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FN key of Satellite A350-10b doesn't work

Question: FN key of Satellite A350-10b doesn't work

I have the same problem... I've tried everything. I have reinstalled Windows 7 on my A350-10b, and what is strange, some of the FN-keys like Sound On/Off or Brightness controll works fine, but only until I install VAP. Then Fn doesn't work :/

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Preferred Solution: FN key of Satellite A350-10b doesn't work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: FN key of Satellite A350-10b doesn't work


You need the Flash Card support Utility for Win 7!
Choose the one released for L500!

Firstly install VAP then the Flash Card support Utility. Both tools should be compatible with Win 7!
Reboot the unit and then test it again.

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FN key doesn't work. please

Answer:FN key by Satellite A350-200 doesn't work

Reinstall VAP (Value Added Package) and it will works again.

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Right next to the power button there are 6 touch buttons.
Normally they light when I press them if the computer lights are off and if all the lights are on the button I pressed blinks.

Now the other lights (like the one that says TOSHIBA) still work but I can no longer use those buttons.
I have already installed Value Added Package and it has changed nothing.

Can someone tell me what to do and how to make them work again?


Answer:Satellite A350-22E EasyMedia touchpad doesn't work


As you already mentioned, the VAP (value added package) controls these buttons.
So I think the new installation of VAP should help to get these buttons working again.
Not sure why this didn?t help in your case but I think you should try to reinstall this package once again.

Before installing the VAP, you should uninstall the old version.
Do that and clean the registry using other tool like CCleaner.
After that reboot the notebook and install the latest version of VAP.
I assume you are using the Win 7. So check and download the VAP released for newer Satellite A series.

Good luck

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I have installed Windows 7 64 on my Toshiba A350-13C laptop.
During installation I used USB mouse. After installation I noticed that touchpad doesn't work. I downloaded Synaptics driver for W7 from toshiba download site but it didn't help. Then I downloaded original Synaptics driver from their site but it didn't help too. In Device Manager there is Touchpad Pointing Dev. and it looks like I would work fine. The same tells me the synaptics tray agent. However, when I click on it's icon - > Accesories -> Pressure graph (or similar name - I translated it from my lang), it returns an error message: Sorry, this program requires Synaptics TouchPad device and Synaptics pointing driver. What's going on?

I also downloaded Toshiba Value Added Package for W7 and installed. HoweverPower Saver doesn't work (I reinstalled TVAP but it fixed nothing). In start menu there's no shortcut to PS, like there are shortcuts to other apps from Value Added Package. PS service seems to be running but main program doesn't run when I double click on it in Program files\Tosh.... folder.
What is more, I have 3 unknown devices in Dev. Manager. I have no idea what it is because all dev. (except touchpad) work fine. I also installed Intel chipset drv., Realtek HD Audio, Intel Storage, Ati graphic drv. but it didn't help.
I guess these 3 unknown devices may be really one device in fact, because all are: primary system device on PCI bus 32.

Please help.

Answer:Touchpad and Power Saver doesn't work - Satellite A350

>I downloaded Synaptics driver for W7 from toshiba download site but it didn't help
Can you please tell me where you found Synaptics driver on Toshiba download page for Satellite A350-13C
I can?t see this driver on the list.

I don't know which notebook you used before but since Vista Power Saver is a little bit different and you cannot find it in start menu but in advanced power options.
About unknown devices I cannot tell you much because I don't know which drivers you have installed and which are missing. Simply install all of them.

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The chicony web camera doesn't work on my toshiba Satellite A350-12d and windows 7 64 bit..

I always get different errors like
"graph render fail"
"the device is locked by another program"

I tried many things and look on a lot of posts but nothing works. I have installed many drivers and programs to solve it but nothing works.
at first the camera was ok but now nothing seems to help and the camera is down..

can you help me??


Answer:Chicony webcame doesn't work on Satellite A350-12d and Win 7 64bit

I got A350 also and Win 7 64bit and installed drivers from here and works good (only some white stripes are showing but camera works normally). Install also ATI drivers for graphic card . That should be ok.

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My CD drive does not appear in My Computer and no longer works



Answer:Satellite A350 CD/DVD drive doesn't appear

Hi denis,

Is it maybe listed with yellow exclamation mark in device manager? With error code 19? I ask this because in the Microsoft Knowledge Base I have founded this interesting article:

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if the drive is recognized in BIOS or not because in worst case you have to replace the whole drive.

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firstly i want you to forgive my broken english (it's not my mother tongue)

I have installed Windows 8.1 on my old (but very good) *Satallite A350-122 PSAL6E-02300SFR* and i was really satisfied till i tried to install my drivers downloaded from the Toshiba support center. No one were made for Windows 8.1 x64 but some could finally be installed but the others like the webcam and mouse drivers don't; so i looked for it on internet but it seems like they (Toshiba) didn't thought some one can some day install that OS on that computer espacialy.

So my question is: Can some one help me with it? i would be very gratefull.


Answer:Why some WIn 8.1 drivers don't work on Satellite A350-122?

This old Vista notebook is not supported for Win8 so Toshiba doesn't offer any driver, tool or utility for it. Generally speaking webcam driver doesn't exist anymore and Toshiba doesn't offer it for Win8.
Webcam driver is part of the Win8 system.
>... it seems like they (Toshiba) didn't thought some one can some day install that OS on that computer espacialy.
Toshiba cannot offer support for all notebook models, especially models offered long time ago.
I have the same model and use it with Win7 32bit. It is fully supported and works perfectly.
I really don't understand why do you use Win8 on this old piece of hardware.

My advice for you is to use Win7 on it.

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Hi guys!

I'm running at Satellite A350 04T with windows Vista 64bit. I recently downloaded Toshiba's Value Added Package to fix my multimedia key problem but now I have another problem. My secondary functions for the 'F' keys won't work. I can't dim the screen or put my computer on mute by hitting Fn and then pressing an 'F' button. Does anyone have any idea?


Answer:Satellite A350-04T - FN keys won't work

Were they working before?

Did you install the correct TVAP for your specific model? Or from another model?

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Hello, at first, sorry for my english:).

I have Toshiba Satellite A350-13A model and really big trouble with it: when I switch it on by the power button, power lamp is starting to shine, I can hear voice of fan for a secound - then it stops and i notice that HDD is starting to work - I can hear it and see by flashing lamp next to battery lamp, CD drive is working too, but nothing else happens. There's nothing on monitor. It looks like bios isn't starting. Let me explain what have I been doing when it all started. My computer has been working correctly but there have been a little mess on my HDD so I recovered system from recovery CDs, which I've made after buying computer. Everything was ok, system works correctly, so I started to install my software. I didn't uninstall this factory-installed program for system optimizing which is (I can't remember it's name now, but I mean this program which shows you updating for your drivers - I remember that there were updates for face recognition, video etc.) I installed all of updates that this program shows, including BIOS update. When I was done with installing these updates, I noticed that my keyboard is not working - with any button.

By the time, windows ended to doing it's update, so I switched "Turn on system again" from the windows start menu by the mouse. Then system closed itself, I saw that windows is updating itself like it always do after downloading updates, but when it all came to the end and computer sho... Read more

Answer:Satellite A350 doesn't start - BIOS failure or mainboard crash?

The caps lock light might not work if the BIOS is bad. It does sound like the BIOS is bad. First, I recommend that you see if the computer is under warranty. If it is, then let Toshiba fix it for you.

If it's not, then you might have success with Crisis Recovery Disk. I don't have any A350, but I have used Crisis Recovery with lots of dead Toshiba's, and it sometimes works. There is more information [here|] but be careful, because this method can make a good BIOS go bad.

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I bought a new Satellite A350 13a notebook about a year ago with a Win Vista Premium Home (Hungarian) Os installed on it. It worked just fine.

Not so long time ago, I upgraded to Win 7/32 bit (Hungarian) OS and it seems that I lost the FN+F functions. If I push the FN button together with any F key (eg. FN+F6) nothing happens. I can't disable the touch pad either (FN+F9).
The only two functions which reacts together with FN are the numbers (FN+F11) and the arrows (FN+F10).
I have already checked the Alps Pointing Device driver and it says it's working properly and up-to-date). I also read the Thread of NVDIA, "Satellite A350 - Cannot disable touch pad Posted: 17-Jun-2009 22:11" but I did become wiser. Probably I am too blond for things like this. (I'd like to apologize in advance to the blonds for this remark).
Could you please give me some suggestions.
A quick answer would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
Regards, Leves

Answer:Re: Keyboard FN+F1/12 functions don' work on Satellite A350

These FN options are controlled by Flash card utility and this utility is part of ?Vale Added Package?. Visit Toshiba download page and install latest VAP version.

