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Satellite L855-14H Motherboard replacement.

Question: Satellite L855-14H Motherboard replacement.

I bought Toshiba Satellite L855 - 14 H four or three years ago, It was working all fine but few months ago my video chip stopped working.
Local services offered to heat up video chip , but I don't want that, I need long term sollution.
So I need to replace motherboard, but the problem is that I can't find any thrust worthy place to buy it. I have searched on ebay and other online shops but they seem fishy. Those video chips might be "heated" already. Is it possible to by motherboard directly from Toshiba? I don't need anything else, my CPU, RAM, HDD, fan , everything else is working, except the video chip.
I would be thankful if any of you could recommend me where should I look for motherboard replacement :)

For more information I bought the laptop in Latvia, Product key is : PSKAEE-00UooTG3 ,
Code on motherboard is : DK10FG - 6050A2509901 - MB - A02

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L855-14H Motherboard replacement.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi, i have toshiba satellite laptop. I want to replace my fan, since its making wierd noise when it speeds up, but i cant find suitable replacement anywhere. Model nr. Of my fan is KSB06105HB, i found one from aliexpress thats almost the same KSB06105HB-A, but they said its not suitable. Can someone help me find the right one? Heres a pic of my fan:

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Hello everyone.

My battery (a 10.8V / 4200mAh) died quite a while ago and doesn't hold any charge.

Seeing as the L855-149 is a discontinued product it took a while to find a replacement battery (that the store I bought the laptop from would pay for).

The replacement is an 11.1V / 5700mAh battery.
Both are Li-ion.

Can I put the new battery in my laptop?
Or will it not get enough charging power and not be very good?



Answer:Satellite L855-149 = Battery replacement from 10.8V to 11.1V


I found out that different batteries are compatible.
This series supports PA5024U-1BRS as well as the PABAS260
The Voltage may vary between the 10,8V and 11,1V

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Hi all

can someone tell me what is motherboard for Satellite A200-1MB, (M/N): PSAE0E-04800NG3, S/N: 87132254K
and where can i order
thanks in advance

Answer:Motherboard Replacement for Satellite A200-1MB


I can?t search for part numbers because it?s user to user forum only. Important is that you get a 100% sure answer and you can get this from an authorized service provider. Just get in contact with the guys and ask for that, they can order the mainboard too.

If you don?t know where nearest ASP is you can find a list here: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Do you have more questions?

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In Europe all products have to be sold with a guarantee of 2 years!

But Toshiba finds a way around this, so people only get a guarantee of 1 year.
I'm really mad about this.

My motherboard crashed now and I have to pay $500 for it. I even suspect that the motherboard is not completely damaged, but only a part of.

But for Toshiba it's much more easier to just change it all and let the customer pay!

No more Toshiba for me, ever!

Answer:Motherboard replacement on Satellite A series

Hi buddy

First of all I have to say that it's always pity if a hardware part starts to malfunction.
Secondly I have to say that you are completely wrong and it seems that you have no idea what you are talking about.
Why I find so hard words for you? Because the Toshiba notebooks are covered by warranty for 2 years if the notebook was registered on the Toshiba page!

>I even suspect that the motherboard is not completely damaged, but only a part of.
Are you serious?!
You cannot replace ONLY a faulty part of the motherboard!
If the motherboard is dead it must be replaced and it must be replaced the WHOLE motherboard.

Generally I have to say that ALL high-tec devices i.e; notebooks, computers, TVs, video cameras are covered by warranty for 2 years and it???s simply a bad luck if the hardware would die after the warranty has expired.

I've got two different Toshiba notebooks and I never had any serious motherboard issues.
But my first notebook was NOT a Toshiba model and it died after 1.5 years of usage. So finally I have to say that Toshiba is not bad.

I wish you good luck with other devices...

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My motherboard failed and I'm trying to find a replacement. However... I can't find my model ANYWHERE on the toshiba site. Please advise.

Sattelite L350-01Y00PGE; Serial # 39168435Q; barcode I39168435QSSLD801Y00PGEB
Toshiba Europe GMBH


Answer:Motherboard replacement on Satellite L350

Using unit details page - - and your serial number I found out that you have Satellite L350-184 with part number PSLD8E. Hardware platform and exact mainboard model can be determined with this part number.

Toshiba page for your model is HERE .

To find mainboard replacement is not easy. Either you must try to find it googling around or contacting Toshiba service provider in your country.

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Hi guys,

I have this laptop model U940-B755. It's motherboard has been damaged and needs a replacement. It's out of warranty and I don't have much options left other then buying it from ebay.
Wanted to ask if U945-S4390's motherboard will work on it?

Both are same models (VCUAA LA-9161P)

Answer:Satellite U940 motherboard replacement

It is not easy to give you precise answer to your question but if the both notebooks have identical hardware configuration you can use it without any problems.

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I was just wondering if anyone can tell me whether I need to buy a new copy of WinXP if I change the mainboard?

I assume the laptop will have Toshiba OEM version of XP and the XP security will then see this as a different laptop and prevent operation!

Also where can I get a new mainboard(and at what cost) for an Satellite A60E-672 Pt.No. V000040780?

I'm just trying to cost out the options of fixing or stripping and selling as bits!

Thanks Jon.

Answer:Satellite A60E-672: Do I need new OS after new motherboard replacement?


> I was just wondering if anyone can tell me whether I need to buy a new copy of WinXP if I change the mainboard?

If you will use the same board you can use the recovery CD without any problems.

But if you will replace the board with different one you will need to buy an original Windows OS. In my eyes the Toshiba Recovery CD will not work.
Why??? Because the image on the Recovery CD contains all Toshiba tools, drivers and utilities and this different preinstalled application like chipset utility, graphic driver, etc could be not compatible with the new motherboard and possibly you will be not able to install the recovery CD.

> where can I get a new mainboard
You can order the new board from the ASP in your coutry or you will check the Ebay for a second hand part

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I need to replace my L500 motherboard. It is important I get the correct replacement.

My Motherboard Part No - KSWAA LA-4983P Rev 1.0, 2009-08-04, K000084300.

I have been offered a replacement KSWAA LA-4983P Rev 1.0, 2009-08-04, K000092510.

Is the K00..... number important or is it just a serial / batch number.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Motherboard Replacement on Satellite L500

Googling K000084300 you will find info about optical disc drive but using number K000092510 result is info about motherboard for Satellite L500.

I?ve exchange motherboard only one time and I have identified the right one based on part number of the notebook (PSLxxx).
I don't know where do you want to buy this new motherboard but the store should have compatibility information.

Anyway, as far as I know this K000... number will be used for parts order.

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I am trying to replace the motherboard on an L750-16X. I think I need this board A000080670, which is avaliable. Under the RAM slots the sticker says A0000806709B141422W. I'm unsure of what the extra numbers and letters mean and was wondering if anyone knew if the board is compatible.

Many thanks

Answer:Motherboard replacement on Satellite L750-16X

Unfortunately it is not easy to help you with this. As you probably know this is user-to-user forum so such kind of info is not easy to find.
I don't know where you want to obtain new motherboard but if you want to buy it by some authorized service they should now what they offer.

I don't know if someone here has identical machine and can help you with this. What you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help.

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Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement motherboard as when I switch it on, the power indicator flashes yellow indicating an abnormal voltage in the system from the power supply?

I thought it would have been the power pack but the local pc repair centre said it's the motherboard, and I should bin the laptop. I don't want to bin it any ideas where I can get a good priced replacement would be great.

Anyone have the same problem or ideas would also be great.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Motherboard replacement on Satellite Pro 2100

Hello Mike

I do not know where you live but using Google maybe you will be able to find some independent hardware shop. From time to time check also eBay because there you can find a lot hardware parts for old Toshiba notebook models.

