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Re: Need HEX BIOS file for my Satellite A300D-158 (PSAKCE-00Q00MRV)

Question: Re: Need HEX BIOS file for my Satellite A300D-158 (PSAKCE-00Q00MRV)


I've tried to update bios, but all crushed. I've find BIOS files for A300D on official site (file BD3G3A46.WPH). But it is not HEX file. It uses by WinPhlash.exe for firmware exchange.

But I want to programming BIOS chip by programming tool.
Please tell me who could give me HEX BIOS file.

Who could I ask for this file?

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Preferred Solution: Re: Need HEX BIOS file for my Satellite A300D-158 (PSAKCE-00Q00MRV)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Need HEX BIOS file for my Satellite A300D-158 (PSAKCE-00Q00MRV)

In my opinion only one people who work by Toshiba service providers may help.
Try to contact nearest Toshiba service provider, explain the situation and ask for help.

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Hello Guys...
Last week I updated my BIOS with the latest BIOS provided by TOSHIBA TEMPRO, and here is the link..

I updated it under Windows 7 x64... but in the middle of its process, in flashing BLOCK 4, it crashes and now my laptop does not boot up.
I used all the Crisis Recovery procedures found in forums, with the Fn+esc to activate it's Crisis Recovery Mode but when I tried them and succesfully flashed, the laptop still don't boot up.
I have already used the flash drive, which doesn't work and I bought a USB-FDD and got a succesful flash procedure but my laptop still doesn't boot, same old blank screen.

Is there someone who could help me on correct procedures in flashing this laptop? Because I need it badly, My warranty expired last month, and due to lack of financial power I cant get it to the Service Centers. Your help will be a great hand for me...PLS HELP ME.

thank you very much.

Answer:Satellite A300D-155 (PSAKCE) - BIOS update crash

Hi Mirage,

I think you can do nothing? I mean you have already tried the crisis recovery procedure but that?s all what you can do. Normally this shouldn?t be done because you could destroy the whole ROM module?

Your only option is contacting an authorized service provider. I assume the ROM module must be changed or reflashed. Don?t be worry about warranty, failed BIOS updates are not covered by warranty so you have to pay for this!

Good luck! :)

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I formated computer after When I update BIOS computer is frozen and it doesn't work now. File was true where I download from Toshiba website.
I searched from Toshiba websites there was no any producere for BIOS recovery for damged BIOS file. A lot of models startup with some keys for update BIOS but mine is not startup any key only blank screen.

- Can I do it my self ? Is there any procedure for Satellite A300D-17F (psakce)? I don't want to wait from back service it 6 mounths before I bought it.
- If I send to service it is in warranty? I don't know sometime service can be problem. They can say it user problem but I reformated PC after I started update program and they can not understant that sometimes.


Answer:Satellite A300D (PSAKCE) - BIOS is damaged and doesn't start

I doubt you can fix a damaged BIOS yourself. If the BIOS is corrupted, it cannot initialize the hardware, which means you cannot boot from anything.

You would need to get the Mainboard replaced at an Authorized Service Center.

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hello, everybody!

I've read previous topics regarding win 7 drivers for A300, though I'd like to consult on my own problem. I've got A300D.

Toshiba drivers page offers very limited list of drivers for Satellite A300D-17G PSAKCE.

Where shall I get the rest?

No matter for 32 or 64 bit. I'll be happy with any of them.

Thanx in advance!

Answer:Win 7 32-64 bit drivers for Satellite A300D-17G PSAKCE


Did you check this Toshiba HOWTo?

There you will find instruction how to find the right driver.
This opens a possibility to search for drivers on different pages.
You can also use the drivers released for other notebook series because in most cases the devices are the same and the driver should be compatible.

Last but not least i recommend using the forum search function which helps you to search for other threads with the same questions.

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I have Toshiba A300D PSAKCE model.
I've searched for win7 drivers but there are no drivers yet available for this model.
When I checked PSAHCE model drivers for WIN7 were available.

I searched for PSAHCE model and every single component is similar to PSAKCE model.

So my question is? Where is the difference and can I use win7 64bit drivers from PSAHCE model for my PSAKCE model.

Thank you...

Answer:Satellite A300D PSAKCE and PSAHCE - where is the difference?

If I compare specifications for both notebook models I can see that they have different chipset and WLAN card but other things must be the same.

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Hello there

I can't install the value-added package on my notebook. Installation process has finished with error ID_ERR_NOTINSTALLTVALZ_MESSAGE
I have my BIOS updated to 3.10-win64, found on the official site, and installed o2micro flash media driver. The flash media driver is present for 32-bit vista only, but it is installed without any error.
So, VAP cant't be installed anyway

What else can I do?

UPD: flash media driver - first,Ii have installed native o2micro 64-bit driver
now, I have tried a 32-bit driver found on the toshiba site

Answer:Satellite A300D-17G (PSAKCE) - Can't install VAP under Vista x64


I have checked the Toshiba website and it seems that for your notebook model (PSAKCE) are no Vista x64 drivers available and you have to take the drivers for other A300D models but normally it should not be a problem. There are no significant hardware differences.

Anyway, before you install the VAP make sure that you don?t have any yellow exclamation marks in device manager and SP1 for Vista should be installed!!

By the way, why did you install the 32bit driver for the card reader? Did you have problems with the 64bit driver?

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On the Toshiba support page there are Windows 7 driver downloads available for most of the Satellite A300D range, however none for the A300D PSAKCE.

Please advise when these will become available?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A300D PSAKCE: Windows 7 Drivers


Two days ago I didn?t find any Windows 7 drivers for any A300D series.
Now you can see the Win 7 drivers for some A300/A300D models.

I would recommend waiting a little bit until all drivers would be released? seems that Toshiba is in progress of Win 7 driver release.

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A have Satellite A300D - 157 PSAKCE 00D00LG3 and Windows 7, but I can't find drivers for.
In the support page I can find drivers for WLAN and Bluetooth only....

No video and display drivers, no hotkeys, no HDMI, no sound, no gonfigfree... just nothing...

Any way I don't need all that drivers, but I need very much the Video and Diplay drivers.

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Satellite A300D PSAKCE - Cannot find Win7 drivers

Then choose the Win 7 drivers for other Satellite A300D series; for example PSAHCE
The drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page and should be compatible too.

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Sorry for my english - google translated

When toshiba plans to release drivers for Windows 7 64bit? I can not use properly my operating system, not to mention that "Toshiba recommends Windows 7", but offers no drivers for it.

The laptop is A300D PSAKCE. every month i go to service because it gives numerous defects.
Before that I was disappointed that the sound card on my new laptop has just Mic recording, no Line in, no Stereo Mix, and had to buy foreign.

What I can tell you is that you need to tighten not a little, much!

Answer:Satellite A300D PSAKCE - Win 7 64bit driver problems


To be honest I also don’t know when Toshiba will release Windows 7 drivers for this notebook but I noticed that every day more and more drivers will be released. I can understand you that you want Windows 7 drivers as fast as possible but for some models it takes longer I think. I’m also waiting for some drivers…

I recommend checking the Toshiba page from time to time. Maybe they will be released in next days. Who knows? ?:|

By the way: Have you tried the Vista drivers? The most of them work on Windows 7 too. I can say this from my own experience.

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Hi. I was tray install Windows 7 (64bit) om my notebook Toshiba Satellite A300D-155 PSAKCE, and in te last step, on finalization installation something broken, and I seen blue screen with comunicat error.

*Screenschot - Last, normal step of installation*

*Screenschot - Error comunicat*

What can i do to instal Windows 7 on my notebook ?
I know it's not fool CD disc or CD reader becouse I was trayed instal this OS on the other comuter and ewerythink was good (installation succesfull), DVD reader on my notebook it's also goodworking, becouse i can copy all filles from OS disc to my harddrive.
Bios on my notebook it's also updated.
My actual OS is Windows Vista Home Premium (32bit)

Have anyone any ide how can I innstal this Windows 7 ?

Answer:Re: Windows 7 installation error on Toshiba Satellite A300D-155 PSAKCE


What Win 7 disk did you use to install the Win 7 on this notebook?
Did you try the Toshiba Recovery disk which you created hopefully before trying to install this Win 7 OS?

