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TouchPad does not scroll using Win 7 on Satellite A200 PSAE3E

Question: TouchPad does not scroll using Win 7 on Satellite A200 PSAE3E


I have a little problem with touchpad after upgrade my OS to Win7 (x86 32bit).
Scrolling with newest drivers for Win7 from Toshiba and Synaptics doesnt works good.

driver version (2009-08-27) Toshiba A200 PSAE3E

Anybody have a solution ?

best regards

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Preferred Solution: TouchPad does not scroll using Win 7 on Satellite A200 PSAE3E

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: TouchPad does not scroll using Win 7 on Satellite A200 PSAE3E


> scrolling with newest drivers for Win7 from Toshiba and Synaptics doesnt works good.
Does this means that scrolling function is available after the installation of Win 7?

Hmm? for me it sounds like you would need to configure this touchpad function.
You can do this in control panel -> mouse -> device settings
There should be an additional tab containing all the touchpad options?

There you could change and increase the touch area which is needed for scrolling and similar? you could increase the sensitivity too?


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My A200 told me that I needed to update the drivers for my touchpad. I did so and now I can't use the vertical scroll feature. I have looked on the Synaptic website and there is nothing there to help. I have checked to see if I have the most up to date drivers and I do, and I have looked through the mouse settings and can't find anything that will help.

Can anyone please help me?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Vertical scroll on touchpad not working after update

Hi Ian

Why you don?t try to roll back the OS to the early time point?
I mean the OS point before you have installed the touchpad driver?

Usually this should helps to get back the early touchpad functions?.

Best regards

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When I change my windows from xp to w 7 my scroll dosen t work.
What should I do?

Sorry for my english....

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 Touchpad scroll dosnt work after Win 7 installation


You should install a compatible touchpad driver.
Choose Satellite L500 on the Toshiba European driver page.
Here you will find the 2 Win 7 touchpad drivers; Alps Electric and Synaptics.

Both have to be installed!!!


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The driver is updated, the touchpad works normally most of the time, but from time to time (quite often) the vertical scroll (the bar on the right side of touchpad) stops reacting and it's impossible to scroll vertically. After a while it reactivates again and works normally again...

What's the issue?

Answer:Satellite A200-14D: touchpad vertical scroll stops working periodically

Who knows why this happen? :)
It will be nice to have answer to such ?periodical? issues.

Have you tried to play a little bit with Virtual Scrolling settings?
Try to change scrolling region. Try to expand it a little bit.

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I have Satellite A200 (PSAE3E) and I try to install winXP on it....
when I boot from the CD and the blue screen come, it show me a massage that " Setup didn't find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"????

can you help me to start the installation???


Answer:Re: No HDD on Satellite A200 PSAE3E installing Win XP


This theme has been discussed 10000 times here in the forum.
Search in the forum for similar threads, read it and learn!!

PS: small hint; you need SATA drivers which are a part of the Intel Storage Manager.


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I have a Toshiba A200 / PSAE3 - E.
It came with vista home pre installed.
I have lost the vista recovery CD and had problems with windows and thus need now to load XP.

I understand the 2 options I can use to install XP on a SATA drive, however both the options do not help me much.

# I don't see any SATA settings under my BIOS (BIOS V5.6 / Phoenix TrustedCore). I have played with most of the options, but still get a message "setup did not find any hard drive" when XP setup starts.

# I was told to get an external FDD and download SATA drivers. I did so and downloaded "Intel Matrix Storage Manager-", where I found a directory in there as "F6flpy". This directory has 4 directories in (ICH7M_32bit, ICH7M_64bit, ICH8M_32bit & ICH8M_64bit). I copied each one of content in 4 different diskettes. I thought "ICH7M_32bit" will work and it gave me the option to install the dive (Intel 82801GMB SATA AHCI Controller / Mobile ICH7M/DH) and I could even partition the drive after pressing F8 on the XP setup.

Further I was also able to format the drive, but immediately after the message "at I get a message "Insert the disk labeled Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver into drive A. Press Enter when ready". I keep pressing enter but the system dose not even attempt to read drive A (possibly the USB gets disabled at this stage?)

Please let me know if any one has a solution for me to upgrade BIOS o... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE3E - How to install the Win XP

> Further I was also able to format the drive, but immediately after the message "at I get a message "Insert the disk labeled Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver into drive A. Press Enter when ready". I keep pressing enter but the system dose not even attempt to read drive A (possibly the USB gets disabled at this stage?)

This notification appeared because you have formatted the partition or HDD where the SATA drivers were stored. Therefore the OS asked again for the SATA drivers.
The point is that you shouldn?t format the HDD after the SATA drivers were installed.

But why you don?t use the nLite. It?s free tool which allows you to include the SATA files into Win XP disk?
So you would be able to format the HDD because the SATA drivers are placed on the Win XP disk ;)

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Hello, please I need drivers for this laptop, I´ve lost my drivers CD. For Windows Vista.

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite A200-1DY (PSAE3E)


you can find the drivers you need when clicking on this link: (Toshiba Vista Support)

I think you should find there all needed drivers.


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When I turn my notebook ON then it start too slow and some time when I shutdown my notebook some time it doesn?t shutdown. Then I take my battery out and then it shutdown.
How to solve this problem.

Windows update also not installing when i use LAN connection and in dial up i work.

My notebook is
Satellite A200 (PSAE3E)

Answer:Two issues with Satellite A200 (PSAE3E)


First of all it would be interesting to know if you have already tried to reinstall the OS on this notebook.
I mean this both issues could be related to the software problems?

Fact is that the windows OS should receive and installs the Microsoft update without any troubles and if this is not possible a software issue is possible.

I don?t know if some important system files are muddled up or if an registry issues causes this troubles but I?m sure that Vista should receive the patches and updates correctly after the new reinstallation.

Therefore it would be advisable to test this! Before you will start the recovery procedure backup your important data!!!

Good luck

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Hello everyone!

I got a A200 PSAE3E in my posession which shuts down randomly. It really powers off the hard way. I ruled out a software issue since it even does this wenn waiting for PXE, so no HDD boot or other device...

The only idea I have left is to flash the BIOS in order to get it to work again properly since I figured it might have something to do with faulty interrupts? Or anything that leaves the BIOS to be the cause...
When it's not the BIOS then the Mainboard itself must be faulty which leaves me only one option: discard that piece :-D

*So now the real question: How do I flash the BIOS without using an operating system like Windows? Is there some sort of key-combination I can press on start to get it to flash a BIOS file from a USB drive?*

Help would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE3E) - Shuts down randomly

Hi medis,

Without operating system it?s not possible to update the BIOS. All BIOS updates provided on official Toshiba website are Windows based so you need a running OS to update the BIOS.

To be honest I don?t think the BIOS is the reason for that?

Either the notebook is overheating or it?s hardware malfunction of mainboard or CPU?

If it?s just an overheating issue you can solve the problem yourself by cleaning heatsink with compressed air spray to blow out the dust from cooling ventilators.
If it doesn?t help you need professional help from an authorized service provider. The guys have professional tools to make an exact diagnostic of your notebook so they can tell you what to do in this case.

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My laptop shuts down unnexpectedly without even reaching the session menu.
I have upgraded form Vista Home Edition to a Windows 7 Professional Edition, and my laptop keeps crashing... I went to the toshiba technical help and the said they couldn't help me, but I refuse to beleave that a 1 and a half year old pc doesn't support Windows 7.
If anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful

Answer:Satellite A200-220(PSAE3E) shuts down unnexpectedly

When you visit technicians they have notebook on the desk and can see what is wrong there.
In this virtual world we can just discus about some issues and try to offer some opinion or discuss about possible causes.

I would like to know why they think it cannot be solved. What was their explanation?
Please start your notebook and enter BIOS settings. Leave it for a while and let us know if the same will happen again.

