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You do not have exclusive access to the database. ms access 2003

Question: You do not have exclusive access to the database. ms access 2003

Hi, I installed windows 7 prof, and then I installed ms office 2003. Now I am creating databases. I have never got this messages before when installing ms office 2003 on win wp. When I code and make changes, this message pops up. "You do not have exclusive access to the database as this time. If you proceed to make changes, you may not be able to save them later." how do i get rid of it? Thanks. Deon

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Preferred Solution: You do not have exclusive access to the database. ms access 2003

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: You do not have exclusive access to the database. ms access 2003

I can tell you how to change the setting in Office 2010 (I don't have access to Office 2003, so you'll have to hunt around in OPTIONS):FILE - OPTIONS - CLIENT SETTINGS - ADVANCED - DEFAULT OPEN MODEMake sure it is set to Exclusive and not Shared

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Hi, I installed windows 7 prof, and then I installed ms office 2003. Now I am creating databases. I have never got this messages before when installing ms office 2003 on win wp. When I code and make changes, this message pops up. "You do not have exclusive access to the database as this time. If you proceed to make changes, you may not be able to save them later." how do i get rid of it? Thanks. Deon

Answer:You do not have exclusive access to the database. ms access 2003

I can tell you how to change the setting in Office 2010 (I don't have access to Office 2003, so you'll have to hunt around in OPTIONS):FILE - OPTIONS - CLIENT SETTINGS - ADVANCED - DEFAULT OPEN MODEMake sure it is set to Exclusive and not Shared

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How do I set the an MSACCESS 2010 database to only open in Exclusive use -- within the database itself? I realize you can set a shortcut to open it a database in Exclusive Use mode with the /excl option on the open statement however it seems to me that anyone could create a new shortcut without the the EXCL option and defeat your intentions.

Answer:Open Access Database EXCLUSIVE

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Hi, I have a problem. I have a query, and in this query I have one column that says print the out the text field in table b. But another column states that this can only happen if the code field in table a matches that of table b so that the codes and descriptions match up in the query output and this works good. That is, until, we reach a table row whose code is a mangled version that does not match up perfectly with one in table b, when this happens even if the row is supposed to be outputted by the query the mentioned condition prevents this from happening and the row is omitted. Omitting this condition does not work, because then multiples of the same row are outputted when the query is run with the description of every code being printed. So how can I handle this mangled rows and just say, allow the description in the output field to be blank? Thanks!

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 query criteria too exclusive

I think I understand what you are saying and you are likely doing some complicated SQL, when you probably don't need to.

Sounds like you have 2 tables and are comparing A to B if B has a match then display the value?

Really all you need is to have RIGHT Join between the related fields so the table A always returns all the records and only the matches from tables B.


SELECT TableA.ClientCode, TableB.ClientCode
FROM TableB RIGHT JOIN TableA.ClientCode = TableA.ClientCode;

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I’m working in Access 2003 building a database in which the records will all have the same basic fields, but will be a library of info covering a very wide range of topics. In order to make easier how the information is pulled out by the end user, I want to very strictly control how the info is categorized when it is initially stored in the db. I cannot allow careless input clerks to misspell any of the labels that categorize the record they are entering, or perhaps invent their own labels.
So, each record starts with several columns of categorization labels. The clerk will be presented with a series of drop-down lists and will select one option from each list in order to categorize the record. Each choice will fill in the corresponding column in the categorization section of the record. The options available in each of these drop-down lists are carefully controlled to represent the only sets of acceptable parameters to describe the information contained in the record at each level of detail. Each successive column in this part of the record, representing one of the drop-down lists, covers the next-deeper level in a hierarch of information labeling for the records. As you follow the columns left to right, you are describing the information in the record with greater and greater detail.

A simple example: The first drop-down shows the options “animal, vegetable, mineral”. You select “animal”. Upon you making that choice, the system returns to you a list of ONLY ANIMALS t... Read more

Answer:Access 2003 Data Input Forms for Mutually-exclusive and Hierarchically-categorized Re

blothrop, welcome to the Forum.
It is quite common. The key to successfully doing this is twofold. The first is to base each successive Combo on the selection made in the previous one, the second is to requery each combo once the previous combo has made it's selection.
If you Advance search this forum for poster OBP and Combo in the text you should find various databases that I have posted that do just that.

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Hi. We have just automated some aspects of our database and now the programmer we used is gone! We have recurring trouble with an import function in the database. When I click on the button to Import (go to the file) I am getting "Object doesn't support this property or method". We have had this before, several times, and had it fixed, several times! Can someone give me a recommendation on how to fix this issue?



Answer:Win XP 2003-Access database issue

Variety of things it could be.....
most common is that it's not referenced in the System DSN in ODBC (find it in admin tools).
a library file for the required method isn't available.
macro / script security is blocking parts of the code builder from running.

I'll list more as I think of them.

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making a data base I want to make a query to select just first half of postcodes only, ie all those beginning SW1.I realize i could split the postcodes over 2 columns and just query the first column but is it poss to just have one column and query ist part of postcode. (hope this makes sense)

Answer:MS Access database help needed (2003)

The following will bring in all the post code, i.e. SW1 2TT when entered in the Criteria field in a query and, in the Input Mask of a Table.Like "*"+[Enter Post Code]+"*"

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I have an access database that was built and is run in Access 2003. It has been working great untill two days ago when we started getting the following error upon starting up the database.... "The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time" I have tried copying the database to my local computer off of the server, tried restoring the backup copies of the database and also, trying "shift + click" to open the database but, the error occurs before I even get the database open.... I.E click on it and the error pops up on a blank access window (as if access is open but, no database is open). I have tried jetcomp.exe and it does not work. Any ideas or additional trouble shooting I can do to resolve this?

Answer:Access 2003 database issue


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I've got a highly used Access database that is 97 format. Being as I plan to migrate to 2003 later this year, I wish to convert it. The issue arises after I have compacted the database and converted it to a 2003 format mdb. When I go to "Make MDE" I receive the following error message:

The Visual Basic for Applications project in the database is corrupt.

Despite the hours of effort I've put into fixing it by removing certain modules, macros, and anything else the problem persists.


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Hi All,

I have a hard-copy collection of minutes from hundreds of our Board meetings going back to 1946, each with its own table of contents. I am trying to create a database with the following fields:

Meeting Type / Date / Table of Contents Description / Page # / Keywords

Each record of the above data will represent a specific line on a table of contents, with the exception of keywords. I will determine the keywords by reading the actual text of the minutes. This way, when someone is searching the database, they simply enter one or more keywords and will then be referred to every specific line from every table of contents to which I determine the keyword to be relevant.

I've never used Access before, and frankly I am unsure if Access is the right choice or if I'd be better off using Excel. If I do use Access, I am unsure on how to best set up the database (one or more tables?), as well as how to integrate keywords.

