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Satellite A205-S4629 BIOS Update Fail - File has different BIOS part number

Question: Satellite A205-S4629 BIOS Update Fail - File has different BIOS part number

I have used the Toshiba support download page to identify my model A205-S4629 Satellite laptop and downloaded the following BIOS update utility sa200f0v520.exe.

After building the IOS install disk and running the Phoenix Phlash16 utility I get the following message "File has different BIOS part number".

The utility is using the following image file MW10M520.ROM.

Any input is appreciated,


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Preferred Solution: Satellite A205-S4629 BIOS Update Fail - File has different BIOS part number

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A205-S4629 BIOS Update Fail - File has different BIOS part number


As far as I know the BIOS package downloaded from the Toshiba US driver page contains the WinRAR 32-bit self-extracting ZIP file which includes both Windows-based and diskette based BIOS update installation options.

Did you try to update the BIOS using Win-based BIOS?

What OS do you use?

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I am trying to update the BIOS on my Yoga 2 Pro 13" laptop.  Downloaded the BIOS update from the support page, but when I run the update, I get the following error:      Get EC part information fail. Will try to attach a screenshot of the BIOS update error message. Has anyone seen this before?  I found one other mention here in the forum but no soution or workaround.  Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.  Thanks. ? 

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Whilst updating the BIOS the system froze at step 7 of replacing the BIOS code, needless to say the laptop will not boot as the BIOS is now corrupt.

I have the BIOS.BAK but need advice on how to restore the BIOS. I copied the BIOS.BAK to a usb stick and plugged this into the laptop and then powered on the system (I've tried holding down F, F2 and together). I can see that the usb stick flickers initially but clearly does not progress with the restore.

I hope someone might be able to advise how to use the BIOS.BAK file to restore the BIOS.

Answer:Satellite C660 - BIOS Update Failed, help needed to restore BIOS.BAK file

Unfortunately I cannot help you with this but check please this interesting thread -

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I've made big mistake. I tryed to install BIOS update for my SAT A-200. Everything went fine but after shuting down computer doesn't boot any more.
If I start it manualy power light comes on hard drive fleshes few time and thats all.

I've got this update with toshiba TEMPRO with Toshiba. I need some advise

Answer:Satellite A200 - BIOS update fail

That?s really bad but in this case you can?t do anything.

You should go to a local ASP. Maybe they can recovery the BIOS and in worst case the mainbaord must be exchanged.
On the Toshiba website you can search for an authorized service provider.

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L300-03C BIOS Update to V2.2 then Fail to boot on XP
Please help
My OS is WinXP SP3 , BIOS was v1.4
using the latest BIOS V2.2 windows file to upgrade(from v1.4)
The progress is normally finished , however it fail to boot up.

I still can enter BIOS Setup , but can not run Windows XP to login screen.

So , what I can do?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L300-03C - BIOS Update to V2.2 then Fail to boot on XP

What happen exactly when you start your notebook?
Is HDD recognized properly in BIOS settings?

Can you start OS in safe mode (F8 at start up)?

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There I was thinking, I should keep my computer up to date. So I tried to update BIOS. The BIOS update got stuck for 3 hours at some stage 3. The computer will not reboot now, not even to a setup screen. DEAD

I have read somewhere that you can make a bootable USB flash BIOS recovery. Then use a certain key combination ie Fn and B or Fn and W (can not remember). Can some one give me a step to step guide from where to download software, right to recovering my BIOS and machine?

I should not have to pay any fees to get my PC working again as it was working perfectly before this upgrade attempt. I did nothing wrong.


I have model pspb6a ocso4m (au model)

Answer:Satellite P200 - BIOS update fail at stage 3

Hi spiralvista,

> I have read somewhere that you can make a bootable USB flash BIOS recovery
Yes, I did read about such threads here in forum but it doesn?t always work and there is no official support for this procedure. Everything what you do with such BIOS recovery tools happen on your own risk and in worst case you could destroy the whole ROM module.

Best option would be contacting an authorized service provider because the guys can have professional tools to reflash the ROM module where the BIOS is stored. So you should get in contact with the guys and ask for help. They can also tell you how much it will cost.

Sorry that I can?t give you another answer but here it?s an user to user forum only where you can talk with normal people like you and me ? Nobody from Toshiba here ;)

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I just got a Satellite P500 and am running Windows 7. I downloaded all of the latest drivers and updated the system bios to version 1.70 (from Toshiba's support website). Now, my number pad on the keyboard is not working.

The numlock light is on and when I hit the "6" key on the number pad, it turns the light on/off but the behavior of the other keys does not change whether it is on or off. The "-" key enters a "6" but none of the other keys (except "enter" does anything.

I removed the keyboard driver and restarted to re-install the keyboard driver but that had not effect. The keyboard did work for a few days after I flashed the bios but seems to have stopped since I started using a USB mouse. I tried uninstalling the USB mouse driver but that did not do anything either (it was a Logitech driver).

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite P500 - After BIOS update the number pad isn't working anymore

What is the model number of the P500?

Have you tried setting the BIOS to its default settings?

If you boot from an MSDOS boot disk, does the numpad still do the same thing?

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I have Satellite P10-874, my model number got erased from the bottom after years of use.
I recently did a Bios update from Toshiba website and later realised it was for SP10E models.

Well my system didn't crash. Does the model number (part no) change if you update with a Bios version not meant for your system?

My system is still under warranty but the new model number/serial number combo is shown as invalid global entitlement database. My USB ports are not working any more after it showed a power surge message.

I need goto the service center. Is there any way to retrive my originial model no and part no?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite P10-874: Does wrong BIOS update change the serial number?

A "wrong" Biosupdate neither erases nor replaces the modelnumber of your machine. So you don?t have to worry about when you give the machine to a sevice center, they have the possibility to retrieve your serialnumber with their system and figure out the modelnumber of your machine.

Regarding your USB-ports: send the machine to your local service-center and don?t worry about the modelnumber-stuff. Your machine is still in warranty and since they will approximately change your system pcb, your worries about the wrong bios is needless.

By the way, i cannot imagine that you have earnest a wrong bios flashed, since the machine during the biosupdate ususally shouts if you try to flash a wrong bios on it.


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I have a problem with updating the BIOS on Toshiba Satellite c600-28j.
Error: Project ID check fail

Model: C660-28J
Part NO: PSC1NE-01200XRU
Serial: XB063018K
BIOS Version: 1.10
OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-bit

What can you recommend?


Answer:BIOS update issue on Satellite C660-28J - Project ID check fail

Check this thread:

The BIOS from Toshiba Australian page should work

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I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite C660-1ME (Part Number : PSC1SE-00G009AR).

I wanted to update the BIOS with the latest version 1.40. When you run the BIOS update gives this error "*project ID check fail*" what to do? how can I solve this problem?

And read all Thread about this problem but not change.

Answer:Satellite C660-1ME PSC1SE - project ID check fail while BIOS update 1.40


I recommend checking this thread about the same error message:
It seems that the new file has been uploaded and seems the issue has been solved in this case?

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Hi @all

how can i make a bios update on the Keyboard extension?

Bios from Tablet is 1.70
Bios from Keyboard is 1.50

When i start the update, the update say "Your Bios is up to date!"

Sorry for bad english, it is not my native Language


Answer:Satellite Click Mini - BIOS Update Keyboard extension fail

If your BIOS is already up to date, you don’t need the BIOS update.

and you can use only the BIOS which is available on the Toshiba download page

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I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite C660-1ME (Part Number : PSC1SE-00G009AR). I wanted to update the BIOS with the latest version 1.40. When you run the BIOS update gives this error *"project ID check fail"* what to do? how can I solve this problem?

Answer:Satellite C660-1ME PSC1SE - project ID check fail while BIOS update 1.40


Usually the VAP (value added package) needs to be installed in order to update the BIOS.
Is VAP installed? If yes, try to update or reinstall this package again and check if BIOS update is possible.
Furthermore disable any security software like firewall or antivirus software which could prevent the BIOS update.

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My boyfriend has bought an toshiba sattelite A205-S7458 laptop. Recently an new BIOS was released for this model, which has support for changing video RAM memory size according to the specifications. But he can't find this option in BIOS. Anyone knows where is located?

Answer:BIOS 1.90 for Satellite A205-S7458

You should take a look at the american drivers download page from toshiba since the machine you own is an american model.
If not already did, check the following link to see if the driver is available there:


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sach2 said:

I am having trouble figuring out what to rename the BIOS file. I have read so many posts that I can't get clear on it.

I'm going from something like post #3 in this thread
At least we know there should be some form of recovery possible using the <windows key> and <b key>.

Your BIOS update has two files in it and shortening them to four letters is simple but using a tool provided by one of those BIOS forums it gives five possible names for each of the two BIOS files included in the softpaq. The five names are the same for each of the two files which is what has me confused. HP doesn't give the manufacturer's name for your motherboard which makes it more difficult. I'm going to start fresh tomorrow hoping my subconscious works on it.Click to expand...

