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Satellite A660-10X sometimes wont start - black screen at start-up

Question: Satellite A660-10X sometimes wont start - black screen at start-up


_sometimes_ my sattelite A660-10x (PSAW3E) wont start.
I turn it on, you hear the fan coming up, on screen you see blinking cursor on left top screen, than it sort of jumps more to left and top more into corner and stops. Nothing happens, after a while i turn off the laptop.
If i do this 3-5 times eventually it starts. Sometimes it starts on first attempt.

What i tried:
Reinstalling the PC from disc partition with Win7
Taking out HDD into my desktop PC and running CHKDSC with scanning and repairing errors.
Cleaning up the whole PC from dust, fans etc.
Pulling out/in battery/AC
Memory check (RAM)
Processor power management change the minimum processor state from 5% to 100%

I understand PC well but so far have no idea what can cause this. The only thing what comes to mind is that the partition at start of the disc has errors which i cant reach since there is boot partition, original-installation partition, and the rest which is the only one i cant reach with CHKDSC.
What i heard that someone tried is changing the Motherboard battery (the small round one), can it be it?

It doesnt seem to be disc or LCD problem, nor RAM memory.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A660-10X sometimes wont start - black screen at start-up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A660-10X sometimes wont start - black screen at start-up

> I turn it on, you hear the fan coming up, on screen you see blinking cursor on left top screen, than it sort of jumps more to left and top more into corner and stops. Nothing happens, after a while i turn off the laptop.

Flashing cursor in the left upper corner is a known sign and could be related to faulty HDD or RAM memory problems.

Memory check could be performed and from my experience such memory checks provide approximately correct results. But even if the memory check would not find any RAM problems, it could be still an RAM related issue.

Of course, I cannot say for sure, if its RAM related issue or maybe its related to another faulty part.
Fact is that such issue is caused by hardware problems and in worst case the motherboard would need to be replaced.

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Just purchase toshiba Satellite A660: i tell the story to compensate closely to my answer, hopefully ..

I just purchase it new, run the insallation program for first use. When its up and running just within that day i noticed that it start to hang up when i hooked external drive for some program installation (adobe lightroom).

Its still fine but when i turn it off, it wont start again until i did turn to safe mode so that i could back up some of the files and run the recovery again.

This time on 64bit. When its finish its process, it works well for just a couple of hours.
It fell faster now thou, maybe because its on 64bit? ( any recommendation whether its 32 or 64bit) specs: i5 , 4ram, 1g ddcatd graphics , win7 home premium, ..

Now, when i turn it off it never start back again windows say.. start up repair. ..
I did let it run since this morning until now still they cant find whats the problem (i'm refering the loptop) .

So any idea on whats goin ?

Answer:Satellite A660 wont start again until i turn to safe mode

> It fell faster now thou, maybe because its on 64bit? ( any recommendation whether its 32 or 64bit) specs: i5 , 4ram, 1g ddcatd graphics , win7 home premium, ..

64bit Operating system is better if your notebook supports 4GB or more RAM.
Why? Because Win 32bit recognizes max 3.2GB even if more RAM is available.
This is 32bit limitation; no matter what OS it is; Linux, Win XP, Vista, Win7 etc?
This is the reason why 64bit OS are so popular in the last time?

Regarding the OS issue;
I recommend running a HDD recovery again... this means you should reinstall the OS usign the Toshiba recovery option;
Press F8 while powering up the notebook, Choose Repair my Computer, -> HDD recovery

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My SP A60 is refusing to start up.

It was working fine when a blue screen came up, with random lines streaming down the screen, matrix style, and then it shut down. When I try to turn it on, the 'In touch with tomorrow' screen comes on, but the images and text are...sort of distorted, pixelated, and I know it is not a flaw with the monitor.
A second or so later, the screen comes up asking me if I want to start in...'Safe Mode' 'Safe Mode with Networking' 'Last Know Configuration..' etc. No matter which option I choose, the screen merely blanks out for a few seconds, then returns to the distorted 'In touch with tomorrow' screen, and it all starts over again.

I have tried removing the battery, but to no avail...I thought that always worked with electronics!
I've got all important files backed up on a USB stick, so solutions that involve loosing the data are fine.

Answer:Satellite Pro A60, keeps returning to start up screen and wont start up


How you know it is not flaw with monitor? Have you tried to test it with external monitor?

Anyway, if you can not start your notebook choosing ?safe mode? the best solution for me is to make ?clean? OS installation. Your important files are backed up and you must not be worried about loosing important info.

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Hey,i've a serious problem  My Laptop G50-70 wont turn on anymore.I accidentaly put the charging wire into the left usb port (wich is broken) and suddenly the screen turned black. i tried to remove the battery and press the POWER-button for 30 secondsnothing happend except that the screen without battery were kinda greenish and with battery its just blackits like the computer has some kind of blackout/short circuit  hope you guys can help me  

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Ok, so the other night i was using my PC just fine, I turned the system off and went to bed. The next morning when i turned the PC on it wouldent boot up. I get the screen where it shows your CD drives and such and then it tells me there was a system error and how do i want to start windows, safe mode, normal, last settings that worked ext, ive tryed all the settings on that page and the screen just turns black and wont go any further. Yesterday I tryed to turn it on and it randomly worked i got my desktop up, ran system restores to a week prior to the problem occuring and figured my problems were fixed, I played some PC games surfed the internet and everything worked fine. UNTILL i turned the PC off... next time i turned it on same problem black screen ext... this is extreamly anoying help!basic system specs.-Windows XP home SP 2-AMD athlon 2200 1.8g-radion 128mb graphics card- 1gig ram- some 80gig HHDIf you need any extra info to help me figure out my problem just lemme know and i'll domy best to get yah the info you need.i really need my PC since i take all my classes online and need to beable to accese my files.thanks alot =D

Answer:XP wont start, Black Screen

Sounds like you have malware...Please read this.

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Hi everyone!
My friend has a huge problem. First, let me tell you what happened before the incident. His PC was fine until it started to get really slow. It happened from one day to another. It needed ages for every single step (like opening the internet browser etc). After installing the anti malware software (malwarebytes) and the anti virus programme (avira) everything was fine again. The objects they found have been removed and after that the PC would work normally again.
Our happiness didnt last long cos after 3 days he wanted to turn his PC on and there  was a blue screen stating the following:
A problem has been deteced and windows has been shut down to prevent damage. 
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ----> look at enclosed pic
The only option we had was to restart so we did. After that the PC keeps restarting itself without showing anything on the screen.
We tried to get into the bootmenu to select "repair computer" or "turn on in safe mode" but pressing F8 or any other key wouldnt help.
Only thing that works is F12 which opens up the BIOS menu.
I really hope you can help us.

Answer:PC wont start normally. Just keeps restarting itself! (black screen)

Pull out all unnecessary hardware and peripherals, like extra usb devices, sound cards, other expansion cards, etc, even video card if it has onboard video. Then try starting it again (you may discover which device is causing the problem - or it might keep doing it, but this is what I would try)

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Hi everyone!

My friend has a huge problem. First, let me tell you what happened before the incident. His PC was fine until it started to get really slow. It happened from one day to another. It needed ages for every single step (like opening the internet browser etc). After installing the anti malware software (malwarebytes) and the anti virus programme (avira) everything was fine again. The objects they found have been removed and after that the PC would work normally again.

Our happiness didnt last long cos after 3 days he wanted to turn his PC on and there was a blue screen stating the following:
A problem has been deteced and windows has been shut down to prevent damage.
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ---> look at enclosed pic

The only option we had was to restart so we did. After that the PC keeps restarting itself without showing anything on the screen.

We tried to get into the bootmenu to select "repair computer" or "turn on in safe mode" but pressing F8 or any other key wouldnt help.
Only thing that works is F12 which opens up the BIOS menu.

I really hope you can help us.

Answer:PC wont start normally. Just keeps restarting itself. (black screen)

One of the main things that might help you in diagnosing that BSOD is the STOP error code: 0x0000000A. A quick Google search revealed this from Microsoft Although sometimes their solutions are even more cryptic than their error codes.

Other results indicate a hardware failure. A good test would be to boot with an alternate boot CD like Linux. If it crashes with the boot CD most likely it's a hardware issue. Wish I could be of more help but it's tough to say without sitting in front of it.

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please can you help with this .my computer wont start in any of the options set out on the screen at all, no modes whatsoever .

Answer:Dell xps black screen wont start

Do you see anything on the screen at all, like the initial screen when you turn it on? Describe where it hangs at and describe what is on the screen

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Hi, I have a dell inspiron 1525 labtop. It was working fine, ran some updates then on the reboot it would not go past the post. The screen turns black with a blinking cursor at the top.
I tried unplugging everything, rebooting by taking out battery, and holding down power button.
The only menus I get are F2 and F 12, no F8.
I tried rearranging the boot order, I changed the Ram around I tried each by themselves.
I have a reinstallation cd, the repair did not work and I wasnt sure about completly redoing the installation.
It wouldnt let me put in a new partition.
I would appreciate any advice!!!!!
Thanks, Lisa

Answer:XP wont start, black screen with cursor

Did the repair installation start?

That model comes with a recovery partition, where did you get the installation disk?

