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Contacts transferred from samsung to redmi via Bluetooth not found in redmi

Question: Contacts transferred from samsung to redmi via Bluetooth not found in redmi

I changed phone from samsung to redmi but my contacts were in phone not in Sim so I sent them via Bluetooth to redmi and I saw that the contacts are there in redmi phone but after sometime only 38 contacts were there but actually there were approx.1500 Contacts plz help me plzz those contact have no backup where are they

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Preferred Solution: Contacts transferred from samsung to redmi via Bluetooth not found in redmi

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Good morning! Only here: 2017 Creative Educational DIY Puzzles for Kids Glass does not let any water in or out unless is cracks, and it has to be a crazily bad crack in order to ruin the inside of the ipad, and all this has to happen underwater so it is a very rare occasion.

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Hi, I recently replaced my dying Nokia Lumia 735 with a Microsoft Lumia 640. Everything worked perfectly fine on the Lumia 735 and changes in Contacts synced automatically between the phone to computer and vice versa. I did however make it my practice to generally make changes on the phone first. Because of the Microsoft Account the change over worked fine. However in an exercise addressing the issue of Contact names no longer being displayed when calls come in I had reason to make changes to some phone number formats. I made these changes on the phone. Now three days activity later I am noticing that the changes have not shown up on my computer contacts. All my email accounts are working fine.

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i have transferred my contacts, to my 550 lumia phone but i cant find them.

Answer:i have transferred my contacts to my 550 phone but i cant find them in people ,were are they?

HOW you moved them, via your MS account on pc? or via SIM card?
If they are in SIM, go to People, 3 dots, Import from sim

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Hi, today I linked two laptops up by Bluetooth and transferred some files from one to the other, but I have no idea where they have been sent?
I am using Win8 and do not know how to track them down as the usual search option seems not to work...
I was wondering if I could search via date modified (the date I transferred them, I know I will have to trawl through lots & lots of files but I do not see I have any other choice.
Win7 had a better search option!
Please help

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where to find .xap file transferred via Bluetooth in Windows phone 8.1

Answer:Where do I find the .xap file transferred via Bluetooth?

in temporary files section from storage sense but no way to browse them.better transfer the .xap via USB to your device

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i have recieved files from another phone through bluetooth. how can i find those files?.

Answer:How do I find files transferred via Bluetooth?

If the transferred file is of a format supported by Windows Phone, then it will go to respected folders. Example: Shared Pictures and Videos will get saved in "Saved Pictures" folder and documents in "Documents" folder. If it is an unsupported format, it will not get saved and will get deleted from your phone.
I hope I was able to help you. If not kindly please log in and provide more information about the type of file shared.
Have a good day!

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i have transferred a audio file from my friend mobile to my Microsoft Lumia 540. After that i played that file once. Now i am searching for that file. But i unable to find that. Anyone pls help me...

Answer:I can't find the audio file transferred via bluetooth

Music is stored in the Music+Video Hub. Try to find the audio file from here. And the photos and videos are stored in the Saved Pictures folder of the Pictures Hub. The Office Hub stores documents.

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windows phone nokia lumia 360

Answer:How to view Bluetooth transferred file in Nokia Lumia 360?

Go to your albums and see saved images

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Windows 10, Inspiron 15. Using Bluetooth, my lap top connects to the devise but the sound continue to come out of the laptop speaker, not the device's speaker

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I transfered them from one laptop to another. The transfer worked i just don't where to find them

Answer:I transferred some pictures over Bluetooth to my Windows 8 laptop but I can't find them anywhere, where could they be?

Should be under My docs/ received files or a similar folder.

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how to transfer contacts to new nano sim from micro sim

Answer:how to transfer contacts from Samsung s4 to Lumia 830

Go to Gmail's people hub and extract your contacts to a file, then load that file into an outlook account.

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Suddenly I'm finding that some of my contacts on my Galaxy 5 cell phone are now read only prohibiting me from editing or deleting. Does any one have a solution to this issue?

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I have about fifty email contacts listed in the Address book facility on my PC (Thunderbird). Can anyone help me to transfer these so that I can save them for using via my Samsung Galaxy, on which I have the Gmail program? This is to avoid having to list them all separately as contacts on the Galaxy when I want to email people from my mobile.

Answer:How do I copy email contacts from my PC to a Samsung Galaxy

You have to export in vcard format

If thunderbird can't do that, then you have to install an addon

I don't use Thunderbird and don't own a smart phone so I can't offer any more in the way of support for this issue.

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Hi - the title says it all, really. I have contacts spread between the phone, sim card and Google. This means, of course, that depending on whichever display option I pick, I either have some people on three times and others not at all.
All I want to do is export every single contact into an Excel spreadsheet so I can tidy it up. I then want to clear all contacts from the phone and import them from my nice clean spreadsheet so that when I add a new contact, it goes to the right place. I thought I could export to an sd card, but there's no option to export as a csv file.
I've looked at lots of apps, but although some will export, they won't import and in some cases, the reviews aren't the best, so does anyone have a favourite method of doing what I want, please?

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Hello, I?m new here for help, yesterday I mistakenly press the deleting button on my Samsung S4, and all contacts were gone, how can I recover deleted contacts from my Samsung S4? Please help!

Answer:Is it possible to recover deleted contacts from my Samsung galaxy s4

Luckman said:

Hello, I?m new here for help, yesterday I mistakenly press the deleting button on my Samsung S4, and all contacts were gone, how can I recover deleted contacts from my Samsung S4? Please help!Click to expand...

Hi, Luckman. Welcome to Major Geeks.

Unfortunately, if you didn't create a backup of your contacts and store the backup on your micro SD card for restoring it or if you didn't sync your contacts with Google, you're faced with re-entering all of your contact information. Sorry.

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I have tried (and tried!) to copy my contacts from Windows Live Mail into my new Samsung Galaxy 8. I've been on all the forums looking for answers without success. Can someone help me with this please.
Many thanks

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I have tried (and tried!) to copy my contacts from Windows Live Mail into my new Samsung Galaxy 8. I've been on all the forums looking for answers without success. Can someone help me with this please.
Many thanks

Answer:Transferring contacts from Windows Live Mail to Samsung S8

Export your Contacts on and then import the File created into

I don't think exporting from WLM worked , Gmail didn't like the file IIRC.

and the phone should sync them up, at least I think that was what I did on my Nexus 6P (been 6 months so maybe changed?)


