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[T530] Battery error message won't allow BIOS update in System Update

Question: [T530] Battery error message won't allow BIOS update in System Update

I've tried many times to install the latest critical BIOS update, using Lenovo System Update, and every time it attempts to, it fails after telling me in a popup that I need to turn the system off and make sure I have a fully charged battery. I rarely rely on battery power and use AC primarily, and I used Power Manager twice to do a full reset, just in case. I can't believe I would need to buy a new battery in order to install it, because the battery works just fine. I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit), and exhausted every other update or option, unless there's something else I'm not aware of. Is it just the software toying with me?

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Preferred Solution: [T530] Battery error message won't allow BIOS update in System Update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: [T530] Battery error message won't allow BIOS update in System Update

Hello and welcomeDo not perform the BIOS update from within the TVSU. It's much safer to use CD/DVD and ISO image from the T530 support page.

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Hi I am trying to update BIOS  F 64.Rev A, but getting error messege can't update system bios file due c:\SWSetup\SP77971\ROM.CAB missing please help me,,,,,,

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 I am receiving this message when I run sp76205: The system BIOS update file (c:\SWSetup\SP76205\hpqflash\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated." SP76205 was just released in June 2016 and I noticed other user are experiencing the same issue with it. Please provide a fix BIOS update or explain how to run this current update...

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I used System Update on my T530 today to update the BIOS.   On reboot, the T530 hung.   With help from Lenovo support, I rebooted the computer.   Now System Update says the bios update was successful to, but SystemInfo says that the current bios is BIOS Version: LENOVO G4ET93WW (2.53 ), 2/22/2013.    Lenovo support said that they only support the hardware and this is a software issue.   They had no idea who in Lenovo supported System Update.   They also advised to rarely if ever to update the bios "unless the system doesn't boot properly".   I have never heard that in 30 years of IT.    I would like to get System Update to be consistent with the bios level.   And I believe I want to update the bios.   Can anyone help with either of these two issues? ThanksBarry


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Answer:T530 System Update failed to update bios

If you're sure you want/need the BIOS update, you can download it from your Driver Matrix:
I would recommend the Bootable CD version. I've never had a failed update with that method.

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I updated my Satellite A200-AH6 PSAE0C notebook (Bios and Graphic update) after installing Toshiba Power Saver.
I downloaded the BIOS update from the Toshiba Site, and flashed my BIOS.

Upon restart, and any restart/shutdown I do now, I get a black screen (bootup screen) with these details listed as well:

System Configuration Data updated
0271: Check date and time settings
0251: System CMOS checksum bad - default configuration used

Can somebody please help me?
If anything, I would just like to restore my old BIOS, if at all possible.

Please, someone help!

Answer:Satellite A200-AH6: Error message: System CMOS checksum bad after BIOS update


Did you try to access the BIOS and did you try to set it to default settings?
No? Do this!

Pressing the F2 button you would be able to access the BIOS. Set the BIOS back to default settings and save up.
Then boot again the notebook and check if the same notification would appear on the display.


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I have had my Dell 8700 for little over a year and have had problems from the beginning.  I am 72 years old, and I am at my wits end!!!

A hard drive was replaced in the summer of 2015, but I have still had problems with the computer shutting down and my having to refresh it to factory setting.

I thought updating to Windows 10 would solve some problems, and I did this in October, 2015.  Everything was fine until a couple of months ago.  The end result was when I tried to refresh the computer to factory defaults, it went back to 8.0 or 8.1, and I evidently lost something in the process.
Now, I cannot update to Windows 10 and when I tried to resinstall the Dell Operating System, I get for both:  "WE COULDN'T UPDATE THE SYSTEM RESERVED PARTITION."
I DO HAVE A SYSTEM BACKUP ON 20 CDS (MADE WHEN I HAD WINDOWS 10).  Could I reinstall the system with these backupdisks?  How do I do that?  I also have a Dell 2 Boot USP stick, I have a recovery stick, too, but it semed that when I used this, I received a message that not all files were recovered
What should I do at this point? 

Answer:Error message when trying to update to Windows 10 or to reinstall operating system 8.1: We couldn't update the system reserved partition."

On MBR disk, Windows 10 requires a 500MB system reserved partition, while 100MB in Windows 7, so you can try to extend system reserved partition.
In disk management, you can only extend partition using the unallocated space next to its right side. so even if you shrink D: drive, the option to extend the efi partition is still grayed out. My suggestion is to use a third party software, AOMEI Partition Assistant, both the standard (free) or the Professional(paid) version can extend partition as long as there is unallocated space on that hard drive. to see more information read:
Fix "We Couldn?t Update the System Reserved Partition" Error

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I recently bought a T430s (Type: 2352CTO) and thought I should try to update the BIOS from version 1.11 to 1.16.I downloaded g1uj07uc.iso and burned the BIOS CD. After restarting the computer with the CD, I get an error message:BIOS directory was not found. The process did not complete.I also tried the BIOS flash utility method and got the same error.Anyone have this problem recently? Any suggestions?Two year old messages about other computers suggest that the motherboard needs to be replaced.


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Answer:BIOS directory not found error message - update BIOS T430s

How did you burn the ISO? Using Windows or some other utility?

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I just recently updated my ThinkPad Edge 14 with the new BIOS version 2.01.  Unfortunately, the updated caused my 3rd party extended battery to no longer be recognized by the Power Manager (It displays "error").  I attempted to update the battery firmware but the firmware doesn't update because the "Battery Code" is blank and it doesn't think this battery needs an update (By the way, the stock battery works fine). Any other ThinkPad Edge users out there with 3rd party extended batteries that are having the same problem?  Or does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to make my extended battery work?

Answer:Battery Error with BIOS Update

ThinkPad Edge 14 with original battery.After BIOS update, the battery is not charging.

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Hi all, I've updated my BIOS to current version via Solution center and everything went fine so far. But after the second reboot (after flushing bios) ist starts with no boot screen just a blank window with power light on.I've tried to boot it without RAM, HDD and battery, pressed the power button nine times in a quick sequence and held it the thenth time for over 30 seconds, but still no boot. Can this be a mainboard oder CMOS-Battery issue?

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Dell Vostro 1510 laptop with Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

I noticed svchost.exe was using 100% of CPU.

I did the following that did NOTresolve the issue:

1. I installed a new hard drive (W7)

2. I went to task manager / processes / "show processes from all users" / and attempted to stop all the related services, approximately 8. 4 of them stopped and no improvement. The other 4 would not let me stop them.

3. I've been reading Dell, and several other related sites, found many causes/solutions, tried them all but haven't resolved it.

4. I removed fan and cleaned out all dust. Fan runs fine. Thermal paste is good.

5. Installed CPUID HW MONITOR and cpu is not running hot. it's at 76 celsius (67 - 85 is the acceptable range)

6. Ran malwarebytes, custom scan. Nothing found.

7. Ran Avast boot time scan, nothing found.

*** The strangest thing is that my Bios version is A12. I downloaded A13 and A15 from When I attempt the Bios flash I get an error message that the "winphlash sw tool by phoenix tech cannot load driver. This driver has been blocked error code 1275. Confirm you have administrator priveledges". ***

- Therefore, is there a glitch/virus in the Bios causing this? Or is it unrelated and something else is causing it?

Thanks in advance!

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I tried to update my BIOS, because I have the version 1.70 and the loudness off the fan decreases with 1.80-2.10. The problem is, I get an error: You have not given permission to execute the update. I started the program with the administrator-user so I do not know why this doesn't work. I know somebody else had that problem before, but they haven't searched for a solution.

I hope you can help me,

Answer:Satellite R - BIOS update error message

Have you tried logging into Windows using Administrator?

Also try reinstalling the Toshiba Value Added Package.

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Okay I recently tried to update my bios on a GA-K8NS mobo. I used the bios update program that gigabyte has so I am pretty sure that I installed the correct update. After the install the system restarted and then said CMOS error press F10 to continue or DEL to enter setup. I entered setup and flashed the bios to the original settings (I made a copy to a floppy before update). The system restarted fine with the old bios. What is this error and how do I fix it?

AMD Athlon 64 3000+
512MB PC 3200 Corsair XMS PRo
Creative Audigy sound card
old ATI 7000 64MB
WD 60GB hard drive

Answer:BIOS update CMOS error message....?

SYS FAN SPEED problem the CMOS error fixed and BIOS is updated. I installed a hardware monitor that came with the mobo and it keeps saying "warning sys fan rpm."
I looked at the fan speeds and they are:
SYS FAN = 1739 RPM
CPU FAN = 3750 RPM
CPU temp = 40C
I am new at all of this and do not know what to do. Does everything look alright? Is the program just screwed up? If there is something wrong how should I fix it?
Thanks for all the help...

