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Re: Satelite A500 - What happens if BIOS update goes wrong?

Question: Re: Satelite A500 - What happens if BIOS update goes wrong?


I have a new Satellite A500 and want to make Bios update. What happens if this process goes wrong?


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Preferred Solution: Re: Satelite A500 - What happens if BIOS update goes wrong?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Satelite A500 - What happens if BIOS update goes wrong?


I don't recommend to make a bios upgrade if your system runs well. If the upgrade process goes wrong your laptop doesn?t boot anymore, and then you have to contact
TASP (Toshiba authorized service provider).
Don't forget to close all the programs, disable antivirus, firewall.


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i've wanted to update my notebook to the new bios version 1.30. i've startet the windows based update. the update failed in the middle(6 pakets or something left) of the installing process and the system was frozen. after i've rebooted, i wanted to start the bios update for a second time, but the installer said, that i have already installed the bios version 1.30.

How can i update my notebook completely, because my fan is still running on a high level.

best regards

Answer:Satellite A500 - How to update BIOS?


You should be happy that your ROM module isn?t damaged as yet because this happens normally if the update fails.

Anyway, try to load the default settings in BIOS and try the update again. You must be logged in as administrator and close all running programs (also AntiVirus, firewall, etc.) Don?t forget to extract all files from zip archive.

If it doesn?t work you should contact an authorized service provider. The technicians should reflash the whole ROM module and then you can have new BIOS version too. Maybe it will done for free due warranty. :)


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Please , I been trying to figure out the reason why my FAN is working at 80% of its power even tho the Core temp is so low ,, and the fan is making massive noise, well Compairing to the Laptops with same systems in it ,,, and seems that my laptop iss mkaing noise on class, I cant take it to university becaus of the sound it makes ! Fan should get a rest aswell ! .... anyway ,, I heared that TOSHIBA had that problem with Prev. Products on the Past , Just been beggin you to give me a solution, and Fast,,,

I need the Laptop to be with me on Classes ! but its noisy ! too much .... I heared it has somthing to do with the BIOS version,,, like in first 10 days I got it , it was great and smooth , but when TOSHIBA Update program asked me to update BIOS to v1.9 fan been going crazy !!!

Please HELP ! and thanxx, AND HELP FAST ! please !

Answer:Satelite A500-1HK has bad fan problem


Did you try to change the settings in the Win 7 power management?
Do this!

There you can change the settings for CPU and cooling module performance?
This will reduce the fan activity.

Please check this Toshiba doc:

It?s about Vista power management but it?s very similar to Win 7!

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I want to update BIOS on my Laptop. I searched at the Toshiba support page for the update and there are two different versions: 4.00-Win and 1.40-win. Both versions are from 09/07, but I have no Idea wich version I'm supposed to choose. Could somebody help me please?

Thx a lot in advance


Answer:Question about BIOS Update for Satelite P100-313

First of all - what version do you have now? I suppose 1.40. Even if not - you are to understand that 4.0 is anyway bigger than 1.40. Besides, you must have enough skills! Flash your laptop only if you really understand what you are going to do. Remember, if you fail - no rescue disk will help. Good luck.

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Hi, I hope someone can help me.

I have updated the Bios to version 1.50 some days ago and now the notebook overheats and shuts down after some minutes when I play a game (Day of Defeat Source btw, so it is not the newest and shouldn't be a problem). This problem has occured for the first time after the update. There weren't any problems with the temperature with V1.20 before.

Is there a way to downgrade the bios to V1.20? Where can I download the necessary file? I just can download the latest version on Toshibas site.
I already asked the support for help, but they haven't send me an answer so far..

Thanks for your answers! :)

Answer:Satellite A500 - Overheats after BIOS update to 1.50

Hi Flex Barker,

Are you sure that this problem is really caused due the BIOS update? Normally these overheating issues are caused by old thermal grease or often due dust in heatsink. In my opinion you should try to clean your notebook using compressed air spray. This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators.
Check this!!!

BIOS downgrade is normally not possible. Older BIOS versions you can get from your local authorized service provider. :)

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Hi, folks

I found new Bios available for my lap but I am afraid of upgrading.
Anyway, should have I update or stay with current one?


Answer:Re: Shoul I update the BIOS on Satellite A500?


Do you have some problems with the notebook or current BIOS?

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I was that stupid and according to Toshiba Tempro advice I have downloaded the latest BIOS update 1.50-WIN.
The update stucked at 56%. After hours of no reaction I have shut it down manually.

Now the nb is dead... only the main power and the fan runs... Is there anything that shall be done?

Answer:BIOS update failure on Satellite A500-1C0

I am afraid you should contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
In the future be careful about all this and don't touch well running system.

I have 3 years old Satellite P200 and it still runs with original BIOS version.

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Hello friends...

Today i tried to flash new BIOS, but in 21 of 37 it stuck,
I have waited one hour, but nothink else, just stuck.
No one key is active.

Then i removed my batery, and tried to power up the computer and the screen is black.
Nothink else is not showing there. I think bios is dead..

WHAT I NEED to do,i dont want to get to waranty, becouse i need to wait one month, only then my computer will be fixed.

Please help please please... :(


Answer:Satellite A500-136 is dead after BIOS update.


It?s pity to hear that mate!
It seems that something went wrong during the BIOS update and therefore the notebook cannot power up.
I?m afraid you cannot do anything else as to contact the local ASP!

The local ASP technician should check the unit and possibly he could update the BIOS again using an special BIOS and special procedure.

Good luck buddy

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Hey guys and girls,

I have some issues after the bios update. Before the update my laptop was performing much smoother and everything was fine and dandy until Tempro told me to update my bios. The problem with this is that after the update, the temperature seems to be significantly higher than usual when i play game (i'm a gamer) and also every game i play seems to be much slower than before (lower frame rate, lags). Before the update I could play Dragon Age Origins with at 1366 x 768 with 4x anti-aliasing and the only was i could get the same performance with the graphic setting on high is on 800 x 600. Now this is definitely a big problem for someone who is a graphic junkie when it comes to gaming.

*What do you think I should do?*

A. Downgrade my bios to when I first bought it? (I don't know which bios version it is though, anyone know the stock bios?)
B. Do a HDD Recovery?
C. Clean install of Windows 7 64bit?

My laptop spec:

Model Name: Satellite A500
Part Number: PSAR3E-00N005EN
Serial Number: X9206227K
OS Version: Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
Bios Version: 1.50
Physical Memory: 4096MB RAM
Graphic Card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 230M

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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Answer:Satellite A500 issues after bios update 1.50

hi Poyzen,
if it became worse after a bios update
try to update the grafics driver (display driver)...
maybe it works...

i dont know if the bios update routine saves the bios before upgrading...
if so there should be a file xxxx.bin that representes your old bios (date of file is update time)
maybe there is a special parameter that forces the bios update application to "downgrade"...

!a servicepartner can help!
in this forum i've seen a post with "downgrading the bios" but this went wrong and ended up in a dead machine...

i dont think that a recovery or a clean install will do the job...
update grafics and check!

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I didn't know I shouldn't update BIOS unless I am having problems. A message came to the Toshiba bulletin board and I was stupid enought to trust it and I updated my BIOS. The update was succesful, my computer seems to work fine.

Except, now when I try to watch a movie I downloaded every 10 seconds or so it gets stuck for a second and then plays normally and it happens when I play music on itunes. Since I didn't have this problem before, I am blaming the update. Is there a way I can go back or how can I go back to normal?

Oh god, what have I done?! :(

Answer:Satellite A500 - It gets stuck for a second after BIOS update

You can try to update a sound/display drivers on the [Toshiba driver page|] The Bios update shouldn't cause any problem like yours but who knows... (You can also try to load default settings in Bios)
Update itunes version and try how movies goes on VLC and Kmplayer

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A500-17x which i have just updated the BIOS on to version 2 as recommended by the tempro software. Now with the new update my microphone does not work. Where can I download a copy of the old BIOS?

(I have used winphlash64 in advanced mode to restore the backup it originally made to the computer but it just puts the new bios back in} thanks rich

Answer:Satellite A500-17x - mic not working after BIOS update

Unfortunately Toshiba offered latest BIOS version only so older versions cannot be downloaded.
Maybe stupid question now but have you checked all settings, especially in sound properties?

Is mic listed and enabled in recording devices?

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Well, I bought this computer 3 weeks back and since then I have a problem with the display. Some times the display goes dark and after that a message appears saying that the driver has crashed and has recovered successfully.
Any ideas what i could do to repair this problem?

By the way I am using Windows 7 Home premium and an nVidia 330M graficcard. I tried to search for drivers to reinstall but didn't find for this specific model.

Answer:Satelite A500-1GH - Sometimes the display goes dark


have you read this thread?

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Hi everyone,

I have tried to update the bios of a P300 using this :
BIOS Update
Toshiba Windows 7 - 32 Bit 4.20-WIN32 World Wide
Which I downloaded from here: after entering my laptops specifications.

The flash process hanged during the update and the laptop became unbootable, blank screen when powering on and nothing else...
I tried using the Phoenix Emergency Crisis application, created a floppy disk with the Bios image file that I have earlier downloaded but managed nothing.