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I have an older HP pavilion laptop running windows vista for the operating system. When the computer starts the screen stays black and will not enter bio menus no matter witch Fey I press on startup. I have tried connecting an external display, hard resetting the laptop by draining the raining power in the system with the external battery removed this fixed the problem once but now when I start my computer I get a blank screen or a screen with white lines across the top. Now When I press any f keys during startup the computer beeps no matter witch key I press. Any and all information is greatly appreciated please help!!!

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Hi,I have a Hp Pavilion dv9000 laptopwith Windows Vista.when i turn it on a message pops up saying "C:\Windows\system32\POWRPROF.DLL is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support."It started doing this after it ran disk check because it was shutdown incorrectly.then the message came up and when I hit OK it goes to a Black Screen and stays there.

Answer:Comp wont start..Goes to black screen.

Do you have the original Windows Vista CD?

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had power cut when turned on got black screen windows didnot start successfully etc have tried to start normally and it wont to anything

Answer:wont start windows normally on black screen

does any thing show on the screen when you turn it on?do you hear any sounds coming from the computer like BEEPS or the sound of the Fans spinning up?Have you checked the power to the Monitor?Have you tried another monitor?Need a hole lot more.Chances are either your power supply has failed or your CPU fan is not working. In either case it is going to involve you opening the case. If you are not ready for this take it to a repair shop.

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hi!, mi friend i hope you can help, i have this computer
emachines t 6532
amd athlon 64 procesor
2.21 ghz
896 mb ram
microsoft windows xp
media center edition
version 2002
service pack 2
i left a cd in the drive and shutdown the computer
this happened for like 2 times and when i started the third time
the screen was black, then i checked , find out about the cd, removed it and nothing hapened the screen was black i, no bios, no windows will show, nothing at all i can hear the fan on and stays on forever.
i shut down and restarted it and the screen shows no imput and then goes on saving mode, the computer keeps on with the fan working, and does not show nothing, not even cursor or c: can you help to diagnostic this.thank you for any help.

Answer:eMachines Wont start - screen black

Hi and welcome to Majorgeeks

I have moved your question to its own thread so it gets answers and questions for your issue, as info for any future questiosn this is handy guide How To Post A New Thread Requesting Support

As for your issue, initial things I would be checking is that all the cables outside and the inside ones are firmly plugged in and would generally unplug them and pop them back in one at a time, the one inside I would be looking at is the Hard Drive connection.

The I would look for the BIOS battery a button cell and take out old one and leave for 10mins with no battery then replace, the BIOS,CMOS could have become corrupt and leaving the battery out can help in clearing the BIOS, CMOS. (try not to get the battery when replacing too full of fingerprints as finger grease is not good for contacts, just a tissue.

Next if those dont work is to remove the Graphics Card (unless onboard type) and then replace incase its gotten loose or bad connection.

Check that the CPU fan is not clogged with dust as heat build up is a killer.

Then remove and replace the ram again to re-seat.

The CD being left in the drive maybe just a co-incidence to this happening as I do that often and doesnt cause issue.

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my hp notebook has a black screen with a white curser. i have tried a recovery disc, running a system diagnostic which tells me it all passed, i have tried a hard reset, and my safe mode wont come up. i have tried just about everything someone please help.

Answer:windows 7 wont start up and gives me a black screen

For some reason your OS partition may not be set to active, or your boot order in your bios may be wrong. First thing I would check your boot order in the bios, and check to make sure it can see your hard drive.

How to set a partition to active, I found a thorough guide here.

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hi,hopefully somebody can help me with my problem.

I have a Panasonic Toughbook Cf-29, System a 512 MB and 80 GB. It has a intel pentium processor 1200MHZ.

My computer was having some problems before it got messed up. As long as the computer was on the internet ever 15 or 20 min a audio advertisement would pop up out of no where. There was no window to exit it out and i also tryed CTRL+ALT+DEL and it would show no window was up.Also everytime id go to and search something it would redirect me to another web site.

Well i was on my computer today and it froze so i restarted it.
The blue Panasonic screen comes up and then a solid black screen comes up and nothing after that.

I tryed F8 and clicking "Last knowin good configuration" and after the screen turns black but the computer is still on because the light is green.

i tyed safe mode also and it stops going at:
and then it wont go any further than that.

i also tryed debugging mode and the black screen comes up and nothing after that.

I tryed putting the system recovery disk(1 of 3) in but nothing comes up. For some reason the disk never starts up,even when its working..I can go to "my computer" and it says recovery disk and once i click on it theres tons of folders in there but for some reason it never works...

Answer:My laptop wont start up. Black screen

try updating your bios/firmware and also if that dont work then go into bios on startup (if possible) then reset to manufacturer defaults

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Hi guys,

First I hope this is in the right place as im completely new to this!

Ok the problem,

I own a Toshiba satellite A660-1DW and this evening it wont start up, well i say it wont start up but nothing appears on screen, let me expand:

Press power on/off button >> Laptop turns on >> Runs for around 30 seconds >> Nothing appears on screen - screen remains black i.e. the same state as it is when turned off >> Laptop turns itself off

Thats it, I don't know what to do! Is it a fault with the screen? Is it fixable? I have lots of files/documents I need, do I need a complete new laptop?

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

Answer:Satellite A660 won't start up


You must understand that on this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there but if you didn?t done anything that can be responsible for this it must be some hardware failure, especially if notebook turns itself off.

Unfortunately I cannot say for sure what the problem is but my advice for you is: contact nearest Toshiba service provider and let them check your notebook. Using special diagnostic tools they can find out what is wrong there.

Files are saved on the HDD and all you must do is to obtain external 2,5? external case and connect t to other notebook as external device. You will have access to all you data.

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My Satellite A660 rebooted a few times and then it shut off and now it won't start up at all, and doesn't register that it even has the power packed connected. It's not working at all, any help would be appreciated

Answer:Satellite A660 - Won't start

Hi liam42,

What happens exactly when you try to start your notebook (press the power button)? Can you access the BIOS setup or what happens exactly?
Do you see any error messages on display?

Probably this could help you:
Remove the battery and AC/DC adapter. Then wait at least one hour then connect both again and try to start your notebook.
Does it work?

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I have an HP Pavilion 510c and When i turn it on it say hp then it goes to the windows xp screen and when it finishes loading the screen flashes and goes black and I cant do anything? How could i fix this?



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our computer had been working just fine- then it told me it needed an update- which i allowed as i trusted it was approved from vista- it has never managed to restart from this update- when i turn it on - it runs itself through a load of white sentences- saying numbers and letters- and just carries on running and then gets stuck on one sentence and the stays on that- and will stay on the forever- it doesnt mater wheher i start it up on safe mode or anything- it keeps getting stuck and wont turn off- i have to pull the whole plug out for it to turn off.

ive recently fitted a new power box- which was installed ok and worked fine for a while

what can i do to get it working? i am baffled as this has never happend to us before- its a vista computer and its about four years old now- apart from needing a new power supply its been fine and its never donw this before

apologies if i am on the wrong sub section of the forum

and many thanks for reading this

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Greetings Friends,
Gateway Laptop, NV53
Will not turn on (black screen), no bios screen, the power light is on (blue), battery light is blue, but the screen is black, when I press and hold the power button, it will power down.  The CD drive works, but how can I run the recovery disks created due to the fact that nothing appears.
Could it be the hard drive or a monitor issue?
Please help.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Windows 7 Wont Start - Black Screen, None Responsive

Not to be a smart A but the answer is yes. Could be either. If you have a monitor you can plug into the laptop that might help eliminate one. Is there any HDD activity [blinking light] to indicate thae drive is active? If both are non-op then I'd look at the power supply
Keep us posted

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My Compaq will not boot up, it shows Compaq and then goes to a completely black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner, you cannot F8 when booting, you can F10 but no idea where to go from there. Please help you kind souls out there! THANK YOU!!!

Answer:Compaq Presario Wont start Black Screen

happened to me with Compaq laptop running windows xp .i put in restore disc the computer went to new screen i hit r for recover then i clicked advanced options . then clicked use new restore point it reloaded computer switched to a earlier restore point it did it and restarted no problems

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HP Pavilion m7480n desktop with windows xp wont start after its failed power supply is changed. When I switch on the computer at first every thing goes normal until the starting logo of windows xp. It goes until the xp logo finishing all the boot start steps. When the xp logo comes we all know there is a scrolling bar under the logo, it takes it's time to scroll that bar, but finally instead of opening the windows it goes to a black screen and the green light of the monitor goes amber and flashing. Please send me your experience on this matter.


Answer:Solved: computer wont start up / black screen

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Turned on the Dell this morning....would not load windows. All I get is a black screen. I tested monitor, and it is ok. I can hold the start button in for about 10 seconds, and the computer has a rush of fan, then blinks and goes to 3 green lights across the front, but will not shut off. . I tried putting a WINDOWS 7 REPAIR CD in the tray and boot, but still will not go to windows....just a black screen, The only way to get the computer to shut down is to physically unplug. The lights are on the front panel, and the power button is also on... and only go off with it unplugged..
After I unplug the computer, wait for about 5 minutes and blinks the CD drive, and goes to the 3 green lights on the front and wont start just freezes with the green lights on front.
Where to start?

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I have a AMD Athlon XP Processor.

