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Satellite A60-712 - Turn off after 2-3 seconds

Question: Satellite A60-712 - Turn off after 2-3 seconds

Hallo everybody.

I'm trying to repair this Satellite A60-712; it came to me without power supplier, but I've found a compatible one and it seems to work: CC IN LED lights up and battery starts to charge.

My problem is that this notebook starts for a while, heatsink begins to rotate, all LEDs light up normally but, suddenly everything turns off after 2-3 seconds. I've observed that this machine has only a free RAM slot and have been noticed that it has an integrated on motherboard memory module; could be this the problem? Or is possible some other reason?

Could someone help me?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A60-712 - Turn off after 2-3 seconds

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A60-712 - Turn off after 2-3 seconds


> it came to me without power supplier, but I've found a compatible one
Can you please test it with an original Toshiba AC/DC adaptor? Does happen the same?

If the notebook has already integrated memory on mainboard there is no problem there. You can also use the notebook without additional RAM module.

In worst case you need professional help from an authorized service provider. :(

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So I had a problem with my T500's backlight initially and long story short, disassembling the computer has now caused the problem in the title. Whenever I plug in the battery/charger and push the power button, the fan will spin and the hdd will whirr a bit, but then after about 3 seconds, the fan will stop and the hdd will click off and cease whirring. The computer will no longer respond to the power button regardless of how many times nor how long the power button is held. I'm looking directly at the wires that carry power. Everything seems to be plugged in. I did the lenovo power trick (IE the 10 one second presses followed by the 30 second long press) and the computer does the 1-3-3-1 beep when I take out the RAM. The monitor is not plugged into it in any way, shape, or form. I do not know if this affects it. However, I have tried attaching the monitor and it still does this. Is there a piece that may have been knocked loose or something? I'm willing to try anything right now because at this point it's a literal brick now.

Answer:Lenovo Thinkpad T500 will turn on for roughly 3 seconds, then turn off and stay off.

Hi npesina, welcome to the forums,
there could be different reasons for the system behaving the way you describe, my suggestions;
remove all hard, SSD and optical drives to see if you experience the same,
remove all RAM, without replacing the drives, and test to see if you receive a system beep code,
remove all components which had previously been removed to test again.
The ultimate test would be to remove everything attached to the mainboard including the CMOS (BIOS) battery excluding the power socket, CPU and the fan. When you attach the power cable the system should come to life, the fan should run and beep codes sound.  After that its really just a case of putting the system back together one component at a time testing inbetween each component replacement, leave the main battery and CMOS battery until last to save having to always connect / disconnect the keyboard in order to turn the system on.
If at any point you experience the same issue as now it may well be that the component you replaced at that point or it's attachment socket on the mainboard  is the culprit.

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I have Vista and I've tried everything.
I've set the thermal control mode in the BIOS to 'Silent' (although sometimes I look in the BIOS and it's been reset to performance). I've switched off Aero, altered the minimum and maximum processor speeds etc.

The irregular, loud fan noise is driving me up the wall! I'd rather have it running permamnently at a slightly louder volume than this! The laptop is great but if someone said "I'll give you a full refund" I would accept like a shot - purely on this irritating noisy fan every c. 30 seconds!
Can anyone help? I suspect not - I suspect Toshiba needs to work on its drivers and maybe a BIOS update. I kinda feel I'm at the 'bleeding edge' here with this purchase. I'm having other problems too which I'll post seperately.

Answer:Satellite P100-160: cooling fan kicks in noisily for 1-2 seconds every 30 seconds

Hi David

I am pretty sure that any comment like ?it is normal? will not be good enough for you but there is really no much to do. You can try to play with power settings and see if anything will be better.

Two weeks ago I have made some experiments with P100 and I have installed my Vista with required drivers and tools only. I was positive surprised how Vista runs now. If possible remove all stuff you do not need. The fact is that many preinstalled stuff runs in background and force CPU to run under pressure. I really do not see any other solution at the moment.

In my opinion it has nothing to do with drivers but maybe with BIOS. We will see if Toshiba will offer new BIOS update soon.

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I had it for nearly 2 years,Lenovo Y50-70 Touch -2 days ago while playing games on it, I smell a chemical smell coming from it so I immediately shut it down just in case. The next time I turn it on, it was fine the backlit keyboard glow red as usual but no display, and now it shut down after 4 seconds (with the fan running) whenever I turn it on except, sometimes It stay on (but still no display and no fan running).I got no experience into opening pc and such, I I tried opening it up and remove the dust that built us by quite a bit and tried to locate where the chemical smell was from, I though it was probably from the Fan or Coolers as it seems more strong there but not sure. After trying to turn the laptop on a few time the strong smell kind of dissipate a lot, and smell weaker.I been having a hard time trying to pinpoint just which part of the laptop is needed to replace. So if anyone could help me in the right direction it would be great. I just hope it wont have to buy a whole new motherboard x.xAlso idk if thats helpful information, but the first year playing games was fine, but the 2nd year and the laptop kind of overheated so I tried to cut down a bit and the fans were making more noises than ever. Especially when opening a new game or google chrome.

Answer: Laptop turn on for 4 seconds (No Display, Fan noise) and then turn off

A chemical smell to me tells me it's likely a failing/burnt out capacitor...It would be best to have it checked out at a shop...

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I had it for nearly 2 years,Lenovo Y50-70 Touch -2 days ago while playing games on it, I smell a chemical smell coming from it so I immediately shut it down just in case. The next time I turn it on, it was fine the backlit keyboard glow red as usual but no display, and now it shut down after 4 seconds (with the fan running) whenever I turn it on except, sometimes It stay on (but still no display and no fan running).I got no experience into opening pc and such, I I tried opening it up and remove the dust that built us by quite a bit and tried to locate where the chemical smell was from, I though it was probably from the Fan or Coolers as it seems more strong there but not sure. After trying to turn the laptop on a few time the strong smell kind of dissipate a lot, and smell weaker.I been having a hard time trying to pinpoint just which part of the laptop is needed to replace. So if anyone could help me in the right direction it would be great. I just hope it wont have to buy a whole new motherboard x.xAlso idk if thats helpful information, but the first year playing games was fine, but the 2nd year and the laptop kind of overheated so I tried to cut down a bit and the fans were making more noises than ever. Especially when opening a new game or google chrome.

Answer: Laptop turn on for 4 seconds (No Display, Fan noise) and then turn off

A chemical smell to me tells me it's likely a failing/burnt out capacitor...It would be best to have it checked out at a shop...

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im having a problem with my pc that i mostly used..heres the situation :
my pc is working fine suddenly 1 day it slows and slightly hanging so i restarted it after restart problem occurs it powers on(all running: fans,hdd,dvd rom,cpu fan)then after 2 seconds it goes off then i open the case and reseated all components(i know some basic troubleshooting) i tried to power on again and same things happen turn off after 2 seconds. i remove the gpu and connect my monitor to the onboard, so it starts finally and get me to "loading windows "then it go black screen, i restart it again by pressing the restart button and i boot trough enable vga mode by pressing f8.then it boots and it loads the windows and i can use it normally only on vga i downloaded the latest driver of my gpu's onboard and external.i uninstalled the drivers through vga mode then restart,again loading windows then black screen,restart againd and boot through vga mode install the updated drivers then reboot,loading windows then black screen with some pixelate flickering cursor on screen. (to make it short it only boots on enable vga mode..then i go replacing my psu with working from another pc and same thing then i reformat my pc and didnt installed any gpu including the onboard i disabled it..and its working fine with that..

note* with my external gpu installed it goes off after 2 seconds it power on.
with my onboard gpu enabled it gives black screen ... Read more

Answer:Pc turn on and immediately turn off after 2 seconds(with external gpu)

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im having a problem with my pc that i mostly used..heres the situation :
my pc is working fine suddenly 1 day it slows and slightly hanging so i restarted it after restart problem occurs it powers on(all running: fans,hdd,dvd rom,cpu fan)then after 2 seconds it goes off then i open the case and reseated all components(i know some basic troubleshooting) i tried to power on again and same things happen turn off after 2 seconds. i remove the gpu and connect my monitor to the onboard, so it starts finally and get me to "loading windows "then it go black screen, i restart it again by pressing the restart button and i boot trough enable vga mode by pressing f8.then it boots and it loads the windows and i can use it normally only on vga i downloaded the latest driver of my gpu's onboard and external.i uninstalled the drivers through vga mode then restart,again loading windows then black screen,restart againd and boot through vga mode install the updated drivers then reboot,loading windows then black screen with some pixelate flickering cursor on screen. (to make it short it only boots on enable vga mode..then i go replacing my psu with working from another pc and same thing then i reformat my pc and didnt installed any gpu including the onboard i disabled it..and its working fine with that..

note* with my external gpu installed it goes off after 2 seconds it power on.
with my onboard gpu enabled it gives ... Read more

Answer:Pc turn on and immediately turn off after 2 seconds(with external gpu)

note* with my external gpu installed it goes off after 2 seconds it power on.
with my onboard gpu enabled it gives black screen after loading.
i also tried the other working external gpus and samething happens..
--so maybe its my mobo is bad suspecting my pci slot section..anybody can help me ??2 days trying to fix but still i cant..thanks in advance..Click to expand...

Can you post your computer specs,along with your operating system,your external gpu name Is this an external gpu or an internal PCI-E video card?

Can you also post the wattage of your power supply.