Regarding the BSOD:
It looks like the atikmdag.sys causes this BSOD.
The atikmdag.sys belongs to the ATI graphic card driver. But I?m wondering why this atikmdag.sys causes this issue?

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Hello all,

This is my first post here after lurking for the last week or two, My hope is that somewhere here there is help and hence hope!

I have a wonderful Toshiba A300D-15B PSAKCE with 4GB/O RAM, however I am suffering from some problems that the holy SEARCH function cannot solve. I use this laptop as a development box for uni/work alas...

After an absolute nightmare with Vista32 and Vista64 I decided to go back to windows XP32, however this wont install, keeps claiming a CRC file failure after (and yes this is with the SATA in IDE mode and with an XPSP2 disk)

I decided that I really DONT want to goback to Vista, so installed Windows XP64. Now the initial Instal goes very easy, I have the basic setup, the chipset, graphics, network, processor, usb, pretty much the basic... except... and this is where I have lost most of my hair.... SOUND!

Firstly attempting to install the sound driver results in Failure, claiming the mmdriver.inf cannot be found or corrupt, obviously I checked, and yes there it is, for the sake of it downloaded the MMDRIVER.INF and placed it system32, and still the install fails.

I have also tried a "Manual Install", from the .inf files... this includes the XP32/64 drivers and the Vista 32/64 bit drivers, still the same
problem, driver continues to fail install. I am becoming increasingly bald. Outstanding Drivers that WONT install

*-Audio Device on High Defninition Audio Bus*
*-Mass Storage Controller*
*-Modem Device on... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300D-15B PSAKCE - Cannot install the Win XP 64bit sound driver


The notebook seems to use the Conexant sound chip. So you will need the right Win XP 64bit sound driver.
Unfortunately, the Toshiba European driver page provides the drivers for Win XP but I?m not sure if the drivers would cover the 64bit OS as well.

Anyway, what you should know is that you have to install firstly the MS patches.
The KB835221 and KB888111MS patch should be installed before sound driver installation!
If you have tried to install the driver then remove it from the device manager and update the Windows XP firstly!

As far as I know the SP3 contains already these patches? so maybe you should install the SP3 firstly before you would start with sound driver installation.

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Hello guys.
I need to upgrade my A350D PSAKCE bios. But I don't know what is the difference between Windows_BIOS_Package_V330_1 and Windows_BIOS_Package64_V330_1. Which should I install? I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit edition.

Answer:Satellite A350D PSAKCE - Bios 32bit and 64bit update

One is 32bit, the other is 64bit.

Since you have 64bit Windows installed, use Windows_BIOS_Package64_V330_1

If it gives an error, you need to install the Win7 64bit Toshiba Value Added Package from the Toshiba website.

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I've searched two freaking days how I can enable the f***ing function keys in Windows because I want to use WIFI and suprise that is disabled thru the software function keys, YAY me!

Now I booted up a Lubuntu Live CD and here the function keys worked fine. I searched for all posible drivers to search in the HW menu configuration thingy.

Can someone please for the love of god tell me how I get the FN keys to work or just how to enable the WIFI?

The system that I am using is a Satalite A300D-14Y PSAKCE - 00F009DU.

The serial number is 78314050W
I reinstalled Windows Vista x64 because License reasons and then this happens.

By the way search for a good replacement for YOKO she is driving me CRAZY...

Cheers and much love from me a very frustrated IT guy,

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BIOS update fails for Toshiba Satellite A300D-125 PSAK4E (2.80-WIN32 to 3.10-WIN32).
The source I tried to upgrade is 30/04/09 dated

Screen shot available for futrher information.

Please help thanks.

Also can any one tell me what is new in 3.10?

Answer:Satellite A300D-125 - Can't update the BIOS

Hey buddy,

For your notebook model is not a BIOS version 3.10 available.

If you search on the Toshiba website for Satellite A300D and model number PSAK4E you can only download the version 2.80.
The version 3.10 is for other A300D models!!!

You can check this on the Toshiba website and so stop to update the BIOS please. You can destroy the ROM module.

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I recently got problems with my A300D .

During normal use the screen behaved strange, became white and normal a few times untill it stopped working. When I restarted the green power light comes on, the DVD is accessed and I can detect two faint beeps. Thats all. No logo, no bios to enter , nothing.

I have tried removing the batttery , remove power and press the power button for minutes and attemtpetd sto start with and without battery to no gain.

The computer is receiving power with correct voltage (19.4 V measured) but does not start.
Could it be the CMOS battery that needs to be repalced ?
Or bad memory ?

What does the two single beeps indicate ?
Faulty motherbooard ?

Any tips or ideas are appreciated.


Answer:Satellite A300D-151 not starting - No logo, no bios

Dear ksm;

*as you told your laptop is not powering on..**
**i think you should try this troubleshoot..**
**firstly remove the battery and adapter both of the laptop then hold the power key up to 30 sec**
**then release the power key and just connect your adapter of the laptop and turn on the laptop**
**and check is working or not..**
**if your problem is not rectified then you need to visit your nearest service station might be it is hardware issue.


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I was updating my BIOS and it frooze.
Now when I turn it on there is no power to the LCD. The power button alights up. Thats all that happens.
It is a Toshiba Satellite A300D-11S

Answer:BIOS upgrade failed on Satellite A300D-11S


I?m afraid you cannot fix this issue without the help from ASP.
The authorized service partner technician will be able to fix this issue. The guys could try to flash the ROM module again using an BIOS crisis disk?
The crisis disk contains an special BIOS version.

So get in contact with the ASP in your country.

Greets & good luck

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I recently attempted a bios update after doing a clean install of winodws 7 64bit. The process completed and the laptop restarted. On completion the laptop failed to boot and simply displayed a black screen.

I've tried some of the methods on the internet using crisis recovery on a usb stick but have had no success

I dont whether im using the wrong combination of Fn + B etc or what but could really do with some advice

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D (PSAK1E) - Failed BIOS update


I don?t think there is much what you can do if BIOS update failed. Usually in such cases the ROM module must be reflashed but this can only be done from an authorized service provider.

In my opinion you should contact the guys and ask for help. I?m sure they can help you to fix this problem. :)

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Hi all,
half hour ago i was searching a driver for my a300d and i found a new bios version 2.80-win64 10/02/12
latest bios is 3.30 back in 2009
new versions are always with biggest numbers ..and never after almost 3 years
i'm not stupid enough to try this "new" bios, but there is plenty of fish :)
i hope someone from toshiba service support check this
thanks and sorry for my english

*problem is solved..there is no more version 2.80 in download list...thanks*

Message was edited by: rata

Answer:Wrong BIOS in support page for Satellite A300D

Hello rata

I don?t know what was wrong there but I hope everything is OK again.

Have you found latest BIOS update?

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i want your help because i can't download the latest Bios for my notebook from toshiba-europe support page.
Either internet expoler 8, either firefox can't open the Bios download page.
Why is that problem? Is thre anyway to fix it?

Does anyone has the same problem with me?

Note: I'm using windows xp and the version of the bios is *3.10*v dated +30/4/2009+.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english, mike.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D-161 why i can't download the latest Bios from Toshiba


I checked the Toshiba European driver page and I couldn?t download the BIOS too..

Seems there is something wrong with the server?

However, I think Toshiba will fix it in the next time?

So I recommend checking this page later?

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I know this is is quite old computer, but until now it was just enough good for my usage.
Anyway, after I have done a recovery of the Windows Vista OS that came with my computer, I got a notification from one of Toshiba tools that there is an updated BIOS available for my computer.
I've downloaded it and tried to perform an update. After the process had (probably) finished, the computer did not react to touchpad and keyboard. I was not sure if the update was really successful, especially because it looked like the computer was is frozen state. So I left it for next +/- 30 minutes but no change.
Then I decided to reset it as even the power button was not working. So I had to remove the battery and unplug the AC power.

... and the computer was (almost) dead then.

Now it is so that when I press the power button it seems to power up, but the screen remains blank, the fan is working and Windows is not booting. It just makes one short scratching noise from the DVD drive and this is all.