Sach Hello, I write from Argentina, I have a laptop hp dv6-3052 to which the BIOS does not work. Lei reply and follow all the steps, but when squeezed <windows> + <B> the notebook does not read the flash drive. Some time ago a laptop acer fix in which I had to tighten <Fn> + Esc to read the flash drive, but this notebook does not work. You know that combination should I use?

From already thank you, and sorry for my English, I use google translator haha.

Mensaje original:
Hola sach, te escribo desde argentina, te... Read more

Answer:Re: BIOS FAIL dv6-3052:black screen after Bios update


Does your Laptop work ok at present? if it does then do not update the BIOS as its likely not needed, BIOS updates are only needed to fix specific issues, like update in Windows say Windows 8 if the said laptop was a XP/Vista based one, to hardware.

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Hi. I have a dell inspiron laptop. My problem starts when i tried to update my bios from a07 to a15. While the update is running my laptop screen suddenly turned blank but my laptop is still on. What should i do?

Answer:Bios update fail. Blank screen while updating bios

Please check and see if you can get into BIOS. By the way list Dell model number and version of window. Ex: Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10
1. Power off computer
2. Power on computer, quickly start tapping F2 key continuously. Hopefully, you'll be able to see BIOS screen.

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I have a HP pavilion dv6-2020EV Note book.
I downloaded an update for Bios "sp50586.exe" from Hp site an extract it. after that a program (Insyde Flash V 3.80.00) Loaded and I pushed start button.
after some time I made mistake an pushed my notebook Power Button. The note book became shutdown and now I see only Black screen.

I performed some actions with HP online guide like pushing Power button for above 1 minute, removing Coin battery, Connecting notebook to another monitor and even removing Hard Disk. I get no reply from machine.

Now the power LED is on, and I can hear sound of DVD Rom when I put a Disc in it. But I can see only Black screen.
also I tried to load Recovery disc of the note book but it could not be loaded.

Would you please Help me. I have no solution. I lost my notebook.

Answer:BIOS FAIL dv6-2020ev:black screen after Bios update

How did HP end the service call-did they offer any further solutions?

Can you direct me to the support page for your model? I can only find it at HP India using Google cache--the actual website seems to be offline. [I want to double check that they were recommending the sp50586 for that model.]

Also, is there a longer model number on the tag on the bottom of the laptop? It might be useful for finding others who have experienced the problem. [There appears to be a BIOS recovery flash option that might work but it is important to have the right version of the BIOS to attempt it.] Since that update is so new there are not many people experiencing the same problems. Your laptop has an Intel processor?

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My laptop Toshiba does not work fine, it has the next problem:

When I enter in the BIOS program (pressing F2) in the main module 'BIOS Main', the CD/DVD device does not appear.
Check the image link: [BIOS Main|]

Then, I go to BIOS Boot module, and the CD/DVD device appears in the boot device list, che the image link: [BIOS Boot||BIOS Boot]

Finally, I try to boot from CD/DVD device and it works (check this [Image||Boot Menu]).

In the Operating Systems (Ubuntu and Windows XP) environment, the CD/DVD device does not appear, and it does not work.
Laptop features:

Brand/Model: TOSHIBA Satellite A205-S4639
H.D.D.: 160GB + 120GB
Video: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300
Optical Disk Drive: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K17LF

Note: I upgraded the BIOS, but the problem persists.

What is happening?

Answer:BIOS does not detect CD/DVD device on Satellite A205-S4639

> Then, I go to BIOS Boot module, and the CD/DVD device appears in the boot device list, check the image link: BIOS Boot
This is a boot menu and it appears always whether the HDD or CD/DVD drive was inserted or not!

In my opinion your CD/DVD drive is faulty or there is no connection to the notebooks CD/DVD drive.

A notebook technician should check it and if necessary should replace it

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After a sudden system crash of Vista home premium on a Toshiba Satellite A205 the system does not recognize the DVD CDRW Drive. Neither in explorer, device manager nor BIOS.

Notebook is only a few months old.
Have tried Toshiba system check - it skips the DVD disk drive check.
Have tried Windows Update - does not help.
Have tried bugfix of registry - does not help.

Cannot use the CD to reinstall any drivers - because it is not recognized.
LED of DVD-Drive is on. So the drive seems physically ok.

Does anyone have an idea what to do?

Answer:Satellite A205: Vista & BIOS do not recognize CD/DVD drive

That?s very strange?
Try this:

Access the BIOS and set it to the default settings and save the changes.
If it doesn?t help then I don?t see any other possibilities as to contact the ASP in your country for a CD/DVD drive check and possibly a replacement?

You said that the notebook is only several month old so I assume the warranty is still valid and therefore everything should be done for free?

Good luck my friend?

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I tried to update my BIOS on my T530 today.  Tried both 2.07 and 2.50 (I'm running 2.04).  I'm using the Windows app, not the BIOS CD.  With both 2.07 and 2.50, I get the following error message: "Fail to do module option. The utility process has not completed."  Can anyone help?  I saw one thread that indicated this may be because I chose the option to keep my custom start up image when presented with the option, but I was afraid to choose anything else.  FYI, now the Lenovo update utility doesn't even tell me there's a BIOS update's listed in my installation history as a successful update! Thanks for any help you can offer.  


Go to Solution.

Answer:BIOS Update fail on T530 - Fail to do module option

If you are on Windows 8 it is likely because you need to do a full shutdown. The default is hibernate shutdown for the next boot. Then there will be cold reboot after which if may finish the process. Windows 8 shutdowns are totally different process and the machine is never totally off.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

Answer:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?

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Hi All ! Excuse my poor english because i'm french.

A friend gives me his Notebook (a Satellite 4090CDS exactly) because he had a probleme.
In fact, the problem is that when I switch on the computer, i have one and only one message(not even the red toshiba logo) which is "Ready for BIOS update. Place the BIOS update diskette in the drive, and press any key when ready to proceed."

So I go on french toshiba website, in the BIOS download, i find that i have to download this update:

Ok, i download and unzip it to a diskette and i boot the notebook with the disjette, it said that the update was made successfully and automatically reboot.
This time, the red toshiba logo appears, but next i have a black screen with a message:

**** Bad check sum (CMOS) ****
Check system. Then press [F1] key.

And after that, i can't do anything, not even press F1. If i reboot the notebook, i meet myself one more time with the first message "Ready for BIOS update..." and it is still and still the same.

If anyone could help me to understand what is the problem, it would be very nice.


Answer:Satellite 4090 BIOS issue - "Ready for BIOS update..." message appears

It sounds as if your CMOS chip has a problem. It?s possible that the CMOS battery has failed and your BIOS settings are being lost.
Maybe the RTC battery is empty. In this case you should plug the AC adaptor to charge the RTC battery.
Please note that the RTC battery (CMOS battery) will charge after the notebook main battery was fully charged. In this case the charging procedure could take several hours.

But if after this long charging procedure this message appears again so I assume the battery is dead.
I suggest you contact your nearest ASP to get your notebook checked.

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Well, I have used the BIOS updater listed on the drivers/bios updates section of Toshiba website, on Windows vista x64 and offcourse I have used the x64 executable.
Strangely, when I reboot it, it requests a bios password that I have never inserted. So I suppose the update inserted a password automatically. Now I can't boot from any device so I cant use the laptop.

What do you have to say about this?

Answer:After Vista x64 BIOS update Satellite A200-1KB PSAE6 requests BIOS password

Hello MC

Have you founded some answers? Nobody offered here real explanation what can be wrong there. Have you maybe contacted authorized service partner in your country. They have contact with Toshiba and I am pretty sure they can help you about that.

If you will find out something regarding this password issue please let us know.

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Have an old TOSHIBA T2150 CDT PA-1186U. BIOS version which computer posts during the boot process is "Toshiba Video BIOS v2.0". During the attempt of updating BIOS upgrading bios utilite request me to unput "BIOS file name". I inputed "B2150CDT.EXE" but bios utilite says "can not find BIOS file"

What BIOS file name I must input durin processing BIOS update program?

Answer:Satellite Pro T2150-CDT - BIOS file nime during update

Hi flaneur,

To be honest I don?t understand what you mean exactly but maybe the information on Toshiba BIOS update page can help you a little bit:

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From []
and []

07/11/11 BIOS Update Toshiba OS independent 2.70-WIN World Wide


results in
404 File not found

Message was edited by: MarkE

Answer:Satellite L755-144 BIOS update - 404 file not found

File now appears to be there. Fixedin <20 minutes. Hurrah.

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Dear all,

I have tried to download the newest BIOS update for the R830 model, but I end up with a corrupt zip file every time:

Anybody else has this problem?
Anyone who would be able to send me a working file by mail (throwaway (@)

Thank you very much!


Answer:BIOS update file corrupt Satellite R830


I could download and was able to unzip this BIOS package properly.

No error messages by now!