At a guess I would say your power supply isn't powerful enough to run the card. "2 seconds off" Is this a new card and what was the reason for the change? On the black screen error this sounds like a basic driver error.

In either case remove 'external' video card from your computer, download the latest drivers for your os and internal video card from the manufacturers website go to; control panel,programs and delete ALL video card related drivers then run this program.

Delete ALL drivers.

Turn on your onboard video card in bios

Now install the downloaded driver for your on board video card,does your onboard work now?
EDIT OOPS! Welcome to the forum!

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My E-system laptop automatically turn off in five seconds after turn on without displaying?

Answer:my E-system laptop turn off in five seconds after turn on

Possibly overheating because fan on CPU has failed. You will need to open the back of laptop and see if fan is spinning.

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My Y50, which isn't even a month old turns on for a few seconds, well at least I hear the fans start up and then the computer turns off a few seconds later. No display either. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Answer:Y50 turns off a few seconds after I turn it on

One thing to check:  bent pins in the USB ports.

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Pc starts and turn off after 2seconds

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SL510 was running and went to sleep. Upon wake, desktop appeared as it was left before sleeping, then machine turned off (hard off).  When power button is depressed, power light/fans/optical light turn on as normal but then shuts off within 3 seconds.  Twice when attempting to turn on machine, it displayed splash screen and began to load windows then shut off suddenly and went back to ~3 second on before off again.  Took battery/AC power out and held down power button to drain, no change.  Also no change with just AC power/no battery.   Have not pulled CMOS battery to reset BIOS, will try that next.  Any suggestions or keys to depress during power-on for troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated...


Go to Solution.

Answer:SL510 will not turn on.. on for 3 seconds then off.

I figured it out.  After trying everything (complete power drain, RAM out, one DIMM in either slot, HD out, with or without battery, etc.), I unplugged the fan and turned it on and it worked, displaying a "FAN ERROR" message.  I plugged the fan back in and it's working solid.  Power cycled it many times, sleep mode many times, fan is working as it should too.  Hope this can help someone else  :0)

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My custom built computer,once turns on, gets into a startup loop and never gets into the post screen.
What is the problem?
Here is the video of the problem:

Computer Specs:
Windows 7
core i5 2500K (overclocked to 4.5ghz)
Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard
Gigabyte HD 6850 Graphics Card
OCZ ModxStream-Pro 600W power supply
8gb cosair DDR3 vengeance RAM

Answer:Computer turn on/off in seconds

I'm no expert but i had this problem a while back and it was because my hard drive was failing..

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I have powerDVD 9 ultra edition.. was playing ok..
Now when I try to play a movie turn off by itself, I try many things, I reinstalled and nothing happen.. Some one tell me is my NOD32 antivirus.
Any thoughts..

Answer:PowerDVD 9 turn off after 5 seconds

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What's up with this thing?

It turns on, everything works, fans, HDD spools, then it turns off..

any ideas?

Answer:Computer turns off 5 seconds after I turn it on

My other post

If anyone could help me, or give me any kind of idea why this is happening.


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When I plug in my computer and flip the power switch on the back my pc try's to turn on the fan's run and it sounds like it's trying to power up and then shut's off 3-5 seconds later. And when I try to turn it on from the power button in the front it doesn't do anything. I've sent it back to the place I ordered it from(CyberPowerPc) 3 times and they send me it back with the same problem happening they have replaced the motherboard and 2 stick's of ram and it say's on the invoice they tested it before they shipped it to me so is something happening in shipping or am I being screwed.

WesternDigital 740AD RAPTOR 2x74GB SATA2 10000RPM Hard Drive
EVGA GF 8800 ULTRA 768MB PCI-E Graphic's Card

Answer:My Computer shuts off a few seconds after i turn it on

Hi Millurn welcome to the site.

seem odd that they Would BOTH not work. Might be the CPU might be at fault here. I am surprised that it does not work as everything is compatible.

It also sounds like it might be the PSU. Can you get hold of another 400W plus PSU and see if that works. If so then you know what the Issue is.

hope this helps


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My relatively new Yoga 3 Pro (4 months old) inbuild screen goes blacl/turns off after 30 seconds unless I am activity typing or moving the mouse around.  The screen still seems to be on and I can see the back-light but the screen is completely black.  I have to hit a key or click the trackpad for it to come back on.  This happens no mattter what program/app I am using or even if I am just displaying the desktop.  It will even happen when viewing youtube videos or reading a pdf.   While I have not tried it, I am pretty sure it it will do this when doing a presentation unless I move through the slides within 30 seconds.  I have adjuster the timer for the screen to turn off in Power & System settings (tried everything from 2 min to never for both battery and plugged-in) and have disabled Harmony Paper Display (using the Fn+Esc)  with no effect.   The screen just goes black after 30 seconds no matter what I do.  Does anyone know how to stop this from happening.This is really annoying and pretty much makes the computer useless for work.    

Answer:Yoga 3 Pro screen turn off after 30 seconds

Did you ever find a solution to this?  I have the same thing happening and nothing I do in the power settings make any difference.  It happens to laptop display or if I am plugged into an external monitor.

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For these last couple of months i've had issues with BSODs. I blamed it on the RAMs and returned them to the store. While i was waiting for them to return, i borrowed my brother's RAMs, and it turned out i still got the BSODs. Anyway, i fixed the problem a few days ago when i updated most of my drivers.

Today i got my RAMs back. I switched them out with my brother's RAMs and booted the computer. it looked fine the first 2-5 seconds but then it turns off and boots again by itself a few seconds later.

I've had a similar issue before, and it turned out it was my heatsink which wasnt proberbly mounted. I checked it, and it might have been loose but i managed to fix it and now it should be mounted correctly. Still, the computer reboots after a couple of seconds.

Ive checked all the cables to see it any of them were loose
Ive tried to plug the videocard into another plug
Ive taken the CPU out and back in
Ive tried to switch out the RAMs one by one

Do you have any suggestions ???
Thanks in advance.

Answer:My computer keeps rebooting 2-5 seconds after it turn it on.

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Can someone tell me if there is something wrong with my X240. It has always done this so I am not sure if it is normal, but I never had this issue on older X series laptops. When I press the power button, if the machine was either shutdown, or hibernating, it takes 20 seconds before the Lenovo logo shows and it starts doing anything. Then it boots windows in seconds (I have an SSD) and I have no issues. Is this normal? It does not seem normal to me. I already upgraded the BIOS to latest. It doesn't matter which operating system I have installed. The BIOS is also set to quick boot. Enabling or disabling secure boot or UEFI mode does not do anything. Thanks

Answer:Lenovo X240 - 20 seconds to turn on to logo

HiCheck out SSD firmware upgrade on the Lenovo support site and the drive manufacturer one.

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built my computer over 4 years ago, woke up one day and my computer would only turn on for a couple seconds before shutting down. stripped it down to:

MoBo: Soyo Dragon Plus 2 (ATX, 478 socket)
PSU: 350w w/ X-dreamer case
CPU: 2.6Ghz Intel P4

still had same problem. replaced PSU w/ 400w, same problem, replaced CPU w/ 2.4Ghz P4, same problem. thought it was a bad CPU because when start it up w/o the 4 pin connecter plugged into the motherboard, it runs the fans w/o powering down.

what am i missing?

appreciate your time.

Answer:the old computer starts for 2 seconds then turn off problem

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Providing you used fresh thermal paste and the heatsink is properly attached, I suspect a faulty cpu.

Regards Howard :wave::wave:

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Hello... let me state the problem.

Problem: Computer shuts down randomly. I press the power switch, but it does not turn the computer on. I have to wait a while and press power switch, and it turns on, or I switch the voltage switch (red switch) on the back of the PSU a few times, press power, switch voltage switch back to 110V and then power switch and it turns on normally. (Probably not good for it) It then runs for like 1 hour --> 1 day and turns off randomly again, where i must repeat.

Reason?: I use to never leave my computer on for longer than a day. I never downloaded anything large for it to be left on overnight. During chirstmas I got a Dual Layer DVD-Burner and installed that. I have been leaving my computer on for weeks at a time downloading large files now. Everything was fine for about 3 weeks. Near the end of Janurary it first happened. I didn't think much about it, just turned it back on and it worked fine. About 2 weeks after that it occured again: Now it happens pretty much every day with the added bonus of the power switch not responding for about 1 --> 5 mins.

Possible Problem: The thing I find most insteresting is the fact that after it shut's down, it will not start up for about 1 mins (power switch doesn't respond for a little bit). I can not tell if it is because:
1) I started leaving my computer on for weeks at a time and now Mobo is burning out or PSU?
2) Because I installed the Dual Layer DVD-Burner, and ... Read more

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on for a few seconds? PSU Problem?

Sounds like it could be the PSU. I had similar problems in getting the bugger to start up and swapping out the PSU seemed to fix it. I've also had problems with the powerup button getting stuck and causing similar symptoms, but with it shutting down my guess would be PSU. Good luck!

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Just aquired an Inspiron 5759 which is great and does everything I want apart from one thing - it takes an eternity (10 seconds) to show anything on the screen and as it doesn't have a power light I thought it wasn't turning on the first few times I pressed the power button so obviously pressed it more times than I should have!
I have seen the thread about switching the light at the front to show the HDD activity but as you have to press the fn and H key every time you turn it on it doesn't really help.
 This is a real issue for me so is there any way to make it boot quicker?

Answer:5759 takes 10 seconds to turn on-is that an issue?