If anyone can provide guidance it would be much appreciated.



Answer:Need help with very basic Access 2003 database

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Hey everybody

I am using a ASP login script that I found online, to run the login for a site I developed. It works great, but uses an access database to hold the usernames.

My problem is, I am afraid that I will end up having to many users for the access database to handle. I want to convert this database to a MS SQL database, since my web host has a tool on the site that lets me create MS SQL databases.

I don't know exactly how to declare all the data types in the tables however. I've attached the database, after deleting all the records, so it just has the table structures in it.

Can anyone give me advice on what data types I will need for each field/ any other advice?


Answer:Converting a Access 2003 Database to MS SQL

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I am supporting an Access 2003 database application and I am looking at code I don't understand. I am realitively new to VBA and most of my programming experience is way before OOP. Anyway, can anyone tell me what this code is doing?

Private Sub Combo223_AfterUpdate()
' Find the record that matches the control.
Dim rs As Object
Set rs = Me.Recordset.Clone
rs.FindFirst "[DateReported] = #" & Format(Me![Combo223], "mm\/dd\/yyyy") & "#"
If Not rs.EOF Then Me.Bookmark = rs.Bookmark

Combo223 is a drop down menu in a form. The record source for this drop down is a query that selects the DateReported fields in all the records of a ODBC table. Any help to demystify this for me would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe there is something wrong with Access 2003 on a machine I rebuilt, possibly a missing component. There is an Access database that we use that connects to a SQL database, normally I just run an executabe folder and then run the shortcut which loads the frontend of the database. Ever since i've rebuilt the machine i keep getting the following error :

"Access was not able to perform this operation because the project is not connected to a SQL server Database"

Hopefully someone can help as this is very important!!

Answer:Access 2003 - SQL Project is not connected to a SQL Database

First of all do you know what "Operation" can't be performed?
Have you re-installed Office and Access?
Does the Link Manager show any Tables to "re-Link" to?

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Hi, is it possible to have a macro that backs up my database, and a button on my admin menu which is clicked and then runs the macro.


Answer:Access 2003 macro to backup database

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Let me start by saying that I'm a low level tech trying to solve a higher level problem, so what may be obvious to some people is likely unknown to me.

We had an access 97 database on a shared folder on a workstation at one of our remote facilities. Recently we put a Windows Server 2003 machine over there to, you guessed it, be a server. The share and all the files were moved off of the workstation and onto the server.

The only real change that I noticed is that when they open any of the files on that drive, it now comes up with an Open or Cancel dialogue box. This is no problem, just an extra step. The problem comes when someone is inside a particular database. If one person has the file open, Windows will not allow a second person to open the file. If they try, it just sits there, they don't even receive the Open or Cancel dialogue box until the person with the file open closes it.

EDIT: I should point out that the permissions seem, to me anyway, to be the same as they used to be.

Any ideas?

- Pat

Answer:Access 97 Database on Windows Server 2003

Pat, check that the users "shortcuts" have not got the "Open Exclusive" set.

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I've a weird problem with ONE of my users:

We work with an Access 2003 database which contains a address book, this address book contains a button "Info" which shows the electronic file of the selected company.

When its opened at one of our systems the windows explorer opens, but does not show the correct folder, also the address bar, menu bar and all the button bar is missing, therefore I can NOT select them again with a right mouse click....
The folder being shown is the "entire network" view

Weird thing is that this only happens when using the "Info" button from the address book, when opening the windows explorer the normal way all menu bars etc. are shown normally.

There are also other "info"-like buttons in the database which work correctly.

So this happens at ONE user only.

Who has an idea??

Answer:Solved: Windows XP + Access 2003 database

Did already try registry cleaners and cleaning up temporary files etc.

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I am a self-taught access 2003 database (db) developer.
I have been working for sometime on a Case Management db for a non profit social work office. The office has 14 workers that will all be interacting with the db over a local area network, all with usernames and passwords (MDE file) required to sign into the db. I am nearing the end of my work, but I am not sure how to "finish it off". Some of my questions are:
1. Is there a way to replicate the db so that I have a master (designer's) copy and a user copy?
(I sort of know the answer to this question^ which leads me to the next question)
2. How to transfer data from the user version to a new user version? What I mean is: If I make changes to the design copy (master) then how do I get the data from the old version of the db into the newly designed db without corrupting the design copy?
3. Do I need to make replicas... or can I accomplish the task by using the existing security user login to filter users that can and cannot change the db structure? Ex. When I log in I want to have access to change anything - When a user logs in I want them to get access to the data (read/write/delete) and forms, not the structure (tables/queries/relationships).

I work in isolation!
Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Access 2003 Database Final Steps?

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I need to create an Access database that will keep track of when users take workbooks from storage, and when they were returned.

I was thinking about creating a barcode type system, so when the user takes a workbook they can be scanned for checkout, and then re-scanned to check back in (Almost like a library type system).

I also need a way to search for workbooks that have not been checked back in, and be able to print a report showing the still checked out workbooks.

If anyone can provide suggestions on the best way to design this db, I would really be appreciative.

Answer:Access 2003 Database Design Suggestions

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Can someone give me some advice about the best way to compact my Access 2003 database which is getting bigger by the minute?
I tried opening it and then using Compact&Repair but it then gave me an error message of 'OAIndex in not an Index in the table'
Thankfully, I had backed it up immediately before this so I have a copy which is not corrupted.
However I am worried about this happening in the future and one of my team forgetting to back it up first.

Is there some more fail-safe method that I could/should be using?
I have seen references to something called jetcomp.exe
Is the best method to get hold of jetcomp.exe and use that?

Many thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.

Answer:Solved: Compacting an Access 2003 Database

I use the normal Compact & Repair, you can set it to run when you close the database.
You can also have an automated backup system that runs when you start the Computer each day (assuming that you do) or at a particular time each day
Databases normally get very large and quite often corrupted whene you do a lot of design work without compacting & repairing as you go along.I compact & repair after each daily design work and also increment the database name like this
databasename v 0.0
databasename v 0.1
databasename v 0.2

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We have a number of "End of Day" reports that are created by clicking a button on the database, this runs several sub routines each creating an email.

Occasionally, someone will delete a field which is required by these reports and we get the Invalid Use Of Null error. This stops everything and we cant continue with the rest until the culprit is found.

Ideally, in the event of an Invalid Use of Null error we would like it to...

- Pop up a message with the name of the sub routine and the record causing the problem.
- Exit the sub routine which would then continue with the rest of the routines.

In short...

If error
msgbox ...
End Sub
End If

Is this possible?