The USB floppy driver access the floppy when entering the recovery mode, I hear some beeps that indicate that a process takes places, but when everything stops and reboot...the problem remains.

-Has anyone got a clue what to do next?
-Is the warranty void after a bios update attempt?

Thank you for yor time.

Answer:Satelite P300 does not boot after failed Bios update

> -Has anyone got a clue what to do next?
Well in such case you have to get in contact with a local ASP (Toshiba Authorized Service Provider).
The guys could clean CMOS and could flash the BIOS ROM module using an special crisis BIOS disk?

Here you can find all ASPs worldwide: -> Support & Download -> Locate a Authorised Service partner

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Yesterday I have updated my Bios of my Notebook to 1.50. After that all my FN Buttons didn't work anymore. Can Someone Help me?^^

Sorry for my bad english

Answer:Satellite A500-13W - After BIOS update the FN buttons don't work


You have installed the correct BIOS version for your notebook?

Normally the FN buttons functionality is not depending on the BIOS version. Therefore you need Toshiba tools like Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. So I would recommend reinstalling both of them.

You can download it here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Remove all old versions firstly. Restart and then install VAP and at last Flash Cards Support Utility.

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I have a Satellite A500 PSAR3A-02U002 with BIOS version 1.9 installed.

After reading several forums, I discovered that there may be a BIOS update (v2.0) available to fix the ongoing issue these Satellites have with overheating/cooling/shutting down.

Excited, I tried installing the new BIOS - this is what I get:

'There is an error occurred, please check below items.
BIOS version above 200.
Battery capacity more than 10%.
AC is attached.'

Firstly, my BIOS version is 190, not above 200. Secondly, I find it extremely hard to believe the battery needs to be less than 10% to proceed. And thirdly, I fail to see what removing the power cord will do.

Please note that this BIOS update was found on Toshiba's European website, however the v2.0 claims to be a worldwide release. I then checked the Australian site and the BIOS for my model does not exist. I am not sure how to read this contradiction.

Please HELP!

Answer:Satellite A500 - Can't update the BIOS (error message)

Hi umm_excuse_me,

So I think the BIOS update is not available at the moment for you. European and Australian models have different model numbers so I doubt the BIOS update is always the same. Also the hardware parts can be different.

In your case I would wait until the BIOS was released on Australian page too.

By the way: Where did you read that this update was a world wide release?

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Hello everyone,

There is a Universal Satelitte A500 BIOS update, v1.50 release date 07/01/2010.

Now, it looks as though from my Event Manager I have a small issue with my current BIOS version since I keep getting the message:

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-HAL
Date: 11/2/2010 1:15:34 ??
Event ID: 12
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: (1)
User: N/A
Computer: Tosh
*The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. Please check for updated firmware for your system.*

I've read some horror stories of Toshiba users who tried a BIOS update, though Windows as Toshiba recommends, and their computers got fried. It looks as though this was a known issue by Toshiba (I mean they knew the issue the users faced when tried to update thei BIOS), which they tried to fix with this latest release of BIOS.

Has anyone tried this update yet, and would like to share his opinion? Is this a go ahead or not?

Thanks guys.


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Answer:Satellite A500 Series Universal BIOS Update

To be honest I?ve read also several horror stories in this forum about BIOS update but the question is do this people make BIOS update following Toshiba instructions.
Can you imagine that some people make BIOS update or recovery installation on battery power supply? And when notebook cut off because of empty battery then it is Toshiba?s fault of course.

I have done BIOS update several times on different notebooks and everything goes well.
The fact is, all offered BIOS updates are tested.

Can you please send us exact notebook model name or model number? I want to check which BIOS update is available for your notebook model.

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Hi everybody,

A friend of mine bought a new toshiba Satellite A500-1GP laptop a month ago. Windows 7 pro 64bit preinstalled.
Also preinstalled: toshiba support software which - properly configured - automatically searches for and installs critical patches and updates.

Last sunday this wonderful piece of software recomended a "critical update" to my friend - she is no expert but an experienced user who can tell the difference between a bios update (and avoid that!) and a security patch she agreed to download and install what she believed to be a security update.

Of course she gave permission to a bios update being installed. During the update process the machine froze completely. She waited for three hours and then pulled the plug. Guess what: the machine is now completely defunct. No lights no display no fan, simply nothing.

Toshiba support hotline told her that her two weeks old laptop is not under warranty because that warranty does not cover "software problems" and Bios updates are software updates.

The repair company says a repair will most likely equal to buying a new laptop so here we are...

My questions:

1) the laptop is a Satellite A500-1GP (PSAR9E-01M00QGR) with a phoenix UEFI bios (the toshiba/phoenix bios update tool 1.1.26 is pretty radical - no warnings at all !!! it even tried to update my dell laptop as well, lucky me!).
I have found some posts regarding older machines which can be reflashed by using an usb-flopp... Read more

Answer:Dead Satellite A500-1GP after unintended Bios update

> The repair company says a repair will most likely equal to buying a new laptop so here we are...
I doubt this?
I think the BIOS ROM module was not flashed correctly (who knows why) and therefore you cannot boot the notebook.
This can happen due to different reasons? maybe the update process has been interrupted due to a process running in the background, etc?

In order to solve this issue, the ROM module should be flashed again using an special BIOS crisis disk... that's all.

The BIOS update is always a sensible procedure but if everything has been made correctly, then the BIOS update should finish successfully.

I found this very interesting and useful Toshiba doc and HowTo update the BIOS correctly!

I recommend to get in contact with an local ASP (Toshiba authorized service partner) in your country. The guys will help you!

Here you can find all ASPs worldwide: -> Support & Downloads -> Locate a Authorised Service partner

Good luck

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I have a A500-1GL Laptop.
Yesterday, I've checked the drivers download page, just to check if there is something new. and I noticed that there was a new BIOS release.

My old BIOS:
SystemBiosVersion: 1.6
SystemBiosDate: 06/05/10

the one on the website was:
Version: 1.7
Date: 29/07/10

So I downloaded that file, and flashed the BIOS.. after the restart, I checked the "regedit". and the version was changed to 1.7 , but the date still the same (06/05/10) !!!

Now that's not a big deal - I know -, but I wanted to check the BIOS Setup (before the boot).
So, I restarted the laptop, pressed "DEL" .. nothing happened, went directly to Windows!
I tried again, with F1, F2 ~ F12.. all the same.
So how can I access the BIOS setup screen?? I tried to re-flash the BIOS again, but it keep saying that I already have the new version, so I cant flash it.

any ideas??

Answer:Re: Satellite A500-1GL - Can't Access BIOS aftre update


> So, I restarted the laptop, pressed "DEL" .. nothing happened, went directly to Windows!
> I tried again, with F1, F2 ~ F12.. all the same.

It looks like ,,fast boot,, enabled in Bios. Read this thread, the guy Andrusito explained how he disabled it:

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Hello all,

I have a Satellite A500 (PSAR3E) notebook, and I need to update the BIOS to the latest version.
Unfortunately my battery is fully dead, and I don't have any chance to get a working one.

I was trying to update bios the whole day, but no matter how I try (even created a dos boot disk, and ran phlash16 from command line, /forceit and so on) It just keeps me saying that it needs a least 10% charged battery present.

How can this be solved?

Answer:Satellite A500 - BIOS update with dead battery

Wait a moment. Maybe it sounds stupid now but I don't understand the situation.

If you read instructions about BIOS update - - there is clearly described that notebook must be connected to the mains and power supply should not be interrupted during BIOS update. This can damage BIOS chip.

So my question is: is your notebook connected to the AC adapter when you try to start BIOS update?
>... but no matter how I try (even created a dos boot disk..
As far as I know for your notebook model Toshiba offers WIN version only so if you try to do it with some DOS disc I can just imagine you use some own modified version and all you do is on your own risk.

What happen when you start Windows with connected notebook to the mains and start BIOS update?

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I have a satelite A500 and it wont play AVATAR on Blu-Ray. I understand there is a patch required.

Where do I get the patch?


Answer:Satelite A500 - Patch required for AVATAR on Blu-Ray?

Hi richard70au,

To be honest I don?t know what patch you mean.

Where did read this information? Normally you can play every DVD or Blu-Ray without installing a patch.

But don?t forget that not all A500 have Blu-Ray drive. Do you have one?

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I have received my upgrade disc from Toshiba. I intend to do a clean install of Windows 7. What I would like to know is where do I get the software that was preinstalled on my laptop after everything is deleted when Windows 7 is installed. The Toshiba software I mean is the face recognition software, WEB camera software etc.

A friend of mine has a laptop from another manufacture and he received 2 discs with the upgrade - one was the Windows 7 program and the other was the programs.

Any help you can give will be appreciated.


Answer:Upgrading Satelite A500 from Vista to Windows 7

You can also use some Vista drivers, tools and utilities.
Which A500 do you have exactly?
Is Win7 stuff available for your notebook model?

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Today I've tryed to update my Satelite A10 Bios for 5.20.
I've downloaded the file unziped and executed it, as recommended in the instructions.
After restarting the system, the Notebook had totally frozen and the display is blocked. So I'm unable to do anything...
How can i solve this problem?
Thanks very much in advance.

