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Inspiron 1525 Integrated WebCam not working in Vista 64bit (new install)

Question: Inspiron 1525 Integrated WebCam not working in Vista 64bit (new install)

I have a 3 month old Inspiron 1525 that I upgraded to Vista 64 bit. I reinstalled the integrated webcam driver and application software (both 64 bit compatible according to the download pages). However, when I start the application, select any of the various features to run (video recording, photo capture) it says "The camera is not available. Please make sure it is not used by another application." I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and software, try various compatibility modes. Disabled Live Messenger. Varified that the WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) was set to automatic and started. All with no luck. Windows device manager recognizes the hardware and says it's working properly. The blue light flashes when rebooting. Microphone works fine. I know it's NOT a hardware issue as the camera worked just fine hours before the upgrade (it was a clean install of 64 bit Vista). All I can think is that there must be a couple settings that I"m missing in the OS. Any suggestions?
Update: I also tried re-installing the BIOS A16 update as suggested on another forum. No luck.

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Preferred Solution: Inspiron 1525 Integrated WebCam not working in Vista 64bit (new install)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Inspiron 1525 Integrated WebCam not working in Vista 64bit (new install)

The camera in your Computer is Creative Make. so try to update this driver this might work.

Please keep me posted about outcome...


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I know the topic heading isn't detailed so here goes:
I've had this laptop for about 9 years now and finally upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate N (laptop was factory shipped with Windows Vista).  Prior to the upgrade all systems fully ran and the only reason why I upgraded was because the system was running slow and after reading a few forums I decided it was time to get with the rest of the world (I was still using Internet Explorer).
Windows 7 Ultimate N is downloaded and running, I've even optimized a few performance features and it's almost like a new laptop still a little sluggish but manageable.  I noticed within the "Windows Updates" however that 3 drivers under "Other Devices" would not update so I went to investigate.
After attempting to look online for a solution of getting these drives I gave up, but it got me to thinking if there were any other unnoticed faults on the laptop.  The first I found was the microphone.  It was detected in the Device Manager and enabled but it was not working; this was checking through the "Sounds" and "Recording" feature.  Did a lot of digging through videos and forums online and finally found that the original driver for the laptop being Sigma Tel wasn't updated even though "Windows Updates" said it was.  While reading one forum stated that the microphone and integrated webcam are connected so I checked it as well.  Though "Windows... Read more

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Inspiron 1525 Integrated WebCam not working in Windows 7 64-bit.  I have tried reloading drivers and software. Uninstalled and re-installed multiple times. Making sure that WIA is turned on in services. Tried compatibility mode. Downloaded various driver versions from Creative's website and from Dell. Re-installed the A16 bios upgrade (as suggested by Dell). I used msconfig to make sure that no other applications were started or running. Uninstalled Live Messenger. Device Manager recognizes the camera and says that it is working properly. Despite all of that I still get the message "Camera is not available. Please make sure it is not in use by another program" when using the Dell Web Cam application or Live Messenger. When trying to acquire image with ArcSoft or HP Photo suite I get "Camera is unavailable" as well.  Even in Safemode with all drivers disabled I get the same message. I used the camera just before doing the clean install of Windows 7 64-bit so I know that it is not a hardware issue, but it does appear that there is some type of hardware incompatibility issue with "7". Any ideas? Possible OS settings I'm missing? 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 Integrated WebCam not working in Windows 7 64-bit.

Since your question or comment has gone unanswered for so long, you can send your report on the device to the development team in this thread. 
Have Comments about Windows 7 BetaRating posts helps other users
Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP

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My warranty has no run out so dell can't actually help me. I wondered if anyone had a similar problem and what they did? Whenever I try to use the camera the blue light comes on as if to say that it is working but the picture is just black. When I click to take a picture regardless a box pops up that says "Unable to capture a photo. Please reconnect your camera and try again". But if the camera is integrated how can disconnect it? Have tried reinstalling drivers and even the webcam manager itself but it has not helped. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you. x

Answer:My dell inspiron 1525 integrated camera has stopped working?

Did you ever resolve your issue?  I am having the same exact problem with my webcam on my Inspiron 1525, and can't seem to fix it. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks!

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I cant find my 64bit vista drivers :S, i just installed it on my cousin PC and i cant find the network and VGA drivers. And when i find them it doesnt say if they are 32 bit or 64

Answer:[SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 1525 VISTA 64bit drivers

i CANT FIND THE Intel graphics media accelerator X3100 driver fopr 64bit, i think is not made for 64bit ._.

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this wass also a reply to another thread posted by romeshomey, link bellow:
---------My laptop model is Inspiron 17R 5720 and Im having the exact same problem after the Microsoft Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607: August 31, 2016 - KB3176938, done Sep 4th. I was also already running Win10 and it didnt mess with Webcam Central - till yesterday when I gave the reboot necessary to install the update files.Pan/Zoom/Position Arrows show as available to be used but if you try to use then, nothing happens and back to full zoom. Only thing it allows me to do is to change to Face Tracking.I called Dell Suport Center and for about 2 hours I ran diagnostics and tried possible solutions with the tech assistant but he wasnt very helpfull at all. All diagnostics came back with positive/OK/passed results and they offered me a paid support to fix the problem. Not exactly a good solution, is it?It was clear though MS updates messed up with the webcam driver - I checked myself at Devices/Imaging there was an update for the driver done exactly when MS updates were done. Unfortunatelly, the rollback option wasnt available. For that matter, I decided to uninstall the whole Windows KB3176938 and CAPICOM (what ever that is) updates done using Control Panel/Updates but no-go. Next step was to google for that problem which leaded me to other Dell Forum threads pointing to reinstall Webcam Central which also didnt work at all then I bumped into your threa... Read more

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Hi all, 
I cannot get the integrated webcam to work on my Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series. It used to work just fine, but I'm unsure what happened. I've tried following multiple guidelines from Windows 10 (starting/stopping antivirus), but realizing it may be that the driver is no longer there. I've tried Dell System Detect, and it says that "We are unable to find the selected device." I've tried downloading the driver "Realtek IR Camera Driver", to no avail. Searching in my Device Manager, there is no tab for Imaging Devices, and no camera shows up under Sound, video, and game controllers. 
Any thoughts as to how to fix it? Thanks in advance of any suggestions! 

Answer:Inspiron 13 - Integrated webcam not working

Did you system just get updated to Windows 10 1709?

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Please read thoroughly before you reply.
I have Dell Inspiron 5558, running on Windows 10 64 bit, version 1703 with 8GB RAM
The integrated webcam simply would not work nor the in-built mic.
When I raised the issue with Dell, they have tried to troubleshoot. Dell diagnostics F12 could not detect any issue.
They have changed the webcam and cable and it was still not working.
They changed the Motherboard and again no luck.
They asked me to reset the system to factory and I did. Now, the Webcam is not there in the Device manager.
In fact, the Imaging Device is not listed there. I have checked under hidden devices and still it was not there. Now they are asking me to take it to the service center for a checkup.
They can't figure out. I am sort of feel that it is a problem related to OS, but I am not sure.
Can one anyone tell me exactly what is the issue? All my drivers are upto date. Believe me, I have done every troubleshoot under the sun!
Your help will be most appreciated.   

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I purchased this laptop in feb 2015 in india and moved to singapore immediately and for first few days my integrated camera was working fine but suddenly it used to not work telling that camera not connected error. but this being the integrated how can it be not connected...
and also some times suddenly it used to work.not next day again same problem...and i once spoke to the support person and he told that he need to check the laptop but again bad thing is that he cant come on weekends and also not in evening times on weekdays...
kindly help me to resolve the issue..i tried a lot to figure out the solution.

Kindly help me to solve

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series integrated webcam not working

When the webcam doesn't work, Can you check if it is detected in "Device Manager"?
It should be listed under "Imaging Device".
Thank you

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Hey guys,

I recently formatted my PC and installed Vista Ultimate on it, after many attempts at installing the microphone slot (that you plug in beside headphones) I gave up with the Sigmatel drivers and decided to try and get the webcam microphone working but it doesn't show up anywhere even after I installed the microphone and the dell webcam manager program. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you

(the problem I had with Sigmatel was that if I installed the driver it would make the sound stop working as well, even though it showed "playback" and "recording" as working in the sound options. I ended up just removing the Sigmatel drivers and have to use the ones Vista installed automatically - the file I was using to install the drivers was R171786)

Answer:Vista Ultimate integrated webcam driver microphone issue - Dell Inspiron 1520

Hi & Welcome.

This could be because you installed the wrong driver, are you absolutely sure you have the right one - you have to take into account that your OS has a bit (x86 or x64), you're OS have a service pack, it has a package (Ultimate, Basic), etc.