After noticing that the speed wasnt preforming right - i.e. 1.25 GHZ instead of 2.25GHZ i went into the Bios on a MSI motherboad and went to CPU Speed and it was set as 100MHZ but i put it it up 200 thinking it was that or it could of been the CPU Frequency as 100MHZ and i put that up to 200MHZ.

After doing that it rebooted with a black screen nothing comming up.

I inserted a floppy disc to see if it was booting up as i would be able to tell to see if it accesses it - but no.

What has happened - is there anyway of doing anything, as the keyboard doesnt work either as i would of been able to change it in the Bios.


Answer:Solved: HELP AMD ATHLON XP wont start up - black screen

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Satellite A660-11M:

I upgraded my RAM from 4GB (2x2GB) to 8GB (2x4GB). When I start the computer I can see in the BIOS it reads the 8GB of RAM. However, when it boots up, it does not go past the blank DOS screen (just before starting Windows).

If I remove one of the 4GB & replace with a 2GB (so I have 6GB in total) it starts ok.

Does anyone know how can I get it to work with 8GB of RAM?

Answer:Satellite A660-11M: Does not start with 8GB of RAM, but works with 6GB

The 8GB RAM may be faulty or may not be able to run in Dual Channel properly.

Can you boot from CD when you have 8GB installed? Run the Memtest CD from

What brand and model of RAM did you buy?

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I have a Toshiba A660/07u computer. It has both windows 32 bit and 64 bit. I prefer to use 64 bit of Windows 7.
The thing is noticed is Windows 7 take a good 2 minutes to get to my desktop. it comes to the desktop in about a minute and then still loads...during this time I cant access anything, if I try to access a program (like ie) it would be no responsive and take a white to recover.

So all in all 1 minute to the desktop (from the moment I press the button) and then another minute on the desktop. Is there something wrong? Do others using the model notice it?

Or is this model only designed to use with 32 bit?


Answer:Slow start up on my Satellite A660/07U


Every clean preinstalled Toshiba notebook, with recovery image of course, has pretty slow startup. This is not noticeable on your notebook only. When I got my Satellite P500 I have noticed the same.
This is nothing unusual because Toshiba software engineers have enabled automatic start with Windows for all ?important? tools and utilities. Some of them are not so important and can be disabled.

Preinstalled antivir application (McAffe) can also slow down Windows startup so there is definitely no reason for panic. What you must do is to configure your Windows. That means remove all applications you don?t need. Disable automatic startup for all Toshiba stuff you don?t need.
Be also sure that Microsoft updates are not set to ?Automatic? update option. That means Windows can download all available updates in background and you will not even know what happen. This download and installation can and will slow down notebook performance.

I recommend you to chose option ?inform me about updates but let me choose....?. When you do this you wll be informed about new updates. You can check which updates are listed and then make decision to install them immediately or maybe later.

Check all this and let us know if startup time will be reduced or not.

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I recently bought Satellite A660 and laptop got infected with virus can not start any program even couldn't make any recovery disk. So i try to read FAQS and as per that i tried to make default factory setting from Hard drive.

I follow the instructions "Press 0 & Power Key combination" to boot from hard drive to recover system.

Doing System Recovery from Hard Disk Drive still asking for disks. So in this case is there is any solution. please let me know how can i do system recovery from Hard drive.


Answer:How to start HDD recovery on Satellite A660 ?

Can you please tell me which notebook model do you have exactly (A660-xxx)?
Is this European or US model?
> Doing System Recovery from Hard Disk Drive still asking for disks.
I don?t understand this. Can you please explain it a little bit better?

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Toshiba Satellite A660-158

I bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite A660-158. He served me less than a week. I think it's the broken hard drive.

My problem:
Once I start the computer, it booted and worked for a while, but suddenly there was an error reading that I didn't have time. Computer was restarted. And does not load ... Before the boot mode does not reach. But the initial test (with logo) has been successful. Takes a long time and eventually gives an error:
Unable to start Windows. Maybe it was because of the recent small difference is the hardware configuration or software. To fix this error:
1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer (The complete drive was not)
2. Choose the language settings, and then click Next.
3. Select "Repair your computer".
If this disc is missing, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer (He turned and said to bear the service center, but I do not have this capability).

Status: 0xc000000e

Details: Failed to boot menu, since the required device is inaccessible.
Please help me! Idon't know what me do(
Please write to E-Mail: [email protected]

Message was edited by: HunterS7777777

Answer:Satellite A660-158 - Can't start Windows


And why do you think the hard drive is defective?
Have you already tried the ?Repair your computer? option? Usually with this option you can restore factory settings in few minutes.

Furthermore if you have the Toshiba recovery disk you can also restore factory settings from this disk. Just boot from it and follow the screen instructions. You have to make few clicks only, the installation with all drivers and tools happen automatically.

If you have more questions, please let us know! :)

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After pressing power button all I get is a black screen.
Previously when I pressed button it would take up to 10-15min to get to log in screen
No is just black I can hear fan working.

The same happens on power or battery.
Pressing F1 F2 or F8 does nothing.
Any help or advice please.


Answer:Satellite L50-A - Black screen at start-up

Which notebook model and OS do you use?
Disconnect AC power supply, remove batter and press power button for 20 seconds.
After few minutes connect AC power supply only and try to start your notebook again.
What happen when you do this?

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I have a Satellite L40-18z. It has a black screen when I try to start it. I have taken the battery unit out and unplugged it, over night. And still I have a black screen.

Is there anything else I can try?

Answer:Satellite L40-18z - black screen at start up

Have you tried to take it to service for warrenty?

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I got this laptop just over a week ago and yesterday when I powered up the screen didn't come on at all. It hasn't been dropped or damaged at all its hardly been used. I plugged it into my TV and it worked on there, I have also taken the battery out, held the power button for 60 seconds etc etc nothing happened.

Any ideas guys?

Answer:Satellite C50-B-15Z - Black Screen at start-up

Have you switched the desktop back to the notebook?s LCD before you have disconnected notebook from your TV?
Connect it again and try to start your machine, just to see if something will be shown on the TV again.

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Will not shutting down correctly prevent the power button from powering on? I may not have shut down correctly OR the laptop could've fallen over while in its soft padded case when I forgot the laptop and left it on the floor of a friend's office for 10 days. When I retrieved it, I plugged in the AC adapter and now the battery, which is two years old, is powered up because the light is blue rather than orange as it was when I first tried to get the laptop working,, but pressing and holding the power button continues to yield the dreaded black screen. I have never had this problem before. How do I troubleshoot it? Thank you.

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Dear members,

I have a Satellite A660, and I did a fresh Win 7 installation. Without installing drivers and other programs, I opened the laptop to clean dust. When I close the machine and press start button, powers comes on with yellow light. But there is nothing on the screen. Fan is running, HDD is working OK. After power goes on for some time (20 - 30 seconds, less than a minute), power completely goes off.

I have tried, pressing and holding down start button for some time as suggested in many of the other threads, safe mode by pressing F8 and other methods as I have learnt from this forum.

All are not working for me. PLEASE HELP


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hi i have a toshiba sat pro c660,can you please tell me why my laptop powers up but nothing to screen,stays black,is this fixable or is it more serious than it sounds .
thanks in advance

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Hi.I hope everyone reading this is having a better start to their day than me. My Toshiba laptop (satellite L850-166) has stopped working and i know nothing about computers. After an hour looking on the net for a solution i am even more confused, so any help offered will have to be in noob language please.
So here goes.
I was watching a youtube video and my computer froze.
I left it for a bit to see if it would sort itself but it didnt.
I tried to start the task manager but that wouldnt open.
I then held the power button down and shut the computer down.
When i restarted the computer it showed the Toshiba screen (as usual) giving me the F2 and F12 options for setup and boot menu.
It then went to a screen saying windows was loading files (not seen this screen before) the progress bar underneath the message then filled up.
After about 30 seconds a new screen showed with a coloured progress bar with  microsoft corporation  written underneath. This bar only filled to a quarter then the screen went black. There is a mouse cursor on the screen that i have control of.
I have left it for half an hour and nothing changes. I have also tried to start the computer a few times but its the same every time.
If anyone knows what my problem is or can offer advice on it i would be most grateful. We have some family photos on the computer and i need to get them 
Also Minecraft is calling and all my saves are on the computer.
... Read more

Answer:Laptop wont start. I just get a black screen with the mouse cursor on it

Hi, can you get it to boot into safe mode?
To do so, from start up keep tapping the F8 key, that should give you the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the up and down keys to highlight Safe mode, or safe mode with networking, then press the Enter key. If it boots into safe mode, or not, let us know, whoever comes next will help further.

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Hello all  It wont start, think a lose connection is at the start buttom. Ant have solution or similar problems? best regards Kenneth


Go to Solution.

Answer:MY ACER INSPIRE 5820TG wont start black screen?

Hello, Could you give me more details?

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Hello, who can help me please? Whats the problem in my situation? See video at: From one day to another the notebook wont start(as always it was connected to electricity), no leds lit and there is a clicking sound if the battery is mounted. Without battery only power supply there isnt the sound but same problem. Electricity comes to the notebook ive tested. The jack cable is ok too. I have removed the battery and power and pressed the power button for 20 seconds. It has not brought success. Sorry for my english (im from germany). If it is the motherboard, is the repair easy? What needs to be changed? Where can I find cheap replacement? I ask for help please.. thanks..

