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Laptop's audio periodically makes weird grinding/buzzing sound.

Question: Laptop's audio periodically makes weird grinding/buzzing sound.

First post, hope I'm doing this right.Hi guys, about 3 weeks ago I purchased a Lenovo ideapad 110. It's a great laptop, however, about a couple weeks ago, the laptop started making a loud grinding/buzzing sound when playing audio. The sound only lasts for second, but it's quite jarring, to the point where I have to take out my earphones and take a break from what ever I was watching/listening to. It also happens without earphones, so those aren't the problem. YouTube is when it mainly occurs, however other sites with audio have it too. I've tried playing with the audio settings and updating the drivers, it worked for a few days, but the sound has returned. My previous laptop, a hp did this too, but never this frequently, so what exactly is this? I'm not very tech-savvy, so I have no idea.Here are the spec if it helps.15.6-inch (1366 x 768 pixels) TN displayIntel Pentium N3710 Processor (1.60GHz 1600MHz 2MB) with Intel HD Graphics4GB RAM (up to 8GB), 1TB HDDWindows 10 HomeBuilt-in DVD Recordable DriveStereo Speakers with Dolby Audio, 3.5 mm Combo Audio JackUSB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, RJ45 Ethernet and 4-in-1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC)Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 acDimensions: 378 x 265 x 22.9; Weight: 2.2 kg24WH batteryThanks.

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Preferred Solution: Laptop's audio periodically makes weird grinding/buzzing sound.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I just got a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad 430 and whenever I insert a DVD into the DVD player and it starts playing, it makes a loud buzzing noise and the whole laptop starts to vibrate. It seems as if the DVD player is working really hard to get the disc going and I am definitely sure that while it may make some sound while playing the DVD, it is not supposed to buzz this loudly and make the whole laptop shake this much. Is it possible I can get this fixed? Or should I go get this replaced? 

Answer:DVD player makes whole laptop shake and vibrate with a loud buzzing sound

go into your BIOS menu, under config -> power -> Optical Drive Speed -> Choose normal or silent mode. Now retry.

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I have a Dell DImension Desktop (not a big Dell fan, but it was free, it's my only PC). Anyway, lately at startup I've been hearing a terrible grinding noise from insode the computer, it usually quiets down a bit later after startup, but a grinding/buzzing noise is always there to some degree.

I immediatly figured it was a HD problem, that the HD was grinding. I went to staples and picked up a new 80GB maxtor HD and installed it (removed the old one entirely). I re-installed windows at that point but the grinding noise IS STILL THERE! The noise is basically identical so I am starting to think that it was neve a HD issue, if it wasn't what else could possibly be grinding like that!? Maybe a fan somewhere? I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I obviously have no clue what's going on, please help me!


PS_ if it helps im running off of a GeForce FX 5200 256 MB Vid Card (ya, I know it's not the greatest), I havea GIG of staple's RAM and that's a bout all I think you'll need, plz help me out here!

Answer:GRINDING/BUZZING it the HD or..?(HLP!)

A fan is the only other moving part unless its a floppy or cd in the drives

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So, after a couple of days of using my brand-new acer aspire e15 (nvidia 840m, intel i3) I started noticing a little "rumble" sound every once a while, a little click that can be heard approximately once every two minutes or sometimes even more often (expecially when putting more acrtion into CPU). No luck getting any help online, it doesn't seem to be a hard-drive failure sound or anything that serious, sound more like the fan hits something while starting up, at least from what I could gather without opening it up. Should I just contact the warranty service right a way or maybe it's supposed to be like this? Any help appreciated.

Answer:Brand new AspireE15 makes a little grinding sound ...

There is no moving parts in the lower left corner.This is a hard one to diagnose without actually having it in your hands.Did you check if you left a CD in the drive? If I heard a rumble and clicking in mine, I would think HDD.I know a few days use isn't enough to get a lot of dust in it, but maybe something got into the cooling in packing, etc. Try blowing out the intake and exaust ports all the way through and see if anything comes out.

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So this problem seemed to come out of nowhere, I have no idea why it started. Basically, when I use my internet, eg: opening link, loading video or downloading randomly my speakers make a grinding noise and until the noise stops (can be 1-10 seconds) my internet drops (the internet icon on the bottom right shows it is still connected but nothing loads until the noise stops. Even then, the noise can drop in and out like 10 times in a minute and is constantly messing up the internet.

If someone could help, it would be much appreciated, my speakers are Logitech (doubt that makes much difference as I doubt the problem is linked to them and my LAN card is some Ralink thing, nothing special.

Here is a low volume recording of the noise, turn up your speakers to hear it well.

Answer:Speakers make buzzing/hiss/grinding noise and internet drops until sound stops

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So i was using my Compaq Evo N620c laptop( Windows XP) and i put it on stand by. When i came back, i started the laptop up and it started making a really loud high pitched noise almost like a whistle. I restarted the laptop and it started making the same noise. I went on safe mode and the noise stopped and everything louded perfectly. Than when i went back on my regular account and it started making the noise again. The noise only starts at the blue loading screen for XP. I had this laptop for 2 years and this is the first time this ever happened.

Will the noise stop if I open up my laptop and use a duster ( high pressure air) and i take out all the dust out of my fan and hard drive?

Thank You

Answer:Laptop makes a really loud grinding noise

No way to tell for sure what the noise is coming from with the info provided. Could be a fan, could be a hard drive. I suggest you go ahead and try blowing the dust out with canned air through the cooling vents. Use short bursts instead of a continuous blast. First blow air into the exhaust port first, then into the intake port. Repeat until no more dust appears.

Try one thing first... mute the sound. Audio hardware can do some strange stuff.


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My CD drive is making loud noises. This doesn't occur all the time. For example,I'm watching a DVD - Criminal Minds Season 4 and it allowed me to watch the episodes fine but when I tried to watch a deleted scene, it made this loud grinding noise and it wouldn't stop even when I clicked stopped in Windows Media Player. It only stopped when I removed the DVD.

This also occurred when I was watching another DVD, I was trying to skip through it and it made that loud grinding noise again but it still played after it got to where I wanted it to be. But with the Criminal Minds DVD, it won't work even when I leave the DVD grinding to see if it'll go to the deleted scene.

I don't understand what's going on. I barely used it before but now it's acting up. I never dropped my laptop or hit it.

I'm attaching the sound it makes. I hope there's a way I can fix this on my own.

Btw, the deleted scene worked on my sister's Toshiba laptop. It made no loud noises. It was smooth.

Edit: Here is the sound it makes. It's the one named DVD drive

Answer:Asus Laptop CD Drive Makes Loud Grinding Noise

A DVD drive will make noise. Whirring and a little bit of clunking and ticking are normal, but a solid grinding sound does not sound good. You may have to replace that DVD drive.

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Hello Team,
I just recently purchased a brand new dell XPS 15" corei7 I am pretty happy with my system but it is making a silent but annoying buzzing sound while browsing the web, scrolling over the toolbar or opening a web page with moving graphics on it and even opening a new folder or file makes a buzzing sound.
I tried to search for a solution over the net but wasn't helpful. If anyone can help me hear please.
Kind Regards

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As of a day ago my pc won't start. I hit the power button, lights turn on on the tower, the monitor shows nothing, and there is a very quiet repetitive buzzing sound coming from the speaker on the motherboard. I think it buzzes six times and then nothing. I can then hit the power button again and all the lights instantly turn off.
Yesterday I opened it up and blew it out (it was VERY dusty) but that didn't help.
Any ideas?

Answer:PC won't start and makes buzzing sound

Try another power supply.

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The computer make a really lound continuous buzzing sound. sounds like the fan is going crazy but its not the fan. please help 

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Hello! Registered to ask help with this problem. My computer has been making odd buzzing sound under stress for some time now. It happens usually when I try to play newer games but sometimes just using web browsing or Youtube induce lesser sounds. I've changed CPU cooler, GPU and memory sticks during this time, and that hasn't changed the situation. Here's a recording of the sound:

I moved the phone around to locate the source of the sound and I think it's coming from bottom half, below GPU, possibly near PSU. Is there anyway to test if it's the PSU?