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hi, i have a dell inspiron 1525 and when i try to use the built in camera it says "failed to initialize" and to re-install the camera. any solution? how does someone re-install a camera? ( i dont have a cd )


Answer:inspiron 1525 webcam problems

Dell provides the drivers for reinstalling on there site, here;s the driver:

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Hello Tech dudes, guys, etc etc

Can you help? I have a new DELL inspiron 1525. I have used the webcam a week ago, easy to use, no problems. However tonight i cant get it to work. It informs me that the camera wont "initialize" and that i have to "re- connect" the camera.... what???
Help please. I have tried several times


Answer:DELL inspiron 1525 - webcam wont initialize

Welcome to TSG!

You've come to place that got plenty of geeks in here

Please do not ask for assistance in the indroductions, Please post in right place so geeks might know how to help you. But for this once, i will request Moderator to move this to Hardware where you will find a help there and get more post / questions, probably what geeks people think of solutions to your problem.

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Hello. My webcam driver does not work. Everytime i open dell webcam manger it says No Supported Webcam Driver Detected. But when i first got my laptop it was working just fine. I reinstalled the webcam center and the driver but it still does'nt work.

I run windows vista 32bit
Dell Inspiron 1525

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I own a Dell Inspiron 1525 with a Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit Operating System. I have 2 GB RAM, Intel(R) Premium(R) Dual CPU T3200 GHz Processor, and the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 Video Card - all standard, factory issued with the laptop.

My problem is this: the Inspiron came with a built-in webcam and the Dell Webcam Center program for it. Every time I try to run Dell Webcam Center to take photos or video, as soon as it opens it locks up the entire computer to where I can't even do Ctrl+Alt+Del to get Task Manager up; I have to do a hard shut down. I don't know if the problem has something to do with memory or my video card. What can I do? Also, please let me know if any more information is needed about my operating system and computer, because I would really like to know how to fix the problem.

EDIT: If this post is in the wrong area, please let me know and I will have it moved.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 Webcam Locks Up Computer

Hello, I have only had my dell 1525 for 2 months and have the same problem. Please,please tell me if you have found a solution...thank you

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The computer runs Vista Home Premium. It is almost two years old. For about two months the webcam has not worked. When I look for it under the drivers there is nothing there for imaging devices besides the external USB webcam i purchased. The computer I use is a HP pavillion entertainment PC, Model #- dv6915nr. Any help is appreciated. thanks.

Answer:Integrated webcam not working on Vista home premium. HP pavillion dv6000 laptop

i have dv 6904 i had same problem
then i downloaded cyberyoucam tprogram and problem solved
try to get it from hp website

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My sister has a Dell Inspiron 1545 Integrated Webcam that is not recognized by web-cam max or the software that came with the computer. I am the family's tech guy but I can't figure this one out. I upgraded the driver from dell and uninstalled and reinstalled the driver multiple times praying it was an install error. Please help if you have any advise.

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I've owned this laptop for quite a while and had been using Webcam Central to control the Integrated Webcam on my Alienware M17x R4.   I never had any issues using Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or even Windows 10 until my system updated on 8/20/2016 with a scheduled Windows 10 update.
After the windows 10 update my system restarted and the next time I went to use my webcam I noticed that I couldn't control the pan / zoom / or tilt or alter any of the settings in webcam central.  If I attempt to change anything it automatically changes back instantly.  For example of I move the slider to zoom, or attempt to change the pan, it auto goes back to where it was and will not allow me to change the settings.
I also notice that my mouse pointer flickers over the webcam central GUI, meaning, there seems to be some issue with the GUI after the windows 10 update, I assume is also whats causing the settings not to be changed.
I have tried uninstalling both the drivers and software and reinstalling to no avail, same problem is present after reinstallation of both drivers and the webcam central software.
Wondering if anyone else has run into this and whether there was some type of resolution.
I was able to get the pan / zoom / tilt working with 3rd party webcam software, however I would prefer to go back to using webcam central.

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Recently, i set up a new window 7 for my dell inspiron 14R n 4010 laptop, installation completed well. Now my webcam is not working. I can't find webcam driver..and software.I tried to search over net. but nothing is helpful.
where can i download it ? help me, pls.

Answer:Integrated webcam driver missing for dell inspiron 14R


Originally Posted by wnz2107

Recently, i set up a new window 7 for my dell inspiron 14R n 4010 laptop, installation completed well. Now my webcam is not working. I can't find webcam driver..and software.I tried to search over net. but nothing is helpful.
where can i download it ? help me, pls.

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My Dell Inspiron 7352 Integrated Webcam is not working and the error code is 45. I went to Dell site and used their driver fix tool to install 6 missing/corrupt drivers. Now instead of getting all the colors in vertical lines, I'm just getting a generic head outline so I guess that fixed something, but camera is still not working. It used to work fine. I have a super important video call tomorrow and would really appreciate your help please?

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I wrote "stops working" because it remains on, but eventually you'll hear the fatidic "click" on the left side of it and the activity light dies and you can do nothing else. The pointer might move, if there was a youtube video playing it will continue to play (I guess if it was loaded), but you can't do anything else. After the click, it's over. All you can do is force it off and turn it back on. Chkdsk has run, Avast check returns nothing, cooling paste is in place and so is the fan ad the ventilation system. It makes no difference what I'm doing at the moment, and for the record I do nothing too heavy here, no games or anything.
I'm on Vista and currently using Mozilla, but this happened with Chrome as well.
I'm not too keen on installing Dell System Detect. Any ideas?

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I just recently purchased a refurbished Inspiron M5030 running on Windows 7 64 bit. It has been under two weeks since i bought it. The webcam has suddenly stopped working and when i try to use a program that require a webcam it tells me to plug one in. So all night i have been up trying to fix it with various solutions on google. I have tried installing driver after driver and nothing helped. After all the different methods nothing has worked and i think i made it worse. The webcam no longer appears in the "Device Manager." What on earth do i do now?

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can't start windows ..a process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly, exited or been terminated???????? Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed? Disable BIOS memory? How? Can't get into SAFE MODE-F8. Please help with Dell Inspiron 1525 one month out of warranty. Thanks

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525/ Vista 32-bit

Lets start with backing up your important data.

Once this is done, then we can try some things.


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Help with sophos virus/malware. can anyone please help, I have a dell inspiron 1525 running on vista

over the last few days I kept getting to sophos blocker (in blue) whenever I tried to open up my normal programmes on the internet, also keep trying to change home page?

Then it started trying to block normal things on computer?

I have avg, scanned as normal nothing

I also have system care 4 for malware etc. that found nothing

the computer started freezing and going slow

then it was like I was losing control, computer turned off and started doing scan checks etc.

I tried starting in safe mode, no different, last known safe working configuration etc, no good

tried down loading Microsoft essential securities, but would not down load?

Tried down loading Norton but this would not work, Norton eraser free.

I managed to download malware bytes anti-malware that starts to run then just jams up

as you can see I have tried most things but the bug seems to be winning.

I have been at this now for 34 hours straight and it?s doing me head in.

can anyone please please help

The sophos is the malware/virus

Before I only had advanced system care 4 as recommended by cnet tech that worked fine for many months

I also had avg business put on by my son boss, that worked fine also for months.

Then out of the blue this sophos turns up and [/FONT][/COLOR]won't let me yahoo/Google anything blue screen comes up saying blocked for my own good, yer right... Read more

Answer:help please with bug on my inspiron 1525 running on vista

Hi Tony,

are you able to boot into "safe mode with networking"?

Tap F8 repeatedly until an option menu appears > arrow up to "safe mode with networking
now do the following:

Please download Rkill from one of the following links and save to your Desktop:

One, Two,Three or Four
Double click on Rkill.
A command window will open then disappear upon completion, this is normal.
Please leave Rkill on the Desktop until otherwise advised.

Note: If your security software warns about Rkill, please ignore and allow the download to continue.
now run DDS and aswMBR

Please download DDS from either of these links


and save it to your desktop.Disable any script blocking protection
Double click dds to run the tool.
When done, two DDS.txt's will open.
Save both reports to your desktop.
Please include the contents of the following in your next reply:


Please download aswMBR ( 511KB ) to your desktop.Double click the aswMBR.exe icon to run it
Click the Scan button to start the scan
On completion of the scan, click the save log button, save it to your desktop and post it in your next reply.
if you cannot download those programs to your computer > download them via another computer and transfer over via USB

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Ok, about 2 weeks ago my laptop would lose internet after it went into sleep mode. I could only get internet back if I re-started laptop. Suffice it to say this is getting very annoying.

