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Satellite A200 - Does not start up, no display

Question: Satellite A200 - Does not start up, no display


When I turn the power on all the right front panel lights are on and I can hear the fan and something loading, but afterwards I get two beeping sounds and nothing ever displays. No BIOS, no boot menu, no Toshiba splash, nothing. I read in the support FAQ about holding backspace or taking the battery out but it hasn't helped.

I have had this for 3 years now and use it quite often, I'm guessing the motherboard has finally just faulted but I want to be more sure. If I have to get repaired might there possibly be a way I could back up the data on it?

Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A200 - Does not start up, no display

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A200 - Does not start up, no display

Hi asoberirishman

If you have already checked the Toshiba FAQ and followed the instructions there, there is nothing more that you can do. What you can do is connecting an external monitor to your notebook, maybe it?s only an internal display malfunction.

But usually in such cases it?s a mainboard or CPU issue. You should ask a notebook technician for help or with other words to check the hardware. The guys have access to all diagnostic tools from Toshiba.

Good luck! :)

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I have Toshiba A200 PSAFCA-01K00J.
Last night I restarted the laptop and display didn't appear.
Sometimes (not everytime) on start-up I can hear 3 beeps (1 very very short, and 2 short beeps).
And then Windows OS loads properly. Can hear sound/music that Windows plays on startup.

Have tried 1 of 2 memory but still same result. Have tried connecting external monitor but the monitor says "No Signal".

Need to know what is wrong with the laptop. Please help/advise.


Answer:Satellite A200 PSAFCA - Display gone - hear 3 beeps on start-up

>Have tried 1 of 2 memory but still same result. Have tried connecting external monitor but the monitor says "No Signal".

Maybe you should try FN + F5
This key combination switches the display output to external monitor.

But to be honest, it sounds like a display problem.
I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country which would check the display

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Hello, I have a few issues with my A200 laptop which is approximatley 3.5 years old.
The most serious problem is that the computor, most recently takes up to 3 attempts to get it to run. or shuts down of it's own accord even when plugged in, this doesn't happen regularly but often enough to be a big pain in the prevurbial, especially when in the middle of an assigment ( yes I frequently back up), the fan appears to be working ok. I'm not sure if there is a driver problem that isn;t showining when I run a diagnostic through toshiba pc diagnostic or device manager or microsoft diagnostic or a direct driver update (which has never been required). my main line of thought is that there is a problem with memory or file extension.
Q1 Can file extension errors cause this problem? how do I solve file extension problems without spending any money- if possible?

When I connect an external display quite often the display driver stops working often reesulting in a complete freeze requiring either the use of task manager or a reset by turning off the computor and rebooting- bad news really.
Q2 how can I remedy this?
I have updated the bios and have all current required updates.
Any pointers,help etc would be greatly apecieated.

Answer:Satellite A200 - start up freeze and display driver stopping


To be honest I don?t know why you think about file extensions? If your notebook shuts down itself it could be an overheating issue. The notebook would shut down to protect the hardware.
Have you ever clean your notebook before? If you have it already for 3.5 years there is a lot of dust in cooling ventilators so use compressed air spray to blow the dust.

Regarding your second question: Have you installed newest display driver from Toshiba driver download page? This is important because the Toshiba display drivers are pretested and designed for this model. So they would work properly and don?t cause any problems.

I hope I could help you a little bit ;)

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Hy everybody :)
So this problem occurs in 95% of time when external display is connected. Picture looks like it has artefacts, and color is all scrambled. Ati tools doesnt detect any artefacts, and restart of the system or waking up after standby "solves" the problem.
BIOS is latest, ram was upgraded from 1 to 2 GB, there is no difference which OS is used or which drivers are used (official or modded).

EDIT: Not long time ago I started playing battlefield2, and this happens often in this game but in no other (HAWX for example)
EDIT2:This corruption of display happens only on primary display, never on external.

So any ideas of how to solve this?



Answer:Satellite A200-23k - display corruption when external display is connected

hi Triu,
do you have changed the setting of the internal display device?
if you are exceeding the refresh rate such strange things will happen...
please try it and use the toshiba driver with the standard settings to test the system.

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I have a Toshiba A200 - 1AI with Nvidia Geforce Go 7300 graphics, the laptop has a widescreen 1280x800. When a Taxan/Plus 1024x768 digital projector is plugged in and the option set to display on both display devices, the laptop changes to 1024x768 and stretches to fit the widescreen, the projector is perfect.

I would prefer the laptop to display non distorted with a black bar to each side of the screen. There is an option in the Bios that suggests this is posible and indeed when set the bios screen displays in this undistorted way, hoever when Vista boots it reverts to the stretched format.

Is there any way of geting round this.

Answer:Satellite A200-1AI: widescreen display when using a digital projector with 4x3 display


Did you saved the settings in the BIOS after changing this display option??
Please don?t forget to do this!!!

But if you have saved the settings and the display stills change to the stretched 1024x768 resolution, then you should check the nVidia graphic functions in the control panel of the Vista OS.

Go to the NVIDIA control panel and check the advanced view.

Good luck

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my first post on this forum -

i have a satellite a200 pro with a very dim screen it works fine with an external monitor.

i have replaced both the inverter and complete screen with known good items with no joy

am i missing something simple? any thoughts welcome

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - display very dim

> i have replaced both the inverter and complete screen with known good items with no joy
That?s very strange and to be honest I cannot say for sure why these parts replacement did not help you to solve this issue. Fact is that the external monitor looks OK and the graphic chip isn?t the troublemaker. Therefore the issue must be related to internal screen or FL inverter.

I would recommend you to contact the Toshiba authorized service provider to get more details regarding such issues and to get compatible parts.

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Today I decided to turn off as many useless program's as I could (to speed up my pc) so I went to Msconfig (I have vista home premium 32 bit), and turned a lot of things off. Including the "toshiba button support". The next time I restarted my extra buttons on the top of the keyboard all worked, beside one. The one that normally turns windows media player on. This time, it did nothing at all. The play/resume, stop, forward, backward and internet button all worked without problem.
However, I really liked the WMP button, so I tried to find out what the problem was. I found out it was the button support, so I decided to turn it back on.

However, this did not help :( . I turned it on in msconfig again, but it won't start with windows anymore :(. I know it's the program I need, because when I manually launch the program (it's the program: programfiles/toshiba/TBS/HSON.exe ) the button works.
I did put a V in front of the program in msconfig, but that did not work. Anyone has an idea why not?

Edit: I found a solution, although not the best. If anyone ever has the same problem:
I made a shortcut from the program that had to run (can be found in C:programfiles/toshiba/TBS and is called HSON.exe). Next I clicked on start, and said "all programs", here I selected the folder "opstarten", this is the dutch version, but my guess is it is called something like "start up" in english. In this, I pasted (copy/cut -> paste) the shor... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200 - Button support won't start on windows start up


I think the Value Added Package controls the buttons, uninstall the current version, then download and install the latest version from the Toshiba website.

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I've just downgraded Vista to XP and I have a problem with display driver. The driver taken from Toshiba website (GeForce Go 7300 ver. is old and doesn't work well with new games (i.e. blue objects in The Witcher, yellow sky in Stalker).

Maybe someone knows where to find newer driver?


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Answer:Satellite A200: display driver for XP

Newest display drivers can be found on Toshiba download pages. This drivers are approved by Toshiba and matched to your notebook model.

You can use alternative drivers from other websites, but this use them at your own risk, because they might have different fan settings and so on.
But isn't this graphic card too weak for those games? I play it with my desktop PC and well, I'm glad to have a good one, because both games need a lot of performance.

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I've a Satellite A200-E530D running Windows Vista Home Premium. For the past month, i've had something strange happening to my computer, soon after boot up, the display goes off. for no good reason! the only option i have is to hard boot the system and everythings fine...though a couple of times after restarting it again went off.

I've tried updating to the latest display drivers (I have a Nvidia Geforce 7300 Go graphics with a 128 MB of VRAM)

Another strange thing, Vista SP1 doesn't install on my machine. tried uninstalling my Anti virus, but that hasnt helped either.

Can anybody shed some light on my dark display?

Answer:Satellite A200 - Display goes off for no reason

Well, I managed to install SP1 yesterday...apparently Mcafee was the culprit. I think the Mcafee AV definition updater utility which for some inexplicable reason remained in my system AFTER the uninstallation was conflicting with SP1's installation. deleted all mcafee entries in the registry and boom! SP1 was installed in under an hour.

the sad part is, right after the installation, after the reboot, my display did its switching off routine again.

damn, im at my wits' end, can somebody help me out?

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I got a Toshiba Satellite laptop. It?s 200-1FJ with an Intel VGA X3100.
I have a question; why I can?t find an updated driver for my VGA in the Toshiba website?

