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Dell vostro 5459 i7 6500U 2,5-3,1 GGz, 8Gb DDR, 1 Tb HDD, nvidia gt930m, 4 Gb video memory, linux ubuntu.

Question: Dell vostro 5459 i7 6500U 2,5-3,1 GGz, 8Gb DDR, 1 Tb HDD, nvidia gt930m, 4 Gb video memory, linux ubuntu.

I have a technical question about the DELL Vostro 5459: Is possible to install 16GB on this notebook and instal SSD?
Nowadays, this notebook has 8 GB RAM (DDR3), I would like to upgrade the memory of this notebook to 16 GB.
I will to install license windows10 to the next weeks.

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Preferred Solution: Dell vostro 5459 i7 6500U 2,5-3,1 GGz, 8Gb DDR, 1 Tb HDD, nvidia gt930m, 4 Gb video memory, linux ubuntu.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell vostro 5459 i7 6500U 2,5-3,1 GGz, 8Gb DDR, 1 Tb HDD, nvidia gt930m, 4 Gb video memory, linux ubuntu.

The owner's manual
states one socket.

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The fan constantly on and goes off for a sec then on and its making some weird noise, the laptop is barely 20 hours old !!!!!!!!!!!

note the fan speed is low

Answer:Dell Vostro 5459 fan keeps going and on and off

The same here. Why hasn't anybody answered? This is an issue! :(
I wonder what exactly is heating all the time, it is something placed uder "1" - "7" keys.

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Hi every body
I have a Vostro 5459 with 1366*768 anti glare screen : is it possible to change my laptop screen with a Full HD display or not?

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I have a problem.I hear high-frequency sound (irritable squeak) that produces a voltage converter during the hight-load on the processor.
Can I get a repair under warranty?
(Laptop  have 3 years warranty.)

Answer:Squeak on dell vostro 5459

I like to suggest you run the Diagnostic tool on your computer to find any hardware problem that might be causing the squeak.
A) Turn off the computer
B) Power on the computer, quickly tap the F12 key continuously. You should be in the diagnostic screen. Please report back any error codes.

Contact Technical Support:

Warranty Status;c=&l=&s=

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I have three questions.

1. My WiFi has weak connection (I compare to my 8 years old Toshiba laptop). Even a chair between Dell Vostro 5459 and a router can weaken the connection noticeably! There's no noticeable difference in case of the old Toshiba.
What should I do about it? Is it a hardware problem?

2. The fan is launching every 2-5 minutes and is making noise therefore, even though the usage of CPU is at the level of like 1-5% because I'm only reading a PDF file and writing summaries in Libre Office (I have Ubuntu OS).
I cannot specify what piece of hardware is actually heating, but I can say it is placed somewhere under "1" - "7" keys.
Why is it so? I saw two other topics here about this problem but there were no answers! Please, don't ignore your clients!
Btw the fan starts even when I'm just in BIOS Setup not even changing anything there.

3. I bought my Dell Vostro 5459 on 28th of June 2016 but when I typed the service tag into this page, it says that the warranty started on 26th of March 2016. Could it be that I am not the first owner of this particular laptop?

I have a suspicion that Dell Vostro 5459 somehow turned out to be a lemon and Dell company tries to hide it. But there are some people who bought it, please help us with this laptop's issues :(
I only want to add that besides these problems that I have mentioned, this laptop is very fine, I would be so happy with it, if the WiFi was ok and that fan worked properly! It... Read more

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I have a problem with my laptop  dell vostro 14 - 5459 , I cannot install windows 10 ( 64 bit )  on the other hand I can install (32 bit ) only . when I try to install windows 10 ( 64 bit ) a blue screen interrupt the installation and stop it . Kindly I need your help to fix this problem.

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Hello. I have a Dell Vostro 5459 (DV0N9B2) with HD display. I can upgrade this display to FHD IPS. Can I do it?

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Yesterday bought two dell vostro 5459 laptop with preinstalled win 10 home, but there is no option to downgrade to windows 7, it seems to be fresh installation. Can i get the win7 key to do the installation.

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I just buy a new laptop brand and i install clean windows 8.1 install work fine after finish still work fine no problem at all, but when i shutdown the windows. i push a power button on.
After that my dell show windows logo and stuck with blank screen after 3 minute appear error screen capture?
Someone Please help me, i am stress 2 days fresh install windows 8.1 or windows 10 still appear the same problem? the problem appear when i power button on. and wait 3 minute. error appear screen capture.
Is this hardware bug or what??

Best Regards

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Hi. I have Dell Vostro 14 5459 with Ubuntu 14.04. After first use I press Fn+PrtScr for disable WiFi and now I can't enable WiFi. rfkill list print that phy0 is Hard blocked.
Upgrade BIOS, reset BIOS - not effect.
New install Windows 10 Pro (1511) with last drivers can't enable WiFi.

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I have a Dell Vostro 1710,
I installed Windows 7 64 Bit and i'm having trouble finding the right video driver for my NVIDIA 8600 M GS. Dell Support recommends to install the Vista 32 bit video driver. I tried that, but the driver won't install, it says something that my OS isn't Vista. The driver version is this one: v / 24.06.2008 (R189832)
The NVIDIA official driver for 8600 M GS (v 179.48) for Windows 7 64 bits does not offer suport to Dell Vostro laptops and send me to manufacturer for drivers. I installed it anyway, but my system won't even start (I had to restore it).
Please help me with any kind of solution or sugestion.
Thank you.

Answer:Dell Vostro 1710 NVIDIA video driver for Windows 7 64 bit

Edit your post and remove the tag. That's not allowed on this user to user forum.  You can never use a 32 bit driver with 64 bit windows. You can only use the 32 bit driver with 32 bit windows 7--and sometimes that doesn't even work. Did you allow Windows 7 to find a compatible driver? Is the video card working now?  If it works with win 7, don't change the driver. You should have installed the 32 bit Win 7 for compatibility.

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I have a dell vostro 1500 that has started getting a horizontal line down the middle of the screen and showing the same info on the top and bottom. The computer also crashes sometimes so quickly the blue screen of death doesn't even show up.

I believe from googling around that I have a bad NVIDIA G8400 video card, part of which Dell won't replace out of warranty since it's not soldered in.

I see in the link instructions on how to replace the video card, so that's what I plan on doing.

Does this seem like the right approach to fix my problem?

I am mostly an internet surfer / quicken user...what kind of inexpensive video card should I buy? Any suggestions on good sites to buy from would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help!


Answer:Recommend Video Card - Dell Vostro 1500 - NVIDIA G84 Recall Related

Hi Eric,

My Vostro 1500 just died. I've owned it for 1 year and a half. It's out of warranty and it's not included on the list of "affected" models. I can't call to dell right now to hear their (predictable and negative) answer about this.

Have you had any more news about this? Could you get it fixed? Do you know other Vostro 1500 users having the same problem? Any information you can give me would be really useful, as you may have noticed that there aren't many 1500 users reported of having the issue.

I'll be waiting for your reply.


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Hello,I'm having trouble installing the Nvidia drivers for my GT 750m on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I followed  the installation procedure suggested by Nvidia with no good results (the system always finished on a black screen after the reboot) and also many links in internet. None of them made good results. At this point I don't know if this is even possible...Although it would be nice to have my Nvidia running with CUDA enabled too!!.Does anyone know how to solve this? Any advise will be much appreciated. Thanks. Here are my graphics card and other data: sudo lshw -C video*-displaydescription: 3D controllerproduct: GK107M [GeForce GT 750M]vendor: NVIDIA Corporationphysical id: 0bus info: [email protected]:01:00.0version: a1width: 64 bitsclock: 33MHzcapabilities: pm msi pciexpress bus_master cap_list romconfiguration: driver=nouveau latency=0resources: irq:31 memory:d2000000-d2ffffff memory:a0000000-afffffff memory:b0000000-b1ffffff ioport:5000(size=128) memory:b2000000-b207ffff*-displaydescription: VGA compatible controllerproduct: 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controllervendor: Intel Corporationphysical id: 2bus info: [email protected]:00:02.0version: 06width: 64 bitsclock: 33MHzcapabilities: msi pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list romconfiguration: driver=i915 latency=0resources: irq:32 memory:d3000000-d33fffff memory:c0000000-cfffffff ioport:6000(size=64) lsb_release -aLSB Version: core-2.0-amd64:core-2.0-noarch:core-3.0-amd64:core-3.0-noarch:core-3.1-amd64:core-3... Read more

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Hello,I have 2 common problems with Dell Vostro 5568 on a Linux:1. After suspending Linux won't get up. Black screen is something what you will see.2. Keyboard illumination problem - on any Linux which were tested by me, after lock screen that is plugged in, keyboard wont illuminate - its off, but if you touch a touchpad it will turn on.. and when you get back you hand, it will turn off.... and so on.I test this laptop on Ubuntu (lots of variants - Ubuntu Gnome/Budgie Remix/Zorin OS, original Ubuntu), Fedora, Linux Mint.Every distro have exacly same problems.I use Nvidia Drivers from official Ubuntu repository - 367.57 - which is up to date.Sorry for my poor english.Pls help me.Anyway on official Dell Website i cannot find any special Linux image and instructions are incorrect or out of date.

