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Satellite A500-1GH - Is SD slot compatible with SDHC and SDXC?

Question: Satellite A500-1GH - Is SD slot compatible with SDHC and SDXC?

I have a Satellite A500-1GH having Windows 7 64bit. I'm about to buy an SD card, and I was wondering if the SD card slot at the front of the laptop is compatible with SDHC cards and the latest SDXC cards. If so, do I need to download some software and/or drivers for these kind of SD cards to work?

Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A500-1GH - Is SD slot compatible with SDHC and SDXC?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A500-1GH - Is SD slot compatible with SDHC and SDXC?


SDHC is definitely compatible.

As for SDXC, I think there is a Win7 WindowsUpdate that supports SDXC.

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I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre, purchased only four weeks ago.  It product family is IdeaCentre k410, machine type 10089.  Anyhow, the problem is: I inserted a microSD / microSDHC, both of which seem to fit into the slot fine, though neither registers under anywhere in windows explorer, neither in the root of C://, nor in any of the subdirectories, or on the main listing of mounted file systems.  I used the Lenovo Driver Updater and re-installed the SD Card Reader driver, to no avail.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.  As well, the computer runs Windows 8, which has some features I'm unhappy with, and although this is not a windows forum and I don't mean to create a thread that deviates from lenovo-specific topics, I was wondering if there is anything in either the machine architecture or the software of Windows 8 that could hinder m in installing a dual-boot system so that I might have the option of running a variant of linux as a sub-operating system, as I did with windows XP.?????  OK any help at all would be so greatly appreciated, thank in advance.  I really want to be able to retrieve some writing files I have stored in that micro SDHC card.  As another aside, does anyone know the max limit of RAM this computer can take and if it is DDR or some other type?

Answer:SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC/MS/MS Pro card-reader slot not showing up in windows explorer.

hi BrokenHalo,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
Regarding your questions:
1. When you inserted the SD card, do you hear a sound that a device is inserted and under Device Manger, do you see a Card Reader?
If not, try to:
a. boot intto the BIOS by pressing F1, load defaults by pressing F9 then press F10 to save and exit BIOS.
b. Reseat the front panel connectors (see page 23 of the hardware maintenance manual)
2. To install linux (i.e. Ubuntu), see if you can install Ubuntu via UEFI. If you're unable to do so or if you want to install other OS, try to:
a. Boot into the BIOS by pressing F2 and set the following settings below 
UEFI Boot Mode = Legacy
Secure Boot = Disabled  (if applicable)
CSM = Disabled /  Legacy or Other OS (if applicable)
OS Optimized Default = Disabled or Legacy (if applicable)
b. When finished, press F10 to save and exit BIOS then try to install Ubuntu via Wubi or insert your Windows installation disc to install a different OS.
3. As per this pdf data sheet, the Lenovo K410 has a max RAM of 8GB PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3  but Crucial reports that this unit can take up to 16GB PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 - check this site.
Hope this helps

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Nowhere in the documentation, web site is any info about what kind of controller and hence what size SD cards this model is supporting.Even Lenovo tech support doesn't know that info!I am really hesitant to buy a SDXC card of +32GB only to find out it supports on SDHC cards, thus limited to 32GB... thanks for any useful info, Ralf

Answer:What kind of SD card controller is in a Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-11AIP? SDHC or SDXC compatible?

Hi ITWorxLA,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
As per system overview :
IO port: Memory card slot (SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC)
Platform specification:
One microSD Card slot, supports up to 2TB
Usually there would be stickers on the box or laptop to indicate the format it also supports.
You can try to find/borrow  a spare 32GB SDXC to test first before purchase.
Hope this helps answer your query.

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I join this forumn in great frustration because I have spent hours online searching for an answer.

I run a Satellite A500-12W with a USB 3G modem but I don't like having that fragile thingy sticking out of the computer and occupying one of only 3 USB ports. Under the battery there is a slot that says SIM but it seems to be empty as it cannot hold a sim card in place.

I do not have an internal 3g modem, I have WLAN capabilities.
Surely it must be possible to buy a card that goes internally and works in the same way as a USB modem?

There is an empty slot next to the memory slots that says 3G/TV and something else, is that the place and in that case, which product should I buy?

I am eternally grateful for any help, this frustrates me greatly. Thanks in advance.

Colorblend of Sweden

Answer:Internal 3G modem with SIM slot for Satellite A500-12W?


The Satellite A500-12W does not support 3G modem and has not been equipped with a capability to use the sim card in order to connect to internet.

The point is that there are different A500 on the market with different hardware configurations.
Possibly the same notebook chassis has been used and therefore you can see this place for a sim card.

However, i'm not quite sure if you will be able to upgrade this unit with an miniPCI 3G card... if somethign like that would be possible, then you coudl order such part from local Toshiba ASP...

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I see that the new high speed SDXC & SDHC cards that are using UHS-1 will be in exFAT format.
Will my Win7Pro32 using NTFS format recognize these?
Are there new drivers I need to download for my card reader to see these?
I have nor purchased one of these new cards yet for my new HD camcorder, so would like to know before I do the big spend on one of these high speed cards.

System is a Dell Inspiron 530 about 2-3 yrs old.

Answer:NTFS vs exFAT and SDHC/SDXC UHS-1

Quote: Originally Posted by rsflea

I see that the new high speed SDXC & SDHC cards that are using UHS-1 will be in exFAT format.
Will my Win7Pro32 using NTFS format recognize these?
Are there new drivers I need to download for my card reader to see these?
I have nor purchased one of these new cards yet for my new HD camcorder, so would like to know before I do the big spend on one of these high speed cards.

System is a Dell Inspiron 530 about 2-3 yrs old.

Hi and welcome to SF!
Yes, Windows 7 recognizes these formats natively, but I recommend that it be with the SP1 installed. As to whether your card reader will be able to read them, I'd say no - taking into account the age of your Dell. But if you can tell the model of card reader, I could tell with more certainty. Use Speccy - Download in case of not knowing what type of card reader. I look forward for your reply.

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I just want to know if my SD card reader in my PSAC1E can read SDHC cards or not. Anyone out there from Toshiba know, or has anyone else out there with the same macine tried an SDHC card in theirs?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120-160 SD card reader SDHC compatible?

As far as I know the Satellite A120 supports SD cards up to 1GB.
So SDHC cards are not compatible.

If you want to read SDHC cards on your notebook, you need an external card reader (USB).

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Almost a year ago I bought a Toshiba Satellite A500-1GH.
I cannot say that I am not satisfied with the computer or the company.

The problems that I had was the Display problem (stop working for seconds) which was software problem (updated nVidia and with the HDD which stop working but company changed with a new one.

Now I wanted to upgrade the second memory module from 2GB to 4GB so I can have 2x4GB, but when I opened the memory compartment, I saw next to them an empty PCI slot with the sign JGPS.
Does anybody know what that is?

And if yes what is the part number?
Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite A500-1GH What is a empty PCI slot with JGPS sign

Hi mate

As far as I know JGPS is an GPS connector.
Possibly this connector would be shared by 3G miniPCI card.
As far as I know this Satellite A500-1GH has not been equipped with an 3G module and therefore the miniPCI slot is empty.