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Hi everyone, i got notebook that have dead motherboard.
its detail
Toshiba Satellite L750
Part no: PSK2YA-0T902V
SERIAL: 20155402W
DC 19V- 4.74A
motherboard no: A000081570 ZB316754W
i checked online and there are many mobos with like A000081450, A000082100, A000080830 and about 10-20 different ones.
All of them saying they are meant for Toshiba Satellite L750 L755!
These are different numbers to suggest that they have different configuration related to GPU and VRAM or their brand like NVIDA or AMD types, i guess.
My question, are they all meant to fit physically in all Toshiba Satellite L750 ?? have any one got experience of such mobo replacement with another board.
Will appreciate if someone can offer me any advice, as exactly same mobo not available for me, so i am thinking to put another similar one.

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Does anybody out there know where I might obtain a replacement motherboard for a c855-2e5 notebook? Keyboard cable connector is broken but it still works and the SD card reader chip is actually broken off. The only way to repair it is to change the motherboard.


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Heres one to get your brains going...

I recently began a hdd format via the normal recovery cds, however this never completed as the power cut out.

Not to worry I thought, I've saved all my data and a new motherboard was on order.

On fitting the new board I tried to boot from the recovery disk and all I get is "Invalid system disk".

I then replaced the HDD with an older one to check the functionality of the Cd. The old drives ( I tried two) both still booted from thier HDs and the cd worked fine once in windows.


When I try to boot either of these "good" HDs from the cd nothing happens, zilch nada. In fact they wont boot even from a "PC beginner" recovery disk either, so its not the Toshy recovery disk.

Another wierd thing is when i go into the bios, pressing ESC on power up and then F1, and try to change the boot up sequence and press end to exit and save, nothing happens.

So the CD is not faulty because it is recognised in windows
The recovery disks can't be at fault because other disks also fail to boot.

Its not a hard drive problem because other HDs boot normally ( but not from Cd)

Could this be a fault on the new motherboard, maybe a bios issue, or does this sequence of events suggest anything else?

Any suggestions would be most welcome

Paul h

Answer:Satellite A10: Cannot boot from Recovery CD after motherboard replacement


Pretty long story. In my opinion you should write is a little bit shorter but with more useful info.
I am interested about one thing: have you obtained a brand new mainboard or used one?

To be honest I am also confused with recovery disc you use. The whole story is confusing.

>so its not the Toshy recovery disk.
Can you please tell us which kind of recovery CD you use exactly?

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I have C660-15r laptop and the motherboard is no longer working, the part number is la-6841p,
I have seen one for sale.

My question is if I buy this plug it in will the be any issues if so what will the issues be thanks,

Also does anyone no of any other motherboards that are compatible with this laptop and if so what are the part numbers, many thanks,

Answer:Satellite C660-15R motherboard replacement question

Well, the notebook motherboard replacement isn?t easy. Its more tricky as for example on desktop PCs.
First of all its really difficult to disassemble the whole notebook and secondly; after motherboard replacement the DMI string needs to be updated.

The DMI code is programmed into each motherboard and the DMI string contains info about the notebook like; serial number, model number, etc?

Without such update, some software which requires such info may not work properly. Also notebook recovery might not be possible.

Therefore such replacement should be done by a notebook technician.

> Also does anyone no of any other motherboards that are compatible with this laptop and if so what are the part numbers, many thanks
You have to use the motherboard released for Satellite A660 series.
Don?t think other motherboard would be compatible.

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Hi. Does anyone know firstly where I can find the serial number on a Satellite SA50-112 laptop motherboard and where I might be able to order a replacement motherboard from? Water was accidently spilled on it. I've taken the board out, just can't find the serial number.

Answer:Satellite SA50-112 laptop motherboard replacement


normally the serial number is on a sticker on the board. Maybe the sticker was lost before it was installed in the A50.

You should contact a Toshiba service partner, they can order the right motherboard.


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Hi all,

I've just received my laptop back from the service center, and unsurprisingly they stuffed up a feature that used to exist!

I had taken my laptop (M30 1.7GHz Special Edition) to the repair center for a defect and they informed me that the motherboard needed to be replaced. I received the laptop back a couple of days ago and I immediately noticed the laptop getting overheated, the fan did not turn on as frequently as it used to when setting the profile to "Full Power".

After hours of investigation, I noticed that a few options that used to exist in the Toshiba Power Saver does NOT exist anymore. Thus, I feel my laptop is running as in battery optimised even though it's set to full power.

As I said, the fan is not turning on as frequently, leading to the laptop getting overheated. While the fan used to be almost constantly ON on full power prior to the replacement of the motherboard.

Here's how the power saver used to look like "prior" to taking the laptop to the repair center:

And here's how the power saver looks like now, after the replacement of the motherboard:
with the CPU processing speed maximum of 3, instead of 4.

Notice how I'm now missing the "CPU control method" option, and I'm unable to set the processing speed to more than level 3!

The cooling method does not seem maxi... Read more

Answer:Satellite M30: Power Saver options missing after motherboard replacement


I wonder why you did not contact the service guys again.
After the reparation everything should works fine and if the notebook does not run properly you should immediately report it! In my opinion it?s a warranty claim.

However, in my knowledge after the motherboard replacement the micro code on the board must be updated therewith the CPU could run with full performance.
What CPU speed appears in the windows system?

I?m not 100% sure if the missing microcode update is responsible for your problem but I would recommend asking the ASP for opinion.

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Question: Satellite L855 OSD

On the Satellite L855-12G is there a setting or software (utility) that will show the OSD when using the FN/Media keys?


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Hi there

I want to replace my ODD with HDD caddy, but my webshop offers 2 different types of them: 9 mm and 12.7 mm. Would anybody kindly provide me with the info, how much exactly is dimensions of my laptop`s ODD?

Answer:Satellite L855 - What is the ODD depth?

I assume the Satellite L855 and other series are equipped with an *12.7mm* DVD-SUPERMULTI (SATA ) drive

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Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade CPU or Graphics card.

Answer:Satellite L855-13Q - is possible to upgrade CPU or GPU?


Generally speaking CPU and GPU upgrade is not possible and not supported.
More about that you can read on

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I have been experiencing serious overheating with my laptop Satellite L855-10X since last week.
Indeed, when I am playing games in normal or full performance mode, the computer crashes after 10-15 minutes. I don't know if it can be du to the temperature.

Motherboard and CPU present a temperature around 60? C while running idle, reaching 80-85?C while using the PC normally (browser/outlook/word).

Just some days before I faced this problem, the computer was running very slow and saw some warnings/errors in windows which I solved by searching on internet.

I also noticed that I can't run normally in safe mode because when I press F8 on startup the computer blocks and starts an awful alarm.

I now really need your help to solve this disturbing problem.


Answer:Satellite L855-10X crashes

What do you mean with ?crashes?? Does notebook simply switch off or freeze? What happen exactly?

Have you installed or updated something?
You know it is not easy to say why all this happen. I just hope you are using your notebook placed on the desk and not on the bed or placed on your knees. Cooling fan must have enough free space for air circulation.

Has your notebook valid warranty?

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Dear Toshiba Community....

I purchased a Toshiba laptop like a half year ago for my study Mediadevelopment. I got the Toshiba Satellite edition L855.

When i received my order i was very happy with it and i knew that i would succeed programming on this nice device.

After 3 weeks of using it , i allready had a scratch just next to the camera. And i must admit that i really handled the laptop with care. I ordered a sleeve case and got it with me in a laptop bag. Even when the lid is closed there are small scratches around my laptop and this started me to worry about what would happen next.

While watching a episode of game of thrones. I noticed a red dot ... just in the middle of the screen. And i don't wanna be cocky but i must say that it aint cool when you allready have a pixel failure in using a laptop like about 1 month.

I received a update for a Driver of my DVD player tray. And toshiba TEMPRO told me there was a BLUERAY player in my notebook... but that was not true.. Just another point that dissapointed me.

I ordered a upgrade for Windows 8... So i could develop apps for Windows 8. It is a very nice operating system BUT... i can't even use my brightness buttons anymore... The screen just fades to dark, and there aint no way to fix it but to reboot my computer, and that is very annoying when you are programming.

