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Satellite A110-153: RAM upgrade question

Question: Satellite A110-153: RAM upgrade question


I am the proud owner of a Toshiba Satellite A110-153 that I've had for a couple of years.
I'm interested in upgrading RAM but came across this controversy.

1. Internal Memory expansion module sizes are 256, 512, 1024 MB.
2. Maximum Internal Memory is 4Gb
3. 2 Memory Slots.

Now I'd like to upgrade my laptop to the maximum 4Gb RAM, but how can I do this when I'm not allowed to use 2x 2Gb modules?

Is it humanely possible to upgrade my laptop to 4Gb?

Thanks for time.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite A110-153: RAM upgrade question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A110-153: RAM upgrade question


If you want to upgrade the RAM to max 4GB then you have to use 2 x 2GB RAM modules!

The notebook should handle the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM modules

But note; the 4GB RAM can be used only by 64bit OS!!!
Win XP or Vista 32bit would recognize only 3.2GB!!!

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Would the following ram work on the above mentioned laptop??

kingston KVR533D2S4/2G 2048mb so-dimm , 200 pin

Any input would be appreciated

Answer:Question about RAM upgrade for a Satellite A110-133


Maybe this page would be helpful for you:

You need the DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules.

But I doubt that the Kingston KVR533D2S4/2G 2048mb would run properly because the A110 can be upgraded up to 2GB and in such case you could use only 2 x 1GB RAM modules

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hiiiii everyone i need to ask a critical question about my Toshiba laptop model name: satellite a110-195, model nu:psaboe.

1- I have a Ram with Buss 533 512 MB DDR2, if i changed it to Buss 667 2 GB Ram does it downgrade to 533 buss & works fine & not cuz troubles & be stable in my laptop or not?

2- what's the maximum Ram Sizes & Busses that can my laptop deal with it ?

plz replay quickly cuz i have problems in Rams upgrades thx

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Answer:Satellite A110-195 Ram upgrade question


What does the user manual say about the RAM upgrade?
Usually such info is always mentioned in user manuals?

But generally you have to know that RAM upgrade depends on the chipset.
The chipset FSB (front side buss) is important for RAM speed.
If the FSB supports only 533Mhz then your RAM modules would run max with 533Mhz speed even than the RAM modules would support a faster speed; ie 667Mhz.

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I wonder if i can replace my 512 MB PC 4200Mhz SO-DIMM DDRII with a 2 GB PC 5300Mhz SO-DIMM DRRII i to my A110 Satellite?

thanks in advande.


Answer:Question about Ram upgrade on a Satellite A110 machine

The notebook can be upgraded up to 2GB. You could use max 1GB RAM module in one memory slot!

The notebook seems to support the 533MHZ FSB and therefore I should be possible to use the 533Mhz memory modules too?

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Hello to all people,

I was reading many post's about ram upgrade and did not find something about the Satellite A110-170. Dis someone if it's possible to upgrade the computer to more than 2GB?
It's strange, Toshiba sell computers which are supposed to support until 4GB(in fact 3.5GB) but it look like false?

If someone know something thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite A110-170 - Upgrade to 3 or 4GB


The Satellite A110-170 can be upgraded to 4GB RAM.
You need RAM with the specification DDR2-533.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A110-274 notebook presently with 2 x 512mb (1GB) of RAM.
What is the best/highest RAM upgrade (i.e 2, 3 ,4 GB) I can purchase?

Answer:RAM Upgrade for Satellite A110-274

Your notebook can handle with 4 GB RAM so you can buy 2 x 2 GB.
HERE the list of compatible KINGSTON modules.

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I have a Satellite A110-115 with 2x512Mb RAM installed. I removed them and installed 2x1Gb PC2-5300 667Mhz (Kingston KVR667D2S5/1G) but when the PC boots up it go to BSOD and starts booting again.

I tried with only one of the new memory cards, but with same results. I know that the old RAM is PC2-4200 533Mhz but I believe it should work with 667Mhz as well???

Anyone who knows what is wrong there?

Answer:Satellite A110-115 and RAM upgrade

It is nice that you believe this but the fact is that you should use compatible modules.
To use maximum 2 GB RAM I recommend you to use compatible DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G) module.

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I have a Satellite A110-178 and I'd like to upgrade my OS from Windows XP to Windows 7.
I've never installed new drivers or a new BIOS on my notebook so I guess a lot of them are outdated.