Slimboy Fat

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 Database - Invalid Use of Null

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I work for a large global engineering construction firm. I have recently been tasked with setting up a database to store all of our contractor information. This information includes

name of company,
contact information for the company,
what is the general scope of work for the contractor (out of a specified list of 12, and each can have multiple),
what regions the contractor works in (out of a specified list, and each can have multiple),
the date we last received pre-qual information from them,
whether they are union/non-union/both,
what is their safety score,
what is the last job they bid and/or won for us if any,
and whether they are small, female, or minority owned contractor(which needs to be tracked for government work).
This information is currently housed in way too many unorganized excel files that need to be consolidated. From what I'm reading an Access database is the way to go because of one company having multiple scopes of work, multiple regions, and multiple projects, BUT there are two problems.

1. I am an Access beginner. That being said, I'm VERY computer savvy, just need some guidance and instructions.

2. The end user of this database information is NOT computer savvy and would need a very user friendly search form that they could pick from specified criteria and get a report that displays the contractors that match that criteria (for instance a contractor who specializes in scaffolding in the NW of the United States). This report would ... Read more

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I have a lot of Access 2003 databases running on site. I want to have a runtime version of the apps so that i don't have to purchase the full access 2003 for the users. When i open a database, i can view the employee data for example. When i go to right click on this to sort or filter, no menu appears. Is there a way to enable this menu on a runtime version. I created the runtime version using the Developer extensions package wizard.

Please help,


Answer:Cannot right-click a database in Access 2003 Runtime Version

I do not know whether or not the "runtime" version supports table filtering.
One alternative is to provide the users with a form(s) to do the filtering by queries, which is more powerful and can be more user friendly.

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I have been here couple of times and warned (by OBP) that my database structure was wrong. Of course he was right and i learn my lesson hard way.
Please help.
How i can make a good structured database that will show me movie rental statistics?
My plan was enter monthly all rental statistics into a single table then by using queries (for each month) pull data for each month and get subtotals in a separate query for each month.
for example: I would have rentals for February in QFebruary2008 then have subtotals for each movie on the movie list in QFebruary2008Subtotals. My database was functioning fine for 6 months data entry (Feb to July) then after 7th months query entry totals did not add up correctly anymore in my reports.
I am attaching a sample but in reality we have over 1,300 DVDs and monthly 1,500 data entry i do for rental statistics purposes.
I know my database is poorly constructed since i am self-teaching myself but I am willing to learn.
should i have rental data tables for each month instead of using a single table with over 10,000 entries?
We have 3 types of DVDs: Regular Movies (PG-13 and R); Kid Movies (G and PG), and TV Series
May be i should use 3 different tables for each type of DVDs then i can use each month's rental data as subdata sheet for those tables?
Please check my database. If you open one report i have only half of the data being shown although totals add up correctly.
Any advices appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 Database Structure Establishment Help

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Hi There,

I have an access database with one table which is getting full (TableID range). Now I am wondering how I can resolve this...

Should I create a new table and move the oldest records to there?

Also I am wondering what will happen when the last ID has been issued, and I remove let's say the first 3000 records, will it start over at the 1st ID?

What is the procedure to resolve this?

Thank you,

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 database table getting full

Wouter, how do you know that it is getting full?
If you create an Archive Table and transfer the records it should not affect the current table at all.
Basically it depends on how often that you use the "oldest" data, it could even go in to a separate database.

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Hello, first time poster here.

I have a database that is used by three people. The database is split to have a front and back end. I distributed an Access file to each user that acts as a shortcut; it copies the front-end to the user's computer from the network drive that it is shared onto their TEMP folder on the computer. This way, when I make updates to the structure of the database, no one needs to copy a new version of the front-end. I can simply replace the master file that is copied. The front-end and back-end are stored in different parts of the network drive.

I'm seeing a conflict with who is able to log into the database. I will designate the users as U1, U2, and U3. U1 cannot log into the database if U2 or U3 are in the database. U2 and U3 never conflict with each other, and if U2 and U3 enter the database after U1 has entered, everything is fine.
I have made sure that everyone's settings under Tools -> Options -> Advanced have been set to these:

Default Open Mode: Shared
Default Record Locking: No Locks
Open Databases Using Record-Level Locking: Checked
In addition, the forms that they use in the Access database have their properties set to not lock records.

Is there anything else I should be checking?

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 - Database Locking Issues

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I am experiencing symptoms similar to Microsoft Article ID: 819780...
(Here's the link: hxxp://;en-us;819780 )

Shortly after opening any database file Access stops responding and
generates an error:

AppName: msaccess.exe AppVer: 11.0.6355.0 AppStamp:40aa97a8
ModName: msaccess.exe ModVer: 11.0.6355.0 ModStamp:40aa97a8
fDebug: 0 Offset: 000fb140

There is more information in the file that Access wants to send off to
Microsoft, but the file is huge and I don't know where/what to look at to
narrow this problem down.

I tried the solution(s) listed in Article ID: 819780 but it had no affect.
Is anyone either familiar with this error, or know how to decipher the error
file to figure out what is going on?


Answer:Access 2003 stops responding when I open a database file

DOes this happen with every DB you attempt to open or only a specific file?

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Very odd behaviour has just occurred in that I am no longer able to delete objects from within the Acess Database Window. The delete "X" is greyed out as is the pull-down option following a right click. DB seems to work fine otherwise.

Unsure where to start looking on this one so any help would be gratefully accepted!


Answer:Solved: Access 2003: Unable to delete database objects

If another user is in the database then you will have issues with editing and deleting options. Try to open the database in exclusive mode and see if that helps. To open it up exclusively you want to click on the drop-down arrow beside the open button in MS Access and select Open Exclusively.

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I am trying to create a Customer Database using Access 2003 for my new Business.

I am a PC Engineer and hope that each customer will have many jobs done!

With this in mind I have created 2 tables - CUSTOMERS and WORK UNDERTAKEN.

I believe it should be a one-to-many relationship.

I used a field called CUSTOMER ID and made it autonumber and the Primary Key.

Assuming all that is correct - how do I enter 2 jobs for the same customer?

I'm just wondering if I should create an identical field in the WORK UNDERTAKEN table of CUSTOMER ID in order that I can enter the job details?

What I mean is this - I have put my details in as Customer with Autonumber 1 (Primary Key)

If I'd had 2 jobs done - how do I enter these in such a way that the database knows the jobs were done for me and not another customer? Do I have to manually enter the CUSTOMER ID of 1?

I'm just generally confused and wondered if anyone has a basic guide to creating this kind of database or any useful links.

I'm an avid Googler but I'm yet to find a comprehensive guide as to how I should set this up.

I've attached a couple of screenshots to clarify my confusion (!)

