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8 beeps and no video HP H8-1234 after Bios Update

Question: 8 beeps and no video HP H8-1234 after Bios Update

So I decided to update my bios when my new SSD (Kingston HyperX 3k 120gb) was performing lousy.i updated the bios and I used the Bios update found HERE which is listed as good for my system.Everything weemed to go smoothly until after the restart, I got the lovely 8 beeps, telling me that something is screwedup with the CMOS or the BIOS.I reset the CMOS jumper settingsRemoved the cmos battery for up to 30 minutesSwitched frommy BFG 500W power supply back to the 300w factory unitSwitched from my HD 6870 Video Card back to the factory unitUnplugged all ram modules and ran with every conceivable seriesRemoved all usb devicesIve never had issues before, and am running windows 8 without any issues,until the Bios update. I need to find out if it is in any way possible to recover from what seems obvious as a botched bios flash.

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Preferred Solution: 8 beeps and no video HP H8-1234 after Bios Update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: 8 beeps and no video HP H8-1234 after Bios Update

My current idea is to re-install the bios at bootup.Ive tried loading all the files found in the bios update onto a usb 1gb and 8gb drive formatted as FAT32, no avail.Renamed the .rom to HPBIOS.ROM again nothing on either usbAttempted usingthe win key+B key power on trick Ive seen for hp laptops and had no luck.I've found that the motherboard BIOS or CMOS problem (ROM) has very little information anywhere available even though there seem to be quite a few HP desktop systems that have used this specific model of motherboard.If anyones got any ideas, Im open for suggestions.

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Which Function Key allows me to set up or modify BIOS on an h8-1234? I have found the following functions, f2 (Hdwr Diagnostics), f8 (Boot Mode Selection), and f12 (Boot Source), but nothing about BIOS setup. Thanks

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Answer:h8-1234 BIOS Setup, Which "f" Key?

Teneyck,Thank you for an easy inquiry------ F10 for BIOS

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I will start off with specs:
Asus motherboard, 1.2 AMD Duron, ATI video card(256 megs) 512 ram, 60 gig hard drive

It started off giving me problems one day with no video or beeps. I disconnected everything but the cpu and got the beeps for no ram. I did have a 512 and 256 ram installed, but it would only work with the 512 after I reinstalled it and it worked for a while. I recently bought a new CPU fan because my last one was falling apart. I got my new one and added the grease stuff and once again got nothing. I tried removing it all again and now I get nothing, even when I remove the memory, it won't beep now. The fans come on fine, but I can't get a beep nor video. I also tried removing the cmos battery to reset it, but I get nothing.

Answer:No Video or bios beeps

Try to replace your PSU. It sounds like too me it work only particial.

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My Build-

Motherboard: ASRock M3 A770DE
Processor: Phenom II X4 810 Deneb 2.6GHz
Memory: Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333
Video Card: ATI Radeon 2900XT w/ 1GB DDR3(?) RAM - I know it's old:-o

I just built a (mostly new) computer. I am getting BIOS Beeps when the video card is attached 2 short beeps followed by 8 short beeps. I've done some research and it seems that the 2 beeps indicate a memory parity error. The video card is having an error too (indicated by the 8 short beeps)

The strange thing is that it only Beeps when the card is in the motherboard's primary PCIe 2.0 x16 slot. If i Plug it into the the other PCIe slot I get no beeps other than the single standard beep. But in no instance do I get video output. My monitor indicates that no signal is being received.

Answer:No Video on Boot with Bios Beeps

Sounds like your video card is shot. It sounds like a memory error of the video card.

Don't plug a PCI Express into a PCI slot. You could damage your motherboard because it isn't designed for that.

Have another PC to test the video card?

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Hi, Im having trouble locating some video drivers for an old Compaq Presario 1234 laptop, I have googled and tried the Compaq site to no avail :-( Can anyone point me in the right direction??

Answer:Video drivers Presario 1234...

Try click here. G

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I'm intstalling a Shuttle AK35GTR Mobo, followed all the instructions but there are no bios beeps and no video.

Using an ATI 64 mb AGP video

DDR Ram 225.

Maxtor 160 gig hard drive that hasn't been formatted yet.

This is the second board. I had the same problem before and so I sent the mobo back thinking that the bios must be dead, but now I am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

I cleared the cmos on the new board but Ihaven't tried flashing it.

I switched video cards and monitors on the last board, which resolved nothing. I haven't tried it yet on the new board.

This motherboard, since it is the R version is supposed to have raid but judging from the picture in the manual in which the raid connectors look similar to the IED connectors, I do not believe that the raid connectors are actually on this board, which isn't a big deal with me unless it has something to do with the problem. The other board was the same.

Answer:Installing new Mobo NO bios beeps or video

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Hello,I just made a BIOS-Update like described on the Lenovos Website (Flash over OS "Vista" ) - everything worked well and finished with a success-message. But now I rebooted my machine and it doesn't work Only a single Beep from the PC-Speaker every 10 seconds.My system is a: 6417-14GCan anyone help me? Did I destroy my complete system? I made everything in the way like it was described on the website.... Edited by buddyspencer on 01-27-2008 04:32 AM

Answer:A61e only Beeps after BIOS-Update

Now I burned the BIOS-Update-ISO-CD an inserted it - after starting the machine now the beep-code: 2-5-1 (short codes) occured don't know, what to do.... my girlfriend is going crazy (it's her machine)

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I ran system update to make sure drivers and software was up to date. Now it wont boot and I get 5 beeps. I tried downloading the .iso, burned it to dvd, nothing when it boots. 5 beeps. It was serving my needs very well, I can't afford another and I need it for school. It's too coincidental that it crashed directly after the update. Is there anything I can do? 

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Hello, i recently bought a HP ENVY h8-1437c, Windows 8, I replaced the (NVIDIA GeForce GT 620) With a (Sapphire HD 7770 1GB GDDR5). I hooked up the 6 pin power and made sure that the card is seated properly multipule times.  On startup I get 6 long beeps along with the power LED flashing. Then a few seconds later the power LED turns blue and the PC starts up fine. The card seems to be working fine as well. I have played games on the max settings with no issues, where as before the GeForce card couldent do this. I was reading across the web that it might have something to do with the BIOS secured boot enabled, so I disabled it with no change, same 6 long beep then the PC starts up fine. I guess my question is, is this okay that it beeps? Is it causing any internal issues? The only things I have done so far are adding the video card software, disabled secure boot (using the old GeForce card to get into BIOS) and reseat the new vid card/6pin power wire. Thanks for the help and let me know if you need more info. Here is the link for my computer specs just in case. -Micah

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Answer:6 Long BIOS beeps after video card install

Hi Sarge1D, Go back into the bios and switch from UEFI mode to Legacy mode. There might be a slight incompatability between the Sapphire video card and the HP bios. Post your results. As side note:  I suggested in a post a while back that HP do exactly what you are experiencing to allow video cards that have a vbios function difference compared to the bios in the HP PC (beep 6 times as a warning but allow the PC to boot).  

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Dear all, I updated the bios of my T400 to the latest 2.03 Version. Ever since when i close the lid and a while later open it up again my thinkpad makes a series of beeps and supposedly hangs. I have to keep the power button pressed then. I ran all kind of Hardware tests including Memtest86, no errors with ram or anything.Could it be a bios issue? The bios reportedly fixes "beeps at startup". Could it be that the fix broke something else? Message Edited by firaX on 02-19-2009 11:48 PMMessage Edited by firaX on 03-21-2009 04:29 AM

Thinkpad T400 (Windows 7 Ultimate x64)

Answer:6 Beeps and freeze when going out of standby after Bios 2.03 AND 2.07 Update ONLY.

 As suspected, downgrading to bios 1.20 fixes the issue.Bios 2.03 is very new, i doubt many people installed it. Can anyone tech savvy please upgrade to 2.03 and check their standby periodically? About 50% of the time my PC will hang with short long long long short long long long beep sounds, which normally indicates bad memory. Memtest86 shows no error for me, though and the rest of the system runs stable. I really think the "fix" that fixes "beeps at startup" might have had a negative effect on standby wake up mode. I have tested 1.20   6x in standby now and no beep/hangs yet. If the bios is truly at fault I will PM an Admin to see into the matter so not more people get affected with the problem. However, i will test a few more standbys to make sure...then again previous to the 2.03 bios update i have had 0 issues with standby mode...

Thinkpad T400 (Windows 7 Ultimate x64)

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Hi I have just updated the bios by HP Assistant, i've let him detect my product to make shure that it was the right one, i updated the bios trought the windows installation software from the Hp assistant, after that it rebooted automaticly but afther that i get two long beeps and two short. There is no screen. The shift and numlock keys light up togheter with the beeps. I removed the bios and notebook battery to reset but the problem persists.  Anyone that can help?  Thank you very much!

