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Headphone output problem - Satellite A210-198

Question: Headphone output problem - Satellite A210-198

Connecting external speakers to headphone output does not cut out laptop speakers, nor does it switch the signal to the external speakers.

The external speakers do work, and can be activated by making them the default device.

But, unplugging them does not switch back to laptop speakers. And they don't work when plugged back in, nor do the laptop speakers.

Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Headphone output problem - Satellite A210-198

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Headphone output problem - Satellite A210-198


What notebook do you have?
What OS do you use?

Did you try to update the sound driver?
Check this!

If you have an Realtek sound card then go to control panel -> Realtek HD audio manager -> Playback tab

Here you should see the mic and headphone jack on the right hand side?
You can click right on headphone jack and you will get some settings.... sorry I don?t remember exactly the options are calling?
But you can check it?

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Hi forum,

My Satellite A 210 is back from 2 repair trips about the sound card.
They changed the mother board altogether.
The loudspeakers are working again.

I have tested the headset connection through the 'sound' part of the configuration panel and with the headset on and it works.

However, when i play a cd for instance, it only does go through the loudspeaker even when the headset is plugged in.
The headset gets no sound at all.
There must be some tweak somewhere to get the sound through the headset and only through it.

Please help.

Answer:No output through headset on Satellite A210

Back to normal for some reason (?)
It needs the headset to be plugged in before I play Windows Media player for instance. If I plugg it as while a song plays through the loudspeaker it stays the same instead of switching to the headset !
Funny, somewhat.

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Hello everybody,

i've got an A200 PSAELE and I am trying to connect it to an external Monitor via VGA.
The external Monitor is a Medion 19" Widescreen with a Resolution of 1440x900.

The problem is, that I am not able to get the external display to work.
I just get a "no signal" message on my external monitor.

I tried various things, tried another VGA cable, another monitor (Benq FP93G X) and another driver.

I am using Windows 7 Beta ans also tried to get it to work using Windows Vista Home Premium & Windows XP.
In the "resolution settings", I tried using the "recognize displays" button.
When i use it, there is a second image of a display displayed like a box.
In this box, there is the following text: "Antoher display couldn't be recognized".

Regardless of the settings I use (clone, span, ...) I can't get any image onto my second screen.
I tried changing some BIOS-Settings without success and made a BIOS-Upadte to Version 2.00, same problem.

I also tried switching to the external monitor via "Fn + F5", but nothing happens onto the second screen.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,


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Answer:Satellite A210 (PSAELE) - VGA output not working

Hey buddy, I have the solution for this problem. It?s pretty easy.

Have you checked the user manual? I doubt this because otherwise you would know the solution for this problem.
In the user manual you can find a list of the supported screen resolutions:
- 800 x 600
- 1024 x 768
- 1280 x 800
- 1280 x 1024
- 1600 x 1200
- 1920 x 1440
- 2048 x 1536

So I think it?s not possible to use the native screen resolution of 1440 x 900. :(

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Hi, All -- The headphone output on my trusty T42-2379DXU is exhibiting glitchy behavior. Plug pushed fully in, the headphone registers only left-side output. Pull it out and reposition a bit, and you can get either right-only or both channels. (Don't know if this qualifies as a short, which I always association with staticky connection, but...whatever.) Tried with different headphones, same results, so it's definitely the output itself. I don't find anything in the hardware or other manuals or knowledge base that speaks to this problem. But I would assume it could be dealt with by anyone who knows basic audio equipment electronics, either by adjusting (wire?) connection or replacing the output, yes? Is there any point in trying somehow to clean the output with tiny Qtip + alcohol? All advice appreciated. Judith

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I just installed the Vista SP1 and since that my notebook doesn't reboot or shut down properly. If I choose "shutdown" the shutdown-screen appears, but the notebook does not shut down. Then the monitor turns black and that's it.
Did enyone encounter the same problem after installing SP1? I deinstalled the SP1 and since that everything works fine again.

By the way, I can't download any driver updates for my Satellite A210 since this evening. When I choose the options in the menu and klick search the website says: no drivers found!


Answer:Vista SP1 problem on Satellite A210

You can discuss here about SP1 but the fact is that Toshiba do not use SP1 in recovery images. With other words: SP1 is not supported at the moment. I believe that SP1 will be responsible for many different problems and Toshiba will probably offer many updates to fix all this stuff.

At the moment is better to use Vista without SP1. I do the same. Almost every day I see windows alert about SP1 update but I simply ignore this.

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I have an A210-103: 33099&DISC_MODEL=1
and bought a new 9-cell battery:
but the battery works only 150 minutes. Where can I find some infos for better runtime. the old battery was 6-cell.

Answer:Satellite A210-103 and battery problem

150 minutes only????
How long it should work on battery power supply?

Generally speaking for this notebook model 2 hours running time on battery power supply is quite good.
Better running time? Reduce hardware power consumption using power saving options.
Have you tested it already?

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Hi to all of you.

My name is Costis and I have a startup problem with my laptop. The laptop runs Vista and it was purchased during November 2007.

I receive the following message:

"Windows encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to the computer.
This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as a hard disk or a cd-rom drive, that is failing.
Make sure any removable storage is properly connected and then restart your computer.
Status : 0x00000e9
Info : An unexpected I/O error has occurred. "

Can you help what to do ?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Startup problem with Satellite A210-183

Hi there,

which external devices are connected to the machine? Some external HDDīs or DVD drives? Would be interesting to know because this error is mostly caused by external media/peripherals which are not properly connected to the notebook or malfunctioning.

I would recommend you to disconnect everything from your machine and check if the error reappears. Then I would suggest to backup all your important data and recover the machine completely (maybe itīs a software related problem).

If this does not help then come back and we will discuss this issue further.


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This afternoon, I turned on my laptop and it was in perfect condition. I went to the Microsoft Update website, dowloaded and installed the latest security patches and rebooted the computer.

But it won't boot! It displays the Toshiba logo but then a blank screen appears and that's all.

I thought it might had something to do with the HD but I can't even go the BIOS setup. If I press F2 or F12 nothing happens.

This is very strange, the laptop is not even one year old, not very used and always handled with great care.

Any ideas? Before using the warranty? I really need the laptop...

Thank you

Answer:Problem booting Satellite A210

Have you tried booting into Safemode? You can access this by tapping F8 on startup, this will give you access to your Advanced Boot Options. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select Safemode and press enter. If you can load Safemode, use the Restore Wizard to rollback to an earlier restore point.

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I'm having a power problem with my Satellite Pro A210, running on XP. It seems to power off for no reason. I don't think it is an overheating problem as it can sometimes do it after only a few minutes of use, then can stay on for days with no problem. It's as if it goes into hibernation, although the blue power light stays on, but can not be revived without switching off the power then switching back on.

Anyone any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:Powering off problem on Satellite Pro A210


could you please tell me the following things:

1. Which modelnumber does your machine have? (you can check this on the serial number label on the bottom of the machine)
2. Which BIOS version is installed?


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Hey guys,

I've had a problem with my notebook that I can't solve, since I've installed windows 7 RTM x64 version.
I've noticed that something's wrong after finding out that my Windows Experience Index has dropped to 2.7 instead of 4.5, I used to have on Vista. For those who don't know my specs are:
AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60, for which I've got 2.7 rating, 4Gb Kingston DDR2-667 (333 MHz) - 4.4, scores of graphics and hard-drive are the same.

I've read at the one of forums that it can be an issue with power saver options, but it hasn't got any option which says about processor frequency changing according to power plan. I've also installed new 2.0 version of BIOS from Toshiba web-site, but it only made things worse: I've got 6.0 rating of gaming graphics but Desktop Perf for Aero has dropped to 1.0!

I've installed some diagnostic software: Everest and CPU-Z and I found out that my CPU works with frequency of 800Mhz (multiplier is 4x , voltage 0.8V) and my DRAM frequency is 159.8Mhz (I don't know if it's ok, but I know that 4.4 score is definitely too low though ).

So tell me guys, is this an issue of operating system? Should I try to install Windows 7 32-bit version, or it won't change anything? Or maybe I should try some software that would change the frequency of my FSB?
I'm looking forward to your answers because I don't know what to do.


