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Flash cards (FN button) on Windows 7 - Satellite A200-1AE

Question: Flash cards (FN button) on Windows 7 - Satellite A200-1AE

I have read a few threads in this forum but i haven't managed to make FN + Fkeys work on my A200-1AE after installing Windows 7 Ultimate.
I have installed the Value Added Package from Windows 7 -32bit drivers and the Flash Cards Support Utility from Windows Vista - 32bit drivers but still nothing.

Has anyone finally used successfully the FN button of satellite notebooks on Windows 7????

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Preferred Solution: Flash cards (FN button) on Windows 7 - Satellite A200-1AE

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Flash cards (FN button) on Windows 7 - Satellite A200-1AE

Where did you download the Win7 TVAP from?

Maybe a BIOS update would help.

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Wondering if anyone can help me.

I recently just rebooted my Satellite A200-195.

I found that my flash cards for my ?FN? hotkey function buttons have disappeared and do not pop up on top of the screen anymore.
However I am able to press the other function buttons on the keypad F1 - F8, part from the one that enables the mouse?F9?.

I have already uninstalled and installed the Value Added Package, Flash support utility and even tried to update the Bios but it seems my Bio is already the newest version.
After all this I seem to be able to enable my mouse pad ?F9? but my other function buttons are not working anymore and the flash cards still are not appearing like they use to.
Is there anything I can do to get my flash card to pop up back on screen without having to set my laptop back to factory default?

Answer:Satellite A200-195: TOSHIBA Flash Cards "black and white cards" not working

Have you tried to restart Flash cards?
Start > All programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash cards.

What you can also try is to install ?Flash cards support utility? if you can find it on Toshiba download page.

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I have a Toshiba A200 1s5 notebook with Vista Home Premium preinstalled. c2d [email protected], 2GB RAM.

The problem is that flash cards utility is very slow. It takes quite a lot of time from when I press the FN button until the cards appear. Plus the entire utility runs slow. Sometimes it won't even appear. I understood you really need these flash cards to use the function keys without which they won't work.

Is there any known issues with this utility or should I just try reinstalling it? I have this problem since I bought the notebook and I never did a reinstall or a recovery. So all the software that came with it is original.

Excuse my bad English.

Answer:Satellite A200 - slow flash cards


It is known that previous version is pretty slow. Toshiba has offered new version and now it works fast. Please remove preinstalled Value Added Package and install latest version that you can find on Toshiba download page.


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I would like to know if such a thing is available... since I didn?t find it anywhere
and also availability of drivers for 64-bit Windows 7, since most manufacturers already have drivers but Toshiba doesn?t.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 (PSAE6E) Vista/7 64-bit flash cards

>...since I didn?t find it anywhere
It is strange. On Toshiba download page under > Support & Downloads you can find drivers for Vista 64-bit.
Windows 7 is still in beta phase and still not available on the market. So support is still not started for it. To be honest I don't believe some other notebook manufacturers have started with Windows 7 support.

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You know Flash Cards is transparent and moving flashy when pressing FN key.
After I downloaded & installed TVAP 1.1.7, Flash Card became a dark, not transparent and not moving when pressing FN anymore (shows suddenly when pressing FN).

What's wrong?

PS. I have A200-1M4


Answer:Satellite A200-1M4: Flash Cards are dark and not transparent after v1.1.7 update

Nothing is wrong. It is simply new version. Toshiba has offered this update and fixed one big problem. Using last version the flash cards were very slow and it was very annoying. Toshiba has designed new tool and the transparency is not available anymore.

I hope you know very well that such settings need more resources and notebook runs slower. But at the end I am asking myself: is this so important for you?

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Hello all

I have recently purchased a Satellite A200-1DA which has the Toshiba value added package installed. I find the top of screen drop down buttons very annoying is there any way of disabling the drop down buttons without losing their uses accessed from the number buttons.

Answer:Satellite A200-1DA: How to disable Flash Cards without losing FN keys

Please check Toshiba download page for updates and install latest version for your notebook model. With new version those flash cards will be shown much faster.

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I tried installing the updated flash cards utility for Satellite Pro A200 model E7E and it won't finish installing, saying wrong serial number.

My model is definitely listed in the update information, and it is offered on the page of updates for my model.


Answer:Cannot install flash cards update for Satellite Pro A200-E7E - wrong serial

I should add that I also installed the latest value added update and uninstalled the version of flash cards support utility that came with the laptop.

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I have a Satellite A200 PSAE3E and I have noticed just recently that the Flash Cards do not appear now when I move my mouse pointer to the top of the screen.
I have checked that the program is set to start up when the laptop is turned on and I have looked at the settings for the program and everything seems to be OK.

However I can only get them to appear if I double click the file and start it manualy.
As a temporary fix I have put a shortcut on my desktop to start it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE3E - Flash Cards not loading and opening on StartUp


Start the *msconfig* and check if the Toshiba Flash Card are checked and enabled in ?Startup? tab.
Furthermore you should check if the service which controls the flashcards has been enabled.


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Answer:Re: Satellite A200 PSAE6E: Cannot install Flash Cards - invalid serial number


In most cases the invalid serial number error message occurs if you try to install a utility which has been not created for this notebook series.
You should check if you have downloaded the right tool.

But one question; Do you use the Vista BIOS version?
At this time Toshiba European driver page provides the 2.60 Win Vista BIOS.
Please check this!

Furthermore before you would try to install the Flash cards you should install the VAP. The value added package contains necessary tools and this should be installed firstly before Flash cards installation.


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I recently installed BIOS latest version and after the installation i see this message eveytime my notebook starts:

" Runtime error!
Program:C:\Program files\TOSHIBA\FlashCards\TCrdMain.exe
R6025 -pure virtual function call "

Can anyone tell me what to do?

Answer:Vista Flash Cards issue on Satellite A200-18M - Runtime error R6025


Did you install the right BIOS for the right OS?
You should know that Vista uses an different BIOS as the Windows XP!

Anyway, did you try to reinstall this Toshiba Flash Card Utility?
Please do this.

Firstly you should reinstall the Toshiba Common Modules and then the Flash Card Utility. Both programs can be found in the Toshiba Value added package.


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first sorry for my bad English.

Second I have a Toshiba notebook Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E I changeg my OS to Vista and I have a problem with "Flash Cards Support Utility". I can't install it.
I have this message error "the serial number is invalid" I don't know what to do.

Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E: Cannot install Flash Cards Support Utility - serial number is invalid

by the way i have a vista familia edition and i downloaded a Flash Cards Support Utility and Value Added Package
from here

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I have upgrade to windows 7 and now my card reader don't read some of cards. i have installed the windows vista's drivers of cards readers (SD utilities) but i can't install flash cards support utility. in the installation appears : "serial number is invalid".
what can i do to solve my problem?

thanks and sorry by my english

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 with Windows 7 - Problem WIth cards reader

Could you give a Product Number? The product number is located on the bottom side of your laptop, and looks like this for example: PSAE6E.

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I have computer model no A200-1LA and I changed windows Vista for windows 7 32-bit an now my function button doesn't work.

What should I do now? Maybe someone commend me some drive? Please help me I can?t use my pilot.

Answer:Satellite A200-1LA and Windows 7 problem - function button doesn't work

Do you mean FN key or what?
> Please help me I can?t use my pilot.
My English is also not the best but what do you mean with ?pilot??

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Does anyone know how to get rid of the tabs at the top or possibly disable them? I've searched and I don't know how to disable them.

