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my life tile doesn't life again

Question: my life tile doesn't life again

sorry to intrude..but look like my life tile doesn't life again.....
is there a solution for this. to be specific store is dead now, calendar, mail, ..
already restarting, from clean 'till normal, sfc , dism , cleanup storecomponent, ..

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Preferred Solution: my life tile doesn't life again

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Battery saver live tile anyone? I NEED a real time battery live tile! Back in the days of 8.1 ONLY the official Battery saver tile could do that...

Answer:Real Time Battery Life Tile

Or just show battery percentage beside that battery icon at the top there because you can't really estimate the power left by just looking at that battery icon

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Hi, is it possible to change the city weather location tile on the life at a glance tile?
I live in Manchester UK and would like to change the weather location from London to Manchester?
All I can find anywhere is the country location which is correct UK, but can't find an option to change the city.
Thanks RG

Answer:Solved: Change location on life at a glance tile

Like the attached picture?

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Having upgraded to Windows 8.1 X1 Carbon, I have noticed in the Lenovo Settings app that the power settings no longer include the extended battery life option (charge to 50% rather than 100%). I've read on this discussion board that longer battery life may be obtained, particularly when using the laptop while plugged into the A/C adapter by storing it at about half its power capacity. So, why is the longer battery life option missing from the Lenovo Settings app? Tim


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo Settings Tile (Windows 8.1) Extended Battery Life Missing

Didn't have any power options at first. Updated Settings Dependency and found Power options. But same here; no 50% option.

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Hi, I have had my T430 since August of 2012 at the start of college. I am currently running windows 8.1 pro and I recently just noticed my battery life issues and after installing lenovo settings I discovered that my battery's capacity is at 27% of the original capacity. The battery life is really bad, e.g. it says 15 minutes remaining at 25% on POWER SAVER mode.  I have google this and it said to "reset my battery" but unfortunately 8.1 Lenovo power manager doesn't have that feature.  I am just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what to do?  Will I just have to get a new battery?

Answer:Lenovo T430 Battery Life 1+ hour on life saver

you would have to have a pre-Windows 8 OS to gain that crucial battery reset function. This is one reason why i dislike running Win 8 on ThinkPad.

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To all owners of X1 Carbon 2017 (5th gen).I read all of those reviews where people are impressed by 10+ hours of battery life (15,5h advertised), but I can't really figure out how....!? First time I tested was a normal working day - Firefox (a lot of Flash it must be said), Outlook, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat. Nothing really heavy, no peripherals except Bluetooth mouse. Brightness dimmed 1 level below the ideal. It lasted for about 4 hours! I windows's list of apps affecting battery life, Firefox was on 1st place with 32-35% Second attempt - same set of tasks, however less Firefox (no flash) - 7 hours. Now in the middle of a 3rd attempt (using Opera this time) - battery time remaining indication goes over 10h only when I completely stop using the laptop Not many apps running in the background either (Dropbox, Skype...) So my question - do you guys get more than 10h of battery life and HOW? Do you enable "Battery Stretch"? How actively do you use it and for what?

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I am wondering if end-of-life Vista is more dangerous than end-of-life XP. My reasoning is that Vista more closely resembles Win 10 than XP. So as MS was saying, attackers may reverse engineer patches meant for recent OS's into exploits that work on the end-of-life one. So it seems to me that Vista looks more dangerous than XP.

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I installed ESET Smart Security 4 the other day. So far, very nice, quite happy, until I got on to Second Life this evening. I did set rules for Secondlife and slvoice (allow, both directions), but the system keeps freezing for around 5 seconds every few seconds to every minute. Stops the whole system, and when it isn't doing that it's crippling things like loading web pages. I found some options which I've tried, but they've not worked.

1. Under Advanced Setup in Real-Time File System Protection, I unchecked File Open, File Creation and Diskette Access.

2. Under Exclusions, I added the Second Life folder.

3. Under Personal Firewall, added secondlife.exe and slvoice.exe to the Excluded list under Application modification detection

If you're not familiar with Second Life, it's similar to an online game like WoW.

ESET is the only program I've installed this week, and I only get the long pauses when running Second Life (and it's the only online MMORG type thing I play).

Previously I was using ZoneAlarm + AVG. Yes, they've both been uninstalled (oh, and Malwarebytes anti-malware and AdAware and Spybot, Spybot was uninstalled and the rest are set to not run on start).

I'd appreciate any help or advice you can provide.

Answer:ESET doesn't like Second Life

Can't help I'm afraid, but I wonder if you might get more assistance at the official ESS Forum?;

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When I pin the battery saver tile to the start screen it doesn't show the battery life in percent. Although it used to.

Answer:battery Saver tile not showing battery life

It does show in my 620.It needs The Denim Update

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1.Prolonging battery life-cycle by the "do not charge when battery charge is above nn% which by default is 96%. How about setting it manually to much smaller value. 50%-60%. Would that prolong batterly life-cycle? (When I dont want to charge the battery)2. All parameters set to small values for using as little energy as possible for extending the time when nly battery power is available: The temperature is still (far too) high underneath where (center-center) the ventilation gaps are. How come? The only process take CPU-power is logmon.exe from IBM/Lenovo...3. Logmon.exe is alway running at about 15% CPU... How can I change that?4 Is the screen background light gas-filled? If so, will the life-cycle shorten if it turns on/off to frequently? (Light timeout value to low)Thank you IBM/Lenovo for this site.Regards,

-Tom Hummel, Norway ThinkPad Z60m 2529-FJGP M 760(2GHz), 1GB RAM, 100GB 5400rpm HD, 15.4in 1680x1050 LCD, 128MB ATI Radeon X600, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11abg wireless, Bluetooth/Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, IEEE 1394, Fingerprint reader, 6c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Home

Answer:Battery life and charge-cycle. Background light life-cycle.

1)  See and follow the hints and tips of the Battery University2) Look at the Z60m part list or into the HMM in order to detect which parts/components are sitting there, this will give you some hint what parts might get heated up a lot near the thermal device.3) AFAIK logmon.exe is part of or belongs to ThinkVantage rescues & recovery. - If it runs as a service on your OS, then you can disable that service or maybe you can just change the scheduling times for that monitor service inside r & r. A look into the r & r manual, which can be found on Lenovo's website, might can tell you more about this.4) Look for yourself here, CCFL backlights for notebooks have usually a life time of 15.000 till 30.000 hours. Yes in practise the life-time will shorten, but this is common for all electronic devices over time.