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I am having a Toshiba Laptop Satellite A200 1m7 PSAE3E, while I am trying to Install windows XP on the laptop, its showing no hard disk installed. Can I get the *Raid* for the laptop? so that I can customize windows XP and detect the hard disk to Install it.

Thanks in Advance.

Answer:Re: How can I Install Windows Xp in Satellite A200 1M7 PSAE3E?

> while I am trying to Install windows XP on the laptop, its showing no hard disk installed
You have to install the SATA drivers!
The notebook supports the SATA controller and the drivers are not a part of the Windows OS!
The SATA drivers are in the Intel Storage Manager!!
Read some threads here regarding this theme to get more details!! There are a lot of threads!

> Can I get the Raid for the laptop?
No because the notebook does not support RAID controller.

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Can't somebody tell me what efect will have a Bios ubdate on my notebook.
Can't this update damage my notebook?

Is this update a risk?
P.S. : I use Windows Xp SP2, not Vista.


Answer:Satellite A200-PSAE3E: What Bios update changes

You can use BIOS update without any risk and normally you can not damage your machine. Just follow the included instructions and everything will just go fine.
Didn't find a clue what exactly does this update, but those updates fixes some minor issues, add new features or improve performance.

So go ahead and give it a try. I think it doesn't matter wether XP or Vista is installed.

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Hi there,
maybe somebody got a link to some SATA Drivers for my Notebook, just can't find them. I want to install WXP, but have no drivers for the SATA Controller.
The only Drivers i could find are some instal.exe datas, but i need the oem, sys and inf files for a unattended disk.

Answer:Need SATA XP drivers for Satellite A200-1TJ PSAE3E

Check this thread:

You need the Intel Matrix Storage Manager which can be found on the Intel page

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I cant find bios update for windows 7 64bit. Maybe somebody got it? Please help me.

Answer:Need Win7 BIOS update for Satellite A200-1m7 (PSAE3E)

All available stuff you can find it on Toshiba download section.

What is wrong with your notebook? Why BIOS update?

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I have just downgraded from Pre-installed Vista to Windows XP successfully on my Toshiba Satellite A200 - PSAE3E, I have installed other drivers for graphic, webcam, wireless, e.t.c but I have a problem getting the audio to work, I have installed the ones from the Toshiba Europe site but won't work. Am thinkin i'll need the UAA hotfix, but I can't even find a UAA hotfix that will match.

Can somebody help with some advice, it will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE3E) - XP Audio Driver installation

I found an article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base about the UAA driver. Here you can get it:

If you need any drivers from Toshiba, you can find it here: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

If you have any problems, let me know it.

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Hello everybody,
is there any way to disable that stupid wlan switch, which prevents any new wlan card to run properly? I've tried to install several different wlan cards: Intel 5100, Intel 5300 etc. Every card was working properly (device manager), but the wlan led does not lit. Windows 7 64 Bit always says, that i should turn on the switch. But the switch is already turined on. I've installed value added package also. The key combination Fn+F8 simply does not work. When i install the old wlan card Intel 3945, then everything works fine: the wlan led lits and so on. Any comments from toshiba support people maybe?

Answer:Satellite A200-1GC (PSAE3E) How to disable WLAN switch?

I've found a solution by myself. I've cut the wire on my WIFI 5100 which leads to the pin 20 on the card. The switch still doesn't work, which now doesn't prevent my card to be working nomally. Now i have full 300 Mbit speed. :)
Another option would be to cover the pin 20 on the card with a sticky tape for example.

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I wanted to update my graphic display drivers. I have a intel GMA965 family card - x3100. When I download the drivers from the Toshiba download center and I try to install them I get a message that this computer doesn fulfill the requirements to install this software.

I updated the bios in my computer but it didn help. Currently I am using the version of the drivers which date to 2007-03-06. I hope you can help me with this problem.

Answer:Can not install graphic driver on Satellite A200-1FJ (PSAE3E)


If your notebook was delivered with a Intel graphic chip try to download and to use the compatible graphic driver from the Intel page.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 PSAE3E notebook and on Vista it tells me my display driver is not updated (generic), even when i installed Toshiba Tempro this came up.

So I downloaded the driver and ATI Catalyst won't install, in the installation process it stops and tells me that it could not detect compatible hardware.
If anybody knows a solution to this problem please reply.

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE3E - Cannot install the ATI graphic driver


It would be very interesting to know what notebook model you have.
I mean I want to know the further number: A200-xxx

Does the notebook was equipped really with the ATI graphic card?

You should check this again because I assume there is no ATI chip installed

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I'm having a very irritating problem on my laptop...

I have installed Windows 7 professional x86 on my laptop and the most recent Ubuntu 9.10 and the computer keeps crashing all the time.
The original operating system was Windows Vista Home edition.
The computer is 1 and a half years old and I can't beIeave that it isn't Win7 compatible and it doesn't support the most recent Ubuntu release, so if anyone has any idea to what is causing this or if any configurations are needed to run it please help me.

Answer:Both operating systems fail on Satellite A200-220 (PSAE3E)

?computer keeps crashing all the time? is pretty general statement and I don't believe anyone here can say for sure what is wrong there. Operating system installation is complex mix of OS itself and many different additional drivers, tools, utilities and third part applications.

Who knows what you have done, how you have installed all this stuff and what was your installations order? So for this issue you cannot expect simple answer.

First step is of course Win7 installation. At this point OS is ?naked? and without some additional software.
Does your notebook crashes at this point?

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Hello eveyone, in the last days i install Vista home premium 64 bits on my Satellite A200-1DY PSAE3E and unfortunatelly I have lost the Toshiba programs.

For me it was very useful toshiba disk creator, and i like donwnload it if its possible, but i cant find this great program.

Can anyone tell me where i can download this?


Answer:Where i can download Toshiba Disk Creator for Satellite A200-1DY PSAE3E

You cannot download this additional software.
The Disk Creator can be installed only using the Toshiba recovery CD. The software is a part of the image on the Recovery.

The point is that you have purchased the notebook with an OEM licenses and such additional software can be used only in connection with the Toshiba image.

Unfortunately but a full version cannot be downloaded. If you wan to use it on a different OS you will have to purchase it

Regards amigo

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Hi all!

I have recently changed from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Everthing is ok except for the webcam and the audio. I cannot access the webcam anymore and the audio is really low even though the volume is at its maximum. Also the earplugs do not work (no sounds come out from them). I looked for drivers (also in the archive section) but I didn't find what I need.

What should I do?

Thank you for your attention.

Answer:Satellite A200-1L5 PSAE3E-02300JIT problem with integrated webcam and audio

First of all I would recommend you to install both drivers; webcam driver and sound driver.
Sound driver

webcam chicony driver

Of course you should also install other drivers like Value Added Package.

After Realtek sound driver installation, go to control panel and here you should see the Realtek HD audio Manager.
Within the Realtek HD audio Manager you could change settings to improve the sound performance. There you should find also the yellow folder icons. The yellow folder allows you to chose how to get sound - either from headphone or from speakers.

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I have a Satellite A200 PSAE3E and I have noticed just recently that the Flash Cards do not appear now when I move my mouse pointer to the top of the screen.
I have checked that the program is set to start up when the laptop is turned on and I have looked at the settings for the program and everything seems to be OK.

However I can only get them to appear if I double click the file and start it manualy.
As a temporary fix I have put a shortcut on my desktop to start it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE3E - Flash Cards not loading and opening on StartUp


Start the *msconfig* and check if the Toshiba Flash Card are checked and enabled in ?Startup? tab.
Furthermore you should check if the service which controls the flashcards has been enabled.


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Hello all,

I'd like to report about successfull recovery of corrupted bios on my Satellite A200-1CG (PSAE3E).
As many others i've downloaded a latest bios update for my notebook and started it under Windows 7 64 bit.

