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Second monitor image is not good

Question: Second monitor image is not good

Hi, I've just connected the Spectre 360 (new model) into my 4K monitor, and the image displayed is not sharp as it should be. I've tried connecting them by using HDMI>HDMI and Thunderbold > DisplayPort cables and nothing has changed. Any clue?

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Preferred Solution: Second monitor image is not good

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm in the market for a 19" inch CRT and this one is very well priced at $143 on newegg. It also has 7 five star reviews. Monitors recieving similar reviews average at least $50 more. I'm not sure how vital specs on a CRT monitor are nowadays, considering my old 19" gateway CRT from like 5 years ago looks plenty acceptable to my eyes. Maybe this one will be more likely to break? I'm kind of leaning towards a more expensive one unless someone can back up this one.

Also, what significance does dot pitch have? I noticed it is somewhat low on this model. Thanks!

Answer:19" CRT Monitor - Envision EFT-920 -- Good brand? Monitor?

If you are serious about gaming, this is what you need:
If you can't afford that, try to stick to brands like VIewSonic or Samsung. Here is a good monitor that is more reasonably priced:

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Hi, my brother said that he started getting this problem when he bumped his desk. The screen went black with streaks of red running down the screen after he had bumped it. His computer is connected by DVI, and when he used the HDMI port in the monitor for XBox the image was working fine. He hasn't been able to test and see if it's just the DVI port that has been broken as he doesn't have any other devices that use DVI in the house.

What he would like to know if is if this a problem with his computer or monitor. It only started happening when he bumped his desk. The picture is where we are at now.

Answer:Image distorted on monitor, problem with Windows or monitor?

It could be either the monitor, the video adapter in the computer or the cable. Easiest way to test is with a different monitor and try that your monitor on a different computer.

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Can anyone shed any light on my problem?click here

Answer:Good web page... but no image.

You spoke of a place holder with a red cross in it, Right click on this and make a note of the URL, then compare and check the the image file is where is say's it & that it's the correct format eg *.jpg, *.gif or *.pngPost the URL of the problem page if you would like further advice

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I have a Proview CY 765 17' TFT Monitor which was connected to my old PC which had a nVidia GeForce 4 64MB card giving excellent image quality.I have now connected it to my new PC which has a ATI Radeon 9200 128MB card but the image and text quality and sharpness are not so good.I using XP with all the updates downloaded.I installed the Proview Driver from their website but no improvement so left it on the Plug & Play driver.? Anything else I could do.


click here may help with the text.

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Hi guys,

I recently installed a new graphic card - new Gigabyte HD585OC. Prior to that I was running only integraded chipset HD 3200. Of course Im very happy with my new graphic (I also installed new PSU - Corsair VX550 550W) and the difference is remarkable.
But.. I thought that with this graphic I would be, for example able to run LOTRO at full details at my current crapy resolution 1280x1024. but if I turn on Anti-Aliasing x8 instead of x4 the game runs good (fps metter 40-50) but it lags. Like the FPS is still up and high, but the image is tearing a little. Also my copm makes this tear-noise for example when the far textures are loading and Im sure thats the noise comming out of my procesor or whatever but not the graphic card.

Here are my specs:

1. Motherboard - ASUS M3A78 PRO
2. Graphic interface - Gigabyte Radeon HD 585OC
3. Memory -2048mb (dual)
4. CPU -AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
5. CPU Speed -3111 (overclock from 2900) / bus speed: 213,6 MHz
6. Power Supply Make/Model - Corsair VX550 550W
7. Watt output/Amperage -dunno where to find the one, because there are so many displayed in AMD OverDrive / other programes
8. OS: Windows XP Prof. 32bit

Now, I know that my procesor is slowing the card down, thats obvious, But I though that if I added maybe some aditional RAM it might have helped a little (even though running XP with 2gb, resp. 1,75gb should be allright).
So do you have any suggestions on what should I do to get rid of this tearing ?
Thanks f... Read more

Answer:FPS good, but the image is tearing

Tearing is typically caused by 2 things (that I can think of); 1 - drivers, 2 - heat.

Drivers being the more likely of the 2. So I'd make sure you have the most up to date drivers for the card before getting concerned about heat. If you have done that, then I'd look into something to speed up your GPU fan (RivaTuner?).

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i see people sackriding True Image everywhere and never understand it.
I have tested and compared True Image 10 vs Ghost 12 vs ShadowProtect. and if not for the fact that Ghost 12 does not do backup from boot CD, True Image ranks last in every single category. the most terrible thing is that True Image's boot CD is very slow to backup/restore to USB drives because it does not support USB 2.0. you have to build a bartPE bootCD with USB 2.0 plugin to use it .
on the other hand, ShadowProtect is extremely fast, even faster than Ghost 12, and has almost no flaws. but i dont see anyone using it

Answer:what's good about True Image??

okay?? And your point is? Did acronis crash your system and you had to buy or build a new pc???
For me, i have acronis 8.0. It works perfect, and thats all, why consider the alternatives when this does exactly what i want it to do????
And second, I dont care about speed, because it takes a while (about an hour for 50 gigs) to do a full backup without compression. So, i just find something else to do, or hop on one of my two laptops.

Also thats a lie about not able to backup via usb2.0. As i have stated before i have 8.0, and you see the time i posted for 50 gigs, thats to my external usb drive that you see in my sig. Hell i remember when i had to move just 25 gigs of music from my old pc via IPOD (using usb1.0) it took the whole night. So with 50 gigs in 1 hr is using the usb 2.0 feature.

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Looking for a good backup software for windows 7 64-bit. I would like something better than Norton Ghost 15 or Acronis. Any Suggestions?? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Looking for good backup/image software Win 7 64-bit

Better, how? You just knocked off 2 top products.

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Can someone please recommend me a good image downloader application ?

Answer:good image downloading application

If you are asking for free imaging programs, use free Macrium or free Paragon. But if you are looking for a picture viewer, use Faststone Picture viewer.