ThinkPad T60/X32/600/770 ∑ IBM IntelliStation ∑ 3x IBM SpaceSaver II

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My Lumia 950 was just updated to 14393.105 and the battery life on the start screen doesn't show anymore. how do I get it back?

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my monitor doesn't show any signs of life even though the rest of the computer (HD lights etc) comes on.


Answer:Satellite A30 monitor doesn't show any signs of life

Hi Dudu (nice name like a vw beatle :-))

I would recommend connecting the external monitor to check if it?s only a wrong monitor setting, dead display or something wrong with the graphic card.
If you will see something on the external display so please check if you have switch to the external display device. But if all settings are right and you will nothing see on the notebook display and on the external display so I assume there must be something wrong with the graphic card.

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I've had my computer for about 2 years... wait three, now. I have played Half-Life 2 all the way through on it with no problems. THEN, my old video card died, and I got a new one (specs below). I installed HL2 and it played fine for a while but then started crashing. I was very busy at school so I just stopped playing. Other games still played fine (Pirates! for example). However, I started to get a message at start-up that said "Windows has recovered from a serious error." Reporting this error led me to a page that pointed to an "uknown error" with my videocard. It recommended downloading the drivers. Also, I couldn't play Half-Life. The computer crashes with a lengthy blue-screen that I get about 1 second to read (not a standard BSoD).

What happens when I try to download the drivers, though, is that the ForceWare, one size fits all cards drivers, doesn't seem to fit my card. It tells me that there is no card that they have the drivers for on my system, which is funny because the manufacturer website links directly to them (

I have looked at the card itself, and everything seems to be ok: fan is running, lights blink, no flames, etc. I have reinstalled the drivers from the CD that came with the card, to no avail.

Does anyone know why I'm having this error? Why can I not download the driver? Are these two problems inextricably linked, or merely unfortunate coincidences? Will I ever be Gordon Freeman again?

I really ... Read more

Answer:Video card trips, Half-Life 2 doesn't play

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Ok, so im geting my radeon 9800 Pro this christmas (BEST FRIGGIN CARD FOR RUNNING HL2 on!!! next to the XT of course....but that card is only 10% faster at 200 bucks

anyways, im excited about what i've seen for the past 4 months in regards to half life looks SOOOO HOT!!!! i mean if game engines were a woman, it would be like the super-babe! lol....i feel the same way about the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, OH lol


storywise, should i play through Half Life (original) before i play though half life 2? or does it not really matter...

It's an old game..and the new one is coming feel like the guy who just found out about a book series (the latest one, volume 9 is the best), but there were 8 books before the latest one...

is half life 1 fun? (or is that like asking "is bil gates FILTHY RICH")

i jsut wanna know

Answer:Do you suggest that i play through Half Life before buying Half Life 2???

......i just downloaded the demo of half life

and it scared the bejesus out of me........the first aleain that jumps on you...and it made me jump like through the mom is mad at me now cuz i yelpped so loud!!!

im don't usually care when games are scary like that....but this is rediculous......

maybe i don't wanna buy it.............

does everything jump at you and you have to go into dark coridors?......ike

i might need to psych myself out that it's jsut in my computer before i go back and try the demo again.........


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How can I find out the General Availibility date and the EOL/EOSL date for this product?

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Find 14 easy ways to prolong your laptop battery life and find more Laptop, Processers, Hard Drives, Desktop PCs, Anti Virus and User computers at a good price in

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seem to figure out how to find my graphics card. Nor my sound card.

I am not a genius when it comes to computers, but I know more than the average person. My brother hooked me up with a computer and after having to reinstall the OS (XP) because of problems.. I now have an operating computer (with no sound). Along with no sound (because the computer does not seem to 'know' the sound card), the computer's refresh rate is horrific because it's using the default generic video driver.

I figure updated the drivers of the video card will fix this. However, I cannot find the graphics card in dxdiag (it shows nothing by the Name: as well as for the sound card). So after not being able to find anything using dxdiag, I tried using msinfo32 for the system information.. but it gives me information on everything but those two (all blank).

I am sure my computer will 'recognize' and fill in those blanks on dxdiag once the drivers are updated, but how do I know which drivers to get??

Any help is much appreciated.

PS. nothing by Device Manager either.

Answer:I cannot for the life of me..

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Hello guys.
I changed my SSD OCZ Vertex 2 with SSD Intel Series 330 60 GB. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64, AHCI was already in BIOS as enabled.
So far so good, i installed all the drivers, programs, etc. Everything runs smooth and nice.
The cache folder for Mozilla Firefox ( my default browser ) is on the D partition, which is an hard drive, same story for the swap.
I disabled the System Restore, Defragmentation, Superfetch as well...
I checked with the program SSD Life Pro just to see some details. After less than 2 hours i have already
those values ( read / write ) as in the attached images.
The print screens are made at a very short period of time between each other.
I only surfed the web with Mozilla Firefox.
Could you explain it to me, please, why is there already 55 / 59 GB ?
Is something wrong with the program SSD Life Pro ?
Can you give me some tips, please ?
Thank you.

Answer:SSD Life Pro is ok ?

After 2-3 days of normal use, the lifetime decreased from 8 years 8 months to 8 years and 5 months.
Thats not normal at all. This is not the first SSD i own
Any ideas, guys ?

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I recently have started a relationship and things have gotten pretty serious. We are quite happy except for one thing. My girls ex consistently is having her social media pages either deleted or disabled. Every time she opens a new FB or Instagram account it stays up maybe a day or two and then disappears. We both know her ex is doing this as he likes to brag about it quite frequently. Anyway to prevent him from being such a little ***** and stop this? Please advise...

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Question: life after xp

I recently removed xp from my pc and installed vista. Is this it? is this the craze? This os stinks , and is extremely slow . I think I made a big mistake? Does anyone think or know of a reason why it is dragging or is it like that?

Answer:life after xp

Could it be the spec of your PC? Vista has a min reccomended spec to run "smoothly" usually 1GB RAM for starters, And depending on the features ur running in vista a decent grfx card wouldnt go a miss.

What is the spec of your PC?

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Question: Second Life

I get frustrated by Second Life crashing is the only application that produces the old style blue screen. Can anyone tell me what exactly is happening. Is it a client based problem, a server or a network problem.

Answer:Second Life

sounds like a client side driver problem...might be a graphics driver...maybe its time to live your first life??