What's the smartest thing to do?
Update drivers and/or BIOS before upgrading to Windows 7? Or install Windows 7 and install the necessary drivers afterwards?

In case the BIOS needs to be updated: as there is no BIOS update available for Windows 7, which BIOS version is the right one to go for?

Thanks for the info!


Answer:Satellite A110-178 - Upgrade from XP to Windows 7

Hi Oliver,

First of all an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 isn?t possible. That means you have to make a new clean installation and after this you can install all drivers.

An upgrade to Windows 7 is only possible from Vista, but not on XP.

The BIOS update is normally not necessary. This update should only be done if it?s really necessary.

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I have Toshiba Satellite A110-195

My questions are:
1)Whats the maximum size of ram per slot,1gb or 2gb?
I have 2 rams on my laptop right now 512 MB each.Am I able to replace one of them with a 2gb ram?

2)Right now on my laptop I have DDR2[PC2-4300] rams.

Any DDR2 SoDimm ram will work?
Or the ram must be DDR2 and exactly PC2-4300.

Answer:Satellite A110-195 - Ram upgrade questions

Notebook supports the Mobile Intel? 945GM Express Chipset

According to Intel page, the chipset handles max 4GB RAM.
This means that you can use 2 x 2GB RAM or one 4GB RAM module.

The chipset supports DDR2-400 / DDR2-533 / DDR2-667 RAM modules

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A110-260 - 512 MB Ram - 533 MHZ - 100GB - BIOS V1.20 (2 years old)


my first attempt to upgrade my RAM failed.
After correct installation of 2 Kingston 1GB Ram (Typ: RMN 2-.800/1GB SO-Dimm DDR 2), my notebook didn't start again, only 5 short sounds (in owners manual: not the right extended memory).

Curios: 1 Kingston 1 GB-Ram mixed with original Toshiba 512 MB-Ram, the notebook boots, but reaches only 896 MB extended memory. Performance not signifikant better.

Who can help me ?


Answer:Satellite A110-260 doesn't run after RAM upgrade

Is that Kingston memory 800MHz? That laptop is designed for 533MHz Memory (PC4200). Usually the 800MHz Memory will bump down to 533MHz (probably using the SPD table), but there may be a compatibility problem.

So ultimately you should buy 533MHz DDR2 Memory with similar CAS/RAS Timing as the original Toshiba Memory.

Perhaps the second RAM slot is faulty? If you run CPU-Z, can it detect the second module correctly?

Note that the Graphics card may use some System Memory as Video Memory, so it sounds like the laptop sees the 1GB Module but reserved 96MB for the graphics.

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I have a Satellite A110-174

I want to buy some RAM module (it uses ddr2 ram, 533 MHz), but it seems impossible to found them.
I can only find 800 or higher frequencies.

Can I use them or they will give me problems / incompatibilities?

Can I mount 1 module or it's necessary to buy 2 modules?

Will the motherboard read up to 4Gb or it is necessary a Bios update?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite A110-174 - RAM upgrade questions

Satellite A110-174 can be upgraded up to 4GB RAM.

In order to use a RAM ?dual channel? feature, two modules have to be used.
This means 2GB RAM module in each slot.

The 4GB RAM limitation is caused by Mobile Intel 945GM Express chipset as well as the Intel Core CPU T1350
The CPU supports the 533Mhz FSB (front side bus) and the RAM modules will work max at 533Mhz.

So you should use the DDR2-533 modules

But sometimes you should be able to use the DDR2-667Mhz modules. In such case the 667Mhz module speed will be clocked down to 533Mhz

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I'd like to upgrade the BIOS on my A110-352 laptop. I run Windows Vista Business x64, however the bios utility for vista in the downloads section shows a permission error (even when I run the program explicitely as administrator).
The help says that there are two ways to update, on of them is classical cd-rom boot, kind of ms-dos update, however the MS-DOS software for the bios-update is not provided in the download section.

I was hoping that with a newer BIOS, all of my 4GB RAM might be recognised.
Any idea what tool/procedure is best to use for the bios update.
Hopefully, someone can tell me where I can find the zip file described in the 'how to' on the Toshiba website.

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Answer:Satellite A110-352 - BIOS upgrade (MS-DOS/Vista x64)

Hi Roderik

Let?s talk about facts;

Fact is that ONLY the BIOS Win-versions are available on the Toshiba European driver page. Such BIOS can be upgraded only running the Windows as operating system.
The traditional BIOS update is not available on the Toshiba page? it doesn?t exists simply?
So if you want to update the BIOS you have to use the version available on the page.