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Help!  I just did some updates & one was the BIOS update. My computer did its thing, restarted & asked for my password. I entered that & now it's perpetually stuck on the welcome screen with the circle going around & around. How do I get my computer going again?  I am not computer literate at all so anyone responding please provide details.  It is very late here & I'd like to get this fixed so I can get some sleep.  I apologize but I can't get into my computer to give you any details other than that which I have below.  Windows 7 ProLenovo T530


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Answer:Lenovo T530 won't reboot after Bios Update

Hi and welcome, Twister673Enter the BIOS Setup (press F1 several times once laptop cold starts or reboots), load default BIOS Settings (press F9), save them, exit.If solution will not help, enter the BIOS Setup again, disable the setting "OS Optimized" (in the Restart menu), check out UEFI/Legacy Boot setting (should be Both), UEFI/Legacy Boot Priority(Legacy first), save, exit. Now laptop should work.

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Hi all, tomorrow I update the BIOS to latest version (2.58), after this operation my laptop can't boot: pressing the power-on button it displays only a black screen and the power-on led...I've tried everything I can do to get it working, I was ready to call support for a warranty repair when I tried to remove the extra 4gb RAM: whitout it my laptop boots fine... I try to replace the module with another 4GB, which is new but without success. So, after the bios update I can use my laptop only without extra RAM modules installed.. obiuvsly it works fine before. Is a faulty motherboard\memory slot or there is something I can check? I need at least 8gb for my work... thanks in advance k.


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Answer:T530 - Strange issue with RAM after BIOS update

I'm investigating but without success..With older bios (2.50) I can use the 4gb RAM on-board and a 4gb module on the memory slot..With newer one (2.58) I can only use the 4gb on-board, if I put in the memory module it wont boot (after power on it shows a black screen, without any beep or error, simply it remains black and the bios won't start)Any ideas?k.

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Hi.. I had flashed Bios to V2.65 under Win 10 via Lenovo Systemupdate.After reboot I had set Bios defaults and saved changes. When Laptop starts it hang in a Windows to select a boot device.when I press my Samsung EVO SSD nothing happend. I had try to reinstall the Bios with boot-CD. Tool says: there is no need, cause bios is actual.Downgrade to older Bios in not possible(?).. Can there please anybody tell, how to fix this?This is my working-machine and this is a disaster!! Thanks MajorM


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Answer:T530 doesn't boot after bios-update to V2.65

Hello and welcome,
Was Win 10 installed in a mode different from BIOS defaults?  Maybe a UEFI install but defaults are legacy?
Have you tried switching the boot mode?

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Just tried to update BIOS and get the following error message:

Installing UEFI winflash 0.02

The programme will be closed

There is an error occured, please check below items
Bios version above 200
Battery capacity more than 20%
AC is attached

Anybody got any ideas?

Answer:Satellite A660 - BIOS update error message

HI ifw,

Can you post more details about this behavior? What BIOS version you are using at the moment and what BIOS update you try exactly?

BIOS update requires administrator privilegs so you should run the update as Administrator. Also unzip all files from zip archive before you start the update.

May I ask you *why* you want to update the BIOS?

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I have a Satellite A500 PSAR3A-02U002 with BIOS version 1.9 installed.

After reading several forums, I discovered that there may be a BIOS update (v2.0) available to fix the ongoing issue these Satellites have with overheating/cooling/shutting down.

Excited, I tried installing the new BIOS - this is what I get:

'There is an error occurred, please check below items.
BIOS version above 200.
Battery capacity more than 10%.
AC is attached.'

Firstly, my BIOS version is 190, not above 200. Secondly, I find it extremely hard to believe the battery needs to be less than 10% to proceed. And thirdly, I fail to see what removing the power cord will do.

Please note that this BIOS update was found on Toshiba's European website, however the v2.0 claims to be a worldwide release. I then checked the Australian site and the BIOS for my model does not exist. I am not sure how to read this contradiction.

Please HELP!

Answer:Satellite A500 - Can't update the BIOS (error message)

Hi umm_excuse_me,

So I think the BIOS update is not available at the moment for you. European and Australian models have different model numbers so I doubt the BIOS update is always the same. Also the hardware parts can be different.

In your case I would wait until the BIOS was released on Australian page too.

By the way: Where did you read that this update was a world wide release?

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R630-11L (PT31LE) > driver download page shows new bios update available for this model
*release date*: 28/09/10
*filename*: " --> P007Bv160_EC73V140.exe"
*FTP-URL*: calleula.asp?ID=77071

After downloading the file and executing I am getting *" this computer is not supported"* error message.
I wonder to know if anyone achieve to install the bios update to this hardware?


Answer:Satellite R630-11L - BIOS update error message

Hi buddy,

Before you start the BIOS update, make sure that all files are extracted and you are logged in as Administrator. Then close all running programs also your AntiVirus and Firewall and then start the BIOS update.
Make also sure that the battery is fully charged and AC/DC adaptor is connected.

Furthermore it would be interesting to know from what OS you start the update.
Last but not least have you installed Value Added Package?

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Hi all Last year I used the Lenovo system update software and it did a BIOS update following which the battery is not recognised so if I pull out mains power it hibernates.  I'm sure it's a BIOS issue but if I try to upgrade the BIOS it stops me halfway through as I don't have a full battery ie what comes first.....!. The problem is definitely not the battery age as I bought the computer off my work and the batteries had been replaced a few months before I did, and it hasn't been used that much. I'm not sure it's a IBM/Lenovo battery- it's not clear as it has a sticker on referencing model number VIS-50-T40L.  Would be a bit crazy if you can't use  non IBM/Lenovo batteries  I tried to fix it but gave up, and used my work laptop, but have just found these new discussion boards so will try again. If I had a dollar for the hours I've tried to fix this I'd be richer than Bill Gates - quite disappointed with Lenovo that an auto update  could do so much harm. It's the most rididculous problem that has driven me bananas for 12 months so if someone has the answer then I'll be eternally grateful. CheersMessage Edited by camtastic on 06-07-2009 09:22 PM

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Hi I have just attemoted to update my T530 bios to the latest release 2.67 - Relaese date 9/12/2016 and it has failed. Now I am left with a dead - bricked machine. All I have on start up is a black screen. Both volume buttons, Think light and Keyboard backlight come on for a moment on start up and it ries to look at the hard drive for 2 seconds and that is it.Machine Type   2392-APU Can anyone help with BIOS recovery? I have tried the CRISIS recovery method recomended on another similar thread, but it does not appear to work here as it appears the BIOS file is to complicated. In the mean time I would be wary of this update.

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I did run an update via 'Lenovo Software and Driver Update' - It did ask for bios update.After successful flash at the Windows level, it did reboot, continue flashing, and then reboot again.Now after pressing the power button, the keyboard top-lughts turns on for a second, but the screen remains black (not even a ThinkPad logo). Google reveals, that it is not a unique problem - Lenovo - why are You so bad at this....anyway This post t400 bios update fail, but I can not get the Bios Image to start the process...  Laptop:Type: 2429-AR1  Lenovo T530(i) Any help? Lenovo?

Answer:Boot failure after Thinkpad BIOS Update T530

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Hi, After the latest system update from Lenovo System update, my laptop T530 doesn't do a successful cold boot.A warm successive boot (with interruptible boot screen) works fine. But cold boot always fails and the system powers down in less than 5s. This is seen after the BIOS updated to someone help me to restore to older version of BIOS(downgrade it)? Thanks.


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Answer:Boot failure after Thinkpad BIOS Update on T530

I'm guessing from the version number that you mention that you're running a 64-bit OS.  The older BIOS versions are at the bottom of this page:
I haven't had occasion to try a downgrade so I'm not sure if the installer will fuss about that.
[edit] Re-read the notes and that link is for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.  Here's the bootable CD link if you prefer that method:

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I have a Lenovo T530 Laptop with x64 Windows 7. I ran the bios update (g4uj28us), the computer rebooted, and now when it powers up the screen just stays black. The power stays on but it does not boot, also NO BEEPS, and nothing ever comes on the screen.I have tried holding the power button for a minute.Tried unplugging battery and AC.I then detatched the Hard Drive, All Memory, Battery, CMOS Battery, and AC, let it sit over night, and put it back together and it does the same thing. I also put an external monitor on the laptop to make sure the screen is not bad.So it looks like my BIOS is messed up. Any ideas on how I can recover it? I read about using a CD with the BIOS on it but how can I boot to a CD if my screen never comes up? I put the bios bootable CD of the same version in the disc tray but it will not boot to that either, i get nothing on the screen when I power up and no beeps. Help! What should I try?  Thanks!!

Answer:T530 Not booting after Bios update, just black screen

Do you still have warranty?

