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Satellite A100 - Some questions regarding Win 7

Question: Satellite A100 - Some questions regarding Win 7


I need help or advice.

I plan to add memory then to intall Windows 7 on my Satellite A100

1. I want to install two DDR2 SO-DIMM of 2 gig. Can you confirm that my A100 will see 2 memory modules of 2 gig (4 gig together)?
2. I think that my computer can work only with windows 7 32 bit, am I right?
3. I found on the site Toshiba drivers for windows 7 32 bit. So in theory it's quite possible.

But has anybody already installed windows 7 on satellitte A100? I 'd like to know results.

Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A100 - Some questions regarding Win 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A100 - Some questions regarding Win 7

> 1. I want to install two DDR2 SO-DIMM of 2 gig. Can you confirm that my A100 will see 2 memory modules of 2 gig (4 gig together)?
This depends on the chipset which is available on the motherboard.
For example; the A100 with an Intel 945PM Express chipset would be able to handle 4GB RAM.

> 2. I think that my computer can work only with windows 7 32 bit, am I right?
No, you can also use 64bit OS\

> 3. I found on the site Toshiba drivers for windows 7 32 bit. So in theory it's quite possible.
You can install Win 7 32bit and 64bit? 32bit and 64bit drivers you will need to search in at your own hand

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"A100" laptop with Vista software ??349.00

This is the laptop I am looking at getting my partner but I am not really computer savvy, I have a few questions that i hope you can help me with.

Firstly, my partner has just started up a small business and she will need it for emailing and internet surfing and downloading songs (please bear in mind I dont have alot of money to play with) will this laptop be any good for her? Speed and lots of memory is not that important really.

Second, can this laptop burn music and dvds onto a disc?

Thirdly, is this a good price? the laptop is for sale with LITTLEWOODS and I can get a further 10% off.

Please help asap as I need to be ordering in next few days, please remember budget and the need for a half decent mid-range laptop.

Mant thanks for your help in this matter


Answer:Some questions about Satellite A100

Hi Russell,

From your description of the use to which this notebook will be subjected, I would have no concerns that it should work splendidly. You don't say exactly which model of A100 you propse to buy but I believe they all had a DVD-RW optical drive installed so they should all be able to burn CDs and DVDs adequately. As for E-mail and Internet access, the A100 will be quite capable of doing both functions.

The price of 349 is extremely competitive since most models seem to retail at around the 400 mark so with an axtra 10% off I would waste no time in snapping this one up.

By the way, welcome to the forum, it is an excellent source of useful information and help.


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Two questions:

1. What is the product type of my keyboard and which Toshiba laptops have the same?

2. Can I have my extra keyboard buttons working in a Linux system? (Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon)

Answer:Satellite A100-003: Questions about keyboard

1) the satellite A100 was equipped with a keyboard which supports 86 keys; 2 Windows keys and 1 hotkey.
Seems that whole A100 series was equipped with such keyboard

2) I assume you are speaking about the FN keys and Toshiba control buttons.
Well, if you wan to use these buttons you will need an compatible Toshiba driver.
Fact is that Toshiba doesn?t support the Linux and doesn?t provide any drivers for Linux distribution. Therefore you will be not able to use such buttons running Linux.


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Hope someone can help with these as I couldn't get any help on the infoline.

What speed is the hard drive on this laptop? It says 160gb SMART, but doesn't specify a speed, although I'm guessing its 5400rpm.

Are the speakers Harmon Kardon? The specs say Toshiba Stereo, and yet on Comet it does say Harmon Kardon. Are these any good bass-wise?
Looks like there's no bluetooth, which I find a bit of a surprise.

Lastly, the only place I can find this for sale is Comet... Just wondering it anyone has seen it anywhere else as I've had a couple of dodgy experiences with them.


Answer:Satellite A100-451 - A few questions about HDD, speakers


I have found info that HDD rotation is 4200rpm. About speakers I am not 100% sure but usually if notebook has harman/kardon speakers it is listed in specification but for A100-451 it is not the case. This info you can get from dealer directly.

BT is not available and this should not surprise you because most A100 models are delivered without BT module. You can anytime use BT USB stick. IT is simply to use and really not expensive.

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Hi friends,

I have a Toshiba Satellite A 100 - PSAANE with Vista Home Basic preinstalled in it.
Now I have some questions.. that I am mentioning below:-

1) If I want to format my laptop, then I need a installation CD for Vista Home basic.. then I didn't get that CD from Toshiba when I bought the laptop. Then how to do it? how can I format it?

2) Can I change my vista home basic to windows XP? I think that is lot faster than this one. is it advisable?

3)I have one GB of RAM in laptop. Can I increase that RAM? I beleive that my laptop has become to slow. is it advisable?

4)And regarding my display, when ever I try to change my display profile to windows classic display, my screen starts flickering. and after some time the display goes off. So I can't change that. I have to put the color scheme to windows vista only. what to do regarding that?

Please help me friends.Thanks in advance.


Answer:Some questions regarding the Satellite A100 PSAANE


Here some questions regarding the number:

1) Usually you should get the Toshiba Vista Recovery DVD. If you didn?t receive such DVD then you can order it here or you could install the Vista from Microsoft disk.

2) Of course you can do this. I think the Win XP drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page.

3) Yes, you can upgrade the RAM. For details check your user manual or search on this forum for some similar threads

4) Maybe it?s related to the graphic driver. Check if you can update it. Additional I would recommend checking if you are using the latest BIOS


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I am a complete noob, so please forgive my dumb question!

I would like to replace the HDD from my laptop, is there any combatibilty issues that I should be aware of, or should it just be a case of getting a 2.5" HDD?

Is it easy to buy an external one, and to use the internal drive from the inside the enclosure?

This seems to be the best value way of doing it. Any specific recommendations?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-830 - HDD upgrade questions

Hi magicmat,

Usually HDD upgrade is not complicated and therefore you have only to remove the HDD cover on bottom side on your notebook to replace the HDD.

Satellite Pro A100 already uses HDDs with SATA interface so you need such an HDD. Furthermore I would recommend a model with 5400rpm because it?s fast enough and doesn?t much power.

So that?s all what you must know about upgrade. Theoretically you can use the old HDD as external one with a external HDD case. Also no problem. :)

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I was using Toshiba Satellite A100 PSAARA, now I have some questions:

1. I updated BIOS for my Laptop (new version 6.0 from old version 5.10): everything seems work ok, but after restarting Laptop, it auto login a black screen with these warning ''checksum bad sectors, F1: settings default, F2:...'' ( not remember exactly ).
I pressed F1, my Toshiba reboot and work ok after that, so there is something wrong with that warning?

2. I upgraded RAM to 2GB (1GB + 1GB) with KingMax brand, so the max upgradable RAM I can do on my laptop?

3. That Toshiba Laptop uses onboard or out Video card, I check my Nvidia geforce card properties (in laptop) and I saw this: Memory: 256MB + shared RAM memory: 256MB = 512MB total Memory?
So: can I upgrade my video card and maximum card I can use?

4. I cant set 75Hz for refresh monitor, just can see 65Hz

Thanks for all your help!

Answer:Satellite A100 PSAARA - Questions about RAM, BIOS and VGA

1. Try to load the default settings in BIOS. Then it should work.

2. The Satellite A100 does support 4GB max.

3. No, the graphic card can not be changed. It?s soldered on the mainboard and cannot be exchanged.

4. Do mean the external or internal monitor? The internal monitor and other LCD?s runs best with 60Hz.

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Hello all,

as you can see I have 3 questions:

1. My Satellite A100-153 boots quite slowly (running avira antivir and sunbelt pfw only as on my other laptop which is older than this one but not slow booting) - has anyone a idea why (I would be very gratefull because I dont have to reinstall win and all my stuff)?

2. Nero tells me, that my CD-rom is not running in DMA-mode - where can I verify and solve this problem?

3. Drivers - am I bound to the drivers supported on this site or can I use the drivers directly from manufacturer (ATI for my graphics-card, Intel for my chipset, realtek for my sound and so on)?

Help is very welcome!

Answer:Satellite A100 - Questions about Slow Boot, CD not in DMA mode, drivers


For me it will be interesting to know which operating system you use. Anyway I will try to give my short opinion about your questions:

- many different factors can be responsible for slow bootup. Usually it depends on OS configuration. I will try to find some interesting article how to make bootup faster and I will post it here for you.