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Question: Second life

Hi why does second life crash every now and again is it just my system or is every-body the same and would more mem help and a graphics card as mine is a intergrated chipset nvidia 6100. Any info would help thanks .

Answer:Second life

What computer do you have? WHat are its specifications.

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I have a Liteon DVD/16x CD/48x ide rom drive. I just built my PC so I'm presently trying to get through the BIOS and set up my SATA drive but my rom keeps opening and closing without me doing anything and when I do try to open it, it does not respond. Basically I have no control over it, but it is opening and closing on its

Answer:DVD-ROM, a life of their own?

Cosmic, have you checked to make sure 1) you have the correct jumper settings and 2) make sure your molex connectors are securely connected to the drive?

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Question: Old PC new life?

I recently upgraded my old pc.

Ill be passing it down to my younger brother to replace his overheating xbox 360.
It will run the newer games at low quality settings. (eg grid, fear 2), My question is is there anything i can replace in this old dog to get a bit more of a kick out of her? I think the gpu is bottlenecked by the cpu after a hefty overclock with only1 fps increase.

I would prefer to replace as little as possible, but will spend a little more if the results would be worth it.

Any help or advice would be great !

Rough specs.

Intel Pentium 4 northwood. 2.66 ghz socket 478
1 gb of ram
Nvidia 512 mb 7600 gs AGP
Mainboard Model 0804h (0x134 - 0x22080)
80 gig hd
Dvd rw

Ive also included a cpuid file. For those more technicaly minded than myself

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Old PC new life?

AGP Transfer Rate 4xClick to expand...

No nothing to update
Possibly the Harddrive if it seems sluggish, ie big games on small harddrive don't mix real well

Still a good basic computer for a younger brother

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As from today there is no support for XP SP2 or earlier or Windows 2000

No further security updates or patches will be issued by Microsoft

You are strongly advised to update to SP3 & not use W2K on the net at all

When asking for help with XP bear in mind that if we see you not on SP3, we will probably ask you to validate your copy of windows to ensure it is legal as there is no reason whatsover to be running with an outdated version of windows

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I was working on the web using tabs, when suddenly it started to create dozens of tabs, going bezerk and out of control.

I crashed my PC on the power button and started again. All went OK until it should have shown my desktop. Instead a blue screen came up saying that a disc check was necessary. Never seen anything like this in all my life. I let it go into the disc check, it took a very long time checking mostly File 9 and inserting indexes for several minutes. It went on and on, I thought it would never stop.

I went to have a smoke for 10 minutes, came back and it had finished. Told me to wait and it logged onto Windows automatically. Everything then went as normal as if it was yesterday and up came my desktop and I opened my browser with no problems, just like nothing had ever happened.

As far as I can see now, I am back to normal after the unexpected freak show.

Can one of our experts please tell me what the hell all that was about ?

Answer:Never seen this before in my life

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Question: End of life for XP

Microsoft has announced that the end of life support for WindowXP will happen in April of 2014.

This is really to bad, as over the last 10/11 yrs, I have found that this has been to most stable OS since Win98.

Answer:End of life for XP

IMO Win7 is more stable . XP just has support for legacy programs.

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Question: CPU life

How long will a CPU last? Does a CPU ever fail from consistant usage? Won't another component of a PC fail first?

Answer:CPU life

What came first
The Chicken
or The Egg

Too many factors to make any guess at your Q's

AMD & Intel warranty their Retail CPU for 3yr, so I guess expect 3yr min under normal operation.
If ya cant make 3yr, RMA..........................................................

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Question: lcd life

i heard that inside lcd monitors there is some kind of bulb that provides its backlight. If so, how long does the lcd usually last before the bulb goes out? CAn it be replaced or do i have to buy a new monitor?

Answer:lcd life

I don't think that is true, or at least in the way that it sounds. Monitors are not supposed to "burn out" like a light bulb would.

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I have a rather strange and interesting problem. I am no stranger to computers, Iíve been dealing with them since 1984, and Iíve even taken an A+ certification course. Unfortunately Iím dropping further and further out of the loop as it were, as I get older. So hereís the problem Iím having. Every day I like to watch streaming video from a news site, during break at work. Until about 4 days ago, all was working just fine, but now I can no longer access the streaming video feed, and it seems to have something to do with the internet connection or modem. In a nutshell; the website is working properly as verified at home, and, by accessing the correct page via my IPhone at work, through the 3G network ONLY. The IP Company worked with me yesterday and said all is well with the internet, which is also verified by the fact that I can access streaming video from another news site, and also YouTube, and other sites as well with no issues at all. I have two computers and an IPhone in the office, and all of them will open up to the same ďletís say stock typeĒ page of the news site, through the work network, which I can only see when logging on through the work network. If I turn Wi-Fi on for my IPhone, and access the page, that stock web page shows up. If I turn off Wi-Fi and use 3G to access the page, it comes up to the correct selection screen for the network. If I then turn on the Wi-Fi again, and refresh the page, the stock page comes back again. This page that comes up is ... Read more

Answer:Never seen before in my life...

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Question: HD life

Does a HD have an average life in hours?

Answer:HD life

Yes they had manufacturers guides of MTBF ( Mean Time Between Failure ) average is 1million hours of modern HDs, but like everytjing in life they are just an estimation as you cannot plan for the unxepected.

Link with enough equations to keep a mathmatician happy

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Question: Life of it's own!

recently I bought my first laptop - an Acer Aspire 5310 on a special cashback offer hard to go past pre-loaded with Vista home.

But this thing has a life of it's own - it doesn't need my input, it has a seemingly full time job just looking after itself!! I turned off the Symantec trial and Windows Updates but it still takes forever to do anything.

If I want to open control panel, allow 30 seconds before I see a window. Same to open IE.

Its got all this Acer empowering stuff going on in the background maybe that needs to go.

Also if I run it on batteries to cycle these then plug in the power when it's low, it logs off ???

Text fields lose the mouse so are really hard to edit as the cursor can reappear almost anywhere... Arrggh.

Soooo slow and tedious to do anything. My old 800PC/10Mb is miles nicer than this 1.6 M/80Gb laptop.

Answer:Life of it's own!

OK how's about 1 question at a time.

In the normal running of a laptop the battery should be cycled from fully charged to low then recharged. So using it at home on battery from fully charged to low and then plugging it in at the first beep shouldn't log you off the internet and off the computer should it? Or is this Vista in all it's glory.

