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Can I Prevent Switching Users?

Question: Can I Prevent Switching Users?

Over the course of the last few months, I have been experiencing issues logging into my office computer from home as there has been other individuals logging in at my work station using the "Switch User" option. This creates issues for me logging in from home. Locking the computer does nothing to prevent Switching Users. Is there any way to make my Windows 10 computer at work only usable by, making Switching Users not possible? Thank you in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Can I Prevent Switching Users?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Can I Prevent Switching Users?

Hello Markaz,

You could use the method in the tutorial to also remove the switch user option in Windows 10 to see if that may help.

Switch User - Add or Remove in Windows 8

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Hi guy's just wondering if it's possible to get windows 7 to switch audio drivers when you switch to another user account.

For eg.. normal speakers device for my personal account and then have my multichannel device (profire 2626) set as default for my other user account 4 studio work.

Atm, if i change it on one account it changes on the other account which is annoying and i'd just like to set default device for each account so i don't have to do this.


Answer:Switching drivers when switching users?

I don't think this is really possible since the sound settings apply globally. I'm curious why you want to do this, though...

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Is there a way that i can prevent the computer from turning off the screen while switching user? My screen reacts really slow when it gets turned off, then on again by the computer, so its just turns black for ages.

Answer:prevent screen-shutdown when switching user.

Welcome to Seven Forums skogs. Sorry, this is normal behaviour when switching User or Logging off. Is you monitor an older one or a CRT?

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hey all

i have 2 keybard layouts, English and French.

So once in a while the keyboard will just change input on its own. Not kidding.

i just start my browser to type something in a forum or facebook whatever and the layout changes from one to the other.

Windows is assuming i want to type in French because the interface is in french, but i'm on an english forum.

How can i prevent this odd behavior from happening while letting me choose on my own which layout ?

Answer:How to prevent windows from switching keyboard layout on the fly ?

If they are both hooked up at the same time, yes the OS can change the layout on the whim. Just get one with the keys silk screened with both English and French on the keys and then you can just make the change on the fly from a shortcut.

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Everytime I connect or disconnect a USB device my default audio device changes to a different device.. anyway to prevent disable this from happening.. I use USB mostly to charge my smartphone and only occasionally to transfer files but it is an annoyance as not only I have to change the default device but have to restart flashplayer or videos on media players because it can't recover from change.

Answer:Prevent W7 Switching Audio Device When Connecting/Disconnecting USB De

is your phone capable of being a DAC if not it should not be changing your playback options at all. that's odd what is your phone? does it do it when you just plug in any flash drive, and what is it changing your playback device to?

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On the screen where you choose which user account to log in to, I've noticed the user avatars/icons are sorted in "last used" order. This is extremely annoying because it forces you to actively look at the icons instead of just alway clicking on the same place on the screen. (Compare it to if the digits buttons on your cellphone switched places e.g putting the 0 first. Confusing.)

How can I prevent this, ie to have the avatars in a fixed position always?

Thank you!

Answer:Prevent Log in screen user avatars from switching places

Hello boardsmm, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Option One in the tutorial below would be a good option to have "All Users" always show at sign in instead of the "Last User".

Sign in - Show All Users or Last User in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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changing desktop themes, wallpapers, screensavers and accessing admin tools in Windows 2000? The problem Im having is that on my computer, I set up a guest account. Everybody uses this account and they keep changing the desktop themes to resource hogs from Theme XP. They are also adding wallpapers, screensavers, and downloading apps I dont want on my computer. How can I prevent them from doing these changes? Is there a list of options I can get and chose what they are allowed to do? Im currently running Windows 2000 Pro.

Answer:How Do I prevent Users From

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(Using IE6 on XP)


When I have multiple browser windows open and I am viewing one window, I get automatically switched to another window when page loading in that window completes. It's quite distracting; is there a setting I can change to prevent this?

Thanks for any help!

Answer:How to prevent multiple browser windows switching on load complete?

Hello letsgodiving

I have had a look around in the IE settings and I cant see something that will prevent this. I know it is possible in IE7 and Firefox.

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Hi All,

I have a PC that has 3 user accounts. Two are admin accounts and the third is simply a user. I want to prevent the third account from being able to download programs and files from the internet. Does anyone know if this is possible and how to do it?


Answer:Prevent users in XP from downloading

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I have a domain with several Vista boxen with users who are local Admins but not Domain Admins (accomplished using Restricted Groups). I need to ensure that these users do not disable User Account Control on their machines as I am sure they will be tempted to do so. Is there a way I can do this (perhaps through Group Policy)? I found several UAC-related settings and enforced them, but nothing stops them from disabling it entirely. Is there anything I can do besides the obvious choice of not granting them Administrative privileges?

Answer:Prevent Users from Disabling UAC

Yes, in the group policy, you can specify to either lockout the UAC controls all together, or Force it to on. Even though they can still disable it when you force it to on, they have to restart their PCs, therefore refeshing the GPO at restart and leaving it on, no matter how many restarts.

FYI... This was all on server 2008 for me, dunno about 2003 and lower, but i'll look.

Hope that helps. (If not, just reply)

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I am trying to prevent users running .exe on a certain program on their pcs.
The problem is that they have full administrative rights so even if i restrict it via group policy they will just change it back. Then i thought i could restrict them opening gpedit.msc in the registry but they will still be able to download one and change everything back. Im back to where i started really and don't know what to do.
Is there a way to amend the registry for a certain application to prevent them opening it? I just need to do something clever enough they wont be able to work out without having to change their access from administrator. Any help would be very appreciated - using Windows XP Professional

Answer:How can i prevent users running .exe?

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I want to disable Cut, copy, paste, delete and rename for file and folders with no right click in Win7 and XP. How can we do.

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I work at a school district and have several HP Color LaserJet CP2025 printers throughout the district. Student computers are set up to print in grayscale by default, but of course there are some students who are savvy enough to change the setting to print in color and then they end up wasting all the color.It seems like it should be possible to prevent this from happening by using the "Security" tab of the printer properties, but after tinkering around with it, I haven't had success.The other possibility is installing a monochrome driver for it, but HP doesn't offer a monochrome driver for that model on their website.Teachers print to these same printers and need to be able to print in color.What would you do in this situation? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Prevent users from printing in color

Hello There r a few options to work with:1- MS makes a program call Steady State. I will include a link. We use it at work with very little problems. This works well if u can clone the HDD. If u do not have a cloner, there r SW like Ghost to create one Master image. Then just install the on each PC. This might be time consuming depending on how many PCs are operational. the PCs r in a network environment u could set permission levels/groups to separate students from teachers. This way the students can not change any settings. 3- Have one dedicated printer to where the students can print too. U will have to set a printer at each location (maybe a room). this will require u to set up a student account on each PC.At this stage there r no short cuts for a quick fix, a  non time consuming fix. Your best bet would be option #2. Write back and let us know.   