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I have a T60 (1951-BS7) thinkpad that has Bluetooth installed. The Bluetooth radio is enabled, I have the Blue icon in the taskbar. It appears that the Bluetooth driver is enabled in device manager. I have updated the Bluetooth firmware and drivers from the Lenovo site. Here's the problem: when I attempt to open "My Bluetooth Places" and/or open the Bluetooth taskbar icon, I receive:"Bluetooth device not found. Please verify that your Bluetooth device is properly connected and turned on."

Answer:T60 Bluetooth Question - Bluetooth Device Not Found

Which version of Windows are u using?  I recall that there is a Windows patch to enable an updated version of bluetooth support in Windows. Have you looked at the driver chart for this patch?

T61_Wide | Model No. 7662 - CTOCore 2 Duo T7250 | 2GB OCZ DDR2-80082566MM Gigabit | 4965AGN Centrino Pro

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I have an old non-smart phone (Samsung) and a Nokia 928. Verizon's Backup Asst. isn't working on my phone, so I wanted to move my contacts. I connected the 2 using Bluetooth, I selected all my contacts on the old phone and sent them to the new phone. I had to click accept on the Nokia over 300 times for each contact. The old phone said complete... BUT when I go to People on the Nokia, they're not there. Any guesses where the Nokia put them?

Answer:Transfer contacts using bluetooth

Have you tried the Transfer My Data app from Nokia?

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Sending Multiple Contacts via Bluetooth from Windows Mobile 10
Is there option for this?
There was an Nokia application on wp 7.8
- I need it because built in handsfree in car can receive contacts only via bluetooth,
and sending contacts one by one is not realy fun...

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My bluetooth device is not working from today evening.
It shows the bluetooth icon in the right corner of the taskbar but i am not able to send or recieve files and cannot discover other devices too.
The bluetooth device is a Broadcom BCM2070 Bluetooth 3.0 + USB Device
i had the latest driver but i uninstalled it and downloaded the driver from broadcom and tried to install it again . But i get a message as "a later version of WIDCOMM Bluetooth software is already installed on this machine.The setup cannot continue"

I even got a message saying " ERROR : Unable to start bluetooth stack service "
In device manager, the device name also has changed to Generic Bluetooth adapter

Screenshots are provided.

Answer:Samsung Bluetooth not working

Run driversweep in safe mode to remove the old driver and try again with the new one

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Suitable bluetooth headphones and keyboard for Samsung Smart TV model UE48J5500AK

Answer:Samsung Smart TV and Bluetooth

I have found with my Samsung Smart TV that just about any Bluetooth headphones will work as does my Bluetooth soundbar and a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse. However two Bluetooth keyboard that will link to Samsung tablets just will not connect. Do a Google search for Samsung Bluetooth keyboards.

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I have a Nokia Lumia 630 and whilst it stores all contacts from an Exchange account on the handset perfectly well when Bluetoothed to my car (Hyundai i40) none of the contacts show on the car interface?
Is there a way wherein you can transfer your contacts over?

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hello.. i just buy lenovo k450 and i want to pairing via bluetooth with my android phone ( samsung note 2 ). But my android phone can't detect my laptop or vice versa... allready upgrade the latest driver but still not working need advice how to detect & pairing in my case... thx

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My mp3 player Samsung YP-T9 QAB displays that , and I can't turn it off except for pressing the a/b button and menu simltaneuosely which I discovered at

Before it displayed something like F/W v1.26 and I thought it was a firmware problem so I downloaded the most recent one a couple weekes ago-Obviously it didn't work

By the way this mp3 player had a preexisting problem-I dropped it in water-but I fixed it thru this thread: dropped yp-t9 in water

Anyway, I recall having this bluetooth problem before and I fixed it but can't remembr how


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I have a new Yoga Pro 2 and a Verizon Samsung S4.  When I try to pair them via bluetooth, they "pair" but won't connect.  I have tried restarting both devices etc and I am still getting the same results.  Could someone please point me in the right direction?    ThanksJimmyMashed Up Website Development

Answer:Samsung S4 Will Not Connect To Yoga Pro 2 via Bluetooth

Is there any reason you want to connect via Bluetooth? Bluetooth gets messy when linking phones to laptops.
Lenovo's Phone Companion App in the App Store uses WiFi and works pretty good at linking the phone to the PC.

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Windows 7. I have a blue tooth dongle and while it sees the headset the headset needs a driver according to windows. I tooled around the net to see if I can find drivers but no dice. any tips or ideas for making this work? TIA

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I have a samsung slate 7 with windows 8 RP. I am having facing a lot of problems connecting to bt devices and intermittent connections and drop outs.
Sometimes it works just fine and some times it just wont connect.

I have a broadcom chipset with the windows 7 drivers. I have tried installing them and reinstalling in various modes of compatibly but it just wont be stable.

Any one else with similar issues?


Answer:Bluetooth Drivers - SAMSUNG SLATE 7 - WIN 8 RP

Welcome to EightForums salars

Have you check the website for latest version of bluetooth driver? Better if they will have the compatibility for Win8 OS.

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I can discover my HTC Incredible on the Edge and it allows me to use the Edge to listen to music from the Incredible but i cannot get it to be able to use the HTC sync software to sync with Outlook for my contacts or calendar but i can sync with HTC software and Outlook if i use the USB cable. How can I get the Edge to recognise the HTC software so i can sync via bluetooth??thanks

Answer:syncing HTC Incredible with Edge for Outlook contacts and calendar via bluetooth

hey martygene,correct me if im wrong1. sync with outlook works with cable2. sync with outlook does not work with bluetooth connection.3. HTC is able to -pair- with Edge via bluetooth If this is correct, I would like you to try the following1. via Device Manager, uninstall the bluetooth driver that is currently installed2. let Windows (i'm assuming its Win7) to install its generic bluetooth drivers.3. pair Incredible and Edge together.4. try again.At the same time, are you able to sync via a different computer using bluetooth with your Incredible ? It could be possbile that the Incredile only allows Outlook sync with cables only.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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please help. I've got a samsung series 9 laptop which I love but I've been trying to get a Nokia Bluetooth speaker thing which I'd love to get working. The bluttooth on the laptop I've had no end of trouble with, can't even find my phone etc. When I clivk fn+F12 which should toggle wifi/bluetooth it only appears to toggle wifi. I use fn+F2 to enter system settings and manually set Bluetooth on. I have managed to 'Find' the speaker, but was never asked for a password? now I have in my "Sound" panel (System Tray>Right Click the speaker Icon>PLayback devices) under ther the "playback" tab, a bluetooth headphones, a bluetooth headset, and a seakers, and only the speakers have a "Green Tick" next to them, the others have a "red down arrow" and I've no idea what this means? Maybe this is the start of my quest to find the solution? but until I know what that red arrow means I;m stuck. pleas help.!!!

