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Satellite A350-20q - Touchpad not working

Question: Satellite A350-20q - Touchpad not working

Hello members,

I have a Satellite A350-20q that runs a Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit OS. The problem is with the touch pad which stops working when the laptop is connected to the
AC power and while this is happening, I can feel the static on the buttons near the touch pad which are metallic.

The touchpad works fine when running on Battery and this is causing a lot of problem as I move around quite a bit and cannot take my mouse everywhere.

I had called up Toshiba support but all the said was to replace the charger which did not make any sense to me but I did try it out and it still does not help much.

The touch pad works fine when the Vista is installed and is not updated but after the system is totally updated it starts to cause problems and I cannot even determine which update is causing the problem as there are numerous windows vista updates that are installed.

Please Help !!
I have installed all the drivers and have the latest Synaptic driver installed on the system as of now.

Thank You.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite A350-20q - Touchpad not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A350-20q - Touchpad not working

> I had called up Toshiba support but all the said was to replace the charger which did not make any sense to me but I did try it out and it still does not help much.

I think this make sense since the touchpad did not work ONLY when the AC adaptor was connected.
I found this thread:
It?s about the similar issue and AC adaptor replacement helped!

> The touch pad works fine when the Vista is installed and is not updated but after the system is totally updated it starts to cause problems and I cannot even determine which update is causing the problem as there are numerous windows vista updates that are installed.

How should a windows update make the touchpad buttons statically? This makes no sense for me? so either it?s software or hardware issue?

If it?s software (OS update) issue then the AC adaptor should not has any affect on touchpad buttons? but if it?s a hardware issue then the OS updates should not affect the touchpad functionality as well?

I think it?s a strange issue and you should get in contact with an local ASP (service partner) in your country in order to check the touchpad.

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My touchapad worked fine on both system 's and dedicated driver (synaptics). One day I turned it off using Fn + F9 and after that I coudln't turn it on. I used system driver then. So I installed Synaptics but it said there's no conpatible device to work with. I tried Alps - no result too. So I checked bios - Pionting Dev. is on. I did changed this option two times thinking it may help - no. Today it's about half a year since I'm forced to use usb mouse.

Yesterday I restored the system - I had whole, independent image. It was created when touchpad still worked. After restore touchpad does not work. So I decided to install fresh system - same problem. I almost thought that touchpad is broken. However, today I noticed that when I disconnect USB mouse, then betwen this action and system's sound (informing about this action) touchapad works - during about 0,5 s. It moves! But I didn't managed to turn it on.

I can't understand what's the point. I read few post on other forums. It seems that some other people have same problem. They have different notebooks but still from Toshiba. I think we need professional help. Can we get it?

Sorry for my english.
Best regards,

Answer:Satellite A350 - Touchpad stopped working


To be honest I haven?t found other similar threads so it doesn?t seem to be a common issue. Also the touchpad on my both Toshiba notebooks works perfect and never had a problem. Furthermore here it?s only an user to user forum where you can talk with normal people like you and me. If you want professional help you must get in contact with an authorized service provider.

Anyway, one point is not clear for me: You wrote about several system restores, images, etc. but what images you have used exactly?

In your case I would recommend a recovery installation from Toshiba recovery disk. The disk can restore the original factory settings (out of box) with all necessary drivers and tools. After this installation everything should work properly again.
If not it?s a hardware malfunction?

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Satellite A350 Touchpad doesn't work ok (system instable and button left non responsible).

I've tried to actualize the driver but nothing. No problems of drivers (conf system). I've stroped the touchpad driver and with external mouse everything works properly.

What must I do? Do you think it's hard or soft the problem. *The touch pad does NEVER worked.*

Thanks a lot, et sorry for my bad English. :-(

Answer:Satellite A350 - Touchpad isn't working but external mouse works

Can you enable it using Fn+F9 ?

The Touchpad may be faulty, so if you cannot get it working yourself, you should send the laptop to an ASP for warranty repair.

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Hi! Is it possible to regulate the sensivity of the touchpad in my laptop?
I have a Satellite A350-20J (according to the label at the bottom of the laptop), a PSAL6E-04800GRU (as of Toshiba diagnostics utility). I bought this notebook in Moscow.
It is getting already annoying to work with it as this touchpad is so sensible that I am continuously unintentionaly "making clicks" here and there, sometimes with very undesirable effects.

Another question:
To the date I am writing this message I have not been yet able to find the exact model of my laptop in both the English and Russian websites of Toshiba.

1 + Following the UK site, I reach There is a link on the top left "Click here to find your laptop". Click. A pop-up opens, with 2 ways to locate my laptop:
1.1 - Select the family, series or model you are looking for: I chose "Satellite A350 series" then the next combo offers just A350-20S. That's not the mine!!
1.2 - Enter the part number you are looking for: I enter the number in the label of my laptop, click Search and get a "Entered part number has not been found"

2 + Ok, ok, as I bought this computer in Moscow, maybe I have to go to the Russian site. I go there, everything of course is in Russian but no option to change the language to english (my native language is not English nor Russian). No problem. Browse the site up to Read more

Answer:Satellite A350-20J and Touchpad

Hello Carlos

At first I must say that you can change touchpad sensitivity. It can be done in Synaptics settings.
Please go to control panel > mouse > Device settings tab > Settings button > in next window you will find menu on the left and last option there ?Sensitivity?.
Try to change touch sensitivity there.

The whole story about notebook model identification is interesting but at the end I didn't understand why is this so important for you.
All you need to know is that you have PSAL6E model.

Using this part number on download page you will be able to download right drivers and all other Toshiba stuff for your notebook.
It will be very nice to know why is this identification so important for you.

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I bought my new A350 laptop 3-4 weeks ago and i'm loving the SOUND QUALITY!!

Anyway, I want to disable the mouse pad but I can't. I have the user guid on my laptop, which says, Touch Pad :Pressing FN + F9 enables or disables the touch pad function. Sadly it does not! when I do press it nothing happens, I do not see a change in the Touch Pad icon, which apparently, if done right should have a big red X or something like that, but again it does not happen.

I've also looked the mouse properties of my mouse, and when I select the Advanced tab, then Advance feature settings...., under Touch Pad settings, there is no option to disable it which is higly strange. There is another settings button for that which I can press, but there is no option to disable it.

What should I do to disbale the touch pad, because at the time of writing this, hitting FN + F9 does not work?

Answer:Satellite A350 - Cannot disable Touchpad


What OS do you have and are you running the factory settings or have you installed your own Windows?

I think you should try to reinstall the touchpad driver and the Value Added Package. The Toshiba VAP controls the special function like the FN or illumination keys. You can find all on the Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

So remove the touchpad driver and VAP, restart the notebook and install the newest versions.

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I've got problem with my touch pad. I've got the latest drivers to it (Alps Point Device 7.2.302.101). Pressing "FN" with "F9" should turn off the touch pad but it isn't doing it. I checked - the "FN" button as the "F9" button are working. But when I press them both, touch pad won't turn off. I tried to turn it off by uninstalling drivers but it still worked.
I use mouse with my laptop and I don't need touch pad, and it prevents me to write on keyboard, or play games.

How can I turn it off?

Answer:Re: Satellite A350-216 - How to turn off the touchpad?

Which OS?
Download the latest Value Added Package and Flash Cards Software.

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Is it possible to switch off the touchpad backlight? How to do it?

Answer:How to switch off touchpad backlight at Satellite A350-10B?


Hmm? I can disable the touchpad backlight in BIOS.
Check the settings called ?Illumination?.

In my case I could set off this option which disabled the touchpad LED.


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I have a dell touchpad icon on my desktop of Satellite A350 notebook.

I think from memoryit used to say alps pointing device, when i rested the curser on the icon in the notification area. Im assuming it changed when i updated drivers a few weeks ago with uniblue.

Id like to know if this is right, should it be there?.

The touchpad still works, but i mainly use a wireless mouse. Just to clear things up i have a toshiba a350 notebook.

thanks for any help

Answer:Satellite A350 - touchpad icon on the desktop - is it ok?

Generally speaking if there is no problem with notebook functionality it is OK but I don?t understand why you make updates with uniblue if all necessary drivers are available on Toshiba download page.

In my opinion you should remove all non-Toshiba stuff from the notebook and be sure you use latest drives from Toshiba download page.