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I would like to specify a set of wallpapers to rotate,(a feature windows 7 has by default) and then make it impossible for any user, administrator or otherwise, to change that set. I know there has to be a way to do that, because there are multiple tutorials on how to lock just one wallpaper, I just want to take it to the next step, any help would be appreciated.

I have no reservations about editing the registry and am running Windows 7 home premium, please take this into consideration with your suggestions

Answer:How to prevent users from changing my wallpaper?

Hello Geekman,

Normally, they would have to be logged in to your user account to change your wallpaper, unless they are an administrator and changed it through group policy.

If you are the only administrator on the computer that is password protected, and everyone had their own separate "Standard" user account, then they will not be able to change it.

Hope this helps,

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I wanted to try the following registry modification, to prevent users from being able to change their passwords:

When I ran registry editor, and went to the location specified, "DisableChangePassword" was no where to be found. Any reason why I couldn't get this to work? I'm running XP home edition service pack 3.

Even if I had been able to accomplish this I don't know if it would work because I want to prevent administator users from being able to change passwords (because on occasion the limited user needs to be logged on to the admin account for certain reasons).
Maybe there is also software out there that can prevent changing passwords.

Answer:How do I prevent users from changing passwords?

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I'm not sure whether or not this is implemented in other versions of Windows, but it's a big problem how one administrator can simply change the account type of another administrator to a Limited User account. Is there any way to prevent this by requiring the "vicim's" password to change their account type?

Answer:[SOLVED] Prevent Modifying Other Users

Rather than giving a technical answer, I'd recommend a meeting of those with Admin privileges.

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I recently made 2 accounts on my computer, an administrative and limited.Id like to know on how to prevent users who dont hold administrative rights to install unnecessary programs on the pc.Thank you.

Answer:Prevent Xp Users From Running Installer

Users who dont have administrative rights have alimited accoutn meaning that they cant install programs at all. But, they can change their account from limited to administrative by logging on to an Administrators account, so best to have the administartive account protected by a password.

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I am trying to set up a few computers so that users cannot add or delete fonts. We have had problems with users downloading fonts from the internet, and they end up getting viruses on the network. I have considered write protecting the Fonts folder, but we have Adobe CS3 installed as well as other programs that scatter font files around the hard drive. Is there a way to prevent fonts from being installed or deleted from any location on the computer?

Answer:Prevent Users From Modifying Fonts

welcome to tech support guy,

are they administrators or LIMITED users?
maybe check and 'tighten' the policies and procedures
you seem to be much more lax than i - or maybe just not as lazy - MY policy - if something is going to create work for me, you can't do it!!!


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I need to find a way, if possible to prevent operators from closing an application. The application has a traditional GUI so all the operator has to do is click the X.

The program (QC-CALC) has password protection to lockout the toolbar, etc, but even when locked you can still terminate it.

I know restricting access to the task manager will stop operators from killing it that way, but since it is always running in a visible window all it takes is that hitting that X. There is a link in the startup folder for the program, so it starts with windows.
So...I've been doing some thinking on this. Can I make a windows service that makes QC-CALC depend on some other arbitrary windows service so that the OS won't let it terminate?

Basically...any comments on that brainstorm, or, more importantly--any real suggestions that will work would be greatly appreciated.

If it requires writing code, I would prefer writing it in C++. As a mechanical engineer, I'm inherently not proficient with programming...but although my C++ is rusty I can get by.

So, with that said:

Workstation is running Win XP Pro SP2.

The application I'm trying to prevent operators from terminating is QC-CALC from Pro-Link.


Answer:A way to prevent users from killing an application?

Does the user need to interact with the Application. If not, there are ways to launch the application hidden.

This costs money but seems to do what you want.

You may be able to do it with this as well.

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Hello, Actually I am a student and live in cambine family system many of my elders also use my computer. I have a lot of data which i really don't want to lose at all. My elders, they keep on installing all stupid kinds of software resulting in a masive attack of virus or other. How can I prevent them from installing any kind of software without using other softwares? I am using Windows XP (2007).thanks.

Answer:how to prevent users from installing software

password protect all accounts and don't tell them the pass word. Leave a live linux cd for them to use. This one can run from the ram, so the cd is free. You probably have to show them how to use it.larry

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What is the best way to prevent users from running certain programs? My organization doesn't use GPO. Domain is workgroup. All users given Administrator rights.
Kindly assist me

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I run a computer room for a group of disabled veterans at the local VA medical center. A while ago I was directed to make it
impossible for my users to save any information to any internal or external storage device. Our Internet access was suspended until I have accomplished this.

I have yet to fully accomplish it. I was refered to these programs for removable media and USB storage devices:

floppydisabler -free

I haven't found anything similar for the hard drive. I have looked through Computer Management and the Registry but found
nothing that looked like it would do the job. I asked for help in a number of forums. One recommendation was:

"go to the group policy editor (gpedit.msc)
computer config....
administrative templates....
disk quotas...
there are 6 settings there..."

I didn't understand this approach.

A more promising recommendation was to restart in Safe Mode, right click on the hard drive, select properties and click on the Security tab. This led to the following:

Groups or user names


I selected User

Permissions for Users

Full Control
Read & Execute
List Folder Contents
Special Permissions

I had been advised to check only Read & Execute, List Folder Contents and Read under the Allow column heading. Actually, I found those boxes already checked. No other boxes were checked in either column. I didn�... Read more

Answer:Prevent users from saving files

Why would they want to disable write access to everything? They must be completely illogically paranoid about something...

The idea of setting attributes in the security tab is how you will get it done.
didn't work? then you did it wrong.

You probably changed the settings for one user, then tested it on another user.

Do you know how to create a batch file?
If so, here is a batch script that will change the permissions to "read write" and "Execute", for "Everyone"

echo off
set /p pth="please type the drive letter for your Hard drive e.g. C:":
cacls %pth% /T /G Everyone:RClick to expand...

If you don't know how to make a batch file, follow these instructions.