> And if yes what is the part number?
I don't know the part number but all parts can be ordered from local Toshiba ASP

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Regarding my HP Spectre x360 (P0A44AV), What is the Media Card Reader's capacity (max)? Is there a list of known capatible brands/models? If so, where is it? Where can I find detailed specs on the card reader, and supported memory cards? Thanks in advance for any help re this inquiry. Charles

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The X220multimedia card reader in the x220 works on the PCI bus and can read SDXC cards. I have seen comments here that it reads the UHS-1 cards. Can it make full use of the read/write speeds of the latest cards,such as the SanDisk Extreme Pro? Also, does it matter whether NTSF or exFAT is used when the card is used as a backup device, not intended for use in a camera? What are the advantages/disadvantages of using SDHC/SDXC cards for backup?

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Does the R600 support the sandisk "extreme 30 MB" or the SDXC card?

I ask because they seem to the only ones with 64Gb capacity. I need the maximum additional capacity possible


Answer:SDHC extreme or SDXC card work in Portege R600


As far as I know the SD card reader supports the SD card up to 2GB, SDHC up to 16Gb and mini SD card (with adapter) up to 2GB.

I didn?t find any details about the usage of bigger SDHC cards and I think you will have to test it yourself?. But in my opinion there could be a problem using such cards!

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After recently updating my laptop to windows 10 I have discovered that the dvd player will not operate. A message pops up advising that the player is not compatible with this version of windows. A scan using Norton suggest the dvd wont work because it needs to be configured.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Answer:Satellite A500 - video/dvd player not compatible with Windows 10

Obviously the Toshiba DVD player application which is preinstalled on this Satellite A500 model isn’t compatible with Windows 10 system.

In such case this software will not work properly after the upgrade to Win 10 and I guess you have to remove it from the Win 10 system.

Unfortunately, the Satellite A500 isn’t listed as supported Win 10 notebook and therefore I don’t think that you will get an update for this DVD player software.

Here a list of supported models for upgrade to Windows 10

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Does anyone know the part number for the internal remote control that fits in the toshiba A500-19x. Anyhelp gratefully received..

Answer:Satellite A500-19x - Need compatible remote control part number


I don?t know the remote control part number which could be compatible with such notebook but I think that an ASP in your country could help you.
You can purchase all compatible parts from the service partner in your country.
If the parts are not available then the guys will order it from the Toshiba head stock.


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I just bought a new SanDisk SDHC 32GB card but my card reader is not able to detect it, although it can detect SD card. Is there any update driver I need to download to solve this problem?

Answer:T420S with RICOH PCIe SDXC/MMC Host Controller can not detect SanDisk SDHC

Hi michael0130,thanks for posting and welcome to the community. I was just wondering which OS are you currently using?If your using Win7 or Win8 I would suggest you to update your BIOS First and then uninstall the card reader driver and reinstall it with the latest version below.BIOS (For Win7 or Win8 ONLY!) reader :(Win 7) : 8) : this helps and please do post back your results.Regards

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I am based in Mumbai and bought here a Lumia 625 two years ago. Now I want to add / insert Micro SD card to augment memory. I was searching what is suitable or compatible type of SD card but could not understand or find a straight answer. Specification of 625 phone I could find online on third party website ( not ) only says "MicroSD card". Where as there are so many type / class etc.

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 hp x2 10 P006NL- Notebook detachable Does anyone know if this model can use microSDXC cards? Thanks, DB

Answer:Pavilion X2 - SDXC compatible?

HI. micro-SD memory card reader Supports micro SD cards.Insert the card as follows:Release the tablet näppäimistötelakasta Hold the cardlabel-side up, with the connectorstoward the slot, insert the card slot and push the card,until it is properly seated.Remove the card as follows:Press the card until it pops out. Here you have a manual service:  Regards.

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SDXC is not listed on the spec sheet so I assume the answer is no, but I figured I would check and see if someone could confirm before I purchase a smaller SDHC card.  I would really like a 64GB card but don't want to shell out and have to return it.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Ideapad Yoga 13 SDXC compatible?

I am using a 128GB card I got from Tiger Direct for about $84. It's formatted in exFAT because I need to use it in a MAC and this yoga. Works fine!  

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Can the SD card reader in E5530 handle a newer SDXC high capacity (exFAT SDXC 256GB) card?Can the SD card reader in E5540 handle a newer SDXC high capacity (exFAT SDXC 256GB) card?
For example, Kingston SDA3/

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Is the SD card device in my HP Pavilion 17-e105sa compatible with SDXC?

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After installing the memory card and copying music over to it my phone comes up either with an error code 80070003 or only plays a 30 second clip of the track. I also have a problem with photos disappearing when stored to the memory card.
I have tried changing everything back to the phone's memory but still have the problem with the music player

Answer:Is a micro sdxc uhs-1 compatible with a nokia lumia 625?

First of all your phone is compatible with your SDCard. (but there are "fake" SD cards
Did you format the SDCard in your phone.
Code 8007003 can indicate that you try to copy DRM protected music.
If the music is not protected please check below link.

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Answer:On Yoga 2 Pro, which types of SD memory cards are compatible, such as SDXC?

There are three form factors: standard, mini and micro.You need standard sized memory cards. See Wikipedia below.If you use micro SD or mini SD cards you need to use a adapter. Most micro and mini memory cards come with a adapter.

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Question: SDHC adapter slot

My SDHC adapter slot isn't working, i hav tried changing adapter but nothing happens... plz help

Answer:SDHC adapter slot

Hi Plzdontmessup, and welcome to TSG.

You're not giving us much to work with. You need to give us more details, such as, but not limited to ...

Is this a SDHC slot part that came installed on the computer? If so, brand and full model number of the computer?

If this an external adapter that plugs into a USB port, the brand and model number of the adapter? Have you tried a different USB port?

Have you tried another SDHC card?

What operating system is running on the computer?

Exactly what happens when you connect the adapter to the computer? What happens when you plug in an SDHC card?

Does the Windows Hardware Manager show any USB or storage problems?

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Question: sdhc card slot

my new laptop has an sd card slot which is very nice. how can i tell if it will accept the new high capacity sd format, which are going to handle up to 32gigs!i don't think it will but how can i tell for sure without buying one and trying it?thanks alldave

Answer:sdhc card slot

I don't think the slot makes any difference - an SD slot will read an SD Card no matter what capacity the card is. At least that is how I see it, if I am wrong I am sure someone will soon come on and say so!

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I wanted to add an SDHC card but was unsure how fast the slot is in this notebook. Could it make full use of a 60MB/s card or is the reader going to be the bottleneck?

Answer:NB550D - How fast is the SDHC slot?

Hi buddy,

I never heard that card slot speed is limited. Usually it?s depending on the SD or SDHC card.

Where did you saw a SDHC card with 60 MB/s? Fastest SDHC card is known to me is SanDisk Extreme 30MB/s and they are really fast. I only use this brand of SDHC cards and never had any problems with performance or something else. They are fast enough for recording FullHD movies for example :)

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I have a Compaq Presario X1401AP notebook, circa 2004.

It has an SD card slot in the front, which shows up as "Winbond SD Drive (F)" when any SD/SDHC card is inserted.