If VAP is already installed remove it from the system, restart your notebook and install latest version.

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I installed Win XP on my Satellite A350-20J.
All is working good, and only 6 keys do not work =\

They lights, but when i press nothing happens =(
I tried find drivers on yours site, but i didnot.

Please help me fix that. (maybe there are some drivers or software i need).

Answer:Satellite A350-20J - 6 multimedia keys on top don't work on Win XP


The Win XP driver for Satellite A350 are not available at this time? didn?t find anything on the Toshiba European driver page.
In order to use these buttons you will need the driver, tool called Controls.

I found such driver/tool for Satellite A300.

Try it and maybe it will work on your A350.

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My play, stop, back and forward buttons work, but the mute and the media player buttons won't work. I'm running Vista 64-bit.

I downloaded the latest BIOS and that didn't seem to work. Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite A350-04T - Multimedia keys will not work


I had the same problem that my multimedia keys stopped working. I have searched a little bit here in forum and I decided to reinstall the Value Added Package. You can download it here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Before you reinstall the newest version, remove the old one first and restart the notebook. Then reinstall the newest version.

Did it work for you too?

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Hi all, i have some problems with my FN keys, my touchpad doesnt work anymore, in addition to this, when I push the FN key, I dont see any icon on the top of screen.. Two days ago all of this was working properly.. An error is given by the program called Tossiba assist, its written exactly so: this system cant use accesibility.. Could you please help about this problem?
My operation system is Windows vista 32 bit (service pack 1)

Finally, sorry for my English, if I make any mistakes, it is not my native language..

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A350-212 - touchpad doesnt work anymore

Try to restart flash cards.
Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash Cards

After doing this press FN button several times to see if Flash Cards are shown on the top of the screen again.
If you will see Flash Cards again use FN+F9 key combination to enable touch pad again.

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I installed Windows 7 x64 on my Satellite A350-ST3601 laptop and I have a problem with Fn keys.. Simply they don't work no more..
I updated the BIOS via ACPI Flash BIOS version 2.20 to latest BIOS, installed all hardware drivers from Toshiba Support page and installed the Toshiba Value Added Package (TVAP) for Windows 7/Vista (64) v1.2.27_64 and nothing.
I uninstalled TVAP and installed it again and nothing. I even tried with Utility Support Driver and Registry Patch for Devices And Printers and nothing again.
I even tried "Restart flash card" solution with no result.

Can somebody help me plz? I am desperate about this problem because I use Fn keys a lot?

Answer:Re: Satellite A350-ST3601 - Fn keys don't work on Windows 7


After Value Added Package installation you have also to install ?Flash Cards Support Utility?. Please search on the Toshiba page for this tool.
You can also search for other notebook models but it must be released for Windows 7, as far as I know the old version for Vista will not work.

Check this!!!

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Hi everyone

I have problem with my FN keys. I installed Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and now I cannot use FN keys anymore.
If I uninstall value added package FN work but multimedia keys didn?t work and when I installed value added package multimedia keys work but FN didn?t work.

Please help me I wrote this from Turkey please help me.

Answer:FN keys don’t work on Satellite A350-22z with Win7 (PSAL6E)

Have you upgraded preinstalled Vista or you have made clean Win7 installation?

Last week I?ve installed clean Win7 on my Satellite A300 (similar to your 350) and everything works well and I can use flashcards with FN+ESC- F9 key combination.
>If I uninstall value added package FN work...
I don't believe this. For well working FN VAP must be preinstalled. So download VAP version 1.2.28 for your notebook model and restart it when installation is finished.
The go to START > ALL Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash Cards.

Try to use them again. It must work.

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My operation system iswindows xp sp3 32bit. If use downloaded driver from Toshiba webside, I can not play games like Grandtheft well.
after search web, eventually I got ATI 10.6 installed. Now the game is running very smoother, never skip. cheers.

Answer:Satellite A350 - Mobile HD3650 work fast with new ATI 10.6 driver

Thank you for this useful info.
Can you please send us link from download page where you found this display driver?

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They used to work but I have no idea when they stop to work. I search with Google and someone said if you can re-install the Value Added Package, you should solve the problem but it didnt work for me. Stupid Toshiba tech asked me to go their reparie center and I told him that is is the best idea I have ever head. It will only take me 1 hour to get there.

Some one can help me with this? I know this is some problem of sofware probaly I chagned something..


Answer:Re: Satellite A350 - Mute button, DVD play, pause don't work


I had a similar issue few weeks ago and reinstallation of the Value Added Package could solve the issue.
I have removed the old VAP and restarted the notebook. Then I used CCleaner to clean the Windows registry and some system files and folders and I restarted again. Then I installed the newest VAP from the Toshiba page.
Maybe you should try it too! ;)

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if you run the ?factory settings? or if you have installed your own Windows version?

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I have been using my L750 for about 3 weeks now and suddenly the function keys (using the FN + F keys) have ceased to work.

Also, the shutdown, when I go into Start, then press shutdown, my laptop used to actually shut down.

Now all I can do is click either the sleep or hibernate on the arrow pull-out menu on the shutdown button.
Can anyone help me with this.

They have all been working fine up to now.

Answer:Satellite L750 Fn buttons do not work & shut down doesn't work either

> I have been using my L750 for about 3 weeks now and suddenly the function keys (using the FN + F keys) have ceased to work.

Go to All Programs -> Flash Cards Utility and restart the Flash Cards.

The point is that this Utility controls the FN buttons and this should be the first step in order to get the button working again.

If this does not help, reinstall the VAP (value added package)

Regarding the power off issue:
Click right on the Start button -> Properties
Now choose Start Menu tab
Here in the point power button action choose Shut down

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When I put 2 RAMs 1GB each my computer make blue screen and restart but on one of this two RAMs computer work without problem.

Friend told me to update chipset, problem is I cant find any for this model of notebook

Answer:Satellite L30-114 - 2GB RAM doesn't work

The chipset drivers you can find on the Toshiba website:
But to be honest the chipset driver will not solve the problem.

Which RAM modules do you use? I think the modules are not work together. Maybe they are from different manufactures.
You should use RAMs with the same specifications and from the same manufacture.

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hi everybody

I have a little problem with my notebook.
I've seen that my cpu fan doesn't work. only the second fan work fine. (general fan)

my PC is a satellite A60
Do you have a solution to find why my fan doesn't work?

Answer:CPU fan doesn't work on Satellite A60


I don?t know which fan you mean because I have seen only one fan at the bottom of the unit. However, maybe the second fan is hidden.
It?s not easy to say why the fan doesn?t work. Maybe the dust clogs up the fan and the cooling module cannot work properly. You can try to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the fan.
If it doesn?t work so I assume there must be something wrong with the hardware and to solve this issue you have to replace this part. But in this case I would recommend contacting the Toshiba service partner. He has much more experience in such cases.

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I have a problem for my Satellite A10-S440. When I turn on it, it doesn't work and the DC IN Indicator flashes orange (blink).

Could you help me? Thank you so much for your help.

Good luck.

Answer:My Satellite A10 doesn't work


Try to remove the battery for a while. After plug-in the battery try to start the unit without the AC adapter.
Try also to start the notebook without battery but with AC adapter.
If the procedures don?t work so I assume there is something wrong with the power supply electronics. In this case the best way is to ask the service for the help.


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I have got a Satellite P10-554 and, as i said in the top the ram doesn't work.
It should be a software problem because if I reinstall the drivers it works some minutes ( it did so until yesterday now it stopped completely)
It's somehow impossible to install the new drivers or to make a firmware update
(driver: after rebooting the old drivers are loaded again (but i deinstalled them)
(firmware update: I got always the message: invalid drive to update f/w)

I hope anyone of you can help me ;)

Answer:Satellite P10-554 dvd-ram doesn't work


What did you mean with ?the drive doesn?t work??
Are you not able to burn or read medias?