1. open notepad.
2. copy and paste the script I gave you, into notepad.
3. click file, then click "save as".
4. where it says "save as type", change it to "all files"
5. save it as userpermissions.bat
6. now go find the file you just saved, it will be a "batch file".
Once you have the batch file open, it will ask you to type the drive letter of the harddrive you want to restrict.
So you might want to restrict C drive, so you type C:
after typing the drive letter, press enter, and it will ask you if you are sure. click yes, and it will be done.
WARNING: restricting write permissions for the entire harddrive, could cause problems for internet explorer/firefox, or whatever browsers you are using on the comptuters. Not ent... Read more

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I work for a small trading company and have an external USB drive that I keep client info on. I heard that some co-workers like to snoop and steal clients (great work environment ) - my question is this.... is there a way of preventing access to this drive? I have looked at permissions and share is not checked, but I think some have admin rights and would be able to access this drive using a machine name and drive letter. \\mymachine\G$.
The network was set up by the owner, so it probably isn't as tight as it should be, but a job is a job right now. The OS is XP pro, talk around the office is they will be upgrading to VISTA.

Thanks for any help, I need to keep my data mine.

Answer:Prevent usb drive access from other users

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I edited this whole post. When I am logged into another user account, I noticed that I can navigate to my main admin account's desktop. Is it possible to make it ask for a password in order to gain access? I do not want to block it completely as I like dragging files from one account to the next, but I only want myself to do so and not another user on their account. So an admin password prompt to make the change would be great. Is that option offered?

Answer:Prevent other users from viewing partition

try this. googled in 2 seconds1. Go to Start > run > type "diskpart".A DOS window will appear with following discription.DISKPART>2. Then type "list volume"The result will look like :------Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info--------------- --- -------- ---- ------ ---- ------ ----Volume 0 F CD-ROMVolume 1 C Window_XP NTFS Partition 7000MB Healthy SystemVolume 2 D Softwares NTFS Partition 8000MB HealthyVolume 3 E Songs NTFS Partition 8000MB Healthy3. Suppose u wanna hide drive E then type "select volume 3". Then amessage will appear in same winwods { Volume 3 is the selectedvolume}4. Now type "remove letter E". Now a message will come { DiskpartRemoved the Drive letter }sometime it requires the reboot the computer. Diskpart will remove theletter. Windows XP is not having capabilty to identify the unkownvolume.Your Data is safe now from all unauthorised users. To access thecontent of hidden Drive repeat the process mentioned above. But in4th step replace " remove" to "assign" i mean type "assign letter Ei hate computers!but cant help myself....

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like the title says.. How do you stop someone from accessing safemode?

Answer:Prevent users from booting into SAFEMODE on XP

as far as i know & as far as i could find in google. its impossible , anyway safe mode is vital for gettin rid of certain spywares or to uninstall buggy drivers so why would you want it disabled

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Hi All,

I have an .exe file sitting on w2k server (ntfs drive) that's accessed by all users. I'm trying to setup a permission that users can only READ and EXECUTE from the server and they can't copy the .exe file to their local drives. There's no Deny Copy I could set on the server. How do you accomplish this goal. Your advice is greatly appreciated.


Answer:Prevent users from copying .exe file from server

The only thing I can think of, depending on how many users you have and how computer savvy they are, is to make sure their computers are set to "Do not show hidden files or folders" and then make your executable a hidden file.

Hope this helps,


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I recently donated a computer to a friend of mine (4200+ on an nf-m2s) ...... and it lasted all of about 1 month before it had 4 flat tires and a .DLL serial murderer appears to have gone on a gold paint huffing spree, and played a little tetris with the registry while he was at it.

My fault. His user account was the admin. He isnt a computer "idiot" so to speak, but has plenty of friends who I wouldn't let use the eraser on my pencil, much less his computer. I figured he'd keep people from screwing it up, I was wrong.

So, now that I am doing a full re-install of windows 7 i'd like to at least do what I can to prevent the proverbial "screwdriver to the OS" this time around. I have not had to screw with any sort of microsoft permissions on the group/user level since I took a microsoft MSE course designed for NT server. Obviously that has been a while....

I would like for him to be able to install programs, browse the web, various usb devices. But I also don't want him to call me every 3 days because his machine won't give him permission to change his desktop background. After looking at the default windows 7 users and groups this is what I guess I am going to do..

Create new admin account, for myself. I need full control/all/all/special permissions yadda yadda yadda. Assuming I just need to add it to the "Administrators" group? Anything else I need to do?

Disable old admin account.

Create new account for him. Here is... Read more

Answer:How to prevent windows 7 users from jamming a screwdriver into the OS?

power user group "might" be what you want. would allow him to change some stuff.

Remote desktop only works if you configure a way to get through his router to the computer (assuming his computer doesn't have a public IP). remote assiance would require something to start the session as far as i know.

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Is possible to prevent regular Users account From Ejecting usb?


Answer:Is possible to prevent regular Users account From Ejecting usb?

What does "ejecting usb" mean?

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Both Vista and Windows XP let you take control of preventing a user not to shutdown the machine by editing the group policy. For example if your friend is using your computer and you went somewhere ( and you have still some unsaved document left) and he shutdowns the pc without saving them?you loose a good amount of data. ( Trust me I have lost one whole blog post and project code at same time ). This is what you can do
* Type gpedit.msc in run dialog box [ WIN KEY + R ]
* This will open Group Policy Editor. Now there are two things in it, Computer Configuration and User Configuration
* Click on User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Task Bar
* Now look for ?remove and prevent access to shutdown command?
* Double Click and Enable it.
* Exit the group policy editor.
This setting removes the Shut Down option from the Start menu and disables the Shut Down button on the Windows Security dialog box, which appears when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL. This setting prevents users from using the Windows user interface to shut down the system.
Now if you try to shutdown by clicking on start , the shutdown button must have disappeared. Moreover check the task manager and you will find all shutdown,restart and others disabled except switch user. source

Answer:How to prevent users from shutting down or restarting XP and Vista

Yes, this could be quite useful to some ! Thanx.

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I want to place one stand alone computer in a public area that people can use to look for and view photographs.  MS ACCESS, completely meun driven, will be the means to locate and display thumbnail with a button to display a full sized photo.  IrfanView will be the program to display the photos.  In doing so, I do not want anyone to be able to do anything else, such as save or delete.  Changing file property to read only does not prevent a deletion for happening. 

Answer:how prevent users from deleting or saving files

There is a program called DeepFreeze that will restore the computer to a certain state everytime it's rebooted. It won't prevent them from saving/deleting, but when there is a problem you can just reboot to restore the state.

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On another forum I belong to, there has been a recent outbreak of issues of multiple accounts. It is a serious issue, because contests are in the works, and money is won by votes cast by other users. Now if someone with multiple accounts casts several votes for his himself, he would win unfairly by cheating.

Is there someway to check other users to see if they belong to the same person. + is there a way to do it without checking IP addresses, or email addresses?