Answer:Satellite A210-16G - CPU and memory frequency problem

Aero needs a WDDM compatible graphics driver, so try updating the Graphics Driver from the Toshiba website

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When i try to update bios for (28158310Q)
i get error

<img src= width='500px'>

What i can do maybe i can try other tool?

Answer:Satellite A210-199 bios update problem


I think you used wrong BIOS! Possibly the BIOS is not compatible with this notebook model.

As far as I know the A210-199 belongs to the PSAFGE family and the BIOS which is available for this series is BIOS v 2.00-WIN (bios-20100215113621.)

So it seems you try to use not compatible BIOS

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I have Satellite A210-199, + Win7 rc (build 7100)/ Before use previous builds.
I have one problem: about one minut after hibernate awake, windows is frozen 100% cases.

Somebody know about?
How I can resolve this problem?

Answer:Re: Hibernate awake problem on Satellite A210

Is your notebook connected to LAN?
Is Wake-on-LAN option in BIOS disabled?

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Few weeks ago I got my laptop (Satellite A210) in reapair and the motherboard was changed.

Since then I got problem with battery when it is inside and power cable is pluged in.
When cable is in the laptop is working on battery I don't know why. Then when I turn it off the battery led is turned on orange and the battery is charging.
When PC is on, the led is not working and battery is getting lower.

So I wonder what is the problem.
Somewhere I read that problem might solve BIOS update.
So do anybody have experience like that.
Also how is installed BIOS, I saw there exist a windows installer (so I guess it cannot be hard).

And can I somehow backup old BIOS so I can go back if something wrong happens.

Answer:Satellite A210-1AP - Battery and power problem

> Few weeks ago I got my laptop (Satellite A210) in reapair and the motherboard was changed.
> Since then I got problem with battery when it is inside and power cable is pluged in.

In my opinion the technician did something wrong?
The point is that this issue happens after the motherboard exchange and I think there is issue.

Get in contact with the ASP who repaired the notebook and explain your issue.
I doubt an BIOS update would solve this issue. In my opinion it?s a electrician issue?

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I bought a Satellite A210 about 3 months ago, and I keep getting messages saying there is less than 10% space left on the C drive.
I download music files (account with emusic) and burn CDs, but I delete the files once I have burned them. Other than that I don't think there's anything that would use such a large amount of memory - and the system backup runs automatically every week so the E drive is now 40% full.

Any ideas as to what could be taking up so much space, and how I can deal with it?
I've tried the obvious disc cleanup/defrag/delete old files options, and I never had this problem on my previous laptop.

Answer:Satellite A210 disk space problem

Thats really weird. Maybe you should use some program which shows you the amount of used/free space and which files are lying where, etc..

Maybe then you can figure out why your HDD is so full. I guess that something is going wrong and you should just take a look in all important folders which could contain your music files or whatever you store on your HDD.

Try this tool ( or if you want another program just type "analyse disk space" on google.

In case of further questions, just give some feedback here.


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My aunt was having problems with her A210 so she bought herself a new one and gave me the old one. The problems she was having was the computer kept randomly shutting down. I think it is an overheating problem because the laptop runs pretty hot. The BIOS has never been updated so I was thinking that might help with this problem. Anyways, when I tried to update the BIOS this error message came up.

Cannot load driver C:\Users\Dan\Desktop\MK10AWF\PHLASHNT.SYS.
Please check your accounts, if you have no administrator privilege, please login again!
Access is denied.
Error code: 5

I am the only user on the computer and I have administrator priveleges so I'm not sure why this error is coming up. Please help. Thanks

Answer:Satellite A210 - Over heating and problem updating BIOS

Well I managed to install the new BIOS. I just had to right click and select 'run as administrator.' haha I had an XP laptop before so I'm not too familiar with Vista.

Hopefully the overheating problem won't be as bad.
Has anyone else experienced overheating problems with the A210? Any solutions?
I will open it up and clean out the dust and hopefully that will help too.

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We have a A210-1B3 - PSAFHE-01500PEN - running Vista that had a hard disk failure.
We replaced the old SATA disk (250Gb) with a 500Gb SATA disk and used the Recovery disk to install Vista and the Toshiba specific software. We plan to restore our data from backup one Vista is installed.

Here lies the problem. We installed the new hard disk, ran the recovery and after rebooting, we got an error sating Windows could not configure the hardware and then reboots. I suspect that the new disk isn't being recognised by Vista. I've looked around and it has been suggested to set the SATA setting to Compatible in BIOS. However, the BIOS (V1.5) does not have any options for this.

So, can anyone suggest anything please? Any ideas where I can get the lastest BIOS update (pref one that allows me to create a bootdisk and update from DOS)? Any help appreciated as it has completely stumped me.

Thank you in advance,


Answer:Satellite Pro A210 HDD, Windows Vista & BIOS problem

Right then. I've managed to get V2.0 BIOS for A210 but there is no option to change the SATA to compatible. Any ideas? Stumped?

I'm trying the restore disk again to see if it works.



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I want to update BIOS for my Toshiba Satellite A210 but I also need to know what is the version of my BIOS.
I never update BIOS since I got the laptop from 3 years I think I need to update BIOS because the laptop give me black screen while working on it and when I open it again it tells me that it shuts down because of error number 0x124.

So I contacted Microsoft and they give me solution to check for update for BIOS but I searched online for this I found that I should take precaution while updating so please I want any guide to tell me how to update securely

Sorry for my English ...

Answer:Satellite A210 problem - error number 0x124

Start notebook, enter BIOS settings using F2 and on first page you can see which BIOS version is preinstalled on your notebook.

If everything work well you don?t need BIOS update.

I don?t know which operating system do you use and why this error message occurs but maybe you should install OS again either using original Vista OS that you got with your notebook or using Microsoft installation disc.

After clean OS installation I?m 100% sure everything will be OK.

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I have strange problem with LCD on my Satellite A210-1AO. Sometimes LCD is not working. The problem is only on startup, not on closing LCD or sleep mode. If I connect an external monitor - there is an image, but with strange random dots and lines. But if I remove battery and AC adaptor and leave laptop for hours - after that all can be working fine (for days or weeks, even on startup). And then the problem appears again.

Where can be the problem? Video card or LCD or something else?

Answer:Satellite A210-1AO PSAELE - black screen problem

> If I connect an external monitor - there is an image, but with strange random dots and lines.
> But if I remove battery and AC adaptor and leave laptop for hours - after that all can be working fine

Did you notice a higher temperature while this issue happens?
I mean the higher temperature could affect the GPU (graphic chip) which cause this lines and dots?
This would not be unusual?.

How about graphic card driver update?
Do you use the one from Toshiba page?
Do it!

I've got A210 with an ATI GPU and everything is OK!

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I have Satellite A210-1AP notebook that came with vista 32. Now I want to do a clean install with win7 x64, but it does not start the setup.
Same problem happend when I've tried to install fedora. With the cd that came with product everythig works well.

Answer:Re: Problem loading Win7 setup on Satellite A210-1AP

Do you use original Microsoft Win7 64bit installation disc?
What happen exactly when you start boot-up from CD/DVD drive?

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I tried to connect my Toshiba notebook with TV (Philips LCD) via S-video, but TV was unable to detect video signal from notebook.
I also tried to use a connection to Scart in TV through reduction, but picture was only black and white, no color.
Last possibility is use S-video reduction to yellow cinch, but how knows...... But I really prefer to use "pure" s-video.

I follow the step in ATI and TV manufacturer's guide (first plug cables, then switch TV on, switch to appropriate source in TV menu, then notebook switch on, enabling TV as a secondary device( I must force it, autodetect found nothing), press Fn+F5 (I thing) and.... nothing, black TV.

Where can be problem?
Cable seems OK, TV should support s-video and I switch the right output in TV, I send PAL signal.....
Maybe something with Catalyst Control Centre, I doubt.

Can anyone help???

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite A210 - ATI Radeon HD2600- problem with connecting TV via S-video

You are using the Vista... Is it right?

If yes, the ATI Catalyst provides a TV option which should be enabled.

You should have a ATI Catalyst icon in the task bar. Double click on this icon.
Then choose ?Advanced? settings (second option).

In the Display options (below Display manager) you can find the option called ?Force TV recognition?.
Please mark this option.