The error message says everything. In my opinion you?re not able to update the firmware because the firmware is not supported on this drive.

Try to remove the drive from the device manager and then shut down the notebook.
Usually after new reboot the OS should recognize the drive again.
If it does not help you can try to remove the drive from the notebook. Then start the unit and go into the Windows. The drive should disappear. Then shut down and put the drive again into the notebook. After this procedure the notebook should load the firmware again.

Hope it helps.

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My Web cam was working fine, and all of a sudden its almost non-existant.
I tried downloading the driver for it, and still nothing.
When i got to camera assistant software it just tells me that the web cam has either been disabled or has failed and to check web cam settings.

How can i check settings when I cant open it?
someone please help me, need it working asap

Answer:Web Cam on Satellite A350

Can you please check if the cam s listed properly in device manager?
It must be listed in ?Imaging device?.

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Just bought a new 250GB HDD drive to turn my L30-115A into a home server.

My problem is when both the new HDD drive and original DVD/CDRW drive are inserted into L30, computer freezes and I cannot even enter BIOS (I have the latest edition).

However, when I disconnect the CD drive, system boots fine into a "plain" operating system (command line only) - BIOS recognizes it very well and everything goes fine. Same: as I disconnect the HDD and connect CD drive, I am able to work (e.g. with a linux live system).

The question is: *how to install a Windows operating system in a new HDD drive*? There's no possibility to boot from USB. What else can be done? I am not going to invest any more money into this old machine. I'd like to install the Windows Home Server into it. There will be no need to use the CD drive later (all other operations will be performed by network).

Answer:Satellite L30: CD drive doesn't work together with new HDD

No one answering, so I'll do it.

I was able to boot from external USB floppy drive, so the solution is to boot from external CD drive and install the system.

It is not an exact solution, because the internal optical drive has to be removed, so I'm looking forward to see any BIOS upgrades or other solutions from Toshiba.

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I am installed windows 7 on this book L40-139 PSL40E S/N 87070771R
All worked stable and fine.

Do this book have integrated microfone ? i know it dont have web camera but microfone?

But i have problem in sound system dont have integrated microfone (i mean system dont show microfone on control panel on sound option), then i am installed other drivers from internet i am added microfone but it worked only then add external microfone...

I have installed some drivers from
But i have problem installing Value Added Package for win 7 32bit by this link i can show what error happend.

I have found some bug if i look all drivers it show like this nes&action=search&teddProduct=743&selShortMod=525 but try select win 7.. and no drivers !!!

Answer:Satellite L40-139 - mic doesn't work under Windows7

As far as I know only notebooks with web camera have microphone. So if your notebook doesn?t have Web camera if doesn?t have microphone.

When you open sound properties and recording devices is microphone listed there?

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I bought Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro A200-PSAF1A-003002 last year with RAM 2x512MB I'm trying to upgrade my RAM to 3GB and I purchased 2 RAM KTT667D2/1G & KTT667D2/2G from Kingston memory.

I added the 2 sticks of RAM into the laptop but it will not boot. The power and disk lights on and flash for 3 times than all off. No boot. But I remove one of the sticks of RAM and it boots fine and RAM been upgrade in System .

I tried it with both sticks and both slots to remove any 'bad slot' ideas and either RAM stick works in either slot fine. Stick A works in slot 1 or slot 2 and stick b works in slot 1 or 2 just not both at the same time. Is there simply a setting I'm missing somewhere? I check the BIOS version is 1.7, do I need to upgrade my BIOS? Please help


Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - New RAM doesn't work together

I think the modules are not compatible together and that?s the reason why each module works in each slot.

You did buy KTT667D2/1G and KTT667D2/2G. That?s different modules and so they are not work together.
You should only buy modules with the same specification and capacity (for example 2x1GB or 2x2GB).

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Please can someone help me. I have a Toshiba A30 Satellite Laptop which I can't manage to find 'working' drivers for. I have used the drivers on this website, but surprisingly the vast majority of them don't install (most of the error messages say that this software is not compatible with your hardware or operating system, some say the destination name is too long or something like that), and the few that appear to install correctly don't actually do anything once installed. I don't know what to do - I have tried everything... I have DEFINITELY used the right drivers according to this website (A30, WINDOWS XP Drivers)...

Basically, I am in this position because I had to format my hard drive, however, I don't have the original recovery CDs or utilities CDs anymore. I have a Windows XP CD which I have installed...

The Model Part Number is: PSA33E-7C3F3-6X

I bought this computer second-hand, so I don't know where it's country of origin is (if that makes a difference) - however, I am in the UK, and I bought it in the UK, so I am assuming it is a UK Spec Machine.

This computer has 512MB, 30GB HD, 2.8Ghz Pentium 4, ATI Radeon Mobility 9000, 15.1 " TFT... Hope this helps...

Please reply asap.

Answer:Satellite A30: Drivers doesn't work


I can?t understand it. I have tried to download the drivers from this page and it works properly. Believe me this are the right drivers for this unit.

The drivers are compressed with the Winzip. Did you use this software?
This software is necessary to unpacking the files.

You have suggested that you have problems with the installation. It?s very important that you install the drivers in the right order.
Firstly you have install chipset driver and then all other drivers like display driver etc.

Please check this possibility.


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Hey fellas..

I have Toshiba Satellite L40-18W, bought from middle east and unfortunately its touch pad isn't working.. I checked and rechecked every possible place if anything is disabled or not properly configured but found nothing.

As there were quite a few errors in the OS I formatted my hard disk and installed WXP Prof, installed all the drivers but the touch pad still ain't working. I am very confused as before and after formatting the pointer moves a little when I use the touch pad at the beginning of start up???

Please help..

Answer:Satellite L40-18W - Touchpad doesn't work

The best check is to install operating system with original Toshiba recovery image and test it with ?factory settings?. In this case touchpad should work properly. If not contact the service and let them check your notebook.

Sorry but I don?t see other solution for you.

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Cannot get web cam to function and cannot find anything on control panel to indicate how to do this - anyone help please.

My notebook is Toshiba Satellite L300.

Answer:Web Cam doesn't work on Satellite L300

Can you please tell us more about your Satellite L300?
Which operating system do you use?
Do you use original OS that you got with your notebook or own OS installation?
Have you installed webcam driver?

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Hi all

New to this forum so sorry if this has been asked before, I did do a search but couldn't find anything so here goes.

I have just bought some new RAM for my Satellite Pro 6000. When I install it nothing happens the laptop doesn't boot up. If I put the old stick back in no problems. The ram I bought is 512MB unb PC133 CL3 and old RAM is 256MB PC133s. I think bit small to read with these old eyes.

I have been told I might need a BIOS update but can't find one for my laptop running 1.4 at the moment.
Any help would be great thanks Lindsey

Answer:Satellite Pro 6000 - New RAM doesn't work

I think the new RAM is not compatible with the mainboard or notebook.

The manufacture of the new RAM that you said is not known to me so I would buy an other RAM, for example Kingston. Kingston makes high quality RAM and many users here buy Kingston RAM for upgrading her RAM.

By the way: Do you use both RAM or only the new one? Normally if you use two RAM modules you should use it with same specification.

The BIOS update you can find on the Toshiba website but this doesn?t affect the compatibility of the RAM.

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I'v just got A100-003 with Vista, but reinstall W-XP. What driver I need to get a Fn key function properly ? Only Fn+F5 (VGA out switching) works OK. I can't adjust disp. brightnes, sound mute or touchpad on/off. Where can I find any driver for WXP to solve this problem ?


Answer:My Fn key doesn't work on Satellite A100-003


The Satellite A100-003 is a part of the PSAARE series. I have visited the Toshiba European driver page but I have found only the Acoustic silence, Assist and sound driver?
The other XP drivers are not available.

You could try download and to install the tools (Touch Pad On/Off Utility, Hotkey Utility
, etc?) from another A100 series?I?m not sure but maybe it will work? if not you have to forego this features

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Hi, guys! Help me please.
I have Toshiba Satellite L850-C9K. It was 6 Gb Ram (2 Gb Samsung DDR3 1333 MHz 64 bit + 4 Gb Samsung DDR3 1600 MHz 64 bit). So they both worked on 1333 MHz. Yesterday I've bought 8 Gb Kingston DDR3 1600 MHz 64 bit to remove 2 Gb Samsung. But, I don't know why, 8 Gb Kingston and 4 Gb Samsung don't work together. It is 12 RAM, but only 8 Gb available... Help me please, how to make them work together?
You can see screenshots from AIDA64:

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I bought my toshiba Satellite S50-B-12R this saturday but from the moment i couldn't use my webcam.