I'd appreciate the help, this has been bugging me for quite some time. I know I shouldn't wait around with a computer making disturbing noice, but what can I say.

(One detail I noticed is that Speccy gives my memory sticks speed as 933MHz when is should be double that.)

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8087 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 244195 MB, Free - 7920 MB; D: Total - 473767 MB, Free - 51859 MB; E: Total - 479998 MB, Free - 382510 MB; G: Total - 1907725 MB, Free - 109344 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, Z77 Pro3
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Computer makes buzzing sound

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I bought a W541 with 4gb of ram and 1 750gig HD with the intention of upgrading the ram to 32gb and installing 2 hds in raid myself. After I got the computer i found out that if I didn't order it with RAID it wouldn't support it, so I ordered another of the same computer with RAID to replace it. While I was waiting for the replacement I installed the ram in the computer and it worked fine. Now I have the new computer, the only difference is that it has the RAID chip, and thats working fine, but when I installed the ram all the computer would do when you turned it on was make a high pitch buzzing sound. I thought maybe it had gotten a static shock while I was switching it so I sent it back for another 32 gb kit. Today the new kit came in, and its the same thing, all the computer does is make a high pitched buzzing sound.  Any ideas? TL;DR: W541 with raid will not even post with 32 ram upgrade. I bought the G.Skill Ripjaws 1.35V F3-1600C9Q-32GRSL, but that shouldn't matter as it worked in the first computer.


Go to Solution.

Answer:32 GB Ram upgrade, computer only makes a buzzing sound

I have not used that RAM, but it should work. All I can suggest is that you make sure you have the latest BIOS. Looking at the change log, at least v 2.09 fixed a memory detection problem.

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Back around the first of the year I sent my xps 17 L1702x back to the depot to replace a bad motherboard. Ever since then I have noticed a buzzing sound in the speakers when the volume is half way up or louder. I can press down on the top of the hand rest area, and the buzzing stops Has anyone else experienced this problem? I would hate to have to send the computer back to the depot for this but it's driving me crazy!

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So my acer labtop makes a tazing (buzzing sound) when i watch videos in vlc or youtube i use iptorrents its a private tracker and is not supposed to have as many virus's due to the fact that the uploaders on the site scan the files before putting them up, ever since i downloaded a movie pack from the site my labtop has been doing this ive also uninstalled vlc and reinstalled it and it still does it if someone could reply and let me know how to fix the problem to get rid of the noise that would be great.

Answer:Acer Labtop makes tazing (Buzzing sound)

Hi which laptop is it?  I just got the new vn7 792g and am finding it makes an electrical buzzing sound sometimes.  Does changing your power plan settings make any difference?I believe it is known as coil whine or coil noise.  If that's what you have then it's nothing to do with viruses or anything, it's inductor coils on the motherboard vibrating depending on what power your cpu or gpu is drawing.#I'm thinking of talking to acer support about it as it is really quite irritating.

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This happens every once in a while and I cannot figure out what is causing it. The laptop freezes and buzzes and forces me to shut it down via the power button.  Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on? The past two times it has happened it was when I was using Chrome.  Total amount of system memory: 4.00 GB RAMSystem type: 32-bit operating systemNumber of processor cores: 4 Display adapter type: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000Total available graphics memory: 1298 MBDedicated graphics memory: 64 MBDedicated system memory: 0 MBShared system memory: 1234 MBDisplay adapter driver version: 

Answer:W520 Freezes and makes loud buzzing sound

Hi, zackh123
I would recommend checking the logs in Event Viewer, which can be found under Control Panel ? Administrative Tools. Once in Event Viewer, open the folder Windows Logs and check out the System logs. Try going back to the last time this occurred and check for any errors or warnings that may lead to the system freezing like this.
Also, what is your operating system? And from where does the buzzing sound seem to come from?
Thanks in advance,Adam

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Hi guys

I have a problem with my hp dv7 with amd a8 3500m and more specs there :
I know there is others post who are like mine but I already checked most post in the intrenet about freezing in game ...

Sometime when I make medium to heavy use of the gpu (gaming and watching blueray movies) my computer will froze and start buzzing ( the noise come from the speaker of the computer or my monster speaker if they are plugged in )

When it do that im forced to force restart ctr alt del is not working (a interesting fact is then if I ctr alt del at the sec of the crash occur I switch tab and or backround the game /movie I will be fine until I click on it)

I uninstalled/ installed latest and or beta driver, formated my ssd where my os is and reinstalled windows 7 and still the same crash

(installed today my dad's windows 8 and gained a couple fps but it still crashing )

I cleaned my fan checked heat (its fine) and run prime 95 2 hour and memtest 2 hour too

Interesting facts :

-if I ctr alt del at the sec of the crash occur I switch tab and or backround the game /movie I will be fine until I click on it.

- the crash usally occur in the first hour of gaming/watching movies but not always and can occur multiple time with all games and movies but after 2 or 3 crash im usually fine for a while or the day
-the buzzing sound came from what im listening right before the crash)
- I already had b... Read more

Answer:My PC freezes and makes buzzing sound in game or when watching HD movies

Are you overclocking the CPU or GPU? Example would be using the AMD Catalyst software (under AMD Overdrive) and increasing clock settings? Maybe played with the BIOS settings and overclocked the CPU? It sounds like you are putting too much stress on the GPU portion of your AMD A8 3500M chip, and it may just be heating up too much. If you haven't yet tried, install CPUID HWMonitor to check on the temps as your gaming or watching movies to see how high the temps get.

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Computer Freezes whilst gaming and makes buzzing sound this has happened for the past few weeks, i have tested the ram using mem test and replaced each chip but its still happening and im un sure why

This might be solved already but im insure where to go from now, i have also tried underclocking the ram and underclocking the cpu but im still having the freezing issue.

Answer:Computer Freezes whilst gaming and makes buzzing sound

A buzzing sound may mean a capacitor going bad. Open the case and get a flashlight and check them visually until better advice is given.

Search Google images for "bad capacitor" to see how they would look like.

Another thing that comes to my mind is the buzzing is a faulty fan? Get HWInfo and check CPU and GPU temps.

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So i have a brand new dell inspiron 15 7567(4gb ram, i5, gtx 1050, 1tb hdd) and its only been a week now im currently facing an annoying problem which is the buzzing sound u can hear whether on the speaker or headphones when im plugging in or out the charger though im not facing this problem back then..I tried:uninstalling/updating the audio driver, I'm still facing the problemrun diagnostics using supportassist but there seems no problemhopefully its not a motherboard, power supply problem.also noticed that performance drops when im disconnected on the charger although all setting are set to high/maximum performance.
please help 

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Hi,I have had my HP laptop (the model is Notebook- 15-r237nl) for about a year and a half now. Usually, it was making a very strong buzzing noise in the beginning, when I was switching it on, which I found out is normal. Then, it started making softer buzzing noises; however, if I turned the laptop off and on again, they were going away.Now, it is a couple of days that it keeps buzzing quite loud, and it doesn't go away when I try to switch it off and on again. Can anybody help me? Also, it should be some kind of assurance or assistance included for the first two years, right? Thank you very much!!! 

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heare is a link to my speakers i do not understand this as if i use google crome on the same web page and scroll on g chrome it dose not make the grinding sound

Answer:weird grinding sound coming out of speakers when scrolling on firefox?

That is usually a setting in System Sounds. The panel for System Sounds can be found in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound.

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Hi, I have an Hp Pavilion dv2700 special edition laptop. I used to have Vista, but now I have windows 7 after I got the computer fixed. I downloaded and installed some programs, but I didn't like the effect they had on my computer after running them, and so I did a system restore to a previous date, which changed the settings back to when I didn't have those programs. Ever since, Windows has been installing updates to my computer, and some of those updates were obviously for the audio device installed in/on the system.

My question is for some reason, (and I can't really discern when the problems started arising), every time I try to listen to something on my computer like songs or videos, etc.-- with moderate volume level--and I try to load something else and/or the hard drive is active, the sound coming out of the my speakers starts to crackle and make weird electric-like grinding noises. This never happened to me before with vista, and it's irritating me a great deal now. Is there any way to fix this problem? Or am I just stuck with this?