- enter device manager and open IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, enter properties for secondary IDE chanel and check Advanced settings tab. Is under transfer mode set ?DMA if available?? if not set it please and after restart check if the problem persists. ?DMA if available? is usually set as default.

- Generally you can use it but it is well known that graphic card manufacturers do not support mobile graphic cards and notebook manufacturers are responsible for that.

I recommend you to use Toshiba drivers only. All those drivers are tested.


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The left hand special keys doesn?t work. I mean, the keys under the power on button that usually starts the web navigator and works with the DVD.

Another question. The Value Added Package that was installed on my notebook had a utility call Toshiba Fash Cards. When I upgrade to the last version (previosly I had to uninstall it) of that SW it's not installed. How can I get it back?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A100 - questions about left hand keys and Value Added Package


Value Added Package contains several applications:
- Toshiba Components Common Driver
- Toshiba Utilities
- Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool
- Toshiba Power Saver
- Toshiba Button Support
- Toshiba Zooming Utility
- Toshiba Flash cards

So as you can see the button support is included in this package. I don't know what is wrong on your notebook but when the VAP is installed properly the multimedia buttons and Flash cards should work properly.

Try please again to remove VAP from the system, restart the notebook and install latest offered version. This latest version works well on different notebook models (on my Satellite P200D too) and it must work on your too.

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I am very close to buying one of the above. I know the 049 comes with Vista, the 998 withh xp media which can be upgraded to Vista for a nominal amount.

Firstly, does the 049 come with 64 bit or 32 bit vista, I cannot find the answer to that.

Secondly, the 998 has a dedicated graphics card, the 049 seems to be more of a shared one. I am not a game player but you never know. I do like to burn dvd's, edit a few photos etc. Also aware of hard disk sizes.

Since I can get them at a similar price then that is not an issue, I would just appreciate any opinions with reasons. You may tell me something I had not considered.

A100 049 is here

A100 998 is here

Answer:Need your opinions: Satellite A100-049 or A100-998


> Firstly, does the 049 come with 64 bit or 32 bit Vista?
In my knowledge Toshiba delivers the notebooks only with 32bit OS (Vista and XP)

It seems the 049 supports a little bit weaker devices: smaller HDD size and graphic card external memory.
But both cards are not shared memory graphic cards. It?s an external memory.

In you case I would choose the 998 satellite. It seems this notebook supports better hardware performance.

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Where can I find any information about the mainboard types used in Toshiba's notebooks?

Due to a BIOS problem I have the option to send my notebook in for repair or change the mainboard by myself.

Now the question:
Is it possible to change the mainboard from the A100-590 with the one from an A100-480?
Are they the same (except maybe graphics card, installed processor ...)?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A100-590 and A100-480 same mainboards?


> Where can I find any information about the mainboard types used in Toshiba's notebooks?
Maybe you could find some info in the internet but such details are mentioned only in the maintance manuals and such documents are not for public usage :(

> Due to a BIOS problem I have the option to send my notebook in for repair or change the mainboard by myself.
I would not recommend doing this. Maybe the motherboard is not damage and only the ROM module must be flashed again with special BIOS.

Satellite A100-590 belongs to the PSAA9E and the A100-480 belongs also to the same series. So I assume both motherboards are the same.

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I am considering buying this laptop or maybe the a100-049.... any thought or reviews by people?

I have heard the A100-998 you can't partition the hard drive... but I just want an overall view of these laptops.

Answer:Need some opinion about Satellite A100-998 and A100-049

If you compare both units you will see that A100-998 has better hardware but is delivered with WXP Media Center Edition and A100-049 is delivered with Vista.

I can not tell you anything about price but maybe is A100-998 better solution. It is important that hardware is good enough und you can order Vista anytime. For about 17euro you can order Windows Vista Home Premium.

About partitions I can not tell you much but I can really not believe that you can not do this. Using delivered recovery media you can create partition (it works if you install OS again).


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I would like to upgrade my laptop as much as I can. I need a new fast hard drive 7200rpm minimum and the best memory purchaseable. can anyone help?
I am confused about S-ATA 150 and S-ATA 300. what's the difference? Also, what would speed up this laptop in terms of upgrading the hardware the most?

Answer:Re: Equium A100-027: Upgrade questions


In your case I would take some kingston RAM and upgrade to 2GB because everything above 2GB does not help you really and you won?t recognize it even if you work on really big pictures in CoredDraw.
Regarding the HDD?s: A HDD with 7200RPM would speed up your machine, so just check the Toshiba drives out, they?re really fast. You can also check the H itachi drives because they?re reliable and fast, too. (Like the Tosh drives)

If you got still some questions: just ask ;)

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Hi! I am considering buying either a Satellite A100-233 or M100-164. I was looking over the specs for each and I found that they are very similar (almost identical except for the screen size). However, I notice that the M100-164 has Toshiba Enhanced SpeedStep (mentioned under "Special features") however nothing about Toshiba Enhanced SpeedStep is mentioned for the A100-233. Does this mean that the A100-233 does not have Toshiba Enhanced SpeedStep? If so, does that mean that the A100-233 notebook always runs full speed/ full capabilites and never goes into a 'power saving' mode when idle? Doesn't it have anything similar to SpeedStep in it?

Other than that detail, is there any reason why the M100-164 is better than the A100-233? I am tempted to go for the A100-233 since it has a bigger screen, but if anyone could point out a valid reason why the M100-164 is better, then I might change my mind.

I would really appreciate any info on the topic. Thanks!

Answer:Satellite A100-233 versus Satellite M100-164

For those who would like to take a look at the specs of the two computers I am asking about, here are the links:

M100-164 115255&DISC_MODEL=0

A100-233 114273&DISC_MODEL=0

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Hi. I wanted to know that drivers from model a100 012 can be used for model a100 599 ?

Configuration for both models is the same.

Answer:Can I use drivers for model Satellite A100-012 to model A100-599?

Hi there,

I think this should be possible due to the great similarity of both machines. But why would you like to do such things and install other drivers?

Just a question ;)

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I've just installed 4GB of RAM, but my computer can only see 3GB.
Both bones are fit and slots also (I've checked it).
I know the problem is in Windows XP. Microsoft did limitation to 3,12GB because of drivers compatibility.
Do you know, how to omit this limitation?

Regars, Adam

Answer:Re: Satellite A100-912 - 4GB RAM

I?m afraid this is not possible.

Fact is that the all Windows 32bit OS?s (Vista & XP) will be not able to use the full 4GB due to the 32bit OS limitation.

But fact is that it depends not only on compatible operating system.
The usage of 4GB RAM depends on different factors like; BIOS, CPU and Chipset.
All these parts have to support the 4GB memory.

If one of these parts would not support the 4GB RAM then you will be not able to use it.

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Hi all!

It's true, that A100 havnt internal mic?
PS. pls, answer on Russian, because is future Worl lang. Study, it!

Answer:Mic on Satellite A100

Which Satellite A100? Can you post exact model description (A100-xxx)?

Why on Russian? Why should this question be understandable for people who talk Russian language only? Pretty egoistic! Isn?t it?

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I am trying to buy a Toshiba A100 - 920 in the UK and although I have seen it on the shelf in PCWorld, they say its not in stock and are unable to give me any info of when it might come into stock. Other major retailers like Dixons and Curries also simply say temp out of stock.

Please can you tell me when it is going to be coming into stock in UK shops or where I might be able to buy one right now in the UK?

This is the link I have seen it on:
or[email protected]@@@0101641657.116109055 [email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=cccgaddjedjggmkcflgceggdhhmdfhm. 0&page=Product&fm=2&sm=0&tm=1&sku=618549&category_ oid=-28735

Answer:When can I buy a Satellite A100-920 in the UK?

Hi Tom

Sorry but I think that nobody on forum can give you info like that. It is question for your local dealer. They should have contact with Toshiba and know all delivery terms.

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HI, i need help. I have Satellite A100-233 and seagate 500Gb 2,5" HDD.
Can I install this HDD to my notebook?

Answer:Satellite A100-233 and 500 GB HDD

Put it inside and make a test. Why to wait for answer when you can find it out alone.
It will be nice if yo9u can inform this community if this works well or not.
Such information is always welcome.

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I have Satellite A100-529 with 512MB RAM.

I bought today 1GB DDR2 PC4200 memory brick from Corsair.

The problem is, that my notebook sees only 1 GB ram in total instead of 1,5 GB.

I updated BIOS, but that did nit helped.

Can somebody have some idea what is the reason of that ?