I've looked everywhere for drivers for my webcam but i can't find them.
Also when i look in my configuration window it doesnt find a webcam.

But one time my webcam did work i was on skype and it detected my webcam so i used it and then when i tried to use it later it wasnt detected anymore.

So i want to know if there are missing drivers or maybe the webcam isn't correctly connected inside the device. And what i need to do to be able to use my webcam



Answer:Satellite S50-B-12R - Webcam doesn't work

First of all the notebook was already preinstalled with Toshiba image and all drivers and software were installed too.
Therefore additional driver installation isn?t necessary.

Secondly the preinstalled Win 8.1 system contains the webcam driver. The driver is designed by Microsoft and part of the system.

The Win 8.1 provides an webcam app which you could find on the Win 8.1 surface.
But before using the app, you have to add the webcam access and change the privacy settings.

Open charm bar (Win key + C) -> settings -> permissions -> enable webcam & microphone

Now close and open the webcam app again. You should have your camera app working fine now

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I'm trying to install a new ATA 2.5" internal hard disk in my Toshiba M30X-166. The disk is a Seagate Momentus 5400.3 model, 120 GB. The laptop doesn't recognize the disk and shows no related error message, and in BIOS it shows as "No HD available"

I put this disk in an external USB-IDE box and was detected by my desktop PC, and I could partition and format the Momentus, so I know the disk is indeed working, but my M30X still can't detect the drive.

What can I do to make the laptop recognize this unit? The M30X BIOS is: Phoenix EAL20 version 1.90.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite M30x - New HDD doesn't work


Have you tried another HDD? Maybe the new HDD is not compatible with the notebook or not working properly.

Normally a 120GB HDD should work because the notebook has a 28bit LBA limitation and so you can only use HDDs up to 120GB.
In worst case the HDD controller on the mainboard is faulty :(


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Just a while ago i was playing a game with some friends but suddenly my screen freezes and the sound to. Pressing the powerbutton or holding in didnt do anything. I just opened my Toshiba Satellite L50-A-1C7 and unplugged the battery because it didnt power off.

It doesnt boot anymore now !
Can someone help me quick?

Answer:My Satellite L50-A-1C7 doesn't work anymore

I plugged the power cord in and now when i press the power button it lights up but i see
nothing on the screen

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I've bought a new notebook " toshiba satellite L50-b-1Q0" and I've changed the SO Win8 64bit -->Win 7 64bit.
I've installed all the drivers and the pc works, but the only problem is the function key.
The driver value added package is installed, but is there another way to resolve this problem?

Thank you

Answer:Function key doesn't work on Satellite L50-B-1Q0


Please check if you can change the settings regarding the special function key mode in the BIOS.
Usually this option allows you to use the function keys without pressing the FN button.

Play around with this setting and don?t forget to save the changes in BIOS.

Furthermore ensure that BIOS is already up to date and the VAP was installed properly.

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The FN key doesn't work anymore since yesterday. I have no idea what happened to it but i want to get it back.


Answer:Re: Satellite A500 - FN key doesn't work


Try to restart Flash cards.
Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash cards.

or go to the driver page and update VAP utility and flashcard support:

Remove the previous one, restart the laptop and install Vap utility and flashcard then

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I have just reinstalled xp onto my laptop and I am unable to find the drivers that operate my wireless hardware function key (F8).
Unfortunately I have not got the Toshiba Drivers CD with me, I am working away from home as an expat therefore I am relying on the official Toshiba site for my drivers.
I have successfully downloaded all other vital drivers but can find no reference on the site that will help me with the problem.
I have tried to switch the wireless on through the LAN setting but when I try to enable I get the message telling me to switch the hardware on!
Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro L20: FN+F8 key doesn't work after new installation


On the Toshiba driver page you will find the installation instruction how to install all the Toshiba drivers.
It?s very important that the drivers will be installed in the right order.

Furthermore if you want to switch on the WLan, you have to enable the WLan switch at the notebook side and also to enable the WLan antenna with FN+F8.

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I have updated the Satellite 5200-701 from XP Home to XP prof SP2. Now i can't switch to the beamer to see the Video with FN and F5 keys.
Installed is the nVidea Drive and the Hotkey Utility.
Wath are the mistake?

Sorry for my bad english.

Answer:Satellite 5200-701: FN and F5 key doesn't work


Did you check the Toshiba driver page?

I have checked it and have found a document which describes what to do and what aplication must be updated after SP2 update.
There is also the Hotkey Utility Emulator for Display Devices. I think this tool is important and you should try to install it.

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I've got a problem with SDHC memory card. My Satellite M70 can't use that card. When I plug the card in the slot nothing happens. This is 8GB card.

Is there any driver to install because I found nothing?

Answer:Satellite M70-151 - SDHC doesn't work


Have you checked the user manual of your Satellite M70. If not, please do it!!!

The user manual contains a list of compatible flash cards and the point is that SDHC cards are not supported. You can only use SD cards up to 1GB.

If you want to use an 8GB card you have to use an external card reader.

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We have to skype each other with my family, but the camera doesn't work on my laptop. Toshiba L50-B-16C.
Can anyone help me?

Answer:Webcam doesn't work on my Satellite L50-B-16C


According notebook specification this notebook model was offered without preinstalled operating system so it will be interesting to know which operating system have you installed.

On Toshiba download page - - i saw that your notebook model is supported for Win7 64bit and Win8.1 64bit.

Which OS have you installed?

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I have an old M70-164 that was daily used (windows XP SP3 Home) as my working machine (besides usual MSoffice stuff and webbrowsing, I use Molecular modelling software, Python interpreter and some image rendering software, besides being used to access a network of Linux machines).

It has been used this way for the past 4 years or so! Te battery died a long time ago, and I never use it anymore.
The PS also died and I use a newer one (with the exact same specifications).
A week ago the computer refused to boot up! I noticed that the heat exchanger was hot (it turned off when Windows logo showed - some 5 to 10 seconds after pressing the power button) and that suggested improper airflow throw the heat exchanger.

I backed up my HD data connecting the HDD to an external Sata USB HD box and backing up to my home Desktop.

I disassembled the machine and cleaned all the components (there was indeed a lot of garbage limiting the airflow). As everything was in parts I also replaced new thermal past on the CPU (without removing it from the socket) and on the GPU). Put everything together and it worked fine! It run much cooler that it used to :-).

I decided to reinstall the OS using the provided Toshiba cd (includes WinXP and all the hardware drivers), as I already had the data all backed up. No problems!

While updating the OS (to SP3) after being prompt to reboot, it failed to do so.
I used the system recovery cd again, and it installed Windwos XP normally.
I shut... Read more

Answer:Satellite M70-164 doesn't seam to work at all


I?m not quite sure what happened but you should firstly try this;
Remove battery and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Then wait some time (1-2 hours)

After that plug the battery and connect the AC adaptor.
After that try to power up the unit?

If this will not help, remove the RAM module and try to power up the unit using only one RAM module?

Hope this helps otherwise the notebook developed an serious hardware problem?

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I've had my pc for years and never had this problem until recently.
Most of the time the sound doesn't work but sometimes when I restart it (and occasionally when I warm it up from stand-by) the sound will return.

When it's working it lasts as long as the PC is on but it the PC will itself down due to overheating sometimes and, even if it didn't, I don't like to leave it on all the time.

When the sound is not working I cannot play videos except for windows media.
Any youtube or similar site's videos will only play for about two seconds and then pause, without any sound at all.
Same thing for my iTunes.

When the sound is working I can play iTunes all night but when it's not the songs don't even play. The cursor just stays at 0:00.

Is there anything I can do?

Answer:Sometimes sound doesn't work on Satellite A65


At first the fact is that this notebook is pretty old. I believe about 4 years. Am I right about that? There can be lot of dust inside and because of that you have this ?overheating sometimes? issue. Maybe is time to clean the notebook up.

