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Win 10 Restart issue: computer won't get past "diagnosing issues"

Question: Win 10 Restart issue: computer won't get past "diagnosing issues"

Dell N4110
I wish I could get an error code on it, perhaps you guys can enlighten me.

So I upgraded a couple weeks back to Win10 and it's been running sleeping restarting etc. Just fine. Then at random it shut down and has been stuck while trying to boot. I can get to the "Continue/Troubleshoot/Turn off your PC screen but even when I've tried to "Reset this PC" it just hangs there, even after leaving the machine untouched for a full 24 hours...

Maybe someone can help me get an error code first so I can specify what's up. Also as mentioned I cannot boot past the troubleshoot screen.

BIG TIA folks

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Preferred Solution: Win 10 Restart issue: computer won't get past "diagnosing issues"

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Win 10 Restart issue: computer won't get past "diagnosing issues"

I had something like this, when resetting PC back to factory settings from my USB recovery stick wouldn't work, even when everyone seemed to think it should. I had to get myself into StartUp Options area, launch command prompt, blow away all my partitions and then run recovery USB to get it to work.

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For over 48 hours Windows Update has said "Restart your computer to install important updates", yet every time I restart and check Windows Update it is still saying "Restart your computer to install important updates". Before I deleted SoftwareDistribution to try and solve matters the update history showed a security update, KB3069762, which has been showing as "pending" for the whole of this period despite numerous restarts, but never shows as "successful" or "failed". It just stays stuck at "pending". It doesn't appear in installed updates, but when I try to install it manually it says it's already installed.

SURT installed hotfix KB947821. SFC scan didn't find any problems. Microsoft Fix it said Cryptographic services could not be stopped. I've tried to upload the CBS folder as per your posting instructions but it's over 80MB zipped and it didn't upload.

PS: I don't know if this is relevant, but this update KB3069762 relates to a vulnerability when Remote Desktop Protocol is enabled. When I went to the dialogue box to check if RDP is enabled (system/advanced system settings/remote), the 3 check boxes relating to RDP are missing. All I have is a check box for remote assistance, so I don't know for sure if RDP is enabled or disabled.

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I am in desperate need of help! First, I normally do back up, but my back up drive and recovery disks were stolen about 2 weeks ago while we were moving and I had not bought a new backup since.

System is configured as:
Lenovo T520
mSata (primary drive)
SSD for 2nd and 3rd drive.

I have many pieces of software some very complicated to reinstall (and many of the original disks were stolen like Chief Architect and some of my 3d cad software) , and have many accounts (I run several businesses) for email so I DON'T want to "clean" install.

I DO still have all of my data, so that is at least not too bad.

History is that yesterday, I lost access to my networks, and could not reconnect to get internet connections. I tried powering down and the computer was taking over 5 minutes (no messages about updating)
So I powered down with the power button.

After that, I tried to re-power the computer and I got a message "preparing to automatically repair" and then it went into Diagnosing this PC.

I have tried to go to a previous restore point to no avail (goes through all of the steps, but after finishing, says it was not able to and that the process made no changes.
I have tried rebooting using the Advanced Options and was given me the choice of sever things and tried Safeboot (I could boot to Safe Mode with command, but no other options worked)

I tried booting off of my first SSD, as this was on old boot drive, but it did not boot, said "inaccessible boot&q... Read more

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Hi -
I'm trying to install XP Pro onto a brand new SATA hard drive since my old one seems to have gone kaput after about 5 years.

I booted from CD, and went thru all the screens to the point where it was ready to start the installation. When i got to the screen to partition the "mass storage device", i got the following:

Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)
Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)

So i found an old post on this site ( and followed the lessons learned there, and realized I had a floppy for a RAID DRIVER i had forgotten about (it came with the components I bought to build this box). So i tried the installation again, starting from a reboot, and hitting F6 at the right time. When it came time to install the 3rd party driver, i inserted the floppy as instructed, and hit Enter. The floppy light came on, but i don't believe i heard it do anything, and the screen asking me to insert the floppy quietly came back.

I tried a couple times, but still the floppy did not do its magic. I continued, and the partition screen still showed the Unknown Disk error. So as suspected, the driver did not get installed. I then rebooted, this time hitting F1 to check out the BIOS. My BIOS recognizes both my new hard drive and the floppy drive just fine, and the floppy itself can be read just fine on another PC.

Could this be a floppy controller problem? is there a simple w... Read more

Answer:Can't get past "Unknown Disk" problem installing XP Pro - floppy drive issue??

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Just thought I'd pass along this observation...

Something done by Microsoft in a fairly recent (say no more than the past 3-4 weeks) has addressed TWO specific seemingly BIOS-related issues I've had on my Supermicro C2SBX motherboard ever since installing Win7 back in December 2009. The issues are obviously specific to this mobo (and possibly others) because they do NOT show up on my other machine which uses an ASUS P5Q3 board.

Anyway, the two problems were:

(1) Windows "restart" does not work, but rather seems to hang up in the midst of the hardware re-boot sequence. I see the "hard drive in use" light stuck on, which is tied to my Adaptec 39320 SCSI Adapter card when in use, not to my SATA drives.

So this might be an issue relating to the Adaptec card in this C2SBX board. Don't know.

Anyway, I'm forced to use "shutdown" which does work, and then a cold power-on re-boot from OFF... as my replacement for a simple "restart" to avoid the intervening power off/on sequence.

(2) Although I have three SATA drives in the machine, inevitably only one or two of them appear in the BIOS-produced device discovery list of hard drives that appear during the VERBOSE output at boot time.

Sometimes, all three will appear. But this is generally after some time of significant maintenance to Window. However before too long again the list will drop one or two drives, and things are back to how they've always shown at boot time from the BIOS.
N... Read more

Answer:Recent Windows Update fixed my "restart" and other hardware issues!

Good idea to share your observations.

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Hi all, This is a great forum you have here! OK I am having a very low-tech month I think. I am trying to trouble shoot a problem with my system which had been running reasonably well until now -- I say reasonably well because lately I seem to have hit some hardware challenges. More on that later, however (if required).

In order to trouble shoot my issues, I find myself needing to reinstall Windows 7 (My boot disk which is an SSD seems to cause the system to hang when it is connected so I am trying to install a new verion of Win 7 to troubleshoot the other from). Now I have ample space on a couple of drives so that is where I targeted. Everything runs fine in the installation process, the system reboots and I am presented the screen to enter a system name. I enter a name but the "next" button is protected and not clickable . Does this mean anything to anyone?

This seems very rudimentary but frankly I can't find anything to make it go

Answer:Can't advance past "Type a computer name" on clean install


Welcome to Seven Forums
Please have a look at this thread

Hope this helps in some way


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Ok well my computer when turned on gets to the screen that says

"windows closed unexpectedly"..etc and gives the options of

"safe mode"
"safe mode with netwroking"
"safe mode with command prompt"
"start windows normally"
"start windows with most recent working config" (or something similar)

Im sure most of you are familiar with this screen, when any of the options is selected
the computer begins to start up but then makes a struggling noise and returns to that screen
we can get past it.

If someone could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Computer wont boot past "start windows normally" please help


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Hello all,

I have a Compac desktop, it's relatively new as far as use. Recently, it's not been used because of a startup issue. It will load the first screen (The compac screen and act like it's it going to load up) but then loops back to the first screen and continue to do this over and over. My mother told me that the computer had fallen off of out computer hutch (About 2 inches off the ground) and heard an interesting noise inside. She described the sound like a CD hitting the floor, but I looked inside the desktop, and nothing seemed to be out of place.
I want to get the data files and documents, but as stated above, I cannot use the computer.
I have a Ubuntu CD already made, and have used it before.. Unfortunately, the CD drive doesn't seem to be recognizing the disc. I can see the little white blinking "-", but that is all I can get to come up before the screen goes into another loop; and the previous process.
I was hoping some one could possibly help me out in getting the computer to the point to save the data? I have the option to reformat the whole computer, but I'd rather save that for last measures if the data cannot be recovered.
Again, the computer is a compac, Windows XP OS, desktop - only about 3 years old.

Answer:Computer will not boot past the "Compac" startup screen.

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I'm getting this same error: Multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys

My computer is stuck in a continuous reboot loop. It will not recognize the Windows XP CD.

I have set up the boot order in the BIOS to detect the CD-ROM drive first, then the hard drive, but it still does not see the CD.

Any suggestions?

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't get past "You Computer was turned off incorrectly"

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Clean the cd or try a different cd

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k, I've googled almost anything about this. I've even read threads on here related to this issue. I tried a bunch of things and they didn't work at all. I even tried going back to wmp 9, and I still can't burn CDs. It's not detecting my blank CD-R.

Can someone please help? I want to make a mixtape for my boyfriend.

It would be very appreciated, thank you.

Answer:wmp 11 - "connect a burner and restart the player" issue

So... Do you have a burning CD drive? If yes, try burning with some other program than WMP. Example: or

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Hello everyone how are you!

I have a question, actually I'm development a application for sharing internet connection. I'm using "Wireless Hosted Network and Internet Connection Sharing" that it's in

I want change default IP Address range and I have read that these settings it's in next address:


My question is, How I can restart or update the "Internet Connection Shraring" or "Wireless Hosted Network" after I change the IP Address range for that assign IP Address different to default.

Thank you!

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My computer has been working fine up until today. Last night i turned it off by just pressing the power button, instead of start, shutdown... etc.
Now when i turn it on it goes to the screen saying your computer has been turned off incorectly etc...

chose a mode to continue

safe mode
safe mode with command prompt
start with last settings that worked
start windows normally

the screen freezes when the last two are choosen
and in any of the safe mode start-up options it begins putting lines of text on the screen finishing with:
The computer then freezes like that and will not continue.

I have already tried repairing my installation of Windows XP using the windows XP cd.

Also i tried checking and repairing my hard disk using: chkdsk /r

none of these things have made any difference...

can somebody please help me, or reccomend further steps to try?