The fan of my AMD card also gets really hot while doing nothing. I know how to check if there are much processes running but with even simp... Read more

Answer:Different issues on Satellite L855

Hi Jay

Generally speaking notebooks are not so sensitive devices so I don?t know how all this can happen, I mean with scratches and clicking noise. It is logic that notebook cannot always be as new one.
I handle my notebooks with care too but they are not in perfect condition anymore.
Cooling fan: try to reduce cooling fan activity changing cooling method option.
Control panel > power options > change power plan settings > advanced power plan options > Toshiba power saver > cooling method ? change it to battery optimized
This should reduce cooling fan activity.

> So i ask to you guys, Do you people know what i can do?
It is not easy to give you proper answer to this question. What you can try is to contact Toshiba service and ask for some tip. They should have experience with all this and they are in permanent contact with Toshiba so they should have enough info about all this.

By the way: several people have reported about this Tempro message. You should not be disappointed about that. This is automatic procedure and such mistakes can happen.

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I have a Satellite L855-11k (PSKACE). The problem that I have with the laptop is the continued lag.

Explain examples:

Playing a game that does not ask many specifications, CS (counter strike 1.6) I can not play, because I'm playing +70 fps and suddenly when turning the camera or move through an area, the fps drops to 0, and blow less than 1s going back up to 70fps. No internet problem, the same thing happens offline.

Another example are the videos, like youtube for example, a 480p video to my laptop I would have to move smoothly, but devez then the image freezes (the audio keeps playing) and I can not see anything. After 1 to 2 seconds veulve itself. But this is very annoying. (Same thing happens to 320p, 720p or 1080p). With vlc nothing happens this, but as I see the video I can not do anything more.

Also I've noticed that with any program when you save a document, picture ..... , It costs more than laptops with less power.

Additional Information: I have windows 8 x64 (with windows 7x64 was the same), and I added a 4GB module more, so I have 8GB (1600MHz) ram. All the download drivers from the toshiba website []. I've also noticed that when I copy something to the hard drive THROUGH USB 3.0 port for a short period time 4-7s going at high speed 40MB / s, but then drops to 1-3Mb / s.

And finally in the windows device manager, I see the Blast graphic processor (intel grafics 3000HD)... Read more

Answer:Freeze on Satellite L855-11K


The notebook supports the AMD Radeon? HD 7670M.
Therefore the hardware specifications are good enough to play games smoothly or to watch full HD videos.

In your case I recommend checking the BIOS version. Maybe there is an newer BIOS version which needs an update? furthermore try to update the ATI graphic card driver?

Additionally I recommend checking the HDD for possible malfunction.
The freeware tool called HDD drive fitness test could be helpful? This software allows you to test the HDD?

Otherwise i have no other explanation for the mentioned issue... it could and hardware or software related issue.

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Is there any way to possibly put a 2nd harddrive in my Satellite L855-12G laptop?


Answer:Satellite L855-12G and 2nd harddrive


When you remove memory cover placed on bottom side of your notebook you will see that there is only one HDD slot available. There is no free place for second HDD.

If you need more capacity you can exchange original HDD with another one. Of course you can use external HDD or USB sticks.

Some people try to remove optical disc drive and put second HDD here using special HDD bay but problem is that many of them have reported that this second HDD was not recognized properly.

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Hi folks - any advice on this would be appreciated...

I bought a Satellite L855-14K about 2 weeks ago and I'm very disappointed to find that at times it is extremely slow. For example from entering my password at the welcome screen to seeing the Avast and ZoneAlarm icons appear in the system tray takes 5 min 45 secs.

Launching Chrome takes 1min 15 secs.

Launching Task Manager takes 40 secs.

I have done the following to see if I could find the problem...

Full system scan with Avast - no threat found.

Boot-time scan with Avast - no infected files.

Check C drive for errors - no errors found.

Optimise and defrag - completed.

Malwarebytes full scan - no malicious items.

Superantispyware complete scan - found 169 cookies, which I removed.

Looked at Toshiba PC Health Monitor and everything looked ok.

Ran the Toshiba Diagnostic Tool and everything passed.

I manually checked for Windows updates and found 5 optional updates were available, which I installed.

I have disabled a number of the items in the startup list - this is what's currently enabled...


I checked the Services tab of Task Manager and I have 78 running services.


Answer:New Satellite L855-14K is very slow

I spoke to Toshiba tech support who agreed that the machine was running slow and verified that the poor performance of my laptop wasn't due to any software I had loaded.

They then guided me through resetting the machine (after I had backed up all my important files), which meant I then had to reload all the applications I had loaded prior to the reset.

However, the reset appears to have worked as the performance is now what I expect.

My thanks to Henry and John at Toshiba tech support.

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I have a problem with my tOSHIBA Satellite L855-12V Laptop. I get an error saying that my hard drive needs to be replaced. What kind of HDD do you advise me to buy and from which sites? Should I buy one with more capacity or less? I'm novice in these things. I mention i'm currently in UK. Thanks!

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Is there a PDF version of the Quickstart document ?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L855 - Quickstart Doc As PDF

As far as I know as PDF you can have ?User?s manuals? document only.

Why do you need it?
Is there some problem with your notebook?
I mean everything is explained in user?s manuals document too.

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I have a Sattellite L855-10P.
From time to time, the TEMPRO utility warns me that there is a new driver and gives me a link to download it.
However, when I launch the installer, it decompresses, telling me it will launch after wards, but then the window closes and nothing further happens.

If I go in the folder where the installer was decompressed and launch tinstall.exe, nothing happens. If I launch SMIPlayerSetup.exe, it tells me "Can not find our player in your system. Installation aborted.".

What's happening?

Answer:Can't install any drivers on Satellite L855-10P


Tempro is a tool which notify you about new uploaded drivers.
This isn?t a ?invitation? to update the driver. Its just an info that a new version is available.

Furthermore if download does not functions properly via Tempro, I recommend visit the Toshiba EU driver page and to download the driver from the page directly.

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Hello every body,

Fistly sorry for my bad english,

I have Toshiba satellite L855-10w with a AMD radeon hd 7670m.

I'm wondering, why i can't use AMD Dynamic Switchable and also why i can't find Intel HD 4000 that must be integrated witch Intel I7 3610qm in my system configuration?

What do you think about this?

Thank you very much

Answer:Satellite L855-10W - cannot use AMD Dynamic Switchable


I read somewhere in the internet that the AMD Dynamic Switchable feature is not supported on Toshiba notebooks.
It seems that only nVidia Optimus Technology (for notebooks with nVidia graphic chip) is supported.

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Sorry for my English.
on February 8, 2013 I bought my Toshiba L855 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled.
For about 10 days I get a pop-up that says Windows is not genuine.
Windows is activated.

I checked the license key with the software *"Produkey"* and is different from the license key that comes in Microsoft sticker.
How is it possible?

Answer:Pop-up in new Satellite L855 - Windows is not genuine

Can you please post exact notebook model name and model number?

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Hello, my ac adapter wire just behind the connector has a tear in it and now it refuses to charge the laptop unless it is in a specific position, any sort of movement causes it to disconnect which s annoying. I would like to replace but I'm unsure what ac adapter I need.

I looked at the power brick and it says:

Input 100-240 V-1.6A 50-60 Hz

My laptop is a Satellite l855, what ac adapter will be compatible? I don't want to buy a wrong one where the amp is too high or too low and damage it.

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One day i had a problem with my notebook and i decided to reinstall Windows 7.
I installed all driver's, but i dont have a driver for my FN key's. I tryed to install Value Added Package from TOSHIBA site, but that package is not usible for my notebook. E.G. I cant change the brightness. The patch that i installed is wrong, because when i press FN button, there pops up a window with all FN option's, but they are not for my notebook. I neam, E.G. i want to change brightness and for my notebook i should press F2 or F3. But at this patch the buttons changed to F6 and7, and they are not work. HELP ME ANYONE

P.S. Sry for my English. I know, that my eng is bad

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Hi there, I too have concerns about my Toshiba L855 and the overall heat being produced.