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Question: Is XP for life?

I'm a longtime and active user of windows 2000 - I use two pcs, one for games and films, and the other for more mundane stuff like internet, printing etc.
Yesterday, I was offered a secondhand copy of windows xp and given that xp is a little more flexible than W2K, I told the buyer that I might be interested but need to clear one or two things up-

1) is it true that xp HAS to be registered?

2) can I install the same os on my two computers?

3) only one of my computers is hooked up to the net as I don't want both computers filled to the hilt with numerous drivers and internet related software so the games computer wont be able to access the web - would I have a problem with this?

4) I've been told that microsofts policy is one pc, one xp operating system for life - this being the case, should I actually be buying secondhand?

Answer:Is XP for life?

1) Individually bought XPs (regular and OEM alike) have to be registered.
If you get it with a new PC, like a Dell, you can, but don't have to, as Dell etc. have a so-called volume-license.

2) You can, but without registering, they will both stop working after 30 days.
Re-installing from scratch every 30 days is not a viable option.

3) Not being hooked up to the internet means, you don't get any updates.

4) You can install any OS an any PC.
If you have one XP (let's say with registration code 123), install that and register it, fine.
Get another XP (say with reg-code 456), you can install that on the PC with XP-123 on it, provided you wipe the PC first and do a clean install from scratch.
When registering XP-456 it will look like another PC to MS, even if it is the same hardware.

(But why would you want to buy TWO heaps of sh.., one is bad enough already).

Stay with Windows 2000 (like me). A whole load less problems, and SP5 is in the making already, so W2K will be supported for a while to come yet.

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Question: Second life

i like second life but an to change computer and is having trouble with getting it to work it says i need a 32-bit color to run but don't have it any way around this thanks.

Answer:Second life


What Windows version you using and what graphic card do you have?

As if its asking for 32bit colour then its very likely that you need to update your graphic card driver to latest version, sadly if your using the likes of Intel GFX then this may not be possible.

So let us know your PC make and model if bought from the likes of HP, Sony, Dell etc?

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Hi,My Liteon CD-RW has died a death - refuses to read anything. :-(I thought the lifespan of these devices would be more than 2 years - that's how long I have had it, a lousy 2 years! Something must be wrong here surely...?Comments?Tj_El

Answer:What should the life of a CD-RW be?

The longevity of a rewriter is not as high as that of a CD/DVD-ROM type drive - that's why I always recommend that a rewriter is used for the sole task of burning.Manufacturers, even those that rebadge other makles' products, usually indicate the anticipated minimum life span of their drives.But there's no average - one drive might last 18 months, another two years and a third pack up in the first year.My first CD-RW drive was a TDK Velox 12x10x24 (actually a rebadged Plextor, one of the best makes around), which packed up within four months despite minimal use.TDK replaced it and that auffered exactly the same problem after a few weeks; the replacement for the second proved to be a TDK CyClone with 24x write speed as the Velox had been discontinued.Price of the orignal rewriter was £68 - the then new CyClone was £189 at dabs...:-) TDK didn't make any money (the two earlier ones went back to its Luxembourg HQ and back at TDK's expense), but the customer service was fantastic.Thankfully the CyClone is still doing sterling service.

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Question: Still Life

 I have win xp, 1200mhz, 120gb, p3, 512mb. I installed a game called Still Life and when i try to play it a screen comes up saying i have to enter a disc key, but there is not a disc key to be found. I read somewhere else that somebody else had the same problem and all they did was hit exit and the game worked, but that did not work for me. Please help me out anybody.

Answer:Still Life

Quotesaying i have to enter a disc key, but there is not a disc key to be found.A serial number, product number, product key, etc, etc? You should not download illegal software. Naughty you.

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Question: no life...

ok..i have an amd 2700+...with a pcchips tidalwave w30.. 512 pc3200 ram...geforce 5200 vid card... when i first put it together the thing was lifeless and nothing happened at all... so i went and put a differant power supply i have a 400W power supply and when i hit the power button the cpu fan turns like quarter of a turn and the leds flash for like a half second..then its done...i need some suggestions please...

Answer:no life...

Have you made sure you conected everything right . Try clearing the cmos by removing the battery or moving the jumper for 5 seconds. Also make sure your cpu is seated right with the heatsink.

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Question: CD life

For years, I've been hearing that CDs you burn have a life of about 5 years before degrading. That's coming true. I burned a bunch of music CDs around 2001 and now I'm having to start throwing them away because they're becoming mostly static. I've also heard that the rate of degradation (and whether they degrade or not) depends on the kind of CD you're using. What are the specs for a really good blank CD?

Answer:CD life

A CD certainly has a life longer than 5 years. I have several older than that, and they work just fine. Music files don't degrade to static. If this is what you hear, I suspect another cause for the problem.

Are you only noticing problems with music CDs? Do you swap them around and handle them frequently? That will shorten their lifespan. Do you leave them in the car? Don't keep them in appropriate cases?

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You know XP end of life is coming.
MS sez I wont be able to get MS Update.
MS sez I wont be able to get MSE security updates.
BUT does that mean I cant get MSE security updates from MS Update but I will still be able to get MSE security updates when I click on "update" in MSE, or no??


Answer:XP end of life & MSE ??

Not sure, but I suspect you will still be able to get updates from avast or avg or any of the others if you have to switch...:-o

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I've been happily using IE8 as my default browser on my Windows XP machine for many years now. I tried Firefox for a long while, but always had to go back to IE for some web sites, such as doing an internet check-in for a flight, because the site wouldn't respond to input via Firefox. Last year I ditched Firefox because it clashed with some of my other software after an update.
Now I'm beginning to find more problems with IE8: First there's the running script problem with this site; then on another of my favourite forums it keeps going back to the top of the page, instead of where I left off, when I go back from reading or contributing to a particular thread; and lastly, since about a week ago I can no longer get local weather and news on the BBC News web site -- the site prompts me to input my postcode but doesn't respond to my input.
So now I'm trying Google Chrome, and so far it's not causing the three issues mentioned. Should I also be moving on from XP to 7, or should I wait for the next Windows that works with PCs that don't have touch-screens?

Answer:Has IE8 come to the end of its useful life?

I've used Google Chrome for years. On the rare occasion I've had to use IE I've been frustrated by its slowness. It takes ages to load and sits around for ages waiting for pages to load in.
I still use XP on my desktop and Win 7 on my laptop, and I think I still prefer XP.