Answer:Can't get past "You Computer was turned off incorrectly"

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Boot from the windows XP CD, press the "R" key in the setup in order to start the Recovery Console.
Select your windows XP installation from the list, and enter the administrator password. If not password was set just press Enter
Enter the command: "FIXMBR" (without the quotes) at the input prompt and confirm the next question with a "Y" (without the quotes). Use exit to restore the computer.

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I have recently tried to disinfect a computer of various malware/spyware issues. But now I think my motherboard has had it. Its either infected with something or was a coincidence that it packed up when it did.

When I boot up the computer, it goes as far as the "Loading Windows XP" and then beeps once and goes back to trying to boot up again. It then displays the option to start in safe mode (with/without network support, Last known good configuration or Start normally). It then counts down from 30 and reboots itself

My mouse and keyboard no longer work

I have tried to swap the hard drive for one that I know works, in case the hard drive was knackered, but get the same result

Am I right in thinking that my motherboard has had it?

Answer:Computer won't go past "Loading Windows XP"

Did you try in safe mode and Last known good configuration ???

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Hey all,

I installed SP2 in Oct 2004. All works OK except that ever since then the "RESTART" function does not work. Not when accessed via the START button to TURN OFF COMPUTER. Nor does it work when I hit ctrl-alt-del and choose RESTART from the Shutdown menu.

Any ideas?

Toshiba 2400-S201 laptop
P4 at 1.6 GH
256 MB RAM
30 GB HD
XP Pro



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I have an IBM thinkpad (a friend of mine) that I'm trying to see what's wrong with it.  Whenever you start it up, it runs through the diagnostic tests and eventually provides the message listed in my subject.  I attempted to press f12 during one of the reboots since i saw something on here from someone else that had luck but didn't really see anything i felt comfortable about changing.  After i exited, it began rebooting and displayed the error "No operating system found".  I then turned the power off and began receiving the same message as i originally got "a disk read error occurred".  Before i received the computer, my friend was told the hard drive was shot and there was no hope in retrieving any files.  Is this true?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,Frank

Answer:"A disk read error occurred" "Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Quote from: Katman_09 on October 29, 2010, 05:04:19 PM...Before i received the computer, my friend was told the hard drive was shot and there was no hope in retrieving any files.  Is this true?....Your description seems to indicate this is true.

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I double-click and get "search" instead of "open"--only when I click a disk, like Hard Drive C: or Floppy A: or CD F: and so on.

It didn't used to do this, so I must've inadvertently changed some setting somewhere, but darned if I can find it now.

Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: On the "my computer" list, I double-click on disks and get "search" instead of "open"

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Ok, so im new here so hey everybody..

to the point: my laptop is "stuttering"/lagging/skipping.
whatever you wanna call it its doing it.
my video/music/and cursor skip every second for a splt second it starts on start-up and dont stop til i turn my laptop off. it happens in a pattern its not random, ive done checked my drivers, spyware, and m RAM is good.. so can someone please help me? ***could it be because my battery wont hold a charger? so it has to be hooked up to the charger at ALL times or it dies Example: is the charger not got the "juice" to run the laptop by itself so it studders/skips..*** i dont know if this has anything to do with my problem but i ran "event viewer" and found this : The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:


OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2250 @ 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 502 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 39723 MB, Free - 23484 MB; D: Total - 12684 MB, Free - 3633 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FF049, , .HWPLLB1.CN1296167S5169.
Antivirus: McAfee VirusScan, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disable

Answer:Solved: Whole computer "studders"/"skips"/"lags" .. have event viewer report (PLEASE

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I'm trying under "Windows Update" to click on "check for updates" however when I do that I get message
"windows update cannot currently check for updates, because updates on this computer are controlled by your system administrator"
I am the admin on the PC however this PC points to a In-office "WSUS server" to normally get its update
Is there a work around to this that I could add to my local group policy or registry?
I have been under Group Policy Object Editor -->Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates -->
Windows Components --> Windows Update
but seen nothing that would allow to override this error
Any suggestion(s) would be most appreciated

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Ok, so im new here so hey everybody..

to the point: my laptop is "stuttering"/lagging/skipping.
whatever you wanna call it its doing it.
my video/music/and cursor skip every second for a splt second it starts on start-up and dont stop til i turn my laptop off. it happens in a pattern its not random, ive done checked my drivers, spyware, and m RAM is good.. so can someone please help me? ***could it be because my battery wont hold a charger? so it has to be hooked up to the charger at ALL times or it dies Example: is the charger not got the "juice" to run the laptop by itself so it studders/skips..*** i dont know if this has anything to do with my problem but i ran "event viewer" and found this : The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:


Answer:Whole computer "studders"/"skips"/"lags" .. have event viewer report (PLEASE HELP)


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2250 @ 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 502 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 39723 MB, Free - 23484 MB; D: Total - 12684 MB, Free - 3633 MB;

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Hey guys, kinda new here, hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum section.

I'm not that super oriented with computers, I'll give it my best shot to explain what's going on here.

In short my PC just won't start. The light turns on, it boots up, and then I get a black screen with text referring to either "Start Up Repair (recommended)"


"Start windows normally"

If I choose start windows normally, it brings me to the black booting screen with the windows flag, then it proceeds to go back and restart the system, going back to the black screen. OR More likely it just stays stuck on the glowing windows flag.

This also occurs if I press F8 and go into safe mode. After listing all the components before going into safe mode, it simply restarts itself and goes right back to the black screen of the two choices.

If I select Start up repair, a grey loading bar appears below that on occasion freezes. If I manually reset the computer try it again, I get to a blue windows default background screen and the message

"Startup Repair
Your computer was unable to start
Startup repair is checking your system for problems...

If problems are found, Startup Repair will fix them automatically. Your computer might restart several times during this process.
No changes will be made to your personal files or information. This might take several minutes.

Searching for problems.. (this is beneath a blue bar that has been going on for at least... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 won't boot past "Starting Windows" possible hard drive issue

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My computer either freezes or slows to a crawl when I hit the "my computer" icon, or try to use the "send to:" option under files or when I try to save a file in a different folder other than the one currently displayed in the "save in" feature. Major geeks cured this problem for me in 2004, but I did not save the solution and cannot remember it now. Please help...again!

I use xp pro sp2; intel pentium 4a; 2.66ghz hd (1% left); 512ram


Answer:"My Computer", "send to:", "save in:" Functions slow or freeze computer

Go to the "Search" funtion (along the top in the same row as User CP, FAQ, Members list etc) on advanced search...type your name in the "search by user name" then click search now at the bottom..this will bring up your posts...

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I really need your help. I have exams coming up soon so need to get back on my computer as soon as possible. I have a notebook with windows XP. The model is Compaq mini CQ10-400.

When I switch the notebook on it displays the "BOOTMGR IS MISSING"... message. I cannot get on my computer passed that screen, apart from when I press escape after pressing Ctrl, Alt, Del. It gives me 4 options ... " F1 system information, F2 system diagnostics, F9 boot device options, F10 BIOS setup."

There is no disc drive so what should I do, and what is the easiest way to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:"BOOTMGR IS MISSING""PRESS Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

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I really need your help. I have exams coming up soon so need to get back on my computer as soon as possible. I have a notebook with windows XP. The model is Compaq mini CQ10-400.

When I switch the notebook on it displays the "BOOTMGR IS MISSING"... message. I cannot get on my computer passed that screen, apart from when I press escape after pressing Ctrl, Alt, Del. It gives me 4 options ... " F1 system information, F2 system diagnostics, F9 boot device options, F10 BIOS setup."

There is no disc drive so what should I do, and what is the easiest way to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:"BOOTMGR IS MISSING""PRESS Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

The only way to fix this is to use startup repair from the Windows XP CD.

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This problem started when I accidentally agreed to upgrade to Windows 10 which put that update in my queue. I subsequently cancelled the update but the upgrade remained. This was a problem for me because Windows 7 could not update itself while the Windows 10 update is in the queue and I have important third party software that won't let itself be installed on an un-updated computer. So I am stuck.

I called Microsoft and they were able to (after much time) get rid of the Windows 10 update. However they left me in a never-ending loop of "Restart your computer to install important updates" and my software still won't install. I spent another 2 days on the phone with Microsoft techs and they exhausted their tools and told me reinstalling Windows 7 was my only choice - trying to avoid that. I do have a restore point but it's back in May which is doable I guess but I've had bad luck with restore and am looking to solve this another way.

More details:
* Restarting from the prompt in Windows Update does nothing
* Clicking on check for updates tells me I have to restart first
* I have the original Windows disc that came with the computer, but it is a recovery DVD only and did not give me the option of repairing Windows Update.
* I ran scannow and SURT. Didn't work.
* I have not got any windows error codes
* The only update in my history is the KB947821 hotfix. Something the Microsoft techs did removed the other history
* I uploaded the SFC details file. The CBS... Read more

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Whenever I try to get updates I get the following message:
"Restart you computer to install important updates" and "Windows
can't update important files and services while the system is
using them. Save any open files and restart the computer, and
then try to check for new updates."
This is constant, never ends.
It may be related to the fact that I once clicked on getting
Windows 10 (download later) and realized that was a bad mistake,
because after that MS didn't give me any real choice: either do it
now, or do it in the next 72 hours! I tried to follow some advice
on various forums to get rid of this, but none of my attempts were successful.
I do NOT want Windows 10 right now, nor in the next 72 hours.
I apparently can no longer get updates, including security
updates, not absolutely sure. The one thing that is certain is
that I am getting this nag screen from "Windows Update" about
restarting my computer, which I have done a hundred times in
the past couple of days.
I need some help.
Thanks in advance.

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Few weeks ago my Gateway DX4300 displayed a dialogue box that stated, "Your Computer has detected a Trojan Horse Virus, Shutting down." It then shut down, as the message stated it would. No Biggy...figured the computer was doing what it was meant to do upon a security threat. Well, after a few minutes I tried restarting the computer, and nothing, no power, no lights, no noises, completely dead.