Oh and I forgot to mention...when I plug in my headphones the sound continues to play on my speakers rather than within my headphones, any explanation for this? And what I could possibly do about it to fix it?

Thanks for the help in advance; truly appreciate it .

Answer:Speaker sound crackle or make weird grinding, electric type noises

I just checked the HP website and they do not support Windows 7 on the Pavilion dv2700, meaning they don't have any drivers for Windows 7.Evidently you didn't check that out before installing Windows 7 on it.Drivers for HP laptops are custom-made for the manufacturer (or at least some of them are) so that they match the custom-made components.Furthermore, although HP do have Windows Vista drivers for your Pavilion dv2700, they are not guaranteed to work properly on Windows 7.I'm guessing that's the cause of your current sound problem. Go back to Vista & you will almost certainly have no such problem.If you want Windows 7 buy it pre-installed on a new laptop which has been designed to run it, or before upgrading the OS in future, check that suitable drivers are available from the laptop maker's website!If you were led to believe that all Windows Vista drivers will work just as well on Windows 7, you've been misinformed.

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please i need help... my laptop keeps freezing and make a buzzing noise while watching a video or playing video games on it... this has happened to me for a long time so please reply back... thank you.

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Well i was playing a game i think it overheated im not sure cause its like over 100+ and i was playing games. Anyway there was a screen that was a bunch of colors i think mostly purple or pink but whatever. So i shut down my computer and when i turn it on it makes a buzzing noise for like a minute. I cleaned the inside of the computer all the dust out from the fans and all that but it still makes the sound. Also after the buzzing sound it turns off then back on then a light buzzing sound for a bout 4 or 5 mins then i think its gone.

Its either that or because i turn on my modem then turn on my computer a second later.(i dont usually do that)

Whats wrong with it and does like anything fry or something? Please help. Thanks

Answer:Weird buzzing sound

I think its because i turn my modem on then turn on my computer a second later because i just restarted it and it didnt make the sound anymore it started like a normal computer.

I still dont know whats wrong and what happened when it made the colored screen something.

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Built my first computer 3 days go, everything was fine, but today a buzzing sound appeared.
it only happens when i turn any game on.
click here Intel I7 6700k 4Ghz
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080 OC
Motherboard: ASUS Z170-A
RAM: 16GB (4x4GB) Dominator Platinum DDDR4
PSU:Corsair CX750 (750W)

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Ok folks, I got a weird one for you. There is a buzzing sound coming from the MOBO... NOT the FAN !

Anyone ever heard of this before ?

When powered on, it doesn't start right away. It starts a couple of minutes after powering on the machine.

Once again its not the fans.

Any Ideas ???

Answer:Weird Buzzing Sound

Nevermind I figured it out : )

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop, about 4 years old.

I've had this problem for a while now. Whenever I take my laptop inside my bedroom, unplugged or plugged in, doesn't matter, when I try to watch a YouTube video, 10-30 seconds in my laptop freezes and makes a loud buzzing noise from either my headphones or speakers (depends on what I'm using). If I leave it in my room it can take up to 1 minute to recover, while if I grab it and walk out of my room, and go to the living room it recovers immediately. My bedroom is 11-12 meters away from the router (I'm 99% sure this is an internet issue), and I have 3-4 bars of internet connection when inside it.
We also have an old computer (like 2008 or something, but the specs are pretty bad) and when we used to have it inside my bedroom it would never crash (we use wireless internet with the desktop as well, with a usb wireless adapter). Both are running the same operating system (Windows 7)

This has been a problem since the first time I tried to take my laptop in my room. Due to this problem, I am forced to do everything on my living room aka no privacy. I'm begging for a solution.
I did not buy this laptop, it was a gift from someone from what I remember. It used to have a hard drive which broke (had this problem with the first harddrive), so we changed to another harddrive, then that broke as well and now i'm using a Kingston SSD, and the problem is still here. I know its not a harddrive issue, just stating that the problem still ... Read more

Answer:Laptop freezes for 1 minute & makes a loud buzzing noise in my room

If needed, I can record my laptop while it's happening and show you the video.

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Hi, I recently bought a T410 Thinkpad with Intel integrated graphics (boo), and it runs great except for its audio.  The audio problem is less noticeable if played quietly and with the microphone disabled.  The audio however; whether played through built in speakers, hooked up speakers (through headphone jack), or even usb headsets, does a strange hissing every so often.  Its most noticeable on external speakers, secondarily on the built in ones.  This hissing/buzzing/sibilance whatever you want to call it sounds like a cd skipping for like .5-1 sec, its like if your on Ventrillo and someone is lagging hardcore when they try to speak.  This skipping is not nearly as obtrusive through an usb headset, although if one concentrates they can hear it manifest in odd .2 sec gaps or so in the song, buy atleast it isn't painful. This problem seems to be prevalent across multiple Lenovo models (most notably the Edge 13"), been looking everywhere to find a good solution.    Does anyone have a solution for this problem which makes mp3's and movies painful to get through?   Sincerely,Michael S PS. My audio drivers are updated, i think my BIOS is also.  

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So I don't have a tv, so I connected my xbox one to my Dell Inspiron 2330! I have the sound of the xbox, and I have 1 sound I don't know what is. So basically, I connected my xbox one with HDMI to my computer and some weird buzzing sound is coming from the inside of the computer when I switch to the hdmi monitor! 
Can you help, please?

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Starting about a week ago whenever any audio is being played through my computer (speaker or headphone) I will hear a buzzing sound and occasionally the audio with skip. This happens weather I am playing audio that is being streamed from the internet or that is on my computer directly.

I have tried several things to fix this problem including installing all windows updates that are available as well as updating my audio drivers.

I am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit. My computer model is hp pavilion dv7t quad 6100 and I have IDT high definition audio codec driver version 6.10.6381.0 which my computer says is the latest driver version. Updating to this version has not solved the problem, however.

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. If there is additional info that is neccesary, please let me know and I will post it.

Answer:IDT High Def Audio, buzzing sound when playing any sort of audio.

Unplug the speakers from the PC and see if you still get the buzz with headphones. Some "buzz" problems can be related to "AC power ground loop" problems if some separately powered devices are connected.

Noise and skipping are problems that have been posted here before. There is no "one fix" for that. There are possible hardware problems, drivers (including video drivers), Interrupt issues, Wi Fi caused, etc.

Skipping can be because the other device that is on the shared Interrupt that the sound is on is interrupting the sound. Sound is always on a shared interrupt (IRQ) with a higher priority device. You can try this: go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the IDT and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT check the box to uninstall the drivers. Then restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect the sound and reinstall it and some times put it on a different shared IRQ.

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I recently got the pop up to download windows 10 I did I turned my sound up and it started making this constant sound like a crashing sound although my computer isnt crashing its perfectly fine I can't turn the volume past 18 or I get that sound .. but with the volume being at 18 I find it really hard to watch videos or listen to music its impossible.
my audio is Realtak high definition audio
and my computer is HP Pavilion
any help would be very much appreciated

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Operating system: W7 Homepremium 64bit

This has been happening for months, everytime when I scroll in google chrome, panning and zooming images through Windows Photo Viewer, my computer makes a buzzing sound through the external speakers not the internal pc speaker, typicaly in a weird frequency when I do scroll/pan/zoom. This also happens in some other apps but surprizingly it does not happen on Mozilla firefox.

By the way, my google chrome is updated to the latest version. Sometimes it gets really annoying as the frequency disrupts my ear.

Thank you very much. All help is appreciated!

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I've only had my laptop for 3 months, and I've had the grinding sound for maybe a month now. It's mostly when I turn it on. But it also resumes grinding at a constant pace every few seconds, it grinds for a part of a second, even as I type this. It's a very low sound, though, unlike when it starts, it's a bit louder.

I've also been having slowdown issues, as I'm sure that's relevant.

It's an HP Pavilion zt3340ea
512 RAM
Centrino 1.6
60 GB

Answer:New laptop grinding sound

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I have windows 7 32 bit and I having a problem with my sound themes . Its set to windows default and l the orginal sounds are factory but when the computer turns off or on it makes a loud zoom noise . So I tried to look for the file on the computer to remove it couldn't find it. I changed the theme to no sounds and none of the sounds worked but when I turned the computer off it still did it ant suggestions

Answer:Windows makes weird sound

Could this be the speakers are actually doing this and not the PC? Plug a headset in and see if you get the same thing.