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I have a Satellite A350D-122 laptop. I'm experiencing 2 issues I can't resolve.
- At some point, the touchpad scroll feature stops functionning. It simply deactivate itself and the only way to reactivate it is to reboot the computer.
- The picture on the webcam is dark. It's like there was no light at all in the room, the only thing that comes out are the light sources. I've tried to change the options but nothing changes on the screen.

I tried re-installing the drivers but the issues stills remain.


Answer:Re: Satellite A350 - Touchpad and webcam issue


1.I would try a touchpad driver update. Maybe something has muddled up the driver or something else so the virtual scroll function stop working. You can download a newer version on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

After touchpad driver installation make sure that virtual scrolling function is enabled in touchpad driver options of control panel.

2.I think that?s the perfect article for you:
How to change the settings for the integrated webcam if the image is very dark or black

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Hi all, i have some problems with my FN keys, my touchpad doesnt work anymore, in addition to this, when I push the FN key, I dont see any icon on the top of screen.. Two days ago all of this was working properly.. An error is given by the program called Tossiba assist, its written exactly so: this system cant use accesibility.. Could you please help about this problem?
My operation system is Windows vista 32 bit (service pack 1)

Finally, sorry for my English, if I make any mistakes, it is not my native language..

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A350-212 - touchpad doesnt work anymore

Try to restart flash cards.
Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash Cards

After doing this press FN button several times to see if Flash Cards are shown on the top of the screen again.
If you will see Flash Cards again use FN+F9 key combination to enable touch pad again.

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The touchpad features are missing how do I get them back?
It would seem to me it is being seen as a PS 2 mouse and not as a touchpad.

Anyone have any idea how to get the advanced features back?

As an example I can no longer use the side of the touch pad to scroll.

Answer:Satellite A350 - Touchpad Advanced Features missing


To be honest I don?t know what you mean with the advanced features.
Maybe you can explain this.

However, try to update the touchpad driver that you can find on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers


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I have an A350-208 (PSAL6E) with windows 7 Pro 64bits NL. I have an Bluetooth mouse installed, Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000. It works very nice. But every time I am working on my laptop I seem to touch my touchpad by accident or make to much pressure on the keyboard and then my cursor is going suddenly to another place in the senctence en am I typing complete garbage. This is something that I had resolved under XP by disabling the touchpad. But now, under windows 7 there's no possebillity tot do so.

Please can someone help me to disable the touchpad?

Typing this little piece of text takes me so much longer while my cursor goes everytime while I am typing to another location in the words.

Answer:Unable to disable touchpad on Satellite A350-208 (PSAL6E)

Win7 works perfectly on this notebook model and if you have installed all stuff including flash cards utility you should be able to disable touchpad using FN+F9 key combination.
Can you do this?

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Right next to the power button there are 6 touch buttons.
Normally they light when I press them if the computer lights are off and if all the lights are on the button I pressed blinks.

Now the other lights (like the one that says TOSHIBA) still work but I can no longer use those buttons.
I have already installed Value Added Package and it has changed nothing.

Can someone tell me what to do and how to make them work again?


Answer:Satellite A350-22E EasyMedia touchpad doesn't work


As you already mentioned, the VAP (value added package) controls these buttons.
So I think the new installation of VAP should help to get these buttons working again.
Not sure why this didn?t help in your case but I think you should try to reinstall this package once again.

Before installing the VAP, you should uninstall the old version.
Do that and clean the registry using other tool like CCleaner.
After that reboot the notebook and install the latest version of VAP.
I assume you are using the Win 7. So check and download the VAP released for newer Satellite A series.

Good luck

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I have installed Windows 7 64 on my Toshiba A350-13C laptop.
During installation I used USB mouse. After installation I noticed that touchpad doesn't work. I downloaded Synaptics driver for W7 from toshiba download site but it didn't help. Then I downloaded original Synaptics driver from their site but it didn't help too. In Device Manager there is Touchpad Pointing Dev. and it looks like I would work fine. The same tells me the synaptics tray agent. However, when I click on it's icon - > Accesories -> Pressure graph (or similar name - I translated it from my lang), it returns an error message: Sorry, this program requires Synaptics TouchPad device and Synaptics pointing driver. What's going on?

I also downloaded Toshiba Value Added Package for W7 and installed. HoweverPower Saver doesn't work (I reinstalled TVAP but it fixed nothing). In start menu there's no shortcut to PS, like there are shortcuts to other apps from Value Added Package. PS service seems to be running but main program doesn't run when I double click on it in Program files\Tosh.... folder.
What is more, I have 3 unknown devices in Dev. Manager. I have no idea what it is because all dev. (except touchpad) work fine. I also installed Intel chipset drv., Realtek HD Audio, Intel Storage, Ati graphic drv. but it didn't help.
I guess these 3 unknown devices may be really one device in fact, because all are: primary system device on PCI bus 32.

Please help.

Answer:Touchpad and Power Saver doesn't work - Satellite A350

>I downloaded Synaptics driver for W7 from toshiba download site but it didn't help
Can you please tell me where you found Synaptics driver on Toshiba download page for Satellite A350-13C
I can?t see this driver on the list.

I don't know which notebook you used before but since Vista Power Saver is a little bit different and you cannot find it in start menu but in advanced power options.
About unknown devices I cannot tell you much because I don't know which drivers you have installed and which are missing. Simply install all of them.

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I recently formatted the hard disk and installed Vista home premium again because it was running slow. Before formatting I had disabled the touch pad from using becasue I found it very uncomfortable to use. Therefore instead of that I was using an optical mouse. Once I installed Vista the touch pad was not working and the Fn key was not responding to F1,F2-F9.. The strange thing is when I press the Fn key the light goes on and indicates its working and when I press Fn+F10, the num lock gets on and when I press Fn+F11 it goes to normal qwerty keyborad.

I have downloaded all the drivers for the laptop including the touch pad driver from TOSHIBA offical webpage and tried every known trick in the book but still truggling to get this Function key panel working? Your help is highly appreciated.

My laptop is still under warranty but I am scared to send it over becasue they would go like you hav formatted the hard disk even I hav installed the same OS that I already had.

Thats the main reason to post this. Hear me out plz

Answer:Satellite A350-20S - Can't get FN keys working

Hi buddy,

I doubt that you have downloaded everything from the Toshiba website, otherwise your FN keys would work properly! ;)

Anyway, for the FN keys you have to install ?Toshiba Value Added Package?. With this package it?s also possible to enable/disable the touchpad. It brings all FN keys to work. > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Just download the version that you need and that?s it!

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I have a Satellite A350 and the USB ports recognise the mouse but no other input. It doesn't recognise a USB stick, or Logitech microphone or my Flip video.

Does anyone know what's going on? Thank you!

Answer:Re: USB is not working properly on Satellite A350

Usb controller drivers are responsible for such functions.These drivers are part of chipset drivers. Try to reinstall/update chipset utility:


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Recently I notes my Fn key is not working, if I press any (F1-F12) nothing happening, but I didn't care, my wireless was picking up automaticly. But not today. My connectivity doctor reply "your wireless in not on - use Fn8 key) yep, I would but doesn't work.

I tried to restore about a month ago but didn't help. Please help! And if possible simple way, Thank you in advance.

Answer:FN Keys are not working on my Satellite A350-02T

I don?t know which notebook model do you have and which operating system do you use but try please to reinstall Toshiba Value added package.

You can find it on Toshiba download page under

If you need some assistance you are welcome.

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Satellite A350

I have serious problem with Vista since I brought from last year but I've tried to enter 25 digital of key product that doesn't work on Visa.

But its says invalid key after I type 24 digital key product.

Isn't product key have 24 or 25 digital key product? I'm confused.

I need your help.

Answer:Satellite A350 - Product Key not working on Vista

> Isn't product key have 24 or 25 digital key product? I'm confused.

25 digital key product.

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About 2 months ago my laptop got wet, it was accidentally place in a puddle of water.

The keyboard wouldn't work for a day, so I wrapped it up in a towel and the next day everything went back to working normally, except the volume knob. I can only change the volume on screen.

Is there a option to turn off the knob that may have switched over?

I don't want to send it in for repairs when the only thing wrong is the volume knob?

Any ideas on a fix?

Answer:Satellite A350 - Volume knob not working


There is no option which would disable the physical volume control.
I assume the spilled water on the keyboard has caused this hardware malfunction.