Link: if anyone doesn't understand what I'm talking about.


Answer:How to disable Flash cards on Equium A200-15I?

Please do the follow:

Start > All Programs > TOSHIBA > Utilities > Settings for Flash Cards.
There you can find option ?Disable TOSHIBA Flash Cards?.


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I have changed from Vista to Windows 7 on my Satellite A200-20N, and now I can't use the flash card reader in it. I have already looked for drivers, but I only find one for vista, also tried to install it, but was not successful.

How could I use my flash card reader under Windows 7?

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Need Windows 7 driver for flash card reader


Unfortunately I think you can only use the Vista driver and normally they also work on Windows 7.
Maybe you can explain what ?not successful? means exactly?

Furthermore you can try a newer card reader driver from another notebook model, e. g. Satellite A300.

Check this!!!

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I have a Satellite A500 PSAM3A-04200E. Recently I did an upgrade from Vista to Win 7. I used my system restore disks to reinstall Vista and then did the upgrade to Windows 7 using the upgrade assistant.

I find that I can no longer use the Fn key to enable/disable features..

I have tried downloading the VAP and running it. I have also tried the Start->Toshiba->Utilities->Restart Flash Cards. Neither of these have worked even after a restart...

Can anyone give me some pointers on what to do next?


Answer:Satellite A500 - Flash Cards don't work after Windows 7 upgrade

Hi buddy,

If you have already reinstalled Toshiba Value Added Package, you should also (re)install ?Flash Cards Support Utility?. This tool controls the FN keys and is necessary to get them working.

You can download it on official Toshiba website:

Check this!!!

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Hi all,

i have a satellite A200-29 L and i already installed the Flash Media Driver and it works with SD-cards up to 2 GB.
When i try it with a 4 GB SDHC - Card it does not work.
Can somebody tell me what to do, thank you in advance.


Answer:Driver for SD cards with 4 GB Satellite A200-29L


As far as I know the card reader supports these cards:
SD Card 8MB-2GB
xD picture card 16MB-2GB
Memory Stick 8MB-256MB
Memory Stick Pro 256MB-2GB
MultiMediaCard 8MB-1GB
miniSD (with SD adapter) 32MB-2GB

As you can see the card reader support the SDHC cards up to 4GB.

You should try to use another SDHC card. Maybe there is something wrong with the card.
Otherwise check this MS knowledge base article:

+Hotfix for Windows XP that adds support for SDHC cards that have a capacity of more than 4 GB+

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The nVidia GeForce Go 7300 board (Toshiba part no. V0001000500) has failed in my Satellite A200 (PSAFCA-01K00J) laptop. I've removed the board and am looking for a replacement. I note that there are some other, more powerful graphics boards now available, such as the ATI M76M 512MB (Toshiba part no. V000101740).

Has anyone had success with replacing their nVidia GeForce Go 7300 board with something different?

Here are the A200 graphics boards that exist:




Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - Compatible Graphics Cards

> I note that there are some other, more powerful graphics boards now available...
Do you think these graphic cards can be used without risk? I mean you know that cooling system has very limited cooling performance, right?

If something must be replaced on mobile units than it is strongly recommended to replace it with the same part.

Satellite A200 is pretty old notebook model so if you need notebook with much more graphic performance I think it is time for new notebook. Fix this old piece of hardware, sell it and buy new one. It is my personal opinion.

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When I press the 'FN' key it no longer appears the meaning of each F1 to F9 keys on the screen.
I've restored my complete system, the display was fine but he disappeared again.

Where is the problem?

Answer:Flash Cards are not shown on the screen when I use FN button

May you should un-install the Toshiba value package en re-install this package. I've had the same problem. Removed to much Toshiba items.

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I tried installing/reinstalling/uninstalling and then installing again, Toshiba Value Added Package and flash cards support utility. No luck...
Flash cards utility is installed: []
What now? :)

Laptop model: L550-15F (PSLN4E)

Also, does anyone know why a search for drivers for my model returns bluetooth stack package but my model doesn't seem to have bluetooth? :)

Answer:Satellite L550 - Flash Cards stopped working after Windows 7 64bit repair


Wait a moment, please! In which order you have installed/reinstalled the Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility? It would be interesting to know what you have done exactly.

I have used the following ?repair? order for this problem:
I uninstalled Flash Cards Support Utility and then Value Added Package. I did make a restart and cleaned the system by using CCleaner. One restart more and I installed Value Added Package firstly and then Flash Cards Support Utility. Now I did make the last restart and the FN keys started to work!

It?s important that you install the new versions for Windows 7!
That means Flash Cards Support Utility version and VAP version 1.2.34_64. I founded both on the Toshiba website :)

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I had to install new Vista system on my notebook, cause I lost System restore cd.
After installation, when I insert a SD memory card, the system can't see it. Previously a window popped out and I could chose actions. In My Computer there's no portable drive seen...
It's the same when I attach my digital camera - no reaction from the system.
Could someone solve my problems?

p.s. sorry for my English, but I'm no good at technical slang etc, but I hope you get it right :)

Answer:Satellite A200-1M5 - can't see memory cards after Vista re-installing


First of all the Satellite A200-1M5 seems to belong to the PSAE0 series and you should choose exactly this model on Toshiba European driver page if you want to download the compatible drivers.

Now back to your issue;
Did you check if the SD card controller has been recognized properly?
You should do this!

The point is that you need the Flash Media Driver to get the SD card controller working!
The Flash Media driver is for your Bridge Media Slot.
This slot lets you insert either a SD card, Memory Stick (Pro) or xD picture card.

If you have already installed this then I think you should reinstall it again?

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I have a problem with the "del" button on A200.1AX. It just stopped working.

I didn't spill anything or touch anything below the button. I even don't move the laptop from the table. The laptop is 4 months old. I have Windows XP Professional installed, with all the appropriate drivers and bios update for this OS. At the begining of this problem the button sometimes worked sometimes no, and then at the end it just stopped. Please help me if you can because I really need this button for my work.

Answer:Del button does not work on Satellite A200-1AX


Fact is that it?s not possible to replace any single keyboard buttons.
In most cases the whole keyboard must be replaced.

It looks like the warranty is valid and the replacement should be done for free.
If I were you, then I would contact the ASP in your country and would ask for the help.

Best regards dude

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I installed my vista Ultimate on my new Satellite Pro A200 but FN Button does not work after installing the Value Added Package (they work again after deinstallation). In addition to, there is an invalid serial error in Flash Cards Support Utility Setup. Toshiba said, i have to recover the vista home system of Toshiba - I am not satisfied with this answer.
If there is one body, who have the selfextrated files of the Flash Cards Support Utility Setup?

Another point: Somebody knows how to setup the fan properties? The cooling system runs too loud for some seconds by 33?C CPU temperature. Does software like SpeedFan or a BIOS Upgrade exist?

Caio ~ Daniel

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Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A200 - FN Button Blocked

Hello Daniel

I have installed Windows Vista Ultimate several times on my Satellite A200 successfully. Can you please tell me what you do exactly? Have you made CLEAN Ultimate installation or just UPDATE to Vista Ultimate?

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Today I decided to turn off as many useless program's as I could (to speed up my pc) so I went to Msconfig (I have vista home premium 32 bit), and turned a lot of things off. Including the "toshiba button support". The next time I restarted my extra buttons on the top of the keyboard all worked, beside one. The one that normally turns windows media player on. This time, it did nothing at all. The play/resume, stop, forward, backward and internet button all worked without problem.
However, I really liked the WMP button, so I tried to find out what the problem was. I found out it was the button support, so I decided to turn it back on.