So...thus far, I have tested the PSU with the paper clip trick, and an actual PSU tester, and it works just fine, according to those 2 test. I have also replaced the motherboard, thinking for sure that had to be the problem, but of course not, still no power whatsoever. I then figured, maybe it is the power button itself, so I used a screwdriver to short the 2 power on switch pins, and nothing. I have also replaced the CMOS battery, tested multiple outlets, power cord is good, reseated all connections. Also tried jumping it by moving the jumper from pins 1 & 2 to 2 & 3. And still nothing...

I have no idea what to try next...any help would be greatly appreciated!

Was also wondering is there a Trojan Horse that can actually cause a complete power/system failure...tried googling it, couldn't find anything on it.

Computer Specs:
Gateway DX4300 | Vista Home Premium 64x | AMD Phenom 9750 Quad Core Processor | ATI Radeon 4650 GPU

Answer:PC won't restart after "Computer has Detected Trojan Horse Virus, Shutting Down"

I currently have this same thread in the "Memory and Power Supply" section. The individuals that have responded are all saying it is the PSU that is faulty. I will be acquiring a working PSU tomorrow evening to confirm that is the issue at hand. Once testing is complete, I will follow up with an update...

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Whenever I restart/reboot my computer, I ALWAYS get this "found new hardware" message for an ethernet controller. I was given the computer by my "boyfriend" (who's into the whole "hacking" deal) and quite honestly I have NO CLUE what's in it. I run Windows XP. Could someone please help me find out what's going on? Thanks!!!

Answer:"Found new hardward" message EVERYTIME I restart/reboot my computer WHY? PLEASE HELP!

closing duplicate, view this thread

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Dell Dimension E520. This is obviously a hardware problem as this error comes up as soon as the POST hands off to the hard disk.

On a cold boot, I get "Disk Read Error, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart your computer". Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del restarts the system and it always starts up and runs without incident after this point. Performance and everytng else is plenty acceptable and error free.

I have run Seatools on the Seagate hard disk and it passes all tests.

What is causing this error?

How can it be prevented?

Answer:"Disk Read Error, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart your computer"

The E5xx series has had numerous BIOS updates to fix things. Go here( ) type in your service tag number and add it to your favorites. In Downloads, see if there is a newer BIOS.

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i noticed that recently i haven't been getting my regular windows updates and now when i click on windows update via the control panel, it takes several minutes to load and then when it finally does, it comes up with a red x and the quote above in the
title. I tried opening windows defender as well and it said that it was turned off. i click turn on and it gives me a timeout error after about 2 minutes: 0x800705b4. One thing to note is that i recently got a virus on my computer about 2 weeks ago. According
to AVG it is gone but i have my doubts. i manually downloaded the Microsoft security essential definitions too because it wasn't updating for use and it is now working. The scan is currently in progress but i don't think ill find anything because i did the
same thing with AVG. I tried multiple things from threads like restarting the services and such but to no avail. Please help me, i'm desperate for a windows update. Ill provide any system information that is required for the solution.

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Greetings Seven Forums Gurus and apologies for the TL;DR nature of this post. Trying to put all the relevant information in.

So a problem has come up from a little old lady customer here. She got hit by the non-voluntary Windows 10 upgrade last week - caught it somewhere before it did the final install, and who knows what she did exactly, but before I got a chance to look at the computer she had somehow managed to revert to 7.

At that point I ran the GWX toolbox and canned the 10 upgrades but by then the damage was done, and the machine won't check for updates and won't stop saying it hasn't finished installing the last update.

Notice it says never checked for and never installed updates - these are probably as a result of some of the stuff I have tried. It also says "You receive updates - for Windows only" although there is no option on the settings page to check for other products' updates.

Incidentally I have also tried changing the settings to Never install updates and removing both check-marks - makes no difference.

Under Update History the only item listed is Hotfix for Windows KB947821 (that's the System Update Readiness Tool) which I ran manually today. If I click "check for updates" it very quickly pops up a little window to say "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because you must first restart the computer..." blah blah blah. Well it's been restarted more than a dozen times, with all the various things I've tried.

... Read more

Answer:"Restart your computer to install important updates" - ad infinitum

Hi Chris,
Try this for starters.

1. Close all the open windows.
2. Click the "Start" Button, click "All programs", and click "Accessories".
3. Right-click "Command Prompt" and click "Run as administrator".
4. In "Administrator: Command Prompt" window, type in " net stop WuAuServ " (without the quotes) and press Enter.
Note: Please look at the cmd window and make sure it says that it was successfully stopped before you try to rename the folder.
5. Click the "Start" Button, in the "Start Search" box, type in " %windir% " (without the quotes) and press Enter.
6. In the opened folder, look for the folder named "SoftwareDistribution".
7. Right-click on the folder, select "Rename" and type " Sdold " (without the quotes) to rename this folder.
8. Still in "Administrator: Command Prompt" window, type the command " net start WuAuServ " (without the quotes) in the opened window to restart the Windows Updates service.

Got acouple more things in the locker if it fails


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Whenever I try to get updates I get the following message:

"Restart you computer to install important updates" and "Windows
can't update important files and services while the system is
using them. Save any open files and restart the computer, and
then try to check for new updates."

This is constant, never ends.

It may be related to the fact that I once clicked on getting
Windows 10 (download later) and realized that was a bad mistake,
because after that MS didn't give me any real choice: either do
it now, or do it in the next 72 hours! I tried to follow some
advice on various forums to get rid of this, but none of my
attempts were successful.

I do NOT want Windows 10 right now, nor in the next 72 hours.

I apparently can no longer get updates, including security
updates, not absolutely sure. The one thing that is certain is
that I am getting this nag screen from "Windows Update" about
restarting my computer, which I have done a hundred times in
the past couple of days.

I need some help.

Thanks in advance.

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I just installed the free version of AVG on a Windows 2000 Professional. Upon finishing, I attmpted to check RoadRunner mail and received an error message that the server could not be connected. So, I rebooted and received an error message on a "blue screen of death" stating "STOP: c0000021a (Fatal System Error) Logon process system terminated unexpectedly with a status number of 0x00000080; and two more hex numbers of zeros. What say you????

Answer:Computer closed down with "Fatal System Error" with first restart!!

Hi Bill and Welcome to Major Geeks, I have moved your post from the "Welcome Forum" to the Software Forum because this is where it will get the attention it needs. Again Welcome to Major Geeks

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Whenever I restart/reboot my computer, I ALWAYS get this "found new hardware" message for an ethernet controller. I was given the computer by my "boyfriend" (who's into the whole "hacking" deal) and quite honestly I have NO CLUE what's in it. I run Windows XP. Could someone please help me find out what's going on? Thanks!!!

Sorry, I guess I should have put this in the HARDWARD bad!!!

Answer:Everytime I restart my computer, I get a "found new hardware" message...WHY???

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I have a Windows 7 x64 machine that is permanently stuck trying to install the same update.
I have followed various posts off of MS websites to rename SoftareDistribution etc. but none have helped.
HAve tried
1. Boot intoClean Boot Mode and try updating again.
2. Run the Microsoft Fixit and see how it works.

How do I reset Windows Update components?

3. Try System Update Readiness tool by referring toWhat is the System Update Readiness Tool?.
4. Run
System File Checker tool and see how it works.

The WindowsUpdateClient log posts the error 0x80070bc9

CBS log has the following:
2012-09-22 15:09:44, Info                  CBS    Session: 30251211_3937697323 initialized by client WindowsUpdateAgent.
2012-09-22 15:10:49, Info                  CBS    Session: 30251212_293967167 initialized by client WindowsUpdateAgent.
2012-09-22 15:10:49, Info                  CBS    Appl: detect Parent, Package: WUClient-SelfUpdate-ActiveX~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~7.6.7600.256, Parent: Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.0.6000.16386,
Disposition = Detect, VersionComp: EQ, ServiceComp: GE, BuildComp: GE, Distribut... Read more

Answer:Windows Update loops with a "Restart your computer to install important updates"

Thanks Alex
I had already tried the steps in the post you linked.
In the end I have had to reinstall Windows 7 over the top (keeping all settings) and this has fixed the issue with Windows Updates.
It is frustrating that I could not find a solution as I do not like glossing over the issues without first finding a solution but unfortunately it was not my pc and time was against me.
Thanks for all the replies.

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Last week I was going about my usual business on Photoshop when my computer screen flickers out and reappears with the BSOD. It restarts and shows me an error screen that says "Your computer was unable to restart" and "Attempting repairs", found here: Software Bloopers - Microsoft Windows 7 Pro - YouTube

After this screen shows up a few times over the course of an hour without resolution, I reinstall Windows 7 and reformat my computer. I had all my files backed up so it wasn't a problem. I didn't have any errors for a week when, just a little while ago, the same process happened where I BSOD'd again and got the same "Your computer was unable to restart" error. This time, however, the computer rebooted and took me back to the desktop. I BSOD'd one more time and it fixed itself again, but I'd like to get to the root of the problem. Attached is the error report and I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 on a 2 year old Alienware. Thanks so much for any help!

Answer:BSOD followed by "Your computer was unable to restart" error

I just reinstalled Windows 7 and reformatted and I'm still getting the BSOD. I did a new report, which is attached. Also, here's the error message I received on my desktop:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA8004FF3010
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 000000000000000D
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

I'm at the end of my rope - I don't know what else to try. Please help!

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Today i turned my computer on and for some reason i cant restart it( the shutdown/restart on the right bottom corner is locked) and my password is locked(cant write it). Can someone help?

Answer:Cant write password and restart my computer both "locked"

What about Power from the Start button?

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This just happened. I'm sitting at the computer and no warning, no weird sound, it shuts down. Took me a minute to realize what had happened, I thought it had just gone to sleep. Saw power button dark so turned machine back on. POST looked normal, then it didn't boot. Just a command line of "grub rescue". I tried some grub commands, i.e., boot - but they didn't work. ls was the only command that worked. Does anyone have any ideas? Is this a hard drive crash?

Answer:Computer shut down by itself, on restart all I see is "grub rescue"

Maybe a Linux forum might be a more useful place to ask?

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Windows explorer seems to be crashing every time I close the explorer window. I have run a virus scan, spy ware scan (NOD32 & MalwareBytes, SpyBot) but it doesnt show anything out of the ordinary.