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I backed up one of my games on a iso. I got my new rig up and running with Windows 7 X64 Pro. I lost the disk and know I need to know, what is the best image mounter that WONT CRASH MY SYSTEM. Thank you

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As I dabble in art/photography I find I'm rapidly gaining hundreds of images on the pc, some of which I put on cdr and many of which I would like to have better track of.I'm looking for a catalogue program which will support tif,jpeg,psd and ideally but not urgently Canon RAW still formats and maybe avi too. I've already dismissed Iview Media because although it says it supports Photoshop post 3.0 it turns out that that's only in it's Mac Pro version. I've heard some pretty poor reviews of Adobe's new program and Jasc's PhotoAlbum4 doesn't specify what format it covers.Any other ideas would be much appreciated.Dan

Answer:Looking for a good image cataloge program

Have a look a Irfanview. Don't know if it will do exactly what you want but it's very comprehensive and FREE! click hereBrian

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I am running Win2000 Pro SP4 - in home, single computer. I have several images in Microsoft Power Point Viewer that I'd like to convert to JPEG, but am at a loss as to what is a good, reputable, FREE program. Anybody have any recommendations?

Answer:Looking for a good, free image converter

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Before we got BT Yahoo Photo and we found it was user-friendly and very easy to use, but sadly, BT pushes us to join Flickr and BT Yahoo had to close BT Yahoo Photos and we thought we could try Flickr and we realise it's very difficult to use and spoil our privacy of photo's. We have decide to stop Flickr and still looking for free image sharing that has,

Send-out invites to people and view them whatever they are registered or unregistered member
easy to navigate
And privacy, only invites, not public

My mum is trying out Kodak Gallery... Is it good?

Answer:Any good Image Gallery on the Internet?

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I'm looking for a good digital imaging editor program for my computer. I'm currently running Win 98 first edition. I'd prefer the software be free seeing as how I'm a broke college student

Answer:Need a good image editing program

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I am in the process of changing from a Dell Latitude E6430 to a Dell Latitude E7450 due to an ongoing warranty issue. I did a system image from the old computer, but when I tried to do the system restore from this to the new Lappie, all hell broke loose. Obviously some of the hardware had changed, making the drivers irrelevant.
I have had to re-install Windows 7 pro from the DVD supplied by Dell to start again.
What do I do now? And how do I get the backup active on the new computer???

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Hello Guys,
I am just in the process of producing a (ghost) image on a Samsung p500. This is for our student Higher Education courses at our college. What came to mind was that i have never seen a post that specifies the features of a good (ghost) image. Im a trainee Helpdesk Engineer at the moment so im sure my images could be improved! But what i usually do with my images is this:

Install Fresh Copy on unpartitioned Drive of Windows XP Professional with SP2
Install Relevant Drivers.
Add Remove Components, Outlook Express, Msn Explorer and Windows Messenger.
Windows Update - All Updates.
Install Nero Burning Rom + BurnRights
Install Microsoft Office 2003 with SP2
Install Acrobat Reader 7
Disable Error Reporting Service.
Install our Student VPN Software.
Make a new Admin Account for ourselves (Students use the Administrator Account).
Sysprep the Machines.

We also support Apple Mac's at the college for student Media Courses and make Images for these. so if people could feed back on what they put on their Apple Mac images that would be great.

So there you go, if everyone could feed back on what they do with their Images and if there are any improvements you think we could make to ours. This would be much appreciated.


Answer:How to make a good (Ghost) Image!

Right so no one on this whole forum makes ghost images? no one can think of any improvements, no one does their images differently to mine?

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I ran across THIS and downloaded it, I was quite impressed for freeware , it seems to have many of the features of the big boys, but it's totally freeware, no nags, no spy ware.

It's available in several languages, and you must get the help file in a separate download, but, unlike so many of these programs, the help file actually tells you what things do ! There are also forums available for help, as well as plug ins and development options, something for the beginner to the expert...check it out...Rhett

Answer:Good Freeware Image Editor

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all powers up but still have a blank monitor, what's the problem?

Answer:can't get monitor to wk w/pc monitor good, wked on other pc

Video card, power supply, one of a hundred other components, etc.How about posting some details such system specs, have you changed anything recently that caused the issue, has it ever worked, popping noises, funny electrical smells, the dog ate my homework, etc?

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We have a Epson Prolite 76c that does not give an image. We changed the bulb and that did not work. We tried the old bulb in a different projector and it was good. It is only a year old but sadly out of warrenty... Go figure.

After being powered on for about 5 min the Power LED will turn Steady Red and the Bulb LED will flash Red. According to the manual this means the bulb is bad. But its not we have tried 3 different bulbs 2 of which we are positive were ether brand new or not over 5 months old.

We do not want to buy a new one. If we could we are wanting to try to repair it ourselves.....


Answer:Epson Projector.... No Image Bulb is Good

See here and look for reseting the lamp timer.
It is a PDF manual.
May need to follow the replace lamp instructions first.

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What are some of the better apps for making a complete image backup that work in either Windows or by booting up from disc and will create the image to a USB drive? I have used Norton Ghost and True Image for a long time, but want to move away from paid apps.

I ran across this EaseUs Todo Backup Free 3.0, but don't know anything about it. Anyone used this?


Answer:Looking for good free image backup software

what OS?

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I'm looking for a program that can add a watermark to images in bulk. This isn't the standard watermark where it is overlayed onto the existing image. I want to be able to add, say, 50px to the bottom of the image canvas and write the watermark there on the new white space.Freeware would be nice but anything will do.

Answer:Good program to add a watermark to image in bulk?

I haven't used this or any watermark programs, but this one surely warrants a look:

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I'm looking for a good image uploader script that will let people do public uploads. Celeron Dude's PHP script was *this* close to being what I need, but it doesn't do public uploading. I haven't been able to find anything else, so I'm hoping someone here can recommend something to me.

Answer:Need a good public image uploader script

CeleronDude's script does support public uploads. You have to pay for the latest version though, and I don't think he's selling it at the moment...
I'm not familiar with any other public upload scripts.

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Hello there.

Does anyone know of a good free image printing utility? I would like to have more flexibility than the XP pro photo printing wizard gives. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious but the image printing that comes with XP pro seems to force a particular shape of rectangle on you and forces you to have your image stretched or cropped to fit. I just want to be able to print my images in their original shape at the size I want. Printing several images on one page would also be good.

Does anyone know of such a utility? I'd be very grateful if you'd let me know.


Answer:Anyone know a good free image printing utility?