Do not know if this is related but I have been requested to update to Windows 2 service pack. I have tried repeatedly but it always comes back as a failed attempt (no error message) Is this because I am eventually losing internet?

Anyway, help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Inspiron 1525 Windows Vista

Try going to the manufacture of your machine's website update the Wifi adapter drivers.

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Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with vista and whenever I turn it on the dell logo shows up and then it turns into a black screen with a flickering white line in the top left corner. Also can not click F8 to restart my computer from an earlier date or use safe mode. The only F keys that work are F2 for setup and F12 for boot menu and control alt delete only resets the computer to the black screen. Please help me fix my computer.

Answer:Dell inspiron 1525 w/ Vista

Do you have a vista install disc? If you do you can try the startup repair.

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I am trying to fix a Dell Inspiron 1525 that has a keyboard not working. Most keys work, but some do not work. I ordered another keyboard on ebay, but exactly the same keys would not work. What exactly would be the cause of this and is there any fix. Thanks for any suggestions.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 Keyboard not working

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I have a problem with the DVD drive on my Dell Inspiron 1525.  If I put a disk in it, music or data, the computer does not recognize there is a disk there and comes up with "Please insert disc into drive E"Device manager tells me, "This device is working properly".I ran Dell diagnostics and it came up with "Error Code 0147.  Error  2000-0147.  Spindle Test Failed".I tried removing the DVD drive and cleaning with compressed air. But same result.Also, the DVD drive no longer opens by just pressing the switch. I have to put a pin in the small hole next to the switch to release it.Does this mean that I need a new DVD drive or is it something that can be rectified please?Windows Vista Home Basic2.00 GB RAM32 bit Operating System

Answer:Dell INSPIRON 1525 DVD Drive not working.

New drive.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525. I have it connected to a samsung lcd tv through the hdmi port to watch movies. Yesterday I connected the hdmi lead but the tv didn't detect a signal. So I tried a system reboot. The screen on the laptop lights up as in you can see the back light working but thats the limit to it. The laptop sounds like it is loading fine. dvd drive running hard drive working lights flashing etc. Anyone with any clues as to what the problem could be, and a possible solution would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Dell inspiron 1525 screen not working HELP!!

Tony, so the problem is your laptop is turned on, but the laptop screen isn't displaying an image?

Disconnect the HDMI cable, first. Look across your top row of keys on the keyboard. Tap the key with an icon on it that looks like a computer screen, then wait a second and see if your screen lights up It may be the F8 key, not sure. On some models you have to hold down the Fn key while you tap the F8 key. That toggles your LCD screen on and off.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525. Yes, I know it is a very old model but it has served me just fine over the last few years until very recently when some of the keys are failing. There was a loud, almost constant buzzing sound in my laptop every time I worked on it so I took it to the repair shop where the engineer told me it is a problem with the fan. So he removed the keyboard to open and check the make of the fan and said a replacement fan will need to be ordered. While I am waiting for that to be done, he put the keyboard back in its place but some keys on it are not working. I came across the following posted here more than 3 years ago by the user HYLBJTO. I am reproducing it below because the problem I am facing with the keyboard is exactly the same as described by this user and the suggestion given to him by someone to fix the problem did not work from what I understand.

"I was reading an expired thread about issues with certain keys not working on a Dell Inspiron 1525. I have experienced what seems like the same problem: Certain keys do not work - but not the same ones as those in the older thread (w,d,etc for me)... here's the strange part: If I do not screw down the keyboard and hold it up slightly, the problem disappears. I thought it might have something to do with pressure on the keyboard, but I could not duplicate the problem by applying pressure to the back of the keyboard. However, if it is screwed down tight to the plate it sits on, those same keys do n... Read more

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Hey there,

A friend was recently the victim of one of the 'Windows Service' scams and gave me his laptop to check they hadn't installed any malware on it. Thankfully they hadn't, but in the process of looking over his computer, I discovered he hadn't installed any Windows updates in the last 3 years. I've since installed all of these (about 200 files and two service packs) but now I have a slight issue in that neither the keyboard nor the trackpad works (at all). They were both working fine before the update, but now the computer doesn't even register them as input.

I've been trying to figure out why they're not working. I've plugged in a wireless keyboard/mouse combo and that works fine. For now, I'm remote desktop controlling the laptop via my iPad so that my own PC is free to use. I think it's a driver problem, but I just can't seem to figure out how to get it to work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Will post TSG Sysinfo in next post:

Answer:Inspiron 1525 Touchpad/Keyboard not working

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Hi here,

First, very sorry for my english... this is not my native language!

So, I've buy this mornong a SSD to replace the one into my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525). I've buy a Kingston 120Gb, the drive is see in the BIOS but when I try to install windows, the installation process don't see the drive. I've try the ATA and the AHCI, nothing working. My BIOS got the last firmware (version A17)

I don't know why the SSD drive is see by the Bios, but not a the Windows installation. In the box of the drive, there are a external case to plus the drive in usb. The drive is good and working great. So it's not the SSD...

So, why the BIOS see the drive but not at the installation?

Thanks alot! (i've return the drive because I only have 5 days to return... so until i've found a solution, I will buy another one when I will get few solution)

Thanks alot!

Answer:Cannot install Windows 7 on my SSD (Laptop Inspiron 1525)

Is there any error message?

You are saying that during Clean Install Windows 7 it reaches the drive selection screen but the window is empty? If not describe exactly what happens and at which step.

Try booting into installer System Recovery Options Command Line to create an Active partition as shown in Step 2 of SSD - HDD Optimize for Windows Reinstallation.'

Try resetting the BIOS to defaults, set SATA controller to AHCI first, then try all other SATA modes.

Is this by chance a BIOS with UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with - Windows 7 Forums ?

Try installing the SSD on another PC to see if it is seen so you can partition it in Disk Mgmt or using Partition Wizard Create Partition - Video Help . If not put it in the external case to see if it's detected to partition it.

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Hi , after installing windows 7 64 bit professional on my inspiron 1564 laptop i cant  find the dell laptop webcam driver.  When i purchased Dell laptop they did not give any  recovery disk with it . Now i am suffering and tried a lot but webcam driver cant find. From where i should install. Kindly help.

Answer:Dell inspiron 1564 windows 7 64 bit integrated webcam central driver

Drivers & Downloads for Inspiron 1564 - Dell SupportIt won't find many things without the chipset drivers FIRST.Chipset should be first.
Then Audio
Dell SX2210 Webcam CentralThe new version can be found here. R230103.exeSystems    Inspiron Desktop 535MTInspiron Desktop 535STInspiron Desktop 537MTInspiron Desktop 537STInspiron Desktop 545MTInspiron Desktop 545STInspiron Desktop 546MTInspiron Desktop 546STInspiron 1440Studio Laptop 1440Studio Laptop 1555Studio Desktop 540Studio Desktop Slim 540sStudio XPS Laptop 1340Studio XPS Laptop 1640Studio XPS Desktop 435T/9000Vostro Desktop 220Vostro Desktop 220sVostro Desktop 420Vostro Notebook 1320Vostro Notebook 1520Vostro Notebook 1720
Operating systemsMicrosoft Windows 7 32-bitMicrosoft Windows 7 64-bitMicrosoft Windows Vista 32-bitMicrosoft Windows 2000Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bitMicrosoft Windows XPMicrosoft Windows XP EmbeddedMicrosoft Windows XP x64

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I have this notebook and after three years of usage it became so slow, it would take 30 min to start.

Last week I formatted its hard drive and reinstalled Windows Vista.

As soon as I went on the Internet my computer crashed again.
Another complete reinstall and another crash after I tried to access the web. This time the crash happened while I was attempting to install Avira !

Thinking I may have a hardware problem, I did a third complete reinstall and started to use the computer off line. It works perfectly! No crashes in a whole week.

My question is, what is the antivirus software I need and how can I install it off line.

As a second question, I noticed that a group of drivers is missing under "Other device". The group includes 3 drivers. There is no way for me to figure out which this "other device" is so that I can download the drivers for it. I know I installed all recommended drivers from my resource CD.

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Hello, i recently installed a new copy of WIndows Vista 32 bit. The cd came directly from Dell so I know the program isent corrupt.
After i download Vista on the computer and the computer is running I can insert the drivers disk and all that comes up is a HUGE list of...stuff, and checkmarks by a few hundred of them it seems like.
Anyway, It seems like my computer isent even recognizing that i have a wireless card or even an ethernet port.
Because i connect to my router via Ethernet and nothing happened.
This is what the screen looks like in My Device's menu

i dont know what to do.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 Vista-32 No Internet

You need to install those drivers specifically from the driver disk. The check marks will help you find them. It looks like you mainly need the chipset drivers, both wired and wireless network drivers and your video driver from the image.