Thanks, Mike

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Good day

I was always under the impression that people who guest account is unable to access the administrator desktop and hard drive etc.

Is there that i can make sure that this doesnt happen again.

I am using windows 8 64 bit


Answer:How to prevent guest users from accessing the administrato

By default anyone using the guest account would be unable to access the desktop or files of any other account. This is by design. The rights of the guest account are the lowest of the low.

If the situation seems otherwise you need to fully explain.

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Guys, how do I prevent users from running executabels from usb sticks? I do want them to save and read files from the usb sticks, but not any executable files such as bat, exe, vbs etc.

Answer:Prevent users from running executables from usb sticks

Hello Balthier,

You could make their user accounts to be a standard user instead of administrators, then they will not be able to run anything that will affect the system or other users. However, this will affect them being able to do this at all, and not just from USB sticks.

User Account Type - Change

In addition, you could use AppLocker to create rules to not allow their specific user accounts to open or run specific types of files.

AppLocker - Create New Rules

Hope this helps,

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Long file paths cause real problems when need to move/copy or delete large amount of data that the path is 350 character long (max character allowed by Windows is 256)

I was wondering if anyone knows of any third party app. that can help with this. Something that will prevent users from naming files/folders on the network and display a message to them.

Renaming files/folders is not what I'm looking for. The problem currently is resolved, I'm trying to avoid this from happening in the future.
Thank you

Answer:Prevent users from creating long paths

I think the real problem here is that the users don't always see the full path.
If you as an administrator map a network drive to a path, the user will be blissfully aware of the true full path.
I'm pretty sure that no human is going to use a path that length deliberately.

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%subj%. Users are local admins but I want to prevent them to start/stop chosen (not ALL!) services - play/stop buttons should be disabled and also "net start xxx" should not work. I am sure it can be done tweaking the registry, however I didn't find the correct key and value. Can anybody help ?


Answer:How to prevent users from starting/stopping certain service ?

users CAN'T be admins! they just can't!

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I'm in charge of converting some of my school's old laptops to internetless word processing PC's. All of the computers are running Windows XP Professional and only have Microsoft Word installed. We have physically removed their WLAN cards, so they have no way of accessing the internet other than using ethernet. I have been asked to see if there is a way to prevent users from saving files to the hard drive. The idea is that they would have to save anything they do on the computers to their flash drives. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about setting this up? Thanks!

Answer:Solved: Prevent Users from Saving Files to HD?

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Win2k/win2k3 domain w/ AD
WinXP workstations

I remember back in the days of NT 4 there was an option to allow or not allow a user to log in locally (this may have just been on Server....been too long). Does anyone know a way to set this up in XP on a 2k domain?

Basically I want to be able to say only user x can log in to this computer or user y can log in to these computers.

If I don't create a local user account, anyone in the AD seems to be able to log in with restricted privilages, but I want to be able to prevent a log in all together.

Answer:prevent domain users from loggin in to certain computers

Bring up the properties of the user in ADUC, then navigate to the "Account" tab, then click the button "Logon to." You will need to know the name of the computers, not case-sensitive.

If you only want them to access pc20, type pc20 in the box and click "Add."

No need for local user accounts.

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hi there, i'm new to this forum, please have patience,, hehe

so my problem is that there are a lot of people using my computers(pc/laptop) and everytime, something gets changed.. pisses me off,, hehe..

so my question is: is there a software or modification to my computers i need to do to prevent people from changing stuff? i just want them to be able to use the programs on the desktop only, can't delete or open files that i dont want them to open, can open start but with limited accessibility.. is there a way to do this? i often see these changes in computer cafe's but i dont know how to do it myself..

i know that deep freeze handles these kinds of problem, but it's not free.. but is there another way?

thanks for the help..

Answer:software to prevent users to change stuff?

If you are an Administrator, you can set up parental controls using the below tutorials.
Parental Controls - Setup and Use
Parental Controls - Allow or Block Specific Programs

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I'm looking for a solution to prevent my AD users from changing the regional and language settings.
But my boss doesn't want it to be done by a Policy script, is there any other possibility like registry settings or whatever??


Answer:how to prevent users from changing regional settings

Your boss doesn't want you using group policies in AD?
why not? Your issue is exactly what GPOs are for

are the users administrators on their pcs?

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Is there a way to prevent users from rearranging the desktop icons ?

or where does Windows 7 keep the configuration files that keeps track of the icon placement on the desktop?

Answer:Prevent Other users from rearranging desktop icons ?

I use a program called DesktopOK to remember and restore icon placement.

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I know I can use the limited account to prevent users from installing programs, but that is NOT an option in this case . I need a reg tweak that will effectively do the same thing with an admin account on XP home edition.

I found a tweak that will "Restrict Users from Running Specific Applications"

where you create a new subkey:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \Policies\Explorer\DisallowRun

then create new values for each application:

Here is a question to throw out there for discussion:

can i use wildcards in the above tweak??? ex: will creating the key above with this value "d:\*.exe" prevent users from running any exe files from a cd???? I know I can always test it and find out but lets see what conversation(s) this starts..........

Back to the original question, What reg tweak will prevent users from installig apps on a admin account on xp home addition???

Answer:XP Tweak: how do I prevent users from installing programs

You could try the fix at Kelly's Korner.Disbale Installer - #366 on the right.I haven't used it myself so I'm not exactly sure how it works.

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I have Acer Aspire Switch 10 as public test computer for people and they can login using their Microsoft Account. Some people mess up the computer on purpose to do mischief and I had to use System Restore to fix things few times already.

Is it possible to use gpedit.msc to prevent users who login with Microsoft Account from changing settings and messing up the computer while still allowing local Administrator account to have permissions to do these things?
I have no server.

Answer:Prevent MS Account users changing settings /w gpedit.msc

Hello Lauri, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You could make their MS accounts to be a standard user type of an account instead of an administrator type. They will then no longer be able to perform any actions that require elevated rights.

User Account Type - Change in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Hello,In my business, we created supervisor password and enabled "lock BIOS settings" to prevent access BIOS on model T520i and T530i. But it's always possible to access on "read-only" to BIOS. How to prevent this access ?? Is this possible ? Thanks for answers.


Go to Solution.

Answer:prevent users access the BIOS on T520i and T530i

It's not possible to prevent F1 from entering BIOS setup.  If this was possible, malware could exploit it and essentially brick the system.  One option you might consider, is the "Option Key Display" setting (in the Startup menu).  With this set to Disabled, then end users won't see the message during POST about "To interrupt normal startup..."  I don't know if this would help your scenario or not.  In any case it is always possible to press F1 to enter BIOS setup.