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone else had experience with an issue I am having.  I just got my new Y510p laptop and a fan has been making a constant buzzing noise.  It sounds like the fan is loose in the housing or ill-fitting and grinding aginst its housing.  I have a y510p with 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GT 750m graphics cards in SLI configuration, with 8gb ram.  The noise is coming from the fan on the left hand side of the computer.  The fan (and noise) starts as soon as the laptop is powered on.  From experience with previous laptops, I believe the CPU is located on the left side and this is a problem with the CPU fan. I consider this a serious issue, and will be returning the laptop in a few days if the problem presists.  I hope that the fan may "break itself in" over the course of time and the issue resolve itself. Best Regards,Erik

Answer:Lenovo y510p Fan noise : grinding / buzzing

I have recently brought 12 Pcs of IdeaPad Y510p to sold out in Nepal. One of my customer told me he is ireeted while working at night in Peace place due to the Buzz sound which produce in Laptop. After this i checked in my rest of the Laptop and hear the same problems, what is the problem, is this Factory Dafult or some thing.
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I have a Viewsonic Optiquest Q7b-3 monitor. For the longest time, it was working just fine on me... until just the other day. Now, whenever I plug it in, it won't turn on. If I hook up the monitor to a PC or a Laptop, the little light under the power button will flash about three times, stop, and nothing will show up on the monitor.

About half a year ago, it did something similar to this, but I was able to fix it by replacing a domed capacitor. It worked perfectly... Up until now, of course. I opened up the monitor, and after looking at all the capacitors, none of them seem bad or even domed this time.

Here's the thing though; while I have it opened up and it's plugged into the wall, I can hear a faint buzzing noise. The faint noise sounds sorta like "Wee-ooh wee-ooh wee-ooh wee-ooh", and will continue until I unplug it.

Anyone have any idea's? It is now trashcan-filler, or do you think it is still repairable?

Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks in advance~

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I'm not sure where I need to post this problem. But, out of the blue my computer will make a Siren sound and a minute and then Shut off. When I trun it back on it makes the sound for a minute then loads. This had happend a total for 4 times now. I have done all my scans and I have a Clean HJT log. I have NO idea what is going on....

Please help

This last time it just happend I wasn't even on the computer.

Answer:Computer makes a weird sound and turns off

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I have had my new pc for a few months now and I have noticed within the past couple weeks or so I get these REALLY ANNOYING audio glitches during music playback. Like a 3 second metallic skipping noise every so often.....maybe once a song. At first I thought it was iTunes but the problem also happens when playing music on the emusic website. I tried uninstalling the realtek audio drivers and having windows 7 reinstall them but no luck. any ideas?

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So I just updated my Toshiba laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and now I'm having audio problems. At first after I upgraded I had no sound. I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling my Realtek audio driver. Now thankfully I got my sound back, but now whenever I play audio the sound isn't clear anymore Especially when I use YouTube. I updated my Realtek audio driver from version to and I still hear the buzzing! I tried audio troubleshooting and it said the problem couldn't be identified. What do I do?

Answer:Continuous audio buzzing but with sound!

Hi there and welcome to the forum

Have you checked and confirmed you are using the correct audio playback device in your audio properties?

Have you got the speakers (and other settings) configured correctly in audio playback device?

Have you also checked to confirm whether running the driver in combination with Toshiba Audio Enhancement stops the speakers buzzing?

Have you tried an earlier driver version? For instance for example.

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I have a hp envy with win 10 OS and anything played with audio music or movies I get lots of buzzing and sometimes freezing of movie also, th laptop is only 4 months old, anyone help please

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So I just updated my Toshiba laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and now I'm having audio problems. At first after I upgraded I had no sound. I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling my Realtek audio driver. Now thankfully I got my sound back, but now whenever I play audio the sound isn't clear anymore Especially when I use YouTube. I updated my Realtek audio driver from version to and I still hear the buzzing! I tried audio troubleshooting and it said the problem couldn't be identified. What do I do?

Answer:Continuous audio buzzing but with sound!

Hi there and welcome to the forum

Have you checked and confirmed you are using the correct audio playback device in your audio properties?

Have you got the speakers (and other settings) configured correctly in audio playback device?

Have you also checked to confirm whether running the driver in combination with Toshiba Audio Enhancement stops the speakers buzzing?

Have you tried an earlier driver version? For instance for example.

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Theres this annoying buzzing sound while playing music or any kind of audio, this just popped up today it was fine yesterday, and I didn't update/install anything. This only happens with the computer speakers, when I plug in headphones the sound is fine. I'd show you the audio clip but I'm not sure how, I'm not great with computers so if you need to know anything about it tell me.

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I'm not sure if I'm infected or if this is a hardware issue or something else, but ever since my AVG Free 30-day subscription expired I've been having serious issues with my laptop. There were some infections on my computer earlier and Symantec's anti-virus client is holding several files in quarantine, but I wasn't having major problems until my AVG stopped working. Now, when I start windows I get the following message: "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I reinstalled the trial version of AVG to see if it would clear things up but now I get a similar error message for that program. My laptop will also occasionally restart for no reason (it tends to happen when I am browsing the web and especially when I'm viewing streaming video). If anyone has any idea what the problem might be, I could really use some help. Thanks!Here's the most recent HijackThis log:Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 17:48:34, on 2/15/2009Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16791)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program F... Read more

Answer:Potential infection - laptop periodically auto-restarts, weird error message on startup


Apologize for the delay in response we get overwhelmed at times but we are trying our best to keep up.
If you have since resolved the original problem you were having would appreciate you letting us know If not please perform the following below so I can have a look at the current condition of your machine.

Thanks and again sorry for the delay.

Before we can continue, please post a fresh HijackThis log back here

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HelloI just bought a Yoga 510 80VB00CSSP and even though I haven't use it much, recently, when I turn it on it makes a weird sound (video can't be attached). It sounds like white noise from a TV or radio. Apparently it starts fine, but I'm worried about the sound. Any idea what it is? Any solution?Thank you

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I recently bought the HP Pavilion 15ab570TX, I've had it for only a few days before this problem arised. I was watching a series on the laptop when suddenly the sound went away, and a buzzing sound from the laptop (could be fan or from audio itself) replaced it. Now, whenever I turn on the laptop, a loud buzzing sound appears. I went on youtube to check the audio status but I couldn't hear anything eventhough the speakers icon says the speakers are okay and the sound is well above 66. What is the problem? I don't understand how it can be dust issues because I've kept the laptop clean and covered most of the time. It's been approximately three days since I received the laptop.

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I hear a buzzing sound from my audio speakers, and this post actually explains it nearly perfectly.

Hey guys. So I finally got finished with my Cosmos Mod (which I hope to have up and posted on the forums soon ) but I'm having some trouble with buzzing and crackling with the headphones plugged into the front jack.

My Cosmos case comes equipped with the HD Azalia front audio connector in addition to the AC '97 audio connector. When completing my wire management and sleeving, I decided to remove the AC '97 connector since I only needed the HD Azalia connector, which is attached to my Creative X-Fi Extreme Gamer sound card. So I simply cut the AC '97 connector off. I did not cap each of the exposed remaining wires as they were very small in diameter and I figured I would just sleeve over it and try it.

Problem: When I plug any of my three pairs of different headphones to the front panel I have buzzing and crackling whether games or programs are making sound or not. I especially have crackling when I move my Razer Death Adder around, which seems really weird. I've got the Death Adder plugged directly into my Logitech G15. By the way, I've also got my wireless Logitech mouse plugged in and when I move that one around, there is no ill effect on the sound. ??

When I've got the headphones plugged in directly to the sound card at the back of the computer, I've got perfect silence. No interference at all with each pair o... Read more

Answer:Buzzing sound from front audio outlet


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Upon startup the rear fan makes a grinding noise. This eventually settles out. This concerns me as no grinding noise should occur, especially right out of the carton.