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First, I got Mike Cermak's OK to post this request for someone comfortable with Photoshop to improve my image.

I lack the skill and the patience. My impression is that it would be a fairly short job--perhaps 1/2 hour at most -- for which I would be willing to pay some reasonable price up front.

If some such person should be interested, perhaps he could contact me through the private messaging system and give me his email address in that message. Then I could email the image I have as an attachment explaining what I wanted done and we could discuss things via regular email at that point. It is a 4.73 mb file as I want to make an 8 x 10 or even an 11 x 14 print. (I photographed the picture with a 5 megapixel camera.)

Edit: corrected spelling of Mike's last name


Answer:Re a person GOOD with Photoshop improving an image for me.

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I'd like suggestions on a simple-to-use image backup to save my entire 'C' hard drive on a WD 120 gig external drive. I have read comments about Norton vs Acronis, and would appreciate comments about the most simple, foolproof backup choice between these two.

Also, any others that anyone can suggest.


Answer:Good, foolproof image backup program?

Well, I'd recommend Acronis True Image, available from for $30 on a downloaded purchase. It doesn't get much more idiot proof than that.

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Hello all,

While I know quite abit about computers and the workings of a personal computer I have yet to create a hard drive image. Now that I have installed a clean install of XP Pro and all of the software I use, I would like to create an image so that I can avoid the pain taking task of doing this whenever something gets fubar'ed when running the same install of XP for a few months. So any suggestions are very much apreciated. Thanks all.

Answer:Just Reformated And I need a Good Disk Image Program.

Acronis True Image ... is just about perfect my friend

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I'm looking for a good Windows 7 image viewer/organizer. What I would like is something that is as good as iPhoto on the Mac. Also, it MUST have the ability to "pin" the image to stay on top of other windows so whatever images I open are always in front of every other window.

I was looking at ACDsee and a few others but wanted to see what others thought or used for Windows 7 as a good alternative to something like iPhoto on Mac.


Answer:Good Windows 7 image viewer/organizer?

you can have a look at the Picasa Photo Organizer. Picasa is a delightfully easy-to-use and inexpensive program that seems to have been developed for who want to manage a set of digital photographs.

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Running windows 8.1 which came with the laptop.
New out of the box.

As per title.

I find the image quality of the camera image to be very grainy, poor color etc.

When I start the web camera using the search bar on the right, it starts using the Microsoft application, when you scroll down to settings all that is available under settings/options is Photo aspect ratio, Grid lines, Location info.

I have been in touch with Toshiba Tech support who advised to do a Laptop refresh, which I did.
This made no difference.

After which they asked me to find the Toshiba web camera application on the laptop, this should have been in the Program Files folder in the Toshiba folder.
This application does not exist on my laptop.

The tech checked the same model laptop that he had available, which I was told when he selected the web camera, it opened using the Toshiba Web camera application, not Microsoft.

I have looked at other Toshiba laptops with web cameras, and found the image quality to be better. Unable to get to settings as these laptops were on display and in demo mode, hence locked down to some extent.

I can't believe that a web camera in this day and age for this value of laptop to have such poor image quality. My digital camera from 10year ago has better image quality.

I have checked through the laptop, and I do not have this application installed.

I have checked for updated drivers and software for my laptop, and cannot find this applicatio... Read more

Answer:Satellite S70-A-11H web camera image quality is not good

> The tech checked the same model laptop that he had available, which I was told when he selected the web camera, it opened using the Toshiba Web camera application, not Microsoft.

The Toshiba webcam application is available for Win 7 system but the Win 8 and Windows 8.1 system use the own Microsoft webcam application.

> I have looked at other Toshiba laptops with web cameras, and found the image quality to be better.
Different Toshiba notebooks are equipped with different webcams.
Satellite S70-A-11H was equipped with a *0.92 mega pixel webcam*

A Satellite A660 for example was equipped with an _1.3M mega pixel webcam_

So there is a difference in webcam resolution

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how good is win 7 drive image fs buying a 3rd party software. I used accronis in xp but will win 7 internal drive image on a external hard disk give me equal results

Answer:how good is win 7 drive image vs buying a 3rd party software

A lot of us on here use Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

Works great and fast. Give it a try it is FREE.


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I've been trying to find a good image hosting to upload my art work (I'm a graphic designer)
I'm paying for Photobucket PRO, but I'm seriously thinking about switching to another server becasuse all the issues I've had in photobucket.
All my images are clear & the quality is really good, however whenever I upload them to photobucket the quality of my images will be destroyed! they look GRAINY, BLURRED, even the COLORS look different!
I realized that what they are doing is COMPRESSING my files!! I don't think this is OK
I'm so tired of deling with this, they will not offer a good solution, even when I'm paying for a PRO account.
I don't care what size the image is "stored" at, I care about how it is displayed.

I will try to upload a sample here so you can see what I'm talking about and the difference of how my images look after they have been uploaded to photobucket

Any suggestion or ideas of what I can do?
Most of the iamges I upload are small because they are "samples" of my work so they measure approx 550x350 ...

Answer:I need info about a good Image hosting, Photobucket PRO disappointed me! :(

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Wondering if this is a good setup or should i leave it as automatical managed

have 4gb ram.

Uploaded with

Answer:Virtual memory - experts is this a good set? image included

Hello hkop, welcome to Seven Forums!

As it looks as though you're using a 32-bit Windows 7, it can't access more than about 3.6GB of RAM (or so) to start with so it's best left at "System Managed".

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I need a new monitor for my desktop pc, currently running on XP, used by myself for word processing, browsing the net etc, used by my sons for online gaming, facebook and occasionally homework...
Son1 has found this on Amazon: Samsung B1930N 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor (High Gloss Black) for 75.10, I haven't shopped around yet to see if I can get if for cheaper.
My first concern is that the specs on Amazon say it works with Vista - will it work with the XP I'm currently running, and will it work with Windows 7 if I upgrade to that?

Answer:Need new monitor - is this a good buy?

The answers to the two questions in your last paragraph are yes, and yes.
The monitor has been generally well-reviewed, but your sons should be aware that at this price-point you aren't going to get top of the range response times for gaming.

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Hey, Looking to find a nice 22" Monitor i have be looking at an Asus and just see if anyone has had or knows or problems with it.