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I have 3 programmes that run on all users taskbar. How do I prevent other users from gaining access to these programmes?

Answer:How do you prevent other users access to programmes running in taskbar?

Disable the guest account on your computer and log out of your account when you leave the computer. That will remove the desktop and anyone going to your computer will have to log in to gain access. With no account and the guest account disabled, only an authorized user with a proper password will be able to log in and see the desktop and programs.

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I've set up a few computers for some users and would like to prevent their ability to rearrange the order of the favorite links in the IE10 favorite bar. How can I accomplish this?

Answer:How to Prevent Users from Changing Order of Fav Links IE10

Not sure if this is helpful at all, as it doesn't necessarily solve the problem in the way you are requesting, but I recommend creating a separate standard user account for each individual, or groups, such as 'kids', 'entertainment', et cetera (or a combination of the two).

That way, you can keep your own personals the way you'd like, and if something gets messed up by a particular user, it only messes up a single account, not all of them (and best of all, not your own).

User Account - Add a New User in Windows 8
Password - Create for User Account in Windows 8

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ive set it up so that when a user logs on they dont see the database window(the one which show all the tables, queries etc.) they only see the switchboard.
but all they have to do is click on the tab on the toolbar on the bottom for it to reappear

how can i prevent this from happening?

Answer:how can i prevent read-only users from seeing the database window in access?

One simple way is in Tools\startup you can disable various toolbars. The draw back is if you hold down the shiftkey when dbl click to open you open in 'design mode'. But average user doesn't know.

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I have windows 8.1 pro and is a home pc not on a domain. I want to be able to prevent a user from changing the desktop background slideshow. I tried applying "prevent changing desktop background" in "user config\admin temps\control panel\personalization but when I apply that setting it stops the desktop background slideshow from changing. I have it on shuffle and rotate every 30 min. Would like to have the user not to be able to change the wallpaper slideshow and still have it rotate. Thanks.

Answer:Prevent users changing desktop background slideshow via GP

Is that User set as Standard or as Administrator? There's a lot of things a Standard User can't do. Also important is to have Users with administrative rights use a password to log on. With Group Policy Editor the administrator can further lock things down.

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OS: Win7 family premium home 64 bits

I have several accounts on a PC, only one has admin priviledge.

How do I prevent all users to delete/alter/create/add the content of a folder and its sub-folders, in particular exe and dll, but allow text files such as config & log files to be altered/modified/created?

By preventing, I wish either some password confirmation - just as for the parental check - or at least like the command enforce to run with admin priviledges.

Even, the admin account shouldn't be allowed to delete without having a mechanism like the command to run with admin priviledges, e.g. chkdsk.

Many thanks.

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Title says it all. Any suggestions? I think Net Nanny will do what I want but I downloaded the trial version and had loads of trouble afterward. It froze during install and afterward it would not let me browse any sites and I could not remove it. Had to reformat my HD. Thankfully I had a 15 gig partition that I could move important stuff to.

Is there something I could do within Windows itself? We are a peer-to-peer network so there is no centralized server.

Answer:Easiest Way To Prevent Lim. Users from Downloading/Installing EXE files in Xp Pro

Hello wesleyj

A Limited Account user will not be able to run .exe files

Extract from MS
Limited account
The limited account is intended for someone who should be prohibited from changing most computer settings and deleting important files. A user with a limited account:
Generally cannot install software or hardware, but can access programs that have already been installed on the computer.
Can change his or her account picture and can also create, change, or delete his or her password.
Cannot change his or her account name or account type. A user with a computer administrator account must make these kinds of changes.
Can manage his or her network passwords, create a reset password disk, and set up his or her account to use a .NET Passport.

Does that answer your question?


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I want to prevent users from accessing share folders after typing the IP Address and press Enter it should popup an error message not after the users be able to see all those shared folders and when they click on the shared folder it receive an error message like access denied.

So far I have set NTFS and Share folder permission but doesn't work for the URL bar with IP Address, however it works fine when users click on the shared folder.

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Hey everyone,

First post here as we are having some issues at my job. We're a small sized school district and we are in the process of currently attempting to create a universal image to roll out across the district. As part of the initial process, we are following a spiceworks directed tutorial to create the image and we are enabling the local administrator account. After imaging, there are a few other things that need to be done on each individual machine so we have a "tech" folder set up to allow our techs to go step by step to get the machine to where we want it to be. Once a machine is imaged, it is then added to our domain.
The issue we are having is that whether we place this 'tech' folder on the desktop, the Admin's desktop, or the Admin's My Documents folder: any other user on the computer (even non-admins) are getting access to the Administrator's user folders (including desktop and documents). This means that any enterprising student can search hard enough and find it, and then access the files in the tech folder.

Now, it is our practice to then disable the local admin account after imaging, before sending the machine out. However, on the off chance one of the techs forgets or has a lapse in procedure, this could result in a few non-critical, but still important, pieces of software being accessible to all users.

Our question is this: What could be causing this lapse in policy? Or are we misunderstanding the way Win7 operates the local Admin acc... Read more

Answer:How do I prevent all users access to the local Admin's My Documents

No users have access to any other user's profile directory. "C:\Users\[username]" The only way they can get access is if they are an Administrator. The next way is if you are changing the permissions to give everyone access. But the default state for Windows is no user has access to another user's profile directory. Most likely you have done something to set it up to give users access or your method for detecting this is flawed. (I.e. you are using an Admin account to check the access of the directory, an Admin account can and will override permissions to give itself access.)

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Hi, I need to devise a fixed file structure at my organisation whereby users are allowed to add files into folders but are prevented from creating subfolders. Is this possible?

Tom Hamilton

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How to prevent installation of removable storage device on home computer ?
Can I do it on windows 7 ? Or do I need to have windows server 2003 or windows server 2008 to setup the group policy ?

I was reading an article and it says


Administrators who want to block automatic installation of USB storage devices on computers can do so by enabling the Prevent Installation of Removable Devices policy that is found at: Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Devices Installation\Device Installation Restrictions.

I could not find Computer Configuration neither on my hhome computer nor on windows server 2008. Please guide me about how to disable installation of removable device storage on windows vista, windows 7 and windows server 2008.


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It started yesterday. Sometimes, when I try to switch users the computer freezes and I must reboot.

I checked for spyware, viruses and there aren't any.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Answer:Switching users in Win XP Pro

Have you upgraded to SP2?

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Question: Switching Users

Hello Everyone,

The question I have is this. A few weeks ago I was able to

switch users, but now I have to actually log off a user in order to

switch to a different user,,, any ideas or help will be

greatly appreciated..
Thanks In Advance..