My question is, what is the recovery procedure in my situation ? I've tried to look for some potential help on the Internet and I found some forum posts or articles stating that there are some recovery procedures for different BIOSes, but what is the procedure for my BIOS ? The only thing that I found "working" was that if I press the power button holding Fn+Esc keys, the laptop powers on with flashing power button. But how to force BIOS recovery flashing procedure ?

... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300D-156 BIOS update failed - I need help with recovery

This is really stupid situation now. You will not be able to fix it with some simple recovery operation. BIOS is screwed up.
In the past I was not faced with such situation but on this forum I found very interesting thread about BIOS ?recovering?. Please take some time and visit this thread.

Maybe this will help you with your machine.

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I've updated my laptop to run windows 7 instead of vista a while ago and my laptop was running but the fan seemed to stop working and i found a BIOS update might fix this on this forum. The BIOS update stopped responding part way through and i had to close it. I tried running it again but it kept coming up with an error message. The laptop was running fine but once i turned it back on the next day i found it only loaded to a black screen. My laptop was out of warranty but i thought i'd send it off anyways hoping for a decent price but it came back with a £400 price tag for a replacement motherboard and fitting costs. Does anyone know if these kinds of problems can be repaired without full replacement needed?

Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help :)

Answer:Re: Satellite A300D-15B - Failed BIOS update and now I get a black screen

well i don't think that the board needs to be replaced. You can try bios recovery mode if you have an usb fdd.
I've had the same problem with my A200. Now it works without any problem again :)

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After Booting a Satellite A300D-135 laptop the following error message appears:

<Several BIOS messages >
3070M Extended RAM Passed
512 KB L2 Cache
System BIOS shadowed
Video BIOS shadowed
Fixed Disk 0: TOSHIBA MK2546GSX
Mouse initialized
System Configuration Data Read Error

Press <F1> to resume, <F2> to Setup

After pressing F1 the machine boots Windows just fine, but the error message is quite irritating while it comes with a loud BEEP

I've tried the following things so far (in this particular order):
- Loaded BIOS defaults
- Flashed the BIOS with latest BIOS (2.80) for this model type
- Reinstalled windows with HDD format

All of these haven't worked.

I've seen the same message appearing on several places on the internet (on different laptops with a Phoenix BIOS in common), but until now I haven't been able to find a working solution.

It might me a hardware issue, but all devices (vga, soiund, lan, wifi, usb, hdd) seem to work just fine in Windows, so this doesn't seem the issue). Another solution that is mentioned in some forums is replacing the cell battery. But because the laptop keeps time properly I don't think this is the case either.

Any ideas ?


Answer:Satellite A300D-135 - BIOS - System Configuration Data Read Error


The BIOS POST (power on self test) checks and detects errors on the motherboard.
I think this has something to do with the hardware problem on the motherboard.
I doubt you could solve this if BIOS update and BIOS default settings didn?t change this.

What to say; I think the ASP technician should run some tests to check what?s wrong or what cause this? I think it?s mobo issue.

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In version 1.9 of the A300D PSAK1E bios there are settings to change the SATA controller mode. After updating the BIOS it disappears. The portable was in non-AHCI mode before the update and now it's stuck there. Anyone got the old BIOS to hand (my backup has long gone)? Will it go completely AWOL if I downgrade the BIOS version?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D - SATA mode disappeared aftter BIOS update

Hi buddy,

Did you download the correct BIOS version for your notebook or from another model?

You should also try to load the default settings in BIOS (F9).
Check this!!!

To be hoenst I can?t imagine that this option is not available anymore on newest BIOS version?

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Whilst updating the BIOS the system froze at step 7 of replacing the BIOS code, needless to say the laptop will not boot as the BIOS is now corrupt.

I have the BIOS.BAK but need advice on how to restore the BIOS. I copied the BIOS.BAK to a usb stick and plugged this into the laptop and then powered on the system (I've tried holding down F, F2 and together). I can see that the usb stick flickers initially but clearly does not progress with the restore.

I hope someone might be able to advise how to use the BIOS.BAK file to restore the BIOS.

Answer:Satellite C660 - BIOS Update Failed, help needed to restore BIOS.BAK file

Unfortunately I cannot help you with this but check please this interesting thread -

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I have used the Toshiba support download page to identify my model A205-S4629 Satellite laptop and downloaded the following BIOS update utility sa200f0v520.exe.

After building the IOS install disk and running the Phoenix Phlash16 utility I get the following message "File has different BIOS part number".

The utility is using the following image file MW10M520.ROM.

Any input is appreciated,


Answer:Satellite A205-S4629 BIOS Update Fail - File has different BIOS part number


As far as I know the BIOS package downloaded from the Toshiba US driver page contains the WinRAR 32-bit self-extracting ZIP file which includes both Windows-based and diskette based BIOS update installation options.

Did you try to update the BIOS using Win-based BIOS?

What OS do you use?

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Hi there guys/gals,

I noticed that my Satellite Pro A300D has an extra HDD slot on the right hand side but no hard drive case and no screws and the cover has pointy things on this

How can I get hold of these so I can add an extra HDD .

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D - How can I add a second HDD?

If there is no HDD connector, you cannot attach a HDD

I believe that space is for the models that came with two HDD's.

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I found in the laptop compartment for a second hard drive, but did not understand whether it pop in a second hard drive.
Maybe someone is trying to turn. Thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry for English - interpreter)

Answer:Is second HDD in Satellite A300D possible?


There are different A300D on the market with different motherboards and different hardware specifications. But the cover and the bottom is always the same.
Therefore you can find an second HDD bay but not all A300D models would support the second HDD.

You can try to remove the cover which secures the second HDD bay to check the HDD connectors. If there are no connectors, then the second HDD is not possible!

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Anyone help with this one?

My Equium A300d originally froze at the Bios splash screen.I eventually replaced both the ram and hdd but still the same problem. By trial and error i discovered that the problem was the dvd drive.......remove it and the system loads fine, put it back in and back to the freeze at bios!

I replaced the dvd drive wiith a new compatible drive but same result so assume the actual hardware is not the problem so can only assume a motherboard problem?

Anyone come across this scenario? thanks for looking.

Answer:My Equium A300D freezes at BIOS

It is really strange issue. Which BIOS version is on your machine?

If I understand you right without ODD your notebook starts properly and preinstalled OS can be loaded.

Have you tried to put ODD in place when Windows is fully loaded?

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How I can restore or recovery my BIOS because I update it with wrong BIOS so my laptop cant open , post , boot only black screen with power on , plug charger in light indicator.

Answer:How to restore BIOS on Equium A300D-16C?


This can be problematic now. Yesterday I found similar thread with very interesting answer.
You can find it here .
Check it out.

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I have Satellite A300D-205, with a Windows 7 32-bit on it. I upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows Vista 32-bit by an upgrade DVD from Toshiba

I need Windows 7 as 64-bit. I have been searching on the net about this, and the only thing I understood, that I should have 64-bit version of Vista. But I bought my laptop with 32-bit Windows Vista and have only Windows Vista RECOVERY DVDs, and the Windows 7 Upgrade DVD.

How can I change 32-bit to 64 bit

Thanks for attention

Answer:Satellite A300D-205 How to change 32-bit to 64 bit


To be honest, i don't know how you can do it... I don't think, it's possible to get it from Toshiba. I can only recommend you to get Win 7 64 bit to install. For all win7 drivers have a look:

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HI Newbie here,

Turned on machine this morning and it just says Disk Error - Press Cnt Alt Del, Been to speak to guys at PC World and they say to restart and press F8 which I have loads of times but I can not access the disk recovery partition.

I have a A300 Satelite Pro with Home Prem Vista

Any help appreciated.



Answer:Satellite Pro A300D - How can I recover the HDD?

Hello Paul

Well that are not good news but it should not be a problem to fix this issue.

Can you go in the advanced boot menu with F8? If yes select repair my computer and follow the screen instructions. That?s all. So you can use the HDD recovery function.

If you can?t go in the advanced boot menu you should use the Toshiba recovery disk. Did you burn it? You must only boot from it and Windows will be reinstalled.
If you don?t have the recovery disk you can order one from Toshiba directly:


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in the hardware list of this notebook bluethooth is not mentioned. That is why*I think it does not have this feature. So why is there a bluethooth software included in the package and also installed?

Is it necessary for something else or can I delete it?