Answer:Elitebook 755 G3 beeps after bios update, no screen

Ok after a few attempts, the beeping stopped and the bios update completed itself. Weird way of updating bios ..  Everything works now

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Hi all,         We have a Lenovo Edge 72 which of course is out of warranty as it was not allowed by supplier to extend the warranty We have been pretty diligent with both Windows and Lenovo updates using Lenovo System Reporting and Software Update utiliities. While our SFF Edge 73s were successful with the latest updates, the E72 froze whilst doing the BIOS update recommended by Lenovo. After 24 hours of no action, the machine was powered off and on by a user and we now have the dreaded two beeps. We have confirmed that the memory is fine having tested it in another PC. I fully suspect a corrupted BIOS given the history of events. The BIOS is AMI and I am reasonably familiar with updating BIOS. Questions: Have others encoutnered similar issues and found a resolution with changing the system board. WHich AMI BIOS file should I use, no other E72s on site  Can we boot to a USB keystick with an AMI BIOS file on it? What is the key sequence on boot up? Control-Delete, Control-H, Control-R ?Is an USB keyboard okay for the key sequence ? Thanks for your time reading this. Fintan.


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Answer:Edge 72 BIOS Update freeze, now two beeps

An ISO image burned on a CD RW is always the most reliable method of updating the BIOS (as it eliminates the Windows OS.) If you had scrolled down just the first page, you would have found:

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I just moved my system (Asus M2N sli deluxe) to a new Antec computer case, and installed a large Noctua heat sink. Still using the same video card (Asus en7200gs). when I tried to boot up I got the error code. Makes sense b/c I don't get any video. I tried re-seating the video card and tried a different slot. No luck.

I just ordered a new video card to try out (I could use the HDMI upgrade anyways), but I have doubts that will fix it based on other inconclusive threads I have read.

What else could the problem be? Could it be the new CPU heatsink? Maybe the motherboard is bowed? Anything else I can try?

Answer:Award BIOS - 1 long, 2 short beeps - video error

Just try the new video card when it comes in. The beeping may mean that the motherboard is okay

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If anyone could help me with this, it would be grand.My problem started when i came home today to find my main box running swell, but any buttons in windows (double clicking) was delayed. I was a bit furstrated, but it's a older machine (socket 370 mobo in it) with two months uptime so i rebooted it. After the reboot i made up my mind to test this stick of ram i've been planning on doing so since christmas, so i shutdown and removed all the ram sticks but it to see if it would boot with it- i've done this before so i didnt expect much problem. It's the same type of RAM has the other two sticks, but was not detected and i was worryed about memory leaks and slow down. The computer failed to boot, so i removed it and placed it the other two- i got a some warning beeps but with the noise in the room i was unable to tell what they were, but still no start. So i reseated them into 'optium' banks, and rebooted. Everything starts up, but no display.I get the monitor working (red/green/yellow/blue bar type of display) then the monitor shuts down. So after a bit of refrence and research i fiquered my monkeying around had messed up something in the bios and the cmos, and it wasnt detecting the video card. I tryed rebooting with a older geforce 2 with no results. Then i removed the cmos battery and let it set for about four hours (i've always thought it needed two). Then plugged it back in (with the newer card back in). Thinking it would clear whatever i did, still no go, but i can ... Read more

Answer:Bios wont detect video card?(3 error beeps)

Hello friend, although I am not A+ certified but I have an ide that whats going wrong with your PC. I think that the problem is with your RAM Sticks. Dont remove any other thing. Just remove all the RAM sticks and clean them with dry and soft cloth amd also clean dust from the RAM slot. Now put the RAM back but they must be in specific sequence. If I did remember, the largest size RAM must be in first slot then second. I have no idea that which slot is your first slot. One thing, remove all RAMs and connect only one RAM in the extream last or extream first slot (not in middle slot if any). Now turn your PC ON and check if it works then put other RAMs otherwise change the slot to the other one. I hope that you are getting me becasue you are A+ certified.Okay do take care of you and others and be happy.Bye..DrWahab

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I have looked on this forum and found that several other people have had similar issues getting their HP Pavillion h8-1234 to boot up after putting in their GEFORCE GTX 950 graphics card. I am having the same exact issue. I understand that many have said that updating BIOS is the way to solve that issue but the HP website does not have any drivers for me to install. I've gone through all of the recommended channels but there is no driver updates. Here is the link to where I've been told to search: but there is nothing there. Maybe the BIOS is not the issue and someone can recommend another way to solve the problem? Thank you all in advance.

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Hi all, I updated my T430 today via SystemUpdate, one of the update is a BIOS update. I have them download and installed. After restart, the BIOS went on then my PC suddenly restarted. Now everytime I open it I hear five short beeps then a pause then another five short beeps while having a blank screen. Additional Info: Windows 8 64-bit, Lenovo Thinkpad T430, Please help! UPDATE: I have tried the following and didn't work:Remove the battery packRemove the CMOS batteryI need to know how to reset the bios if that's the solution.  


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Answer:T430 Failed Bios Update. Five Beeps, Blank Screen.

Welcome to Lenovo Community! mrt430Most probably, your T430 system board is now brick. I would recommend that you contact tech support for assistance.
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I downloaded the windows BIOS update for my Equium A60 (dated 15/11/05) and ran the executable as instructed, after making sure AC power was connected, etc. The update got just over half way when the computer suddenly switched off.

Now when I try to turn it back on it simply beeps a few times and turns itself off again. It sounds to me like the BIOS is screwed. Is there anything I can do to get my machine running again?


Answer:Equium A60: After BIOS update unit beeps a few times and turns off

Hi Phil,

Sadly it sounds as if the BIOS in your notebook has become corrupted. Sadly there is no easy way for you to rectify this yourself and you will need to take the notebook to your nearest Toshiba Authorised Service Agent who will have the necessary specialist equipment to reflash your CMOS chip with a new BIOS.


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Hi All, I updated my bios using the lenovo auto updater thing. Now my laptop starts with a black screen and 3 beeps. 1 long beep and 2 short ones. Please can anyone help me. What do i need to do. I have no warranty. Thanks Kooms

Answer:PLEASE HELP! x200 Bios Update caused Laptop Black screena and beeps

Rip the CMOS battery out for about 20 seconds then whack it back in again worked for another poster about a week ago.You could have a look and find the post that is of course if Lenovo havent deleted it as they seem to do to my posts from time to time. FYI every time you delete my post I place it in 5 different websites what you deleted and why the last one you deleted went on 10 websites. 

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Hello,I have a long column with numbers and I want to insert the symbol " ' " in the begining and in the end of the number as well as a comma " , " after every number.example: 1234 to '1234',Thank you

Answer:from 1234 to '1234', in excel

First, you realize that the numbers will no longer be "Numbers", but Text?Try this:With your number in cell A1, in B1 put this formula:=" ' "&A1&" ' , "I've separated it a bit so you can see that it is supposed to be:Equal sign, Double Quote, Single Quote, Double Quote, Ampersand, Cell Number, Ampersand, Double Quote, Single Quote, Comma, Double Quote.MIKE

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Hi all! Since BIOS-Update my Laptop has sometimes a strange problem: when starting I get a black screen and 4 short beeps. Laptop does not start. But when I remove power cable it works without a problem. Does anyone have the same problem? I want to find out if BIOS 2.35 is buggy (think so) or if my Laptop has a problem. Thank you very much - kind regards,Jürgen Product 20AQCTO1WWBIOS GJET85WW (2.35)SMBIOS Version 2.712 MB RAMSamsung 219,62 GB Core i7 4600 U CPU 2,10 GHzWindows 10 


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Answer:T440s after BIOS 2.35 update: 4 beeps and black screen when starting unless power cable is removed

Hi, I got a similar problem after the BIOS update about 1 week ago, whether I unplugged or not. What's more, the latest System Update version in my Thinkpad T440s always stops in the middle. At the moment, I just disabled the Sleep and use Hibernate instead to avoid the all black screen and beeps when waking up from sleep.  

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I am given this when I start up - the computer still works, but I can't get into bios without losing video... it goes like this:
1 long beep - post has passed all tests
a couple of seconds later 2 beeps - some hardware has failed
then 4 beeps

Specs are in drop down. thanks

Update: I cannot press tab to show post messages either... it just skips them and carries on like normal. I don't get beeps anymore but still cannot get into the bios.

Answer:1 beep - 2 beeps - 4 beeps? AMI bios

The complete BIOS beep guide

Switch your ram modules around.

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after succesful upgrading bios from windows xp my A62 Thinkcentre only beeps monitor shows nothing. i have tried to set the clear cmos jumper to 2-3 and started the machine with an connected usb floppy. im afraid the flash bootdisk will not start How can i recover the bios? Any comments are welcome. Thanks. 