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I bought a second hand Satellite Pro M30. This one has the 1.30 Bios ... I would like to install the v1.70 bios.

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 and I tried first to update within Windows.
I got however the message "the user is not authorized to update BIOS".

This message is quite surprising since I have admnistrator privileges.

I read that one can use a diskette to update, but I don't have one ...

So, Is there a way to update the Bios with CD ?


Answer:Satellite Pro M30 - Error message: User is not authorized to update BIOS


I checked the Toshiba European driver page and found the BIOS 1.7 WIN version in the ARCHIVE area.

As you can see it's a BIOS Windows version and not a traditional BIOS version (trad BIOS can be updated using the diskette).
This Win BIOS can be upgraded only from running Win OS.

Anyway, I see you have installed the SP3. This could have a bad influence on the BIOS update.
So maybe you should try to update the BIOS without installed SP3?

Remove the SP3, download the right BIOS, unzip it correctly and then try to execute the BIOS update file.

_PS: If you notebook runs trouble free then a BIOS update is not necessary!!!_


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I have downloaded the updated BIOS but receive a message "ROM size is incorrect" when I try to run setup.

This, according to the web site, should be a simple process! I know I'm a beginner but.

I'm have a real struggle

Answer:Satellite Pro M70: Update Bios error message - ROM size is incorrect


On BIOS download page there are two M70 listed (PSMXX). Have you chosen the right one?

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Hello, I apologizie for my English, I know it's not the best...

I did a very stupit error, and now I can not use my new Satellite U940 -103.
I updated the BIOS, from version 1.2 to version 1.3.

Unfortunately I did not do any recovery support (I'm stupid, yes!).
When I turn on the ultrabook, it say:
"Your PC need to be repaired"
error 0x0000001
Does anybody know what I can do, please?

Answer:Satellite U940 starts with error message after BIOS update

Hmm? do you see a Toshiba Splash screen while booting?
Are you abele to access the BIOS?

If not, I guess something went wrong during the update and you will need to ask service in your country for fix.

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I downloaded the latest Bios update for the afforementioned laptop, and it isn't allowing me to update. It says that I need to make sure that: Bios isn't later than 210 (mine is 1.80), AC is plugged in (it is), and that the battery is above 10% charge (mine is at 100%).

I have tried everything I can think of (running update as admin, resetting the bios to defaults, removing all power from the laptop for half an hour etc) and I still get that error message?

Has anyone else had this issue?
Its got me stumped.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Answer:Satellite Pro L670-14P - Cannot update Bios - error message appears


Did you install VAP (value added package)?
If yes, uninstall and refresh this tool. Install it once again and reboot the notebook.
Then try to update the BIOS once again.

Good luck

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Hi allDell Studio XPS 1640, Windows 7, 64-bit, Home Premium SP 1, Bios A10 factory, I have tried, bios updates A12, A14 and A15, all will the result:  error, cannot continue because? 1. no battery, , yes battery was at full charge,  This has been going on for 9 months, I have posted this question to Dell Forums: no help at all, Called Dell Tech support: she checked everything and said the battery was bad, but would not warranty it because it was one year old.   last week I bought a new battery and tried the Bios updates again, same problem, and yes battery was at full charge, have tried doing bios update in safe mode, no help, have used Dell and non Dell Drivers, used DriverMax to make sure all driver was up to date.  old battery was Dell 6 cell factory, new battery non Dell, 9 cell, I used the Dell recommended battery model # for my laptop for new battery.  Everything works fine, with or with out the battery & no ACAlso this laptop came from the factory as Vista, and the Windows 7 software came from Dell.

Answer:Bios update, Dell Studio XPS 1640, error, cannot continue because… 1. no battery

Quoteall will the result:  error, cannot continue because? 1. no battery, , yes battery was at full charge,When they say battery, they probably mean the CMOS battery which is different from the normal laptop battery. It's a small coin sized battery located on the motherboard. You probably need to replace that.

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I have recently updated my t530 (2359, SN R9R9ACV) with the G4ETB0WW (2.70) bios version.I am using two HDD - one originally shipped Intel drive from Lenovo (with win10) and another Samsung I used via USB attached box.Since the upgrade I am not able to access the drive attached via USB. Moreover, when i swap the two HDDs, meaning when the Samsung on which I have Ubuntu is plugged in the laptop it does boot and run, AND the intel HDD is inaccessible. So regardless of drive and operating system, the one drive plugged in is identified by BIOS, and the other is not. What can I do to go back to being able to use both drives ? Shlomi 

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Dell Update is showing that I need to update the bios. I have updated and MSCONFIG shows that I have the latest bios (A09 from 8/29/16). If I go to the system configuration page on it shows that the current bios is A04 from May 2015. If I go to the drivers and downloads page on it offers to let me download version A07 from 11/2015). Why is Dell so confused and how do I get Dell update to stop bugging me?

Answer:Dell Update showing that I need to update the bios--message won't go away.

I have been so scared of upgrading my dell pc. I have noticed its slow on booting.

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I bought my notebook last weekend and I can't seem to do the BIOS update (from 1.30 to 1.40). I am using Vista 32 Home Premium SP1 (which came pre-installed in the laptop) and after downloading, unpacking and running the file provided by the TOSHIBA website (PO10140M.exe) I get the following error message:

C:\Users\Dado\AppData\Local\Temp\iscA516tmp\insyde flash.exe could not be executed.

I am sure this is the right file, because this was the one mentioned, after filling every field in the BIOS update search screen.

I don't understand what is wrong, since the laptop is brand new.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Cannot update BIOS in Satellite A300-1ID (PSAGCE) 0 Error message displayed

Are you administrator?

Try right clicking the BIOS file and select "Run as Administrator"

Also disable your virus scanner, it may be blocking the BIOS update.

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Hi all,I am trying to update the CPU of my M55 (8807-93G) fromIntel Core 2 Duo E6300 (1.86Ghz) to Intel Core 2 Duo E7600 (3.06 GHz).The Bios does recognize the new CPU very well but when booting the system it stops with the error message:167 no processor bios update foundUnfortunately I didn't find the right solution on the internet. I flashed the BIOS to the last patch (12/12/08) but the message stays the same. Lenovo offers a BIOS patch from 16/01/09 but in the end it's from 12/12/08.Any Ideas? Can I use another BIOS? Regards,Calvin

Answer:M55 (8807-93G) CPU Upgrade Error Message: 167 no processor bios update found

E7xxx and E8xxx CPU are not supported.

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Hi, please i havve question today i after longer time look on Lenovo drivers website and I find one new item - BIOS Update for my laptop IdeaPad U430P with number 7CCN35WW. This was first bios update for my laptop. I read readme and all look good, is it for my system Windows 8.1 is it for my laptop number, so i download and open/install. But after this bios installer restart my computer but after restart my laptop not boot and only show black window with blue popup with message that flash update finish with error. So i must manual turnoff computer and again use turnon button. After this computer boot into windows but not show loggin window or desktop. But only blue wallpaper with grey popup with informations that windows login isnt good inicialization. So I must again turnoff and after use Nova button for start into OneKey boot option and completly reinstall my Windows. AND MY QUESTIION: WHY LENOVO RELEASE BIOS UPDATE WHEN ON LAPTOP THIS UPDATE NOT WORK AND USERS MUST AFTER COMPLETLY REINSTALL WINDOWS?! grrr All users with Lenovo IdeaPad U430p attention not update bios with BIOS Update 7CCN35WW.

Answer:IdeaPad U430p and BIOS Update 7CCN35WW - finish with Error message and Win not boot

I'm not sure if this will solve your problem. But for every installation of a bios update you must reset the bios. After the reset you change the settings to what you have before the update.

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I received "bad checksum A250"message on reboot after updating Bios on Equium A100-psaa4e WinXP home sp3.

Bios update installed-20070709121820 downloaded via this website.
I installed direct from the downloaded file.
System appears to be operating normally so have I messed anything up at all?

Answer:Bad checksum A250 error message aftetr Bios update on Equium A100


Does this message appear always during the boot procedure or it appeared only one time?

Usually "bad checksum" error appears if the CMOS battery does not work correctly.

But I?ve no idea why you get this message after the BIOS update... Anyway if the notebook runs properly after the BIOS update then you shouldn?t be worried.


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When trying to install BIOS update I get error message: ROM file size incorrect. What can I do? Thanks.

Answer:Incorrect file size error message during BIOS update on Satellite M100


Today is your lucky day dude. Seems I found a solution :D
Pelase take a look into this forum thread:

The user JayJay has provided a link to the Toshiba document which helps to clear this issue.