Answer:Satellite A300D-13A and bluetooth

This notebook model doesn?t have BT. You can check it if you press FN+F8. Every notebook with BT has there option for BT enabling.

Just for info: as far as I know just when the BT is enabled with FN+F8 the BT hardware will be listed in device manager.
So, if the BT module is not there you can remove BT software from the system.

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I need to buy a new LCD screen. I am looking on the internet and it is the same 15.4" but the resolution is at 1280x800 but on the Toshiba website the resolution of this laptop is 1,440 x 900.

So will it work?

Answer:Satellite A300D-15B - New LCD screen

Hi buddy,

I?m not sure about this but in your case I would buy a LCD screen with the same screen resolution.

Furthermore don?t forget that not all LCD screens will fit so you should ask an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can order original Toshiba spare parts and exchange it because that?s not easy.

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, I am owner of Toshiba Satellite A300D-126. I have a question about my GPU.
Is overheated when I am playing games or watch a movie. Sometimes screen start to move up and down, other times I have a green lines over it or just shutting down.

Can I do anything about this?

Can I change the video card? I see a ATI Radeon but I dont know if is for my model for sure for about 100 bucks. Is it going to work well or I just need a new system?

Can I upgrade with 512MB?

Answer:Satellite A300D-126 - GPU Overhead

GPU exchange or upgrade is not supported. Generally speaking hardware upgrade on mobile machines is very limited and supported upgrade is for RAM and HDD only.
Overheating can also be result of dust placed in cooling grill.

Satellite A300D is pretty old machine and as first step I recommend you to clean it up.
After doing this your notebook can ?take a breath? again and I hope it will not reach critical temperature again.

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Help find driver windows xp for my
Satellite A300D-157

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A300D-157


I think you will find them [here|]
Just select *Windows XP* in the operating system field.


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If the link doesn't work, use this one and in the 'links' panel on the right choose "drivers". Be sure the model you are choosing is yours.

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Recently i had a sound promblem with my Satellite A300D-126 Part Number : PSAK4E-00X00JG3. It says that my devices are ok but i cant hear anything from them.
Any ideas of solving the problem??

Answer:No sound on Satellite A300D-126

What do you mean exactly?
You cannot hear sound coming out from build in speakers?

Have you noticed the same issue when you use hradphones/headset?
Have you checked sound options? Maybe is MUTE option enabled? Check it using FN+ESC key combination.

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The battery of my Satellite A300D-11Q has already about 2.5 times lower capacity that when it was new. The battery is Sanyo. Can someone from Toshiba advise me what battery should I look for to replace this one? Should I use the same or can change with another brand or model? Perhaps there is a list of suitable battery packs?
Thank you.

Answer:Need new battery for Satellite A300D-11Q


Compatible batteries for this Satellite model are:


Use these numbers for order.


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Does anyone have a problem with the Satellite A300D overheating, if so how did you overcome this?

Answer:Satellite A300D and overheating


A friend of me has a Satellite A300D. A very good notebook and he is very satisfied with it. He never told me about problems and it runs perfect.

Why should the A300D overheating? Do you have this issue?
If yes, how does it appear?
Maybe you should clean the notebook with compressed air spray to blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators.


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Hi everyone.

Alright so i need you help. About 9 or 10 months ago my laptop Toshiba has stopped working completly. I have no idea why or how. Okay here is the deal. I put my laptop on charge and it's charging and everything. I checked RAM they are working aswell is HDD.
Okay so when i press power button all the lights on laptop come on. But my fans or nothing else doesnt and the laptop wont boot. It is charging and i tried it fully charged aswell as without battery and i tried to charge it from wall. No picture nothing. No sounds can be heard anything.

I dont know what's the problem so if anyone can help that would be awesome.

Thanks. :)

Answer:Satellite A300D-14P won’t start

On this virtual way we cannot say what the problem is either.

Disconnect AC power supply and remove battery. Press power button for 20 seconds and leave your machine for a while. Connect AC power supply only and try to start notebook again.

What happen when you do this?

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4 GB RAM ! than, why my computer is slow?
I have Satellite A300D 17F.

Please help me (I have already remove the programmes which are unnecessary from the toshiba) why why why is my notebook so slow?

Answer:Low performance on Satellite A300D-17F

You must understand that nobody of us can see what is the exact notebook configuration but this slow performance can have many different reasons.
Who knows what kind of applications you have installed on this notebook?
Who knows which processes are running in the background?
If you install all Microsoft updates it can slow down your computer rapidly.

Check please this interesting thread about performance on Satellite A300D

Good luck!

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My toshiba A300D - 14R is always way overheated.
The Temperature is 90 degrees celsius, without load.
On load it is 101-105 degrees celsius. On even heavier load(like video editing) it just shuts off.

What should I do to stop this?


Answer:Satellite A300D-14R overheats always


Try to clean the cooling module with compressed air.


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I recently bought a "Satellite A300D-15B" it came with Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

I want to install XP 64-bit. The driver page have drivers for XP, but it doesn't state that weather those drivers are for 32-bit XP or 64-Bit XP.

Can come one confirm which edition is for that drivers are ?

Thanking you,


Answer:Need drivers for Win XP 64-bit - Satellite A300D-15B


Windows XP 64bit drivers are not available and I think it will be not available on the Toshiba driver page. Why?
There are some reasons for that.

First of all the Vista is the follower of Win XP and only Vista 64bit drivers are designed for the newer notebooks and computer hardware.

Secondly the Win XP 64bit is really unique operating system. It was not so popular like Win XP 32bit and most applications and software are not compatible with the XP 64bit OS.

I don?t know many people who would use the XP 64 bit? and possibly this is the main reason why the XP 64bit drivers are rare.

I think if you want to use this OS on this notebook then you will have to collect the XP 64bit drivers at your own hand.

Good luck

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toshiba Satellite A300D won't turn on

Battery light is red when plugged in along with the white plug light

When I press the power button it lights up two other lights as well, the on one and one that looks like an a4 sheet of makes one vibration when it turns on also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Satellite A300D won't turn on

Disconnect the AC adaptor and remove battery.
Leave the notebook unplugged and then press and hold power button 30sec long.
Then connect both parts again and check how the unit acts.

In case nothing would be visible on the screen, try to replace the RAM modules. Maybe one of the modules is the troublemaker?
Otherwise if RAM modules are OK, the issue might be related to the motherboard.

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Ok, so I have this A300D for 4 years. Recently I have this problem when it stops after a few minutes.
Not enough to run diagnostics or anything. If it is started under Windows safe start it frezees with a scrambled image. If I prevent it to run windows it simlpy stops.

One year ago I tried to switch my Vista to 7 and had a similar effect. It stopped after a time. This was surely from overhaeting, so I switched back to Vista and everything was ok !

Somebody told me it is a GPU problem, because it is overheating. Do you know if this is true? Can I change it or it is integrated with the motherboard?

Thanks !

Answer:Satellite A300D and possible overheating

As you wrote notebook is 4 years old and it is possible that notebook is full of dust that blocks cooling vent and cooling grill so first step should be clean-up. In my opinion it should be done on professional way what means the notebook should be disassembled.
Try to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Ask how much you must pay for it.

After clean-up notebook?s hardware can be cooled down properly and everything should be ok again.

In my opinion this should be the first step you should do.

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please could anyone help me with drivers for Satellite A300D-20E (PSAHCE-01000JCZ)?

I installed XP on this notebook as a second system (dualboot - due some older application non compatible vith vista) and look for drivers for XP system, especially for display. But on the driver download page there are vista or independent drivers only.

Thank for any help.

Answer:Satellite A300D - Need drivers for XP


I have checked the Toshiba website for Satellite A300D PSAHCE and it seems that there are only Vista drivers available for this A300D model.

But if you search for all Satellite A300D models you can find XP drivers and I think the most of them should also work on your notebook. There shouldn?t be a significant difference between the A300D models. It?s worth a try! ;)


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Hello, all.

This question has already been asked not long ago but I would like to know some more details. Do I need to use the Intel Matrix Storage HDD driver to be able to install WXP over Vista? Judging by the CPU manufacturer - AMD - I don't. Then how can the SATA "visibility" problem be solved? Or won't there be any problem at all?

JohnyS, if you already answered a question of the same origin, can you please answer mine? Or maybe anyone else could answer it?