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HelloI need very urgent help.I have run an bios update under windows xp sp3 to version 2.22.In the middle of the update i got an bluescreen. since this happens the is no video an nothing else to see at boot there an possibility to make an bios recovery boot? thanks for your helpregardssteffi

Answer:T60 after Bios Update to Ver. 2.22 no Video

Sorry, but your motherboard is fried. You will need to buy a new laptop or a new motherboard. I'd suggest a new laptop because mother boards are very expensive.

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Im wondering if there is anything that can be done to solve my problem. I was doing the newest bios update to 2.25 I think and it went through the process and then there was like  a four second beep. The beep stopped the thing on the screen said update done and the computer restarted. Imediately after the restart there was no video. I can hear the computer and it sounds like its starting up but nothing comes up on the screen. I also tried hooking it to a monitor and cant get a display that way either. Is there anything that can be done or is now junk?  this is a t60 laptop.

Answer:No video after bios update

 Did you hear a small beep every time you started your computer? Do you still hear a beep after a few seconds after you start your computer? Thats usually the beep to indicate that it's loading. If you don't hear that sound, theres not much you can do with that motherboard as the bios is curropt

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HI i need some help if anybody here is really fermiller on if i need to do this. do i need to update my BIOS or NO

My Bios version is 1.60 OC Formula/?cat=Download&os=BIOS

Although i do see 2.00 Improve memory compatibility. so not sure if i need to tho. should i update to 2.30 for my GFX Card

Thank u Guys here at MT

Answer:Got A NEW video card 760 2GB. Should i update BIOS

That's a very delicate question, and more delicate decision.
Logic would tell that you should update your BIOS before installing your GTX 760. As your BIOS version is older (Year 2012.) than a release of GTX 760...

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Hi, I have updated my T520 from version 1.23 (?) to version 1.34-1.19/1.19 and since then I have blurred video in the Sophos Safeguard password screen. Sophos Safeguard is a disk encrypter and gets launched before Windows 7 does. Since then I had to enter my password blindly, but I could login okay. I thought that maybe an update of the video driver would do the trick. I installed version; only the last for digits where higher than the previously installed version. I did all updates via ThinkVantage System Update btw. After that update, I couldn't even enter my password blindly, just reboot. Fortunately after disconnecting my external monitor I was able to login blindly again. Before I mess up my system even more...does anyone know what the problem is and maybe how I can resolve it? Thanks in advance! Best regards, Tom

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hi all i have a jaton fx 5200 nvidia 128mb card
can you help me with the bios update .
I already went to jaton website but found nothing
or is there maybe a tool for scanning current bios driver and update it
I used MSI live update 3 but there wasn't a VGA BIOS UPDATE option :giddy:

Answer:Update bios Video Card

Do you need to update that BIOS? Or do you just feel like trashing your card and getting a new one?

Since it's an el cheapo (TM) manufacturer's product, then they probably have the stock NVIDIA BIOS.

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I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong forum but, I?m at wits end. I recently put a new system together basically from the ground up. The initial start up was fine, installed windows and got to installing system drivers in windows no problem. Here is where I think I screwed up, I went and updated the BIOS, the system restarted, but no video. I got a amber light on the monitor, hard drive and the whole nine in the case are working/running. Try restarting multiple times, same thing. So, disconnect the power and took the BIOS/CMOS battery out and waited about an hour. I reinstalled the battery, started it back up, I get, ?CMOS CHECKSUM BAD? and gives two options, ?PRESS F-1 TO ENTER SET UP? or ?F-2 TO LOAD DEFAULTS AND COUTINUE?. You press F-1 and it opens the BIOS menu, when I get that far, I?ve tried ?USE DEFAULT? or ?OPTIMISE?, same outcome. I hit F-2 and it loads defaults but I have a 1 in 10 chance of getting to windows or even the safe mode screen. But after a bit, the screen goes black, and I?m back at no video. All my parts are fresh out of the box and to my knowledge there shouldn?t be conflicts. A friend of mine I work with is having a similar issue, and I?m 99% sure his set up is different from mine.

System specs:
MoBo: MSI K9N Diamond AM2 (NVIDIA n-Force 590 SLI)
CPU: AMD 64 X2 4200
Vid. Card: HIS Radeon x1650 512mb PCI Express
H/D: Hitachi Deskstar 7k160 160gb 7200rpm
Memory: Kingston 240 pin DDR2 ... Read more

Answer:New System, no Video after BIOS Update.

By the way, I'm using a 500 watt power supply.

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I need help.  Bottom line up front: I want to reflash the BIOS/UEFI on my Lenovo G50-45 Type 80E3.  Attempts to do this from Windows have failed.  Is there are way to do this from a flash drive or DOS?  Symptoms and details follow.             The problem machine is one of ten identical (both hardware and software) laptops occasionally used in a classroom.  The other 9 laptops are working perfectly.            The problem machine (and all the others) were fine 5 months ago when updated to Windows 10 v1607.  When taken out of storage the problem machine started to boot to Windows but hung before the lock screen.  After >30 minutes waiting, I was able to do some recovery options, but all failed to fix the problem.  Restoring the original OEM image or even a complete image from another working machine had no effect.  Of some significance:  if I waited >1 hour sometimes I got a Windows error, "thread stuck in device driver."            I wiped the HD completely with secure erase, and then installed a vanilla ("Clean") copy of Windows 10 v1703, the current 'Creators Update.'  This worked fine until connected to the Internet, upon which it quickly hung and crashed.  By installing drivers off-line one-by-one I traced the problem to the AMD Video devic... Read more

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My Nvidia GeForce2 GTS 64Mb video card needs a bios update as SiSoft Sandra indicates its to old.Nvidia's site says to contact the the computer manufacturer's site who are Panrix and have gone bust!Does anone know where I can get the correct bios update required ?

Answer:Video Card BIOS update require

Sorry, please disregard - clicked on the wrong forum button

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On a VAIO F11 laptop, I updated my video driver yesterday, the BIOS this afternoon after Sony issued a notification about possible overheating & the fix & a few minutes ago there was a thunderstorm nearby & I got a BSOD. The laptop is connected in an UPS & wired to the ASDL router.

I attached the .dump file, maybe you guys can help me to determine the cause?

Thanks for your time.

Answer:BSOD: Video + BIOS Update or Thunderstorm?

Look like you have all drivers up to date. The bugcheck code 3B, this usually indicate system service, device drivers, graphic card....(may be memory?). Does BSoD occur frequently after the thunderstorm? I would wait for the next BSOD...
You have this old driver, please update it, Window 7 doesn't like out of date driver:

SFEP SFEP.sys Fri Aug 03 12:35:53 2007 (46B2BEB9)
It belongs to Sony Firmware Extension Parser driver, please download and install fresh copy of it

BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff800033ee0f3, fffff88007e67dd0, 0}

Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!ExFreePoolWithTag+43 )

Followup: MachineOwner

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Hello Forum, i do own a m58p with hard disk,i had 4x2 dim installed, added 4x4 to machine.. samsung ram..which was ok for some other m58p now i get a beep tone which is not documented in i get:---    ---   ---    all three signals short. somebody experienced the same so far?i tested with only one new ram, same problem. tested with one old ram.. same..?! maybe too hot today? fan is running allways but processor not too hot.. thx for info.


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Answer:Identifying BIOS beeping / BIOS beeps

Hi Bernd67,For the M58p with 3 short beep issues.1. Remove 2 new memory that is installed into the 2 RAM slot.2. Download and Update your BIOS to the latest version. 3. Install back 2 new memory into the 2 RAM slot.You may refer to this thread for more information.
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Is anyone familiar enough with BIOS beep codes to know what two beeps and then three more beeps with a short pause between usually indicates? It has only occurred, maybe three times.

Answer:Two Beeps, Then Three Beeps (BIOS)

Find out what bios your mobo uses and read.

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My roomate tried to update the bios on his diamond viper v550 and his computer boots but beeps insesantly first and has no video. I am assuming he killed the bios on his video card.
Also any new video card we install doesn't seem to work either

Is there any way to fix this?

PS we have managed to get an isa card to display post.


Answer:Diamond viper v550 bios update v1.95 no VIDEO :(

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This is my first time posting, so sorry if this is in the wrong section, I didn't see one for a rack workstation.
I've given a description on my problems below, for anyone who'll bother helping.