Actually i've only neded some informations from the bios update tool, but the update has started automatically
without a question. :( After serveral blocks has been updated the progress bar has stucked at one position.
In 2 minutes i've had only the completely freezed system. I've switched off the system manually, switched it on again, and...
my notebook was completely dead: black screen etc. and of course i was not able to boot into the Windows 7.

So for those, who is only planning to update the bios: DO NOT UPDATE BIOS ON SATELLITE UNDER WINDOWS! THE UPDATE MAY STUCK!

I've searched over the web a found a solution. With a specially created floppy disk and external usb floppy drive the problem can be eventually solved

I've tried the recovery procedure described there but it did not help. The earlier versions of phlash16.exe tool
where not able to restore the bios. I've heard that the floppy disk was constantly readed for about 2 minutes. After the recommended 5 min pause, I've switched the power of and then switched it on again and ... I've had the same blackness of the screen as before :(

The strange thing was that the latest version of the phlash16.exe tool also didn't work, but it was different to earlier version. If I've used the earli... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200-1CG PSAE3E: Corrupt BIOS - solved with crisis recovery disk

Thanks for the info buddy?
But to be honest the BIOS procedure is always a sensible matter and I would be always careful using such things.

Anyway? great to know that your unit is running again!

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I bought my Satellite A200 (psae3e)3 months ago with Vista. I sent my computer to a lab and asked them to install XP. Everything seems to work just fine besides the scroll function on the touch pad.

I tried everything from installing the sinaptics and alps driver again to digging into any configuration. I could find related to the mouse in the control panel. Also tried the FN key + f12 (supposed to turn the scroll on and off) with no success.
Any help is appreciated.


Answer:Satellite A200 - scroll functions doesn't work in WXP


the FN + F12 is not for the Scroll function of the TouchPad. This is like the SCROLL LOCK key on a Keyboard.

And you don?t need to install the driver from Synaptics and ALPS. Only install the driver for your Touchpad.
After installing the right driver, I would go to the Properties for the Touchpad and maybe there is a function to activate and deactivate the scroll function.

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Having removed Vista and installed XP Pro I now find I can't adjust screen brightness (F6 & F7) - HELP Please!!

(also touchpad scroll no longer works??)

Answer:Satellite A200-26D: Installed XP & can't change screen brilliance or scroll

Maybe you should update the BIOS to the XP version an then you should reinstall all available Toshiba drivers and tools again.

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Toshiba Satellite A200 SKU PSAF6A-02Q01N Synaptics Touch pad issues, scroll doesn't work.

Operating system Win7 x64, re-formatted and upgraded from Vista x32, after having initial problems installing drivers and getting everything to work smoothly (for at least 2 months now), i was successful. Today out of the blue the scroll on the touch pad stopped working.

I read on some forums what to do, most said try uninstalling the driver using CCleaner and reinstall.
Tried to uninstall and re-install driver from Aus Support > Drivers, did this but got error, (something about) not recognising the OS.

I went to the Synaptics website found a driver which was recognised, installed it but not really wanting to restart the pc before i get some advice first. As there is a warning about specific drivers for specific Manufacturers and Models..

Help required, please.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200 Synaptics Touch pad, scroll doesnt work.


Uninstall the existing touchpad driver and install this one:

Recently, it has been already discussed about the touchpad malfunction in this thread. But unfortunately, it didn't help him

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The mouse cursor works perfectly fine during the signing in process, but it freezes once signed in. The touchpad only lets me scroll up/down. I tried FN+F5 but that doesn't work. I've had this laptop for a year and it hasn't done this until now. Any suggestions?

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Hi people!

I have a Satellite M50-A-118 and I can't scroll with my touchpad.
How can I fix this problem?

Answer:Satellite M50-A-118 - can't scroll using touchpad

Please check touchpad options and be sure that scrolling option is enabled.
Have you already done this?

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I have a Satellite L750 (my first Laptop and first touchpad) running Windows 7. I have set the mouse scroll to 1 line at a time but every time I place the pointer on the right scroll bar down arrow (and press the left button or tap) the screen jumps so that the scroll bar is at the bottom. I want the screen to 'inch' down slowly as it would if I was using a mouse wheel.

Yes, I know that the answer is probably very easy so please, those folks that are itching to reply remember I am a 'newbie' at touchpads.


Answer:Satellite L750 - How do I scroll with the touchpad?


You can scroll with the touchpad on right side of it. Just move your finger up or down on the right side of touchpad and you can scroll with this gesture. It?s not complicated and very easy.
Furthermore such basic operations are described in user manual and I would recommend reading it. ;)

If you are not familiar with the touchpad you can also connect an external USB mouse (same mouse like on a desktop computer). Such external mouses are not expensive and you don?t need a driver for that. Just connect it to one USB port and it?s ready to use :)

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touchpad works fine, but can't scroll with it. Already tried changing option in the menu of the touchpad, but there is no scroll-function.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mr. Forster

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At seemingly intermittent points, my laptop scrolls down uncontrollably to the point where it is unusable.
It only ever scrolls down, and stops just as suddenly as it started.

I have tried everything I can think of, scanned many times for viruses and reinstalled the touchpad drivers and am now at the end of my tether.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A120 - Touchpad scroll issues

Does your laptop have an Accupoint (between the G, H, B keys)?

Maybe that is causing the cursor to drift. Try disabling the Accupoint in the Mouse Settings in Control Panel.

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Hi, like I said just turned on the laptop as usual, but for some reason now the Touchpad will not Scroll (but works to touch to click). And, the Bottom bar Disappears only when I am on the internet chrome (on chrome its gone, but still there on internet explorer, but who wants to use explorer!! lol).

It makes it so hard to click between research and writing! Its always there like it should be on word doc , excel etc.

Small things, but super annoying and I dont understand why the change, or how theyre connected. Would just like them fixed, its so silly it would just change on me.

Any help is much appreciated!!
Thanks, Jenna

Answer:Touchpad does not scroll and bottom bar disappears on Satellite Pro L


The touchpad settings can be changed in control panel -> mouse
Here you have to go to last tab ?Advanced? and click on Advanced setting button.

Now you should get a menu with all options available for touchpad.
There should be a option called ?Use Scroll function?. This should be checked/enabled.

Check this!

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Just few days before i got my TOSHIBA A305 - S6872 frm U.S.
But my there is some problem with touchpad.

The touchpad is working fine but it is not scrolling.
Kindly if anyone know regarding this problem then pls solve this problem.

Earlier reply will be thankful.


Answer:Satellite A305-S6872 - touchpad does not scroll

Hi Saad.. please re install the your laptop drivers from Toshiba website

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My laptop is Satellite C850, windows 7. It was working well till I deleted some programs (as cleaning of spams). I'm not sure if that is related to my problem or not. Since then I can't scroll using my touchpad and I can't find its hardware or settings. It works well as a mouse but not to scroll.

Any help ????

Answer:Touchpad doesn't scroll - Satellite C850

Have you checked all touchpad options?
Be sure that scroll option is activated properly.

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I bought a new Satellite C-series, and I would like to enable the scroll up and down option on the touchpad.
any suggestions please

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Hi guys,

I have a Toshiba Satellite A210 on which I installed recently with Win XP SP3 and I have a problem with my Synaptics Touchpad. IT DOESN'T Scroll!!!

I tryed a few other drivers from Toshiba drivers page, synaptics homepage, old drivers and other... can anyone help pls with some other suggestions?
In mouse settings I dont even have other utilities other than the left/right buttons

Answer:Re: Satellite A210-11C (PSAEGE) - Can't scroll on touchpad


Did you activate the virtual scroll function in Synaptics driver?

You should check this because this feature must be enabled. Go to control panel => Mouse => Device Settings => Settings => Virtual Scrolling.

Therefore the Synaptics driver must be installed. I?m using the driver from the Toshiba website and don?t have any problems.


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Hi guys,

in 2007 i bought my Toshiba Satellite A110-156, shortly after i got vista home from Toshiba as an present for my new Laptop.
All good, only my touchpad didn't scroll.