What other problems may I face in replacing Vista with good old WXP on my A300D?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:WXP installation on Satellite A300D 11S

If there is a "SATA Compatibility/IDE" option in the BIOS, use that. Otherwise you need an F6 SATA driver.

You have an AMD model, so I dont think you can use the Intel Matrix driver :p

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Don?t you think about Satellite A300d-17f series are not fast although have high memory, high processor???
Mine is not fast than another machines which have low properties!
I don?t understand what kind of problem ? have!!! Thanks masters

Answer:Satellite A300d-17f not fast enough?

What do you mean by ?not fast????
Does the notebook boot slowly or what?

I think you should not compare the speed of different notebooks if the same software, the same operating system and same applications were not installed.

If the notebook boots slowly then go to the msconfig -> Startup tab and disable some not necessary processes.
The background processes could slow down the notebooks booting process considerably.

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Wonder what charger i shall have to my Satellite A300D-15C
my charger have bean stolen
what is the original number for this

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Answer:Need new charger for my Satellite A300D-15C

There are several reference but the most important is the following characteristics:

Input : AC100-240V
Output : DC19V 4.74A
Power : 90W
Connecter size : 5.5*2.5mm

Toshiba original ref:

PA3468E / PA3468U / PA3165E / PA3165U / PA3165U-1ACA / PA3097U-1ACA / PA3032U-1ACA / PA3432E-1AC3 /
PA3432E-1ACA / PA3432U-1AC3 / PA3432U-1ACA / PA3468E-1ACA / PA3468U-1ACA / PA3380U-1ACA /
PA3380E-1ACA / PA3467U-1ACA / PA3396U-1ACA / PA3396U-1ACA / PA3467U-1ACA /

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Here is a screen shot taken after playing c.s v.1.6 (in full detailed graphics setting) in a small map game, after 30 minutes
Iit gets this much hot! processor cores and gpu temperature exceeds 90

Do you think that is normal? Should I worry? As I heard from experts that the average should be around 70. More than that might harm the cpu.
Should I take the laptop to nearest service center?

ps: I have upgraded my RAM and hard disk myself. I do not think that will void the warranty. Does it?

Answer:Satellite A300d-125 overheats

Probably your Pc is too dirty inside. Happened same to me.

Take a Hair-dry thing and put it on the laptop's fan part where the hot air comes out from and it will clean it, im pretty sure it won't get that temperature again, i did it my self yesterday.

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Where can I by a cooler for Satellite A300D-16Q?

Answer:Where can I buy a cooler for Satellite A300D-16Q?


Do you mean the cooling module?
Well, all parts can be purchased from an authorized Toshiba service partner in your country.

Would recommend getting in contact with the ASP who could be able to provide such compatible part.

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Satellite A300D-15C - What CPU can i uppgrade to?

I have a AMD Athlon? X2 Dual-Core-processor QL-60 : 1.9 GHz
can i uppgrade to a higher cpu freq 2,1
or can i use a
AMD Turion? X2 Dual-Core mobil processor RM-72
2.1 GHz
or this
AMD Turion? X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobil processor ZM-82
klockhastighet : 2.2 GHz

Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite A300D-15C


Before we start discussion about CPU upgrade check please follow documents at first

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Hey !

Recently I've bought A300D-17F laptop and the sound seems to me very lower. The audio card is Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221.

I've also a bit older notebook from other manufacturer and the sound there is like 2 times louder.

All sound mixers are on 100%.
I've the latest drivers and it's still pretty low.

I've tryed it on diferent sound systems and the result is the same, it doesn't get the maximum of the speakers
any suggestions ?

Answer:Satellite A300d-17F - low sound


Hmm?. I think it?s not easy to say if the sound is really low or you just thinking that it?s too low. You know what I mean?
I goggled a little bit and found out that the unit A300D-17F has been equipped with the Harman Kardon speakers.
So these are really good quality speakers?

In my opinion you should check if the sound volume can be increased using different music and video players?

Cheers mate

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Hi All,

I recently purchased a A300D. Then I got down to exploring it, naturally unscrewing all the panels on the underneath of the laptop.
I managed to find where the memory/Wi-Fi is fitted, and also another panel under which contains the hard drive.

However the strange thing is that there is another compartment with nothing in it, except for a strange connector.
The connecter doesn?t seem to be for a hard drive (although there would be sufficient room) as it is not IDE or SATA.

I checked the user manual, and the under panel diagram does not seem to indicate what it is. In fact every other panel is indicated with an explanation, except this one.

Any ideas?



Answer:Satellite Pro A300D - A strange bay for something

As far as I know on the bottom side there are three covers. One for RAM/WLAN, one for HDD and the last one is empty. Some Satellite A notebooks are delivered with two HDDs and on notebooks with one HDD this place is empty.

Unfortunately A300D is not known to me but it is easy to recognize if the available connector is the same as for other HDD. Have you checked it?

To be honest I am afraid there is no connector at all and this notebook is not upgradable with second HDD.

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I bought a Satellite A300D PSAH8A-01K00H from a site affiliated with ebay.
The laptop has been having some virtual memory problems but has not been slow etc.
What is the maximum ram my laptop can hold ? not sure what other information is needed but will stick around and reply back to this thread, thanks.

Answer:Satellite A300D - RAM upgrade

I could not find specification for your notebook model but I?ve compared it with European A300D models and all of them can be upgraded up to 4 GB RAM so I believe you can use it too.

As compatible 2 GB RAMs check
2GB DDR2-667 - PA3513U-1M2G

2GB DDR2-800 - PA3669U-1M2G

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Hello there!

I just bought a Toshiba Satellite A 300 D-17M. I forgot to create the recovery DVD before I changed with Paragon Partition Manager the 2 Partitions. My Problem is that the tracks of the files on the hard disk change swap and now the explorer does not start on his own and I can not open anything.

How can I recovery my system now? Need help please!

Answer:I need a boot cd for Satellite A300D-17M

If the partitions are changed you have big problem.

When notebook has ?factory settings? you can install OS from HDD using F8 at start up and Repair my computer > Toshiba recovery option but I am afraid this will not work properly now.

Maybe you should order Toshiba recovery media for your notebook model.
You can do this on

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Does anyone know the part number for this motherboard (Satellite Pro A300D), or where I can get one? It's for an AMD processor. Any help will be much appreciated.

Answer:Motherboard for Satellite Pro A300D

This info you can get from Toshiba authorized service provider. They have access to Toshiba database and they can pick up info about each notebook part.
Maybe you can also order one there.

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How do you set up to output to a LCD TV from the S-Video TV Out socket? i've tried everything i can think of but can't get it to work.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D-131 - How do I use the S-Video TV Out


That?s easy.
You have to use a 4 pin s-video cable in order to connect the TV to the notebook.
Connect both devices, then power up the notebook, then TV, use the key combination FN+F5 to switch to the external device (TV).

PS: You have to choose the right channel on TV (s-video has to be enabled)

That?s all?

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Hello, I want to upgrade my RAM from 2GB to 4GB.

The laptop box says the next: 2GB DDR2 800Mhz but when I check CPU-Z it says 400Mhz

Also the toshiba website says 800Mhz, so wich 1 I need to buy?
1x 2GB DDR2-400Mhz
2x 2GB DDR2-800Mhz

Also I am wondering when I upgrade to 4GB, how much memory will be dedicated to my videocard?


Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A300D-161 - I want to upgrade the RAM to 4GB

if CPU-Z says its 400, then the RAM is 400, but the website could mean thats as high as it can go

remember, programs like CPU and GPU-Z never lie or make mistakes 8) (unless they are old versions, then they do)

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Help me please! I got _Satellite A300D-156_ HDD 320 Gb
There is a place for _one more HDD_ so i bought it, but Ihave not _a caddy to fix it inside the notebook_.
Where can I get it, or maybe it's possible to ask Toshiba to sell it to me or just to send it to me?

Message was edited by: dasan

Answer:HDD Caddy for Satellite A300D-156

> Where can I get it, or maybe it's possible to ask Toshiba to sell it to me or just to send it to me?
You can order all parts from Toshiba ASP (authorized service partner) in your country.