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Out of the seeming blue, my computer will now turn on, but will not initiate Windows Vista.

One of the the three small lock icons above the keyboard (the one with the '9' in it), is lit up, and I presume that is the key to the problem. Am I right? Is there a way for me to fix the situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.


Answer:Problems with Dell Inspiron 1525 and Vista

it is on while booted up on my 1525.

Have you tried a startup repair?
Hit the power button start tapping f8
try a startup repair when the menu appears

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turn computer on and it says BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot.

I went into f2 and made cd/dvd drive first bootable option and placed Dell Operating System Reinstallation DVD into cd drive and restart.

I wait for press any key to to boot from cd/dvd and hit any key as instructed and get: The file is possibly corrupt. The file header cheksum does not match the computed checksum.

I have stuff on this computer that I need to get access to....please help me someone!!!! =)

Answer:dell inspiron 1525 with vista premium

You can take the Hard drive out and use an 2.5 to USB adapter and hook it up to another PC and hopefully access the data

Have you checked the Boot disk for dirt or scratches

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One of my friends' laptop is being a bit temperamental. It's a relatively new Dell Inspiron 1525 with Windows Vista Home Premium (32bit) SP1 installed. Anyways, the computer turns on normally but when the OS goes to load it gets stuck at a black screen with just the mouse cursor moving around. Safe Mode doesn't work and the same thing happens if I select "Last Good Config that Worked." I've seen this problem before with updates, but my friend said it was working fine and he didn't install anything.

I popped in the Dell OS disk so I could try a repair/recovery but that was unsuccessful as well. The setup program didn't detect any problems with the OS and there were no restore points to revert back to. I have no idea what the computer is doing when it sits on the black screen. There is a little bit of HDD activity here and there but I think that's the normal behavior. Any ideas? I'm sort of at a loss here...

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 not booting (Vista)

If I get a Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 OEM disk can I perform a repair install without being able to boot the OS normally? I can't do anything with this computer at the moment--it just sits and does nothing. I slaved the HDD to another system and was able to read and write normally, so it's definitely a problem with Vista. Problem is I have no idea what is causing the computer to hang so I can't pull any errors and startup repair says there's no problems.

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I have an Inspiron 1525 w/Vista that keeps crashing unexpectedly. I have been told a few things.

First - that I don't have enough RAM (Dell only put in the basics) believe it has 1GB right now.

Second - I should get a computer dust remover can and get rid of the dust. (personally don't think that is the problem)

Third - that there is a nasty virus in my lap top and I need to take it in and have it romoved.

any suggestions from anyone who has had the same problems????

Also once in awhile I get the crash dump screen. I am using about 3/4 of the memory in the lap top...

Answer:Inspiron 1525 w/Vista crashes unexpectedly!!!

Hi and welcome to TSF first please follow the instructions here
next your correct in that your ram is not enough to run vista well,please wait on the virus question at this point it may be a number of other issues from a driver,faulty ram,or eveen a firewall or anti virus program causing issues it could also be caused by a build up of dirt and debris blocking the air vents and or fan cleaning with canned air is always a good idea every 6 to 8 weeks

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Upon trying to load my laptop up, just after the Dell screen and Windows loading screen, it goes to a blank black screen with white mouse pointer.

Pointer moves, however just stays stuck on this page.

I have tried starting in Safe Mode, same thing happens.

I have read I could try to do a clean install of Vista, however I cannot find my disc

Is there anything else I can do?

Any help appreciated.


Answer:Problem with Vista on Dell Inspiron 1525

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Hello everyone!

I always come here for help and I always find it so here I am again... although under very different circumstances. My cousin really needed a laptop 2 months ago so i loaned him mine for a while. Unfortunately I just got it back and something is totally wrong. Here is a list of problems I can identify:

The window edges and home bar are not vista like (more like the old 1995)but background is normal
The wireless card cannot be detected
The audio card cannot be detected
Security center is not working... says cannot be started
Roxio not working
Updater is not working
System Restore disabled
Thinking that perhaps i need to reinstall the drivers, i tried to put the disk that came with the computer for the drivers but the preparing to install flashes 3 times and nothing happens

I thought that my 16 year old cousin could handle the responsibility, however, it seems not. So I questioned him and managed to get out what he did or was trying to do. Apparently he torrented one of those Dragon Speech Recognition Softwares and was trying to use the directopms to "crack it". (thank god he had printed the directions so I can give you a little idea what he did).
So after installation and putting in the fake serial, the directions ask you to:

-In msconfig: Disable boottime loading of any following (look in 'Services' tab also): 'Ereg', 'SSBkgdudate', 'issch', 'ISdM', 'ISUSPM',and 'agent'
-When OK... close... Read more

Answer:Inspiron 1525 Vista Home Premium Really Need Help!

When I see so many issues....I suggest, you back up your data and you reinstall Windows. If you need your laptop NOW, that is probably the fastest way.

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keys are not functioning like 1,2,q,w,a,s,z,

Answer:my keyboard is not working dell inspiron 1525 1 number,q,a,z

You have sticky keys on?Sticky keys is a function that occurs when a Shift button is held down for five seconds or longer. Hold down the shift key and when you hear a beep, that means its been activated/de-activated.. if it still does it, then try hooking up another keyboard and see what happens.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop with Windows Vista Basic.  Today after plugging in a headphone set both the speaker and the headphone sound stopped working.  I have not changed any audio settings but checked them anyway and nothing was turned off or muted that I could see.  I have tried downloading and re-installing the audio drivers from the Dell support site but when I go to install them I get an error message saying that 'This is not the correct audio driver for this system. The installer will now exit.'
Any suggestions to get the sound working again? 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop sound not working

Try using System Restore. Try running the Dell Diagnostics audio tests to rule out hardware failure. See the "No Audio" FAQ for details.

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I was reading an expired thread about issues with certain keys not working on a Dell Inspiron 1525.

I have experienced what seems like the same problem: Certain keys do not work - but not the same ones as those in the older thread (w,d,etc for me). I replaced the keyboard with another working keyboard ( I have two Dell 1525's). The same keys do not work - with either keyboard attached. But here's the strange part: If I do not screw down the keyboard and hold it up slightly, the problem disappears. I thought it might have something to do with pressure on the keyboard, but I could not duplicate the problem by applying pressure to the back of the keyboard. However, if it is screwed down tight to the plate it sits on, those same keys do not work. I tried putting pieces of paper between the keyboard and the plate it sits on, and got mixed results. SO, I'm thinking this could be some kind of electromagnetic interference???? Anyone have any thoughts here? The problem absolutely goes away if I hold the keyboard even 1/4th of an inch above the plate it sits on.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 Keyboard not working - A New Twist

The ribbon cable is just not properly seated. Make sure it is clean (alcohol), no fingerprints connecting it, and that the connecotr clamps down perfectly evenly.

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I bought this laptop vide Amazon (sold by Computer Brain) on September 27th 2016. It has barely been used and first observed in December 2016 that the integrated webcam was not responsive and there after the system is shut down with a blue screen and or flicker often before crashing. As the product was brought vide Amazon US and I am currently in India - DELL India did suggest that  a Tag Transfer has to be done in order to have onsite repair or mail in depot rectification.
Did Tag Transfer several times  at the end  of the process every time I did get success notification but after 20 days the status on the site remains same United States. Spoke to customer service no great help.
I want the following to be resolved soonest- 1) Tag Transfer 2) Solve the integrated webcam and 3) Frequent crashing of the operating system

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My Dell Inspiron 1525 crashed two months ago, the screen completely froze so I had to power down from the power button as the screen was completely frozen. I then couldn't get back in, I got as far as a black screen with cursor, Windows Vista would not re-load or go in to systems recovery. I had to call Dell and they charged me £60 to go through a clean install of Vista which wiped all my files. Now two months later the same problem has occurred, I wondered if anyone could shed any knowledge as I refues to pay another £60 for the pleasure of a call to Dell and I cannot afford to lose my data this time round. What happened this time was that my computer completely crashed again, there's no way to shut down when this happens but to 'power off' and this seems to snooker everything up..... help, I think a new laptop should be a bit more robust than this

Answer:Vista & Dell Inspiron 1525 Black Screen

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Hello I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me! One day I turned on my laptop and the wireless internet had stopped working. I believe the window that popped up said "wi-fi catcher stopped working". I've tried updating my wireless adapters but it doesn't change anything, and they are all enabled so I don't understand why its not working. Someone please help

Answer:My Dell Inspiron 1525 wireless internet stopped working

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I recently bought a Plantronics headset, and plugged it in my microphone jack. It says "Line IN" when I try to use it with audacity, but when I record, and even yell into it, nothing shows up on the line. My laptop has 2 headphone jacks and a mic jack. Could this be the problem?