Answer:Bluetooth speaker Win 7 Samsung series 9 - NO CHANCE!!!!

This sounds more like a Bluetooth or some other PC software issue and not an "audio" problem. The networking section of the forum may be a better place to post (or a starting point).

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Hello all, I use Dell laptop with Window Vista .I want to connect my samsung mobile phone with bluetooth feature to my laptop.I see Bluetooth device icon under control panel in the laptop.I have done my  mobile bluetooth mode "On".I set it near the laptop but it is not synchronize with laptop.pls guide  some instructions to me.I will be appreciated any advise.

Answer:My samsung mobile Bluetooth doesn't know at my laptop

You probably have to DLoad and install the software from Samsung's site...

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Does anyone out there own an imac? I am trying to send a photo from iphoto or Aperture via bluetooth to my Samsung mobile phone(S8000) but don't know how.I can send them to the imac ok but not to the phone.Any ideas. Thanks

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hi guys,

I am having issues transferring (receiving or sending) files to my PC via BT from Samsung s5 phones. For the note, we have 2 PCs here and on my wife's Lenovo works fine, although you need to click on "receive files" which is a bit inconvenient.

Anyway I have a ASUS_VivoBook_S15_S510UQR and I've tried the usual things, reinstalled devices, BT drivers, etc.. this is what I get:


Answer:Bluetooth transfers from Samsung S5 not working on Asus Win 10 PC

it seems as though this worked Bluetooth issue on Windows 10 pc related to file transfers - Microsoft Community basically removing latest drivers and reinstalling an older version Bluetooth_Intel_Win10_64_VER196003

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Hi everyone :)
I started looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones to wear while cycling to replace my Monster Purity in-ear headphones (WH-920) with my Lumia 830.
I came across these wireless headphones by Samsung; Level U ( and Level U Pro (
I could go for a Level U Pro, but I noticed this line:
"..UHQA is compatible with select Samsung Galaxy devices.."
Does that mean that this feature is exclusive to the Galaxy devices?
Am I going to be able to benefit from that (or any other features like aptX) with my Lumia 830 device?
I tried going through its technical specs and got overwhelmed with compression standards, bit rates and all that Bluetooth protocols :/
Does anyone know anything about this? I've never used Bluetooth headphones for music and I'm not sure how much quality I can expect from that. I know that it won't compare to a decent wired connection but is it going to feel like a cheap set of earphones that *hurt* your brain?

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I recently purchased a Galaxy S mobile. Contained in the packaging was a leaflet referring to the HM3100 bluetooth headset. My existing bluetooth headset has finally given up the ghost and I cannot seemingly locate a supplier in the UK for this headset, they all say "discontinued". I understood it to be a completly new unit. Any recommendations out there?

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Does anyone know if there is software which will allow my Samsung D600 to control iTunes, Powerpoint etc on my Bluetooth enabled laptop?Thankyou.

Answer:Samsung D600 Bluetooth Remote Conrol

click here ?

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Hi, I have a Samsung NP700Z5B-S01UB running Windows 7 64-bit. It's been a great computer and I've had no issues that I couldn't manage, but for the past few months it has been having an issue I just can't seem to get fix. The computer comes with Bluetooth built in and the Bluetooth had worked without issue for 2 years or so. When about six months ago it decided to stop working. I tried to update the drivers, but windows does not even recognize that the hardware is there. I thought it was possible that the hardware may have failed, but after doing a system rollback the Bluetooth started working. It worked for a few months, but has started up again. I removed a few windows update that I found others were having issues with which did not help. It seems to be related to windows updates given that every time it stops working if I roll the system back to before the most recent update the Bluetooth usually comes back, but this time it brought the Bluetooth options back but still doesn't see the hardware at all. I've checked all the services and all of the necessary services are running, but I'm coming up empty. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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Hello,Yesterday an email was sent from my email address to all contacts in my address book. I didn't send this. It was sent one time only, and each email contained just a URL link, but different people reported receiving a different link.I think it was sent from my local email client rather than web mail, because I don't have the complete address book in webmail.I use Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. After this happened, I ran a virus scan: no viruses found. I also ran Trend Micro's online scan: again, no viruses found. I also ran Panda's online scan, and it found a couple of inactive items. That path showed that these were located in my email data files (Thunderbird files) . These must have been executables that were sent to me through email that I didn't open, but deleted or that Kaspersky deleted automatically. I know that I didn't open these files; I am very careful about email and never open anything that I am not 100% sure what it is. Below is the entry in the Panda report (including the path) for one of these. Could this be what caused the email?03682905 Generic Malware Virus/Trojan Active: No Severity: 0 Disinfectable: Yes No c:\documents and settings\user1\application data\thunderbird\profiles\ubkr56y7.default\mail\local folders\inbox[][]Thanks,Mike

Answer:Emails sent to all contacts; no virus found

email address book hijacked by spammers

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Well I finally made the switch form lotus organizer 2000 to outlook xp.

I have a large contact file that I would like to filter and then do a mailing to the found address.

Using advance find I have my list of 65 names and address. But I do not see where or how I can save these names for export. I have try ms help to mail merge into word but it mail merges my whole contacts files 1500 names.

PS various types of saves as text or drag into execl (again a resent switch) makes the address come out on multiply files vs on line per address.

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Hello Sir, I am not able to connect my bluetooth headset (Samsung level U) to my HP laptop (HP 15-ac033TX ). The laptop is not even showing the headset whenever i am switching on the bluetooth switch of headset. The headset is working properly and it shows the bluetooth device on mobile phone whenever i am using it with my mobile phone ( I am using in mobile by downloading Samsung level U application from Google play store) . My laptop bluetooth is working properly with other devices like mobile phones. Could you please help me in solving this problem.   