Answer:Solved: Access 2003 Customer Database setup help needed

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I have found from several forums and support sites including Microsoft that many users are asking solution for the error generating by MS Access 2010 or 2007 while running their custom made Access 2003 database usually after after upgrade.
The error is showing as "The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Office Access can't find."

The solution is as below:
This error is causing due to disabled macro setting by default. So you will need to enable the macro as per the following method.
Go to File > Options > Trust Center
Then Click on "Trust Center Settings".
Here click on the Option " Show the Message Bar ... ..."
Re-open the Access File in exclusive mode
Now click on the yellow message bar on to to enable macro..... ..... problem solved.

Answer:Access 2010 or 2007 upgrade error for 2003 database

Welcome to TSG and I appreciate the pro-active post.

A another solution is to learn the Trust Center. In there you can enable all macros.

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I am working for a company that has four people (four different computers) entering data into four different Excel 2010 files on a shared drive. I would like to create a master file on my own computer for the purpose of generating reports. How do I create one Access database that includes all of the information from the four different excel files? Also, can this Access file be continuously updated as the four Excel files are updated each day? Thank you!!!

Answer:Access 2010 Help Merging 4 Excel Files into One Access Database

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I have on a Laptop, an Access 2013 program feeding an accdb database. I want to move subject database or a copy of the accdb database to a new PC with Access 2013 installed. Both computers are running on Windows 10. I considered copying the laptop database to my Kingston Data Traveler but I can't even find the directory where the database should be.

The only other thing to add Is that I programmed the record input software using Access 2003 and copied it onto my laptop with Access 2013 installed and which works fine. Later, I saved the MDB database into the Accdb format (Access 7).

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According to what I've read, Access 2010 uses the same database format as Access 2007. So this should mean I can open and run a 2007 database (with a lot of VBA code) in Access 2010 with no trouble, yes?

So why do I have the feeling that something is not going to work? Is it because I have been through to many Access upgrades?

Answer:Any problems using Access 2007 database with Access 2010?

Hi bbinnard,

If you have not purchase Access 2010 yet, what I'd recommend the Trial Version and play around with it for quite a while.

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I would like to set up an MS Office Access 2003 or even 2007 file and put it online for my team to enter data into. It seems as if Google Docs, my first idea, does not facilitate MS Access mdb files.Any safe suggestions would be most appreciated.

Answer:Easy online access to a Microsoft Access database

windows live shared folder. give password into to people who can access the DB or they register accounts and allow them to access the folder

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I hope that someone can help me. Here is my problem,,, All of a sudden, I cannot run any programs that require exclusive access to my hard drive such as scandsk, chkdsk, Nortin Disk Dr., ext to maintain or fix my HD. All of these programs ask you to reboot to perform their functions. Upon the reboot, I get a message that says, "... cannot obtain exclusive access to the hard drive."

Obviously, something is loading on bootup even before these programs engage. My question is how can I find out what it is; or is their something else that can be causing this situation?

I have a Compaq 2120us with a 40mb Seagate Hard Drive.


Answer:Exclusive access needed

O.K. Here is the exact wording of the message.....

"... cannot open the volume for direct access."

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I have an MS Access Database that I have been using (shared) for many years. I recently added a new form to the database. Whenever I try to search for a record on this form, I get the "You do not have exclusive access to the database at this time..." message.

I am familiar with this message and I fully understand about not being able to make design changes while other users are in the database... but I am NOT trying to make any design changes! I am simply trying to pull up a record, the same way I do on countless other forms in the same database! Only this one form in the database is affected. All other forms work fine! Can anyone help???

Answer:Exclusive Use problem in MS Access

One of the things I would try first, especially for an old database, is make a copy (make sure no one is in it) and then Compact and Repair the database. I've seen old, bloated databases get errors that don't seem right over time get fixed just with this. Otherwise, the usual solution for this kind of problem is to split the database, which sounds like it would probably cause more problems for you than it would fix.

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Recently I had some problems with my PC that made me want to run Norton Disk Doctor to analyze my hard drive. When I attempt to do so, I get an error message that says "The operating system, or another process, currently has exclusive access to the drive, or some of its files."

Does anyone know how to determine what has exclusive access to the drive and how to make it non-exclusive?

Answer:Exclusive access to hard drive

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Is there a way to set up an Access database in which more than one user can open and save changes at the same time?

Answer:Access Form: Do Not Open Exclusive

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Hello peeps

My next project is quite interesting. Put simply I'll need an Access 2003 DB to let me:

1. Create a new "Project" in the database, giving it a title

2. Asscociate the project with a customer (or add a customer and then associate with the project).

3. ALSO associate any number of additional remote locations (other offices) with this project

4. For each office, add data to a list that details the office specification (floors. rooms, sizes, capacity, windows etc
I see this as a heirarchy database that has many dozens of projects, a larger number of customers and an even larger number of offices.

What would the best structure be to develop this database in A2003? What is the best way to organise the relationships for the core tables which I think will be "Projects", "Customers", "Offices", "Details".

Looking forward to interesting feedback to set me on my way chaps!


Answer:Access 2003: "Long(ish) Chain Database ideas pls"

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Hello All,
Our company had a photo booth with an F-35 fighter jet at a recent technology show. Individuals were allowed to have there pic taken in front of the aircraft with a pretty model. Now I have over 2500 pictures and over 2500 individuals that need their pic emailed to them. I have an Access database with a name, email address and a picture. Each name has a different image. How can I automatically send each person their picture through Outlook? I would like it to automatically populate a new email with the address and corresponding pic then have it be sent on its way while I am home sleeping. Can this be done? Is there a command that can run a VB script in Access to accomplish this? I thank you profusely in advance.


Answer:Solved: ACCESS: Email pic from Access database

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Is it possible to convert an Access 2000 database to Access 7.0? I have an old machine that I would like to run a database on but it only has Access 7.0 for WIndows 95.

Answer:Convert Access 2000 database to Access 7.0?

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Well, not quite VBA...

Under Tools > Options > General Tab, I can enter a path to where I want the DB default folder to be. My normal one could be :

C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\My Documents\Databases

If I'm going to distribute my databases, I'd want that path to be:

C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\My Documents\Database

where %USERNAME% is the generic Windows system variable.

Trying this as the default path in Access howevere, I get an error.

Is this possible?


Answer:Access 2003: "VBA" to set the default database folder

Chris, I am not sure why you need to set the Access Default Folder as it is only used when you create or open another Database.
You can establish where the Current DB is using "CurrentProject.Path"

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Dear forums users and support

I am using window xp and xp firewall
I am also using free avg anti virus and anti spy ware

PerfectDisk 2008 could not gain exclusive access to C: Drive, There might be a drive conflict Click to expand...


Answer:PerfectDisk could not gain exclusive access to C: Drive

But what could it be?

what could it be if so?
I am stumped heh
Is there anyway to check?