Answer:Switching Users

Hi there!

Control Panel-user accounts

ENABLE "Fast User Switching"!
Good Luck!


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On My Windows XP I have a feature which enables me to switch users whilst on another persons user as well.

However, i can do this but when i try to go back to the other user my screen turns it self off and acts like its in stand-by.

Ive pressed every key on the keyboard but to no avail. So usually i have to turn off the computer and reboot.

Also where you have shared documents through my user i can access my mums and dads users, but if im on my mums user or my dads user they cant access my documents how can i make my user shared so other users can see my documents.

Can You Please Help Me With This Ill Be Very Grateful

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Question: switching users

Ihave a problem swith between account users.

when i first log on everything is fine and logging off is o.k. the problem arises when you log onto a new user and try to log off. It wont let you log off.

The only way is by using ctrl, alt, del and manually logging off.

I have recently installed a wireless internet connection and with the connection being on all the time i wondered if that might be the problem.

I disconnected the connection and everything worked as normal.

Is there a way that you can stay online while switching between users?

Any help would be greatly apreciated....Many Thanks

Answer:switching users

Try enabling fast user switching, if you haven't already done so. I don't know if this will fix it, but it's worth a shot. Or if it's enabled try disabling it.

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Everytime I try to switch between a user in XP pro without logging off my computer slows to a crawl. I would have to hit the reset button and restart. It runs pretty quick otherwise. It has a 120 gb harddrive, 256 mb of ram and a atlon processor 3100+. Has anybody experience this before. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Basically something must be wrong it should not perform like this.

Answer:Switching between Users in XP Pro

Got the Problem solved. For some reason it seem to have been some kind of spyware. I installed and ran super ad blocker and I don't have the problem anymore.

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Question: Switching users

Hi guys. TSG is a great site!

Now my problem is that when I try to switch to another user on XP Pro, it just laggs and I get a black screen and I have to re-start with the CPU button. Any Ideas? Is it because I turned off 'Fast User switching'?

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Okay so I have a computer that three people use, so we have profiles. I'm usually downloading things and when they log off, this is terminated. I'd like to be able to have it so they can go on the computer and I can keep downloading. So the feature I'm looking for is switch users. The problem is; It's not anywhere in sight. I was using the classic theme for both the icons of folders, and the start menu (all programs in stead of programs, etc). I would be fine with switching to the default look if it enabled me to switch users.

I just realized that I can't even change the look back to default. Can anyone help with either problem? (changing back to the default look, and being able to switch users)

Here are possible things that I've done:
Start>Shut Down> Than from here there is Log off, Restart, Shutdown, Standby. No switch.

When I try to go back to the default view I do this.
Right Click on Start>Properties> The option should be here but it's not.

Answer:Switching users... Can't do it.

Is "Use Fast User Switching" checkmarked in the User account under control panel?? If it's should get the "Switch User" listed when you click Start..Log Off. There is also a registry tweak that will keep your internet connection active while switching users. Do so at your own risk as you will be editing and adding a value to the registry.

Here's how if you want to attempt.

1. Click Start, click Run and type REGEDIT and hit Enter (or click OK)
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/ CurrentVersion/Winlogon
3. Right-click an empty space in the right-hand pane, and from the menu
Select New > String value
4. Name the new value KeepRASConnections (it's important that you use upper and lower-case letters exactly as shown)
5. Right-click the KeepRASConnections value, and choose Modify from the menu
6. Enter 1 as the Value data
7. Close the registry editor
8. Restart Windows for the changes to take effect

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Question: Switching Users

In the past, I could switch users on the computer simply by clicking Start->log off->switch user and the user I was switching from could keep all of their windows and applications while I used my user setting. Something has happened, and now I actually have to close everything on one user's side and log the user off to be able to get to my user account. Is there a way to get it back to being able to share the computer?

Answer:Switching Users

figured out

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Question: switching users

Not able to switch users, just created a new user with limited access and when trying to switch users I get this.

"Windows cannot log you on because your profile cannot be loaded. Check that you are connected to the network, or that your network is functioning correctly. If this problem persists, contact your network administrator.
DETAIL - The system cannot find the file specified."

I am not on a network, I connect to the Internet via cable.
I tried loading a fix for this called, "UPHClean-Setup". Supposed to free resources or something like that. Didn't work. I havn't had any users on this machine before. I am the administer and alway boot to this.
Running WinXP Pro, with VirusScan Professional Edition ver: 7.03.6000.

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Question: Switching Users

Hello Everyone,

I have yet another problem that just came up...been away from

machine for a few days, but all of the sudden I can switch users

anyone have any ideas ??

Thanks again for all of your help,


Dai any ideas ??

Answer:Switching Users

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When I switch between users in XP my broadband connection turns off and I have to reconnect. Is there a way to configure XP keep the connection on?Ken

Answer:Switching between users in XP

click here

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Question: Switching Users

Does anyone know the key sequence to switch users instead of going through the mouse sequence?Running XP standalone with 2 usersUsing Fast switching.Thanks

Answer:Switching Users

Read this click here

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Question: switching users

/!\ Merry Christmas to all ! /!\

My problem : Alt+F4 give me the option of switching users but only the current user "nemo" is selectable
All users are set active including the built-in Administrator

HideFastUserSwitching = 0

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList
do not exist...

C:\Windows\system32>net users

User accounts for \\PC-NEMO

Administrator DefaultAccount Guest nemo
The command completed successfully.

C:\Windows\system32>net user Administrator
User name Administrator
Full Name Administrator
Comment Built-in account for administering the computer/domain
User's comment
Country/region code 000 (System Default)
Account active Yes
Account expires Never

Password last set 21/12/2016 19:24:37
Password expires Never
Password changeable 21/12/2016 19:24:37
Password required Yes
User may change password Yes

Workstations allowed All
Logon script
User profile
Home directory
Last logon 25/12/2016 10:36:03

Logon hours allowed All

Local Group Members... Read more

Answer:switching users

last news

not sure what exactly solved my problem but i removed useless key (profiles) in

and the problem is gone

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Question: switching users

the switch user thing doesn't work on XP, even when i enable it in the contol panel>user settings. when i try pressing window Key+L it just locks the computer. to switch users you have to log off each one to go onto another. i'm running XP home SP2 with 2.2 ghz celeron and 512 RAM

Answer:switching users

Windows key+L always locks the computer doesn't switch users.

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Question: switching users

Help!!!!! Everytime i want to switch user accounts on my system it turns the computer off! Can anyone help?

Answer:switching users

By "switch user accounts" do you mean, logging off one account, then trying to log on to another account, or are you using using Fast User Switching?