It can only actually read/write/format SD cards though, not SDHC.

Anyone know of a driver update / patch / anything else that will let me use SDHC cards in there? I haven't had any luck finding anything but I don't have much experience in this area so I may not be looking in the right places. I'm running XP SP2 fully updated.

I'd rather not have to buy/use a separate card reader if there's a way to get the factory slot working with SDHC.

Many thanks!

Answer:SDHC driver for Compaq Presario / Winbond slot?

On further investigation (if I'm looking in the right place) the device appears to be a WEC0518:

Device Instance: ACPI\WEC0518\4&61F3B4B&0
Current Driver Version: 2.0.2003.1225 (25/12/2003)

That's where the trail ends for me. I've tried using driveragent but it doesn't even see the device so it's no help.

Anything else I can try?

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Portege R 500 does not read SDHC cards in the SD slot. Normal SD cards can be read without problems. Manual states, that SDHC cards can be read. in different forums it is stated, that SDHC cards up to 16 GB work without problems. I have already downloeded and installed the most recent version of SD utilities, unfortunately without success.

Answer:Portege R500: SDHC Card cannot be read in SD slot


I found out that you can use the 2GB SD cards and 8GB SDHC cards.

I don?t know why you are not able to use you SDHC card but I would recommend removing the SD slot from the device manager and after new reboot to reinstall the driver from the Toshiba European driver page.

But wait;
Did you use Windows XP?
If yes, did you install SP2 and this MS patch?

[Hotfix for Windows XP that adds support for SDHC cards that have a capacity of more than 4 GB|]

Please check this firstly. Maybe it solves your issue!

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 Does anybody know, if the UHS-1 Format of SDHC Cards can be used in the 5-1 Card Reader of X201 Modells? I could not find any information regarding this information at  Thanks!  

Answer:uhs-1 SDHC Card compatible with X201?

Hi bluetiger, Sorry we don't have the card to test. According to wiki UHS-1 does not compatable with older host (card reader). Anyway please try the card before you buy.Secure Digital

T61 + X201i

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I just bought San disk's SDHC class 10 memory card (8gb) for my Lumia 520? Now I'm having second thoughts about it. I would like to know if SDHC works fine in this device.

Answer:Is Nokia Lumia 520 SDHC compatible?

Yes it does as long as it is a micro SD.
Actual cards from 4 to 32GB are called SDHC.
Even a SDXC works. (larger then 32G) works without a problem.

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I plan to purchase a CANON S5IS digital camera, and someone recommended that I use SDHC memory cards. I recently bought a Digital Concepts 21-in-1 Card Reader/Writer; however, I don't see the SDHC designation shown on the package. The only SD cards listed are: SD; SD-Ultra; SDC; and Mini SD. Will this reader read an SDHC card as well? Thank you.

Answer:Is my card reader compatible with SDHC Cards?

If it the same model as this one it should do:

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HiI use a G400S touch laptop, I need buy a memory card and I want know if SDHC cards are compatible with my card reader. Thanks.

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I need to buy a microSD? memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)card for my phone, is that the same as as micro SDHC?? Thanks

Answer:Is microSDâ„¢ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible) the same as micro SDHC?

I don't know - Debe - I am looking for a 4GB microSD card for my friend's e-book.I will be watching your post with interest.

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It says it's for Android devices (but I didn't see that until after I bought it). Will it work with Windows OS?

Answer:Sony make.believe Micro SDHC compatible with Lumia 640?

That's because Sony only makes Android devices, and they are trying to sell their own products. iPhone doesn't use SD.
MicroSDHC is an industry standard, pretty much. If it works in one, it should work in everything that supports microSDHC.

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Satellite A500-02F costs about 10% more than Satellite A500-025.

Is the Satellite A500-02F much better and worth the extra money or are they basically the same . The Satellite A500-02F has a T6066 chip compared to T6065 in the Satellite A500-025 much difference?

The Satellite A500-02F has DDR3 memory, will this make much difference? Any other differences?


Answer:Difference between Satellite A500-025 and A500-02F

Hi junglo,

I think you have already answered the question yourself. The Satellite A500-02F has a faster CPU and DDR3 memory. It should be a little bit faster in programs they need a high CPU performance and in games for example.

It?s also depending on the programs that you want to use but I would choose the faster model. I don?t buy every year a new notebook so I would choose the faster one and 10% difference isn?t so much. ;)

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The A500-025 says that it had centrino T6500 processor while the A500-02f model has T6600 processor. Does it make a difference that one says it`s a CENTRINO processor or is there any difference...or are they both centrino but just wasn`t mentioned in the specs.


Answer:Processors on Satellite A500-025 and Satellite A500-02F

Have both notebooks the same model number (PAxxxx)?
Where you have bought these notebooks (country of purchase)?

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Lumia 535: Can I expand using Nokia MU44 Micro SDHC Card 16GB

Answer:Is Nokia MU44 Micro SDHC Card 16GB compatible with Lumia 535?

Yes but be aware that this is only class 4 so some lagging will/can happen.
Furthermore its already an old card which had a 5 years warranty when sold.
But yes if you have it you can use it and judge by yourself if the lagging is acceptable for you.

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I almost purchased a 'Class 4,' 4 GB, SDHC (SD Flash Card) this evening,but refrained, as I was not sure if the 6(?)-in-1 card readerwithin my Lenovo 3000 Y410 was able to accommodate a SDHC card properly.Wikipedia entry about SDHC - adviseTriRycheMod edit: Made link clickable
Message Edited by Mark_Lenovo on 01-07-2008 04:42 PMMessage Edited by Mark_Lenovo on 01-07-2008 04:43 PM

Answer:Lenovo 3000 Y410 - Built-in Card Reader SDHC compatible?

The following link indicates that the SDHC logo would be listed if the Y410 supports: The Lenovo site carries an official listing of the 6 formats the 6in1 reader supports: As you can see SDHC is not listed. So it seems you are out of luck.

Lenovo Y410 59-011897, Core2Duo T5450, Intel 965GM, RAM 2GB(667), HDD 160GB/5400rpm, Graphics Onboard GMA X3100, ODD DVD-RW, Intel Pro 3945ABG, 6in1 reader, Modem Lenovo support 56k Fastlink data/fax, Device Mgr. Motorola SM56 data fax (driver, Audio Lenovo support Intel Azalia, Device Mgr. Realtek HD Audio v. R1.83 (driver, Vista Home P

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I now have the above named phone and require a Back-up memory card, Samsung state the maximum card must be a Micro SDHC which I know is not available by Samasung in 64GB size.
I have read there to be problems with 64GB Micro SDXC card not working correctly because of them being ExFat32
Does anyone in the group happen to own a Samsung Galaxy Note II Lte GT-N7105 Smartphone please and tell me if they have tried a 64GB Micro SDXC card with or without any issues.

Answer:Samsung Galaxy Note II Lte N7105 & Compatible 64GB Micro SDHC Card

Correction to the above!
I am wanting to buy a Samsung 64GB SDXC though titled here as a SDHC click here have read arround via google search that the File Format these cards have which is ExFat32 will not work correctly and also if they do then they will only give arround 14GB out of 64GB.
Can someone help please

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How can I find out if my SD card reader supports SDXC cards.
My laptop is a satellite A300 and the properties of the card reader say " SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controlle".