22 2ms DVI WS Asus VW222U $268

Answer:Good monitor or not?

For the price ($A), seems like a good deal. As far as 2ms monitors go, it's a good buy in Aus.

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can you guys tell me if you think this is a good monitor for gaming and stuff or no here the link.

Answer:Good Monitor or no.

i'm pretty sure crt has a better response than lcd

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I have computer that was built for me in 2005 and it came with an AOpen 19" LCD Flat screen monitor that up until lately was working fine. My system is running MS XP Pro Edition Service Pack 3. Recently moved into a new place and the computer was not being used for at least 3 months before I finally hooked it back up. It worked fine so I ordered an ISP and again it worked fine after the web tech got me on line, then about 2 weeks after that, when I would turn it on I noticed that the monitor would power on with a white screen. I would press the monitor power button off and back on a couple times and it would finally be ok. but since then it takes longer and longer each time, like if it has to warm up or something. Once its on it runs and looks great as long as I don't shut it off again, or let it go into sleep mode! Anyone know if there is a fix for this? or should I just give up and scrap it?

Answer:Good monitor going bad?

Sounds like it is failing.

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I am looking at buying a monitor for my sister as an early xmas present. I was going to get her a 19 inch but I have seen some 22 inch monitors fairly cheap. Would this be a good monitor: - Hanns?G Hi-221DPB Black 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 1000:1 Built in Speakers - LCD Monitors

I know this isn't the greatest but she will be mainly surfing the internet and Microsoft Office stuff, no games or anything like that. I read somewhere that there is no drivers for Windows XP, just Vista. Would this monitor not work on an XP machine? Is there anything out there that would be better for around the same price?

Do you think it would be worth it to wait until black friday and see what deals they have?

Answer:Is this monitor any good?

That would work for the basics if there's no need for high end graphics and a high contrast ratio. For getting into anything with HSMI support and even faster 2-3ms response times then you will looking over $200 for any 22" model to get into anything worthwhile there. But Black Friday is coming now so browse a little before rushing.

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Pentium quad-core Q6600 (e0) 2.4ghz CPU
Gigabyte EP45-UD3R motherboard
4GB G.Skill DDR2 RAM
EVGA Geforce 9800GT 1GB
Lite-On DVD burner
Antec Three Hundred case w/ Antec Earthwatts 380W PSU
Windows Xp 32bit
HDD is a WD 500g SATA2 drive with 16mb cache

Ram is g.skill running at 333mhz 4,4,4,15 timing

Westinghouse 26" 1920x1200 monitor w/ HDMI


Will this pc be fast and can handle alot of multitasking?

Answer:Is this a good pc and monitor? How much would you pay?

Also would you suggest Vista 64bit or XP 32bit, performance wise


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Looking for a good monitor: stuck between Samsung 2494SW and B2430H

Which is better? The Samsung B2430H 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor or the ViewSonic VA2431WM 24 HD LCD Widescreen Monitor? Or are they both bad?

EDIT: or the Samsung 2494SW 24"

Answer:Looking for a good monitor

You wont get a definitve answer i bet, cause there are different needs for everyone, like are you using it for photo editing, gaming or films etc ?
If you give the main uses for the monitor i am sure someone will give plenty of ideas,

I have just bought a Hanns-G HZ281 and its a brilliant monitor for the money i do photo edditing and 3D animation and rendering.

So the Hanns-G is my thumbs up

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Question: good lcd monitor

im looking for a good lcd monitor (at least 17") with a dvi input

also, whats a good contrast ratio, brightness and response time?

thanks in advance

Answer:good lcd monitor

15ms or lower on response time for gaming. Are you gaming? If you are, you would be better off getting a good 19" or 21" CRT unless you have a fortune to spend on a gaming LCD.

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Im looking at a ASUS 19 inch wide screen
Res: 1680 x 1050
16.7 Million Colors
Response Time 5ms
Display Type is wsxga+
2 x 1w speakers

is this a good brand in Monitor? using that RES is that like HD? could i watch HD/blu ray movies and get top picture quality using dvi? thanks

Answer:is this a good Monitor?

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I am looking for a specific hdr 4k 24 inch monitor or tv. I only found large tvs.
Any recommendations?

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Question: Good monitor?

I have $500 dollars to spend after doing the free offer in my profile. I need a new monitor. What should I get? Should I get a huge one or does the resolution get bad looking?


Answer:Good monitor?

Get a Samsung 19" .20 dot pitch Flat Screen CRT. My friend has one of these and it is amazing.

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Question: Good monitor buy? AMD Quad 2.8 / EVGA Geforce GTX 260 896mb / 4gig ram / Windows XP 32bit

Answer:Good monitor buy?

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Question: Good monitor?

I was wonering if this KDS 17 inch flat screen crt monitor is good. I am a newb when it comes to picking out good monitors so I will be needing sum help. I guess the monitor will be used for gaming,and normal desktop activitites. this KDS price is like 170 Canadian and is around 110-120 US. This is to the link. I need feedback,ideas and suggestions. Thx for all replies and help. .

P.S. This is the site where i can buy the monitors from. I cant go over 175-180 being w/o tax of course. . soo if u find ne better ones like that viewsonic black one...tell me. There is also this monitor if u can give sum feedback on it.

Answer:Good monitor?

It says that the kds is good for gaming And office use BUT who am I to know. Their own site is saying can ne1 tell me if its goos but that viewsonic black one for 175 is my prefered choice only if its good since its black and it'll go good along with my system...thx if ne1 replies

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Question: a good dvi monitor

can anybody recommend a good lcd dvi monitor for about 250-350 i have a dell right now but its only 14"am looking for about 19" or more is this realistic for the money i am willing to spend or will i need to pay more?

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i dont have a high graphics card, just a 128 MB old thing, so im not worried about DVI or anything, but i want a solid monitor thats gunna last u know, im looking at these 2

ok so u get 2 more inches for 50, if thats all u get thats not really worth it, but if u get other things im just not seeing, then maybe it is

thanks fellas

Answer:this monitor any good?

sorry not that acer 22", this one

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HiI'm finally going to spring for  new monitor for my 7 yr old desktop (still works fine for my word processing a web surfing). I was a bit overwhelmed at the multitude of products. Can anyone recommned a good monitor ~$250 range? It needs to have speakers. John

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I want to buy lcd monitor
I know they very expensive so I was looking for good monitor with good price.
I get my aye on these s two monitors
LCD 17" LG 787LE
What do you think about them?