Answer:Plantronics Audio .326 Headset not working on Inspiron 1525 Mic Jack

If you have plugged the microphone part of the headset into the "Mic" jack on the PC and using the "line in" to listen that is incorrect. Generally, Audacity uses the "Stereo Mix" to record. With Stereo Mix set as the default recording device any input is "heard".

Second, if you are plugging the mic into the "line In", that is incorrect and the mic will never work. A computer mic needs +5V DC to operate. The Mic in jack has the 5V, a line in does not and is a stereo (2 channel) input.

You list a Dell Desktop in your System Specs but are referring to a Dell Inspiron 1524 "Laptop". ???

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I have just purchased Windows 7 Pro 32bit for my Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop and booted from the Windows 7 DVD. After a considerable time, the initial language selection screen opens but there's no mouse pointer to allow me to continue from this point. I tried re-booting from the DVD several times in case a driver had failed to load into ram, however the installation stops at that point as I cannot select anything. I tried every key on the keyboard and also tried plugging in a USB mouse to one of the USB ports and re-booting. Still not way to proceed without a mouse pointer.

I upgraded the ram to 4Gb and tested this on the previous OS (XP) and it was working fine. I have installed a new hard drive and was intending to let windows format and partition it for me, however I cannot proceed with the installation. I can only think that my Windows 7 DVD doesn't contain a mouse driver for this model, however I did check on various sites that Win 7 would install on my model and many people seem to have managed to do this. The disc and key cost ?50 so I don't want to have to buy another one. So I installed from this disc onto my desktop PC and it installed with no problems, so the DVD must be OK (for my desktop at least).

I have installed many operating systems but this is a new one on me, I don't know how else I can get this OS onto my laptop, can anybody advise me please?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to install Windows 7 pro (32bit) on Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

I was able to tab to the button named Next on that language selection screen. I was also able to change other items via the arrow keys once tab put the list in focus.

Do you see the focus change when tab is pressed? If not, then maybe the keyboard is not being recognized either.

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I'm trying to do a clean installation of Windows 7 x86 on my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop that I bought in July 2008. It's been running Windows Vista 32-bit without any trouble. Yesterday I purchased the Windows 7 Professional 32-bit upgrade from Digital River and downloaded the ISO. I've burned it onto two separate DVDs using different software and a different computer each time (the second time I used Alcohol 120% and made sure that it was on the slowest setting). Now I'm downloading the iso again.
Each time I try to install it (which has been many times, now, trying different configurations of partitions, etc) I get the error message "Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070570"

I've read through just about every thread I could find on this site and others and nothing seems to help. The only thing I haven't done is mess with the RAM, but I'd prefer not to do that as I don't have any experience opening up laptops (although I have built three desktops).

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?


Answer:Clean install Win7 on Dell Inspiron 1525: 0x80070570

Try Google. I found these two:

When you see the error "0x80070570 can't access files" on install click --> Cancel ---> you will be returned to the "Install Now" startup screen and - WITHOUT REBOOTING - just re-start the install.

you should type crc checksum into a search engine and download a program that allows you to check if the contents on the disk is the same as the iso file.

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Hi All,

I bought a new Dell Inspiron 1525 with Windows Vista Home Premium just before two months (Sept 2008) and facing a problem of Black Screen only mouse is active since last three days I just asked Technical support guy to help me out the same but he asks for charge though I have three years warranty even for Physical damage (complete cover).

I have tried to diagnose it and found the following error…

Error Code 0F00:137B
Msg: DVDW_4-Disk is missing/blank, insert data disk (Examle:RCD)
The given Error code and message can be used by Dell Technology Support to help diagnose the problem.
I don’t want to reinstall the OS as I have some important Data on C Drive.

Speedy help will be appreciated.

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Hello and help,
My trusty inspiron started going BSOD and black screen locking up about a week ago. I suspected virus or trojan even though I have avg free installed and up to date. I went to dell support site and followed the instructions to recover and it would BSOD before completion. I tried system restore and BSOD before completion. I tried to do a clean install of vista as I have my disks and get random error messages while running in installation mode (the 0x0000----- errors). I am now attempting to reformat the hard drive with the command format c:\ and it appears to be working very slowly.

What do I need to do when the format is complete to install vista and get my computer working again? I know all my data is lost- thats ok I only use the machine for web based email and internet browsing.

Your help is much appreciated, thank you.

Answer:Vista 32bit inspiron 1525 format performed on C:\ drive

First, regarding AVG anti-virus. It is not regarded as being very good at virus detection and scores low in independent tests - it's only popular because it's free so get yourself some decent antivirus software. The best ones are not free, but if you still are reluctant to pay for it, try the free Avast Antivirus from here: avast! - Download Free Antivirus software or Internet Security

Second, your problems in trying to re-install the OS. The hard drive may be faulty or failing so you should test it with the drive maker's diagnostic software. You will need the DOS version to test it with. The links are here: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

The DOS version download is an ISO file from which you can create a bootable CD using the free IMGBurn from here: Download ImgBurn -

When the CD has been created, boot your Inspiron from it. The testing interface will open automatically when the CD has fully loaded. Select the appropriate drive and run the test (choose extended or long test if available as that's more reliable than a quick test.).

Note: If you can't determine the make of hard drive or are reluctant to remove covers to look at it's branding sticker, you can test any internal hard drive with Seagate SeaTools for DOS from here: | Seagate

Make sure you download SeaTools for DOS, not SeaTools for Windows.

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After upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7, the internal microphone on my DELL Inspiron 1525 does not work. When checking in the Control Panel > Sounds, the only device options are for the external microphone connection to the jack... Please help!

Answer:DELL Inspiron 1525 Internal Microphone Not Working After Windows 7 Upgrade

Hi vinnyspice,
According to Dell's website, this laptop's drivers are only for Windows Vista. You contact Dell and see if there is any update available.
In the meantime, try downloading and installing the chipset driver and the sound card driver for Windows Vista and see if the issue can be resolved. You can download
Also, run Windows Update to see if it helps.

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Stupid geek in me upgraded without any particular reason the firmware of the DVD+-RW TS-L632H I have in an old Inspiron 1525 to version DW30, the latest available from the Dell site.
Until then the drive functioned flawlessly. After the upgrade and os restart, the drive died completely. It is viewed and "works properly" in control panel, but I cannot eject it, its led doesn't light up and it is basically unusable.
I tried uninstalling the drivers from controlpanel and then let the os reinstall them, downgrade the firmware to dw20 and then dw10 and still no luck. The drive cannot be ejected and looks like its power cable is unplugged.Bios version is A17 and the system has XP/Linux in dual boot mode. The problem persists on both os's.
Please suggest me a solution!

Answer:Inspiron 1525 TSSTCORP dvd drive stopped working after firmware upgrade

I do not think there is anything to do unfortunately. You can probably find a cheap optical drive for that laptop on eBay if you wanted to replace it.

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My internet has stopped working on both my wired and wireless connections.

Kimberley89 raised the same problem and i have been through the solutions suggested on thread number 928983 and have come to the end, as she did, with the problem unresolved.

When I load my machine it says:

"Your wifi catcher band configuration is not compastiblewith your WLAN card band configuration" "select yes to automatically change your wifi catcher or no to keep your current band configuration." Neither resolves the issue.

I too have the Dell wireless 1395 mini-card and run vista.

I was unable to do the SFC step:

"Cannot open boe\Desktop\SFCdetails.txt"

I havent run a registry check would you recommend this and if so advise on a suitable program as i do not have one.

Thanks in advance,


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I own the following system:
Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop (OEM System)
Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @2.00 GHz
3.0 GB RAM
160 GB HDD

I want to install Microsoft SharePoint 2007 in my laptop
for my project purpose.On the Internet,it is given that MS
SharePoint 2007 can only be installed on Windows Server
2003/2008. Please suggest a way with which I can install
SharePoint 2007 in my laptop and execute it successfully.

I also want to install MS Visual Studio 2008 in my
laptop,but I already have VS 2005 installed.
Can both versions can run properly on the same system?
Do I need to upgrade my laptop RAM to 4GB for better
Please suggest.Thanks...