This is the original document;

Please try it and post back if it was the key or not. Good luck

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Hello, this is my first post.  I just reinstalled Windows XP Pro SP3 on my R51 after the OS bugged out on me.  I redownloaded and reinstalled all the drivers from Lenovo's web site, and then installed the most recent version of System Update.  After starting up SU it stalls at around 17% when it attempts to download "Lenovo Help Centre" and gives me an error message that I am out of disk space.  I find that hard to believe, since i still have 53GB of free space. - I have all my drivers installed and my computer is not detecting any unknown hardware.- i bought this R51 with the backup and restore partitons erased (since it was used), but SU was still working fine before I reinstalled Windows. This is what tvsu log spat out when it got the error: Severe 2008-07-16 , 12:54:50 at Tvsu.Engine.Task.Task.StartExecution() Message: An error occurred while the task: ApplicableUpdatesTask executed the process: HttpsFileDownloaderProcessthe message from exception isInsufficient disk space Exception:  Message: Insufficient disk space  Type: Tvt.FileDownloader.NotEnoughDiskSpace     at Tvsu.Engine.Task.Task.Start()   at Tvsu.Engine.Task.Task.StartExecution() Info 2008-07-16 , 12:54:50 at Tvsu.Gui.CustomComponents.Step.set_Image(StepImage value) Message: Setting FAILED status. Info 2008-07-16 , 12:54:50 at Tvsu.Gui.GUIContr... Read more

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I have an Optiplex 9010 AIO. This morning I was trying to update the BIOS of my system, from A10 to A13. During the update process it showed an error: "ME FW Update Failed: Internal error: FWU_Buffer " - please see the photo below. Although the update failed on the Management Engine part, it still boots up and running OK. I tried couple of times to update the BIOS, and each time I got the same error. I tried to flash the A12 and A11 BIOS as well, A12 gives same error, and A11 has the same Management Engine version hence no use.
Any help on this is very much appreciated!

Answer:Optiplex 9010 AIO BIOS Update Error - ME FW Update Failed: Internal error: FWU_Buffer

Hi Stone3t,
Can you provide a screen shot showing the current BIOS version?

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Start BIOS update (either Windows or CD)Says update will continue after rebootMachine goes into black screen, power button litPressing power button yields 2 then 3 beeps(does not power off)Wait 20 minutesPull battery, comes back with old version Any ideas?


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Answer:T530 stuck in black screen in BIOS update, 2-3 beep when pressing power button

What BIOS version is installed currently?

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I've just acquired a second hand T43 (2668WZT) that is working fine with one exception. I cannot get it to recognise a game DVD that apparently has safedisc DRM encryption on it to prevent copying. The DVD works with no problem on my desktop system but I thought it would be useful to be able to run it on the Thinkpad as well when travelling. Does anybody have any ideas on what the problem might be? I'm on BIOS level 1.24 and the BIOS level is now up to 1.29 which raises the other slight mystery. I've installed the latest version of system update but that is not flagging any BIOS update as available so I'm a bit reluctant to download and install in case there is some pre-req missing. All advice on either issue gratefully received!

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Hey, I reinstalled Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit and I was running the system update.  The BIOS portion failed on me (not responding) and I had to reboot my computer.  Now it seems like the computer turns on but the screen doesn't turn on. Help. 

Answer:Computer screen not turning on after BIOS update failed using System Update

Hello, if your dvd is spinning up, you could try to download your bios as an iso file, burn it to disc,and try to boot and flash from this cd.The last chance is to take out the battery, click power ten times, insert battery again and plug ac in. If nothing goes, call Lenovo support line, you´ll need a new system board.

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A week or two ago, I started seeing a pop-up appear on my Inspiron screen (I run Windows 8). The pop-up said that the AC adapter was not recognized, and therefore, the battery would not charge. It was the same 65W adapter that came with the laptop. I hit F2 at startup to check the BIOS, and it said the adapter wasn't recognized. I decided to order a new adapter. While I waited for it to arrive, the battery gradually drained down, but the laptop continued to work while plugged in.
The new adapter came today, an official Dell adapter. I plugged it in... Same error message. Adapter not recognized.
I ran a check on the battery; the system says the battery is fine. I pulled the battery, and the laptop still worked via the adapter. I jiggled and checked all the connections. Couldn't find an issue and couldn't make it work.
I checked the BIOS version and date, and it's from 2013. Time for an update! I downloaded the latest version, but here's the problem: It won't install without the battery sitting at at least a 10% charge. The battery, of course, won't charge with either adapter (it's reading at 1% now). So I can't update the BIOS without some battery life, but I can't make it recognize the adapter and charge the battery without the updated BIOS (assuming that's even the problem, but I'm hopeful that's all it is).
If anyone has any suggestions for how I might make this work, I would very much appreciate it! Thank you!!!

Answer:Catch-22: No BIOS updated without battery, no battery life without BIOS update...

Please list Dell model number and version of windows. Ex: Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10
If you don't know, type msinfo32 onto the search box, and then look for System model.....
In the meantime, please check the USB port, where the AC adapter is plugged into system, is loose. You could also wiggle the Adapter's end while checking it in the BIOS to see if the Adapter's type appears.  

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Hi all, I am having a frustrating issue at the moment, where my pc is taking 20 minutes to boot - this is primarily because it keeps trying to install several windows updates, gets to 30% after multiple restarts, then fails, and says "recovering original windows installation" and finally boots up. It then presents a list of failed updates. This is below.
These all see to be for Windows version 1709. Can anyone tell me if my issue is possibly because, acording to my system I have version 1703 - and if so, how do I get it to 1709 so i can install these and move on?
Any advice please? This is driving me nuts. The only thing I have found online is recommendations of a full re-install, which i dont want to do, not with hundreds of Gb of games, and all the setup for HOTAS, Oculus and everything to do again, that will always be last resort for me.

I have tried:
Uninstalling BitDefender and trying again. DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.Using the Windows Upgrade Assistant.Running updates in Safe Mode.

Everything I have tried has the same result. Any help would be appreciated, as a re-install would take me a couple of days to get everything back to where it is now. Other than these updates the system is perfectly stable and runs well.

Answer:Windows update failing - version 1709 Update - no real error message.

1) Find a flash drive that you can format ( > or = 8 GB)
2) Create a bootable Windows 10 iso:
Download Windows 10
3) Uninstall all AV software (always on and manual)
4) Place the computer in clean boot:
How to perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10 - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki
5) remove nonessential hardware
USB devices
bluetoot devices
USB drives (other than a windows 10 iso if used for the upgrade)
USB Wireless Mouse or Keyboard Receiver, USB Wireless Network Card,
6) ) These should be the only attached devices:
wired mouse
wired keyboard

7) Check the drive to make sure that there is > 25 GB free space
8) Post an image of disk management into the thread:
Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of General Tips Tutorials

9) Open administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste:
10) sfc /scannow
11) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
12) chkdsk /scan
13) When these have completed > right click on the top bar or title bar of the administrative command prompt box > left click on edit then select all > right click on the top bar again > left click on edit then copy > paste into the thread

14) Remove all unused SATA devices (only have one drive available during the windows upgrade)
15) Uninstall non-Microsoft disk encryption software
16) Run disk cleanup to clean temporary and system files

17) disconnect wireless ... Read more

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I've been getting the "Thread Stuck in Driver" BSOD when playing games for several months now and have just been trying to ignore it. However, it's gotten too bad to be ignored any longer. I've been trying to download a BIOS update (as another thread on this topic suggested) but the System Update program refuses to download the BIOS update it says I need every single time. I can provide more info on my system if necessary.  Thanks for the help.

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BIOS updates are rare enough that I forget to pause BitLocker before doing one. The result: Windows detects a hardware change and requires the BitLocker recovery key. Kind of a PITA to type a 48 digit code, let alone hunting it down.  PLEASE before running a BIOS update, prompt the user "This update will require your bitlocker recovery key on reboot unless you pause BitLocker encryption. Continue? (yes/no)". I'm sure it would save many users the occasional headache. 

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I had bios 1.25 I ran the thinkvangate toolbox and the update system, asking for lenovo updates.  It said there was a bios update, which I ran. Now I have 1.26. There are no more updates reported by the updater. Does anyone know:1) Is 1.3 a beta product?2) Is it not in the Lenovo update tool because they are very slow at adding updates (i.e. months late?)3) Is it safe to install Bios 1.3 manualy?  The only place I can find it is here - is this the correct source? The reason for wanting the update is that my CPU clock is fixed (wont go down on battery, and wont go up under heavy single core load), and also since installing the new power manager 3.62, the fan is stuck on permanently even on battery, idle and cold and the noise is driving me nuts.  There are no reported fixes in 1.3 for any of these issues, but people are reporting that it may fix them, so I guess the Lenovo developers might have sneaked some undocumented (but hopefully tested) changes in there. This machine is my livelyhood, so I cant afford on day downtime - so Bios udates are only done if desperatly needed and if no issues are reported. 