If is also possible that through those overheating issues is something defective now. It can be that some contacts (sound related) are not good anymore and the contact is there sporadically. To be honest for me it sounds like hardware related issue. i really do not believe you can do much alone. Maybe try to make clean OS installation and see what will happen. If the problem persists either you must search for some external solution or take it to the authorized service provider.

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I have a problem.

One day I was playing War Thunder and while I was playing it windows told i had to restart the pc beacuse there wasn't memory enough (I have 8gb ram).

I restarted the pc and since then the LAN connection doesn?t work.

When I'm using the WI-FI and I connect the LAN cable, the pc doesn?t change the wifi to the lan. I don?t know what is happening.

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Hi, since the webcam of my new Satellite L50-A-1D6 doesn't work (I've tried with skype) I'd like to update the driver but I don't find a specific one in the list of the drivers that can be downloaded. Could someone help me to find the right one?
Thanks in advance

Answer:The webcam doesn't work on my Satellite L50-A-1D6

In the past Toshiba has offered webcam driver but for Win8 or Win8.1 such driver is not available anymore. Webcam driver is part of the operating system.

Is webcam listed in device manager (imaging devices)?
Since when have you noticed this problem with webcam?
Can you use original Win8.1 video application?

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hi guys

may touchpad doesn?t work and i have no idea why???
i have read in another posting that should have a look in the device manager but there is no touchpad???
so what can i do???

i think i have a satellite 40 (something...)


Answer:Satellite M40: Touchpad doesn´t work


if your touchpad is not shown in device manager there are two possibilities. If there is shown an unknown device you have to reinstall the driver. If not there must be a hardware problem that has to be solved by service.


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I've got my DVDROM not working at all. I've no idea why. I open device manager and there're two exclamation marks for CD&DVD-ROM drivers accordingly. So I digged through the whole Interenet and haven't found any drivers! I would appreciate if you could help me, please.

Best regards, Alexander

Answer:Satellite R830-13D - ODD doesn't work

ODD (optical disc drive) uses standard Microsoft driver so you cannot find driver for ODD.
What you can try is follow:

Check it out please.

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Satellite C50-B PSCMLA-02F00S

I bought my Satellite C50 recently and want to use my camera and when I click in the icon it tells me connect your camera. If I go to device manager/imaging services there is no camera there.

I want to video contact in Facebook my family and the camera isn't working.

Can someone please help!!!!

Answer:Camera doesn't work on my Satellite C50-B

Hi Alicia

Do you use original preinstalled operating system that you got with your machine?
I presume it must be Win8.1, right?

What happen when you try to use camera app ?

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Can someone help me?
I've format my M30. I've install the drivers from the CD with also the Toshiba console button.
When I open the console window, the TV out, have as last voice, a TV out through I can choose the function for this button.
This menu, don't allow any function "TV out".
When I press the TV out button compare a window with which ask me to associate a function to this button.
Obviously the TV out don't run.

Thanks in advance for every eventual answers.


Answer:Satellite M30 - TV OUT button doesn`t work


I assume you mean the Toshiba control buttons.
Please go the ?Control Panel? and select the Toshiba controls utility.
There you should find a ?TV out button? which should be set to ?TV out?

I think this should solve your issue.

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Hi there,

I have a Satellite M30-344 since 2004 already. Some time ago I've changed my System from XP home to XP pro, and my USB 2.0 doesn't work anymore since. I need to use XP pro because XP home does't run some cad software I use. Is there anything I can do about it this problem? I could not find any USB drivers in the Toshiba downloads.



Answer:Satellite M30-344 - USB 2.0 doesn't work anymore

All you must do is to install right chipset driver or chipset utility. Please download it from Toshiba support page. The right version has number 4.30.1006.
Separately USB driver does not exist.

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hi all.
i deinstall some firmware and fn key for some options doesn't work now. icons with options at the top of screen also doesn't appears.
what module or driver i need to reinstall to make FN key operatable?

Answer:Satellite T210 FN key doesn't work


Seems you have removed the software which controls the Fn buttons.
I would recommend setting the OS back to the point before you have removed this software.

Usually the system point should be created automatically before the software has been removed.

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I have a Satellite L500 and the FN key does not work for connecting to a wireless network or to the F10 key and previously worked?

Help is urgently needed.

Answer:Satellite L500 - FN key doesn't work


So if your FN keys don?t work anymore, I would recommend reinstalling Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. These tools are controlling the FN keys. > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

On this page you can download both tools. Just download and install it, after this you should be able to use FN keys again.

Check this!!! :)

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Hi All

Please bear with me - I'm a newbie to this !

I have a Satellite M30 and have problems with the integrated DVD ROM S6112 drive.

It plays bought audio cd's fine and rips OK. Doesn't appear to play bought DVD's either. Cannot burn to blank CD-R's or RW's or copy any data files to it. Does not seem to recognise any kind of blank disks - clicking noise once disk is inserted.

I have had to buy an ext hard disk (non-Tosh) which works fine on all above - but it is not practical for me to carry the hard disk around in my job !!

Can anyone help pls. ?



Answer:Satellite M30: CD ROM doesn't work properly


Generally such drive issues occur because of wrong lens calibration.
In this case there is nothing to do and mostly only the drive replacement can solve the problem.
But firstly you should try to remove the drive from the device manager. After the new rebooting the OS should recognize the drive again.
You can also try to run the Troubleshooter in the drive properties.

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Been through internet trying to look for an answer for my problem; how do I apply scrolling, pinching etc. on my touchpad?

Scrolling has never been working with this laptop (2 months old), and before now, even moving cursor was unreliable, since sometimes when launching the laptop the touchpad was completely dead and didn't react to anything.

Now there doesn't seem to be problems with that since I uninstalled touchpad driver and restarted my computer, but still scrolling doesn't work.

Troubleshooting for this problem has been no good.
They all lead you to first search for mouse in start screen -> mouse properties -> advanced and from there you can adjust mousepad settings.

I don't even have this tab on my laptop, while all other ones are there (buttons, pointers, pointer options, hardware).

How can I adjust touchpad settings on Satellite z30-A-1DJ?

Answer:Scrolling doesn't work on Satellite Z30-A-1DJ

The mentioned touchpad features should be supported by software as well as hardware.
There are different touchpad standards like Synaptics, Alps as well as Elan which support different features and different software.

In case such software isn?t installed or does work properly, the touchpad scrolling as well as other features would not be available.
It could be also possible that the built-in touch module would not support additional features.

From my knowledge the Satellite Z30-A-1DJ should be equipped with an Alps Electric touchpad and this touchpad is different and does not support the same settings liek Synaptic or ELAN touchpad.

However, as you mentioned, the additional settings for Alps Electric touchpad can be found in
control panel ? mouse ? last tab (Advanced)

If you want, you could try to install the Synaptics touchpad driver which was released for other notebook series like Portege Z10T-A

I?m not quite sure if this Synaptics software would work properly in connection with the Alps electric touchpad but its definitely worth a try.

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Can anyone please tell me why my DVD-Rom can only read audio, video and data CDs but not any kind of DVD-rom. I can hear the lens moving but rather in jerks as if trying to find something and when I double click on the DVD- rom drive in my computer it shows an empty DVD with no files. Further when I check the properties for the DVD it gives an unknown file format. I have a satellite P20-S103 a very old driver (2001). PLEASE HELP. I am desperate!!!


Answer:Satellite P20 – DVD-rom doesn’t work properly


Well, it seems like the beginning of the end. Mostly such issues occur if the drive has a hardware malfunction. Maybe it?s a lens calibration problem. Usually only the drive replacement can solve such issues.
But first of all you should check if the drive removing from the device manager will help.
Please remove the drive and reboot the unit. The OS should recognize the drive again.
Check if after this replacement the drive works properly.

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Just bought a satellite SP10-304. Beautiful machine, but comes with XP Home edition. I've upgraded to XP Professional but seem to have lost the USB Ports. Device Manager says that they're working, but plugging in "any" USB devices doesn't produce any reaction/recognition.

Any ideas, please ? Do I have to put in the Recovery Disk and return to XP Home?



Answer:Satellite P10-304: USB doesn't work after upgrading to XP Pro

Did you install all Microsoft SP on this unit?
I recommend installing all updates.

The Win XP Home uses the same drivers like WinXP. In this case all should works without any problems.

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Why the S-Video port doesn?t work on my Satellite L10?
I have upgraded the video driver and not work again!