* Are you booting with the AC adapter connected to the 2015 laptop?* Disconnect all external peripherals (USB hard drive, USB keys, printer, etc.) from the laptop to see if the boot time is faster* The front left LED also indicates power and battery status. You can also turn on Caps Lock LED to verify that the system is on

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I recently removed my video card then put it back in, changed nothing else, and now when I turn on my computer, I get no display on my monitor. And it makes a 2 second beep every 10 seconds or so. Im not sure what to do in this case, so if anyone could help that'd be awesome. Thanks in advance

Answer:Computer makes 2 second beep after I turn on every 5-10 seconds

That means you either have an incompatible card
or it's not plugged in right.
Read you Motherboard manual.Did you buy the right slot type ?

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ok so i have this computer that likes to turn on somtimes but not long enough to boot into windows and sometimes not even long enough to boot into the bios screen... this computer had windows vista in it and then when it started turning off randomly i tryed installing windows 7 onto it i was able to get 50% threw of "expanding windows files" and then it just turns off... i tryed taking out 1 of the ram card to see if one of them was defective somehow but nothing.. i swapping ram cards and everything...but what could be causing this... like i said sometimes it starts up for like a min or 2 and then turns off (doesent even shut down just turns right off) and once it turns off i will try and turn it back on and it doesent even last a second ot two... i tryed removing that battery on the motherboard (forgot what its called) just to see if that would do anything cuz i remebered i did that on my friends computer and it gotting working again... and yes i obviously tryed different outlets and pretty techy so throw me what you think is wrong... heres a video and specs of the laptop

o.s windows vista (but got cleared when i was trying to install windows 7)
3gb ram
nvidia geforce go 7150m
i have no clue what kind of cpu is in it but im sure you can find out its a hp pavilion dv9910us notebook (sorry doing this for a friend and he doesent no anything about it he only used it for internet)

and i forgot i was ganna try a live disk of unbuntu but tha... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] computer will turn on for about 5 seconds... and if i get lucky 10 min then

ok i fixed it noticed if i aplyed presure to a spot on the computer it would work so i took it apart and took a heat gun to the motherboard to reconnect what ever soldering broke and its working now

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I've had this computer for a little over a year and never had any problems with it. It was working fine this morning and I shut the lid to go do stuff but when i returned and tried to turn on the laptop it started beeping about every five seconds. The screen is black and I am unable to turn it on or off. It just stays at a black screen beeping every five seconds. I've tried holding the power button to turn it off but it wont do anything. It just keeps beeping every five seconds. Help!!  There were no error messages before I turned off my laptop and nothing like this has ever happen. 

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i have wireless as well as wired connection. in both of them my internet connection does not work after working for 10 minutes. In mozilla it says server not found in internet explorer it says diagnose internet connection.... problem persist for 30 seconds
whereas my networking is working fine no problem in that, I am facing problem only in Internet Connection
i do not know what to do . i have formatted my computer but problem is not resolve
have gone through in-numerous blogs thread you name it.

Answer:internet connection turn off ever 10 minutes for 30 seconds

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as above, wont turn on just vibrates.

Answer:lumia 800 wont charge or turn on, just vibrates every 20 seconds.

When was the last time you charged it?
If the battery was severely depleted it can take a good 2-3 hours of the vibrating before it actually starts up. Just leave plugged in using a wall adapter (not computer)

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Hey guys, I really need some help here! My laptop is not turning on. The power light turns on for a few seconds but then it turns off again. The fan doesn't turn on either. I know it's not the battery because I switched the battery out with my brother;s and it's still not working. I also tried to just put it on the charger and it doesn't work then either! Of course my laptop is no longer in warranty so please help me out!!

Answer:Laptop won't turn on but the power light stays on for a few seconds

Hi E. Trader,
Welcome to the Community.
Remove any peripheral devices that are connected to the computer.
Please unplug the battery and the adaptor, press and hold power button for 10 seconds and then plugin the adaptor and turn on the computer. If you get light on the power button, we would be able to run a test on the computer to isolate the issue. Instructions on how to run the test are mentioned on the link below:
During the test you would get a screen with solid colors and that time please press “Y”. The test result should be an error code or beeps (if nothings come up on the screen).
If there is no light on the laptop, system board needs replacement.
Thanks & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell

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Please help me. The power light turns on but the laptop is still not turning on. I have also tried solutions from dell replies on forums but still got nothing. Can you please help me with this? Ive also noticed few days ago, my laptop beeps when I try to turn it on but turns on after several beeps.  I got single beep for every 5 seconds I think

Answer:My inspiron laptop won't turn on but power LED lights up and stays for a few seconds

You have a bad mainboard you'll need to replace.

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Hello,From several days my Lenovo Z500 has a strange issue. When i push the turn on button, laptop starts and turns off after few seconds when windows logo appears. When i push again the button it starts properly without any problems.I have a Windows 10 Professional, everything was ok for a long time and now i don't know how to solve my problem.I will aprreciate any ideas.I thought about reinstalling Windows, but maybe you know the solution to fix it. P.S. I have the latest BIOS installed. Kind Regards,Albert


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo Z500 turns off few seconds after turn on. It starts for the second time.

Since the Z500 is not supported and by the fact that Win 10 might run at one time. The issue might be due to a recent update of Windows. Try restoring to a previous date where you think you do not have any issues at all.

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Hello everyone!I have a Dell optiplex 780 (DT) with these specs:
cPU E7500320gb hdd2x2GB RAM 1333GPU HD 5450 Low ProfileWindows 7 professional.
I received it from a friend without hdd and I reformatted with a new one.Now presents a strange problem:1. I turn off the PC.2. I turn off the power strip.3. switch on the power strip.4. the pc Auto start for 2 seconds, then turns off. (No video on the monitor)5. I turn on my pc by the key "power on" as usual, and everything is working normally.
I do not understand why when I give the current through the power strip, the computer will automatically start for only two seconds.
So I tried to reset the bios (CMOS), but has not changed anything.
I tried to format the computer and install Ubuntu = problem solved!I tried to format the computer and install "Another operating system" = problem solvedReformat and install windows 7 Professional = the problem is back!
Thanks to anyone who can give me some suggestions! 
ps: sorry for bad Inglese!

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A week ago, my Nokia Lumia 925 completely stopped working, out of the blue. This was in no way due to low battery, as it was charged above 50%
When trying to reset or turn on, I get no response, and charging only results in the Windows logo lighting up for approximately 7 seconds.
What can I do to fix this?

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 925 won't turn on charge, when charging logo lights up for 10 seconds, nothing else.

did you get any solution? I'm in same situation and Microsoft it's ok :S

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My whtsapp screen turns black for around 10 seconds whenever I exit a chat window!

Answer:Why does my Whatsapp screen turn black for around 10 seconds whenever I exit a chat window?

Which phone? which build number (OS)?
Did you try simply uninstalling and reinstalling?
Please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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the notebook turns off itself after 2 seconds when I turn it on. This happens if I shutted down or choosed hibernate before (Win8.1).

This means hibernation mode is not usable at all.

The next time I turn it on it works completly normal! Standby mode works as well. Using standby mode It is ready to use after swinging open at once like a tablett. Fascinating!

I looked on all BIOS-Settings, but I found nothing what could be the reason of this behaviour.

Perhaps there is a correlation with another strange behaviour. The battery will not be charged over 80%. I don't use the green mode. I must switch off the notebook and remove the battery completely for one minute. After inserting and booting Win8.1 it charges again to 100%.

The time of discharge is about 3.5 h. This means, the battery is ok.

But after the next discharge down to 10% it charges only until 80% again.

Both effects are not normal. But I don't believe (or better I don't hope) that there is a hardware defect.

Is there a chance not to post the notebook to a repair service?

Best regards,


Answer:Satellite C50-A-1HF turns off itself after 2 seconds

Hey man there are so much strange problems and it is not easy to say what to do. All you can do is to install original recovery image and test it with ?factory settings? one more time, of course without changing anything or installing some updates or additional applications.

If possible do this and test it for a while.
>Is there a chance not to post the notebook to a repair service?
As you probably know your possibilities to do something about that are very limited and if there is permanent problem I think you should contact nearest Toshiba service and clarify all this.
You have new notebook model and it should work properly. If you are not happy and there are some problems Toshiba service should take are about it and help you.

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I have a satelite M70. Initially my problem began several weeks ago with the laptop freezing. Then it blue screened a couple of times. Now when I boot up, it runs for several seconds and then crashes.

I cannot do anything as the screen is blank but the LED still show as if it is on. If I leave the laptop for a day or so then I can boot up again and the same thing happens, but if I try to boot up immeadiately, the screen stays blank.

Any help would be appreciated, I had company look at it and they said the LCD was knackered but it cannot be if it comes on.
Also I have tried plugging in an external monitor and that is the same. PLS help

Answer:Satellite M70 runs for several seconds and then crashes


Here in forum we can just speculate what the problem can be. I do not believe someone can say for sure why this happen. I have had BSOD few times but always after installing some shareware applications. In my case it was clearly software related issue.

It is not easy to say why this happen to you. Can you enter BIOS settings? Try to start your notebook in safe mode just to see if this works.

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I have very recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300D-132 and since turning on I am having problems with the sound.
Once I start playing music, every few seconds the sound will stutter.
I also notice that other programs seem to stutter graphically, even as I am typing this.

I have up to date antivirus and spyware protection and have been on the Toshiba website for the relevant sound drivers. I am still having the problems.

Any suggestions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.......Ste

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D-132 sutter every few seconds

Could you please explain you issue more exact?