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It has recently come to my attention that only cards that support DOS VESA MODE 103 are compatible with my Dell PC, could someone please confirm if this card would work in my dell machine?

Answer:Will an NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 Work in my Dell Vostro 460 MT?

GT730 isn't a model its a GPU type.  ASUS GeForce GT 730 DirectX 11 GT730-2GD3

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Yes, I know the Vostro 230 is an older computer. But I really would like for it to work. Anyway, My Vostro has a 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo e7500, 4gb DDR3 Ram, and a 200gb seagate hard disk. I have the 250 watt PSU. The GT 730 is a low powered card however, and does fall within the wattage limit. Whenever I insert the card into the computer's PCI Express x16 slot, the computer fails to POST. I get a black screen. However, the fans on the graphics card, CPU, and psu all function properly. I really would like for this to work out. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Dell Vostro 230 won't POST with Nvidia GeForce GT 730

250w psu is not adequate for that card. You need 300w psu or higher. It will be hard to find a new lower powered card. It might need to be a used card that will not be any better than what you have. Use what you have until you can replace the computer. See all the specs--
Minimum Recommended System Power (W) 300

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i got problems with my nvidia driver after i uninstall window 7 home basic to ultimate..

when i try to install the nvidia, the installer said that the driver is not compatible with the windows..

i even uninstall the ultimate to home basic back...still the driver problem occur..

update latest nvidia driver 258.96 still occur

im using nvidia graphic card GT 310M n the laptop got hybrid technology,which means it can combine with intel accelerator in save mode power..

plezz help..thx

Answer:Dell Vostro 3500 nvidia problem..

Did you get the driver from Dell or NVIDIA?

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Have seen several posts but no solutions. After a windows 10 update a couple of months ago, the fingerprint scanner stopped working. It recognises me but then says "your credentials could not be confirmed".
Microsoft have sent endless messages blaming the driver, the scanner etc etc. Finally they say it is an issue with the update, but they have not solution at this time. Good old Microsoft and their helpful updates, which you cannot avoid.
Anyone have the same problem and how did you fix it??

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Is this laptop upgradable= Dell Vostro 15 3559 3559541TBiBU  Core i5-6200U/4GB/1TB/Ubuntu/Integrated Graphics), Black  ?
How can i make it faster and how much of RAM or Ghz can i increase?

Answer:Is this laptop upgradable= Dell Vostro 15 3559 3559541TBiBU Core i5-6200U/4GB/1TB/Ubuntu/Integrated Graphics), Black ?

Kindly find the specifications for your system model here -
To enhance the speed of the system, you would need to upgrade to a SSD from standard HDD.
You could find the compatible memory and SSD here for the system -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Yes, I know the Vostro 230 is an older computer. But I really would like for it to work. Anyway, My Vostro has a 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo e7500, 4gb DDR3 Ram, and a 200gb seagate hard disk.  I have the 250 watt PSU.  The GT 730 is a low powered card however, and does fall within the wattage limit.  Whenever I insert the card into the computer's PCI Express x16 slot, the computer fails to POST.  I get a black screen. However, the fans on the graphics card, CPU, and psu all function properly.  I really would like to get this fixed, I have tried all graphics settings in the BIOS, I have the BIOS fully updated,  I even tried clearing the CMOS. Please help!!
Thanks in advance!

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I downloaded a driver to my sparklan usb adapter (wireless network adapter)
for my Linux Ubuntu computer in a zip. folder ready to be installed on a memory stick. When i connect the memory stick (on my other Linux ubuntu computer, this is a laptop that i'm using), nothing happens. I can't view the folder. Anybody that knows what might be causing this, and if you know and are using Linux Ubuntu already, any solutions ? :wave:

Answer:Linux Ubuntu won't open my memory stick?

If it has U3 technology, you will need to format the stick completely and remove U3.

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Hi all,

I have a dell inspiron n4050 - i3 with os linux ubuntu.

I want to change the OS and install windows 7 on it , and i have did the correct steps for formating the HD.

I had deleted all partitions and split the HD for two partitions and start installing the windows on the c: drive ,after that windows finished installing and system restarted i got a blue screen with error saying to upgrade the BIOS ..

Now the laptop is without any OS and the windows is not running.

Can any one helps with this issue and tell me how can i fix it !


Answer:DELL inspiron N4050 with os linux ubuntu


What is the date of your current BIOS?


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Bonjour,Je m'apprte acheter un portable ProBook 450 G3 i5-6200U avec carte graphique Intel intgre, cran 15" Full HD.Je suis preneur de tous retours d'exprience avec cette machine sous Linux.J'ai l'intention d'installer Debian 64 (Mate) pour des applications essentiellement bureautique et un peu de CAO.Merci d'avance pour vos messages ou vos commentaires.Steph

View Solution.

Answer:Retour d'expérience linux + ProBook 450 G3 i5-6500U

Thank you for visiting our English HP Support Forum. We are only able to reply to posts written in English. To insure a quick response it would be advisable to post your question in English. The following links are here to assist you if you prefer to post in the following Language Forum.

German: HP Kundenforum
Spanish: Foro de usuarios de HP
French: Forum des utilisateurs
Portuguese: Frum dos usurios HP
Chinese: ??????????
Korean: HP ??????
Thank you for your understanding

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I try to connect my HP ZR24w with hdmi/dvi connection because i have some "flickers" with VGA cable.
The very first driver installed on my Vostro 3750 worked fine but only 1920*1080 and my monitor is 1920 X 1200 capable ; with VGA no problem.
I tried to install (via automatic search) new HP monitor driver and graphic card driver (with automatic research for both). The result was HDMI connection did not display anything !
Then I tried to search by myself the drivers on nvidia site and the HDMI connection restarted but only with a 1024 X 768 definition....
I tried multiple drivers with the same result.
Any help will be appreciate !

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Hello, I bought a dell 7559 and I want to do cuda development on it. So I installed ubuntu on it but its not using the nvidia gpu as the vga controller. I installed the nvidia divers 361 but I don't get the prime profile in settings. I checked the bios to try to make it use only gpu but there was no such settings.I believe the problem is because of nvidia optimus technology. Is there a way to disable it?

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I recently bought a second hand Vostro 260 with i5-2400 and 4GB RAM on Ebay
I bought it as a base for upgrades.
Yes , I know it's not the best choice for that but:
- I don't need a new PC
- I badly needed to replace my ancient Athlon 64 x2 5200+ with something better
- I needed a cheap machine and it was CHEAP (I mean , I paid , said goodbye and started running - CHEAP)
I've already replaced/added some components but I need to add some RAM
I don't need much , 8GB would be fine.
I'm trying to buy 2x4GB DDR3 RAM and I have a problem. Apparently I need non ECC low density memory. And "low density" is the key.
How can I tell if memory is low or high density?
I've found some sticks but I have no idea if they're gonna be working?
Hynix HMT351U6CFR8C-H9 N0 AA - this one is supposed to be low density , not sure about the rest
Hynix HMT351U6EFR8C-PB N0 AA
Hynix HMT351U6BFR8C-H9 N0 AA
Hynix HMT351S6CFR8C-PB N0 AA
Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9
Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/8G
Kingston HP698650-154-KEF
Samsung M378B5273DH0-CH9
Integral IN3T4GNYBGX

I would apreciate any help.

Answer:Dell Vostro 260 memory upgrade.