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I just bought a samsung DA-E670 wireless audio dock.
I have an Acer Aspire V3-571 laptop operating on Windows 7. When i try to connect them via bluetooth, my laptop recognises it as a samsung bluetooth headset, not an audio dock. It connects but it doesn't work. The sound still comes out of my computer's speaker, not the samsung speakers. I have tried removing and re-adding it numerous times in my laptop's bluethooth devices, but it still wont work.
Someone help!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8028 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, -1924 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 458405 MB, Free - 102027 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, VA50_HC_HR
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014, Updated and Enabled

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Hi all,

A few days ago, bluetooth devices stopped being recognised on my Windows 7 Samsung NP300V5A-A05UK laptop. There have been no windows updates since then, and I have tried numerous suggestions I have found online without any success. Bluetooth is not showing in Control Panel or Device Manager. If I use msconfig it says bluetooth is running. I have reinstalled drivers. I have used the 'Services' option to ensure that the Bluetooth Support Service is running. There is no bluetooth icon showing in the 'notification area' and if I click customize, Windows Host Process Rundll32 (bluetooth) is showing but says 'this notification icon is not currently active'.

I use bluetooth to connect my hifi to my laptop - normally when I go into the 'Sound Playback' menu it lists my laptop speakers and also lists 'bluetooth headphones' which is my hifi. But this does not show any more.

**Further info - looking in Device Manager it lists Bluetooth Auxilliary (with Bluetooth Server nested below that) and also lists Bluetooth Radio with 'Intel Centrino Wireless Bluetooth and 3.0 and high speed adapter' and 'Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator' nested below. All of these are enabled, and when I go to properties, say they are working properly. Also, I thought that it was an Atheros Bluetooth Client that my laptop used - if I go to 'add/remove programs' then I can see the 'Atheros Client Installation Program' is there.

After a few days of frustration, any advice gratefull... Read more

Answer:Bluetooth devices disappeared / not working on Samsung laptop

Tried a System Restore to a prior date before the issue?

I see there are 2 Bluetooth downloads in laptop page, did you install both (if applicable)?

Did you check "Samsung Control Center" - wireless network page?

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I am kindly asking for assistance in order to download bluethooth peripheral devive driver for my samsung d880. it has been 2 months before i connencted the phone through p-suit. I do not know weather it is the problem of my phone or Windows 7.

Answer:bluetooth peripheral device driver for samsung d800

Quote: Originally Posted by owen fungurani

I am kindly asking for assistance in order to download bluethooth peripheral devive driver for my samsung d880. it has been 2 months before i connencted the phone through p-suit. I do not know weather it is the problem of my phone or Windows 7.

That is driver for your phone not for lap

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Hello all
Until a few weeks ago I could use my bluetooth from my SAMSUNG S2 to my DELL INSPITON 1750 laptop.

I'm not sure if Ive done something when trying to install KIES... which I don't have a clue about but since then I cannot send from either.

My DELL says it has been paired with my GALAXY S2 but all sent items are FAILED!

Any help would be gratefully accepted.

Thanking you in advance .

God bless x

Answer:Cannot connect bluetooth from samsung s2 to dell inspiron 1750

Hi, try to update the bluetooth drivers. That might help.


1. Open Control Panel by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel.
2. In the Control Panel search box, type Bluetooth, and then click Change Bluetooth settings.
3. In the Bluetooth Settings dialog box, click the Options tab and do the following:
To make your computer discoverable to Bluetooth enabled devices, select the check box for Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer.
When a Bluetooth enabled computer is in discovery mode, it broadcasts a wireless signal that allows it to be detected by other computers or devices. This is sometimes called pairing mode. If you check this box, your computer will still be able to detect Bluetooth enabled devices that are in discovery mode, but they will not be able to detect your computer.
a) To allow you to add Bluetooth enabled devices to your computer, select the check box for “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer”.
b) To be notified when a Bluetooth enabled device is trying to connect to your computer, select the check box for “Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect”.

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I have a T550 which supported my Samsung Level U Pro wireless headset prior to updating my Windows 10 to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Since this time the bluetooth connection between the two no longer works. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?

Answer:Think Pad T500 Series Samsung Level Bluetooth Compatibility

Have you tried to pair the devices again?  What happened?

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These are the details::
Connecting The Bluetooth of an Android mobile with the Bluetooth of HP laptop didn't succeed
I have followed these steps to pair the the Bluetooth of my HP laptop, and the other Android Bluetooth.
First: I have clicked on 'add' a device'. Second, the Bluetooth of the Android mobile got shown. Then, I have connected to it. After that, 'Comparing pairing Codes' showed to me. (Screen shot below)
Next: Each Bluetooth's user of us accepted that confirmation. Finally: The pair was established well. (Screen shot below):

Although The Android Bluetooth was paired with my My HP laptop Bluetooth successfully, the Android Bluetooth is grayed out on my My laptop Bluetooth list as shown in this screen shot below:

Whenever I have clicked on the Android Bluetooth listed in my the Bluetooth devices, I received no Bluetooth control showed me(NO way to send files since Android Bluetooth is grayed out) Also, whenever the User who has the android mobile phone tries to send file into my laptop Bluetooth paired with his Android Bluetooth, he received an error not sending file.

Although the the Android Bluetooth is enabled to be detected by other Bluetooth devices. If there were a problem with my Laptop Bluetooth, then I would be facing the same problem with connecting(pairing) my Laptop Bluetooth with the Nokia Bluetooth.

Second: Connecting The Bluetooth of a Nokia mobile with the Bluetooth of HP laptop succeeded:

I have ... Read more

Answer:Samsung Android Bluetooth is grayed out after pairing with a Laptop's

Could anyone at this splendid forum take some of their precious time out to reply to me since this problem is still going on?

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I just upgraded from Vista to 7. I tried to connect my S4 to my laptop and am encountering this issue (see picture)

It worked fine in vista and i have also installed Samsung KIES to see if the drivers would be accessed but no luck so far.

Any idea how to resolve this?

Answer:Samsung S4 Drivers can't be found

Welcome Chobbs

Is this the latest version of Kies?

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I have a samsung 950 pro I am trying to install into my brand new Inspiron 15 7000 (7559) laptop. There was a 128gb M2 in the slot, but it is too small for my programs. I thought the greater speed of the 950 would be nice along with more storage.
The computer does not recognize the drive at all and I have searched and read until my eyes bleed and can't find any reason it should not (or should) work on this machine.
This is the Skylake  version, the specs from Speccy say the PCIe lanes is x16. Here is a screenshot of my mobo.
Has anyone had success with this in the Inspiron? I have updated the Bios to 1.0.3. What am I missing? No matter what I read and try this drive is not showing in bios, computer management, nowhere. Is the drive defective??