Answer:No Bios 1.3 update in Thinkvantage system update tool?

If it is your livelyhood and you aren't having any issues, I would not recommend updating manually or otherwise. There is a risk you will brick the machine.

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I have, or had a laptop purchased 9 months ago, therefore under warranty. Yesterday the ThinkVantage System Update recommended a BIOS update. After the traditional recommendations about what should not shut down the computer, the laptop is reset and started with the update.

During execution, displayed on a screen command, a message "ERROR XXXX. Press any key to continue." After press the key the laptop was freezedy was completely blocked. After an hour without seeing response and no sign of life, I decided to turn it off to confirm the disaster. The laptop was dead.

The laptop began to beep and would not start. Before the panic generated by the situation, I searched the forums where I found several cases that refer to the same problem and the insinuation that makes LENOVO about the customer's responsibility to avoid recognizing the warranty.

I was not looking for a BIOS update, it was recommended by ThinkVantage System Update, the software executed it and damage the equipment.

Besides being a damage caused by the ThinkVantage System Update, the situation gets worse when the answer given by support insinuates that the customer turn off the computer, so it is a CID (Customer Induced Damage) and therefore the guarantee does not cover it. I do not understand how LENOVO may imply that the responsibility of the customer. Really disastrous.

In conclusion, if you are not needing to make a BIOS update, it is preferable to omit the BIOS update messages given to ThinkVantage System... Read more

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I have an Inspiron 13 7000 series 2-in-1 and i frequently lose sound after system updates. Normally I just uninstalled the Conexant SmartAudio component and driver, reboot and the new driver magically appears. Not so this time. So I went to Dell to find the right driver. They require I install their System Detect software but I get an error message (see below). Any help is greatly appreciated.
PLATFORM VERSION INFO Windows : 10.0.15063.0 (Win32NT) Common Language Runtime : 4.0.30319.42000 System.Deployment.dll : 4.7.2046.0 built by: NET47REL1 clr.dll : 4.7.2046.0 built by: NET47REL1 dfdll.dll : 4.7.2046.0 built by: NET47REL1 dfshim.dll : 10.0.15063.0 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
SOURCES Deployment url : Server : Microsoft-IIS/8.5 X-Powered-By : ASP.NET Deployment Provider url : Server : Microsoft-IIS/8.5 X-Powered-By : ASP.NET Application url : Server : Microsoft-IIS/8.5 X-Powered-By : ASP.NET
IDENTITIES Deployment Identity : DellSystemDetect.application, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=831211ca63b981c5, processorArchitecture=msil Application Identity : DellSystemDetect.exe, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=831211ca63b981c5, processorArchitecture=msil, type=win32
APPLICATION SUMMARY * Installable application. * Trust url parameter is set.ERROR SUMMARY Below is a summary of the errors, de... Read more

Answer:No sound after Windows 10 update AND I get an error message when I try to install Dell System Detect

opal875Inspiron 13 7000 series
What is the model number please?

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System update says that my laptop SL500 does not need an update what is untrue due to new BIOS 1.21 (1.18 is installed). Anyone has the same problem? greso

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I have a ThinkCentre M92p 2992D9G and want to make sure everything is up to date before installing the Windows 10 upgrade. The Lenovo System Update (5.07.003) does not appear to be picking up the latest Bios for my system - the website is showing Bios 9SKT89A released 30 July which is clearly newer than 9SKT88AUS that is on mine, and the latest update check was on 31 July. I am also slightly concerned that there is no Bios for Windows 10 available. Whilst Microsoft have clearly decided that Windows 10 will run on my PC, I want to make sure that it will be fully functioning.


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Answer:System Update not recognising BIOS update

I'd just go ahead and run the 9SKT89A downloaded "BIOS flash utility file (flash from the operating system)" from the Lenovo web site.  You can do that yourself.  No need to rely on System Update to apply it.
When you run the utility yourself, you'll probably be prompted in a DOS command-prompt window for a response, rather than the utilty just running "silently" without requiring any response from you when System Update applies it for you.  The extra prompts are to ask you if you (a) want to change the machine product code, and (b) want to change the machine serial number.  You'll just reply "n" (without quotes of course) to both questions.  These are really for when installing a new replacement motherboard, not for when simply updating BIOS on an existing motherboard.
Anyway, the Lenovo databases which supply System Update vs. what the download web site shows are different, and sometimes there's a timing difference in terms of when they both show the same files available.  I wouldn't worry about it.  So either wait another few days and I'm sure System Update will then show the new BIOS availability, or just manually install it yourself from the downloaded file.

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Hi All ! Excuse my poor english because i'm french.

A friend gives me his Notebook (a Satellite 4090CDS exactly) because he had a probleme.
In fact, the problem is that when I switch on the computer, i have one and only one message(not even the red toshiba logo) which is "Ready for BIOS update. Place the BIOS update diskette in the drive, and press any key when ready to proceed."

So I go on french toshiba website, in the BIOS download, i find that i have to download this update:

Ok, i download and unzip it to a diskette and i boot the notebook with the disjette, it said that the update was made successfully and automatically reboot.
This time, the red toshiba logo appears, but next i have a black screen with a message:

**** Bad check sum (CMOS) ****
Check system. Then press [F1] key.

And after that, i can't do anything, not even press F1. If i reboot the notebook, i meet myself one more time with the first message "Ready for BIOS update..." and it is still and still the same.

If anyone could help me to understand what is the problem, it would be very nice.


Answer:Satellite 4090 BIOS issue - "Ready for BIOS update..." message appears

It sounds as if your CMOS chip has a problem. It?s possible that the CMOS battery has failed and your BIOS settings are being lost.
Maybe the RTC battery is empty. In this case you should plug the AC adaptor to charge the RTC battery.
Please note that the RTC battery (CMOS battery) will charge after the notebook main battery was fully charged. In this case the charging procedure could take several hours.

But if after this long charging procedure this message appears again so I assume the battery is dead.
I suggest you contact your nearest ASP to get your notebook checked.

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Toshiba 5205 - Serviceman / Call Bios - Need some help.

I flashed my bio's and the laptop locked up in windows and didn't shut off after the flash.

Now when I turn the laptop on, I get no picture and the front of the laptop has a remote lcd display that says: Serviceman / Call BIOS.

I have already remove the laptop's battery and let it sit a full day to killthe bios, but I get the same error and still no picture.

How can I fix this? The bio's should be dead by now. Am just using the ac-power pack for power. I tryed plugging the battery pack back in and I have also put the bio's battery back in. and I get the samething error message on the remote lcd.

There must be a way to get around this, if anyone knows please let me know.

Answer:Satellite 5205 - After Bios update - Serviceman / Call Bios message

Hi Jim,

Unfortunately removing the battery will not reset your BIOS. The BIOS is maintained by a separate battery on your motherboard (the CMOS or RTC battery) and you will need to dismantle your notebook to access this battery. Even removing the CMOS battery will not reset your BIOS since it will be held in a non-volatile area of the CMOS chip.

You will need to take your notebook to a Toshiba Authorised Service Agent to have the chip reflashed with a new BIOS.


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I tried to update my BIOS on my T530 today.  Tried both 2.07 and 2.50 (I'm running 2.04).  I'm using the Windows app, not the BIOS CD.  With both 2.07 and 2.50, I get the following error message: "Fail to do module option. The utility process has not completed."  Can anyone help?  I saw one thread that indicated this may be because I chose the option to keep my custom start up image when presented with the option, but I was afraid to choose anything else.  FYI, now the Lenovo update utility doesn't even tell me there's a BIOS update's listed in my installation history as a successful update! Thanks for any help you can offer.  


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Answer:BIOS Update fail on T530 - Fail to do module option

If you are on Windows 8 it is likely because you need to do a full shutdown. The default is hibernate shutdown for the next boot. Then there will be cold reboot after which if may finish the process. Windows 8 shutdowns are totally different process and the machine is never totally off.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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I updated my laptop bios and since then my laptop continuosly reboot when the battery is plug. If I take the battery off the system starts and everything is fine, but when a plug in the battery, in 10 seconds the laptop switch off. I want to update my bios but I can't because I only can start the system with no battery plug in, and of course, the software stops when checks that have not battery plug in. Can someone help me, please?

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I have been running my XPS 13 (9350) directly from AC for a couple of weeks because I removed a battery that recently became swollen. Nevertheless, I wanted to update the BIOS (1.4.18) but it is not allowing me since the battery no longer exists. The following message pops up...
"The AC adapter and battery must be plugged in before the system BIOS can be flashed.
Press OK when they are both plugged in or CANCEL to quit"
Clicking OK simply just re-pops the dialog.
Does anyone know of a workaround?