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Like a complete idiot I upgraded my bios (to 1.80) for Satellite A30 (PSA30E). I've noticed two problems.

a) during boot I no longer get any welcome screen, and cannot access the bios or boot from other devices - so if I want to boot from CD now I can't - e.g. impossible to reinstall OS in the future

b) the battery suddenly wasn't fully charged and hangs persistently on 99% (apparently)

c) who knows what else could be going wrong

I'd dearly love to undo what I've done, but it doesn't seem possible. How on earth do I fix this, since clearly the bios update is flawed. Can I find an earlier bios update file (and how to use it)? Can I fix this one?

Anyone any thoughts?


Answer:Bios update Satellite A30 - can't access bios and no full charge light


Firstly may to ask why you have updated the BIOS. If everything works the BIOS update is not necessary.

Ok, how did you try to access the BIOS? Usually the F2 button should be pressed immediately after notebook starting. You can try to press several times.

But you can boot from ODD on different ways. You can press C button and the notebook will activate the booting from the drive or you will press F12 and you will choose the ODD as booting source.

I don?t know why the battery power freezes at 99% but you could try to remove the battery and wait several times. Then connect it again and check the battery status.

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Toshiba 5205 - Serviceman / Call Bios - Need some help.

I flashed my bio's and the laptop locked up in windows and didn't shut off after the flash.

Now when I turn the laptop on, I get no picture and the front of the laptop has a remote lcd display that says: Serviceman / Call BIOS.

I have already remove the laptop's battery and let it sit a full day to killthe bios, but I get the same error and still no picture.

How can I fix this? The bio's should be dead by now. Am just using the ac-power pack for power. I tryed plugging the battery pack back in and I have also put the bio's battery back in. and I get the samething error message on the remote lcd.

There must be a way to get around this, if anyone knows please let me know.

Answer:Satellite 5205 - After Bios update - Serviceman / Call Bios message

Hi Jim,

Unfortunately removing the battery will not reset your BIOS. The BIOS is maintained by a separate battery on your motherboard (the CMOS or RTC battery) and you will need to dismantle your notebook to access this battery. Even removing the CMOS battery will not reset your BIOS since it will be held in a non-volatile area of the CMOS chip.

You will need to take your notebook to a Toshiba Authorised Service Agent to have the chip reflashed with a new BIOS.


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Hello, I have updatet BIOS of my notebook sattelite A100.

After updating I cannot start my notebook and BIOS doesn't start.

Answer:Satellite A100 - Windows and BIOS doesn't start after BIOS update

Do you see the Toshiba logo?

Was there a power failure when you updated the BIOS?

Try removing the battery and AC Adapter, and leaving it for a couple of hours. You could also try reseating the RAM.

If that doesn't help, you may need to send it to an Authorized Service Center for repair.

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I got Satellite L300 notebook and I want to update it's BIOS (current v1.50), so I've downloaded bios update v1.60-WIN and when I run extracted PS10160M.exe file - I get a message that "That BIOS is not for your notebook PC".

What I'm I doing wrong?

ps: that BIOS update was automatically suggested after registration on Toshiba website via serial number.

UPD: seems like autosuggestion fail: Manual search shows that 1.60-win bios update not suitable for Satellite L300 PSLBCE model. :-(

Answer:Satellite L300 BIOS update problem: "That BIOS is not for your notebook PC"


You used wrong BIOS!!!!!

The Toshiba European driver page provides an BIOS for this Satellite L300 PSLBCE series and the latest BIOS at this time is 1.50!!!!

At this time your notebook uses the latest BIOS!!!

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I'm having trouble flashing my bios.
I have a Satellite Pro L40-15A.

The Toshiba winflash tool that comes with the bios file tells me that the 'Old BIOS can't recognise EEPROM'

I was recommended to use AFUDOS on another forum but that tells me the bios has an invalid boot block.

AMI flas for dos tells me the flash rom is write-protected??? There is no option in bios to disable it and I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to put a hardware Bios protect jumper on a laptop.

Please help


Answer:BIOS update issue on Satellite Pro L40-15A - Old BIOS can't recognise EEPROM

Dear Bruce

Can you please tell me what you want to do and please explain to us your steps to update BIOS on your Satellite Pro notebook?

I have done BIOS update over 20 times last month and I am really wondering what you want to say with terms like EEPROM or AFUDOS. Which BIOS update version you want to use? I presume 5.10. am I right?

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Hello, i'm in deeep trouble.

I tried to update my bios but something went wrong
during the process and now the laptop won't boot at all.
(when I try to turn on the satellite, nothing happens)

Do I need to desolder the bios and replace it with a new one ?

Is there any easy way to just erase it ?

Please help me !

Answer:Bios update failed on Satellite Pro A60 - how can I replace the bios chip?

Sorry but I just want to ask you something: how familiar are you with notebook and BIOS technology?

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Hi I am trying to update BIOS  F 64.Rev A, but getting error messege can't update system bios file due c:\SWSetup\SP77971\ROM.CAB missing please help me,,,,,,

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Hi, i just bought an Satellite Pro L40 laptop and im trying to figure out why the bios has no memory settings.
If i look at the ram using a system info tool (cpuz or aida320) it shows that it is not running at the advertised speed of 667mhz but at 533mhz.

As you can see from this screenshot the actual speed the memory is running at is lower than the maximum the sticks are rated at.

Its running at 266mhz (533mhz ddr) when it should be running at 333mhz (667mhz ddr).

I've also noticed that with this laptop the fan never seems to come on, is there a way to turn the fan up?
Everytime i have the laptop on for longer than 30 minutes it becomes very very hot.

Answer:Satellite Pro L40: Bios update needed - no settings for RAM in 1.90 Bios


> if i look at the ram using a system info tool (cpuz or aida320) it shows that it is not running at the advertised speed of 667mhz but at 533mhz.

What is your FSB?
If the notebook was equipped with the PC2-5300 memory modules then they could run at 667 MHz but only if the FSB would supports 667 MHz! I think the FSB supports only 533Mhz.
So I can say it?s nothing wrong!

> i just bought an Satellite Pro L40 laptop and im trying to figure out why the bios has no memory settings.
Why do you think that an BIOS update would enable the memory settings in the BIOS?
Please don?t mix the desktops with notebooks! The notebooks cannot be overclocked!
The notebooks BIOS is not the same like a desktop PC BIOS!!!

> I've also noticed that with this laptop the fan never seems to come on, is there a way to turn the fan up? Everytime i have the laptop on for longer than 30 minutes it becomes very very hot.
Did you notice any automatically shut downs or any other strange notebook behaviors like OS freezing for example?
If not then the notebook runs properly and doesn?t overheat.
The notebooks support an overheating protection which would shut down the notebook automatically to prevent the hardware from damage?

So lean back dude and enjoy your nice toy ;)

PS: are you Carlos Santana fan? ;) I ask it due to your nickname ;)

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I just bought this notebook and update his BIOS. After update done computer shut down automatically. Then I turn them on, he asks for password, which I never gave any of them in BIOS.
What is the password?

Answer:BIOS password after BIOS update on Satellite A210-131

Hello Jhonson

I do not know what the password is but please call the authorized service provider in your country and they will help you. They can remove the password and you can use your notebook model as before.

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Does the BIOS update flash the BIOS or does this require a different file. I updated a Satellite A60 BIOS to 1.9 but am not sure if this flashed the BIOS as well.

If not where could I get a file to flash the BIOS for a satellite A60-106?

Answer:Satellite A60-106: Question about BIOS update and BIOS Flash


Sorry but you question is a little bit confused.
The BIOS update flashes the ROM module. I don?t know what version was installed before the BIOS update but if after the upgrade a new BIOS version appears then the procedure was successful.

The right BIOS and how to update the BIOS information you can find on the Toshiba page.

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I got problems with upgrading Bios on my laptop.
I can't install windows xp bc.
I got BSOD "The bios in this system is not fully ACPI compliant"

Yes i tried F7 and didnt help !!!! The only bios i found on here is 1.70-WIN and that works only within windows. So i can't install it also what i did i install windows 98 on it and my system is up but i tried to install Bios i got error. So i cant start it update it.

On this forum i saw there is 1.70 trad update if toshiba support team can send it to me on the email so i could update the bios my bios is 1.0 !

Thanks in advance for any help !

Answer:Cannot update BIOS for Satellite M40-135 - The bios is not ACPI compliant


First of all Toshiba Support team is not here in the forum? its user to user forum.
Secondly the win-based BIOS can be updated only running Windows OS? the best would be the usage of the Toshiba preinstalled Windows version in order to run BIOS update.

By the way; I found BIOS versions on Toshiba US page? there you can download the traditional BIOS which can be updated using diskette.
Note; US Toshiba notebooks have different model numbers.

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Hi there again!

Now with a new and weird matter.

We all know that old say... "If it is not break, don't fix it". And if you put it into more informatic terms, "specially if it is a BIOS".

Yes, we all know that the BIOS is something quite dellitate to handle. For some reason we normally feel like if we were handling something like nitro-glycerine, or some radioactive product. And this is because we all know what is being put in risk in that moment: our (or sometimes others) computer, the full system could end as dead as some pieces of metal, plastic, and wires.