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I have MS Access 2000. I initially created a long book list several years ago. I recently found a template from the MS database for books that I downloaded that I like better. I have tried importing the data from the old database to the new one but with no luck. Both are in Access 2000. I am running Win2K.

Answer:Transfer from Access Database to Access Database

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I have a [COLOR=green !important][COLOR=green !important]database[/COLOR][/COLOR] with 1 table named "Demographic" and 1 table named "Client data"; Client data is linked to an Excel spreadsheet. Both tables have different headings/fields for each column but similar data. I would like to get the data from the Client Data table into the Demographic table and correct for the mismatched column headings so that Client Data is correct in Demographic.

Would someone be willing to help me step-by-step so that I can merge these 2 tables AND have the data correctly aligned in the Demographic table?

I'm essentially a newbie...please be gentle with me.


Answer:Importing Data from 1 Access 2003 to Another Access 2003 Table

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I'm trying to allow folder redirection on Server 2008 R2 to automatically create folders that only the users who they are created for have access. I have a lot of new users every year so I don't want to be creating hundreds of user folders manually. To do this I'm using Exclusive Rights, it's working great. However, Administrators don't have access to the folders without taking ownership (thus screwing up NTFS security on the users stuff). I also don't want to leave it like this because sometimes we need to search through large amounts of user folders if we're looking for something in a users folder. If you do this without using Exclusive Rights, all users can see all other users data.

So, I need to find out a way to allow these folders to be created automatically with group policy. I don't want to use scripts, just group policy. Is it possible to set up some type of sharing/NTFS permission scheme where any user can create a folder (where I point them to) but only the creator and administrator can view the contents? I would only consider a script that I would run afterwords in order to add an administrator rights to the NTFS permissions of the created folders.

I see Microsoft has a KB regarding this and a work around, however it only works for Server 2000 and 2003, I'm on Server 2008. The options they want you to adjust are not there. Also, towards the bottom of this blog, they have directions to do something similar with folder ... Read more

Answer:Folder Redirection + Exclusive Rights + Administrator Access = Anger

You will want to modify the permissions on the root folder, do not give exclusive rights. Follow this microsoft technet guide for folder redirection, scroll down to the permissions section. Obviously for your case you will want to add Domain Admins (or applicable group for management) to the root folder.

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Ok I have one more question-a few people have other versions of Access in my program and need to use the database that I created in Access 97. A few people tried and couldn't open it. Is there an easy way to converting this so they can use it on their computers? Thanks for the help.

Answer:Access 97 database in Access 2000?

Access should prompt them to either open the DB file or convert it to the newer version on startup. If it doesn't you can open the newer version of Access and go to Tools > Database Utilities > Convert Database.
Warning: Everything in your DB may not convert properly so be ready to do some work if this happens.

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Hi everybody! I have a problem with my MS Access and can’t use the wizard for creating database objects (forms, report, table, queries, etc). Whenever I choose Wizard option to create those database objects, I get the following error message:

Microsoft Access can’t find the wizard, or there is syntax error in the Declaration section of a Visual Basic module.​
The wizard you need may be missing from the libraries key of the Microsoft Access section of the Windows Registry.
To make sure that the wizard is in the Windows Registry, run Setup to reinstall Microsoft Access, and the compile all Visual Basic modules in the database.​
I reinstalled the MS Access as instructed in the message, but I don’t know where to find and compile those Visual Basic modules. I also don’t know how to get to libraries key of the Microsoft Access section of the Windows Registry.

I tried to reinstall the software by using two different versions of software CDs (MS Office 2000 and XP) and both failed to solve the problem. I also tried unsuccessfully to access Add-Ins feature from the Tools menu in order to add the missing component. Please help me!


Answer:Can't access MS Access database Wizard

Funny I had the same error last night. I ran Setup from the CD (from RUN prompt) checked off the access wizard. Then went and did what I was doing, it still asked to install the feature but it worked that time.

If that does not help the is an MS article, basically, if you are in "Break mode" of a module that could also cause it.

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I don't support Access, nor have I been trained in it, but I've been asked if I can help in this problem.
An Access database connects externally to a SQLServer database at login time for the application. How do I find which external database they are connecting to? I know that there is a way to go behind the forms to see the source code, but I cant remember how to do this.
I cannot find an obvious User/System file dsn on the PC to give me a clue.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Accessing external database from Access database

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Hi Guys,

Im trying to write some code that will copy my access database , tables and data to a new sql server database, ive got the code to create the sql database but i need to populate it from my application

Any answers would be grateful


Answer:Copy an access database to SQL server database using VB.NET

Google: import access to sql server

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I'm building a database application in Visual Basic .NET and I want to know what is the equivalent code of this when I want to make a connection to mysql:

Protected connString As String = _
"Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source = " & loc & "\dbProject.mdb;"

Private cn As OleDb.OleDbConnection = New OleDb.OleDbConnection(connString)

Private ConnectionString As String = connString

Answer:Exporting MS Access Database to MySQL Database

You would have to have the MySQL driver for it on the server regardless.

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Here's the question- how do I open a form in an existing database from another db in Access 2010 using VBA and give it focus. I can open the external db and it's form but cannot figure how to give it focus. I'm trying to create a master form that will call various databases that each have a form. Seems simple, open the master menu, click on a button that then opens the called db and the associated form. Do my business exit the db and am back at the master form. I would be okay to just close the master db, all it has it the main menu or leave it open. Doesn't matter which I just want to open the called db and form and have its focus.

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Recently a SBS network of a friend got a virus on a workstation that most likely came from opening a bogus attachment in an email. The most obvious problems are that the On access scanner of both Mcafee total protection and mcafee virusscan enterprise 8.5.0i will disable themselves indefinitely even if you reenable AND the OMA portion of exchange will not run which means no synching wireless devices with exchange accounts I have tried scanning, all sorts of removers and cannot find anything that seems to explain the source. Maybe my log will show something obvious that Im overlookingLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 8:35:16 AM, on 12/18/2008Platform: Windows 2003 SP2 (WinNT 5.02.3790)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16762)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Adaptec\Adaptec Storage Manager\StorServ.exeC:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\beremote.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Dfssvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\dns.exeC:\Data\efilecabinet\efilecabinet.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\inet... Read more

Answer:Something is disabling my McAfee On Access Scanner and Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) in exchange 2003

Hello netconWelcome to BleepingComputer ========================Download random's system information tool (RSIT) by random/random from here and save it to your desktop.Double click on RSIT.exe to run RSIT.Click Continue at the disclaimer screen.Once it has finished, two logs will open. Please post the contents of both log.txt (<<will be maximized) and info.txt (<<will be minimized)

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Hello, I am using Access 2000 and have created a database with a command button that opens up a report via a macro. I would like to know how to open up single reports instead of pushing a button that brings up every report, I've been able to open up reports that are based off of queries, queries that have paramenters that need to be inputted in order to bring up single unique records, but I would like to be able to just create a button that brings just that particular unique record-report off of that particular unique record on that form. Meaning that for a record that had just been inputted for John Doe on a form, I would like to know how to create a button on that form to pull up John Doe's single report without having to build a query that asks for a parameter. Is there anyway to do this?