However, this did not help :( . I turned it on in msconfig again, but it won't start with windows anymore :(. I know it's the program I need, because when I manually launch the program (it's the program: programfiles/toshiba/TBS/HSON.exe ) the button works.
I did put a V in front of the program in msconfig, but that did not work. Anyone has an idea why not?

Edit: I found a solution, although not the best. If anyone ever has the same problem:
I made a shortcut from the program that had to run (can be found in C:programfiles/toshiba/TBS and is called HSON.exe). Next I clicked on start, and said "all programs", here I selected the folder "opstarten", this is the dutch version, but my guess is it is called something like "start up" in english. In this, I pasted (copy/cut -> paste) the shor... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200 - Button support won't start on windows start up


I think the Value Added Package controls the buttons, uninstall the current version, then download and install the latest version from the Toshiba website.

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Had a complete system freeze last night - first the firefox browser tabs, then, when I tried to call up task manager, STRG+ALT+DEL didn't work either. I pressed the off-button repeatedly, but couldn't turn the laptop off.

After disconnecting the power cable the power led remained blue, and it still ran on battery, although the battery led was off. I left the laptop on (what else could I do) until the battery was emptied and it shut itself down.

This morning, it came up normally, followed by this error message:

"the exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occurred at location 0x7c812a5b".

Followed by a windows update screen that updates were completed and the computer would restart soon (just in case that can be connected - the night before, the "updates available" symbol was in the shortcut-bar too, and when it froze, I was running my daily Spyware Doctor virus check in the background).

I restarted the computer without further error messages, and it has been fine so far, but I've no idea what caused this, and if it will happen again. Any advice?

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 freezes, including on/off button

> I left the laptop on (what else could I do) until the battery was emptied and it shut itself down.
What else could you do?
First of all you could hold the power button pressed for about 4 sec and this would help tp shut down the notebook. Then you could restart the notebook to check if the system would run properly. However, it seems it?s running again?.

> I restarted the computer without further error messages, and it has been fine so far, but I've no idea what caused this, and if it will happen again. Any advice?
Believe me, it?s really not easy to say what caused this system issue and I assume nobody here will be able to provide EXCATLY answer.
In my opinion there was a software issue which was solved by new reboot and new Vista update?
Such strange things happen always and are not uncommon to me.


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Good morning.
I've a problem with my Toshiba Satellite A200-22B.

If I push the start button, the notebook don't switch on.
To switch on, I must push the Browser button, or mediaplayer button, near start button.

There's an hadware problem? i must contact a technical support center?

Thank you so much

Answer:Start button donít work on Satellite A200-22B

> If I push the start button, the notebook doesn?t switch on. To switch on, I must push the Browser button, or media player button, near start button. There's an hardware problem? I must contact a technical support center?

Hmm? I would say that your power button doesn?t work.
Maybe the power switch is faulty or there is a loose contact between the button and the motherboard? maybe it?s a mechanical malfunction.

Therefore I would say; YES. You should contact the technical support in your country.

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Ive looked all over the internet and spent weeks trying to figure out the problem but im at a loss.
I recently replaced a cracked screen on my A200-27R and everything worked fine.

A few days later I booted the laptop again and nothing happened and has been the same ever since.
The blue power and battery lights come on but there is no response when the power button is pressed, not even the fan.

I've checked all the connections inside several times, checked it without the battery etc.
I'm just not sure what to try next, any ideas?


Answer:Satellite A200-27R no response when Power button pressed

Can you start notebook if the battery is removed, with AC power supply only?

You know, it is not easy to say what the problem can be.

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I have instaled win vista ultimate instead home premium.My question is which driver have to install to activate my function buttons?
When i move the mouse in the upper corner nothing happen but when i Fn+F6 the brightness changes.

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAECE) function button trouble

Hi there,

when installing a operating system from scratch you should install ALL drivers AVAILABLE on the drivers download page.
Especially in your case you should have the "Toshiba Flashcards" installed to have the FN-bar on the top of the screen.

Just go [here|] download the "Toshiba Flashcards" and install them. It should work after installing these tools.


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I have this problem with my touchpad. I'm running Vista Business and have my touchpad drivers installed but the Fn key combination for turning it on/off doesn't work. It starts to work when I install value addes package but then my FN brightness key combination doesn't work

What can I do to make all of them work?

Answer:TouchPad On/Off FN button doesn't work on Satellite A200

You must install all stuff listed in ?Installations Instructions? document. Please install all stuff as listed in this document because installations order is very important.

You must understand that using FN keys combination you have influence on several different applications. Touchpad ON/OFF is separately application. ?Flash cards? is separately applications and part of Value Added Package.

Simply install all Toshiba tools and utilities and everything will be ok.

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I have a Toshiba A200-13O laptop. I broke the wireless button located underneath while it is switched off... my first question: Is there any other way I can turn the wireless on?
Second question: Is it repairable.. can I do it, or should I take it to a special technician?

Thank you very much for your help

Answer:Satellite A200-13O - My wireless switch button is broken

i don't know how it's broken but if you don't have any skills, contact the Asp (service center)

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Since one of the windows update couple of months ago, my Sat A200 began having problem with the keypad.

After using for couple of hours, the key E of the keypad seems stuck up i.e. I cannot key in anything as the key e appears continuously.
I have to re-boot the computer to overcome this.

Anyone have similar experience and what can I do to prevent this from recurring.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200 - keyboard issue - E button stucks

I didn?t notice any such similar issues.
But it would be interesting to know if this is a mechanical issue with the E button or if this could be related to the software (Vista update) issue.

To be honest I can?t believe that an Vista update could cause such issue.
I?ve got 2 notebooks and Vista was preinstalled on both notebooks.
I updated it and something like that has never appeared.

If you want you can check if the same issue would persist after the Recovery procedure.

But in my opinion there could be an issue with the keyboard and maybe it?s advisable to contact the ASP for keyboard check and for a keyboard replacement if necessary.


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Hi all :)

I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite A200 23W portable computer some hours ago.
I turn it on and i let it finish all the Vista installation.

After finishing Vista installation it asket to resturn the laptop and from that moment the laptop is "dead".
After pressing Restart computer (from Vista) the computer shut down with no problem but it never restarted!!!
After waiting some minutes i tryed to start it over by pressing the power button.

Now when i press the power button i can hear the HDD working and most of the time before i can see something on screen the laptop shuts down!!
Now i notice that both the battery indicator AND the DC IN indicator are flushing and stopping flash at moments.
From reading the manual i would assume that the DC IN indicator should not flash at all though.

I have tryed to unistall the battery and try to boot the laptop but in that case i can not even listen the HDD starting up!!!
I have try to unplag and replag the power cable (in the wall socket as well as in laptop) but again no result.

Any ideas of what has happened?
Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite A200 23W shuts down seconds after pressing power button

I do not know what is wrong there and, in my opinion, it should not be so important for you. Contact your dealer as soon as possible and talk with him. Explain the situation. Maybe you will get new notebook. If not please contact nearest authorized service provider and let them check your notebook.

The notebook is brand new and it must work. Please do not wait too long.