Answer:S-Video doesn`t work on Satellite L10

How are you trying to display the image? Are you using the Fn+F5 function keys to change the output modes?

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Good morning at all,
mi name is Fabio, I'm an italian guy so sorry for my poor english...

I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite 1410-303, I have buy a new CPU (Pentium 4 mobile 2GHz 512k 400bus) but it don't work.
When I power up my notebook, I can hear from the system speaker a contiunos beep that never stop until I power down the system.
I have clear CMOS, and then I have upgrade my BIOS with last 1.40 version.

Have you a solution?

Thanks for the help


Answer:Satellite 1410-303 - New CPU doesn't work


Did you install the same CPU as before or did you install another CPU?

I have checked the user manual of Satellite 1410 and it?s normally equipped with an Intel Celeron CPU and in my opinion this is the reason why it doesn?t work.
The CPU upgrade is not supported official and it seems that the mainboard and/or BIOS don?t support this CPU.
Check this Toshiba document:


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i recently to get a new hardrive and reinstall windows etc. now I am trying to turn on the wireless function which I know should be fn+f8 button, but that doesnt seem to do says that the wireless hardware is disabled and needs to be turned on.

thanks for your assistance


Answer:FN+F8 key combination doesn’t work on my Satellite


Firstly you should be sure that your notebook has installed WLan card.
Then you have to enable the switch on the notebook side.

I assume that all other FN keys works properly and only the F8 is not available. Am I right?
Please check the device manager if the WLan card is installed properly. If the card is recognized and you don?t see any yellow exclamation marks so the driver was installed properly.
In this case please make right click on the WLan card and select the properties. Then enter the Advanced tab. There you can check if the option ?radio on/off? is enabled.

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In the manual of my Satellite C75 is written that we can activate the touchpad witth FN + F5
but unfortunately it doesn't work.

Thank you for your help

Answer:Touchpad doesn't work on my Satellite C75

On mine which is a different satellite its FN + F9 try that maybe its a missprint?

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i've some problems in my laptop

1- Fn key doesn't work with any service from Toshiba, only with the windows keys, this happened after the some windows critical updates(win 7 64 bits)
2- i didn't find my laptop' serial number or part number in Toshiba website.

please any one can help me

Answer:Satellite L505-13t - Fn key doesn't work


The FN buttons are controlled by Flash Card Support Utility.
You need to reinstall this tool.
But also the VAP (value added package) should be reinstalled.

I recommend firstly to remove the Flash Card and VAP from the system.
Then to reboot the unit and to clean the registry using CCleaner.
After that you should install both tools again; VAP and Flash Card Support Utility


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I have Satellite 1200-s121 laptop. One day lcd didn't worked. It didn't showed a picture, just the light was working and i also saw some black and colour pixles and also some black pixels changed slowly to white. I thought that the lcd cable was broken. I bought new cable and i saw there some jumpers like J1, J2 J3 J4.

I changed the cable but nothing happened. laptop powered up, the other monitor was working but i cannot see nothing in lcd. Even light didn't work and i can't change output to lcd by pressing FN and F5 keys. I also tried to change drivers.

here is picture of lcd cable.

I'd want to ask what i can change with these jumpers on lcd cable and why i can't change output to lcd. Why my lcd doesn't work. Please help!

Thanks a lot!

Answer:Satellite 1200 - LCD doesn`t work

I also had a similar problem with M30X
All of a sudden my LCD stopped working and started working after 2 days.

Can anybody explain the cause of problem!!

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I got the Toshiba Satellite A200 with Intel Mobile 965 Card...
I connected my Notebook with an S-Video to Cinch Cabel

The Notebook doesn't find the connected Television!

Anyone got an idea why!? Or how to solve my problem!?
My television ain't got no S-Video port... so I have to change on Cinch...

Thanks for help!

Answer:Satellite A200 - TV Out doesn't work


I have tested my Tecra with the same adaptor and everything was OK. Be sure you have activated the right port on your TV. Play a little bit with TV settings.

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I have problem with Fn-F5 key's, doesn't cycle through the available monitors. (I lost the other monitors and i don't have signal for other devises as TV).

Any ideas how to fix it?
The notebook is a Satellite m30x-115

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Satellite M30x-115: Fn-F5 doesn't work


As far as I know the ?E-Key? driver is responsible for the available monitor changing.
Did you try to reinstall the E-keys?
If not, try it.
The newest driver you can find on the official Toshiba website.


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A couple of months ago I bought the Toshiba Satellite C70-B-212. However, since some weeks the Touchpad doesn't work anymore. I allready re-installed the driver, but that didn't help.

What can be the problem?

Answer:Satellite C70-B - Touchpad doesn't work


On this virtual way it is not easy to say for sure what the problem is but I cannot imagine that touchpad is defective after short period of time. Although, everything is possible.

Please check in device manager if touchpad is properly installed and listed there.
If there is everything OK, be sure touchpad is enabled properly. Check please FN+F5 key combination.

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I have a problem with my dvd player. I can't burn any dvd or cd.
I have tried with several brand of blank cd and dvd with Nero and i have always the same problem.

The software hangs without any error message.

I need your help.


Answer:Satellite A350-20S can't burn any dvd or cd


Do you try to copy any copyright protected disks?
Possibly this is not possibly due to some restrictions?
Otherwise you should check if an firmware update for the drive exists?
If one is available then you should find it on the Toshiba European driver page.

Last but not least if can be an hardware issue? but the ASP should be contacted as last resort?. I mean in most cases the used DVDs or CDs are responsible for such issues?
I had such issue too and could solve it using another brand? I?m now with TDK ?R disks

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Hi guys,

I installed Windows 7 on my A350/07H and I have a few problems.

1. I cannot find any vista/w7 drivers for the frontpanel multimedia touch buttons
2. When I type shift+2 I get a " symbol instead of a @ symbol. Vice versa, when I press shift+' I get the @ symbol instead of the " symbol.
3. When installing vista drivers for the touchpad, by either Synaptics or ALPS (I think that's the name), the touchpad is quite laggy. That is, it's not smooth and seems to be less responsive than without the drivers. I uninstalled the touchpad drivers and the touchpad returns to being very responsive.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

Answer:Satellite A350/07H and Windows 7


As you know Win7 is not launched officially and at the moment you can try to use beta drivers from Toshiba US support page.
For every OS Toshiba must design and test new drivers. For Win7 such drivers still don't exist, just beta drivers. If everything works well is OK and you will be lucky if not .... you know what I mean. :(

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Hi! Is it possible to regulate the sensivity of the touchpad in my laptop?
I have a Satellite A350-20J (according to the label at the bottom of the laptop), a PSAL6E-04800GRU (as of Toshiba diagnostics utility). I bought this notebook in Moscow.
It is getting already annoying to work with it as this touchpad is so sensible that I am continuously unintentionaly "making clicks" here and there, sometimes with very undesirable effects.

Another question:
To the date I am writing this message I have not been yet able to find the exact model of my laptop in both the English and Russian websites of Toshiba.

1 + Following the UK site, I reach There is a link on the top left "Click here to find your laptop". Click. A pop-up opens, with 2 ways to locate my laptop:
1.1 - Select the family, series or model you are looking for: I chose "Satellite A350 series" then the next combo offers just A350-20S. That's not the mine!!
1.2 - Enter the part number you are looking for: I enter the number in the label of my laptop, click Search and get a "Entered part number has not been found"

2 + Ok, ok, as I bought this computer in Moscow, maybe I have to go to the Russian site. I go there, everything of course is in Russian but no option to change the language to english (my native language is not English nor Russian). No problem. Browse the site up to Read more

Answer:Satellite A350-20J and Touchpad

Hello Carlos

At first I must say that you can change touchpad sensitivity. It can be done in Synaptics settings.
Please go to control panel > mouse > Device settings tab > Settings button > in next window you will find menu on the left and last option there ?Sensitivity?.
Try to change touch sensitivity there.

The whole story about notebook model identification is interesting but at the end I didn't understand why is this so important for you.
All you need to know is that you have PSAL6E model.

Using this part number on download page you will be able to download right drivers and all other Toshiba stuff for your notebook.
It will be very nice to know why is this identification so important for you.