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Recently a grinding noise can be heard when I turn on my PC, but not always. So far it has happened twice, the first time I looked inside my PC but found nothing, and the second time it stop after about 5 minutes once the computer had been turned on. I have literally no idea what it is as nothing is touch any of the fans and both HDD's in my build feel fine when I rest my hand on them.
I've made a video of the noise, for which the link is below. You may have to turn your volume up slightly to hear it, but it is much louder in reality.
YouTube Video
Any help will be appreciated,

Answer:PC makes grinding noise when turning on

The CPU cooler is most likely loose because I've had a similar issue where when the CPU fan spins fast, it makes a similar noise.

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I'm simply frustrated. My laptop just goes off unexpectedly(completely shuts down at 30-31%).  No warning, no nothing. It's been almost a year since I bought it; precisely 10 months.  Whenever the shut down occurs I hear this noise I like to call white noise. High pitched and squeaky kind of sound just as it goes off. Like the sound that would occur when you put off those old televesion systems. This has never happened before and I have absolutely no idea why it's happenning. My laptop hasn't been subjected to anything unusual like excess heat or whatever.  I'm being robbed of another 23% of my battery; my laptop usually goes off at like 7 percent. Furthermore, it doesn't actually go off it just goes into a state where I can resume from where it went off. But now, it completely shuts down with this white noise at 30%. Any help??

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My power supply has been making some kind of grinding noise. I thought it might have been one of my HDDs, but that proved false. The noise comes about for no apparent reason. When it does happen though, I just hit the back of my comp and it goes away. Any info is appreciated.

Answer:power supply makes grinding noise

eheh, that's not very smart, damaged PSUs have been know to literally explode,flames and all, if i were you, i would trash and spend $50 for a decent PSU off of and hope it doesn't fry ur system before you do so

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I have a four year old HP Pavilion with windows XP. Three years ago, the CD drive needed to be replaced so we bought a used one for $10. It worked fine until today. I ejected the tray and it only came out halfway and made a grinding noise. I inserted and ejected it a couple more times and it did the same thing. Then, it finally wouldn't open at all. Now when I try to eject it, the light flashes and it makes the same grinding noise but it doesn't open.

I tried to eject it from My Computer and it did the same thing. I take classes on the computer and use CD's for class so I need my CD drive. Is there any way I can fix it? I'm a student on a small income and I don't know when I could afford another one. If there's something I could do to get it working again, that would be great. I'll try to answer all your questions.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:CD Drive will not open, makes grinding noise

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Even when it is just sitting there doing nothing. If I open a new window, racing noises, like the fan gearing up and down loudly. When opening programs grinding noises. I am not sure what to do about this, is it something simple?

Answer:Computer makes racing and grinding noises


Is this a laptop or a desktop?

What is the make and model of the system?

How old is the system?

How long has the problem existed?

Also, grinding noises are usually just old worn fans, which is it is a desktop, can easily be replaced. What has me wondering is why it goes to full fan speed everytime you do something.



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Hi All
Bought G45-50 laptop and i am having trouble when playing movies or listenting to music it intermittently freezes for half  secong and makes a buzzing noise like it has disconnected. Really annoying.
I have upgraded to windows 10. i saw there was a download for a amd driver or something like that for windows 10 so i downloaded it but not sure if installed or made a difference as not very tech savy.
Any help is really appreciated as it is driving me nuts. I play movies through vlc and music through itunes
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hi there
i have recently fitted a new power jack tp my satellite 4090cds and now i have no audio just an annoying buzz comming through my speakers, this is the only sound i have regardless what i do.
At the moment i have disconnected my speakers from the mother board i have checked all my drivers and other settings, although it is a old laptop it is upgraded and is running windows xp pro.

thanks tony

Answer:Satellite 4090cds: speaker issue - no audio just an buzzing sound


is the buzz there all the time or only when there should be a Windows sound / other sound?

BR Tom

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At first I thought I had a problem with my amplifier or dirty ac.  But when I plug in my tablet, phone, mp3 player, dvd player etc using the same cable there is no buzzing.  I have tried it on 3 other amps, same problem faint buzzing noise, even when running on battery and not run on a/c. I think i might have a bad sound card, ground issue, but it is strange that it works fine with headphones when it is not amplified from theheadphone jack.  The HDMI audio is also fine. Anyone else experiencing this with their Horizon?

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Just finished installing my upgrades to my computer, including a nice new H100, and it would appear my hopes for a silent PC one day have been blown out of the water, with this cooler at least. The pump unit is making a sound like...well...a loud pump really, a constant grinding/buzzing/humming noise, kinda like a failing hard drive spinning. I know for a fact they are not meant to perform this way, and I have read many topics about this, but I am a little uncertain still.

Has anyone actually encountered this problem and/or knows how to fix it? Replies I have seen involve:

-Shaking it/bending pipes/generally moving it about (perhaps moving air bubbles?)
-Lowering the voltage (apparently at 12V the pump can be prone to this)

Obviously the shaking/moving thing is a pain cause you just gotta keep doing it till it works (or doesn't), and it requires the removal of the block which requires thermal paste to be reapplied, etc, pain in the ass. The voltage thing sounds very plausible, but I'm not sure exactly how to fix it.

Can anyone give me a specific/accurate explanation of what the noise is and/or how I can (prefereably not might, but rather can) fix this?


Answer:H100 pump makes somewhat loud grinding noise


This site here had quite a few solutions such as those I mentioned earlier:
Corsair H100 pump noise

I have tried tapping the pipes, that only made it a bit louder, and I've cycled through the pump settings but that has done nothing. I don't want to remove the block because I'm in debt and I have no thermal paste I can use if I need to replace what is on there already which is probably a good idea. I have no molex to molex adapter I can use to make a makeshift voltage adapter either. Bit of a predicament :P

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My desktop has been making this odd grinding noise for the past 2 weeks. Not every day but sometimes every other day.

It only happens upon cold boot , or sometimes when restarting. I never hear the grinding noise while the computer is just on or doing other tasks.

I opened it up to see if anything was loose but it doesn't seem this is the case.

Since i don't have some sort of meter tester for my PSU, is there any other way to test it to see if its dieing?

I had this computer for 3 years now, and while i had generic stock PSU last me longer than this i wouldn't at all be surprised if it fails now.

If its not the PSU unit what else could it be? my hard drives test good, and besides i assumed when hard drives started dieing they mde clicking noises rather than grinding.

The Grinding noise sounds like a car is burning tire, except in this case it sounds like something is being scraped upon turning on my pc.

Answer:Desktop makes grinding noise upon cold boot

Nexus_ said:

My desktop has been making this odd grinding noise for the past 2 weeks. Not every day but sometimes every other day.

It only happens upon cold boot , or sometimes when restarting. I never hear the grinding noise while the computer is just on or doing other tasks.

I opened it up to see if anything was loose but it doesn't seem this is the case.

Since i don't have some sort of meter tester for my PSU, is there any other way to test it to see if its dieing?

I had this computer for 3 years now, and while i had generic stock PSU last me longer than this i wouldn't at all be surprised if it fails now.

If its not the PSU unit what else could it be? my hard drives test good, and besides i assumed when hard drives started dieing they mde clicking noises rather than grinding.

The Grinding noise sounds like a car is burning tire, except in this case it sounds like something is being scraped upon turning on my pc.Click to expand...

It could be a worn bushing in one of the fans causing the blades to scrape against the case until it's up to speed. As far as hard drives, I used to maintain a Macintosh lab and whenever the hard drives were being accessed there was a scraping noise from all 10 of the Mac SEs, especially on startup but none of the hard drives showed any signs of failure in the two years I maintained that lab. If the scraping noise was from your hard drive now though, you wouldn't be able to boot up.... Read more

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Hi, the fan in my T470s started making grinding noises when it starts spinning. There are no noise while spinning constantly or spinning down. I made a video, the noise starts between second one and two. Please excuse the static noise, they come from the mic: I am definitely calling the support hotline. I have a tech coming on wednesday anyway so I'm trying to fit this in the same appointment. I was just wondering if anyone has the same noise? As often as the fan starts with the i7 7600u, this drives me nuts. Regards, Adriano

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Yesterday I updated my Win 7 on Z560.  Also ran check disk using seagate - seatools, installed system mechanic and cleaned system, updated various software including java and deleted K-Lite. I suddenly noticed that audio is not clear.   There is a buzzing noise while songs are played.  I notice song speed also varies slightly.  I tried reinstalling VLC, Conexant HD Audio driver, Nvdia update.   Also ran check disk.  But the problem still persists. Does any one know how do I rectify this?  What is the problem? Balaram.