Does the sound stutter playing mp3 files stored on the HDD or playing audio CD or listening to audio internet stream?

And graphic?
How do you mean this? Does the picture stutter watching DVD movies, DVIX files, videos in internet??

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Yesterday I've got an Toshiba Satellite S1800-514. I've install the OS (WinXP Home) new.
The notebook display turns off every few seconds. When I press the small button above the power switch (sensor for closing laptop) there is a beep and the display awakes again.
After few seconds (5-50 sec) same procedure starts again.

Is there someone who can explain what's happend and/or how to solve this problem?
The problem exists in all modes (setup/bios dialog, DOS prompt, WinXP startup, WinXP running)!


Answer:Satellite 1800-514 - Display is off every few seconds


It?s not easy to say what causes the problem, it could be the FL inverter, graphic chip, LCD, ...

In your case you should test first an external monitor. If the external monitor doesn?t work properly it?s a problem of the graphic chip or mainboard. If the monitor does work it?s a problem of the FL inverter or LCD.


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After 2-3 hours of work the typical noise of HDD spin up/spin down be heared from my *Satellite R 830-146 (PT32LE)*. It may continue about 10 minutes or longer and one way ti fix it is to make notebook sleep and wake up it again.

I'm sure, it is not normal behavior and not safe for hdd. I haven't any modified settings in windows battery profiles, only Toshiba preinstalled defaults.
Also there are no any software for managing powersave or hdd - excluding Toshiba preinstalled products.

Do you have any ideas, how to fix this problem?
There is only one suspicious moment I see: ubuntu-server in virtualbox, but it haven't laptop-mode-tools installed at all and it uses virtual drive, so, I think, it would not make any effect on real hdd.

Answer:HDD spin down every 2-3 seconds on Satellite R830

> I'm sure, it is not normal behavior and not safe for hdd. I haven't any modified settings in windows battery profiles, only Toshiba preinstalled defaults.

I think this happens because there is a background process which access the HDD and read or write the data there.
There are a lot of temporal data which would be stored on the HDD. For example during the usage of internet browsers or similar? this is nothing uncommon and could happen if the process would not be canceled properly.

You can start the task manager and check the Processes tab.
There you will find all processes running in the background which could access the HDD.

You can also try to set the HDD in ?suspend mode?
This could be done in Win 7 power options.

Control panel -> power options -> choose the power plant -> advanced settings.

Now you can suspend the HDD after the notebook has not been used for a specific period of time.

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Hi. I was given this Laptop (Satellite M60 -183) with the problem described.
After you press the power butoon, the power led turns on, you can hear the fan spin (only a few times not always), the screen stays black, and after a few 3-5 seconds it just turns off.
I have tried it several times with the same results. Also I tried using only ac power, reseating ram, hard drive, dvd rom, removing everything, but with the same result.

I have now dissasembled the entire laptop and try to operate it with just the basics. They told me that the original charger had stopped working and they replaced it with a generic one.
The laptop specifications say that it needs 19v and 3.95A, while the new charger has 19v and 6A.Do you believe the difference in the ampers could damage the system this way?....

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Satellite M60-183 shuts down few seconds after power up.

In my opinion BIOS is damaged.

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I have had this problem from the start. When I bough this laptop it had Vista on it. In random time intervalls the computer froze briefly, making a stuttering noise if there was a sound output. I tried everything. I installed a new vista on the computer, tried updating the bios, new drivers, etc. Now I switched to win7 and I still have the same issue.

It is not quite as frequent anymore, but it is still very anonying. I cannont see any connection to the usage of CPU or RAM. Recently I have turned my laptop in to the toshiba service, but they deny any hardware failure. In other threads I have read about a windows update. I searched for it, but it wasn't installed (under vista).

I am getting desperate. I have never ever owned a PC that I did not have any trouble with. That can't be normal.

Answer:Satellite P300 freezes for 2-3 seconds


I?ve heard this can be solved if you install Vista 64-bit.
Can you please make this test for us and confirm this theory?

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Hi my dear ,
please can anyone help,

I have my Satellite L650-15G, I bought it on 1-10-2010. I have a problem that happens only with battery, when I press power button, I hear the fan starting, the wirless lamp, the power lamp lighting then but not the hard disk lamp, after 2 to 3 seconds the laptop shut down. If I pressed power button again after that or I pressed again it during that, the hard disk lamp light and it start normally. This never occur when I connect charger with battery or when I use it with the adapter only.

I changed battery from the Toshiba, but no way. I changed power plans, made adjustements in the power managements of bios (1.8 version after I updated ), made disable, enable to some features in device manager but no way.

The most strange thing that many times it starts normal and other times it makes so. Also this can be manifested sometimes by long boot time, which means that sometimes I hear fan, see wirless, power lights and after 10 to 15 sec the hard disk lights and starts.
Please help me

I went to Toshiba warranty center in cairo and they checed it on tester then said nothing abnorml with processor, hard, rams

Answer:Satellite L650-15G - HDD starts after 10 to 15 seconds


And what does the guys from Toshiba warranty center say it could be? Is it a hardware problem or not?

To be honest it?s really hard to say something about this but at the moment for me it sounds like a HDD or mainboard issue.

Did you also load the default settings in BIOS after update?

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I've got my Toshiba Satellite notebook for over a year now. When i first used my notebook it kept freezing for 2-3 seconds at random moments.

The notebook was installed with Vista, so when Windows 7 came out i purchased the Toshiba windows 7 upgrade cd and installed it. Everything was fine, no more freezing but the last few days it started to come back.
Again that annoying 2-3 seconds freeze.

When i watch a video the sound continues but the rest freezes(no mouse movement possible). It's extremely annoying, the only remarkable thing that happend due the last few days is that my keyboard wasn't working at all. I started my notebook in safemode and used system recovery to set my settings back a few day. But before my keyboard stopped working i had the freezing problem allready.

After that everything was normal except for that annoying freezing that still was annoying me. What can i do to get rid of the freezing?

I've read some topics regarding the problem but haven't solved the problem yet..

Answer:Satellite P300-1FY keeps freezing for 2-3 seconds again

Hmmm?. did you check the HDD?
Please do this using an free tool called ?Drive Fitness Test?.
You can download this for free from different pages.

But it looks a little bit like a software issue because you could solve this for a certain time by new OS installation?
So from my point of view this can be related to some background processes or drivers?

What do you think about graphic card driver update?
How about BIOS? Is it up to date?

Check this!

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This is my first time posting on these forums. But to me this is quite an urgent matter.
This afternoon my laptop (Satellite L500 12E) beeped for about 10 seconds. Now being a little lazy and reading a book I excused it to being natural, although the sound was rather piercing. Well I'll get to the point: I sat down a while ago and the laptop just started beeping. Each time for a different length. When this happened the screen froze and it didn't seem like there was a way to turn it off. I turned it off and let it cool down a while but now as i started it up it didn't get to the windows screen before the beep came back and I had to turn it off.. This happens every time. Im starting to think that either something has melted, or It's a virus. But I'm not that good at these things!

Any help on this would be very appreciated, the faster the better,
P.s. I didn't know exactly where to post this.

Answer:Satellite L500-12E beeps for about 10 seconds

I got the Start-up Repair to work but after a while it just stops and a blue screen pops up saying that there is a problem with the laptop. I've tried doing this a few times.

If i do it the normal way the beeping just comes back and the only way to stop it now is by turning it off.

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The monitor of my A50 laptop has this morning started to go blank. The monitor works for about 3 or 4 seconds after booting / changing screens (using Fn+F5 or Ctrl+Alt+F3) but then goes completely blank again. I am currently using an external monitor which functions exactly as it should.

This started to happen after restarting from hibernation mode overnight.

I have rebotted the machine, I have re-installed the monitor driver, neither of which has had any effect.

Any ideas? - I would rather not have to take it for repair as the monitor obviously is able to function and the warranty ran out at the end of last month.

Answer:Monitor goes blank after a few seconds on Satellite A50

Hi there,

did you?ve already tried disconnecting AC and removing the battery? If not, then make it, and watch what will happen. Usually, such hibernation problems
could be solved by removing every power source from the machine.


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When I insert an SD card into the built in card reader of my Toshiba laptop (with OS win 7 *32 bit) the SD card drive continuously appears as a drive (and shows its autoplay menu) and then seconds later dissappears. This keeps on happening and never settles down. Also it shows and unshows as a fixed drive which it is not.

One thing is that this behaviour happens if the card is in the slot when the laptop is shut down and then removed (and reinserted) sometime after next boot. If the card slot is empty when I shut off and then after next boot if i insert the card all is fine

Any explanations for this mysterious behaviour and any workarounds? I have the Toshiba recommended drivers installed for this SD slot device and its controllers. Please help me and recommend what i can do or confirmt hat this is acceptable and normal behaviour

Answer:Satellite A - SD card dissappears seconds later

Hi perfection,

What notebook you have exactly?

Have you installed newest card reader driver from official Toshiba website?

Are you using the preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba?

Have you tried different SD cards and what cards exactly?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 notebook and it doesn't power on right.
The fan begins to turn, the power lite shines blue constantly. Then after 3-5 sekonds the fan stops and then the power lite starts to blink: Two times blue then two times red. And the Laptop freezzes. That might this blinking mean.
I thinks it's a parten for the problem. I have already cleared the bios, it doesn't help.

Removed the battery. Also removed the battery of the bios.

Can anyone help me to find out that does the blinking mean?