Then connect the TV again and try to use the key combination FN+F5 to switch to the TV.

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i'm not getting any headphone output at all on my laptop. no idea why. i haven't changed any software or hardware between the time it worked and stopped working. it's a possibility of physical damage seeing as how i carry it in my bag all day, but i'm pretty careful. any idea if it's software or hardware related? should i just make good on the warranty?

comp specs:
Dell Inspiron E1705
WinXP Home SP2
1.8 GHz Core Duo

i'm sure vid card and hard drive don't matter too much with this, and i have no idea what my audio device is. i would imagine it's on the motherboard.

i have an external audio device that connects with a firewire, so i'll make sure that works for the hell of it once i get back to my dorm around 10pm EST >.<. all other peripherals work nominally.

much thanks.

Answer:no headphone output

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Hello, Im using a HP Envy 15-j024sa The sound coming through my headphones is extremely loud, abnormally loud. I believe that the power output coming  through the headphone jack is what should be going through the onboard speakers and vice versa, did someone get their wires crossed? =/

Answer:Headphone output WAY too loud.

Hi Kezza_Duggit. Good headphones will typically be louder than notebook speakers. My best suggestion is to adjust the volume, and make sure the loudness enhancement is disabled. Take a look at these instructions for Windows 7 (pretty much the same in Windows 8) to find "Disable all enhancements" here:  How To Disable Audio Enhancements in Windows 7 I hope this helps.

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I have just bought a set of spealers and unfortunately there is no headphone jack (yes I know that defeats the point of buying speakers - like the kids to be headphoned). I have a Rage Pro 128 sound card and also the standard on-board connections but I find that there is only one actual sound output - from the card.Should the on-board system output as well, if not how is it disabled and can it be enabled so I can connect the headphones to that output and turn speakers off so as to listen privately - well the kids anyway.Suppose the moral is check the speakers before you buy them but they were the last pair and sounded pretty good at a good price.Any ideas pleaseCraig-m

Answer:Speakers with no headphone output

You get an adapter at most electronic-type shops, to give two output connectors from one socket.

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I have been having a problem with line noise when I connect the headphone output from my laptop to my pa. I have read lots of post and most did not answer the problem. I found the solution. Use a three prong to two prong adaptor on your laptop electrical plug where it plugs into the electrical receptical on your wall or electrical outlet. They cost about $2.00 at any hardware store. Using the adaptor will eliminate the large center ground. I do not believe it will damage the laptop doing this. The plug into the laptop is only two wires, the third grounding wire is for the transformer only. It is the same kind of problem when you have a pa system and a ground loop. It is sometimes necessary to remove the shielding ground on microphone cables.

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The volume level of my SL400's headphone jack is insanely high. With my 80 ohm Beyerdynamic DT250 headphones, only the bottom 20% of the master volume control is usable (based on using a little app called Volume Tracker to have the "wave" volume slider move in sync with the master one). With cheaper, everyday headphones that have lower impedance, the problem is even worse.This means I have to use an inline volume control to attenuate the output in order to increase the useful range of the volume control, and limit the maximum possible output to prevent my ears getting blasted should some piece of software spontaneously up one of the volume sliders. It's annoying having to carry around this "dongle" as a workaround.Anyone else experienced this problem? Seems to be both a usability and safety issue.

Answer:Headphone output loudness

Hello, it seems that your head-phones are pretty good. But the impedance is breaking at high volume levels"the lower impedance version (80 ohm) will break down at high volumes" one user reports there.I havenīt  heard about an impedance problem on Thinkpads, yet.Lowering the impedance of your head-phones, by an adapter, will have an effect of lowering clarity, I think.  regardsAndreas  

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Hi guys quick question,

I was thinking about buying a pair of MM-1s, but as you probably already know they are a 2.0 set.
As a result, they lack a subwoofer for the "boom!"

Also, currently I have a set of x540 logitech which sounds alright, but I really need something better. So the real question here is am I able to run the digital output out of both my headphone jacks, where the x540 receives sound as well as usb where the MM-1s recieve audio. This way a ghetto 7.1 setup could be made!

Answer:USB + headphone output simultaneously?


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Hi all
I have a Sony Vaio VPCEB4E4E. Just re installed windows and now I have no sound output through headphone jack. Installed the Realtek HD Audio driver from the sony website. Pretty sure this is not a hardware issue. Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Headphone Jack No Output

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Hi Satellite users,

I recently had a problem getting my Toshiba Satellite P50t-B running Windows 10 to detect (and hence connect) to my Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth Headphones. The symptom of the problem was that the "MDR-XB50BS" device didn't appear in the list of available devices on the Windows Activity Centre "Connect" screen, nor in the Windows Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth and other devices -> Add a device screen. Since the device never appeared, I couldn't connect to it.

The solution to the problem turned out to be upgrading my Toshiba Satellite BIOS from version 1.10 to BIOS version 1:50 available on the Drivers & Updates tab of the Toshiba Satellite Support site. The release notes mention a Bluetooth issue being corrected in version 1.40 and while I can't say for certain that this is the same issue I encountered, updating the BIOS was the last thing that I tried before the problem went away, and it's reasonable to expect that a relatively new technology like Bluetooth might have had early implementation bugs.

The other point to note is that if you've already paired the headphones with another device, like I had with my iPhone, then you have to hold the power button down for 7 seconds at power on in order to enter Bluetooth pairing mode first time you try to connect it to the Satellite.

I hope this helps someone someday!


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I have this flat screen tv that I bought not too long ago. I would like to connect headphones to this tv to watch regular television but there is one big problem. It does not have a headphone jack nor audio rca(red/white) outputs. This pretty strange since this is a fairy new tv. Is there any way I can connect headphones to this tv? Would I need any adapters like somehow converting one of the audio rca inputs to an output so I can use this cable:
Any suggestions would much be appreciated

Answer:Tv with no Headphone And audio output jack

Y-shaped giszmo which has a male rca connectors
at one end, and a female audio jack at the other could really help the cause you are right

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I installed a Creative Soundblaster PCI card a little while ago, in place of the VIA AC'97 onboard card. All is working fine, but I have just noticed that the headphone and microphone sockets on the front of the computer no longer work, nor do the ones preinstalled on the computer that are round the back. The sockets on the soundcard itself (round the back of the computer) do work fine. I guess this is a result of having disabled the via card on the bios - but it would be helpful to be able to re-enable the sockets out front, if only to stop me having to pull the box out every time I want headphones! Is this possible?

Answer:Headphone output disabled by new soundcard?

I believe it is yes . Do you have your M'boarb manual? if so it should tell you in there how to do it. It might be that you need to move some jumpers from one set of pin positions to another.if you dont have the manual see of you can get the make/model of you m'board form your system info and then do a google search for the manufactuer and you should then be able to find out the info you need from there. Good luck!

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Speaker audio works fine. Headphones do not recieve any audio signal. Speakers do not play when headphones are plugged in, as they should.  I could not find an official troubleshooting page for this problem on Windows 10. 

View Solution.

Answer:No audio output from headphone jack

Tried some troubleshooting from another thread, and a hard reset seemed to have done the trick

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Do laptop/notebook computers have a standard o/p impedance? If so, what is it? I asked the suppliers of my notebook what it's o/p impedance is but they don't know!

Answer:Headphone socket output impedance.

Normally the output should match 32O heaphones. Because of the low output the headphone impedance is not that importent, you can use any impedance up to 1kO or more.If its line output it will be 10kO which is no good for phones.

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I bought headphones to hook into the headphone (mint green) output on my laptop running Windows XP SP3, but it dosent work. In the past when ever I'd plug headphones into the mint green on the laptop the audio playing would cease outputing via the imbedded laptop speakers and begin to play exclusively through the headphones. Now, however, the headphones don't receive audio when they're plugged in to the headphones jack and the laptop speakers continue to have the audio output as if no headphones were plugged in at all, when for example, I am playing an MP3 via Windows Media Player.

What's wrong here? What settings or hardware will I need to look at?
Thanks for the help

Answer:No headphone audio output in laptop, XP

It doesn't sound like a settings problem since the internal speakers are disconnected mechanically inside the jack when something is plugged in. Carefully compare the jacks that work on the speakers to the one that doesn't. Is it shorter at all, or are the insulators on the jack perfectly aligned?