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I have an Satellite A200-1M8 (PSAE6E). It comes with 6 media buttons (next to on/off button). Now, I managed to assign the inet and media player buttons to the apps that I normally use instead of Internet explorer and Windows media player (WMP), however, as I understand the buttons 'play', 'stop', 'rew' and 'ff' only work with WMP, because if I use Winamp for example they do not work. Hence is there any way to make them work with Winamp or any other simillar app?

I have seen posted in this forum a solution to this problem where hotkey.exe was patched to work with Winamp, however, this does not work for me as because I do not have a process called hotkey.exe and hence it cannot be patched. Has anyone found another way to solve this?

P.S. I have Vista Business installed.

Answer:Customizing media buttons (6 button series) - Satellite A200


I use WinAmp too and for me it will be also interesting to find a possibility to use media buttons but obviously there is no plug-in for newer notebook models. I have checked some forums but at the moment there is no solution. Even on WinAmp forum is nothing about it. :(

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Every time I start the laptop a black screen appears with hanger carrying message *Flash card (Not responding).* After some time it goes by itself. The date of installation/update of this software is 7th March 2007.

Please guide.

Answer:Satellite A200-1MD - Flash Card not responding


Hmm... It seems that the problem is related to Toshiba Flash Cards they appear if you press a FN key... With other words they control the FN key function.

You should check the Toshiba website. There you can find this tool and you should try to reinstall it. So remove the current version, restart the notebook and install newest version of Flash Cards Support Utility.

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Here's my problem:Lost my password BIOS. Well to be truth it was my dad...So I'm trying to flash my BIOS from Phoenix.Futhermore I bought new RAM DIMMs (2x2GB from Corsair). And those are giving me BSOD.My searching is near to no results at all for my PC: Toshiba Satellite A200-223.Here are my questions:Knowing WinPhlash or other program (please list it) is any way to flash through Windows, being an Original or Modified BIOS version? It is possible to flash a BIOS with different versions? Example, mine is Satellite A200-223 to another version XXXXXThank you all in advance for helping!!!iacobus

Answer:Flash BIOS Toshiba Satellite A200-223

A BIOS flash will not wipe the password on a laptop...and may render it un-bootable at all if it's the incorrect flash.For BIOS password recovery on laptops it needs to be taken to a Toshiba Service Center to retrieve/reset the password.Be prepared to show proof of ownership as they will ask for it.

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Hi to everybody.

I have a SATELLITE A200 1AE and I have a small problem.....
My laptop, cannot find my flash hard drive.I contact the toshiba service here in Greece, and they told me that they don't know what to do!!!!!

Can you please help me????


Answer:Satellite A200-1AE cannot find my flash hard drive


Can you please write a little bit more abut your problem? Since when you have noticed this issue? What have you done last time? Maybe WXP installed and now the HDD is not visible for the BIOS or not listed when you use F12 at bootup?

Please write a little bit more. I do not believe the service can not do anything.

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I can't get my flash drive to work anymore. I had to uninstall it a while ago because people were filling up my computer with pictures and the only way that I thought that I could get them to stop was to uninstall the flash drive, well now that I want to use the drive I can?t get it to work, pretty screwed up, huh.

Since then the person that was using my computer that was filling it up has bought their own computer so they won't be using mine anymore. I need to get my flash drive installed again.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Flash drive has stopped working


Which notebook model do you have?
Which operating system do you use?

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I Have a problem.
I changed windows on my notebook from Vista to Windows 7.

I searched on homepage and i didn't find drivers for Flasch card's and FrontPanel, is not lit :(

Pls Help me !

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE - Need drivers for Flash card and Toshiba buttons


The Toshiba Multimedia buttons are controlled by VAP (value added package).
Since the VAP is model independent, the VAP for Satellite L500 should run also on Sat A200?
Therefore download the VAP for Sat L500 and check how it would works on your A200?

One question:
What do you mean by Flasch card's??
Do you mean the FN buttons or the card reader???

The FN buttons are controller by Flash Card Support Utility which can be downloaded also from Satellite L500 driver area?

Check it!

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I have a problem, because my satellite A200-1AE with Microsoft Vista doesn't recognize the USB 2.0 flash hard drive. It asks me for a programme/software!
The same USB works without a problem in other computers with vista!

Anyone knows what should I do?

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE doesn't recognize the USB 2.0 flash hard drive


First of all you should disconnect all USB devices and should remove the USB ports and controllers from the device manager.
After this procedure you should reboot the notebook. After new restart the Vista OS should recognize the USB ports and should reinstall the USB drivers again.

Then you should update the Vista to the latest state! All patches and fixes should be installed. Please note that you will have to visit the MS update site to get all patches?

Note; MS has released an Vista SP1 beta version. I have installed it on my notebook and it has solved several issues?.

Best regards

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Hi, satt A200, After reinstallation vista home premium on vista business i can't install flash card utiliti.
When i triyng to install this, at installation gives out the message - "The serial number is invalid".
And Fn key does't work.

P.S. I'm always had installd the latest version of VAP.

Answer:Satellite A200: Can't install new Flash Card Utility version


> "The serial number is invalid

This error message appears because you try to install the Toshiba Utility (applications) which was not designed for you notebook series!!!

Please ensure that the downloaded Vista FlashCard tool is compatible with your notebooks series!!!


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I accidentally lost Toshiba flash cards for Toshiba l30-10x ive looked all over the internet to try to recover it but i fail.

is there any place where you can download it again?

Answer:Satellite L30-10X - Flash Cards Lost


In your case I would reinstall the Value Added Package. This contains the flash cards what you mean, so have a look on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers


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The FN key flashcards (that drop down from the top of screen) worked nicely for the first week of using this new notebook, they seemed to disappear by themselves (windows updates are the devil, so I point the finger at that) and I've spent an inordinate amount of time resolving this issue.

I have downloaded the latest TVAP and flashcard utility from Toshiba support. installed tvap and then rebooted and then ran the flash card utility installer which uninstalled the utility and then rebooted and then reran the utility installer, rebooted and still no joy.

my FN keys are still working, but without the flash card I cant see where im scrolling through wifi/bluetooth on/off.

What else can be done once tvap and flash card utility have been installed?

Answer:Re: Satellite A500 - Flash Cards don't appear


I had a similar problem that Flash Cards didn?t appear anymore... As far as I know it was related to an additional software that I installed? If I remember rightly, it was VMware?

So if you install this program remove it. Furthermore make sure that Flash Cards Support Utility and Value Added Package will be started properly.

Before you install newest versions, remove the old one firstly and start CCleaner to clean up the registry.

I hope it helps!

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Ok, i have installed Windows 10x64 Enterprise in my Satellite a2001dY PSAE3E and the laptop Works fine but i cant install TI flash card reader driver.
I try to install versi?n to and i cant install it.
I downloaded Windows Vista x64 driver and i try to install it but i always have the same problema (48), it seems like the driver is installed but Windows says me that cant start it because there are a compatibility problem that are knows for Microsoft and say that i must to contact to TI for a new driver, but TI has no drivers in the web and Toshiba has no new driver for this laptop.
What can i do?

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(Running Vista Home Basic on a Satellite L30)

The Flash Cards utility only really works if I use it soon after starting up my laptop. I often want to change the machine brightness after I've been using the machine for an hour or so, but the utility either ignores my attempts to move the slider down on the brightness setting, or shows it as at the lowest setting already (when it's actually at max).

So far the only solution I have found is to restart the machine! I cannot even seem to restart the programs instead--I can hunt it down in task manager and close it, right enough.... but then double clicking on TCrdMain.exe does nothing and the blooming thing won't reopen.