I bought a high spec laptop as I do use it for intensive multiple browser sessions and software.

This evening I reached 5gb used of 8gb, average CPU 15%, disk writes 25%

Temperature got to about 74c.

I have had the laptop cut out 3 times in the last week or so due to overheating.

At the moment the Toshiba health monitor is saying Im at 68% CPU temp and 68% fan speed.

The heat being generated is crazy, why not just give us an option to have the fan run at 100% and take some more heat out.

Laptop is only 6 months old and under warranty. My behaviour and usage now is no different to when I first bought it.

Any advice ?

Answer:Satellite L855 cut out 3 times due to overheating

>The heat being generated is crazy, why not just give us an option to have the fan run at 100% and take some more heat out.

I guess you don?t know that you can control the CPU and the cooling module performance.

This can be done in power management settings:
[How to handle the power management features of Windows 7|]

You should focus on the Cooling Method and Processor power management option

Furthermore the notebook?s temperature depends on notebook usage.
Performance heavy applications stress the CPU and GPU and this leads to more heat dissipation and higher temperature.

Last but not least ensure that your notebook is placed on the table and ensure there is enough free space to keep the fresh air circulating.
Don?t use the notebook in bed, couch or knees.

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Every now and again, when I load up a game the right half of the screen goes to the left, like the screen has rolled right.

I am fairly sure it's to do with the AMD Radeon 7670M drivers but I have tried every different version (where instructed) any help would be much appreciated thanks.

My Laptop is the Toshiba Sattelite L855-14R

Answer:Satellite L855 screen goes to the left

If you would use the [Toshiba Forum Advanced Search Option|!default.jspa] you would find this forum thread about the same theme:

ATI driver update solves the problem.

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Bios update for L855
The only detail I can find is:
*This Bios Update adds increased functionality to your system.*

A more detailed explanation of this 'functionality' would be useful in deciding whether to update the bios, or should one update as matter of course and assume it wouldn't be offered if not useful?
Reading other posts suggest it's something to do with Bluetooth, which although installed, I have never used.

Answer:Satellite L855 - Why can't updates be more specific?

You are right but as far as I know only on Toshiba US page you can find detailed BIOS update with all necessary information.
Anyway if there is no problem with your notebook BIOS update is not necessary. In worst case fan activity can be changed and you can be faced with more cooling fan activity that can be very annoying.

Some people have reported about such issues in the past. So if there is no reason and you are happy with your notebook don?t change anything.

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Hey There Guys. Last Time I have some problem. One day I was going downstairs. There was a water and I was holding my laptop. But I slipped down and my laptop fell down from the stairs. I was really worried. So I hurry carried him up. Powered on and BAM. It didn't load Windows 8.1 but it Showed something like: "No Bootable Device Found. Please Restart". First I though It was HardDisk Problem.. So I brough HDD to my Uncle. He tested HDD on other Computer a He said that HDD is OK. So I tried to Remove and Insert HDD Back but Still any Change.. . I think my Uncle is Right... I even tried to Make Bootable UEFI Windows 8.1 Setup USB Disk. Setup Loaded Successfully. But It was Stucking at "Setup Is Starting" about 4 Hours. So I powered him Down.. Then I tried Setup Again. I googled some help with DISKPART. But there is even Problem that when i open Setup CMD (SHIFT+F10) and Type /diskpart it just shows something Like:
Microsoft DiskPart version 6.3.9600
Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Microsoft Corpation.
On Computer: MINWINPC
It doesn't show up DISKPART> over 3 Hours.. (It HAS to.)

So I don't know what to do. .

Please Guys Help me. I'm just 14 Year Old Boy.

My Laptop is Toshiba Satellite L855-14C

Answer:Problem with My Toshiba Satellite L855-14C

I think the HDD may have bad sectors, possibly in the boot sector area.

Connect the HDD to another PC, run this utility to check the SMART status and check the number of bad sectors/blocks.

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unfortunately i need to recover factory default with the recovery Media (3 DVDs which i created with the "Toshiba Recovery Media Creator" Tool before starting the recovery process).

So i boot the Toshiba Recovery Wizard from the Recovery DVDs and choose "Recovery of factory default software", which starts with copying the files from the Disks.

But it will come to a point when it asks me for a further Disk (DVD 4), which i of cause don't have. And when i checked the 3 REcory Disks i noticed that one was not complety written and one was even empty.
(DVD1: 4,4 GB, DVD2: 709,1 MB, DVD3: empty)

i can't repeat "Toshiba Recovery Media Creator" because the Hard disk is already complety erased.

this is why i aks for recovery media.
is it possible to download an iso image?


Answer:Where can i get Recovery Media for Satellite L855-150

Hmm? that?s strange?
I?m wondering if you received a notification that Recovery Disks has been created properly? Did you?

In my case I received such message that Recovery disk are OK and the procedure could be finished properly.

>is it possible to download an iso image?
Unfortunately, this is not possible

You can order this here:

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I am looking to buy this notebook
+Message was edited: broken link has been removed+

(Croatian language, but will help)

I am wondering if there is SATA 6GB/s so I can buy newest SSD to use max speed?


Answer:Re: Satellite L855 - max speed with newest SSD

Unfortunately your link is not working but, as far as I know, such kind of info is not offered with notebook specification. In my opinion this is not important. Important is that you can upgrade this notebook with very fast SSD. I?ve done this on my older Satellite P500 and it runs extremely fast. I?m really happy now.

If you want to pick up some info about SSDs visit

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Hi there, for the past few weeks my laptop has been randomly shutting down, At first I thought it was a dust issue, I have cleaned the fans, and removed all the dust, it still happened.

For xmas, I bought myself a cooling mat and still not solved the issue, if anyone can help me out. The laptop is still in warranty and seriously considering sending it back as one of the reasons I bought this laptop was too play games on it.

Any help would be very helpful.


Answer:Satellite L855 - random shutting down

Do you use some certain application when this happen? Some CPU or GPU intensive application?
Is notebook hot when this happen?

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Hey all

I'm using a Toshiba Satellite L855 laptop running Win 8,all was running fine until last night, after using it for about half hr I went to shutdown but instead it appeared to go into sleep as the two lights on the front were still on,one of which the power, was flashing after I closed the lid, which would suggest sleep mode.

Now here's the odd bit, no key or mouse use would bring it back to life, all I got was a blank screen with the cursor,so after trying all I could I had to remove the battery, I started the boot up and it worked but, on the Toshiba start up it said configuring your system,followed by the usual looking blue windows update screen,which said configuring windows features,after which it went into win8 with no problems!

that was about two days ago and since then everything seems to be working fine but I was wondering what could of caused this? any ideas anyone?

Answer:Weird problem on Satellite L855

>that was about two days ago and since then everything seems to be working fine but I was wondering what could of caused this? any ideas anyone?

The blinking cursor in the left upper corner is mostly an sign of HDD or memory problems.
In my case the blinking cursor appeared because of faulty HDD partition and because of that, the notebook could not boot up the Windows system.

But in your case it seems that system runs fine? therefore we can speculate only about the real reasons?

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Does anyone know how to reinstall the windows 8 that came preinstalled on my laptop please?

Is there somewhere that I should contact to get a Windows install disc? I'm guessing/hoping that Toshiba can help?

Just to be clear - I have completely overwritten the windows 8 OS that my L855-149 came preinstalled with. I can't refresh/reinstall from within windows 8, because windows 8 is not on my hdd anymore. I'm wondering how/if I can reinstall the OEM version of Win8 again.

Please help. Thanks

Answer:Satellite L855-149 - I want to reinstall Windows OS

hie green giant

did you totaly formated your hd ? if yes cannot help you
but if just overwrited win directories , you maybe cant try ,mounting your thick harddisk on another computer as second hd ,and take look on it
you could make a installarion CD or DVD? or repare it ?

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How can I get the Toshiba Utilities for my laptop? I can't find them on my hard and there was no supplementary media media when I bought it. I need to remove or set a Supervisors Password to reach the extra functions.