The version that I found is so old.

Answer:New display driver for Satellite A200-1FJ


This is a good question? I presume the Toshiba notebook graphic driver are not the same like the original driver from graphic card manufacturer websites.
The Toshiba graphic drivers are modified and designed especially for the notebook usage.
The most original drivers from Intel, nVidia, ATI website are created for the desktop PC graphic cards.

However, you could try to install the driver from Intel page but only at your own risk because a 3rd party driver is not certified for the notebook usage.

You could download the driver, unzip it and install the graphic driver via device manager.
There you can choose the graphic card and could reinstall it using the advanced procedure. You could point to the place where the driver files were unzipped and could update it.


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Hi all,

I am looking for disply driver for the Satellite A200 1AE.
The card on this computer is the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 Go.
No sign of this model in the Toshiba Website in terms of drivers... and Nvidia are sending me to Toshiba's website.

What can I do?

Please help!


Answer:Need display driver for Satellite A200-1AE

The notebook belongs to the PSAECE series?
I checked the Toshiba European driver page and the display driver is available.

So I would recommend visiting this website to get the compatible driver!!!

Bye dude

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I put WinXP to my computer.
Downloaded all drivers, that was in Toshiba page, but there I can't download Display Driver. How to download it? Or which drivers i need?
I downloaded from official page of ATI drivers for my videocard, but my notebook say, that it can't be installed.

What I must to do? Please, help me.

Answer:Satellite A200-1M8: Need XP display driver


The Satellite A200-1M8 belongs to the PSAE6 series.
You have to choose this number from the Toshiba European driver page to get the compatible drivers!!

Furthermore this notebook supports the Mobility Radeon X2600 (Code Name M76).
The driver for this card can be downloaded also from the site!!!

But he Toshiba page provides also the compatible one; it?s a version 8.383.1.1000

Please note that all drivers must be installed in the right order like mentioned in the installation instruction.

Last but not least; if you use the XP on this notebook the BIOS should be updated to the right version which supports the XP!!!
But be careful; the wrong BIOS or wrong update procedure can damage the notebooks motherboard!!!


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When i turn my notebook on the display brightness is very low (in bios, when windows boot and when windows XP work).
When i restart notebook his display brightness stand in normal mode, how i can resolve this problem?

Answer:Low display brightness on Satellite A200-14E

Hi there,

did you already tried the FN-F6/FN-F7 key combination to raise or lower your display brightness? Usually with that key combinations you should be able to fix that "problem".

Otherwise you should check your powersaver settings in BIOS and Windows. Did you already checked the powersaver settings in windows? If not already did then it?s time to do this because there you can adjust the display brightness, too.

Would appreciate some reply from you.


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I have an old Satellite A200-1C0 ( PSAE0E - 02400DSP ) that the LCD has been hit and no runs .
I 've been offered a A100-497 ( PSAA9E - OP004QSP ) cutting and want to know if the display (LCD ) is supported.

Excuse my English.
Translated with google .

Thank you

Answer:Satellite A200 - compatibility display ( lcd)

Both units use and support the same kind of display. Also the display size 15.4” is the same.
So in my opinion you’ve got a good chances to get it working in connection with A200 series

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Hello, I?m about to buy the Satellite Pro A200-SS, but I?m interested in what I should expect from its display. Is it adequate for playing games? What is a response of this LCD? I also heard that various types of LCD displays are assembled into this notebook, is it true?

If yes, please, try name and describe them - the most important attribute for me is a response and usability for playing games.

Well, I hope that somebody will answer my questions. See ya.

Answer:Need some info about display on Satellite Pro A200-1SS


Check this

Satellite Pro A200 was equipped with a 15.4 " Toshiba TruBrite WXGA TFT High Brightness display - internal resolution: 1,280x800

It?s a really a good notebook display. The Trubrite technology makes the pictures very clear.
It?s really good for game playing?

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Hello. I just installed XP on my Toshiba A200 1GH.
I ve tried all the drivers but it dont work. Please help me!!!

Graphich card it is nVidia Go 7300,but drivers dont work...:/

Answer:Satellite A200-1GH - Need display drivers for XP

> I ve tried all the drivers but it dont work
Really great error description… ?:|
Can you explain what you mean with it doesn't work?

The Satellite A200-1GH belongs to the PSAECE series and on the Toshiba European driver download page I can find a display driver from nVidia. So I assume the driver should working properly.
Maybe it could be useful to reinstall it. Therefore remove the old version and restart the notebook. Use CCleaner to find old files in Windows folder and registry and clean it. Restart the notebook again and then install the newest driver from the official Toshiba website.

Good luck!

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Hi there!

Since yesterday I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite A200-14D. I have left my notebook in Full Power Mode and on AC Power for a while (about 30-40min). When I returned it was in Standby (I am with XP btw). I pressed a button on the keyboard to exit this power state but suddenly the display blinked, half of it went dark, then the other one too and that was it. I thought that it may have overheated or something like that, although it was turned on for only an hour or less...I turned it off by using THE button, left it for about 15 minutes to cool a little bit...After that I turned it on but the same thing happened. While the logo of Toshiba was displayed, the display did the same thing and it went dark...But what I noticed ofter an hour invesitgating, that it WASN'T completely black. I thougth the display was turned off, but when I took the my desk-lamp and lighted the display I was surprise to find, that I was able to see my Desktop and the other stuff. Very dim though, but everything was visible, even I was able to read things with black letters on a white field...But when I turned off the light, everything was dark again...I tried to start a couple of programs and everything worked just fine - no problems at all except that I wasn't able to see the most things that happened on the display.

I searched with Google and I found the same description of my problem in a site for notebook repairs. There, the author said that this is a very common problem by the... Read more

Answer:No backlight on the display of Satellite A200-14D

Hi there,

there aren?t much steps - you have an international warranty and thats enough.

I recommend you to contact the nearest available authorized service partner in the country you are currently so they will explain the next steps and so on..

To find the nearest authorized service partner just click [HERE| 000000871]
and contact them.


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I own a Satellite A200, since yesterday my display hasnt been working. I can hear vista booting up in the background but theres nothing on the monitor like when the system is switched off.

plz help me..

Answer:Display of Satellite A200 is not working


Did you switch between the different displays devices?
Using the FN+F5 you can switch to the external monitor or TV? maybe you have used this key combination accidentally?

So it would be also advisable to connect another external monitor to the notebook to check if anything would be displayed on the monitor?

If you will not see anything on the second monitor then a display fault could be possible.

The A200 is not very old notebook series? I think the warranty should be valid?. Therefore you could contact the ASP in your country for and notebook check.

Good luck and greetings mate

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hi guys!

I have a satellite A200-1BP... which one should ? download? ? didnt understand these = PSEAC,PSEA0,....

so I installed one of them for vista...for geforce go7300.but my display driver didnt still hasnt give to me that ? want a good perormans....? couldnt play NFS carbon :( can ? install my own display driver for vista?? help me... please explain correctly and in details

thanks for your answers rigth now...

Answer:Satellite A200-1BP: Need display driver for Vista


The additional numbers described the notebook series!!! There are different A200 series!!!
At the bottom of the unit you will find the whole number and you need only the first 5 characters and digits.

Please choose the right Satellite A200 series and download the right graphic driver!!!

But the way; I?m not sure if the game performance will improve after the new graphic driver installation? I read somewhere that the Vista needs much more hardware performance and therefore some games don?t run smoothly.

In such case it?s advisable to run and play games on Win XP operating system!!!

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Hi all

I just reinstalled Vista Home Premium on my Satellite A200 but cannot get the display drivers installed.

When I go to display advanced properties it says ATIATOMBIOS chip type, when I downloaded and installed the ATI drivers it went through the installation process but doesnt install the drivers. It says my display adapter is Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. I have tried 2 different versions on the ati drivers, I have also tried the Intel graphics drivers and it say my hardware doesnt support it.

Please can u guys help me out?


Answer:Need right display driver for my Satellite A200 - PSAF6H

Can you please post exact model name (A200-xxx)?

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I would like to ask for help.

I have problem when I close the cover of my Satellite A200 1-HV (PSAECE). Computer goes to stand by and after I open the cover, notebook seems to work but display is still black. Only way to make it useful again is switch power off (by hold power button) and turn it on.

The same problem sometimes occurs when computer is starting. After loading of Windows (XP) screen goes black and I cannot do anything. Sometimes Windows starts but resolution is 640x480 and colours depth is 16 or even 4 bits!

I don't know if it is hardware or drivers problem. My graphic card is GeForce GO 7300. I tried to find other driver than this from official Toshiba site but I cannot find it. This problem is quite annoying. Sometimes I must try 3 or 4 times until my computer start properly.

Every attempt of help will be really appreciated.