Answer:is this monitor good?

my new pc comes with a wiked lcd. its 17" and black. its bezel (border) is less than a cm and its packed with the latest technology. n it didn't cost much extra cuz i complained. guuud. if u want value and style u shud try samsung, but im from the uk, and prices vary n stuff. generally cheaper for u.s.a. btw mine is a viewsonic, n they're very good.
gud luck

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Does anyone have any comments/expereince re the Philips 17" 170B4MG TFT monitor which seems to have a reasonable spec (incl. 16ms response time, dual connectors)& is available now at 299 ?

Answer:Good Buy TFT Monitor ?

Take a look hereclick here and you will find the full specs for this monitor, response time 25 m/s not 16 m/s as you said.Took a look at one of these myself recently but was put off by the specs and that AWFUL base.

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Would this be a good monitor for the price? In case the price doesn't show it's $279.

Answer:Would this be a good monitor?

Looks like a pretty good deal to me.

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Okay is this good for the monitor?I have a LCD monitor and use the computer in the day at diifferent times about 8 or more times a day and I just keep the computer on and just shut the monitor off when I'm away from the computer and turn it back on when I'm on the computer.

Now is safe to do that or over time the on and off switch may go or the monitor I don't want a screen saver because it is a problem doing some thing on the computer and it goes to screen saver and I don't want that.

Answer:Okay is this good for the monitor?

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I'm looking for a good gaming CRT monitor that's still sharp and has high refresh rates at resolutions like 1600x1200, 1280x1024, and 1024x768 and that's in the 17 to 19 inch range.

In general, when not even considering 1600x1200, what's a good CRT for gaming? Name some monitors you use or think are good.


Answer:Looking for a good CRT Monitor

I use a Dell 17" monitor (monitor only) and it has given me great resolution and it can go up to 1600x1200. I only paid $110 for it brand new at Fry's Electronics.

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had a couple of days off work, and returned to a monitor that has "shadows" on it. Has anyone experienced this before? For example, when I select any menu option, or highlight text, the "shadow" for that particular text gets darker. The shadows are lines on the computer. make any sense? also any text on any line when be darker.

I was told that while I was gone, the power went out in the whole town. Could this have effected my monitor?

Thank you!

Answer:good monitor gone bad?

Yeah it sounds like your monitor could be on its way.... Or the other thing to check is your video card.
I have seen machines that have had video card problems, the owner goes out and spends $400-$600 on a new monitor which didn't fix the problem because all they needed was a new $100 video card.
Check the monitor on another system, if you get the same thing then it has to be the monitor.

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Hi, I have a 2nd monitor attached to a laptop, the laptop is set to 1440X900, the 2nd screen is 1280x1024, which is as big (small) as it will go.but the image is miles too big, anything else i can do to make it fit.thanks

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I unplugged everything from my computer because I needed to put the cover back on it, and then when I plugged everything back my screen was completely blank even though the computer was running. I actually have two ports for my monitor, and I've been using the new one, but now nothing shows up, except when I plug it into the old one, it works but the resolution and color is all messed up and you can't fix it. And there's this bubble that keeps saying new hardware installation for PCI device, only I tried that and it didn't work either. My sound isn't working either; it also has two ports. Isn't the old one not supposed to work when there's a new one?

Answer:monitor has no image


I dont get it. Old one new one 1 port 2 ports? What is all that about? Did you upgrade to a new video card and sound card? Is that what you are referring to?


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When i insert a disc in the disk drive all i get is a little blue spinning disc on my monitor. Why can't I see anything?

Answer:No image on monitor

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Dell Dimension 4600.
Windows XP Home Edition
Working on this for a friend
Turns on, no beep codes. Tried different monitor. No luck
Thought about installing PCI Graphic card.
Am I wasting my time doing this?
Just need to get some files off hard drive.
Could I set it up as a slave drive to recover the data?
I have an external hard drive case I can mount it in.

Answer:No image on monitor

Okay, if you tried a different display that's a good first troubleshooting step. The second would be to check (and replace) the cables to the display.

Third option would be to replace the video card (just buy one from a retailer who accepts returns).

To answer your other question yes, you can slave the drive and copy the data.

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I recently moved my computer from my house to my new apartment. When I set it back up, the entire bios load up would not show up, as in the monitor would not output any image. The monitor would turn back on when it came to the XP login screen and from there on the computer would run fine. Sometimes when the computer would be in stand by and I would turn it back on, and the mouse's cursor would be stuck, even though the mouse would actually move.
Nevertheless, I was going to go play bioshock, which I had already beat, there was a shakey. twichy glich on the middle of the screen, which made it unplayable. It was also sort of laggy and had bad fps. I thought maybe I should turn off SLI and try it again. Well, the instant I turned off SLI the screen went totally blank and now I cannot get any image on my monitor.
I can still turn on my computer and even log in to XP, and turn it back off by keyboard commands but I have absolutely no image at any time.
I have 2 Nvidia Geforce 7950 cards.

What should I do?
Could reseating the cards solve the problem?

Answer:No image on monitor

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My Freinds monitor has no image when he start his pc. Everything starts fine but no image will come up on the monitor. It started when he was playing F.E.A.R And then he could smell something burnt.

Intell pentium 4 3.00 gig
Geforce 6600gt
1gig ram

Answer:No Image on monitor!

Hmm let me think....

There is only 5 things it can be, monitor , CPU, mobo, RAM, PSU. :haha:

Can you be more specific, is the computer beeping now when you/he starts it up? How does he know it's ok if he can't see anything? A good clean POST will give you 1 long beep, if that's all he gets then maybe it is just the monitor. Can he borrow a working monitor to try it?

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I currently upgraded everything from my old computer.