Answer:Lenovo Z560 Audio interference - Buzzing sound - How do I rectify the problem?

Hi balaram_poduriDownload dpclat to check and see if there's any driver interference
Post your results or more information here so it will be easier for us to follow up.
Have a nice day! 
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I have until Feb 28/tomorrow to return this laptop for my money back so I'd be so happy to have this sorted out quickly.

Today the sound started cutting out randomlySeems random to me at least. When it does this, I check the mixer and it registers no sound on the vertical adjuster. Simultaneously, when I try to play youtube videos they will start ( or start and restart) and then stop, showing an error message. Sometimes video works but no sound. For a minute I was told I had no internet connection. And then I leave it alone for a while, try again, and voila, the sound has returned. Ech! What could be causing this?

The laptop is an Asus Q550 LF and I really like it otherwise so I hope it gets it's act together. I am not downloading torrents/p2p etc and running plenty of security ( Malwarebytes, CC Cleaner, McAffee ). My internet is 9mbs shared with another laptop

Because there is such a time crunch on evaluating this machine I am asking as well in Software and Hardware. Hopefully that is ok with Tech Guy. Thanks so much anyone that might have suggestions!

Answer:Sound stops working periodically on laptop. Windows issue?

Replies posted on other topic

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It started 2 months ago... If my laptop is making instant internet-activities (like multiplayer-games, YouTube, or downloads), the sound is crackling. And it's because of the Beats Audio driver.I found out, because, when i'm using microsoft standard sound-drivers or realtek drivers without HP Beats modification, the crackling disappears. Where can I get an older Beats Audio-driver for my laptop? Or how can I fix it but still use Beats Audio? Others have the same problem: HP Pavilion 17Windows 10 (clean installed + necessary drivers) Best regards,Angela Merkel :3 :* <3

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Hi, Recently I've been having some problems playing back any sort of media. At regular intervals the audio will freeze/skip for a second and make a loud grinding noise, then resume. This happens with music, streaming videos, games, pretty much everything. If I'm watching a video or playing a game, the screen will freeze for a second, then resume.I'm using an LENOVO G40 with Windows 8 64-biI've tried everything I could think of, updating all my drivers, reinstalling codecs, running anit-virus, and cleaning out my system.but sometimes they don't, and I can't find out what's causing the spikes.but nothing seems to have helped, and I'm getting a bit desperate. Any ideas?

Answer:LENOVO G40 LAPTOP Audio Stuttering / Buzzing

Thanks for PostingQ
Have you tried running on a Inbox Sound driver?
Open Device Manager and Uninstall the Audio driver under Sound and gaming controllers, It should say Realtek or conexant (not the INTEL)
When you uninstall it, Make sure to place a check under the prompt Delete driver software check box.
Restart your computer after uninstalling, Repeat the steps until Under Device Manager you will find the High definition audio, This means your on the Inbox driver.
Now try the Uadio if this will make it better.
Hope this helps

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I have been using for a while a Toshiba Satellite c650 laptop. It has been used only to listen to music and to check e-mail via Internet Explorer. Recently, after a short camping trip where rain was abundant, the screen stopped functioning. The computer was working, we could hear the music playing. After shutting it down, turning it back on would make the screen work for anything from a few seconds to a few minutes. The screen then remained pitch black, whatever we did. I finally had the idea to plug in my 27-inch external monitor.
The results weren't as good as I expected. The external screen works fine, but the resolution cannot be set higher than 1366x768, instead of the usual 1600x900 on the laptop. Also, when connected to my Alienware laptop, the external monitor can go up to 1980x1080.
As if this wasn't enough, when playing music, the speakers would suddenly let out a very loud buzzing noise for a few seconds. We have tried to pinpoint the cause, but it happens whenever it seems to want to.

Is there anything we can do about the screen? (without sending it to be repaired, of course) I guess there's a problem in the hardware, because the external screen works. There might also be a problem with the video card, because of the weird maximal resolution..

Please, any help or advice is gladly accepted.


Answer:Laptop screen not working, audio buzzing

The external monitor cannot go beyond 1366x768 because (probably) you're connecting it to a port that's used for projectors.
Question: If you shine a bright light into the laptop's monitor, can you see anything? (if yes, then it's just the light source that went pfffzt)

Without sending it to be repaired you'd have to repair it yourself. Which means using tools, taking measurements then sending them back and forth through a forum. It'll probably take weeks and it might cause more damage.

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I sometimes used an old Dell Laptop just for my own enjoyment and it would run Windows 7. Then all of a sudden the Laptop stopped working. Whenever I tried to boot it up the screen/monitor wouldn't turn on and it would make a beeping sound. I decided to throw the laptop out because it wasn't useful anymore, but I would really want to know what the problem actually was. Also, since I've had the computer for quite sometime I suppose it was about time I had thrown it out.. 

Answer:Laptop not working. Monitor broken? Makes weird noises..

The beeps might have meaning.  What is the model of the Dell laptop?  And what is the pattern of the beeping sound?

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I recently bought this HP15ac646tx 15 days ago n its making buzzing sound & I guess it is coming from fan or something. It's very annoying. I can hear it only when the room is absolutely quite. Plz help me. Thank u ?

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Whenever, I lean on the Lenovo Fle 2 15 to type, on the right where the dvd burner/reader makes a whirring and then a click sound. This is so annoying when I am typing or just leaning on the keyboard.

Answer:When leaning on laptop, dvd reader/burner makes a whirring sound and a click sound!

Dear Apad121
Are you sure that this sounds are comming from the optical driver ( DVD rom ) ?
Let me know

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Hello everyone,
I recently bought an Akoya P6657 from Medion and noticed a quiet buzzing sound on touching the touchpad. Here you can hear it : Video of buzzing sound
Do you think this is caused by something like a cheap condensator, or is there a way to fix this? Has anyone else noticed a similar problem? I called technical support today and they offered to exchange laptops, but if it is caused by a cheap part, I am afraid the problem will just come back on the new laptop as well.
Thanks for your thoughts,

Answer:Buzzing sound from Laptop touchpad

I would take them up on the offer.

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I recently got a Samsung NP-R519 that had a broken screen,after replacing the screen i installed windows 7 ultimate 32bit, but while installing it it started making a buzzing noise, its coming from the fan, and it also does it while on windows, but will stop and start again at intervals, but i dont know how to stop it, can any one help me solve this problem?

Answer:Laptop making buzzing sound?

Its probably a fan on your video card, assuming your laptop has one. My laptop does the same thing until it warms up, but it doesn't do it at intervals like you describe. The only way to make it stop is to replace the fan. You might also try a can of air; it may need to be cleaned.

If you think this is something you could take on, and depending what fan needs to be replaced, this is a project that shouldn't be too difficult. All I have to do on my laptop is remove one panel to expose the video card fan. Its just 2 small screws and a plug from there.

You will have to get the replacement fan from the manufacturer, though. It won't be something you can get off the shelf at Fry's.

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I bought a new HP notebook 15-ay011nr, 15.6 inch, 8gb RAM, 6th gen i6, 1 TB HDD, laptop today. From the point I switched on the laptop there's a constant buzzing sound from it. I muted the audio speakers but the sound still persisted.Is there any solution to this problem or should the laptop be returned ?

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MODS: I post this thread to isolate the most important problem from my previous thread and to make it clearer and easier to answer. I hope that's alright.

I have this on onboard Realtek HD audio card. And no matter if I connect the AC'97 or HD audio adapter to the motherboard, the sound that comes out of the frontjack is cracking. I have no phones or anything the like near my pc, the speakers are turned off and I reinstalled the drivers. Still I have this sound. Any suggestions how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Realtek HD audio - Front jack makes cracking sound

If you really want a better sound output, check if your speaker or headset are plugged tightly.