As far as I know the volume control is a part of the motherboard and it?s fixed?
I?m not quite sure if it?s possible to replace only this sensor?
So in worst case the mobo must be replaced :(

PS; my volume control has not functioned properly. The volume indicator jumped on the screen and it was not possible to control the volume.
I found the solution; it was a dirt and dust inside the volume sensor. I have cleaned it using a compressed air spray without disassembling the notebook. This functioned!

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I have Satellite A350-13A. I installed Windows 7 from 2 weeks.

The function keys isn't working although I installed the Toshiba value added package which is responsible for activating function keys.

What the solution for this problem?

Answer:Satellite A350-13a - function keys isn't working

>The function keys isn't working although i installed the toshiba value added package which is responsible for activating function keys

Beside the VAP (value added package) you have to install the Flash Card support Utility!
Flash Card support Utility controls the FN buttons and not the VAP! But VAP is needed too!


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I have a Satellite A350 PSAL6A-04W16 which I have upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7. I have installed the Toshiba Value Added Package for Windows 7 and while this fixed the touch keys for Speaker Mute and Media Player control the FN keys still do not work.

I have read in another forum that TFNKY.exe and HKServe.exe must be running however these programs do not seem to exist on my PC.

Is there a fix for this?

Answer:Satellite A350 - FN keys not working after Windows 7 installation


The point is that you have to install Flash Cards Support utility too and Value Added Package is not enough. As you can see in many other threads, FN keys start working after installation of Flash Cards Support Utility.

So have a look on Toshiba website again to download this tool.

Please send some feedback after installation. :)

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Sorry for my bad english, i am forum Portugal and i don't are very good at english.

1 I installed Windows 7 on my pc, installed the drivers 7 and FN was to give. However I had another problem and had to format the pc again, now install everything again and functionality not the FN.

2 Without the drive functionality that is FN + F6/F7 brightness works. But with the drive not installed anything. It seems they are in conflict.

3 The bar at the top of the screen that appeared no longer appears. But if I go to Start -> All Programs -> TOSHIBA -> Utilities -> Settings for TOSHIBA E-cards. With it open, squeeze "Allow the mouse to show the cards" and they appear at the top, as hidden. But just gives me no way, I wish to give to the FN.

Anyone know how this is resolved?? It gave me immense way and even have tried everything, installed everything, there is nothing to block the FN key? A feature that blocks this key?? Please help me.

My PC as it says in the title is Toshiba Sattelite A350D 10Y PSALME....

Answer:Satellite A350 - FN keys not working after Windows 7 installation

Please Help

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I was wondering if anyone could help me? My microphone has suddenly stopped working. I was away for two weeks and when I tried to use the mic it does not work anymore. It worked perfectly before.

When I go into Control Panel and look at the settings for the microphone it tells me its active. I have also set the volume up on the mic and checked if anything is muted. But as far as I could see everything is fine.

If I test the mic the sound bar stays gray and the microphone is not recording any sound. I have tried some of the instructions which I have found online but to no avail.
I primarily use the mic when making web calls with Skype.

It is a very frustrating problem. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A350-20S - Inbuilt microphone has stopped working


The inbuilt microphone belongs to webcam and is a part of it. That means it would be recommendable reinstalling the webcam driver. You can download the webcam driver on official Toshiba website for your notebook.

Can you post more information about your operating system? Do you use the preinstalled OS from Toshiba or did you make your own Windows installation?

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I am using a Toshiba A 350 and downloaded Toshiba Servc\ice Station utility for win 7.
It fails to open (even if admin rights).
The TsmachInfo service is started in srvices.

Any workarounds or do i have to install somthing more to this working?

Answer:Satellite A350 - Toshiba service station for Win 7 is not working

Did you install win7 yourself using a generic Win7 disc?

Sounds like you need to install the Toshiba Value Added Package (for Win7 not Vista)

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I have upgraded my new laptop from Vista to Win7 64 bit, however the function keys do not work and the function keys that display at the top when you press FN does not show anymore. I have installed Utilities and Value Added Package but no success. Any help is apperciated.

Note To Toshiba Team:
Why don't you package all necessary drivers and software in one package after testing them, based on computer model for example in my case Satellite A350-13A, you could make one package for Win7x64 another for Win7x32, etc, instead of leaving us spending days to figure out what to install and where to find it and if it will work or not. Awaiting your feedback.


Answer:Satellite A350-13A Windows 7 64bit Function Keys not working


You need to install the Flash Card support utility additionally to the VAP!!!
The Flash Card support Utility can be found in Satellite L500 driver area for example.
After installation if Flash Card support Utility reboot the unit once again and then check the functionality.


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I have upgraded my new laptop from Vista to Win7 64 bit, however the function keys do not work and the function keys that display at the top when you press FN does not show anymore. I have installed Utilities and Value Added Package but no success. Any help is apperciated.

Note To Toshiba Team:
Why don't you package all necessary drivers and software in one package after testing them, based on computer model for example in my case Satellite A350-13A, you could make one package for Win7x64 another for Win7x32, etc, instead of leaving us spending days to figure out what to install and where to find it and if it will work or not. Awaiting your feedback.


Answer:Satellite A350-13A Windows 7 64bit Function Keys not working

Some models need the Flash Card Support driver. Have you installed that? (install the Win7 version, not the Vista version)

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Looking at a Satellite A350 which was recently upgraded to Windows 10. Since doing so the trackpad, webcam, microphone no longer work.
Has anyone managed to get theirs working successfully with Windows 10? Any suggestions on which drivers to use?


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I have problem with multi touchpad, doasn't work. I think I just delete by mistake my drivers and I can't fund another one to dowland.
Thx for any help

Answer:Touchpad is not working on my Satellite S50-B-12Q

I think I just delete by mistake my drivers

Are you sure?
What have you done in the past?

Usually you could roll back the system to the early time point and this would help to get the driver back.

Please try it out… use the Windows own internal option “Backup & Restore” to set the OS back to early restore point.

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Since several days my touchpad is not working well. It has nothing to do with the touchpad on/off key on the F5 key.

The touchpad is most of time not responding and something a little bit but I can't use the touchpad at all right now.

When I attach my external mouse to my notebook I can use my notebook otherwise I can't use my notebook.
I already restarted my laptop several times but it doesn't help at all.

Hopefully someone can help me!

Answer:My touchpad is not working well on Satellite C55-A-1ND

You said this issue has nothing to do with the touchpad?s On/Off function.
So what?s exactly wrong with the touchpad? Is it disabled or enabled?

Did you check the settings in control panel -> mouse -> last tab (Device Settings) -> Settings button?

Did you already try to reinstall the touchpad driver/software?
If not, do that.

By the way: what notebook model and what system do you have?

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Hi All,

I have purchased my Toshiba satellite i5 on 26/12/2010. Unfortunately it was stopped while working on 05/02/11.
I went to repair centre and they checked my laptop and told me hard drive was corrupted.
They took 12 days to fix my laptop.

I got my laptop on Friday and from Saturday its mouse pad is not working.

Could you please advise what should i do now?



Answer:Touchpad of my Satellite is not working


Probably the touchpad is just disabled and so it doesn?t work anymore?

Have you tried FN+F9 key combination? With this key combination you can enable/disable the touchpad so I would test this.

If not try reinstalling the touchpad driver. You can download it on Toshiba website :)

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Hi I have a question

We have just bought a Satellite L50-B-211 but the touchpad is not working properly.
Moving the pointer around is no problem but the buttons don't work.

Using the buttons does nothing, left or right click has no effect?
If i want to get the properties of a file the right click does not work?
(two fingers press works)

The hardware is properly installed, there are no problems in the device config.

Do i have to return the device (before i install our software / config the device to our needs)
or is this a software bug?

Answer:Satellite L50-B-211 - Touchpad is not working

According notebook specification your notebook was delivered with preinstalled Win8.1 so all necessary drivers are installed and all hardware components should work properly.

Try please to check all touchpad settings and check if settings change has positive effect.
What you can try to do is to reinstall original recovery image and test it one more time with ?factory settings?. If the result will be the same I recommend you to contact your local dealer as soon as possible and explain the situation. Ask if you can get new machine.

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For no obvious reason, the touchpad on my Satellite L70-C-13C stopped working
The mouse still works.
I've powered down and back several times without success... any ideas? The laptop is about 2 months old

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The touchpad on my satellite 1110 no longer works.
I have re-installed driver from website - and made sure it is enabled - but still nothing in device manager and still not working.