Answer:Satellite A200 freezess after 3-5 seconds


Strange but you could try to remove the battery and AC/DC adaptor. Then wait up to 1 hour and connect the AC/DC adaptor and put in the battery. Try it again.

If it doesn?t work you should contact an ASP. On the Toshiba website you can search for an ASP: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider


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After pressing the power button, the laptop boots up but 60 seconds from the time it is turned on, it suddenly shuts off?

Fan running, tried disconnecting dvd, wireless, modem, ram, hard drive, opened it up and cleaned any dust. It turns off after exactly 60 seconds every time

Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite A100 - Turns off after 60 seconds


> and cleaned any dust
How did you do this?
Usually you can use compressed air spray to clean the notebook and remove the dust that is blocking the fan. Therefore it?s not necessary to disassemble the notebook as you can read here:
[How to clean the cooling system of a Toshiba notebook? |]

And happens the same if you access the BIOS instead booting into Windows?

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Got my new laptop yesterday, and while installing windows 7 (not exactly sure how far the install process was) the screen turned a light gray color and started flickering, I tried turning it off by pressing power button for 7 seconds but it wouldnt respond, I had to unplug the charger and take out the battery to turn of the laptop.

Now when I press the power button the power indicator light turns on, cpu fan turns on, and after 3 seconds it shuts down. I've tried turning it on about 100 times now, same result. Taking out the RAM and HD makes no difference.

Waiting for Toshiba support to contact me so I thought I'd try here and see if there was an easy fix.

Answer:Satellite C660 turns off after 3 seconds


I assume the Toshiba Splash screen does not appear at the beginning and you are not able to access the BIOS too. Right?
It looks like you had a bad luck? from my point of view its something wrong with the motherboard.
But don?t worry? warranty should cover everything? so either you could visit your notebook dealer and would ask for replacement (if possible) or you could get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country who could fix this.

Good luck

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I have a satellite c50 d a 10 with the above. Problem! How can I sort it?

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I've got a problem with my L300. When I turn on my notebook it works only 30 seconds and next turn off.
It doesn't matter when I go in BIOS or not I have the same result. I thought it is a battery but when I putted other good one the situation was the same. Both diodes (battery and power adapter) doesn't light.

Where can be a problem?

Answer:Satellite L300 switch off after 30 seconds


I have a Satellite L300 too and no problems with it.

I doubt that?s a software problem because this happens in BIOS too.
In my opinion it could be an overheating issue. Have you cleaned the notebook with compressed air spray? This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators and therefore you must not disassemble the notebook.


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Only bought this about a month ago, but for the last week i've had a problem with a kind of stuttering/screeching noise every 10-20 seconds whenever i'm listening to something.
It's happening in iTunes as well as if i'm streaming something online.

I've checked all the sound drivers which seem to be up to date, and i've updated the BIOS as well, but nothing seems to be working.

Any other ideas for how to sort it?

Answer:Satellite L850 audio stuttering every 10-20 seconds

Can this thread be helpful to you?

it looks like your issue is related to the same theme the user Graphicleaf has reported there.
It looks like the DPC is the problem.
DPC Latency Checker? and ?LatencyMon freeware tools could help you to check what service/process could create such delays?

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From time to time, once a week or twice, my laptop makes a weird sound, a short one for like 1-2 second like a scratch or like those programs that are killing viruses.
I do not know how to explain exactly the noise but it is strange, freacky.

I noticed that it appears when I use programs like premiere or photoshop, but not necesarly. Had anyone had this problem?
I do not know what to do and I am a bit worried. I bought this laptop 8 months ago.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A300 weird sound for 1-2 seconds


I had a similar issue few months ago and the reason for this was the HDD and I know it?s strange to explain this sound.

But before you exchange the HDD you should make sure if it?s the HDD or not. You can test the HDD with Drive Fitness Test.
Download the CD image, burn it on a CD and boot from it. Then you can the HDD.
On the same website is a user guide if you want to know more.

Good luck and give us a result after the test.


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I have the same or very similar problem to those described in threads:
Link: []
Link: []

When I try to turn off my Satellite M100-165 ("Turn Off" in Windows or even by pressing the power button while I'm in BIOS) it turns on after a few seconds. It doesn't turn on when it works on batteries. It also doesn't turn on when I press the power button for 4 seconds.

I tried to recover system with recovery CD (Windows XP Home). I also tried it with Windows Vista. Still the same.

Actually I have BIOS version 2.90 (upgraded from version 1.90 as far as i can remember) but with earlier version the problem also existed.
I think that when I had BIOS version prior to 1.90 this problem didn't existed (but I can't remember number of that version).

Thank's for all suggestions.

Answer:Satellite M100-165 cannot shutdown - turns itself on after a few seconds


It is very unusual issue and, for me, there is no some simply explanation. It will be interesting to know what Toshiba experts say about this. Make a call and let us know what they say.

The strange is that the same happen with two different operating systems. I cannot say for sure why this happen but your notebook is somehow ?confused? and obviously change shutdown with restart. If this is result of BIOS update service people should know about this.

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My P855-34Q was bought in 2015. I used it for a couple of weeks, then got a laptop from work. The Toshiba has been kept since then in a drawer in my living room. Dry, no temperature swings, dust free. Same place where I keep my work laptop and where my husband keeps his 10 year old Toshiba. This week, I needed it for some virtualization (which my laptop from work nor my husband's laptop is good for)

Took it out, put the battery in, plugged the AC in and connected it to the power net. I got an orange charging light.

I tapped the power button: White light in the button, white light on the front panel (next to the charging light). But after only two or three seconds, the light on the power button and on the front, goes out again. Nothing appears on the screen, no beeps, no sounds of fan or hard drive.

This same behavior presents after I tried the following steps:

- Measured the voltage on my CMOS battery. It was only 2,14V, so too low. When the laptop is charging though, the voltage on the CMOS battery climbs tot 2,68V.

- Left it to charge until the charging light was white, indicating fully charged. Turned it on, same behavior.

- Took the battery out and measured its output. Normal output voltage

- Measured the output on the AC adapter. I measure a voltage of 19,38 Volts, so normal.

- Without battery, only connected through the AC adapter, tried turning it on. Same behavior.

- Without the battery, and without AC feed, I held down the power bu... Read more

Answer:Satellite P855: when turning it on, it turns off again after three seconds

Forgot to mention a test I also performed: I hooked up an external monitor as one of the first tests, to see if it was the laptops display that caused any problems. But nothing on the external display (connected via HDMI).


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Hi all,

The screen on my X200 goes dim [ie half brightness ] for a few seconds every couple of minutes, as if it had just had the mains power disconnected and was going on to battery power.

After about 2 - 3 seconds, it returns to full brightness [ it has happened twice while I am typing this message ] - very annoying.

It happened for a while when I had Vista Ultimate installed [ started about 6 months from purchase ], and then seemed to stop doing it for a while.

I then upgraded to Win7 Ultimate about 4 months ago. Everything was ok until this week, and it's now happening again.

Any thoughts ?


Pw - Australia

Answer:Satellite X200 - screen goes dim every few minutes for about 3 seconds

This is really strange issue. This dim option is available under Win7 but not under Vista.
Have you different brightness levels for each power plan?
Do you use always the same power plan when notebook is running on battery and AC power supply?

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I have problem with the camera.

Every time I start it, it works only 2 seconds and then picture is black. The blue signal lamp is on all the time. When I start properties even don't change anything, picture appears again. Worse when I call someone, I can do nothing.

What am I to do?

Answer:Satellite A300D-155 - Camera works only 2 seconds

Have you updated the camera driver and looked for a BIOS update?
Check this on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

This is strange but I think a driver update should help.
Maybe more programs try to use the camera. Check this.

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I have a new Toshiba satellite L500 1XX with i3 and I have installed the 32bit OS.
From the first start the fan is acting strange every 5-10 seconds it start working for 5-10 seconds then stops for 5-10 seconds then start again, that is going on all the time even if the laptop gust stand with out doing anything.
I believe something is wrong but was not able to find it. Please I need help
Thank you

Answer:Re: Satellite L500 - Fan start/stop every 5-10 seconds


It's ok with your laptop. My satellite A500 also acts like this, even if I surf the Internet, watching movie and CPU shows only 5%. I don't play games at all. It's not because of dust because I clean it regularly, installed all drivers, bios updated. The only way to make it less noisy to run the fan at constant speed like 54%, I just load the CPU with some applications that keeps fan running almost everytime and no annoying noise noticeable.
You can play with power settings in Power plan, but in my case it doesn't help. And don't even decide to upgrade Bios, it doesn't improve you but can ,,kill,, your lap if goes wrong.

Bazlaha, ahi !

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Hi All,

I bought my first Toshiba laptop *3 days* ago and so far am pleased other than the cooling fan runs loudly every *5 seconds* for bursts of *13 seconds*.

Even my old laptops never did this in their whole years of usage, i feel that something must be wrong.

Is the laptop faulty? and should I return it before a problem is caused and my warranty runs out?

Or is there an easy fix? (fingers crossed)

I am using the laptop for fairly long periods but have it on a cooling mat at all times which isn't helping.

Many thanks,

Answer:Satellite C660-23M - fan runs loudly every 5 seconds

Try please to change cooling method settings.

Open power settings for power plan that you use > Change advanced power settings > Toshiba Power Saver Settings > Cooling method > change both options to ?Battery optimized?.

It should reduce cooling fan activity.

Please send some feedback.