Answer:After standby display on my Satellite A200 is black


Have you updated BIOS to WXP version (5.20)?

I have found few threads with similar describing the same issue. It seems to be that WXP does not work perfect on Vista designed notebooks. Now I am really curious about this issue. I will install WXP SP2 on my Satellite A200-1CR and test it with different power saver profiles.

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Was uninstalling some programs on my computer, in an attempt to try to get it running better, and have accidently deleted something that affected the quality of my display. I have installed a display driver from the toshiba website, but this has not fixed the problem.

Does anyone know how I can fix it?

Answer:Satellite A200 - How to get previous display quality?

Notebook model???
Preinstalled operating system???
What do you mean with display quality???

Please post more useful info for better understanding.

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Is there anyone who knows where i can find display hinges for my laptop.
I prefer second hand beause Toshiba asks for a new pair 160 EUR.

And a second hand laptop like mine costs around 250 EUR.

Do all A200 series have the same display hinges?

Help most appreciated!

Answer:Where i can find display hinges for Satellite A200-1k8


If you prefer second hand parts then I recommend checking some auctions pages in internet.
Otherwise you can get new hinges from Toshiba ASP? but it seems you have already asked the guys for such parts and it?s too much for you?

So internet is your first option?

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We have bought 5x satellite A200. After connecting it to any external display we get nothing but blurred picture.
It's impossible to work on it.

Our other notebooks P200 series work well on presented displays. We really do not know what to do with it. We tried to use Nvidia utility, WIndows utility, upgrading the drivers, switching the display via keyboard but we get the blurred picture in all cases.

We are very satisfied with A200 performance, but the external picture is unusable. Would you recommend us a solution?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A200 external display is blurred


Could you please post exactly name of the Satellite A200.

Are these units delivered with an NVIDIA graphic card or with Intel card?
In the nVidia control panel you can change the brightness and the contrast of the display.
I?m not 100% sure if you will be able to choose the external monitor but it?s worth a try.

Go to the control panel -> nVidia -> Display -> Adjust desktop colour settings
The new page should appear where you can adjust your colour settings.

Check if the external monitor appears and choose it. Then you could change the position of the brightness and contrast control.

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Please help. Where I can find dispaly driver for Satellite A-200 1AE (PSAECE) which will work and rigtly install?

People help me I don't know what to do!
I have found driver from another site, but it isn't install on laptop. In original site of toshiba there are all drivers, but driver of display is absent!

Answer:Need display driver for Satellite A200-1AE PSAECE

Sorry but your posting is a little bit confused. At first it will be interesting to know which OS you use and secondly what happen if you try to install driver offered on Toshiba support page.

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I have a satellite A200 PSAE0 notebook. I downgraded the operating system to windows xp. The resolution of my display cannot become greater than 1280x800. Is this the highest resolution possible. Can I go higher somehow?

Answer:Questions about display resolution of Satellite A200


Sorry, but why downgrading Vista to XP?

All those, who downgraded XP to earlier versions of windows, came back to XP within months !
EVERY new OS had some problems in the beginning, and the Vista Team at Microsoft is
really working hard on bug fixes etc., while XP is just weaker supported ( and
getting more and more unsafe and vulnerable with every week !)

You just bought your Tosh, so you cannot tell, that you're still a Beta-Tester of Vista,
because hundredthousands of users have (automatically) reported their problems,
and I find it impressive, in what speed they've been fixed.

So why did you buy a new computer at all ?

Sorry, this is my opinion
Greets, Matz

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I have a Satellite A200 (PSAF6A 02Q01N) which recently crashed after a Windows Vista downlaod. I managed to make a recovery disk and get it running again but now the monitor resolution is only available in 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 - . Hence the widescreen is all stretched out and the resolution is awful. I figure I need to download and install a new driver and I think I have found it. The firs ATI Display Driver listed on this page

I have downloaded it and assume I need to run the Install Manager from the BIN directory. Can someone confirm that this is correct?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite A200 - display driver installation

Wait a moment. If I understand you right you have this resolution issue after OS installation using original recovery installations disc.
Have I understood you right?

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I got the driver form the support page, but it is giving a message after i start to install that:
"One or more files are that are required for installations are either missing or corrupt. Setup will exit."

Can help me sommone with a good driver. I am not able to us my notbook so!

Answer:Need xp display driver for Satellite A200-14D (psaec)

Hi buddy,

try these driversites (especially for video hardware..):

Hope I could help you in some way..


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I need video adapter driver for geforce go 7300 under Win XP. Please dont give me link to the home page, I need link in archive file drivers.

Answer:Need display driver for Satellite A200-E14 (PSAECE)

Hi buddy,

try these links, there you will find the latest drivers which will definitively work on your machine:

You must find the drivers there, I have a A100 with a geforce 7600 and I downloaded the drivers from there, they work like a charm.


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I think i have a problem with my display driver on Windows XP.
My monitor is set to go off after 15 min, when i try to resume (ex: moving the mouse) the display remains off then I must restart the computer to power up the display.

Anybody else has this issue ?

Answer:Satellite A200-14D PSAEC display does not wake up


I'm have the same problem:

I'm solve this problem by pressing Fn+SPACE, this combination changes resolution and waking up monitor!
I hope this help you!

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Need Display Driver for Windows 2003



Answer:Need Win 2003 display driver for Satellite A200-11C

What is Windows 2003??? Do you mean the Windows *Server* 2003?

This OS uses the same drivers like XP therefore you could use the XP driver for Satellite A200-11C

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For my Satellite A200 - 1MB this driver doesn?t t work, I mind in this page I cannot download INTEL display driver.

17/10/07 Display Driver Intel Windows XP World Wide

Can anybody help? Thanks.

Answer:Cannot download display driver for Satellite A200-1MB

Hmm... I wonder why you are not able to download this file ?:|
I have visited the Toshiba European driver page and it looks to work! I could download it with a 520kb download speed. Not bad!

I would recommend checking this again!
Best regards

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Hi, guys. :)

I'm having a problem here with my display backlight. I don't have an external display to test it on so I'll have to give the service a go since I don't want to buy part after part and replace it with my old ones just to find out that the problem isn't caused by it. That said here's a more detailed description of the source of my headaches:

More than 3 weeks ago (yeh, THAT much! :D) the backlight of my display (Toshiba Satellite A200-14D) turned black. "No worries!" I told myself because I had 2 such cases before that involved replacing the inverter board. If things were really that simple... *sigh* I bought an inverter being sure that the problem's there (I can see what's going on on the screen only if I have a bright source of light pointed in its direction - that's what made me think that the problem is from the inverter board).

I replaced the inverter but for my great great disappointement the bakclight didn't turn on or at least not for long. I noticed that there is light in the lower right corner of the screen. Than after I completely disassembled my display and a big part of the notebook itself, I pocked the cables a little bit and now if I don't move the display and put it in a special position the backlight turnes on until after the GRUB bootloader loads. But sometimes it doesn't turn on. So obviously it's not the backlight itself (phewwww) for when it's on, I can see the whole screen and there is bright light everywhere.

So... Read more

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-14D - Display cable malfunctioning or else?

> As I wrote before - I don't have an external display to test these things. I can play films and games without a problem (that is - without taking the fact that I can't see a thing without a flashlight in my hand in account :D).

Well, the backlight is controlled by FL inverter? that?s fact?
If the FL inverter didn?t solve the issue, then there must be issues with a display itself?

The external monitor would help to check if the issue is related to graphic chip or to the display itself? but if you have no external monitor then I would recommend visiting an computer technician downtown?

I mean it would be better to check the parts firstly before replacing something without knowing if the part is really affected? you know?

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i did install xp on my a200-27n, but when i try to install the dispaly diver, it give an message error that the ware is not validated for my computer

pls i need help

Answer:Can't install XP display driver on Satellite A200-27N

Are you sure you have chosen the right driver?
According to the error message you are trying to install not compatible driver!

Sat A200-27N belongs to the PSAE3E series.

Check it again!

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Help me please to find video driver for my Satellite A200-1GS laptop for Windows 8.
All my available screen resolutions is 1024x768.

How can I fix it?

Answer:Satellite A200-1GS - need Win8 display driver

This old notebook model is not supported for Win8.
Which driver do you use now? Driver for Win7 maybe?

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I have Satellite A200 with Intel X3100 graphics card. I want to upgrade display drivers. The only newer driver for X3100 is which is very large (146 Mb) in size compared with ones in Intel`s support page (20 Mb). With my poor connection I am unable to download this driver. Why is this file so large? Is there any way to reduce the file size to the size that is provided by Intel?

Despite, in Intel`s support page GM965 graphics drivers are 7.15 which gives hardware support for SM 4.0 and OpenGL 2.0+ (as far as I know), besides many incompatibilities has been solved. However, in Toshiba`s support page the driver is very old (around one and half a year old). Isn`t it possible to update display drivers to the latest ones?