Just buy it from
Here's RAM for the Vostro 260:
Just make sure you know if it's a Vostro 260 or 260S because the 2x4 GB RAM kits for these 2 systems appear to have different part numbers at
If Crucial recommends RAM for your specific PC model, they guarantee it works or they take it back. Lots of peeps on this forum buy RAM from Crucial.

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Hi guys.
I was trying to collect as much information as possible before posting here to get the correct answer from forum experts. So here we go.
I'm planing to upgrade memory in my Dell. Here are some screen shots (all images are clickable and will open in a separate window to see full size)
The original memory installed in my system (3):

Technology DDR3 SDRAM
Form Factor DIMM 240-pin
Memory Speed 1333 MHz ( PC3-10600 )
Data Integrity Check Non-ECC
RAM Features Unbuffered
Module Configuration 512 x 64
Compatible Slots 1 x memory - DIMM 240-pin

CPU-Z screens:

I've always trusted Kingston's memory and couple years ago they had my system on their list. Now they don't. I wrote down the number back then (KVR1333D3N9K2/8G) and was trying to find it like that. Turned out that it was discontinued and replaced by KVR13N9S8K2/8. I also called the support number to make sure it will work. The rep I was talking to said that it won't and that they don't support the system like I have any more. OK. Forget about Kingston then.
Went on Dell's website. Put my service tag -> check memory upgrade for this particular system. Here is the screen:

What? Doesn't Dell know what they sold me? Fine. The hell with Dell
Went on Crucial. Downloaded and ran CrucialScan. Here is the screen:

The first thing they recommend is again not what I have. It's PC3-12800 instead of 10600 and as far as I understand CL... Read more

Answer:Memory upgrade for Dell Vostro 430

They don't have to be in the compatibility list to work. As long as it is DDR3 240 pin and 1333mhz, youre okay.

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Hey all,

I am fairly new to linux, and so far I LOVE it. However, I am having some problems with videos playing. At first, the videos would play but they would flicker and it was very annoying. I wanted to upgrade my video driver so I downloaded and installed it (or so I thought). Now the video doesn't play at all!

Basically what I want to do is uninstall my current video driver (ATI Radeon X1200) and reinstall the most up to date one. Could anyone help me here? I don't know how to fully uninstall it in ubuntu, and I don't know what one to download and install (or how to).

Thank you all so much in advance!!

- Sam

Answer:Solved: Reinstall Video Driver in Ubuntu Linux?

Drivers should be under Adminstrator menu on the right. With Ubuntu -especially for beginners: the forums are really important and they are very helpful. Video - unless it's an exact for Linux can be difficult, and takes sometime to deal with. Get involved in the forum that has the expertise. They have a lot of info for you. This is specific to the needs you have here. Jazz

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I need help to get a driver installed onto Ubuntu Linux for the Dell Inspiron 1525. Thanks for any help. I am quite busy with other computing projects, so a little help on this will be greatly appreciated

Answer:Driver Wireless card Dell Inspiron 1525 UBUNTU linux

What is the "driver" and what is the problem with trying to install it? truenorth

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Hi, I have purchased this laptop with Windows 10 Home pre-Installed. But due to some Professional requirements, I want to install a Developer friendly linux distro on it. I'll be using many VMs in that distro along with a possible installation of Windows via Wine. Therefore, I want to be sure about the aftermath of all this, including Driver support and battery usage. Has any fellow developer tried the above mentioned linux distros (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Linux Mint 18.1) on it without any problems? I have checked that it supports Ubuntu 14.04 but want to use the latest LTS versions. Just want to make sure that nothing gets messed up.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 5559 Core i7 8GB RAM Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Linux Mint 18.1 Support

You could purchase an extra SSD or maybe a couple of them, replace the internal drive with an SSD, saving the factory Windows OS in case you want to change it back.  Just a thought.
I have put Linux Mint 18.1 on two new Dell Inspiron i7 7000 series and it installed and ran without issue.  Be SURE you get Nvidia graphics!

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Hello, I bought a dell 7559. I want to use cuda toolkit and some deep learning frameworks. So , i installed ubuntu 16.04 but after installing nvidia drivers I am not able to set my GPU as the default vga controller. In nvidia settings I dont see nvidia prime profiles. I have nvidia 361.45 driver. I tried installing aa few other versions of the driver but I still dont get the prime profiles in nvidia settings. I checked the bios to see if I could set it to use only gpu for display but there is no option for that. Is there any  way I can disable nvidia optimus technology? If not is there a was to make it  use only my gpu for display.

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 mem usage.jpg   77.68KB
  0 downloadsHi all - i have posted a similar problem before - but this time i will try and be more specific.
I have a dell vostro 1000, running vista home premium, 32bit.
It has 2Gig or ram
It constantly runs at over 50% from startup - even if i have no programes running.
I have played around with changing startup options defined level of memory but it doesnt really make any difference.
when i check what is utilising memory i always have mcshield.exe and svchost running.
I have stopped svchost but this doesnt make mush of a difference.
I dont seem to be able to stop mcshield from running.

I have attached a screen print if it of use
This situation has been going on for sometime now, so i am unable to pinpoint ant new program or service that may have caused it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Memory usage on Dell Vostro 1000

Is your system performing okay? If so, leave it alone. The more ram your system uses, the more efficiently it is running (unused ram is wasted ram). Windows does a fine job managing memory.

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Hello, I have a problem with a memory upgrade. I bought two different chips - Transcend and Kingston of 4 gigs and after mount on the 2nd slot of the laptop, the laptop turns on and immediately turns off.
The laptop is originally equipped with 4 gigs and I want to expand.
I called to Dell service and they preferred me to install only one module of 8 gigs but this is not my aim because it's more expensive and I will have one unnecessary module of 4 gigs.
Service tag of the laptop is 5GNB0F2

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I used Crucial PC26400-800 2gb & Elpida PC2-6400-666 2gb modules, Vostro 1510, A15 bios
I did the following:
1. Extracted old 1GB RAM from both banks.
2. Inserted new memory to both banks.
3. Turn on computer.
4.  After i rebooted the display was black and Lock leds were blinking. Num Lock fast blinking, Scroll and Caps Lock where solid green.
5. Computer didn't boot up.
6. Tried each new module by itself, tried 1 old module and 1 new module, same result, tried every combination of modules & banks
7. Confirmed with Crucial that the memory module was indeed compatible.  CT2566AC800.M16FM
8. Tried unsuccessfully to contact Dell Tech support to verify the exact parameters for the memory as the Dell Claimed Support of 4GB for this model is in question! [ got the big run around from support ]
9. All Memory works fine in a Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510 memory upgrade issues

Blinking num/solid caps+scroll lock is a processor initialization error.
Did you do this with the battery removed and the system unplugged?
Unplug, remove battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall the CPU.  
Then try the RAM again.
If you still can't get the system to power up correctly, chances are the system board is fried.

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Hidy ho everyone,

I'm currently using my old Dell Vostro 260, with a single 8 gig stick of Ram, its stock 500 gig hard drive, and another 3TB mechanical drive.

My last machine's motherboard died on me, and I canabalized it for parts. I even managed to get my 500 Watt PSU to fit in this things case.

Now I'm still using my old GTX 560 graphics card. And would like to upgrade it to something with a bit more power while I save up for the parts to build a new rig.

Trouble is, I'm not sure about the dimensions of the cards I can fit in this case. My current card barely fits as it is. And most of the other cards I've looked at are 5-6 inches longer then this one is. The biggest problem is, the hard drive enclosure is in just the right spot to make fitting a longer card impossible.

Does anyone know where I could get a card thats more powerful then my current card is, and can fit in this case?

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hi, i have a problem with win 7 compatibality with the video causing slow startup/shutdown . is there some driver to solve this problem , I dont know what to do .

Answer:dell vostro 1015 video problem with win 7

Have updated your drivers here?

Drivers & Downloads

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hello I just bought a new video card for my pc AFOX gtx 750 2gb GDDR5 . before I had AMD Radeon HD6450 1 gb I changed my power supply 2 times first 400 watt then 600 watts same problem . before the upgrade I never had a problem with games or any thing now my system reboots for no raison like when i use dell supportassist to do a checkup or a diagnosticbenchmarking my video card or to play battlefield 4 for exemple .
for battlefield 4 I get these erreurs :

also I get this when I used ( Oc Guru II) keep I'm in mind I did not change anything about my video card
so I i reinstalled my OS I had windows 8.1 pro no its windows 10 pro I tried multiple solution nothing worked ...