So now let?s talk about the 4GB ram issue.
Fact is that different components must support the 4GB if you want to use the full 4GB memory. So the components are; BIOS, Chipset and Windows OS.
If on of this components will not support the 4GB then you will be not able to use it?

This means that a BIOS update will not help to use the 4GB if the other parts will not support the 4GB!


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Hey people I've got an satellite A110-178 and i'm wondering if I could install a better video card in it.
Can somebody tell me if that's possible.


Answer:Satellite A110-178: Is it possible to upgrade a graphic card?

Hi Tom

Unfortunately, this is not possible!!!
The notebooks graphic cards are soldered on the motherboard and the replacement is not possible.

If you want, you can read some threads posted here in the forum. Many users already asked for this

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The display on A110 suddenly changed from Landscape to Portrait (I must have done something !!!) How can I get it back to Landscape please?

Jim Crawford

Answer:Satellite A110 - question about Display Orientation

Rotate to normal: CTRL+ALT+UP
Rotate 90 Degrees: CTRL+ALT+LEFT
Rotate 180 Degrees: CTRL+ALT+DOWN
Rotate 270 Degrees: CTRL+ALT+RIGHT

This info you can find in Intel display properties under tab HOT KEYS. Check it out!

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{color:#000000}Dear Toshiba Forum,

I own a Toshiba Satellite A110-103(PSABE6) bought in 2006 from Belgium.
I have trouble regarding a RAM upgrade for this laptop.Initially the laptop had a Samsung 512 Mb RAM.
I tried to upgrade the RAM to it's maximum supported capaity of 2 GB.
I bought and installed 2 SODIMM Kingstone 1Gb Value Ram DDR2 PC2 4300 units that are compatible with the laptop, but

in BIOS I can only see 1Gb of RAM.
I've separately tested each RAM and they are working fine. The problem is that when I install them together in my

laptop's slots my BIOS does not see 2GB of Ram.Instead of 2 GB it shows only 1Gb. I've updated my BIOS to the latest

version 1.70(for XP) but the laptop continues to show only 1Gb.

I've tested the RAM separatly:
-inserted only 1 stick in the slot and the pc started ok showing 1Gb of RAM
-then i inserted the same stick in the other slot and it also worked fine showing 1 Gb of RAM
-then i checked the other RAM unit in the same way and worked fine
-when i tries to put 1Gb Ram and the old 512 RAm the BIOS showed correctly the new value of 1.5Gb
-i also checked the other 1gb ram and the 512 Mb old ram and again showed ok in Bios with the value of 1.5Gb
-however when i tried putting the 2 ram units together in order to obtain 2Gb the BIOS detected only 1Gb.

Here is the detailed description of the 1Gb modules that i am trying to install:

Module Size: 1024
Max Bandwidth: PC2-4300(266Mhz)
Manufacturer: Kingston
Part number: 990529... Read more

Answer:Satellite A110-103 Memory Upgrade - The Bios only shows 1Gb of RAM

I think the problem is that both RAM?s are not compatible but this is not explainable for me because you use two identical modules.

In your case I would bring the RAM back to the computer dealer and say the modules are not working together in your notebook but your notebook supports definitively 2GB of RAM.

I think there is no other way because you have updated your BIOS to the latest version.
Here is the part number for compatible Toshiba RAM:
DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G)

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I've just bought an A110-195, and I heard that I should charge the battery for the first time without operating the computer. If it is true, how much time I should charge it? Thank you!

Answer:Question about first time battery charging on Satellite A110-195


I recommend you to check user?s manuals page 6-8. There is described that you need about 4 hours (charging time) if the unit is OFF.

Please read the whole ?Battery charging notice? you will find there.

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Tried upgraing BIOS with download from Toshiba site but get error message.
The size of ROM file is incorrect - any suggestions to move forward.

Answer:Satellite A110 BIOS upgrade -> The size of ROM file is incorrect


It seems today it's your lucky day...
Have searched in the Toshiba knowledge base on the Toshiba support homepage and found this FAQ document:

it should help you

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Hello everyone,

is someone here with same laptop model tried upgrading XP to Vista without any driver issues.
I have tried already but some of the toshiba function key are not working especially the media button center (6 Button).