Answer:Satellite A200 - Can't download display driver

Can Toshiba support personnel take into account the problems I indicated here? If there are any in the forum please answer.

Best regards,

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200-130 PSAE0E-00Y00YAR 32-bit windows 7 which I upgraded from 32-bit vista and I've been having this problem while playing (World of Warcraft).

I've been having these crashes and I've contacted Blizzard about the game but it has nothing to do with them, I've also contacted microsoft and they told me to head to you. My adapter is Mobile Intel 945 express chipset family and I need to update it which I've looked for one for my PC model and I couldn't find it. When the game crashes I get this blue screen and it says "display driver intel graphics accelerator drivers for windows vista stopped responding" .

If you can please link me your website link for the driver update because I couldn't find my model's driver.


Answer:Satellite A200-130 - Updating display driver


Usually newest display drivers you can find on offical Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Satellite A200 is a little bit older so you must search in *Archive*:
*Archive* > Satellite > Satellite A Series > Satellite A200 (PSAE0)

A new Intel display driver was released on 21/09/10 for Windows 7 32bit

Check this!!!

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Hi to all,

i have the Satellite A200-1M8.
When is working after a little or and later the display is getting dark but the pc is still working.

Then i have to press the power of continuesly to sutdown and then when iam open it its working excelent.
This problem will happen 1once a day, 2 times maybe and 3 times and sometimes its working good all the day!

The fun left to the laptop is working.

I send to the company that is authorized by toshiba and they told me that the problem is the hard disk and the fun,thats a lie!!!
I think that i'll return back to me with the same problem :(

Answer:Display is getting dark on Satellite A200-1M8 while working

I cant see how a HDD could dim the display. That is strange.

If Windows still runs in the background when the display goes dark, its probably a fault with the Backlight Inverter or Lid switch or something like that.

But if Windows freezes when the screen goes dark, then its probably a problem with the Graphics Card or Mainboard.

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I'm trying to install WIN XP on a A200 25Z. At first all seemed to work fine but now I constantly get a bluescreen before xp loaded completeley saying something like memory problem on ati2mtag.dll driver

Sometimes, it does start but then when I have to restart next time it won't start up again...

I've reinstalled xp now several times, updatet the bios to the xp version but still the problem stays the same.

Anyone else had a similar experience like that?


Answer:Satellite A200-25Z: trouble with display driver


which display driver did you installed?? From the Toshiba Drivers Download page?

Maybe you should check which is a good resource for ATI-based mobile computer display drivers. These drivers should fix your bluescreen issue.
Please give some feedback if it worked.


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I have a display problem with my laptop, which is:

When I connect my computer to an external display (projector - data show - using rgb cable or s-video), the contents of my computer are not displayed.
I used F5, Catalyst Control Center, but without success.
When I connect it with a TV using s-video, I get the message "no signal".
I think that the devices know the existance of each other, but the contents are not sent to the external display.

I don't know what is the problem. I need to use my computer and display using projector for my presentations which is very frequent.
The problem is that it used to work then suddenly it stopped displaying on external displays.
I couldn't figure out the problem then I thought that the settings may have been changed accidently.
So I formatted my computer to return it to the factory configuration, but my try failed and it still doesn't display on the external display.

My computer specifications:
- Toshiba Satellite A200-1BJ
- CPU: Intel Core2 Duo
- OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
- Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600

Does anyone know the solution??

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200-1BJ - No display on external monitor

In your case I would update the display driver and the BIOS. Both you can find on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Have you tested different cables? Maybe it?s faulty or too long.

Make also sure that you use a supported display resolution and refresh rate for the external display. You can change this in Catalyst Control Center.

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Hello every one

I have Toshiba Satellite A200-24B , provided with S-Video port,
when i connect to my TV, at always display in Gray scale mode ( No colors )
I tried to use other Cable and other TV, but still with the same problem.

the cable i used is S-video to video (A V).

anyone have an idea for this problem ????


Answer:Gray display using S-video out on Satellite A200-24B


There are different reasons why you get only a black/white picture on the TV.

I had the same issue because I used a s-video-to-scart cable and the pin assignment didn?t match with the TV port pin assignment.
But the same cable worked in another TV.

A second reason could be the wrong PAL/NTSC setting.
Please check this!

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Vista and 7300go drivers can not save Gamma, Image sharpening, Contrast settings.... It's not very nice.

Now, can anyone tell me what file I have to edit, hexedit or to do what ever is necessary to put 0 into Gamma and Image sharpening settings.

I am ready to do what ever it takes to set Gamma to 0!

Please help.

Answer:Satellite A200-14D can not remember display settings!


I?m very surprised about your message and the issue. It should be able to set\ all such settings in the Vista nVidia Control Panel!!!

If it?s not possible remove the driver and the graphic card from the device manager and after new reboot reinstall the GPU driver downloaded from the Toshiba page!!!

PS: If you change some settings don?t forget to press ?Apply? ;)

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Dear All,
Day before yesterday I bought a Toshiba A200-19L.
When I play DVDs and movies, as well as watching pictures the picture is very pale, no contrast.
I put the brightness already down with FN/F5 I believe (Ido not have the computer available here now)
The pictures become darker, but no contrast.
It remains very pale.
What can I do?
Are there some settings that influence the contrast?
At my old Satellite the movies are excellent, bright and brillant.
Shall I put the new machine on the scrap and go back to my old one?
With regards

Answer:How to set properly display contrast on a Satellite A200-19L

Hi there,

at first you have to make your screen brighter. You can do this with pressing Fn-F7 (I guess so, there should be a symbol with triangle showing the peak upwards and a little sun/bulb).

Then, you should go to the display properties and there should be a option in the advanced settings which controls the contrast. You just have to watch out for this point.

Give some feedback if you got some success...


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I have Satellite A200, I have reinstall Windows but now if I hold the Fn key the icons doesn?t show up on desktop, FN keys are working fine.

I just want to see the icon as well I have try to install every Toshiba Utility none worked.

Answer:FN key display icon does not appear on Satellite A200 (PSAE6E)

Vista or XP?

Vista: Try installing the Toshiba Value Added Package. I believe that controls the Fn keys and Flashcards

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please help me!

I have just installed XP on my new satalite pro, but i have had trouble with the drivers.
At the moment I have installed most but from this site i can't seem to find a driver that will help my network card, nor my video NIVIDIA drive...

any suggestions would be very valuable

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 PSAFCA: Need Lan and display driver for XP

The Satellite Pro A200 PSAFCA is not known to me. I know only the Satellite Pro A200 PSAE1, PSAE4 and PSAE7. So could you please confirm your Pro A200 series?!

If you cannot find the single XP drivers on the Toshiba page I would recommend checking the LAN and the graphic chip which is installed on the motherboard and use the XP drivers from the chip manufacture.

If you need an graphic driver I would recommend using the drivers from the or site


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I need to update the graphics display drivers on my Satellite A200-BB5. Vista is the operating system.

I just bought a Samsung Syncmaster P2250 LCD monitor and am unable to adjust the resolution settings snd configure it correctly to work with my laptor. I get the folllowing message along these lines when I try to adjust the screen resolution:

"The current graphics display driver cannot be used. It was written for a previous version of Windows, and is no longer compatible with this version of Windows. The system has been started using the default VGA driver."

Any help with this would be appreciated. I don't know much about computers in general. Spoke to a tech at work and he told me my drivers are probably out of whack and I should be able to find updated ones online.

Answer:Question about Display Drivers - Satellite A200-BB5


It seems that the Satellite A200-BB5 belongs to Toshiba Canadian notebook series.

The latest drivers should be placed here:

If you will still get this error message, then I recommend checking 3rd part webpages for a compatible driver.
If you don?t know the GPU, then install an hardware diagnostic tool (i.e Everest Home Edit). this will help you to get all details about you notebook hardware.

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Hi, i've the following display-error at second time.

It looks like 256 colors, but the color-depth at the display-properties are 16.7 million..
The video card temperatur was 39?C / 102?F.

The error is away after a restart.

What's the error: Display? Video card? Vista?

Answer:Strange display error on Satellite A200-170


Is your notebook preinstalled with delivered Recovery image?

One more thing: does this display malfunction occur after standby/hibernation mode or after usually switching ON?

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I have just purchased a Satellite A200 1-AX PSA6 and install Windows XP SP2 + upgrade bios for winxp.
After 15 munutes of unactivirty (not pressing any keys or mouse move) I'm set in Power options in control panel - what Display must power OFF.
After this time display is switches off (black)!

But I'm can't wake up my notebook!
I'm press any key or move mouse, but display is still black!
But notebook work!
I can ping then by network or connect by remote acceess!