Now to my dell problem  I run video card check up  . test begins fine but  when the videos or images series start showing up my computer freeze it's like the video card is off then on by itself then it rebootslast scan  (short vedeo test )  : A test could not be run :
when i clic on details :  

any one have an idea about how to fix this ? keep in mind before i changed my video card i had no problem at all even on windows 10 pro .
this is my GPU : and thi is my main board :


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i want upgrade my video card 610  with 300w power supply to 570 gtx but i m not sure if i can do that
please somone help me

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I would like to share my experiences how to fix noisy audio output on Dell Optiplex 755 under linux. I did try changing power supply, better video card, adding separate sound card (front panel audio output doesn't work then) updating drivers and even changing the whole computer. I was first sure that the reason for the noise must be old capacitors somewhere in the system board or in the power supply. It took me months to find the solution.
The symptoms are: static noise on audio even if there should be no sound at all. The noise doesn't depend on the audio volume. 
The solution: open terminal, start alsamixer. HDA Intel Analog Devices AD1984 should open. Use right cursor key to scroll the screen until Beep audio level adjust is selected. Lower the volume of Beep down. This should fix the noisy output.  I set the Beep volume to 6%.Apparently Beep sound output produces low level noise even if no beep sound is produced. If Beep volume is adjusted to high in alsamixer, this noise is amplified and added to the audio mix.

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This started a couple weeks ago: All the time, the lights on the stop, reverse and pause/go buttons blink... mostly it is the stop button.

If I try to play a you tube, it stops and starts the you tube many times a second, making it impossible to watch the you tube.

If I open I tunes, it gets weirder: it is impossible to play a song. the cursor seems to jump from song to song and highlights different columns

I have run PC Tools registry Mechanic and have a current version of PC Tools Spyware Dr. I have also done a "disk clean up". I tried uninstalling Itunes and reinstalling.

I hope someone can help.

Answer:dell vostro 1510 video stop and start

My guess is the buttons have gone bad and it is not a software problem.

It looks like Ubuntu recognizes the media buttons. You could try downloading Ubuntu as a Live CD or use a program to create a Live USB from the Ubuntu iso file. Then you could run Ubuntu off the CD or USB and see if you can reproduce the problem with the media buttons flashing. If they still flash then you know the button hardware has gone bad. [You don't want to Install Ubuntu you are just running the Operating System off the CD or USB for testing purposes]

If you determine the buttons have gone bad it looks like the part is not that expensive. It is a matter of whether or not you feel competent to try to replace it.

Maybe someone else has another idea that could be helpful for troubleshooting.

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my dell 1500 vostro needs an nveda 8400 video card. how do i take out the old one and put the new one in. i am going to order it from dell but don't know how to replace it. help

Answer:replacing video card on dell vostro 1500

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Hi out there to Vistax64. I am a recent XP to Vista user. I have a Vostro 200 mini tower (specs below) that has been running XP pro for the last few years - couldn't stand the GUI anymore lol - so I installed Vista HP and am very happy with the new interface and features. After tweaking some, the desktop appears from cold start in 30 seconds or so and almost everthing runs as snappy as it did before with XP. But the task manager is showing an average use in physical memory of 1.17 gigs, CPU usage is higher, and some, not all, internet pages scroll slowly e.g. Yahoo news pages, Hearts of Space etc. where as they were fine before. Everthing else on the internet, including this site, works well - though a few installs like Starry Night Enthusiast and a John Deere farm game are slower.

My question is this: Would installing a seperate video card give me better all-around performance or would another gig of ram do the trick? And what brand/type of video card do you folks recommend?

Intel Core2 Duo E4500 @ 2.3ghz
2 Gig of Kingston RAM
Intell G33 Express Chipset (on motherboard)
80 Gig WD SATA Hard Drive
Seasonic 350w PSU

Thanks for the opportunity to have my questions answered and I'm looking forward to cruising the site here!

Answer:Video Card For Dell Vostro 200 Mini Tower

Windows will allot 50% of your ram by default, for when you need them programs. Remember, rams fastr than hard drive, and why have all that ram and not use it.

For your power supply, a nvidia 430/440 or an ati/amd 6450, maybe get away with a 6550... Seasonics are quality.

The slowdown is probably because Vista is a bit more of a beast than xp, and graphics can be a bit more hefty.

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I just bought a brand new Inspiron 15 5559 that comes with Windows 10 Version 1511 and I want to upgrade or swap the HD with an SSD.  I did some reading, a lot of reading and I found mixed replies some which were not applicable to me.  The main issues that remain are as follows:
1. Can I plug the SSD on this model to the optical drive?  Is the optical drive Sata 2 or 3?  Or should I plug it into the HD slot?

2.  How do I go about transferring Windows, drivers, etc to the SSD?

Any help and extra tips or advice is appreciated as well!!!

I thank you in advance...

Answer:Dell Inspiron 5559 (i7 6500U, 8GB RAM) Upgrading to SSD

1.  Only if you can find an adapter for one (Dell doesn't produce one, so you'll have to look third-party).
The optical drive is SATA 3G, so you won't get the maximum impact out of an SSD.  Better would be to replace the HDD with a 2.5" SSD and move the hard drive to an adapter if you can find one.
2.  There are cloning utilities (Macrium Reflect, Acronis TrueImage) you can use to clone the existing setup to the new drive.  NEVER boot the system for the first time with both drives attached.  Shut down after cloning and remove the original drive leaving only the new one.  Once you've successfully booted Windows, you can reinstall the new drive and format it for storage.

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i have a Dell Vostro Mini Tower with the following specs:Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz
4GB RAMIntel(R) HD GraphicsI have ran a System Requirements check and it says I have 2048MB of Video RAM.  i would like to upgrade this to 4GB if possible.  would anyone be able to recommend a card that is compatible with my computer?I understand the wattage of my power supply matters also, would anyone know what this is?Thanks in advance

Answer:Upgrading Video Card on Dell Vostro 270 Mini Tower

The 2GB you are referring to is how much system ram is being given to the onboard Intel GPU video to use. You cannot increase that to 4GB. But you can add a discrete PCIe x16 video card. The Vostro 470 has a 300w power supply. So that will limit you as to which video card you can use. The two video cards that we shipped on this model were =
YG17P Nvidia GeForce 640GT 1GB67V2J Nvidia GeForce 620GT 1GB
Or you could remove our power supply and install a higher wattage power supply and then get a better video card.

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Small annoyance -

As the title says, I have Dell Vostro 1400 w/Vista Business. Using just the laptop monitor. I set the video resolution (as it was when it arrived) at 1200 x 800. Now, it changes to 1024 x 800 when the computer is put to sleep and the awakes. I can set it back to 1200 x 800 and it works fine. Anyone have any ideas? It is small so it drives me a little nuts.

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My laptop is Dell Inspiron 5459, i5, win 7 Pro, 64 bit. I do not know if Battery Metter is included in my laptop. Can you show me how to activate it? What should I do if it is not in the laptop? I hope that I get the answer from you soon. Thank you!

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Ubuntu 14.04 pre-install:
Change the System BIOS -> Boot setting -> Boot mode->  from UEFI to BIOS. Save and exit.
Ubuntu 16.04.x support UEFI and did install ok. Change to BIOS if you have a problem. 

Post installation setup:
In a terminal:
1) Login to root with: (I'm a RedHat OS user)
sudo su
2) Get update list
        apt-get update
3) Install ssh server
        apt-get install openssh_server
4) Upgrade Nvidia drivers (if Nvidia graphics card is installed)
        sudo su (if not in supper user)
        add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
        apt-get update
        ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
5) Update system
        sudo su
        apt-get update
        # Download latest updates
        apt-get upgrade
        # Install updates
        apt-get dist-upgrade
6) VNC server (if needed)
        Install X11VNCServer from Ubuntu Software Center (just enter on search line)

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my laptop came with a preinstalled windows 8.1 and graphic drivers which I later upgraded to windows 10.
Now I would like to install linux preferably Ubuntu.
My question is, Is the Nvdia graphic supported on linux and how to get the desrired graphic drivers?