Answer:Samsung 950 Pro M2 NVMe not found

I tried the same with similar results using a Samsung 951 NVMe PCIe 3.0, expecting the Skylake Chipset that support it (checked Intel HM170 before buying) to work..
In fact I found out later is that only SATA III is supported on this machine, so no PCIe NVMe! Unbelievable as chipset should be able to and PCIe is way forward, hope it can be fixed with bios update still somehow. Can't keep my hopes up so I am selling my 951 PCIe!  

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Hi,My son keeps getting cd burner not found every time he clicks on start burn with real player and any other media players.His computer is running windows XP.Any idea how to resolve this problem.Regards Martin.

Answer:SAMSUNG SC-152A not found.

Hi Martinlw. Have u tried reinstalling the driver for the cd burner? Also, see if u can take out the cd burner and connect it again to the pc again and then run the 'add new hardware' wizard once the pc has booted up. regards from kiyhkuj.

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I have a previous post about M.2 connector selection, that turned out to be a red herring. I purchased this Laptop at BestBuy on Dec 26, 2015. I have attempted to install four different SSDs, none of them have worked. Samsung 950 PRO 256 GB M.2 SSD PCIe NVMe (MZ-V5P256BW)Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB M.2 SSD (MZ-N5E250BW)Samsung 850 EVO 120 GB M.2 SSD (MZ-N5E120BW)Unknown brand m.2 SATA III As others have stated, this M.2 connector does not seem to be enabled. I took the computer back to Best Buy today and they replaced the entire laptop.  None of the cards work in the new machine either. Would someone that has gotten it to work please chime in with details of how to enable the M.2 slot. Thanks jeff

Answer:HP m7-n109dx Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SSD Not Found

Today just received SAmsung 950 PRO 500 GB, also with HP m7-n109dxI wasn't even able to turn on the laptop with the SSD connected. Tried many BIOS configuration, none of them worked. As soon as I removed the SSD, it turned on again (with my previous HDD). The same happened to you?

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I cannot send files via bluetooth from my PC to same smartphone just cannot send files from my smartphone to my PC

Answer:Why can't I receive files via Bluetooth from my Android 4.N4.2 Samsung ote after updating to the new Windows 10?

I can't receive files via bluetooth from my android 4.4.2 samsung note after updating new windows10, too...

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no bluetooth device appears when i try to scan the speakers bluetooth..

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Hallo, I want to connect my x100e via Bluetooth to my Samsung audio dock. - Bluetooth is working- laptop found audio device via Bluetooth- the device is working according to the control panel hardware and devices  So far so good. But when I try to use the audio device the sounds still comes via the laptop speakers.Control panel - Hardware and Sound - manage audio devices doesn't show the Samsung dock but only the speakers Is there anybody who can help me to fix this problem?     

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I'm trying to install this samsung sp2504c as a slave onto another drive that isn't SATA. The drive didn't come with any installation manual, but I've got the cords hooked up right and checked Samsung's page on the drive. The drive shows up during boot under the SATA drives but then when I get to XP it's like it isn't even plugged in.

Also, when I tried to install the jumper to my Master HD to set it as Master, the computer would hang during bootup when it was checking for IDE drives. So as of now there is no jumper, the Master wont accept the jumper to be designated as master, and the SATA doesn't show up anyplace other than during the boot. Help?

Like I said when I go to My Computer, there is no icon for the drive, it's like it doesn't exist. But under Device Manager under Disk Drives, there is my WD listed but then another just listed as Disk Drive. I'm guessing that's the SATA. Since the cables are connected correctly since the computer sees it during the boot, does that mean that it's an issue with a driver?

Answer:Samsung sp2504c SATA HD Not Found

I don't think you can connect a SATA drive as master or slave to an IDE drive. Master/slave configurations are generally for 2 drives sharing one IDE cable. I must ask, why do you want to have it as a slave drive? It's better to have drives independent, i.e. on different cables, so that they don't have to share the bandwidth of one cable. What purpose would it serve having them configured as master and slave?

Just set the jumper on the IDE drive to Cable Select and plug in the SATA drive. You might need to enable the SATA drive in your BIOS settings.

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However it shows up when I go into setup in bios... and it doesn't show in windows explorer, and when I put in a CD, I don't get the autoplay thing at all either. Help? It worked before I had a computer shop move all my parts into a new case and they're closed today otherwise I'd call them and bitch

Answer:Samsung SH-S222A not not being found by windows 7

What type of connection is it? IDE or SATA?

Also make sure the jumper on the back of the drive is set to master and not slave. Also, if this is an IDE drive it needs to be at the end of the cable and not the middle connector. The middle is for slave drives.


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I get to the 'where do you want to install windows?' window and theres no drive to select. i was tols by the re-seller that it would just plug in and go. any help please. thanks. previous drive was a western digital 500gb blue scorpian. bios list it as s-ata?

Answer:installing samsung 840 pro 128gb no drives found

Skinnier ssd wasn't interfacing properly so angled the ssd down and BOOM she lives

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Hi, I hope you can help me, I have a Samsung #NPQ430 (laptop), When I go to boot, I get a operating system not found screen. I tried using a Windows 7 recovery disk ( i made from a Windows 7 Professional computer, I have a Windows 7 Home Premium), Would that matter?, but it did not work. I don't have a installation disk. I think i may have got a virus but I am not sure. Would it be possible to recover my files? Thanks - Tom

Answer:operating system not found, Samsung NPQ430

Work through these steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot - Windows 7 Forums.

As a last resort you you can run Samsung Factory Recovery from its partition at boot following the steps given in your Manual on the Samsung Support Downloads webpage for your model, or using Recovery Disks you made or order from Samsung Tech Support.

Or you can get a superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 of your licensed version using the Product Key given on COA sticker, burning a Win7 DVD or flash stick from the link in the second tutorial to use for the Repairs or to Reinstall.

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Decided to remove the content..    Sorry....

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I'm looking for a good portable charger for the Samsung TabPro S . I'm tried few higher end phone chargers and I haven't gotten them to work.