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Question: XP has a life?

Reading the first paragraph, thought i'd post it here and see if it was true.

Answer:XP has a life?

1-It's two years old.
2-It's obviously written by someone whose OS's get hosed by porn sites.
3-It's just another whiney, saracstic blog written by someone that has no life away from his computer.
4-Response #7 captures the spirit of a response for me.

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Question: Msn life cam 1.4

Using WIN7, having trouble with this web cam on Skype. I uninstalled the program and when reinstalling from disk, a popup message appeared saying that the web cam is not compatabile but I should download from MSN the files. So I followed the instructions and completely installed the program. The speech is still garbled. Has anyone any suggestions how to correct this problem?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G620 @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 5992 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1924 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 928092 MB, Free - 866145 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, To be filled by O.E.M.
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Msn life cam 1.4

I never heard of an MSN Lifecam. Do you mean a Microsoft Lifecam ?

Models compatible with Windows 7 are listed here:

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I loaded this for the first time after reading about it in a thread here and I fully recommend this "alternative firmware"

I am so used to the standard linksys/dlink/generic router configuration pages, but the improved functionality and features of DD-WRT really takes a router to the next level. If you have one of the routers that's compatible with their firmware go out and update to it now, you won't be sorry.

Answer:DD-WRT! where have you been all my life?

I think theres one of these threads weekly

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Question: Life With Win 10

I keep all of my personal files on my 'main' PC, a Win 10 system, and access them over the LAN from the other machines. This means I can be sure there is only one version of each file. It's always worked fine but this morning I discovered that I could only open my files in Read Only mode. It took an hour or two to get to the bottom of it but it turns out that an update had changed the advanced network settings to require a password and that permissions for shared folders had been changed to allow read only access over the LAN. As I'm using a Homegroup the advanced network settings shouldn't even have come into the equation.

I had expected problems after moving the main system to 10 and there have, thankfully, been far fewer than I expected, but if you upgrade a system on your LAN to Win 10 don't be surprised if you run into a few issues accessing it.

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I have a problem at present that has me baffled.I recently took the cover off the back of my Dell PC (ME O/s) to add extra RAM, however after adding it and realising it was not detected and having never done this before I decided to remove the additional RAM and leave to a professional to look at after Christmas. However when I removed the RAM and restarted my PC, it was coming on but the light at the front was not, and my monitor remained off, now the CD Drive is working fine and it sounds like it is working but something is amiss, any suggested help would be appreciated.Thanks

Answer:PC on...but no life, please help

1. Remove and reseat the memory2. remove reseat the graphics card if fitted3. check the IDE ribbon cables in the back of the hrad drives and CD drive is fully inserted also check this cable where it plugs onto the motherboard.4. Check the power cables to the drives are also fully inserted (unlikely to have come loose)

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While uninstalling Second Life viewer my Avast antivirus sandboxed uninst.exe. When I allowed it to continue running it spawned a process in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp\~nsu and the process was named Au_.exe. When I refused to allow this old well-known malware to run it spawned Bu_.exe then Cu_.exe etc etc. After I got to Ru_.exe I decided enough was enough and tried to end the process in the task manager. No luck. Ok, so I allowed it to run. SecondLife uninstall completed and I went in and deleted the temp folder. I don't know if it came WITH SecondLife viewer or somehow SecondLife viewer had become infected. I was removing a lot of other software and no other had that problem.

Answer:?u_.exe (Au_.exe, Bu_.exe, ...) and Second Life

If you want us to check your system for malware, please do the following:

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

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Question: New life

how can i chnag emy ip of my pc,
i don't have dynamic ip!!!
any ideas?

Answer:New life

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Question: My life is over.

My friends and I were taking a crapload of epic pictures outside with balls and ladders. After gaily skipping inside to load the pictures/video onto my computer, we realized that our worst nightmares had unfolded. As I plugged my 1.0GB PNY SD card into my computer, it claimed that we had never taken any of the pictures that we KNOW we took. After I cried a little, I plugged the SD card back into my camera, and it said that the 100 or so [amazing] pictures/1 video we had taken were corrupted. What can I do to retrieve this information? Please help me.


Answer:My life is over.

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Have had A10 almost 2 years, Now when you run it on battery only I am lucky if it lasts 10 mins before closing down. The battery life icon says expected life I expect ie in hours. My A10 just powers down regardless to what percentage is there.
Is it a set-up/power management problem? A fault battery? What is an averge life of a battery?

Answer:Battery Life on A10


it seems like your battery is dying. That's normal, no battery works more than a few years, if it is used almost all the time. You need a new battery. It should work about 2.5 hours. If you want to increase the life of your next battery, eject it when power supply is connected and the battery don't need to be loaded.


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Question: Half life 2

it shows "runtime error" when i run in xp,but there is no error while in Windows 7??????
How to solve it?????

Answer:Half life 2

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Im a real big fan and player of D2 LOD, but I've played to its extreme ends now.
Is there any other games like this out there!!!

IE collect unique, set magical items for your character, then also being able to trade these with other players.

Im open to suggestions of a good multiplayer game online

Answer:Life After Diablo 2 Lod

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Question: Battery Life

In the old days I seem to remember that batteries had a memory in that if you did not discharge them totally before recharging then it progressively lost some of its 'life'. Indeed this seems to have happened to my son's laptop in that he has it on the mains most of the time and now without that it only has a life of 30 minutes.However, does that really still happen or is it more likely it is a faulty battery?Thanks in advance

Answer:Battery Life

How old is the Laptop? because unless it is old that should not happen as modern batteries are not NiCad any more and they are the one's that had memory, mine does the same as your son's but it is 2.5yrs old.

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Question: half life cd key

I lost my cd key to half life. does anyone have one so I can play online. email me at [email protected]

Answer:half life cd key

Did this become a cracking forum? This is for your own good... At the risk of sounding like a moron, how is getting a cd-key in any way related to "Internet & Networking"? This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you... I just did a ""search"" for "half life cd key" and got monstorous hits (and the first one I clicked on gave me a cd key, imagine that). I'm only here to help people and that's what I'm doing...

Welcome to my world,


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I just bought my first laptop and am sitting outside on a nice April day in Chicago. This is nice but I know it will be shortlived because I will only get 2and half hours out of this battery. No cd going just wondering what kind of battery life people are getting?