One way to solve this problem:
Close and open notebook!
A200 - in sleep mode and wake up with swithches ON display....

Answer:Display of Satellite A200 does not switch on after 15 min inactivity!


It seems that WXP does not work perfectly on new Vista designed notebooks. Before you live your notebook try to change profile in power settings (long battery life) and test the settings with this profile.
Tomorrow I will try to install WXP on my A200 and I am really interesting if I will notice the same.

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I need newer display drivers for my A200-14D, as the version provided on the downloads page is quite old, not supporting some new games! :(
I would like to use drivers provided by Toshiba, but if it won't be a newer one, I

will install one from laptopvideo2go.

Answer:I need newer display drivers for Satellite A200-14D

Feel free to use the drivers from third party pages.
But note; No Toshiba drivers can be used at your own risk!

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Hey all, got a friend here with an A200 notebook (PSAF6A) with Vista Home Premium 32bit and the display drivers on it are the ones it came with, pretty sure they are outdated.

Anyway, I installed the "display-20080311103412" from the support website and when it finished there was no catalyst control center installed, in fact it seemed like there was no display driver at all, just the default Windows driver.
I reinstalled the original drivers back over the top and they worked fine, so I went to the ATI download page and got the latest drivers from there.
I installed those and even though they said that they worked the catalyst display driver version still says it is the same as the old drivers (2007.0516.57.42724, to be exact)

Am I doing something wrong? I haven?t played with ATI drivers for years and they seem to have changed a lot since then.

Thanks for any help
If you need more info just ask and I will provide
Thanx again

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAF6A) - update display driver


Well, you should only use Toshiba drivers because the ATI drivers don?t have an overheat protection and so the graphic card can be damaged.
So with Toshiba drivers you are on the safely side.

Before you install newer graphic driver you should remove the old first in Add or Remove Programs. Then restart your PC and install the graphic driver.
Try this.


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Periodically I see this warning: []
It appears after short blackout by no reason. What is it?

Satellite A200-1CR / Windows 7 Professional

Answer:Satellite A200 - Display driver stopped responding

Hi createa,

Have you tried reinstalling the display driver? I also don?t know why this happens but theoretically this could solve the problem.
You can download the latest version here: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Before you install the latest version I would recommend removing the old one first. Then restart your notebook and install the newest one.

Good luck! :)

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Model: A200-1AE

I wish to use the external display in Windows XP. It would be necessary that the external display was the main thing, and desktop expansions occurred on the laptop display. The driver, downloaded from your site do not allow to make it... Though in Windows Vista such possibility is.

How it is possible to solve my problem?

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE: How to set external monitor as main display on Win XP


As far as I know this is not possible. In my case this option is grayed out!!!

But maybe it?s possible on your notebook. In such case you should access the graphic card properties. Then go the last tab called ?Settings?.

There you should mark the display 2 and should enable the option called ?use this device as the primary monitor?.
But if this option is not available you will be not able to set this!!!!

Best regards

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I have been using Satellite A200 for past 2 yr and it is working fine. Recently I am having problems.
When I am using it suddenly it will stop showing anything on display but the power lights in the front are still on.

This problem occurs often. Is the motherboard fried or is it overheating. I had given my laptop for repairs and they said they had repaired the system board and cleaned the fan.
But the problem is still occurring. If anyone can help me out I will be very thankful.

Answer:Satellite A200 suddenly stops showing anything on display

If the service cannot help I don't know what kind of help you expect here.
It is the big difference to discuss about some issue if you have notebook in front of you or on this way where we can just imagine what the problem can be.

It is really not easy to say why this happen but maybe is there some problem with display cable.
Does this happen while you are working or after display goes to off mode (defined in power settings)?

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I have just received 6x A200s (PSAE1E-00Q002EN). These were pre-installed with Vista, however, due to the software platform in place at my institution, I rolled-back the OS to Windows XP.

All drivers installed fine form the Toshiba support pages and the standard image that we deploy to laptops has been created. However, some functionality is not available under Windows XP.

Namely the "Fn" key for switching display device (as well as changing brightness/touchpad on-off etc). The ability to switch displays quickly and with a simple User Interface is vital for my users as this is a function they carry out several times a day, with many of them barely computer literate.

The institute I work for have bought many Toshiba laptops (ranging in model from Satellite Pro 1800s up to A120s and A200s!!!) and up until the A200s this was always included under Windows XP - I hope Toshiba release a fix for this.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Display Device Hotkey Utility for XP not available


The FN keys don?t work due to the BIOS compatibility issue with WinXP.
I presume only the FN+F3 and F4 key combination functions.
This is a special function which belongs to the Toshiba Power saver and using this keys you can switch to the standby and hibernation mode!

I don?t know if you have tried to update the BIOS but maybe it will enable the Fn key functionality!

But note; BIOS update is always risky! The wrong BIOS or wrong BIOS update procedure can damage the ROM module where the BIOS is stored!

Best regards

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My Satellite A200-1AX is 3 weeks old and its LCD was replaced by Toshiba Center here in Kuwait because of defects.
After placing the new LCD i have notice that whenever I am turning on and shutting the unit off, a delay of black image is being displayed and slowly disapperaing.

Can you please tell me if this is normal in appearance just like what the technician in Toshiba Service Center is telling me?

is there any problem with the installation of the new LCD?
I find this thing as an abnormal display when booting and shutdown state of the unit.

Hope you give sometime answering me and best regards.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1AX - black image display and delay


It?s very difficult to understand how this issue looks like?

But to be honest I didn?t noticed any back image delays on my notebook?
If I boot up the notebook, the Toshiba splash screen appears and then after several second the notebook starts the Windows OS. The screen changes immediately from black to blue (windows screen). The same happens during the shut down procedure?

SO possibly this issue has something to do with the first screen replacement but this is only a suggestion?

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I'm running my Satellite A200 with two monitors: standard notebook monitor and external monitor and my display driver (7.14.0010.0555 like dxdiag says or 8.452.0.0 like Device Manager says), crashes often and often.

The drivers is latest as far as I know.
Bios is latest too.

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE6) display driver crashes


Does the display driver crashes also using only one display without connected external monitor? What error message appears while the graphic driver crashing?
Does it happen while playing some games?

This additional info would be very helpful for the further investigations?

According to the info you are using the Vista 32bit OS.
Did you install all updates? SP1 and MS fixes?
You should do this!

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When I was trying to do a BIOS update from windows, windows stuck and needed to restart but when I restart I did not get any display at all.
I guess my BIOS is corrupted.

I would like to try a traditional BIOS update but there is no traditional update for Satellite A200.

Any ideas?



Answer:BIOS update failed - no display on my Satellite A200


Unfortunately, it seems only the BIOS windows version is available for this notebook model.

Anyway, I wonder why you have updated the BIOS on your notebook. Many forum users have mentioned that the BIOS update is risky!
The wrong BIOS or wrong BIOS update procedure can damage the notebooks motherboard ROM!

Did you follow the BIOS update guideline which is available on the Toshiba page?!
Usually all should works after the right update procedure?

You said windows stuck and needed to restart?
Well I think something went wrong during the update process and therefore the notebook doesn?t display anything!!!

This sounds not good! In my opinion you should contact the ASP in your country because after the wrong BIOS procedure only the notebook technician could save the unit!

Good luck

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where cann i find display xp driver for A200(PSAE6)
on toshiba page is not

Answer:XP display driver for my Satellite A200 PSAE6 needed

Who knows which Toshiba page you have checked. Toshiba produce many different products.

Please check it on Notebook support page under . There you can find ATI driver version 8.413.3.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200- 23U and it has a problem... sometimes the graphics suddenly seems worse or are destroyed. A simply restart can make them work correct but it is very possible to happen again.... when I say that the graphics get worse I mean that the resolution becomes a little bit worse and the colours are unacceptable...some waves are created and the areas that before the probleme were almost of the same colour now are surrounded of a ring-wave, they have only one colour with no shading and some white spots are in these areas.... after the restart everything is ok...!!!

I think that the problem is coming when the laptop is hot but I am not sure because it has appeared also when the laptop was working only some minutes in cold environment, and sometimes the device can be turned on for many hours and very hot but the problem does not appear....Where do you think is the problem?

The possible reasons I can think is the monitor or the cable that connects the graphic card with the monitor. Another reason that I don?t think is very possible is the graphic card. I think this less possible because if the problem exists on my laptop and I connect another external screen such as my TV, the problem still exists on laptop's monitor but the picture on the external monitor is perfect...

I am willing to put new and bigger (from 2gb I will put 4gp) ram memory because the graphic card uses the RAM and the RAM is working very high when I play a game or watch ... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200-23U - strange Grapich/Display issue

Hi John

What so say? As I can see you have good test connecting your notebook to the TV. Fact is that this test can help you to see if the problem can be related to graphic card but if there is no problem graphic card is probably OK and this graphic issue must be related to something else.