Well. I passed through all of that more than ten times in my life, and only once it went wrong. But since that old motherboard was already dead, It was not important. But I allways was EXTREMELY care. I allways cross checked everything before doing anything, allways got a backup and a way to restore that backup... and allways did this in COMPAQ systems, that were prepared that way. Updating a BIOS was just about preparing a disk, turn on the PC with the disk in the diskette drive, and wait. And if you didn't like the results, you simply click "return to previus BIOS" and that was it... very nice. And easy.

Few days ago, a friend brought me a Toshiba Satellite 1410-604 to solve some issues that were driving him crazy. After removing an expired Norton Internet Security, install avast and scan, I found more than one hundred files infected with a wide variety of virus, malware, t... Read more

Answer:Satellite 1410-604 - BIOS update > Incorrect BIOS update in the web?

Hi Fenix,

wow... it tooked very long time to read your post....

Maybe I can help you.

The Bios in the Web is the right one. So you have downloaded the correct version of the Bios.

The Askiris you have used is from Toshiba America which has most times not the exact models as Toshiba Europe.
That should be the reason, why the readme does not contain the European modelname.

I would try to make a fresh Bios update using the traditional Bios update.

Copy the files to the diskette, put it into the FDD, press and hold the Tab key while power on the notebook.
After the notebook has shut down, press and hold the key on the left side of the space-bar while power on the notebook again and wait until it powers off again.

If your notebook does not power on anymore, maybe the RAM is defect?

So, if the use of the traditional Bios and/or changing the memory does not help and your notebook is still dead you should go to an ASP, but this will cost money.

I have my fourth Toshiba notebook now and I had never problems with the Bios updates.

The 1410 is very old I think, so before going to an ASP, I would buy a new one ;)

best regards,


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Hi there,
I have tried to update the bios from the support website .
But when i flash it, it says that "Rom file size is incorrect and does not update the Bios".

How can i sort this issue?

Answer:Satellite A200-1BW PSAECE: BIOS update: Rom file size is incorrect

First question:
Why you want to update the BIOS?

The BIOS update is not necessary if the notebook runs correctly!

But back to your problem.
Have found a solution and answer why the error message: Rom file size is incorrect? appears:

Check this:
+I cannot update my BIOS with the Windows based Phoenix BIOS ZIP-file under Windows XP.+
+I always receive following error message: The size of ROM file is incorrect.+

Good luck

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I have a P200-17C notebook, and downloaded the BIOS update from TEMPO alerts, however, when I try to run the installation programme I get a message stating that the ROM file is the incorrect size. Can anyone please help me?

Answer:BIOS update stops running on Satellite P200-17C - ROM file is incorrect


a little suggestion from me: go to [THIS|]
site and download the latest BIOS for your model type. The BIOS update should work and tempo should stop giving you a message that your BIOS is not up-to-date.


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I have toshiba A205 with windows vista.
My system stoped working while down loading fotos.

Now if i restart my system, i have the following msg.-
" windows have fail to start. This may be due to recent hardware or software change. To fix the problem insert the instalation disk and restart. "

Also it shows missing file as file\windows\system32\volsnap.sys .

I have some important documents in the laptop.

Can somebody guide me what to do??

Answer:Windows fail to start on Satellite A205

Can you boot into Safe Mode? Maybe you can revert back to a previous state using System Restore.

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When trying to install BIOS update I get error message: ROM file size incorrect. What can I do? Thanks.

Answer:Incorrect file size error message during BIOS update on Satellite M100


Today is your lucky day dude. Seems I found a solution :D
Pelase take a look into this forum thread:

The user JayJay has provided a link to the Toshiba document which helps to clear this issue.

This is the original document;

Please try it and post back if it was the key or not. Good luck

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Hi guys

i went to the local computer shop with my satellite A40 because i only have half of the bios !!!
I sent an email to the german toshiba technical support and they said try a bios update (which baring in mind i still dont know how to do)then we sent my laptop to a local computer shop and told them the problem they told me not to update bios on a cempron processor.

Why not? What are the risks in need to know.

please help me because i want to in the future possibly upgrade to vista??

Answer:Satellite A40: How to update the BIOS because I only have half of the Bios

Hello Daniel,

I?m a little bit confused about your message.
What do you mean with ?only have half of the bios??
What?s wrong with the BIOS?

The Toshiba support said -> try a BIOS update.
On the Toshiba page you can download the BIOS for the Satellite A40.

It seems you didn?t check the download page detailed because on this page you would find this instruction: IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

The BIOS update was detailed described in this document and you should follow these guide lines to update the BIOS.


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Hi everyone, and especialy for the people from toshiba'
I have a toshiba satellite a60 (psa 60e),and during bios 1.9b upgrade, my bios crashed 1/2 thru installation, and now i'm realy desperatly in trouble. My last version was 1.9 and worked very well. I have the possibility to re write the Bios, but I cannot find the 1st version. please reply soon.

Answer:satellite a60 upgrate bios 1.9b fail

Hi Viorel

As far as know it?s not possible to downgrade the BIOS. If unit has a newest version of BIOS you can?t install the older version. Furthermore if you damaged the ROM because of wrong BIOS update procedure you have to contact Toshiba partner.
Unfortunately, only the ASP can install the BIOS again.


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We have Been having trouble with our battery so tried everything besides updating the BIOS.
The laptop hasn't had as n updated bios since 2012 anyway.

So went to Toshiba downloaded the right one. Got to programming block 17 then nothing the system stayed on. It was on for a while so had to pull the plug before she overheated.

So obviously tried firing it up again. Blank screen. LEDs fine. DVD drives spins fans working. And one beep where it detects ram. Tried various combination of keys to no avail. So called tosh support.

They quoted 187 if they have to reflash and 275 to replace motherboard.
Now not stating the obvious not paying that I'd rather buy a nee one Lil

Basically as anyone got ideas how to do it yourself before i surrender on her

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-119 - BIOS fail

I don?t think you will be able to fix it but check

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Question: bios update fail

my HP-Pavilion-g6-1d00-Notebook never update bios it has Insyde F.31, 10/23/2014 it can't update. i try to install F.33,F.42,F.48 but all fail F.33 install fail and give error "IHisi not support current bios" , and this error "BIOS did not support InsydeFlash !"please help me to update my bios

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Question: Bios update fail

I downloaded bios file from dell website, clicked on setup file and all it did was create a windows flash system file in same location as setup file. Nothing else happened from there, haven't been able to update bios in dell 531

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Question: BIOS Update Fail

Everytime I try to update my BIOS on my laptop I get this error:

BIOS update failed! New Bios is not compatible with the current system BIOS.
New BIOS part number doesn't match system BIOS part number. Error Code: -120
See the Help for troubleshooting

an I doing something wrong HELP

I am using Fujitsu Lifebook AH530

Answer:BIOS Update Fail

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Question: Bios Update Fail

Hello all. Today i've tried to update my Lenovo ideapad z560 bios (v2.08) to newest (v2.15). I've flashed bios with no problems, restarted my laptop, used default settings in bios, restarted again and there is the problem. My windows 7 ultimate x64 doesn't boot. All tries ending with bluescreen and automatically restart my laptop. I want to flash the older bios (v2.08) from my pendrive but i can't find bios v2.08 files anywhere. Could anyone send me this files or provide a link to download it? Regards,Nav17

Answer:Bios Update Fail

HelloWelcome to the communityJust wanted to confirm that was it instantly after changing to default values in bios that you started getting bluescreen? And what is your sata mode set to? Is it Ide or Ahci?

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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*Symptoms.1.BIOS Update Fail2.No output screen.(black screen)3.usb drive not recognized. *Not resolved.- Removing CMOS Battry - Clear CMOS Jumper  What should I do?

Answer:BIOS Update Fail - tc-605

What happened?What BIOS version?What operating system came pre-installed on your computer? If Windows 7 came pre-installed on your computer or you recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.....then you'll need to go in to BIOS settings and do this: 1. Disable Secure Boot2. Make sure CSM is enabled (launch csm always)3. Hit F10 to save and exit BIOS settings---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If Windows 8.1 originally came with your computer then you can either try to contact Acer support or take a look at AMIBOOT.ROM threads on this forum.  But if you don't know what happened, then it would be better to contact acer. Also, if Windows 8.1 originally came pre-installed, you can try to reset bios to defaults. 

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Hi, I try to install recommended update by Lenovo ThinkPad BIOS Update - 7  However, I'm not sure which to choose when comes to installation step. I don't want to mess up with my BIOS  Update ThinkPad BIOSUpdate model number Thank you.

Answer:ThinkPad BIOS Update - 7 - Update ThinkPad BIOS or Update model number

dont worry just go next..with update ThinkPad bios...and all will be installed automaticly..the computer will reboot and you are regards..

