in my case....any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Lenovo H430

Machine type 2558

Serial ESxxxxxxxx
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Answer:where can i get a replacement board (motherobard, main board) for H430?

hi polyskilz,
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Serial number are not allowed to be posted on threads for your Security purposes.
Kindly send the Serail number to me through Private message.
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my hp mother board lights up the green light on the board but it doesnot power on

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Hello All,

I've been having this issue while playing games lately. I just got an Intel 2.8Ghz Prescott with 1Gig of DDR ram and I'm now using an ATI Radeon 9950 by Sapphire (256MB DDR). I dont have a sound card so I'm using the one on-board that comes with the Asus P4P800S-X motherboard (SoundMax).
While im playing a game after a reboot, everything is fine for about a minute, then the video starts lagging and lagging and getting worse and worse. Its like it locks up more and more, and the sound cuts alot. To the point that its not even close to being fun playing anymore. The game im playing is Guild Wars which requires alot less than I have. I also talk on Skype at the same time and when I'm fighting 4 or more guys, I cant even hear anything on Skype. I have a 3mbps connection on cable. And this is with the game graphics at the lowest.
Now get this... If I disable the audio in the Bios, and load up the game with full graphics... smooth nice game play... I've tested playing a long time and its perfect with no lag at all. Now I'm guessing that is pretty conclusive... Should I get a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 or could it still be something else? Conflicts? Im also running windows xp sp2.

Thanks for taking the time...


CPU: Pentium 4 2.8GHz 800Mhz FSB
MOTHERBOARD: Asus P4P800S-X Intel Chipset 800Mhz FSB
CASE: 450 Watt Power Supply
VIDEO CARD: Sapphire ATI Radeon 9550 256MB DDR... Read more

Answer:On-Board Sound on Asus P4P800S-X Board

Have you loaded the motherboard makers sound chip drivers, or is it just limping along on the default Windows drivers? Might make a difference.

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX270. When I press the power button, the power button light turns amber, I hear some fans spinning, and the CD drive spinning. However, it never gets to the boot screen (or any screen). If I open the case and press the power button, however, the power button turns green and the computer works fine (loads all the way up and functions like normal). If I close the case after it has started, it continues to run fine. I'm guessing / hoping it's not the mother board or power supply that has directly gone bad... but maybe there is a connection or something? that changes from when it's closed to when it's open. I've heard of something like... the motherboard is shorting out by touching the case... but I'm not really sure where to look for that / how. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

Answer:Solved: Computer boots fine when case is open, but won't boot when case is closed.

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I have an Acer Aspire X1700 (Details
It's about 2 1/2 years old now. Came with Windows Vista, I upgraded it to Windows 7. Also has a newer video card than what came with it.

Anyway, The PSU fan is getting really obnoxious, it gets really loud (more or less like a lawn mower). I have taken the thing apart and have tried every suggestion given to quiet it down, which it does for a whole week or two. This is a small form factor PC, so to even take the power supply out you have to basically take out everything else just to get to it. I have looked for replacements but they are very obsolete. It's only 220W anyway, so i'd like something a little more powerful.

What I want to do is get a larger case that I can use the same hardware is (motherboard, drives, etc) and purchase a larger power supply for that case. 220W really limits the PC. The small case holds a lot of heat even with all fans cleaned and working properly. Even just taking a CD/DVD out that was in it is very hot. I want a case with better airflow than this one.
I really am not sure what kind of case to get that will meet my needs. I don't want anything really fancy. If possible I'd like to get it off

Any suggestions would be great.

Answer:Solved: Replacing Small Form Factor Case with bigger case / new PSU

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I created a list of companies & phone #'s etc. in access 2000. The letters are upper case. How do I change upper case listings to lower case?

Answer:Access 2000- Change upper case to lower case

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Hello allCan anyone out there give me an easy way to change a word or a line in Lower Case to Upper Case in Excel and WordThanksSkylooker

Answer:Quick change lower case to upper case in excel

In Word, highlight a selection and press Shift + F3 to toggle between lower, Proper and UPPER Excel you can use e.g. =UPPER(A1)

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I would like to know if it is possible to configure outlook 2003 to automatically change lower case i to auto upper case I whilst typing my emails

It does it on my pc at work (could be cos its a better version of outlook)but I would love to know if I can have the same facility on my home pc

I'm using Vista and windows 7

Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: Auto change lower case to upper case

Look at the Auto Correct options.

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