I am running XP Home

Answer:Touchpad not working on my Satellite 1110


On this way it is not easy to say why this happen. In my opinion you should check all settings in mouse properties and try to reinstall the driver. If there is no success it can be some hardware malfunction.

In my opinion there are two solutions. You can use external device or contact service partner and let them check the unit.

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I have a Satellite A660-16Z and the touchpad doesn't work at all even if it is enabled with F9.
I must use an external usb mouse.

I tried several times to unistall and reinstall the touchpad driver got from toshiba site without success.
In the beginning,after purchase,I remember the touchpad was working but I used an external mouse anyway.

From that time I upgraded the bios to 2.00 plus W7 upgrades and service pack 1.

Any idea appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A660 - Touchpad not working


Does the touchpad work if the USB mouse is disconnected?
As far as I know there is a option which disables the touchpad automatically if the USB mouse has been connected.
You can find this option in: control panel -> mouse -> Pointing device

Check this.

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Hi, my touchpad stopped working a few months ago and have been using a USB mouse since instead.

I've tried to get it working by installing updates, and it says that the deivice is working in the control panel. I think it may be a setting or something that needs to be adjusted, as this has only been since I left the lid open one day and my cat sat on the kyboard, opening up a bunch of programs and settings. Although it might just be a coincidence?

Any ideas would be much apprecieted. Thanks, ash.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Touchpad not working

Actually, never mind... just read a few posts back and noticed the FN + F9 key restores the touchpad... and it worked! YAY!!

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The touchpad on my U400 has stopped working.

I have tried to have it re-install at least twice by first picking the Uninstall option, where it then requests a re-boot to complete un-installation.
Upon re-boot, it actually detects it and installs the driver and only at this point does the touchpad work again.

But, it requests another re-boot to complete the install, after which it doesn't work again.

Could this be a hardware issue? What else can I try if it is not?

If it helps, I have used two older wireless mice with it, but removed them at the un-install stage.
I'd already exchanged one, and I don't think the other laptop had this particular problem.


Answer:Touchpad not working on Satellite U400

Can I delete this thread...?

I just came back from seeing a tech from where I purchased from. Didn't know that Toshiba itself overrides the hardware regardless of how I have set the touchpad software; now I do....

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Hi everyone!

I have a big problem with my M40. After sending it to the Tochiba Repair Service, my Touchpad stops working after ~2 Minutes. I downloaded several drivers for it, and everyone worked for a few Minutes but after a reboot the Touchpad stoped working after a few seconds or the pointer moves incorrect and opens a load of windows.
Any suggestions on how I could solve this Problem?

Answer:Touchpad not working after 2 Minutes - Satellite M40


Can you please tell us why the unit was repaired and what was exchanged? If you have some problems after repair please contact the technicians soon as possible. They must guarantee for hardware functionality.

If you want to check it alone I don?t think the best idea is to install several drivers because this unit has one driver for each hardware component. The best thing you can do is to use recovery media. On this way you will have ?factory settings?. In this case everything should work well again (if the hardware components are not defective).


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My touchpad has stopped working. The little mouse light in the top left hand corner is off. When I attach an external mouse the pointer reappears and all is fine, when I remove the mouse the pointer goes away again.

I have accidentally switched it off in the past by pressing F5 but that doesn't appear to be the issue this time.

I recently upgraded to windows 8.1 from windows 8 and am not sure if this may be a factor

Any advice gratefully received

Answer:Touchpad is not working on Satellite L50t-A-131

Let us start with basic stuff. Is touchpad properly recognized and listed in device manager?

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Mine touch-pad suddenly stopped working. I tried to fix the issue by updating the software but that didn't work. I'm using external mouse at the moment. Anybody has clue.

Answer:Touchpad not working in Satellite C50D-A


Be sure the touchpad is enabled properly. test it please with FN+F5 key combination.

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Satellite C850D - touchpad is not working after initial start-up. Won't respond to F5 or F9 keys.
Won't even let me use recovery disc. Once I go to first page touchpad and mouse go

Answer:Touchpad is not working on my Satellite C850D


Can you use the external attached USB mouse?
Please check this…
Also the FN+F5 (or only F5) would enable and disable the touchpad.

In case this will not work, please try to reinstall the touchpad driver.
The driver can be downloaded from Toshiba EU driver page.

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Have inadvertently disabled the touchpad.
How can I enable it please?
Have re-installed touchpad drivers, but no joy.
FN + F9 does nothing.
Am using Windows 7 pro 32 bit.

Answer:Satellite Pro L300-1AD Touchpad not working


The touchpad can be enabled in control panel -> mouse -> device settings
In some cases there could be an tab called touchpad ON/OFF

However, take a look there? it should be possible to enable the touchpad somewhere in control panel of the mouse.


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I have just had a problem where my dog jumped on my knee and operated something on the keyboard of my Sattelite M40.

Now whenever I try to tap the touch pad twice, I get the properties for the icon that I am hovering over. When I try to use the keyboard in Word, I get the menus opening instead of typing appearing in the document.

I can clear it with a restart but I would like to know what has happened.


Answer:Satellite M40: Touchpad not working correctly


It seems that the dog has changed the options on the touchpad ;)
You should check the touchpad device settings in the mouse properties.
This you can find in the control panel.
Select the ?mouse? and then go to the ?device settings? tab. Then go to the synaptics touchpad settings.
There you should find some options which you should check.

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I have a toshiba laptop Satellite L350 with Vista 32 bit, and my problem is NOT working FN keys.
I've installed allready Synoptics Touch Pad V6.3 from Toshiba website, but it didnt help.

I've searched for other mentioned software posted on this forum, but i couldnt find.

The biggest problem ist that my touchpad is blocked, and not-working FN+F9 made

Me use just keyboard - which is difficult and annoying :(
I would be really greatefull if somebody can help me :(


Answer:Satellite L350 - touchpad FN and F9 key is not working

So did you install Windows yourself using a generic street copy?

You will need to install the drivers from the Toshiba website.

I think the Value Added Package installs Fn key support, along with other important functions.

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Hi everybody

Since I bought my Satellite Pro M40X, i found that the touchpad sometimes works (especially but not consistently when the computer is connected to AC power and the battery is full). However, most of time it is not working and the cursor keeps freezing in the center of the screen.

When I use my Genius USB mouse, it works fine.

I've tried all the following but all failed:
1- Checking the control panel, which always says that my touchpad is working fine and enabled
2- Pressing Fn+F9
3- Updating the BIOS and the touchpad ALPS drivers from the TOSHIBA website and reinstalling them
4- Running the computer in the safemode
5- Using the system recovery CD to return to the factory settings

All those trials failed and the problem is still present.

Can anyone help me to fix this problem. It is still a new notebook and I have 1 year warranty. Is it a hardware problem? Please help me.


Answer:Touchpad is not working in my new Satellite Pro M40X

Hello Amir

Everything you done is absolutely right and if the problem persist after recovery procedure there can be some hardware problem. In my opinion you should contact service partner and let them check the unit.

If the warranty is still valid you should utilize it. If something must be changed it will be done for free and valid warranty will cover all costs.


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My touchpad is not working! everything suggests it should be, latest driver, toggle F5 etc. Any ideas as to what may be amiss welcome. Also machine is only a few weeks old, how do you contact technical support?


Answer:Satellite C855-1HM - Touchpad is not working


You can contact the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country in cases your hardware is faulty.
But you should firstly check if its hardware problem.

First of all you should check if the touchpad (pointing device) is enabled in BIOS
Press F2 while powering up the unit and go to Advanced tab -> System configuration
There you can find the touchpad on/off option.

If the touchpad is enabled in BIOS, I would recommend checking the touchpad settings within the system: control panel -> mouse -> last tab (Advanced) -> Advanced button

Last but not least you should recover the notebook to test the unit with factory settings.
If all these advices would not be successful, well, then I would recommend asking the service guys?

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Toshiba satellite c50-a-156

About 2 months ago my laptop keyboard stopped working. When The log in screen came on, the password box filled up with black dots and I was unable to delete them. It was like a key was stuck. I was mid exams so used the ease of access to log in and bought a usb keyboard to use so I could use it as I was unable to find a fix for it online. I also updated from Windows 8 to Windows 10 in a bid to have it working again. I've been using the usb keyboard since (now completed exams) and I've just turned to laptop on. The same thing is happening however now my mouse is not working so I can't click on the ease of access.
I've changed usbs for the keyboard - nothing.