Answer:Satellite A100-529 see only 1GB ram in instead of 1.5GB

The best thing is that CPUID is detecting both memory bricks (1,5GB) , and BIOS and WinXP are detecting only 1024MB of RAM.

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i've got an Toshiba A100-771 Dual Core 1,73ghz notebook.
Even in Idle mode with less than 2% CPU usage the Notebook is hot. The Cooler is working. If i run 3D Games the cooler is getting faster.

If i close the Notebook over night its crashed when i open it the next morning.
I think this is caused by the heat.

Anyone got the same Notebook and problems?
TIA, Jay

Answer:Satellite A100-771: I think it's too hot

Use software like SpeedFan or Notebook Hardware Control, to report the temperature exactly. Also, how old is your notebook?

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I bought a new HDD: Samsung HM320JI ( 320GB/5400rpm/8M/SATA I)
When I power up my notebook, it loads like 60% and then it freezes. Why? It is not compatible?

Satellite A100-529
Bios: 2.30

What should I do?
I formatted my new HDD using my Desktop PC

Answer:Satellite A100-529 and new HDD

hi teob,
how about to recover your notebook with the recovery cd discs?
this makes sure that the os is correctly installed...

maybe you have a bad sector on hdd or your configuration did not made it on the new disc...
try to boot in safe mode and check disk.

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I have bought Satellite A100 159 with T2500 and Radeon x1600.
Fan is always ON. I have upgraded bios and it didn't help. What is more, when I set ATI driver to use PowerPlay and when the battery is low I get only some scratches at the desktop and the computer restarts. Windows shows that there was problem with unknown driver.
What can I do to stop the FAN - my CPU temperature is 28-31 cellsius and the frequency is always set to 2000 MHz (everest shows 1995 MHz).
I think, that fan shouldn't work while the temp is so low. My old centrino has almost always 40-50 degrees and fan is always off.
What can I do more to make the fan work only when the temp is higher than about 40 degrees?

Kind regards

I have to add that my old Acer TM 4502 with Centrino has SpeedStep which makes CPU to change his speed from 500 MHz to 1600 MHz. I would like to do this with my new Satellite - it would help me with fan problem. If I change the speed of the CPU than the temp will be lower and the fan will not run all the time.
I noticed that fan is shutdown when I start computer at the morning when is cool. After windows start when the temp rizes fan starts and doesn't stop.

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite A100-159 - FAN is always on


The Toshiba power saver is responsible for the CPU and Fan controlling.
Please open the power saver mode which you use, choose the tab ?basic setup? and change the option ?Cooling method? to a lower level. Furthermore you can change the CPU control method to ?auto?.
This procedure should helps to change the fan usage.

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My Satellite Pro A100 always seems to get very hot. I cannot have it on my knee for long as I get really hot. Is this a general problem or is there something wrong with my laptop.

I have had around 5 months and none of my other laptops have had this problem?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 always seems to get very hot

Hi Colleen

Did you read the user manual??? I think you didn?t. There you will find the instruction how to use the unit.
It seems you use this notebook on your knees. That?s not good and not advisable!!

First of all the fans and ventilators are placed at the bottom of the unit and its necessary and important to let it free because of the air circulation!

Please don?t compare the A100 with other older notebooks. The new generation notebooks use high-performance devices like CPU and GPU. These parts must be cooled and the fresh air circulation is very important for a correctly working. Therefore use it on the table or desk and be sure that there is enough free space around the notebook!!!

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Hi, I'm fixing an A100 Satellite for someone. I can't get video out of the LCD, an external monitor, or the s-video port.
The system does power up and you can hear the fans, and from the looks of the lights the hard drive seems to be booting windows.
I reseated both RAM modules and tried using FN+F5 but no luck.

Is there some common problem with these machines?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Re: Satellite A100 - can't get video out of the LCD

Sounds like the Video Board may have a problem.

What is the model of the laptop? PSAAxx-xxxxx

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I want to upgrade my latop with another 512 MB Ram, and I called many resellers here in Egypt & I can't find 553 MHz ram !!
So can I use 667MHz Instead of 553MHz one ??
If not, can you advice me where I can buy it online ??

Answer:Is it possible to use 667MHz Ram for Satellite A100-233?

if you buy 667MHz DDR2 SO-DIMMs for your laptop, even if the memory will not run at the maximum (667MHz) speed it should work at 533MHz

the memory modules are not designed to work only at their maximum speed; they could also work at a lower speed; usually at lower speeds they will also benefit from lower latencies (which is a good thing!)

if you want to buy the memory online, then you could try at
(as Jimi adviced scs00 in )

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the first step on this cd says ...1. Insert the first disc into the drive and turn the computer off...

so is it right in saying that I insert the cd while the computer is on then off it once i put it in ???

Answer:How to use Recovery CD for Satellite A100-216

Hello Sara

The fact is you must bootup the unit using recovery media. With simply words: put recovery media into DVD drive and switch OFF the unit. After few seconds switch the unit ON and press immediately C button and keep it down for 10 or 15 seconds.

This will force the unit to use DVD drive as first bootable device. When you see activity on the screen please follow the instructions. If you need more info about recovery procedure write again.

Good luck!

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Dear All,

Hello Again. I am having problems with my CD-rom. I am using a Satellite A100 with 2048 of RAM.

The problem I am having is that when I try to play a CD/DVD the drive is not found at all. Even when I look in my computer the drive is missing from there.
Do I need to update the drivers or is it necessary to replace the Unit?

Answer:Re: Missing CD-ROM on Satellite A100


If you use WXP try to solve it using method described under

With Vista check please


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Well, the topic pretty much said it all, I need to get drivers for my "Satellite Pro A100 psaape" sense I?m going to install windows XP instead of vista. Only problem is that I cant find drivers. I have looked on Toshiba homepage but my partnumber (psaape) does not exist there, only similar numbers. So how can I find the correct drivers?


Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite Pro A100


I have checked Toshiba download page and you can find WXP drivers for PSAAP and this is your notebook model.

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I bought a satellite A100-998 with Harman/Kardon speakers, although the display laptop at the store had a remarkably high sound compared to other brands, the machine that I bought produced a quite low sound, although the dial at the front is turned to maximum & all the software controls are set to high?? A

ny suggestions? I was advised to update the sound driver, would this help (but why a laptop bought few days ago would need to update its drivers?) and do I need to update the Bios also, pls help as the low sound is upsetting me a lot (not what I expected at all).

Answer:Low sound of Satellite A100-998


I think the sound loudness on the notebooks is a matter of opinion.
It?s really not easy to say if it?s a normal or wrong setting.
Why do you suggest the sound is low? Did you compare the sound properties with other notebooks?

Anyway, possibly you use really wrong settings and only a switching of some controls would increases the sound quality.
As far as I know the Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager was installed on this notebook. You should find it in the control panel.

There you could try to change some settings. Wave volume, CD volume? everything is possible.

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I would like to upgrade the RAM of my Satellite A100-803, which actually uses PC2-533, to 4 Gb.

Can I upgrade to PC2-667?
Do I need Dual-Channel?
Any advises on which brand or best model to use?

If I'm not wrong and for what I could see around the internet, I should be able to upgrade to 4 Gb PC2-667, and Dual-Channel should not be needed. But an expert confirmation would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards.


Answer:I would like to upgrade the RAM of Satellite A100-803


Notebook supports Mobile Intel? 945GM Express Chipset.
This supports single-/dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM
Maximum Memory supported: up to 4 GB at 400, 533 and 667 MHz

So PC2-667 modules are supported

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I bought a wd2500beve HD and there are pins. When I take out the hard drive on my satellite I only see a slot?

Answer:How to install new HDD on Satellite A100?

I do not know which A100 you have but probably your notebook model has HDD with SATA interface.

SATA - Does old HDD has such interface?

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This is general question really but as the end result may be the A100-306 I have placed it here. Could anyone explain why two laptops which look identical and have similar features are called either Satellite or Equium. I have a A100-583 now and thinking of getting a second laptop. I see the Equium has similar features, although has core 2 duo and media centre. However I see other Toshibas similar under the name Satellite. What dictates the naming?

Question 2 relates to the chips. What is the relevance of the number after the chip, in this case T5500. Trying to find the answer is not easy for me at least. Some models do not even appear on the intel site at all now. On another forum I have seen someone describe it like this.

"The Core 2 Duo T5500 is a bottom of the range core 2 duo, which is dual celeron core, so dont expect too much from it".