How do I restart the utility? And, have there been any updates to make this any more stable?

Answer:Flash cards (TCrdMain.exe) keeps crashing on Satellite L30

As far as I know you can disable and enable this Toshiba flash card under Programs -> Toshiba -> Utilities -> Settings for Flash Cards
Check this maybe it helps.

But usually the flash cards service can be enabled and disabled in the ?computer management?. Under ?Services? choose the Flash card service and start it again!!!

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I'm having a P300D 14A.

After starting out of hibernate-mode, I can't use the FN-Key to get the menue. Some of the keys are working without the menue, but not all.
After a restart everythig is ok untill I'm using the hibernate mode one more time.
Im using Windows 7 Professional 64bit.

Can someone help me?
Im using Value Added Package 1.40

Answer:Flash Cards (FN) are not working on my Satellite P300D-14A

Try to restart flash cards ? Start > All programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash cards.
After doing this press FN key several times to see if the flash cards will be shown again.

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I stopped fn in windows task manager, but I dont know how... when I push the fn there is nothing.
How can enable FN in the windows task manager ?

I tried to load value added packed again, but nothing changed.

Answer:How to enable flash cards on my Satellite R630-11L

If you use original preinstalled OS you can restart flash cards:
Start > all programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash cards.
> I tried to load value added packed again, but nothing changed.
That?s a bit strange. When you remove VAP from the system and install latest version from Toshiba download page everything should work properly again.

Check please setup options in ?System Configuration? and be sure Toshiba Flash cards are enabled there.

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I own a Toshiba Satellite L750 PSK1WA-03C00R and my flash cards do not work, the function keys work, but my flash cards do not.

This model does not come with the Flash Card Support Utility, it does however come with the Value Added Package.

I have uninstalled, CCleaned and reinstalled and repeated mulitple times, trying to get this to work properly. I have also restarted after each of these steps.

I can't figure the problem out and thought that I'd see what you guys' recommend before I resort to getting Toshiba's support services.

I also do not want to have to resort to a system restore, but, if I really have to and have no choice, I will when I can.

I hope someone may be able to help me and do look forward to what support you can offer me.
Thanks in advance.


Answer:Flash Cards do not work on my Satellite L750

Generally speaking, Toshiba Flash Card utility is part of Value Added Package so you will not find this utility for download.

Please check if you can find start > all programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash cards option and click on it. Still the same problem? Can you open settings for Flash cards?

There is also option called: Allow the mouse to bring up the cards. Does this option work?

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My C50-A has been running Windows 10 for a while without a problem, but recently the laptop will not shut down due to "Toshiba Flash Cards". I can override this manually and shut down anyway, but I want to solve the issue and shut down automatically when initiate the process. Can anyone advise me the solution please?

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite C660D a month ago. Everything was going fine, until the FN key no longer displayed the OSD.
I looked on forums and there were various tips in relation to closely similar issues. I downloaded the Value added package again, I looked in the flash card settings and nothing is doing the trick. Could someone help me?

Any advice would be welcomed.

(ps, the functions work, but the display doesn't show anymore.)

Answer:Satellite C660D - flash cards are not shown on the screen

Have you tried to restart flash cards?

Please do this and press FN key several times.

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Resource Monitor shows 100% CPU usage constantly in recent weeks (not a problem for the first 6 months that i owned the machine) with 85-99% of my CPU being used on 2 entries each shown as "Toshiba Flash Cards", any idea why, and how I can sort this out as it slows everything down? many thanks


Answer:Satellite P200-1EE 100% CPU usage due to Toshiba Flash Cards

Are the correct ATI/nVidia graphics drivers installed? Make sure the Graphics card is not using standard VGA drivers in Device Manager.

Also try this:

1) uninstall the Toshiba Value Added Package in Control Panel -> Programs and features
2) Download and install the latest TVAP from the Toshiba Drivers/Support Website
3) Reboot.

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I have recently Installed Windows 7 64 bit onto my Mother's Laptop (L500 - PSLJ0A-01E013) and from downloading either version of flash cards from the support site ( [here|] )

Results in (from what I can tell) only kenotify.exe and the relevant install info being created. Using the other one results in the original one being uninstalled, and then the same thing happening. While kenotify is running, noting happens if I use FN-F6 (brightness down) or FN-F7 (bright up) or any of the other ones.

Also, Toshiba support station doesn't seem to find any "updates" for the software, and it doesn?t even want me to download the BIOS update which I haven't got.


Answer:Trying to install flash cards on Satellite L500 - Win7 x64

Your posting is somehow confusing for me.
Do you have problem with SD card driver installation, keynotify.exe or FN keys functionality?

Have you installed own OS version?

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I have a Satellite X200-15K with Vista Home Premium.

The laptop is two week old, and all of a sudden every time the laptop startup, I get the following message:
"Flash Cards has stopped working"

What can I do to fix this?


Answer:Satellite X200-15K - Flash Cards has stopped working


Try please with Start-All Programs-Toshiba-Utilities-Restart Flash Cards.
Hopefully you will be able to use Flash cards again.

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Is there any way to turn on wireless on a Satellite L505 without the flashcard utility?
I've upgraded to Windows 10 and flashcards will not install/work. Oddly, if I go into the bios and turn off wireless, then reboot and turn it on, it works. But after a reboot, wireless is off again and I have to go through the bios change to get it to work again.

What I would give to have the hardware switch on this one.

Answer:Satellite L505 and Win10 - Wirelss Without Flash Cards

Maybe stupid question now but do you have this problems if you use stand-by or hibernation mode?
I mean if this work don't switch your notebook off but you can often use hibernation mode.

Some function like WLAN enable/disable are controlled by additional software and your old machine will probably not supported for Win10 so I think you will not be able to fix this.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-065 notebook with Mocrosoft Vista operating system. Every now and then, I get a message on top of my screen stating "Toshiba Flash Cards are not responding". I have to close the message before I can proceed. What could be the problem and how can this be resolved?

Would appreciate any help out there.


Answer:Toshiba Flash Cards issue with Satellite A100-065


maybe because powersaving issues? Could be possible that the system is switching the flashcardreader or is stopping the flashcardservice due to this powersaving settings.

Just a little suggestion: remove all flashcard related tools/drivers, download the latest versions of that software from the toshiba website
( and reinstall it.

Maybe you can solve that error with performing a reinstall?

Please give some feedback

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I have Vista Bussiness installed on Toshiba Satelite Pro U200
and have in Event Log the following error:

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 20.11.2008 18:06:38
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: toshiba
Faulting application TCrdMain.exe, version, time stamp 0x458faba6, faulting module mscorwks.dll, version 2.0.50727.1434, time stamp 0x4757b767, exception code 0xc0000409, fault offset 0x002b832f, process id 0xe38, application start time 0x01c94b322888a3c2.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Application Error" />
<EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2008-11-20T17:06:38.000Z" />
<Security />
<Data>e38</Data>... Read more

Answer:Flash cards (TCrdMain.exe) error on Satellite Pro U200

ist it this software ?

Flash Media Driver &action=search&selProduct=656&selOS=26&selType=244 &country=37&language=13&search=

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Its just trouble with one of the user accounts.
Flash cards will not work on that account.
I created a new user account and now i works with the new account.
I would like it to work with my ordinary account but i don't know whats i wrong.
It just stopped to work and i do not recall what i did when it stopped to work.