Am I able lto use SDXC cards with this device and if not am I able to upgrade the software to support SDXC cards?

Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite A300 - Does card reader support SDXC cards?


I read in the forum about the card reader on Satellite A300 and I found very useful info.
The card reader supports following kind of cards:

- SD Card - 8MB-2GB
- SDHC Card - 4GB
- xD picture card - 16MB-2GB
- Memory Stick - 8MB-256MB
- Memory Stick Pro - 256MB-2GB
- MultiMediaCard - 8MB-1GB
- miniSD (with SD adapter) - 32MB-2GB

As you can see teh SDXC cards are not supported... in such case I recommend using an common external USB card reader which would support the SDXC cards

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When I put my SDHC sandisk card in my laptop slot marked (SD/MMC-MS/PRO) it doesn't read it. My partner has a similar laptop with the same slot as mine and the SDHC card reads in hers perfectly. Any Ideas?

Answer:My SDHC card won't read in my laptop card slot.

have a read here certain high speed cards will not read in the earlier card readers.
SDHC card readers

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I'd like to get a more powerful graphics card, but my MOBO slot is only for 2X cards. Are more powerful cards ever compatible?

Answer:AGP 4X or 8X ever compatible with AGP 2X slot?

Well, The other cards should be perfectly compatible, but they won't run at there full potential. It's kinda like trying to drive a Ferrari down a public road, the car can only go as fast as the road can handle. Bit of a weird example but I think that explains it pretty simply

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Hi Forumites,

I've been trying my darndest to understand how a computer can possibly sync correctly with the user, when there is no instruction book on how to load all of the supposed software this computer comes with.

I can't link my phone and the A500 together via bluetooth. The stickers on the bottom of the computer state that this service is available on this computer, but when I follow the "NO" help files, (control panel, type in bluetooth and click on things) the options that "help" gives me simply do not exist.

The specifications state that this computer comes with Picassa software (photo editing), but where is it exactly? It's certainly not in the programs list, it's not mentioned in the help files, it's not coming up with an answer in any search of the C:.

The support phone number is constantly engaged. Yes it answers my call, but then puts me into a constant loop of extremely boring "yadda yadda blah blah" about how great it is to own said computer, every so often asking me to leave my number so they can call me back. Hello! My number is unlisted. How can you possibly do that?

How the 'darn firey environment mentioned in religious text' is one supposed to gain assistance in such matters? Oh yes. The FAQ. A long and really quite useless listing of answers to stupid questions any Richard Head would know. Yes I realise there are people out there not qualified to operate an alarm clock, but really ...

And on anot... Read more

Answer:Software gone on Satellite A500 / Satellite A80 on net, but no pages avail

Hi mate

Your posting is really long and to be honest you are speaking about different issues?
That?s confusing?

Anyway? you asked if the notebook Sat A500 supports Bluetooth.
Well, if there is an BT label on the bottom of the unit then the BT module is installed.
In order to enable to BT you have to use the FN + F8 key combination. This helps to switch between the WLan and Bluetooth!
More detains are mentioned in user manual!

Regarding the preinstalled software:
I think the Picasa2 software is preinstalled and you should see an shortcut on the desktop.

Regarding the WLan connection:
The Wlan router supports an range of IP addresses and usually you could connect different devices to the Wlan router. The IP address would be assigned automatically.
So you could connect both notebooks as the same time!

Check your WLan router manual for more details!

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What are the main differences between the L505-144, L555-11K and A500-1GL?

They are the same price and seem to be very similar, with only small differences in processing power, graphics card and sound.

Which is the best model?

Answer:Re: Differences between Satellite L505-144, L555-11K and Satellite A500-1GL


I think you should take a look on the Toshiba notebook specification page and should compare both notebooks:

*Satellite L505-144*

*Satellite A500-1GL*

Satellite L505-144 has been released in UK and the Satellite A500-1GL has been released in Germany.

The L505-144 supports faster and better CPU, it has been delivered with Win 7 32bit and 64bit. It supports the nVidia instead of ATI GPU but the HDD is smaller 320Gb instead of 500GB?

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Hi there! Is T61 parts compatible? I need a sim card slot to make my z61p mobile and I really don't want to pay 75$ for the reader.Internal slot ain' t good because I use one SIM on 2 different machines ( Thanks! -alppu

Answer:z61 compatible sim card slot?

They use different parts.T61 uses part of FRU 42X3919 (Supported Device: T61, T61p, T500, W500)Z61 uses prat of FRU 41W1309 (Specific Z61e, Z61m, Z61p)

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My question is about SD card reader in Satellite Pro M70 (PSM76). Can I use SD card 4GB or more (SDHC)?

Answer:SDHC usage with Satellite Pro M70

All what I can say is: you can try to use it and hope it will be recognized properly. I have Satellite M70 but I do not use SD cards and unfortunately cannot test it on my notebook.

Simply test it. To be honest I am a little bit skeptic about that.

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I got an 8gb micro sdHC card filled up using the adapter, with music, which plays fine.

Before I received this cheap us>microSD adapter I asked the seller if it read HC cards. They said no. It's just a cheap chinese adapter on ebay so there isn't much info on it at all. It's write up didn't say anything about HC capabilities.

Like I mentioned, I was able to use it to load up an 8gb sdHC card.

Does this mean that it will probably also work with a 32gb sdHC card? Is there a size limit that the 8gb card didn't exceed?

If yes, I'd like to buy more now because I don't think these will hold up to much use.


Answer:Can My Usb>microsd Adapter Read Sdhc If It Fills An 8gb Sdhc Card? Seller Says It Won't.

I found the same item elsewhere on ebay which mentions that it recognizes up to 32gb, which is what I needed.

So....I suppose there are quite a few adapters out there labelled only SD but will in fact read up to at least 32 SDHC cards.

I think going over 32gb cards might require additional capabilities.

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Hi, I have a Thinkpad T61, which has a Intel Turbo Mem. slot beneath the keyboard panel. But since the Turbo Mem. is out-dated, I am wondering if I can plug a SSD 1.8" into that slot. I read the spec. and both interfaces are SATA like.

Answer:T61 Intel Turbo Mem slot compatible with SSD 1.8"?

The Turbo Memory slot on the T61 is probably closer to a MiniPCIe-type interface than the SATA connector used by 1.8" hard disk drives, so I do not think they would be compatible.
Aryeh Goretsky

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Hi everyone,I want to install an additional M.2 SSD to my X240. As far as I know, X240 has three M.2 port:
 - One single side M.2 for wireless card - One single side M.2 42 mm for WWAN (3G card). Mine is empty in this slot. - One double side M.2 for cache drive.For M.2 cache drive, I dont know if my machine has it. I dont have smart card reader module either.But I do have the single M.2 42 mm.I want to buy a SSD: MyDigitalSSD Super Boot Drive 42mm SATA III (6G) M.2 2242 NGFF SSD (128GB (120GB))But it is double side (B and M key).Could anyone tell me if I can install it to M.2 slot of WWAN module?This is the picture of my WWAN slot
Link to image
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums


Go to Solution.