Are they right?

Any help in explaining the above appreciated

Answer:What is a different between Satellite and Equium A100-306


I am not 100% sure but Equium and Satellite notebooks are actually the same notebooks but Equium is the name for UK market. That?s all! If the hardware configuration is the right one it is not important how the notebook description is.

About processor I can not tell you much but everything you need you will find under

I don?t know why some people write ?don?t expect too much from it?. I am sure you will be very satisfied with notebook performance and if you need more of it you can expand RAM anytime. After doing this the notebook will run definitely faster as before.

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I had to replace the keyboard in my A100 but now after putting the laptop together I am unable to turn it on. When I press the power button nothing happens, no sound is heard. When plugged into AC the LED lights are on for AC (blue) and for the battery (orange).

Unplugged all LED lights are off. I tried removing the battery for a while, as someone suggested in these forums, but that didn't help. I suspect the power button has a loose contact somewhere. The cable that connects the power button to the motherboard is in its place so that shouldn't be the root cause. Is there another way to power it up? What should I do?


Answer:Satellite A100 does not power up

Hi there,

as you have said you have replaced your keyboard recently. This may be the fact your keyboard/power on button is not working.

Please check that you have in fact put the keyboard back properly. If the keyboard is still not the issue and the computer fails to power on, i would suggest taking your computer to an authorised Toshiba service location to avoid further damaging your laptop.

I hope this helps

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I recently had my A100-289 shipped in for repair. Few days later the unit came back to me with a new motherboard.
Unfortunately my OS did not start up any more, so I recovered it from the DVD.

Upon completion of the recovery process, Windows MCE prompted with the "Found New Hardware"-Wizard, that wanted to install a driver for the DVD drive. Usually you don't need drivers for these, do you?

After unsuccessfully searching the net for several hours, I tried to recover once again, so maybe the problem would disappear all by itself, but this was unfortunately not the case, not even after the third recovery.

I tried installing from a clean install disc I was using on my desktop PC before, just to see if it works and uninstall it afterwards. What can I say? It did not work anyway :(
I am writing this from said notebook on which I have Mandriva Linux 2008 installed as secondary OS. The DVD-Drive does work flawlessly here.

I conclude this must be a software issue, that has to do with Windows Maybe there is a way to solve it, but I did not get a working solution yet, though I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both driver and drive several times without any success.

Any ideas?

Answer:No DVD-ROM after Recovery - Satellite A100-289


First of all if you are able to install any of the OS then the CD/DVD drive works and surely it?s not a hardware issue.
So after the installation of the recovery CD you should check the device manger if there are any yellow exclamation marks.
Then you should remove the drive from the device manager and should access the registry.

There remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

and then reboot the notebook.

Good luck

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Is it true that i can change my CPU on Satellite A100-906 ?! For example with Core2 Duo 2.16Ghz ?

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade the CPU of Satellite A100-906?

Hi buddy,

shortly I can say: no

And if you want to know why then read this post. It should answer almost all your questions.

Nice weekend and greetings

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is there any way to add dvi port to this laptop ?
display card is ati mobility radeon x1600 so the chipset
supports dvi and analog component output

is there any way to add dvi port
or component signal output over d-sub port ?


Answer:Satellite A100-192: Is there any way to add DVI port

Hi there,

unfortunately there is no way to add an DVI port to that machine. The problem is there is no adapter for D-sub on dvi and you cannot upgrade the mainboard of your machine with an DVI-connector.

Sorry buddy but thats the fact..


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I think the general sound volume of the A100-454 is too low, any suggestions? Is it a driver problem or do I have to config something?


Answer:Satellite A100-454: I think the sound is low


This cannot be a sound driver problem because if the sound appears the sound card device was recognized and the sound driver was installed successfully.
Is Vista installed on this notebook???

In the control panel in ?Sound? options you will find different sound controls.
You should check if all controls are set to the higher level?

If everything is set to max I assume the sound was set to the max. possible level.
In such case there is no much to do?

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I am running out of memory on my A100-062 on the Vista (C) drive on my notebook (currently 62.6MB/37.1GB left!), however I have 32GB/35.9GB left on the Data (E) drive.

Is it possible to move itunes and my music library onto the D drive where there is more room? Or should I look at upgrading the hdd (internally or externally)

I am a complete novice when it comes to this so *_basic detailed explanations_* on what best to do would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Max1210

Answer:Satellite A100-062 - Upgrade the HDD

Before you buy a new HDD you should try to move the folder ?My documents? on the second partition. Also the mp3 files that you have.
I save my documents, photos, music and so far only on the second partition. On the first partition I install only the programs that I need.

If you want a new HDD it?s your choice if you take an internal or external HDD. On the external HDD you can save your data.

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Hi all, I'm considering upgrading RAM on my *SATELLITE A100-667* (PSAARE-02700DIT). Does anyone knows the maximum amount of ram I can install? Which clock is supported? (553, 667...)

And what about CPU? The notebook comes with an Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T5500 @ 1,66 GHz over Intel i945PM chipset.

Thank you in advance for any information.


Answer:Re: Satellite A100-667 - RAM and CPU upgrade


I think you should also check your user manual regarding RAM upgrades. As far as I know you can upgrade your notebook to 4GB RAM. Therefore you can use DDR2-533 modules. You buy it from an authorized service provider or Kingston modules also recommendable.

The CPU upgrade is not supported. The BIOS and mainboard are only tested with the preinstalled CPU.
Check also similar threads about this question.

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I have a a100-158 and use Windows XP and i installed BIOS 5.9. I've noticed versions bios 5.x are for those who use Vista so the cooler is always working because of Aero interface.

When I had BIOS 1.3 the cooler was quiet but now with 5.9 the cooler does a lot of noise and thats not very confortable for study with the laptoc close to us...

Any chance to fix this?

Answer:Satellite A100-158: fan is always on with BIOS 5.9

The A100-158 belongs to the PSAA9E series and it was delivered with the XP and with Phoenix BIOS am I right?

Well, one question; why did you update the BIOS if the notebook runs correctly. You should know that BIOS update is always risky and should do only as a last resort to fix any problems.

However, I would recommend reinstalling the Toshiba power saver and change the settings in the ?Basic Setup? -> cooling methods

Maybe it helps.

If note you will have to set the BIOS to the early version. But in such case the ASP must be contacted ;(

Good luck

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I'm looking for the right Kingston RAM for my Notebook, Satellite A100-796. At the Support Center I was unable to find anything for my model. It seems unexistent. Could somebody help


Answer:Need Kingston RAM for Satellite A100-796

Did you hear about an invention called; Google? ;)

Something else?

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Hello all,
I need to replace my notebook that I dropped dow a flight of steps, I aint got a big buget and was looking to but the following =11105&PageMode=1&NavigationKey=11105,46400000,461 40000,46020000&InMerch=1&v=2#infoarea

My needs are fairly simple, a dvd burner for my home movies, wireless connection to the web and a fair ram expansion capability. I am not an expert and the info on the website is scarce. Can any of you tell me if this notebook has the above capabilities?

I have put urgent on the title of this post, as I wil be looking to buy this or something similar on this comming monday.

Your help will be appreciated. Have tried contacting DABs but they were no help.


Answer:Need opinion about the Satellite A100


I think this notebook has everything you want.
A DVD burner compatible with all DVD types.
Wireless LAN card which uses all three wireless standards (a/b/g).
The A100's memory can be upgraded to 2GB.
Also upgrading the HDD should be no problem, if necessary.


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Dear All,

Could someone help me?

I bought my Notebook (Satellite A100, PSAA9) with XP in 2007 April.
Yet I installed the Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit OS (with SP1)

The Vista found a lot of drivers for my notebook, but someone is missing.
For example: Virtual Sound driver.

I am found only for XP.
I am not found for Vista.

Could someone give me a good link, where I can find working drivers for Vista?

Thank you!

Gergely Fehr

Answer:Need some drivers for my Satellite A100

What you mean with working drivers? Nave you installed some "non working" drivers? Which one?

The fact is that the list of tools and utilities for WXP and Vista are not the same because some of them do not exist anymore. That's all.

All WELL WORKING drivers, tools and utilities you can find on Toshiba support page under

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Hi, I've got a Satellite A100-454 and:
- in the last months, the laptop gets hot relatively quickly
- since last week, the fan gets hot very quickly, (and all the area under the power and multimedia buttons gets hot too) and the laptop shuts down without any warning.