Answer:After Bios update Satelite A10 had totally frozen and display is blocked

Wait a moment? Are you sure you have used the right BIOS???
As you said, your notebook is a Satellite A10? Is it right????

I visited the Toshiba driver page and cheeked the BIOS version and??. It?s 1.30!!!!

Sorry to say it but it seems you have used the wrong BIOS!!!
You should know that BIOS update is always risky. The wrong BIOS or wrong update procedure can damage the board!

I don?t know how to help you? try to use the right BIOS. Maybe you are a lucky man and it will work. If not, contact the technician

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Hi everyone,

I just bought my Satellite A500-1GL notebook today. I started it up and played around a bit (nothing serious). The touchpad was working fine at this moment.

Then I discovered that hardware update tool and started the BIOS update which worked without any problem. After that I rebooted the notebook, went to BIOS, loaded the setup defaults and saved it.
After Windows 7 (x64) was booted the touchpad didnt work anymore...

I downloaded the driver from here and installed it again, still not working. Then I went to BIOS again, disabled the touchpad (I thought its a bug maybe...) and booted again. Still not working...

I enabled it again in BIOS, tried to push Function + F9 but it still didnt work... Finally I used the recovery and did a fresh Windows 7 install.
But unfortunately it still doesnt work.

Now I'm out of ideas, anyone can help?
Is there a chance to get the old BIOS version again to downgrade it?

Thanks in advance ;)

Answer:Touchpad stopped working after BIOS update on Satellite A500-1GL


It sounds strange that after Bios update the touchpad doesn't work anymore.

> Is there a chance to get the old BIOS version again to downgrade it?

To be honest, i don't know where to get. Anyway, make a Google search. Maybe, other forum users can give you a link to download it.
The Bios downgrade is more risky procedure than upgrade. So, be careful the next time....
The advice for future; Don't touch the running system.

Good luck!

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I need help because i have one toshiba A500-149 but the ilumination of keyboard dont work (FN+Z).
I see a new Bios update and my question is:
This new update 2.00 win solve that problem?

this upgrate is secure?

Answer:Satellite A500-149: Would new BIOS update 2.00-win solve illumination issue

> This new update 2.00 win solve that problem?
Question: Did the keyboard illumination work from the first day of purchase?

If yes, the issue is not realted to BIOS.

Secondly: the illumination can be enabled and disabled in BIOS.
Did you check the settings there?

Thirdly: did you check something in the software?
Possibly the reinstallation of VAP (value added package) would be helpful

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I have a problem, I had recently bought a new Notebook "Toshiba Satelite A500 PSAM3E"
and my notebook doesn't have a Network Cotroller Driver.

I have searched everywhere on the Internet including on your website, so I came here for help.

Can you help me by posting a link to the driver? or some help please? T

hanks in advance, Andrew.

Answer:Satelite A500 PSAM3E - I'm looking for Network Cotroller Driver


The ?Network Controller driver? can be LAN or WLan driver.
What do you need exactly and for what OS?

Can you please post your notebook model extensions number; A500-xxx

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I upgraded my Satellite A500 PSAM3E model to the newest BIOS 1.50, now the Intel speed step not working!

My CPU is always 2GHz+, I chagned Power Plan to balanced, but no change... with previous the CPU was around 800 MHz.
When I try to change Windows 7 power management and set maximum CPU performance to 50 or 80% the system freezes.

Answer:After BIOS update Intel Speed Step not working on Satellite A500

I think SpeedStep is not working on my Toshiba either, but its directly the opposite. My computer came with a preinstalled 1.5 version of bios. After I did a clean win 7 install my CPU always runs at half speed - all benchmarks, including the WEI (Windows Experience Index) are showing horrible CPU performance.

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I have Windows 7. During my first experiments my contact is unable to view my picture although I can see myself as well as my contact and Skype tells me the video scource isn't delivering the stream in the correct format, the voice is OK.
The webcam only has a choice of two formats JPEG and BMP and neither seems to help.

What am I doing wrong, could anyone please assist?

Answer:Re: Satelite A500 02J001. Skype can't connect to webcam version V1.1.1.9


1 Update the Skype verison
2 Update webcam driver

[Australian Toshiba Driver Page|]

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I can not recovery my system to the factory default system.

I have a Toshiba Satelite A500-148. It brought with Windows Vista and a few months after I had received a Upgrade for Windows7, from Toshiba.
One of the first things I made was to create a recorey DVD, And I still have it.

Now, I want reinstall all of the system with Windows7, so I am thinking make a recovery a factory default system using the option Toshiba HDD Recovery . BUT I can not do this.

First I have red the instructions that came with the laptop, and tried followed the instrucions.
The instructions i try to followed was:
-restart the laptop
-press F8 during the start
-choose the entry "Repair your Computer"
-choose the keyboard layout
-enter my access account
Then appear the following options:
-Startup Repair
-System Restore
-Windows Complete PC restore
-Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
-Command Prompt

I was expect the option "Toshiba HDD Recovery", but this option is not showed.

So, I am asking help to do this.
I am doing anything wrong?

Notice, I have already done this ( recovery a factory default software using the option Toshiba HDD Recovery ) in the past, more exactily before I install the Upgrade for Windows7. But It was a long time ago and I am not sure all the steps I had made.


Answer:Cannot install recovery factory default system on Satelite A500

> Now, I want reinstall all of the system with Windows7, so I am thinking make a recovery a factory default system using the option Toshiba HDD Recovery . BUT I can not do this.
After Win7 upgrade everything is changes so if you want to have ?factory settings? again use please created Vista recovery discs.
> Notice, I have already done this ( recovery a factory default software using the option Toshiba HDD Recovery ) in the past, more exactily before I install the Upgrade for Windows7.
Correct. So long you use Vista you will be able to use this option but after upgrade not.

Install Vista again and later you can do whatever you want. Either you will use Vista or make Win7 upgrade again.

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I am a proud owner of an Satellite A500 PSAR9A-02S001
I have been quite happy with it over the years.

However when trying to dual boot I am running into all sorts of problems.

I really need uefi/legacy boot options to be unlocked in the bios menu
I believe this functionality is present
However there are no options to configure it in the bios, please release an update for this.


It would help me out a lot.
Not too mention all of the other hidden settings in the bios u could also unlock.
I Would really appreciate any help with this

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Answer:Satellite A500 - BIOS update request - UEFI/legacy boot option

As far as I know Toshiba doesn't offer some BIOS options modification and this is also not a part of BIOS updates.

What kind of problems do you have with dual boot?
What is preinstalled on your machine? Post please some info about exact OS installation.

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I'm currently having issues trying to turn on my laptop's wireless connection. My laptop model is a Satelite A500 PSAR9A O2J001. My laptop's physical wireless switch doesn't work and neither does my Fn keys work (none of my function keys work at all). It was a while ago that I saw a orange light near my laptop's switch indicating that it was on but one day it just turned off. Since then, I haven't been able to turn it back on after lots of googling and this place is my last resort after doing so many things.

Any help or feedback would be appreciated, I'm very desperate to fix this for studies.

Answer:Satelite A500 - WLAN switch and FN keys doesn't turn on wireless

Your description is OK but pretty general so it is not easy to say for sure what is wrong there.
Is WLAN card installed properly (device manager)?
Do FN keys work in general? Can you use other FN+Fx keys? Do you see flash cards when you press FN button? If yes which options can you see when you use FN+F8 (WLAN I think)?

When you move WLAN communication switch in position ON and use FN+F8 what happen exactly?

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a friend gave me his HP DV6500 Notebook to fix it. He said it made an update and then for hours nothing happened. He shut it and started again.

I could see that it tried to recover 2 times. The second time it was successful but it somehow resetted or returned the Vista to a fresh install!!! His data was locked in a previous User account, I backed it up on a usb-stick with a linux live cd.

I can't make a reinstall because now a bluescreen always appears even when I boot from Vista DVD.

ntoskrnl.exe corrupt when try to boot vista in the normal way.
How can I fix that without being able to use the repair option of the DVD?
Sorry, the title of the thread is wrong. I figured out already that the BIOS version is for an Intel. So everything is ok with the BIOS actually.

Answer:Solved: HP DV6500 Notebook wrong BIOS update by HP update function?

Ok, I could fix it after following instructions from this page:

The Txf-log had to be removed and afterwards I was able to use the repair function of the Vista DVD again.

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HELP - just updated BIOS, and PC re-started and seems to have given me fresh win7, with no access to files on desktop.
Luckily most files were backed-up to another HDD several weeks ago, but as I wasn't expecting this, I have lost plenty.
Any ideas how to recover, my files and previous windows setup?
Bearing in mind that I don't believe the HDD was wiped as it all happened very quickly.

Answer:BIOS update gone wrong

That does not sound like a bios issue. It sounds like something went wrong with Windows 7, or the drive is going bad.

Download Xubuntu 14.04 and burn the .iso to a DVD. Then run as a LiveDVD, to see if it shows with gparted, the Windows partitions, and files in them.