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Hello.  My daughters laptop has something weird going on.  I suspect it's a virus and/or malware.  I have done everything and you are my last hope.  I have run about six different virus/malware softwares and all of them say I am Virus (malware) FREE!!  Yeah!  But it still has this stupid radio station running the minute it connects to the internet.  Sometimes there are two or three stations running over top of each other... very annoying and she can hardly use it.  PLEASE, can you help me?  I am not all that computer educated and I need help!
It is a Dell Inspiron running Windows Vista Home Basic with Service Pack 2.  It has 3 GB of memory abd a 32-bit Operating system.
Thanks for ANY help you can provide!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 (Vista Home) is Playing Radio with no Program

You have a reply to your duplicate topic here: continue in that one, to avoid confusion for everyone. Once we see you have responded to that topic we will delete this one. Thank you for your understanding.

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Dell bios screen stops loading @ about 80%. When I restart and try and use ANY of the "F" keys or Ctrl Alt Delete or my OS disk or Diagnostic/utilities DVD's that came with my laptop... nothing happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Dell Inspiron 1525 with Vista. Bought Windows 7 and followed all the online and book instructions to install.
Now when I turn the computer on, the pretty Windows 7 screen opens and asks for my password then immediately turns to a black screen where all this information is scrolling so fast I can barely read it.
I can see something about Windows did not shut down properly...and crash dump files...


I can get into Safe mode but "run windows normally" takes me through the same loop as above over and over.

What am I missing here!?!!??


Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 Vista upgrade to Windows 7 = crash dump

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Hello there,

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 that I am looking at for a friend. I'm just going through the READ ME First steps on her behalf, before being able to post logs as I believe there to be some malware on there slowing the machine down.

However, everytime I boot it up, it sees different memory.

It's got 4GB installed, but it will sometimes see 2GB, sometimes see 4GB.

I've run MemTest86 on it but it says the memory is ok.

I've booted with each of the memory in the first slot and it boots up fine and stays stable.

I've never seen this before, and so am a bit stumped.

It was used by her ex-husband as a developer laptop, so I'm uninstalling a load of the programs he had on there in the hope it might have some effect, but I can't imagine that being the problem.

I'm just about to take it apart once again to clean the contacts once again and see if there's anything else on there that's not quite right. I haven't checked whether there's something in the slots themselves. I know my first ever computer had memory with dirty contacts and it caused me endless problems, but that was more with it constantly rebooting. That was eventually fixed by my University Lecturer who rubbed the contacts clean with an eraser and all was well (after the machine had gone back to DOS only due to it crashing when I tried to install Windows 95, then Windows 3.11).

This stays stable with whatever memory is seen d... Read more

Answer:2GB / 4GB Memory Seen - Dell Inspiron 1525 - Windows Vista Home Premium - 32-Bit

It's got 4GB installed, but it will sometimes see 2GB, sometimes see 4GBClick to expand...

Since the memory tests fine and each stick works in the first slot, the problem seems to be with slot #2. It sounds like it works sometimes and other times it does not.
Use a magnifying glass and clean the slot out; see if that makes a difference.

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Please read thoroughly before you reply.
The webcam problem is strange.
When I raised the issue with Dell, they have tried to troubleshoot. Dell diagnostics F12 could not detect any issue.
They have changed the webcam and cable and it was still not working. They changed the Motherboard and again no luck. They asked me to reset the system to factory and I did. Now, the Webcam is not there in the Device manager. In fact, the Imaging Device is not listed there. I have checked under hidden devices and still it was not there. Now they are asking me to take it to the service center for a checkup.
Can one anyone tell me exactly what is the issue? All my drivers are upto date. believe me, I have done every troubleshoot under the sun!
Your help will be most appreciated.   

Answer:Integrated Webcam is not working!

Hello. Probably better if you post on the Laptop Video board rather than here on the Laptop audio board.
murlignosisPlease read thoroughly before you reply.
I would  remove that and add the full model name of the laptop and the operating system.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 743 @ 1.30GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 3032 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 6 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228972 MB, Free - 207924 MB;
Motherboard: Advent, Verona
Antivirus: BullGuard Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Hi Everyone
I really am at the end of my tether over this one. I have downloaded what was required, as well has doing a full restore, but I cannot get my integrated webcam to work. It does not even acknowledge there is one at all. I have tried to go to the advent website to update any drivers, but it does not even list my netbook, which is is the Advent Verona. It just gives a serial number and I can find no mention of it at all either on my system or on the casing. Can anyone help please.

Answer:Integrated Webcam Not Working

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Hello Everyone,
I have this issue for 2 weeks now that I cant seem to solve, I have followed some instructions here and I could see the integrated webcam in device manager as a hidden device but semi visible (Ghosty like)
Can anyone help,

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As of 2 days ago my integrated webcam stopped working. I have a Dell inspiron 1440. When you open up webcam central it says "camera not found". Attempts to use skype work via audio, but not through visual. I can see other people, but they can not see me. I'm studying abroad this semester and would really hate to not be able to skype with my family! Please help!

Answer:Integrated Webcam not working

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

Have you tried doing a System Restore to a date/time before this started?

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I have a built in webcam on my Lenovo SL500 and I was able to video chat on Skype, but It doesn't seem to work on AIM!

Using it on Skype doesn't help me because I never use Skype. I am trying to video chat with MacBook users mostly and it works on Skype but not AIM 6.8

Will someone please help me work my built in webcam on AIM??!!

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Hi,System Details.HP Pavalion g6-1301 TXRam 4GBHardisk 500GBOperating System - Windows - 7 64bitFrom last one month my all three USB port and integrated webcam is not working.I tried diffrent options like windows repair and driver update but not able to solve problem.I am also attatching screenshot of driver manager if it helps.Thanks in advance for helping me.Thanks,Varun[recovering disk space, attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:USB and Integrated webcam not working

Were you using something like 3G USB dongle which you recently uninstalled from your laptop?Uninstall all items under Universal Serial Bus controller by right clicking each item and select uninstall from the menu. Also do same for the webcam. Reboot the laptop.If windows 7 came pre-installed with your laptop, did it also have HP updater installed? Because that updater BIOS and drivers. If you have the laptop motherboard CD, you can check by installing the driver version from the CD.

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is there any news with regard to the solution on getting the integrated webcam to work under win7 for HP Paviliion dv9000 series?
perhaps this forum is more appropiate than the one I used in March, see here please:
integrated webcam does not work after windows 7 install

thanks for any hint!

I've bought an external one so I can at least do video sessions but I'd like to use the integrate one again.

Answer:integrated webcam not working, HP Pavillion

Quote: Originally Posted by Baileys28

is there any news with regard to the solution on getting the integrated webcam to work under win7 for HP Paviliion dv9000 series?
perhaps this forum is more appropiate than the one I used in March, see here please:
integrated webcam does not work after windows 7 install

thanks for any hint!

I've bought an external one so I can at least do video sessions but I'd like to use the integrate one again.

First and most obvious is a driver issue. Please go into device manager and look to see if you webcam driver is installed and working
Please go to start>search>type device manager.
Are there any "unknown devices" with yellow triangles on them?
Is you driver there , listed, and working?

If y our driver is missing, or there is a yellow triangle on it, you will need to update it.

Let us know if you need further assistance


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Well, as you can see by the subject my integrated webcam is not working I don't know why. But if you're gonna recommend me to the device manager there's no imaging devices in there. But if you have a solultion please make it as simple as possible please and thank you.

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Hi everyone, I have a T61 14.1" that is about a year a half old now and the integrated webcam has started to intermittently fail. Over the past few months, I've noticed that whenever some software tries to start the webcam, it cannot initialise it. Once in a blue moon, it works. I doubt it's software since it's a problem that has happened even after I recently did a fresh recovery of my system.  Should I call it into Lenovo Tech Support? I have a 3 year extended NBD On-Site service..I would personally prefer emailing them, but I don't think there is a way to do that.--unless they do have email support? Can anyone please advise? thanks!

Answer:Lenovo T61 14.1" Integrated Webcam not working

Hi Maximaboy1,I think the best way to contact lenovo support is by telephone.Hope it helps.

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Hi, I just bought a brand new Lenovo B50-70 which came with windows 7 originally.Before doing anythig in the computer I upgraded it to windows 10 - Pro 64 bits.The camera is not working at all. At the beggining softwares would recognizer the camera but the image was always enterely black. I could see it in 'Device manger' I tried to install the newest drivers from: When trying to install the downloaded driver I get the message: 'No appropriate driver to be installed' I unistalled the driver by right click in device manger and now it disapeared.I tried many things and I couldn't bring it back. No software (eg. skype, web pages) could find the camera in tests.  Thanks for the help


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Answer:Integrated webcam not found/working B50-70

Hi educancellier  , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Power drain: 
Initially start by shutting off the PC and remove the battery (page 33)  and ac adapter charger. 
Press and hold down power button for 15 seconds. 
Place battery and ac adapter back in. 
Use the Novo key (item 3 page 10)to turn on . 
On the Novo Menu , choose BIOS set up , load defaults on F9 and press F10 to save and exit .
Check camera using your apps or go to online camera test sites similar to this and this
Install Lenovo settings and turn of privacy setting:
Scroll to the bottom of the settings page, under ?PRIVACY MODE? change ?Turn Privacy Mode? to ?Off?.
You can try downloading and install Lenovo Settings from the microsoft store . 
Download and install drivers again from the website ( try both versions ) 
Version "6.0.1325.3 / 6.3.9600.11103 /
Version 6.3.9600.11103 / 6.0.1324.7 / 
Restart . 
Update us how it goes. 