The information from the event viewer is:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Application Error
Event Category: (100)
Event ID: 1000
Date: 18/12/2008
Time: 4:36:45 p.m.
User: N/A
Computer: 1F6AA847F9
Faulting application explorer.exe, version 6.0.2900.5512, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x023116ce.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 Applicat
0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c ion Fail
0010: 75 72 65 20 20 65 78 70 ure exp
0018: 6c 6f 72 65 72 2e 65 78 lorer.ex
0020: 65 20 36 2e 30 2e 32 39 e 6.0.29
0028: 30 30 2e 35 35 31 32 20 00.5512
0030: 69 6e 20 75 6e 6b 6e 6f in unkno
0038: 77 6e 20 30 2e 30 2e 30 wn 0.0.0
0040: 2e 30 20 61 74 20 6f 66 .0 at of
0048: 66 73 65 74 20 30 32 33 fset 023
0050: 31 31 36 63 65 116ce

The crashing seemed to start after I installed a free burning application Burn4free, which is now uninstalled. It may or may not be related, I dont know.

I have cleared all applications in MSCONFIG and stopped all unnessicary services but the crashing still happens. Windows explorer is also crashing occasionally when I close firefox. Any ideas?

EDIT: I just tried running a repair from the XP install disk and it didnt make any differenc... Read more

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Hi. Whenever I'm asked if I wish to shut down and reboot now (after, say, uninstalling a program), I say 'yes'. More often than not, however, my restart only gets as far as the 'enter BIOS' screen (is that the POST screen?). To proceed, I have to press the reset button next to my main 'On' button.

Can anyone suggest why this is? Mine's is a new self-build which I'm very proud of bar this wee glitch...

My thanks in advance of any guidance offered.

Answer:"Restart computer now?" - fails to restart

This post is about a similar problem:
System hangs on soft start. Cold boot works fine - Prebuilt - Systems

A BIOS update fixed the booting but it was not without hassles. You might check if there's a BIOS update for your motherboard. Also see if there's a way to go back to how it is currently if the update fails. There's always some risk with these firmware updates.

Edit: But I'm a software guy. Hang on and see if you get better answers from some of the hardware gurus here.

Edit2: as a work-around, when you don't need to use the installed program right away, click to decline the reboot. Most of the time it's rebooting to let go of files used during the install and will just delete them prior to log on. Some programs actually need the reboot to work. But if a warm boot consistently works from the Start Menu you may save the risk of a BIOS update. Unless it's another issue. But I suspect it's a BIOS glitch.

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I have a AMD Athalon64 3500+ CPU in a PCChips A15G GeForce 6100 Motherboard There is 1GB Cucial PC5400 DDR2 667GHz RAM A clean install of Windows XP Pro SP3 installed. The issue I am having is that when I click on restart, the computer just shuts off. I'm sure that its a fix or a setting, I just haven't had any luck finding it. Any suggestions?

Answer:Computer shuts down when you click "Restart"

Emmett1885 said:

I have a AMD Athalon64 3500+ CPU in a PCChips A15G GeForce 6100 Motherboard There is 1GB Cucial PC5400 DDR2 667GHz RAM A clean install of Windows XP Pro SP3 installed. The issue I am having is that when I click on restart, the computer just shuts off. I'm sure that its a fix or a setting, I just haven't had any luck finding it. Any suggestions?Click to expand...

Start - Control Panel - Power Options - Power Options Properties. Here change the one is giving you the "problem". Let us know!!!

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When I do a "restart", on the computer screen I could see "log out", a few seconds later, "shutdown." At this point, the system stalls at "shutdown." I waiting for over 5 minutes, and it was still stalled at "shutdown." What is the Problem?

To continue working with my computer, at the ""Shut down stall", I remove the power cord from my computer. About a minute later, I reconnect my power cord and click the power button. After that there is no problem. Except when I do a "Restart."

Answer:During "Restart", my computer stalls at Shutdown

check task manager settings,available memory, cpu usage before you restart
some times devices and applications can cause problems also check the power management settings

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I thought I was computer savvy until this problem came up. When I double click my computer, recycle bin, control panel, etc, the hourglass comes up for a few seconds, goes off, and nothing else. No error messages or anything, just nothing. I have viewed a few of the threads covering this and a common link was the hijack this result. I have posted that here, and really hope that someone can help me with this. I have run SpyBotSD and adaware, I have run mutiple virus scans, I did an SFC, and the final thing was to repair windows using the original disk, none of which has help. I am running Window XP w/SP2. Any other suggestions would be certainly appreciated. Hope to here from someone soon. MTCS, out.

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\DefWatch.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\Rtvscan.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Toolbox2.0\Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps\Toolbox\StatusClient\StatusCl... Read more

Answer:I cannot open "my computer" "control panel" "recycle bin", etc...

You may want to reinstall the operating system.

Backupthe files that are importantto you before you reinstall.

The "New" installation will overwrite the current one

If you do not format your hard drive before the reinstall the installation should not harm your files (That's why I suggest backingup your files) and will speed up the installation process.

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Ok, so basically, whenever I turn the computer on, 3 error messages appear:

- A virtual driver failed to inicialize DLL. Chose close to end the program. H:/Windows/system32/code/pRee.exe

- A virtual driver failed to inicialize DLL. Chose close to end the program. H:/Windows/system32/code/pRee1.exe

- Error loading H:/Archiv~/GBPLUG~/gbiehcef.dll. Couldn't find specific module.

(sorry if some terms are incorrect, my computer is in Spanish, to I tried to translate as best as possible)

Please help me solve this terrible problem, it is really getting me on my nerves! (oh, and if this helps, I've recently donwloaded this so called "Limewire acceleration", and whenever I ran the setup, it didn't work. I don't really remember the name of the website I downloaded it from, sorry...)

Answer:Can't Open "My Documents", "Trash" or other files in "My Computer"!?

Hi and Welcome to the forum

I am almost certain that you have malware problems. Most like caused by you doing file sharing/ P2P - Limewire.

Suggest that you go here and follow the directions:

Please be advised that the malware people are very busy and it could take a couple days to assist you.


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When attempting to restart through the "start/shutdown" screen, the system begins to restart then hangs on the first few lines, right after "detecting IDE drives". When I cold boot, I get the same hang, but it does work 1 out of 10 tries. Please help, what test can I try, what log would you like.



Answer:2000 hangs on "restart", does "Reboot" 1 in 10 tries

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Hi,I turned my notebook (Acer) and get this message : ntldr is missing press any key to restartThen, I change the boot order to boot from CD and insert Window XP installation disk.  I still get the same message.Does it mean the hard disk crashed including CD/DVD ROM or other related problem?Appreicate anyone could help me on this issue.Thanks.notebook_user

Answer:"ntldr is mssing", "press any key to restart"

Can you be sure you saved the new bios setting before exiting?

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System: Acer Aspire one netbook.
Win XP home ed. SP3

Synopsis of issue:
Got this comp. from my company for a new line of work I started. Was "deep frozen" when I got it and was useless to me in that state. Got it thawed and it suddenly wanted to do loads of updates, so I let it. Apparently I was not careful enough & got the "XP antivirus 2012" malware.

Eventually conquered that beast and installed avira free. almost immediately avira picked up on the "html/infected win.gen2" malware. I quarantined, deleted, scanned comp. w. avira, rkill, & malwarebytes. all scans came up clean but I now have no connectivity. wired conn. continually tries to acquire network address and w.less has limited or no....

Not my router or modem as I have 2 home comps actively cnctd as I type this. Also tried multiple other networks w. same neg. results.

After loads of searching and t/s'ing I believe I have found the root of the problem: When I look under "services" I found that "netbios helper", "Network Location Awareness" & "dhcp client" are all not started.

Trying to start them results in failure b/c some "dependencies are marked for deletion". the afore-mentioned 3 things are dependent upon the Netbios over tcpip and tcpip protocol driver.

Those drivers are in the system32/drivers folder but I cannot find a "non plug and play" section in the device manager. Yes, I looked under ... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] No Connectivity after "infected win.gen2" and "XP antivirus 2012" issues

Hello Gunnersfan13,

I do see the problem and I'll have to ask you to please stop any more action on your part to resolve this yourself or you'll make my job that much more difficult. :)

You are still very much infected with ZAccess. I need to see the dds.txt. (You posted, and attached, only the Attach.txt produced by dds.scr)

Run dds.scr again, and post the contents of the dds.txt.


Next, open Notepad and copy/paste the contents inside the quote box below, into Notepad.


regedit /a afdexport.txt "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\currentcontrolset\Services\AFD"
notepad afdexport.txt

Save this as afdexport.bat Choose to "Save type as - All Files"

Double click on the .bat file & allow it to run. Then post the log which it produces


Also, download SystemLook from one of the links below and transfer it to your desktop.

Download Mirror #1
Download Mirror #2Double-click SystemLook.exe to run it.
Copy the content of the following codebox into the main textfield:


Click the Look button to start the scan.
When finished, a notepad window will open with the results of the scan. Please post this log in your next reply.
Note: The log can also be found at on your Desktop entitled SystemLook.txt

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I'm running windows 7 on a 1 year old PC, and use windows live mail as my mail program of choice. oddly enough, WLM sometimes eats my emails, only showing a portion of them. this is NOT the issue where images are hidden: more often than not, it's the text or body of the email. and they can be from any number of sources; personal emails from regular contacts, or even the generic group messages, like from twitter and facebook.

that's how they look, whether i view them inside the program or double click on them to have their own window. however, the emails come through fine via webmail or my phone, just not in WLM, where the text is hidden.

any ideas...?

if it helps trigger any ideas, this seems to happen to specific addresses (like, all twitter emails, or all emails from my friend karl) instead of just every email.

Answer:windows live mail "eats" my emails (not the "hidden images" issue)

bump worthy..?

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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

Answer:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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So I wanna do a factory reset on my computer and every time I try to start it it says "failed to restart the computer (Windows cannot restart the computer into the Windows Recovery Environment to complete the recovery operation) and I'm just really annoyed cus I can't reset my computer in anyway. I'm desperate after help or to fix this cus I really need to reset my computer...