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Hi there,

When cleaning my A350-04S today, I removed my keyboard to find the motherboard labeled "3G / UWB / GPS". This was a surprise to me, as the laptop was not advertised with 3G / UWB or GPS. It also has a SIM slot behind the battery, but I can't seem to identify the F3507g mobile broadband module. Does anyone know if my model had the F3507g installed? I've also gone ahead and installed all the necessary software (found [here|]) but the module cannot be identified.

Could it be that the BIOS settings are disabling the hardware (if it is there)? If it isn't there, why has Toshiba included the SIM slot and printed on the motherboard "3G / UWB / GPS"?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:SIM Slot on Satellite A350-04S

According notebook specification your notebook model doesn?t have 3G module inside. All notebooks with 3G have preinstalled software for 3G that is included in original recovery image that Toshiba install on notebooks and offer to the customers.

I presume you such software was not preinstalled with, I presume original Vista OS. It is Canadian model and I don?t know if Toshiba Canada has offered A350 with 3G.

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Hi all.....

not sure what bios to download, can't see vids, audio only,...(avi file)....

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Satellite A350-12J: What BIOS can I use


Why you don?t know what BIOS is compatible?
Where is the problem?

The Satellite A350-12J seems to belong to the PSALWE series. The number should be placed at the bottom of the unit.

If you would select this model number on the Toshiba European driver page then you would get all the necessary Vista drivers and the BIOS for this unit.
The page provides BIOS for vista 32bit and 64bit. If the Vista is 32bit OS then take the BIOS for 32bit?

But to be honest I still don?t know what a problem is? your posting is very short any not really helpful?

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I own a Toshiba Satellite A350-21d.

In the past few weeks I experienced that the computer shuts down, while playing games.
I have played these games for as long I?ve had the computer, so I really don?t understand why these shutdowns happen.

So if anyone could help it would be great
I have updated my BIOS, and several other updates.



Answer:Satellite A350-21d - Shutdown, WHY?

Hello Thomas

It is not easy to say why this happen exactly. To be honest your posting doesn?t offer any relevant info.
Which OS do you use?
Do you use Toshiba drivers only?
Have you may be installed some third part graphic driver?
Which games do you play?
Is notebook pretty hot before shuts down?

Please explain to us all this a little bit detailed.

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I am thinking of buying A350 laptop.

I looked at it in Staples and it was running hot. Is it normal for Toshibas or was it just that laptop?


Answer:Is the Satellite A350 running hot?

My A300D-126 is also hot as hell, I even use external cooler all the time - to prevent it from shutting down, it used tu do that when it overheated... tree of my friends have the same problem with different models... ....I don't know.......

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I'm French.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A350-11C and would like to downgrade my pc to Windows XP but I don't found any driver for WinXP.
Where to download it? Or the Vista driver is compatible with Winxp?

Thanks bye

Answer:Need WXP drivers for my Satellite A350-11c


I have checked Toshiba support page and unfortunately there are no drivers for WXP. Obviously this newest notebook model is not WXP supported, or not yet.
So either you try to search drivers by hardware manufacturers, similar Satellite models or continue to use Vista.

To be honest I don't believe there is some difference between satellite A300 and A350 except dimension. I don't know which A300 is similar to your A350 (hardware configuration).
Try to compare notebook specifications on Toshiba support page.

At the end I must say that downgrade is OK but maybe you should also look forward and use Vista as latest operating system. Make good experience with it and prepare yourself for new Windows 7. It is similar to Vista but with some differences in design.

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The sound on my toshiba laptop is simply not working...

i have the sound turned on, ive tried playing music from itunes, videos on media player, youtube videos... no sound at all

ive checked my sound setting's and it says everything is working and my default sound says ''Speakers, TuneConvertAudio, Working''

has anybody ever had this problem? any tips on what i should do?

EDIT: Just to add, my laptop is in very good condition and there is no damage to the built-in speekers themselves

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Answer:No sound on Satellite A350-20S

So you are 100% sure it?s not muted?

Please try the key combination Fn +ESC
This enables and disabled the mute.
Furthermore I recommend uninstalling the sound driver.
This might help if the issue would be related to a sound driver malfunction.

Did you try headphones?

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Hey everyone.

I own a Toshiba Satellite A350.

Last night, my down arrow key clicked out of place, and now I'm pretty sure one of the key retainers is broken, as a very small part of one of the retainers is broken, and the key will not click back into place.

I went to at least 4 different computer stores today and had no luck in finding somewhere who sells these retainers, one place , however suggested I go to the manufacturer, so do I call the Toshiba help line or something??

With this model, is it possible for me to fix this retainer/key issue, or will I have to take it to a professional??

Answer:Satellite A350 - I need a new key retainer

I think you will not find a key retainer because such parts are not available. If one key is broken or something else on the keyboard you must replace the complete keyboard.

What you can do now?
Well, in your case I would contact the nearest ASP that you can find on the Toshiba website. Explain the situation and the ASP can order a new keyboard and exchange it if you want. => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider

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My homefriend and i have same laptop Toshiba A350-22z but my laptop slower than the other.
I hope the problem is highest frequency; mine is %32 other is %100

What is the problem in your opinion?

Answer:2x Satellite A350-22z but one is slower than the other

hi erdemrek,
i cant see what is exactly the problem your talking about but:
if you have the same cpu, the same amount of ram, same model make, same installation then everything should be the same.
what do you mean with "highest frequency" unfortunatly i dont speak your language therefor i cant read the text on your image.
if you test the speed of the machine be assured to use the same utility (benchmark).
load on a system differs depending on the services and applications launched and running.
could you give some more information on this problem?

at first you can try to swap the hdd and see if there is any change. if it's a software related problem it should appear on the other machine as well when changing the hdd.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A350 (about a year and a half old) that will not start up correctly. This happened after the laptop was left on until the battery ran out. The keyboard and power button LEDs will light up, but the screen remains black when I try to turn it on. I use Windows Vista.

The machine generally continues to make a whirring noise for a few seconds before it ceases to make any noise (the fan and the HD). The screen sometimes flickers a lighter black on a screen for less than a second. Also, the cooling fan sometimes continues to operate after everything else has stopped.

Another issue is that when if it does turn on and proceed to the Toshiba screen, odd lines will fade into the screen and eventually the screen will end up white/blue. On the other hand, sometimes it will turn on and act as if nothing happened. At these times, putting it to sleep mode will cause it to not be a ble to turn on again.

I've tried removing the battery, using only the battery, fully charging the battery and using the laptop with barely any charge in the battery and it does not change anything.

I would really appreciate any sort of lead as to what may be wrong with the poor thing.

Answer:Satellite A350 will not boot


Generally speaking it?s always hard to say something about such ?sometimes errors? because it?s not clear and could be caused by every part but at the moment I doubt this problem is software related?

Can you see something on an external screen when internal screen remains black?

In worst case it?s a hardware malfunction and this would mean you need help from an ASP to check what part is affected but if your notebook is under warranty, the repair would be for free.

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From where I can download the drivers for Win7 32bit for A350.


Answer:Need Win 7 drivers for Satellite A350

In your other posting you wrote you have installed driver/drivers downloaded from Toshiba support page so your question is ?a little bit strange?.
If you know where to find WXP drivers I cannot understand how you cannot find Win7 drivers there.

Change entry under ?Operating system? from WXP to Win7.
That?s all.

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I have an A350-13I Notebook. The notebook has a slot to install a second hard disk but there is no connector for it. Does anybody know what modifications are necessary to install a second hard disk?

Answer:Satellite A350 - How to install a second HDD?


The answer is pretty easy: You can do nothing!

The reason why you have a second slot but without connector is that some models are equipped with second HDD and some other models not I think.

So fact is that you can?t add second HDD to your notebook.
If you need more disk space you can use a bigger HDD or an external HDD for data.

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My father-in-law's laptop is the Satellite 350 and i think it has 12j after its name.

We re-installed Vista 32 bit the other day and he said a few things are not working as they should.

Firstly, if he presses the FN key and, let?s say, the brightness it works but he used to have a little dock type thing pop up at the top of the screen with the FN button icons. The other FN keys don?t work though such as the monitor swapping switch.

Second the soft-touch media keys don?t work such as turning off the LEDs behind them or bringing up media player.