Answer:G580 wont start, black screen and clicking sound

Welcome to the Lenovo community!
If you know that the AC adapter is working properly and it outputs correct voltage but the laptop is still dead, most likely you have a power issue on the motherboard (or power board on some laptops) and it has to be replaced.
Before that, from your observation, it does look like there's a problem with the CPU since this is where the clicking noise is coming from. - Link to picture
In this case, if the machine's no longer under warranty, I would try and reseat the CPU, reapply a thermal paste and check for burnt areas on the motherboard. Otherwise, I would contact Lenovo and report the issue as you may need to send the unit for warranty work.
As for purchasing a new motherboard, I wouldn't do this yet unless it's recommended by someone who have access to low level motherboard repair tools. You may opt to send the unit to Lenovo (for out of warranty repair) or to a local computer repair center to verify the parts needed to restore the system back.
Help items:
G580 maintenance manual
PC Memory, Processor and Motherboard Diagnostic Flowchart
Let us know how you get on.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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After Windows start up all I can see is a black screen and an active mouse cursor.
I am able to get task manager to open and even to activate Chrome (from task manager).
Other things doesn't work (e.g. can't open folders).

I've checked the "shell" value in regedit (it's "explorer.exe") but I really don't know what else to do.
I'm working with Windows 7 Professional.

Any ideas?


Answer:Black screen+Mouse active+Windows wont start

Work through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start
which try everything possible to start the OS, leading up to if necessary rescuiing your files to run Dell Windows 7 PC Restore or do the superior Clean Reinstall Windows 7

If this is the Dell in your specs then there is a built in Dell Hardware Diagnostics from F12 Menu to test your hardware first. If necessary to reinstall and not run Recovery, be sure to save the Dell Utilitiy partition to keep these bootable diagnostics.

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I have a Satellite A660 and when not hooked up to an external monitor or Tv, the screen on the laptop is white and you cant use it.
The only way I can use the laptop and be able to see the display is if i hook up the laptop to the TV via HDMI cable and use it like that.
The laptop is less then 6 months old and is hardly ever removed from our desk in our office.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows what it may be!

If not, how do i got about getting someone qualified by toshiba to have a look at it as it would be a warranty issue being under 6mths old.

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide.

Answer:Satellite A660 - screen wont work

> Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows what it may be!

Did you try to use the FN + F5 in order to switch between the internal and external screen?
Try that.

If this will not help, then I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country because the warranty should be still valid (as you posted above).
I think the internal display is faulty because the video output works and this means that graphic card should be ok.

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After 1 year my A660 (PSAW3A-07R00R) started to behave erratically on Startup.

Sometimes nothing whatsoever happens, sometimes I get the "Toshiba Innovation" display then nothing, sometimes it boots up in Windows with a grey blank screen (I can tell because I hear the audio prompt for Skype), sometimes it boots normally.

Often it can take three attempts before I get a proper bootup.
Has anyone else experienced a similar fate?

Answer:Satellite A660 hangs inconsistently on start-up


I assume you cannot replicate this issue. Right?
This happens sometimes and therefore it?s difficult to say what?s going wrong here.

I would rule out an software problem because if it would be an software problem, the notebook should still be able to pass the POST (power on self test) properly and the Toshiba splash screen should be visible always?
Therefore I would assume that something is going wrong with the hardware?

Possibly display starts to malfunctions? but not quite sure about that?
Of course you could try to check this using an external monitor? if nothing would be visible on internal screen, connect the external monitor and check if something would be visible there?

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Hi all, just bought myself a new Satellite A660. I plugged it in to the power and turned it on to go through the quick installation guide which stated that it would take up to 2 hours. All seeed to be going well answering all the questions that came up. After about 30 minutes the screen showed the desktop and just sat there. I walked away for a few minutes and came back to a blank screen. The little power blue led was on and the battery led was flashing (I assume cherging) and the PC on led was slowly flashing. Not wanting to touch the laptop due to the "UP TO 2.5 Hours" for initial startup statement on the quick installation guide - I left it for that period, At the end + more of the 2.5 hour period the laptop just sat there doing nothing as stated above.

Have I done something wrong - I have no idea??


Answer:Satellite A660 Frozen during Initial Start up

Can you start your notebook now?
What happen when you press power button?

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My toshiba satellite A660 does not want to start anymore. Sometimes, when it start it just switching off automatically after 5 minutes.

The call center does not answer to email. I hope to find a way to solve this issue.

My view after using different laptop, I cannot believe anymore that Toshiba is good quality.

My own view on this issue:

For using it 2 years, I had to change the memories, the hard drive and the battery. This is ridiculous because I paid this laptop more that 1000 pounds to avoid this type of issue.

I am really disapointed of Toshiba because Quality

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I have Satellite L300 brand new out of the box I have used it twice now when I turn it on the power light comes on but no screen.
Does anyone have any solution?

Answer:Satellite L300 - black screen at start-up

Can you see Toshiba welcome screen?
Have you finished operating system configuration (after first start-up)?

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I wanted to reinstall Windows on my Girlfriends machine. I started into the Bios and I tried to find the setting to boot from a USB device but I couldn't find it. I somehow stupidly set all the settings in bios to manufacturer defaults and after restarting the screen stayed black.

I can boot but I can't do anything. I can't enter the bios, I don't see anything.... Is it bricked? I hope you guys can help us because she will most likely kill me :(

Answer:Satellite C670-178 - black screen at start-up

We need your help! It is important!

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I dont know what happens,
if i press the "POWER" Button to boot , i got BLACK SCREEN all the time,
so screen is defekt ? or what else can it be ?
should the hard drive lobe burn ?

It check the DVD ROM and the CAPS LOCK and else lobe burns up, like allways standart!
but after this if i touch the "CAPS LOCK "button it won't burn up

if i press the "FN" button for more function the lobe burn up , but i can do it only for a few seconds, then he wont to reakt more

thx for help..

Answer:Black screen when I start the Satellite A100-773

It?s hard to say if it?s a faulty GPU or the internal notebook display.
You could try to connect an external monitor to the notebook to check if something will appear on second monitor.

If you will not see any pictures or anything else then I assume the graphic card is dead.
This could be the worth case because the GPU is fixed on the board and therefore the whole motherboard replacement would be needed.

Seems you have to contact a technician from the authorized service point in your country for the notebook check and the fault diagnosis.

If the warranty is valid everything should be done for free!!

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I have a Toshiba Sat A210-183 and I change the OS from vista to XP home when i did that i was getting the error 0251: CMOS checksum error press f1 to continue

I reinstalled Vista from recovery and everything was ok.
So I thought it might be a windows issue. I reinstalled XP home and I ran the update for SP3.

After the restart computer starts but nothing is shown on the screen, not even Bios

Help me please

Answer:Satellite A210-183 won't start - black screen

Do you see the Toshiba Logo? Did you change any hardware recently? Install more memory?

I would try swapping around the memory modules, or try just one module in case one is faulty.

I noticed some Toshiba models have a separate BIOS for XP and Vista. So check the Toshiba website for a suitable BIOS, if there is no dedicated XP BIOS, just update the BIOS to the latest version.

XP SP3 is know to cause problems on some PC's. I would install XP SP2 instead and see how that goes.

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When I go to start up the notebook I only get a black screen. I can hear the fan going and the start up sound happens to login but only a black screen appears.

Any suggestions to fix this would be great!

Answer:Satellite L640 - Black screen at start-up

For better understanding you should post a bit more useful information. Who knows what have you don't with your machine.

Which OS do you use? What was your last step when everything worked OK?
Regular OS shutdown?

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We have a Satellite L500-1XJ laptop which our 3 Year got at and pressed buttons on the key board .Now when you turn it on the screen gives aflicker then stays dark.
I have tried FN F5 and FN F7 to see if it was switched to the external screen or the brightness was turned down but neither made any difference.

Have you any advice as to how I might be able to resolve the problem?

Answer:Satellite L500-1XJ - black screen after start-up

> Now when you turn it on the screen gives aflicker then stays dark. I have tried FN F5 and FN F7 to see if it was switched to the external screen or the brightness was turned down but
> neither made any difference.

It looks like serious problems with hardware related to mobo (vga). Can you enter Bios on startup or the screen just stays dark? Is external monitor connected to the laptop?

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It happens from time to time when I try to start my Satellite Pro U200 PLUA1E-02802QS4, then I'm getting a black screen even from the BIOS.
What's wrong and howto solve this problem?

BTW I've already this BIOS version: P0044v370.exe installed.

Answer:Satellite Pro U200 -> Black screen after Start


This happens from time to time???
This means that you cannot replicate this issue???

Hmm? it?s not easy to say what this issue could be?.
Maybe BIOS update will help you? at the moment you can find the BIOS 3.7-win on the Toshiba European driver page.
If you have a lower BIOS version installed, then I recommend an update.

It?s also possible that this issue is related to an hardware part; motherboard, display, etc?
In such case the part should be replaced? but first of all it?s necessary to know what part is affected and I think only the ASP technician can do this?

What do you think???

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This problem happened a couple years ago. It has been unused and untouched until today. A couple years ago, my Toshiba L350D-11D was able to turn on but the screen was black. Nothing showed up. Just plain black.