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Hi. I've been having some trouble with my Toshiba Satellite L450. After starting the computer, the back light goes out after a few seconds. If I light up the screen with a lamp, I can still faintly see what's on it so the screen is still working. Closing the lid and opening it will make it light up for another few seconds. This happens regardless of software as the back light will go out even in the BIOS. I've tried to replace the inverter board with a new one (found one on ebay), but that made no difference. Since the screen is actually lighting up the back light has to be still working and since the inverter board wasn't the problem, I'm thinking that the screen is getting an order to shut off the backlight (as if the lid was closed). Does anyone have some tips?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L450, backlight going out after a few seconds

You may need to replace the CCFL (fluorescent backlight) itself.
Process is similar to this: CCFL Backlight Installation|

Alternately, you could buy a new display screen, which would have the backlight attached.

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I have a Satellite Pro A200. All was fine until early this morning when a constant beep started. The laptop beeps once every 30 seconds. Everything seems to be working fine. It restarted without difficulty and I am using it to write this message. The only problem is the constant beep. Any suggestions as to the problem and what to do would be very helpful. Thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 Constant beep every 30 seconds

I recommend you to contact nearest service provider. Such behavior is definitely not normal and it should not happen.

Have you done something with your notebook last days? Maybe some hardware upgrade?

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The mouse on my Satellite C660 drives me insane. As well as functions I don?t use, it hangs for seconds at a time after switch on. I have taken to plugging in an old USB mouse, this seems to stabilize the on board one as well.

Is there a driver I can download to replace the one installed and return it to conventional mouse operation?

Answer:Satellite C660 - the mouse hangs for seconds


Do you mean the touchpad?
The touchpad driver can be downloaded from Toshiba EU driver page:

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A110-180 and when I turn on the computer the fan starts running but it stops in a few seconds and starts again in a while and stops again and starts..... Then the laptop gets heat quickly.

I bought the laptop around 5 years ago so I think that the problem is either the fan or the circuit that controls the fan. Can someone that has had the same problem make me sure that the fan is the problem?

The part number of the fan is ATZHG000500. Does anybody know if a fan with P/N ATZHG000100 is compatible with my laptop or if I can use other fan?

Thanks for your help,

Answer:Satellite A110-180 - Fan starts but stops after few seconds

Hi Wiley,

First of all it?s normal that the fan starts and after few seconds or 1 minute it stops. Depending on the programs that you run the fan start again after few seconds or minutes. So theoretically it?s normal what happens to you.

But if your notebook is around 5 years old you should try to clean it. Therefore I can recommend compressed air spray. This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators. It?s very cheap but very useful.
Check this!!

Furthermore I think the thermal grease must be renewed? An authorized notebook technicians can help you and answer if the other fan part number fit in your notebook. :)

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Ever since I had my machine last June, it has blanked the screen for a couple of seconds every now and then - probably once or twice a day.

Is this serious and likely to get worse - should I send it back before the warranty runs out?

Could it have anything to do with Flashcards. I don't know what this is, but every time I boot up, it refuses to quit.

thanks for any suggestions.

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 Screen going blank for two seconds


> Is this serious and likely to get worse - should I send it back before the warranty runs out
I think it?s not easy to say if this could be an serious hardware issue or only an driver issue.

I?ve got some questions;
First of all; did you check if a BIOS update and/or the graphic card driver update could helps? Mostly such updates make wonders ;)

How about new OS installation from the recovery CD? Did you check if the same issue appears on fresh installed OS from the recovery CD?

I think this should be checked firstly.

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Hi all,

As the title says my satellite l450d has power going in when I press the power button. The green power light on the front of the laptop comes on, I can also hear a cooling fan starting up. Also the light indicator on the side for the dvd drive flashes on and off to begin with .All this happens within 4-5 seconds of me pressing the power button on, then you hear a click from and the laptop goes dead. This happens regardless if the battery is in or out.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L450D - Power in but cuts out after 5 seconds?


For me it sounds like a hardware malfunction?

I found this interesting article on Toshiba site:
[Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start?|]

If it doesn?t work you need help from an authorized service provider I think. The guys have to check the exact reason and can replace all hardware parts because they can order them from Toshiba directly.

Did you already contact the guys?

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I want to connect a Diamond Digital (Acer I think) external moniter to my Toshiba Satalite C650 and it comes on for about 2 seconds then flshes black again. I have tried lowering the resolution and the 12 pin cable is in tight it just keeps flashing black. It never does this on my TV..

Do you guys have any idea what might be wrong?

Answer:Satellite C650 - External monitor comes on for about 2 seconds


What connection/cable you use exactly for connecting the external monitor?

I would recommend connecting the cable firstly before you turn on both devices. Then switch on the external monitor at first and then notebook. Normally it will detect the external monitor automatically. If not you can use FN+F5 key combination to switch between monitor.

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Hello i've Toshiba C55-B5302 when i try to turn on and then turn off again. You can turn on the laptop as normal. The LED lights on the laptop light up, but once this is done, the laptop just runs for 5 seconds and it automatically shuts off again. You can hear the fan run for a while but other that it just turns off. So what is the cause for a problem like this? i've dissasemly it and clean the fan there's no dust, i've remove the battery and keep the power button for 60sec read it on other forum, press many times the power button without the battery and the charger to reset the bios info, but without any luck.

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I have Satellite A300-U01... there is one problem sometimes when I ENABLE or DISABLE Bluetooth device in my laptop, the laptop hangs for 3 or 5 seconds and if some song is playing it hangs and make strange noise for 3 or 5 seconds then become normal...

Answer:When the BT is enabled/disabled Satellite A300-U01 hangs few seconds

Has your notebook ?factory settings? or you have installed own OS?

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We have several laptops from the 1110 series (Z14 and Z20) and one of them refuses to start up properly. Everything works perfectly for 12 seconds and then it powers itself down. Every time at exactly 12 seconds.

Does anyone have any suggestion where I should start looking?

I have already replaced everything that comes loose (up to the CPU), but without any result. It seems to be something inside the BTK20 motherboard.


Answer:Satellite 1110 series only works for 12 seconds, then powers down

>It seems to be something inside the BTK20 motherboard.

Seems so? if you have replaced the common parts like RAM, HDD and the CPU then the last part would be the motherboard?

But what do you think about an overheating issue?
I mean the notebook could shut down because of the higher temperature?
I would recommend checking this? maybe the thermal grease should be renewed, clean the ventilators and check again?

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I beleive i have a hardware problem with this L850 PSKDLA-0C800R Satellite.

This was a notebook i bougth for my wife but ended up with my stepson for Uni studies.While he had it the hard drive failed which one of his freinds replaced. 12 months later he advised it had gone blackscreen and would nort turn on.

I finally got hold of it again and managed to drain the residual power and replaced the CMOS Battery remove one stick of RAM and it booted okay. I proved one stick to be faulty so left that out. Next i became aware there was an issue with the screen and mouse

. The screen would brighten (wash out) then flicker and stabilize. First thought were video chip or driver.
But at the same time the mouse would lock. When the screen cleared the mouse would respond again.
Was happening every three to four seconds but now every two seconds. Makes it hard to do anything.

Have reloaded many of the drivers but i think it is hardware, just not sure whether it needs a motherboard or a processor.
Can you advise?

I forgot to mention the screen image is slightly down from the top bezel.
Tere is a few milimetres of black with a white line on the top edge of the picture.
This white line seems to come on and off with the timing of the locked mouse and screen. Is it the backlight or another indication of the problem?

Answer:Satellite L850 screen and mouse locks every 2 seconds

Hi, did you check thermal grease between cpu and heat sink?
cpu fan was blowing hot air outside?

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I am working on a Toshiba Satellite L455. When I press the on button it turns on for four seconds, the screen displays small vertical lines that are in different colors. Then the computer just turns off. As far as i can tell the computer is not even going through post. Has anyone had anything like this happen or know what i can do to fix this? the computer is running Windows 7.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L455 boots for 4 seconds and shuts down

The video card may be damaged.. Or the motherboard. I would suggest doing an RMA if this is a newer laptop, or sending it in for repair.

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i have a toshiba satellite pro l20 series and it worked fine till yesterday.
the problem is that it restarts.. well actually it shuts down in about 4 seconds after boot, stays closed for 1 or 2 seconds and then starts again
same problem happens with or without the battery.
all i can see is the Toshiba logo. i can enter bios and when in bios it does not shut down.
when i exit bios saving changes it shuts down. and then starts by itsself after 2 secs.
please help me out .. how can i fix this ?

Answer:Restart problem after boot on Satellite Pro L20 - aprox 4 seconds


If the notebook pass through the Toshiba logo so maybe there is only something wrong with the software.
In this case the first step should be new installation of the Toshiba recovery CD.
Put the CD into the drive and try to boot from the CD.
After installation all should works properly.
If not so I assume there is a serious problem and the service guys should check the notebook.

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Hello everyone, and sorry for the english, I'm french :)

I bought a Satellite A300-1IW few days ago and suddently (didn't remember exactly when) the HDD access light start to blink every seconds and it continues even after several reboots!

It only does this with Vista; I checked the disk activity with "diskmon" and I saw that even if there were *no* *disk* *writing* *or* *reading* the led continued blinking, so I think it's not related to some vista services (superfetch, indexing...)

I saw on a Microsoft support a similar problem but it was under windows 98 and with old motherborads!
see : Link: []

It seems so that it's related to Vista SCSI or DVD quering...