All help would be appreciated, thanks.

(I'm using a Windows 7 so you know)

Answer:"Failed to restart the computer"

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First of all


My computer will not "warm" boot or "restart" without displaying the error message "system boot error - install system disk and hit enter". I have to manually turn off the computer power switch (located on back of tower) - turn back on and then press "power" button located on front of tower. Now when "shutting" down windows 2000 - I am able to boot back up without incident but when installing new software/hardware, etc. and I am instructed to "restart" computer - I have to go thru the whole process of manually turning off the main power switch on back of tower - turning it back on and then pressing the "power" button on front of tower. Is it possible that this issue/problem is affecting my new software/hardware installation processes (I have been encountering A LOT of problems with this issue!!)?!? Would you be willing and able to share any hints with me as to what exactly I can do to eliminate this problem??? I thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

Answer:Computer "Restart" error msg

I had this ame problem with a friends computer I fixed it by recovery disks that were made with the computer.
If you dont mind losing any info on your computer then run your system recovery disks
I tried running the windows system recovery disks and that did not work I litterly had to use the 7 recovery disks to fix the problem
Maybe someone else may have a better option
But am sorry that is all I have as the fix.

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Hi, i was simply surfing through ESPN and youtube when I realized that my Laptop (Gateway NV79) was running quite slowly and then after a while it completely froze. I couldn't do anything, nothing i did would work . So unfourtunantly i had to hard shutdown it.
And here's what happened after i rebooted it, It comes up with two options
1. Start Startup Repair(Recommended)
2. Start Windows Normally

-I go to "Start windows Normally" and it goes to boot up normally, but then after the Windows 7 logo appears it just stays there and nothing happens
-I go Launch Startup Repair and it says loading files, but then it goes to a black screen with the logo Micosoft Corporation and nothing happens

-I tried F8 advanced boot but it doesnt do anything
-I tried safe mode with networking, it says loading files and please waitt but even after 10 mins it just stays the same
-I dont have win 7 CD
Please assist me if you can I am in dire need.

Answer:My computer wont get past the windows 7 "starting windows" screen

I think I would run memory and hard drive diagnostics. Maybe included in your BIOS (Setup) or Recovery partition or set of Recovery DVDs tools. Memtest86+ is a popular test. The hard drive manufacturer usually has the best diagnostics for it.

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I have an issue with the "Velocity Scale" under "Brush Tracking" in Painter X while using my Wacom Intuos 3. My Wacom Properties are set to the the default. All of the other scales in "Brush Tracking" are pretty dynamic all across the board but the "Velocity Scale" only moves between 0 and 3. I managed to get it up to 4 one time but I don't know how. It looks like it should be able to reach 100 and the farthest its gone up to is 4.

What does this mean? What is the "Velocity Scale"? Is it supposed to be acting this way or is my pen or tablet broken? If so, is there anything I can do to fix it?

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The files in one of my folders aren't showing up. It's only that specific folder that is having problem. Whenever I try to access it, no files show up even though there are clearly files in it (Properties say 20.5 GB). And it will always stuck at "not responding"

This is what it looks like:

I've found a possible solution but since it deals with command prompt, I want to make sure I don't make things worse. I need to know what exactly the following command does:

attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*, in which g is the drive letter.

This video: says it reveals hidden folders but I'm not sure if it's relates to my problem exactly since Properties doesn't have "Hidden" checked. It only has "Read-Only" checked under the General tab.

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Hi, I've hit a problem with Windows XP, I've looked around and I haven't been able to find anywhere which offers a potential solution, so I really hope somebody here can help!

This hit my computer without warning, I switched it on this morning and it worked as normal, I was using Google Chrome, in order to browse websites that were free of spyware (the Guardian at time of crash) all of a sudden things started to freeze up. I restarted the computer, and now a lot of programs are refusing to open - Microsoft Office, among others, states "Error: There Are No More Files", whilst other programs such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer state "Attempt to Access From Invalid Address", even when I am running them from their root folders.

As I've stated I am running a Dell Latitude 830 with Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (2.00GHz, 2M L2 Cache, 800MHz) Dual Core, 1.0GB, DDR2-667 SDRAM, 2 DIMMS, Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 and am obviously using Windows XP. I have scanned my system with Avast Antivirus, which didn't state that there were any viruses, so I am stuck as to what exactly the problem is.

Thanks for reading! I really hope that somebody can help..

Answer:"There Are No More Files"/"Attempt To Access From Invalid Address" Issue

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Hi, I've looked all over the internet in attempt to find a solution to a problem that's just affected my computer, and I haven't been able to find anything that relates specifically to the problem I'm encountering.

This hit my computer without warning, I switched it on this morning and it worked as normal, all of a sudden things started to freeze up. I restarted the computer, and now a lot of programs are refusing to open - Microsoft Office, among others, states "Error: There Are No More Files", whilst other programs such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer state "Attempt to Access From Invalid Address", even when I am running them from their root folders.

I am running a Dell Latitude 830 with Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (2.00GHz, 2M L2 Cache, 800MHz) Dual Core, 1.0GB, DDR2-667 SDRAM, 2 DIMMS, Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 and am obviously using Windows XP. I have scanned my system with Avast Antivirus, which didn't state that there were any viruses, so I am stuck as to what exactly the problem is.

I'd really appreciate some help in figuring out what has happened, thankyou so much for your time in reading this!

Answer:"There Are No More Files"/"Attempt To Access From Invalid Address" Issue

I am having the same problem on the same exact hardware. i don't think it could be a hardware issue, but i could be wrong. i have tried repairing windows with no success. i'm thinking the only option is to reinstall windows completely.

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Hello All,

I started a few weeks ago on the PowerShell programing and I got my answer from here only. So am putting up the error that I am getting now to get some help again.

Scenario : I wrote a script that checks a Folder on a server and counts the number of files in it.Then when it finds the resulting number to be more then a specific value(threshold) it sends up a mail to the required alias. To break it all along the portion to send a mail is generated through DBmail using another .PS1 file.

In the PS1 file containing the main checking of number of files I am trying to pass 2 parameters :

1. Folder path on the server
2. the Threshold value of number of files

Now when I created a job to run this powershell script as :

& "C:\PowerShell\Power.PS1" \\XXXX\\c$\Documents and Settings\ABC\Local Settings\Temp 10

IT fails with the error :

A job step received an error at line 1 in a PowerShell script. The corresponding line is '& "C:\PowerShell\Power.ps1" \\XXXX\\c$\Documents and Settings\ABC\Local Settings\Temp 10'. Correct the script and reschedule the job. The error information returned by PowerShell is: 'Cannot convert value "and" to type "System.Int32". Error: "Input string was not in a correct format." '. Process Exit Code -1. The step failed.

I really can not move forward on this.

Please help.

Answer:PowerShell issue ('Cannot convert value "and" to type "System.Int32")

Just to add for reference Below is the code for the Power.Ps1 file that I have used :


[string] $directory_string,
[int] $benchmark


[int]$directory_file_count = 0

# check that the directory exists.
$does_directory_exist = (Test-Path $directory_string)

# if it does, then continue
if ($does_directory_exist)

# Check for the number of files on the directory
$directory_file_count = (get-childitem $directory_string -name -recurse).count

# If number of files exceeds the limit, send mail to notify

if($directory_file_count -gt $benchmark)
& "C:\Powershell\DB_mail.ps1"
$subject= "XXXX"
$body= "XXXX"



& "C:\Powershell\DB_mail.ps1"
$subject= "XXXX"
$body= "XXXX "

& "C:\Powershell\DB_mail.ps1"
$subject = "XXXX"
$body = " XXXX"

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I am running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, on an Acer lap top PC.

I have several folders full of .mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. To do this I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

The two new columns appear, but the format of the "Duration" column appears to be "hours:minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03" for most .mp3's, when what I want to see is 'hours:minutes:seconds", e.g. "00:03:45".

This also happens for video files (.avi files), e.g. all my episodes of "Heroes" (sad, I know) have a duration of "00:42" instead of "00:42:xx".

Here are two pictures showing the problem with the .mp3's. The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as "Hours:Minutes":

The second picture is of the properties window of the first .mp3 in the list above:

I copied some .mp3 files to another (old) PC on my home network, and it displayed the duration field correctly:

Also, the properties window correctly shows the duration also:

I'm not the only person to have this problem. I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago. That person also has the same problem with the duration field.

The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source... Read more

Answer:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!

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Hi there,

I'm using Windows XP SP3. I'm having a good deal of trouble with both "Win32/Cryptor", "Packed.Monder" amongst others. AVG is also reporting "Trojan Horse Backdoor.Genericll.AJFO" and "Trojan Horse Rootkit-Pakes.M".

The main problem I am having is that when running in normal mode, my computer is suddenly restarting without warning!

Before this happens, typically AVG will become aware of about 3 - 6 sudden instances of infection - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\braviax.exe (cryptor) or C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ntfs.sys (rootkit-pakes) among others. And then the computer will surely restart.

Here is what I did before running DDS and GMER.

Firstly I ran a full scan in AVG (while in safe mode). I have the log of this if you need it.

After this, I ran AVG again, it removed 10 infections - I rebooted my computer and then installed the Malwarebites Anti-Malware scanner, updated it, renamed the .exe file and ran a quick scan which removed
a host of other infections.

After this, my computer wasn't restarting anymore, but I'm nearly certain the viruses are still around. In fact, I think it might have something to do with the fact that I'm disconnected from the internet now.

Here is what DDS gives me now:

DDS (Ver_09-07-30.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Owner at 20:26:17.59 on 16/08/2009
Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.5512
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.3070.2553 [GMT 1:00]

AV: AVG... Read more

Answer:"Win32/Cryptor", "Packed.Monder" Issues

BUMP please! Sorry guys. My computer has been out action for days!