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Hey all - I watch DVD's and downloaded TV through my laptop on my television. I use the S-Video output, and have a Y-connecter that plugs into my headphone jack and splits into two RCA audio plugs. Has worked like a charm for quite a while.Had to reformat my HD, and now when I plug in, I get a weird buzzing sound through the television's speakers. It doesn't happen on headphones, just through the TV's speakers. The sound (dialog, music) still outputs fine, it's just got this extra layer of buzzzz.Here's the kicker - when the machine is running on its battery, it's fine. It's only an issue when running off of AC. And, yes, I have used THIS machine with THESE cables through THIS power outlet and not had this problem. The ONLY delta is the reformatting of my HD. I've updated all drivers off the Dell website... So I don't know what it could be. Thoughts?Thanks!rjb=====Dell Inspiron 6000XP SP2

Answer:Weird interference on headphone output

"...I have used THIS machine with THESE cables through THIS power outlet and not had this problem."Gotcha  Just for grins   have you tried another outlet?Alan <><  

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I just hooked my PS3 up to my A700 using the AV inputs. The video works fine, and the audio works fine over the built-in speakers, but when I plug my headphones into the A700, all sound stops. I can't get any sound from the headphones or the speakers. The headphones work when the computer is in PC mode, so I know that's not the problem. Any suggestions?

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Having a problem tonight with the audio for my L540. Worked fine yesterday. Built in speakers (speaker/hp) work normally. However when trying to use headphones, ear buds, etc in the 3.5mm headphone/mic jack on the side, no sound is played through the headset. The computer/driver recognizes that there is a device plugged into the jack (displays RealtekHD Audio 2nd Output in sound/volume button on the taskbar) however still no sound.  I've checked everywhere I can think (volume mixer, device properties, driver properties, apps)  and it isn't muted anywhere. In the properties, it say the device is enabled, is working, however when you "test " sound, nothing plays. While the built in speakers are selected, the "test" sound works.  I have updated the driver, rolled it back, unistalled and reinstalled the software (from lenovo website) and the problem persists.  Thinking it is a power or physical issue with the port, I tested the microphone feature in the same port. The microphone works, picks up sound and records. So there is power to and from the port. That has left me scratching my head and searching for any solutions. I have gone into all of the programs, apps and games i used and checked the audio settings, nothing is muted or off.  Has anyone experienced this issue? Better yet has anyone fixed or have any ideas how to resolve? My intuition tells me there is somewhere im not looking that holds the answer. Thanks in advance... Read more

Answer:L540: No audio from 3.5mm headphone output.

1. Open the Control Panel and look for Realtek HD Audio's control panel.2. At the right top of the window you should see one or more plugs. Then plug in and unplug your headphones, see if the headphones are detected there.

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There is a hissing, fuzzy, distorted, static noise when I connect any headphones to the front headphone jack even before any audio is playing and as soon as the volume is above 0. The problem goes right away as soon as I connect the headphones to the back auxilary output instead and the sound is crisp and clean. I have had the issue with older HP desktop pc's too, but had hoped it was a thing of the past. Is there any way I can make this noise go away without risk of losing my warranty? I need to use the front output since my headphones will not reach the back when I am wearing them in my chair. I apologize for submitting this under 'notebook audio'. Should obviously have been 'desktop audio'. Please reply to this thread instead:

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My external speakers work fine, are loud for a laptop, really.

When I plug my headphones into the headphone jack (and yes, it's the right jack), there's no change, the audio continues from the external speakers.

I had the motherboard replaced recently, as it went dead, by a Dell tech, so could he have put it back together incorrectly?

Thanks for your help.

Dell XPS (Gen 1)
XP Pro

- Anti

Answer:No audio output from headphone jack

It sounds like the headphone jack wasn't connected back to the motherboard, or perhaps the tech mixed up the mic/headphone jacks.

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I (manually) defragmented my C:\ drive, and now the headphone jack doesn't work. When I plug in headphones, I just hear a constant static buzz and no audio. I've tried this with 2 separate pairs, both of which worked just fine on this computer before the defrag, and I've also confirmed that they work on other devices.

Apparently the drive is set for automatic defrag once a week, and apparently it did an automatic defrag 3 days ago with no issues. It's the manual defrag that seems to have messed up the jack. As far as I can tell, though, the defrag didn't cause any other problems.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Headphone output messed up after disk defrag

Well I don't know if I can help you or not because a defrag should not and I don't believe can interfere with your head phones.
Filling in your system specs completely would help others help you.

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I have a Z470 connecting to my Home Theater RX-V2065 Yamaha Receiver via HDMI cable plugged into the V-AUX on the front.  Sound and Audio are brilliant.  However I want to have an analog feed so that my wireless headphones work.   I have a RCA adapter for LR audio cables so it can plug into the laptop headphone jack and audio works fine via the headphones, but the moment I plug in the HDMI for video it cancels the headphone.  I've tried enabling the speaker device play back rather than the TV and it plays through the laptop speakers but the moment I plug in the headphone jack the sound ends but is not coming through the headphones.  If I unplug the HDMI cable from the laptop ... voila audio through my wireless headphones.   Does anyone have an explanation or advice how to connect this so my headphones work?

Answer:HDMI and Headphone Output Mutually Exclusive?

I guess no one knows if using HDMI is supposed to cancel the headphone jack?

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put together a new build,
tyan s2932e mobo, amd operon chips,
win xp/kubuntu dual boot.

in xp,
card is detected in device manager,
drivers are at most current version
according to device manager, everything is fine.
ran the creative diagnostic utilities, according to that, everything is fine.
Went through the windows troubleshooting guide, didn't help.
went through the creative manual, made sure connections were good, still the same problem.
looked at all the system vol settings, they were all good, no "mute all" selected or anything like that.
card is selected and enabled, it's pci slot is listed in device manager.

I changed the bios setting so that the os handles all the plug and play stuff, I didn't see any other audio settings in bios, and I looked through the mobo manual and didn't see any onboard audio to disable.

In kubuntu,
I in system settings\sound system, the hard ware was listed as auto detect...didn't see the hardware in the drop down.
tried two sets of headphones in all the jacks.
I'm new to kubuntu (used to gnome), so the troubleshooting I did in xp was a lot more extensive, but it feels like that card should have no problem running with xp, and it appears the system thinks it works....

I haven't tried attaching speakers to the card and seeing if I get audio from there...I tried all the jacks on the card itself (the audio isn't hooked up on the case), I'm wondering if that's the ... Read more

Answer:no headphone output on creative audigy sb card

an addendum;

A friend pointed out that there is an aux input on the card it self (middle picture, upper right), but I don't see any thing on the drive

I don't believe my mobo has onboard audio, but I'll look again.

I'm wondering if there are good speakers that handle the d/a conversion, may try that.

I figure this is such a ubiquitous card, it can't be a hardware issue.

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Recently a part of my headphone jack got stuck in the plug and so I can't use that plug anymore. I am using the audio plug in the back of my computer now but it's definitely made for a different form of audio like speakers. I'm wondering if there's any way I can program this plug into outputting the same kind of audio the front plug would. Thanks.

Answer:Change audio output to headphone setting

It sounds like you're using the "line out" jack, and I don't know of anyway to use software to convert it to standard audio.

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I recently installed a Kinivo Bluetooth adapter (BTD-400) on my HP G71-340US laptop (Windows 7 64-bit OS).  Although the bluetooth adapter works as expected, my headphones don?t get any audio output when plugged into the laptop jack.  I checked the Manage Audio Devices / Sound / Playback panel and the ?Independent Headphones? (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) are in working order.  In fact, the Headphones can be seen changing status on the Playback panel when I plug in or remove the headphone connection.  So the hardware seems to be working fine just like before. I ran the Microsoft Troubleshooting tool and it did find an issue with the Independent Headphones but was unable to automatically fix it.  The problem was identified as: Audio device isn't set as default.  However, the "Independent Headphones" are listed as the "Default Communications Device" on the Playback tab. I?m not sure what I need to do next to resolve this issue.  Please advise. Thanks.Jeff

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I have a problem with dts sound, it randomly switches between headset and speakers output and when it is on speaksers output the sound quality is terrible. when i disbable dts sound i have no problems but then is the sound quality not that great.