After a new driver version 703014, it works.
Only vista keeps naggin by the start up. I have to accept the drivers three times before it works.
Every time by a start up!

After a while, i finally found the solution - sadly enough - this weekend i had to reinstall my laptop en forgot what the solution was.
I have the same driver, version 703014 from the toshiba site and saddly the same problem.

I can't find the solution on the dutch sites, so i hope you can help me!

I already tried to install the drivers by de hardware programs, this didn't help!

Answer:Satellite A110-156 - touchpad doesn't scroll


Maybe you have to configure the touchpad again?

I think you will find the touchpad settings in control panel -> mouse.
There you have to search for the touchpad entry? I?m not sure if you have to got to the properties or settings but one of this option should be available to get advanced touchpad settings.

The A110-156 seems to be a PSAB0E series?
If you are using the Vista then you have to update the BIOS to the 5.20-WIN version because this BIOS is only for Vista usage!

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I'm interested in buying notebook L500-164.

Can anybody tell me if this notebook has a touchpad with scroll-function?
And if, only page down or also "left to right"?


Answer:Satellite L500-164 - Does the touchpad has scroll function?


Yes, the Satellite L500 supports virtual scrolling.

But therefore you need the touchpad driver, this feature is software based as on other notebook. It?s not a problem because the driver is already preinstalled and additionally you can download it on the Toshiba page. :)

Have fun with a new Satellite L500. Friend of me bought it too and it?s really great and the price is also good.

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My S50T-A Touchpad mouse will do nothing but scroll in each screen, i can not click on new tabs, on emails etc, all i can do is scroll around the screen i am in. PLEASE HELP.

Answer:Satellite S50T-A Touchpad mouse stuck at scroll only


Your Satellite S50T-A seems to support a Touchpad with additional features like click pad with multi-touch control gestures supporting various scroll, zoom and launch functionalities at your fingertips.
You can disable this and other features in
Control panel -> mouse -> Device Setting tab -> Setting button

Here you can find a detailed step by step instruction how to disable such options
[How to change the Synaptics touchpad settings |]

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The touchpad on my two month old laptop has never allowed me to scroll. In the control panel, under "hardware", I have a Synaptics port touchpad on PS/2 port. Under "settings", it only offers buttons, left and right, to configure. The driver date is shown as 27/07/2007 and the version is

I have a cordless HID compliant mouse, which works fine.

Any help much appreciated


Answer:Re: Touchpad doesn't scroll on Satellite A210 PSAEGE

I just tried rolling back the driver for the touchpad, and it reverted to an Alps driver. I had not knowingly installed a different one, or the Synaptic one. Anyway, the touchpad works now, with more functions than I had on my WXP laptop.

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One day I realized I had lost pinch and scroll functions on my touch pad. Don't know why.
So I tried to install a Synaptics touch pad Driver. This provided the missing functions but the Cursor got delayed and the sensitivity of the touch pad was restricted to a certain spot. Therefore I de-installed the Synaptic Driver again.
The sensitivity issued got cured but I still had no pinch and scroll function on the touch pad.
Therefore I went to the Toshiba download site and learned that the ALPS Driver was the original Driver.
I tried to install this Driver (as requested for 64 bits).
The installation seemed to pass smoothly. After re-starting there is still no pinch and scroll functionality and nowhere the driver is found neither in the programs list nor added to the "mouse" Screen in the System functions Folder.

How can I get that pinch, zoom and scroll functions back to my touch pad?

Answer:Satellite L50-B - lost touchpad pinch and scroll functions

This sounds like program interference, you will need to perform a clean boot and disable firewall and antivirus and then try and install the driver. Here is a description on how to perform a clean boot,

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Can anyone tell me how to switch off the scroll and zoom functions for the Synaptics Touchpad v7.2 .
Can't seem to do it via the Control Panel.

Any suggestions.

Answer:How to switch off scroll and zoom functions of touchpad on Satellite L


You can do that in the touchpad settings.
You can find these settings going to:

Control panel -> mouse -> Advanced tab -> Advanced Future setting button

Here you have to uncheck the option called ?Use scroll function?

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On the first install of Vista on my A300D-161 I could scroll with my touchpad by moving my finger from right above to right down on the touchpad,
Now I reinstalled Vista and I installed the utility but it doesn't have a option for scrolling.

How/what now?


Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A300D - After Vista reinstallation I can't scroll on touchpad

if you still have it, check the Toshiba driver folder its usually C:\TOSAPINS, or just check the recovery CDs for the folder

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For no reason at all. (as far as i can recall). I was just doing random stuff on pc (like every other time), surfing the web, while I just recognized my scroll on touchpad isn't working. I tried rebooting pc, turning touchpad on and off, but didn't hepled.

I have Satellite R850 2R notebook with win7 on it.

Answer:Satellite R850 - scroll on touchpad stopped working

Try to check if Windows update has installed something today and roll back OS to earlier time (two days back if possible) using system restore tool.

I don?t know if this will help but you can try it. Several times I saw that synaptics driver update is offered by option windows updates.

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I recently had major problems with my Satellite A200-AH6 PSAE0C notebook after I did a BIOS flash. I brought it in, got it repaired, and everything is running normally.

However, there are 2 problems which I cannot seem to figure out.

The first issue is with the volume control -- the scroll for the volume works fine, but the display bar does not show up on my screen indicating volume level. This is NOT a major issue at all, but I'd like to know if someone knows a solution to it. Maybe a missing .dll?

The 2nd issue (VERY IMPORTANT) is with the touchpad -- the scroll on the right side of it does not work anymore. I cannot find any problem with it, and I compared it to my brother's laptop (exact same kind) and it is identical. I assume there is a missing driver....please, someone help with this issue. It is critical that I can scroll up and down, because using Page Up and Page Down is just too annoying.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A200 Touchpad Issue

Well just go to the toshiba drivers section, put your laptop model and look for the touchpad driver and install it to see if then the scroll works. (Don't know if it's the same for all toshiba laptops but if your laptop has the alps or something like that touchpad driver then install that one instead of synaptics)

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I recently bought a new Satellite Pro A200-1mi (psae7e). Thing is that while I was using it initially there was this assist in the beginning which enabled us to use the hotkey (fn+keys) on the screen.
It was at the top of the screen.

So I clicked on the tab to disable my touchpad but now I can't seem to enable the touchpad and accidently closed this hotkey assist also.

So tried everything to enable the touchpad again; driver reinstalled, tried installing touchpad on/off and everything...

Please help me.
If there is any questions please do ask..
I am really hoping that someone would find a answer for me.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite Pro A200-1MI: How to enable the touchpad again

Hello Sabil

You can start Flash cards again: Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Settings for Flash Cards. Open these settings and remove check mark in front of disable option.
I hope you will be able to use Flash cards again.

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Hi, my touchpad stopped working a few months ago and have been using a USB mouse since instead.

I've tried to get it working by installing updates, and it says that the deivice is working in the control panel. I think it may be a setting or something that needs to be adjusted, as this has only been since I left the lid open one day and my cat sat on the kyboard, opening up a bunch of programs and settings. Although it might just be a coincidence?

Any ideas would be much apprecieted. Thanks, ash.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Touchpad not working

Actually, never mind... just read a few posts back and noticed the FN + F9 key restores the touchpad... and it worked! YAY!!

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I installed windows 7 on my satellite A200-1M6 and touchpad doesn't work. I installed alps and synaptic drivers but it didn't work. In the Device Manager in "Mice and other pointing devices" I have HID-compliant mouse and PS/2 Compatible Mouse. There is no device like touchpad. I have no problems with this in Windows XP and Vista.

Message was edited by: walderro

Answer:Satellite A200 - TouchPad problem


As I see, there is no available Satellite A200-1M6.(PSAE0E)Touchpad driver for Windows 7 on the toshiba driver page.