I now that's not critical but it's annoying to have this led blinking all the time

Have any idea? Do you think it could be related to the bios? I want to be sure before touching this because it's always delicate.

Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite A300-1IW: HDD access light blinks every seconds

In my opinion nobody must offer any comment because you already given the answer. This is nothing unusual and definitely no reason for panic.

What to do about it? What you want to do? Sorry but it is really stupid question. I can just offer you one stupid answer. ;) Take some black adhesive tape and cower the LED. ;)

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Satellite A105-s4344 shuts down after EXACTLY 60 seconds. The mobo has been removed from bezels and all un-needed devices removed (DVD, HDD, WiFI etc.). Swapped CPU and RAM with known good ones. Swapped AC adapter and battery with known good. Does the same on AC or DC only inputs.

I have not yet flashed the BIOS (with 60 seconds this would be foolish). But, I am looking into replacing or reflashing with an EEPROM burner. Currently has V 2.0

I am not sure what genration heat detecting this system uses, but it is a possible cause if it is one of the later generations (visit if you do not know that I am refering to).

Prior to reballing the north and south bridge, and flashing I figured I would get some input from you folks. Just to cover all bases ;)

P.S. the first person to ask what OS I am using will get an instant ticket to the bottom of my respect list.

Answer:Re: Satellite A105 shuts down after 60 seconds (NOT a thermal problem)

>P.S. the first person to ask what OS I am using will get an instant ticket to the bottom of my respect list.
:) :) :) Best thing I saw in this forum.

Back to your problem.
I am not technician but here just my opinion about all this. The fact is that after switching your notebook ON CPU in just few seconds reaches very high temperature. You can switch your notebook ON and just enter BIOS settings and the same should happen again.

I cannot say for sure if this is 100% thermal issue or not but what else can be responsible for switching off? CPU will be hot in few seconds only. Material change structure with temperature change and I can just imagine some contact will be interrupted.

On this forum we had many similar reports like ? when cold notebook starts and runs well but after short time switches off for no reason. Maybe I am wrong but for me it sounds like thermal or ?bad contacts? issue. Let?s see what other people have to say about it.

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When I use any program, every few seconds it will switch/flick to the background so I have to click in it again. It will still be displayed, but it requires me to click in it to continue using it actively. For example, I am not able to type continously - I will type a few words and then will have to click the mouse in the program to continue. Or if I'm watching a video, I can't watch it full screen as it will go out of full screen mode after a few seconds.

Obviously this is very disturbing and means I can't work on the computer as my typing is continuously disrupted.

Any support or advice much appreciated. Thanks :)

Answer:Satellite C series - Programs switching to background every few seconds

It is very strange issue. I?ve never heard about it.
Does the same happen when you disconnect external mouse and disable touchpad?

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I'm from Argentina... I've just bought a brand new Satellite A135-S4666 and I noticed that the cooling fan turns on and off every 20 seconds.
It's a bit annoying and it disctracts me from what I'm doing..... is there any solution?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite A135-S4666 - Cooling Fan turns on and off every 20 seconds

Hi Martin,

This behaviour is quite normal and nothing to worry about. If you find the noise of the cooling fans irritating you may be able to alter their behaviour using the Toshiba Power Management utility where you should be able to set the cooling mode to run more quietly. I believe trhe default is to allow the CPU to run at maximum speed which will obviously cause the fans to switch on every few seconds, but by reducing the CPU speed the heat generated will be less and consequently the fans will operate less frequently.


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I have A Toshiba L750D, when I switch on, on turns off within 2 seconds or so. I have tried F2, bios comes up, but then computer shuts down.

I have tried the normal reset procedure, no difference.
I have tried removing memory and trying other memory, no difference
I have tried removing cd, hard drive, keyboard and battery, no difference
Unplugged screen, no difference, shuts down in seconds.
Fan begins to spin, thought this maybe faulty, changed the fan, no difference.

I am assuming this is a motherboard issue? any help appreciated

Answer:Satellite L750D shuts down in 2 seconds, can't access BIOS

Maybe is BIOS screwed up. Have you made some update in the past?
I?m afraid you should contact Toshiba service and ask for help. They should check the mainboard.

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Hi all :)

I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite A200 23W portable computer some hours ago.
I turn it on and i let it finish all the Vista installation.

After finishing Vista installation it asket to resturn the laptop and from that moment the laptop is "dead".
After pressing Restart computer (from Vista) the computer shut down with no problem but it never restarted!!!
After waiting some minutes i tryed to start it over by pressing the power button.

Now when i press the power button i can hear the HDD working and most of the time before i can see something on screen the laptop shuts down!!
Now i notice that both the battery indicator AND the DC IN indicator are flushing and stopping flash at moments.
From reading the manual i would assume that the DC IN indicator should not flash at all though.

I have tryed to unistall the battery and try to boot the laptop but in that case i can not even listen the HDD starting up!!!
I have try to unplag and replag the power cable (in the wall socket as well as in laptop) but again no result.

Any ideas of what has happened?
Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite A200 23W shuts down seconds after pressing power button

I do not know what is wrong there and, in my opinion, it should not be so important for you. Contact your dealer as soon as possible and talk with him. Explain the situation. Maybe you will get new notebook. If not please contact nearest authorized service provider and let them check your notebook.

The notebook is brand new and it must work. Please do not wait too long.

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laptop shuts off 20 seconds after turn on, before boot , even if you go directly to set-up or bios only 4months old

Answer:Toshiba Satellite a-505 shuts off 20 seconds after pushing start button


oveheating, hardware fault, PSU failing, either way it will need proper diagnosis with a trained technician,

if its only 4 months old it will be under warranty so give the seller a call.

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Hello, help me with this problem:

Every time I try to play any music files at high volume, the audio disappears after 10-15 seconds or so, but at that moment I connect the headphones and then disconnected after 2 seconds, the audio from the speakers of the notebook returns but after 10-15 sec. disappears again.

A particular case is that when I play some file with the volume low, the audio from the speakers does not go away.
I've tried reinstalling the current driver, with the right system I have (windows 7 professional 64 bit)

It is not virus problem (I can play with headphones and listening at higher volume).
Also disabled the built-in microphone, believing that it was a bad configuration or signal coupling, this problem seems to indicate that it is a technical failure

Will the audio output amplifier speaker which is failing?

Is there any diagnostic software to try to know what the actual fault? I hope your answers, thank you very much for reading my post.

Sorry if I'm not clear, I do not speak very good English language

Answer:Satellite C645-SP4131L - audio disappears after 10-15 seconds of playing

> A particular case is that when I play some file with the volume low, the audio from the speakers does not go away.
Did you notice the same using head phones?
Theoretically it could be just an speaker problem and not sound driver issue.
But this would mean that the notebook speakers have to be replaced.

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Every now and then (maybe once a week ? but at no periodic, predictable time) I get this very high-pitched squealing sound coming from my laptop. It's NOT a continuous sound like others have asked about on this forum before. It's a VERY short burst. It sounds like the sound we used to hear when we dialed into the internet with a 56k modem, except it only lasts for about 1-2 seconds.

I can't tell where exactly it's coming from because it's very short.

It's a very scary sound, it sounds like something is REALLY going wrong in there and might be causing permanent damage. I'm particularly concerned because I only got this laptop a month ago! And I've NEVER heard it on any of my previous 14 laptops (which were never Toshiba).

What the hell is this sound, and how is it hurting my computer. Also, how do I prevent it or mitigate it. Or (sub-ideally) do I need to get a new laptop ?

Answer:Satellite L - Scary high pitched squeal sound for 1-2 seconds


It?s really hard to say what is causing this high pitched sound, buddy?

Few months ago I had a similar issue. Something was causing a weird noise on my notebook. I went to my local authorized service provider and the technicians checked the notebook. Two days later I received a call and the technician told me it was the HDD. They replaced the HDD and after this all worked fine again.

So I think you should go the nearest ASP and the technicians can check the notebook. But if you want you can check the HDD yourself with Drive Fitness Test for example:
Maybe this test tool can find an error or not?


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I have a simular problem with a P200-140.

When it boots the Toshiba Logo appears for a few seconds and then disappears, if I tilt the screen I can see that the picture is there but the screen does not light up.

I used the SVGA output on my projector and that works fine. Sometimes after booting a few times the display returns and will then work fine but will disapear again without warning especially if yiou close the screen.

I dunno if this is possibly a switch problem?
Is there a microswitch that might be sticking when you close the lid?

I've tried deleting and reinstalling the display drivers and booting in safe mode, neither made a difference.

Answer:Satellite P200-140 - Toshiba Logo appears for a few seconds and then disappears

hi Mortiss,
maybe the backlight of the lcd is gone... (i dont think so)
or the wires broke... (!)
or the lid switch is defectiv (rare)

ask a servicepartner to assist...

or deassemble the unit... be carefull this will kill your warranty..

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The "Turn Off Computer" window pops up every few seconds (this is the window that you normally access from the "start" button - bottom left on the monitor). When this happens it only stays up for half a second and then it flashes off and all the icons on the desktop disappear for about 4-5 seconds and then they reappear. In addition to that my Norton Internet Secuity 2005 self shutdown (or don't start) at the beginning. I didn't download/launch any suspicious file but I begin to think it's a virus, and if so, how could I deal with it?

Thank you in advance.