Since all the area that gets hot is near the fan, i think that this one is damaged, or at least, with many dust. So i ask, how can i clean it (at my responsability, of course)?

Regards, from Portugal

Answer:Cleaning Satellite A100-454's Fan - how to do it?


As you know if you want to clean it up properly you must disassemble your notebook and have access to cooling fan and cooling grill. So the disassembling procedure must be done following disassembling order. Unfortunately ?Maintenance manuals? is not public document so you can follow instructions given on this page.

Of course on your own risk!!!

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Satellite A100-049
I want to buy a pair of headphones for use with this laptop, and also with my home HiFi.

I have two models in mind, but I am not sure of the implications of impedance: one model is 70 ohms and the other is 300 ohms. Would one be more suitable than the other?

I cannot find any information on the Toshiba web sites about headphone socket impedance matching or output. Can anyone help please?

Thanks, John

Answer:Satellite A100-049: What headphones can I use?


Unfortunately, it seems Toshiba does not provide such details about the headphone jacks.
I?m not a headphone guru and I haven?t any big experience with headphone performance but I found a really interesting website about ->

Headphone Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you will find some useful hints?

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Hey all
I have a Satellite A100 - 746. And I want to extend its memory. But I cannot find its specification anywhere on the internet. Not even on Toshiba's website. Its just like that this model doesn't exist and I'm the only one to buy it.
I want to upgrade my RAM and I cannot find any information that up to what memory I can Upgrade, can I upgrade it to 4GB?
And should I use the memory in pairs? Like I have 2 x 512 MB RAM now. I want to remove one 512 MB and put 2GB instead. Will it work? Or I should use in pair?

Anyone who can help me please do, I'm so frustrated.
Thanks alot

Answer:RAM upgrade at Satellite A100- 746

You are right. This notebook model can handle with max 4 GB RAM. You must not use two identical RAM modules. According notebook specification you can use DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G) RAM module. Using two of them you will have fantastic 2 GB RAM and it is more than enough for WXP.

Unfortunately I was not able to find 2 GB RAM module for your notebook.
Do you use WXP or Vista?

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I seem to have misplaced the recovery disc for my laptop and need to set back to original computer settings.
How do i go about getting a new disc?

Answer:How do I get the recovery CD for Satellite A100-549


Bad news buddy: the Recovery CD is not for free!! You cannot download it from the Toshiba website or else where.
If you want to get one then you could order it from the ASP in your country.

It should not be expensive!!

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I have a 478 Intel Celeron? Processor 2.80 GHz, 128K Cache, 400 MHz FSB cpu and wonder if i can put it in my Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 mainboard ati sb450.

If not what can i upgrade my cpu with, thanx

Answer:Satellite A100 - CPU upgrade


Take a look here:

Usually the CPU upgrade is not supported but some users here in the forum were able to upgrade the CPU.

You would have good chances with such upgrade using a CPU from the same family.
Furthermore you should check the chipset properties. It?s important that notebook?s chipset would support the new CPU. Otherwise you will not be able to use it.

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I have a customer who has the Satellite A100 (PSAA2C-LE100E) and its not powering up. He bought a new AC adapter and has tried the battery in and out and still no resolve.

Should there be a light on the front of the Laptop when plugged in and turned off?

Is it hard swapping out the DC IN 19V plug ont he laptop?

Thanx :)

Answer:Satellite A100 does not power up

Is it a Toshiba AC Adapter? If the voltage or polarity is wrong, it can damage the mainboard.

The DC IN light (the power cable icon) should light up when the AC Adapter is plugged in, if the AC Adapter is working. You can use a multimeter to check the volts and amps of the Adapter.

If its not, then it may need a new Mainboard.

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Hi all, looks like a good forum here! I'm looking for information on upgrading the processor on my Satellite A100-521.

The current main specs are:
Intel Celeron-M 360 (1.4Ghz, 400Mhz FSB)
2Gb of PC2-4300 RAM
60GB OCZ Vortex 2 SSD
Windows 7 (Runs fine, albeit without Aero)

So it's the CPU that's the weak link, verified by Windows Experience Index.

I've done some digging and it seems the chipset is the AMD Radeon Xpress 200m which is apparently compatible with some Pentium and Core 2 CPU's: http://en.wikipedia....s_200_for_Intel

Any ideas what I could upgrade to? Doesn't need to be very fast, just a bit quicker with everyday processes....


Answer:CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100-521


Usually the CPU upgrade is very tricky because of the BIOS compatibility.
Even if the chipset would be able to handle new CPU, the BIOS might cause some problems.
But nobody is able to say if notebook would run stable after such upgrade? if you want to be 100% sure, I would recommend choosing an CPU which was already used in the A100 series?
Otherwise it might be possible that new CPU would not be handled by BIOS properly.

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I'm having some trouble with a Tosh. Satellite Pro A100 (Model: PSAACE).

The laptop has been acting a little funny for the last week (powering down on it's own, saying it's running on the battery when pluged in) then today it decided to power off on it's own and will not restart.

Have verified there is power coming out of the mains adapter, have tried with and without the battery present etcetc.. all with no luck..

When I press the power button the only thing that happens is the light with the battery symble next to it flashed orange 11 times (same lengtht flashe
ss each time).

Can anyone shed any light on what is wrong with it? Or waht this error code on the battery light is trying to say?



Answer:Satellite Pro A100 not starting up!


> When I press the power button the only thing that happens is the light with the battery symbol next to it flashed orange 11 times (same length flashes each time).

Hmm? I think it?s a hardware issue. I would say it?s a motherboard problem.
Fact is that the motherboard provides and ?blinking? error code.
This happens only if a serious hardware problem was detected?

Unfortunately, only the ASP can read this code and can find out what this code means but it must be definitely a hardware issue.

In such case an ASP is your last resort.

Good luck

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Hi All,

I own an A100-0FH laptop with the T2050 core duo processor @ 533MHz FSB. I plan to upgrade the CPU to a T2700 core duo @ 667MHz FSB. Does anyone have any information that would prove helpful before I go ahead and complete the upgrade? I have already upgraded the bios and the memory is maxed at 4GB - I just want to make sure the thing will work before I do it. HAs anyone done this upgrade in the past? WIll my cooer handle the extra heat?

Thanks for the input....

Answer:CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100-0FH

This Satellite notebook looks like an Canadian machine?.
Anyway, the CPU upgrade on notebook is very tricky and mostly not possible due to different reasons.
The higher performance and the higher temperature level could be the biggest trouble?

The T2700 2.33Ghz CPU is faster as a T2050 1.6MGhz CPU Core Duo and it produce more heat. So possibly the notebook would not run stable after the upgrade.

Check this Intel page:

So I would really not recommend upgrading the CPU on the notebook.

PS; don?t forget that you will lose the warranty if you would remove the covers and would open the notebook?

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Maybe it is a stupid question, but I am not that good with knowledge when it is about hardware...

I have Satellite A100-153. It's CPU is Intel Centrino Duo T2300 1.66 GHz. So I would like to know is my cpu 64bit or 32bit? Also, if it is 64bit what are advanteges of that type of CPU?

Thank You!

Answer:Satellite A100-153: Is my CPU 64bit?

No, the Generation of your Centrino has no EMT64 (64 Bit). The next generation which production has started at March of this year is now 64 Bit.
The new CPU?s have a similar core like the "Core 2 Duo".

So, the advantages of 64bit are apparent, you have a wider bus which can handle more data at the same time. And more processed data at the same time means a higher processing speed.

But there is just a little problem: the driver support for 64Bit Operating systems is not very good and there aren?t many programs for us end-users which are written in 64Bit. So we have to wait till the software developers and chip manufacturers are going a better way than now.


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when i bought it it has insalled windows vista.
for some reason i prefer windows xp. so i formated my notebook, insalled sucesfully the xp os but there are no drivers.

When i asked the seller why my notebook doesen't have driver CDs for it's hardwere he told me that i shouldn't concern about that becouse downloading the drivers from the internet is a peace of cake.

May i have some help here because i thing that i am doing something wrong.
The matter is't that i cant find any driver refering to my Satellite A100-784 in the web.

The matter is that i can't find the product atall...
looking forward for your reply because i need to fix it soon. it's for professional use.

thank's in advance...

Answer:Need XP drivers for Satellite A100-784


The Toshiba driver page offers drivers for the Satellite A100 series and not for single models like A100-784.
The Satellite A100-784 seems to be a part of the PSAANE series.
Therefore you have to look for this number in the driver download form!!!!