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I cannot get to the "run" application. i cannot fins the add/remove programs, disappeared from control panel. and it denies me access to things bc it says i am not the administrator when i am. also, my windows update thing always says i have 11 new updates to install even after i installed them. every time i startup or shutdown it takes forever saying it's updating the computer stage 1..2...3. here's the log from hjt:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:41:00 PM, on 10/21/2008
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16711)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\XPSMiniViewGadget\XPSMiniViewGadget.exe
C:\Program Files\Sigmatel\C-Major Audio\WDM\sttray.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAAnotif.exe
C:\Program Files\SetPoint\LBTWiz.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy\Volume Panel\VolPanlu.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Works\WkDetect.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bin\sprtcmd.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTi... Read more

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not sure where should post this ..

so iv been experiencing some problems lately with downloading from megaupload and here's what the IE8 says.

solutions i tried and did not work:

-turn off windows firewall/router firewall
-open the tcp 800 port on router
-enable DMZ
-turn off antivirus
-reset router

im really pissed and any thoughts are welcome

Answer:"a firewall" is blocking "mdbs_daemon" (issues with downloading from MU)

Type "telnet 800" from your command prompt and see if you can connect. If you can, then maybe you should try a different web browser.

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Made a HUGE mistake, messed with the settings under "My Computer" > "Manage" > "Services> and also the "Local Users". Now having trouble, can not see my "Start and Task Bar", the "windows"+ ''e" is no longer working.

How can I restore the Services & the Local Users account without having to reinstall my whole computer? I am afraid I will loose lots of files... I do not remember what exactly I changed, but some of the "Services" I changed to "disable" now when I try to open properties and change them back, I am unable. The right click to get to properties is not working.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Answer:How to restore the defaults for "services" under "My Computer" > "Manage>

I am not sure about the "quick" way of restoring, but what you can do is go back to services, "RIGHT-CLICK" the white area select "HELP" then the third option is "Default settings for services"

you can see what the default was and manually restore it. I have tried to copy and paste it below


Service Startup Type Log On As Additional information
Alerter Manual Local Service
Application Layer Gateway Manual Local Service
Application Management Manual Local System
Automatic Updates Automatic Local System
ClipBook Manual Local System
COM+ Event System Manual Local System
COM+ System Application Manual Local System
Computer Browser Automatic Local System
Cryptographic Services Automatic Local System
DHCP Client Automatic Local System
Distributed Link Tracking Client Automatic Local System
Error Reporting Automatic Local System
Event Log Automatic Local System
Help and Support Automatic Local System
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Manual Local System
Internet Connection Sharing Manual Local System
IPSec Services Automatic Local System
Logical Disk Manager Automatic Local System
Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service Manual Local System
MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Manual Local System
Net Logon Automatic Local System
NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing Manual Local System
Network Connections Manual Local System
... Read more

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Answer:"msvcr80.dll is missing from your computer." WindowsUpdate_00000643" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"


Please share more information with us, when did you found this iussue? what action are you doing when you found this issue?
Plese first refer to this KB, does it fit this issue?
NET Framework update installation error: "0x80070643" or "0x643"
More information will be appreciate.
TechNet Community Support

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So I start to encode my DVD's using Ipod Videora Converter the other day so I can put them on my new Ipod Classic. The system I am using was built in 2004 and has been pretty steady to this point *specs for this system are listed in my sig*. Well, I start to have some issues with my encoding (ffmpeg.exe errors) that I suspect may be heat related so i take the side panel off of my case. Well, after that i manage to successfully encode a few files and it seems that the increased airflow helped.

i start up the system yesterday and I get an error that says the overclocking of my CPU failed (I had overclocked it way back in 2004 when I built the system) - so I select "Reset to Default Settings" and continue on to Windows. Well, then the random restarts begin - often the system will not even make it to displaying the desktop before it restarts - I have left it off for a few hours and then retried it and actually made it to the desktop in time to quickly start backing up files, etc. It usually gives me a few minutes before rebooting again, but the computer obviously is having serious issues with either heat, CPU, or the PSU. I monitored the heat when I got the comp to get to the desktop earlier today, but the CPU appeared to be within normal range (~45) and it still rebooted quickly on me. Just prior to the issues above I ran MemTest (when Videora was having issues) and the memory showed no errors. The system does need a cleaning (it has quite a bit of dust), but I&#... Read more

Answer:Need help diagnosing random restart issues

Hey mind expansion,

Random restarts/shutdowns are quite difficult to diagnose. Had this problem myself a year ago.I Don't know whether this is an overclocking issue as I don't do overclocking.
However, first of all I think you'd need to rule out software by formatting if, of course you have a chance to back up your needed files first. A fresh installation of Windows would show whether this is software related.
Then we move on to hardware. In my case the problem was the Psu not giving enough juice on the 12v rail (only 10A). Now I have a Tagan600W with 48A on the 12v. And before
you mention it, I got random restarts/shutdowns after about 2months of use. So it can be
this did not happen right from the beginning when you built your rig.
As to memory, running memtest (I did a hundred times) is quite a secure way of ruling it out. Heat could be an issue, however after a cold boot it's quite strange you get a sudden restart and if you get 45c (presuming this is a correct value), I don't think you have a problem there.
My guess is this either the PSU, the GPU or the CPU. Unfortunately the only way to find out is by removing them and placing new ones. This is what I did and this is how I found out it was the PSU. If you have access or if you can borrow some spares, i suggest you do that.
Hope I've been of help. I had the exact same problem as you and this is how I solved it.
I'm not an expert though.


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A while back my taskbar in win 7 started jumping up and down rapidly whenever it isn't just my desktop displayed. I've updated my video drivers (AMD) but that didn't solve the problem.

It even happen when I am playing a full screen game - at least the area at the bottom where the task bar would be flickers. That makes it hard to read text that sometimes shows up in the bottom of the screen in games.

It looks like the task bar is going up and down rapidly. I took some video and posted it since video is worth millions of words:

Is happens randomly even if I'm not doing anything but it always happens as I type or move the cursor across the address bar. It's very annoying. Any ideas?

I've tried locking the task bar and autohiding it - didn't fix it. If I move the taskbar to the right side of the screen - the bottom area where the taskbar is normally in still flickers.

Answer:weird taskbar "flicker" "jumping" issue

Sounds like it's a video card failure, then. This isn't something that happens normally. Probably memory corruption/failure or something similar.

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I need help. The last 6 months have been one thing after another. Most resent to join the circus are ads playing even when I do not have an internet browser up and when I do plays over other things I may be watching or doing.
My home page search options change on own (trovi. Bing), search program and other various programs self start-up or randomly when the computer is powered on. I now HATE Bing.
I get pop-ups at start-up that say a config. error occurred and others. I think all started when my son downloaded his games via a program called steam. They have been uninstalled but still having issues.
I completely got rid of Modzilla... Crome & IE are what I am using but both have ad issues (no extensions /add-ons show) when I try to follow the instructions to get rid of ads. Example: CouponDropDown ... It is also not showing in programs list.​
Don't know where to start and can't afford these "Geek" prices. Can anyone help.

Answer:Audio Ad w/o Browser, other random online computer issues...i cant afford a "Geek"

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I'm in deep crap. Basically I was doing research on my work computer. It required me downloading some files as samples. End result is I downloaded some file and now my computer is all *** backwards.

Dell Precision M2300
WinXP Pro
4gb Ram
2.5ghz Dual Core Processor

Symptom 1: I get a Google Installer error when booting up.

Symptom 2: When in IE or Firefox, I get redirected to "" and overall piss poor browsing. Sometimes it works perfectly, other times its slow and awful. I'm assuming based on my research I'm getting all of my packets passed through a proxy before they get to where they are supposed to.

Symptom 3: I can't install/use any virus software. They've all been disabled. I either can't access the websites or can't run the applications. To install HiJackthis I had to grab an older version, drag and drop it from another computer. I was able to install Spybot S&D, it "runs", but it won't scan. I can't get the Malbytes application to even think about installing. It's ridiculous. I know I can install software because I've installed other applications.

Symptom 4: The computer boots up like crap. It takes about 4-5 times to boot up. Once its up, the speed is fine. No real issues in "other applications."

Symptom 5: I can't go to any restore points. The "next" button acts dead. No errors or anyth... Read more

Answer:Searches go to "" GoogleInstaller Error, Computer boot issues, DEATH

Re: Searches go to "" GoogleInstaller Error, Computer boot issues, D

I will pay someone to walk me through fixing this problem.

PM me for contact information.Click to expand...

Not necessary If you appreciate what we do here you can take a look at the great clothing range JINX

Now tell me, you mentioned not being able to Run MBAM and other applications but what about the below:

Were you able to run any of those? I can take a look at your HJT log but it really isn't going to help with the bigger picture!

If you were/are successful in running the aforementioned programs whose logs are required before I can help you then please attach the logs they created in your next response and we'll see what can be done.

Also try this to try and help with your browser redirection problems.:

Using GooRedFix


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Hi all,

So this problem seemed to have started after I pulled a flash drive out that was using Readyboost (pulled out while the computer was off). Since then, I always get the "Failed to connect to a windows service" error showcased in this image: ( My task bar was also turned gray a la Windows 98 style and I'm not able to get it back. In general, I've noticed a much slower boot and a much slower time switching between tasks on the computer. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post all of this but I thought I'd do it anyway.

I'll attach the files and answer any questions that might follow..pretty sure I do have access to the boot disks as well though it's been awhile since I've completely re installed Windows

DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86 MINIMAL
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.5.1
Run by Paul at 18:43:58 on 2012-08-31
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.3582.2550 [GMT -7:00]
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {9765EA51-0D3C-7DFB-6091-10E4E1F341F6}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Outdated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {2C040BB5-2B06-7275-5A21-2B969A740B4B}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
c:\Program Files... Read more

Answer:"Failed to connect to a windows service" problem, plus computer boot issues

Bump.. I'd just like to know if anything is wrong with the computer and if it's safe to use.. perhaps I'm a bit paranoid

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I'm running Windows XP with SP2 on my Toshiba Satellite A55-1064. I've had it for about a year and three months. I previously had to restore it back to its factory settings in about January or February of this year. Since then, I've been consistent about running Ad-Aware, Virus Scan (using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0) and cleaning programs (DCleaner, ATF Cleaner, CCleaner) once a week. I try to defragment the drive once a month too. However, I don't have Automatic Updates activated since that's how my laptop got messed up the first time. And honestly, I haven't done it since.