Answer:"Turn Off Computer" window pops up every few seconds

Edit: If I run in safe mode I got some control over my computer but still I'm clueless

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Hello guys,
I'm facing another problem with my Lumia Which turns app settings into default after second time opening of any app (I.e. Windows central, Fantasia painter etc.)....
Everything is happened from yesterday.
Why? Can any one share their views?

Answer:App settings turn into default settings after seconds time opening.

Hey! I've checked my memory card from Pc which can't format it any way.. My antivirus doesn't find any virus & error in it.
If I deleted my files then after refresh it comes back. So is it my memory card fault?

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Last week this problem came out of nowhere, while listening to music on the internet it just stopped in the middle until the next song started when I checked in playing devices the speakers showed activity (the green bar was changing) but there was no sound on the speakers only the headphones and the oddest thing is when I change tabs from playing devices to recording devices the sound starts again for a short time.

other than that windows has sound you can hear all system sounds its only with those that last longer than about 1.5 minutes.

Looking at the forums on the web I saw that lots of things could cause this (adobe flash 11.3, win7 sp1 update, codecs...) I already had sp1 and it worked before so I ruled that out. Since there were so many causes I did a clean win7 sp1 install but the problem still persists. Updated all drivers since then even updated the bios to V2.00.

I began to think that its a hardware problem but the thing is the driver influences it, with an older driver it only works for 60 seconds and only starts playing sound again after a complete restart.

the laptop this happened on is a L750D-12K
audio driver is conexant smart audio

Answer:Satellite L750D - after starting music/film sound stops in 90-270 seconds

>Last week this problem came out of nowhere, .....
Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore tool just to see if the problem persist?

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_*Satellite x200-191*_

Core2 Duo T7700
*Original:* 1024MB + 1024MB Memory 667MHZ / 512MB VRAM *Replaced:* Kingston Kingston KVR667D2S5/2G (I have this 2x)
*Original:* 200GB + 200GB Harddisk Drive (4200RPM) SATA *Replaced:* Only 1 HDD left, other one I will get back in 2 days.
56K Modem / Lan
W-Lan (802.11 A/G/N)
1/3MPixel Web Camera
Microsoft Vista Home Premium 32 Bit

_*My Problem:*_

I take out the battery, plug it in the power. Charging light turns on.
I press the power button, power led turns on. Followed by the hdd led turn on, which blinks real quick, stays on for 1 second, then turns of. The power led stays on during all the time.
2 seconds after the power button, a fan starts blowing, while the above mention hdd led blinks for 1 second, 2 seconds after the fan starting to blow, it turns off.
We are now 4 seconds farther, pretty much, everything stopts, except a very tiny minor humming sound. (I just left it on for a couple minutes, sound remains, nothing happens.) (While writing this all I left it on for 10 minutes, the laptop heats op a bit, the adapter gets hotter, but still only the very tiny minor humming sound.)

+So my laptop works for 4 seconds, wont give any screen (black screen) wont load even BIOS. What could be wrong ?+


Ok so I left the laptop after a couple of months, being told it was dead, just getting it dusty. (Read history to get this)
But since last week... Read more

Answer:Satellite X200-191 => Laptop turns on 4 seconds, black screen,humming sound


To be honest that?s a really long story and I think we can?t help you here and tell you what the problem is exactly because it?s just an user to user forum. I think you need professional help from notebook technicians, they can check what the problem is.

According your posting I think it?s a hardware malfunction, maybe the mainboard but this must be checked from professional technicians.

You should contact an authorized service provider in your country. You can find a list of them here: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

I?m sure everything you can clarify with the ASP. The guys are really friendly and do a good job.

Good luck! :)

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Hi, I have a very frustrating problem that just reared its ugly head last night. My computer started hesitating every few seconds, freezes, then starts the cycle all over again. It's difficult to do anything: browse the internet, use applications, or even type this post. I have not added any new hardware or programs recently except I upgraded Firefox last week but it has been running fine up until last night. Plus I uninstalled Firefox and it is still doing the same thing. I have Windows XP home version. So far I have deleted several programs and many other things from my computer that I could do without, I've checked my page file to see if it was correct and it was at the suggested amount, I scanned it with Norton's and it found no viruses, I scanned with Malbytes Anti-Malware and it found nothing infected, I opened up my hard drive case and cleaned/blew out the dust however it wasn't that dirty since I do this on occasion, I made sure my memory was not slipping out, I tried to defragment but my computer said that I do not need to at this time, I restored my computer back to a previous date. None of these things have made a difference. I was sure at least restoring it back would do the trick but it did not.
I'm confused to what the problem is and through my research can't seem to figure this one out on my own.
Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone had similar problems?

Answer:Computer hesitates every few seconds and freezes a few seconds then starts this cycle over again

Run hard drive diagnostics: (or sure, you select tool, which is appropriate for the brand of your hard drive.Depending on the program, it'll create bootable floppy, or bootable CD.If downloaded file is of .iso type, use ImgBurn: to burn .iso file to a CD (select "Write image file to disc" option), and make the CD bootable.NOTE. If your hard drive is made by Toshiba, unfortunately, you're out of luck, because Toshiba doesn't provide any diagnostic tool.=======================================================================================A. If you have more than one RAM module installed, try starting computer with one RAM stick at a time.NOTE Keep in mind, the manual check listed above is always superior to the software check, listed below. DO NOT proceed with memtest, if you can go with option AB. If you have only one RAM stick memtest...1. Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)2. Unzip downloaded file.3. Inside, you'll find memtest86+-....iso file.4. Download, and install ImgBurn: Insert blank CD into your CD drive. 6. Open ImgBurn, and click on Write image file to disc7. Click on Browse for a file... icon:8. Locate memtest86+-....iso file, and click Open button.9. Click on ImgBurn green arrow to start burning bootable memtest86 CD:10. Once the C... Read more

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Good morning folks! I'm really hoping you guys can help me with this. I just bought a new laptop last week from CyberPower. It's got the quad core i7, 16GB ram,6GB video card, solid state drive, solid machine. But right from the start I've been experiencing 1-2 second pauses in all video and even right now while typing, or while scrolling through websites. I've tried 3 different browsers, I've updated flash, run several full system virus scans. This happens in every application, whether it's hulu, facebook, playing a fully downloaded file with media player. I'm completely stumped as to why my brand new, high powered system is performing so badly....PLEASE HELP!

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Every time i turn on my computer within 10 seconds it restarts and repeats the process. A box prompts up with an error report saying:

System has recovered from a serious error. I view the technical information it says:


I click do not send two boxes have popped up indicating a problem they are:

The procedure entry point JS_IsDebuggerFrame could not be located in the dynamic link library Js3250.dlll
The instruction at 0x7c80c621 referenced memory at 0x00df0009. The memory could not be read.

Can some one please help me out here, much thanks; i am running windows xp

Answer:Computer starts up then restarts (Safe mode freezes)Every time i turn on my computer within 10 seconds it restarts and repeats...

Have you tried the Lask Known Good Configuration option?

I think it might be a Mozillla issue (damaged), calling for the uninstall/reinstall routine.


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3990 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1803 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 590375 MB, Free - 195105 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FRK44
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled
For a few days now my Dell Inspiron has been lagging/freezing every few minutes for a couple of seconds.

It seems to be happening no matter what i'm doing on the laptop - playing music, playing a game and even when it's idle. The whole system freezes and if there is audio playing it makes a strange buzzing noise. Any video playing freezes and the mouse freezes too. It is only for 2 seconds at most and isn't effecting the running of the laptop, it's more of an annoyance.

I've run a full scan with Avast! and Malware Bytes. Malware came up clean, Avast! found a few low level things that have been deleted or moved to the chest/vault.

I've also run ChkDsk, which found a few errors and, i'm assuming, fixed them. I left it running over night as it took a few hours to complete.

Any help or advice is hugely appreciated!!

Answer:Dell laptop freezing every 40-50 seconds for 1-2 seconds

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Hello forum.

I have a month-old Dell Inspiron N7010 Core i5 460M with 6 gigs of ram running on Windows 7. Until recently, it has been starting up in about 75 seconds. However, out of nowhere, it suddenly began starting up in between 2 and a half minutes to 3 minutes. I am completely baffled, and I do not know what is wrong. Could it have been something I installed, or is it something that is beyond my knowledge. The last things I downloaded before the problems started were Starcraft II, Need for Speed World, and Microsoft Security Essentials, but I doubt one of those is the source of problem. Much help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Startup time from 75 seconds to 165 seconds. What is wrong?

Check for Malware with a reliable & trusted malware detector and same with antivirus.

Make sure you don't have a load of unecessary stuff starting with Windows.

Run the Disk Defragmenter on the system drive (usually C)

If none of that makes any difference, you may have hidden malware so please post on the malware forum for expert advice:

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Hello forum.

I have a month-old Dell Inspiron N7010 Core i5 460M with 6 gigs of ram running on Windows 7. Until recently, it has been starting up in about 75 seconds. However, out of nowhere, it suddenly began starting up in between 2 and a half minutes to 3 minutes. I am completely baffled, and I do not know what is wrong. Could it have been something I installed, or is it something that is beyond my knowledge. The last things I downloaded before the problems started were Starcraft II, Need for Speed World, and Microsoft Security Essentials, but I doubt one of those is the source of problem. Much help is greatly appreciated. :)

Answer:Startup time from 75 seconds to 165 seconds. What is wrong?

Hi, welcome to TSF

Of the 3 new programs you've recently installed, Microsoft Security Essentials is the most likely to affect the boot time. Check its options to see if it's set to scan at startup, and post back with the startup list from msconfig.

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