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hello everyone ,
i have this problem i need help with ,
i updated my os to my hp mini 110-1025dx into windows 10 pro and i found out that the webcam dosen't appear on the devices in device manger ,
after a few attempts to try download the right driver for it because i haven'r found it on the manufacture site i got it to work for a few moments and then is turned off again but i found it this time on device manager under hidden devices ,
i thought it was the os so i downgraded to windows 7 starter and i updated but i still have no webcam in the device manager whatsoever ,
would anyone help me with a link to the driver for the webcam plz ,i can't think of anything else to do .
best regards 

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My webcam is not working. It was working fine 3 months ago. When I try to start it, nothing error codes or anything. It just doesn't work. I've been to the Dell Product Support site to try and download factory installed software (using IE b/c it wouldn't work with Mozilla) and it tells me my service tag is not supported so I can't download factory installed software. I've gone to device manager and it shows up there. It shows up under my program files. I checked it for updates and it says it is up to date. grrrrr...
Any ideas of what next step should be?

Here's a copy of the TSG SysInfo

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD V160 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2811 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 223373 MB, Free - 149567 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., Inspiron M5030
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014, Updated and Enabled

Answer:M5030 integrated webcam not working

Go through this Dell article for troubleshooting webcam issues

Also someone discovered it was a cable problem.
I removed the bezel I could see that the ribbon plug was not seated properly. Re-seated, re-assembled and powered up. Straight away it downloaded the driver for the integrated webcam.Click to expand...

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I recently did a system restore of my HP G60-125nr. I checked the webcam to see if it is still functioning via "CyberLink YouCam" and it says "Cannot connect to this video device(USB Camera)". The cam was working perfectly fine before the system restore.

One thing I noticed, it's not a USB Device, so why is it being recognized as this? It is integrated not hooked to a USB Hub. I'm guessing this is the way it is supposed to be?

In addition, I've been reading every topic across the net that has different solutions to fix the problem. NONE have worked. I reinstalled/updated drivers, installed service packs, updated BIOS information, NOTHING WILL WORK! I'm very frustrated with it.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have an HP G60-125nr with Windows Vista 32-Bit OS. Any help would be amazing, as I'm about to rip the lid off my computer and smash this tiny integrated webcam. Thanks!!

Answer:Integrated Webcam no longer working.. HELP

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Hey guys i'm new to this forum and I'm not sure if i'm posting in the right section.

Anyways,here are the specs .

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name FAMILY-PC
System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
System Model Inspiron N7010
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz, 2533 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

So I bought this laptop about 2 or 3 years ago and the webcam was working fine till about 8 months ago.I don't know why but I somehow screwed up Dell Webcam Central by deleting some stuff from it without a proper removal installation and now whenever I try to install it,there's a message saying I got a newer version in my PC still and I tried uninstalling and removing everything related to it.I'm not sure but I think there is some kind of registry still in my laptop.I think this problem relates to my integrated Webcam not working,because when I go to a video chat website or skype the Webcam light would turn on for about a second and then turns off again.And when I try to open Webcam Central It doesn't even open and there is a Webcam Central icon in my taskbar.

I tried downloading and updating the drivers but no solution.


Answer:Dell Integrated Webcam isn't working

does the l/top offer a non destructive reinstall option

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ive been using my webcam daily but randomly today it stopped working and doesnt show up in device manager either.

I have a HP dv6z-7200/

Answer:Integrated Webcam Suddenly not working

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Hi guys, I have a new X1 thinkpad... initially the webcam was working but now I could not seems to get it work. I also could not see this in the device list. Tried re-installing the driver but it does not work. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? 

Answer:Integrated WebCam for Thinkpad X1 not working.

Anyone knows how to fix this issue? Need help please.

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Hello all, I hope this thread is posted in the correct place. If not, mods please feel free to move accordingly. I've got a newish HP notebook and I frequently use skype for voice and video chatting with friends and family; however, It recently has stopped working for no apparent reason. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but I did notice that the webcam stopped working after I updated skype recently. The microphone also now works intermittently.. If I initiate a call with skype, my microphone will not work, but if I make a test call to the echo test service it works, and then works subsequently on my call afterwards. If I go to initiate any type of video exchange, a picture of youcam displays as my webcam image asking to start my webcam as seen here in this picture from my skype webcam settings

This also shows when trying to use my webcam on chatroulette, omegle, etc.

Here, when I start the youcam program itself I get this error message

If I go to tools and settings in the youcam program (which I can only access when I start the program via skype?) I click the dropdown menu to select my webcam device but no options show.

Here is a picture of my device manager, which suddenly displays no evidence of the hardware, even after scanning for hardware changes.
I spent 45 minutes on the phone with someone from HP support and got no where. They tried to remote connect to my computer using some sort of HP support software instead of windows remote connect. ... Read more

Answer:Solved: HP Integrated webcam not working

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My first Lenovo and so far NOT HAPPY AT ALL.  I would swear I got a refurbished one as it did not come with ANYmanuals of any kind.  I figured it was on the hard drive.  So upon turning on the computer, and countless number ofminutes to set, I still could not locate any manual.  So now its a hit or miss.  Maybe I just dont get it! Anyways, after what seemed to be an eternity, I tried the webcam using the EasyCapture.  Lo and Behold, it statesthat the program "failed to open the camera".   I am Vista experienced (my desktop) and tried to locate the webcam.Nowhere on this computer does it show that one exists.  Even a hardware search shows nothing.  Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance.


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Answer:Y530 Integrated WebCam Not Working

Try firstly enabling your webcam by Fn+Esc combination.

//help will save the world

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I have a windows 10 laptop and was in a video skype call with a few of my friends until I got a message saying that there was a 'Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)' and I have no idea what that means. I now can't use my webcam
on anything, and the icon to video call people has disappeared as if it was never there in the first place! Can anybody help me please? I don't want to touch anything in case I get rid of it for good... 
Thanks If you can help!
- Ellie

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I have a Dell Vostro 5470, Windows 7 and the integrated webcam is not working. Every time I try to use it, on skype or anything else, I get an error saying that no webcam is not connected. I am not sure what is wrong here. Any help will be appreciated.


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My PC gives a very long beep when it starts up. But it does start up. More over, it automaticall types the / character in the password field sometimes.
sometimes behaves upnormally by not letting to type any character....
Y is it so?

Answer:Beep Sound while Booting Dell Inspiron 1525 windows vista home basic

Try running the Dell Diagnostics Test (the full version) to see if it detects any problems. Here's how: How to Run the Dell. If it does, contact Dell Support for assistance (there's a link near the bottom of the above article).

I hope this helps. If the test comes back completely clean, then post back and we'll try something else (or if your computer is still under warranty, contact Dell Support anyway as they should be happy to assist you and know more about your computer than we do).

Good luck!

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as the subject says ... i tried updating drivers (lots if not all) but it didnt work.. i've searched through and i am at my wits end >.< the device manager shows 'Lenovo easycam' and i can install drivers (for Bison)though when i use Youcam it says 'Youcam cannot connect to your webcam ( Lenovo easycam ). Try selecting other capture device within settings, or close any applications tahat may be using the webcam and then restart Youcam'when i use veriface it says 'Unable to turn on camera. Please check to see if the camera is working properly'  ... anybody know any way to solve this ?? ''preferably not by clean install of windows''

Answer:Z580 integrated webcam/easycam not working/cant ge...

Hi brother lenovo recommends a clean install for Ideapads.... READ THIS:

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I hope someone can help me.

My integrated webcam on my Toshiba Satellite R630 spontaneously stopped working in the last couple of weeks.

I have tried:

- Checking whether it is activated in BIOS and there's no option to select a webcam here.
- Restoring my laptop to an earlier state when the camera was working. This didn't work either.
- Updating the webcam driver - this installs the driver but then it disappears and nothing happens.