Unplugged, removed battery, turned on. (A lot!)
Seen on a forum to combine these and repeatedly press f2 then f9 enter and F10 enter, but this isn't working on either keyboard.
I've done ctrl alt delete X 2 but still Nothing is coming up.

I've attempted to reboot it by following online instructions but nothing is coming up. It's only responsive when I press enter on usb keyboard once all the endless black dots are there in the password box. Then it comes up its incorrect obviously but I can't press enter again to get back to a clear password box in an attempt to renter my password.

I don't use my laptop that often outside exam time and it's mainly for lesuirely use but this is infuriating.
Also I hope this makes sense because I'm really out of my depth here, I'm clueless on this stuff

... Read more

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I have an L830-16W which I purchased less than a month ago. In that time I have had a catalogue of problems (it crashes 3-4 times a day; it took 2 days to install MS Office; etc).

For now I'll stick to the most immediately pressing problem: the touch pad has stopped working - again. This happened twice before; both times I did a system restore to the following day, and that solved the problem.

Today, however, the system restore did nothing to help with the touch pad problem. I have also tried repairing/updating the driver, but my Devices Manager assures me the driver is up to date and working fine. I tried re-downloading the driver from the Synaptics site, and restarting my computer, but that didn't work either. That's about the limit of my tech knowledge, so I'm now stumped.

As you can probably hear I am pretty fed up with the machine in general and am seriously considering returning it. It would be nice to fix the touchpad though, at least so I can use it for the next couple of days, until I get the chance to take it in to the store.

Any help you can give would be really appreciated! Thanks,

Answer:Satellite L830 - Touchpad is not working

Sorry to hear you have had so many different issues with your machine. At this point I recommend you to do the follow:
-create recovery media (DVD or USB/check options offered by Recovery media creator)
-back-up all your important data
-reinstall OS using this created media or HDD recovery option directly

After doing this, check touchpad functionality with ?factory settings?. Do this as ultimate check before you make decision to send notebook back.

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I have a Satellite A200, I use a USB wireless mouse all of the time. My touch pad used to work even when I had the USB plugged in but now it has stopped working altogether. I cannot find the lcoation to see if it has been disabled in some way. Can someone help me?

My A200 is also turning itself off at any time while I am using it. I read some early treads that said it can overheat. I have my unit plugged into mains all the time and have the battery still in as well. I also leave my laptop on most of the time as well. I have notieced that the side vent area can get extrememly hot as is the touch pad area. Would overheating cause both issues? Please need some advice soon as I am ready to toss Toshy away.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad isn't working

Hey mate,

First of all the touchpad can enabled/disabled using FN+F9 key combination. Check this!!!
I also using an external mouse all of the time but this key combination only works for the internal one so it?s worth a try! ;)

Regarding the turning off problem if could be an overheating issue of course. The notebook should be cleaned from time to time and I do this every 3 months for example because I use my notebook every day. I?m always wondering how much dust come out if I clean it with compressed air spray. I followed the instructions in this document:

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Hi to all of you.
I've got the following issue: On my notebook the scroll on the touchpad is not working. If somebody can tell me how to fix this problem it would be kindly appreciated.

Answer:Touchpad is not working properly on Satellite L30-X10


I am not sure if this can be a good solution but maybe it?s worth to try it:

1. Download the latest touchpad software from here:
2. Remove the old software
3. Reinstall the downloaded software
4. Go into your mouse properties and check if everything is configured (especially the scroll function)

Give some feedback in case of further questions..


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I have a Satellite C870-155 (PSC8AE) and am having trouble with the Touchpad.

The buttons work, but the pointer/trackpad does not.

The laptop needed a hard drive replacement, and I do not have any recovery media. I am running a fresh vanilla Windows 7 install (Home Premium, 64-bit).

I have installed all drivers I can find (Including the touchpad).

I have tried pressing F5/Fn+F5, but that doesn't change anyuthing as far as I can see.

I'm running the latest BIOS I can find (6.60).

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite C870-155 - Touchpad is not working

baconroll did you try the system tray touchpad icon properties where you have to enable the touchpad

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Can anyone shed any light on why my touchpad mouse and buttons should stop working?

I have an external wireless mouse plugged in via USB but always have since purchase.

I have been through all the settings and it hasn't been changed to off when other device in use so I am confused.

The control panel tells me it is working properly but whoops it isn't!

Answer:Satellite C50 - touchpad stopped working

> I have been through all the settings and it hasn't been changed to off when other device in use so I am confused.
Maybe the touchpad has been disabled?
Did you check if you can enable the touchpad using key combination FN + F9 (on some models this function has been changed to FN + F5)?

You can also go to control panel -> mouse -> Device settings tab
Here you will find an option called ?disable internal pointing device when external USB device is attached?.
Ensure the option is unchecked.

In case this does not help you, I would recommend reinstalling the touchpad driver

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I wasn't sure which category this would go in.. sorry.

I have a Toshiba satellite laptop and the mouse has stopped working.

_It has nothing to do with the function (f5) button that turns the mouse off._
It stopped working yesterday.
I can use the keyboard.

My dad noticed that by holding in either the left or right button it will move but it won't on it's own. however when you try to move it up and down it starts to scroll which it could not do before.

Any idea on how to get it working?

Answer:Touchpad of my Satellite C50-A-19T stopped working

> I have a Toshiba satellite laptop
Which one?

> It has nothing to do with the function (f5) button that turns the mouse off.
So you have already tested if the touchpad isn?t disabled?

How about the external USB mouse? Does it work properly?
Did you test the touchpad without connected USB mouse?

> My dad noticed that by holding in either the left or right button it will move but it won't on it's own. however when you try to move it up and down it starts to scroll which it could not do before.

This sounds like an additional touchpad feature (like gesture control etc?)
Here an instruction [how to change the Synaptics touchpad settings in Windows|]

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A couple of days ago the Touchpad, and left and right click buttons stopped working.

The computer works fine with a USB Mouse. I have tried everything even restoring back to factory state with no luck. When I look under device manager it tells me that the synaptics pointing device is working properly, when obviously it isn't.


Answer:Satellite L670 - touchpad not working

Try pressing Fn+F9 to toggle the touchpad.

Also try resetting the BIOS to default settings (press F2 during POST to enter the BIOS).

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Can anyone please tell me why the touchpad has suddenly stopped working. I have done FN F5, it is enabled. Thanks in advance.

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Hello guys,

I have a problem with the touchpad of a Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-b pssg1e - basically, I can move the cursor, but I cannot use it to scroll or anything else.

I have encountered this problem firstly on windows 8.1 and I thought there wasn't yet a driver for the touchpad. Now, I have installed Windows 7 64bits and still the same problem. Idon't understand the problem, I have installed all the drivers from the website including "touch pad driver made by alps electric".

In device manager, the mouse is recognized as just a Ps/2 compatible mouse. And, in the mouse settings, I don't have an advance tab where I can enable the extra functions of the touchpad.

Ps. the touchpad is enabled, so, no, the solution isnt fn+f5.

Thank you very much in advanced!

Answer:Satellite Pro R50-B - touchpad functionality isn't working

I think I have zeroed it on the problem - the touchpad driver from is not installing.

I've tried it a number of times - at the end of the installation process, it says that the installation is successful, but I cannot find anywhere on the computer.

Any other place where I can find a working driver for the alps touchpad for toshiba satellite pro r50?

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I purchased a new satellite C50-A laptop but touchpad has stopped working.
I tried updating driver but says I have the latest driver.

It works for a few seconds after switching on then freezes.
My usb mouse works.

Don't know what to do.

Answer:Satellite C50-A touchpad stopped working

Hi mr Hassle

Did you check if you just switched it off by accident?
Try press F5 once and see if it comes back.

BR Tom

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I just turned on the laptop and as was trying to set up wifi connections the touchpad stopped working.

I tried the Fn+F9 but nothing changed. I turned the laptop off and then back on without any results.

I can work connecting a usb mouse, but the touchpad is still not working.

Do you have any solution or do I have to take it to be repaired?

I bought it one week ago and I just had office and antivirus installed and was working perfectly well up until now.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Z30-B-100 - enabled touchpad not working

Does the touchpad work in the BIOS?