A few years back, I got a refurbished Precision R5500 with dual Quadro 6000s. I noticed the driver was outdated, and updated it. Unfortunately, when I did so, the driver would crash several times a day, with no clear indication of why or when. It was several months before we figured out what driver was previously on it (266.87), and reinstalled that. It's still running mostly stable.
However, this driver downgrade caused an issue for me. I'm a gamer, and apparently, version 266.87 does not run Frostbite-based games correctly. For example, Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed The Run both have an invisible floor.
I'd pretty much given up on looking for solutions a couple years ago, but yesterday, I decided to give it another shot. I quickly found a thread on the old Dell TechCenter, which you can view here, where users had found a solution. They had updated the VBIOS to what appears to be version 70.0.6F.0.2. My current version is, so it'd make sense that if mine was updated, I'd be able to update the drivers without them crashing.
Problem is, there are no links to the update on the web; at least, not that version. The closest thing I've found is on HP's website, which you can view here, but I get the feeling that's only for HP compu... Read more

Answer:nVidia Quadro 6000 Video BIOS Update

No response after a week. To be expected; this is a rare issue, by the looks of it.

I've tried the HP update at this point, via cmd, which simply said "no adapters found that were compatible with this update." Won't do further tests with that, since I don't want to risk anything with the DOS method.
In the wake of the Dell community's help (that's sarcasm), I've been trying to contact people on the thread linked in my previous post - specifically, people who said they could send the update to those who asked for it - to see if they might still have it.


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I have an Inspiron 3847 that must have bad onboard video.  The video is always fine during post or while viewing the bios etc but in Windows it is garbled.  I installed a graphics card which works, no garbled video but the cpu fan runs at full speed as soon as Windows load.  Another strange thing, I reloaded Windows 10 from scratch and after a few minutes (after the install) the fan was running at full speed again.  I thought maybe it was just working hard, loading drivers and updates but suddenly the video became garbled again and the fan idled down.  I assume it was when Windows automatically downloaded the video driver.
I have got drivers from the Dell support page and the all install except the Management Engine Interface, which gives the error "Platform not supported" and the same when I try to update the bios (any release).  I have tried compatibility mode as well.  
I am convinced it is a hardware/gpu issue causing everything but if anyone has any suggestions to try I would gladly try it out.
ps. the system is clean, as far as dust.  It has barely been used and looks almost as clean as new inside

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My Nvidia GeForce2 GTS 64Mb video card needs a bios update as SiSoft Sandra indicates its to old. Nvidia's site says to contact the the computer manufacturer's site who are Panrix and have gone bust! Does anone know where I can get the correct bios update required ?

Answer:Nvidia Video Card Bios update required

click hereTry here

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System: Dell Inspiron 5557
Bios: from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5
Everything went fine when updating BIOS. After, no video (dell splash screen), no video on entering BIOS. But If I turn on the machine and let it boot, after windows loads, video start working.
No lucky on ctrl+esc or entering the bios (I cant see anything at all). All bios strategies not working. I tried to downgrade bios inside windows 10, but it still persists on 1.2.5.

Help me please!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 5557 System BIOS 1.2.5 no video after update

Surprisingly pressing ctrl + esc (BIOS recovery 2 tool) didn't work for you. Dell list this model for the BIOS recovery. You follow the steps (notebooks) correctly?
BIOS Recovery options on a Dell PC or Tablet | Dell US

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I have a Toshiba M115-S3094 with bios v1.20 and Windows XP. I read this on Toshiba's web site:

Support News
BIOS update for Satellite A100/A105, Satellite M110/M115, and Tecra A7
Posted on: 04/10/2007
Updated on: 04/10/2007 15:51:53

In very rare cases, the battery pack of your PC may stop accepting a charge, i.e., the battery stops working and no longer supplies power to the computer. To minimize the risk of ever experiencing this problem, we strongly recommend that you download and install the latest BIOS by clicking the 'Downloads' link that will appear when you are finished reading Support News.

Since I have had intermittent battery issues I thought I would update the bios to the latest version 1.80.
After the flash the system said it had to reboot. When it rebooted the power light is on but there is no video or post.

Is there anything I could do to fix this?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated,


Answer:Satellite M115-S3094 no video or post after Bios update

Have you tried removing the Battery and AC for an hour?

You could also try removing any extra Memory or swapping the modules around.

Otherwise the CMOS may need clearing. An ASP can do this for you.

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put the system together myself and person who talked me into it I paid 75 bucks instead of 25 he asked for and now I am on a learning curve. Previous install from format up ran everything fine (No matter if it was not truely the best setup- which confuses me)

fear shows same as dude with older graphics card -renderer not working

How about vivid logic - dvr software Can I use firewire from my motherboard and send and receive data from my tv It has three firewire ports one on front even and a net command system - Do I try it? I am running american research 25' dvi to monster cable dvi to hdmi now with audio r l to tv and optical to avr. Should I switch ati has a tuner for 130.00 but do I need it to send and receive the data to the tv and storage only and back to tv to watch? I don't want to upgrade computer to 3ghz plus for 1080p, but want 1080p on a dvr can this be done? confused about grabbers and pci setups and don't want any of that just storage and playback to mitsubishi with a badass tuner in it hopefully. I can't even figure out how to configure the darn image with dvi seriously it isn't easy remembering cloning and extending desktop and separate settings where it all works. Will video get easier if I just tackle as much of this stuff at once as possible? Skip the blueray and other player for my idea cost wise?

I have an amd 64 k8v se deluxe 3000+ 2ghz motherboard win xp with service pack 2 What is embedded and I don't have tha... Read more

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I really like my E425 and I think Lenovo produced a great laptop overall. That is why I feel so strong about seeing support for this laptop. Granted its "only" an Edge ThinkPad, its still a well built laptop. Its keyboard and matte display are pleasant enough for everyday use and the AMD graphics provide enough power to play on low settings in Crysis 1 & 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, COD:BO, Battlefield 3, and many other modern titles at 1366x768 native resolution. This isn't a gaming laptop but for me this is laptop is perfect gaming. Cooling/overheating is not a problem.  Anyways, It would be great to see updates soon, because with Trinity expected to launch in the summer-fall period I doubt support is going to go to those lengths for an aging product. Its worth a shot now but it might already be too late. BIOS: I would like to be able to select which GPU to use (integrated, discrete, or both). At the moment, you can only select the "integrated gpu" or the "switchable gpu." With switchable option is selected, Minecraft is played with the 6620G by DEFAULT. This issue can be seen throughout many laptop manufacturers using AMD's hardware. Some of the manufacturers have released BIOS and video driver updates for this very same issue. I want to use the discrete 6470M to play Minecraft, not the integrated Radeon 6620G, and vice versa. Video Driver Update: The last time the E425's AMD Video Driver was updated was 29 Nov 2011 (8.900.0.0000). I'... Read more

Answer:E425 BIOS and AMD Video Driver Update, any chance a request can be made to happen?

I've also noticed a strange issue when resuming from sleep. The display will dim beyond the lowest setting, almost off, but you can see the display is still on but the brightness is so low that its not really useable. At this point the brightness cannot be adjusted via the keyboard shortcuts or thru Windows' Power Options. Putting the computer to sleep again does nothing. It happens randomly and so far only when going into sleep mode. I don't think its done it when going into hibernate. It has happened at least 5 times since i bought my E425, only a couple months. The only way ive managed to "fix" this is by restarting the computer or shutting it down.

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I have absolute shoddy video performance on my machine as well as the fan on/off issues.

To add to my frustrations the WinPhlash programme included in BIOS version 3.8 dumps out when trying to flash giving a PHLASHNT.SYS unable to load message with various error codes associated with it (codes 5 and 147 depending on if I run the exe as it is extracted from the ZIP, or run the extracted files independantly).

I have checked all permissionings on the folder and I definately have full control - but still a generic "check your accounts, if you have no permissions please log in again!" message is displayed.

any help with my BIOS issue would be apreciated.

[Edited by: admin on 06-Jul-2007 11:10]

Answer:Satellite P100 PSPAD: Unable to update BIOS 3.8 and poor video performance

I have had the same error message on P100 PSPADE and furthermore the laptop was no longer under control, neither by keyboard or by menu impossible to switch off. I have had to unplug and to remove the battery. Then impossible to switch on.
According to the local ASP the motherboard is KO (??) and the safest way to upgrade the bios was to boot from an USB floppy in DOS mode?
Sounds strange but be careful.

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Question: Bios Beeps?

Hello. Tyan 2390 Socket A, 700 duron, Windows ME, a week old and
all it wants to do on Start Up is Beep, Beep, Beep, long beeps, pc runs
but no video. Seen this before, but not as bad as this. IF I go through
the formula: turn off at surgeoutlet, turn off at PS, pull power cord
...........turn surgeoutlet on, reinsert power cord, turn PS on, THEN
the dammed thing will act normal and boot up with one petite memory
test beep. My question is not so much what on earth is going on
but more so, can this be fixed??? Not that I matter going through all
the steps each time, there a chance that a bios setting
could be the culprit ???