But you can also lower the sound quality in the settings but this can eliminate the crackling sound. First, close the programs where sound comes out such as media players. Believe me, I had this problem on Realtek in Windows 7 too but I lowered the sound quality to 16 bits 44100 Hz, CD quality and the crackling sound was gone. I posted a screenshot. After you are done with that, refresh the desktop and play an MP3 file and hear if the sound got any better.

But if you really want some better sound, you need to buy a sound card that is fully compatible with Windows 7.

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The problem still exists even after Dell repaired the laptop. It took two weeks to get the repaired laptop back from Dell.

The problem is:
When I plug or unplug the charger while playing music/video on laptop, the laptop is freezing with buzzing sound for 1-2 seconds when the laptop begins charging. Even after Dell repaired the laptop, the problem still exists.
Tried installing the updated drivers, the laptop works fine only for a short period and then after some time the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.
Also, if the laptop is restarted it works fine for a while and then the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.

Not satisfied with the Dell and Dell repair services.
Need help with this problem.

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I get a buzzing sound when playing pandora or itunes from my laptop through my stereo speakers. It's not constant, maybe between every other song or every five minutes or so. I know it's the laptop because it doesn't happen when I'm paying CD's or my ipod through the same speakers.

Answer:buzzing sound while playing pandora from my laptop

Try another stream. See if it happens then. A few choices are: <---- Blues radio do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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My computer recently started buzzing randomly, nothing was running on the computer nor was it running at a high temperature.

This is a Lenovo Y-50-70 and the buzzing appears to be coming from the right side and has persisted through a restart.

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Its only been a month since i have buyed my hp pavilion ab219tx notebook..nd most oftenly it makes a buzzing sound which leads to no respond of os nd also i am facing the problem of disk usage which is mostly 100% notebook hangs a lot!i hv never ever expected this king of stuff from hp...previously too i was having a hp laptop which worked for 5 years without any problem but this time m having strange issues..i have even re installed windows but still problems are same..waiting for a soon reply!Thanks!

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I've only noticed this today, but I normally have music/something playing on my speakers so I probably wouldn't have heard it before.
It's not like SUPER loud, in fact it's pretty much inaudible unless I put my ear up to the charger, I only noticed it when I leaned over it to pick something that had fallen up.
I'm just wanting to check that this is fine? I did read a comment somewhere else that said unless it was super loud it's fine, but I mean it's always best to be on the safe side right?
I've had a few problems with my laptop before, specifically it not charging, and then another point where the screen failed to show things?
But yeah anyways my laptop is a Samsung, and the charger is just the one that came with it when I bought it.

Answer:Laptop charger making buzzing sound?

230v AC transformer drops voltage to approx 20v which is rectified to DC and smoothed.
The noise is from the transformer it hums
bigger the transformer louder the hum walk past any electrical substation and you can hear the humming.

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for some reason when i use Skype on my laptop the other person can hear a buzzing sound, i can only hear this sound through my speakers and cannot actually hear the sound in  my room, i'm not sure whether this is a Skype issue or my laptop but when i use Skype on my Xbox or phone it works perfectly
Any ideas guys?

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So, i bought a HP laptop about few months ago (feburary ish) and it had been consistantly making me buzzing sound but i was so cbbs to visit the shop again, buzzy sound normally happens when im watching youtube or playing games and the screen freezes or sometimes whatever im doing exits out and makes a loud buzzy noise. I honestly don't know if the sound is happening from the speaker or microphone but buzzy noise is consisitantly there and giving me aiddd. At the moment using windows 10, can't downgrade it cuz itts new..Model number: 15-ac111txSerial number: CND5381Y9BProduct number: N8L58PA#ABG Need helppp, can't even watch a video properly cuz i don't know when they buzzy sound is going to appear or not... 

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Hi, I just got a brand new Y50 with 16 gigs of ram and an 8 GB SSD. Every now and then, especially while browsing or using MS Word or pretty much any other application, I can hear the harddrive spin real fast and the computer freezes for about 2-3 seconds. Sometimes this happens every 5 minutes, sometimes it happens every hour. This happens even when I just have one application running. I can't even move the mouse, type, or do anything during this period. When I open task manager, I see that "System" task is the one which brings the disk usage to 20-30% while this happens. I've re-installed and formatted using OneKey recovery, still to no avail. Has anyone experienced the same? This seems to be a stock problem from Lenovo's end - since I've formatted from Onekey and still have this problem. I've installed no funny software or anything either. I've uninstalled McAfee products too.

Answer:Brand new Y50 - 59421855 periodically freezes, HDD makes spinning noise


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Answer:VN7-592G new laptop making buzzing elec. sound (lo...

I believe thats normal, just restart your laptop and install the said update, i get those at times.

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Hey guys. I've been having this problem on and off and with various games now. At some point during playing a game, my laptop will freeze and make a buzzing sound through the speakers/headphones. I have a Dell XPS L501x laptop with Windows 7 64bit on it. I have an Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU with 6GB of RAM. My video card is a Nvidia GeForce GT 540M.

I've contacted Dell about this and they replaced my motherboard 3 times and the problem persisted. However, the replacements were about a year ago when this problem occurred while playing League of Legends. After Dell not really being able to help and their flawed and pointless circle logic became more of a nuisance than the buzzing problem, I decided to just endure the issues. The buzzing sound and the freezing did stop happening however after a few more times of encountering the problem. I didn't change anything or update anything to my knowledge. It just stopped happening.

However, recently while playing Skyrim, I've been facing the same issues! The screen will freeze and a buzzing sound will play through my headphones. If I disconnect the headphones while it's buzzing, the sound doesn't come through the speakers though.

Dell Support wasn't fully able to get rid of the problem, but maybe you guys can help me find the root of it. Let me know what other information you need and thank you all in advance!

Answer:Laptop: Screen freezes followed by a buzzing sound during gameplay

All of the bugchecks are the same and are very old, throughout 2012.
But still referring to a driver still present on the machine.

A driver has failed to complete a power IRP within a specific time (usually 10 minutes).
Arg1: 0000000000000003, A device object has been blocking an Irp for too long a time
Arg2: fffffa8005f004a0, Physical Device Object of the stack
Arg3: fffff800044023d8, nt!TRIAGE_9F_POWER on Win7, otherwise the Functional Device Object of the stack
Arg4: fffffa8005863a90, The blocked IRP

!irp fffffa8005863a90 1
Irp is active with 9 stacks 8 is current (= 0xfffffa8005863d58)
No Mdl: No System Buffer: Thread 00000000: Irp stack trace.
Flags = 00000000
ThreadListEntry.Flink = fffffa8005863ab0
ThreadListEntry.Blink = fffffa8005863ab0
IoStatus.Status = 00000000
IoStatus.Information = 00000000
RequestorMode = 00000000
Cancel = 00
CancelIrql = 0
ApcEnvironment = 00
UserIosb = 00000000
UserEvent = 00000000
Overlay.AsynchronousParameters.UserApcRoutine = 00000000
Overlay.AsynchronousParameters.UserApcContext = 00000000
Overlay.AllocationSize = 00000000 - 00000000
CancelRoutine = 00000000
UserBuffer = 00000000
&Tail.Overlay.DeviceQueueEntry = fffffa8005863b08
Tail.Overlay.Thread = 00000000
Tail.Overlay.AuxiliaryBuffer = 00000000
Tail.Overlay.ListEntry.Flink = fffffa8006186ae8
Tail.Overlay.ListEntry.Blink = fffff8000328fae0
Tail.Overlay.CurrentStackLocation = fffffa8005863d58
Tail.Overlay.Origi... Read more

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Hi everyone,

4 months ago freezing problems started with my laptop and running chkdsk and hdd regenator repaired bad sectors and this relieved my pc health making it better than before, but not totally sufficient.