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everyone, after making good post and loosing it (smartphone can't remember entered text if you change app) I'll try to make it once more.So I flashed bios on my y550p to ver 33. After it main screen is off, indicators on, but no loading.I tried recovery by usbflash but no effect(flash was succesfull - fn+r ac cable on, pw on. 1 min 1 beep, twice beep, 1 beep per 3 sec for 2-3 min. Twice beep. Reboot). Any way to slove problem except service? I will be far from nearest service more than 12 hours road for 10 days.P.s. sorry for my englishUpd: start of laptop re flashing bios and fail. Downloaded from offsite

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i downloaded the bios update " 60cn93ww" and after clicking flash, it just fail, error displays "ERROR 220 - Failed at power status check! Status =223" there's a notice before flashing. saying that i should have external power input, close all other applications, but i met every requirements. that is I dont know why i still get error. can any help me with this would appreciate it 

Answer:Z585 BIOS update fail help!

Hi Alun
Welcome in Lenovo Forums
i would like to share with you if the windows is loading fine or not  otherwise the error massage so that we can advise you with the suitable solution
Waiting for your answer

Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!

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I am trying to update my helix2 BIOS from 1.80 to 1.82. However, when the computer reboots, it shows "secure flash authentication failed" and shut down the machine. The ECP is updated though. Any help?

Go to Solution.

Answer:Helix 2 BIOS update fail

Hello xRender,
I hope you've managed to resolve this but if not a service tip has been released regarding the the authentication error you have reported.  Sorry for being late with a response.
Link to Service Tip;

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Setup a new Slimline tower today 260-a010z , HP support asst had several updates avail, so dl'd them & install, restart & assistant tells me again to update bios which I already did & created a flash drive backup! BIOS Update (ROM Family 822A) Softpaq Number: SP77849 Version: F.14Ap1. Also HP Sure Connect, Realtek Card Reader Driver (Windows 10v1607) & Realtek Wireless LAN Drivers upated but still show needing to update. Is there a fix pending for these errors? Thx

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Hello ... I am a proud user of Lenovo G550 laptop No problems so far,until i tried to update BIOS. I followed instructions by the book,but when i press install on self-extract archive,extracting starts and the i get the code: Error 5 Problem seems to be that i don't have administration privilege,although i have administrator account and it's password protected. Program seems to start (BIOS updating software),and then the error pops-up saying phlashnt.sys driver can't be loaded and that i should reboot and log on as administrator. My first thought was that my anti-virus software is causing this,so i turned it off and tried again,but that made no effect.I am using Free Comodo Internet Security Premium. Deepest respect for you people from Support staff and i hope there is a solution for this. Best regards


Go to Solution.

Answer:G550 BIOS Update Fail

Hi Bljublju Try right-clicking and select run as administrator.

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Hey guys,i have a problem after trying to update my my T440.During the update on Windows, it restart several times and on the last time it wont power on properly.The screen stays black and it won´t boot.So i think my bios is broken.What i can do ?thanks for help!  

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after I run .bat file from archive ( steb by step as in instruction) it says "plise wait" , but nothing happened. I'm wait about 5 minute and restart manualy and enter in BIOS version was 5.40. After it i turn off notebook and it not turning on. What can i do?

Answer:Stellite L40-14B Fail after BIOS Update 5.40-WIN

Unfortunately buddy... bad news... in your case something went wrong during the update procedure. BIOS update is always risky.

In my opinion you should contact the Toshiba ASP which is responsible for you county and should ask for the help...

As far as I know the guys could flash the ROM module again and tehn the notebook should run again.

Good luck

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Hi, I have performed an BIOS UPGRADE but after the system don't start.I have try all solution from disconnect all cable, Windows+B key on power on...but nothing is work. I heard 8 beep only if i disconnect Hard Disk and after reconnect, when power on with Windows+B key 8 beep sound.  

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Hello, I have an N100 which was fine until I tried the automatic software and driver update which loaded the latest drivers and BIOS update/s. A box appeared on the screen asking me if I was sure I wanted to update the BIOS, and unfortunately I went ahead and suspect that the BIOS for the N100 with the Intel graphics chip was loaded, whereas I have the Nvidia model. So now I can't get into WIndows XP though the BIOS and DOS applications run fine. Every time I try to load WIndows I get a BSOD. Has anyone found a solution to this yet? Maybe there's a way of reverting to the correct BIOS through lenovo care or DOS ? Please feel free to reply and Many Thanks. ArnieLondon. UK

Answer:N100 BIOS Update Fail?

Try booting to Windows Save Mode by hitting the F8 key immediately as Windows is starting to boot.  From there you can select "Last Known Good Configuration".  If that fails, try "Safe Mode".  If it is just a driver issue, you should be able repair the situation.

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i downloaded a bios update tool from HP website, but while updating the bios, there was a power black out. my laptop couldn't come out of herbanation and it can't boot. only the power button light, caps lock light and WiFi light are working, the fun is also working but it can't boot.i have tried removing the battery, power adapter and press the power button for a minute, nothing has there any solution for this problem.the pc is HP625 notebook

Answer:bios update fail, pc can't start

Hey,My son's laptop did this blank screen too - only power button light was on, but no fan, no key lights, nothing.  I tried the same hard reset -remove batt, press power.  Almost took it apart to reseat the RAM, but decided to search the forum again (sorry I can't find that hp support page anymore).  Anyways, you will read that beside hard rest and reseating RAM, they will tell you to try connecting it to an external monitor to check if it is a display problem. Short story, none of the above worked for me, EXCEPT THIS - hold down Windows key and "B" key.  While holding down the Windows and B key, press and hold the power button for about one second, then release all 3 buttons.  The power key will light up, wait for about 40 seconds (more or less), then the BIOS will update. Hope it works for you too. UPDATE:  I just found the link again.... I followed step 3...

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Hello! Please excuse my bad English! I've bought a new SL500 last week whithout any  operating system installed. I installed Windows XP Prof, thanks for the help here solving the problem with the SATA-compatibilty-mode in the BIOS! Now I tried to actualize the BIOS. There appears a "loop" after confirming the start-button for  Update ThinkPad BIOS: The "ThinkPad BIOS Flash Update Utility"-Window disappears for about a second and appears again whith its start-window. For Hours I could repeat this procedure ;-) I installed the BIOS after preparing a CD-ROM whith the iso.image from lenovo-homepage, that was working. Trying the XP-BIOS-updater again, the message appears: BIOS-image-file is as BIOS ROM ...  For what can it be useful updating the model number? Best wishes!

Answer:was not able to update SL500 BIOS from a running Windows XP; Update model number ???

Hello Lenovo2009, I would  recommend, not to update bios, when your machine runs satisfactionally now.Also there seem to be some problems with the fan with bios 1.18. If you want to update, then I would recommend to use the cd procedure and not to update through windows.You might want to take a look here.  Message Edited by Agotthelf on 26-01-2009 02:28 PM

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Hi, so here's part 2 about my bios update problem.

Below you can find my initial post, detailing the problem. It's under . Read that first!

Additional steps I took since then: sent the laptop to a repair shop which came recommended by a well-respected bios site. They tried everything, and the laptop's fans do spin (meaning also the cpu fans), and the led does go on.. so that's an improvement, i guess. but since he doesn't have the original bios image for the laptop that's it.. I did send him the N61Ja.BIN located in C:\ which should be the original bios backup, but that didn't work.. none of the bios files from the asus website worked either..

Anyone have any suggestions? Or can provide me with the original bios image (207) for the Asus N61Ja-JX046X?


I wanted to update the bios, with an official bios update, from version 207 to 211. I didn't use winflash, I used easyflash in the bios. Everything seemed to be going okay; it deleted the old files, wrote the new ones, verified the new ones. Then it said: shutdown in/after 2 seconds and it shut down. Then nothing happened anymore. Power button completely unresponsive. The battery light was still on, and I'm not sure if I should've just waited... I didn't though, I thought I had to remove the battery, take the power off completely to be able to start it up again.

So I'm wondering: what are my options here? My warranty expired and I don't really have the money to send it in and pay hundreds of bucks on ... Read more

Answer:Asus n61Ja bios update problem, part 2. Please help!

Oh, one more thing:

the guy at the repair shop tried all the bios files on the asus website.. and the N61Ja.BIN in C:\.. but none worked..

He told me this:

biosfile is 2048kB in size.
normally you put the biosfile in the chip from address 0
chip is twice the size. this is sometimes used for a/the backup bios and sometimes just isn't used at all (also they can then release bigger bios versions that will still fit, if they want)
sometimes you put the bios file in from the 2nd or 3rd block; tried all of that
also tried loading it from address 10000h which has worked on a laptop before but that didn't work either
laptop fans and led working says nothing; theyre being powered but without the right bios thats all they will be

He tested the bios chip and the cmos battery and both were fine, btw

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Just tried the new Version 30 update.  It seemed to be working fina and rebooted the machine but then came to a stop with the following blue message: LCFC Debug Page InfoPlatform Type: DiscretePost Code: 07h 30h FBh A6h A7h E4h 2Fh 25hWake Source: 00h (WAKE_BY_UNKNOWN) Fortunately, I was able to power off and restart with a "firmware image fail" message but then a normal restart.  Everything appears to be working fine... but that was scary. Any ideas what is going on with this update ?  And anyone else with a similar FAIL ? 