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Hello,This is my first time on a forum and I have no idea what "location" to select for this type of issue.  I will try to make this short and simple.  There were a bunch of updates from HP, one of which was a Bios update.  A bunch of others had issues updating.  Ever since then, my wifi keeps dropping, when my service and all other devices are fine.  I try to restart and it hangs there for hours, so I have to hold the power button to shut it off and turn it back on.  When I close my notebook, it will not go to sleep, hibernate or anything I set it to.  Instead it shuts the screen off, hard drive sounds as if it is still running and the computer heats up and power button light stays on.  Again, I have to hold the power button do shut it off.  I have a Windows 10 HP 14 Pavillion was advertised as windows 10 ready, so I don't think it is that since I did that update in July and this just started happening after the bios update.  Is anyone else having the same issues?  Any suggestions to anyone who may have resolved them?  

Answer:bios update gone wrong

 You could try a BIOS rollback to previous version.  1-Immediately after powering on start tapping the Esc key.2-When the menu appears, tap F2 for System Diagnostics.3-In the list of items will be BIOS or Firmware Management.Use the arrow key to move down & highlight it.Press Enter key.4-You should now have a Rollback BIOS option.Use arrow key again to highlight and press Enter key.  

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Question: wrong bios update

I have an acer aspire xc-603 which had the newest bios update for my model p11-b2.  I acidently updated my bios to version p11-b4 which is intended for the aspire xc-603G.  How would I remedy this?  flash the bios again with the original p11-b2 version?

Go to Solution.

Answer:wrong bios update

if the flasher let you revert to a previous version, yes, try it.(not always the best thing to do, reverting to a previous BIOS version) if not and your system is stable, i would leave it as it is.

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Question: wrong bios update

I have an acer aspire xc-603 which had the newest bios update for my model p11-b2.  I acidently updated my bios to version p11-b4 which is intended for the aspire xc-603G.  How would I remedy this?  flash the bios again with the original p11-b2 version?

Go to Solution.

Answer:wrong bios update

if the flasher let you revert to a previous version, yes, try it.(not always the best thing to do, reverting to a previous BIOS version) if not and your system is stable, i would leave it as it is.

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Well I've seriously stuffed up, I'll give you the long story so you get all the information

Well after I installed my 8800GT, I began having stuttering problems with a game, ut2004. Others had the problem and most say its a driver issue and will be fixed in the future, someone wrote to nvidia support and they suggested updating bios, chipset and getting a patch for the game, so I updated the chipset, 945p, easy then I went to update the bios, after downloading bios 3.7, a command prompt came up with lots of settings and commands and warnings, so I decided I'd play it safe and just do the msi live update. So I installed the msi update and its first update was to update my bios, as it finished it restarted my computer, everything seemed fine until my computer wouldn't go past the original POST page, the one with the motherboard logo on it. No beeps sounded and pressing tab or del opened a black page that says

AMIBIOS (C) 2005 American Megatrends, Inc
MSI 945PL Neo A7236IMS V1.9 Date: 08/07/06 08:05:52
Intel (R) Core(TM) 2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz , Speed:
(C) American Megatrends, Inc.

The page also has a live update symbol on the top right corner.

I have a hunch that the live update fed me the wrong bios, and thats why the computer won't boot. I dont have a floppy and putting my windows or motherboard cd in doesnt do a thing. Restarting doesnt and turning off and on doesnt. I have limited my options ... Read more

Answer:bios update gone wrong

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Hi,There has been a long thread on XP restarting on its own and seems it is affecting alot of people.For me it occurs when using 3D applications.I have tried just about everything to cure this and one thing i haven't done is a BIOS update.I read today in an earlier thread that this has done the trick for somebody with a similar problem although it was a different Mobo.My PC is under warrantee so i have rung them and they told me to download a prgram called "Burnin", it tests your hardare for faults and when using the latest version of the Radeon 9000 pro driver the test failed on 2D graphics unable to "draw shape". When i use a much earlier driver (could be the first one) the test passes and the restarts are very seldom apart from a message saying "the program has to close" which dont seem to be as drastic and not nearly as often.I mentioned all this to put you in the picture a bit.Final point is, i told Mesh what the results of the test were and the nature of the errors and he came back after a minute and confidently said "the problem is to do with either two things, the ram might be faulty or the Graphics card could be faulty and i would have to send the machine in to them". That is one thing i really wanted to avoid, he said i should have it back within 3 weeks but have heard that before! No faith, sorry.I mentioned a BIOS update and he wasn't to enthusiastic but said i could give it a go, so he directed me to the file at the asus website and i have downloaded to floppy. I... Read more

Answer:BIOS update, what can go wrong?

Thats the main problem if you have a power cut it can kill the board[bios chip].They say dont update bios unless you have a problem[which you do]As long as you follow the set procedure you should be ok.

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A few days ago i found an update for my BIOS. It was installing without any problems, but around halfway of the intallation, a power surge caused my computer to shutdown. When the computer booted back up I got this message. This is all I get, I can't access the BIOS or anything pass this
I tried removing the CMOS battery, I also tried to cross the jumpers, all with no luck. This only leads me to believe the BIOS itself is corrupted. I heard there is a way to fix the BIOS by using something called flashing. Could someone show me how to do this?

Answer:Bios update gone wrong

Flashing your BIOS is what you where doing. Depending on your system you may be able to use the Boot CD to restore the BIOS to it's factory default. If your PC is older then you will need to contact the manufacture (or a local non big box repair shop) and get a new BIOS ROM chip.

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hi lenovo communityi have lenovo g580 cori7 1 tb hdafter update bios when i reboot the labtop theres no sign that appeared to guide for examplef12 = setup or f2=bios so what to do to make these apeard againregards

Answer:something wrong after bios update

Hi ironman9,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
If you can still enter the F2 for BIOS or F12 for the boot menu, It means that the options are still active and I think this is not a cause for Concern.
I have checked most of the G580 online and all are not showing these message/prompt anymore.
Check here
I think this is how the recent BIOS is configured.
I tried Checking the BIOS of the G580 and I see no settings to enable this back.
Just make sure that the Options are still responsive,
Turn OFF your computer and Turn it Back ON and start tapping F2 or F12.
Solid Cruver

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I bought a new dv7t quad edition HP laptop recently. I moved the 750gb 7200rpm hard drive to the secondary slot and was using a Crucial 256gb solid state drive as the boot drive. The HP help center told me that I needed a BIOS update, so I let it do its thing, and soon I had a laptop that would show nothing but a blank screen. I called HP and they said it was the hard drive, so I switched them and I have a working computer again. However, I need to be able to switch back to the solid state drive.How do I get rid of whatever the BIOS update did to the hard drive?If you need me to post more info about the laptop, I can.Thank you for your time.

Answer:Bios update gone wrong

I made the leap forward to SSD with 2 laptops and 1 desktop. I had to prep my one OCZ Agility 90GB prior to OS installation, but my system would boot up past the post diagnostics with just an error of No OS Found. The Toshiba System Restore utility would boot and come up with No Hard Drives Detected  as for it was having a hard time finding the SSD and only option was to exit the system restore.So your not getting a successful post ( HP Logo or detailed boot stats )?I'd perform the flash to the BIOS with the original hard drive installed. If the BIOS is already at the version you are trying to flash it to, it wont hurt the computer and it will probably show a screen that shows existing BIOS Flash Version and the Flash version to be applied. If they both match you can exit the flash process as for you are already at the latest version.*The prep that I had to perform to my SSD was that I had to connect it through a SATA to USB cable and make it act as an external hard drive. I then created a NTFS partition on it and then formatted it using Windows 7, which my Laptops OS is, and then I was then able to install the SSD to my laptop, and then boot off of my USB stick to install the OS to the SSD using the Toshiba System Restore Utility that I made before yanking the original hard drive. The restore utility now was able to find the SSD and install properly. This installation process deletes the partition I made when prepping the drive as for Windows 7 wants its default st... Read more

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have recently purchased a hp compaq 4300 sff, (win 10 op) i did a bios upgrade which installed correctly but pc will not boot at all. the fans are all spinning, usb ports are not, then after a minute all fans cpu  & power supply spin up too fastsounds like jet engine so have to turn off pc. i think ive installed a consumer bios 4.5 ver  instead of business bios 5.2so now it wont at all , any suggestion.  thanks

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Hi, i was wondering if anyone had any advice.

Last night i updated my bios (ASUS M2N4-SLI), unfortunately during the update the power went off in the house when i boot now nothing happens, the keyboard and mouse are not even booting. There is power to the motherboard but i can?t get a boot screen or anything, is there any way that i can sort this out?

many thanks


Answer:BIOS update went wrong, need help please

Unfortunately there is little you can do if the flashing has failed. If the motherboard does not POST, you are most-likely looking at a paperweight. There may be a bit of hope if your mainboard has a chip socket (meaning you can physically pull the BIOS chip) but most are soldered right to the PCB. If you can remove the BIOS chip, you can send it to BIOSMAN where they will replace it and reflash the corrupt chip. I've used them before, it's a very good service.

As far as soldered goes, I'm afraid that's tough luck. Replace the motherboard.