Answer:DTS sound doesnt find my headphone output


The DTS Studio Sound improves the sound quality (if its enabled)

You can set this sound improvement for ?internal speaker?, external 1 (headphones) or external 2 (external speakers if connected)

For each of the three modes you can configure the surround sound, volume max as well as the bass boost.

So depending on the sound output device you are currently using, you should choose the right DTS Studio Sound output mode.

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I've used a headphone/mike combo that came with my Dragon software and has an input and an output jack with my HP Pavilion laptop and the microphone jack works just fine and Dragon types out the words I say just fine, but.... when I try to use this mike headset in Windows Movie Maker to record my narration and my video at the same time, the mike doesn't work and there is no sound at all in the video. I also tried using the mike directly with the camera in record mode, but it still doesn't record a sound. Movie maker has a better picture so Iprefer to use it, but what kind of mike will give me the input I need. Hope it 's cheap - can't afford much.  Wish I could get my headphones to work - works well in Dragon.

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Hi. I just got this laptop.When I plug my headphones into the audio jack, the sound outputs to only side (left).However both the built-in speakers play alright.I've downloaded and installed latest Realtek drivers but no change. Thanks again. 

Answer:E5-575G-53VG : Headphone output only ONE side

Hi,Right click your speaker icon in Taskbar, select Playback Devices, highlight Speakers(or Headset if shown), click Properties, go to Levels tab and click Balance and set the volume for left and right speakers.To make sure the headset is not faulty, check in another laptop/PC if available.

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Audio output level is lower than when I have bought this notebook... Suddenly without any reason. I almost not hear any sound.... What's the problem??? Software is ok. I've reinstall sound drivers. Once when it was portable the sound come back to normal level and after restart it was again very silent...

Thank's for any advice

Answer:Satellite Pro M30 - audio output problem


It?s strange issue which you have described but firstly you should check the volume control settings in the ?Sound and Audio devices?.
Check if the controls are set to max.
Check also the sigmaTel audio application. There you can disable the power management.

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Hi there,

I have an Asus G 50vt, a few days ago I had it hooked up to a stereo system and tripped on the wire connected to the Audio jack. The Headphone jack now has half of the head stuck inside and I was unable to remove it.

I am wondering if there is a way to reassign the headphone output to the Line in or Mic in jacks?
Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Changing Audio Jack output (from headphone to Mic in/line in)

I know you can do that, I have seen it with some creative programs, im not too sure if your asus will do that, but I think the easiest option is to get that headphone jack out. you'd be surprised how easy it can be once you open your laptop up. another option (i would think - but try last) would be to get some super glue (only a little bit) and try to stick something to that headphone output to pull it out. - i was about to suggest soldering something, but dont worry about that, small amount of superglue might be the way to go alternatively buying an external sound card might be an option $20US

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is it possible to somehow have output through a headphone jack and through bluetooth? i have a set of bluetooth headphones but on a plane if 2 people want to watch a movie, only 1 can hear unless we take an earbud each. i would like to run my bluetooth headphones and have audio go out through headphone jack as well. currently if i plug in headphones through the jack it disables bluetooth audio

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I have done clean install of Windows 10 in my DV8P. Everything works fine. When I check audio output devices, it shows only Speaker. Even after inserting headphone jack, I am not finding headphone as audio output device. Hence hearing audio without disturbing others is not possible.
Any solutions, please.

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Hi, I'm John and I'm having major problems here. I have been using a laptop for awhile and it's been working great. I have been using my pair of headphones for my laptop and they've been working great as well. However, after a bit, I noticed that the audio was not working really good. I thought it was the headphones until I tried more pairs, they did the same thing. The problem is that when I'm listening to a song, one part of the audio I can hear clearly, but the rest (the majority of the song) is either faint or muffled.

This happens when I put the headphone jack all the way in the output. When I take it out some, the majority of the song audio I can hear clearly, but the other parts I can barely hear. This really annoys me, and it really bothers me. Is their any professional or half-assed way to fix this? My headphones were loud and clear before, but now (out of nowhere) I can't hear 100% of anything I listen to. Can I get any help? I'd appreciate it greatly! This happened randomly and I'd like some answers, I have good hopes in replies!

Answer:Laptop Headphone output not working properly (Win7)

Have you tried messing around in there at all? It should recognize where your headphones are plugged in and give you options to control them. Are you plugging into the front panel or the rear panel for audio on the headphones? Have you tried both???

samsung galaxy s5 case

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hallo all  Before 2 years (approximately) i bought lenovo ideapad z360, model number: 0912.Last week i notice that i can't hear music through the laptop speakers (but i can hear through headphones that connect to the headphone output jack. My conclusion is that my headphone output jack doesn't work and i need to replace it.The hadphone jack connect to the system system board model number is: "LL7A MBASSY HM55/N11MGE2 1G/100L", FRU number: 11012402 How i can know the model of my headphones jack in the laptop ? thank you all !


Go to Solution.

Answer:Replace lenovo ideapad z360 headphone output jack

Hi Pro,
according to IdeaPad Z360 Hardware Maintenance Manual, page 56,
the headphone jack is a integral part of mother board / system board...
you may consult Lenovo Tech Support about availability of the jack as replacement part...
A Quick&Dirty solution would be to use a inexpensive (around $5) USB soundcard adapter...

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I've had an unusual problem with my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga headphone audio output on two separate occasions. About 4 months after I bought the laptop, I noticed that the Apple headphones, which I always used with this laptop, started putting out very low volume from the left earbud, but the right one sounded fine. I changed the L/R balance under speaker properties to increase volume from the L side, but it barely, if at all, increased it. I thought the headphones were the issue, so I replaced them with brand new Apple headphones of the same exact type. I used those in this laptop for about 5 months with no issues, until today I noticed decreased volume output in the L earbud again. Also, a few days ago I noticed that slightly twisting the audio jack in the port caused fluctuations in the audio output in only the L earbud for some reason. Also, increasing the L to R balance actually causes the R earbud volume to increase, with no change on the L side... I have uninstalled and updated to these drivers to no effect:Speakers (Conexant SmartAudio HD) | Driver Version: 6.3.9600.16384 | Driver Date: 8/22/2013Conexant SmartAudio HD |Driver Version: | Driver Date: 10/18/2013 Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!     

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I just purchased a 15R Special Edition 7520. I placed the laptop in a desktop situation (use ext. keyboard + mouse + HD 1920x1080 monitor). Obviously I want to use the HDMI output to link to the HD monitor, like I have done for many years with my XPS 1640 laptop with HD HDMI output. I was surprised to see that when the HDMI out put is used the audio to the speaker/headphone jack is muted. I have searched through all the on-board menus, but cannot find a setting to allow audio to continue being outputted while the HDMI jack is in use. 
Am I missing something here? I assumed this laptop would operate the same as the XPS 1640, in applications where the operator is using an HD monitor in a desktop situation (no built in monitor speakers) or a situation where you desire to feed your own audio system directly from the Laptop. BTW, I also own a DELL ZINO HD desktop with HDMI output, which does not behave the same way the 15R does. That system isalso hooked vis HDMI to an HD monitor, with no muting of the local sound.
Am I the only one who as had thisd prob? Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thanks... Paul...

Answer:Using HDMI port mutes audio to headphone/speaker output

Welcome to the community
What operating system are you using? Can you plug in the HDMI cable, then check with Control Panel > Sounds then see the list of sound devices. Right click which device you want to set as default for Audio Output.
Let me know if this helps. Regards,

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I use my VGA port in two main places, at home to plug into an old TV via a PC/TV convertor and at work to plug directly into a projector.

This week it suddenly stopped working on both at the same time. I have tired another laptop in the projector at work and it works fine. I've also tried different leads. The problem is definitely with my laptop (which is now nearly 4 years old).

The most likely thing seems to me to be that is't the socket itself. If I plug something into it Windows (7 Ultimate) works out that there is an extra monitor, but the projector/TV recieves no signal. I've tried all the obvious things, hitting F5 makes no difference, and the Windows settings haven't been changed. The resolution and refresh rate are set correctly. I'm trying to avoid standard answers about checking all the things I've already checked!