However in the past 2 months I am suffering from a new set of freezing issues which occur so often and i could not manage to solve or get any improvement. Basically, it happens
1)every 20-40mins and freezing lasts about 5minutes. if I am playing a music video on a website, then the speaker would be forcing itself to play the music for less than a minute which would be heard as buzzing, and then it will stop.
2) Same type of freezing also occurs when a game is open while all browsers and music players are closed in the background.
3) In rare occasions no freezing occurs but skype crashes during a voice call giving an error related to shockwave. I believe this could be a related problem but not sure.

here some more info:
-graphics driver is updated to latest version and downgrading back to the older versions did not help
-no disk errors could be found using chkdsk and hdd regenarator scans/repairs
-Uninstalling flash player and installing/upgrading to the latest version did not work
-cleaning cache using ccleaner, diskdefragmenting using popular softwares, or running popular computer care taker softwares did not help.
-windows 7 has the latest updates.

my computer info are:

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i3 350M @ 2.... Read more

Answer:laptop freezes and buzzing sound if playing a music

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There's this weird buzzing poing sound everytime I open my laptop and after I close it. I've run antivirus software and it's not going. I'm not sure what it is. I use Windows 10

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Hi there,I have the afore mentioned laptop.Yesterday i turned it on and the BIOS splash screen came up fine, then the rest loading into XP and the OS itself it very dim and can be barely made out.Immediately suspected the inverter so went to work getting to it.Further playing this morning and if i toggle the screen input button (FN+F4) i can get the desktop to flash up for anywhere between 1-5 seconds depending on where the inverter is, i can manipulate the wires, put pressure on the board and it can stay on for upto 5 secs, then it goes back to its dim dispaly.When the display shows properly though for the brief period after performing the above, it flickers and there is a buzzing sound.I thought the buzzing sound was from the inverter, but after moving that to the other side of the laptop i can confirm the sound is coming from the bottom left hand corner of the screen itself.Does anybody have any suggestions/thoughts on what it could be?RegardsFTL

Answer:Advent 7109 Laptop Dim Display and buzzing sound

Sounds like a loose connection?

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Dell Vostro 1500
Windows XP SP3
Anti-virus: Norton 360

I have a situation that is very annoying on my laptop. At random times, a icon at the bottom right (near time) would pop up "FFA". When it pops that up, it makes an audio through the speaker like a car revving an engine or monkey noises. I tried doing a search but couldn't find the solution. I have the Norton 360 which didn't even find the virus / malware / etc.. Nor is it preventing it from going off.

I tried doing a search for a solution on google and stumbled upon this website. I did a combofix search that I read on this website.

I also have a combofix log. Let me know if you need that information. I can post it here if moderators let me.

Let me know, thanks! I will be checking this thread daily so I will reply to replies a.s.a.p.!

Answer:Laptop makes car audio noises through speakers

Hello and Welcome.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


A Reminder....

As seen in Post #2 of our sticky topic 'NEW INSTRUCTIONS Read this Before Posting For Malware Removal Help'


Why we don't ask you to run ComboFix from the onset

As stated by the author of ComboFix:

ComboFix is a very powerful tool which when improperly used may render your machine to a doorstop.

We first need to verify if there's any rootkits present and how they could affect our tools. DDS & GMER are preliminary scans. We use their logs to map our strategy for attack.

With these logs we can determine the infections present & decide whether to deploy ComboFix

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Hel... Read more

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Hello experts, recently I found that my computer running Win7 Home Premium is becoming slower. And the annoying thing is that, when my computer plays music or video, the audio occasionally becomes the BUZZ sound, with the discrete "jumping" of mouse cursor if it's moving.
Once when the issue was bad, a Bluescreen occured with an infinitely repeating noise (buzzing again and again), and the screenshot of the Bluescreen is uploaded.

Some specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium on Laptop Dell V130
2G RAM, (usually 85% is used);
CPU: i3 @ 1.30GHz
Processes: 81 (as currently - too many?)
Services started: ~80

Could anyone help me find out the problem and solve it? Thanks a looooot! :-)

Answer:Win7 Laptop SLOW, occasional buzzing sound, bluescreen

Hi newepisode, welcome to SF

Have a look here

7E error is quite general can have quite a variety of causes, little bit of info for you BSOD Index

Post the info as per top link and more info can be obtained

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Hi there, I just got this new HP laptop and it works smoothly but the fan makes a constant buzzing noise from startup. The fan doesn't seem to be running very fast and I think the noise sounds abnormal and is unlike anything I'd ever heard from my old laptop. I turned off the fan constantly running setting in the BIOS (and now the laptop is completely silent) which is a temporary solution but I'd like to know if this is  fault that I should get looked at.

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Hi there, I just got this new HP laptop and it works smoothly but the fan makes a constant buzzing noise from startup. The fan doesn't seem to be running very fast and I think the noise sounds abnormal and is unlike anything I'd ever heard from my old laptop. I turned off the fan constantly running setting in the BIOS (and now the laptop is completely silent) which is a temporary solution but I'd like to know if this is  fault that I should get looked at.

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Answer:Tower makes buzzing noise

Twice in the last few months, after a blue screen and a re-start, the tower started to make a fairly loud buzzing/whinning noise. Upon another re-start this stopped. Do I need to worry?

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Dell Vostro 1500
Windows XP SP3
Anti-virus: Norton 360
I have a situation that is very annoying on my laptop. At random times, a icon at the bottom right (near time) would pop up "FFA". When it pops that up, it makes an audio through the speaker like a car revving an engine or monkey noises. I tried doing a search but couldn't find the solution. I have the Norton 360 which didn't even find the virus / malware / etc.. Nor is it preventing it from going off.

I tried doing a search for a solution on google and stumbled upon this website. I did a combofix search that I read on this website. Here is my log:

ComboFix 09-03-30.02 - Andybear 2009-03-30 23:25:19.1 - NTFSx86
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.3582.2885 [GMT -7:00]
Running from: c:\documents and settings\Andybear\Desktop\ComboFix.exe
AV: Norton 360 *On-access scanning disabled* (Updated)
FW: Norton 360 *disabled*
* Created a new restore point

((((((((((((((((((((((((( Files Created from 2009-02-28 to 2009-03-31 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

2009-03-27 09:31 . 2009-03-27 09:31 <DIR> d-------- c:\windows\system32\N360_BACKUP
2009-03-26 23:30 . 2009-03-26 23:30 <DIR> d-------- c:\program files\Windows Sidebar
2009-03-26 23:30 . 2009-03-27 00:17 <DIR> d-------- c:\program files\Norton 360
2009-03-26 23:29 . 2009-03-26 23:44 124,464 --a------ c:\windows\system32\drivers\SYMEVENT.SYS
2009-03-26 23:29 . 2009-03-26 23:44 60,808 --a--... Read more

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I was recording a duet for a song I had recently arranged for piano, and everything went well until I tried to sync the two parts I had recorded. When I put it into a video editing software, one of the two parts would sometimes be ahead of the other one, and sometimes behind. I checked the two parts against a metronome, and realized that although I had initially recorded the two parts with a metronome, the audio recorded by my laptop would slow down and speed up at random intervals. To further test this, I recorded a metronome ticking at 100 bpm, and played the recording on my laptop with the same metronome ticking the same bpm beside it. Turns out that my laptop skews the speed of recorded audio! Although it doesn't mess up the speed too much, a difference of half a millisecond between two duet parts makes my song sound like a drunk man banging on a piano. Have all my hours of work gone to waste, or do I still have hope?

Answer:Laptop makes speed of audio recordings fluctuate

It's possible the laptop had lagged when recording and recorded the notes at slightly incorrect intervals as it was thinking more at certain points than others. This is potentially fixable in the software (was the audio recorded to a MIDI file? or just an audio codec like mp3). It's also possible that the video editor is playing back in a lagged manner.

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Wondering if someone can help me? I have a brand new Sony Vaio with Vista. This computer makes a clicking noise that is the same sound as when I click on something to open it, but it makes this noise on its own (while I type this message it is doing it, when my screen saver is on and nothing is running it does it). I can't see any programs running in the back ground..... anyone know what might be the cause?


Answer:Laptop Makes A Clicking Sound

I've got voice recognition software on my tablet that does this constantly - I shut it off and the problem goes away!

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IT sounds like a new web page is openedIT only makes this noise when i am connected to the internetMy OS is windows 7, HP 620, internal ram is 2gb. Using SuperAntiSpyware and Norton internet security also spybot search and destroy.

Answer:My laptop makes a clicking sound on its own

SAS and Spybot are both antispyware and you should not use them both. Secondly, Spybot is outdated so you should keep SAS and add another anti malware software Make sure to uninstall Spybot then try making a full scan on SAS and Mbam alternately after updating both security softwares.

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