Today, I took it out again and tried to do things I read on the internet. None of those worked. They were on different models though. I decided to create my own post for my specific laptop. My laptop only turns on if the charger is connected. If the charger is not connected and the battery is still attached, it won't turn on. The power jack is not loose and the charger isn't either. The CD/DVD thing still opens, closes and works but the screen wont.

Hopefully this is enough information to give someone an idea to what the problem is. I have tried ESC + Power and Power + 0 but none worked. I also tried holding the power button for 1 - 2 minutes with no power source and reconnecting, but it also didn?t work.

Answer:Satellite L350D-11D - Black Screen at start up

Have you tried to connect your notebook to the external display just to see if something will be shown there?

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I just bought a new laptop toshiba satellite NB10-A-10V but I hate windows 8.1 and I wanted to install ubuntu 14.04.

Now, when I start my laptop a black screen replaced the toshiba's logo and any key worked (F12,deleted,escape)
So how I can handle this issue? Why toshiba doesn't want or blocked an another OS than windows 8.1?
I just called the support and they told me that it is 70 euros for that. it is almost a steal!

So I think it is a good laptop and I just want to use it with ubuntu, I don't see where is the problem.

Else I will repair it in a shop specialize of this kind of issue and I will never buy an another toshiba in my future.

So, If you can find a solution (for free,300 euros already for the laptop just 4 days ago.) it will be very cool


Answer:Black screen at start of the Satellite NB10-A-10V


Usually after new product purchase new owner should read user?s manuals document at first. There is described that original preinstalled recovery image (original Windows version) is saved on HDD and every new owner before to start make some experiments or install anything else should create recovery media. It can be DVD or USB, depending on machine model.
Have you created such recovery media?

Very important thing is that Toshiba doesn't support Linux but, generally speaking, you can do with your machine whatever you want. Nobody force you to use preinstalled Windows version. Many people use Win7 or Linux on different Toshiba models. Due to this Toshiba has created separate Linux category on this forum where you can exchange information and experience with other forum users.

I must also say that you are wrong if you think that Toshiba blocks something. That?s definitely wrong. When you shutdown preinstalled Win8 completely you will be able to enter BIOS settings and change BOOT MODE. After doing this you can install whatever you want.

More about that you can read on

For more questions about Linux on Toshiba notebooks I recommend you to visit Linux category under SOFTWARE and OPERATING SYSTEM.

Good luck

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Hi Guys, I need some help please. On Thursday I was on my computer and noticed the time was wrong I thought I must of done something wrong and was going to fix it. I went to restart my computer but it wouldnt boot just had a black screen. I knew I hadnt damaged the screen. After a bit of googling I read about taking the battery out and plugging the charger in and low and behold it worked!

On Friday I charged my battery up for an hour and put it in the computer and that worked too so I thought the problem was solved.

Unfortunately today my computer will not start at all with or without the battery in still get the black screen. The fan is going but apart from that its very quiet. I tried putting the cd in to see if that would do anything but it didnt.

Any suggestions please?

Answer:Satellite L300D - Black Screen on start-up

Have you installed any extra Memory? Try re-seating the RAM or boot with just one RAM Module (turn off the notebook first before removing RAM).

If still no good then it may be a Mainboard problem. There is a Repair Center list on the Toshiba website.

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Good morning, sorry for my english.

My Satellite C855 started to not upload windows 8, I wanted to try to restore with dvd recovery but the display has started to view strange colored pixels. I tried to entry into the bios to save the data with a ubuntu live. I exit from the bios without changing but now the display is not working. I tried to use an external screen with vga but nothing..... The display not show the toshiba screen load yet and I can not enter into the bios, the fan and LEDs work but do not understand what happened.
anybody help me to solve the issue please.

It is possible restore the BIOS?

Answer:Satellite C855-273 - black screen at start-up

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there but somehow I feel the BIOS is screwed up. Why? I don't know what have you done exactly.
Why this action with Unbutu Live? For what?

When the recovery mage installation is interrupted it is possible to start it again. I don't know if this will help but try to reset your machine.
Disconnect AC power supply and remove the battery. After doing that press power button for about 20 seconds. Leave it for a while and try to start your notebook with AC power supply only.

What happen when you do this?

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My notebook freezed the other day then shutdown. Ever since it has been unable to rebot. The power and battery light are on and when I go to turn it on it comes on and will ether stay on for 5 seconds and go off or stay on but still with a black screen.

Any of you guys plz help.

Answer:Satellite P300- Black Screen at start-up

Can you access the BIOS ? - wil establish if hard disk, memory etc can be seen and the lcd is working.

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Hello to everybody,

first to say that i've searched through this forum and found several ppl with similar problems and the solution was to bring their laptops to service.
However straight to the problem; it just happened after a copmuter freeze.

I tried to start the laptop and all the lights were on, hard disk working for 5-10 sec, dvd-rom responding and also when I plugged/unplugged the power light responded to that the only thing is I don't get anything on my monitor and nothing is loading.

I assume as the hard drive stops wokring.
I tried to remove the battery and the power cord and i left it like that for 30min/1h , even all night... , replaced the ram and still nothing.
Of course i will bring it to an authorized service but there isn't one located in my town so I'll be happy if someone found solution to this problem

10x to everybody in advance.

Ok ,sorry i forgot. The model is Satellite A300D

Answer:Black screen on start up on Satellite A300D


When you removed the battery and power cable for 1 hour or more and then is the same, it?s a hardware issue.
I think it?s really the best to go to an ASP. They can check your laptop and exchange the hardware because I think it?s a problem with the mainboard.

You can also send the notebook to an ASP if isn?t one in your town.

But here you can search for ASP?s if you didn?t do this: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP


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Just bought during yesterday but then vendor not said that this notebook is motherboard fault.
I press the power button and the fan spins for 2 seconds then powers off-
I remove the battery and DC cable. Then i press the power button for 20 seconds but nothing.
Any ideas greatly appreciated.

(I think the bios is weong. Really i don't know the reset this cmos.)

Answer:Satellite C660D-17H - black screen won't start

>... but then vendor not said that this notebook is motherboard fault.
If the motherboard is ?fault? we don?t need to discuss much about it. Your notebook must be repaired.
I presume BIOS chip is screwed up.
How old is your notebook? Is warranty still valid?

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Satelitte C660D 15F

Hi guys,

I have a big problem with my laptop. When I started it - from standby mode - two days ago, I heard the computer start normally but the screen remained black. No mater how often I tried to restart, the screen shows nothing, no message no image. The normal operating light on the side remains on but the lights on the keyboard stay off. I can hear the computer run normally (fan etc.).

I tried hitting shift F8 start buttom on the first night and the image was back on the first attempt when I started the machine and everything seemed normal again ! The next days though, I had a black screen once more and the trick never worked again, no matter how often I tried.

Can somebody please help me out of this mess ? Has anyone encountered a similar problem ? How did you solve it ?

My machine is now exactly four years old.

Thank you so much for your ideas ! I really need to access some files on there !

Answer:Satellite C660D 15F - black screen after start


Disconnect AC power supply and remove the battery. After doing this press power button for about 30 seconds and try to reset your machine. Leave it for a while and try to start it with AC power supply only.

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i was in the middle of playing a game, when my screen went to a grey striped screen, and my computer would not respond. i turned it off, and restarted it, and the screen then started flashing the striped screen, and now it will not respond when we turn it on. Power light is on but screen is black.

What do I do?

Answer:Screen is blank, my Satellite wont start-up

Try to connect your notebook to external display to check if there is some reaction.
Anyway, I?m afraid GPU can be damaged and need replacement.

Which notebook model do you have?
Is warranty still valid?

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First of all I'd like to apologize for every grammar mistake I will make as english is not my native language.
Secondly, I want to assure you that I have read multiple similar topics, which none of helped me or I am just not as technically advanced to handle the vast sea of actions and information provided, but I have done more than a few things.

But lets start with the problem:

I was playing a game while listening to music and surfing through youtube meaningless videos when the screen froze. I tried to CTRL+ALT+DELETE to end any of the processes so maybe it would relief laptop of any extra graphical burden, anyway it failed, computer didnt respond to any type of commands, nor the previously mentioned CTRL+ALT+DELETE nor ALT+F4 or ALT-Tabbing into desktop screen.
One thing led to another I pressed once the power button, screen gone black but the music kept playing for some reason. Usually it hibernates and after pressing it again goes to login screen, which did not happen this time. With little choice to make I have pressed the power button for longer period of time so it would shut the system down, and then the nightmare began.

System boots then shows me two options: start normally or start Windows Repair, first results in loading up the a quick flash of blue screen (I cannot see whats written in it) the second one results in Windows loading files then just going into black screen with a cursor on it. In addition keyboard commands are not responding, I ca... Read more

Answer:ASUS Win7Home Reboot loop or black screen. Wont start

Everything that can be done is here for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start including rescuiing your files to run Recovery or do the vastly superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

Use the disk for repairs which is more stable. Once you clear any infection, then do the repairs in order specified. Startup Repair should tell you its running System Restore and SFC but if not run those yourself from the Options list and Command Line as also given in tutorial.

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when i start my computer the first screen load fine then a black screen appear and its getting stuck there, there a small line in the corner but its wont go past that, what the problem?