If not, it may be a hardware problem, or it is simply disabled in the BIOS.

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I own a Toshiba L500-A-1EF and although the touchpad works properly, cursor moves, one tap acts like a click, etc, the click itself is not working.
I've tried updating the Synaptics drivers and playing around with the touchpad settings but sadly with no results.
Can someone help me?
Many thanks.

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Greetings Ma'am/ Sir:

Please give me a way on how can I fix my laptop problem. I'm using Toshiba Satelite A350D-20k, its original OS was Vista 32bit. Since I have found out that my machine was supported to use Windos 7, I have decided to change my OS to Windows 7 64 bit. When the first time that I used it using Windows 7 OS my touch pad was still working.

But changing an OS requires me to find driver, so I searched from your site, then I found the latest updates for A-series family specifically A350D but not A350D-20K I can not find that exact model updates, so from the updates of the A350D that I saw I downloaded all of them even the BIOS update..

Before I'm using BIOS 1.2 version but since that I saw a latest version which is version 1.7, I decided to install it. After I installed it I did not noticed that time if my touch pad is working because I'm using a mouse (external device), maybe I installed it last Wednesday October 6 . Just lately when I remove my mouse when I tried to use the touch pad, that was the time I noticed that it is not working.
I'm not sure if changing of my bios version was the one who made this problem.

I asked some advised to my friends and they told me asked to Toshiba's site if there is a crush BIOS utility so you can restore your previous BIOS or if they still have the old version of your BIOS which is 1.2.

So now please ma'am sir I'm sincerely asking you a help for my problem. Thanks a lot for your... Read more

Answer:Satellite A350D-20K - Touchpad not working


Satellite A350D-20K belongs to PSALME series. According the Toshiba website the BIOS update that you can find for A350D (version 1.70-WIN) is compatible to all A350D models so I assume the BIOS update isn?t causing the problem. Generally speaking after a BIOS update you should load the default settings in BIOS if you press F9 key in BIOS setup. This will load the default settings.
Make also sure that internal pointing device (touchpad) is not disabled in BIOS. On some notebooks you can disable it in BIOS and it must be set to ?enable?.

After recovery installation try also ?FN+F9? key combination. With this key combination you can also disable/enable the touchpad.

Check this!!!

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To start off, I seen another thread about the TouchPad not working but this is a slightly different situation.. First off, it's a really new computer and I'm dual booting windows 10 and linux. Anyways, the TouchPad only works in windows but it randomly stops working every once in a while and I have to go into the mouse settings and re-enable it but what I thought was really weird is that when I go to the efi firmware settings, it doesn't work either.. The mouse cursor is stuck on the left side of the screen and i have to use the keyboard to navigate, even a Bluetooth mouse won't work there.. That tells me that is not a windows issue but that also tells me that is not a hardware issue either because it works in windows when i enable it in the settings.. I also have to use the bluetooth mouse for linux as it doesn't work at all.. I'm not a noob by no means, i fix pc's for a living and i usually have some kind of idea on how to fix issues but this one, i have no idea.. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Sent from my SGH-M919N using Tapatalk

Answer:Toshiba Satellite TouchPad not working

Did u try putting your USB mouse in another USB slot?
Does your mouse even turn on?

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Hello everybody!

I have an Satellite C855-21V and it came with Windows 8. After one week of desaster I?m sure I want never again a Windows 8 on my Computer!

So I installed Windows 7 and can find all the drivers somewhere in the internet.
The only thing what is not working is the touchpad.

Win 8 driver don?t work and from other models the win 7 driver don't work.
Does anybody know what Brand is the touchpad or where to find a driver for win 7?

Thank you all for the help!

Best Regards


Answer:Win 7 Touchpad driver is not working on Satellite C855-21V


First of all the touchpad should work after Win 7 installation.
The Windows system contain an standard touchpad driver which should control the touchpad.

Of course the installation of additional Synaptics driver would provide more touchpad features (finger scrolling, etc?) but also without the Synaptics driver the touchpad should work.

Anyway, I already mentioned the Synaptics driver and you can download this here:

PS: is the touchpad enabled? F5 Enables and disables the touchpad

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I am having this problem for over a month now, the touch pad stops working suddenly and it starts to work after a restart and sometimes after a couple of restarts.

The frequency of this issue is at least twice an hour. I am really tired of restarting all the time.
I have tried system restore but that has not helped and the function keys are not working either.

OS: Windows 7 - 64 bit
Warranty: Expired 03/2013

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-1LD - Touchpad stops working

> I have tried system restore but that has not helped

What do you mean exactly by system restore?

Did you use the Toshiba Recovery DVD or Toshiba HDD Recovery procedure to set the notebook back to factory settings?
In case you did not try that, I recommend doing this!

Fact is that this recovery procedure should fix the system/software issues and in my opinion it looks more like a software as a hardware problem.

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Dear Toshiba-User,

i recently purchase a toshiba notebook Satellite L510-S401and i install windows xp
and my problem is not working FN key. i have install all driver that i think useful but still not working..

If somebody has got a driver for the Satellite L510-S401 that runs with Windows XP please contact me with help of this thread.

Yours sincerely.

Answer:Satellite L510-S401-touchpad FN and F9 key is not working in win xp


It is not easy to help. I don't know in which country you bought this notebook and where to search for drivers.
The fact is that FN+F9 key combination works if ?Touchpad ON/OFF? utility is installed.
Have you checked Toshiba support page for this tool?
From which page you have downloaded all WXP drivers?

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I have a Satellite L350D which was bought from new last month and the mousepad has stopped working properly.
Instead of "double tapping" you have to click on the left mouse button.

This makes the macro button on my excel spreadsheet are completely unless.
It seems to be intermittent as didn't work yesterday, worked this morning and stopped working this afternoon.
I have windows vista home basic installed as my OS.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L350D - touchpad not working properly?

if you have just bought for not very long in the warrenty time ,you can ask the supplier for a closer examization. or you can enter the website of your product for help.

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Hi Xaxer, hi there,

as I don?t know how to post a new topic, I just reply (I apologize for that way).

The touch pad on my L300 has stopped working. (Vista 32 bit). Fn and F9 does not change anything.
USB-Mouse works fine. Downloaded new touch-pad driver.

Touch pad is not shown in the device manager.

What should I do?
Any idea?

How can I check whether the tp-driver is installed properly?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:TouchPad has stopped working in Satellite L300

> How can I check whether the tp-driver is installed properly?

Go to control panel -> mouse -> last tab (Advanced or Pointing device) -> Advanced button

There you should see all touchpad settings.

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Satellite C660-28H

Win7 64bit

antivirus Kaskpersky deleted "system32/driver/cekbfilter.sys" file for keylogger reason (Kaspersky Support said It is mistake of Kaspersky antivirus, file is not virus or virused), and after I restart OS I find keyboard and touchpad not working at all.

Also I already asked about this at [US Toshiba Forum|] and there was advise to ask here too

I can not use Windows recovery (do not have recovery point) , and I do not want to do full recovery to factory default - there are many soft and personal data stored.

So Is here way to recover drivers? As I already said at US Toshiba Forum - I already tryed delete touch pad driver and instal from Synaptic official website, and I not changed anything.

Also I think antivirus may delete not only file, but do some fixes to remove "wrone" driver

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - keyboard and touchpad are not working

Huh it is very stupid situation now. I never had such problems but it will be interesting to find solution to this.

Have you tried to connect external mouse, just to see if this can work? I mean it is much easier to use windows with mouse and choose different options.

If this works try to open device manager and properties for keyboard. There you can find option for driver update. Check if some driver update can be found. Fact is that keyboard uses standard Microsoft driver so f you are online maybe some driver can be found.

Of course best and easiest solution for you is recovery installation. If you don?t want to do this try to find right drivers using such driver update option.

One more thing: if you have so important stuff saved on HDD you can remove it from your notebook and connect it to other PC/notebook as external device and make backup. After doing this you can install recovery image and problem is solved.

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My touch pad functions are not working:

- I can't use it to scroll up and down
- I can't use it to zoom.

What should I do to fix it?

Answer:Satellite C660-17L - Some TouchPad functions are not working


Firstly: Could you please post a notebook model number?

Did you install the touchpad driver?
If yes, then the touchpad settings can be found in
control panel -> mouse -> advanced -> advanced feature settings

Here you should find ?Setting? button which would lead to the touchpad settings.