Over my head,
- M

Answer:Bios Beeps?

How many beeps exactly is it? I know if it is 8 beeps your video card isn't seated right. Which that would cause you not to have any video.

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I wonder if anyone can help, please. For the first time, my bios beeped 5 times at me this morning. I checked on a web site, which informed me that there could be problems with the motherboard.
Should I worry about this now, or wait to see if it happens again.
Could it be a "one off" for whatever reason?

550 cpu
480 memory (approx)
The motherboard is around 4 years old.

Thanks for any pointers you may be able to give.


Answer:5 Beeps from my Bios

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Question: Bios beeps?

I'm getting PC speaker beeps from one of my computers latley...
they seem different everytime it boots..
It gets passed the bios, it beeps when windows is loading..
so is this a bios code or something else?
It's on a Ma785gm-us2h motherboard.

the latest are,

from this last one of,
1 long /pause/ 1 long

1 long 2 short /pause/ 1 short 1 long 1 short / pause/ 1 long 1 short ..

to many others.. I could reboot and get yet a different one.

I've tried removing all the hardware, and it wont beep.
I've put memory in, memory out, there is no video card, just the onboard.

I can run any test on it and it passes, prime95, occt, intelburnin, etc,etc.
I've even folded on it for weeks on end, no problems.

thanks for any help.

ohh,system other then mobo above is,
amd 940
6gigs crucial pc-6400
2 sata drives
1 dvd


Answer:Bios beeps?


What BIOS are you loading? Check the beep codes against this for your BIOS if it is listed:

Computer Post / Beep codes


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Question: BIOS BEEPS.

Hello friends, I'm looking for the meanings of the various beeps at pc startup. I need to know the interpretation of some beep trend in a trouble pc. The bios is AWARD. Can anyone give me a link that gives the variuos numbers of beep and their corresponding meanings? Thanks in advance.


click here

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First let me say I have an
Intel Celeron
633 MHz
Windows XP Home SP1a
Intel(r) 82810 Graphics Controller
111 gigs
2 fans inside
BIOS PTLTD - 6040000

I have had the computer for about 5 months. Its an average late 90s computer. I used it everyday. A week ago it had been on all day then I just saw the screen go black then the monitor said please check signal. I tried to turn the tower on right after it happened but nothing happened. I unplugged it for a day then tried again the next day, the tower lights came on but no beeps and no bios.

I tested the monitor on a different computer and monitor works, I also tried a different monitor on the dead computer still no signal. I dont think its the power supply. I think its the motherboard. I even switched the 3 volt battery and still nothing. Any suggestion would help.

Answer:No Beeps And No Bios.

If you remove the psu connector from the mobo and short the green wire to any black wire that will tell you if the psu is ok or not (it should work when you short it).

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Question: bios beeps

I am having the exact same problem as a earlier post, but I tried to fix it the same way they did and no luck.

Here is my problem. My asus motherboard A7V running a 1.1 Amd processor will give me a bios beep code for a video card error code, long, short, short follwed by a high tone and a low tone. I have replaced the power supply as they did on the other post and even the graphics card, I bought a repalcement motherboard and it then gives me a cpu beep code and neither will boot up at all. I have gone through and pulled all the extra components of the system and tried all the different combos of parts I could think of. Any ideas please reply, it is getting close to getting out the shotgun and proving there is a problem!

earlier post:

Answer:bios beeps

well whats on the other post is all I can think of.

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Question: Bios Beeps

I have a compaq armada 1750 laptop and ever since i have updated my ME OS with critical updates, done automatically, i now have 2 double bios beeps when i switch on. Everything seems to work fine though. Has anybody any ideas what the double beeps is actually telling me.Thanks in anticipation

Answer:Bios Beeps

click here

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Question: Bios beeps....

I own a Asus A7V233E motherboard and I am getting some strange beeps and activity on the board.

This is the basic sounds of the error.

__ _ _ High tone Low tone

I receive a long first beep and then two short beeps at start up just like a video error. Then after those I get a high tone error and then a low tone following. I have never heard a sequence such as this.

Then the interesting part is that after I cycle the power switch like 5 times the machine will boot up. I changed the video card and that did nothing to resolve this. Once it boots up it runs fine....but I can't turn it off as I don't know if it is ever going to come back alive.

Any idea??

Thanks a bunch.

Answer:Bios beeps....

First thing I would do is to pull all your addon cards and reseat them, reseat your ram, and reseat your processor
if that doesn't work... I would try pulling each addon card at a time while powering on in between. I would also try that with the ram too.


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Question: no bios beeps.

Hi guys. I am in a bit of strife as I removed a storage drive from a friends computer and installed a new drive. I have done this many times and had no trouble. I plugged everything back into the motherboard and set the jumpers on the drives to master and slave respectively and plugged the computer back in and now have nothing. The computer powers up but doesnt seem to boot up through the hdd and there are no bios beeps to say that the post's have been checked or anything. I do get a strange click in the psu and it is only a 350w power supply.
The computer is a p4 3.2ghz asus motherboard/processor.
It has one kingston hdd 80gb.
I removed one kingston 80gb hdd and inserted a 160gb maxtor hdd as slave.
3 sticks of ram = 1024mb
256 radeon graphics card
audigy zs2 sound.
Two cd and one dvd drive.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Oh it has windows xp pro sp2.
I dont get anything on the screen at all/ no bios runthrough
no :no signal: errors.nothing.
I checked all the power leads to the the motherboard, and it has a green led lit on the mb.
I am pretty stressed so I really would love some help.
Thank you for reading this far

Answer:no bios beeps.

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Question: Bios Beeps

I have a Lenovo Laptop G530 model 444625u. It is running a clean install of win 10 Pro. Sometimes at the start of the "power on" I get 3 or 4 beeps. They occur during the white Lenovo screen during the Bios startup. The beeps are loud and do not appear to be grouped together. They seem to be single beeps. Win 10 pro does start and everything appears to be working. Device manager does have 2 "System Base Unit" without software support but other than Blue tooth everything works. Sometimes when I power up there are no beeps. My battery only last for 30 min. off wall power. I don't know what is causing these beeps. I tried to update the bios but the most current version was tested with Vista and it will not load even when run in admin mode. Here are my questions:How to I stop they Bios Beeps?Do I need to update my Bios ? If so where can I find one tested for Win 10?How can I get win 10 Blue tooth software for the G530?How can I resolve the last "System Base Unit" software?Any help would be appreciated.

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Question: bios beeps

got a dead-ish laptop here, the sticker states that it has windows 2k on it, but I cannot get in to verify. The bios beep pattern is as follows:

beep beep beep
beep beep beep
beep beep beep

then the lovely silence of nothing spinning.

any ideas?

thanks in advance,


Answer:bios beeps

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Question: 3 Bios Beeps

Two attempts to start computer (machine listed in profile) result in 3 short beeps. Third attempt boots normally. Any idea why?AMI Bios 3 Beeps = Base 64K RAM failure (according to a side note, is there a faster way than using seatools to check for a failing hard drive? Getting some unusual activity from HDD.

Answer:3 Bios Beeps

Google memtest & run a test

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Question: ami bios beeps

Hi Everyone...
I was just reading about the AMI Bios beep codes and I saw that if you have 2 beeps then you are having memory problems. When my computer loads up I get 2 beeps. But there are no errors or anything. So I read that

"Your computer has memory problems. First, check video. If video is working, you'll see an error message. If not, you have a parity error in your first 64K of memory. Check your SIMMs. Reseat them and reboot. If this doesn't do it, the memory chips may be bad. You can try switching the first and second banks memory chips. First banks are the memory banks in which your CPU finds its first 64K of base memory. You'll need to consult your manual to see which bank is first. If all of your memory tests good, you probably need to buy another motherboard."

First of all I don't know what SIMM is and what is a "Parity error"? Also it says that i should try switching the "first and second banks memory chips". But I Only have one chip of 256 DDR.

Also I was just looking at Sisoft Sandra 2002 and I saw that it said this:
< Physical/BIOS Memory Banks >
ROW-0: Empty
ROW-1 (RASL-3 RASL-2): 256MB DIMM SDRAM double-bank
ROW-2: Empty
ROW-3: Empty
I looked inside my computer and first of all, I saw that my ram is in the DDR slot and not in the DIMM so why does it say DIMM?
Second of all it says that ROW-0 is Empty, but again I looked inside, and I saw that it was on DDR1 slot. So why is SISOFT sayi... Read more

Answer:ami bios beeps

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Question: BIOS beeps?

What if the beeps are nearly random sound like they are from some old amiga game and happen after the computer is fully booted?

Answer:BIOS beeps?

That may be your motherboard telling you its battery is low.