Answer:how much battery life do you get?

two and a half hours is about average for laptop running on battery, if you require longer you could buy a second battery, i would suggest yopu shop around as you will probaly find a cheaper compatible rather than going opting for the manufacturers.

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Question: Half Life 2 Help

I have a problem with Half Life 2. I installed everything properly but when it comes to starting the game for the first time...I see the loading screen as usual. Then I hear a series of beeps then two Windows if to alert for an error. Then the screen just stays at the loading screen and absoultely nothing happens. Please help!

Answer:Half Life 2 Help

Is it retail or from steam?

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Question: Half-Life 2 Lag

My friend has an eMachines T3256, and he just put in a GeForce 6200. He used to use his GeForce 4 Mx4000 onboard graphics before. Now, the game will be running fine for a minute and all of a sudden lag like crazy, and take a minute to recover. He did not have this problem with his old vid card. He meets the power supply requirements with a 300watt max output, and it seems to run fine on other games that do not require steam. Can anyone explain this, please?

Answer:Half-Life 2 Lag

What about the amps the PSU delivers on the 12V rail?

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Question: half life 2

is there any offical release date for halflife 2. also i bought a new graphics card and it came with halflife 2 but it was a voucher for the game . what are the actual chances that they will send it?

Answer:half life 2

1: No, late summer is latest word.
2: You will get it , probably 8 weeks after everyone else.

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Question: No Life Notebook

I have a Digital HiNote VP (P200) Laptop which has all of a sudden stop booting up, but leaves the battery indicator on so there is power.There is a single beep if the power button is pressed and held down. It will also not turn off. Is there anyway to boot the system back up?Thank YouNirvanaGuy

Answer:No Life Notebook

for around 10 mins. Replace the battery and try again.

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Question: Half Life 2 Help!

hey, I want to buy halflife 2 but I dont thing my computer will be able to run it and I was wondering if anybody new what hardware i could buy that was compatible with the stuff i currently have. Heres what I have.

AMD Athlon +1600 1.4 (Think i need a new cpu?)
Nvidia Geforce 2 T (Definatly need a new grpahics card!?)
40 Gig Harddrive (Enough)

512 Ram (Enough)

This is the tricky part, i need to know what stuff i can get that will work with my motherboard: Gigabyte 7VTXH - I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I CAN DO HELP!

??? Any pro's out there to help?

Answer:Half Life 2 Help! said:

In real life you need the best from a new game so I would recommend a 2000 cpu, 512 mb ram, GeForce4 Ti4800 128 ddr or ATI Radeon equivalent.Click to expand...

Apparantly Valve tries to make their games compatible with older parts but reality is that you won't get the best graphics. Your processor should be fine, just need to upgrade the video card.

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With the battery in "maximum lifespan mode", and with the NVIDIA GPU not running, I am getting about 1:30 hour battery life with my W520 and its 1-year old 9-cell battery. I am running productivity apps (Microsoft Expression Web, Outlook, Excel, Chrome, Skype) with WiFi on and maximum performance setting in power manager. got 9 hours in their battery test. got 6:50 hours "with the display brightness turned to down to 70%, Wi-Fi active and refreshing a webpage every 60 seconds." Notebookcheck got:Idle (without WLAN, min brightness)  12h 46minSurfing with WLAN   6h 02minDVD   5h 28minLoad  1h 30min How much battery life are you getting?

_______________________________________________________________________W520 4270CTO i7-2820QM Quadro2000M 1920x1080 Display 16GB RAM 2x240GB Intel 510 SSDs (RAID 0) - BIOS 1.42 - PCMark7:4,568Samsung Series 9 15-inch NP900X4C-A03US - PCMark7: 4674

Answer:How much battery life are you getting?

NotebookCheck's numbers look approximately like mine. Never tested DVD or full load though. Had around 8 hours on WLAN with a cleaner install; lots of TSR programs bog down battery performance.What's your wear on the battery? Approximate average CPU usage? Are you sure the NVIDIA GPU isn't being triggered?

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Question: End Of Life Dates

I need to know the End Of Sale dates for the HP z400, HP z420, and HP z800 workstations.  If possilbe I would also like to know where to find this information on HP hardware for future reference.  Thanks!

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I have a chronic intermittent problem with IE9 when playing Iplayer programmes. It happens when I leave the programme paused in IE and then minimize the browser & go & do other things, usually playing podcasts in ITunes but not always. Suddenly without any input from me the IPlayer programme kicks off again all on its own. The only way I can stop it is to refresh the page so that the pause aspect is removed (if that makes sense).

It happens when I'm nowhere near the PC so not in response to keystrokes but it has happened when I've been typing too.

Not a fatal problem obviously, but it would be lovely to get some idea why it's happening & other than doing the obvious & closing it out completely, if there's any way I can overcome it?

Just freaky to have a programme starting on its own without any input - curious to know what could likely cause it.

Thanks. TKR.

Answer:BBC Iplayer has a life of its own in IE :(

All I can suggest is you try the Firefox web browser instead of IE:
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

(Don't click the blue download button on the Firefox page, click the green one below it).

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hey guys, i really need an App to help organise my life. i want a cross-platform life organiser that'll store personal notes, to do list, financial information and some way of reminding myself of upcoming important dates. i want to be able to make changes while offline and using an iPod touch also. i have a Mac, Windows, and iPod Touch and i want to be able to make changes on all of them. i don't mind using a different App for photos.

could someone share what they use as their cloud solution? is there an article i can look at somewhere that compares different life-organisers other than Wikipedia?

here's my current solution: i use 'Notes' from Apple on my Mac and iPod Touch and this has been working decently, but it's not available on Windows. also, i once lost some 'Notes' and i've heard of others having the same issue. i think i lost notes because of the syncing feature. i sync the 'Notes' using iTunes 'Sync' feature and so the 'Notes' aren't stored in the Cloud, they're only stored on the Mac/iPod Touch and so the Mac serves as the central machine. i use OpenOffice by manually copying and pasting over notes from the App 'Notes' to store information(upcoming dates) and then i sync it using Dropbox. so far this has been decent, but it's a bit cumbersome and i wanted to know if there was something that had some more features like an ability to 'remind' me of importan... Read more

Answer:'Life-Organiser' App: What should I use? Need help!

forgot to say i use Firefox sync and this is great. is there anything i can use from Mozilla? i don't trust these extensions by non-Mozilla people.

is it true i can use iCloud to sync photos from Preview?