Go to Solution.

Answer:BIOS Update Fail...Y700-15ISK

Well, I tried a second time and it worked.  All is good now.  I guess the update itself may just be a little buggy... let's hope the new BIOS is not.

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Hello! I have A01 bios version on my e6330.I can not succed install the current updete.I tryed windows 7, windows 10, MS-DOS...
The computer open the exe file, progress to 100% and restarts back to windows. It does not start the proper flashing...
Any other ideas? Can someone to help me with a bios dump? 

Answer:Dell E6330 BIOS update fail

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest to first load BIOS defaults and then try to update and also check if there is any error message that comes up.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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Hello All! I am a bit inexperienced and new to the forums and am seeking help. I have been using a latitude E5520 for a few years now and have been very happy. About a year and a half ago, my hinges broke and slowly my laptop has been dying. I recently purchased a refurbished identical laptop with the hopes of just moving my SSD, RAM, Processor over and It would all work the same. Once I put my SSD in the new laptop, it would boot, but turn off after 10 seconds and I could here the fans going at full speed before it died. After doing some research, I figured I would update the drivers and BIOS to get the current laptop config as close to my old laptop as possible to increase the likelihood that the SSD would work properly on this other laptop. After downloading the FW and following the instruction, the laptop shut off and never came back up. The lights and keyboard attempt to turn on, but the screen doesn't attempt to turn on and it is making some small noises as it keeps shutting off and powering on. At this point, I would just like to get the new laptop working and forget about swapping parts, if anybody out there can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer:Bios update fail | Latitude E5520

Hi wisp.em,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please confirm if the Hard drive shipped with the system is working fine on it. Is the replacement system same in configuration as your Latitude E5520? Can you boot into BIOS <F2>?
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address, so that we can check on this.

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hello i was half way threw a bios update on my foxconn a6vmx motherboard and there was a power cut,rendering pc dusbin material,some one told me theres a back up facilty on board?please can any one help thanx jez

Answer:foxconn motherboard bios update fail

Is this an AMI BIOS.
If so, and you can get the new BIOS onto a floppy, there is a possibility you may still be able to flash the new BIOS.

Most Mobos with an AMI BIOS will look for a floppy disk with a bios update on it.

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Greeting i updated the BIOS to lastest version, and the keyboard start to beep, the operative systems dont work fine, some keyboards have malfunction with the shift key, my keyboard is in spanish, with the english version of the keyborad the problem is solved. The motherboard in the notebook is ok, no conectors damage. PD: excuse my english i'm spansih native speakers

Answer:keyboard fail in g470 after BIOS update

Rickynet wrote:
Greeting i updated the BIOS to lastest version, and the keyboard start to beep, the operative systems dont work fine, some keyboards have malfunction with the shift key, my keyboard is in spanish, with the english version of the keyborad the problem is solved. The motherboard in the notebook is ok, no conectors damage.
PD: excuse my english i'm spansih native speakers

From what I understand  your notebook works fine when using English keyboard layout, but does not work as expected if you change to Spanish keyboard layout.
Check your BIOS for a language or region setting and adjust as needed.  Also - look in control panel for keyboard settings and install additional keboard layout for Spanish.
Good luck.

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I checked the proper BIOS for AM-3470G computer. There is a Linux BIOS update for it. It is the same BIOS for the AM-3470G and the AM-3470. I have one of each. In both cases. I am getting the incompatible ROMID. As neither of these boxes can successfull run current versions of Linux without a BIOS fix, I am sorta stuck. Can anyone help?

Answer:BIOS Update fail: ROMID is not compatible: P01-A3 ...

 How can i understand which version i need to download?Laptop versions:1.xx can only be updated using 1.xx versions2.xx can only be updated using 2.xx versions (normally 2.xx version are labeled "not for upgrades") Desktop versions:P01.xx can only be updated using P01.xx versionsP11.xx can only be updated using P11.xx versions (normally P11.xx version are labeled "*not for upgrades")"L" BIOS versions are Linux OS dedicated (example P01.xxL) * what does it mean "not for upgrades"?During the windows 7 to 8 transition, some PC models had different BIOS versions from factory, related to the installed OS.Windows 8 PC got an UEFI BIOSWindows 7 PC got a "Legacy" BIOSSo PC with Windows 7 installed from factory can't use the "not for upgrades" BIOS version, even if they were upgraded to Windows 8 or 10, since the factory BIOS was a different version compared to PC with Windows 8 from factory.

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HI,I have a yoga2 pro, with Bios 76CN27WW running Windown 10. I'm trying to update to the latest version, 76CN43WW. However upon running the installer, after the command for InsydeFlash64, I get an error message that no ROM are available in the folder. There clearly is a ROM, since I simply extracted the Lenovo bios files and that went normally. Tried with administrator mode, redownloading, and I always get this error.  I read on some HP forum that seems to use the same BIOS update tool that this is caused by the new bios not recognizing the very old one I have installed, and not letting me upgrade. However, I can't find any links of 'intermedidate' versions on the lenovo site that I could use as a step to bring this to the latest.  Any ideas? Thanks

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Hi, New to the board and looking for some help. I have a w500 still in warranty. We have been having issues with running Vista and the machine not rebooting after hibernation. Today I found some time to run updates using the pre-loaded ThinkVantage software on the machine. There were quite a few on there including a Bios update... upon running the updates and the machine restarting at the end, I get a black screen....  and nothing... the power lights are on but not more.  I have called Lenovo tech support and they advised me that because I did the Bios update (as part of the many updates that were suggested I required) I have voided my warranty support for this problem.... apparantly I was made aware of this as part of the disclaimer prior to running the updates!!!   Does anyone have any suggestions on steps forward from this point?  


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Answer:Bios Update Fail - Under Warranty but No Support

Hello mate, No real suggestions but you need to rewrite the bios. You have to send your laptop back to Lenovo.

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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I have a Thinkpad T450s and I am trying to update from BIOS version 1.19 to 1.20. I have created a live-usb with the 'el tortio'-extracted image using the linux command 'dd'. Once I boot into the usb under Legacy-BIOS and select upgrade, it proceeds witht the error message "The process does not recognize this system. The process has been canceled." I disabled anti-theft, AMT (I believe that's the option) and am sure that I'm using the correct .iso file from the downloads section. I do not have any Windows operating systems installed, but I am able to boot into several linux distributions using Legacy and UEFI methods. Here is my BIOS information.  "Handle 0x0031, DMI type 0, 24 bytesBIOS InformationVendor: LENOVOVersion: JBET54WW (1.19 )Release Date: 11/06/2015Address: 0xE0000Runtime Size: 128 kBROM Size: 16384 kBCharacteristics:PCI is supportedPNP is supportedBIOS is upgradeableBIOS shadowing is allowedBoot from CD is supportedSelectable boot is supportedACPI is supportedUSB legacy is supportedBIOS boot specification is supportedTargeted content distribution is supportedUEFI is supportedBIOS Revision: 1.19Firmware Revision: 1.2" What might you suggest to get the update disk to recognize my system? 


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Answer:BIOS Update fail: The process does not recognize t...

I have also tried using the update utility under WINE in Linux and it gives me the same error message.

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Hello,I have searched here for a couple days and read a bunch of posts - some of which I have tried.   I am NOT trying to go back down to Win 7 (though I really like Win 7)  I am trying to stick with Win 8.1. I was running BIOS P11-A1 and suddenly started having trouble with the USB 3.0 controller.I read some posts here and on other forums that stated I should see if there is a BIOS update. There are actually four for this machine and so I started with the oldest one P11-B0LTTo be honest the instructions in the README pdf file were not that helpfulbut I found soem great data on the AMI website that helped me update to P11-B0L. I ran the BIOS-DOS.BAT file first but got this error: "4 - Error: ROM File ROMID is not compatible with existing BIOS ROMID"So I went ahead and ran the AFUDOS file without all the parameters in the batch file and everything updated fine. But I am still having troubles with the USB 3.0 controller and the process just seemed to be fairly complex.Both my HP's and three other Dell's had Flash BIOS programs, or simple instructions that worked with no problems. Was I just getting lucky with them and there is some hidden UEFI and/or MS-DOS secret ritual that I am missing here ?Am I perhaps using the incorrect BIOS update file - and if so which one should I use ?  Thanks,-Bil 


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Answer:BIOS Update Fail - Aspire XC-603G Win 8.1

If your computer came pre-installed with windows 8.1, the correct BIOS would be P11.B2 (to the best of my knowledge). The "L" versions are for Linux.