Old specs:

Motherboard: P4S800
Stock cpu fan
PSU: 450
Graphics Card: GeForce FX 5500
120 GB Western Digital HDD (Master)
250 Seagate HDD

Intel Core 2 Extreme 6800
P5W DH Deluxe
2 1GB Corsair RAM
Vigor Gaming Monsoon CPU fan
NVidia 7900 GS card
Audigy 4 sound card
(Currently still have the old HDDs)
1 SATA Wester Digital 250 HDD

I should also note that I do not have an official computer monitor. Rather, I have a tv that has a VGA outlet. The 7900GS card came with a VGA adapter, which is what I am using right now.

Here's my problem: As soon as I turn on my computer, everything powers up. Since it's a new set up, I have to go into BIOS and configure everything, BUT nothing shows up on the screen while the computer is booting up. Only once have I seen something on the screen. I got to the BIOS screen, but then the image on the screen went away and I got a "No Signal" message. Now, I can't see anything at all, so I'm not sure what my issue is. I even tried one of my old CRT monitors, but I still get no image from the computer. Could it be that I got a bad graphics card?? What do you guys think??

Answer:No Image on Monitor

Are you still using the Gforce FX 5500? Try resetting the bios to failsafe defaults and see if you can "see" the boot screen. If not, make sure AGP is set as the first display device

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Help my monitor is displaying the pages too big and I can't see the bottom because the task bar is in the way. What to do ohh what to do.

Answer:Image is too big for monitor?

Try upgrading your video card drivers, by going to your video card manufacturer's website... Also try running a Windows Update by going to ...[glb]Flame[/glb]

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Have just installed leadtek px9500gt, but cannot get an image on the monitor. everything sounds like computer starts normally. could this be not enough power at psu?

Answer:No image on monitor

Hi simmohart

Yes, it could very well be that the card isn't receiving enough power or it could be that the card is not functioning properly. What PSU are you currently using? Does the monitor turn on if you unplug the card?


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when i turned my computer on, the resolution was locked at the lowest it could be, so i turned off the graphics card for my computer and restarted. when the computer came back on, i knew the computer was running but there was no image on the screen at all. all i got was blankness...and i have no idea how to turn the graphics card back on. any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:no image is getting to monitor

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

When you say you turned off the graphics card. I`m not sure what you mean.

How and where did you turn off the card?

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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New mobo.
Inserted and installed properly.
powers on, after pressing the power button twice :/
but works, and runs smoothly.

Graphics Card: 2x EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 640mb [SLi Engaged]
PSU: Enermax Galaxy 850W

however, with everything plugged in and the graphics cards seem to be working, i plugged in the monitor cable into every single slot i have.
nothing comes up on my screen.
even if i press every button on the damn keyboard and wiggle the mouse about frantically >.<

everything seems to be working properly, idk what's wrong with it :/
it's a new pci-e mobo sli engaged.

Motherboard: NVIDIA nForce 680i SLi

Answer:No Image on monitor

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We recently had a guy rehook the security system to our house back up, not that we will use it but the discount on home insurance is really nice, but last time we had it going we had some issues with our DSL internet.

To sum it up, the security system was causing noise in the phone system which was causing problems with our connection. The guy who rehooked the system had no idea if what he did would cause they same issue to happen again. I have had the internet drop on me ten minutes into a proctored online exam with my university class, so I really need to make sure it is stable.

So, can anyone recommend me a program that will monitor my internet speed for a period of time. I do not want to use the routers software, its pretty terrible, so any recommendations would be welcome.

Answer:Need a good Connection Monitor.


Netlimiter is good but not free, however you can use the trial period to test your connection and see if you can find an issue.

Will your phone company test your line out for you as they may see where the issue lies.
Do you hear a lot of static on the line now, and if so have you made sure DSL filters are in each phone connection or only plug into the main line with a filter to test if portable home phones could be causing this?

NetBalancer maybe a good free option, I will say I have not used this one yet.

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Due to wanting a TFT TV and the fact that my 17" crt monitor has just died, does any one know if the multi purpose TFT/TV's (probably 15" or 17") are any good for use as a computer monitor.

Answer:TFT TV any good as a monitor, any experiance?

I have a Relisys 1720 - excellent click here

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hey i decided as i had a decent graphics card and soundcard dvd writer etc.. that i would just upgrade my old computer get a new case motherboard processor and memory as everything else is fine.. last thing i thought i would have to but is a monitor...


my monitor has a 15-pin plug not sure what kinda plug it is lol, it has 1 pin missing.. i dont know if that means its called a 14 pin plug? lol it's not broken.. just no pin in the space.. kinda like

... .

ok dont pay any attention to that, the monitor is an olivetti dsm 70 - 743

the motherboard has the standard 9 pin monitor thingy lol, anyway is there an adaptor that would get this to work? or have i got to buy a new monitor? gggr?

if u dont understand the post, sorry.. thats a bout as good a job i can do of explainin it

Answer:Helllllp! Monitor no good'?

Did nt quite understand all your post as you origionally sid you were using the same graphics card but is this the type of lead your reffering to on the monitor a standard SVGA pinout ?
Serial ports are nine pin are you confusing the outlets?

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Hello all,

My monitor has recently stopped working and it has increased my need to buy a new one.

I am doing my university studies through the internet and so I use my computer a lot. I also use my computer to play video games so I figure if I am going to buy a new monitor I might as well get a really nice one for gaming as well.

Please if any of you have bought a monitor recently and you think it's perfect or if there are any suggestions on what monitor would be good to buy for this purpose then let me know.

I'd also like to know if there are any monitors I should stay away from.

many thanks,

Answer:Good Gaming Monitor for 150-250 ($240-$400)

There are many monitor brands available from LG, ViewSonic, Samsung, HannsG (to name just a few). Like everything else, there will be monitors of varying quality across their ranges. I see that you've set yourself an upper price limit of ?250, and you should be able to buy a reasonable monitor from most manufacturers for that.

The best thing to do is to go round some computer shops and view any prospective monitors in action, and make your own judgements on what you actually see, after all you're going to be the one using it.

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What about this one?

Got any other suggestions? No more than 22'inches


Answer:Looking for a new monitor good for gaming

Asus are fine, as are Samsung and Dell. In any case, as you are looking at TN panels, they are all about equal. Just watch for models with the "2ms" rating and you should be fine.

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Does anyone know of a good free, system monitor for temp and such that I can find besides the one in BIOS?