Tested it on another computer but same problem.

i tryed to repair the HardDrive but its still didnt change a thing.

Answer:Solved: computer wont start, stuck at black screen before loading.

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Like the title says, my computer is stuck on a black screen. I downloaded an update and was instructed to restart the computer. After restarting the computer it went to a black screen. It won't do anything past that. I've tried starting it in safe mode but always with the same result. I have no idea what to do with this short of taking it to Best Buy to have the geek squad take a look at it and frankly I don't feel like doing that. If anyone knows how to fix this or has any suggestions, I'm open to anything. Please help.

Answer:Computer stuck on black screen - wont start in safe mode

Have you tried selecting Last Known Good Configuration from the Safe Mode menu? It sometimes works. Also, if you put in your W7 DVD and select Repair rather than Install after making the language choice, StartUp repair might help and if it does not, try System Restore.


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Hello, In middle of August I bought a Satelite a660-155, PSAW0E-00U00DEN S/N 5A214647K.
It is registered under warranty until Aug2011.
After less than a week it refused to boot.
I rang support and they advised I use the recovery disks to restore to factory state. I did, and spent next 3 nights reloading software and data from my backup drive.

Since then it occasionally refuses to boot, with an error pertaining that it can't rfind the hard disk, then asking which disk to boot from. If I select the hard disk, it eventually boots. Occasionally when running it freezes then starts again.

Last night, after it hadn't been used for a couple of days, I woke it up from sleep mode. I logged on okay, but then the 'circly' blue logo came on, spinning away merrily, and nothing else happened (just at the logging on text). After 30mins I held the power button down to turn off as the notebook was completely unresponsive.
On starting up I got a blank screen for about 30mins, then the startup repair option.
I launched this and startup check ran for around an hour and a hour, then said, attempting repairs. After a couple of hours I left it and went to bed. This morning it was showing the logon prompt and logged on just fine, as if nothing had ever happened.

I have lost confidence in Toshiba notebooks, (I am an IT Manager) and have never seen this problem before on a supposedly quality machine. I only ise it fot simple email/internet/ word documents.

All I can conclude is ... Read more

Answer:Satellite A660-155 freezes and needs startup repair or won't start at all

As an addition to this problem, I have downloaded 'SEAGATE Tools' and performed tests on HDD

Short DST (Disk Status Test) -FAIL

Ran Windows error correction on drive to fix errors and bad sectors, found 1 corrupt sector (index.dat)

Short DST - PASS


It's looking more likely a Hard Disk Fault, but notebook worked fine last night. It's just the intermittent random nature of the fault that is worrying me.

Toshiba, Please Help Me.

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Hello everyone,

I bought a Satellite A660 yesterday, and it start to present a problem with keyboard and mouse as well. Both start a clicking for self and after some time stops, but starts again. I did all windows 7 updates but didn t solve =/

Anyone knows what can I do? regardz Alex

Answer:Satellite A660 - Keyboard and mouse start clicking for self

i recommend you to install recovery image again (HDD recovery option with F8 at start-up).
After doing this you will have out-of-box state again. Do not install any updates. At first check it again to see if the problem persist.
If yes contact your local dealer as soon as possible and ask for exchange.

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I've a problem with my notebook since the last few days. When I start it up, nothing happens on the screen. I hear the fans, hard-disk, etc. running but there's no reaction on the screen. There's only one way to shut it down: take out the battery and adapter.
When I start it up after the problem, everything works fine.

Does someone know what it is?


Answer:Start up problem with Satellite L series - black screen

I read about the similar cases?. It?s really strange but sometimes this happens?
But usually the BIOS update should helps?

Do you use the latest BIOS?
If not, update it with the right version.


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I'm using the L30 - 10Y model with the following memory specification:

standard : 512 MB
maximum expandability : 2,048 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM (533 MHz)
expansion module sizes : 256, 512, 1,024 MB

I'm using Windows Vista Home Basic with a 32 bit operating system.

When installing, I removed the standard 512mb module and added 2 compatible 1 gb modules. On start up it just remains on a black screen.

However, if i removed 1 of the 1gb modules and put the old 512mb module back in to give me 1.5gb, it works.

Just wondering if anyone knows why this is and if there is anything I can try to get the maximum 2gb, if this is indeed possible.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L30-10Y Black screen on start up after installing new RAM modules

Maybe they are too fast or don't have the correct SPD settings required for the Chipset/CPU.

What Speed and Timing are those new RAM modules? When you buy new RAM, you should match the speed and timing with the original RAM.

If you mix fast RAM with slower RAM, both modules will run at the speed of the slower RAM. Which may explain why it works when the 512MB module is installed.

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Satellite M30, WinXP

Sometimes, the screen stays very dark, what means that you can see a tiny little bit the startup info in the background and also the windows desktop, for up to 2 minutes before suddenly becoming really lit.
Not even the latest BIOS update did a change. And what is bizarre is that it appears not always. A non-stop start-and-shut-down-sequence showed that it appears about 2 out of 3 times.
What could be the reason?

Answer:Satellite M30, Screen stays sometimes nearly black after start up to several minutes

Hi LeTom,

did you use the toshiba recovery os or a own installation?

It seems that the Display has a defect, so here are some questions to play it safe!

Did the failure occure also when the red Toshiba logo is shown shortly after starting to boot?

If you use a own OS installation, you should do a complete new installation with the Toshiba recovery CD (be carefull all data will be lost, make a backup).
Then the notebook is setted back to software default settings and if the failure occures yet, you should check up the hardware by a Toshiba service partner!

I think the M30 is still under warranty!

Bye Pelox

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Start-up problem, black screen only after pressing the power button.

Question: how do I take the battery out, and perform this:
disconnected it from the power adapter, hold down the power
button for 30 seconds and then place the battery back in and
the power adapter and try powering it on?

There is only one large lid on the back, 12 screws, how do I
open this in order to remove the battery and reset the power system.

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I have a problem with a Satellite C50D-A-133 that doesn't start (stays on black screen).
I tried the reset procedure, and replaced the RAM without success.

Did anyone have this issue ?

Thank you in advance.

PS : For information, if somebody from Toshiba reads this message, the french support website doesn't work (redirects to the homepage when entering serial number or selecting model from the list).

Answer:Satellite C50D doesn't start (black screen)

By reset procedure did you mean removing the battery and pressing and holding the power 30 sec long?
This is the common procedure in case the notebook does not wake up anymore.
But of course this will be useless in case of hardware problem.

It could be also possible that corrupted CMOS BIOS data prevents the machine from booting. This may happen in case of BIOS EPROM module problems? but this should be checked by authorized service provider?

As you see, it?s really not very easy to say what could be wrong here?

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my laptop Satellite L850 doesn't start any more. When I push the start button, just the two side lights on the right (wi fi and the other) illuminate.

I have tried to take the battery out and than start the laptop but nothing happens. The harddisk is okay (I put it out and made a backup of my data).

I also tried to connect the laptop with an external monitor but the display remained also black.

There were no devices (USB etc.) connected with the laptop.

Can you help me?

Thank you very much!


Answer:Satellite L850 - fully black screen, no start possible

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there but there must be some hardware related issue, maybe damaged BIOS. All you have done is right.

If there is no reaction and you cannot see anything on the screen, I’m afraid that you need professional help and you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-011, which is almost 5-6 years old. It suddenly started to behave abnormal.

First, I started to get some black screen for 1-2 sec when it was running. The screen was on and off from time to time.

After couple of days, I could not started up my windows xp sp3 operating system. I tried to start in safe mode with networking to check if I got some spy, virus or something. I have run avast, hijact this, ad aware and some more but could not find anything at all.

Later on, I decided to format my laptop with an xp professional but this time I can not see any think happening more than fun running and a black screen. I just got a black screen at the beginning and it does not boot.

I connected it to a TV screen and there I could started up. I re-installed all drivers and formatted it but all I got is a black screen on my laptop at the very beginning.

What should I do now? Do you think I have a HW problem with my screen or a driver problem with nvidia geforce go 7600? Maybe I am missing something?

Thanks in advance for all answers.

Answer:Re: Satellite A100-011 does not boot and a black screen at the start

If you can see the pic on the TV there must be some problem with notebook?s display. Either is there some connection problem or display itself.

Do you want to repair it on your own? Can you disassemble the notebook?
I mean if you have no experience with this stuff you should ask for professional help.

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Hello everyone!

I just purchased a *new* Satellite A660-149 notebook online(eBay seller, UK), as the title says.

Everything seemed just fine, package and everything. Transparent plastic foil on the sides of the notebook(not on the screen though). I registered it via the Toshiba Registration Utillity. Still, on Link: says it's not registered.

Today, I noticed that the four little black plastic round tops that cover the four screws on each corner of the screen are scratched or a little bit damaged on edges, as if someone had used a screwdriver to pull them off. And they are sticked using some sort of adhesive.

Shouldn't them be sharp and clear? Is that normal, anyone else noticed this? Because if the same applies when buying the laptop directly from Toshiba, I will just cope with it.

Thank you!


Answer:Satellite A660 - Scratched four little black plastics on each corner of the screen


I have a A660 18n and although they arent scratched they also have like a glued look.
I guess this is 'normal'.
My screen also came uncovered.