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Hello to the BleepingComputer community,First of all I'm sorry I haven't finished some of the steps from the Preparation Guide. It's because these steps require a reboot (e.g. Step 6: Disable your CD Emulation Software - DeFogger will ask me to reboot the machine), and I have a bad feeling about the question if it is safe to reboot in my situation: I'm not sure if I have a type of malware which is ready to infect the BIOS - if it is so, then it could infect it much easier during the reboot process.- If there is a good way to find out what is the problem (and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present) without rebooting / shutting down this PC, or at least without booting from this hard drive (which I feel is probably infected), then please tell me what should I do.- If you know a place / forum where I can get a specialized help for this (seemingly BIOS-malware related) situation, please tell me where I could go.- If there is no way to move forward, I'll go ahead and risk the reboot, and follow the other steps (steps 6 to 10) in the Preparation Guide, no problem.I kindly ask you to please read below the details of the problem as it occured to me, and the things I have tried so far.The PC is AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core BE-2350 2.1GHz, Motherboard Biostar TA690G AM2 (with AWARD BIOS), 4GB RAM, 200GB SATA HDD, and an ASUS EAH4870 card added a few years ago.It's with WinXP SP3, AVG Free 2012, (standard) Windows Firewall, and it's behind a router.I ... Read more

Answer:BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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Hello: I have a Win7 Ideapad U410. tried upgrading to Windows 10, terrible performance, tried updating to 65cn99ww BIOS for Win8, FUBAR'd everything all the setup for Win10. installed Win8 as the  65cn99ww BIOS was for Win8 but couldn't fflash the 68cn21ww BIOS. Found apparently untouch 65cn13ww bios, flashed and now unresponsive. I can get into the BIOS but no matter what I do it won't try booting anything USB / external USB Install DVD, or HDs. Tried the hold power button for 15 sec without being plugged in to reset the BIOS, going to try disconnecting the battery and try the 15 sec power button reset again.  As it won't boot from a USB I don't think any of the BIOS mod people's tricks will help re-install the bios, especially since I cannot get ahold of the original or other BIOS file without the Lenovo install exe. Any suggestions as to what to do now?- Try to buy a new motherboard?- is it possible to get another BIOS chip?- will disconnecting the BIOS battery help?- Take it to a service agent? or just get a new computer :-( Thanks  Dave

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As above since updating the Bios to 2.1 the latest i have lost numberpad functionality and no the one on the right side as if it was a proper keypad.
The keys above work i.e delete scroll lock etc.

The numlock light does not come on but it does if i enable number keys on the main qwerrty section.
Is their anyway to reload the bios it wont let me as i have the latest or downgrade cant be like this till anothrer update.

By the wy am running windows 7 any info would be greatly apreciated thanks

Answer:Satellite L350 Updated Bios to 2.1 and lost number pad


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hello guysmy laptop had this problem: System may fail to resume from Hibernation state..i found a solution on lenovo website : it says that i need to update the bios.. so i downloaded the BIOS Update Utility for Windows (system runs WIN 7 64Bit) start the setup and it stuck and stop working, the computer freezes. so i waited a while and still nothing and shut it down. now all i got is blank screen, the red LED and CPU fan working but nothing happens. i look for a recovery soultion and found the Phoenix Wincrisis, but it wont work, i browsed the HDD for the BIOS files, and i got the backup file, try to rename it to BIOS.WPH as this guide says: it's not working, tried to do that from a floppy usb but some of the bios files are(tried a couple that i found couse on lenovo website there only the utility or the iso but cannot fine the bios file itself so i can be sure that its the right file i'm using) bigger then the floppy.. so it used also 16GB disk on key.. nothing! please help me, dose any one have a soultion? any help?i also search for the BIOS CHIP on the board but i cant find it, mabye i can buy a pre-flashed bios chip and solder it to the boardi have the log file from the HDD if it helpsThank you so much!

Answer:ThinkPad Edge 15 (0319-3VG) fail on bios update, please help!

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that BIOS update failed in your Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15 and is not turning on properly now.
A failed BIOS update could have bricked the motherboard probably. I strongly recommend you to contact our technical support for assistance.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
Best Regards,

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Hello I have an Acer AIO PC i decided to update the bios so i tried to upadate it but it was stuck on erasing bios for like 4 hours so i decided to close it i did and it did not reset i did not know what to do i kinda knew the bios was corrupted i was sreaching on the interent to see if you can check if your bios is corrupted could not find anything so i just left the computer on for a few days and it was working fine did not turn it off, but i had a windows update and thats when it reseted and now its just a black screen the hard and every else comes on and works fine but nothing shows up.

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Hi everyone,I have a severe problem (I guess) after the latest BIOS Update. Windows 7 freezes during startup.I own a 64-bit Lenovo FLex 2 15D with AMD A6-6310 and R4, 4GB RAM and a SSHD (8GBSSH). I purchased it without OS and installed Windows 7 - which worked fine so far.I yesterday updated the BIOS with version 9FCN23WW (for Win7 and Win8), the latest BIOS update. A mistake, it seems.After Reboot, I first had to disable Secure Boot in the BIOS, because it would not let me boot at all. I figured out how to get into the BIOS-Setup to disable this (press Enter 2x, press Tab when in the Boot Menu to access the "Apps Menu", then "SETUP" - just in case this helps someone).Now Win7 begins to start up, but freezes during the startup process (the splash screen with the win flag freezes and looks a bit strange. I used the "protected mode" Windows Startup and saw that the process always hangs when loading "amdkmpfd.sys".That is basically it.I guess I have to find a way to re-install the previous version of the BIOS, but I have no idea how!Any idea?!.......Now about what I did to fix this (poor, but I tried):If I try to start from a Win7 installation CD-ROM (actually it is one for Dell PCs, but I guess that is not the problem) and press a key to boot from CD, Windows loads files, shows "Starting Windows"  and at a certain point again just freezes. When I -do not- press a key, WIndows Boot Manager shows up and mentions that "Windows failed to start (etc.)" "File: \EFI\Microsoft\Boo... Read more

Answer:Boot Fail after latest BIOS Update on Flex 2-15D

I found our the solution to my problem with the help of SebastianLenovo ... In the BIOS / Boot Mode, I switched back from "UEFI" to "Legacy". That's it. That simple. The BIOS Upgrade routine just did not transfer that setting from the old BIOS to the new. Given the fact that 1. I did not change that setting, so it is default and 2. it would have been easy to avoid, if the BIOS update routine would be well programmed to transfer the current BIOS settings to the new, upgraded BIOS ... Anyway a strange situation that a 64-bit system has a 32-bit BIOS. Actually no Linux distribution (except FatDog and rescue systems) are able to deal with it - Linux only running as a Virtual Machine under Windows. I think this is inappropriate and really taking away a part of the fun if you can not run this laptop as a dual boot system. Thanks to Sebastian and I hope this solution helps someone in the future... Regards, Tristam.

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Hello I have an Acer AIO PC i decided to update the bios so i tried to upadate it but it was stuck on erasing bios for like 4 hours so i decided to close it i did and it did not reset i did not know what to do i kinda knew the bios was corrupted i was sreaching on the interent to see if you can check if your bios is corrupted could not find anything so i just left the computer on for a few days and it was working fine did not turn it off, but i had a windows update and thats when it reseted and now its just a black screen the hard and every else comes on and works fine but nothing shows up.

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Hi, I updated the BIOS on my x220 to version 1.17 and now the laptop wont boot. Just continuously reboots even few seconds, it doesn't even get to the Thinkpad logo. I downloaded the BIOS update utility directly from the lenovo website, did a restart logged in as administrator and ran the update. When it was finished I restarted the laptop and then it wouldn't boot. Lenovo support say that this is not covered under warranty. Is this correct? ThanksFitzer

Answer:X220 Bios Update Fail - Under Warranty but No Support

Fitzer wrote:I updated the BIOS on my x220 to version 1.17 and now the laptop wont boot. Just continuously reboots even few seconds, it doesn't even get to the Thinkpad logo.I downloaded the BIOS update utility directly from the lenovo website, did a restart logged in as administrator and ran the update. When it was finished I restarted the laptop and then it wouldn't boot.Lenovo support say that this is not covered under warranty. Is this correct?It should be covered. Call Lenovo Support.