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Hi all,
I am looking to upgrade my ram from 4GB to 8GB. I downloaded an app called CPU-Z to check the RAM specs. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5459 (Not vostro)
Laptop Specs
CPU : Intel Core i7-6500U
GPU : Intel(R) HD Graphics 520
GPU (dedicated) : AMD Radeon(TM) R5 M335 4GB
RAM : 4GB (1 x 4GB)
My question is, what is the type of my RAM> Is it DDR3,or something else because my BIOS says it's LPDDR3 SDRAM and I searched up my model online and it is DDR3L, but from CPU-Z it's DDR3
Update : Nevermind I solved it myself, it is DDR3L

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I have purchased Dell Inspiron 5459 and wish to upgrade its memory with Kingston HyperX Impact Black 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz RAM (HX316LS9IB/8). i will be adding two ram (total 16GB). Is the ram compatible with my laptop ?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 14 5459, core i7, 4GB RAM,
The laptop runs Ubuntu GNOME 17.04.
I always used to get random full freezes and I had to do a forced shutdown.
Most of the times the laptop doesn't turn on, the screen is blank and the power indicator flashes like so:
Two times Orange and four times White. This keeps on going until I turn off the laptop.
I had to wait a while (maybe half a hour) only then it will turn on normally.
Recently, when the laptop froze, I couldn't turn it on even after 12 hours (happened at night, tired to turn on in the morning), I waited for 40 minutes - 1 hour but it still didn't turn on, the power indicator kept on flashing.
So I tried to do a hard reset by removing the AC adapter, battery and the button cell and I pressed and hold the power button for 1 minute or so.
After putting back all the things and when I tried to turn it on, the laptop still shows a blank screen, but the fan goes full speed and the power indicator flashes two times orange and four times white. I tried may ways like AC power only or battery powered only but ended up with the same result.
Can someone tell me what the flashing power indicator means? And how to fix it?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 14 5459 not starting up

Hi JohnSnow1800,
Thank you for writing to us.
The system LED on this system is not a diagnostics indicator. What is the status of the CAPS Lock, when you press it when the system power light is flashing? Can you try to run the on-board diagnostics <F12> or boot into the BIOS <F2>?
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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According to my notebook manufacturer equipment is compatible with Windows Hello but when you try to install the driver downloaded realsense on the Dell page I get the following error.

  If anyone knows any solution very grateful in advance.  
Best regards.

Answer:Windows Hello is not available (Dell Inspiron 5459)

Hi,We’re listening and welcome to the community. We’ll surely try and assist you. Please let us know if the Windows Hello feature was working earlier?Also, please refer to this link which has some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.Please let us know if this helped

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I've just recently purchased an Inspiron 5459 6th Gen laptop but not checking thoroughly, I've just discovered that its LAN card is just 10/100???? Is this for real? A 6th Gen laptop Core I5 with 10/100 LAN card speed?

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I have a T42 coming my way. For my plans with this system, I can eliminate needing a spare hdd if I can simply run the linux VMWare w/ a Windows XP or Server 2003 image.

Right now, my plans were to be running XP Pro w/ VMWare XP/2003 image, and doing most of my work in the VMWare image(running FTP tasks, etc.) on the 40gb it comes with, and use a 20 for Ubuntu.
But, if I can run Ubuntu on the 40, and re-use the images I already have set up, I can save myself a lot of time and effort.
Does anyone know if a pre-existing image made on a Windows machine will transfer and operate properly if used in Linux's VMWare?

Answer:Want to move to Ubuntu Linux; do VMWare machines made in Windows work in Linux?

Yes. VM machines created in Windows will work fine in Linux vmware enivronment. And the vice versa is true as well.

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I just purchased a Dell Inspiron 5459 that I also want to use the display for my laptop.  I have the HDMI cable plugged into the docking station and also into the bottom HDMI In port but I can't seem to figure out how to get the Dell to change display to the HDMI In.  As a test I've been able to successfully connect to the HDMI on a small TV that I have.  How do I get to change?

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The brightness keys on my laptop are not working. When I click on the F12 key, it shows on the bar that it's increasing, but my screen's brightness is actually not increasing/decreasing. I've tried several methods, but nothing seems to work. 
pls help

Answer:Brightness key not working on Dell Inspiron 5459

Duplicate of this thread:

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I have a Vostro 200 tower and also a Vostro 200 slim.  I am not using the slim version and I would like to know if the memory from the slim can be used in the tower?

Answer:Dell Vostro 200 Slim and Vostro 200 Tower

the memory is the same in both versions.

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For the past few days, my Dell Inspiron 24 5459 AIO has been making this loud humming noise and I'm not sure why. What can I do to diagnose this problem and hopefully correct it?


Answer:Dell Inspiron 24 5459 AIO making humming noise

Hard to tell or diagnose without being able to hear it.

Have you checked the external power supply?

Here is the link to the Dell on-line diagnostics.
Support for Inspiron 24 5459 AIO | Diagnostics | Dell US

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For the past few days, my Dell Inspiron 24 5459 AIO has been making this loud humming noise and I'm not sure why. What can I do to diagnose this problem and hopefully correct it?


Answer:Dell Inspiron 24 5459 AIO making humming noise

Hard to tell or diagnose without being able to hear it.

Have you checked the external power supply?

Here is the link to the Dell on-line diagnostics.
Support for Inspiron 24 5459 AIO | Diagnostics | Dell US

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last Thursday suddenly my Laptop windows crushed. so i fresh installed windows 10. then i tried to update online but system freezes everytime i try. then i tried to update driver from dell support and found that when ever i tried to install the gpu driver the system freezes. the intel on board driver installed fine and running but whenever i try to install radeon driver it freezes. 
i have tried with three different version of driver from dell support site. also downloaded from amd radeon driver as well as the windows update driver. all have the same result. 
please suggest what can be done about this. 

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I have a laptop Dell Inspiron 14 5459. Sometimes when I work it suddenly black screen and the fan so noisy. After that, I must press the power button to turn it off  with force. It happens about 3-4 times while I work (typing or just browsing the internet). 
Could you please help me with this situation? What can I do? Fyi I have run the diagnostics and did not found any error.
Thank you for you support

Answer:Dell Inspiron 14 5459 suddenly black screen and shut down

Does this happen with or without the adapter connected? What applications are using when the display goes blank? Is the mouse cursor still seen and active when the display goes blank? Does the system overheat? Are there any bluescreens / system crashes? 
Update the BIOS - - and reinstall the chipset drivers and video drivers from the same site and check if it works fine.
If the issue is still unresolved, then connect an external monitor and check if display goes blank on the external monitor and the LCD.
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - do not make any changes here - leave the system in BIOS environment for as long as possible with the adapter connected  and see if the display goes blank while in BIOS.
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Keep us updated.

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As of a few days ago my internal D:\ (DVD/CD-ROM) drive was not recognizing any discs I put into it. I have 2 external LG Blu-ray portable drives and one of them is now recognized as D:\. How do I fix this so that the Internal DVD/CD-ROM drive is recognized as D:\ again? I have gone into the Device Manager and looked under DVD/CD-ROM Drives and the only ones present are my externals. I have also tried rebooting several times to no avail.
Please help!


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Hi, my question could be childish I wonder if someone can guide me.
I am going to place an order but I do not know if  New Vostro 15 3000 (3568)  Core i3-7100U Processor 4GB(4GB×1)DDR4-SDRAM Memory 128GB SSD is faster to edit video/audio or should I go for i5?
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

Answer:Is New Vostro 15 3000 (3568) Core i3-7100U Processor 4GB(4GB×1)DDR4-SDRAM Memory 128GB SSD faster to edit video/audio

For video editing, this system is by far underpowered -- you really need a Precision mobile workstation or an Alienware system for that.  If you can't stretch that far, look for an XPS system with hybrid (intel-nvidia or Intel-AMD) video.
Neither the CPU nor the GPU in the Vostro will handle what you want it to do.

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Out of the box, Ubuntu and Linux Mint look very different. From colors and icons to the placement of launchers themselves, each distro offers a completely unique experience when compared to one another.

But perhaps the biggest difference between the two distributions is each one's overall direction. Ubuntu is attempting to become a jack of all trades, offering Ubuntu experiences for the desktop, Ubuntu TV and smartphones. Linux Mint on the other hand, is quite content in keeping its original mission of providing a great desktop experience.