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hello there recently i was working on a computer as a favor for someone. He told me he couldn't get on the internet and had some malware so i cleaned out the malware and started to update his drivers from the Hp website by the way it is a Hp pavilion a6412p with windows 7 32 bit. While updating the drivers i noticed an update for bios i preceded to download and install it after being prompted to restart i couldn't get back onto windows ever time the loading screen comes up for windows 7 it just restarts. So i tried to load it in safe mode but the same thing happens were it just restarts and i even tried to load it in last good known configuration but that doesn't seem to work. usually i would just reformat the disk but he runs his business from this computer so that is out of the question and i forgot to make a backup since i thought this was gonna be an easy job so i messed up big time. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Bios Update went wrong

Well, at least you did not brick the computer because it looks like you can start loading Windows. Can you access BIOS at startup? If you can, the BIOS update probably worked.

You can download the Windows Recovery Disk and burn the iso with something like Imgburn. Boot the CD and try to do a Startup Repair.

Recovery Disk 32 bit

System Recovery Options - Option 2

Startup Repair

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I hope this is posted in the right place.

I think I have messed up my computer big time and need some advice.

I was trying to update the BIOS on my Medion 8838 because I wanted to use more than 4GB of ram.

I downloaded the BIOS update from the Medion website booted the computer into DOS and applied the update.

Everything seemed to run smoothly with the update and when it finished my computer rebooted but just kept on turning on for about 2 seconds and then turning off again like it is stuck in a loop.

Now whenever I plug in the computer this loop of turning on and off starts again.

I have tried resetting the CMOS but to no avail.

I am seeking advice on what I can do.

Is this fixable?
Do I need a new motherboard?
Is my computer dead?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Answer:BIOS update gone wrong

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hi --

i'm trying to fix my parents' pc (a gateway 507gr) which has been really unstable & unreliable for a few months. windows wouldn't boot properly, windows reinstalls wouldn't work. it'd boot into the bios ok, but that was about it.

in desperation yesterday, i decided to upgrade the bios, hoping to have a good foundation for reinstalling other stuff. i downloaded the files from intel's site (the board's a d915gag, with a p4 processor with hyperthreading), and did exactly what it said. now things are far worse than before.

intel gave several sets of directions for flashing the bios. the least invasive was to make a cd with this bootable .iso file, put it in the cd drive of the target pc, and boot it up. it did boot under that scenario, but instead of anything resembling the screenshots they showed in the instructions, it said something about the old bios id number, the new bios having a different number, and trying to install it, and then it went immediately to a c: prompt. for a few moments, the pc made these really quiet noises -- not hd sounds, but something somewhat similar (almost like sci-fi "electronic" sounds), but nothing ever happened. it wouldn't even boot into the bios after that.

another method intel gave for flashing was to download & copy this .bio file to a cd, put in into the drive of the target machine, and boot it up with the bios configuration jumper off, to force it into recov... Read more

Answer:bios update gone disastrously wrong

Sorry to hear about this. I don't usually recommend services, but this site is representative of a service you should/could check out (Google 'replacement bios chip');

Of course, you could contact Gateway for a new chip.


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I recently wantet to make a Bios update on my notebook and half way through there came an error and closet down.. i continuet working on the notebook and then later rebootet it and nothing happend. Just a black screen with a - blinking up in the left corner. My guess is that the Bios is messed up and need to be resetted.. But i dont know where to find the battery on the laptop or if that even would help to take that out for a couple of sec. like it would on a stationary computer. Any suggestions other then send it in. then i have to be without a computer for at least 3 weeks :D

Answer:Bios Update went wrong on a Satellite L30-105

You have no chance to fix this problem at home, you need professional help. After a wrong update you can not simply reset the BIOS. Taking out the battery won't solve your problem, it works only if the BIOS is not damaged.

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I have been recommended to do a BIOS update on the above machine. I think the existing version is 1.30 and the correct replacement is 1.70 (I think this refers to PSA33E: []).

The original BIOS has a password. Would like to know what happens if this process goes wrong. Will my system be inoperable or is there a backup procedure pre-install?

The additional problem with this is that the fan is going on every minute or so. The heatsink looks clean, but maybe new thermal grease should be applied to the cpu.


Answer:Satellite A30-931 - What happens if BIOS update goes wrong?


In worst case if the update goes wrong your computer doesn?t boot anymore. That means you can only see a black screen and you can nothing. In this case you would need professional help from an authorized service provider, they can reflash the ROM module or exchange it.

But here some important points before you start the update:
-Make sure that you are logged in as administrator
-Disable your AntiVirus and Firewall
-Disconnect from Internet
-Close all running programs

> The additional problem with this is that the fan is going on every minute or so. The heatsink looks clean, but maybe new thermal grease should be applied to the cpu.
Yes, maybe the thermal grease must be renewed if you have already cleaned your notebook. After this everything should work normally.

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Hi All,Yesterday reinstalled win 7 x86 on my X61s and initiated a BIOS upgrade after system update asked me to... I am not sure to which version it was attempting to upgrade from and to however it failed, it go to the step of "Reading old BIOS" after which the update utility software just started stalling and became unresponsive. After this my laptop now wont boot, i can push the power button and get a green power light but thats it. I have gathered from reading around different forums that a failed BIOS update may mean a bricked laptop and that this is seen before on windows 7 (does anyone know if this has been confirmed by Lenovo?)Just wanted to check if there are any possibilities for this laptop to come back to life? are there any type of special restoration i can force when powering on? Or do i have any other options? Oh and it is out of warranty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:X61s BIOS update gone wrong.

about the only thing you can try is unhook the power supply, take out the battery, find the CMOS battery, (probably under the keyboard), take it out, push the power button and hold it down to drain any residual power in the machine, let it set for about 10 minutes then reconnect the CMOS battery and put the power supply back on and put the battery in and turn it on and hope for the best.  if it still doesn't work, then you'll either need a new motherboard or you'll have to find somebody who can solder a new bios chip on the board, good luck.

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I've been running an Athlon 64 FX-51 w/ SK8N mobo for about a year and today when I tried to update the BIOS, I couldn't get windows to load. I reverted to the old BIOS using a floppy disk which flashed fine, but when I restarted, I got a blue screen of death which stated "video driver failed to initialize." Same problem in Safe mode. What do I do???

Processor: AMD Athlon 62 FX-51
Mobo: SK8N
RAM twin sticks corsair 500MB
Video card: Radeon 9800PRO

Answer:BIOS update gone horribly wrong! HELP!!!

Do you have a video card or onboard video or both?

Make sure you have it configured correctly in your bios.

My guess is that it reverted to default settings.

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I had some Toshiba software some time ago (cant remember the name) it told me that there was a newer BIOS for my L40-18R PSL48E, the newest version is from
06/17/08 an the number it has is 20080617131309 I tried to instal it by clicking update BIOS after extracting it, have tried without extracting it to a temp folder
as well as extracting it to a temp folder, what happens everytime i click on updatebios is that my laptop reboots erasing the old bios and changing it with the one i downloaded,
but my problem is that the version I have on my computer (using Auslogic system information) is a BIOS from 05/14/08 (not the newest)the number is 5000814 08 ver: V2.00 I downloaded the bios from


What do i do wrong trying to update my BIOS? I have slow reboot and shut down witch I though might be faster after a BIIOS update (its the delay before my computer starts rebooting or shutdown that is my problem)

Answer:What do i do wrong trying to update BIOS on Satellite L40?


Unfortunately you didn't write which Satellite L40 you have exactly. I have checked Toshiba support page and there are listed three different models (PSL4xxx).
So you must be sure you have chosen the right model.
Please inform us about this.

I want also to discuss something else too. If the system runs well and stabile you do not need BIOS update. Fast or slow boot, in my opinion, has nothing to do with BIOS but with OS configuration. You must optimize start up procedure and be sure notebook must not start all useless applications and processes. It is nothing but wasting the time.

On this forum you can find many interesting threads about that. Have a look into this one

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I hoping someone can direct me to a fix for this issue.  Seems to me I can't be the only one having this particular issue. I downloaded the windows bios update utility and proceeded to update the BIOS.  The utility ran for 10 minutes and it just hung there.  Eventually I ended up rebooted the computer and once I did that the computer would not start again. One long been and two short beeps and this indicates a system board failure.  Here is what I did; 1. Updated bios in windows2. Computer would not start3. Unplugged power and removed battery4. Held power for multiple 30 seconds5. Disconnected battery under the keyboard (waited two hours before trying again) Any advice is very much appreciated. Shawn.  

Answer:T410s Bios Update Gone Wrong

You could try the tech support line if there is a work around.However in Windows you ran the update. Did it go through the checked in the programs window and then start flashing which is the last item before if indicated its finished.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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Yes, the upgrade flash went wrong with me also, as so many i've seen. Weird that toshiba recommends a bios flash when you get errors installing win7/ vista, and have it fail so much.

I tried getting 3 different bios versions from the internet, 2 from the toshiba site (2.0 and 2.1 i thought) and alaa200a.rom.

When i make the crisis disk with the crisdisk.bat (even doing it in DOS) it copies all files on the floppy, also tried the different phflash versions. Older ones seem to actually load for 2 minutes, the newer ones tend to load for a few seconds then stops and starts loading again etc.