We have done the obvious and tried installing the value package but it said on installation that it was removing the package so it must have already been installed. After re-installing it, there is no difference. I can?t find any programs or anything in control panel for it.
Also I tried the same thing for Hardware setup. Again it seemed to be saying it was there and uninstalling it. Again I re-installed it but still can?t find anything for it anywhere for me to go into to change any settings or anything.

I haven't got the laptop with me right now as it is at his house but I think I got everything right.

Any ideas welcome.

Answer:Re: Few issues with Satellite A350-12J

Every Toshiba notebook is offered with preinstalled operating system and this old A350 should be delivered with Vista so I would like to know if there is possibility for you to use this original recovery image.
Have your father in law created recovery DVD as recommended by Toshiba?

I presume you try to install own Vista version, right?

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I'm a french owner of a A350-122 (Serial No: 39169719K)

In the french user's manual, on page 1-5, it's written that it's possible to insert an other hard drive, and on page 2-6 the rear view of the A350-122 shows a second location on the left for a second hard drive.

So, I have bought an Intel X25-M SSD to put in the second location. I have opened the second location and there is nothing: no sata connector, no power connector, only an empty location.

So, what's wrong with this Satellite A350-122?

Thank's for your answer.

Answer:Satellite A350-122 - How to install second HDD?


Some of the A350 models do not support a second HDD. On those models, the Bay will be missing the SATA Connector.

On models that are shipped with two HDD's built-in, there will be a SATA connector in the Bay.

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Hi there guys. I just acquired a laptop from my step-father and I have formatted it to Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I seem to have most drivers for it but I have missing a crucial piece of software.

I have tried Vista 64bit and Win7 Flash Cards Utility to get my FN Keys working. Non of which have. Also the Value Added Package wont install either.

I would love some help with this!

Any Ideas?


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A350

Did you install the chipset drivers first before any other driver the .inf file gives the correct locations to which all other drivers will be instaled.

You should only use drivers for Windows 7 64-bit only

Have you checked that the FN key is not damaged or debris caught under the key itself giving a bad contact?

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Hi, I have a Satellite A60-793 and I would like to upgrade the memory adding a 512 MB to currently installed memory.

I tried to install a 512MB PC2700 DDR 333MHz SODIMM module, but system won't boot up: it emits a long whistle, then shuts down automatically. If I remove the module, system boots properly.

I've allready updated my BIOS, i there anything more I can do to make it work?

Answer:Satellite A60 memory upgrade doesn't work - help

You have simply used wrong, faulty or not fully supported modules.

Would recommend testing it with another new one

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Hi all i need help urgently because this is driving me crazy. First of all, i am using XP PRO. My laptop is fairly new, only about 4 months old, i've had no problem with it at all. I formatted my laptop yesterday and reinstalled all the drivers which i downloaded here:

and everything works fine except the touchpad. I've already installed Common Module, Touchpad On/Off utility and i have the latest BIOS installed and reset all settings to default, and i made sure that the touchpad option is enabled in the BIOS, as well as pressing FN+F9 to enable it during Windows.

I have installed the latest Synpatics touchpad driver which i downloaded from the Synaptics homepage. But for some reason it just doesn't work, i don't know what's wrong here. My touchpad worked before i formatted my laptop, it worked fine and never had any problem. Please tell me what's wrong because i need to use my touchpad sometimes as well so i can't use a mouse all the time.

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - touchpad doesn't work


did you reinstalled the laptop with the Toshiba Recovery Disk?

In the recovery disk from Toshiba are all drivers include. So you should reinstall Satellite L300 with this Disk.

But you can download all drivers from Toshiba.

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I have a serious problem with my A60: the keyboard doesn't work any more. I have tried a lot of solutions and the last one, recovery with the Product Recovery DVD-ROM doesn't work, because I can't use the keyboard!!

When the screen with the 3 choices appears, I have no possibility to answer!!
Have somebody an idea???

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Answer:Satellite A60: keyboard doesn't work, recovery DVD can't run

They keyboard might not be the problem or it might not be connected properly to the motherboard the best thing to do is take it to a service centre it shouldn't cost you anything, if it is still under warranty...but if it is just the keyboard and your laptop is out of warranty then it should cost you more than 100-200....can't say how much exactly because I have no idea.

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hello :-)
i have a satellite 1900
my CD/DVD drive has suddenly become unavilable- there is no icon in 'my computer' and device manager says that
Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)
any ideas?

apologies for the vague nature of my description- im a bit of a technophobe!

Answer:CD/DVD drive doesn’t work on Satellite 1900


A driver was loaded but Windows cannot find the device. This error occurs when Windows does not detect a non-Plug and Play device.

If the device was removed, uninstall the driver, install the device, and then click Scan for hardware changes to reinstall the driver. If the hardware was not removed, obtain a new or updated driver for the device.

If the device is a non-Plug and Play device, a newer version of the driver might be needed. To install non-Plug and Play devices, use the Add Hardware wizard. Click Performance and Maintenance on Control Panel, click System, and on the Hardware tab, click Add Hardware Wizard.

On the General Properties tab of the device, click Troubleshoot to start the Troubleshooting Wizard.

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Hello all

i have an old Satellite A30-203 and have a problem. I've tried to format my laptop but the product recovery cd does not seem to work while its deleting the data on my drive its gets stuck while loading ntfs files? Now im not able to get back on to windows would I need a new product recovery cd and would be able to get that?


Answer:Satellite A30-203 - Recovery disk doesn't work

Hi dimation,

It?s hard to say what is the exact reason of this but fact is either it?s a problem of the recovery disk (e. g. scratched) or the notebook itself is causing this problem.

In my opinion the easiest way to check this is using a Microsoft Windows disk. If the installation will be finished successfully, you need a new recovery disk. Therefore you can ask an authorized service provider in your country! :)

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My touchpad has suddenly stopped working. I had the laptop on sleep mode for a few hours and when I came back the touchpad wasn't working.. The touchpad had a habbit of deaktivating itself for no reason but now it is activated and not working. Highly annoying!

I wanted to download the driver again to reinstall it but it is not listed under the driver section for my laptop??

Any ideas?

Answer:Touchpad doesn't work on my Satellite Pro L870-18G

Found the driver and reinstalled it. No luck

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After encountering the blue screen of death my A100-596 has been out of commission for a while. I decided to give it one last fiddle and got it working. I removed one of the 512MB ram modules and it works fine.

The problem is if I put the RAM module back the computer won't boot (the same problem it had before). I have used a program called CPUZ and it recognises the RAM in both slots (if I insert the second one after the computer has booted up).

Why can CPUZ recognise the RAM but windows won't boot with it inserted or even recognise it.

I have played around with the RAM modules. Both of them work in slot A but neither in slot B. The maximum expandability of my motherboard is 2GB, does this mean I cannot put a 2GB module in one of the slots?

It seems strange that CPUZ can happily see the RAM in slot B but windows won't boot with it in.

Please help.

Answer:Satellite A100-596 - RAM doesn't work in Slot B

> if I insert the second one after the computer has booted up
Do you really upgrade the RAM if the computer has booted up? LOL
I think that is not a good idea. A RAM upgrade should only be done if the computer or laptop is powered off.

I don?t understand why can CPU-Z can recognize the RAM but Windows not? To run CPU-Z you must start Windows before.

However, I think if both modules don?t work in Slot B the slot is faulty.
Furthermore if you can upgrade the notebook to 2GB you should not use a memory module with 2GB. Use two modules with 1GB each module.

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Hi, I Formated My toshiba Satellite L550 and I installed Windows 7 integral edition 32bits
Then I Install all drivers, but the webcam doesn't work, after Install I don't find the application installed.

What's the problem?

Answer:Webcam doesn't work on my Satellite L550

Have you installed right Webcam driver?
Which L550 do you have exactly (L550-xxx)?

Is some unknown device listed in device manager?

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Since yesterday my search for wlan-networks doesn?t work any more.

I already tried to switch wlan on/off and restart the laptop. But still the same problem.
Maybe I turned it off with the fn+F8-button, but if I try to reset it, I cannot see what is turned on and off.

The fn-button itself works fine with the other keys, but i can?t see the function on the desktop, but the function is working.

I can only use a network with a cable.

Maybe someone knows an answer.

thanks for your help

Answer:Re: Satellite P100 wlan doesn´t work, and cannot see Fn-key


Pressing FN+F8, you can see wifi icon and can en/disable it. Maybe, you need to update Wlan driver:

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