Answer:Trying to update XPS 13 BIOS without battery

Wait until you get the battery replaced.  Updating the BIOS without a working, charged battery is an open invitation to a dead mainboard.

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gr�eetingsi have a thinkpad r60 with a broken battery; i need to update the bios to fix some things, but obviously the update utility stops me because of this. i've tried making a usb bootable flash drive with dos and bios upgrade files, but starting flash2.exe /u doesn't help: same check and same problem...i know it's dangerous and i could kill my laptop, i know there's no normal way to do this, but i cannot buy a battery now, and with the old bios the laptop is almost useless... :/i'm a bit experienced with this things, i've no problem at running down difficult roads, i just want to know if there's some way. i believe that phlash16.exe is responsible for flashing the new bios, but it has too many options, i need some feedbacki'm assuming my own responsibilities: please, help me...

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I want to update my BIOS
But it says that power supply AND battery must be plugged.
My battery died long time ago. So I had to pull it out, otherwise the laptop did not start.

What can I do to update the BIOS anyway?
How long will the update take? I know there is a risk if suddenly there is a power outage, which happens quite often. But if it just takes a couple of minutes, I might take the risk.
Inspiron 3437

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Hi all,
I replaced the bios battery on an old dell tower and now I get the error code 02b0 on start up and the message cpu changed when i have not. Windows xp pro
Any ideas.

Answer:Error message after replacing bios battery

Start your machine and select the option to go to the BIOS settings.
Look for something like 'Load Default (or safe) settings' and select it.
Press the F10 key and let the computer resume its boot process. With luck the problem will be resolved.

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My new HP Pavilion came with Windows 10 (factory Installed) and has been working fine.   Now I have received an "Important" message from HP to install a PC BIOS update (see below).   It states that I must have a Windows 8, or 8.1 operating system and that I will not be able to go back to the previos installation (Windows 10).  Should I install this update, or not?  (I certainly don't want to lose Windows 10). TITLE: HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family SSID 2B4F)VERSION: A009DESCRIPTION:This package provides an update to the HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family SSID 2B4F) for supported models running a supported operating system.PURPOSE: RoutineSoftPaq NUMBER: SP74951SUPERSEDES:None,NoneEFFECTIVE DATE: 3/3/2016CATEGORY: BIOSSSM SUPPORTED: YesLANGUAGE(S):EnglishENHANCEMENTS:-Improved security of UEFI code and variables. HP strongly recommends promptly transitioning to this updated BIOS version which supersedes all previous releases.NOTE: Due to security changes, after this BIOS update is installed, previous versions cannot be reinstalled.HOW TO USE:- You must be logged on as an administrator to install this update.- You must have a Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1 operating system.Copyright (c) 2016 HP Development Company, L.P. 

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Hello All

I have just received an additional battery I ordered for my Dell C840 Laptop. It is a high power, longer life battery than the one supplied with the unit, and I bought it at what I felt was a reasonable price off a UK supplier on eBay. It duly arrived sealed in its wrapping next day.

However, it comes with a Dell labelled original wrapped (unopened) CD entitled "Dell BIOS Upgrade".

Can an expert please advise as to:

1 - why this is needed.
2 - if I can simply plug the new battery in to use and charge it.

Many thanks...


Answer:New battery - supplied with BIOS Update... ????

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Getting (plugged in, not charging) message on my Inspiron 3551.  I've tried all the suggested tricke unsuccessfully.  I have the BIOS update but it will not load as long as the battery is less than 10%.
I have a UPS for security so does anyone know how I can perform the update without a charger battery? 

Answer:bios update with low battery indication

If the problem is that the AC adapter isn't recognized (F2 at powerup to check), the BIOS update will not solve it.
In descending order, you have a bad AC adapter, a bad DC jack in the system or a bad mainboard - replace in that order until the problem is solved.

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Hi,I would like to update BIOS for X1 Carbon 1st gen.When using the Utility tool for BIOS update downloaded from the support website,it prompts an alarm saying that it cannot do a BIOS update when the battery is low.The battery is not charging and has 0% charge.Actually this was the main reason why I wanted to do the BIOS update.Is there any way to ignore this (like not letting it check the battery or.. allowing a battery with 0%charge)?Could it be possible to force updating by using forceit? g6uj24us.exe/forceit?I read a post I could not find the winpflash tool. Any help or ideas will be appreciated.Thanks in advance!!

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Hello,I recently bought the pavilion x2 12 detachable b003tu. I was having a strange problem. When I fully charged the device, the battery reduced directly from 100% to 93% without the anything in between. I contacted Hp technical support. They gave me some intel driver updates and BIOS update. After doing that the battery issue was not resolved. However the battery backup drastically reduced by 2 hours. I did a factory reset and updated to my previous BIOS but the issue was not resolved.Now I am having another problem apart from the battery issue. Usually Microsoft downloads updates when the Battery Saver option is turned off. My battery saver option is turned off but then also when I open the Update page it says "Battery Saver option is turned on" and will update after the mode is turned off. The same message is displayed even when I plug in the power adapter. Hence Microsoft is unable to download any updates. Pls help.

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I have an old R30 Thinkpad (2656-2AU) on which I recently reinstalled Windows. From the best I can tell (I was unable to find any kind of battery test app on Lenovo's site so I used a 3rd party app), my battery is completely dead.  To corroborate this theory, regardless of how long the laptop has been charging if I pull out the power cord (with the battery installed) the laptop shuts down immediatly. The problem is that the BIOS insists on me having a fully charged battery before proceeding.  I cannot fully charge the battery and I can't justify dropping over 50 USD for a new battery for such an old machine. Am I out of luck or is there a way for me to flash the BIOS and add other updates? Also, is there any DYI solution for a battery slot cover so I can reduce the laptop's weight by being able to avoid carrying a dead battery around? Thanks!  Edit: Talking about updating, is there one pack that contains all the latest driver updates for the r30 or some kind of software updater from Lenovo that would automatically download whatever drivers I need so I can avoid hunting and pecking through the Drivers page?  In particular, what do I need to install to re-enable the black Thinkpad button and the volume control buttons? Message Edited by evev on 03-24-2009 01:37 AMmoderator note: It would also be helpfull if you could please update your profile with your correct country location as per the forum rules. Products, options and ... Read more

Answer:Update BIOS with dead battery?

Welcome to the forum! You need a battery that holds at least 5-10% charge to be able to update the BIOS. No workarounds available. Why do you want to update the BIOS in the first place? Is the system running OK as it is? BTW, if your battery is at "blinking orange" stage, you need to remove it before it damages the charging circuit on the motherboard. Good luck.

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Here's ThinkPad BIOS Update US available for my E530c. The problem is that the system requires battery to complete the update - AC power only is not enough. Is there any solution to make the system run the update without the battery? Thanks!
Moderator Note; subject edited to better reflect content

Answer:BIOS Update for E530c Without Battery

hi... is lenovo power management and power manager installed on your machine?... if you are faceing an issue with battery with error msg "plugged in, not charging" the above two utility can help you get the battery start charging again.. if you are on win 8 then install below hope it helps!Nithin Titta  

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I have bought me a old ibm 560X and want to make a bios far was everything okay but then i got a message that i need a battery problem is my battery doesn't work and i don't want to buy me a new it possible to update the bios without a battery ? 

Answer:560X Bios Update without Battery

According to IBM/Lenovo you need both AC and battery power when you update the BIOS because if there is a power failure during the process you will damage the motherboard. The requirement for both power sources is supposed to protect you. However, if you are willing to take the risk, there are ways to make the update software think you have both power sources even when you don't. See for example: One other suggestion is described here. It's worth trying. You only need to get a charge of a minute or two to do a BIOS update. [RANT]This restriction applies to all ThinkPads including current models. ISTM that if the customer is willing to take the risk, they should be able to do so, obviously after saying "yes" to several warnings, etc. Some of us who own older ThinkPads are willing to take the risk and/or have our AC power on a UPS (i.e. battery backup) regardless.[/RANT]  

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Trying to update BIOS for 7548 inspiron but unable to because battery is below 10%(at 6% currently) and the battery is not charging, every adapter I have used 65W/90W results in an error message 'AC power not recognized'. This issue i believe started when one day I accidentally picked up HP adapter and plugged in, I know the dell adapter was charging for last one week and I charged it twice before this issue cropped up.
How do i get around it? Laptop is alive when I plug in the adpater but it's not charging the battery. 