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Question: Bios Beeps

Hello I have a Biostar M5ALA motherboard and I am recieving 4 beeps probably every two minutes or so. I have looked at the bios beep codes for my motherboard. 4 beeps signify's a system timer error. I have tried to remove my memory and place it back in. That was one treatment that I have heard of. Everything seemes to be working correctly on my system. Any suggestions?

Answer:Bios Beeps

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Question: p7-1234

My p7 with Windows 10 freezes when put into sleep or hybernation. I have to do a cold boot, with complete disconnect to get it bac again. I see this is an issue with Windows 7 and there is a Bios update. I dont see such an update for windows 10. How do I fix this?  

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Hello, I have this problem in my old PCWindows 98 SECeleron 366RAM: DIMM 32 MB PC100 + DIMM 128 MB PC133Video: NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 (Ver ,9/20/2000)MOBO SOYO SY 7SBB.Problems: Windows freeze, blue screen, windows explorer crashes.Sometimes when any of these happens I reboot and the BIOS makes three short high tone beeps and two longer low tone beeps.I took off the 32 MB RAM and relocated the 128 MB and now it seems to work. Before that I cleaned the registry and reinstalled windows with no luck.Anyone please can explain if the beeps mean RAM failure or CPU (the fan is new because I had problems recently)?Should I try to reinstall the 32 MB RAM or is it better to have the 128 at 133 and not 128/133 +32/100?.I read in a page in this website other beep(s)   RAM problem.Thanks

Answer:BIOS beeps when booting, RAM

do not mix pc100 and pc133

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my little cousin went on my aunts computer he described himself as clicking around in the bios menu. next thing you know i go to turn the computer on.. and it starts the fans then you hear 3 beeps about 2 seconds long each. and it shuts down. what should i do . its a custom system if you need to know

Answer:bios problem 3 beeps

Hi Sickem, this is my first post after a long absence from TS. You need to have a look at this thread - and in particular the first link.

Hope that helps!!

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Hi guys its me again, the computer was running perfectly well since I changed my VGA and PSU. Yesterday after playing Red Faction Guerrilla I switched off my computer and this morning turned on but somehow the computer got power but does not load the bios. The speakers are working and there is no beeps of any kind. I also connected my Corsair PSU onto a PSU Tester and shows as normal. I took the Mobo battery and the jumper out to clear up the CMOS and also tried changing the jumper to clear it up. Both hard drives have been connected to my external case and hooked up on my Laptop and no viruses were found. I also tried to unplug everything from my Mobo and connecting one by one to double check if would work. I tried all sets of connections to the motherboard and even only the power on it would not work. The computer has power because I see VGA light flashing when starts and all fans running with power. My case led lights are on but the hard drive is always off. I have a suspicious could be my Mobo or CPU but before rushing to conclusions I need to know to get a replacement under its warranty. I really appreciate for your help once again. Thanks!!!

Answer:Computer on no Bios no Beeps

As you have tested drives and PSU then either Mobo CPU or memory as does not attempt to access HDD this rules out graphics card.I would be tempted to remove and refit memory one stick at a time and retry to bot before condemning Mobo or CPU.

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3 beeps on post, AMI says bad Base 64K Memory. seeing if anyone knows how to fix it before i get a new MB. tried the ram 1 at a time etc.. everything is fitted right. any suggestions? (continued post from "Monitor wont turn on help asap") thanksshield

Answer:AMI Bios, 3 beeps on POST

 shield......Perhaps you could let us in on when this started and what were you doing just prior to this happening. What operating system are you using.....I may be wrong but I believe the 64k Base memory is part of the CMOS .....Read this...... us knowdl65  

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Stop sniggering at the back :-)Trying to get USB working on one of my trusty 98s. Got the impression flashing the BIOS may help, but now it gives one long beep and two short ones, nothing on monitor.Award 4.51 motherboard. I've taken the battery out, but does anyone know where I can find the manual so I can try the reset pins, please?I appreciate I may have killed the machine!

Answer:Flashed BIOS, now it just beeps

1long, 2 short Video adapter error Either video adapter is bad or is not seated properly. Also, check to ensure the monitor cable is connected here

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Question: G530 - Bios Beeps

I have a Lenovo Laptop G530 model 444625u. It is running a clean install of win 10 Pro. Sometimes at the start of the "power on" I get 3 or 4 beeps. They occur during the white Lenovo screen during the Bios startup. The beeps are loud and do not appear to be grouped together. They seem to be single beeps. Win 10 pro does start and everything appears to be working. Device manager does have 2 "System Base Unit" without software support but other than Blue tooth everything works. Sometimes when I power up there are no beeps. My battery only last for 30 min. off wall power.
I don't know what is causing these beeps. I tried to update the bios but the most current version was tested with Vista and it will not load even when run in admin mode.
Here are my questions:

How to I stop they Bios Beeps?
Do I need to update my Bios ? If so where can I find one tested for Win 10?
How can I get win 10 Blue tooth software for the G530?
How can I resolve the last "System Base Unit" software?

Any help would be appreciated.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

Answer:G530 - Bios Beeps

I'll see if I can answer some of your questions....
How to I stop they Bios Beeps?
Did the beeping start after the Windows 10 upgrade?  To rule out any conflicts with the BIOS try this...
1. Shut down Windows and unplug the charger / adapter. 2. Remove the battery. (If removable)3. Press and hold the Power Button for 15 seconds. 4. Re-install the battery, plug in the charger / adapter if needed and power up the system to see if the problem was resolved.
If you had the beeps prior to the Windows 10 upgrade then they maybe an indication of a hardware problem.  Possibly a piece of hardware such as a optical drive is slow in responding during power up when the system polls all the devices.
Do I need to update my Bios ?
No, if the machine was working good before the Windows 10 upgrade then there isn't a reason to do a BIOS update.  Even the latest BIOS version available for your model was created long before Windows 10 was even developed. 
How can I get win 10 Blue tooth software for the G530?
There isn't any.  Try installing the Vista version in Compatibility Mode to see if that will resolve the problem.
How can I resolve the last "System Base Unit" software?
I assume that you are referring to the Unknowns in Windows Device Manager.  If so, these unknowns are most likely related to the Bluetooth driver not being installed.  Fix the driver problem and the unknowns will be fixed... Read more

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Hi allI have the above board with bios version 5.7 and im running an xp2700+. all is wellBut, twice in about a month i restarted and turned the pc on and it gives me three beeps or more from the bios and wont boot or anything. I just push the reset button and it then boots up fine. Hasn't happened in a while but was wondering if anyone had any ideas.thanks:-)

Answer:msi kt3 ultra2 bios beeps

3 beeps indicates memory problems.Have a look at click hereAH

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Hi, i searched techguy forums for my problem without success. some things suggested i tried. Here is my problem.

my computer has run fine over 6 months now, yesterday i accidently put it to 'sleep' and when i turned it back on i got Short Continuous Beeps which i read pointed to bad memory. so i removed all my memory. same beeps! i went ahead removing all my components with the same beeping.

I have a theory its related to my PSU because i noticed my CPU fan is not getting enough power, it sputters and can't fully start up.

I wasn't the one who built my PC (my cousin) and i dont know my exact specs here is what i do know

Motherboard: Gigabyte S-Series GA-946-S3
PSU: 430 watt
Videocard: 8800GT

any help is greatly appreciated!


Answer:BIOS beeps related to my PSU?

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gq rx 7330 laptop, it was just working!! i reboot after installing one of windows gay updates(as normal windows always want you reboot). anyway its got ami bios, 8 beeps means its something to do with display. give me some ideas ppl! please

Answer:ami bios 8 beeps HELP!! tedster !!

omfg my kid just told me he changed the ram frequency to 133 something

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I am on an Asus A8n-sli deluxe mobo.
When i boot up there is 1 long, 2 short beeps.
I looked it up and all the sites say that it is a video error but none say how to solve it.

if anyone could help me trouble shoot this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

btw this is a new build that worked and is now having problems

EDIT: ok the above was without the ram in.
now with the ram in, it makes 5 short beeps.



Reseat Video card.


Try a differen't Video card.

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Hi, I've just purchased a new CPU to upgrade my motherboard/computer with, but upon plugging it into the motherboard - I get some strange beeps. 1 short - 1 long (Continuous) I don't know what the issue is? I've got the PC running right now with my old CPU (Intel Pentium E5300), but I want to upgrade to a Core 2 Quad Q8300. The motherboard section of the PC states that I can upgrade to one of them but it's just beeping at me. I've tried to reseat RAM, remove RAM but not change it as I don't have any other sticks right now. Here is a few more details:  CURRENT (Speccy states this):Windows 10 Pro 64-bitIntel Pentium E5300 @ 2.60GHz Wolfdale 45nm Technology4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 399MHz (6-6-6-14)FOXCONN ETON (CPU 1)L21500WDS ([email protected]) - 2048MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series (XFX Pine Group)111GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120GB ATA Device (SSD)  I am wanting to upgrade to a Core 2 Quad Q8300 - This is the HP site version of the PC and Motherboard: (Take note of the available CPU upgrades on the second link, stating that I have the correct item) Many thanks in advance.