Hope that helps,JohnThinkPad T420s [ i7-2640M | 16GB | 1TB SSD | 1600x900 | 802.11n | BT | Cam | FR | Win8.1Pro64 ]

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I was fixing a friend Acer updating everything was going fine until I udated the bios (R01-C0) The BIOS was write protected, rebooted and now its stuck on Verifying DMI Pool Data. :cry I feel so bad. Thank you for looking BIOS V 6.00 PG SMBIOS 2.3 BIOSID R01-C0

Answer:Acer Aspire T180 BIOS Update fail

The OS is Windows XP

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One of my programming courses uses software which requires hardware acceleration.  In order for me to enable hardware acceleration on my Laptop (Thinkpad T510), I had to update the Intel AMT file which prompted me to update the bios to the latest version.  After the installation, my laptop restarted.  I believe, this is a failed bios update, because my laptop cannot get past the "Initializing Intel(R) Boot Agent Ge v1.3.51 PXE 2.1 Build 089 (WfM 2.0)" I am unable to select what device to boot from and inserting a bootable bios cd does not work. Disabling Intel AMT on the Bios Configuration does not change anything, Disabling the external network rom on the bios, does get rid of the message, but I am still unable to get any further.  I've reset the CMOS battery and the settings/clock were reset to default. However, I am still unable to get past get past the "Initializing Intel(R) Boot Agent..." I?ve attempted to create a Phoenix Crisis Rescue USB.  I?ve followed these instructions I found here ( & to retrieve the FL1 file from the T510 bios utility .exe file.  I've used the crisis package to convert the FL1 file into the bios.wph file. After formatting the 2GB usb as FAT, I used the WinCrisis software in XP compatibility mode to flash the usb. The software said the recovery disk was successfully created, but only 64kb was ... Read more

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I use my X200 tablet as my primary work computer (I run my own business but I am NOT an IT guy).  I've had my X200 for a year now and love it.  The last few days I ran into an annoying problem where the tablet would take several minutes to boot up while the Win7 screen would tell me not to shut off my PC because updates were being configured, with 0% progress until the computer finally just gave up and started regularly.  This was really annoying because it happened twice when I was trying to load up a presentation in front of an audience, and I had to dance around and waste everyone's time while the computer waited for Windows to do its thing.  I think it took so long because I didn't have have an internet connection and it couldn't configure the updates.  In hindsight, I think I should've simply turned off Automatic Updates. So yesterday I decided to log in as Admin and use the Thinkvantage utility to see if I was missing some important software.  Only one critical item turned up - a recommended BIOS update that would fix a no-boot problem if I ever let the battery drain completely (never had that problem).  So I clicked the link, was directed to Lenovo's website, and downloaded the appropriate 32-bit BIOS update installer for my system, and began the BIOS update process, knowing full well that one should never turn off a computer while the BIOS is being re-written.  It was partially through the update when I made the mistake of ... Read more

Answer:BIOS update fail = dead X200 tablet

sorry to hear about your troubles.   a quick trip to the depot will get your tablet back up and running.
remove your HDD before sending in your system.   the HDD isn't needed for a BIOS repair and very well may be wiped clean and re-imaged if sent with it.
below are instructions to remove the drive.
(edit: typo)

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Hp support program told to update important bios update. After  update I cant use computer.  PC starts but nothing comes to screen. It stays on about 30 sec and restarts itself. Same thing, nothing shows on screen but it dont boot itself after the first reboot. This happens everytime when I take power off. It dont seem to try to load windows either because hdd light dont blink. I cant even find compatible bios update on HP page that i could try from usb. I tried to clear cmos with jumpers. No change Did HP send wrong bios update on HP support program? Any suggestions?

Answer:hp envy 700-305no bios / hp program update fail

I have the same problem with my hp envy 700-311na computer. I downloaded the bios update but now my computer just has a black screen and the windows+B keyboard command does not work.Computer turns on fine but nothing happens no loading screen or anything. Is there a way to bypass the bios and access the operating system?

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Any advice?
I have a 9010 SFF that was working fine, except that it would not install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.  Repeatedly, about 30% through the update it failed with a BSOD. I tried several times.
Somewhere I read that the BIOS might need updating so I headed over to DELL support.  I let the website automatically detect my system and it found a recommended BIOS update, version A24.
I initiated the BIOS update from the website and it seemed to run successfully but when the PC rebooted it hung half way through POST.
On a second attempt to start the machine - nothing - no display, no light, just will not start.
I tried clearing the NVRAM as indicated on the DELL website here:
I tried both the RTCRST jumper method and the battery removal method.
The result - it now continuously reboots but still no POST, no display, nothing.
I should add that during the original BIOS update, the PC had a Quadro 600 graphics card and a LSI 9200-8e SAS adapter card inside. They had both been working faultlessly and were removed when I tried to reset the BIOS NVRAM.
Any suggests on what next to recover my "bricked" desktop?

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Hey Guys,

Just recently I have being receiving error messages when I start up my laptop every day.
There has never been any problems with my laptop until now, although it doesn't really affect the laptop at all it still pops up?

I get an error message when I move to the desktop that says "BIOS Load Fail" but then i can close it and nothing happens to my computer. I am running Windows 8.1 and I just installed the new Toshiba Service Station Apps. I also checked to see if the BIOS was up to date, and it was.

Any help here? It would be much appreciated, thanks.

Just an update: I just tried to open up my GPU tweaking software, and it can't open because the Error Message shows up. But my CPU monitor still works.

Answer:Satellite P870/026 - BIOS Load Fail Error Message popups

> I get an error message when I move to the desktop that says "BIOS Load Fail" but then i can close it and nothing happens to my computer. I am running Windows 8.1 and I just installed the new Toshiba Service Station Apps

Could it be possible that this alert (message) is coming from the Service Station utility?

The service station software allows your computer to automatically search for TOSHIBA software updates or other alerts from toshiba that are specific to your computer system and its programs. When enabled, this application periodically transmits to our servers a limited amount of system information required to perform these updates or alerts.

Probably the message ?BIOS load fail? means that service station was not able to download (load) the information about the latest available BIOS.
From my point of few this is not a serious problem. If you want try to uninstall the service station tool from the system just to check if this would cancel the notification

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Hello. My aspire 4752g wont boot after the bios update was interrupted. I just finished formatting my laptop and decided to reinstall the drivers but ended up i flashed the bios instead. As i was updating the bios, it stays in "blank screen" for quite a long time and i was so worried that i decided to force shutdown the laptop. When i try to boot it again, it stays in 'blank screen' with power indicator on and fan running. Are there any solution for my problem? Pls help me. Im using windows 7 home premium with 4GB x 2 sticks of RAM installed. Thank you in advance.

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I had to update my bios & it seems that the wrong one was downloaded about 3% into installing the laptop just died & won't go back on.

There are no lights & there is no noise from the laptop at all.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

The laptop is a Toshiba satelite L300D.

Answer:Toshiba l300D wont load up after bios update fail

It doesn't sound like it is fixable on your end. Flash BIOSes that go bad, leave you with a doorstop. You'll hear the statement, "I bricked my computer". This means you turned your device into a brick also known as a doorstop.

You might want to post at a good BIOS site

People do send bricked computers off, have the BIOS chip desoldered and a new one soldered on. You might be able to get information on that type of service.

Maybe if you contact Toshiba, they will be able to tell you of some companies that do this.

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acer aspire 5252 bone stock except hdd upgrade
win 7
i dont really know anything else about the hardware in case it matters

two issues

1. some of my buttons on the keyboard do not work. what would be the best way to test if it is the keyboard(ebay replacements are 10bucks) or something else.

2.main big issue. i recently got this from my little bro who corrupted the hdd. Replaced that hdd, and threw windows 7 on it. Powered on fine. Got to windows tried to add more generic software(chrome, etc). Totally Forgot to add drivers so i couldn't really do much until i fixed that. I added all those and figured might as well update the bios while I'm at it.

Bios flash fail. I used acer software and bios from their site(the newest version). No interuptions during the update or anything like that. Everything SEEMED to have gone fine.

System restarts and now will not get pass post boot(i think thats the right term). Supposedly no big right? I looked up a manual to flash the bios either with dos or in crisis mode. Can't boot enough to make it to dos and last hope is crisis mode.

I can't seem to figure out how to trigger it. According to the manual the correct sequence is
1 no battery add usb(with the bios in root directory)
2 press and hold fn+esc than add ac power cord
3 press power button once
(now according to other forums power button led should flash once orange)
4 press power button again and you will be in crisis mode

You should see usb led working and doing... Read more

Answer:acer aspire 5252 bios update fail and other stuff

You say keyboard buttons don't work... is it possible that one of those buttons is also either the Fn or Esc key, not allowing you to enter the crisis recovery mode?

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I am looking at updating one of my optiplex 960 towers to a precision t3500 tower.  When i looked through the driver downloads i saw the bios download for 2013 A17 for 2014 A13.
Why does it go down i thoght they always went upwards.  Any concern here ?
Thansk for your time in advance.

Answer:bios update version number lower on newer

JFMY787 ,
I was looking at what the different bios's fixed in the description.You should update to the A17 version.
The version A13:
Fixes & Enhancements
Fixes - Not Applicable Enhancements - Enhanced TPM support

Version A13, A13

Release date
02 Nov 2011
Last Updated
05 Mar 2014

vERIONS 17: 
Fixes & Enhancements
Fixes- Not Applicable.Enhancements- Updated PSA-Diag from A4521 to A4527.- Enhanced Broadcom onboard NIC 5761 support.- Enhanced CCTK support for Turbo Boost setting.

Version A17, A17

Release date
07 Jun 2013
Last Updated
11 Dec 2013

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Hi, I have got a G580 model number 20150. When I search for BIOS updates in the site it shows me a new update but the model number mentioned in it is for 20157. Can I apply this update? Thanks in advance

Answer:Does BIOS update differ based on model number?

Hi Holywaters,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
 As per the query we understood that you are lookin for BIOS update in your Lenovo G580 laptop.
Am sorry to say there is no BIOs update for this model number (20150), as the BIOs update is only for 20157 and 2689.
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,       

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