Lately, I've been having trouble getting into "My Computer." It will load my folder, but when I try to use the "Back" or "Up" buttons, the screen goes entirely blank and the flashlight appears as Windows Explorer begins searching for files. I've let it go for several minutes, and it still continues searching. When I try to close it, I have to go through the Task Manager. When it finally closes, my desktop goes blank momentarily, and my taskbar reloads.

After this occurs, my taskbar no longer has the button that is visible when your options are set to hide inactive icons, even though my settings are set for that. Picture files (.jpg, .png, etc.) are inaccessible or take a very long while to load. I have my screen saver set to display images from a certain folder, and when it tries to start, I get a message saying that there are ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Trouble with Taskbar & "My Computer" Issues

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I have Corsair K60 keyboard that doesn't come with Restart and/or Shutdown buttons. Is there a way I can assign a Restart and Shutdown command/function/shortcut to a key/button of my preference or a combination of keys? I could use a rarely or never-used button like "Pause/Break" for this purpose. If it is possible, please let me know how to do it!


Answer:"Restart PC" & "Shutdown PC" buttons?

I don't have that keyboard so I'm not sure if this can be done, but you could try assigning a program (more specifically, a batch file) to a key(s).
create a batch file with this command: shutdown /r /f /t 0 (this will restart the pc)
to shutdown, substitute the r with an s.

PM me or reply to the thread if you need more specific instructions in creating the batch file(s).

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Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1e
BCP2: FFFFF80000BA04E0
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

Answer:Need help Diagnosing "BCCode: 1e"

Please follow: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Alright, so I have some difficulty figuring out how exactly to describe this problem, so I'll give it my best shot.

Ever since I installed Windows 7 on my new(ish) desktop computer (I used to be using Vista), I've been having a very irritating problem. When I'm away from my computer and its idling in its blank screensaver, I will often hear the sound of 1) that "bump" sound when speakers are shut off suddenly, 2) the lack-of-sound when the fans/drives momentarily stop spinning, then after a few seconds I hear the fans/drives start spinning again while the monitor pops out of its screensaver and back to the desktop. It is not completely rebooting, but I'm not sure how else to describe what it is doing.

At this time, if I have any external drives connected the computer will pop up the "What do you want to do with this drive?" prompt like it was just plugged in, as well as my iTunes no longer recognizes my iPod unless I unplug it entirely and plug it back in.

It occurs at random times (or at least I haven't found a pattern), with the only real constant being that it occurs when I have been away from my computer for a while (and unfortunately for my diagnosing/troubleshooting efforts, am not paying a whole lot of attention to it).

So, what might be happening here? Although I did build the computer, I'm not as much of an expert as I wish I was. My first thought that it might be a motherboard issue, since I was accidently using a Vista driver after i... Read more

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Hello, i have a problem with C and D drives.when i open "My Computer" i can see only my documents and shared documents(i cannot see C and D drives) and about shut down option in start menu is also unavailible. i cant see it also as the C and D drives in "My Computer". i cant even see it in task manager. Please help me. what should i do ?

Answer:Issue with C,D drives in "My Computer" and with a shut down option in start menu

try this.
go to run
type gpedit.msc
click ok
in the tree go to
User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer

in the right window look for 'Hide these specified drives in My Computer'
properties on that item and see if that has been tampered with

If that doesn't work try running regedit and go to

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer]

and check if "NoViewOnDrive" is there, if so delete it

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I have a computer in the lounge which doesn't have an internet connection so the specs on my profile do NOT match the computer in question.

Basically, the computer has an AMD 6 Core processor, 8GB of DDR3 memory a single harddrive and a dvd drive, if I go into the bios and then choose save and exit on normal computer it saves and restarts but this one saves and powers down and then does nothing which pretty much rules out the operating system being the problem.

If I turn the computer off and then tell it to restart it will turn off but it doesn't start back up...

What could be the problem and how can I test/check the system to see whats the matter?

Any ideas would be much appreciated
- Ryan

Answer:Restart doesn't actually restart nor does "Save and Exit" when in BIOS

Is there a bios update available?

Have you tried updating it?

Any other problems with the system at all?

Questions on the above questions I asked you? Please ask

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I have searched to see if this was asked before without any success. Maybe someone has run into this problem before.
When I open "my computer" or "control panel" after I close automatically goes into Internet Explorer as a blank page. Most of the time, when I close the IE blank stops responding and I have the control-alt-delete to "end the program"
Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:closing "my computer" or "Control Panel" open internet explorer window

Possibly malware - anything openning ie on its own raises an alarm in my books. Post a HJT log to the malware removal section of the forum and let the experts take a look at it

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The hard drive is a Western Digital 320 GB that I've had plugged into this computer before (and worked). Then i got a virus and had to do a recovery of windows.

Ever since then I can't get windows to recognize/show it in my computer. I just "disabled" and "enabled" it in device manager to no effect. I have a C, D, and E drive which are: two partitions on the hard drive, and then the CD drive (respectively).

So i'm stuck, not sure where to proceed since it's obviously not the hard drive itself, I use it on my xbox all the time. What next?

Answer:External Hard Drive doesn't show up in "my computer" but does in "device manager"

Does it show in Disk Management ? ?
Right clik My Manage...then Disk Management.
Find the drive...right clik it and select Properties.
Report back with your findings.

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I just signed up as a member here so please bear with me if I don't quite know the "culture" here yet. Anyway, I have a problem (more like an annoyance), that I am hoping someone might have experience with and can help me fix it.

I have a pop-up message that comes up everytime I start up my computer that says...
"Restarting your computer is required. The computer must be restarted before updating can continue. Would you like to restart now?."

At first I selected yes, but everytime my PC starts back up the message shows up again. So for the past 5 months I just keep clicking the "No" button, but my patience is wearing thin and it is absolutely driving me nuts that I can't figure this out. I don't know where it came from, I don't know which program or application it is associated with, etc., etc..

Any thoughts?

Answer:"Restart your computer" pop-up


It appears that it may be caused by a failed Adobe Reader update.

See this page for the fix.

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I can not log on to my son's computer as an Administrator. The only thing that shows at start up is his 'limited user' account. I can not log out of that. I have tried access in safe mode, I have gone to computer management and I have tried 'regedit'. None work, all show errors or access denied. I am sure it is not a virus, it is something that I did to keep control of the computer. I just don't understand how I can not get back to an administrator account. Any suggestions? Many thanks for any help!

Answer:"user account" issue on my sons computer, Help, Please!

Seeing as how the Administrator account is usually the one that is not allowed to be deleted, I'd like to know what accounts are available at the login screen in "Safe Mode"? And are you sure you in safe mode? Make sure you are pressing F8 immediately after the BIOS screen disappears, even just before it does, and select safe mode from the boot menu by highlighting it and pressing enter.

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Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue with my desktop computer (HP Pavilion p6310y) that I'm hoping you can help me with.

To give you a brief background, I bought this computer last February. About a month after purchasing it, I had a third-party graphics card installed by a local technician.

The computer ran fine up until last month (January 2011). At that time, I got the "blue screen of death." I took it to the technician who previously installed the video card. He initially diagnosed the problem as a RAM issue, and then changed his assessment to it being a hard drive problem. But even after he bought and installed a new hard drive, the problem was not resolved.

At this point, I sent the computer to HP for repair (it was still under warranty). They replaced both the motherboard and hard drive (the tech swapped the original hard drive back in prior to me sending it to HP), and sent the computer back to me. However, the paperwork that they sent back indicated that the third-party video card was the source of my problems and they advised removing it.

Because I do not have the necessary expertise to remove the video card, I took it back to the local technician. He indicated to me that the video card was NOT the problem and he said that the computer was running just fine with it installed. At this time, he added the new hard drive (the one that he had me buy prior to the unit being shipped to HP) to the computer, so I now have two 1TB hard drive... Read more

Answer:Computer is making a "revving" noise (fan issue?)

I used to 'lubricate' my fan and voila, it runs quieter until I can hear my HDD crunching clearly. but I don't suggest it, since it doesn't always brought success.

However I'm pretty confident what you need is a new set of fan. The problem would be identifying which fan causes the noise. Either CPU fan, chassis fan or even the power supply fan.

If I were you I would open my case side door and see what's inside, maybe snap a picture. and then first try to disconnect the chassis fan, since it's the easiest and cheapest to replace. Don't forget to disconnect all power supplies before opening the side door.

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During the Customer Preview (CP for short) I ran Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine on a Windows 7 system. When the preview was over I simply deleted the image of the Win8 system.

Now that I have Windows 8 Pro, I've joined my Homegroup and now the CP install I had been running on the homegroup as well shows up.

It looks like this:

-User1 (removing user names)
-User2 (removing user names)
----> Serena (computer name)
----> Infinitas (computer name)
Infinitas was the name I gave the Windows 8 CP image.

How do I remove this 'rogue' computer. It doesn't show up in my Microsoft Account, I removed it as a trusted PC after deleting the image.

Answer:[Issue] Windows 8 "rogue" computer in Homegroup

The only way is to leave the Homegroup from all machines in the Homegroup, reboot them all after leaving, this will clear out the credential cache.

After that create a new Homegroup and rejoin from all machines.

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First let me just say that I am already fully aware of the 10 simultaneous connection limit in XP SP2. I am running one machine with XP SP2 that shares 3 folders, the rest of the machines are W2K. I have a total of 9 PCs and I am NOT getting the Event ID 4226 in the machine thats sharing the resource. I get the above error when I double click on a mapped drive on teh desktop on the W2K machines randomly.

I have tried the patch but I still get the error on the workstations.

I have already attempted to decrease the "disconnect time" fix, it helped with the error I was getting but it has created a lag in a program I use which its database is in one of the shared drives; I assume this is because it keeps having to reconnect and it slows things down.

I am looking for any other solutions that may work.