Of course, on this virtual way, nobody will be able to offer exact diagnostic and say what the problem can be and we can just speculate which hardware part can be ?troublemaker?.

In my opinion there must be some problem between motherboard and display. I don?t think display is defective but maybe the cable should be exchanged, maybe connector on mainboard make problems. It is not easy to say what to do.

Fact is that deep analysis only will offer exact answer so I think you need professional help with this.
Maybe you should contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. Let them check all this and order new parts if necessary.

I don?t think you want to make risk and disassemble whole notebook on your own, do you?

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Can anybody help me findout the display and modem drivers for satelite A200-19L(PSAECE)for Windows XP..I findout all drivers for this model in toshiba website but they put wrong display drivers for this model...very strange...Because my display hardware id Geforce GO 7300 and they posted drivers for intel....I searched in Nvidia website but no drivers for this model...Can anybody help me????

Also medem drivers are also missing
any help would be deeply appreciated.............................

Answer:Display Drivers for windows xp satellite A200-19L (PSAECE)


The A200 was delivered with the Intel cards and wit nVidia cards!!! So everything right on the Toshiba driver page.

If you are looking for an nVidia graphic driver I would recommend searching on the Toshiba Canada site.

Furthermore you can visit this 3rd party driver websites which provide also any nVidia graphic drivers for laptops;

By the way; Please don?t post twice next time!!! You have already started one thread about the same theme:


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Hey, I have recently got a problem with my Toshiba laptop where after the "Toshiba leading inovation" screen shows, my laptop screen goes black.
I have manged to find out the problem is one of my hard drives, and I am asuming it is the C drive as the laptop cant start up. If anyone has any information about what may be wrong, ways to fix it, and the possible expenses involed in fixing it, can you please help me?

also.. what are the chanced I will lose my files ect. off the drive?


Answer:Satellite A200 - After Toshiba screen the display does black


Normally after the Toshiba screen the notebook tries to boot from HDD.

It could be a HDD issue but I?m not sure. Have you checked the BIOS if the HDD is recognized properly?
What happens if you load the default settings in BIOS?
Did you test and external monitor?

Last but not least it would be interesting to know if you can boot from another device, for example CD/DVD drive.

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Im using Satellite A series,
Model : PSAFCL

Can anyone tell me where can i go to update my BIOS, im currently using 1.90v.

The reason I want to update is because i cann't adjust display brightness.
I can't find it on the power option in control panel.

Somebody pls help me?

Answer:Could not adjust display brightness on Satellite A200 PSAFCL


The Satellite A200 PSAFCL series is definitely not a European model and therefore you will not find any drivers or BIOS updates on the Toshiba European page.

It looks like an unit designed for the Asian market.
I found this Toshiba page about the PSAFCL A200 series:

Maybe it helps.

By the way; if you would use the original preinstalled OS then everything should functions. Also the display brightness control.

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My laptop display went upside-down!
I've tried CTRL - SHIFT - R to put it right but I've got Intel graphics not nVidia so I think that's why it's not working.

Please help -

I've got so much to do and I'm stuck!


Answer:Satellite Pro A200: Intel GPU - display rotated 180 degrees


I think I can help you? ;)

All Intel graphic cards (no matter what notebook) support the same hotkeys.

You can rotate the notebook screen using these buttons:

CTRL + ALT + UP = rotate to normal
CTRL + ALT + LEFT = rotate 90 degrees
CTRL + ALT + DOWN = rotate 180 degrees

and so on ?.

PS: You can use this Hotkeys only if an option called ?enable hotkeys? was checked.
You can enable disable this in Intel GMA accelerator. You can reach this through the control panel or graphic card properties -> settings -> advanced.


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I have an A200 with XP PRO installed.
After a routine defrag and restart the laptop when booting back up gets to my screensaver page then makes the noise off shutting back down.

No toolbar appears just goes straight tomy log in page and i have to shut it down?

When I try to restart in any of the three safe modes, again I get to the log in stage press enter the screen flickers twice and I get the login page again?
I have taken out the Ram stick and HDD to see if anything is amiss but they both seem fine..

Xmas eve and no laptop. Yeah I know. Get a life.
Can anybody help?

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 does not start up

If you cannot even start your notebook in safe mode it is very bad situation.
What you can try is to obtain Microsoft installations CD and try to boot up with it and use REPAIR option.

If this will not help I really don't know what you can do aside from clean OS installation with recovery media.
Do you have some important data on the HDD?

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I bought this laptop about 6 months ago.
I don't use it that much, came to use it yesterday, wouldn't start.
Thought the battery must be dead. Plugged the AC in, nothing. No ac light.

I took the AC cable to my local computer shop.
He did a test on it and he said thats fine.

Has anybody got any ideas what this could be?
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Satellite A200-1AB don't start

Try to remove the battery from the notebook and disconnect the AC for about 20min.
Then connect everything again and try to power up the notebook.

If it does not help remove the battery and connect only the AC to notebook and try to start the notebook.
This is everything what you can do.
If this will still not help, then there is no other way as to contact the technicians in your country.

The authorized service partner should check the notebook.
Because the notebook is about 6 month old, the warranty is valid and everything should be done for free.

Good luck


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I have had my Satellite A200-27R for 2 years and 8 months and 2 weeks ago it crashed and turned itself off. At the time I was browsing on the internet and probably had open 3 or 4 webpages when it froze and I had a blue screen with white writing telling me something had gone wrong and my laptop was shutting down to protect itself.

I was unable to turn it back on for 24 hours but when it did come back on it seemd to be working normally again but I backed up all my files incase it happened again. About 10 hours later the same thing happened again: freeze; blue screen and then trying to reboot.

Since then, when I try to turn it back on it either gets stuck on the Toshiba "leading innovation" start up screen; or goes to a black screen and tells me there has been a media test failure and something to do with Realtek about 100x or until I take out the battery so it turns off; or asks me to start in safe mode and do system restore which I have done several times now but this has not helped.

I would be really greatful if anyone could tell me if they had any similar experiences and what they did and if there is anything I can do to fix it? Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite A200-27R cannot start up


BSOD can be the result of serious software problem or hardware issue.
If new OS installation didn?t help you to solve this, I think that the hardware malfunction would cause the BSOD.

Usually the notebook shuts down automatically because of the higher temperature.
Higher temperature can affect other parts like RAM modules or motherboard.
So in many cases the BSOD appears due to memory issue.

I think you should firstly clean the cooling modules. You should remove the dust using a compressed air spray. In most cases this is the best procedure to get rid of the dust.
Then check the RAM modules. You can try to boot the notebook with one module only.
Then switch the modules to different slots in order to check the slots too.

Of course the HDD should be checked too. You can use a free software called Drive fitness Test. It?s good, freeware software which can be downloaded from different pages.

If no of mentioned tips would help you, then I would recommend asking a Toshiba technician for help. They could use some special tools in order to get some results about the malfunction.

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overall, i was very happy with my A200, now 5 months old.
But last month, strange behaviour.

Vista always perfect closed.

Next day, want to start my PC.
_ON-button is doing nothing_, although battery is 100% ok.
-> SOLUTION is to remove battery, insert again and then with ON, the laptop is starting...

Other issue:
ON-button is starting up the laptop, but _screen remains black_.
-> Same solution, remove battery and start again.

Is this known? Solution ?


Answer:Satellite A200 does not start up


I have noticed an similar issue on my old notebook several month ago.
I have updated the BIOS and since then everything runs ok.

Check it out dude!

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my name is Phil, my Toshoba Satellitw A200 will not start up. I just get a black screen, I have tried starting with A/C power only, with & without A/C power. I have tried this several times with no luck.
I am running Vista Home Premium & have all of the obvious anti-virus/malware proection.
Can somebody please help. I was told the hard drive could need re-seating, how do you do that ??

Thank you.

Answer:My Satellite A200 will not start up

Wait a moment.
If I understand you right you can start your notebook but display stays black. Can you confirm this?

Or simply nothing happens. What happen exactly when you press power button?

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When I try to turn the computer on there is no response (although it was working fine yesterday). I tried plugging it in to the mains, and the light showing that it is plugged in comes on, but still not response from the laptop.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite A200 1A9 will not start

Trey to remove the battery, and use AC adapter for start up.

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Dear Sir,

A couple of days back I purchased Toshiba Satellite A200-1BJ laptop from Jarir Book Store, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
The system configuration is as follows as delivered by the company.
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium
300 Hard Disk space is divided into two partition:
C - Vista having 138 GB
D - Data Disc having 139 GK

I have installed windows server 2003 on Drive D. However, the hibernate and standby functions are not appearing in windows server 2003 OS. As per the articale of Microsoft, these two functions gets active only after installing the correct display drivers.