Satellite C850D-105
Win7 64 ultimate

[Here| egory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries=312&selProduct=7516& selShortMod=3567&language=39&selOS=30&selType=all& yearupload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&m ode=allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&count ry=36&page=1URL]

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Answer:Satellite C850D-105: Toshiba Win 7 Flash Cards stopped working


You should restart the Flash Cards
Go to: ALL Programs -> Toshiba -> Utilities -> restart Flash Cards

Now the flash cards should be ok

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I am using windows 7 ultimate x64 on L500-126, the new win7 x64 drivers have been available since yesterday.....

However, the Flash cards (Fn Hotkeys) still doesn't work after the installation of the new VAP. The flash cards is able to show up at the top of my screen, I can click them by mouse, but the Fn combinations does not work at all!

I've noticed that there is a downloadable driver called "Flash Cards support", even I installed this application the problem still remained.

Then I uninstalled VAP and kept "Flash Cards support", to my surprise, the combination of Fn+F6 and F7 (Adjusting brightness) worked! however, without VAP I could not use other combinations.

Are there still problems with the new VAP for win 7 x64?

P.S. The new "Hardware setup" seems to be a problem as well, I tried to change some configurations in this application but after re-boot all the options went back.

Answer:Satellite L500-126, Flash cards (Fn Hotkeys) still doesn't work

Please don't create different threads about one and the same theme!
Follow your first thread:

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Has anyone encountered problem with Window 10 (upgraded from the factory default of Win 7for Satellite Pro L850-pskg9a-009001) shutting down due to the Toshiba Flash cards? I cannot find any solution on the internet for this.
Any constructive advice is appreciated.

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Hi folks,

i reinstall Vista without the Recovery CD and now the FN Keys works, but not all. I.E. i cant lock the Touchpad and the FlashCards also didnt come down, if i push a FN Key.
The User darksys tells at this Thread ( that it is helpful to install the Flash Card Support Utilty that is not available at the European Download Site. So i downloaded it from the Canadian Site, but at the Installation it tells me that I have an invalide Serial Nummber ??!!
I have a Sattelite A-210-10C (Model Nummber : PSAEGE-xyz). So I think the Install tells me that I have an Invalide Serial because it is for an another Model Series.

Its annoying, writing a text and then suddenly the mouse jump anywehre else because I touch the Pad by mistake...

So I hope anybody could help.

So long...

Answer:Question about function Keys and Flash Cards on my Satellite A210-10C


Please check Toshiba Europe support site again to see if there is never version for VAP. I have A200 and there was some problem with VAP installed in recovery image.

I have removed it from the system and installed latest version from Toshiba support page. Now by pressing KN key the flash cards are shown very fast and I can use al of them without any problem.

Check also touchpad settings. There must be also option for touchpad disabling.

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I recently bought a Satellite C55-C-1F6 (PSCPAE) in a french store (Darty). The computer was running Windows 10 Home, but I didn't want to use this system. So I installed Windows 7 Pro, and it works great. Except hotkeys. By the way, Hotkeys are working (Fn + F1, F2, F3, ...), but nothing appears on the screen, and I don't find the right "driver" to install for the feature.
Anybody knows what is the program I need to run to have these visual notifications when I use these hotkeys ? I found some information about Flash Cards, but nothing on the "downloads & drivers" page on the Toshiba's web site (except a "Function keys" program for Windows 8 only, which disabled some hotkeys when I tried it on W7).

Thanks in advance !

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"TOSHIBA Flash Cards" software/drivers, bundled with Satellite A210-1AO, crashes often, usually on system startup.
And sometimes after it loads correctly on startup, it stops working in random way with app crash.

Currently I have a dump of such crash, link.

Answer:Satellite A210-1AO - TOSHIBA Flash Cards softw: app crashes on startup

Try please to reinstall toshiba value added package.
You can find it on toshiba download page -

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I downloaded the new version of flash cards for my computer (the update was dated for the 8 August 2007), when I installed the update and rebooted the laptop, flash cards worked but my Fn button that started them earlier doesn't open them any more ... Please help me!

NOTE: I downloaded all available updates on the 9th August 2007, My OS is Vista HP also fully updated!!

Answer:Strange issue after latest flash cards update on Satellite E200-14E


one little suggestion: remove the FN-key software and install a downloaded version. Make sure that everything from that FN-key software was properly removed from the system, so you can be sure that nothing will disturb the newly installed version.

Maybe it helps, please give a feedback if it works...


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Satellite L755-M1DU
Part Number : PSK2YE-0DU02UAR

I Lost my Laptop :(

And I accidentally deleted ( Toshiba Flash cards utility )

What can I do? And where or how can I get that Flash Cards displayed when pressing the Function key ?

Thank You

Answer:Satellite L755-M1DU - I deleted Toshiba Flash Cards Utility

Why this link does not work???

Mid-loading the disconnect ?????????????

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I have a satellite A200-1GB, but the graphic card don't run, however I could get another iskaa ls 3481p, but not exactly the same, because i have a m76 with 256 mb ati radeon, and the new card is a m72 with 256 mb ati radeon from A200-2C5.

Would it be possible?

Excuse me for possible writting mistakes.

Greetings and thanks

Answer:Information about compatibilty of graphic card Satellite A200-1GB Satellite A200-2C5

Do you want to exchange the whole mainboards or just the GPU?

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My toshiba is Satellite U300 model no. PSU30C-TP908C with windows vista installed

I am getting into a big trouble for some reason, all the keys from "F1~F12" are malfunctioned. When i press them, they do not work as what its suppose to do, instead they all became the functions that you would have when you press them while holding the "Fn" key. So, now if i press F1, I actually get a compter locked instead of casting the help window. Pressing "U,I,O,J,K,L,M" would print out numbers, but if you turn "ON" the numberpad by pressing "F11"(note that i could do it without holding Fn), these keys will return to normal. Space bar does not work no matter what you do. The numbers "1,2" above "Q,W" does not work either.

Another thing i found out is that when i try to open the accessibility tools in the toshiba utility. It says "This system does not support this program".

I have tried to find updates to these utilities, but i could not find the ones suitable for my toshiba. I went to the toshiba support page, click on download and it prompts me to select my toshiba laptop and model number. However, from the list of toshiba satellite U300, there is only 3 models and none of them is PSU30C-TP908C. I did not know which one is compatible with my model, so i gave up finding the updates.

Another thing that i have tried is to return to factory state with the system recovery discs given by the f... Read more

Answer:Satellite U300 PSU30C - Toshiba flash cards and accessibility tools issue


Normally you can find all drivers on the Toshiba Canada page for your notebook: => Support => Mobile Computing

For the FN keys on Windows you need the Value Added Package. You can find it on the Toshiba website. Remove the old version and restart the notebook. Then use CCleaner to clean the registry and then install the version.

But be honest if you can?t go in the BIOS because with F2 I think it?s a keyboard malfunction and this has nothing to do with the Toshiba tools.
In your case I would test an external keyboard? So you can determine if it?s an internal keyboard problem or not.

Good luck!

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Hi everyone!

I don't know how, but I have a problem when my windows Vista starting (running)
The problem is with those file TCrdMain.exe That file is for Flash cards, end running each time when I put my PC on (with starting windows). But I see that problem: "Run time error file TCrdMain.exe", and I should click close.
I don't know where can I uninstall that program, and where, can I find that driver(Software) ( If I uninstall and then install that driver, maybe everything will be OK). That's the main problem.