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Question: Switching Users

When switching user on Dell PC, running WXpSP2 I am getting the following error message. Rebooting normally fixes it for about a day.

error occurred with; win32K.sys - address BF9EB5494, 0X00000000, 0XBF9194B3, 0X00000000
date stamp: 45F013F6

Any ideas?


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Question: Switching USers

I have two people (two user accounts ) using one computer. However when one wants to switch between users by going Start | Log Off there isn't any other user name to switch to and I end up shutting down the computer.

how do I configuar the computer so I can switch between users with out shutting down?

Answer:Switching USers

Go to the control panel and double click user accounts to open it. Select Change the way users log on and off, check the fast user switching box and apply.
Assuming you are using XP.
Good Luck

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Question: Switching Users

My computer will not switch between users when I use the start menu and log off button.

I go to start, log off and then click on switch users, then nothing happens.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Answer:Switching Users

See this Microsoft article, which may be of some help.

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Question: Switching Users

How do I preform this action?

To restore the default Windows logon interface, remove the following string value from the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\GinaDLL

Answer:Switching Users

If you're trying to restore Fast User Switching try Kelly's Korner.Restore Fast User Switching - #34 on the left.As this is a registry edit you should backup the registry first.

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I have a dell dimension C 21 pc with windows XP home edition service pack 2 which I have had for some months now. I have the free edition of AVG. We are 2 users, I am the main user and my partner is the second user. A problem frequently arises when he switches to his"area" in that an AVG box comes up for updating but then freezes . He then tries to shut it down gets the message "this program is not responding click on end or cancel" so we can't get rid of it.
I have spoken to the Dell help line who a) want to charge me for any advice as they say this is nothing to do with the hardware, and only the hardware is guaranteed when I complain about this they say I have to get rid of AVG and that only Macafee, which they put on for 90 days and I got rid of, will work.Any ideas on how to cure this it is quite annoying and he is getting quite fed up with it.

Answer:Switching Users And Avg

I would probably try uninstalling and then reinstalling AVG to see if that fixes the problem.

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Question: Switching Users

hey at times when i am on my account on windows xp, if i switch users accounts it freezes on me...???

Answer:Switching Users

Try deleteing the account that is freezing and then set it up again.

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Question: xp switching users

hi, I have a new Dell 5500 with XP at sp2 level.I have two user accounts ... if I have both active ...when I try to logoff one of them I get the saving your settings and the machine then freezes....nothing but a power off and restart cures it....any ideas..?Awest3

Answer:xp switching users

See if this helps at all. click here

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Question: switching users

I have the Dell Inspiron 531, sometimes when i want to switch users it doesn't go back to the main screen of users?? also when i download a patch for a game, because i have to use the Administrator side?? what could cause this??

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True story: Users are either inadvertently or purposely changing the system's date & time on WinXP Prof desktops.

Not only do I want to prevent them from accessing the Date/Time applet, but I still want them to be able to log onto their domain which runs a system logon script that syncs time from the time servers. We have not yet converted to ADS (in the works) and I already know about the Local Security Policy setting. If I take away Power Users from the 'Change the System Time' setting, it doesnt allow the time sync with the server.

Another option I looked into, running the RUNAS command (with a admin account info) in the system logon script. Problem with that is that it prompts the user for a password during logon. No good! Even if I was able to include the admin account information in the script, the user might see the admin password because it is not encrypted.

Is there a way? Help me out TSG! Thanks in advanced.

Answer:Solved: Prevent Users from changing system date & time

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I have a command line logon script that is applied via Active Directory.  It records the department, time, date and computer name to a csv file on a server share.  We use this script to track computer usage.  In order to keep funding for upgrades, repairs, etc, we have to prove that the classrooms are being used.  The classrooms use shared logons.  The computers are used by many people from within and outside of our organization.    Currently, we are using sign-in sheets, but we are having trouble with people actually using the sheets.  We need to show when, how long and who used the classrooms. The script I wrote asks a user to enter their Department while the rest is automatic.  The problem I am having is that the users are just closing the window without entering anything.  How can I stop this?  Is there any other ways I can run this script without having to purchase any software?I thank you for any help I get on this.

Answer:how to prevent users from colsing logon script before entering data

Why not use a unique naming scheme to identify PC's in a department, then run your batch file minimized and instead of prompting the user for the department, use %computername%

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I have 2 Windows 8.1 PCs and have the same problem on both. When I switch from one user account to another then back to the original account, I just get the rotating circle and can't do anything. The problem is solved by logging off and on again. SFC /SCANNOW shows no problems.

Has anyone any ideas on what may be the problem?

Answer:Switching Between Users Problem

Any ideas?

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Two problems :
1. With W7, as say User 1, I could listen to music or BBC radio via the internet. If I switched to User 2, the music or radio opened as User 1 would continue to play and be heard as User 2. With W10, switching users cuts out any music or radio opened as User 1. Are the listening features under W7 available under W10?
2. With W7, I could copy from documents or spreadsheets opened under User 1 and paste into documents of spreadsheets as User 2. This feature does not work in W10. Can this be fixed?

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I've had this problem for a long time now. Every once in a while I will set out on a google quest to find the answer but I haven't succeded yet

The problem is that whenever I "switch user" (win + L) out of my account for someone else to log on their account, when they try logging off, my monitor acts like if I was putting the computer into sleep mode. That is, it goes black and some messages come up on the screen saying the usual "check power etc" messages and the light flashes. The computer continues to run and there is no way of restoring my screen so I am forced to press the main power button on the computer tower.

I am running windows xp professional sp 2
My video card is nvidia geforce fx 5500
Pentium 4 3.00GHz
I run zone alarm and AVG in the background

I have not always had this problem. I don't remember when it started but it has been a long time now (I would say at least 6 months.)

Appreciate any suggestions or information...

Answer:Problem when switching users

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Hello, i recently removed a virus with the help of one of the mods of this forum by using combofix, my computer sped up greatly but now i find when i try to switch users it takes from around at the minimum 5 minutes to switch and the max around 8 or 9 mins.

I am using windows Vista Business, 2.6Ghz Core 2 Duo Processor and a sufficient amount of ram (in my opinion anyways - 3gigabyte ram).

Could i have some help in solving this issue and trying to get it back to its normal 5-15 seconds user switch? The waiting time can get tedious when i switch users and its really annoying!

Help would be great appreciated!


- Brya

Answer:Switching Users Issue

Have you tried disabling and then re-enabling fast user swithching this will hopefully re-write some of the settings and hopefully solve your problem.

Disable it using the control panel, then restart your machine.