Here you can find all ASPs worldwide: -> Support & Download -> Find an Authorized Service Provider

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Satellite Pro A300D is getting very hot and sometimes it turns itself off. it has been doing this recently.

What could be the problem???

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D is getting hot and turns off


It sounds like that your notebook is overheating? What do you think?

In your case I would try to clean your notebook because it?s necessary to clean the cooling system from time to time to ensure the proper function of the notebook.

Therefore you can use compressed air spray and blow gently and shortly the air through the holes of the case of the notebook. This can remove the dust from the cooling ventilators.
It?s important to avoid blowing the air longer then 2-3 seconds because the fan in the system will rotate fast. This procedure should be replaced about 4-.10 times.

I had always success with this procedure and I do it every 3 months.


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I own Toshiba satellite a300d-157 and i guess my hdd got broken. I used hdsentinel and he showed too much bad sectors. I need help about picking new hdd. Does anyone can tell me is this hard drive compatible with my notebook.

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My portable computer itself is switched off, and if it to try to switch on at once it will turn out nothing, however in one minute it is easily started. It can occur 3-4 times day, and can and not occur week. More often it happens at viewing films and scannings of a computer by an antivirus.
The musical center is connected to a computer.

Message was edited by: Novik_off

Answer:Satellite A300D. Itself it is switched off

There can be a problem because of a power unit?

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I have A300D - 11S and i have Windows vista home premium, can i instal windows xp sp2?

Answer:Can I install Windows XP on a Satellite A300D - 11S

Yes, of course you can install XP on this machine. Firstly go [HERE|] and download the drivers for your machine. The appropriate model number for your machine is "PSAK0E".

After downloading all drivers you can install XP on it.


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Hi people,
I can?t hear music with the headphones (or external loudspeakers) as I used.

Windows Vista
Model A300D-13R
Sound is coming from my heaphones but only the test sound (Control panel --> Audio sistem --> Headphones --> Test OK)
But when playing music with the headphones connected music continue comingo out from the laptop loudspeakers.

I checked everything:headphones are ok, sound on control panel is ok. Out of headphone nothing, anyway.

What can I do?
Thanks a lot

[email protected]

Answer:Satellite A300D No sound from headphones

Have you tested different music players and headphones?
I?m not sure but maybe you can also set different sound outputs in players.

Furthermore I would make a sound driver update.
Visit the Toshiba European website and search for an update:

And make sure that all sound settings are really correct.

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Have today received "Tempro Software Update" for Toshiba Facerecognition for my A300D-15B notebook.
Link for download shows as "This link has been removed or had it's name changed".

Had an alert from Toshiba via e-mail on 12/12/08 and downloaded this update, but decided to wait until Tempro advised me of same before installing.
Attempted to install, only to find it didn't REMOVED all Facerecognition and Smartwatcher from my notebook!!

Have performed system restore and got it all back, but what is going on please?.....
Is there an update or not?.....should I install it or not?.....Am I missing something here when attempting to install it?

Please help......Confused


Answer:Facerecognition update for Satellite A300D-15B

The Tempro Software send a notification that the new file (Face recognition) has been uploaded to the Toshiba page.
But this doesn?t mean that you HAVE TO update it.

If you don?t have any problems with your tool and if everything is running great then why do you want to update it?

I follow always this advice; never change a running system?

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My laptop's screen randomly starts flickering. I've sent it back to be fixed a couple of time, it works fine fo ra day or two and then starts flickering again.
It's really frustrating as no matter what position I put the screen in it flickers...HELP plz!!!

Answer:Satellite A300D-16C - screen keeps flickering.

Hello jadakiss

Sorry to hear you have this flickering problem and I believe you when you say it is frustrating.
How to help? Good question.

As you know you cannot do much with your laptop. You cannot disassemble it and try to fix something and we, as end users, have no possibility to do much. What we can do is to test hardware functionality with clean preinstalled operating system. That?s all.

So, I?m afraid you must try to contact service again and talk with them. Ask what they have done to fix this. Ask if something exchanged or not.

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I would like to ask you if Windows 7 is supported for this version of toshiba laptop and if there is all the drivers once i install this operation system.

Also if anyone can provide link to the drivers and/or article about Windows 7 working on this type of machine would be much appreciated.

Answer:Is Win7 supported on Satellite A300D


I believe you can run Win7 on that model. There are Win7 drivers on the Toshiba website in the support section.

What is the model number of your notebook?

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Hi there,

My HDD crashed (MBR, winlogon, boot, .. deleted. Just a disaster), so I have to format disc and make new Windows instalation. And there's come installing Toshiba utilites. And I can't find drivers for the FN button. I Google that it's called "Flash Cards utility" but only what I founded is pdf of it. And also my Everest or Notebook hardware control can't find any of my fans.

So I'm asking, where i can find it? Or better ... is somewhere big 'ol pack after new install of OS? Why my fans are not detected by system? Maybe I just forgot to install some driver. It's quite possible. So where's a problem?
And .. I'm just curious, is there any programe, utillity .. etc. which can control fans?

I have Satellite A300D, Windows Vista 32bit

Thanks a lot!

Answer:Satellite A300D - FN buttons and fan not detected


Can on mate, you can find all drivers and utilites on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

You have to install Toshiba Value Added Package. This is all what you need for FN keys. ;)

But I?m wondering about your question regarding the fan. Why do you think the fan isn?t recognized? Everything regarding the fan will be controlled automatically. You can only change cooling method between maximum performance and battery optimized in Windows power management.

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I have a problem with my 3 months old Toshiba Satellite A300D-126. Anytime I play a game like, Call of Duty 4 or Warcraft after like 15-20 min, the left side of the laptop where the cooler is positioned , it`s overheating badly, almost too hot to touch, and finally the laptop shuts down.

I must mention the fact that recently I installed XP (all drivers downloaded from the Toshiba site) , but I kinda had the same problems on Vista too.

I downloaded ?MobileMeter?, and the temperatures showed there I think they aren`t normal:
Temp - 80-85 C, and the HDD-35-36 degrees C (When I?m not using the games, so I think during the games the temps. rise considerably )

Is it possible the cooler can`t face the games, of is it dusty? If so, how do I clean it?

Any kind of response helps,

Thank you

Answer:Satellite A300D - overheating and shutting down


I play ?Call of Duty 4? on Satellite A300-1LI and until now everything goes well. Ok it is different hardware platform but I still believe there should not be so much difference.

In my opinion CPU temperature is maybe higher than usual but, in my opinion, not on critical level. The HDD temperature is normal and the same as on my Satellite A300.
I don't know how you use your notebook but it is new notebook model and I don't believe there is so many dust inside. If the notebook is placed on the desk try to place back side on two CD boxes and place it on higher position. Reduce graphic settings in the game and check it again.

Is the cooling method in Toshiba power saver set to maximum level?

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As we all know our series equipped with two hard disk slots. I have installed both 320GB Toshiba HDD (same model).
But there is no RAID option on the BIOS setup. (as far as i know)

Is there any way that I can do this hardware raid-0?
Please any expert let me know.

Answer:Satellite A300D-125 - How can I activate RAID?

As i heard that software raid having no information about it.
if hardware raid is not possible than can we set up a software raid-0 on this device.
if possible what are advantages and disadvantages. is it efficient as hardware raid?
and can our system handle that?

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hi !
That's what happening....
i ordered few days ago a media recovery disc, i put that into a laptop and... start recovery step by step and after while that's shows up:

Image tool for Windows

Progress: 100%

Successfully applied image

Unpack Vista OS

ImageX Tool For Windows

Progres: 2% 12:37 mins remaining
[Warning] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll. [Uncompress File: <seq. 90> -> file corrupted in block at offset 01C8A49F]

[Retry] Restoring C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll again... <GLE = 0>

[Warning] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll. [Uncompress File: <seq. 90> -> file corrupted in block at offset 01C8A49F]

[Retry] Restoring C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll again... <GLE = 0>

[Warning] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll. [Uncompress File: <seq. 90> -> file corrupted in block at offset 01C8A49F]

[Retry] Restoring C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll again... <GLE = 0>

[Warning] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll. [Uncompress File: <seq. 90> -> file corrupted in block at offset 01C8A49F]

[Retry] Restoring C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll again... <GLE = 0>

[Error:1392] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll

Error restoring image

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

Err... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300D - can't use recovery media


If you cannot use it contact Arvato where you have order it, explain the situation and ask if you can get new one. I cannot say for sure what the problem is but I can imagine that recovery disc is ?troublemaker?.