And One other question...
There are so many programs with that computer(laptop), and If I want to install Windows XP for example, where can I find everything (each programs) There are maybe 10 or 15 pograms.

That will be a big problem If I change my OS. Is there a site where I can download, everything....
Thanks for the answers, nd sorry about my english skills :-)
Best wishes from Bulgaria, and have a nice day!

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Answer:Satellite X200-25G: Flash Cards issue - Run time error file TCrdMain.exe

Flashcards is part of TVAP.

Uninstall the Toshiba Value Added Package in Control Panel -> Programs and Features
Download and install the latest TVAP from the Toshiba Website.

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After I update to windows 8.1 from win8 mc I am getting message after my laptop is starting from (Toshiba Flash Card) like the picture bellow,

Any idea how to fix it?

I remove VAP then system driver and then functions key utility and re installing it - no change made?

Toshiba Satellite L755
Windows 8.1 64bit

Answer:Satellite L755: Win8.1 update - Flash Cards message: Win 8 test version

For solve this problem i just remove PC health monitor and download it for windows 8.1 Satellite P855 (for example).

After installation and reboot message window does not appear.

P.S. I have the same notebook model and OS version as you.

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Hello everyone.
I've installed win 7 rc 32Bit and everything works great on my toshiba L300 19j.
Flash Cards used to work too. But after some time I've noticed that I couln't change anymore
the power plans. When I press FN + F2 i see only the card but it doesn't show any power plans.

Here\s a link with a screenshot (imageshack):

I'm intrigued, 'cause it used to work after the installation.
Any ideeas ?
Thank you

Answer:Flash Cards in Windows 7 RC


Has Toshiba started Windows 7 support?
Is your notebook Windows 7 supported?
Have you downloaded all tools designed for Windows 7?

Have you installed tools designed for Vista?
Can you expect full functionality using tools designed for other operating system?
Should I put more similar questions?

Do you understand why I ask so much?
Can you get the point?

Please answer with YES or NO only (if possible). ;)

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Hy guys....

I have a toshiba Satellite A200-1cr model, with a motherboard model k000051290 which doesn't work any more...
So i must buy another one...

The problem is that I can't find another one with the same model, in a decent price...because...400 euro for a new MB...
I better buy another laptop...

So... I found on Ebay a MB TOSHIBA SAT A200 A205 Motherboard ISKAE LA34 TESTED, model K000054260, refurbished...on 150 dollars...

Now I ask you...
I saw the picture with this MB and it's identically with my MB... now...will I have some problems with my laptop if I buy this MB?
What do you recomend?

Answer:Motherboard for Satellite A200-1CR fits with other A200 models?


In my opinion the other board should be ok. It should fit with you Satellite A200 model.
The motherboard measure is the same.


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My 2 year old loves this app and is learning loads. I have Windows 7 on a touchscreen laptop when it would work a lot better. I looked at the files and they seem to be javascript and XML mainly. Has anyone tried exporting a metro app out of windows 8 to 7? Possibly recompiling to an executable with visual studio?

I want to avoid installing windows 8 but would love to use the app...

Answer:Windows 8 Metro App: Flash Cards

I installed it, typed in some really long winded cards for my granddaughter to use to study. Switched over to her user id, and the program was not there. Installed it for her id. The cards were gone. So I typed them in for her. Everything looked good. Logged her out, went to dinner, came back, logged her in, started the Metro flash cards were gone. Logged in as me, and the cards were gone on my version of the app too. Back to the drawing board.

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I have some software do not work under vista so I installed windows XP but sound card, network card and other devices do not work and I could not find a drivers for these devices under XP.

Do you have any suggestion to solve this problem?

Answer:Satellite A200-1CR and Windows XP

Try searching for the drivers on the hardware manufacturers website.
They nearly always have them.

I used to work for a company where I had reinstalle everything on a PC but I had no drivers CDs at all but i managed to find them all on the intenet.

Hope this helps.

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Is it possible to obtain a Windows XP recovery CD/DVD for a Satellite A200-1HU?

Answer:Windows XP on Satellite A200 1HU

No, this is not possible. You can order the Toshiba Recovery CD only with the preinstalled OS on your A200.
In your case it?s a Vista and therefore only the Vista Recovery CD can be purchased.

But if you need to use the XP on your notebook then use the original XP from the Microsoft C and then install all available Toshiba XP drivers from the diver page.


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Can I use a 64-bit Version of Windows 7 with my Toshiba Satellite A200-13T. Do I have to upgrade my Bios?

I can't find any useful information here:

Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite A200-13T - Windows 7 64-bit

Hi buddy,

You can install everything but important point is the drivers that you need...

You can check for drivers here:

As you can see, there are no Windows 7 64bit drivers but for Vista 64bit all drivers available.
What does it mean? Well, the most Vista drivers also work on Windows 7 so I don?t see a problem to use it Windows 7 64bit. At least it would be worth a try ;)

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How can I get Windows 7 CD or exe?

I am currently using Windows Vista home premium. Can any one give me a link for the same?

Answer:Satellite A200-1Z3 - How can I get Windows 7?


Do you really don?t know where you can get a Windows 7 CD?

You can get a CD from every computer shop. Just buy a copy and version that you want and that?s all. Insert the CD and then you can upgrade your notebook.

Sorry, but this questions is really easy to answer.

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When I start my computer with a boot or reboot, the FN keys don't work. I must start the program titled 'Restart flash cards' in the Toshiba utilities so that the keys work again.
How can I put this program in the start-up list of Windows ?

Answer:How to enable "Flash Cards" utility to starts with Windows?

Click on start button and put inside msconfig to open ?System configuration? option.
Go to ?Startup? tab and there you should find ?Toshiba Flash Cards as start up item. Be sure in front of it there is checkmark. If not put it and confirm with apply button.

Restart your notebook and check it again.
Please post some feedback.

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anyone tried to install Windows Seven ? I tried it.
Everything works fine (Wlan, Lan, Sound, etc), but one thing is unable to work on my laptop: Toshiba Flash Cards.
I installed driver and nothing happened...

Any idea to solve this problem? Because I usually used it in Vista.

Thanks and sorry for my english ;-)

Answer:Qosmio F50-108 - Toshiba Flash Cards does not work with Windows 7


The Toshiba Flash Cards has been designed for the Windows Vista only

The Windows 7 is very similar to the Vista and many drivers could and would run with Windows 7 but in very rare cases some tools would be not fully compatible?

The Toshiba Flash Cards is not a driver; it?s a utility which seems to be not compatible with Windows 7?


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200-1N2 PSAE3E and I don't want Vista on my laptop. i downgraded the bios to V5.30 But still can't install windows xp and from the bios still there is no optin for SATA.

Can anybody help me?


Answer:Can't install windows XP on Satellite Pro A200-1N2


Did you install the SATA drivers firstly?
You need this driver to recognize the HDD!

You should download the Intel Matrix Storage Manager. You should find it either on the Toshiba driver page or on the Intel website.

You must perform the installation from an external USB FDD drive using the F6 button while the Win XP setup.

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I'm the owner of that notebook & i'm wondering if it's compatible with Windows XP 64 bit.

I work with 3dsmax which don't work on Vista (32 or 64 bit).
Is there any problems with drivers & where I can find drivers for 64 bit Windows XP?

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 and Windows XP 64bit possible?

Toshiba does not offer 64bit drivers for Windows XP.