However, I checked this Toshiba driver page and found only a sound driver for this unit!
But don?t worry!!!
The different A100 series are mostly delivered with the same hardware devices and the drivers from other A100 notebooks could be compatible and could run on your unit.

Take my advice and try to install single drivers from different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series. This may help

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Hi.. I'm new to this, so please be patient with me.

I have an 'old' Toshi A100 with Vista which I replaced with what I hoped would be a faster Toshi A660 Win 7 (because I couldn't stand Vista), and decided to try to reset the A100 back to Factory settings so I could give it to my sister.
I had a Product Recovery DVD-ROM which took me all night to figure out how to use...
I worked out that I was restarting from the HDD instead of the DVD.

Anyway, once I got the Recovery Wizard to start successfully... It said it was copying files... copying files... for ages and it came up with an error message which unfortunately I didn't write down, but said something like 'Can't read file' something called SWM?, and a few options to RETRY or SKIP, I hit RETRY but it came up again so I hit SKIP.

Away it went Copying files again... then it came up with an Error message again, I didn't write it down again, but the DVD ejected, so I then pushed it back in. Then it said,
'Bootmgr Missing'

Now, I can't seem to restart the process of recovering anything.

Do I have a faulty Disk?

How do I recover from this now???

Answer:Recovering old Satellite A100

If I?m remembering well old A100 can be recovered with recovery DVD only. At this time Toshiba didn?t have HDD recovery option.
I really don?t know how you can start recovery installation from HDD. As far as I know with original Toshiba recovery image something like this is not possible.

If you have original recovery disc use it for OS installation. Before you start it set BIOS to default settings, restart notebook, press F12 on next start-up to enter Boot menu. Put recovery DVD into optical disc drive, choose CD/DVD drive in the menu and press ENTER. Optical disc drive should start to read the disc and you should see recovery options on the screen.

Can you do this please and send some feedback?

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Hi all

I want to extend my ram memory to 2GB.. Can anyone help to decide which memory to buy?? Either 2x1GB or a single 2GB?

Does anyone know if this memory is compatible with my chipset?

Kingston HyperX 1Gb 675Mhz DDR 2 Computer Memory Non ECC

Thank you very much.
I would appreciate any guidance and advice.

Answer:RAM extension for Satellite A100-756


it?s better to take 2x1GB, it has something to do with compability. So, is this HyperX memory for notebooks? I have Kingston HyperX in my desktop and I didn?t know that this series was manufactured for mobile systems, too.

Can you plz post a link where these memory modules are available?



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I bought a Satellite A100 a while back, and it came with XP already installed. Over the years I have collected (unwittingly) various viruses and the like and now I want to reformat the disk.

Problem is, when I try to access the partition as described in the FAQ; I hold the 0 button and boot up, the laptop beeps but then boots up as normal.

Because I am not the only user, it was possible that the partition was compromised if another user had opened the drive and deleted what he/she thought was malicious or useless software.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Reinstalling XP on Satellite A100 without CD

>Problem is, when I try to access the partition as described in the FAQ; I hold the 0 button and boot up, the laptop beeps but then boots up as normal.

As far as I know this procedure works only with some Toshiba Australian notebooks and only if the notebook has been equipped with HDD recovery partition.
I?m not quite sure if your A100 has been equipped with such HDD partition but I think this should be mentioned in your user manual.

If the notebook does not contain such HDD partition then you will have to use an installation disk in order to install the OS on the HDD.

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My notebook A100-233 gives a message

"system dll uses 32.dll was relocated in memory. This application may not run properly, the vendor should be contacted for a new dll".

This probably occurred after defragmentation but I could not detect any defect in working.

Now, should I defragment or stop degragmentation frequently.
I cannot use recovery disc for the fear of losing updates.

Answer:Dll issues with Satellite A100-233

Hey! this problem is not a problem anymore you will find the solution to this link

Issue had already been brought to forum and many Toshiba users found the answer.

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Dear All

I have a notebook and when I turn on could not found operation system error apears.

I wanted to revcovery, but when I want to do it preaze in the first step.

Also I wanted to do installation with new XP but I cannot delete drive C and install new windows.

I was wondering if you help me

Answer:Re: Need help recover the Satellite A100-522


If you want to recover the notebook using the Toshiba recovery disk then you have to put the disk into the CD/DVD drive and have to boot from this disk.

You can press the F12 button while powering on and the boot menu will appear.
Then choose the ODD (CD/DVD drive) as a boot source and the installation should start.
Then follow the instruction on the screen.

You can also use the original Windows CD for the OS installation.
You should boot from the XP CD and you will see that the setup will start.

But note buddy; if you will be not able to start the installation then an HDD fault is possible. I got a message that the OS was not found on the HDD and this issue was related to the HDD malfunction.

In such case the HDD shoul be replaced

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I have a problem with a question mark that appears next to the SM Bus in the Control Panel and I can't get rid of it. What is more, I have found out that due to this problem I cannot connect my mobile phone (Nokia) via USB cable (mouse works ok, though).

Now, I tried to find some sort of chipset drivers on the Toshiba EU download site, but there just aren't any! What is more - there's no such group (am I missing something??). I've tried to update the driver via Windows Update - of course, it won't bugde.

Could someone give me hint regarding this? I am a total loss, and I need my phone connected quite urgently.


With regards

Message was edited by: Pakna

I tried to install the Intel Chipset INF for this device - it does nothing. I really don't know what to do....

Answer:Satellite A100-529 SM Bus problem

Hello Pakna

It is really strange that you have those problems with almost latest and newest notebook. What did you done with it? As far as I know the unit is preinstalled with recovery image and after first start the hardware configuration is perfect.

It is really not necessary to install any additional driver. I recommend you to use delivered recovery media and reinstall the OS. On this way you will have factory settings again and no more entries in device manager.

If you don?t want to do this please visit Toshiba download site and there you will find everything you need.

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Help please.

I've got the above but no recovery discs. How do I get these or can I recover without them. I have tried using the boot up menu option but it will not let me as it comes up woth an error message saying that the appication couldn't be started.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Answer:Recovery on Satellite A100-062

If you don't have original Toshiba recovery disc you can install supported operating system using Microsoft installations CD.
All drivers, tools and utilities for your Satellite A100 you can download from Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads.

I don't know if you can order recovery for this notebook model but check it under

Bye and good luck!

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HI there.
I've got a Satellite Pro A100-PSAA3E and I'm trying to connect it so that it displays on my tv.
Ive tried connecting it through the S-Video out port on my laptop to the TV via a S-Video to SCART cable and neither the laptop or the tv are picking anything up.
I've tried every input on my TV, even rebooted the laptop with the TV already on and set to every input.
I have also tried using a VGA-video cable and have gotten no further, even after trying everyhint i can think of.
As far as I am aware I have the latest drivers and have tried everything I can think of.
When ever i go into Display-Settings-Advanced-Displays, the box for the TV is completely greyed out and unclickable.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Connecting a Satellite Pro A100 to a TV?


On this forum you can find so many postings how to connect notebook to the TV. Most of them are placed under MULTIMEDIA section. One of them is

The principle is the same for all notebook models. Please check this thread.

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Hello, i want to install windows XP on my notebook and i need all drivers.


Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A100-02B


Check the Toshiba European driver page.
There you will find different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series.

Fact is that many units from Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series were delivered with same devices.
Therefore it should be possible to use single drivers from these series.

Check all?.

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I have a Satellite A100-447 bought a couple of years ago and only really use it for the internet and to store MP3 filesc.

However, I notice that my C drive keeps getting full for no reason - I am not saving to that drive.
Is this a problem with Vista or my Laptop automatically saving things there without me know?

I share the notebook with another user if this makes any difference but again, they only use it for the same purpose as me.

My username gives away the fact that I know very little about computing!

Answer:Satellite A100-445 - HDD getting full

What should I say?
I don?t know how much files you have saved on the notebook and I also don?t know how much files the other user have saved on it.

Normally a Windows Vista installation needs up to 8GB so I think your HDD is not to small and I doubt that Windows saves automatically files that you don?t know.
I think in your case you should begin to delete files that you don?t need, for example temporary internet files, cookies, ?
Furthermore you could save your data on external devices like USB sticks or external HDDs.

It?s your choice what you do

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The spec for the Satellite Pro A100-840 says the memory has a maximum of 4 GB of memory. But there does not seem to be any memory supplied by Toshiba which allows me to upgrade to 4 GB. It current has the default 1gn which was shipped when ordered. Anyone knows how to get from the 1 GB to 4 GB?