Answer:X240 - compatible SSD for WWAN slot

Hi,Seems you've made a typo - PSREF says on the contrary:Single-sided M.2 SSD, via M.2 Card slot, exclusive with Smart Card readerDouble-sided M.2 SSD, via M.2 Card slot, exclusive with WWAN cardSo the drive you've selected should fit in the wwan slot and work.

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i have a graphics card which its interface is PCI-E 2.0 x16
is it compatible/can work with my motherboard which has a slot of PCI-E 3.0 x16

so can it work without having damage

Answer:pci-e 2.0 graphics card compatible to pci-e 3.0 slot

Yes it will work fine.

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I've got a problem with SDHC memory card. My Satellite M70 can't use that card. When I plug the card in the slot nothing happens. This is 8GB card.

Is there any driver to install because I found nothing?

Answer:Satellite M70-151 - SDHC doesn't work


Have you checked the user manual of your Satellite M70. If not, please do it!!!

The user manual contains a list of compatible flash cards and the point is that SDHC cards are not supported. You can only use SD cards up to 1GB.

If you want to use an 8GB card you have to use an external card reader.

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Are there any chances to make my old A20-S103 support SDHC cards?
I googled and checked Toshiba support page for the latest drivers but it doesn't seem to work.

I know I can buy an external USB reader, but I'd like to use the built-in reader if possible.
I hope it's just a matter of new driver, not the hardware itself.

I'd appreciate any help regarding this.


Answer:Satellite A20-S103 and SDHC support

I am 100% sure something like this is not possible. It is old notebook model and it is not supported anymore.

You can try to install driver designed for some newer notebook model but I don?t believe it will work.

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I do have a msata II 60gb in my x220, but would like to upgrade it with a bigger model from  that one is msata III but claims to be SATA 2 compatible.  Will this combination work with my x220? In another blog post I read that it has major drawbacks (much slower)  to use a msata3 drive in a msata2 slot. Is that true?

Answer:x220 msata slot compatible with SATA III

Good day and welcome to the community.
I'm using the Crucial 256gb m4 mSATA SSD in my X220. I have Win7Pro64 and my apps on it. I use a platter drive in the main bay for data. No issues whatsoever.
You should be fine.

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Hi,I have a Lenovo B490 single RAM slot model.I want to upgrade my RAM to 8GB. Are these below RAM compatible for my laptop?Kingston 8 GB DDR3 Model KVR16LS11/8Transcend 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SO-DIMM Model JM1600KSH-8G

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Hi everyone,

i bought a Toshiba Satellite A300-1MX back in October 2008, and now i wanted to buy an SDHC card, but I was wondering whether my laptop would support this "new"-ish card. The reason I want an SDHC is because it comes in bigger volumes.

So do you know if my laptop can read SDHC cards?

Thanks so much,



Answer:SDHC card reader in Satellite A300-1MX?

The Satellite Satellite A300-1MX card reader supports these cards:

SD Card: 8MB-2GB

SDHC Card: 4GB-16GB

xD picture card: 16MB-2GB

Memory Stick: 8MB-256MB

Memory Stick Pro: 256MB-4GB

MultiMediaCard: 8MB-2GB

miniSD (with adapter): 32MB-2GB

microSD (with adapter): 512MB-4GB

Memory Stick Pro Duo(with adapter): 256MB-4GB

As you see the SDHC is supported

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I have a problem, I got a SDHC card with 8GB capacity and a built-in card reader, unfortunately, I do not read it. I checked the description of the computer and it says that it supports these cards. In what may be the problem?

(Toshiba Satellite A300-1ED, PSAG4E, Windows XP)

Answer:Satellite A300-1ed: SDHC card with 8GB does not function


Try to update card reader driver

Try different SDHC cards

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last year I have bought a Satellite L40 Series and a Windows Vista was installed on it. I found everything worked properly.

Since I found that Windows Vista is kinda slower than XP, I downgraded it into Windows XP and I installed manually all drivers. Everything works well until I found that I can read only SD-card with the Ricoh Card Reader on my laptop. With Windows Vista it could read SD and SDHC.

Since all of my files saved in SDHC, I really want to solve this matter.

I detected on the computer that my card reader hardware is :

Ricoh Memory Stick Host controller (
Ricoh MMC Host COntroller (
Ricoh XD Picture Card Host Controller ( /

The questions are :
1. Can the card reader read SDHC with Windows XP platform?
2. If yes, what should I do with it? Maybe I have to install a new driver? (If yes, where can I find it?)

Thank you for your concern. I am really glad if you can help me to solve this matter.

Best regards,

Answer:Satellite L40 - Can't read SDHC cards with Windows XP?


Can you notice yellow exclamation mark in device manager?

Normally the Satellite L40 can read SDHC cards up to 8GB so my question is have you tried different brands of SDHC cards?
I have good experience with Kingston and SanDisk cards.

Furthermore you should check the Toshiba website for an update of the card reader: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Last but not least have you installed all Service Packs and Updates for Windows?

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Can any body tell me whether my Satellite Pro A300-1NH supports SDHC media cards.

The spec states that it supports SD cards upt 16GB but it does not mention SDHC cards. Does it support 8GB SDHC cards


Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1NH - Does it support SDHC cards?


The unit seems to support these cards:

SD Card 8MB-2GB
SDHC Card 4GB-16GB
xD picture card 16MB-2GB
Memory Stick 8MB-256MB
Memory Stick Pro 256MB-4GB
MultiMediaCard 8MB-2GB
miniSD (with adapter) 32MB-2GB
microSD (with adapter) 512MB-4GB
Memory Stick Pro Duo(with adapter) 256MB-4GB

As you see SDHC is supported

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My Toshiba Satellite A355-S6925 won't recognize a Lexar Platinum II 32 GB SDHC card Class 4.

My last hard drive crashed and I replaced it with another and installed Windows 7 from scratch.

Am I missing a driver or some firmware to use the built in SDHC reader?

Please help, I just bought a camcorder and I'd like to transfer the video.

Answer:Satellite A355-S6925 - SDHC not recognized

Have a look in Device Manager, do you see the SD Reader or MultiCard Reader device installed properly?

If there is an exclamation mark, you will need to download the driver from the Toshiba Website.

Have you tried a smaller capacity SD Card? (like a 2GB card)

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Help I can not get my A105-S4384 to see a 4GB SD 60-HD chip.

Is there a Upgrade on line I can upload?

Answer:Satellite A105-S4384 - Does a 4GB SDHC work?

I doubt that a 4GB SHDC card will work in the Satellite A105.

Look in your user manual, there I can only find an information that normal SD cards will work.

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I recently bought an A305D-S6851 with Vista and downgraded to XP.
Everything works fine and it's great, but recently I wanted to use the memory card slot and load my 4GB SDHC memory card, but I put it in and nothing happens.
I have the drivers for the slot installed properly, and after searching the forums I found out I need an XP hotfix - KB934428. I installed it and it didn't solve the problem, and then I saw another post saying KB923293 sorted this out. Once again, installed and nothing.