Answer:CPU Upgrade/BIOS Beeps

Does the 1 short - 1 long (Continuous) beeps  happen with the original CPU installed?  With the original CPU installed, invoke the BIOS and post the BIOS family here. There may be BIOS versions available that were not posted for your desktop PC available at the HP FTP servers. 

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Question: bios beeps issues

I am running this setup
ECS PT880Pro-A Motherboard
Pentium 4 Prescott 3 ghz processor LGA 775
PNY GeForce 6200 256 mb AGP graphics card
2 gb ddr400 ram
2 IDE hard drives (40gb seagate and 120 gb Western digital)
1 SATA hard drive (Seagate Baracuda)
2 Optical Drives
Thermaltake 550W PSU 29v on 12 rail
Windows 7 Home Premium
Coolermaster Centurion case

When I boot the computer up I get one beep at the initial beginning of the boot up then the screen changes to another screen with lots of writing, I get a second beep and it quickly moves on to the windows screen. I don't have any errors other than the graphics problem that I posted in another forum about black lines in windows 7 with geforce 6200. But for a little while BIOS wasn't posting at all and I would just get the fans and a black screen. I did a barebones boot with just graphics card, one stick of ram, and the hard drive. Then it started booting again, but the wierd two beeps thing bothers me. I haven't plugged my optical drives back in yet. I am wondering if I am pushing the psu with this.

Answer:bios beeps issues

Your power supply seems to be enough for this configuration, if the power supply really work fine, you may check it by using a power supply tester !
If you are sure about your PSU check your hard ware ! It can just be a bad contact for example on a memory stick or a graphic card So just clean them. You also have a lot of testing tools like memory testing tolls hard disk testing toll have a look at these :

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Question: BIOS Warning Beeps

Can anyone advise me of the meaning of the BIOS warning beeps I'm getting. It's from a Jetway V333u motherboard with Award - Phoenix BIOS. The BIOS version is A05, which I think is the latest. On start up there is no display at all then one long beep, followed by two short beeps. The motherboard manual doesn't give a listing for this combination. I've searched for info and , although there are far more BIOS beep combinations than I ever thought, this combination isn't listed. I'm guessing that the lack of display suggests that it's a video card problem (a Leadtek WinFast Titanium with 64 Mb DDR)but I guess there's other possibilities. This problem doesn't happen all the time, maybe one in ten startups. The rest of the time it starts normally, with nothing to indicate there's a problem. Any advice gratefully received.

Answer:BIOS Warning Beeps

if you do a search in google you'll find your answer

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Question: bios press beeps

Is there anyway to turn off the annoying beep that HP seem to have enabled whenever you do anything in the Computer Setup screen or press an F key to change the normal boot? I know i've pressed the button or made the change I don't need the laptop making the most annoying system beep i've ever heard. Older models didn't do this and is beeping annoying in an open plan office.

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Hi Geeks,

Last night I was running my machine and it started making funny noises like whirring noises, I was shutting it down anyway so wasn't too concerned.

This morning I swithced it on it got right through to windows desktop and then just powered itself off.

After that I couldn't get as far as desktop even in safemode it would get to the os windows splash screen and then power down.

I tried different socket, diff plug and still the same.

I opened it up and it was CLOGGED with dust so I've cleaned it now, I even removed the heat sink and re-attached it to make sure it was connected properly and it is.

Check all connections OK

Swithced it on a tenth time and got 3 bios beeps then it powered off, now it will only power on for about 3 secs, but when it is shut down there is still power going to the board so I don't think it's the PSU

It's an athalon AMD 64 Venice core 3700 - Board is nvidia something An8 bit pro or something like that, nvidia graphics 6600 - 500 watt psu - 1 gig of ram (2 500 sticks) Win XP pro edition.

Any suggestions and does anyone know what 3 bios beeps means???


Answer:PC has just died 3 bios beeps

OK update, the reason it was only powering for 3 seconds is because you have to wait 30 seconds to try it again after a mechanical fault...

So after waiting it does power on for longer, I did get 4 bios beeps aswell 3 quick ones a small pause and long one???

But then powering it on later on NO bios beeps?

but still shutting itself down. There is a digit display on the mortherboard displaying post codes: I looked in my manual it gets as far as 7F before it shuts itself down

7F = Switch back to text mode if full screen logo is supported
-if errors occur, report errors and wait for keys
-if no errors occur or F1 key is pressed to continue: Clear EPA or customization logo

So wtf does that mean? Graphics? If it was CPU would it run at all?

The problem is I don't have much money and don't want to get a new cpu to find it's NOT that or PSU, so any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks


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Hi I have dell system detect installed on my pc it suggested i updated my BIOS so i did. It updated it successully and restarted but now i get 4 beeps and when it does manage to load I get to the windows logo screen then get a blue screen can anyone help?

Answer:Updated BIOS and now I get 4 beeps

With Dell, you need to speak to their service support with these issues. Your machine should have a tag number which the support technician will need to know. I suggest to start here:
click here

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I wasn't quite sure how go title this topic but the situation is as follows. I built this machine using an ECS NForce6M-A Motherboard click here earlier this year. It works fine and I have no problems with it. But I have never had any beeps as the machine boots up, not even the customary one to show that all is well. I have checked the internal speaker for continuity, I have reversed the speaker connections (not that it should make any difference) Because there are 3 pins and two wires I have tried connecting the speaker between signal and earth and also signal and line. All to no effect.So I am wondering if there is a BIOS feature that I have missed which might turn off the beeps - I've never heard of such a thing, nor would I consider it desirable, but unless that part of the motherboard is not working I can't think of any other reason why I don't get the OK beep.Any suggestions?

Answer:Turn off beeps in BIOS

I have an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard and in common with you I have never had any general indicators on boot up since new. The only time it `contacted` me was when I left the PS/2 keyboard unplugged and a nice lady told me, "No keyboard detected." - that came as a surprise!!!! Now that I have read the manual I am aware this motherboard uses vocal POST messages for pretty much all failures.Whether this is a feature of other boards or not I`m not sure, perhaps some are now designed only to provide audible notification (beeps/vocal) in the event of failure - which would make sense.

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The other day my computer stoped booting and when i turn it on I get a bios beep code shouted at me. I swear that i can hear 5 beeps ( the 2 quite fast) but 2 other people have told me they hear 4 beeps (the first one a long beep) though.

From the looking around I have done this 4 beep code indicates a graphics card problem. Is this correct? And knowing this what should my next step be in testing / fixing the problem?

If any more information is needed please ask.

Answer:Bios beeps, no boot.

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Question: M92p bios beeps

So I have four of these units and two I built with no problems.  The other two are a PITA.  The first is giving me 3 short beeps followed by 2 long beeps (although the second beep kind of breaks up a bit) and a short beep.  I can't find anything on the internet about this (I found 3 short and 2 long = Video but I have no standalone video on this).  I get a completely black screen nothing displays on this unit.  This has the same exact memory and CPU that the other working pc's have. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance

Answer:M92p bios beeps

Only 2 beep items are documented in your HMM.2 short beeps= cmos3 short and 1 long=memory Page 66 of:   

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Question: T500 bios beeps

I have 2 T500 laptops I use for personal use and I've been having a problem getting the 1-3-3-1 bios beeps on restart. The laptop just does the beeps and then doesn't post and requires a hard restart. Neither one does it everytime and its seems to work okay using one dimm but when I use 2 dimms I get the beeps at a random amount of restarts. I'm using Crucial memory I purchased in a set of 2. I've tried all the memory tests but find no errors. I have already sent in one once and still it gets the bios beeps. I'm running the latest bios already. Is this a bad systemboard or what? If so I must have got 3 so far! Anyone have any advice to correct this problem. I've also tried switching dimms in the different slots, but it doesn't matter as the problem still persists. By neither one does it everytime I meant every restart.

Answer:T500 bios beeps

 Mack909 wrote:Neither one does it everytime ...Mack, what does this mean?When you use 1 DIMM you never get the problem, correct?  If you didn't already, you could try alternating DIMMs (one at a time) in order to rule out a bad DIMM.But when you use 2 DIMMs you sometimes get the problem?  In this case, after you make sure both DIMMs are OK (as above), alternate DIMM slots to see if the problem follows to one particular slot.These steps could help narrow things down a bit.  Good luck!  