Answer:Good system monitor?

you should try the one made for your motherboard NVIDIA nTune

or you could use speedfan it shows temptures and stuff

there are many more but I use speedfan

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hey all, i am embarking on building a new machine and want an opinion on purchasing a new monitor. Have my eye on an IIyama AS4821DT/BK 19" LCD TFT 1280x1024 and with a decent refresh rate want to feel confident it can play high end games of course with something like a ATI 9800XT 256 card.

Any ideas of a decent monitor and what else i shall require

all suggestions welcomed

Answer:whats a good monitor - help

I've got a Samsung flat screen LCD monitor. It's excellent. I've had it for about a year now and have had no problems. Colors are very crisp. I did a bit of research into it before I got it and it seemed like the best one at the time for the money.

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Hey yall i have been shoping for a new TV/Monitor.
And i was thinking on useing my all in one Vid card an just get a Nice flat screen TV and use it for both.

But ive been hearing mixed reviews about it , One person said he does not think a TV as a monitor would look very good due to low RES
Another said its great for games an not so good for other aplications.
The reason i want a big screen is to play WoW on it. My comp is primary a game system.
But i do have to use other programs where i have to type files and such for work.
Any replies would help i wana look into this befor i go out an waste money

Answer:TV as a monitor good bad or just ugly?

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Question: Good Monitor Deal?

Samsung SyncMaster 906BW for $80. Looks to be a great shape. Using it for gaming. What do you think?

Samsung SyncMaster 906BW 19-Inch LCD Monitor

Answer:Good Monitor Deal?

It's a good price, but I would not trust Craiglist 100%

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What are people using for external monitors? I'm looking for a FHD (1920x1080) monitor to connect to my W520 system. I'm interested in something between 22 and 24". Suggestions.

Answer:Looking for a good FHD external monitor

I use a pair of Dell U2211H monitors, and would suggest anything in the Dell's UltraSharp range. My monitors are 21.5" IPS and cover close to 100% of sRGB. This monitor has display port, VGA, and DVI connections, and a built in 4 port USB 2.0 hub. The current version is the U2212HM is very similar and runs $219. It comes with a 3 year limited warranty and a 0 bright pixel warranty (Premium Panel Guarantee). I choose this panel due to warranty, price, and pixel density (I love dense panels).
If you choose to go larger, the 24" U2410 ($499) has a better gamut, and gives you a 16x10 resolution of 1920 x 1200. 
If you want to stay with Lenovo, they offer the 23" IPS LT2323z ($399.99) it comes with 2 microphones and a full HD webcam. It also has 3 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. Gamut is not specified. 

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ive got an hp f1703 17" lcd monitor and i have till tomorrow to consider returning it to best buy for a viewsonic va720, or similarly priced lcd 17". i noticed the viewsonic is well recieved, it has a higher contrast ratio of 450-1 vs 350-1 on the hp. the rest of the specs are greek to me, and im greek! i guess what im getting at is ....can you people help me make a good choice. i am into gaming and am worried that knowing the crt"s might be a faster screen if i ended up going with a crt. what do you heavy gamers do for display? any reciomondations? im running a hp pavillion a350n w/ 2.8 gig intel pentium 4 processor.1gig ram 160 gig hd, side bus @ 600mhz i think,soundblaster live, antec 430w p supply upgrade, running an ati radeon 9800 pro. thanks in advance! bassguy

Answer:is an lcd monitor good for gaming?

get a crt for gaming. lcds are getting better, but they can't display as many resolutions as well as crts, generally dont have as good color reproduction, and have slower response times(takes longer to change pixel's color).

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Hello and thanks in advance,

I just saw a pretty good deal on a new computer with a 17" monitor. The monitor is analog. I don't know the difference between an analog and a digital monitor. ... Is an analog monitor good enough? Is a digital monitor much better?

(I will be doing basic things -- spreadsheets, and accounting software -- and not intensive graphics work.)

Thanks again ... RB

Answer:Is an Analog Monitor Good Enough?

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I got 2 questions about a monitor with 7ms I'm dying of buying:

1) Is a monitor with 7ms response time good for gaming? Will there be noticeable lag?

2) Would a monitor with 4ms be as unnoticeable in lag as one with 7ms?

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Hi. Is this where I can ask about PC monitors? I'm going to buy a new screen soon, but I have no idea where to end my journey. I was hoping that I can get any advice from this forum, if it's ok?

Answer:Looking for Advice on a Good PC Monitor

This is a huge topic, and there is no right way or wrong way.

To get you started, there are usually 2 main display types, TN panels and IPS panels. TN panels are faster with less lag, so they are often the predominate game monitor. IPS panels however have much better color and viewing angles, so are often considered to be a better looking monitor. Personally, I game on IPS panels without problems. I prefer the better viewing for everything else I do on my computer that is not gaming.

The next thing is refresh rates. Monitors are typically 60hz. Which means they can refresh the image 60 times per second. Many gamers find the faster 120Hz and 144Hz monitors to make for smoother gaming. It's debateable for many people as to whether the human eye can really process differences over 60 frames per second. You will really have to do some reading on this topic to see if you think it would be an impact to you. I personally game at 60 frames per second and have no concerns. I'm in my 40's and my reflexes are now a bigger detriment to me than the refresh rates on my monitor.

Finally, there is resolution. 1920x1080 is more or less the standard. At a 24" or less monitor, that's the resolution you most likely will run. At 27", there are 1440 monitors, which are 2560x1440. You need more graphics power to game at these higher resolutions. 4k is the next coming thing, but you will pay a lot me to be here.

Hopefully that gives you some things t... Read more

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My dad recently bought a new monitor for my family: a Hanton H-570WDB. It is 22" widescreen, is glossy, and was cheap at GBP 120.00.

However, I'm not impressed. First up, I hate glossy screens because when working, the glare is very distracting -- however, this can be avoided by doing research before buying the monitor and ensuring it has a matte finish!!

By default it was way too bright. I turned the brightness down, but then everything looked too "black". I realised that I would need to change the gamma in my graphics card's control panel, since I've had a similar problem before and that did the trick.

However, I've used monitors before that even when turning down the brightness, there is no extreme 'blackening'. One was an old Tiny (remember them?) monitor which has no model number. Another, that my university has, is Dell 2009w. With these, I can turn the brightness down and I need make only minor adjustments to the monitor contrast and (software) gamma. Usually I don't even have to touch the gamma.