So I'm in a bit of a dead end here. Drivers? Check. Hotfixes? Check.
I actually doubt it's a laptop issue because I've been going through the same problem-solving process on a desktop computer with a USB card reader and it also can't read the card.
On the other hand it's not the card because before I moved to XP on the laptop I managed to access it with the slot with any problem.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite A305 - Accessing a SDHC card on XP

Hello Len

Have you tested it with 1 or 2 GB card? Is the result the same?
What is with other compatible cards? Have you tested some of them?

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I've got a computer toshiba L450-19Z and I wonder he can read SDHC memory card. If not, how to do for it?
Can I download a driver?

Does somebody know about it?

Answer:Does SDHC card work on Satellite L450-19Z


Yes, the bridge media slot supports different cards.
The SDHC cards are supported too and you can use 4GB-16GB SDHC cards.

But as far as I know this info can be found in user manual ;)


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Got a Satellite U300 with Vista home premium
Got it a year ago almost and never used the SD card reader. Now I want to use it but can't find how to or why it doesn't work ?

Inserting a card in the card reader doesn't give any response at all.

Is there anything need to be turned on?
Any drivers that need to be installed (tried a SD read driver but no luck with that) ?
Is it software or machine error ?

Thank for answers.

Answer:Satellite U300 - Nothing happens when SD/SDHC cards are plugged in


Hmm?.. It?s difficult to say what?s wrong?
I think you should firstly figure out if you are using the compatible cards.
I don?t know what U300 you exactly have but some U300 supports these cards:

SD Card 8MB-2GB
xD picture card 16MB-2GB
Memory Stick 8MB-256MB
Memory Stick Pro 256MB-2GB
MultiMediaCard 8MB-1GB
miniSD (with SD adapter) 32MB-2GB

Check if you used supported card.

Furthermore you should check the SD card reader status in device manger if there are some yellow exclamation marks. If yes, then this would mean that the device is not installed and running properly.

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I have had a Satellite Pro A200 installed with Windows XP, SP2 for some time - No problems there, a great piece of kit. However I recently have bought a new camera and splashed out on a Kingston 4Gb SDHC card. The manual for my A200 seemes to indicate that it my laptop is compatible with SDHC cards to 4Gb however when I push the card in the LED flashes blue briefly and then nothing happens. My SDHC card does not appear to be recognised by the system.

I see no errors in my OS event log and I have checked the slots operation by trying an older 512Mb SD card and that works fine.

Can anybody offer any help please?

For reference this laptop is a Model PSAE4E A200.

Many Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite Pro A200 Windows XP, 4Gb SDHC Card does not work.

Try this XP hotfix to enable SDHC support

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Dear all,

My U500-18k stops read SD card. When SD card is inserted Windows explorer show SD icon, but when I'm clicking on the icon, getting the message "Please insert a disk into SD (J)". I tried to read SDHC 8Gb cards. The cards are certainly working. With MMC and XD card reader works well,
I reinstalled SD utilities and Richon card controller driver. This doesn't fix the problem. OS Win 7 x64. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite Pro U500-18k cannot read SDHC 8Gb cards anymore

Do you use this SDHC 8GB card for the first time?
Have you noticed the same situation using different SD cards?

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Do you know if the Satellite 2450-114 windows XP home supports reading SDHC with the latest drivers, and the max capacity supported?



Answer:Can Satellite 2450-114 read SDHC with the latest drivers?


The Satellite 2450-114 is an oldie and in my opinion it would not support the SDHC card even using latest drivers? why?
Because the card support does not depends on software/driver but this is a simple hardware limitation (card reader)

Therefore I would recommend using an external USB card reader? such readers are not expensive and easy in use?


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Hello there,

I have a satellite A300-1J1 laptop and I was wondering if it will work with SDHC Cards.

Could some kind informed person tell me if I can use them in this model laptop.


Answer:Does Satellite A300-1J1 supports the SDHC memory card

What does the user manual said?
I know what it said?.

It said you can use the SDHC Card 4GB-16GB


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Hello, I have a toshiba satellite A200-23K.
I just installed Windows 7, ALL drivers from toshiba driver support and all microsoft windows updates, including the 32 GB suport for SD flash memory cards.

But the in the device manager there was a item named " Mass Storage Controller " witch was not installed (that would be SD card reader) but I didn't saw any driver for " Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Integrated FlashMedia Controller " and installed VISTA driver instead. Now the device look's fine in device manager but it only read a normal SD card, and when I insert a 4GB SDHC it happend nothing. In windows XP / vista and linux (fedora / ubuntu) there is no problem with SDHC (4GB and 8GB Kingmax SDHC class 6).

I would greatly apreciate in advance if someone will make a driver for the card reader (i'm using it pretty mutch for photos).

Answer:Satellite A200-23K - SDHC card not recognized on Windows 7

Hi buddy,

I think the problem is the outdated Vista driver that doesn?t work 100% properly on Windows 7?

As far as I know Satellite A300 that supports Windows 7, is also equipped with Texas Instruments card reader or at least the driver is also from the same company as for Satellite A200.

In your case I would try this driver, I hope it works! :)

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I have a Z830 Satellite with the SD card reader.

The spec sheets says it reads SDHC cards, so I purchased a Transcend 32Gb SDHC card for putting all my music on. When I plug it into the SD card reader of the laptop it doesn't do anything - nothing shows in Windows Explorer or in Disk Management. It's like the reader doesn't even know there is a card inserted.

However, if I put the card into a USB SD card reader and plug it into the USB port, the machine sees the card just fine. I can copy files to/from it. Is this a driver issue, or is this hardware related?

Answer:Satellite Z830 - SDHC card 32Gb not recognised

Hi, do you have the factory Windows installation installed? Or did you install XP/Vista?

Do you have the latest BIOS installed?

Do other SD cards work ok in the Z830?

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Does Satelitte A300-1G5 support SDHC Class 6/4 memory cards?

I've tried to search this over the internet and in the Users's Manual and it specifies SD cards but no SDHC.
Also, I've read other Satelitte A300 answers on SDHC saying that it can be read.

Will my model read it too?

Answer:Does Satellite A300-1G5 read SDHC Class 6/4 cards?

Hi dude

The Satellite A300-1G5 series supports the cards from type:
- SD Card - 8MB-2GB
- SDHC Card - 4GB-16GB
- xD picture card - 16MB-2GB
- Memory Stick - 8MB-256MB
- Memory Stick Pro - 256MB-2GB
- MultiMediaCard - 8MB-2GB
- miniSD (with adapter) - 32MB-2GB
- microSD (with adapter) - 512MB-4GB
- Memory Stick Pro Duo(with adapter) - 256MB-4GB

As you can see there is no limitation in SDHC card type but in the card size.
Hope this helps you.

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in my notebook i got two OS, Windows XP Pro 32bit and Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit, and in Win Xp cardreader work fine, read all type of SD cards (standard and HC) but in vista read only standard card:(. I install, and tryied all drivers form my Notebook and nothing:(.
My notebok and SD card is: Satellite A200-1IW PSAE6E and SDHC 4GB Kingston.

Answer:Satellite A200 problem with card reader SDHC

Have you installed Vista SP1?

Try this hotfix:

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hi all

After i installed windows 7 32bit on my laptop, it doesnt want to read my sdhc card.
And it did when i had Vista on.

Can anyone help what to do?

Thanks a lot:


Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1N7 does not read SDHC card using Win 7 32bit


Did you install the card reader driver?
Did you notice an unknown device in device manager?