Many Thanks in advance of any help

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite Pro A100-840


I just wanted to check notebook specification but I was not able to find Satellite Pro A100-840. Can you please check notebook model and please send us notebook model number.

Anyway I really do not understand what your problem is. It seems to be that your notebook model can handle with max 4 GB RAM. According to your posting your notebook is delivered with 1 GB of RAM.

So if you want to use maximum RAM on your Satellite notebook you must buy 2X2 GB RAM module. As far as I know 2 GB RAM module are available and if you want to be sure about compatibility please check Kingston products.

Please check this Kingston Memory configurator

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I am a complete novice - I have a Satellite Pro A100 - PSAAPE laptop

It says it has a sound card installed but I cannot get any sound from it

I have tried following the troubleshooter but I still cannot get it to work

Any advice appreciated


Answer:No Sound on Satellite Pro A100

Sorry, but could you specify your problem more exactly. I mean, sorry, when I tell you my car does not drive - do you know where the problem is? ;)

So, what I need to know is:

- which OS is installed?
- did you installed the newest drivers?
- did you already tried to recover your machine?
- since when does the sound stopped working?
- did the sound work before?
- did you recently installed some new software pieces?

If you can give me some more information about that than I can maybe help you...


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My Satellite A100 laptop battery is has for the last year been showing signs of a gradually reducing life.
But I can't for the life of me figure out which battery to buy on the Toshiba web sites Peripherals section under Power Options.
Any advise, welcome.

Also my laptop has started to become extraordinarily hot - would that have something to do with the battery life getting reduced ?


Answer:Need to buy a new battery for a satellite A100 - don't know which one!

you can search the model number in your battery and buy the same model. My Toshiba A100-383 battery has this Model Number: PA3399U-2BRS, I don't know if yours has this number too.

Heat is a big problem for Li-Ion batteries.Anyway, you should check if the temperature of your laptop is abnormal(maybe a fan doesn't work or it's dirty) because it can affect to other components.

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Please could some1 tell me if i have a built in mic on my Satellite A100-225 core duo T2300 1600Ghz laptop.
I have tried to find out if i have one by going in volume,properties and voice but without any joy.

I've even tried the sound recorder.

Answer:Does Satellite A100-225 has built-in mic?

I dont think it does. I searched for A100-225 and found this brochure saying that it has an external mic port. No mention of an Internal Mic. &ACTION=PRINT_WITH_BACK& w=Yes&PRODUCT_ID=116145

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Hello, can someone tell me what AC Adapter I need for the A100-848 .


Answer:Satellite Pro A100-848 - Which AC adapter I need?

Hi glav100,

I have checked the Toshiba Accessories homepage and I founded out that you need the following AC/DC adaptor:
PA2521U/E-2ACA and it has the following specifications: 15V 6A 90W

You can order it from an authorized service provider: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

I hope I could help you! :)

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I need a motherboard (V000068860) to Toshiba A100-599. I can't find any mb on ebay. Where can i find that item? Do you know any sites with toshiba parts?

Answer:I need Motherboard for Satellite A100-599

You can order a compatible motherboard for the Toshiba notebook from the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.
Contact the guys and ask for such compatible part.

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I have a Sattelite a100-635 laptop with 1024 mb DDR2-533 RAM. Is it possible to use the DDR2-667 RAM modules instead of 533 in this model ? Thank you.

P.S. I doubt because all the sattelite laptops I've seen so far were equipped with 533 modules by default. Yet the chipset does officially support DDR2-667 modules (Intel 945GM).

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Answer:Satellite A100-635: Is it possible to use RAM DDR2-667


I'm not 100% sure, but as the website says it will not work, I think you can trust them, and it doesn't work.
But if you want to try it, please post the result here.


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I am trying to reformat my Toshiba Satellite A100 using the Product Recovery disc provided from the box. In the instruction booklet, it instructs me to place the disc into the drive, power the notebook up whilst holding F12 and let go of the button once I see the Toshiba screen. I did this successfully and went ahead and chose the CD/DVD option to boot under, after that, it says something like it was loading ____ but once it had loaded, it just restarts the notebook and boots up the operating system thereafter.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Answer:Trying to reformat Satellite A100


In my eyes you did nothing wrong. If you want to perform the installation from the Recovery CD you have to boot from them.

There is also another way to boot from the CD.
Try to insert the CD into the drive and power up the notebook. Then press the ?C? button immediately after notebook starting.
This should enable the booting from the CD.

If it is not possible to boot from the recovery CD either the drive cannot read the data from the recovery medium or the CD surface is corrupt.

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My laptop will just down for no reason and at different times?
The fan seems to be working and I have reinstalled windows but it still happens -

Any ideas

Answer:Satellite A100 just shuts down


Did you notice a higher temperature?
Notebook could shuts down automatically because of the higher temperature.
This is necessary to prevent the notebook parts from damage.

If the cooling grilles are clogged, then the air cannot circulate properly and this will lead to a high temperature and to shut downs.

So clean the cooling grilles using compressed air spray? this helps mostly!

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When i bought my Toshiba A100 last year it didnt come with an install cd, i now want to rebuild my laptop to get it all cleared out and running fast again.

How do i go about getting a Windows XP Professional cd that will work with the cd key on the underneath of the laptop?

Thanks for ya help!!

Answer:Need WXP installations CD for Satellite A100


It the whole story one thing is very strange for me: why you have wait so long time and now after a year you need some advice? I suggest you to contact authorized service partner in your country. They can order new recovery DVD for your notebook.

> How do I go about getting a Windows XP Professional cd that will work with the cd key on the underneath of the laptop?

As far as I know this will not work. Every OS copy has own product key and your key can not be used with every installations CD you use.

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Hi all...

I have big problem... After I opened my Toshiba, everything was working fine. Purpose of disassembling my laptop was reseting CMOS password and that went well. While it was opened, computer was working just fine but after some time, maybe 5min, computer begin to make some problems to my head :)

Now, I can see that after I press POWER ON/TURN ON computer begins to power, cooler is spining, it is trying to boot from DVDROM, but there is no picture on screen even when I connect it to external display. I havent done anything with GPU so it should be OK.
Is there maybe some kind of "mine" or how to say, something that should be pressed that should make it work ok again before booting?


Answer:Satellite A100-912 - Will not boot


Why did you disassemble your notebook?

However, check if the RAM is placed correct in the slot and put it in again.

Try to remove the battery and AC/DC adaptor, wait up to 1 hour and then connect the battery and AC/DC adaptor. Try to start the notebook again.

In worst case there is something wrong with the mainboard and it must be replaced. :(


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I try to connect my TV set to my A100 using
S-Video port on the left side of my computer,
S-video cable and S-Video/Peritel adaptator
but nothing occurs, no change of image on my TV set (I use the TV peritel port on which a DVD player is usally connected and well run)

there is no sound too even if I connect the computer's audio output port with de S-Video/peritel adaptator (which has two audio ports LH/RH) through an audio adaptator cable.

Is there an other procedure to be run on my computer to have PC Video on my TV set ? or my connection is wrong ?

Thank for your help.

Answer:Connection to TV set with Satellite A100

With peritel you mean the scart adaptor. Am I right???

I have also connected my notebook to the TV with the s-video cable.
On one end it?s an s-video plug and on second end it?s a scart plug.

Usually you have to use the FN+F5 button for switching to the second display or TV.
If it does not help you have to enable the s-video on the TV. But newer TV generation should support it automatically.
Another possibility is an usage of s-video to composite adaptor. Such cable you can buy from every HiFi/TV dealer.

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My fan does not work anymore.
Is someone has already changed it ? Is it easy ?
I don't find the fan model in the specifications product. Where can i find the model ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Answer:Re: Fan out and how to change it on Satellite A100-309?


It?s a little bit tricky to change the fan on notebooks and on this too. I think this should be done from a notebook technician because it must be removed a lot of screws.

In your case I would visit the nearest authorized service provider. They can order a new fan and exchange it.
This would be the easiest way for you.


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Hello everybody,

My Satellite A100-409 tends to overheat after a few minutes of use, just checking my mail or browsing on the internet, so simple and normal use.
The mouse-pad tends to overheat as well. I try to keep my notebook free of dust, but this is not helping and my left leg is burning!
Has anyone any ideas on what can be, and how to solve this problem? The use of a hassock is not an option!