Needless to say, all my efforts with those bios haven't paid off for one bit.

When i put the notebook normally on, and when i press the Fn button on the keyboard, the Fn light actually lights up, but nothing else happens.

Anyone who might have any idea what to do more, apart from buying a new bios chip?

Thanks in advance.

Ps, i have a Satellite A210-16F PSAELE

Answer:Satellite A210-16F - BIOS update went wrong


I think, you should contact the ASP (service center) to reflash the Bios. The Bios failure topics are discussed almost everyday and no one can give a right solution besides contacting the ASP.

You can read an article that maybe can be useful for you:

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Hello everyone!

I update the BIOS on my laptop and something went wrong, not now turn a laptop screen.

I went to see the web for Chris Bios recover.
Have available more than 20 versions, but so far no success.

My biggest problem is - I can not save to floppy disk 2 MB BIOS. All attempts to make a boot
flash or SD ended in failure.

The laptop is: Satellite pro U400 PSU45E

Please help me ... the laptop reads the floppy in BIOS with little experience (those that come with Chris Bios 500 KB - 1000 KB) begins with a normal boot beep signals supposedly provided a definition blocks then baar both short beep and do nothing ..
there must be something ... DOS BIOS small size, USB emulator .. BIOS to be torn down so it is possible charging of USB, SD ...

Every idea can be useful!

Thank you very much

Excuse my english

f the topic is not for here, please redirect it mderatora
This is my 1 post here

Answer:Satellite Pro U400 - BIOS update went wrong

Hi mate

Unfortunately? if something went wrong during the BIOS update, then you will not be able to solve this without an help from an ASP technician?

Hopefully the BIOS ROM module is not damage?
In worst case the mobo is damage but maybe it?s not damaged?

However?. You have to get in contact with an local ASP and should ask for further handling!

Good luck!

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I have New Satellite C660-1TK (PSC1QE-01900GGE) In sunday i flashed with version 1,40 Without any problem
NOW i see that i have new version 1,50
Startting the bios flashing .exe
bios flashed done but the procces s not complete
after programing s done the Lap top freeze with big noise from the fan....
i needet to remove the battary and now

the version of the buios is 1.50 but EC version is 1.40 still the old becose the flashing is t not complete with i try to reflashed but show s me you are with the last et version of bios>!

Message was edited by: fensms

Message was edited by: fensms

Answer:Satellite C660-1TK - BIOS Update Go Wrong

To be honest you can be happy that your notebook works because many people have had bad luck after not successful BIOS update.

In my opinion you should not ?play? with BIOS updates. At the end you will damage BIOS update and your notebook will not start at all. Maybe you should contact Toshiba service provider and clarify this. Ask for help. They should do it for you. If something goes wrong it will not be your fault.

Be careful with this. It is just my opinion and advice for you. Don?t change well running system.

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i have a satellite pro p100 with win xp.
i downloaded the win-based bios-update.
something went worng. the notebook was shut down and when i try to start it,
i have blackscreen, dont see the anything, windows doesnt start.
nothing happens.

please help me, i am writing my diploma and really need to get this fixed quickly.

Answer:Satellite Pro P100: Bios update went wrong - what to do?


so if your machine does not start anymore then you should send/bring your machine to the next authorized service partner in your country.

Here?s a link to find one and I suggest you to contact one of them immediately because of your diploma:

Good luck

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Dear all
I downloaded bios updater from lenovo support, after I run it, my computer restart it self. After restart, it just show (picture) and it cannot do anything. Please, how to rollback the bios or how to my computer work again?
Moderator Note: Edited subject to match content.

15172493293571569481233.jpg ?318 KB

Answer:Yoga 500 - 15IBD - Bios update went wrong

What you can see there is a Boot menu. Your laptop can't boot from disk and display boot selection menu. Try to enter BIOS (can't say how to do it, as you didn't told which Yoga model do you have) and try to change boot settings from UEFI -> Legacy (or in other way) and/or disable Secure Boot. Check if after these changes your laptop will be able to boot.

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Hey anybody, Recently I decided that, due to my BIOS being quite old, I'd like to flash a newer one on and see if that made any changes. However on the official HP website the only operating systems available were XP and Vista. I saw that the Vista BIOS was quite recent and thought that the BIOS might work for Windows 7 (my current OS) as well. Since I've flashed the new BIOS my PC can't connect to my speakers at all, or make any sound. It's also running extremely slowly. I've looked up ways to try and roll back the BIOS but nothing comes up, and I can't seem to download the old BIOS anywhere. What can I do? Old BIOS: HP 786D5 V02.24

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I updated the bios for my computer and when i retsarted the computer it just starts up and alls i can hear is the fan spinning and the screen doesnt come up

Can anyone help me out please?

Answer:Bios Update Gone Wrong. URGENT HELP NEEDED

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Hello, we just update the Bios for the ThinkCentre M91. The machine has a Power-On Password. The Power-On Password works before the Update fine. Now the ThinkCentre boots and ask for the Password. We give the Power-On Password in but it should be wrong.What can we do? No boot, no work :-(

Answer:Bios Update M91 - Power-On Password is now wrong

Hi bjoerg75:
The Power-On Password or Administrator password can be reset by following these instructions, if you are comfortable with opening up your computer:
Erasing lost or forgotten passwords (clearing CMOS)
This section provides instructions on how to erase lost or forgotten passwords, such as a user password.
To erase a lost or forgotten password, do the following:
1. Remove all media from the drives and turn off all attached devices and the computer. Then, disconnect
all power cords from electrical outlets and disconnect all cables that are connected to the computer.
2. Open the computer cover. See ?Opening the computer cover? on page 72.
3. Locate the Clear CMOS /Recovery jumper on the system board. See ?Locating parts on the system
board? on page 71.
4. Move the jumper from the standard position (pin 1 and pin 2) to the maintenance position (pin 2 and
pin 3).
5. Close the computer cover and connect the power cord. See ?Completing the parts replacement?
on page 98.
6. Turn on the computer and leave it on for approximately 10 seconds. Then, turn off the computer by
holding the power switch for approximately five seconds.
7. Repeat step 1 through step 2.
8. Move the Clear CMOS /Recovery jumper back to the standard position (pin 1 and pin 2).
9. Close the computer cover and connect the power cord. See ?Completing the parts replacement?
on page 98.
This is from the ThinkCentre Hardware Maintenance Manual: Read more

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I was updating BIOS using the utility given in Lenovo site. But it went wrong and my E530 is bricked. I'm planing to recover the BIOS using Phoenix Wincrisis .. But for that i Need the bios.wph file. I tried to extract the .wph file (using 7zip) from the Bios update .exe file given in lenovo site .. But I Cant find a .wph file in it.. It contains a [0] file.. Tried to extract that '[0]' file using 7zip. But 7zip cant open the archive. My E530 is still bricked .. Someone please help me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance

Answer:Thinkpad Edge E530 BIOS Update went wrong

Is there anyway to make my Thinkpad work again? Or do i have to change the mother board. ;(

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SATELLITE A80 - 135 SP (sp is for spanish ?)
model PSA80E-04C00JSP

windows xp sp3 spanish

-> Updated from _original bios 1.5_ (bios ID EAT10 / EAT20 bios version: v1.50)
to _v 2.8_

downloaded from toshiba spain

Unzipped file and found a windows excutable "setup" and "AT10280a.rom"
double click on setup and...

....Now keyboard is useless (strange signs intead of letters)

During update (windows xp) I think I saw something about a *.bak (original rom backup) in c:/windows/temp
but now I can't find the backup rom.

Can anyone help?
Would it be possible to "downgrade" to original (1.5) bios, and if so.. where can I find it??


Answer:Satellite A80-135 PSA80: After Bios update keyboard is wrong


I don?t know why it happened after the BIOS update but I presume the keyboard language settings are not correct.

Go to control panel -> Regional & Language Options -> Languages (second tab) -> Details

Here you should choose the right keyboard language (Spanish???)


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SupportAssist selects the E5530 version of bios update, which fails to install.
Workaround is to to manually select and install.
Also does not seem to be able to actually install the chipset update it claims to have, as the option will re-appear the next time SupportAssist is started.
Might explain the missing webcam.

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I was updating BIOS using the utility given in Lenovo site. But it went wrong and my E530 is bricked. I'm planing to recover the BIOS using Phoenix Wincrisis .. But for that i Need the bios.wph file. I tried to extract the .wph file (using 7zip) from the Bios update .exe file given in lenovo site .. But I Cant find a .wph file in it.. It contains a [0] file.. Tried to extract that '[0]' file using 7zip. But 7zip cant open the archive. My E530 is still bricked .. Someone please help me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance

Answer:Thinkpad Edge E530 BIOS Update went wrong

Is there anyway to make my Thinkpad work again? Or do i have to change the mother board. ;(

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 Hi. I wrongly installed the BIOS for T400 laptop thinking it was for "T400 series". So stupid, I know. The link of the wrong BIOS is right one is The computer now shows totally black screen when on. No BIOS nor boot. The buttons lights do the same as always, they turn on and then off on the energy start. After some minutes, the cooler start working. So I think it's not totally dead, is it? Anyway, is there a way to install the correct T430 BIOS and have the boot back? Thanks in advance

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Updated BIOS to version 1.25 but BIOS is reporting version to be 1.24. Also experiencing CPU speed problems since BIOS and chipset driver updates.CPU speed was stuck at 797mhz even minimum CPU speed in power settings was set to 100%Would have to put Laptop to SLEEP and RESUME in order to update CPU speed.After reboot CPU speed STEPS move but despite setting minimim CPU to 100% it's still at 797mhz at idle.