Now, I have an HDMI port on the side, how likely is that just buying an HDMI/VGA adapter and using that port will solve the problem? I guess if it's just a physical problem with the VGA port then it will, but could the problem be a graphics card or motherboard problem, and if it is will it affect the HDMI port as well as the VGA port?

Answer:Satellite A300 - VGA port problem - no video output possible

VGA port is an analogue video output. HDMI is an digital output.
Both are different and not related to each other.

So I?m not quite sure if an adapter HDMI -> to VGA would work properly.
Possibly it would work but only with a lower resolution. So in my opinion full hd would not be possible. However, I think you will need to test it with your notebook.

Usually you can use an adapter like HDMI to DVI or DVI to HDMI trouble free.

Regarding the VGA output issue.

Well, usually the Fn + F5 should switch between the internal and external output. It should work with VGA as well as HDMI port. Maybe its just an software related issue.
In your case I would try to uninstall and update the display driver. Maybe it helps.

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I'm getting bad sectors on my laptop's hard drive so I guess I should fork out for a new one - but which are suitable for A210-1CO?

ta, M

Answer:Satellite A210-ICO - Which HDD can I use?


The Satellite A210 uses SATA HDDs and you need a new HDD with SATA interface. You can buy every HDD that you want, for example 160 or 320GB. On SATA interface there are no capacity limits.

Furthermore the most SATA HDDs have already SATA2 interface but its downgrade compatible to SATA1.
I would prefer a HDD with 5400rpm. Of course you can buy a HDD with 7200rpm but they produces more heat and noise. For the most applications are 5400rpm enough.

I have good experience with Hitachi and Seagate HDDs.


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I?m sorry if this problem is solved somewhere on this forum but I didn?t find it..
I have a problem with overheating, my laptop never shuts down but it?s getting so hot that I can almost burn my hand on it... it gets hot if I?m playing any game in about 10 min.

I changed windows Vista, WXP and now Win 7 on all of them same problem occurs... Laptop is cleaned inside 10 days ago and I didn?t touch processor only... the drivers are from Toshiba site. Laptop is Satellite A210-1AP (PSAELE).

I think that my graphic card is overheating but I?m not sure.. If I put my laptop on the desk and start any game in 10 min he gets really hot and continuing to rise temperature, then the game starts to lag (picture is going slow on moments or just freeze for a moment) then I take it to my lap and it works fine, its hot again but can work.

If any1 have any advice I would be grateful.

Answer:Satellite A210-1AP is getting really hot


1. Choose ,,Maximun Performance,, in cooling method in Power plan.
2 Maybe, thermal grease should be replaced.
3 What games do you play? Maybe, they are heavy for your computer. How was it before?

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Sorry that I come here to unearth this thread but.. I'm having some similar issues and I want to provide some more insight to you helpers...

My GF's a210-1ce (PSAELE) keeps having this weird crashes at key moments and I, who am an experienced pc user and troubleshooter, can't find out why... and it's killing me!

Bios version 2.00 . As people have said, no other bios is found on toshiba support site. (Question - is this the original bios?)

The computer crashes:

1 when booting (just at the very start)
2 when accessing BIOS
3 when we take too much time browsing OS selection screen / F8 / boot options screen
4 when shutting down
5 when hybernating

The computer also crashes:

1 when it becomes very hot, which happens more times than it should.

The computer does not crash:

1 when it staarts to load the OS
2 when on regular usage (whether in Windows Vista - default preinstalled OS - or in Ubuntu)

Some times it simply won't work, not even with multiple tries, cause it doesn't get past the bios/os seletcion screens, and it must be left to rest for a period...

Due to those symptoms, I am very much afraid to even try reinstall the OS using recovery disks/partition and havin this guy shutting down unexpectedly during the process... considering that it works normaly, when it boots. but this is really annoying, especially because we like to use hybernation and we can't!

On windows, I have ran multiple tests to the hdd and it seems ok, I'm not sur... Read more

Answer:Satellite A210-1CE keeps crashing

> The computer crashes:

>1 when booting (just at the very start)
>2 when accessing BIOS

It?s not system/software problem if the notebook crashes while accessing the BIOS.
In most cases this happens due to hardware problems.
But we can just speculate about the hardware problems: firstly RAM should be tested?
In worst cases its motherboard problem.

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Notebook Satellite A210-16G (PSAELE)

Need WinXP Drivers for Fn+F keys and anybody find all Toshiba Utilites for this Notebook with last versions?

Answer:Need WXP drivers for my Satellite A210-16G

Hi there,

I checked the driver download site and they are NOT available. You have now the choice to wait for the drivers or to try utilities from another machine (like Satellite A200 - PSAEL*)

Thats unfortunately everything what you can do.


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I just bought Satellite A210-15J notebook and I it has Windows Vista in it. I want to have Win XP but i cant find XP drivers for this model. It would be great if someone could help me.


Answer:Need XP drivers for Satellite A210-15J


I have found out that your Satellite A210 is actually PSAFGE model and you can find very interesting thread about WXP drivers under

Check it out!

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This is my first time posting on here and I could really use your help. I have a satellite pro a210 and I went to answer a phone call and it ran out of power and now it will not turn on again. I have tried taking the battery out and holding the power button down to drain it and then starting it up again and holding F8, F12, I was told hold down the back space key while rebooting(tried them all).

Tried with battery in and battery out with the power lead attached but nothing has worked.It has been like this for a couple of months and I have run out of ideas.

If anyone has had a similar problem and knows of a solution it would be great.

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 won't reboot

What happen exactly when you press power button? Is there some reaction?

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After XP installed, the LED of the 'satellite' logo never lighten.
How can i turn this LED on?

Answer:Re: Satellite A210 - the LED of logo went off

If I?m remember well this can be enabled in advanced BIOS settings. Check it out!

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Where can i obtain the BIOS for my A210-11P, Model PSAELE.
I have searched Toshiba but there are no BIOS available for my exact model

Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite A210-11P I need Bios

I believe the older models are categorized under "Archive" on the website. Have a look in there.

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Hello everybody,

Can someone point me to WXP drivers page for my notebook (AMD x2 TL-58, 2Gb RAM, ATI HD2600, 160 GB)?
Well, as most of the users I want to upgrade (sorry Vista lovers but I cannot use word downgrade because new OS from the guys from Redmond s.....s) to Win XP.
I'm not able to find the WXP drivers on Toshiba site (except 2).

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Hello to you Toshiba driver developers. We need more Win XP drivers. Please support us!!!

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A210-16F

Hi Vommy

Please use advanced search on this forum and you will find some very interesting threads about WXP drivers for Satellite A210. You are right. At the moment Toshiba does not offer WXP drivers.

Please start with this one

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I could use a little help. My 4 years old A210 1AO worked perfectly until today (except for changing the HDD a couple of months ago). This evening, I've tried to power it on, but almost nothing happens. The "on" LED is on, the battery and the power LED also, but I get no image. The fan is on (and after a couple of second powers down, like usual), the ODD works, and that's all. I've tried to start it without the RAM modules, without the HDD and nothing changed. I removed the battery and pressed the "power" button for 30 sec, still nothing. And the curious thing is that now the laptop powers also using the "browser" and the "media" buttons.

Does anyone have a clue what could have happened?
I also have to mention that I've taken good care of the laptop, used a big notebook cooler with a 20 cm fan, and used it mainly for watching movies and surfing the internet (for games and other stuff I use a PC)

Any idea will be highly appreciated.

thank you all in advanced,

Answer:Satellite A210-1AO does not start


does anyone know if I can flash the BIOS from a usb flash drive and how can I do that?


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I couldn't find on the website any information how to buy parts for laptops.
I need to buy new panel because its a litle bit damadged.

My question is: where can I get parts for laptop, especially Panel?

Answer:Need panel for Satellite A210-127


What panel you mean exactly? Is it the display panel?

Anyway, all spare parts you can get from an authorized service provider. On the Toshiba website you can search for nearest ASP: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Speak with them and they will make you a good offer I think. :)

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I bought my Satellite A210-11P laptop in September last year but in the last few months ive been having a few problems with it.

1. It seems to be overheating to the point of not being able to touch the bottom of the lap top which total stops me using it as a laptop. Is this usual?

2. The screen darkens after about 2 mins after logging on.

3. Any ideas where i can buy a new charger?

Can you help?