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestions

Answer:Re: Satellite A100-409 tends to overheat


Does your notebook shut down automatically?
If you didn?t notice any unexpected shut downs, then the notebook doesn?t overheat!!

> The mouse-pad tends to overheat as well
My touchpad is warm too. This is nothing unusual due to the internal notebook temperature!
The notebook parts like CPU and GPU produce a lot of warmness and therefore the other parts can be warm too.

> I try to keep my notebook free of dust, but this is not helping and my left leg is burning
I see you don?t use the notebook on the table! This is the main reason why the notebook cannot be cooled properly and why the notebooks temperature increases!!!

Listen, the cooling grilles are placed at the bottom of the unit and they must be free!!! This is very important to ensure a properly cooling and properly fresh ait circulation!!!
Furthermore it should be always enough free space around the notebook even if the notebook was placed on the desk.

So don?t use it in bed, couch, sofa etc?. this is not advisable and very risky because the notebooks cooling module cannot work as it should.


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I install two modules Kingston KTT533D2 (2G). BIOS detect only 3 GB.

What to do?

Answer:Only 3 GB of RAM recognized on my Satellite A100-192


Maybe this can help

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Anyone that know the maximum capacity on harddrive for this laptop? Original is 100GB, is it possible to upgrade to 320GB?


Answer:Satellite Pro A100-302: What is max HDD size?


I think it should be possible to use an bigger HDD size.
The notebook supported an SATA controller and in my personal opinion you should be able to use SATA HDDs 250GB or 320GB


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i'm having problems with my toshiba laptop, all of a sudden the other day it wouldn't turn on, instead when the power button is held three lights turn on...the caps lock light and the lights below the f10 and f11 keys, when plugged into ac power the battery light glows orange,

i have tried removing the moemory models and the hard drive but to no avail, nothing changes.

any help would be much appreciated.

thanks, tom

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 won't power up


Try to remove the battery and AC/DC adaptor and wait up to 1 hour. Then connect the AC/DC adaptor and battery again. Try it!

If doesn?t work you should contact a local ASP. The notebook should be checked by a notebook technician.


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I bought this laptop last year October and now when I try to restart, it will not restart but the fan is running.

Please help. Do I need to send this for repair?

I bought this from and I do not have any receipt but I have a dispatch note written I bought this laptop but there is no prices there. Serial number is written.


Answer:Satellite A100 - Can't restart.


just a question? Did you tried to reinstall (recover) your whole system? If not, then I suggest you to try this at first, because it can be that you just have a software-related problem.

Would be nice to have more information relating your machine (installed software, behaviour under specific situations, etc..)


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Where can i find drivers for Windows XP 64-bit drivers for my laptop, Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 (PSAACE) Series? I was looking on
[this site|], but there are only for 32-bit version of Windows XP.

Thank you

Answer:Need WXP 64-bit drivers for Satellite Pro A100

Yes, you are right? on the Toshiba European driver page you will find only XP and Vista 32bit drivers.
It looks like the Vista 64bit drivers are not released especially for this notebook series.

But don?t give up buddy;
Many notebooks series are equipped with the same devices. SO try some single Vista 64bit drivers from other series which supports the same devices.

Furthermore you can search on some external 3rd party websites for Vista 64bit drivers.
Many chip manufacturers provides the own Vista 64bit drivers for own devices.


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Hello ,

I installed XP on my laptop like 2 months ago and I think I almost downloaded al of the drivers expect the RGB Driver which I realized today when I tried to connect it to a LCD... Where can I find the driver for it can somebody help... ?

Answer:Need RGB Driver (XP) for Satellite A100-599

I suppose you need the VIDEO driver since I never heard for a RGB driver. The VIDEO (or known as VGA) driver is usually available at the toshiba driver website, so I don?t understand why you need such one if you already downloaded all available drivers.

Could you exactly describe whats happening when you try to connect an external screen?

Would appreciate the feedback from you. :)


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i have a Toshiba Satelitte a100-768
is it possible to upgrade the cpu ?
i would buy a merom cpu, and install that one...
or is the cpu soldered to the motherboard ?!

kind regards

Answer:Satellite A100-768: Cpu upgrade?, watch this. may be helpful for you.sorry for my english.
edit : if the link dont work go to homepage and search for satellite

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Hi there

I have an A100 and it is under 12 months old and has started shutting down although. it does not actually shut down the screen goes blank but is still on. All the power indicators are on but it won?t do anything.

The only thing I can do is to remove the battery pack and restart it. It does not seem to matter how long I have been using it as it has done it after 20 mins or a lot longer.

Answer:Satellite A100-583 keeps shutting down


Mhhh?. According to this description the Satellite A100 starts freezing after several time. This looks like an overheating issue! Mostly the temperature increases to a higher level because the cooling module fans could not rotate and could not cool the notebook parts with full performance.

Well, you could try to clean the fans using the vacuum cleaner hose against the cooling grilles. Mostly this simple procedure helps.
But listen dude?. This can be done only at your own risk! I see you notebook is not old and maybe the warranty could be valid!

So in your case it?s advisable to contact the service guys in your country.
They could clean the notebook professionally!!!

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My A100-812 has got serious issues.
First of all it doesn't seem to work without notebook cooler.

But the reason why I'm here is that my Core Duo T2250 scores just 3.4 on Vista basic score.
According a developer that's too low for this type and he suggests that's a production error.

I already updated my BIOS and CPU drivers.

Dearest regards,

Answer:Satellite A100-812: CPU scores low


Why do you think the Vista score is too low??

The Intel Dual-Core Mobile Processor T2250 supports 1733MHz and FSB 533 MHz. But it does not support the Virtualization Technology.
I?ve got a similar CPU which run with 1.7Ghz (~1700Mhz) and I?ve got a Vista experience of 3.6. So it's not a big difference

But I wonder about this comment;
> First of all it doesn't seem to work without notebook cooler.

What do you mean exactly? Do you mean that your notebook overheats?

In such case I presume the CPU does not work with full performance to prevent a higher internal temperature?
In your case I would check if the cooling modules are not clogged and if dust and debris prevent the fans from cooling.

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Hi everybody,

Sorry for my English but I'm French. I'll try to do my best to describe my problem.

I bought Satellite A100 2 months ago.
After I finished installing Vista, I changed the partition of my hard disk, I put some MB from my C: to my D:
I installed OpenOffice 2.0 and that's all.

Nearly everyday my laptop freeze: there's only one reaction it's when I shut down it by the power button.
This problem occur when:
- I do nothing
- The computer goes in the sleeping mode
- I work on open office
- I use IE7

I done the updates of Vista (the family edition) and the driver of the graphic card is the last one from NVIDIA.

Someone has the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A100 freezes


Hmm...not easy to say why the A100 freezes. I think the 3rd party application could has a bad influence on the Vista. Also the changed C partition could cause such issue.

In my opinion you should recover the notebook using the Toshiba Recovery CD.
Then use and work on the notebook (without installation of 3rd party) to check if the notebook will freeze using the factory settings!

If the notebook will run correctly and without any breakouts then the hardware is not faulty and the problems are related to the software and single programs.

In such it's not advisable to install and to use such programs. ;)

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when I was working on my A100-233 it suddenly hanged up, only the touch pad was working. I try to Alt Ctrl Del but no use. After that the laptop start peeping (one long peep) until I shut it down by the power.
When I restart it , the windows didn't start (black screen) even in the safe mode (it listed some files and stop there).

Finally I tried to re-install windows by its recovery CD. The CD stop after loading and display "pleas wait"
Also I try to boot form MS-DOS ok. But there was no hard disk (C: D: E: ) nothing.

But the BIOS recognize the hard disk also when I connect my hard disk to a USB on another computer it was working I saw all the data.

So what is happening to my laptop.

Answer:Satellite A100-233 does not boot the Win XP

Enter BIOS settings, set them to default and try to install OS using recovery media again.

When you start your notebook press F12. Is the HDD drive listed there?

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My laptop is a Toshiba A100-496

The Sound controller is a Realtek High Definition Audio.

Did originally make sound, but no longer.

Have updated to last version of drivers from Toshiba Support website but no sound still!

Looked in Device Manager and it says the hardware is working.

I cannot resolve this problem, can anyone else help me?

Answer:Re: No sound on my Satellite A100-496


Did you check if you have not muted the sound accidentally?
Please check this!!!
You can unmute the sound in control panel -> sound or by pressing the keys FN + ESC


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