My system has the display device "Mobility Radeon HD2600". I search all over the internet and also queried through email at (the manufacturer of this device). I could not get the device driver that is compatible to Windows Server 2003. As per ATI support staff, I need to contact the manufacturer of the notebook i.e. Toshiba itself.

Can anyone provide me the site or the driver software for "Mobility Radeon HD2600".

Thanks in Advance.
N. Rama Krishna Pai

Answer:Satellite A200-1BJ: Need Windows Server 2003 display driver


You are searching for the Windows Server 2003 drivers?
Well, I think you will not find any Win Server 2003 drivers because such drivers don?t exist.

The Win Server 2003 operating system was designed on the basis of windows XP.
So usually the Win XP drivers should run!

Furthermore as you probably know the Win Server 2003 OS is not supported by Toshiba so you will have to search on the 3rd party sites for the ATI graphic driver.

Maybe a site could help you.

But note; the 3rd party drivers can be installed ONLY at your own RISK! Why?
Because such drivers were not tested and therefore nobody can say if the notebook will run stable and will run properly after the installation of such drivers.

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Dear Sirs, I can't believe that ther is no solution for the product you produce. Like my Toshiba that I bought 14 months ago and trying to fix it. I have a problem with my Display Card "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600" when I view pictures with Windows Photo Gallery and trying to zoom it ... the display screen will hang and go with black and red blocks!

I tried to install all kinds of windows (XP - Vista from basic to ultimate). I tried to download all versions of catalyst from version 6 to 9.7. so what is going on!!!!

Do you know that most of my friends and people hated the brand Toshiba because of this bad reputation in the market ... keep in mind that Toshiba laptops with Nvidia graphic card doesn't have the same problem. please please please help me!

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite A200-24B (PSAE6) - display hangs when the pictures are zoomed


You did install the Catalyst driver 9.7. Do know that this driver doesn?t have an overheat protection and could destroy your graphic card?
So I would recommend installing the newest display driver from the Toshiba website. These drivers are pretested on your notebook.

Furthermore I would try to update the BIOS. As far as I know for some A200 models are special BIOS version for XP and Vista available.
Check this and update the BIOS!!


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I'm looking for drivers to GeFroce Go 7300 in A200 Toshiba notebook with Windows XP
Does enybody know where I can find it. Toshiba doesn't give it on it's web pages.
HELP :-)

Answer:Display driver GeForce Go 7300 for Satellite A200 with Windows XP

Hi there,

you should checkout these both sites for drivers since the drivers were modified to run on mobile systems too:

Otherwise I donīt know a accurate source for video drivers which are up-to-date.


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Hi All,

I have Toshiba A200 PSAE0E. I downgraded the OS from Vista to Xp.
When I was trying to upgrade the BIOS setting, the system frozed.

I restated the system using the power button. When restarted there is no display in my screen.
I tried to reboot it by pressing F1, F2, Home key and even removed the battery for a while, till there is no display in my screen.

I even tried connecting with external monitor, but in that also there is no display.
Right now i dont have any sort of recovery disk.

I would greatly appreciate if some one could help me.

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE0E - no display after BIOS update has failed


For me it looks like the BIOS update procedure has failed.
Due to non apparent reason the system froze and you have interrupted the update procedure.

In mu opinion the ROM module (where the BIOS is stored) has not been flashed properly and this is the reason why you cannot boot up the notebook.

In this case you need the help from ASP? I know, that?s really stupid situation but I?m afraid there is no other solution.

I think the technician will try to flash the ROM module again using an special BIOS and then the notebook should boot up properly? hopefully?. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Good luck

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I have a satellite A200-1GB and sometime it reverses the screen colors and starts the image starts to shake. In the begining this event was rare, but now its becoming more frequent.

I have the latest drivers and all vista updates. It first appened in the first i've used it (with no other software installed).

Can anyone help me with this?

Answer:Satellite A200-1GB: Display colors and images starts to shake

> Sometimes it reverses the screen colors and starts the image starts to shake

Didn?t see anything similar and to be honest I don?t think that this issue could be software related.
I would say either the LCD malfunction or a part like FL-inverter or something like this.

I think you shouldn?t waste the time for a further investigations and should contact the ASP as far as possible.
The guys should check the notebook and if necessary should replace the faulty parts.

The warranty seems to be valid therefore don?t be worried. It should cover everything!

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When will be available the updated version of GM965 X3100 display driver? The new version gives support for OpenGL 2.0+ and SM 4.0. The display driver update available in Toshiba Support zone is old and many people would be interested in updating the display drivers to have bug fixes for various games.

Best regards,

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - Display driver update for graphics X3100


Which Satellite A200 and OS you have exactly? On the Toshiba website are different models available.

I don?t know which problems you have but you should look for a new patch for the games. Sometimes this can solve the problem.


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Excuse my bad English, but I have a problem with my 2 months old Satellite A200-1QZ Notebook.

Sometimes, about 2 times a week, my display get's blurred (it's seems like the color depth would change to 16 bit or less) and I can notice a little green tint (but I???m not sure) over the whole display.
I can't understand why, because it happens during playing games, chatting, writing in word or something else, so it doesn't matter what I am doing.

Currently I???m using for Notebooks modified Desktop Driver Catalyst 08.2 (The Driver is original but I have a tool named "Mobility DotNET4" I modified it with.

I don't think that the modified driver is the reason for my problem, because I remember of the day I used the notebook for the first time and 1 hour later I got it too. And at this time the certified Toshiba Display Driver was installed.

I solve the Problem with restarting the system, but it's very uncomfortable during playing games or chatting.

I hope my text is understandable..

For help I would be very thankful.

Greets MatthiasV

Answer:Satellite A200-1QZ - Display suddenly becames blurred and a little bit green


Possibly it?s a graphic card problem? this is possible if the 3rd party graphic card driver was installed.
The Toshiba graphic drivers support an overheating protection which is needed to prevent the hardware from overheating!

If you used a non-Toshiba driver then an GPU could overheat and therefore this issue happened.

However, for me it looks like an hardware problem and therefore the notebook should be checked by an authorized service provider in your country!


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Where can i find display driver for satellite A200 PCAECE Windows XP 32-bit? Help!!!!

Answer:Where can i find display driver for satellite A200 PCAECE Windows XP 32-bit

hi there,

Most of the A200 series makes use of this video card chipset.

[Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Drive X3100| 732xml&sliceId=&dialogID=57594450&stateId=1%200%20 57598302]

Hope this will help :)

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I am new to this forum, so don?t quite know how things work,
But I am desperate need display driver for my Satellite for XP.
Apparently this software file is corrupted in the download section....

So plz if any can help me find this software or just if I can ask the Toshiba guys to replace it.

plz help

Answer:Satellite A200-10x PSAECE display driver software issue


I believe you are the only one who claims about corrupted file. Sorry but I believe problem is something else.
Can you please tell us what you have done exactly?
Which WXP version you have installed (SP1, SP2 or SP3)?

What happen exactly when you try to install display driver?

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After visit this link, I've finally downloaded the driver setup for my notebook! But when it run to install, I got an error message : "The nVIDIA setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware.Setup will now exit." and cant install the driver...

Then I manage to install the same model's driver for Windows XP!It's ok without Aero and Fn key...In Display Properties it show that it's nVIDIA GeForve Go 7300 but still havent Aero nor Fn key!So what's wrong???

I install Vista Ultimate in English!

Check please this link


Answer:Vista Display Driver setup error on Satellite A200 19L

You are right! This driver is for GF 8700 GT only. Does someone have correct driver for Go7300?

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I have tryed to uppdate the displaydriver to my Satellite A200 (PSAE0). I downloaded it from toshibas site. Driver version (vista 32 bit).
But when i try to install the exe file i got a message that the computer dont have the minimi requirements to run the program.
what could be the problem?

I tryed to update the driver becourse i cant get any picture in WinTV, only sound. Used with Hauppauge Nova-TD USB tv card.

Answer:Satellite A200 Display driver update dont work

Is the Vista installation an original factory install? Or did you install your own generic version of Vista?

Try this:
Uninstall the current Display Driver
Reinstall/update the Intel Chipset Driver
Reinstall the Value Added Package
Install that new Intel driver.

I think its more likely to be an overlay issue. Go into WinTV and configure the rendering/output settings to use overlays (or try other types of output surfaces if its already set to use overlays).

If you have a dynadock, its display drivers may be causing overlay problems.

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I'm using the most recent drivers available but I still can't save display settings in nvidia
control panel. For example if I turn down the brightness and turn up digital vibrance, and apply
those settings, the next time I reboot or run and exit a game the settings ALWAYS return to
their defaults.

I can't make use of an external monitor because the default brithness settings
are very painful! They're literally blinding! Colour settings do not save either.