Answer:can't update BIOS, battery not charging and below 10%

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please boot into BIOS <F2> and check what is the status of the battery and adapter listed.
Update the BIOS and chipset driver from our Dell Support Site.
Can you check this adapter on another system and see if it works fine?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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I have a R61 with what the Power Manager says is an irrepairable battery "buy a new one". We live in the Marshall Islands and mail takes a Long (2 Months) Long time. No UPS, No FEDex just your Marshallesse version of the USPS. I want to flash this BIOS from 1.09 to 2.20-1.08 to try to fix the sluggishness of this Vista business 32 bit. Is there a switch in WINUPTP.EXE to ignore the fully charged battery check. I would prefer to use the ISO but would break down and use the Windows Flash utility if need be to get this updated. Thanks.

Answer:R61 7732-15 Update Bios with Bad Battery.

Welcome to the forum! Regardless of what version of update you're intent on using, it's not going to work without a battery that holds at least some charge. You're at risk of damaging your motherboard as well. Honestly, I doubt that ANY BIOS update can resolve the slugishness of Vista... Good luck. 

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Hello,  I recently bought a replacement battery for my T530, upgrading from the 6-cell to the 9-cell version. While I did not buy it from Lenovo, I bought it on ebay, the seller had very high ratings, and as far as I could tell it is genuine. It worked wonderfully for a few weeks, however yesterday upon boot-up I received the "Battery is not supported by this system and will not charge" error.  I don't understand how it could possibly be a counterfeit battery if it's worked fine up until now. I would really appreciate any ideas! Thanks!

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Just got a new DELL battery for my DELL INSPRION 1525. It does not hold the charge longer than 15 minutes. Contacted the place where it was purchased and was told to configure the battery with the BIOS. Went to the DELL Drivers site for the BIOS....cannot get the download for the battery BIOS to take.

Any ideas on that...or why the battery is not performing as it should??


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Recently i updated my bios in laptop G50 45.During update it suddenly shutdown after that i saw my keyboard fan and battery are do not working.when i tried to reinstall bios it says please insert your batery.

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Hey, I have a problem with my T400s. It is about a month old and it now asked me to update the system software. I did so and it installed a lot of new drivers etc inc a Bios update. (1.20) The problem now is, that cannot see the status of the battery anymore. (The icon of the battery stays grey and says 'battery not installed') The computers works fine (as far as i can tell) both on the battery as on power. I checked the diagnostics in the thinkvantage toolbox and there i can see the status of the battery (e.g. decharging, 48%).The latest versions of thinkpad power manager and thinkpad power manager driver are installed. I tried restarting the computer and removing the battery for some time, that did not work... Anyone an idea?    


Go to Solution.

Answer:T400s 'battery not installed' after Bios update (1.20)

Have you tried to reinstall the thinkvantage power manager?

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Hi, i have a question, is it possible to update bios without battery?? I don't have a battery but i need to flash bios with new version cause i want to install Windows 2000, and with new version of the bios he's fully supported. Is there any metod to do it without battery?

Answer:How to update BIOS without battery? ThinkPad 380E

Welcome to the forum! You can't update the BIOS without the battery. Find one that holds at least 5% charge and you'll be all set.  Hope this helps.

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Its been almost 6 months now that my battery has died, and i bought this Z510 laptop 1.5 years ago. Ever since then i have used my laptop with it plugged in 100% of the time. My laptop is now outside warranty, i think. I recently realised that i had the 0.77 ghz problem and noticed that lenovo released a bios update for it over a year ago. So now i will have to install the update. But the problem is: my battery is dead. It needs atleast 30% charged battery for it to update the bios, and my battery is stuck at 0% charge. I searched the net for a way out of it, and somebody has requested to make a bootable USB drive using the bios update setup and then boot from that USB to update my bios without having to charge my battery. I'm basically looking for ways to update my bios without going, buying and getting my battery replaced. So how do i make a bootable flash drive using the bios update without charging my battery? Can you suggest any other way?

Answer:Z510 Update BIOS without battery charge

Magneto wrote:Its been almost 6 months now that my battery has died, and i bought this Z510 laptop 1.5 years ago. Ever since then i have used my laptop with it plugged in 100% of the time. My laptop is now outside warranty, i think. I recently realised that i had the 0.77 ghz problem and noticed that lenovo released a bios update for it over a year ago. So now i will have to install the update. But the problem is: my battery is dead. It needs atleast 30% charged battery for it to update the bios, and my battery is stuck at 0% charge. I searched the net for a way out of it, and somebody has requested to make a bootable USB drive using the bios update setup and then boot from that USB to update my bios without having to charge my battery. I'm basically looking for ways to update my bios without going, buying and getting my battery replaced. So how do i make a bootable flash drive using the bios update without charging my battery? Can you suggest any other way?I think you got it wrong that you need to have your battery when updating the bios. AFAIK you only need that you have a constant or steady source of power while updating it. So this can be realize if you are using AC. However, if you don't use AC what you have stated regarding the battery having at least 30% charge is true.

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The IBM Thinkpad won't let me flash the Bios without a fully charged batteyr. My battery has completely went to crap so i always have to plug it in. Ive been having some bad on and off memory dump blue screen problems and see that my Bios is way outta date. I want to know how I can flash it without having it run off of a battery, but while having it plugged in. any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:How do I update BIOS on my ThinkPad with a dead Battery?

I have an about 3 y/o ThinkPad. It has been few times that I have called support center in my country and recieved professional help without any cost, despite they said in the machine voice that "any support after 30 of perchase will be charged"; they are nice when you have a short question like this.

Try them; call your local IBM or Lenovo support center!

Good luck,
R Jade

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can this battery prblem be fixed in a bios update?:  (how to change discharge sequence of main/ultrabay battery) ThanksT  Message Edited by toby on 01-25-2009 09:49 AM

t61p 2.4ghz c2d, 4gb ram, 100gb 7200 rpm hd, 256mb fx 570m, 3945abg intel, wuxga, suse64 10.3

Answer:can Lenovo fix this battery problem in a bios update?

anyone from Lenovo? 

t61p 2.4ghz c2d, 4gb ram, 100gb 7200 rpm hd, 256mb fx 570m, 3945abg intel, wuxga, suse64 10.3

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HI I have an Acer ASpire One 725.It's running Windows 8.1.The battery will not charge and this is due to the Bios being an older version that needs updating.The Battery has NO charge.When you run the Bios update Utility it refuses to run the bios update as the Battery is Dead.I purchased a second battery so am 100% sure that the issue to fix it is the Bios update from what I have read on Message Boards.Catch 22, can anyone help. Is there a way to bypass the refusal of the update program to update with a flat battery?

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Hello,a week ago I updated the BIOS of my Thinkpad T460 from Version 1.07 to 1.10 and then some time later I noticed that from there on the internal battery pack was discharged before the external one. Normally it has to be the other way round.In the beginning I couldn't imagine that it has something to do with the new BIOS but today I installed the old Version 1.07 again and now it works just like before the update and the battery packs are discharged in the right order.I heard also Lenovo engineers and programmers read in this forum and so I decided to write about this problem here. Maybe it's possible to fix this bug in Version 1.10 with a new BIOS-Update. 05-01-2016:Today I installed the update again to see if it's a problem which doesn't appear every time and at first it was just fine, the internal one was discharged at first then the external one followed. But when I started to charge my thinkpad I noticed that now it's just here the other way round, so the external battery pack was charged at first and not the internal one as it would be normal. So I think it's really a bug in T460 BIOS-Version 1.10 which affects the Battery-Management.

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I installed new bios update downloaded from lenovo website (file h0uj03ww.exe)Immediately after succesful update message baloon poped up saying my battery is not genuine.The battery is original, part of the notebook when i bought it and so far the system recognized battery as genuine.Previous bios number was 1.12, new one is 1.14Notebook model is 3259-C5G. Does anyone know what should I do? thanks for help,Simon


Go to Solution.

Answer:E530 battery not genuine after bios update

Hi Simon,
I think it may be a Power Manager issue.  I would try uninstalling and reinstalling both Power Manager and the driver.
If that doesn't help, try resetting the battery:
And then update the battery firmware (tab is located under the Battery Maintenance tab in Power Manager).
Let us know if that works. (I assume you have powered off, removed the battery and AC adapter, reinserted and restarted?)

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I looked for a solution and updated the BIOS to 1.32, no change.  Computer shows AC hooked up and battery charging but there is no current and the battery is not charging up.  If I use it a little, it does not recover to a higher charge level when plugged back in.  Now at 54%.

Answer:X201 will not charge battery after BIOS update

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Did the battery charge before the BIOS update? It's not clear from your post.

Did you also update the Power Manager? If not, then install it. Further, have you ever set charging thresholds in the Power Manager? Once set, this option only charges the battery when it reaches particular set level. To access threshold option, launch Power Manager -> Switch to Advanced Mode -> Battery -> Battery Maintenance.