So you must search on external websites for drivers but I could be that you don?t get all drivers. To be honest if you don?t use 4GB RAM or more in this laptop Windows XP is the best choice.

Here are some examples where you can search for drivers:

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How can I reach the Windows? As I have set up hdd1 password. But somehow I cannot remember it. Now neither can I reach the windows, nor can I format it. What should I do?

My laptop is Satellite A200-1GH, PSAECE,
BIOS version: 5.60
I use WXP Professional SP3

Please help meeeee

Answer:How can I enter windows on my Satellite A200?

I am afraid you cannot do anything anymore. HDD password is saved on HDD itself and if you have forgot the password there is no help for you. I just hope you don't have some extremely important documents there.


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I did an Upgrade from Windows Vista 32 Bit to Windows 7 on my Notebook Satellitte A200 PSAE6E.
No Errors and no problem with drivers. It works perfect.

Answer:Satellite A200 and Windows 7 -It works!

Hi Mike

Thank you for this report.
Can you use all Toshiba specific tools and utilities too or you have removed some of them before you started the upgrade?

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I have a problem with finding drivers for my computer for Windows 7.

I've looked at Windows7 beta drivers but there are 3 different numbers and I don't know what to chose

I would like to know if it would be better to instal Windows 7 x64 or x86?

tnx for the answers

Answer:Satellite A200-1M8 - Need drivers for Windows 7


The beta drivers on the Toshiba US page are designed for the US models and so you can?t find your A200-1M8. I think it makes no difference what model you choose. Just try it! ;)

Furthermore it?s your choice if you install Windows 7 x64 or x86. Some older applications maybe not run properly on 64bit OS. So it?s depending on the applications that you run.
But I will buy Windows 7 64bit because I have an old system with Windows XP where I can run my older applications.

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I have a Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7). I recently upgrade my laptop to
Windows 7. Where I can download drivers compatible with Windows 7?
I have already check toshiba's website and I can not find any.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Windows 7 & Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7)

I have checked Toshiba download page and Win7 drivers are not available for Satellite A200. I saw that older models are supported for Win7 so I believe in next few days the drivers will be available for A200 too.

By the way: why you didn?t visit download page before you installed Win7 upgrade?
Sorry but it is logic for me to pick up info at first.

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I want to install windows xp for A200 1M4..
What i do?

please reply to my question.

Answer:I want to install Windows XP on Satellite A200-1M4

Hi hilalay

In this forum you will find hundreds of similar questions and answers?
I don?t know what you want to know exactly but the point is that your notebook A200-1M4 seems to belong to the PSAE0E series.

Choose this series number from in the download form if you need the compatible XP drivers.

The XP installation is not difficult. You have to include the SATA driver into the XP CD. This is necessary in order to make the HDD visible and to reinstall the XP.

[Check this how to integrate a SATA AHCI driver in a Windows XP Setup CD|]

Finally install all available Toshiba XP drivers and enjoy.

By the way; the XP BIOS update would be advisable too because without XO BIOS some FN buttons will not work properly.

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I have a Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7). I recently upgrade my laptop to
Windows 7. Where I can download drivers compatible with Windows 7?
I have already check toshiba's website and I can not find any.

Thanks in advance

Appologies for cross posting.

Answer:Windows 7 & Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7)


I have been researching this myself as I have ordered a new lappy, just waiting on delivery.

Check out the link,... I think all the info you need is there.

If you have upgraded from Vista you need "Toshiba Upgrade Assistant for Windows 7",... If you have done a clean install you need "Toshiba Software Installer for Windows 7".

I think you run these pro grammes once Windows 7 installation is complete.

Hope this helps,... Please let me know how you get on so I know what to expect once I have mine.

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I have a Satellite A200-14D and I am thinking to install Windows 7 on it.
I have put 1GB extra RAM.

Is it possible to install it?
And if yes from where can I find the drivers for it?

Answer:Satellite A200-14D - Can I install Windows 7?


Theoretically you can install Windows 7 ? Why not? What do you think about this?

But in your case I would not install Windows 7 because it?s only a beta version and can causes many problems. Furthermore I don?t see a reason to install Windows 7. I use Windows XP as yet and it?s enough for me.

Normally you can download the drivers on the Toshiba website but for a beta OS you will not find any drivers on the website. So you must search on external websites like Intel find some.
Good luck.


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I got this notebook 1 month ago and I got it with Windows Vista.
I would like to install Windows XP and when I am trying the Windows the Hard disk on laptop is not identified. Since I don?t have floppy disk on the laptop I can?t install it manually. How can I install it anyway?

Thanks from ahead
itzik dabush

Answer:Satellite A200-1MY - How to instill Windows XP?

Hmm?. I have read in many threads about this theme.
Did you search in this forum for similar threads?

Here one hint; search for the +Intel Matrix Storage Manger+. This is a SATA driver which is needed if you want to reinstall a Windows OS.


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I am seeking some assistance with regards to some A200 that i have just recieved.
They have come with Vista Home premium, but i attempting to re-build them using windows XP discs.
Once booting the machines from the disc and requesting to install windows XP, I get the following message:

Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.

Make sure any hard disc drives are powered on and properly connected
to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is
correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic
or setup program.

Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3

I have tried going into the BIOS to find the setting which alloys you to boot using simple hard drive settings but this option does not seem to be present, can any body help as this is quite an urgent issue.

Kind regards,

Kevin Bennett

Answer:Re-building Satellite Pro A200 with Windows XP - How to


It seems you need the SATA driver!!!

On the Toshiba page you should find the Intel Storage Manger. This is a SATA driver and it should be included during the XP setup procedure by pressing the F6 button.

Then you could include it from the external FDD drive?

If you don?t have a FDD drive then you could use the free software called ?nLite?

By the way; why you don't use the search option in this forum for searching similar threads...

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I need some help finding all the drivers needed for my A200 laptop. I was not really happy with Vista so I plugged in my old XP disc and installed it instead.
Now, my computer can't find any of the needed drivers.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me!

Answer:Need drivers for Windows XP on my Satellite A200


where did you look for some drivers? I can suggest you the following links:
Toshiba - Download drivers:

In case of no success, try it here:
Toshiba of Canada Limited - Drivers and Downloads

Good luck and give some feedback if you got some success.

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Ive reinstalled my PC (again) from Windows 7 to Windows 7 and some time after i got this problem.

My DVD Drive is "unseenable" by Windows and it cannot read any disks.

I think its something about drivers, but i cant find any DVD driver :P


Answer:Re: Satellite A200-209 - Windows 7 can't see DVD Drive

Is optical disc drive listed as unknown device in device manager?

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I bought A200-23U Satellite. I have downloaded BIOS for xp version 5.4 but it doesn't suport SATA drivers and the xp windows doesn't work.

Answer:How to install Windows XP on Satellite A200-23U?

try looking at this [link|]

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Hello all. I have a A200-1CR with vista. This OS is not working very good and i cannot install a lot of programms that i must use. So, is it possible to delete the Vista and install Win XP pro instead? What about the drivers? Can i install the drivers for Vista at XP? If not, does anyone knows when toshiba will release drivers for win XP?Thanks!

Answer:Is it possible to install Windows XP on a Satellite A200-1CR

Hi there,

surely you can delete Vista and put XP on your machine. But before you do this, try to find the appropriate drivers for your machine at these sites:

and then when you?ve collected all drivers and burned them to a CD, then you can install XP. :)

Easy going. ;)

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