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Last Saturday I bought my Sattelite A200 with Vista Home Premium. I found that I could set the properties for the touchpad via Control Panel -> Mouse and (on the last Tab) -> Advanced settings.

A few hours later this last tab was suddenly replaced by a Tab called "Device Settings" and all I have left are tabs with settings for a standard mouse instead for the touchpad.

My question now is: How can I get the old situation back, so that I can alter the settings for the touchpad?

Answer:Satellite A200: How to get old setting for touchpad

Did you try to set the Windows back to the early point?
It would be interesting to know if this will bring back button to the early state.

Did you try to reinstall the Touchpad driver? Check this!
Remove the old one and after new reboot install the one from the Toshiba page!

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I am using Toshiba Satellite A200-1z3 model no. : PSAE3E with windows 7 32bit and i turned off my touchpad by pressing FN+F9. Now I cant get it back to work.
I dont know whats the problem.

Please help

Answer:Cannot enable touchpad on Satellite A200

What happen when you restart your notebook?
Is touchpad enabled or disabled?

Check please mouse settings and be sure everything is enabled.

By the way: have you installed synaptics driver?

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I have a Satellite A200, I use a USB wireless mouse all of the time. My touch pad used to work even when I had the USB plugged in but now it has stopped working altogether. I cannot find the lcoation to see if it has been disabled in some way. Can someone help me?

My A200 is also turning itself off at any time while I am using it. I read some early treads that said it can overheat. I have my unit plugged into mains all the time and have the battery still in as well. I also leave my laptop on most of the time as well. I have notieced that the side vent area can get extrememly hot as is the touch pad area. Would overheating cause both issues? Please need some advice soon as I am ready to toss Toshy away.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad isn't working

Hey mate,

First of all the touchpad can enabled/disabled using FN+F9 key combination. Check this!!!
I also using an external mouse all of the time but this key combination only works for the internal one so it?s worth a try! ;)

Regarding the turning off problem if could be an overheating issue of course. The notebook should be cleaned from time to time and I do this every 3 months for example because I use my notebook every day. I?m always wondering how much dust come out if I clean it with compressed air spray. I followed the instructions in this document:

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I have just brought a new A500/026 laptop and when I play music from my ipod I get a small pop static sound on regular intervals during the song... this happens on all my music. I accidentally scroll horizontally across my touhpad and my screen minimises or maximises. I try to locate how I did it but can never seem to get it back to its normal state. There is obviously some kind of function here, can anyone help me with what this is? I have installed the x64 bit version of windows 7.



Answer:Issues with sound and scroll function on touchpad on my Satellite A500/026


The touchpad settings are placed in control panel -> mouse
There you will find the additional tab which would allows you to access the touchpad properties.

As far as I know the touchpad properties contains a lot of different options which allows you to configure the scroll function, to enable and to assign different actions to the touchpad corners, etc?

Check it!

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the Alps touchpad driver for W8.1 that is currently supplied by Toshiba does not have an option to adjust the vertical scroll speed of the two finger gesture. With the default speed, even leaning the fingers downwards without moving them results in a scroll that is equivalent of PAGE_DOWN, e.g. way to fast.The version I use is the latest one from the website (

There is a registry entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Alps/Apoint that make the situation a bit more bearable (set ScrollLines to 1), but there is no way to adjust if further it in the settings or the registry

A newer Alps Driver (8.103.404.104) from another company has this option and scrolling works like it should on the lowest speed, but it does not support 2-finger rightclick.

Why does toshiba use an outdated driver that is missing this critical function? Is there a new driver available? Did anyone find a fix for this?

Answer:Satellite Z30 - Updated Touchpad Driver with adjustable scroll speed?


From my knowledge notebook manufacturers modify and adjust the own drivers.
The driver versions are always different and are not always comparable with driver versions released by other notebook manufacutrers.

As you said above:
the Alps driver released by Toshiba does not support the scroll speed but at the other hand it supports the 2-finger right click.
The other driver supports the scroll speed option but doesn?t support the finger right click.

Well it would nice to have an driver which would support all the mentioned options.
So I think we can just wait and hope that the next releases will support some more nice-to-have features?

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My touchpad (Alps Ver. 7.0.302.8) looses the scroll function periodically when switching between web sites in Firefox.
Under "mouse properties" the graphic shows no activity for the scrolling activity.

It usually highlites the graphic when I touch the scroll area of the touchpad. I am at the latest driver ver., but have not tried removing & reinstalling it yet. Anyone know if this is likely a Vista (Vista Home Premium SP1) issue or an Alps driver issue?
I also occasionally lose my pointer settings, like speed, when awaking from sleep. Not sure of exact conditions when this happens though.

I have seen an issue with my wireless adapter not being recognized after after sleep.
For this, I must restart the computer & the device is reinstalled.
The problem with the touchpad did not occur for the first 2 weeks of use, but the wireless adapter problem started from day 2 or 3.

Oh, BTW, I also have a Logitech mouse (Ver. installed & Wacom ( driver installed.
I can do without the Wacom being installed at start, but I do want the Logitech mouse driver installed.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, kev

Answer:Satellite P305-S8828 touchpad loosing scroll function

Hey kev

We can discuss about this just if you use recovery image or ?factory settings?. You have installed third part driver and the Toshiba responsibility stops there. Nobody knows if there is some negative influence to Toshiba preinstalled driver.

If you want to have full touchpad functionality, use Toshiba stuff only. But if you want to use some external device with own driver or software you must live with it.

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How do I activate the scroll feature on the touchpad of my Satellite M35X-S163 laptop?

Answer:Satellite M35X-S163 - How to enable touchpad scroll function?


The scroll feature of the touchpad can be enabled in control panel > Mouse.

There you will find the option but don?t forget that the driver for the touchpad must be installed and you can find it on the Toshiba website:

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Satellite L750/04K laptop intermittantly looses abiliy to scroll with touchpad but remains ok for movement around screen.
Scrolls ok if I use external mouse.

Can fix with a restart. Has been working ok for about 4 months previously. Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, Mooky.

Answer:Satellite L750/04K - Touchpad intermit loss of scroll function


As I understood you message: the touchpad is working properly but only the scroll function does not work. Right?

In such case I would recommend checking the option in Control Panel -> Mouse
Here you will need to switch to last tab and go to Advanced Settings.
Usually, there you should find the settings for touchpad:

<img src='' border='0' width=550px/>

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I have a Toshiba A200-226, and I've been using Windows 7 professional for a while, but I've formated the PC and now I can't find my touchpad drivers...
It has dual mode, so the synaptics web site drivers are not complete, can someone help me on this?


Answer:Satellite A200-226: I can't find my touchpad drivers


you can check it on the Toshiba driver page:

if you don't find win 7, try vista's one. Note, satellite a200 drivers are placed in *archive* in +family+ section

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Recently purchased a second hand toshbiba a200 laptop and the touchpad for the frist week or two was working fine.
It then started to get hard to use, like sluggish, now it wont even move at all.

I reformatted computer and that didnt work.
So I'm thinking the touchpad itself may be gone?

Any suggestions and if so how would I get a new touchpad?


Answer:Satellite A200 - touchpad does not work properly


You mean the touchpad does not work anymore?
Did you use the Toshiba Recovery disk to recover the unit?

Are you using the latest BIOS?
Please check this and if newer BIOS if available, please update this?

Well, it could be also an hardware issue?
And in such case the touchpad must be replaced?

This is tricky and usually should be done by an ASP (service partner) in your country?

PS: the touchpad can be ordered also from a local ASP.