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Hi there

Been having problems with the mouse and touchpad on the Satellite C850-19Z.
It cuts out after a while. I?ve tried the shortcut on the computer but to no avail. I have phoned Toshiba and they told me to refresh the laptop.

It worked then it has cut out again a few weeks later so tried what I went through with Toshiba guys and nothing happens...I need the laptop for work.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Mouse/touchpad is not working on my Satellite C850

It is really unbelievable that you have the same problem with touchpad and external mouse. What is more unbelievable for me is the fact that Toshiba guys were not able to help you with this.

I really don?t know what to suggest about that. Notebook has valid warranty so Toshiba service MUST help you with this. I don?t know if there is possibility for you to get replacement so you can continue your work but talk with service guys about that and try to find solution.

By the way: do you use external mouse with cable or wireless mouse?

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I can still move my cursor with the touchpad but when I touch de touchpad with my finger to open or select something, that doesn't work anymore. The two buttons bellow the touchpad are working ok. I've already tried to re-install the driver but that doesn't fix the problem.


Answer:Touchpad on Satellite M40X isn't working perfect


Firstly you should check the Touchpad settings in the ?Mouse Properties?
There you will find ?Advanced? tab. Use the ?Advanced feature?
Now you should see many settings which are responsible for the touchpad usage.
Make a overview. If all settings are ok, well in my opinion the touchpad is broken and you need a new one.

In this case you should contact the Toshiba service in your country.

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I Have bought a satellite A100 (PSAA9) and have a problem with my touchpad. For some reason, the keys do not respond sometimes and I Have to press both keys Fn + Alt to fix the problem and it works ok. After, it appears again and I don't kow why ??

The only thing I can tell is at each time I press the key Alt Gr, the whole touchpad is blocked.

On top of that, when the touchpad is blocked, my mouse do not works well (Left Click does not respond and right click does the same thing as a normal left click). Once again, I press Fn+ALT and it's ok.

Hope someone can help me please !!

Thanks in advance !


Answer:Touchpad is not working properly on Satellite A100

Hm, sounds like a really annoying and weird problem. Did you tried to reinstall your system or at least a linux from live-CD to check if the problem persists if you boot another operating systems?

If you didn?t tried, then it would be useful. Maybe it?s just a software problem. But if yes and the problem doesn?t want go away, then you have a huge problem and your next step will be to bring your machine to a authorized service partner. Why?

Because if yes, then you would probably have a hardware problem and you won?t be able to fix it on your own. Quite simple and easy explanation...


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Laptop 18 months old, suddenly both mouse buttons stop working in the middle of working. No left or right click.
Can scroll and move cursor around, but can not click. The buttons feel different, they don't really compress. External mouse works OK.

Is this fixable? Can the mouse pad be replaced? What do I need to do to get this fixed?


Answer:Satellite P850 - touchpad buttons are not working

Touchpad is just a hardware component and I think there is no problem with exchange. I don't know where do you live and how long is ?standard warranty? in your country but if the warranty is 2 years I think best option for you is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

Check warranty status on - or contact Toshiba service directly. They can check it too.

Nearest Toshiba service provider in your country you can find on

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Hi everyone,
my touchpad's touch function (to emulate left-clik by tapping the touchpad) is not working any more. I can move the mouse with the pad.

Also the left button below the pad is not working - the right one is.
I've already tried :

-Updating the driver
-The touchpad settings - the "touch" function is enabled
-The Toshiba hardware test - passed

but with no success.

Not sure whether it's a software issue or a hardware one.
Any suggestions?



Answer:Re: Satellite L500D - Touchpad "touch" not working


As far as I know the option is called ?Tap to Click?
You should check if this enabled in the touchpad settings.

>Also the left button below the pad is not working - the right one is.
Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the left click by taping is not working?

It?s hard to say what could cause this?
As I said; the options should be checked once again in control panel -> mouse -> device settings -> settings (or properties)

If all the settings would be ok, then a touchpad hardware issue might be possible?

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Hi. My name is Arek. As you see i have problem with my laptop Toshiba Satelite L50-B-1NM. I buy that scrap 2 weeks ago and same day i ask seller for arrange courier to take this laptop for fix issue because after first system start i've seen that i have problem with my wifi connection. Signal was very poor but when i go closer to router range was full.

Service took my laptop and they say that was a problem with setings. Now my touch pad not working he just stop working and internet slow down or it have problem to download web page. All time i see orange light on front but internet sometimes working and somtimes not. Seller ask me fot reboot my laptop. what can i do with that. im not happy with that sending to them all times my machine. it is really help restarting laptop again?

Im new in here and please forgive me for my mistakes or for that if i open another one existing toppic.
PLEASE HELP with your advice

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During usage the touchpad decided to stop working completely - the pad and the keys. Any ideas how to fix this?


Answer:Satellite C850 - Touchpad ceased working

Does touchpad works again when you restart your notebook?
Is there some reaction when you use FN+F9 key combination?

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Dear Sir

I have Satellite L500 laptop. I have problem with the touch pad and cd-rom both losses the functionality.
Once I click on the touch pad cursor not moving and it button also not working.
Please give me solution on it.

I have try to setup by default setting loading then also it not working.
Please give me solution on it.
Thanking you

Answer:Satellite L500 - touchpad & CD-rom are not working anymore

Best way to test functionality is to install original recovery image again and test hardware with ?factory settings?.
Please use recovery DVD discs, if you have created them, or use HDD recovery option -

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As the tiltle suggest.

My laptop is a Satelltie Pro A300 2C4.

The Touchpad no longer responds,

I have tried FN F9 - nothing happens.
I have tried pressing top left corner of Touchpad - nothing happens.
I have tried going to control panel mouse and looking for an enable Touchpad bit can only find the mouse defined.

The O/S is Windows 7

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 Touchpad has stopped working


Did you try to install the touchpad driver?
You can find the touchpad driver on the Toshiba EU driver page.

Additional tip: in some cases its possible to enable and disable touchpad in BIOS.
Please check this!

By the way: is an external USB mouse attached to the notebook? if yes, disconnect this and try to use the touchpad

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My Daughter was using the laptop earlier, when suddenly the mouse pad and the right and left click buttons stopped working.

I have tried re-starting and even restoring to an earlier time, but nothing will make it work again.

Any ideas what this could be and how it might be sorted?


Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-12X - touchpad pad stopped working


Did you check if the touchpad has not been disabled accidentally using the keys FN + F9?
Please check this.

In most cases this tiny option would be overlooked and in most cases this is the reason why touchpad does not work.

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Suddenly my touchpad stopped working.
Any suggestions which could help in that problem?
My laptop is Satellite U400-10L

Answer:Satellite U400-10L - touchpad stopped working


I think you should firstly check if the touchpad is not disabled.
Check the FN+F9 button combination.

If the touchpad will still not work, try to reinstall the touchpad driver.


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I have a Satellite Pro P300 running Vista and the scroll function has given up the ghost on my machane too.
I have also lost the touchpad icon in my task bar and the function to configure the touchpad.

I have unistalled and re-installed the drivers to no avail.

If I had more hair, I'd probably be tearing it out. Please help.


Answer:Touchpad on Satellite Pro P300 stopped working

Have you in device manager under ?Mice and other pointing devices? listed ?Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad??

Is anything else listed there?
Is maybe touchpad disabled (FN+F9)?

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I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L500 and all the sudden my touchpad stop working.
I tried check in the control panel the options for mouse but I can not even find it in there.

Any idea of how to solve it.
Do I have to take it to a technical center?


Answer:Satellite L500: touchpad stoped working


Firstly; please check if the touchpad has not been disabled accidently.
Check FN + F9. This function enables and disables the touchpad.

Furthermore you can go to control panel -> mouse -> Device settings
Here you should also check if the touchpad is on or off.

Last but not least an touchpad driver update or reinstallation might help

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My M40 laptop has just started having a problem with it's Touchpad, after hibernation the the Touchpad does not work. plugging an external mouse works, I've tried disabling and re enabling through the control panel but it does not help. Powering off and then back on does fis the Thinkpad, has anyone seen this before?

Answer:Touchpad stops working after hibernation on Satellite M40

You said this problem started now. So it seems that this issue was not present in the past. Am I right?
So if I?m right then it looks more like an software problem as a hardware issue.