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A colleague of mine has a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-1MM laptop.

He is not particularly computer savvy.
He could not get on with Windows 8.1 and subsequently took it to a software/hardware supplier who uninstalled Windows 8.1 and installed Windows 7.

On starting it up all worked ok.
The necessary registration items were filled in at the start including a password for the start up screen. Subsequently he then booted up and the password sign in screen appeared.

He put in his password but the system would not accept it. He is certain of the password he chose but the system wont accept it.

He cant get past this problem to allow him to get into the machine to allow him to reset password. He cant do a reset of the password from the sign in screen because its asking for a floppy disc and his machine does not have a disc drive.
Any help pleas?

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Hi everyone I'm hoping I can find a solution on this site because I don't want to buy a whole new computer. My problem is that my PC will crash to a random solid color such as beige or grey. This started 3 days ago when I was playing csgo with my friends and it happened once. I thought it was just like a BSOD and I rebooted my PC and everything was good for 3 days. Then all of a sudden my PC would crash to these solid colours frequently and eventually to a point where I can't even start up a game because it will just crash instantly. During these crashes I'm sometimes able to hear sound and other times I'm not. It crashes every 30 mins to an hour when I'm not gaming. My dad and I built this PC 2 years ago and I have NEVER experienced any issues with it. All of a sudden with no warnings of symptoms my PC would crash. Sometimes my PC won't even start up and my screen will flicker black after I get to the login screen.My specs Amd eight core fx 8320Windows 7 service pack 1 64bitAmd Radeon r9 280x visiontek/msi Psu corsair cx750mGigabyte motherboard model 990fxa-ud3Dual 4g memory corsair vengeance What I have tried to do-updated graphics drivers to latest version-started a system repair-used safe mode-fan Intel test for cpu with no issues -ran fur mark Gpu test and my PC instantly crashes (tried 3 times)-did an anti virus scan and no issues here Help will be appreciated but u believe there is a problem with my Gpu due to the fact my system crash... Read more

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Hi everyone I'm hoping I can find a solution on this site because I don't want to buy a whole new computer. My problem is that my PC will crash to a random solid color such as beige or grey. This started 3 days ago when I was playing csgo with my friends and it happened once. I thought it was just like a BSOD and I rebooted my PC and everything was good for 3 days. Then all of a sudden my PC would crash to these solid colours frequently and eventually to a point where I can't even start up a game because it will just crash instantly. During these crashes I'm sometimes able to hear sound and other times I'm not. It crashes every 30 mins to an hour when I'm not gaming. My dad and I built this PC 2 years ago and I have NEVER experienced any issues with it. All of a sudden with no warnings of symptoms my PC would crash. Sometimes my PC won't even start up and my screen will flicker black after I get to the login screen.My specs Amd eight core fx 8320Windows 7 service pack 1 64bitAmd Radeon r9 280x visiontek/msi Psu corsair cx750mGigabyte motherboard model 990fxa-ud3Dual 4g memory corsair vengeance What I have tried to do-updated graphics drivers to latest version-started a system repair-used safe mode-fan Intel test for cpu with no issues -ran fur mark Gpu test and my PC instantly crashes (tried 3 times)-did an anti virus scan and no issues here Help will be appreciated but u believe there is a problem with my Gpu due to the fact my system crash... Read more

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-1TC and since yesterday it doesn't start anymore.
The picture freezed up and it restarted. Since that I can push the on/off button on my laptop and the LED says that it's on, but the screen remains black.
Any idea what I can do?
The warranty still is active, so can I send it to Toshiba?
Kind regards
(sorry for my bad english)

Answer:Satellite L500-1TC - Doesn't start and the screen remains black

Hi buddy,

What you can try before contacting an official Toshiba services is this:
[Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start?|]

If it doesn?t work it seems to be a hardware problem and then you should contact an authorized service provider. If your notebook is under warranty, the repair is for free :)

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Hello everyone.

My laptop suddenly decided that its monitor's native - and maximum - resolution is 1024x768 (actually it's 1280x800). The active area of the screen is situated in an upper left corner, while pixels below have the same colours as the bottommost active pixel of the same column and everything to the right is black.

Additionally, when notebook starts, it denies the mere existence of internal monitor. To turn it on I have to place my laptop into sleep mode and turn it on again.

This problem started when I updated Java Runtime Environtment and persisted after its uninstallation. It happens not the first time - but before I was able to restore my notebook to normal by uninstalling some software - specifically, a graphic tablet's driver. Unfortunately, I'm unsure what caused this problem the first time.

I've tried to connect an external monitor and it works just fine. I've tried to find the internal monitor in device manager window while it was black - and it wasn't listed there.

I've tried to update every possible driver, tried to disassemble the damned thing and even tried to uninstall some unneeded software at random but problem's still there. Now, I'm out of ideas and will appreciate any help.

Answer:Satellite A300D 14P invalid resolution + black screen on start


Try to remove the display driver from the system and after cleaning the registry install the graphic card driver once again.
To clean the registry you can use CCleaner. It?s freeware tool which cleans and removes garbage from the system.

You said that your external monitor works fine. Well, check if the internal display is set as default display and assign the right resolution to this display.

I assume you?ve got the ATI graphic chip. So the settings should be available in the ATI Catalyst

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Help, need advice on how to resolve persistent issue with black screen after initial start-up.

Initially its fine but after the initial Toshiba screen it just goes black and stays that way, PC remains on. Have tried F8 options but all result in the same.

Help please.

Answer:Persistent Black screen after start-up on Satellite Pro A210 (PSAFHE)


Can you access the BIOS pressing F2?
How about booting from a bootable disk like Recovery DVD?

If both is not possible, I?m afraid you have a serious hardware problem.
In such case I get just speculate about the affected parts?. Maybe its GPU problem or the motherboard?who knows?

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I purchased this laptop back in the beginning of March and had to return it to store due to an issue at start-up when half the screen would turn black on the Windows log in screen. They ordered me a new one that I received about 3 weeks ago and I used it for about a week before I got the same issue of half black screen with the start-up.

Now it has been running really slow and about an hour ago I had it freeze up on me and my entire screen turn into a bunch of colorful lines.
I had to restart into safe-mode and run a virus scan just to make sure that wasn't my problem.

I don't download anything on this computer other than the basic messengers and photo editing programs.
I have an HP MP7170N desktop which i use to download everything that seems to run quicker than the laptop and I use photo programs, downloads torrents and store most of my music and photos on that one and it only has 1GB of memory compared to this ones 4GB.

What is the deal?
Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do.
I can't really return it to the store because they only give a 14-day grace period for returns.

Answer:Satellite A305-S6898 - half black screen on the start-up

Well, thanks for all the wonderful help...

Now, my pc started to not detect my mouse and I went to restart and it is stuck on a black screen!

First it was stuck on the Toshiba page and didn't move. I restarted again and it got passed the Toshiba page and I was left with a black screen.

I think it may have something to do with the USB. I cannot back-up my files onto my hard drive so I can wipe everything out and start fresh...

I can't do anything with it either...
I unplugged the mouse, unplugged from power source and took out the DVD I had in it and still nothing.

Can someone please help???

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So i press the power button, The 3 Leds are appearing fuctional but the CPU-GPU fan fails to start!

After a while it shuts off it self and then it tries to start again but the fan fails again while only the power led is on and not the others (Led 1 and 2 on the bottom).
Must say again that the screen appear always black (might be dead also)

I thought it was an overheating problem so i cleaned up the fan but with not many signs of dust!
But that was crearly not the problem because i tested it!
Now i think it might be a GPU problem but i dunno for sure!

Any suggestions what it might be and how o fix this? Thank you!

Answer:Satellite U400-10N fails to start while showing black screen!


It can be RAM problem, it can be an motherboard problem, it can be also an CPU or GPU problem.
Any part can be affected.
So what to do?

You could check part like RAM. You could purchase new, good tested RAMs and could replace it but what happens if you purchase new RAM modules, replace it and notebook would NOT power up?
You would spend some money for new RAM but finally other part could be faulty?

Therefore I think an professional service technician should check the unit firstly.
The guys could give you a proper answer about the faulty part and then you could decide what to do?
You know what I mean?

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Hello, I have a Satellite A300D-13A and the problem is, when i try to start the notebook mostly it tries to boot from the hard disk and from the DVD drive but then it just shuts down and immediatly starts again to do the same. This happens 4 or 5 times. After that it is seems like it finally boots but the only thing i see is a black screen. And the keyboard does not work either.

If i try it a few times with shutting down by pressing the power button (you know which I mean), I manage that it starts normally (but such a situation is still anoying). By the way, it seems like it happens only, when I haven't used the notebook for a while. So maybe it has something to do with the temperature. But 's more or less 20?C in my room.

In the Bios I have change the order of booting sources (I can't change there much more)

I'm grateful for any kind of help.
Thanks for your cooments in advance

Answer:Re: Satellite A300D-13A: Start problems - does not boot or only black screen


The issue could be related to the software but also to the hardware problem.
But first of all we should check if it?s a software issue.

You are using the original preinstalled OS by Toshiba. Is it right?
As far as I know the newer notebook series are equipped with the HDD recovery option.
In this case the Toshiba Recovery DVD was not delivered together with the notebook but there is an option to create one.
HDD recovery option can be used to reinstall and to refresh the operating system.
I would recommend repairing the OS and to reinstall it again pressing the F8 button. The advanced boot menu should appear and then you should choose ?Repair your Computer?.