Please check the Toshiba European drive page for the card reader driver!
Satellite A200-1N7 belongs to the PSAE3E series?
I found the card reader driver for Vista 64bit?
Usually Vista driver should work on Win 7 OS too?

If this will not work, then try the drivers released for A500 or L500 series!


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I own a Satellite P200-1JY, my OS is windows 7, and I can't read SDHC card, but only SD card.
On the same PC under windows XP I was able to read SDHC card!
So I should have a driver problem?

Thanks for you help.

Answer:Satellite P200-1JY and Win7 - SDHC card cannot be read


First of all I have checked your user manual of Satellite P200 and it supports the following SD card types:
-SD up to 2GB

Are you using such SD cards or with more capacity?

If you use such supported cards I would try updating the card reader driver. You can try the Flash Media Driver for Vista that you can get on the official Toshiba page.
Check this!!!

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I have the Yoga 11 running windows 8.1.  My built in card reader has worked fine until I tried it today.  When I insert a card it is recognized (sound plays, drive is listed) but when I click on it I get a message "Please insert disk into SDHC G".  I have tried multiiple cards that are verified as working on other devices and have worked on this laptop in the last week.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drive and the drivers (says have latest version) and have restarted the pc numerous times.  I'm not sure what else to try.  Hoping you can help!  

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I plan to upgrade my video card from geforce 9500GT to geforece GTS250.. my mother board model is gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P..

Answer:Is the GeForce GTS250 compatible with a DDR2 board and PCIe slot?

Powersupply? Just making sure...

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I put a stick in...(256) and macine only counts it as 128...what gives. I was told PC133...would work in PC100 boards. Was I lied to?

Answer:Is PC133 Memory backwards compatible to PC100 slot? {SOLVED}

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Does anyone know if this model with Windows XP home SP3 can read SDHC cards in particular 8GB or 16GB SD cards?

Or does anyone know if there is a driver update or firmwire update that will allow this card reader to read these types of cards


Answer:Satellite M110 PSMBOA - Does it read 8GB or 16GB SDHC cards


What does the user manual said?
Did you check this?

For me it looks like Toshiba Australian notebook series.
I searched in the manual which I?ve found on the Toshiba Australian page and it says that these cards are supported:

*SD* 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB
*MMC* 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB
*MS* 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB
*MS Pro* 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
*xD* 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB

As you see the SDHC cards are NOT supported.

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I have a Satellite Pro A120 and use the SD card slot frequently, however, the memory capacity of the cards can occasionally be restrictive, is it possible to upgrade the firmware to accomodate SDHC cards and if so how.

Answer:Can the firmware on my Satellite Pro A120 be upgraded to accept SDHC cards


unfortunately it?s not possible since the card reader has NO firmware and it?s a standalone device which has nothing to do with the BIOS (firmware) of the machine.

So, if it does not support it simply does not support it. :/


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I have a problem because I do not work for me Smart Display model A500 I might add that I have broken the batteries and all the time I sit hooked to a network

Answer:Need help with Satellite A500

Hi Adrian

Your posting is pretty confusing and I cannot understand your problem.
Please be so nice and post exact notebook model, preinstalled OS version and describe your problem more detailed.

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Can anyone tell me which is Tj Max for this CPU?

I got diferent numbers in Aida and HwMonitor and I wnat to know which 1 is real (if any is;bouth programs have customization)?!

Answer:Satellite A500-1GH - TJ max for this CPU?

Hi Proday,

What you mean with *Tj* for CPU?

The notebook is equipped with Intel Core i5 430M CPU. The maximum clock speed is 2.26 GHz and 2.53 GHz maximum turbo frequency. If you run programs with high CPU usage the CPU will automatically overclocked to 2.53 GHz that will give you a performance boost. This technology is called ?Intel Turbo Boost Technology?.

All specifications about this CPU you can find on Intel page directly:

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I got what i have to call a somehow big problem.
For a while now, my laptop (A500-14L) sometimes become too hot, and shut down automatically. I discovered it was specially the left side of the computer (i guess, display driver) which was burning up, and can sometimes manage to use the computer for a long time if i put it only half way on a table (left side on nothing...)

Today, i tried to buy a cooler (logitech), and tryed to play to starcraft 2... Well, i simply can't!!.... Cooler is not enough, and, according to a software i just downloaded, GPU fastly goes up to more than 100?C, or 230?F. It's far too hot i guess but, i don't know what to do ? What more than a cooler could I buy ? Is it usual ? My GPU is a Ati-Radeon 4650
Thank you very much for any help. As you may have guessed, it's quite frustrating....

Answer:Satellite A500 is too hot

Sounds like there is dust build up in the heatsink. Buy some Compressed Air and blow it through the vents. Also ensure you are using Toshiba supplied drivers, other drivers could overheat the system.

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Hey guys,

I tried to update my the BIOS on my A500 when it ask to and about 2 moniutes in the update my laptop froze. So i turned it off by pressing the power button and when I try to turn it back on it only gives me a blank black screen and I dont hear the HDD spinning/ whirring. I read somewhere that I need to recover using something like crisis or other...

Can anyone offer any advice on what I should do?



Answer:Need help to fix Satellite A500

Unfortunately BIOS is screwed-up now. It?s very bad situation now. To be honest it will be problematic now to do anything and in such situations you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider.

From time to time people report here about such issues and here is one very interesting link about way to fix it -

Check it out.

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I am trying to connect my Satellite A500-17X to my HD TV via HDMI Cable, but I keep getting No Signal appear on the TV screen.
Can someone tell me does this laptop support HD?
Can this laptop be connected to a TV?
Thank You.


Answer:Satellite A500-17X and HD TV


Yes, your laptop can be connected to TV. As you can see this notebook model is offered with HDMI port to allow you best video and audio signal transfer from your notebook to the TV.
HDMI port on your Satellite supports HDMI V1.3 (1080p).

Important is that you must enable right port on TV to get picture there.
So connect your notebook to the TV, enable video-in port (it can be HDMI1 or HDMI2, depending on TV) and use FN+F5 key combination to switch between notebook?s display and your TV.
In user?s manual should be explained how it works.

If you don?t have it you can download it HERE .

If youhave more questions you are welcome.

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my Satellite A500 getting hot every day and shut down every second day.
Where is the vault and what can i do?


Answer:Satellite A500 getting hot every day


Try to clean the cooling ventilators using a compressed air spray.
Dust and debris inside the fans might prevent the air from circulation which leads to higher temperature.

You should also use the Toshiba graphic card drivers instead of any other drivers from any 3rd party pages. The drivers from Toshiba page contains an GPU overheating protection which other drivers don?t.

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Hi, I'm considering to purchase a targus universal docking station which use an express card,i wonder if my x60 which only has a pcmcia type II slot will able to recognize the targus docking station via a pcmcia adapter provided by targus? From what i read in the following link The express card slot use a different sort of syster (pci/usb) while pcmcia slot is based on 'cardbus' system. I'm no any fluent regarding any of these type of slots, so i'm almost certain that i do not know what i'm talking about when i say 'i think if i buy this targus docking i would be able to use it seamlessly with my x60 through its pcmcia slot using a generic adapter found on ebay'. I hope somebody out there has any confirmation regarding whether the pcmcia slot in x60 would support express card intake.  Cheers


Go to Solution.