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I have the above computer which I purchased in 2011,following a recommended Windows 7 update a couple of months ago, the laptop locked. I powered off the laptop and could not viewmy main hard disc’s(C or D) when the computer rebooted, however I had access tomy external drives

A local so called Microsoft specialist(rogue) visited meon my instruction with the intention of recovering my data from both these drives, which he didto an external drive which I supplied him. He removed my hard disc from my machine in order to do this

Today, I have reinserted the hard disc into my computer,however I am getting the above message “Operating system not found”

I have selected both Boot-up options:-

? F2 – Setup, there appears to be no option to Boot from an external drive in the setup

? F4 – Recovery, I cannot enter the Windows menuto perform this task, laptop appears to hang

Any ideas would be welcome or am I just wasting my time withthis laptop(hard disc) which despite this problem appears physically in verygood condition as it has been well looked after

I confirm my laptop was protected by the latest version of Norton and Malwarebytes at the time of my problem

This my first post on this forum, I trust it is in the correct location and your advice would be most appreciated

Many thanks

Answer:Operating system not found – Samsung RV511 Windows 7

Your HDD is inside, why are you looking for an external one? (or I understood you wrong)
F2 and set boot order to HDD (might show as it's name). Save and exit.

If this doesn't work boot with a Windows Repair Disk and see if your OS is recognized.

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webcam is not listed in device manager or anywhere else that i can see i.e imaging devices.what do i need to do to remedy this and get it to work?

Answer:samsung r519 webcam not found on device manager

sorry forgot to add laptop is running windows 7 professional

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When i open my contacts i find whatsap contacts and my backed up contacts on my google account displayed with my contacts list, even if i tagged that only contacts on my phone should be displayed.

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I try to connect my mobile to my laptop. the phone starts to charge but i cannot find it anywhere in my computer.
when i look in devices and printers it is there highlighted with yellow icon. i right click and select troubleshoot.
the problem is the driver is not installed. so i select install new driver.
then another pop-up appears saying "driver for cdc serial is not installed" so click install the driver.
when i try to install this a final pop-up says that neither my phone driver or this cdc serial driver were found or installed.
please help i have had this problem for a while now

Answer:Driver not found samsung mobile mtp on toshiba windows 7 64bit

What kind of phone? Android Samsung?

Check out PdaNet+ and FoxFI.

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The CD/DVD writer in my HP Pavilion PC stopped working. It no longer showed in My Computer. In Control Panel>Device Manager, the driver was there but with a Yellow warning triangle. Clicking this, I got a message saying that Windows could not find the device. (Code 41)
I bought a TSSTCorp SH-S222A IDE drive and fitted that but with the same result.
I then moved the jumper on the drive from MA (Master) to CS (Cable Select) th be the same as the original HP drive. Still no joy.
Next try was to unplug and replug the 2x IDE ribbon cable at the motherboard end but still no joy.

Can anyone offer a solution please?

PC spec
HP Pavilion t3129 Product Number ED788AA running Windows XP Home – Service pack 3
Motherboard – ASUS PTGD-LA but HP name is Puffer2-UL8E
Motherboard has only ONE IDE Port (HDD is SATA)

BIOS is AMERICAN MEGATRENDS v02.58 and shows the driver for the HDD as being on the FIRST CHANNEL DEVICE 0

The SH-S222 driver is on the THIRD CHANNEL DEVICE 0 – everything is set to AUTO


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I have been using this laptop for a year and yesterday i decided to reformat this laptop using the built in Lenovo OneKey Recovery. Before i reformat the bluetooth was working fine but after the the onekey recovery reformat, the bluetooth just dissapeared. In my devices settings and Device Manager there is no sign of the bluetooth, only the wifi card is there.( wifi is working btw). I tried all the solutions that everyone suggested , such as changing the bluetooth is services.msc and downloading drivers from lenovo site. All doesn't seem to work , i'm running windows 10 and was running windows 10 , i'm desperate for help , thanks !

Answer:Y50 Bluetooth not found?!

Can you check in Settings/Devices if there is a bluetooth option. If yes, you enable it..

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     My inspiron n5010 running in win7 doesnt have driver for bluetooth peripheral device and an unknown device,
i installed microsoft fix it for hardware and devices, they detected problem but unable to solve. so please help me any one to fix
this that i can use my bluetooth,

Answer:Bluetooth driver not found

I have this same problem. FIRst of all, the device drivers analyze program will not let many people install the device detect software, even manually I tried, so you cannot get the true updates you need for your computer. I KNOW because I have had  nothing but problems for over a month, and everyone said they would tell someone but it is not getting done,
Second, I CANNOT GET THE Dell peripheral device for Win 7 x64 and I HAVE DOWNLOADED the drivers for Bluetooth that were on my computer, but the peripheral device is not being found, and it is getting on my nerves, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET THESE THINGS FIXED, its many of us needing the help

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hello, i dunno if i should ask this here, so:

my brother has bought a new Motorola Razr V3 and wanting to transfer mp3's and stuff from the computer to the razr, he aslo bought a Motorola wireless bluetooth adapter, both have version 1.1 (i belive the razr has v1.1, not sure).

anyways i have installed the drivers for the bluetooth and i have sent files from the computer to the phone, but their is a icon in the tray on the computer that when you right click it you can start using bluetooth, but when i click it, it says "Bluetooth Device Not Found".

i have tried searching the internet for the solution but no luck.

i have Sp2 xp home.

so could anyone help me out.


Answer:Bluetooth device not found.

Don't have that phone, but just as a stab...

Does that phone have a place for you to enable devices?

Enable the PC connection instead of the headset, something along those lines?

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Hello, I bought new probook 4 months ago and just now I got bluetooth headphones. Instantly I got a problem. I turn on headphones and my pc doesn't find them. All my drivers are updated, I tried troubleshooting, restarting bluetooth options, deleting password from "log on" tab on "bluetooth support service" (this worked 1st time I did it but later, when I tried to connect it didn't work). Does someone know the problem and can offer me some solution?

Answer:Bluetooth headphones not found

Hi, Please allow your headphones to be discoverable and try again. You may need to check its manual. Regards.

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i am using ideapad s10-3....wen it came wid default software and drivers....the bluetooth worked perfectly....but since i deleted some startup entries which showed up the splash logo's of volumes,wlan,touchpad etc....disappeared....fn+f5 is showing nothing nd nor n e other fn key is showing...only they can be adjusted widout seeing the status...volume,display,touchpad fn keys r wrking...but fn+f5 is nt wrking...
i also tried to reinstall all d drivers dat were bundled...but it did nothing...
i also downloaded bluetooth drivers frm support web...
bt wen i install says..."no bluetooh device found,please make sure that device is properly connected"..
please help...
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Go to Solution.