Needless to say, when playing games like Doom 3 or UT2004 on the new monitor, I had to ramp the gamma up in order to see anything in the dark environments. This was not necessary on the other monitors I mentioned.

My question is: is it a sign of a bad monitor if I have to make drastic changes to gamma after changing the brightness? I am tempted to say yes purely because of the pleasant experience I've had wi... Read more

Answer:What are the characteristics of a good monitor?

What are the contrast ratios on the aforementioned monitors?

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My new acer monitor works well but when I go to email (mozilla browser and hotmail) I can read all my emails just fine but at the screen that shows all the mail that are in the inbox (or junk or any of the others) the print and resolution are horrible...and the font is quite small. Is this a software setting that needs changing?
I've tried changing the graphics settings through Windows but it doesn't help. I looked at email through another computer with the same monitor (but with IE as the browser) and the type-size is a bit larger and very clear.
Any suggestions are welcome

Answer:New monitor good an everything but Hotmail.

Its not a monitor problem or any software problem. When you are on the webpage, hold down control and press + ... to increase the font size.
I hope that helps you.

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just looking for a 24 in lcd monitor and the only cheap ones I have seen for around 300-400 dollars are....

I know it's asking alot, but I was wondering which in everyone's opinion is the best for gaming....

I appreciate it!

Answer:good cheap pc 24 in monitor

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I just got my 19 inch lcd monitor and im wondering what I should do with my old crt one. Since I could probably only get about 2 dollars for it and all.

Answer:Good use for an old 13 inch crt monitor

play soccer with it

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Hey All @ TechGuy

Ive been looking for a good quality monitor for my PC and my Xbox 360, i would like a monitor with good colour and a nice sharp picture, i saw this one on OverClockers:

Is it a good monitor or is there another monitor you could reccomend ?



Answer:[PLEASE READ] Is this monitor good for what i need it for?

I beleive that the monitor is really a good one especially due to its backlit LED instead of edgelit. They'll always give better contrast ratio due to local dimming. Also 120Hz is good for gaming and comfortable for viewing for eyes. And finally its FullHD.
So, no doubt go for it.

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Im in the search for a good lcd monitor and this one is 19 inches and also has a 8ms refesh rate. Im wondering if its a good monitor to get but I dont know alot about lcds myself to judge.

Answer:This monitor a good bargain?

I love the way the monitor looks. A majority of the flat panels out these days are always turning my head. For what you get, don't you think the price is kind of steep?

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hey does anyone know of a good temp monitor that includes GPU and CPU temps? and maybe some other temps? for free? and are there any gadgets for the sidebar that are free that do that?

Answer:does anyone know of a good temp monitor?

Hi pizzaman,

There's some gadgets at the hobby lounge, speedfan is one I believe that does, but you have to be a member to download. It's free though. Programs like PC Wizard 2008 and HWININFO32 show temps.

Vista Sidebar Gadgets, Vista Themes, Windows 7, Developers, Designers, Tech Talk, and More: The Hobby Lounge

Free Software List for Vista

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Hi all,

I am looking for a good computer monitor for a Compaq computer.

Can anybody tell me what I should be concerned about, in general.

Thanks everyone,


Answer:What is a good type of monitor?

The operative word is "Good". Varies person to person, tends to work the World round but can be so, so difficult to define. More a matter of tastes and your biases and druthers.

I would never buy any monitor without first being able to see it in operation and put my greasy paws on it. With the rage about LCD, one can find some super bargains in larger CRT type monitors. A good place to find bargains are some computer shows, even for used ones. Do need to go thru a check out procedure, play with it for a while and eyeball it for burn marks. One good test is to see how far you can turn the various controls down and still have the display look good to you. Should not have any control cranked all the way up to get the display to look good. Plus you want a monitor with a good set of control knobs, buttons, etc. Some will have menus. Like all things, go for the top of the line for very, very cheap money. We used to call it a bargain.

One good place to peek is on the back for used monitors, will have a date of manufacture tag, gives some idea of its possible use period. Also ask about burn marks and make the seller point out any known ones.

Bear in mind all the manufacturers cheat in terms of claims about how big a screen actually is. 19" is really 18" or maybe even a little less, that has gotten worse over time, hype creep in the modern age.

Don't think I am ever buying one of those LCD things. Can't even touch the bloody thing without damaging... Read more

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I got 2 questions about a monitor with 7ms I'm dying of buying:

1) Is a monitor with 7ms response time good for gaming? Will there be noticeable lag?

2) Would a monitor with 4ms be as unnoticeable in lag as one with 7ms?

Answer:Is a Monitor with 7ms Good for Gaming?

ruzzi said:

I got 2 questions about a monitor with 7ms I'm dying of buying:

1) Is a monitor with 7ms response time good for gaming? Will there be noticeable lag?

2) Would a monitor with 4ms be as unnoticeable in lag as one with 7ms?

A page of explanation:
Response Time Explained - TopTenREVIEWS
Looks like the smaller the number the better.

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Question: Good 19" Monitor?


Im in the market for a good 19" inch LCD monitor, around $250-$300 dollars.

I play alot of games, so whatever is best suited for that.

Any recommendations?

Prefferably off


Answer:Good 19" Monitor?

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Im about to switch over to liquid cooling and id like to find a good (free) app that allows me to record various temps and find and calculate average temps w/ load, without load, and maybe something like a graph to plot the each components heating pattern. Whatever any of you would reccomend would be great, thanks for the help!

Answer:Looking for good temperature monitor

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i was thinking of getting a 32" slim TV for use as a computer monitor and television for my bedroom.

would there be any problems? would this be a bad idea?

Answer:would a 32" tv be a good PC monitor?

If you plan to game on it, you'll want to make sure it's response time is fairly low (1-3ms), but if you just plan on browsing/basic computer use/television then a 32" TV will work just fine.

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I need a good monitor with IPS and g-sync. What's the cheapest I can get it for? I'm on a budget.

Answer:I Need Good But Low-Priced Monitor

IPS, Gsync, and budget don't belong in the same sentence. This makes 3 threads you haven't defined this budget so nobody can really answer your questions.

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