What else can be? HDD? I don?t think so.

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Hello friends!

Do you know have we got guarantee about the battery issue? I mean my battery is running out for 15 minutes.
Can i have a new one under favour of guarantee?

A300D 17-F


Answer:Battery issue on Satellite A300D

Satellite A300D is pretty old notebook model so I don?t think you can?t get new battery for free.
For more info contact nearest authorized service provider and clarify this.

In worst case you must buy battery and it cannot be so expensive. Remove the battery and check part number. Use Google and check prices in different online stores.

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After installing Windows 7 (32 bit) I can't get the turn on the S-VHS (TV) output.

Any solution?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D-152 - Can't turn on the S-VHS output

Hi Longhorn_1,

First of all you should check if display driver is installed properly. That means in device manager there shouldn?t be any yellow exclamation marks.
New drivers you can download from official Toshiba page.

Furthermore you use S-Video output if you press FN+F5 key combination.
Generally speaking you should connect the S-Video cable firstly before you turn on TV/notebook. After this power on your TV and choose S-Video port and then power on the notebook. Use FN+F5 key combination to switch between monitors.

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Anybody else had this problem where connecting an external monitor/projector to the external VGA port its not working, just showing what looks like a very distorted image moving around the screen.
Tried new drivers, BIOS update, changing the VGA settings in the bios to LCD&RGB but with no joy, not working in Windows or during booting up.

Is there something I'm missing here or is the port on the laptop actually faulty?



Answer:Satellite Pro A300D-1DZ - External VGA issue


Which OS do you use?
Have you installed the driver from the Toshiba website? => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

It?s not easy to say what is the reason for this but have you tested another cable?
Have you tested another monitor?


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Specifications say battery lasts for 1 h..
What's amH of Satellite A300D-17F battery?
Isn't it 6-cell 4800 maH?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Need battery specifications of Satellite A300D-17F


As far as I know the notebook uses the 6 cell battery part number: PA3534U-1BRS, or PA3534U-1BAS
It supports 4000mAh


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The NB was bought few months ago and last few days start to switch-off from time to time. Not to sleep or hyphenate but just off. Every time it's in idle state. I was suggested that this I due to overheating. First of all I remove dust from grig of CPU fan. Then I start to observe that enough space will be belong and around CPU cooling unit.
The off cases gone. But in comparison with my second NB which is one non-Toshiba machine with Intel Centrino 2 2.4 GHz, the Satellite is much more hot.

Than I've installed all new drivers including BIOS.

I've installed CoreTemp utility which shows now in 25-35% CPU load 60-70C temperature and up to 80C at 50% load. And infrequently even 87C.

The running application is ?Photoshop? and in parallel some movie in Mozilla Firefox browser.... Couple months ago I was rendering a DVD on this NB within two hours without any overheat switching off. But not load is miserable.

What's up? I start to regret I've chosen Toshiba and at least AMD CPU.

Answer:Satellite A300D-158 (AMD ZM-80) - 70-80C core temperature


I use Satellite P200D with AMD CPU and also one A300 but with Intel Core 2 Processor T8100. I have just positive experience with AMD CPU on Satellite P200.

Is your notebook placed properly on the desk?
In my opinion temperature is not critical but shut offs are really bad sign.
Can you please try to do follow: place back side of your notebook on two CD boxes to make back side a little bit higher? I hope notebook will be able to take a breath. Please post the results.
Running these two applications should not be problematic for this notebook model.

If you really think that this issue can be critical for your notebook contact nearest service provider and ask for advice. The notebook has valid warranty and if something is wrong there they will halp you.

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Have installed a new HDD and done a clean install of Windows7 64-bit, most devices seem to be working. I have 2 unknown devices in device manager, 1 is a mass storage device (presuming this is the card reader) and the other just shows as unknown device (no idea what this is) can't find any drivers on the download page, also because I have done a clean install have lost all the utilities that came pre-installed on the machine.

Where can I get these back from?

Answer:Satellite A300D-15B and Windows7 64-bit drivers

I think the "unknown device" is your Bluetooth device, and yes, you?re right at the card reader, you can download them at the support page of your laptop.
Good luck on your installation of Windows 7.

I got a bad time installing Windows 7 in my Satellite A300-15A, device drivers specially the touchpad, keyboard and display drivers malfunction when I restart my laptop.

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Hello, I have a weird problem with my laptop for quite some time and it only gets worse as time passes.
Every once in a while the laptop would not boot (black screen no bios splash screen etc.) and I had to reset it a few times for it to boot. Once it boot it would run for days with no problems. The problem was fixed 100% for a couple of weeks with the latest bios update.

After that it returned to the previous state and it will boot almost never. I've tried hard reset different ram modules, different ram sticks, uninstalled dvd, hard drive, with battery and AC, AC only, battery only.So far nothing seems to help.

Any suggestions pls?

Answer:My Satellite A300D (PSAK8E) won't boot

It is always problematic to discuss about issues that happen sporadically. To be honest all you have done is right and unfortunately notebook users cannot do more than that.
In my opinion it must be checked with special diagnostic tools and it can be done in service only.

For me is confusing that from time to time notebook doesn?t even show splash screen. There must be some problem on lowest hardware level. BIOS? Connections? We can just speculate about that.

Try to contact service, explain the situation and ask what the problem can be.

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1) I recently bought the current laptop and it takes a really long time to start up and be able to work with. After that it works perfectly fine. Actualy the time it needs to start up is exactly 3 minutes. Any recommendations? I really need help.

2) Is there any chance that I can install a copy of windows XP on this machine?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Re: Satellite A300D-15B - slow start up


Your notebook boots a little bit longer because there are many background processes which are loading at the start up.
The Toshiba drives and tools controls different notebook features like FN buttons, zooming utility, touchpad, Toshiba control buttons, and so on?
These tools must be loaded at the beginning to ensure that all these notebook features will work and run properly.
Of course you can disable the loading of single applications in ?msconfig?.
Just remove the mark near the process in Startup tab.

> ) Is there any chance that I can install a copy of windows XP on this machine?
Why not? You can install Win XP if you want.

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum, but unfortunately not new to toshiba's troubles.

I have a satellite A300D - 14D PSAK8E for 3 years.
I had to take it once to a warranty repair (after 6 months) to change the motherboard. Since then, just the usual problems of overheating and batteries that don't live for long.

My brother bought the exact same model, on the same store, at the same time, and he only had to order a new charger. I notice that my laptop starts spinning the fans like crazy, as soon as I start it.

That means, when it's totally cool!
His twin laptop doesn't moan like mine does.

I made all the tricks. I opened it and cleaned it, I bought a cooling pad, I vaccum it regularly.
I keep it clean on softwares, only the basics, my antivirus is the avast, can't play most of the games, and keep my personal files on an external HD.

Lately, last 6 months, my toshiba shutsdown when performing two simple tasks at the same time (like opening an office doc and chrome). Not always, but most of the times.

At first I thought it was overheating, because the fans stars spinning, but the laptop is rather cool.

Could it be from the operating system? It came with Vista, but I changed it to Windows 7.

Any information would be welcomed.
Thank you!

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Answer:Satellite A300D shuts down - not overheat


In the past I?ve changed several Toshiba models and two of them were D models (AMD) and must say that exactly on these models cooling fan was always a bit louder and fan has worked more often. Now I have A300 with preinstalled Win7 32bit and it works perfectly. A30/A300D are fully supported for Win7 so described behavior has nothing to do with preinstalled OS.
>I notice that my laptop starts spinning the fans like crazy, as soon as I start it. That means, when it's totally cool!
That?s nothing unusual and that happen on most notebooks including my P500. When notebook starts cooling fan runs on maximum sped and when Toshiba welcome screen is shown it slows down. That?s normal and don?t worry about it.

To be honest it is not easy to say why your notebook shuts down. Be sure notebook is placed on the desk and cooling fan is not blocked. Disable also all useless background processes to take the pressure off CPU.

Sorry but I cannot say more than that.

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Hi everyone. I have a problem.