Please help resolve this issue

Answer:Satellite A110-195: XP upgrade to Vista - Media buttons don't work


I found this your early thread posted here in the forum:

The A110-195 belongs to PSAB0E and there is special BIOS for Vista!
The BIOS must be updated if you use Vista!

Furthermore you have to install the Flash Media Driver (Flash Card Support Utility) and Button Support.
TOSHIBA Button Support allows you to customize and preset TOSHIBA special button settings

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Hello there, could someone help me?

I upgraded my Satellite A110 notebook to Vista. Media button control did not work after vista upgrade.

Please help.....

Answer:Satellite A110 - after Vista upgrade media control button does not work

I have the same problem. I think we need to install 'Value Added Package' from toshiba web site.
The problem is that after unzipping I have 3 packeges:
1. for 2 buttons models
2. for 6 buttons models
3. for no buttons modules
and I don't have any idea which buttons they are talking about.
I installed one after another but each time I have an error in the end of installation process.
I will try again.
If you have any progress, please update me.


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I own Toshiba Satellite A110-110. After using this laptop for a two years with pre-installed system, CPU and RAM I have decided to upgrade it. So, I change Celeron M410 for a Core Duo T2450, 60 GB HDD for a 250 GB HDD and 512 MB RAM for a 2 GB RAM and Windows XP HE for a Vista Business.

Installation of all parts and software went fine. Then, I downloaded and installed drivers for Vista. So what is wrong you might ask?

An ATI Xpress 200M, which could get from RAM up to 256 MB for graphic on Windows XP, now, with Vista, this graphic card in control panel displays only 128 MB obtained (shared) memory. What is more, there is no option to change settings and have that old 256 MB. Maybe someone knows the solution?

As the second main problem after upgrading my personal system is total lost of all Toshiba utilities like Connectivity Doctor, Wireless LAN search (transparent oval radar hide on the right side of screen with other options), SRS WOW Sound panel and other which were in based configuration.

Vista doesn't display anything though I put to the system some of it. If anyone can help to solve this problem and has knowledge where I can get that kind of software please give me a tip, and write what kind of idea you are able to share.
Thank you for any help!!!

Answer:Satellite A110 Upgrade - Xpress 200M problem, lost Toshiba software

The thing with your graphic card is, that memory sharing is different in Vista. It shows the current amount of video ram in use and you can not set this amount manually as you could do under XP with some registry tricks.
You will have to deal with it.

For Toshiba tools and utilities check this download page: (Support & Downloads)

You can find Config free, Hardware setup tool, other utilities and the sound card driver which should contain the sound panel.

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I have a Satellite A110, I was doing a flash upgrade using the utility from Phoenix inside windows XP. The Upgrade flash my desktop, I needed to unplug the battery to be abble to reboot the Notebook. After that every time that I try to power on the notebook it ask me a password on the BIOS but I never has put a password inside the BIOS.

How can I do please ?



Answer:Satellite A110 - BIOS password after BIOS upgrade interruption

If the BIOS settings were corrupted, the system may think there is a password.

Basically you need to get the password removed professionally. An ASP can do it for you, I dont know if they will charge you unless its something they will cover for free.

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today I have buyed 2 x 2GB RAM Adata for my A110-174.
When I turn on my pc the BIOS count only 3GB.
What is wrong?

Please help me...


Answer:Satellite A110-174 and 4GB RAM


same problem here with A200-10W. I updated my bios, but nothing changed, except in bios menu it displays 4096MB now instead of 3072, but still counts 3GB when the computer starts. Vista can tell that 4GB is installed, but can use only 3GB. The chipset (945PM) supports up to 4gb ram, and I have the 64bit version of Vista. (Enzo, you should check these).

Is there any way to turn off this limitation?


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My Satellite A110 going always off when it is hot.

What is the problem? Mayby fan? Can I change this?

Answer:Satellite A110 going off when it is hot


Do you hear a noise from the fan?

Maybe you should clean the notebook. For this you can use compressed air spray and could blow away the dust from the fan. You don?t have to disassemble anything.

And try to find out if the fan works.


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Hello people,

Does anyone know where I can order/buy a new internal hdd for my notebook cause my hdd has died.


Answer:Need new HDD for Satellite A110-178

Hi friend,

sure, the whole internet is offering you a broad range of harddisk drives. You have only to check google and type something like "2.5 inch SATA HDD" or "SATA HDD notebook".