Thinkpad W520, 2720QM, Crucial SSD M4

Answer:W520 BIOS update reporting wrong version.

Hello ibmford, The version BIOS of my w520 (4282-w17) is also 1.24 after 1.25 update. furthermore the date is 13.5. instead of 19.5. hopefully we didn't get a "beta" BIOS here... Soko PS: CPU-Z reports full CPU-Speed for my w520

W520 (4282-W17 i7-2820QM 32GB 2xSSD 1TB)| T62p | T41p

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Hi everyone, I just recently purchased the above mentioned laptop in the No SLI version and with DVD drive. After its arrival I updated all drivers from the lenovo home page, including the Bios update for the VGA Nvidia card (gt755m2ndvgayx10p.txt). After having installed all updates (under Win 8.1) I suffered serious issues with the gt755m (FurMark Benchmark only 800 pts) and later realized that the gt755m bios update was only mend to be for the SLI version. I hope that someone can help me out as I didnīt backed up the stock bios and donīt find it in the internet either. Thanks in advance! 

Answer:Ideapad y510p wrong BIOS update GT 755M

well it was written that is only for SLI Did you tried to remove the battery on the motherboard or reset to factory setting the BIOS?

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Hi guys,

My motherboard is Asus P4S333/133 series.. I have updated wrongly my BIOS and the system doesn't boot anymore.

The previous BIOS version is Asus P4S333-VF/WOL ACPI BIOS..

Any advice from you guys to solve this problem? Thanks a lot in advance.


Answer:Wrong BIOS update and now the system doesn't boot! Plz help..

A great big OUCH!

You could try reflashing it with the correct one if it will get that far. But it probably wont even boot to floppy now... The only way I can think of is to remove the BIOS chip and reflaash it in a programmer

Thats exactly why I never flash a BIOS unless its absolutly needed.

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If I try to update my bios, I get an error message 'rom file wrong szie' and yes that is the way it is spelt.
Also when I try to update the software for my multidrive - which Toshiba sent me the link for it - says: 'drive not found'. What's going on??

Answer:Tecra A3: BIOS update 'rom file wrong szie' [sic]


Tecra A3 is pretty new unit and it will be interesting to know why you want to make BIOS update. Is there any problem with it?

Which BIOS update doesn?t run, windows or traditional one? If you have no serious problem, don?t do it at all.

The issue with your multidrive is a little bit confused for me. Which software you should install?

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I tried Phoenix Crisis Disk .. Everything's okay.. But I can't find BIOS.WPH file when extracting BIOS update app from Lenovo.. Please .. I need help..
Wihtout BIOS my Thinkpad is not booting.. Just the fan is working.. HELP .. Tried googling.. Nothing worked well... HELP ME ...!

Answer:My Lenovo Thinkpad E530 BIOS update went wrong..please help

Hi Yashharf! I have the same problem, I can not extract the BIOS.WPH to recover my thinkpad. Are you sure Thinkpad E530 use phoenix bios? Sory for my bad english.

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I have a A500-1gl and i have noticed the controls to increase and decrease the Brightness are the wrong way around.
Either there is a setting i am missing or an upate has screwed this up, anyone had similar issues?

Answer:Satellite A500 - Brightness Controls are the wrong way around


Do you mean FN+F6/F7 key combination?
What happen exactly?

Since when you have noticed this behaviour?

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Hello all,

I'm looking for info about my Satellite notebook that is dead after a bios update.

Model is A210-FS3 (PSAFGC-FS308C)... bios unsure.

I updated this notebook about 6 months ago (been shelved ever since) through windows7 beta (i know bad idea)... after it shut down it never came back to life.. It does not POST... Power light just flashes.

Is there a way to fix this without replacing the motherboard? I've read about ways to do it with a USB floppy but It seems sketcky to me.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A210-FS3, PSAFGC-FS308C. BIOS update gone wrong.

I tried to update the bios from 1.1 to 1.3 on A500-025 but it fried the motherboard. This unit is only 2.5 months old (sigh).
I tried that USB/floppy emergency recovery but to no avail. Send it back to Toshiba who did replace the board and with a updated bios.

Good luck , mine was still on warranty.

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I have Satellite P10-874, my model number got erased from the bottom after years of use.
I recently did a Bios update from Toshiba website and later realised it was for SP10E models.

Well my system didn't crash. Does the model number (part no) change if you update with a Bios version not meant for your system?

My system is still under warranty but the new model number/serial number combo is shown as invalid global entitlement database. My USB ports are not working any more after it showed a power surge message.

I need goto the service center. Is there any way to retrive my originial model no and part no?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite P10-874: Does wrong BIOS update change the serial number?

A "wrong" Biosupdate neither erases nor replaces the modelnumber of your machine. So you don?t have to worry about when you give the machine to a sevice center, they have the possibility to retrieve your serialnumber with their system and figure out the modelnumber of your machine.

Regarding your USB-ports: send the machine to your local service-center and don?t worry about the modelnumber-stuff. Your machine is still in warranty and since they will approximately change your system pcb, your worries about the wrong bios is needless.

By the way, i cannot imagine that you have earnest a wrong bios flashed, since the machine during the biosupdate ususally shouts if you try to flash a wrong bios on it.


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I have a Satellite L850-0C9 laptop and Toshiba Service Station is recommending I install the new BIOS update labelled "Satellite Pro C850 BIOS Update - v6.50".

Should I install this as its not the same model as my laptop,
If not why is Service Station recommending I install it?

Answer:Satellite L850/0C9: Toshiba Service Station recommending wrong BIOS update?

I assume this is your notebook and these are all the drivers and BIOS available for this notebook model:

The latest BIOS is v6.50 and it looks to be the right one.
The Pro C850 seems to belongs to the same series so possibly the BIOS is the same.

However, the BIOS update is always an sensitive procedure and from my point of view it?s not really necessary if you don?t have an serious problems.

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I own a Satellite A500 PSAR3A-026002. It has BIOS version 1.50, on the Toshiba website it shows the latest version as 1.90. I'd like to know what has been changed from 1.50 to 1.90 but can't find the information anywhere. Just wondering if anyone could tell me the changes or point me to a website that has them.

Not planning on updating BIOS at this stage as everything is running fine, just curious as to what they updated, fixed or added.

Answer:Satellite A500 - What are the changes in BIOS 1.90


Such information is not published on the Toshiba European driver page.
But you can visit the Toshiba US page.
I found some of the Satellite A500 series and the details about the BIOS versions.
But at this time the BIOS 1.9 is not available on US page? Just the v1.8.

However, if your notebook is running properly I would not recommend changing anything.

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I have the toshiba satelite a210-133
The motherboard is la-3631p rev 1b.
I did the bios update from the official site, but from the reboot it ask me for password
What can i do? Is there anybody that can help me...?

Thank you!

Answer:Satelite A210 bios problem!

Try the steps here:

This is for the l300 but it has photos showing the B500 soldier pads. Posted by Lester Escobar

Here is a video: Do at your own risk!

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I know how to use bios and there are a few values that i need to change in bios, but no matter what i press i cant get it to enter bios. The computer itself has no issues loads fine just cant bring up Bios no matter what i press. Its driving me mental.

I've tried the follow


All at different times, or held for different times. Is there some mixture of bottoms i've got to press?

Answer:Satelite Pro L300 - BIOS Issues

Press F2 when you see the Toshiba Slashscreen.

If you shut down in Suspend or Hibernation Mode, you cannot enter the BIOS. So ensure you shut down Windows completely.

You can also change the BIOS settings in Toshiba Assist or HWSetup.

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Does anyone know how to remove the bios password on a Toshiba Satellite A10 or A15?
The laptop starts with a password prompt, has no LPT printer port and no disk drive.


Answer:BIOS password Toshiba satelite A10 or A15

reflash the bios chip, using external programmer.

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Hi everyone,

I have few Toshiba A500-13C laptop's in my company.
Snice Microsoft started to offer Windows 8 our software developer made some important updates, which works good on W8.

I want to update my computers and I saw how that system works with new laptops that has non-BIOS systems (UEFI).
I've read about that and Phoenix(developer of my BIOS) says that my notebook's are easy to update to be UEFI "ready". Is there any chance that Toshiba will update this?

Where should I write?
Does somebody help me?

P.S. Sorry for my english.

Pawel Mazur

Answer:Satellite A500-13C - Win 8 BIOS Upgrade


First of all this is user to user forum so nobody can answer a questions like: +?Is there any chance that Toshiba will update this??+

But as far as I know Toshiba has released an Win 8 info containing an matrix of all old notebook series supporting Win 8:

Your A500 is +NOT+ a part of the list, so in my opinion there will not be an Win 8 driver nor BIOS support.