When I used XP I turned touchpad off while I use mouse. Then I decided to install Win Vista and there is a problem. I forgot to turn it on before reinstaling. Therefore my touchpad is not working. Drivers are fine and tried to reinstall but it didn't help. Everything works fine except I cant turn on the touchpad.

Any ideas how to do that?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A300D - How to activate the touchpad?

Have you installed Vista using Toshiba recovery installations DVD?
Does mouse work if you use external mouse?

When you install Vista with recovery image you will have ?factory settings? again and touchpad is not disabled by default. Check FN+F9 option and be sure touchpad is not disabled.

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I have a problem. I connect TV to Toshiba Satellite A300D through S-Video cabel, but no signal on the TV.
Although it's worked some time ago.

Operating system detects the TV, but doesn't activate Duplicate and External mode.

Answer:Satellite A300D - No signal via S-Video

Hi mate,

Have you tested another cable? Maybe the cable doesn?t work properly anymore.
Check this!!!

Furthermore if you use the S-Video port you must choose between PAL or NTSC mode. It?s depending on the country where you life or where you purchased your TV. You can change this in graphic properties.

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Hi everybody!

My machine is Satellite A300D 17-F with Vista!
For a long time it had a problem which is about HDD because of the bad sectors. I guess I solved it with a program named maxtor blast4. I have set up it to xp sp3 and it became more fast.
But fan! Fan is working so fast :) I try power saver driver but it was not set up.

What can I do??

Answer:Fan is working so fast on Satellite A300D

If you want to slow down fun speed change ?cooling method? option to min level.
This option you can find in Toshiba power saver tool.

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I have laptops Satellite A300D-14k
I had to install Windows XP Pro .
I am having problems with audio and modem drivers.

I'm receiveing an error message: Driver instalation failed.Could not find the media device for this driver.

I try with fix kb888111

Can anybody help me?

I'm using windows xp profesional SP2.
Thank you!

Answer:Need WXP sound driver for Satellite A300D


I think your notebook was equipped with the Conexant sound card and not with the Realtek sound card.
Can you please confirm this?

So if you notebook supports the Conexant sound card the kb888111 hotfix is not really important.

Therefore you should try to reinstall the sound driver again using the right sound driver!

Check it!

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i have a huge problem.
The laptop fel on floor, while it was working, then i picked it up and it seemed fine.
But, when I tried to enter a folder on a desktop it said that it can't because the the disk or some kind of connection isn't found, or something like that (the folder is on disk D, which didn't show in my computer, which I guessmeans that is broken or something).

I restarted it, and it was the same thing.
Then I turned t off, left it for 10 sec, turn it on again, it came to the Microsoft loading screen and it wont budge from there!!
It loads forever. I turn it off, then I get two options- start windows normally and to start it with fixing problem, I choose the other and the same thing happens!!

It only loads... What is going on?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A300D-17G start-up problem


You said the folder is placed on D. Is this a second partition on one HDD or maybe it?s a second HDD?

As far as I know the notebook supports 2 HDDs.
In your case I would check if both HDDs are recognized in BIOS.
You could also check if both HDDs are connected properly. The HDD bays are placed at the bottom of the unit? you will need to remove the bay cover in order to get access to the HDDs.

Of course it could be also an HDD issue? Due to the drop, the HDD could develop a fault and this could be the reason for this issue?

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Hi everybody.

I have a very strange problem with my new notebook. I have new Satellite A300D-14U notebook. I have installed XP and all drivers but recently I have noticed such problem. When media player or Winamp (or etc.) plays and I get a message in Skype, MSN or there is any other action with sound, then the major sound changes.

I mean the quality of sound changes rapidly. Like mono to stereo, like equalizer is turned on at that moment. After that it stays for about 2-3 mins and gets back to previous state. The problem is that that change is awesome and I would like it would be always like that. For some moment I started to wonder do I really usually hear stereo from those "harman/kardons"?

I have tried to reinstall drivers, all updates are installed, SP3. Any idea what can it be?

P.S. I always get clear sound, but I'd like to get best of it.

Answer:Satellite A300D-14U and WXP - sound quality changes

Hmm? very strange? try to connect the headphones and check if the same sound issue would appear using the headphones.

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Hello, at first i want to say that my english isnt very well but i try to explain my problem.

I bought my Laptop for one and a half year und after a half year he shutdown everytime wenn i played something. The cooler is free and not blocked from something but he still shutdown. So i need to but him higher that the cooler under the laptop get more air but this also dint help me.

What can i do?
Is it a know Produkt problem?
What do i wrong?

ps. (if some germans are here in the forum and you dont know what i mean i can tell you my problem in german and sry for my bad english) ;(

Answer:Satellite A300D - Shutdown overheat

Hi mate

As I understood the message, the notebook shuts down only while playing a game?
Is this right?

In most cases the clogged cooling modules might be the reason why the notebook shuts down automatically. Mostly the dust and debris inside the notebook might prevent the air from circulation?
But in your case this does not seem to be the reason?

What graphic card driver do you use?
You should always use the Toshiba graphic card driver because such driver contains an overheating protection. The usage of non-Toshiba GPU drivers could overheat the graphic chip.

Furthermore the thermal grease which is placed between cooling modules and CPU should be replaced? during the long time the thermal grease dry out and this might affect cooling process.

I think the notebook technician should check this and should renew this grease.


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When I try to install the audio driver i get the error message : Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the MEDIA device for this driver.
Last time I used a hotfix update (KB.....) and it worked but I can;t find it anymore...

Answer:Satellite A300D - audio problem under Win XP


I know this issue ?. I had it with my notebook after Windows XP installation.
The point is that Win XP SP2 does not contain necessary MS patches?

You could solve this installing the SP3 because the SP3 contains the patches.

But the SP3 must be installed before sound driver installation.
If you have installed sound driver firstly then remove it from the device manager and then install SP3.
After that follow with sound driver?

Good luck

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I have very recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300D-132 and since turning on I am having problems with the sound.
Once I start playing music, every few seconds the sound will stutter.
I also notice that other programs seem to stutter graphically, even as I am typing this.

I have up to date antivirus and spyware protection and have been on the Toshiba website for the relevant sound drivers. I am still having the problems.

Any suggestions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.......Ste

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D-132 sutter every few seconds

Could you please explain you issue more exact?

Does the sound stutter playing mp3 files stored on the HDD or playing audio CD or listening to audio internet stream?

And graphic?
How do you mean this? Does the picture stutter watching DVD movies, DVIX files, videos in internet??

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I have bought Windows seven, as toshiba has suggest my.
So now i has a problem; I couldn't use the key "FN", I couldn't use toshiba setting, I couldnt' use the toshiba suite driver.

On the site I hasn't find it, and in the pack of my notebook there aren't.
How can I do?

Help me, *thanks*.

Answer:Cannot find Win 7 drivers for Satellite A300D-14R?


Satellite A300D-14R belongs to PSAKCE series.
The Toshiba European driver page does not contain all Win 7 drivers for this series but you can use some single Vista drivers and you can use the VAP (value added package) and Flash Card Support Utility released i.e. for Satellite L500.

The VAP is needed in order to get some Toshiba features working again?
The Flash Cards Support Utility is needed in order to get FN buttons working again?
Check this!!!

PS: I recommend using Forums search option and to search for similar threads! There are a lot of postings about the same theme which are helpful!

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I purchased a Toshiba A300D Satellite Pro laptop a few days ago.
The first job was to wipe Vista Home Premium off there and put Vista Business as I needed to connect to a Domain.

I did this and then went to install the drivers from the Toshiba driver download pages.
There were many drivers that were not successful but I have managed to fix most of the problems apart from when I display the laptop of a projector I can the start menu cut off the bottom on the external display only.

Anyway I am now led to believe that there is HDD recovery on the disk that would give me the correct drivers as they were installed when the laptop arrived.
How do I get these off the system onto a disk for example so that I can resinstall?

Thanks for your time.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D - How to get the Vista drivers

On my laptop, the drivers are in C:\TOSAPINS

So to access the drivers, you need to run Recovery, copy TOSAPINS to external storage, the reinstall Vista Business or Upgrade Home Premium to Business.

Or you can simply download the drivers from the Toshiba Website.

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