For example, Mint offers a typical desktop experience when it comes to browsing your menu, locating installed software and browsing files. Ubuntu however, has sweetened the experience a bit by allowing the Unity desktop to provide a dock for frequently used application, in addition to being able to locate and launch software using the Unity Dash. The idea, of course, is that the Ubuntu approach is easier to navigate. Personally, I tend to disagree, but others seem to enjoy Ubuntu's approach.Click to expand...

Source & rest of article.

Answer:Linux Desktops: Ubuntu vs. Linux Mint

Out of those that I've tried, I would go Linux Mint, but some features I like in Ubuntu though.

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Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 5759.  I started seeing alerts that the above bios update was available. I haven't installed it yet.
Has anyone applied this update? Any problems or issues?

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Hi , just wondering , I have a 4GB laptop (dell inspiron n5010) with i3 350 processor and 500 GB HD ... lately I wanted to play the most recent GTA and what happened ? well the game booted but barely have i gone out of the first corner the whole background disappeared ... I went to my graphics settings and it says Generic PnP Monitor and Intel(R) HD Graphics
-Chip type Intel HD
-Dac type Internal
-Bios info : Intel Video BIOS
-Total Available graphics memory 1696 MB
-Dedicated Video Memory 64MB
-System Video memory 0MB
-shared system memory 1632MB

Is there any way to increase the Video memory on my laptop ?
I will add to it that in the Bios itself there are no options available for me to even lower it they are all kind of @[email protected]
I have been trying everything even updates from intel etc but not helping...

Answer:How to increase video memory in a shared memory system (Dell Inspiron n5010)

All you can do is max out your system memory, if it isn't maxed already. There might be an option in the laptops bios to increase the shared video memory

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Resolution: Dell Inspiron 5459/5559/5759 BIOS Update - Will not boot after update
"No boot drive found", "PXE... Media test failure"
If you updated from 1.0.x to 1.1.5 (or other) and find yourself scratching your head in a panic that your system won't boot up, reboot and press and hold the F2 key when you see the Dell logo (shortly after restart). When the bios settings page opens, click restore settings to default, save, and then exit. Your system should boot to windows now :-)
If you don't care about default Keyboard LED brightness or Fn Lock key default status, disregard the following:
After your system restarts into windows, restart and repeat to enter bios. There are some minor settings that change -- They are minor and don't affect performance.  Under System Configuration, Keyboard brightness changes from dim to bright. Under Post Boot, Fn lock key changes to unlocked.
Have a nice day. Hopefully if you're reading this you already figured that out on your own.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 5459/5559/5759 BIOS Update Error - WILL NOT REBOOT

I am facing the exact issue for my 5559 laptop after updating bios from Dell update site. 
It had 1.1.5 if i remember correctly, and update was for 1.1.6 using Inspiron_5459_1.1.6.exe 
Only problem, reset to default settings does not solve it for me. Its still the same PXE E61 Media test failure and NO Bot device found error. 
Is there a way to boot from usb and flash it to original version ? 

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RedHat Linux X Server won't start on my Dell Dimension 4600; what video card do I use


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Dell Releases Bios Updates For Several Nvidia Video Cards

Dell has released a Nvidia GPU (Graphics Processing Units) Bios Update for several Dell notebooks on their Dell Direct website. Nvidia confirmed earlier this month that some notebook GPUs were affected caused by a weak die packaging material set.
The GPU may fail due to temperature fluctuations and users may experience symptoms like random characters or lines on the screen. The problem is that if customers experience those symptoms the Bios update will not help them anymore and they have to contact Dell support to fix the issue.
Everyone else should check the website to see if their Dell notebook is in the list and update the Bios of its GPU accordingly. The affected notebooks according to Dell are:
Inspiron 1420
Latitude D630
Latitude D630c
Dell Precision M2300
Vostro Notebook 1310
Vostro Notebook 1400
Vostro Notebook 1510
Vostro Notebook 1710
XPS M1330
XPS M1530
The Bios update will turn on the GPU fan more frequently at half or quarter speed to reduce temperature fluctuations. Dell confirmed once again that this will have no noticeable effect on battery life. New notebooks will be shipped with the updated Bios.
The real question however is which GPUs are affected but there does not seem to be a direct answer for this. There is however the list of Nividia GPUs that have been used in the affected Dell notebooks, here it is:128MB NVIDIA? GeForce? 8400M GS
128MB NVIDIA? GeForce? 8400M GS (64 bit)
256MB NVIDIA? GeForc... Read more

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I just got my Nvidia Geforce 9600 GSO pcie video card in the mail today and hooked it up to my pci express slot in my Dell Inspiron 531 computer and when i powered on my computer ,all I got was a real loud screeching sound so I turned the computer off, On my video card it has a power connector slot but I cant find where to plug it in at and i think maybe with my computer model what i am needing to plug it in is not included due to them saving money and not including old connectors..

Answer:Solved: Nvidia 9600 GSO video Card on a Dell Inspiron 531

It's not an old connector. It's the new(ish) PCI-E 6-pin power connector, standard to any quality power supply today. And anyways, your card wouldn't propably run with the Dell's crappy low-power crap-quality power supply even if it had a PCI-E 6-pin connector.

I have posted two good power supplies in the other thread..

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I have been working on a Dell Inspiron 531S and am unable to get the video, and now audio, drivers loaded and working correctly. Here?s the deal:

According to the Dell tag# info online, this cpu uses either the onboard Nvidia nforce 6150SE n430 video card or an ATI 1300 Pro. There is no external video card so the Nvidia should be right. This is confirmed by programs like HWinfo32. However, someone did install ATI catalyst software at some earlier point.

At first, only the video card driver was not loaded properly and so Vista (Home Premium 32-bit) was in VGA-compatible mode. I tried to load NVIDIA Nforce 258.96 WHQL drivers for Vista 32-bit, which completed without errors. Upon rebooting, though, I could see in Device Manager that the drivers didn?t take. I have also tried Dell?s recommended R166208 (an executable that loads Nvidia?s MCP61 ver.A01 drivers) and no matter what I do, Device Manager says I now have an ?unknown device? or a VGA-compatible display adapter. Unloading and reinstalling did not help. I noticed SP2 was not loaded so tried installing it to see if that would help. It loaded no problem, but then I saw (as another update) a Realtek audio driver update. I let it load and now have no audio.

I have tried both Dell?s recommended Realtek driver (R180772, which is for the ALC888 HD audio device and loads Realtek?s R1.85 audio drivers) and a newer R2.51 version for Vista that I got from Realtek?s site. Both install ... Read more

Answer:Nvidia video and Realtek audio drivers not working on Dell Inspiron

Sounds like to me a fresh installment of Windows vista would help you out the most.

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Hi, I had a GPU fail in my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop. The card that failed was an NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS. The Vostro laptop actually can accept an NVIDIA 8600 GT card too. So I ordered the replacement part from Dell for the 8600 and they shipped me a refurbished unit.
The surgery to put in the new card took all night for hack like to do. I did not look carefully at the refurbished unit they shipped me as I was nervous handling the card (that I might break it).
But when I turned on the laptop after the installation, I did not get a pause at the BIOS saying I see new hardware like I did when I upgraded the RAM.
After the computer booted up I uninstalled the 8400 driver and then installed the 8600 driver. There was a snag at its possible that Windows automatically reinstalled the 8400 driver during one the required reboots but I KNOW that I wrote the 8600 driver over top at least (I had hoped to do a clean uninstall then reinstall but Windows tried to grab a driver for me).
So now when I right click on computers, properties device manager it shows the video as still the 8400 card. The 8400 card I removed has a sticker on it that says KU907 on it. The invoice for the 8600 that Dell sent for the 8600 says KU907 on it too.
I think I was sent the wrong part from Dell (I paid a higher price for the 8600 GPU) . Is it possible that a legacy driver is making the Vostro think it has the 8400 when the part IS an 8600. Or when I go to the Device Manager, does the computer physically c... Read more

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I've got DELL Vostro 3750, and I bought Dell U2515H monitor for second display.
I can set only maximum 1920×1050 resolution, instead of the optimal 2560×1600 of the monitor. 
I'am connected them with hdmi cable.
Please help me solve the problem!


Answer:Dell Vostro 3750 with Dell U2515H monitor resolution problem

The U2515H HDMI in port can do up to 2560x1440 60Hz. But the U2515H does not dictate the resolution. That is done by the capabilities of the laptop GPU video card. The 2011 Vostro 3750 HDMI out must be limited to 1920.