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For about 6 months now (got a macbook since) when I turn my laptop on the screen turns white with a grey rectangle faded in the background.

When it first happened I was in the middle of playing Skyrim and it just went white. It's not the "white screen of death" as the screen isn't all white. Sometimes has a grey box and sometimes has lines running down the screen. I can never get past the screen. Just checking if anyone has had the same problem and found a solution before I send it off to get fixed (warranty ran out 3 months before the problem).

Answer:Satellite L855-149 white screen

ok just quick advise ! try to connect external monitor or tv trough the hdmi or vga and see how it works if it works fine then could be screen fault or broken screen cable if its not working good and you have the same picture on external device then id say video chip is damages overheated or whatever problems comes with as i dont know spec of your pc does it has intrgrated video chip or dedicated or both switchable, but in most cases if chip gone cheaper to by new one, some technicians does called chip resoldering ( i call reheating) but no warranty for this as it could last for other year or just for a few weeks. If laptop is still under warranty bring it to toshiba to get inspected and fxed.

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Since i updata my laptop to Windows 10 It is really getting very hot even when doing anything special...
Satellite L855-10X

R?f?rence : PSKACE-00S00CFR
I've noticed on a lot of different forum than this occurs after updating windows 10 and that it might come from the drivers.
Do you know if new drivers version are scheduled to avoid such problem?
Indeed it could really damaged the computer...
I'm quiet sure the problem will also be present on a lot of Toshiba computer families as other computer brand have also to deal with this problem.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Best regards,

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Does L855-10X have one empty slot to add SSD disk, without removing actual HDD?

Answer:Does Satellite L855-10X supports an bay for a second HDD drive


I think 2nd HDD or SSD drive is not supported.
You can use the HDD or you could try to replace the 1TB HDD with an compatible SSD drive. But the usage of HDD and SSD drive at the one and same time is not possible.

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I use an
Satellite L855-148 (PSKFWE-00J00WGR)

and get evey hour the following message:

Der Anzeigetreiber "amdkmdap" reagiert nicht mehr und wurde wiederhergestellt

-> Event ID 4101 — Display Driver "amdkmdap" didnt respond and Recovery startet

I?ve tried to update from toshiba site, from AMD and used the solutions via Windows. But there is no success and the failure goes on...

Now i hope to get some help and excuse my bad english skillz.


My OS: Windows7 home premium

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I'm getting an L855-149 next week but I want to put a blu ray drive (preferably a writer) in the machine instead of the DVD it comes with.

Can anyone tell me what will fit please?


Answer:What Blu-ray drive would be compatible for Satellite L855-149


As far I know this info can be found in user manual (page 11)
The compatible Blu-ray drives are:

Panasonic Blu-ray combo drive UJ160
Panasonic Blu-ray writer drive UJ260

Toshiba Blu-ray Combo drive TS-LB23D
Toshiba Blu-ray Writer SN-506AF

Hitachi Combo drive CT40F
Hitachi Writer drive BT-20F

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I'm having some issues with start up on my laptop.
Quite regularly i get the error message - "windows failed to start" when booting up.
I then have to perform a start up repair which states that the problem could not be fixed.
I then restart it and it works fine.
This doesn't happen every time but it is a bit of a pain and i'd like to fix it.
Ant advice would be appreciated


Answer:Start-up issues on Satellite L855-10P

Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore option?
I don?t know since when you have this problem but if you roll your OS week or two back maybe problem will be solved.

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I have a toshiba Satellite L855-10P and my webcam was working fine until today when, during a skype video conference, it started showing black lines a bit like static and the quality decreased significantly. I used the webcam application to check if it wasn't an internet issue and the same problem occurred.

I restarted the computer and removed the protective plastic from the webcam and nothing changed. It's a brand new laptop, it's only 2 months old. Is there anything I can do to find out the nature of this problem or should I just go ahead and use the warranty?

**Edit: I changed the quality to 1280*700 and the image had great quality but when I changed it to anything lower than that quality the static came back.

Message was edited by: FranPicoto

Answer:Re: Toshiba Web Cam issue on Satellite L855-10P

Have you tried to reinstall Toshiba Webcam driver?
Latest version you can find on Toshiba support page -

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I was hoping that someone would be able to help me fix my touchpad.

It keeps on freezing after I install the Synaptics drivers given on the official drivers page. It used to happen on windows 7 from time to time, but on Win8.1 it happens quite often.

It just happens on random. Left click, right click and scroll continue to work, but cursor won't move for a few seconds no matter what I do, and then it starts working again. It's really frustrating and it happens a lot of time, making the work on computer quite unpleasent. If an external mouse is connected, when it freezes I'm able to move the cursor using that mouse with no problem at all.

Has anyone maybe dealt with this kind of a problem before?

Thanks in advance & sorry if my English is bad

Answer:Satellite L855-14J - touchpad is freezing


out of interest, does the mouse freeze just after you have used the keyboard? my L855-188 (i know not the same model, but maybe the same driver/functionality) freezes the touchpad for a couple seconds after i have used the keyboard in any way to prevent misclicks apparently.

hopefully this page can help you, its how to turn off palm check on the synaptics software

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i have a Toshiba Satellite L855-10X (i7 3610qm/6GB DDR3/AMD 7670m 2Go) ,everyone knows that intel 3rd generation processors have a built-in graphic card, the intel 4000HD which is less powerful than the AMD 7670m but which have the advantage to save power when you're on battery mode.

My problem is that i'm not able to use this card and i can't even see it in the device manager as the system does not detect it. However, after some searching on the net i found an answer : it seems that it is TOSHIBA BAD IDEA to disable the intel 4000 HD from the bios and worse you can't even switch it on yourself from the bios because some menus are locked. Also there is a mystery in all that case !!!

Why would TOSHIBA support you with the intel display driver in their site when it's useless, because when you try to install it an error message shows up telling that the system does not meet the minimum requirements. If anyone is facing the same problem or found a way to activate the intel 4000 HD even by installing a modded bios driver just reply to me please.


Answer:Switchable Graphics on Satellite L855-10X

> when you try to install it an error message shows up telling that the system does not meet the minimum requirements.
You are not able to install the Intel driver via setup.ext or install.exe because the Toshiba notebooks uses Toshiba modified graphic card drivers.
If you want to install the compatible and right Intel driver from Intel page you have to do that via device manager.
Do you know this procedure?

In device manager you have to choose graphic card, then have to update the driver using the advanced procedure.
This helps you to choose the driver folder? the driver folder can be created on the desktop and should contain the Intel driver files downloaded from Intel page.

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I am a recent owner of a brand new Toshiba Satellite L855-159 laptop.
I cannot seem to find any drivers listed for it. i have download some drivers from similar series laptops, like the ethernet driver. That works fine on it, but i cannot seem to find a working wireless driver anywhere.
I have tried the official toshiba page and the toshiba auto detect tool. It says it cannot find my product.
I have also tried entering the serial no. manually and it gives me the same answer.... your product cannot be found or invalid serial no.
(i have tried all versios of toshiba site, in many different languages)

Only time my serial number worked is when i registered the laptop for warranty.
So, i must say that it has been a pain to find the right drivers for my product, and it would not hurt to have a cd/dvd with drivers in the box with the laptop. i know it should be a better solution to have drivers online because you always get the newest version, but a dvd with drivers that always work for your laptop is necessary when the main site FAILS so badly at providing them.

So please tell me... where can i find drivers for my laptop?

Answer:Where can I find drivers for Satellite L855-159?


According notebook specification your notebook has part number PSKAEE and all drivers, tools and utilities for supported operating systems you can find on Toshiba support and download page -

Product type > Notebook
Family > Satellite
Product series > Satellite L Series
Model > Satellite L855
Short Model No. > PSKAEE

Can you find it?

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I bought Satellite L855-10T 15 days ago. After 2 days of use I saw a green pixel in the side of the screen.
I took back the laptop to the store and they change it for a new one. After 1 day of use another green pixel on the center of t screen. I took it back also and again they change it for a new one.