Answer:Few issues with Satellite A210-11P

1. Could be dust buildup in the heatsink. An ASP can remove it for you, or you can blow it out using a Can of compressed air.
2. Power Settings? Maybe the Toshiba Power Saver is set to dim when it loads in the system tray.
3. I believe an ASP can sell you one.

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Hi, I am from Turkey.

My English isn?t good. I think I can explain my problem.

I have WXP system. I set up all WXP drivers for my laptop.

But I can t set up ?Power Saver" and "Common Modules"(and Hot key).

Power Saver error is *A Fatal error has occurred. This program will be terminated.*
*code: 0x6A6*
*Location: TPSDel.cpp(332)*

And my laptop is too warm.

What can I do?

Answer:Two issues with Satellite A210-1ap


The Satellite A210-1AP belongs to the PSAELE series.
I checked the Toshiba driver page and surprise, surprise?

The Toshiba Power saver and the Common modules are NOT available for Win XP!!!!

So the answer is simply; the error appears because you have used NOT compatible software, programs!!!

Don?t install the Toshiba Power saver and the common module if they are not designed for you notebook series!!!


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I've had my laptop since the end of august now and recently I've had some problems.

I've been playing some games (TeamFortress2 specifically) and after a while my laptop screen freezes then slowly turns white. The only thing that it would respond to would be to turn the laptop off by the power switch. When it turns back on its fine.

This problems seems to have occurred since the latest vista update. My laptop is also been really hot as well. From what I've gathered it is the GPU overheating. I have installed the latest BIOS update to see if that would help but to no avail. I have 2 questions.

1) Is the GPU overheating the obvious problem?
2) Is their anyway to increase the fan activity to maximum to keep my laptop as cool as possible?

Answer:Satellite A210 - GPU overheating

1) hmm? an overheating could cause such issues but as you know it?s really not easy to say what could be wrong exactly.
May I ask you what graphic card driver you use?
The Toshiba graphic driver supports an overheating protection which helps to control the GPU and to prevent it from overheating.
The non-Toshiba graphic drivers don?t support such protection and it?s possible that you GPU could overheat if you would not use the Toshiba graphic driver!

2) The fans are controlled by BIOS. In the BIOS the fan table is stored and this fan table includes informations and details about the temperature levels and when the fan has to kick on. So it?s not possible to increase or decrease the performance of the cooling module.
But on some Toshiba notebooks you could find the Toshiba power saver.
This power saver includes some settings which would change the CPU and cooling module performance.

However, as I said above, it?s important that you would use the Toshiba GPU driver.
Furthermore you should check you cooling module if the dust and debris don?t jam the cooling grilles?

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I have Toshiba Satellite A210-16F notebook and it doesn't want to turn off sometimes.
It gets to the "Shutting down" window, but it wont shut down and stays like that until I shut it down manually by holding the POWER button.

What could be a reason of this problem?

Answer:Sometimes Satellite A210-16F cannot turn off


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I need all drivers for Toshiba Satellite A210-10C.
Can someone tell me where I can find it, or if the drivers are the same of other model?

Jo?o T

Answer:Re: Need drivers for my Satellite A210-10C


All drivers for supported operating system you can find on Toshiba download page

Please check it out. If you need more help or some assistance please let us know.

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I have a Satellite A210-16g. I need WXP drivers for it. I can't find them anywhere. I am Turkish and I can't speak English well. Please help me!!

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A210

Hi mate,

unfortunately there are temporarely no drivers for the Satellite A210 available, I can remember there were some but perhaps they will be soon available again. (I hope so :) )

You have no two options:
1. Wait until toshiba releases the drivers
2. Use the search function of the forum, because I remember some guy which started an interesting thread about Satellite A210 and XP drivers. Just type "A210 drivers" and you should find some interesting threads.


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A ventilator Satellite A210-199 does not work, where to replace him in Donetsk (Ukraine)?

Answer:Satellite A210-199 - How to replace the fan?

Hi romantik4488,

On the Toshiba website you can find a list of all authorized service providers. The technicians can replace the fan and order a new one. Here you can search: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Replacing the fan is not easy because a lot of parts must be removed so the best option is contacting an authorized service provider.

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I just bought my new Satellite A210 1BW and installs Windows XP Prof.
The Problem is I don't know which chips are build in for sound, Ethernet network (any realtek...?!) and sm bus.

So I don't know which drivers I should search for.
Can anyone tell me which chips are built in?

Thank you

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A210-1BW


I found follow info about your notebook:

Chipset - AMD M690V
Graphics Controller ? ATI Mobility Radeon X2600
Soundcard - Realtek ALC268 (on board)
LAN - Realtek(10/100M)
Wi-Fi ? Atheros

I hope this few information will help you.

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I have a very big problem. Someday i look in Vista on my Resource Monitor and see there that the max freuquence is only 50%.

So first i think thats no problem because the active "energie saving plan" was energie saving.
I have a Satellite A210-10C Laptop.

So i switch to max power and run a prime95 test. But hell, the max freuquence didn't change. I also installed everest and cpu z, but all programms show me the same:

My laptop runs only with 800 Mhz instead of 1,6 Ghz!

I look for drivers for the AMD Cpu, but you don't need it for Vista. I update all Toshiba Drivers and Programms and the BIOS ( actually it is the 1.9).

Nothing helps.

As a last try I reinstalled Vista, but also that didn't help.

And now Im at loss what to do.

I hope anybody can help me.


Answer:Satellite A210-10C runs only with 800 Mhz instead of 1,6 Ghz

Hi mate,

please check the following site and download the drivers/utilities for your CPU:,,30_182,00.html

They work, believe me.

Nice weekend


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I cannot find any xp drivers for my laptop.
Can someone please help me... toshiba support does not answer back....


you can also contact me on [email protected]

have a nice day

Answer:Need XP drivers for my Satellite A210-16F

Hi there,

if there are no drivers availble on the Toshiba website then you won?t find them elsewhere. Maybe you just have to wait some time since the machine is pretty new.

A suggestion for some drivers (as a bypass) is to search for the drivers on google. Just figure out which hardware is installed (example: audio = realtek ->, CPU is AMD -> AMD CPU driver ->, etc..). That could temporarely satisfy your needs.


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My FN key doesn't work when I logon to my windows account. Before to logon my FN key works. What is the problem? Is the drivers?

Answer:Troubleshouting for FN key on Satellite A210-15J

Do you sue the Vista or XP OS?

If Vista was preinstalled on your notebook then please check if the Toshiba Vista Flashcard utility was installed and can be accessed using your user account.

The Vista FlashCard software controls the Fn buttons!

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I buy a Satellite A210-16G and came with Vista Instaled, without a cd recovery.
I need some programs who don't run under Vista , gest for Xp and i need drivers for Windows Xp.

Can somebody help me.plzzzz

Please help me.
I search 2 days and i found some of theme but not work well.

Answer:Need Xp drivers for Satellite A210-16G

Hi there,

you should read this post, where you can get some drivers:

Cheers and good luck

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when i start my Satelitte A210 with installed VISTA, i get 3 Beeps and the error screen: Ressource Conflict PCI Serial Bus Controller in Slot 01, PCI in Slot01 and PCI Serial Bus Controller in Slot 1, all ERROR ???

I can start setup with F" or Resume F1, when i resume, system is starting and find new hardware to install. pci-speichercontroller and sm-bus controller!

but i found no driver for this!

what can i do?

Answer:Satellite A210 isnīt starting right

Set BIOS to default settings, install original Vista that you got with your notebook and test functionality.
If the same happen again and again there is definitely some hardware related issue.

Have you made some hardware upgrade?

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I want to kick of this Vista... so I want to format-c my whole notebook.. After that I will install XP.
But now I looked on the Toshiba page first to get most of the drivers.... BUT when I type in my A210 I just can choose between Vista 32x/64x ... but no XP .... so how can I get the drivers?

I'm really afraid to format everything and the notebook isn't working proper anymore!!!

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A210

Hello Nico

I am not 100% sure but I have noticed that notebooks with AMD CPUs are not WXP supported. The same is with my P200D with AMD CPU inside.
I have tried to install WXP but at the end I have optimized preinstalled Vista and after almost 6 months I am really satisfied with it. Maybe you should do the same.