New Zealands tech support told me that this is a feature of Vista. Is that supposed to be a joke?

I also get bad interference lines on the screen when using an external monitor. This is very bad.

Answer:Satellite A200: nVidia Go 7300 does not save display settings


Have you noticed this issues since first day with ?factory settings??

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I tried to update my laptop A200-1MB , but during the update process the power getting off , I try to start computer again but No POST at all.
Please what can i do?

Answer:After update my Satellite A200 does not start

I presume you are writing about BIOS update. Am I right?

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I've had my A200-24B for almost 2 years now and the problem i'm having is driving me crazy.

My laptop will not boot at times. All the LEDs come up, the Satellite LED on the bottom left lights up as well. But there is nothing on the screen.
Doesnt matter what OS i use and I've even tried installing the latest version of the BIOS. Nothing.
I can see the hard drive led blinking, and i can even hear the Vista startup sound.
I have to switch it off manually by pressing the power button manually. Even this doest work sometimes. I remember doing the startup-shutdown routine upto 10 times.
The problem now is that Windows 7 goes to repair mode automatically. This never happened with vista.
I even tried changing RAM chips in vain.

Please keep in mind this happens at random and I've have not been able to recognise a pattern.
Any help will be appreciated.

Its still under warranty.

Answer:Satellite A200-24B Wont Start

>Its still under warranty.
Can you see Toshiba welcome screen or enter BIOS settings?
In my opinion you should not play too much with it. Put original Toshiba recovery DVD and install recovery image, if possible. Test it with ?factory settings? and if there is some problem contact nearest service and let them repair your notebook.
Satellite A200 is not newest notebook model and I can imagine warranty is valid for next few months only.

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My Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start. After switching button on it starts only for 1 or 2 seconds (LED blinking, HDD working, fan working, display blank) and then it automatically switches off. Once it happened before several days but I had not time to solve it and during next days it did not occur. Now I tried to start it more than twenty times and it still doesnt start.

I tried it only with full battery and also only with power adapter. I removed HDD, RAMs, keyboard, DVD, speakers, display and some other connector under the keyboard and it still doesnt start and everytime after 1-2 seconds it goes off.

In previous months it sometimes went off because of overheating during working so I cleaned it from dust inside.

Any problem with motherboard or power?

Thanks for help.

Answer:Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start

Hmmm...on this virtual way it is not easy to say what the problem is. described behaviour is the same as in case when the BIOS is screwed up after failed BIOS update installation.

Of course it is ?mainboard problem? but what exactly, it is not easy to say. For me it sounds like defective BIOS.

Have you installed some updates or anything that can be responsible for this?

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Hello at all

At first i want to excuse if my english is not so well and maybe a little bit wrong.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A200-1UM since Cristmas 2007 and until now I never got any big problems with it but now I got a huge one.
Yesterday when I came back from school I started like always my computer first, to check my emails etc.
At first all was normal the normal screen appeared : "Toshiba Leading inovations",after the screen with the blinking underscore, but after that.. a progress bar appeared with the text about it : "Windows is loading files"
I thought: hm k let him load his files...

Okay after loading all seemed to be okay the next screen came: (C) Microsoft Corp. with the moving green bar on it, normal too...
But then after, it just became black.. nothing happened anymore ..
I waited.. and waited.. and waited, but nothing happened..
Then I restarted, maybe it would work now, but it happened still the same same loading screen and so on ... and it became black again ..
Then I tried to start it in Save mode (I pressed F5 at the 2nd loading screen)
I tried all diffrent options of Save mode, but it always stopeped at drivers\disk.sys ... I got like crazy ... I tried out the diffrent options at F5: start at last normal version, and so on, but it all stoped at any time... and nothing happened than anymore..

Than I had enough I put out my product discovery and wanted to format all.. At the first screen I presses F12 and than I went ... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200-1UM - No start and not formatting possible

Hi xanbur

That?s really strange and I can understand you and that you are down with your nerves. Such thins always happen if you need the notebook immediately. :(

However, I?m not sure but for me it sounds like that your HDD is faulty.
Do you have a Microsoft Windows disk? If yes, please try to install Windows from this disk.

If it doesn?t work I?m pretty sure that your HDD is faulty but you can check this with a HDD diagnostic tool. Therefore you can use Drive Fitness Test. It?s easy to use and you can make a bootable disk. From this disk you can boot and start the test.

I had a similar issue last year on my notebook. I can?t start the OS or format it using the Toshiba recovery disk. I tried the Drive Fitness Test and it told me that I should exchange the HDD. After this the notebook worked again.

Good luck! :)

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My satellite A200-1N takes approx 10 minutes from startup untill it gets to the desktop and can be used?
I am sure this has got progressivel worse over the months? I've removed nearly all the files out of startup but to no avail.

Answer:Satellite A200-1N needs 10 minutes to start up


Did you install new OS on the HDD???
What SATA option did you choose in BIOS: AHCI or compatible mode?

Usually the compatible mode would slow down the HDD performance and the unit would need longer to boot.

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I need help please

I cant make recovery to my Satellite A200-1N5 .
When recovery DVD starts there is a message told that windows failed to start .a recent hardware or software change might be the cause (then I follow the instruction but no change happen)

Best regards

Thank you.

Answer:Can not start recovery on my Satellite A200-1N5


In my opinion recovery procedure didn?t start at all. Please start your notebook and press F12 button. Keep it down for few seconds and the boot menu will be shown. Choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER button.

If everything goes well you will heard running CD/DVD drive and activity at the screen.

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Hello, i?m trying to find a whats going on with my laptop. It's a Satellite A200 on Windows 7 professional.
From a few days ago i can?t start the laptop anymore. It doesn?t look like a software issue because when i push the power button, the only thing that happens is the power led turns on (blue color) and, 2 seconds later, starts to blink orange. And never passes this stage.
The screen remains as off, and i think, the BIOS does not start as well.
I?ve already tried to remove the Ram and the hard drive - Keeps doing the same. Doesn?t even bleeps over the missing Ram or drive!!!
Anyone have any ideia about what?s going on??!! Please anwser!
Sorry for the english. Portugal here ;)

Answer:Satellite A200 does not start anymore.


it looks like a motherboard is dead (southbridge gone). i can hardly believe that you can fix it yourself- the whole motherboard should be replaced. Anyway, should contact the asp in your country:

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Hello there !

My Toshiba Satellite Pro A200-1KW don't want to start up fully! Last evening is turned off suddenly (I got it since 2007 and I haven't got any problem). I wanted to reboot it immediately, then it remains stuck on a black screen with grey flashing dash on the top left corner.
I've got windows XP.

Just before it turned off suddenly, the image of JAVA JRE appears on the screen, and few seconds later it turned off. Restored the system with the CD provided by Toshiba with the purchase, but nothing!

Please help me!

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Enable to start it


> Restored the system with the CD provided by Toshiba with the purchase, but nothing!
What does it mean exactly?
Do you have after recovery installation the same problem as before (black screen with blinking cursor)?

Fact is if after recovery installation the computer doesn?t work properly it?s hardware malfunction and you need professional help from an authorized service provider.
The Toshiba recovery disk can restore the original out of box settings they are pretested by Toshiba so it?s no software issue?

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I've got a Satellite A200 that I?ve had for almost 18 mths. I recently installed some burning software and as soon as it was finished a blue screen was displayed telling me the computer had been shut down to prevent damage.

It then automatically restarts and I try to log in, but after about 15 seconds it goes to the same blue screen and restarts again. I?ve tried starting it up in safe mode but that doesn?t help.

I?m not really that computer-competent so I?m not sure how to proceed.

If you?ve got any tips id really appreciate it.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - Start only with BSOD

I think if you can?t also start in safe mode you must reinstall Windows. It?s strange if your computer shows only BSOD?s after installing burning software but however, I think there is no other way.
What burning software did you install?
Maybe it?s a virus and not a problem of the burning software.

So use the recovery disk and reinstall Windows. The HDD will completely format so backup your data first if you can put the HDD in an external case.

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I have a Satellite A200-1KB (several years old). Suddenly, from one day to the next, it refuses to power up. There are 5 blue lights at the front bottom, of which the power lights shows on, the start light shows on, the battery light showson, the next lightight flickers and then dies, and the last for internet access, of course, does not light. Moreover, on the right of the machine, there is a yellow/orange light at the DVD port showing on, when I press the start button, but the port does not open, so I do not know if there is a disc inside.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200-1KB Failure to start

And what now?
I don?t understand what kind of help do you expect now.

Can you see anything on the screen after switching notebook on or not?
If you want to see if there is disc inside you can open optical disc drive manually. Normally there is a tiny hole underneath the disc tray. You can insert a paperclip or something similar into this hole and manually open the disc tray.

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