Answer:X60 1709H6U model - pcmcia type II slot compatible with an express card?

The X60 can only use the PCMCIA Type II card, whether ExpressCard to PCMCIA adapter work is not assured. There is also an USB 2.0 version, i will suggest you get one of those instead. Lenovo makes an USB enhanced port replicator, which you should consider for your X60 laptop.

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When I bought this notebook there was preinstalled Vista 32bit and as usual some Toshiba's drivers and software. As I remeber there was no problems with built in memory card reader, it was reading regular SD cards and also SDHC.

One day I had to reinstall operating system (without using recovery disc) and i've downloaded drivers for my notebook from official site, installed them and the card reader now it's not able to read SDHC cards. Is it just me?

This is what I installed for reader:

-Toshiba Value Added Package where is TOSHIBA Flash Cards inside of it
-Flashmedia Driver
-SD Utilities

I just want to highlight that there's no problem with reading mmc or normal sd cards.
My sdhc card is 100% working properly with other card readers.
Another sdhc card that I have is not working, it's just like I put nothing inside the reader.

Just nothing happens.
Is there anything else that I missed and this is the reason of my problem?

Any fix for Vista or something like that?

Answer:SDHC card does nor work on Satellite A200-1J0 with a clean Vista install


You problem with the SD cards are related definitely to the software? I think your drivers/utilities are installed not correctly (in wrong order) or you Vista miss something.

Maybe you don?t know what important thing;
It?s very important to install the driver (no matter what drivers; XP or Vista) in the right order.
Mostly an installation instruction is placed on the Toshiba European driver page which contains the essential installation order.

As I?m not mistaken the A200-1J0 belongs to the PSAE6E series and you should choose this series firstly to get all compatible drivers for you series.

By the way;

The Flash Media Driver is a driver for Bridge Media Slot. This slot lets you insert either a SD card, Memory Stick (Pro) or xD picture card.
The SD Utilities contains the SD Memory Card Format Utility and other SD functions like SD Memory Utility.

These three applications are very important to use the SD cards.

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I have switched on Vista ReadyBoost using a pretty old SD card of only 256MB in the built-in card-reader of the notebook. It is kind of speeding up the system so I plan to buy a big size high speed SD-Card to use it for Vista ReadyBoost in order to gain full value of this functionality.

However, SD-Cards of 4GB (mostly) or more than 4GB (all) are not just SD but SDHC cards.

Officially the internal 6-in-1 Bridge Media Adapter of my Notebook is specified to deal with "SD Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMedia Card, xD-Picture Card, SD IO". So I am wondering, if the card reader will support SDHC cards as well. If it wont support SDHC, it would be intersesting if at least (standard) SD cards of 4GB are supported.

Any help is highly appreciated!

Answer:SDHC Card in Satellite A200-1SC internal 6-in-1 Bridge Media Adapter

Hi buddy,

good news for you, your machine supports SDHC cards up to 4GB but just 2GB when using normal SD cards.

Hope I could help you with my information. :)

Cheers and nice weekend

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My satelite A100 does not support my sandisk 4 GB SDHC card.
"normal" SD cards are not a problem with the internal card reader, and there are no problems with the sandisk 4 GB SDHC card using a external card reader.

is there a software solution?


Answer:My Satellite A100 does not support SDHC cards with the internal card reader

I do not have time to read users manuals for your notebook model but all supported cards can be listed there. I suppose SDHC is not listed and not supported.

I do not know what you mean with software solution but, as far as I know, update for multimedia card reader is not available.

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I have bought a used Toshiba U400-10A and am in the process of a clean in stall of Vista 64.
Everything seems to be working except 2 utilities.

Toshiba SD Format and Toshiba SD Boot Utilities.
I'm guessing that they do not work because I am trying to format a SDHC card and the utilities are not compatible with SDHC cards (only SD).

I'm hoping someone can confirm my suspicions.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Re: Satellite U400 - Toshiba SD Format Utility not working with SDHC card

Download user`s manuals for this machine and check the list of all supported cards that can be used with it.
You can download manuals on

By the way: this old machine works perfectly with Win7 32bit. Why you don?t use Win7? It is much better than Vista.

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I have a question.
I have a Toshiba A500-138, I would like to know if I can change the processor?
And if so, what processor can I change it?

Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite A500-138

Generally speaking CPU upgrade is not supported. Before we start discussion check please

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Hello, I have a problem with my laptot. Restarts to bluesreen. I'm sending here minidup. Please check it? Temperatures are ok and ram module checked goldmemory without errors.

Answer:BSOD on Satellite A500-1C0

I don?t have time to check minidump but what you can do is to post more about your issue.
Have you done anything that can be responsible for this BSOD?
Can you start notebook in safe mode, normal mode? Post more info about all this.

Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time?

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I got a Satellite A500 (Windows7) which I can't shut down.

-) Normally to shut down the laptop I go to the 'Windows' symbol on the bottom left hand corner of the screen and choose the 'shut down' option. This shut down option doesn't respond. Yesterday I clicked on 'shut down' several times but it just doesn't respond. I gave up and just 'hibernated' the laptop.
-) I ran a virus check to make sure everything was ok from point of view and it is.
-) There are no background programms running.
-) Other than the issue with the shut down everything is running fine (as far as I can tell).
-) Recently I also have a red cross across the battery symbol warning me that the battery doesn't hold charges properly and should be replaced - I assume the two are not connected?

I'm a rather basic user (surfing the net, up/downloading music/photos), so there are no 'hightech' things installed or going on in any way. I would really appreciate your help guys!

Kind regards

Answer:Cannot shut down my Satellite A500

I don?t know where you got this notebook but if you want to start to use it for private usage I recommend you to start to use it with clean preinstalled operating system.
Install original recovery image using HDD recovery option or using recovery disc if previous user have created it.

After doing this you will have clean preinstalled OS and ?factory settings?. Everything should be OK and you can configure it how do you like it and also be sure that there is no some virus or anything else that can disturb you.

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My CPU's fan is running too fast and noisy. The fan's speed is always 73%. Even if I did not use any programs, the CPU fan's speed is always 73%. Never the speed went done after it hit 73%. Even the CPU temperature is around 35%.
I tried to do following actions:
1 Bios/drivers update - doesn't solve it
2 Changing power plan settings -doesn't solve
3 Cleaning cooling module -doesn't solve

Can anyone help me?

Answer:Satellite A500-040 - Too noisy CPU fan

Unfortunately there is no much you can do about it. Cooling fan is controlled automatically. I don?t know which power options have you changed but try please to change option for cooling method. You can find it in advanced power options > Toshiba power saver > Cooling method.
Use option ?Battery optimized?. This should reduce cooling fan activity.

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I earlier tried to start my laptop and I got absolutely nothing. It's not a power cable issue, and I have tried turning it on with the battery removed etc. Nothing seems to work.

I did briefly get it to turn on and a message came up saying it did not start correctly and was going to perform a system restore to take it back to it's last working point. After 20 seconds or so it shut itself down and has not started again since.

I'm worried it's a hardware issue.

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