This option will start the recovery procedure and the OS would reinstall again.
Please check if a new installation will improve the situation with the notebook.
Additionally it would be advisable to update the BIOS if a newer BIOS version is available on the Toshibas European driver page.

If all this suggestion will not help you then the whole notebooks hardware should be checked by a local ASP.

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I bought the Satellite Pro P300-13m a few weeks ago and within this time I had about 5-6 times the same back screen when I wanted to startup the system. When he does this the notebook gives 3 loud bleeps (don't know what this means actually).

When he does this I have to push the on/off button for 5 sec and after a few times doing this he will show the toshiba welcome screen... then sometimes he reboots automatically again and I get that annoying black screen again. Most of the time when I wait about 10 mins and try to do the same the system starts as normal... yep.. very strange thing here.

To be honest I do not want to send the notebook to Toshiba again, as I need it badly for my business...

So.. What could this be? I updated already to the latest BIOS.

Thnx in advance,


Answer:Satellite Pro P300-13m - Start-up problem: black screen with 3 bleeps

Hello Carl

I have Satellite Pro P300 (PSPC1E). I have installed WXP and my own Vista. Use both operating systems successfully and everything is OK.

Which OS do you use?
Have you noticed this from the first day?
Is your notebook placed properly on the desk ? free cooling vents?
When you start notebook can you see every time Toshiba welcome screen?

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I just done update BIOS on my laptop Toshiba P100-286 and since then I can't use it. When pressing the power button the computer doesn't start, the screen is blank (black).

Any ideas how to resolve this issue ?!

Please help.



Answer:Re: Satellite P100-286 doesn't start - black screen after BIOS update


Try this:
- Remove battery and disconnect the AC adaptor
- wait several time about ~30-40min
- connect both parts and try to power up

If this will not help you then you will need to ask the ASP in your country for BIOS refalsh. It looks something went wrong during the update procedure.


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The other day I was using my laptop normally when it froze. Nothing would work, so I shut it down and haven't been able to turn it on normally since. It will start in safe mode, but not in safe mode with networking. If I try to start it normally it just freezes at the same point during start up each time.

I have tried:
- Selecting 'repair your computer' during start up
- Restoring BIOS to default settings
- Disabling start up programmes whilst in safe mode
- Restoring the system to a previous date
- Returning to last successful boot

None of them work. It just freezes.

I may not be using the right terms, not too computer savvy... I have even tried to return the computer to factory settings as recommended on the Toshiba website, but when pressing 0 a screen comes up that doesn't seem to have anything to do with restoring the system?

I am at a loss. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Satelite A660 freezes on start up every time, but will start in safe mode.


All you have tried is right. It is not easy to say why you have this freezing problem but I think in this situation best solution is clean OS installation (factory settings).
In user?s manuals document is explained how to do this. I don?t know why do you use ?0? at start-up.
Start notebook again with F8 and use option ?Repair my computer?.

How it works you can also read on follow Toshiba document-

Please test it and pos some feedback.

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Hi guys, i have a problem,

when I turn on my laptop appear to me the start screen toshiba but thats all, still shows only start screen from Toshiba.
From the right side in front of a laptop keyboard from inside i still hear a weak repetitive sounds as if there was something jammed or something is not working properly.
I want to ask if you do not know what the problem is.

Thank u for help

Seal (Slovakia)

Answer:Satellite P305-S8996E wont start and shows Toshiba starts screen only

I can just imagine troublemaker is HDD.
If possible try to obtain new HDD and test it with original Vista recovery image that you got, I think, with this US notebook model.

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Can someone please help me? I'm a first-time forum user

I've got an Acer Aspire laptop here that has decided to stop loading/starting up.

When I turn the power button on:
- I can see the Acer logo screen (and also get into setup if I press F2)
- The cursor (_) blinks once or twice
- Then the screen just goes black/blank and stays that way

Twice (when I have left power on at the black screen), I have eventually seen this Windows Boot Manager message (maybe after 5 minutes each time):

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1.Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
2.Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3.Click "Repair your computer."

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.
Unfortunately, I do not have the Windows installation disk.

I have tried using a System Repair Disk (on DVD, burnt from another laptop with same OS)....but got stuck when the broken laptop didn't detect or couldn't read the disk.

I also tried the Alt+F10 system recovery, but after 20 minutes on the "Please wait a moment..." screen, I gave up and turned the power off.

Please help. Thanks.

Answer:Acer won't start, Black screen / Windows failed to start

Hello noob and welcome to Seven Forums.

Can you get into Safe Mode via the Advanced Boot Options menu? If yes, you can check for damaged or corrupt system files by running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two in the SFC tutorial.) If problems are found, run the scan 3 times and reboot the computer after each scan.

Safe Mode

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Another possibility from Safe Mode is to try rolling back your computer to a date/time prior to this problem occuring using a system restore point.

System Restore

If the above desn't help, one of the Forum experts prepared a troubleshooting guide for failure to start issues.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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black screen on booting on emachine notebook em350, unable to get on any other page

Answer:black start up screen tried safety start and normal

NOTE that this site uses software that highlights certain words in the text so that they're blue and underlined. If a post is long enough to require scrolling down to see all of it, due to whatever bug or bugs, the highlighted words DO NOT move as you scroll down the text. When you have scrolled down and you see a blank space where it looks like text should be, hold your mouse cursor briefly over any blue highlighted and underlined word or words that are not in the right place to make them pop into the proper place in the text.The software seems to only highlight and underline the first occurrence of a word or words, in the entire Topic. The mis-placed blue highlighted and underlined words can be in the post, or above or below the post.In this case the blue words external and monitor appear below this post. .....Have you, or is it possible someone else who had access to this computer...- dropped it, or dropped anything on it, or otherwise exposed it to a physical jolt ?- spilled liquid on it, or sprayed it with liquid, or exposed it to liquid such as rain ?Since the video last worked properly all the time, has there been a power failure event that happened while the AC adapter was plugged in ?Those things are the most frequent reasons something inside the laptop has been damaged. .......You have NOT told us enough !I'm assuming you have NOT installed ram that has not been installed in this computer before just before this happened. (If you HAVE done that, if you still hav... Read more

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Dell Dimension 4700 running XP Home Service Pack 3
Did not boot merely loops to start options screen but no options work and I am returned to the same options screen.
Have tried advanced start up options "disable auto restart" to generate BSOD which gives the following:


STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x4E884D26, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x800F8941)

I have no XP system disk available at this, my mothers, address and it is her computer that has stopped this AM.

Help please

Answer:Wont start just loops to start options screen

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I have a Pc running XP home.. tonight it wouldnt start up and displayed a message NTLDR is missing.. I did the repair option with my xp disk and it seemed to go ok .. but now when you try to start it up it starts as far as the dos type screen that gives you all the option,, safe mode, last know config that worked etc.. it doesnt matter which one you press it will just reboot again and start over till it gets to that screen.

any answers anybody ?

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Hi, using windows 7, have a blue screen at start up issue, memory dump. Sadly the PC wont start so unable to try too much, it lets you select user, attempts to ,log onto the user then just goes to mthe blue screen and starts the cycle again. Any ideas?? It will not start in safe mode either, basically the same result although sometimes it loads and you are in but when you try to do anything it goes to the blue screen again. I did get the error code (not always the same on the blue screen but this one comes up most time), "driver IRQL not less or equal"
Many thanks

Answer:Blue screen at start up, wont start at all

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Dell N5030: W7 wont start. Dell logo > black screen. How to restore?

Hello friends

Please could you advise me. My friend has asked me to help with her Dell N5030 Inspiron laptop. She has had it for about just over a year now. Dual-core Pentium, 4GB RAM, W7 64bit. She is not computer savvy and I dont know how shes managed to do this but heres the problem:

1. You press the power button
2. The Dell logo appears along with the F2 & F12 options for Setup & Boot Options
3. This is followed by a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left. Thats it.

All this happens in the space of 6 seconds (power-up to black screen). Nothing else happens, no Windows logo screen, no Microsoft logo, nothing. Screen stays black with the cursor and the laptop instantly turns off when I press the power button.

My friend was desperate because she had over 740 family photos and some important documents she didnt want to lose. I was able to recover all of those using a Linux Mint live CD so at least shes all smiles for that

Using Mint made me realize that the hardware was working perfectly. The hard drive was good, no mem faults and of course the optical drive was fine. So its something with Windows 7.

Also while using Mint I could clearly see the Dell Recovery Partition. The problem is I dont know how to get the Inspiron to fire it up - because I cannot even get into Safe Mode where the "Repair your computer" option is.

When I pressed F12 al... Read more

Answer:Dell N5030:W7 wont start. Dell logo + black screen. Factory reset how?

Dell states that the Factory Restore option should be visible on the F8 screen.

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No matter what option i pick in the safe mode list, the computer will not start. when i choose any of the safe modes, (safe mode, safe mode with networking etc) the computer displays a list of random commands (i dont understand any of it) and then restarts. If I try to Start Windows Normally, or use last settings that worked, it seems to start loading, and then restarts.

Any ideas?

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