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Dear all,
I appreciate all help on this matter. On my work computer (with genuine windows 7 pro x32), I started to get the "this computer is not running a genuine windows" pop up message. What I notice from the diagnostic report (see below) is that the Product key is not the same as the one printed on a sticker under my computer.

Yours Truly

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->
Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-788W3-H689G-6P6GT
Windows Product Key Hash: yr8OHoeXhbT4dc6MxGYjdAStSPY=
Windows Product ID: 00371-OEM-8992671-00008
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010100.1.0.048
ID: {CF58C4F1-40DA-4F8E-A9C3-83F30F0F5105}(3)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Professional
Architecture: 0x00000000
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.120830-0333
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A
Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaLogon.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGA Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
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Answer:"This computer is not running a genuine windows" Issue

Computers that come pre-installed with Windows from large manufacturers usually come with two Product Keys.

OEM SLP: This is the key that came in Windows (from the factory). It works by connecting to a BIOS flag (the SLIC table) found only on computers from that Manufacturer. It also checks for the existence of proper matching licenses in the OS itself. Once it sees both, it self-activates every time the machine is rebooted.

COA SLP: This is the key seen on the sticker located on the side, bottom or in the battery compartment of your machine. This key is for use if the OEM SLP self-activation stops working for whatever reason.
There appear to be no problems in your report.

Please attempt validation at - what happens?

Are you still seeing the non-genuine message?

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I attempted to download a video plugin, and it downloaded some crap onto my pc. Here are my symptoms:
- PC is running extremely slow
- Virus alert! In system tray
- Desktop icons created: error cleaner, privacy protector, spyware&Malware protection
- My Computer & My Documents icons gone
- Cannot access C: (harddrive) or D: (DVD drive)

I went through the 5 step process, here are my results:
Step 1) Can't access Control panel in regular mode and in safe mode the "Add/Remove programs" option is not visible
Step 2) Ran the program, took overnight, but wouldn't let me diagnose without registering, I'll attach the ActiveScan.txt log below
Step 3) Ran both programs
Step 4) Cannot access internet in regular mode and site doesn't work in safe mode
Step 5) Ran program, got main.txt (below), but did not get extra.txt

Please help!


ANALYSIS: 2008-06-14 06:51:01
Description Version Active Updated
;==================================================================... Read more

Answer:Computer Malware Issue - "VIRUS ALERT!"

Please run Deckard's System Scanner once again, this time using these instructions:

Click the Windows 'Start' button > Select 'Run' - then copy/paste this into the run box & click OK
"%userprofile%\desktop\dss.exe" /config Click on "Check All"

Click Scan!

When finished, it shall produce two logs for you. Post those logs in your next reply.

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I have a Sony VAIO VGC-RC110G desktop computer. I have had problems with it for over a year, but they have always been on and off and it will more often than not work properly. However, it frequently turns partially off on its own (monitor turns off and the fans shut down, but the power button is still in "hibernate" mode). It will not respond to clicking the mouse or typing on the keyboard, so I typically push the power button off and it turns off completely. When I go to turn it back on, the screen turns on but is blank, then the computer will beep three long beeps. What is really interesting is that if I "smack" the top of the computer several times, it will turn on the next time I push the start button, and then go on to work for an hour, a week, etc. (Keep in mind this works nearly every time I encounter the problem.)

I looked up what the three beeps means and I found it meant some sort of keyboard I did the logical thing and replaced the keyboard with a wireless keyboard...and I still have the problem.

Then I decided, what the heck, let's do a full system restore. Wiped everything guessed it, still have the issue.

Since "smacking" it seems to fix it temporarily, I am inclined to believe that there is something out of place internally, and that by hitting the computer it jolts back into place. Now I know this seems far fetched, but it literally works every time when I hit it. If I don't hit it, it will repeate... Read more

Answer:"Hitting" Computer Temporarily Fixes Issue

I'd go and reseat all the plugs, cards and RAM sticks, and see what happens. If hittying it works, then something could very well be loose.

Might also ensure the mobo screws are snug and the mobo isn't shifting and grounding out.

And welcome to the forum.

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Recently, I bought the AE3000 linksys internet adapter and when I tried installing it to my computer the error that came up was, "Invalid key Manual". The reason why I got the new adapter was because I thought my AE2500 adapter stopped working but this adapter came up with the same error the AE3000 came up with. I've searched through the internet for quick fixes but nothing has resolved my problem. At this problem I'm wondering if this is a computer problem or just the adapter. I'm leaning towards the possibility that there's something wrong with my computer due to the fact that it recently crashed. Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you!

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My computer was affected by the "antivirus xp 2010" malware/spyware and I used the free version of Superantispyware to scan my computer and rid me of the "xp 2010" virus. It did get rid of the "xp 2010" virus (which was preventing me from opening any website) but now I can't open most of my programs without having to navigate through a dialog box and choosing the "root" location of the file I am trying to open. Annoying to say the least. Plus it appears that all my files are "read only" and if I open an old Excel file for example and make changes to it I now must save it with a new name.

While I'm certainly glad that the "xp 2010" problem is gone, I now need to know how to get my computer back to where it should be in terms of opening programs and files. Thanks,


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I am trying to rebuild by search index because my computer won't let me arrange items using the "Arrange By" option... However, when I try and load my indexing options to rebuild the index it will sit there and say "Waiting to receive indexing status". If I click the "Advanced" button it will freeze... I also receive an icon and loading display problem SEE PIC#1. Also when I click on "My Computer" it sometimes will sit there searching and it won't load. SEE PIC#2

I have tried the following:
1. Restarting the "Windows Search" service multiple times at different boots.
2. Deleting the files contained in the folder "C:\Windows\System32\config\TxR\".
3. Stopping the "Windows Search" service then I opened up "regedit". I went to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsSearch, SetupCompletedSuccessfully" I changed the value from a 0 to a 1. Then I rebooted my PC. I then went back to the same key and changed it back to a 0 and rebooted my PC again.
4. Turning the "indexing service" on and off from the "Turn Windows Features on or off" menu.
5. Microsoft Fixit Indexing Troubleshooter
6. Sfc /scannow
7. Tried this hotfix
8. Tried another user account and creating a new user account
9. Tried resetting folder view to "defaults" Read more

Answer:"My Computer" won't load, Disappearing Icons, & "Arrange By" option won't work. Help?

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Everything was running fine until yesterday, when my PC crashed with the BSOD giving me the "IRQL not less or equal" error. I ignored it and carried on- which resulted in the computer crashing with "Memory management" blues whenever I started something that was not the browser (It later started crashing on browser start too).

I first thought it was the temperature - Memtest95 and GPUtemp said otherwise.

So I started testing the RAM (taking one DIMM out) with Memtest86- It passed 4 cycles, so I shut the PC down and put the other DIMM in.

When I turned the PC on again, there was no signal sent to my screen, and none to my keyboard (and the HDD light on the front of the case did not start blinking like usual). The fans were running, so I figured something might be wrong with the DIMMs I put in. I removed the graphics card and plugged the screen into the motherboard.

Now the screen gets a signal, background lighting starts up, and then it shuts down to hibernation again. This repeats itself until the machine is shut down manually.

I got no idea what to do.

System specs:
I can not post the Minidump folder, since the PC can't start and I did not back it up. Sorry.

Thank you for your help.

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Not a major issue, of course, purely cosmetic, but still a minor annoyance none-the-less:

I have a number of card reader drives that I never use (haven't even removed that plastic cover tape from them to help keep the dust out) that show when viewing the "Computer" window that displays drives. Is there any way to hide specific unused drivers from this view? Not remove drive entirely, of course, I may need to use one in the future, but just to hide them so they aren't visible, until I may chose to make them visible again?

Thanks as always,


Answer:Hiding unused "removable storage" devices from "Computer" folder

Hello Russell,

You could check Hide empty drives in the Computer folder in Folder Options to have them stay hidden until you insert a card. When a card is inserted, the drive will display in Computer.

Drives - Hide or Show Empty Drives in Computer Folder

Hope this helps,

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HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU
64-bit Operating System

It started while i was browsing anime viewing websites on Firefox.(Both of which I've used for years.) Also note AVG's Resident Shield was online, and i don't remember going anywhere strange or downloading strange files. I had scanned used malwarebytes anti-malware the day before and found nothing.
Randomly, I received a blue screen stating something like "Client side encryption is not supported by the remote server even though it claims to"

After restarting, my computer failed to start normally.(I think it failed to load the operating system?) It went to some kind of auto repairing thing to fix itself in order to startup properly. But it failed.

Safe mode = same as above

Last Known Good Configuration = same as above

Bootlogging? Debugging? Description was it would mention at which startup file it failed to load. It loaded files from the top of my screen to almost the middle, which is about < 10 things. It failed, and without telling me any new information, did the "same as above".

3 attempts of system restore. One was more than a month ago. It would get to the end and "finish" restoring for a brief moment, then immediately show an error pointing to "...Appdata/Roaming/Firefox/(jumble of letters).profile/session(the rest was cut off, but i thought i could see half an "s") It said it couldn't replace the file?

chkds... Read more

Answer:"Client Side Encryption not supported by..." --> "computer failing to load"

Its the server that you were on, it did not like the encryption that that server was using.

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my computer was hijacked by "support tool" a so called virus protection hijacker. i'm in safe mode with networking now & attached you see my hjt log file. help please. THanks!

actually, i'm on a different computer. it has windows xp home ed. & its a dell inspiron 530S

also, in trying to fix the problem initially, my wife deleted the file "rundll32" beacause the virus stated that had a virus error. so this file may be missing as well & we may need to replace it.

Answer:Computer Hijacked by "Support Tool" "Virus Protection" Prog

I posted this yesterday to get help for a "Support Tool" hijack on a computer. Please help. Log file attached. Thanks.

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Does anybody know how I can change these icons?

I changed the default icon for the network one in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C} but it didn't change.
Appreciate any help,


Answer:Changing "Computer" and "Network" icons in explorer navigation pane

Hello, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you could use the method in the tutorial below to change the icon of "Computer" and "Network" to what you like, and have it applied everywhere in Windows.

Desktop Icons - Change or Restore Default Icon

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