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Hi can anybody give myself and my friend some help, we both have brand new A200-28P laptops and she has just experienced this weird problem with the touchpad that I first noticed about a week after I bought mine. I was happily using the touchpad when all of a sudden it lit up blue and totally froze and no matter what I did it wouldn't respond and I had to force the laptop into shutdown(via Ctrl, Alt and Del buttons) to get the touch pad to respond again and it did this to me about 3 times and I thought maybe it was just me doing something wrong as I don't get on well with touchpads, find them hard to use especially when playing computer games so I bought an external mouse but it has lit up this blue once more since then and that was the other night when I forgot about my external mouse and moved something using the touchpad but luckily because of my external mouse could carry on and not have to shut laptop down.

Now this afternoon my friend has just sent me a text explaining why she logged off as her touchpad just did this blue light up thing and froze. There is no warning its going to do it, one minute its fine next its blue and frozen, anybody else experienced this and if so how do you fix it as couldn't find any help at all on the knowledge base or in my troubleshooting bit on the manual.

Answer:Satellite A200-28P: touchpad goes blue and freezes

well if its anything like my laptop then don't worry. If you tap the top right of the pad where you see the 2 arrows then the touchpad lights up blue as this allows you to use shortcuts and control volume with it. If it goes blue, to get it off again just tap the top right corner.

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In the beginning my touchpad worked fine. I turned it off and used a mouse instead.. now i cannot turn on the touchpad again!
I tried it in the system controls and also with fn+f9.. I installed the latest driver but all that does not work.
Can somebody help me??

Answer:Touchpad on Satellite A200 does not work properly

I have the same problem with my A200-19L. Before I started using mouse (A4tech MOP-60D) my touchpad was working fine in Vista, Windows 2008 Server, Fodora 7, Ubuntu. Now it doesn't work at all.

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Satellite A200-1BW.

This has a Synaptics dual mode touchpad which swaps modes when you tap the top right corner - at least it used to! Upgraded to Win7 and had to do a clean install as I had Vista Ultimate 32 bit version.
Used the Tosh upgrade package but the touchpad driver only gave me basic functionality, not dual mode.

Looked around and installed Luxpad V6.5 driver 9.1.14 dated 02 Nov 2007. Played around a bit and got everything nearly normal but the pad does not light & change mode when I tap the top right corner despite the check box for this being ticked. It does light and function if I tick the second option regarding the external mouse etc.

Any ideas will be gratefully considered as I do tend to use this. Cheers.

Answer:Touchpad on Satellite A200-1BW will not light when tapping right top

Hi ple2011,

Where did you download Luxpad V6.5 driver? I can?t find it on Toshiba website?

Fact is that on Toshiba website you can download Alps Electric and Synaptics touchpad driver and you have to install both drivers. You can download them here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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My touch pad was having problems so I removed it, now I can't find the driver for it, any suggestions?


P.S, model number is PSAE1E

Answer:Satellite Pro A200: Where to find driver for touchpad

Did you check the Toshiba European driver page? -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers

There you should be able to find your notebook series and the necessary touchpad drivers.

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I want to format my Satellite to install windows XP, but in the drivers page there are 2 different drivers from different brands. So my question is, how do I know which is the one I need to install?

Model - Satellite A200-1C3 PSAE6E

Answer:Satellite A200 - question about Touchpad drivers

Can someone help me please?

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Hey all!

I upgraded my laptop with Vista to Windows 7 Professional and ever since then I cannot get access to the touchpad settings at all. I want to turn off the tapping and turn on the scrolling. I have tried installing and uninstalling the device as well as the new the new driver for my symantics touchpad from the symantics website and the recommended driver from the toshiba site but neither has worked.

When I go into device properties and go to change settings the only options I have are to specify the actions the two buttons have.

Totally absolutely should have been an easy fix.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite A200 touchpad

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I have just taken my vista A200 (PSAE3E) back to vista 64-bit, and can't find a driver for my alps touchpad. Can anyone help?


Answer:Satellite A200 - need 64-bit ALPS touchpad driver

It is really strange. On Toshiba download page for your notebook model there is listed version 7.100.301.4 for Vista 64-bit. Can you find it?
Please check it again and choose right notebook model - A200 (PSAE3E).

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200. Touchpad has stopped working, i can not more scroll. I have tried all the settings but it didn't worked.

What to do?

Answer:Satellite A200 - touchpad has stopped working

Why you don?t try to update or reinstall the touchpad driver?

I think this should be done firstly? you can download the compatible driver from the Toshiba European driver page and could reinstall it.


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Suddenly my touchpad has developed a mind of its own.
If I hover on something for a couple of seconds it is as though I have clicked on it.

It's really annoying as I've been deleting things I don't want to delete, selecting programs I don't want to select etc.etc.

I have looked at the Synaptics settings & can't find anything that may resolve the problem, although I am totally thick when it comes to anything like this.
If anyone can offer a solution which even I can understand I will be really, truly grateful.

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad sensitivity issue


All you can do is to check all these settings, especially change the sensitivity level in hope this behaviour will stops.
Other way I don't see other was as to visit Toshiba service.

Is external mouse usage solution for you? I mean you can completely disable touchpad with FN+F9 and use external mouse.

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Originally when i had my A200-1HU I could use the right hand side of the touchpad to scroll. I now cannot do so.

I cannot find anyway to rectify this, there is a logo in systray saying synaptics pointing device but when I click on it, it takes me to pointing device properties that are relevant to a mouse not a pad.

How do I get my scrolling back on my touchpad?

Answer:Satellite A200-1HU: How do I get scrolling back on my touchpad

I lost all the functions on my touchpad after a windows update, which installed new synaptic touchpad drivers. After a lot of frustration and hours later i finally got them back by reinstalling Alps Electric touchpad drivers, NOT the synaptic drivers.
You can find the drivers under the support and downloads link.
Hope this helps

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Hi there,

Im having problems with my Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 Touchpad. It was fine until when i was walking down the stairs and accidently dropped it. The hard drive had to be replaced and the touchpad wansn't working. I've tried to diagnose the problem by checking device manager updating driver's etc. And ive narrowed it down to 2 causes: Damaged motherboard OR the touchpad wire has come loose/off. So as im really good with computers and very good with laptop's i need to disassemble my Laptop to get to the touchpad wire and check it out first. And then i will know if it is the touchpad or the motherboard. And now I have never disassembled a laptop before i have no idea what the process is especially for my medel which i cannot find guides for as it is not a very recent one. Could someone please give instructions on how to disassemble it? I will leave model and other info. about it at the end of this post. I would appreciate links to a guide etc or just simple easy instruction and pictures would be helpful.

Thank you ever so much for reading this wall of text and Thank you if you decide to help me out

Come on Tech Forums Let's see how good you are

Model Name: Satellite Pro A200
Model Number: PSAE1E-00Q002EN

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 Laptop Touchpad Issues

Dropping it could have damaged the touchpad itself. Not just the wires.

If it is still under warranty, do not open it. RMA it to Toshiba.

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How do you reset the shortcut buttons on the Synaptic touchpad on an A200. Theres nothing on the mouse control panel!

Answer:How to reset shortcut buttons on the TouchPad of Satellite A200

What do you mean with resetting? Removing all functions or what?? Please clarify your problem and explain more detailed what you really want.
Would appreciate it due to more ability to help you with your problem.


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I have just installed Windows 7 in my Toshiba A200 and downloaded drivers for the touch pad from Toshiba's site.
However, the option related to enabling vertical scrolling is not present in the settings.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad vertical scrolling not present


You have to install the Synaptics and the Alps touchpad driver.
Then you could enable the vertical scrolling in control panel -> mouse -> pointing devices -> settings.

Take a look into L500 series... there you will find both touchpad drivers


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I spent a lot of time searching for the solution of my problem, but without effects.

My touchpad is not working properly. I mean, i can move the arrow and click on the screen, that is ok. But all other functions (volume, mailbox and other "virtual buttons" are not working)- so called "dual mode".
I got mouse connected to the USB.