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Question: Microsoft Life cam

I use one of theses and always had to use the old 3.6 Win 7 version to have it work in W8 or W10. Today I did updates and there was on for W10. It works!

Answer:Microsoft Life cam

Dude said:

I use one of theses and always had to use the old 3.6 Win 7 version to have it work in W8 or W10. Today I did updates and there was on for W10. It works!

I am glad.

An important point though: While there is an updated (Windows 10) driver for LifeCam Cinema, there is still only one software version and one driver available for the LifeCam HD-3000 (LifeCam Software Version 3.60 and Driver Version, regardless of which Windows OS one has.

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For how long you can use the laptop on one charge?

Answer:What is the battery life

Hi, No one can answer this question because it depends on how do you use your machine. But roughly from 2hrs to 5hrs, again depending on how do you use your machine. Regards.

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Question: Half Life 2

I was playing half life 2 with no problems. My pc crashed. When trying to play it again it would not run. I uninstalled it then re-installed it. It will not install all of the game just Steam. Checking the folders it seems that Half Life does not install. It just installs steam but the steam app`s is empty. I`ve tried uninstalling it.. Running a disk checker. Registry repair and other stuff but still the same problem. I`ve tried the repair on the cd but the same problem. Why doesnt it reinstall???

Answer:Half Life 2

Can you perform a System Restore to before the computer crashed?

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After learning that GOOGLE is specifically engaging in data-mining I decided to get them out of my life (if possible). So far I have dumped my Gmail usage, and started looking through my Firefox-9 to see if I can keep it away from there.
If the Navigation Toolbar is ticked there are two search windows. The smaller on the right has a selection of search engines and GOOGLE can be eliminated. Now I see that in the left window when searching, GOOGLE will sometimes be indicated to the left of that window as the source of the search-damn!
Is there any way to lock-out GOOGLE from my computer/Firefox-9. or is there another browser that will do it?

Answer:Getting GOOGLE out of my life

Hello idahjo,

I am not sure about firefox, but I know that in IE9, you can choose which search provider you want running, whether it is bing, google, or another. I am pretty sure every search provider at least tracks some information about you in order to determine the best searches for you, but perhaps that is only if you specifically sign in with the provider.

Hope this helps

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Question: Battery Life

Is there some type of diagnostic I can use to determine if my laptop battery is at an end or if the settings are just really screwed up somewhere? I have a two year old Toshiba laptop that I am unable to use unless it is plugged in. This has been going on for a while but I was able to get at least 10 minutes out of it until tonight. If there is some way that I could test it before putting the money down for a new battery I would love to hear about it. Also, if anyone could tell me the settings I should be using for the longest battery life available I could check mine to see if they are not where they should be.


Answer:Battery Life

It could be the battery but it could also be that your charger isn't working properly and not charging the battery. The third possibility is that the mother board connection where you plug the charger into the notebook might be bad. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for someone that knows, volts and amps so they can explain how to use a multimeter to see if it is a hardware problem before you purchase another battery.

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Question: Second Life Issue

OK every time i run Second Life i always get this message
my computer is a 32-bit
how can i get an correct driver or video card to make it work?

Answer:Second Life Issue

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I just bought an ASUS netbook. The OS is XP Home. I was just wondering how long it is XP going to be around?

Answer:Solved: The Life of XP

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Question: battery life

I would like to how how to preserve in the best way my battery.My HP product number: N1R85UA#ABAWhich is the best way whem I have the possibility of been plugged?Be plugged all the time even if te battery is fully charged.Unplug whenever the battery is fully charged.Thank you so much.Regards, Fernando.

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Question: battery life

Should I send my computer in for repair?  Using only a DOS program and Word, with wireless and bluetooth disabled, and the screen set at a low level, I get about 3 hours of battery life.  I have the larger battery with 6 or 8 cells.  This has been true for several batteries. Any advice?

Answer:battery life

which thinkpad model are we talking about here?
Also, the dos program doesn't support the laptop's power management system, which is why the battery life is shorter. 

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Hi guys,

I love technology is keeps me organised...however when it doesn't work it just becomes most stressful and now I've realised I've spend more time trying to sort out the tech I use for work, rather than actually doing the work! I've got 3 big issues that if I could nail I'd be so happy. I can't get it to work how I need it to and it's starting to get on my tits!

I realise this may be very long-winded but view it as a little project that you can have full creative rein on to solve and make a man's life better!


Calender, Tasks, Contacts rule my life so I'm all nicely organised. I have a desktop PC and a MacBook (18 month olds), however I always have to use it in Windows mode...which does seem a bit pointless!

From my Desktop PC - I synced up to my mobile phone with MyPhone Explorer which syncs my Calender, Tasks, Contacts and Photos a dream! Because I have 1000 odd Contacts in Outlook, I have a separate folder called Mobile Contacts which syncs to my phone.

Then I have to keep copying my PST file to a USB Key, booting up my Macbook (in windows moder) and transferring over the PST file. As you can imagine this is a huge pain!


What I want to do is open up my MacBook in Mac mode and having everything up to date and at my fingertips...that would be great!


I need something that can sync these up between my Macbook, Desktop PC and anything els... Read more

Answer:Please Help Me Sort My Life Out!

Your life is too complicated.
I can tell you that Gmail would solve most of this-one calendar, accessible from anywhere. Cloud computing is here to stay, so we might as well take advantage.

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Question: IPOD LIFE



click herethis may help, but please do not use caps. it is hard to read and would deem you are shouting,good luck...

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okay i just downloaded steam like idk a week ago and i decided to buy half life 2 for 6.99 and its lags to **** when i look around in game that is i lag quite alot and its annoying heres the system requirements for Half Life 2
Official Half-Life 2 Box minimum specs:

Processor: 1.2 GHz Processor
OS: Windows, 2000/XP/Me/98
Graphic card: DirectX 7 level graphics card
Hard Drive: 4.5 GB
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Other: Internet Connection, DVD-ROM Drive
i have a 80gb hard drive and 50gb free heres my specs on my comp , i have do have internet its wireless to a modem that my stepdad has.


Answer:Need help with Lag on Half life 2

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Question: half life 2

the crosshair is too faint to see well on HL2. I do not see any settings to increase the visibility or change its color.

Answer:half life 2

i never had a problem with it... i dont believe there is a setting to change it. there is one setting you can do to put the health and ammo bars next to the crosshair, and thatll add some size to it... but other than that i dunno.