Now im on the 3rd laptop the same model . _Until now it works fine._

My questions is ...

1. What exactly is the green pixel? It can be fixed? Is the screen will have later on bigger problems? Is it considered flaud equipment?

2. Is there a possibility to exist a flaud line of production of this series?

Sorry for my language ,its not my native language.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Answer:Green pixel on Satellite L855-10T


Here are useful Toshiba docents where you can find info about LCD technology and death pixels. Check it out.

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Just bought a Toshiba Satellite L855-10X .
I have not been able to find information about the web-camera that it has (megapixels etc)

Can someone help me on this please?

Thanks a lot!

Answer:Need some info about Web Camera on the Satellite L855-10X


Webcamera in your notebook is 1.0M (HD, 16:9) pixcel cam with integrated mic.
Maximum Frame Rate is 30fps.

That?s all I found about it.

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I want to change my HD to a SSD but want to know if the controller is SATA 2 or SATA 3.

Answer:Has Satellite L855-10U Sata 2 or 3 HDD controller?


The notebook support the Intel HM76 express chipset.
The chipset supports 2 SATA 6Gbit/s ports. (SATA-3)

However, recommend installing an hardware diagnostic tool like Everest Home Edit or SANDRA Soft to get details about your hardware parts.

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after 3 years using pro u400 bought l855. find that new devive can`t boot from virtual odd (my zalman ve-200), and figure out that my new device bios locked! such inconvenience!

Answer:Satellite L855 - can`t boot from virtual ODD


BIOS is able to boot only from there devices:
ODD, USB FDD, Primary HDD, eSATA, USB Memory and Network(LAN)

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My toshiba satellite l855 14j is very slow. I contact official servis and told me that works fine, but I don't think so.
He is slower then my old computer, 6 years old dual core2, so I am very disaponting now. Now I think that this is the worst laptop ever. Intel i7 cpu and works so slowly ... :(

Do you have some advice for me?
Can it be fixed on some way?

Answer:Satellite L855-14J works very slow

Hi babica

On this forum you can find many threads with the same theme. It is nothing new and ?logic?. Why?
New notebooks are preinstalled with recovery image. Recovery image is a kind of ?software package?. The most settings like Windows update are set to ?automatic? so after first start notebook make huge download and updates installation. All this runs in the background and you will not even know this.
This background activity slows down notebooks reaction rapidly.

What you must do now is operating system optimization. With other words you must configure your machine to save resources for important activities. How to do this?

-remove all stuff you don't need from the system
-check start-up option and disable automatic start for all useless applications
-set Windows update option from automatic to ?Check for updates but let me.....?

Please do this and I think you will notice that your notebook runs better.

PLEASE NOTE: before you do anything create recovery media (DVD or USB) using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator tool.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Good luck.

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Hi ,

on my Satellite L855 when press the button to turn up or turn down the volume I don't see any volume bar on the screen, whilst if i press the button to switch off/on the volume an indicator is showed.

Is it this the normal behaviour?

Thank You

Answer:Satellite L855 - No volume indicator on screen

I cannot see the volume level indicator on the screen too.
I think its normal behavior and it depends on notebook model you have purchased because I could see such indicator on another Toshiba notebook bought by friend of mine.

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Hi all,

I've had this laptop nearly 4 years, or is it 5? This morning, I woke up to find it was no longer charging the battery and the computer doesn't recognize an AC adapter plugged into it.

The computer itself works fine. I am not able to update BIOS because it wants me to plug in to AC power to do so, so I had to use nearly all of my remaining battery power to back up the data onto a portable external drive.

Changing outlets did not help. It's the same AC adapter that came with the computer and worked fine all this time.

The battery is now about 7% and I turned it off to save what little juice is left.

Not sure how to address this issue from here onward.

Thanks for any help or input.

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The problem ist that I instaalled Windows on my pc new.
I lost my Driver-Cd so I downloaded them from Toshiba.
Also I installed the "value added package" for the fn keys.

Now I can't use them anymore by pressing fn+F3 (for example).
I have to press FN and the clicking with the mouse on the fn buttons on the top of my desktop.
Also the Symbols shown on my desktop are don't match with the keys on the keyboard anymore.

For example on my keyvorad the F12 key is for putting on the wlan, but it is shown as F8 on the desktop by pressing fn. But if I am trying to pres F8 it does not work as well

Answer:Re: FN Keys from Satellite L855-135 does not work correctly

I presume you have installed Win7 64bit, right?

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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a [Satellite L855|] with an elegant ice blue brushed aluminium finish... ^^

I think I have an issue with this amazing aluminium frame. When I do not plug it to the electrical outlet and that I slide my finger on the aluminium frame everything seems OK. When I plug it to the electrical outlet and that I slide my finger on the aluminium frame the touch is different as if there was some electricity on in the frame !

Can you please check this point on your L855?

Many thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite L855 - electricity on in the aluminium frame

Hi kjmfr, mine is model L855-149 with silver case as:

I have not experienced any change in touch such as static or electric charge when plugged in..


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Hi. I have a Toshiba Satellite L855 and when I was using my webcam on Skype it stopped suddenly and now it is showing only white and black lines( see attachment). I have tried a few things like updating the driver, uninstalling it and again installing and still it doesn't work. Can someone help, please?

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On the Satellite L855-12G is there a setting or software (utility) that will show the OSD when using the FN/Media keys?


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I'm running a L855 laptop and over the last day or so I've noticed in event viewer every min or so I'm getting a ATI client event error, no more details are available but it's entering a new event for it about 1 min!

Everything seems to be running fine though, anyone know what this is and how to stop it?

Answer:Satellite L855 - ATI client event error

> Everything seems to be running fine though, anyone know what this is and how to stop it?
ATi client must be related to the ATI catalyst control center.
The ATI Catalyst Control Center software application gives you complete control of performance and visual quality of your ATI Radeon graphics for a personalized visual experience on your notebook.

You could try to reinstall the ATI driver but to be honest I don?t know if it would help you to stop viewing the errors in event viewer.

At the other hand, if your notebook is running properly I would not be worried about ?some? entries in event viewer?. This isn?t really important

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Toshiba Laptop L855

After a hard drive failure I have rebuilt using the drivers available on this site.
Unable to resolve SM Bus Controller , plus other device on PCI standard ISA bridge. Anyone had similar problems and found a resolution?

Answer:Satellite L855 - Lost Drivers SM Bus Controller

Please take a look into this HowTo document:

It provides information how to find out details about the hardware parts which require a drive.
Knowing the vendor and device id it’s possible to find out the right driver….

by the way: you did not provide any info about the windows system running on your notebook

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Hi everybody,

I recently got a Toshiba Satellite L855-15U and I'm hearing an ongoing soft grinding sound from the HDD in the laptop.

There is an occasional click and bit of a soft rattle type sound too. It sounds like the usual mechanical sounds of a HDD, but a sound one would have expected only to be heard on computers 10 years ago.

There appears to be no noise reduction or elimination of sound. Is this standard with Toshiba and Hitachi?
My old notebooks were almost dead silent so that is why I am concerned.

The problem is an irritation more than a problem with functionality. The computer is not registering any errors so therefore there is no obvious fault with the laptop as far as diagnostics is concerned.

I would love some advice or suggestions on what all this means before I make any decision to go back to the store with it.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L855-15U - soft noisecoming from internal HDD

> There is an occasional click and bit of a soft rattle type sound too. It sounds like the usual mechanical sounds of a HDD, but a sound one would have expected only to be heard on computers 10 years ago

I know this HDD sound.
I had some external 2.5? HDDs in the past and some of them created exactly the same noise.

All the HDDs worked properly but sometimes such noise was noticeable especially while reading or writing the data.

I assume such noise is created by HDD head.
From my experience its not a HDD malfunction but sometimes it?s simply annoying.

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I found drivers at Toshiba support.
Info on website states that it?s from 6/28 but the filename says 2012 05 14... Further, inside the zip archive files are from January ~20. and I can?t use official AMD driver installer because it can?t detect my card.