Answer:Access-Printing a single report off of a single record from an Access database form

You will have to adapt this to your own form setup; but it's just using the Where line of the OpenReport macro action.

If on the form MyFormName you have two controls called txtFirstNm and txtLastNm, and in the query underlying the report you have two fields called FirstNm and LastNm, you would put into the Where line of the OpenReport action:

[FirstNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtFirstNm] And [LastNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtLastNm]
Hope that helps.

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I have an access 2003 database that calls a VB6 module. The module starts and then I get a run-time error 75 path/file access error. I can execute the vb module outside of access but I have to run as administrator for it to work correctly. What can I fix so that the call from access will execute? I believe the issue is with comctl32.ocx and the status bar control inside the vb module.

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I have a series of 7 forms which allow users to select various options and complete some computation in the DB. The whole process takes no more than 3 mins.

However, some users will go to Form 3, then exit Access. And they will forget which Form to continue from.

To prevent such a problem, I thought of writing some code to prevent the user from exiting Access till they have completed all 7 forms.

I would appreciate if anyone can advise if this can be done and how to do it.


Answer:Access 2003: How to prevent user from exiting Access without completing action

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I need to add rows from Access table to Excel spreadsheet by using VBA.

I cannot create a new file for various reasons, so I cannot use command “TransferSpreadsheet”.

Is it possible to do it?


Answer:Solved: Access 2003. How to add rows from Access table to Excel spreadsheet by using

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We have an Access application that holds employees' table. When new employee comes, the email stating the name of a new employee and the link to this Access app. being sent to a supervisor. When supervisor starts the app, it opens the list of all new employees for a supervisor to choose from.
What my boss wants is, that access will open a new employee record by itself, depending on the name from the email. In other words, he wants to open the specific record by the link from email.

Is it possible to do this?


Answer:Solved: Access 2003 - Opening specific record in Access table via link in Outlook

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I've read postings from OBP, Cristobal and others about the down sides of OLE, how it bloats a database and so forth. With that under my belt, I nevertheless have a need to inlcude Word docs in the Reports created by my Access 2003 database.

The spec is as follows:

The application is to provide a sales quotation tool. Users will add a quote by choosing the customer, adding parts to the quote and choosing pricing mechanics, Thats all easy to do and in fact is nearly complete. The user can then, by selecting one or more tick boxes, choose from a range of pre-formatted product literature which will be included in the output quote that is created as a report (then spooled to PDF). The pre-formatted product literature content is not needed to be visible in the form.

The product lit files are Word docs.There are about 30 or so of these different Word docs and they are stored on a central server (same path for each doc), so I see no problem in having a table containing the filenames as text file names with full paths.

So, when the report is run, the quote is produced, with full pricing and ALSO with the chosen word documents in all of their glory.

What is the best way to do this? Can it even be done at all?

Suggestions on a post card!


Answer:Access 2003 : Word Docs inside an Access Report

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I am trying to convert a MS Access 2003 database to MS Access 2007. I have tried both the "convert" and the "save as" methods. The conversion process provides the message, "All open objects must be closed prior to converting to a different version. Do you want Microsoft Office Access to close he objects?" I choose Yes. The Save As window opens and I pick a valid location and name.

The status bar indicates Access is closing temporary objects, and then briefly displays the converting status before popping the error message that "You attempted to open a database that is already opened exclusively by user 'Admin' on machine <machine name>. Try again when the database is available."

The problem is that the <machine name> displayed is my own machine name. I've tried to convert from other desktops, with the same result. Access does not seem to be able to close all objects before attempting to convert to a new databse.

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this?


Answer:Solved: Problem converting Access 2003 to Access 2007

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My company was using Office 2003 until 4 months ago when they moved to Office 2010. When they install Office 2010 Office 2003 was left on the machines so that we currently have both versions installed. I have developed and deployed several databases since Go Live, all in Access 2010, and all was going fine until Office 2003 was uninstalled from several machines and when they tried to open the database they got:

"Execution of this application has stopped due to a run-time error.
The application can’t continue and will be shut down."

I went all thought the code and couldn't find anything so on a whim our IT guy, the one that had removed Office 2003 reinstalled it and BAM, working again.

I have no clue as to what is going on here, Shared DLL, a Reference that's 2003, nothing. i need any thoughts as to where to look and what it might possibly be.


Answer:Solved: Access 2010 / Access 2003 Issue

When you uninstalled Access 2003 did you re-install or repair Access 2010, Office overwrites certain dll files so that the one in current use has control, if you then uninstall it the dll files do not necessarily return control to 2010, hence re-installing 2003 also re-installed the dll files.
Normally you can't run both versions of Access at the same time due to this problem.

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Hey my name is Alex,
I'm a Computer Technician at MicroChip Foundry and here is my problem below..
So i'm having a problem with a Windows Xp Pro Machine that has office 2003 pro with access. A employee uses it to run querys and database but also uses it to run other programs. It started running slowly after awhile and so I figured out the 2010 Runtime Access would make it run faster. So it did but, the two conflict with each other. Is there a way to cause this not to do that?

Answer:Access 2003 and Runtime Access 2010

this might shed some light on it, there's a few suggestions for compatibility solutions.

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First off I know little to nothing about MS Access so pardon me if I use inproper terminology or just plain act like I don't know what I am doing. The problem here in our office is that I am 'it'. I know more about technology than the others rolled into a ball.

No that we have that out of the way we had an Access database with all of our client contact info in it. It sat on our server so that everyone used the same database and no one wondered why new info was not input, etc.

I upgraded my PC to Office 2007 to give it a whirl. I opened the database the other day to see what the interface looked like and it was spewing messages about some kind of security issues. I think that I just clicked "OK" a couple of times and discovered that it would not let me into the database forms anymore. The file is still there, but our forms do not exist.

Any ideas what might have happened or how to get them to come home?



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What are the differences between Access 2003 and Access 2007? I have some code that works in Access 2003, but does not work in Access 2007.

Answer:Differences Between Access 2003 and Access 2007

Man, there are a lot of differences, ranging from the new database file type (no longer .mdb) to the fact that it is built on a new engine to....
Here is a good listing of the differences
Oh, one thing, code does not run unless your database is in a trusted location.

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I need help on a shared access 2003.
in fact in my box, they decided to move to Access 2007.
when I open the database on access 2007, is just the Home window that appears, and that's it.
and yet I managed to load it with access 2007 two days ago and did a test to see if the updates back to the server and it worked, but since she no longer wants to market.