If I disconnect it, there is no change - the touchpad works only in the basic mode.
If I change in touchpad settings for "always in Dual Mode when an outside device is plugged in" - the Dual mode and all the virtual buttons work.
But what should I do to make the dual mode work even if the mouse is not connected (to make the on/off button work)???

Thanks for all help,

Answer:Satellite A200 touchpad function not working properly

I?m a little bit confused now and I don?t know what you want exactly?
You speak about the touchpad, dual mode, USB mouse, etc.

I don?t know what you mean with dual mode and maybe you should give us more informations about your OS.
And do you use the touchpad or USB mouse?

Can you post a screenshot or something else?

I don?t know if this solves your problem but have you tried to update the touchpad driver? You can find it on the Toshiba website.

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I recently bought a Satellite A200-1YO model PSAE3E. I have tried to enable the dual mode touch pad however nothing happens no blue lights are seen etc. How can I find out if this model has this feature?

Originally I had the Alps driver and I tried to install the Synaptics one but this removed the Alps one so I had limited functionality i.e no Advanced settings option.
I have restored this again to the Alps one.

The OS is Win Vista Premium Home edition 32 bit.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Dual mode of touchpad does not work on Satellite A200-1Y0

Hi friend,

does this problem happen since you bought the machine, took it out of the box, power it on and the Dual mode did not work??

I mean, did you already tried to recover your machine to the factory defaults???
Maybe this should help you.


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I have this problem with my touchpad. I'm running Vista Business and have my touchpad drivers installed but the Fn key combination for turning it on/off doesn't work. It starts to work when I install value addes package but then my FN brightness key combination doesn't work

What can I do to make all of them work?

Answer:TouchPad On/Off FN button doesn't work on Satellite A200

You must install all stuff listed in ?Installations Instructions? document. Please install all stuff as listed in this document because installations order is very important.

You must understand that using FN keys combination you have influence on several different applications. Touchpad ON/OFF is separately application. ?Flash cards? is separately applications and part of Value Added Package.

Simply install all Toshiba tools and utilities and everything will be ok.

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My A200 is 20 days old. OS is Vista Home OEM.
From time to time, my touchpad produces left clicks, which can be very annoying if I am writing something.

I know that it is left click, because if I have large text, my cursor appears from time to time in line where pointer is located at that moment.

I tried with uninstallation/installation Touchpad drivers, but it did not solve my problem.


Answer:Satellite A200-1YX: Sometimes Touchpad produces left clicks

Hey Dragan

Please don?t be mad at me but I don?t think that an touchpad could create left clicks automatically.
I think you have touched accidentally the touchpad surface while typing and therefore the cursor switched to another position.

Try to disable the touchpad using the key combination FN+F9 and check if it happens again?

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Dear Sir,

My problem is my touchpad is working at all, I usually enable it or disable it from an auto hide tab at the top of my desktop (which have been disappeared after I update to Vista SP1), after that and accidentally stopped the pointing device driver ,

I tried to re-install it again but I couldn't know which one is the correct driver for my laptop is it (ALPS pointing device Or Synaptics pointing device) ??

I tried to press the FN + F9 keys but I had no change the touch pad is not working, so I have to use a USB mouse..

Can you help please

note that I'm using Windows Vista Business SP1, Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7E)

Many Thanks


Answer:My Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7E) touchpad stopped working

Have you checked the device manager? There you should normally see what touchpad you have exactly.
Then you can download on the Toshiba website the newest driver: => Support & downloads => Download Drivers

Check this!

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I have SATELLITE A200-10W ,HOME PREMIUM installed with SP1. I am using it more than one year. All of sudden what happened that my laptop stop responding and then I restarted it.
My touchpad and keyboard stop working but i logon into window user through ONSCREEN KEYBOARD.
Inside device manager i have WARNING icon on keyboard and inside it is written under DEVICE STATUS that

?Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing.(CODE 39)."

i8042prt.sys and kbdclass.sys files are attached as driver detail.

My keyboard is working during BIOS and even when I boot with bootable CD as WINPE operating system, my keyboard is working, even typing everything inside that environment but not in normal window.

I tired restore my laptop
Enforce unsigned driver
SAFE MODE (not working even)

Downloaded some software like driver detected etc, but ....... NO RESULT.

I don't want to go for WINDOW RECOVERY CD for OS to re-install
I have a lot of settings, I don't want to erase...


My Warranty is already finish after one year

pls help and reply.........

Answer:Satellite A200 - keyboard and touchpad drivers cannot be loaded

Problem has been solved after SYSTEM RESORE into SAFE MODE.

Thanks to system restore tool, which finally save my window

I hope my this post will help future people to resolve their such issue.

khuram ~

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Synaptics hot-keys after installing WinXp doesn't work.

On Vista i touch "Two arrows" touchpad lite up blue colour but now this does not happen.
I installed driver from Toshiba web-site for Win XP.

How to on hot-keys on touchpad?

From Russia with love = )

Answer:Touchpad hot-keys don't work after installing Wii XP on Satellite A200-1HV

May be i said not good, about problem? I will try tell about my trouble. In Windows Vista Home Basic, when i touch "2 arrows" (You can see it, on screenshot, in up-right angel), after that, touchpad Began fluoresce by the blue colour, and after that i push 1 button from 6 buttons on touchpad (they all in red circle) and starts tha application. But no, when i touch "2 arrows", nothing happened. Is it information help to solve problem?
P.S. I try phone to Support, but, now in Russia we have holidays = (

Sincerely your JIABP.

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Dear friends,
I have the Toshiba A200 23X with Vista.
I have installed the Synaptics Pointing Device for the touchpad. I have assigned in the 3 buttons, 3 differerent applications so that when I touch each one of these buttons to start the appropriate application.

The question is how I change the applications that I have assigned?

The very first time, before the attaching, when I touch for example, the first button, a small window appeared asking to attach an application, the same happened with the rest 2 buttons.
But now because I want to change these application I have attached,to these buttons, I don't know th way.

if someone can help please.

Thanks a lot

Answer:Satellite A200-23X: How to change app assigned to touchpad buttons


I think you can change the touchpad button settings in the touchpad properties.
You could find the properties in *control panel -> mouse -> device settings (last tab) -> settings button*

There are some options. You have to choose the option called ?Dual mode?
There you will find the area where new applications could be assigned.


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Hi everybody
I Installed Windows 7 on my Satellite Pro A200-1S1, retrieved all the drivers on Toshiba site, everything works fine (less than the web camera that didn't work even with previous s.o. XP or Vista...). But my Touchpad doesn't work at all.... No Fn+F9, no driver, nothing works. And in my control panel-device manager seems to be everything ok.
Any suggestion?

Answer:Satellite PRO A200-1S1 with Windows 7 x32. Touchpad doesn't work


Did you reinstall the touchpad driver?
Check this!

Check also if the option ?Disable touchpad when USB mouse is connected? is not checked. This can be found in the control panel -> mouse -> Device settings

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I have installed my Satellite A200-19l new with Vista Ultimate from an microsoft dvd.
It works fine but the FN Keys (like Email , Volume etc ) do not work on my Touchpad.

I have installed the Value added package and the other FN Keys on the F Buttons work.

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Satellite A200-19l: Touchpad FN function don't work Vista Ultimate

Satellite A200-19L belongs to the PSAECE series.
The Toshiba driver page provides two touchpad drivers;
One from Alps Electric and one from Synaptics

The Synaptics driver allows you to set the properties and functions for Touch Pad control.
The Alps Electric driver allows you to set the properties and functions for mouse control.

Check if both are installed properly

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Originally Posted by justinc89

I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 running 32 bit Vista, and I used to be able to scroll with the touchpad, however, it doesn't seem to be working any longer. Also, in the synaptics pointing device program, I am unable to configure actions to the left and right buttons. I checked apoint.exe and it seems to be working fine...does anyone know what may be causing this or how to fix it? What should I be reinstalling? It's very annoying and I'd like to be able to scroll without holding the button and dragging. Thanks

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Does anyone know why the touchpad has stopped working- it happened after a Windows Vista home edition upgrade.
External USB mouse is ok but touchpad doesn't respond.