Is there a way to use new drivers (12.6)?

Answer:Satellite L855 - AMD 7670m drivers out of date

The date info on the driver page provides the date of upload and not the data of the file?

> Is there a way to use new drivers (12.6)?
As far as I know you could install the non - Toshiba drivers via device manager?
I read that some people have used the drivers from some 3rd driver pages like but from my knowledge such driver usage is your own risk

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I can use 2.0 devices in the 3.0 ports fine, but my 3.0 device will not work. It connects then disconnects once, not showing up in device manager at all.

I've tried installing the USB driver off this site for my model. That made no difference.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:Re: Satellite L855-11P - USB 3.0 devices not working in USB 3.0 ports

Can you please tell us which USB 3.0 device do you use?

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Hi to everyone... i had update my Satellite to Windows 8 and i followed the instruction guide.
After the update the fn-keys don't work correctly:

I can't adjust brightness dislay
I can't use the multimedia shortcut
I can't turn on/off the volume
I can't switch on/off bluetooth wifi, but only turn on/off from airplane-mode


Answer:Satellite L855 - FN buttons don't work after Win 8 update


Did you install the Win 8 upgrade assistant?
The Win 8 upgrade assistant helps you to get all Win 8 drivers.

Generally speaking the FN buttons are controlled by VAP (value added package)

> I can't switch on/off Bluetooth Wi-Fi, but only turn on/off from airplane-mode
The air plane mode disables the BT and WLan as well? this is how it works in Win 8

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I have Satellite L855-188. I have a question. My note is at home, almost every time. So How should i charge it? Can i use it, when always connected to electricity? Or i must sometimes disconnect it?

Answer:Satellite L855 - question about battery charging

Generally speaking you can do whatever you want. For instance my notebook is permanently connected to AC adapter and I use it every day. What you can do is to use it from time to time with battery power supply. Just make the battery empty and connect it to AC power supply again. Do it once a week.

> Can i use it, when always connected to electricity?
> Or i must sometimes disconnect it?
Generally speaking you must not do it but you can do it from time to time.

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Can anyone please help?
My Toshiba Satellite L855-149 will not boot up Windows or even boot a disc to install a new copy of windows 7. It keeps doing a hard shut down when trying to load windows 7 screen. It will only boot up in safe mode.

Its kinda strange .it has my head wrecked.
Has anyone had this same problem?
Please help

Answer:Re: Satellite L855-149 will not boot up, it keeps doing a hard shut

Heres the link to utube video i made of the laptop doing the shut down

Please help

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Hello everyone,
Does someone know when toshiba will release a new driver for the AMD graphic cards ? Because the one that s on download is ONE YEAR OLD ! It s from 12/12....I ve tried going on the AMD site but they say that the driver they provide doesn t support toshiba laptops...I m pretty sad about having a one year old driver for my graphic card.

Answer:Re: Satellite L855 and AMD display driver update

You must not be sad about that. There is big difference for laptops and desktops support.

As you know for desktop GPUs manufacturers offer new versions almost every month.
With notebooks situation is a bit different.

Due to specific design and construction GPU performance must be ?under control?. More performance means more heat and more heat can be problematic for notebooks hardware. Cooling system is designed to offer optimal hardware temperature. It is a bit complicated.

All you can do is to check for newer versions offered for newer notebook models.

By the way: which GPU is inside?
I would like to check if some newer model with the same GPU has preinstalled newer driver version.

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Sattelite L855 PSKACR-015010RU serial ? 3C123577Q

After installing Windows 7 Ultimate resolution was 1,024,786. How to switch the system to work with Radeon 7670 graphics card? Thank you.

Answer:Wrong display resolution on Satellite L855

At first I must say that I hope you have created recovery DVD before you have installed own OS version. Have you done this?

> How to switch the system to work with Radeon 7670 graphics card?
This is a bit strange question. There is nothing to switch. Question is: have you installed right display driver?

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I downloaded the BIOS update and followed the instructions it gave during install, however upon reboot (which the setup initiated) I get a blank screen. The CPU fan intermittently starts and stops. I am thinking that the BIOS update was unsuccessful, how do I resolve this issue?

Thank you,

Answer:Satellite L855 won't boot after BIOS update

Hello Neil

Generally speaking when BIOS is screwed up you need professional help and you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

Check also this thread. Maybe this methid can help you too.

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I got Toshiba Satellite L855-B412 which I bought last year which came with windows 8.
I upgraded to windows 8.1 through windows store and then updated the system derivers for windows 8.1
then I backup the system on 2 DVD's using system backup utility from Toshiba.

When I restore system from those DVD's will I get windows 8.1 or the old windows 8?

Answer:Satellite L855-B412 - Making recovery DVD's for Win 8.1

Toshiba recovery media creator doesn't create recovery image from actual operating system but just copy original recovery image designed by Toshiba.
With other words after usage of recovery discs you will have identical Win8 version as you got it with your new notebook.

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After having had a Toshiba laptop previously I bought a new Satellite L855 on Saturday. Sad to say I am REALLY disappointed with the speakers and sound quality. Especally as stickers on machine say 'Large speakers for deeper sound' . It sounds really tinny. Much worse than my ipad or iphone :-(

Any sggestions?

Answer:Poor sound quality on Satellite L855


Your notebook supports an Realtek sound chip. Right?
In control panel you can find the Realtek HD Audio Manager.

Here you can change the sound effects? you can change the sound properties and can add some deep bass using the equalizer settings.

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My L855-11P dual boots with clean installs of Windows 7 and 8, both with up to date drivers. Windows 7 runs perfectly but the trackpad keeps freezing on Windows 8.

When using the trackpad the cursor will suddenly freeze on screen; I have to take my finger off the pad and put it back on before the cursor will start to move. There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to when this happens but it is very frequent, two or three times per minute.

Windows reports the driver as version dated 16.08.2012; the Toshiba site shows this driver as being updated 28/11/12.

Any advice appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L855 - trackpad keeps freezing on Windows 8

I guess this isn?t an touchpad driver problem.
I think the issue is related to the touchpad settings.

Here is a nice documentation how to change the touchpad settings in Win 8 system:

[How to change the Synaptics touchpad settings in Windows 8?| ]

In your case I recommend to change the touch sensitivity and to disable the multifinger gesture control

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I tried to make a recovery from an usb stick. I have done the recoverymedia with the "recovery media creaotor" by toshiba and it was sucessfully done.
After i started the recovery it aborted at maybee 80% (i cant say it bacause i wasnt in the room, i think i had to choose 2 or 3 times the yes button that I inserted the next disc even if I used an USB stick ).
Now i cant even start the laptop i just can choose between 3 options(loading recovery data & starting bios) and the laptop isnt recognizing the usbstick anymore (the recovery data is still on the stick)

Answer:Satellite L855-150 recovery aborted now i cant start it

Enter BIOS settings, set it to default settings and restart your notebook with USB placed in USB port. Press F12 at start-up and check if USB is listed as bootable device. If yes try to start recovery image installation again.

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So recently the screen cable has been getting extremely hot, i thought it was just the heatsink at first, but it wasnt.
The screen still works fine but the heat is getting rather concerning
any ideas on how to fix this?



Answer:Satellite L855-188 - Screen cable getting extremely hot


How do you know this? Have you disassembled your notebook? Which notebook model do you have?

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First of all, I'd like to apologize for my bad english skills, because I'm from Latvia.
Allright, enough small talk - so I bought new computer L855-14H. It came without OS, so I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Everything was good until I tried to play games - I experienced, that I can't play games, because I keep getting this "green texture corruption" after 3-5 minutes of playing. Screen just freezes and I can't do anything. Last 3 days I've spent trying to get this thing done.

I've been installing, reinstalling video card and even OS. I'm stuck and I don't know what to do next.
Please help me!
I'm really desperate!

Answer:Satellite L855-14H - green texture while playing games

It is not easy to say why this happen.
Have you installed display driver from Toshiba download page?
When you watch DVDs or some videos is everything OK?