I enabled macros, I uninstalled Office 2003 and it gives nothing

After I checked the box "use special keys Access", the application starts but with a bug "2455 error Reference ...."

you have an idea about the problem?

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I have an access 2000 database that I cannot view in design mode in 2003. In access 2000 I used to press the shift key and open the access 2000 database. It would then open up the data base for me instead of starting it in start-up form. But now when I try that in 2003 it just gives me the startup box, basically what a user would see when entering information. I was wondering how I would be able to view the database in access 2003 as if I was pressing the shift key and opening it up like in access 2000. I imagine it has something to do with the macros?

Is there a way of setting up the database in access 2003 (so I can view the data inside) instead of starting up the form


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We have a moderetly complex database which runs fine in Access 2003, but we have been told that later this year all our machines will be upgraded to Office 2007.

Does anyone have any practical experience of having converted a database from Access 2003 to Access 2007? Is it possible? What are the likely problems? I remember when we converted from (i think it was Office 2000) to Office 2003 we had some problems, but nothing we couldn't overcome.

One of the reasons I ask is that we have someone here who seems preyyt adament that an Access 2003 database will not run under Access 2007. can this really be the case?

Answer:Access 2003 to Access 2007 Conversion

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My name is Dennis.
I have very limited knowledge of access. I have created a basic trouble tracking system for my office that starts with a switchboard. Four different User groups can create new trouble reports, check status of open trouble report, look at as list of closed trouble reports or look one trouble report with detailed log info. I only have one database and allow the users to select their "orgname" from a combobox with a value list. My problem is my boss doesn't want each group to be able to see any other groups reports. I'm wondering if I could first run another switchboard that would allow them to select their orgname with password and then pass the value to the database. Or I could just create four separate databases. But my boss would need to see all of the reports accross groups. I hope I'm explaining myself clearly enough. I'm sure you guys would will have some suggestions, just remember I'm fairly basic. Thanks in advance.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1015 Mb
Graphics Card: ConfigMgr Remote Control Driver, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76308 MB, Free - 53837 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 09F0h, , MXM6390073
Antivirus: VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Answer:Access 2003 Restrict access to one value of orgname

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Dear All,

The company I work for is looking for a solution to the following:

To be able to provide external clients access to an internal Access database with the ability to modify records via means of providing a username and password via the web. We've asked our Developement team but they are too busy apparantely, and this is beyond my knowledge.

Any ideas or recommendations greatly appreciated.



Answer:Access and Access Database via the web?

originally posted by ukJAG

We've asked our Developement team but they are too busy apparantely,Click to expand...

They sound like my IT dept. only they dont know !!

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I have 2 Microsoct Access Databases in the same folder on someone in our Networks hardrive.

One I can access no problem....
The other I cannot????

Any ideas why?

I use Vista
The computer I am connecting with uses Windows XP
We both use Office 2000

The folder where the database file is located is Shared Documents.
So it shows:
\\SIDONNA\SharedDocs\Vehicle.mdb (Cannot access)
||SIDONNA|SharedDocs\WorkOrder.mdb (Can access fine)


Answer:Why can't I access a Access Database

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In my Win2000, I get that message no matter which of my hard drive partitions I try to scandisk. It gives me an option to have it scanned at startup, but I'd rather not do it that way.

What does that mean and how can I get "exclusive access" to a disk to preform a scandisk on it?


Answer:"Exclusive access could not be obtained" message when trying to scandisk,..Why?

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Hi, im just wondering, if access 2007 is backward compatible to 2003? i have a work to be done, but the system in the office is 2003, while i only have access 2007 software in my computer, do i have to consider something else? or its better to get access 2003? any suggestions for professional database programmers out there?


Answer:Access 2007 and Access 2003?

It will load just fine in both. Just when going from 2007-2003, when you save the file do save as, select the file, and there should be a dropdown under the file name. Click that and select office xp/2003 (will say one or other or both). Now if you save from 03 for 07 just save normally and the file will open just fine.

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Hi All,
I am running Access 2002 and I am wondering what the difference is between 2002 and 2003. Books on 2002 are hard to find and so if I bought one for 2003, would it be suitable for 2002?

Answer:Access 2002 v Access 2003

They are very very similar. If you pickup a book on 2003 you will be fine.

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I have upgraded to Office 2003 and when I try to open Access, i get the following message:

Cannot open a database created with a previous version of your application. (Error 3041)

Can anyone tell me what I need to do?



Answer:Solved: Access 97 - Access 2003

You could try this article:

I only have minimal experience with Access, but I believe you may have overall issues trying to make this type of conversion without using an intermediate version first such as Access 2000 or Access XP.

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Question: Access Database

When entering a form..the page normally start with a blank page/form..what code can I use in Macro or Visual have the form blank..when entering the that you can just data..instead of having to click on add new data..

Answer:Access Database

First, this is really the wrong forum for this question. It should either be in Applications or Development. I only saw this post because I was checking on a post I made here before but I don't usualy visit this forum often.

If you want a form to open ready to take new data, set it's Data Entry property to Yes. (You'll find that property in the Data tab of the forms properties.) If I misunderstood the question, post back and give more details.

Good Luck!

[This message has been edited by YSB (edited 08-10-2000).]

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Question: Access database


I have a requirement to allow the user to do a 'compact and repair' from the system I have developed. I have looked at some code online and tried the following:

but this is failing with the following message

Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done.

Any ideas why this is failing? or is there a better method?

using JRO;
private void CompactDatabase(string Path, string Database, string Password="")

string Database2 = Database + "1";
string oldmdbfile = "";
string newmdbfile = "";

if (Password != "")
oldmdbfile = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + Path + Database + ";Persist Security Info=True;Jet OLEDB:Database Password='" + Password + "';";
newmdbfile = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + Path + Database2 + ";Persist Security Info=True;Jet OLEDB:Database Password='" + Password + "';";

oldmdbfile = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + Path + Database + ";";
newmdbfile = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Sou... Read more

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Question: Access Database


I have a DB that I did. It works fine except when I click on a cancel button on a text box and then it gives me the error shown below. Im totally lost as to why its doing this. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Even just pointing me in the right direction. I posted it as a zip file on this site

the password is horror (and sorry for subject matter of horror movies)

Answer:Access Database

Listen...I looked and can't find anything wrong with it. I recreated the button (find by director), and it appears to work fine...just tells you the macro has been cancelled.

This isn't the first time I've been unable to find something wrong with something in Access...I'm pretty sure it's not uncommon either.