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Question: Life After Blaster

After my PC was infected with Blaster worm, I did manage to remove it using the tool from Symantec. My PC is now patched etc BUT, it will not shut down, restart or logoff. Upon unactivating all entries relating to Norton Anti Virus 2003 using MSConfig, it works fine. Have tried removing the Norton using the RNAV03 tool, it then also works fine, but upon reinstalling, it will not shut down, restart or logoff again. Can anyone please help?

Answer:Life After Blaster

avg will not give you any trouble i bet,just keep it up to date.worth a try click here

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Question: Half Life 2 HELP

I bought half-life 2 when it came out, and i realized that i needed a better video card to run it correctly. I bought the Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT and the game ran fantastically. A year later, i had to reinstall windows due to spy ware issues. Though i updated the driver, half life 2 no longer works. The game will sometimes freeze and crash during loading, sometimes it will even start the game a little, but it always crashes. The sometimes before i start, the game gives me an error stating that the driver is out of date. I followed the link and downloaded the suggested driver, no change. i used driver and updated every single driver that i could on the computer, still no change. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Half Life 2 HELP

Hmm same with me

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Question: half life 2

will half life2 run on my comp?? i have an ati radeon 9250 and a pentium4 processor. if it does run will it be laggy?

Answer:half life 2

you'll need at least 512 MB System Ram for it not to be "Buggy", it runs good on my specs and I get 45 fps online.

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Hello Hello wonderful people I have a simple question. I have a really old dusty laptop that is my main pc I got 5 years ago and in about 7 months I will be upgrading to a possible macbook of my choice . But untill then I will have to deal with the maschine I currently have I am trying to make 3d animations and it is a pain on this machine my system specs are listed in my profile. What settings could I potentially tweak or retail parts could I purchase to make my slow pc run a little faster and survive till I get me my macbook thanks. Some of my main concerns is how slow programs open and how frequently unresponsive it is I understand that this is old hardware. But o well you do what you gotta do.

Answer:How can I breath new life into my pc

Do a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

Beats any MacBook. Saves a grand.

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Question: Half Life 2

I'm thinking of getting HL2 Episode 1 and 2 and am wondering if you need to have the original HL2 installed or are these 2 episodes standalone.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Half Life 2

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My Lenovo y40 is only about 6 months old and the battery only last 30 minutes after full charge. It needs to stay on charge all of the time. I have tried installing new energy manager drivers. What do I do?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity

Go to Solution.

Answer:Y40 - Battery life only last 30 min

In response to customer reports of unexpected battery gauge behavior on Y40-70 and Y40-80 laptops, Lenovo determined the battery gauge software is performing as expected. The unusual gauge results being reported are a reflection of the battery reaching end of life.
Lenovo has released a Service TIP to assist customers with obtaining battery replacements under warranty, or if out of warranty, to find a replacement battery from Lenovo-approved vendors. The Service TIP can be found here:
The part numbers for Y40-70/80 batteries are:
Y40 SP/A L13M4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500248
Y40 LG L13L4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500249 substitute part 121500251
Y40 CP/C L13C4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500259 substitute part 121500251
To determine which battery came with your Y40 notebook, instructions for removing the bottom cover can be found in the Hardware Maintenance Manual pdf here. An alternative to opening your system (which does not void warranty) is to search for batteries using the model/product number located on the bottom cover.
Thank you,

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Question: Shelf life?

What's the approx MS support life for W7?


Answer:Shelf life?

Hello Alexey,

End of extended support for Windows 7 SP1 is on January 14, 2020.

Windows lifecycle fact sheet - Windows Help

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I know its on the back of case, but ive tried all the serial numbers and none seem to work. Anyone know what sequence of numbers i should be using

Answer:Half-life cd key, what is it?

If the numbers have "-" in then include the "-"1223-4567-7910-1122Not 123456789101122

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Question: Battey Life

Since installing Windows 7, my battery life on my laptop has been rubbish - I'm lucky if I get 10 minutes! reports this problem.

I have now got Windows XP, and the problem still exists. But after it goes in standby for criticle battery - I can turn it back on and use it for another 10-15 minutes before it just shuts down.

Is there any fix for this?

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Question: Battery Life

For the past 2 days battery life is reading 96% although computer is plugged in.  Don't use computer for anything fancy, mostly emails.  Have only owned computer for 4 months.

Answer:Battery Life

Disconnect the AC adapter and let the battery drain below 95%, then reconnect it and it should charge. The battery, by default, will not charge when its capacity is above 96% (look in the thinkvantage power manager under "Battery" and "Advanced" for settings on battery charging cycles). This setting is supposed to extend the batteries life.

~ sierra42 ~HP TC4400Lenovo T500-- I am not support, I'm just trying to help! --

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Do any of you have any experience of the on line virtual world of 'Second Life' ?Any good ?Any problems ?

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Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 5:07:12 PM, on 6/2/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Version Cue CS2\bin\VersionCueCS2.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\TopSpeed\2.0\aoltsmon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\TopSpeed\2.0\aoltpspd.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\CFSvcs.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\RegSrvc.exe
C:\Progra... Read more

Answer:Please Please Please. My Life Depends On This!!!!!

Hello 2low2rl and welcome,

One of the infections onboard is interfering with HijackThis. We prefer a more comprehensive set of logs to assist in detecting the extent the malware has infiltrated.

As noted in the final step (Step 5) of our sticky topic IMPORTANT - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help....

Download Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) to your Desktop.

What DSS will do:create a new System Restore point in Windows XP and Vista.
clean your Temporary Files, Downloaded Program Files, and Internet Cache Files, and also empty the Recycle Bin on all drives.
check some important areas of your system and produce a report for your analyst to review.
DSS automatically runs HijackThis for you, but it will also install and place a shortcut to HijackThis on your desktop if you do not already have HijackThis installed.

Note: You must be logged onto an account with administrator privileges.Close all applications and windows.
Double-click on dss.exe to run it, and follow the prompts.
When the scan is complete, two text files will open - main.txt <- this one will be maximized and extra.txt <-this one will be minimized
Copy (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the contents of main.txt in your next reply.
Please attach extra.txt to your post.
To attach a file to a new post, simplyClick the[Manage Attachments] button under Additional Options > Attach Files on the post composition page, and
copy and paste the fol... Read more

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Question: half life 2

helps anybody. i cant to connect to friends servers. i cant play in multiplayer. what's the matter?

Answer:half life 2

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