Does this happen when you play all games or just with one certain game?
Is machine pretty hot when this happen?

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Laptop: Toshiba Satellite L855.


I got a power problem and I will describe it below.

Everything began into a morning , laptop didn't power on , so i plugged it to power source, needed to wait like 30 minutes for power button to work,next morning same thing happend. Tryed removing the battery , same problem appear.

If the laptop get's shut down then turn on it works , the problem occurs when it is shuted down for a period of time.
I let one night the laptop plugged in, it started normally , seems there is something that needs to get warmer so pc can start.

Can someone tell me what that "something" can be? Can it be replaced? What's the real problem?

Answer:Satellite L855 needs to be plugged in a period of time to power on

It is not easy to offer some good explanation why this happen. Fact is that well working power supply electronic is responsible for notebook?s power supply.
I cannot say if something must be warmer or not but such case must be checked and investigated by Toshiba service provider.

Believe me in such case there is no much you can do about it. you can just make some tests but not more than that. I strongly recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help.
Let technicians check your machine.

Out of curiosity: is the warranty still valid?

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Hi there,

I have an interesting, quite minor, but quite annoying problem.
Basically, whenever I begin playing some audio on my laptop, and I have earphones plugged in, it will play through the speakers for the first few seconds, and then switch to the earphones.

It doesn't matter how long the earphones have been in.
If nothing has been playing, and I then click to play a song or video or something, it will do it.

Its quite annoying as obviously I am using earphones when trying not to disturb others with my noise, this kind of ruins it.

I can't turn off the speakers, as doing this seems to disable the audio jack port as well.
Has anyone else ever experienced this, and/or have a suggestion of how to fix it?



Answer:Satellite L855-10P: active speakers even if headphones are connected

My daughter just bought an L50-A-01Q and it has a similar problem, except the speakers continue to play sound continuously when the earphones are plugged in.

She went back where she bought it and they said they had no idea.

I've instructed her to take her laptop back to DSE and if necessary demand they fix it as it is less than a week old and it has done it since new. I will let you know when we have a resolution.

I suspect it is a hardware fault in the port.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L855-11P that's less than a year old. When attempting to play a game on it (Borderlands 2, a game for which the laptop apparently meets the minimum requirements), it will play fine for a while (~an hour or two), and then with no warning the screen will go black and the laptop will shut down. The power button does nothing for a couple of minutes, and after that the power button will work and it'll boot up again.

Originally it would play other, less demanding games like Left 4 Dead 2 fine, but recently it has started getting worse, restarting more often and on games with lower requirements. I'm pretty stumped as to what is causing it, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L855-11P - random shutdowns playing game


I think its an problem with high temperature.
Playing games requiring a really high hardware performance would stress the hardware parts (CPU, GPU, RAM) enormously.
This leads to higher heat dissipation and this leads to higher temperature level.

I think this might be the reason for random and accidental shut downs.
The unit shut down automatically to prevent the hardware parts from damage?

How to prevent this? Hmm.. good question? usually you should ensure that notebook can be cooled down properly. There should be enough free space around the unit and the air should circulate properly.
The graphic card driver should be used from Toshiba page. Such driver is designed for mobile usage? furthermore be sure that cooling fans are not clogged by dust. Dust inside the unit can affect the fans performance and slow fans cause high temperature.

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I've reinstalled my Satellite L855/L855D (installed windows 7 instead of win 8) . And there is a problem : many devices are not found , like ethernet / wireless. Video card Radeon HD 7670M also not found. I can't install drivers, the errors apears that my hardware isn't suitable with software (e.g chipset). On toshiba's website i typed my satellite's serial number, but my computer isn't found. Whats wrong with this laptop ?

Same problem here: []

What should i do ? i've tried lots of drivers , but no one works. Please , give me advice. Thank you.

Toshiba Satellite L855-14G (Toshiba EUROPE GMBH)
Part. No. PSKFWE-00H00FG3
Intel (R) i5 3210M
AMD Radeon HD 7670M
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Answer:Satellite L855-14G - Devices are not detected in device manager


I?ve checked Toshiba download page on and all Win7 64bit drivers are available.
Have you tried to install all drivers, tools and utilities from there?

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Greetings friends,
the problem goes like this: I have a TOSHIBA satellite, L855-12N, series notebook.

After updrading to Win 10, some of my keys (a,n, enter) were not working initially.
If I wait for some time, they would start work later.
I find that if I keep pressing a button, (e.g. the button "a") for a long time, I see that it gradually starts to respond, then stop again, then respond - stop, until finally it works OK.
I tried to upgrade the drivers, unistall then reinstall them, but it does not seem to work.
Does anyone know what is happening, or have a suggestion?
Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L855 - 12N - Keyboard problem after upgrade to Windows 10

Are you 100% it's a Windows 10 issue?
Sounds more like a hardware problem, keyboard may need replacing.

Go into the BIOS and test the keyboard in there.
If it happens in the BIOS as well then replace the keyboard.

If it is a software problem, try uninstalling the touchpad driver via Control Panel, then reinstall it through Windows Update.

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The other day i upgraded my BIOS on my Toshiba satellite L855-10P and since then my usb stopped recognizing devices! i already tried everything i found on the web, contacted Toshiba support who gave me a link to the usb drivers etc and nothing.
Is there any way to undo the upgrade? or re install the old BIOS?

Thanks for all the help!

Answer:Satellite L855-10P - USB dont work since BIOS upgrade

I don’t know if this will help but set BIOS to default settings and try to reinstall chipset driver.

Which operating system do you use?

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Hi all!,

I have a a Satellite L855-11k whit windows 8 (bought for my this latop came with windows7)

But, have a serious problem with the FAN, when i play a powerful games the fan can't up the speed optimal.
It is always at 30%.

The FAN only responds to the demand of the processor,the processor in games only works 20-30% >rate does not rise. While the CPU temperature reaches 80°C

Is there a way to force the fan speed up???
sorry for my english, but I'm spanish

Answer:Satellite L855-11k - slow cooling fan speed while gaming

When you play games use ?High performance? power plan and change to it before you start the game. Please check also cooling method option in advanced power settings for this power plan. Be sure it is set to option ?Performance?.

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Hello. At start Satellite L855 - 11K appears for a few seconds the F2/F12 options and immediately appears a blue window asking for the password, "Enter Password", and that's all since I recover the password for my son and don't know what happens or what he does. What can I do to start the computer again? Thank you in advance.

Jose Bueno

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I bought my Toshiba Satellite L855 almost 2 months ago and I've been struggling with the following problem:

Everytime i'm connected to a wireless connection, after 2 minutes of use, windows gives me the bluescreen and its always the same error code. It's about the Atheros wireless card.

I've updated the drivers and the windows 8 came standart with the laptop.

Can someone help me?


Answer:Bluescreen because of wireless connection - Satellite L855 with Win8


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Hi i have a toshiba satelite l855-150 and it has a windows 10 in it. Recently after i lose connection and restart my tp link router the wifi doesnt respond any more just freezes so i thought i try a system restore but the restore is taking forever, how long is it suposed to take?!

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I just bought a SATELLITE L855-10P ( , with ATI graphics last wednesday, but my computer came with one problem (that i will try to explain to you, because i already went to the store to switch for another one, and the newone cames with the same problem than the previous,also the tecnic doesn't find the error). Now the problem:

When i'm in "youtube" or "in windows media player" or expecially when i'm playing LoL (League of Legends, online game) my computer crashes for a few seconds (one or two) and when it crashes it makes a noise too.

If i'm with headphones i listen that noise in headphones. I already tried everything like reinstalling video card and sound drivers, and it didn't change anything, the crashes and noises remain. I don't know what else should i do..-

Is there any solution? I cant even find what is the problem.. And the store's tecnic seems not to be able to solve it either..

I appreciate your help.

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Answer:Satellite L855 does a noise and crashes expecially in games

What kind of noise ? And how does it crash ? It turns off, blue screens or something else ?

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