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Question: Access Database

I have this access database that I from another user which I want to customize so that I can use it. The form has about 28 records with a yes or no fields. Now what I need to do is add more records as I have stuff to add that will require the user to ans. with a yes or no answer. My problem is that I am unable to add more questions (lines or record). Is there a way to do that?

Answer:Access Database

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Question: MS Access database

I am developing an Access database, one of the uses for which will be mail merging letters and mailing labels. The database records all contain an Area field, which contains an area code in the range 1-10. I've created a query which allows the viewing of records for specific areas (i.e. it filters the data so I can see just area 1, just area 2, etc). Instead of having a separate query for each area I put [Area?] in the Criteria for Area on the query design so that a box appears when I run the query into which I can enter the area code I want, click OK, and then that area is displayed. This all works fine.However, when I come to try mail merging, the query is not visible in the list of ones I can select in Word! If I make a query without the [Area?] variable in then it works OK (i.e. if I specify "1" as the area criteria).Can anyone advise what I'm doing wrong?

Answer:MS Access database

Searching around on the internet, I found a solution to this.Within Word, you have to go into Tools > Options > General Tab and select confirm conversion at Open. This, for some reason, displays a different menu when you select the database as the source for the mailmerge, from which you can select a DDE connection which then gives you the full list of tables and queries from Access.

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Question: access database

I have created a tracking program using access, the main tracking page contains name, address, phone numbers, computer information etc. I also have two fields that I insert the problem, and then the fix, then that is printed out to give to the customer. whenever the customer brings their computer back in for service, I do a search for their account, and it brings up all the pre existing info. There last problem and cure are still in there... I would like to find some way if it's possible to make this dump the items to a database for each customer in case I want to go into it again and look at past events. Then the next time I open their account, the problem and cure fields are empty, but their data past problem and cure will still be in there.....
I almost have this program or database to where it will do everything that I want it to do.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Answer:access database

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Question: Access DataBase

I have an access database, one of the forms I am working with has a subform. I want to be able to print part of the main form, and parts of the suboform. I can do this by inserting the form key number and the subform key number, then it prints what I want. What I am looking for is to be able to be in a clients record and push print and without having to enter anything it prints the fields in the form and the subform that I have in a report. I hope this makes sense. Is there a macro that I can put together to do this?

Thank you in advance for any help. .

Answer:Access DataBase

The simplest way although it may not seem like it, is to do the following:
Create a Join Query that includes both tables/queries (whatever your using), and create Joins on the 2 Key fields (related), this query should then become the control source for you report.
Now in the new query go to the field that contains the data you will be selecting on the form. eg the ID for the Main form

In the criteria row right click and select Build, find your form and find the Id field control name. The syntax will be:

Now if you don't already have one, place a button on your form that opens the Report or query, it should only display the records for the selected records.

This called "Filter by Form"
Any problems let me know I or some one else can walk you through, it works I use it all the time.

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What I have done is combine the Order Entry, Inventory Control and Customer Management databases together in Access 97 and I’m trying to get them to work together to be able to update when inventory comes in and goes out of my business.

I’m trying to figure out how to complete the actual receipt of merchandise on a purchase order in the database. I want to put in the current date or earlier (I may use yesterday's date when I finally get around to entering data) as my variables for the timing to update the inventory transaction table (units received and units on hand fields).

Can you give me the operators and operands in the expression builder and the complete proper syntax that I would need to tell an event has happened and to update the table.

Thank you in advance - you guys are so good!!

Answer:Help with Access 97 database

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Question: Access Database

Hi all,

I have an issue with an access database. When I print out a report one of my columns only prints out 4 out of the 5 digits. This happens with 2 machines. On other pcs the 5 digits appear in output of the report. I have checked the resolutions of the pcs and they are the same. I have expanded the column widths in design view and still the problem persists. I cannot figure out why only 4 digits appear out of the 5.

Can anybody help?


Answer:Access Database

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Question: access Database

I have a database where I enter part number description, and cost. I also have another database that is updated all the time with this information in it. I would like to be able to link or however you do it. I would like to lets say put in the part number and then when I push enter or tab the description and cost field populates.

any help would be great.

Answer:access Database

you can link by selecting the table tab in the DB window and then click NEW followed by selecting Link. Then search for your other database and select the table you want to link to.

You will now have access to all the fields, it is the same as a table now except you may have sharing issues if the table is opened on the source DB.

You can use this linked table just as a regular table to make reports forms, queries etc. so you may not need the table you created with the same information as it is redundant.

So you can make a form with your linked table with a combo to select the product.
I don't know to what degree of detail you want or how much you know so if you need more help just post back.

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Question: Access database

I have an access data base program that we use as our special orders program, we use to be able to have more than one person log into this, but now only one at a time is able to.. The file is shared for all users.


Answer:Access database

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ok , i finally got a site , with some ex. for loading jpg into ACCESS,
ok now without eating any1's head, i have to create a small catalog, with itemcode and pic of the item,both have to be related ,so tha I can search , for itemcode adn get the picture....

now both of above ex. codes are free and can be changed, so any1 cna help me out here,who konws access in advance , modify the scripts above if they can , so taht I am asked for like item code and pic.......


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Question: MS Access Database

I have a working Access database on a machine running WIN XP and MS Office 2003. I transferred that database file to a new machine running Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007. When I try to open the database on the new machine, I get this message: missing reference dao2535.tlb. How do I resolve this?

Answer:MS Access Database

Open your database.
Hit Alt+F11.
Hit Tools-->References.
It would seem it's missing from there.


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Hey i need some help with a project i have for work.

my boss wants a type of program set up that controls our stock and products.

In this program i want to be able to input product codes categories invoices suppliers stock on shelf and stock on order and maybe a few similar things.

do u think microsoft access will be able to help me create this? or is there another program out there that will make it easier to do?

please help i havent started it yet just trying to educate myself as best i can and everday my boss asks how its all goin.

Answer:database help access 03?

Access is perfect for this application.
What kind of products are you dealing with?
Do you "Supplier" lists?
Do you have more than one Supplier for items.
Is the stock used within your area ie by yourselves rather than being sold to a Customer?
Do you want Categories and Sub Categories of stock?
Do you have "Re-Order" levels? (Minimum stock when a new order is required)

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I have a MS Access database with forms, reports, queries, switchboard & so on. I would like to move it to a web server... since it is used by multiple users on one network it is getting a bit slow..

Any suggestions for an easy way to do this and keep everything working

Thanks in advance


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Question: Access Database

I am unable to pen my database. It gave me an error message saying it is corrupted. I tried to do repair it but I was unsuccessful.


Answer:Access Database

Don't you have any Back-ups?
Try opening a "new Blank" database and on the Main Menu, File>Get External Data>Import and then point it the corrupted file just to see if it can be opened that way.
If it can then on each set of Controls (tables, queries, forms etc) click selct all and then OK

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