Usually the first step should be a new Touchpad driver installation. Then you could try to update the Windows XP OS to the latest state. You should use the Microsoft update page to get all patches.

Then download and install the cleaning tool called ?CCleaner?. Its for free and it?s very helpful to clean the OS and the registry.

If this does not help, try to reinstall the OS from the recovery CD and test if this issue persists after new OS installation.

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on my childs satellite click mini L9W-B-102 the touch pad dosnt work and no mouse pointer can someone please help me

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The laptop is just over 1 year old and has been working ok until recently.

First symptoms were keyboard and touchpad not working at windows 8 login page. Pressing power to put laptop in sleep and pressing again often got them working.

This progressed to the keyboard and touchpad not working at random points whilst using the laptop.

Finally blanked the HDD and restored windows 8 alone, the laptop still BSOD's fairly frequently - refuses to install updates required for 8.1 and the keyboard and mouse often do not work even in the BIOS setup page. I have reseated the RAM and HDD.

Running out of ideas, the keyboard and touchpad do work and so I would assume that their connections are OK - but frequently they just stop.

Any ideas appreciated?


Answer:Satellite C850D-11Q - Keyboard and Touchpad not working

Sorry forgot the model - C850D 11Q

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In the beginning of this week I bought Toshiba satellite Z30-A-1D0.

My touchpad seemed fine but once in a while the cursor stops working for about 1 minute. I can use the left and right button of the touchpad but I just can't move the cursor.

First I thought that I accidentally had locked the touchpad so I pressed Fn+F9 and the light turned on meaning that the touchpad was locked, then I pressed it again and the cursor was still not moving, it only starts almost a minute after... I've tried to be at alert to what I'm doing in the touchpad but it happens when i'm just moving the cursor.

This happens about 4 times a day and the fisrt time it happened was on the day I bought. And I never used a USB mouse in this computer.

Thanks for your atention to my problem and hope you can help me.

Answer:Touchpad stops working for a moment on my Satellite Z30-A-1D0

It is not easy to say why this happen.
If possible try to use external mouse. It will be interesting to know if there is some general problem with mouse or just with internal touchpad.

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Hi - the touchpad has simply stopped working after the last couple of rounds of Windows updates and I didn't note which one, so not sure if I have a suitable restore point.

Tried downloading latest drivers from Toshiba website and it makes no difference. Also tried uninstalling these and installing the Elan drivers and these didn't install properly at all. I found some slightly older Synaptics drivers, which one of my other PCs runs ok on and although they installed ok, the touchpad does nothing. I'm relying on an external mouse, which is less than ideal.

Worryingly, the Toshiba website says it doesn't recognise my PC's serial number, yet it was bought in the UK through Asda online. All help and ideas welcome...

Model Satellite P70-A-11R Windows 8.1 with all updates, including optional

Answer:Satellite P70-A-11R - Synaptics Touchpad stopped working

I had the same issue. After Windows update installation, the touchpad didn?t work.

The touchpad has been disabled? why? I guess some Microsoft updates disabled the touchpad.

Solution was simply: I could enable the touchpad again using the function keys: FN + F5

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I love my Satellite T110-107 but there are issues with the TouchPad.

1). The mouse cursor doesn't move at times. With this one I can get it to move by taking both hands away from the laptop for a moment.
2). The mouse cursor suddenly 'shoots' off to the right hand of the screen.

I've tried changing the touchpad sensitivity to both the minimum and the maximum levels, i've adjusted the 'Palm' sensitivity but nothing seems to help other than by making the sensitivity low which helps a little.

I've also noticed that when the laptop is on my lap, the problem is worse than if it's on a table.

I think that it's a problem with a build up of static on the case.

Any other ideas?.

Answer:Satellite T110-107 - Touchpad not working properly

Hi buddy,

I use Satellite T110 for months now and really and no problem. Everything runs great and I don?t have any problems. It?s really great notebook!!!

So it must be something wrong with yours or installation.
First of all I would recommend updating the touchpad driver. You can download it on the Toshiba website:

After this you should test it again. Check also the touchpad settings again. There are a lot of settings to improve touchpad.

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Hey lads

I got this Satellite L850 toshiba latop (faptop) and i'm having some issues.

When i turn it on nothing is wrong.
When i hit the first screen after logging on (windows 8) with all the options of what to do (desktop, internet etc.) none of my USB ports work and my laptop mouse (touchpad) does not work aswell.

The only keys that work are the F-Keys (F1, F2, etc.) just wondering if anyone knows what's wrong with it.

I did see a message when i was turning it on right at the first 'loading screen' (black background red text 'TOSHIBA' or whatever it says) saying that it was going to scan C drive and repair it.
It finished and turned itself off.

Being a person i turned it back on and this is when the problem happened.
Before this problem came up I was on it playing counter strike and this happened 10 minutes after it.

If anyone can help i'll appreciate it. thanks.

Answer:Satellite L850 - USB and touchpad stopped working

I guess there is some kind of software problem because the system has started the automatic repair process. Obviously this repair process has affected the keyboard, USB and touchpad device.

I guess the System refresh, reset, or restore would resolve your issue and therefore I think you should start with the option ?Refresh your PC? without affecting your files.

This option should be chosen if your PC isn't performing as well as it once did, and you don't know why, you can refresh your PC without deleting any of your personal files or changing your settings.
To refresh your PC
1. Start charm bar (Win key +C) click Settings, and then Change PC settings.
2. click Update and recovery, and then click Recovery.
3. Under Refresh your PC without affecting your files, click Get started.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

If this would not help you, you could _Restore the PC to early point in time._
To restore your PC to an earlier point in time
1. Win key + X and then choose Control Panel .
2. Enter Recovery in the Control Panel search box, and then click Recovery.
3. Click Open System Restore, and then follow the instructions.

In worst case you would need to recovery the notebook back to factory settings using the Toshiba HDD recovery.

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Can anyone help please?

The laptop was working fine then the mouse stopped working.
I am not sure if my husband has touched a button or if there is a problem.
Any suggestions are appreciated.


Answer:Touchpad has stopped working on my Satellite L750


Maybe is touchpad simply disabled? Try to use FN+F9 key combination to enable touchpad again.

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I have been using both the touchpad and usb mouse together successfully for many months then first the touchpad stopped responding then 30 minutes later the pad buttons quit working.

I have been in control panel and made sure the touchpad is turned on, tried it with the mouse unplugged, nada.

Any ideas?

Toshiba Satellite M-100 1111e


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I have had problems with my laptop since the beginning. The hard drive has failed and the mouse pad and keyboard have had intermittent problems since Day 1. They randomly stop working and will not work again until restarted.

Recently the mouse pad often stopped working prompting me to de-install the Synoptics driver for this device. I removed the device from the device manager and expected that when I restarted the windows driver would kick in. This was not the case. I have since reinstalled the driver which I got from this website and it is now not recognising the mouse from the Synoptics software. Only the USB mouse i plugged in worked and even then it often froze.

I have tried a soft reset of the laptop wiping my settings and more recently a factory reset. I do believe this is purely a software problem.

The mouse is still not working. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Laptop is L850D-12P.

All help is much appropriate.

Answer:Touchpad Mouse is not working on my Satellite L850D-12P

> I have tried a soft reset of the laptop wiping my settings and more recently a factory reset. I do believe this is purely a software problem.

The point is that in case of software problems, the Toshiba recovery disk should fix your touchpad and keyboard issues. Therefore I think that this issue is NOT caused by software problem.

You mentioned that you had these problems from first day of purchase? hmm? I?m wondering why you did not contact the authorized service provider or a notebook dealer for a fix.
New devices are covered by warranty and in case of any hardware malfunction; the warranty covers the repair procedure.

My solution: you can try to recover the notebook once again. Use the original Toshiba recovery disk. Check also if the BIOS is up to date.
Note: touchpad should work even if the additional Synaptics touchpad driver isn?t installed. Why? The touchpad is controlled by default Microsoft driver and common touchpad functions like touching and scrolling are available by default. Synaptics touchpad driver adds some more functionality and features to the touchpad.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200. Touchpad has stopped working, i can not more scroll. I have tried all the settings but it didn't worked.

What to do?

Answer:Satellite A200 - touchpad has stopped working

Why you don?t try to update or reinstall the touchpad driver?

I think this should be done firstly? you can download the compatible driver from the Toshiba European driver page and could reinstall it.


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