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I have been trying to upgrade BIOS on my Satellite A500-1GL (PSAR9E) for a while now but I have a dead battery so cannot get past the security check at the beginning. Is there anyway way around this, as I am connected with AC power so I don't see what the problem is!! Could I have the self extracting zip files possibly.

Any help would be much appreciated as this is very frustrating!

Answer:Satellite A500-1GL - cannot upgrade BIOS


I think you will not be able to update the BIOS if your battery is dead.
The Win based BIOS update can be updated only from running Windows system and there is a security option which allow you to update the BIOS only if the notebook is connected to AC adaptor and if the battery is charged.

You could update the BIOS using an traditional BIOS version but as far as I know only an Toshiba service partner could do that.

So you?ve got two options:
Purchase a battery in order to update the BIOS using win based BIOS version or you will get in contact with an ASP in your country and will ask for BIOS update using traditional BIOS version.

But is BIOS update necessary for you?

I've got a notebook with old BIOS version and i did not update it even if new version was released.

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Could you tell me how do you enter the BIOS. I have A500-1G2 laptop. I've upgraded the Bios and i can't get in. Please help me.

Answer:How to access the BIOS on Satellite A500-1G2


You can access the BIOS pressing F2 button immediately after the notebook has been powered up (after power button has been pressed).
You can press F2 several time to be 100% sure that this worked

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I tried updating the BIOS to improve performance of the laptop but the update was corrupt and now the laptop will not boot.
Can you help me to recover the bios?

Thank you very much in advance.

Answer:How to recover BIOS on Satellite A500-18Q?

>I tried updating the BIOS to improve performance of the laptop but the update was corrupt and now the laptop will not boot.

In such case you have to get in contact with an local ASP.
The ASP technician would be able refresh the BIOS using crisis BIOS disk.
You cannot do this because such disks and trad-BIOS update is available just for ASP technicians only :(

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After upgrading Bios up to 1.70 my laptop is not charging, but still working properly from ac/dc adapter.
Can I do something on my own?

Answer:Satelite L650d-120 does not charge after BIOS 1.7 upgrade


First of all you should set the BIOS to default settings and should save the changes.
You should also leave the AC adaptor connected to the notebook for a longer period of time.


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So basically I?ve forgotten my BIOS password.
When I try getting into the BIOS it asks for password and I don?t know it. I really need it cos I?m trying to install windows and I have to change the hard drive settings to install it so I don?t get any faults.

How can i go about resetting the password? Please help.

Answer:Satelite L300 - I've forgotten my BIOS password

As many times mentioned in this forum BIOS password deletion method cannot be explained in public forum and this must be done by authorized personal only.
This is very important and sensitive protection feature and explaining how to do this every stolen notebook protected by BIOS password could be ?unlocked?.

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I have forgotten the BIOS Password of my Notebook and I have set the notebook so that it requires a password not only for entering the setup utility but even for booting up the system. The most annoying thing is that I stay in Corfu at the moment and I will stay there for further 2.5 weeks. So I will be unable to use my notebook for the rest of my holiday if there is no solution for removing the password. This is horrible cause I primary bought the notebook in order to have a computer in holidays.

I have registered my notebook instantly after the purchase online with toshiba. So what can I do to get rid of those password?

Can Toshiba send my instructions how to remove it via e-Mail or is there any Toshiba Service Partner in Cofu (Greece) where I can bring the notebook to in order to get the password removed by the partner?

Thank You in Advance!!!

p.a. I am writing this from an Internet-Cafe because my Notebook is completely useless at the moment

Answer:I have forgotten the BIOS-Password of my Satelite M40X-112


As far as I know you can?t change the BIOS password by yourself, because it is a very complicated procedure. For this reason you have to contact your official Toshiba service partner. They have to check, if the unit is stolen or not.
On the Toshiba website you can find the right service partner.


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Have the Toshiba Satelite Pro A40 .
The drop down selection options do not allow one to specify this model.
It is further complicated by the upgrade of this machine to Windows Vista Ultimate.
Looking for the correct BIOS, ACPI, Video drivers.

Guidance sought.

Answer:Satelite Pro A40 - Need Vista driver, BIOS, ACPI, etc..


This is a Satellite Pro A40 and this notebook series doesn?t support Vista. It?s too old series.

Other drivers for W2k and Win XP can be found on the Toshiba European driver page in ARCHIVE area.

You could find it in *Archive* -> Satellite Pro -> Satellite Pro A -> Satellite Pro A40


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I updated BIOS in my P200-14H to version 5.20-WIN. After flashing and reboot my laptop want password to boot and setup. What I have to do with that problem?

It is any password that I don't know?
Is any other solution than removing baterry?

Answer:Satelite P200-14H wants password after BIOS downgrade

To be honest I didn?t see anything like that before?
However, fact is that the BIOS password is needed and you don?t know this.

So your last resort is the ASP.
You have to contact the ASP in your country for the password removing.

> Is any other solution than removing battery?
Removing of any batteries will not help you because the BIOS on the Toshiba notebooks cannot be removed like on the desktop PCs.
The BIOS password is a kind of security and it can be removed only by an ASP responsible for you country.


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so i tried to install win xp noto a toshiba satelite l675 bcuz it wasnot booting up anymore and the win xp is on a cd and i have bootable material on my usb jumpdrive and the laptop will not even alow me access to the bios anymore...i had started to format the partition and had to stop it not even halfway thru and later when i tried to start format again, it wasnt moving very much at all...i want to access the bios so i can change the boot order to usb so i can go in with spotmau bootsuite usb that i made, or just try to use the win 8 usb jumpdrive that i have...someone plz help me...what should i do??  everytime i turn it on it only shows the black screen and then a lil blinking cursor and thats all..i can push all the buttons i want and if i dont have the cd in the drive it asks me to plz insert the removable bootable material and restart the laptop and boot from the right me plz

Answer:cannot access bios in toshiba satelite l675

If you cannot access BIOS at boot by tapping F2 press the Esc key for three seconds when the computer asks you to "Please Insert Bootable Media". Then press F1 when prompted.

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I have a satellite A65 s-1064, and I was upgrading the BIOS from within windows. Suddenly, the computer turned off, and I figured it meant the upgrade was done. I pressed the power button, and the laptop booted, but stayed at a black screen. I thought maybe the BIOS was still doing something, so I left it for awhile. After an hour, I returned to find it still on the black screen.

I held down the power button to reboot, but nothing happened. I finally had to pull the AC cord, and the battery. After I did that, I plugged it back in, and put the battery back in, but nothing happened. No battery charging lights. No power lights at all. Nothing happens when I press the power button. My question is, could a failed BIOS upgrade do this, and could I somehow reflash the BIOS without power?

Answer:Satelite A65 - Crash during BIOS upgrade. Won't boot now.

Hi Brandon,

It is very unusual for a Windows BIOS upgrade to cause this kind of problem. Normally the power subsystem is quite independent of the BIOS.

Does your A65 have a reset button that you can use to reset the system? (Sorry but I am unfamiliar with the A65). If so try pressing it to see if this will allow you to restore power to your notebook.

If you are getting no power at all (try removing the battery and then connecting to the mains adapter), then it is possible that the PSU or the main board has failed in which case you will need to contact an Approved Service Agent to get the notebook repaired.

As to you question about flashing the BIOS without power, I'm afraid this is not possible. You will definitely need to have power restoreds to your notebook before you can proceed with your BIOS upgrade.


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Where could I find changelog for new bios version 1.50?

Had anybody any problems with this bios?
Mine laptop (A500 1G2) has ver. 1.20 and I'm considering if it's worth to upgrade becouse anything works fine (maybe fan could run a little bit slower becouse it runs almoust always at 63%).


Answer:Satellite A500-1G2 - Where to find change log of BIOS v1.50


I didn?t find change log or any details regarding the BIOS version on Toshiba European driver page but I found some details on the Toshiba US page?
Maybe you should check it?.

And yes? I think the fans will run smoothly after the BIOS update to v.1.50
I read some threads here regarding the A500 and fan noise and it seems that BIOS update should help.


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My A500 has been working fine the last few days and now it has just stopped so i tried to reinstall windows and it says something about the HDD not being in the BIOS so i checked the BIOS and its not there but in the windows 7 Install Disk its there,
I have Run chkdsk and there is nothing wrong with it, i have also put it in my other laptop and it shows up as a hdd fine.

Any suggestions as i've run out of idea


Answer:Satellite A500 - HDD wont show up in BIOS

Set BIOS to default settings and try to install OS. Does it works or not?
One more thing: when you start notebook and press F12 to enter boot menu, is HDD listed there?

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The BIOS version on my A500 purchased last month is 1.60. Toshiba's latest BIOS available for my laptop is 1.50WIN. Is this older or newer than the version I currently have?

Answer:Satellite A500 - Newest BIOS version?


I don?t know which Satellite A500 you have exactly and where you searched but normally if you already have 1.60 BIOS version, it?s newer than 1.50 from official Toshiba page.

Furthermore BIOS update is not necessary if everything runs properly. :)

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