Do you have problems with Vista OS or maybe you need to use some programs that run under WXP only?

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Please if someone have a drivers for A210-16G that support win Xp please let me know.... I'm from Russia and very-very bad speak English.

Answer:Need XP drivers for Satellite A210-16G

The Satellite 210-16G belongs to the PSAELE series.

The Toshiba driver page provides some single XP drivers for this series:

Probably the other drivers will be released in the next couple of weeks.


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Hi there, I have a Satellite a210 under Windows 7 64bit. I?m not sure but I think the " Realtek ALC268 @ ATI SB600 - High Definition Audio Controller PCI" does not support a 5.1 sound system.

What would be a good way to make it 5.1?

thx a lot

p.s by the way, does anybody know if toshiba plans to publish the drivers for this modell under windows 7 64 bit in the future?

thx again

Answer:Satellite A210 - 5.1 Sound possible?

As far as I know just notebooks with S/PDIF out port can be connected on 5.1 devices.
What you need is probably some external solution.

Have you checked Google if such device is existing and can be connected on your notebook?
Maybe you need something like THIS . Check it out.

About Toshiba plans we can just speculate but I don't believe this will be offered in the future.

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please can anyone help? Have Toshiba A210 series. Had it over a year and never could get it to work. I did manage to download one set of photos and managed to play a game that is already on pc, but never got connected to go online.

Eventually I went broadband as ISP thought this might solve problem. due to many personal things not had time to get on the new laptop (still using old one) I went on today, and it welcomed me and asked for password. (I am not sure if I ever got as far as doing one)
Tried 3 that I use regularly, and none are the right ones.

I then click on a link and it tells me to insert floppy disc (not got one and don't think I have place to put it in on pc) or to plug in USB flash driver. I haven't got one and have no idea what any of this means. Surely if I got a blank USB driver that would be no good.
I tried to reset to factory settings, but got stuck as all it wants is my password which I don't know or have forgotten. rang one helpline, they couldn't help as laptop over a year old, and couldn't afford to ring a ?1.50p a minute line.

Many thanks in anticipation.
I hope I can find this page again.

Answer:Can't get my Satellite A210 to work

Hello Marion

To be honest I didn?t understand the problem with password and floppy but it is not so important.
In my opinion you should install recovery image and start to use your notebook with clean preinstalled operating system and ?factory state?.

If you still have original Toshiba recovery media you got with your notebook use it for OS installation.
Please follow up these steps:
Switch your notebook ON and press F12 several times
Boot menu will be shown with list of all bootable devices
Put recovery DVD into optical disc drive
In the list choose CD/DVD drive (use up and down arrows) and confirm with ENTER
Follow the menu on the screen

Please let us know if you will be able to start recovery installation following these steps.

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Hello there. My name is Vasil aka ADDOriN and im here to as you a question about my laptop and Windows 7.

I want to upgrade my Windows from Vista to 7 on my Satellite A210-127 laptop. I've seen the support tickets with all laptops that support Windows 7 but im still confused.

Here is the link for the laptop - 31725

So i just want to upgrade my Satellite A210-127 with Windows 7 but i need to be completely sure before doing it.


Answer:Satellite A210-127 and Windows 7


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hmm.. strange..

Anyways.. i bougth this computer a few years ago, and now i want to format it, but since the cd-rom drive broke down nearly after buying the computer ive not been able to do a restore useing my CD's..

So i borrowed a external Cd-rom drive.. and yet it wont boot from it..
I tried every possible solution able to be found on the internet, and still its not possible..

When i try to restore from an earlier backup, i cant restore to factory default, even tho i choose the hidden partition.. as there is no files on it.. apparently its empty..

I've tried the press C, 0, F8 repair and everything.. wont let me..
When i reach the menu and press the last option "restore windows to defautl" it just says "if files are damaged or corrupt, please use the cd's witch came with the computer" .. only option is to press OK (not next as some guides says) .. and takes me back to original menu..

I've tried the "full pc restoration" but i keep getting message "theres no valid directory blah blah blah, please insert rigth CD and or HDD or choose location of backup" but it wont let me choose any other directory...

So all in all..

Cant restore from the hidden partition, and can't restore from cd's even tho it supposed to work..
Cant install xp over it, as Vista is locked.. and cant restore to factory default...

So all in all.. i got a computer witch is more or less just pointless in haveing, and im really considering thro... Read more

Answer:Satellite A210-184: How can I restore OS?

Hi dude

> I can not recommend buying a toshiba from this point on.. its like buying cat in a bag...
I don?t agree with you.

First of all I?m an owner of Sat A210 as well and my notebook is running from first day properly.

My A210 was not equipped with HDD recovery option but there was a preinstalled tool called ?Toshiba Recovery disk creator? which helps to create the recovery disk.

If you want to recover the notebook you have to boot from recovery disk and have to follow the instruction on the screen. That?s all!

If you are not able to boot from the disk then your ODD (CD/DVD) drive might be faulty.
This means that you have to replace the ODD.

But note; not all ODDs are compatible due to the different master/slave/c-sel settigns?
And this is not only a case for Toshiba notebook but for all notebooks from different manufacturers!
The slimline ODDs don?t support any jumpers but are controlled by firmware software and therefore you have to choose an compatible one?

You could also read an user manual? there are enough details and info about the recovery process? so in most case reading helps to get more info?

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The Sat A210-BP1 came with 2 harddrive (160 GB each).
Now, i want to use the second hard drive to mirror the first one, wich has Vista installed.
This task should be done unattended and in real time - like a RAID 1.

How do i do this?
I also have Vista Business available and i would be willing to use 3rd party software as well.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Answer:How to use second HDD of Satellite A210-BP1 for mirroring

Hi Jan

I doubt this is possible?
Why? The point is that you would need a RAID technology to use the both HDDs in mirroring, striping, etc? mode.
The Satellite A210 does not support RAID. It?s only a SATA controller without the RAID capability!

Therefore the final answer is; NO, it?s not possible to use mirroring


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I am french and I have deleted Vista for XP Pro. But there are some problems:
I cannot find the drivers for ATI X1200, the sound card and the touchpad.

People can you help me?


Answer:Re: Need XP drivers for Satellite A210-111

for the driver display, I have DOWNLOAD driver for another ait card and it is good!

but always not a sound HELP ME PLEASE ;-)

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Already there is more than month has bought Satellite A210-15K back. I wish to install WXP but I can not find sata the driver.

Help! :_| ;\

Answer:WXP installation on Satellite A210-K15

I hope you found the sata driver since the question was answered succesfully. :)

In such case, congratulations ;)


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hi everybody,

since I have windows 7 installed, I recognized that my usb speed was very slow. after a check with everest I saw that there is just a USB1 installed but I have USB 2.0. I searched the whole internet but I don't find any USB Driver for windows 7 or XP fpr the A21.
anybody knows where I can find the driver?

thanks for help,

Answer:Re: Satellite A210 - USB 2.0 - Windows 7


USB drivers are a part of the Windows OS. This means that Win 7 alrady contains the right drivers.

On the Toshiba European driver page I could find the tow different registry patches 1.0 and 1.2
You should install it!
Be sure that you have installed the chipset driver as well!!!

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I have a Satellite A210-186 and i can't find drivers for Windows XP. Can anybody tell me where to find drivers for XP?

Answer:Need help with drivers for Satellite A210-186


if you follow this [LINK|] you will reach the Drivers Download site. But I must warn you, , momentarly there except for Wireless and the Display no other drivers available. Either they will upload the other one or you will have to search for the remaining drivers in the internet (like LAN, flashmedia, etc..)

But I think they should update the section soon and make the drivers available for us..


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I have seen a Toshiba notebook computer advertised on the Misco site, it is an AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core TK55 (1.8Ghz1Gig of 667 DDR2 RAM on 1 unit with 1 to spair120Gig Hard driveATI Radeon X1200 graphix card6-1 Media slotAll for Ģ339.56 and Ģ50 cash back from ToshibaQuestion What do any of you think of this offer is it a computer worth having?I don't do games. It's use would be for office applications and photographs etc.Thanks for your thoughts, further more has any one been a customer of Misco and what do you think of them?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 1AZ

PS it also has Vista Home premium

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