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I found this list on the Dell site that tells you whether they have tested a particular model for its ability to be upgraded to Windows 10.   The Dell Vostro 3550 is not on the list of about 20 Vostro models, some with lower model numbers ,  some higher.   Will they ever test it?? 
  If you try to upgrade,  windows 10 copies files and then in the 2nd of the three major sections of the upgrade (where you have that big circle in the middle of the screen)  it just goes to a blank screen and then all disk activity ceases and it becomes well hung.   Of course now, the machine thinks its os is win 10 and you cannot go back to a win 7 recover point .  So you just lose all your data and apps and restore the factory image and then install 208 windows 7 updates and it takes like 8 hours in all.
Sounds like a similar problem that people had with Vostros going from win 7 to win 8.   Why not fix it.  

Answer:Windows 10 Upgrade - why isnt Dell Vostro 3550 on the list from Dell ?

Well, after spending the better part of whole day trying to figure out why somebody else's Dell Vostro 3550 was not displaying anything after an even longer period of downloading the Windows 10 upgrade (from Windows 7 in this case) it turns out the fix required was to upgrade the BIOS to A11 (end of 2012).

Hopefully this might save someone a wasted day in their lives. Before this I spent some hours before figuring out that the machine was in fact booting - only the display was black. So then it was a matter of figuring out key strokes to use (blind) to shut down and also enable the menu for safe mode. Safe mode worked, and so then more hours trying to work around the issue before finally stumbling onto some stuff online where the BIOS upgrade was mentioned - apparently also an issue with Windows 8?

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Dell Vostro 5470 Not getting Dell Logo after bios upgrade in Windows 10.
Notebook rebooted:
1.Fireed power led,
2.Powered up hdd led for 2sec. Turn it off.
3.Stops ...
No Dell Logo, no beeps, can't go into Bios.
LCD test works OK.
Remove Ram module, powered up and listen beep's
Pressing END key and power Notebook does nothing.
Any idea?

Answer:Dell Vostro 5470 Not getting Dell Logo after bios upgrade in Windows 10

Yes. I did it.
Laptop have Phoenix bios.
Phoenix Bios have has restored procedure from USB Flash.
This steps to restore BIOS:
1.Get USB flash below 4Gb.
2.Format it to FAT.
3.Get your flash update from Dell Store - xxxx.exe
4.Run cmd.exe and in command prompt run xxxx.exe /writehdrfile
5.Copy extracted Bios.cap to flash drive.
6.Turn off laptop.
Next step 7,8 may be not needed but I did it.
7.Disconnected all perihpericals including battery and charger.
8.Disconnect HDD
9.Plugged the usb drive on the laptop at the right side.
10.Hold END key
11,Pluged the powercord and relase the END key 1 second after the power cord is in.
12.USB led on stick blinked fast and we see Bios Recovery Process on screen.
13.After finish notebook reboots and worked fine.

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I have done the custom settings for battery from dell power management. I have set that the battery should start charging when it is at 50% and stop charging at 80%. When the battery has charged 80%.It has stopped charging. But the discharging of the battery is not happening itself. I have to remove the ac power so that the laptop should start using battery instead of ac power. The battery should self discharge when it reaches 80% and start charging when it reaches 50%. which is not happening currently. Can any suggest any solution.

Answer:Dell Power manager Lite battery discharge issue -Dell vostro 5568

The system will use AC power in preference to battery if the adapter is connected.  If you want the system to run on battery, you must disconnect the adapter.

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I need an advice for buying a dedicated video card, for my Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF. Curently I have the Intel HD (Intel i3 3240), but I want something more.
Ive found the AMD Radeon HD7470 at a good price, but also the Nvidia Quatro 600 (low profile).
My question: Will Nvidia Quatro 600 work on my system?
The Dell Optiplex SFF has an 240 W power supply. The PCIex16 Slot (BLUE) (Voltage supported 3.3V/12V) has the maximum wattage = 50 W, and the Nvidia Quatro 600 (low profile) has the maximum power consumption = 40 W.
And, if I want to upgrade my CPU to i7 3770 in the future, will the power be enough?
Maximum Power Consumption
Maximum Power Consumption
Maximum Power Consumption

Answer:Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF video card advice (nvidia quatro 600 vs Radeon HD7470)

I've started this thread almost a year ago, looking for some answers. No one answered. I have meanwhile upgraded some components, taking the chance ... 
- 250 Gb SSD (Samsung 850 EVO) 
- 32 Gb DDR3 1600 (4 x 8 Gb Crucial CT102464BA160B)
- PNY Nvidia Quadro K620 
The next things I have in mind: a new CPU (i5 or i7) & another SSD drive (850 PRO this time). 

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Just did clean WIndows 10 64 bit install on a Dell Inspiron 545S with 4GB of RAM and Intel Core 2 Duo E7500. Machine originally came with Win7 Home 32 bit Edition.  Its been randomly crashing with a BSOD. Ran Memtest386 overnight last night and it did 9 passes during that time with no errors. Unable to pin down the cause but here are a handful of dump files that I hope will help. Hoping someone can shed some light on could be causing it.
Dump File         : 030916-18578-01.dmp
Crash Time        : 3/9/2016 11:46:25 PM
Bug Check String  : IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
Bug Check Code    : 0x0000000a
Parameter 1       : ffffe000`d1167738
Parameter 2       : 00000000`00000002
Parameter 3       : 00000000`00000000
Parameter 4       : fffff803`7d048ea2
Caused By Driver  : ntoskrnl.exe
Caused By Address : ntoskrnl.exe+142760
File Description  : 
Product Name      : 
Company           : 
File Version      : 
Processor         : x64
Crash Address     : ntoskrnl.exe+142760
Stack Address 1   : 
Stack Address 2   : 
Stack Address 3   : 
Computer Name     : 
Full Path         : C:\Windows\Minidump\030916-18578-01.dmp
Processors Count  : 2
Major Ve... Read more

Answer:BSOD's on clean install of Windows 10 on Dell 545s with Nvidia GeForce 210 video card

Unfortunately, the Product is not tested for Windows 10 upgrade
Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.

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I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to assist with a problem that suddenly started with my second computer (Dell Vostro 400)
Its running windows 7 home premium and all the sudden it now stops at the Dell bios version screen. It did this a couple times the lastfew days, but when I restarted it, it booted ok, but when I checked on it later then the computer was frozen again with a black screen.  I have borrowed another computer from work and swapped out the hard drive, and it works fine with the other computer (same hardware). So I dont think its the hard drive. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Answer:Dell Vostro 400 - freezes right away at Dell bios version screen

Oh, I should mention that I do hear one beep and then the Dell screen shows up and then freezes.

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recently bought a Dell Inspiron 14 5459 on June 12, 2016 and first thing I noticed is that to turn on the laptop I need to press and hold down the power button at least for 3 seconds in order for the laptop to boot up, this seems strange, I brought up this issue at the Dell Store where I bought the laptop and the sales people there told me that they noticed this in most Inspiron models.  Is this normal?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 14 5459 power button needs 3 seconds long press to power up?

Thank you for writing to us!
This is unusual we would suggest you to check with another system to see if the same happens.
Kindly provide us with the service tag and email address.

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Hi there! Im Pascual from Argentina. Im looking for an upgrade on my vostro 430 for running some games (GTA V, Gran Turismo)
I want to be sure before buying the compatibility of the hardware of my Vostro 430 with the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Msi cardboard. It is enough with the 350W PSU? I have the original setup (i5-750 + 2*2GB ram) + 1TB HDD.
Thank you!

Answer:Vostro 430 + Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti

Dell XPS 8300 Vostro 460 DH67M01 LGA 1155 H67 Motherboard Mainboard Y2MRG has been tested to work with ZOTAC GTX 1050TI ZT-P10510A-10L  and the Latest Bios.
Antivirus software should be REMOVED before bios update attempt.
You may then reinstall after bios update.