Then re-enable it and again restart your machine.

Let me know if it works

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Got a problem that I have not encountered before. My little used Compaq Presario died again so I pulled the hard drive out and disposed of the carcass. Then I picked up a P3 lease return w/o a drive in it. I put my drive in and started it up. Windows wouldn't load...said some dll was missing. I figured if one was corrupted there were probable others and just reinstalled XP Pro over it. I can't do a clean install because I have no way to back up any data on my drive just yet.

Anyway, this is not the first time I have installed XP but this time, when we attempted to switch between users, it asked for a password and would not go any further. Naturally, I did not have any passwords set up at that point. In order to switch users, we have to reboot the system. That pretty much defeats the purpose of being able to switch back and forth between users so I would really like to get this fixed.

I checked under CtrlPanel>Power>Advanced and found that Fast Switching was enabled and there was a check mark beside 'Prompt for Password". I removed the check mark but it didn't change anything, it still wants a password to get in.

My XP Pro does not yet have SP2 on it. I do not know any specs for this computer either. And I find that the drive was loaded with bugs and hidden goodies. I reinstalled AdAware and Spybot, updated and then ran them both. AdAware found over 500 items to get rid off and Spybot took over an hour to run. I do not kno... Read more

Answer:Switching Users problem

Not sure what you mean by:-
"My XP Pro does not yet have SP2 on it. I do not know any specs for this computer either."

If you want to know what is in the box, try EVEREST. Free from MG.
Everest Home Edition.

When you run EVEREST, Click on "Computer" icon, then on "Summary", then on "Report" (at top menu), then on "Quick Report Summary", down to "Plain text". Save it to a file, as whatever name you like, (maybe PCddmmyy--with ddmmyy being the current date). Then it can be posted for all to see.


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When switching users in XP Pro - the OS has suddenly decided it needs to reboot.

Regardless of which account your switching from/to - XP executes the switch, but before it completes - the screen goes black and the machine reboots for no apparent reason.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? I'm running Norton Antivirus and run SpyBot on a regular basis.

Answer:Switching Users & POOF

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XP home SP2 all up to date with windows updatespybotSurer AntispywareAVG freespyware blasterHi Guys.I have recently introduced 4 new user profiles to my PC, it will usually log into the first user with out a problem but if I try to switch users or log out and back in as someone else Explorer doesnt seem to finish loading.It just seems to freeze with no icons in the task bar.If I bring up task Manager it says 33 running process but only 4 are visable Explorer.exe is included in the 4 but it will not end task and if I try to run Explorer.exe again nothing happens.So I try to log off through Task manager and I just get a black screen and have to do a hard shutdown.I have run all my maleware programssfc /scannowand chkdskCan you think of anything else i can tryBTW I am just recovering from a backdoor Trojan, all clean now thanks to Buddy in the antivirus forum.would there be temp files or services running that shouldnt be left behind by the trojan ?Thanks for any advice

Answer:Problem Switching Users

OK dont worry Guys, I know it was a strange problem, maybe my PC just isnt powerfull enough to handle more than 1 user, so I have now deleted the other log in names, it was just too much of a headache.
Now I am just left with my name there.
Now, how do I get into my account without having to click on my name (hope yopu know what I mean)
I just want the pc to boot to my desktop like it used to without me clicking on my name.

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Hey, i'm trying to uninstall a program, and windows is telling me that another user is logged on, and that it won't uninstall properly if they're logged in, anyway can i log that user out without having their password, so I can uninstall this program?

Answer:Switching Users Without A Password

You should be able to log them off by using Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del), switching to the Users tab, highlighting the user that you want to log off and then select Log Off from the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

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You know the sound that the computer makes when you click on start-> Log Off -> Switch User? It's a specific sound like when you turn off your computer or when you restart your computer, or when you log in to your computer. That "Windows" sound. Well for me, that sound has disapeared everytime switch users. My normal sound is okay, and the log off/log in sounds are still there, but for some strange reason, my Switch User sound is gone. I was just wondering what caused this, it's not really a big deal, but I am just curious as to what happened.

Answer:Switching Users Sound

Don't know why it stopped, unless some one disabled it or deleted the file.
You can reset/select the sound you want here:
Control Panel | Sounds and Audio Devices
Sounds Tab
Last two items under the Windows section are Windows Logoff and Windows Logon
Files are usually in the Windows\Media folder:
Windows XP Logoff Sound.wav
Windows XP Logon Sound.wav


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I use to be able to switch users on AOL and see how many e-mails each user had, along with their sign on names. Now working with Windows 7 and I can't see all my AOL usernames. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Answer:Switching users to sign in to AOL

Take off the training wheels, drop AOL and really use the internet. Your ISP can offer you a number of email accounts, or you can use gmail, yahoo, or other free email accounts out there. No one really needs AOL anymore. When AOL was first around, the pure internet was scary for many so AOL put in place simple controls and hid much of went on behind. Long before even XP came around the internet and browsers became more friendly (as long as you had a good antivirus program) and easier to use, basically making AOL obsolete. Today, there is really no reason to use it any longer. Try it with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or others. Email accounts can be web based where you log in through your browser similar to the way you probably do today, or one that uses an email client like Outlook, Windows Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird to name a few where you open your email program and it downloads your emails for you and you keep them on your computer. Thunderbird has options for independent multiple email accounts as well as multiple accounts that feed into a single inbox.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Every time I go to start log off then switch users or log off I get a box saying my computer's locked and only I can unlock it but I never put a password or anything on it.

Answer:Logging off/switching users.

What OS?

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needing help on switching users. when i go to start, then log off, and then select switch users nothing happens. it works if i log off but then all of my programs that were running shut down. i cant get it to go to the login screen that comes up when you select switch users. please help me its driving me crazy.

thanks in advance

Answer:Problem with Switching Users

any ideas?

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I have set up 2 users; 1 as administrator (me) and 1 for my wife. It is a home computer and we do not require password protection. I am the normal user and have managed to set up so that I login within having to enter password.
However when my wife uses the computer the Start-up screen is me and my wife has to switch user. When she does this she has to enter her her password.
Is it possible to set-up so that she can simply switch user without her passport

Answer:Switching Users without password

Hello Polterry, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Since you have more than one user account on the computer, you might consider using the tutorial below to set to always show all users at sign in instead of the last user. Since you do not have a password, it would sign in to your account automatically if you were the last one that signed out. Having it set to all users, will instead have the sign in screen show with all user accounts to select to sign in without having to switch user.

Sign in - Show All Users or Last User in Windows 8
If your wife doesn't have a password, she should be able to just select her account to sign in.

Hope this helps,

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