Answer:S10-3 Bluetooth hardware not found ?

To eliminate the obvious, have you made sure you have not switched off the wireless with the switch on the right hand side of the unit ( near the front) ?

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Hi, I bought a laptop and its model is 7658. It should contain Bluetooth but the bluetooth light under monitor is always dark. And in device manager I can't find Bluetooth. When I set Bluetooth device, an error message pops up and says :  "An error occurred while Windows was saving your settings. The bluetooth device might be unplugged. " Does it means that my laptop doesn't have bluetooth adapter? But I bought it in my order. My order number is 2CR37N. Could you please help me about it? Thanks! 

Answer:Bluetooth adapter can't be found

Try holding down the "Fn" button and then pressing "F5". Doing so should power on the internal bluetooth device.

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I just bought my T61. I don't think my bluetooth working properly. From the device manager, I can tell the device has been installed succesfully and is in a working status. After clicking the bluetooth icon shown in the right bottom of Windows, it tells me that "Bluetooth Device not found". What should I do to fix this? Thanks!

Answer:Bluetooth Device not found

Hi there,Welcome to the forums!As you don't mention whether you're running Vista or XP, nor did you offer information regarding whether this is a fresh install or a factory default installation, I would offer the following suggestion.Re-install the Bluetooth drivers from Lenovo as per operating system used:XP Bluetooth Drivers (Enhanced Data Rate)- or -Vista Bluetooth Drivers (Enhanced Data Rate)Both are for the T61, but as you see, there are different drivers for each. Once installed, re-boot the machine and then enable the bluetooth radio first by pressing the Fn-F5 combination and then you'll have full access to the little Bluetooth icon in the taskbar.Hope this helps(PS: the detailed installation instructions are included in the appropriate .txt file alongside the bluetooth driver package for each OS).Message Edited by icantux on 05-25-2008 10:33 AM

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I have just replaced the hard drive in my T61 and I've installed a new Windows 7 image.  The bluetooth device is not where to be found.  The fn f5 keys does nothing and the device manager does not see the device??  Has anyone run into this issue?


Go to Solution.

Answer:T61 - Bluetooth device not found

Did you download device or Bluetooth drivers when you replaced the hard drive? If not, that could very well be your problem.

Good Luck,Anniemoose98ThinkPad T60 (2007-GAU) Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHZ/1GB/320GB 15" XP HomeDell Dimension 8200 XP Home

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Dear sir ,plz send me blueooth driver link for download  model  no. of HP  15-r062tu   i  search but not found we are  required for connect a portable spesker 

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I am trying to install an Asus Bluetooth Mouse BX700. I am running XP Pro SP 3 on a Dell Latitude D830. The mouse is found by Bluetooth but I am asked for a Passkey or PIN. I have never used a Bluetooth device so have never needed this passkey. I looked at MS Help and it says open the Bluetooth devices in control panel. Problem there is no such icon in CP. The Asus mouse manual says I don't need a passkey.

Thanks for any help


Answer:Bluetooth Manager not found

Can you post a link to the manual?

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Hey guys I want to connect my JBL bluetooth-speaker with my laptop but it doesn't find any devices.The drivers are up-to-date but in the advanced settings a box isnt crossed: "bluetooth-devices can find this PC".If I want to cross that box I get next message:in english:"there is a mistake with saving the settings. This bluetooth-device is possibly not connected.The next settings are nog saved:Detection-settings" Can someone help me please?  Regards!

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Hello.My problem with SL500 under Win 7 is I can't find any Bluetooth devices.Actually, I want to connect a wireles BT speaker. My cell phone does see it, but the ThinkPad does not. I have tried much. Reinstalled driver (Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software II for Windows 7) many times in different ways. Nothing helped.Please, does anyone have any idea?Thank You very much in advance. vhatp

Answer:Bluetooth devices not found

Hi and welcome to the forum!What is the 7 character product number of your SL500? it looks like 2668-KHU and can be found on the back sticker.Keep us posted.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Español Visit my YouTube Channel

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I have issues with PDA sync using Bluetooth. I don't see Bluetooth symbol in notification area. When I click on Bluetooth Wizard under Bluetooth Places, I get message "No Local Bluetooth Device was detected". Also bthprops.cpl command under run does not seem to be working. Please help

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my problem is that i have a problem with bluetooth licens not found
how can i fix this problem
thanks for your help

Answer:bluetooth license not found

Since Bluetooth is a wireless communications medium (just like Wi-Fi), it doesn't require a license. However, something you are doing does. What exactly are your trying to do?


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Bluetooth license not found 2
Error message keeps showing up every time i boot it up.
I have a HP Pavilion with Windows Vista this is annoying and I would
really like to get rid of this.

Answer:Bluetooth license not found

Did you run a registry cleaner?

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I have a DELL INSPIRON 1520 LAPTOP....i bought it with VISTA...then after a year i upgraded to windows 7. Its been so annoying when it comes to devices.

Now i have problems with my integrated bluetooth. i downloaded a driver from dell, but it wouldnt continue with the instalation because it cant find my bluetooth! I know i have it, it appeared on control panel when i had i want to install a bluetooth mouse and it wont let me.

How do i turn on my bluetooth? or how do i activate it?

Answer:No bluetooth device was found!!

Is the driver is made for Windows 7 and Have you right clicked on the driver file and ran it as an administrator? I would try that first.

If that doesn't work, go to device manager and see how many devices there are with no driver for them, they should be called "unidentified devices" or something similar.

Then try Windows updates if you have not yet, and get it fully updated.

I'll come back to see how it's going.