Any help would be great. Thanks

Answer:Touchpad stopped working on Satellite A200 after Vista upgrade

Maybe the touchpad drivers don?t response and are muddled up.
Remove the touchpad driver from the system and reinstall it again.

The touchpad drivers are available on the Toshiba European driver page.

Reinstall it and test it again!!!

PS: You should firstly check if the touchpad is not disabled!!!

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Hello everybody.

I need some help with my A200-1HV. The problem is, that my touchpad does'nt work:( I use polish Windows Vista Home premium, and I have uninstaled some programs form the system, that were'nt usefull for me.
After this, touchpad stopped working. I have drivers for it and in system it looks that the touchpad should be working, but it does not. I am not sure which programs I have unistaled, but for sure it was config free (but I have instaled it afterwards and it still does'nt work).

Maybe some of you will know, which programs from the system are needed for touchpad to work, beside drivers.
I would be very greatfull for any ideas.

Answer:Satellite A200-1HV: Touchpad doesn’t work after removing of some programs


I don?t see any connection between the ConfigFree and the touchpad so in my opinion the touchpad should work without installed ConfigFree!!!
I presume you have removed or changed anything else.

However, except the touchpad driver reinstallation I would recommend checking if the touchpad functionality was not disabled. You can enable and disable the touchpad using the FN+F9 keys.

If it does not help to enable the touchpad I would recommend using the system restore tool and to roll back the OS to the early point (before you have removed the programs).
Usually this should helps.

Check it!
Best regards

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 running 32 bit Vista, and I used to be able to scroll with the touchpad, however, it doesn't seem to be working any longer. Also, in the synaptics pointing device program, I am unable to configure actions to the left and right buttons. I checked apoint.exe and it seems to be working fine...does anyone know what may be causing this or how to fix it? What should I be reinstalling? It's very annoying and I'd like to be able to scroll without holding the button and dragging. Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200 Notebook - Synaptics Touchpad Not Scrolling?

It could be a hardware issue.

I had similar problems w/ notebook - mousepad had to be replaced.

You could try to un-install all drivers in Device Manager then re-boot. Vista will re-install. Also make sure to go to OEM site and get updated driver - if available.

Note that you will lose mouse function completely after un-install. Have USB mouse or b/c familar with CTRL-ALT-DEL that will get you to screen so you can use arrow keys to restart system

Regards. . .



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when connected to the power supply and using the touch pad the pointer jumps about erratically (only when touching the pad) even if I hold my finger still.

BUT if I keep in contact with anything connected to the laptops 'ground' such as the VGA connector then everything works correctly.

Also if the laptop is sitting on my lap this also corrects the issue (I experimented by placing it on a damp towel to simulate the shielding effect of my body and it had the same effect i.e. no jittery pointer).

Lastly when running on battery there is no problem.

I have tried upgrading and downgrading the drivers as well as all sorts of permutations in the settings so I'm sure its a hardware thing. Dismantled the system to take a look at the touch pad connections but nothing stood out.

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone or do you have any ideas what tests I could do to pinpoint the problem further?


Answer:Satellite A200 - Random touchpad movement when conected to power supply

hi doctus / shane,

sound to me like a wire isnt properly inserted...
the flat cable from the touchpad has to be refitted.
on the touchpad *and* the mainboard - just take it out and reinsert it.
be careful the connectors are tricky and very sensitve - they break fast as hell!
maybe the flat cable is broke...

if unsure what to do ask a servicepartner for assistance....

i dont think that this issue is a hardware failure.... but what do i know... ;-)

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I received a notification of an upgrade on the synaptics touch pad installed on my A200-1m4 notebook and after installing it the touchpad wouldn't respond well, so I rolled back the driver, but it wouldn't use the scroll option. I reinstalled the driver again, but still I couldn't use the scroll function.

On the icon in the taskbar, when I want to see the pressue graph accessory it gives me this msg *Sorry, this program requires a Synaptics TouchPad and the Synaptics Pointing Device Driver* I believe I am missing the second one, so can anyone let me know where I can find the installation file for it.

Thanks Very much in advance,

Answer:Synaptics Touchpad and Pointing Device Driver missing on Satellite A200?


This Satellite A200-1M4 belongs to the PSAE0E series and you have to choose this series number for a driver download.

On the Toshiba European driver page you can find the *Alps Electric Touch Pad driver*. (This driver allows you to set the properties and functions for mouse control) and
the *Synaptics Touch Pad driver* (This driver allows you to set the properties and functions for Touch Pad control).

Both must be installed!!!

If this doesn?t help then try to roll back the OS to the early time point (before you have updated the driver for the first time)


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My touchpad utilty panel doesn't light up when I want to switch it on.
It simply doesn't work. I've recovered system (done the disk format and re-installed the system with the recovery product)

Could someone help me to deal with it?

Answer:Satellite A200-1GH Vista - touchpad utility panel doesn't light up

Access the Toshiba Assist.
Start the Toshiba Hardware Setup, choose the tab ?Illumination? and enable it.

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I got a satellite A200-10W. The touchpad worked fine the begining. Then a windows update was installed and i lost the dual mode on my touchpad.

It gives me normal function as a touchpad but the button mode doesnt work. It doesnt light up, it doest give me button options,the volume control doesnt work, it doesnt even scroll in normal mode either.
I reinstalled the drivers both synaptics and alps,but no avail.

How can i ever use dual mode again ?

Thanks for any help !!!!

Answer:Satellite A200-10W: I lost Touchpad dual mode after Windows update


Very strange? I didn?t notice any problems with touchpad after the windows update.
I have updates my windows and then have lost the sound. After new reboot I have run the update and the sound come back?

But in you case it looks like the MS updates could have a bad influence on the touchpad functions.

Did you choose the right touchpad drivers for the PSAECE series?
The Synaptics Touch Pad Driver allows you to set the properties and functions for Touch Pad control.
And the Alps Electric Touch Pad Driver allows you to set the properties and functions for mouse control.

Maybe you have to configure the settings again after the new installation of the touchpad drivers ?:|

But did you try to update the Windows Vista again? Sometimes you have to reboot the notebook to get all necessary updates which will fix the issues.

In worth case, recover the notebook and do not perform the windows updates?

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After I updated the BIOS (from Toshiba's website), the scrolling function stop working. I can still click, move the mouse pointer, but can no longer scroll through touch pad. Reinstalling Synaptics driver doesn't resolve the problem. The strange thing is that the computer only detects my touchpad as standard pointing device (port: PS/2) device. 'Pressure graph' and 'Moodpad' function also stop working and complain 'this program requires a Synaptics TouchPad and the Synaptics Pointing device driver'.
My computer is Satellite A200 PSAE0C-TR605C.

Does anyone know the reason?


Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad scrolling function stop working after update BIOS


Which operating system is installled and which is more interesting: which BIOS version did you installed?? Why I am asking? Because there are 2 different BIOS versions, one for Vista (1.80) and one for XP (5.20) which means when you flash a XP BIOS on a machine with Vista installed then some functions are not working properly like the FN keys or the touchpad.

Please check this out and make sure you have the proper BIOS installed.


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Hello I had an Toshiba Notebook -

Satellite A200-1QZ
Artikelnummer : PSAE6E-07700HGR

Now I install Windows 7 64 bit - after the installation the card reader and the Mousepad apps are out of order!
I used the support list with all the drivers - from vista 32 bit and so on but the parts don't run!

Please gave me a quick response so I get the system still running!

Thanks from Germany

Answer:Satellite A200 and Win7 64bit - card reader and touchpad drivers needed

I?ve checked Toshiba download page and, as I can see, your notebook model is not supported for Win7 64bit. It is supported for 32bit only. So can you please tell us which drivers do you use for 64bit OS?

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