A few things that it might help to know:

- In Device Manager, 'imaging devices' is missing, so I cannot find the webcam driver here.
- I used to get a pop-up every time I turned on my laptop that was trying to load a bluetooth webcam but saying it couldn't. This has stopped happening; i think i turned it off in msconfig.
- It's not a hardware issue
- Yesterday I had a weird breakthrough moment - I'd downloaded an app to my phone to try and use it as a webcam via bluetooth. I'd turned on bluetooth on my phone and laptop. I plugged in my phone to my laptop and the bluetooth camera pop-up (see previous point) came up, but this time worked without the error message. However, instead of my phone working as a webcam, the blue light came on next to my integrated webcam and that started working. I thought it was fixed so closed everything and ejected my phone and the webcam stopped working again. I've tried to repeat this sequence but with no joy.

I'm out of ideas and really frustrated. Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite R630 - integrated webcam not working


If imagine device isn?t listed in device manager, then this means that the module could not be found. Even if the driver would not be installed, the module should be listed in BIOS as imagine device, unknown device, etc?
But this isn?t the case?

So I think there are two possibilities: the module is fault or the connection between the module and the motherboard (controller) isn?t established.

As far as I know the internal webcam module is connected to the USB controller.
If the connection drops (loose cable) the module will not be recognized in device manager?

So from my point of few it must be some hardware related issue?

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Hello,I have a Thinkpad X200 and am using Windows Vista.My webcam was working just fine, but then all of a sudden it was no longer being detected. I've tried re-installing the drivers and that hasn't worked. Funny thing is, a week ago the day my warranty expired I called to get the problem fixed. The guy remotely accessed my computer and I was paying attention for the most part - all it seemed like he did was turn on the camera center and repair the driver.. and it worked! But here I am, a week later (I never checked the webcam since I saw it work) and my webcam no longer works. I tried doing what I thought he did, but it didn't work.Any ideas?!

Answer:X200 Integrated Webcam not Working/Detecting

hey moey,go to the device manager, uninstall the camera driver, disable the camera. restart the unit.back to device manager, enable camera. since this is vista, i'm not certain if it has built-in generic drivers; if it has, then vista will install generic webcam drivers.once that is done, test the camera try the camera drivers that is available at

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I have tried using the suggestions as below:  1. Device Manager - Uninstall then Install. Update Drivers2. Lenovo Communications Utility- Select Normal, Show my video Image3. Check BIOS for enable webcam None of the steps have helped me get the webcam working. The green light on camera turns on, but it shows a grey picture of camera with a cross accross it. Please help. 

Answer:T440S Integrated Webcam not working Windows 7

Update. Now it shows as below. There is no other application running on my laptop. 

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I have an L540 refurb I got a couple months ago, and the webcam suddenly stopped working. Here's what it looks like when I try to use it anywhere. Any ideas?


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Answer:L540 integrated webcam stopped working

Hi Pantheist, Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with Camera on your ThinkPad L540. Check if there is any yellow mark in device manager under imaging device. Go to Start -- Lenovo setting ? Camera?and set it to Normal option. Check with uninstalling Lenovo dependence package application. Hope this helps.
Best regards.
Hemanth Kumar

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Hi, Just bought the Y500 that comes with the GT750M on it and found out that the webcam is not working at all. Patched the system with the latest win8 updates from Microsoft as well as latest Webcam's driver from Lenovo but nothing seems to work.Webcam or Imaging Device was not been listed under the Device Manager(Far left of the image below), however when going thru the Driverguide detection software, the site/program actually detected the webcam(hardware wise) but it was been placed along side with the Card Reader under a category  called => "UNPLUGGED"(Far right of the image below)For the card reader, I can understand that why it was been placed under the "unplugged:" category as it will only be activated or switch to "Plugged" mode when you insert a SD/MC Card into the reader. But as for the Webcam, I have no method/ways to trigger or switch on the camera thru the use of either Hotkeys or  via software integration.   Would appreciate if anyone here in the forum can provide me with some assistance on the webcam issue.Thanks

Answer:Integrated webcam on Y500(GT750M) not working

Welcome in Lenovo Community 
As per the error massage you faced so the only option you have to use is to contact the below support to have your machine checked at the service center as there is to things needs to be done with your machine whether to flash the bios or replacing the webcame itself 

Please let me know if there is anything else still required 

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Dear all,

the integrated webcam on my Satellite T130 isn't working.

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and already re-installed the 64bit webcam drivers through this website. Nevertheless, when I click on the webcam application, simply nothing happens - program doesn't open at all or shutdowns instantly. Skype also doesn't recognize a cam. Also, there is no webcam in the device manager (one undetected USB device though) and no cam symbol in the Toshiba quicklaunch ribbon, which is how the camera is started according to the "manual".

Anybody got an idea of what the problem is? Seems like a common problem according to Google, but no suggestions other than reinstalling drivers. Maybe some other application blocking the camera? Firewall settings?

I'd appreciate any support, thanks.

Regards Florian

Answer:Integrated webcam on my Satellite T130 isn't working

>one undetected USB device though

This might be the webcam since the webcam is connected to the internal USB controller on motherboard.

It looks like a webcam driver is not installed properly.
Try the webcam driver released for the satellite t230 or other Satellite series.
The versions are newer?

Furthermore recommend checking the BIOS settings.
In some cases the BIOS contain an webcam option where the webcam can be enabled and disabled.

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Hi,  i checked the previous post on this issue and i followed every step to solved it but it won't work ! My camera was working just fine, and suddenly it keeps saying that the camera is use by an another application, but I can't figure which one. I tried Skype and Messenger, and both application don't detect a webcam on my system. I'm facing theses issue :1. in device manager, i can't find Image Device on the menu2. I installed the driver 7tca23ww.exe several time, but the camera is still not working3. I tried to detect the webcam but install assistant can't find it Please help me solve this issue thanks running Windows 7 EnterpriseRAM 8.0 GBIntel core duo 2 

Answer:Lenovo W500 integrated webcam not working

Hi, I am having the same problem and I am very frustrated by it.  Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Moved yesterday to win 10 and after the switch i had no nvidia drivers and webcam is not working. I managed to update drivers for nvidia and its all fine but i still have Integrated Webcam in Device Manager as not installed because of no drivers.
Noticed it while trying to use camera on skype. It simply doesnt work like its not there. Tried to look for drivers and topics but havent found anything and looks like others odnt have the issue. Everything was fine before installing windows 10. 
I got Alienware 17x Mid 2013 

Any idea how to fix it? i got nothing now

Answer:Integrated Webcam Not working after windows 10 move

up, please anyone can help?

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I have installed windows 7 on my dv9040ea and in terms of drivers, I've followed exactly the guide explained by Daniel in the XP forum here:
Windows7 Upgrade Guide for dv6000/dv9000 models - HP Support Forum
However, my integrated webcam does not work! It neither shows a picture in MSN Live nor in the "Cyberlink Youcam", only the blue light next to the the webcam jumps on.
It is a pity. I'd love to use it again on live messenger.
Is there anyone who has an idea why or could help me finding it out? Thank you!
Daniela from Germany

Answer:integrated webcam does not work after windows 7 install

Quote: Originally Posted by Baileys28

I have installed windows 7 on my dv9040ea and in terms of drivers, I've followed exactly the guide explained by Daniel in the XP forum here:
Windows7 Upgrade Guide for dv6000/dv9000 models - HP Support Forum
However, my integrated webcam does not work! It neither shows a picture in MSN Live nor in the "Cyberlink Youcam", only the blue light next to the the webcam jumps on.
It is a pity. I'd love to use it again on live messenger.
Is there anyone who has an idea why or could help me finding it out? Thank you!
Daniela from Germany

Probably just a driver issue. type device manager in search, find the webcam tab. Is it there? does it have a yellow traingle on it? are there any other "unknown" devices with yellow triangles on them?
Ken J+

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Computer: Toshiba Satellite L830-10N
Platform: Windows 7

Hi guys,
I am having problems with my integraed microphone and also the webcam. Suddenly out of nowhere, it didn't want to work. I have tried to restore the system from a previous point where I knew it worked, I installed several anti-virus programs to clean the computer just in case of viruses and still nothing.

The Sound Recorder was also checked but when I try to record, an error message comes up and says "An audio recording device cannot be found."

I have also tried going to the Control Panel > Sound > Recording, but a message says that can not recognize anything.

Also, the system tels me that I have a problem with the WD SES driver, which seriously, i have no idea what it is but just in case it could be related.

It has been working before without any problem and I have not dowload or do some kind of suspicious action, but now it won't work.

I have checked previous answers related with the topic but none of them work for me.

Thank you so much.

Answer:Satellite L830 - Integrated microphone and webcam are not working

Is webcam listed in device manager (imaging devices)?

If you use Win7 64bit try to reinstall webcam driver .

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