Dell Precision T1500 System BIOS, Vostro 430 BIOS, System BIOS for both P55 platform and H57 platformMore details

Dell Precision T1500 System BIOS, Vostro 430 BIOS, System BIOS for both P55 platform and H57 platformMore details

Dell Precision T1500 System BIOS, Vostro 430 BIOS, System BIOS for both P55 platform and H57 platformMore details

Dell Precision T1500 System BIOS, Vostro 430 BIOS, System BIOS for both P55 platform and H57 platformMore details

Dell Precision T1500 System BIOS, Vostro 430 BIOS, System BIOS for P55 flatformMore details

Dell Precision T1500 System BIOS, Vostro 430 BIOS, System BIOS for P55 flatformMore details

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Dell Vostro 3700 Laptop running Windows 7 64-bit, Service Tag 4QD3ZM1.

NVidia identifies the display controller as GeForce GT 330M and gives the following message; but, there are no display drivers offered by Dell for this system, at least not by model or service tag numbers.
Installed DriverRecommended
UpdateGeForce GT 330M--The manufacturer of this system requires that you download the driver for your GPU from their support site.

The GeForce M series and GeForce Go series notebook GPUs use drivers that have been customized by the notebook manufacturers to support hot key functions, power management functions, lid close and suspend/resume behavior. NVIDIA has worked with some notebook manufacturers to provide notebook-specific driver updates, however, most notebook driver updates must come from the notebook manufacturer. Additionally, the desktop GeForce graphics drivers will not install on Geforce M series and Quadro M series notebook GPU's.Click to expand...

Answer:Solved: Dell Vostro 3700 needs drivers not available from Dell

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I bought my Dell Vostro 3800 ST almost 2 years ago, sadly I didn't really do my research before I bought it, and it turns out, card that came with it wasn't really great for gaming and it's nearing the end of it's life.
So I'm planning to buy proper card, but my tower is waaay to slim to fit in it comfortably.
So my question is, will I be able to take my motherboard to another, non-Dell case? If so, what type of case would be good? I did try to find online, what type of motherboard it is, but if there's an answer to that question, I can't find or understand it.
I'd be grateful for any help provided :)

Answer:Will my motherboard from Dell Vostro 3800 ST fit into non-Dell case?

It's more or less a micro-ATX board so it will likely fit a standard case.  That said, wiring the power switch, hard drive LEDs, etc. will be difficult - they're not standard and it may be a lot of trial and error to make work.

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hello i would like to know if can do a case transfer on a dell inspiron 660s to a vostro 200 case, i have been looking all over but it seems that they both have the same form factor Micro-Atx so i wanted to know before i try and attempt it or spend the money on it.

Answer:Dell inspiron 660S to dell Vostro 200 case

Hi zixzen,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
You can access the manual of both the system on our Dell Support site, which will give you the dimensions for the case.
If you have any other query, please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.

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Trying to upgrade from integrated graphics on my Vostro 460 so my son can occasionally play some medium requirement games when he spends afternoons at my shop after school, but don't want to upgrade the 350w PSU or spend too much on the card itself. Will the GTX 750 ti work, and can anyone recommend a good card version? Also, someone suggested I wait until the GTX 1050 comes out in October. Doesn't look like it will draw much more power, but I am not an expert at these things.

Answer:NVIDIA GTX 750 ti or GTX 1050 in stock Vostro 460?

GTX 1050 Features GP107 GPU – 768 Cores, 4 GB VRAM and 75W TDP
This seems like a re badged 750TI.
GTX 950 has the same 768 cores but needs more power and its 33 percent faster than 750TI.
RX460 is a 75W card.

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Question: Linux/Ubuntu

Hi all. Without burning a few dvd's I want to ask anyone if they know of which OS let's you put the desktop icons in the quick launch/taskbar ? Also changes the wallpaper on a start up? Have tried Linux Mint, Ubuntu 15.04 and some others. A while back I had Xubuntu 12.4 that was fine for me until I did all the updating. I also tried to use Cortina, Wally, can't remember the other guy. Couldn't get either one to work. Don't do too much on the computer- no playing games- just go to besthomepageever to catch up on the news, then off to your site to see if anyone has the kind of trouble I get fooling around with this computer. Thanks to all for your help. Frank


Coffee Guy said:

Hi all. Without burning a few dvd's I want to ask anyone if they know of which OS let's you put the desktop icons in the quick launch/taskbar ? Also changes the wallpaper on a start up? Have tried Linux Mint, Ubuntu 15.04 and some others. A while back I had Xubuntu 12.4 that was fine for me until I did all the updating. I also tried to use Cortina, Wally, can't remember the other guy. Couldn't get either one to work. Don't do too much on the computer- no playing games- just go to besthomepageever to catch up on the news, then off to your site to see if anyone has the kind of trouble I get fooling around with this computer. Thanks to all for your help. FrankClick to expand...

Not sure exactly what you mean by quick launch/taskbar, as not every distro has one, but those that do have one will allow you to add icons of your choosing to the launcher/dock. But even distros that do NOT have one will allow you to add one of your choosing, such as Cairo Dock, AWN (Avant Window Navigator), Plank, etc...

If you're looking to pin icons to your desktop for easy access/quick launch (like WinXP or Win7), pretty much any distro will allow that with a right click and "pin to desktop" option, nearly identical to Windows functionality. I have been a hard-core full-time Linux user since 2009 and I have never heard of Cortina or Wally, so I can only conclude they were obscure and poorly supp... Read more

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Question: Linux Ubuntu

Hi after installing Linux Ubuntu I now want to delete it from the hard drive.I have goggled for advice but I think a new install using Samsung Recovery Restore and wipe the drive clean. I want to Continue with Ubuntu and I was thinking of buying a mini external HD.Can any one see a problem with this method?Reason for the uninstall I had a problem with Ubuntu and decided to reinstall using the same DVD. I now have 1&2 Ubuntu two different Desktops and its messed up the wireless connection ok when hard wired.I could ask on the Ubuntu site but I prefer PCA for advice.

Answer:Linux Ubuntu

When you install Ubuntu you can tell it to use the whole HD and reformat it.

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Question: Ubuntu Linux

Hell there,A lot of my freinds have Ubuntu Linux and i was thinking about getting it myself, just out of curiosity really. So heres my question, i already have vista installed, can i run both?Thanks!

Answer:Ubuntu Linux

click here

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Question: linux ubuntu to xp

Hi Folks, Lets start by saying I am a complete nerd with computers so simple answers would be the best, I can follow instructions. I have just bought an Acer Aspire one aoa150 from a friend, it has Linux Ubuntu installed on it but it looks like it originally had windows xp installed on it has it has windows keycode on the bottom of it, the battery is not charging correctly only lasts for about 15 minutes when fully charged and charges to full power in about 10 minutes I know I might have to buy a new battery, I have read numerous accounts about this problem and it seems that it could be that it needs the a BIOS upgrade but the upgrade looks like it is a windows upgrade, so I would like to change it back to xp, looked all over the internet for answers but there are so many conflicting and convoluted views on how to do this. I am totally lost. Please help if you can. Thanks very much

Answer:linux ubuntu to xp

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Question: Linux (Ubuntu)

I am going to begin toying around with Ubuntu via ISO. Any comments about pros and cons relative to my potential exodus to Linux will be much appreciated. My biggest concern is whether I can still use Linksys for my wireless internet software while on Linux.

What AV's and other security software options do I have with Ubuntu? Behavior blockers? Sandboxie? Is any worth while security product supported by Ubuntu?

Answer:Linux (Ubuntu)

ZOU1 said:

I am going to begin toying around with Ubuntu via ISO. Any comments about pros and cons relative to my potential exodus to Linux will be much appreciated. My biggest concern is whether I can still use Linksys for my wireless internet software while on Linux.

What AV's and other security software options do I have with Ubuntu? Behavior blockers? Sandboxie? Is any worth while security product supported by Ubuntu?Click to expand...

I've Ubuntu 12.04 installed on a stand alone machine. Although it's not connected up to the internet, I was able to find out all the info I needed to do so on their very active and helpful Community forum.

I use this machine as a tester. I also install Ubuntu onto anyone's computer whose product key fails to pass muster with microsoft, and again, any problems with internet etc., I go to the Community forum.

I put my hands up and admit I haven't any protection on this computer, so I cannot offer any opinions on av's etc.

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Question: linux ubuntu

Trying out ubuntu 9.10. After I download 159 updates with update manager and install them I keep getting told I'm using wrong user name and password. This has happened 3 times and I keep having to reinstall the system. Any ideas????

Answer:linux ubuntu

OK, this is how you reset a password in hereIf you can't understand it, or need further help, please come back and let me know.

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