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I have read a lot about problems on W7 with Bluetooth, but none of the solutions seem to apply to me. When I doubleclick on the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar the Bluetooth Devices window comes up, the green bar loads to 99% and nothing happens, even though I have 2 turned on Bluetooth devices near the dongle. I have also tried using the software (BlueSoleil) that came with the dongle, but that doesnt work either.
All the devices in the device manager are installed correctly (no unknown devices). I am using W7 Premium.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

Answer:No Bluetooth devices found

Can you tell us what the two devices are that you are trying to connect?
Also can you fill out your system specs in your userCP

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Hello all,I have seen a lot of posts with instructions what to do when bluetooth doesn't work. I tried everything so maybe someone will suggest something I didn't find. Problem:I can't install bluetooth drivers because it is not enabled. When I use F9 there is no icon of bluetooth in "Indyvidual control"There is no bluetooth devices in Device Manager. I have installed "Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth Technology" . I can't remove/update it because there is error that bluetooth need to be enabled to do it. I tried to reinstall (uninstall and install again) most of drivers from lenovo site with notebook restarting but nothing happens.In BIOS bluetooth is enabled.I am fighting with this from 6 hours, waste one working day with no effects and I start thinking about suicide.  Can you suggest any other solution? I will try reinstall windows in the worst case, but now I have no time to do this.  Best regards,Mikolaj

Answer:E430 bluetooth not found

Good day and welcome to the community.
Please post your machine model name (eg. E430) or the 7-character machine type-model number from the sticker on the bottom. This will help members better assist you. Please don't post your serial number.

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I have two headsets that I've used in the past with ps3, 3 win7 laptops and my iphone with no issues and are still working fine but win8 cant discover them however its finding my ps3, xbox and a cellphone

Connecting the headsets to the computer with usb shows the devices names but no drivers install

(link to computer specs)
HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop 6GB Memory 1TB Hard Drive s5-1554 - Best Buy

Answer:Bluetooth headsets not being found

I appreciate having so many views on this thread but after two days and not even a reply I'm beginning to doubt anyone here will help me with this and I guess its to be expected.

~Feel free to lock

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Hello , I have a weired problem with my bluetooth device in my win 7 laptop HP dv6 6070.I used to use my bluetooth device normally but after resetting my laptop to it's factory configuration and delete hp&recovery partition i couldn't use it any more.In the past I could see my bluetooth device in many places like  HP wireless assistant  and device manager but now I don't.I don't even see my bluetooth device in the uninstalled devices list in device manager.In the past i got the message combo off, combo on when i try  f12 key but now i just get wlan on/off.when i try to install it's driver i get a message "No blueooth device was detected. please make sure that your bluetooth device is plugged in properly in order to continue installation" .I don't know what should i do to get back my bluetooth.It was broadcom 2070.Many Thanks in advance.

Answer:Bluetooth device not found

Hello Ahmed_Ismail, Welcome to the HP Forums! I hope you enjoy your experience!I understand the computer's Bluetooth driver is missing and you are unable to use Bluetooth features. I understand this can be annoying, but I will my best to assist you! Please try downloading and installing this driver to resolve the issue: Broadcom 2070 Bluetooth Software and Driver This should be able to resolve the issue. Either way, please provide your results. Thanks for choosing the HP Forums. Have a great day!Mario

I worked on behalf of HP.

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I currently have a Titan GT80 -009 laptop and cannot for the life of me get any of my devices to connect to this laptop. I turn on Bluetooth and it doesn't find anything while in pairing mode. I uninstalled the driver, re-installed..looked on google and turned off power saving for devices; changes service to auto instead of manual and nothing..

Device manager shows Bluetooth is running fine Qualcom Atheros QCA61x4 4.0 installed.

I really don't want to factory reset, i called MSI for support and that's all they told me to try doing...that's great tech support.

Any help is greatly appreciated..

Answer:No Bluetooth devices found..

Have you checked in Services to see if the "Bluetooth support service" is running?

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bluetooth not wrking on my lenovo y500bluettoth driver is installed and setiings seem to b ok....using xp sp2 ..........wen i right click the bluetooth icon it says "device not found"any ideas??? plssss help me...i know this is and old problem

Answer:y 500 bluetooth device not found xp sp2

i have the same problem too =(

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I have a bluesoleil bluenext BN01 micro bluetooth adaptor. I bought it 28 Oct 2010. I used to use it, but I haven't used it for a few months. It still works in my old XP computer, but I can't now get it to work on my vista laptop. It did work on this laptop before. A message on screen on the bluesoleil window says "Please insert a Bluetooth device". I have turned computer off & on again, taken adaptor out & put in again. Somehow windows is not recognising it. I presume it may be a driver problem but I may be wrong.
My Vista laptop has automatic updates. Blue soleil is version I uninstalled & then reinstalled this from the CD that came with the adaptor. The adaptor has no buttons on it, it's very small; the whole thing is less than twice the size of the USB plug itself.
Could I have removed the driver for it? I don't think so, I don't remember doing so. In Control Panel, Bluetooth Devices has nothing listed. If I click "Allow bluetooth devices to find this computer" then an error message says "An error occurred while windows was saving your settings. A Bluetooth device might be unplugged"
In Device Manager, Bluetooth Devices has a Bluetooth Bus Enumerator, which it says is working properly. In Other Devices, there are 2 devices marked with a black ! in yellow.
The first is 802.11 n WLAN - it says 
This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)
There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
To reinstall the drivers for ... Read more

Answer:bluetooth driver not found

The first device is your WIreless Lan Adapter. Are you hard wired to the modem/router with Ethernet?
The second device is probably your Bluetooth. Go here to get the driver.
Right click each device with the yellow exclamation mark. Select Properties. Under the details tab, select Hardware ID's in the dropdown box. Copy and Paste the first line from each device in your next post.

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My computer is suppose to have a Bluetooth Device manager in the control panel. I have looked for it, but I have found nothing. Dell and Microsoft both say it should be on there, but Dell won't help me, they say it will cost me. Can you please help me. I did have some nasy viruses infected my computer a while back, and I have had to reinstall alot. I know that it use to be on my computer, but now it is gone.

Answer:Bluetooth Device not found


First off stop panicking, if it was there before then odds on it will still be there somewhere, take a deep breath and check the following,

Go into the BIOS and check that the Bluetooth function is enabled, to enter the BIOS look at the start up screen as your PC comes to life for a message such as "press ... to enter BIOS/Setup.

Go to dells website here, put in your service tag and check for any drivers related to Bluetooth, if there is any download them and install them, but check the above first, there is no point installing a driver if the device is disabled.

Post back and let us know, oh and the model of the laptop is a good idea.


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Okay, Im having a few issues here, I just got a refresh of windows 10 and I don't have bluetooth, Although the last windows 10 I had, it had bluetooth as a settingI have realtek internet, I tried the realtek bluetooth drivers but it's not working

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