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Hi again all.I have a small problem with my test machine.Its a small machine with a P4 cpu 512MB of ram running XPH SP3 ,Asrock P4VM890Ok rebuilt this machine and all was ok,however for some reason i now receive 3 bios beeps on boot up.This tells me one of two maybe three things;1) keyboard error - this has been swapped out with three known working keyboards.2) ram error - ram has been swapped out and dimms alternated = no change.3) Motherboard could be damaged or blown.Tomorrow i will swap out the psu and test the original.Bios has been reset via the jumpers and removal of the cmos battery.Hard drive is ok as is the cpu.Anyone any ideas though i think ive covered most things.All ideas greatly appreciated.

Answer:Bios beeps 3 continuous

This may help:click hereYou'll need to know who makes the BIOS in your PC (i.e. AMI, Phoenix etc)

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I just replaced the stock  processor AMD A4 3420 Processor with an  AMD Athlon II X4 651K 3.0 GHz 4MB Quad Code CPU 100W  The stock motherboard is Pegatron AAHD2-HY (Holly). Now at startup I get 6 beeps and the monitor is blank. I do believe this processor is compatible. Any idea what to do? Cannot access BIOS with F2. RUnning Windows 10 64-bit Thanks.

Answer:New Proessor 6 beeps from BIOS

@debeze?, welcome to the forum. I believe that your problem is caused by an incompatible processor.  Here are the processors that have been tested to work in the motherboard: 65W to 100W (processor dependent)Socket type: FM1Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:ProcessorTDPAMD A8-3850 (Liano) quad core100WAMD A8-3800 (Liano) quad core65WAMD A6-3650 (Liano) quad core100WAMD A6-3600 (Liano) quad core65WAMD A4-3420 (Liano) dual core65WAMD A4-3400 (Liano) dual core65WAMD E2-3200 (Liano) dual core65WAMD X2-198 (Sempron) dual core65WAMD X2-221 (Athlon II) dual core65W Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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This is nothing like I've ever experianced.
P4A845S V 1.1 on the motherboard, some of the parts appear to be gateway.

1 long continous beep , for about 10 seconds. No output on video, power comes on, plugged in the keyboard and brand new power supply.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Motherboard Bios Beeps

according to page 71 of this either you video card or memory is not seated or working properly. I would guess it is the ram. Reseat that first the the vid card. If that does not fix it put in some other ram if you have some available.

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On start up my PC will cut-out just as my desktop appears & I get this long continuous beeping sound. The only way to stop it is to switch off at the mains. Other times it will start up no problem. If I simply open and close the base unit it sometimes boots OK. I have Phoenix award bios. I've found beep codes from award bios and phoenix bios click hereBut which of the two should I be looking at?If memory isn't seated properly, where should I be looking for memory? Motherboard is nvidia.Thanks in advance.WINDOWS XP HOME (SP2)AMD ATHLON XP 2500+1.84GHZ480 MB RAMNVIDIA GEFORCE 4 MX INTEGRATED GPUPHOENIX AWARD BIOSMULTIVISION COMPUTERS

Answer:bios beeps at start-up

Depending on exactly which motherboard you have (nvidia is the chipset) the memory is generally at the top right of the motherboard as you look at it on opening the case. To confirm both your motherboard identity (something like Asus A8N SLI Deluxe) and memory location check the motherboard manual which should have come with the computer.If it is of help, all the information I have indicates it is a memory fault.Motherboard info: click here click here

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I have an Asus Vento desktop.
I'm getting nothing on the monitor but three long beeps, pause and three long and a short beep (repeated).
I've removed and replaced the DRAM but the beeps persist.
Any help folks.

Answer:Help with Asus BIOS beeps

Beep Codes depend on which Company BIOS is being used
click here for del that would be motherboard failure for IBM keyboard not detected

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have been playing battlefield 3 since came problems.but 3 days i think after i installed 285.79 nvidia beta drivers after ~15 minutes of playing computer freezes.even curson doesnt move..i only can restart..but i only noticed freezes during the game..and not always but most of restarts are followed by (i havent counted) ~8-10 beeps and computer opens..bios is award..i didnt find any beep codes for that since award has no that kind of beeps regarding to the internet..and the beeps doesnt come on post comes right after i push restart button...

4gb ram
win7 sp1
core2quad 2.66ghz


Answer:BIOS Beeps after restart

Hello there.

How many beeps were there exactly? You can actually troubleshoot those beeps.
And was it long or short?


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Question: matt 1234 thanks

thanks for the info XP on athlon 2600+

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Hi I wanted to upgrade my video card it a bit of a long story what happen my GPU it came with the computer died and had a computer repairman fix my computer now it has a really bad GPU in it and i really wanna play Final fantasy 14 at the best settings i can i personally would like High settings. i had an Radeon HD 7450 befor it died it didn't run the game well but at least it could run the game the video card it was replace with is a nvidia geforce 8400 gs (microsoft corporation - wddm v1.1) Which won't work with final fantasy 14 at all I am no pro at computers or video cards so i really need help with picking out a card to play Final fantasy 14 i be very grateful. As for my computer.   Motherboard M3970AM-HP (Angelica2) Manufacturer: Gigabyte Form factor: uATX - 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) Chipset: AMD 970 Memory sockets: 4 x DDR3 Front side bus speeds: UMI (United Media Interface) 4 lane, 5 GT/s per lane Processor socket: AM3-b Expansion Slots: One PCI Express x16 (Gen 2.0) Three PCI Express x1 (Gen 2.0) One PCI Express mini card (for half-length add-in cards) with USB connector Processor AMD FX-6120 TDP: 95W Operating speed: 3.5 GHz (up to 4.1 GHz turbo) Number of cores: 6 Socket: AM3+ Bus speed: HT3 - 5.2GT/s Memory 10 GB Amount: 10 GB Speed: PC3-12800 MB/sec (runs as PC3-10600 in this system) Type: DDR3-1600.   If you need anymore info let me know Also as for the Bios its legty bios i think i spell that right. being a 2.0 so... Read more

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In preparation for Win 10 key I updated the BIOS on an E520 using the Lenovo Service Bridge.  Os is Win 7 64-bit.  LSB showed old BIOS was backed up. Old bios   LENOVO 8HET30WW(1.12) New bios LENOVO 8HET44WW(1.26) Now bootup and windows start up are painfully slow.  Further there is a black screen in the middle of the wake up process. How can I undo the BIOS update to revert back to Old bios   LENOVO 8HET30WW(1.12)? Or can anything be tweaked to improve the bootup time?

Answer:E520 slows/black screen after BIOS update. Can I undo BIOS update?

Hello and welcome,
The older versions of the BIOS are located at the bottom of the download page:

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Recently my computer started randomly freezing. At first I thought it was Windows just acting up but I hadn't made any significant changes and sometimes the computer would freeze at the window login screen. I unmuted my system sounds and realized that my BIOS was beeping. I think the code is long-short-short but it doesn't consistently give the beep so I'll try to verify if my computer freezes again. The computer is a Lenovo y450. Can anybody figure out what is wrong?

Answer:BIOS Beeps and Unexpected Freezing

sounds like heating issue, contact lenovo support.

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I have an HP G72 laptop. A few days ago I was thinking about installingubuntu. I booted from the LiveUSB. For some reason or another, I'm claiming temporary insanity, when the 'Try Ubuntu' screen came up, Ipressed the power button on the latop instead of going through the restart option.Now the laptop will not boot from the hard drive. It shows no BIOS or anything, just a black screen. The fan is running, the wifi light is lit, the number lock is lit but the screen is totally blank. I connected an external monitor and it doesn't show anything either.However, if I put the Ubuntu Live USB in, the system will boot from it and the external monitor will show Ubuntu.Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated.

View Solution.

Answer:Black screen, No BIOS, No beeps......

I resolved the issue.  Not sure how but I tore the system down to the base components and put them back together and it booted up just fine into Windows.

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i have a 2.8 dual core, intel 945 GNTL motherboard 512x2 ram
i did something with bios the other day and now system is only giving continous beeps but no display not even i can reach bios.

is there any way i can reset the setting of bios.

i tried taking the battery out of mother board but that didnt work some one told me there is a jumper setting that could be helpful to reset.

can some one guide me with that process

Answer:Continous beeps but no bios screen

There is trouble here in reiver city... You apparently have a major hardware problem... memory, cpu, video graphics card... But most motherboard manufactures post what all their beep codes mean... they are not the same from one manufacturer to another. But if you go to the manufacturer's web site, and roam around a bit, you should find out what the motherboard thinks the problem is.
Another way is to go back to basics... remove or disable everything except the power supply, one memory module, and video connection, then boot to a floppy disk which has MS DOS or Windows 98 boot on it. If it works, add a piece. If not, change the memory module and try again... keep trying basic hook ups... then if nothing, call tech support of the manufacturer.

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