Keep us informed.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Español Visit my YouTube Channel

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I updated my Lenovo3000 G530 BIOS. After that my notebook not boots from battery.. But after removing battery and booting on adapter power, it is working.. While it is working if i insert the battery and remove ac adapter, its working fine.. only my problem is it is not booting from battery.. the battery is charging and  in good condition.. I tried re updating BIOS. still problem exists.. Please give me a solution

Answer:G530 not working on battery after BIOS update

The problem is solved after reinstalling new BIOS verison 2.5

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Hi I have a ideapad U350 with lenovo windows 7 upgrade. After some months the battery will not charge any more and the flash on the front flash slow orange, and windows says: 0% battery, connected not charging. and dies if the power connecter is disconnected, i get the lenovo support on the phone and with in a week i have a new battery, all fine and im happy again. BUT now i have the same problem again, nearly a year after the last battery die, all the same, the battery will not charge any more and the flash on the front flash slow orange, and windows says: 0% battery, connected not charging. and dies if the power connecter is disconnected, i get the lenovo support on the phone and and they tell me the battery must be changed, but they tell me that they will not do this on the warranty, because there are only 3 or 6 month warranty on a replacement battery, and they tell me that the battery is worn out and that i have to pay for the new battery my self, now this i can understand if i had been using the laptop offen, but this laptop i only use rarely, some times 1 or 2 months between, so the laptop is like new and you cant even see marks after use. How i see this is there is a problem with this laptop or the battery, as this is the second time i have the same problem. I do some search on this problem and i can see many have problems with battery like i have, and i think then this most be a commond problem AND known to Lenovo support!and then i... Read more

Answer:U350 Battery will not charge and cant update bios

Hi Allan_84 and welcome,
I use my laptops without any concern for the batteries.  I keep them at 100% all the time and I don't do anything to prolong their lives. 
Hence, after about a year the charge is either so low to be unusable, or the battery has died.  
     There are ways to prolong the life of a battery.  Just keeping it at a 50% charge will extend the life a lot.
     Setting the charge thresholds  will also extend their lives. For instance, having it start to charge at 40% and having it              shut off at 80% will extend its life.
Batteries are considered to be a commodity now by everyone, they're not even considered to be a component because they are disposable. Li-Ion batteries degrade just by sitting on a shelf.  
Lenovo batteries have safeties inside of them that will shut the battery down if it detects any problems.  Technically, a laptop overheating could overheat the battery and render a battery unusable. The safeties detect shorts in cells, degradation, overheating, anything that could cause a battery to be dangerous.  Having these safeties are a good thing because the alternatives are fire, explosions, meltdowns, to name a few.  I've seen a few of these, it's not pretty.
What I'm getting at is if you're not doing anything to prolong the life of your battery, then a year more or less is going to be the expected life... Read more

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My laptop's battery stopped working - is sitting at 0% "plugged in, not charging". I know the battery may be dead but trying to do everything I can. One of the suggestions I found out there is to upadate the bios, and there is a newer version on the site that I have downloaded. Problem is it will not let me do this as it says I have to charge to at least 30% first! Laptop functions fine with the power adapter plugged in. Any way around this so I can get the bios updated?

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Hi,I recently updated my Inspiron 17R (7720) to the latest bios however as soon as it completed the process the battery stopped working. When I go into the bios there is the following message:"Your battery is temporarily disabled. Please turn off your computer and try again when the unit is back to the operational temperature". The machine has been left off for many hours now and is very cool to the touch however the battery wont engage and the issue persists between multiple battery packs (I have a backup battery too). As far as I can tell it is the bios that has broken my laptop and I am unable to fix it on my own. I have spent many hours trying to fix the issue at this point, following all of the advice that I can find on these forums. I suspect that either the bios has a bug or the laptop has a faulty sensor.Is anyone able to help?

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Not able to update windows update on Windows 7 getting error message WindowsUpdate_dt000+[email protected]

Answer:Not able to update windows update on Windows 7 getting error message WindowsUpdate_dt000+WindowsUpdate_80072EE2

This error code indicates that you cannot access the Windows Update servers properly. Please refer:
Windows Update error 80072ee2 remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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Hello All,
3 days ago I applied the latest bios update to my 1-year old XPS15, running latest and fully patched 64 bit Windows 10 public release.
Since then
A) plugin a rather simple USB-3 hub into the system prevents the laptop from Booting into BIOS, or if manages to do that
B) plugin said USB-3 hub after full windows boot, freezes both USB ports devices.  The unfreeze can be overcame by unplugging the hub and then other device and then re-pluging both
C) after step B, windows explorer becomes very unstable and does not even show all the folder contents to some programs "open file" function.
D) the system does not recover anymore from plain S3 sleep, triggering a windows hard reboot.
I'm afraid the bios option to roll-back the bios version was not active, so I'm stuck.
Finally, the latest Intel diver published at the same time does not install cleanly after the bios update (although I managed to get it to show in the "program files" section.
I always apply the latest updates for drivers and bios promptly as main security policy and so far the system has behaved very well (Maybe with the exception of Hibernation from sleep time out, which always has been a bit faulty)

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I'm not sure what to make of this messag  and when I called Lenovo Priority Support, they weren't sure either. Perhaps it can be clarified in the next BIOS update release: I used the 'bootable CD' (really a DVD) to update the BIOS (see below for details). To reproduce the problem: Boot from the Bootable Update CDThe Bootable Update CD displays the update utility; start the updateAFter running for maybe a minute, the update utility displays the following message:Information

System program updates is continued by
BIOS at the next reboot. Do not power
off the system during the process.

Do not remove the CD, press Enter to
restart the system, then power off the
system after the CD shows this screen

Or remove the CD, then press Enter to
restart the system and allow it to boot
from other devices.

EnterThose options are confusing, and the message doesn't tell the user what to do. Is the CD necesssary to continue with the update? If so, why would I want to "remove the CD"? If not, why would I want to leave the CD in? If I leave in the CD, do I have to select it from the boot device utility (F12) in order to boot from it? What will the different options do? Everyone who is familiar with BIOS updates knows that an incomplete update can brick the computer, requiring replacement of the system board, so the user is in a position where they have to choose carefully without understanding  the consquences. As I mentioned, Lenovo Priority Support didn't und... Read more

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I got the message to update my BIOS. It was dated in May 2016. The latest on the website was August (8/11/2016). I updated it and the computer shows the new version but still says it needs to be updated and tried everytime on a reboot. 

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Hi everyone.So I got a pop-up telling me there's a new Lenovo update I'd be required to install. So I followed the instructions, it contained a BIOS update, all fine, I finish the installation and afterwards, everything runs fine except that in the bottom task bar, my battery icon shows an empty battery with the power supply icon. When mouse hovering over it, it tells me "plugged in, not charging". When unplugging the AC, the laptop immediately shuts down. In the energy options, however, it says 100% charged.I searched for this topic and found none with the exact same problem, fixes where I can switch the battery preserve mode on and off only apply to anything up to windows 8.1 whereas I have windows 10 and everyone with windows 10 only seemed to be wondering what the message was without having the problem that it does not load an empty (or perceived as empty) battery.So, as I would like to rely on the battery and not only on constant power supply from time to time...Help please?

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I have for 1.5 years a Toshiba Satellite L40-14F PSL4CE.
I encounter the error of LOW CMOS battery but I was unable to find it in order to replace it. Where is it positioned?

Second problem: After a BIOS update (the version from the site) with the same setting in Windows XP, after I let the lid down and then back up the notebook hesitates for about 2 seconds and the music stops. These problems were not present before the BIOS update.

Thank you for cooperation.

Answer:Satellite L30-14F - CMOS battery low and issue after BIOS update


BIOS battery can be replaced by authorized service only. to do this the whole notebook must be disassembled. By the way: check user?s manuals. There you will find info how to load BIOS battery.
If I remember well the notebook must be connected to AC adapter over 48 hours. Check it in manuals.

Maybe is my English bad but I don't understand second ?problem?.
Can you please try to explain it again? Sorry.

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Hello, I was running some maintenance on my gfs Thinkpad T60p, model 2007EC1, and the BIOS update failed since she does not have a battery pack. The battery pack is unavailable as it was left behind when she came here for the summer. Is it possible to install the BIOS update with out? Is there a work around? Thanks for your time. Edit: Sorry i forgot os. It is currently running win xp sp3Message Edited by stellar on 06-27-2009 05:20 PM

Thinkpad T60p 2007ec1

Answer:is it possible to install the T60p BIOS update without a battery pack?

stellar wrote:  Is it possible to install the BIOS update with out? Is there a work around? No, to both questions.Cheers,Bill

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hi, i can't update the bios of my laptop L775 psk3we because i don't have a battery, how can i update via some command line or another, the winflash ask me that there is no more security for installing the bios update. thanks

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