For some reason you could check e.g. ebay and search there for SATA harddisk which fit into notebooks (the height of the drive shouldn?t be more than 9.5mm).
It?s just important that you search for SATA drives and not IDE. Everything else doesn?t matter. Oh, I am not sure what?s the maximum HDD size the machine can take, toshiba tells something about 120GB but you will have to prove it by yourself if the machine can take more.


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Hi, I;ve got this laptop. I'm having issues with reinstalling Windows. It has following specs

CPU: Core Duo T2500
RAM: 1GB DDR2-667 Hynix

Before it was with 1x512MB RAM and with the stock processor - Celeron M 410. I was working slowly and Windows got many errors. I've upgraded CPU and put more RAM. An then reinstalled. And XP got errors - Win32 generic host process, and etc, problems with windows explorer. I've reinstalled it once again, and again it had these errors. Especially after installing drivers... there were blue screens, restarts. After removing GPU driver the problem with blues screen was removed. I've tested the RAM - it made 9 passes without any error!. I then reinstalled with other versions - Using integr with latest updates Nov 2015 using USB flash and then I couldn't even install the Windows. It stuck on copying files or at installing - at some procent. I replaced the 2 sticks of RAM with 1x1 GB Hynix and it installed from USB. But now there are again errors..., Firefox and Chrome crashes.... Internet Explorer also crashes... I'm going to put more RAM, and I will try to install Win7 32-bit to see will it work. I don't know where might be the problem?

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My Satellite laptop suddenly won't boot after I fully charged it.
When I turn it on, the power button light blue like it always does. But then, nothing more happens. The CPU fans spins for a few seconds, and stops. Nothing appears on the screen, no Toshiba logo or anything. The DVD drive doesn't even open. It only turns off if you press the power button for about 5 seconds.

What can this be? Do laptops keep silent when the POST fails or do they beep just like 'normal' computers and is this a different problem?

Any help would be nice. I tried connecting a second screen, but it didn't give anything. Playing around with the battery and AC adapter (connecting, disconnecting) didn't do anything, so I think that is not the problem.

Answer:Satellite A110-178 won't boot

Sorry Johan but I think there must be some serious hardware problem. If you are not able to see BIOS settings or Toshiba welcome screen I think it is time to contact Authorized service partner in your country.

Please do not be mad on me but in your situation you can not do anything that can help to get your notebook work again.

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I cannot enable a quick start (start without the RAM test) in my A110-180 laptop. I upgraded my RAM from 1 Gb to 3Gb and I would like to disable the standard ram test when the laptop starts because now becomes very slow. I updated the original Bios HTW20 V1.30 to Bios HTW20 V2.00 but in the new doesn't have this option neither.

Can you help me?.

Thanks in avance.

Answer:My Satellite A110-180 do a RAM test always

>I upgraded my RAM from 1 Gb to 3Gb and I would like to disable the standard ram test when the laptop starts because now becomes very slow.
How something like this can happen?
After RAM upgrade start-up is actually not different as before. Notebooks operations are ?faster?.

Can you please tell us which RAM module have you used for upgrade?
I have checked notebook?s specification and compatible RAM modules for your Satellite A110 are:
1GB ? PA3411U-1M1G
2GB - PA3513U-1M2G

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My Toshiba Satellite A110-159, Windows XP SP3 has a system error and does not want to start up again (not in safe modus). starting the computer by using the last known good configuration does not work either. I have also tried changing the boot order in the BIOS, putting the CD/DVD first to boot, but that didn't help.

Problems occurred after trying to clean my system of a virus by running AVG virus scan from command prompt in the safe modus. I think some of my registry got messed up.

It keeps on giving a blue screen with the following error message:

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000034 (0x00000000 0x0000000)
The system has been shutdown.

...and then it restarts again. It is not able to open Windows or anything.

I have decided to reboot my system using the Toshiba Recover Disks. (I have a Norton Ghost recovery of my C-drive on an external disk and plan on putting that back into place after I have the system in factory settings again).

Following instructions I have inserted the recovery disk 1/2, pressed F12 and in the Boor Menu selected:
and then pressed Enter.

And then it gives a window where it starts checking for Realtek Ethernet or somthing, can not find that (no cable atttached) and then starts loading Windows and giving the familiar Blue Screen and restarting again.

So it does not recogin... Read more

Answer:Satellite A110-159 does not reboot from CD


get Windows copy disk and try to Install it. The recovery disk you use might be corrupted.......

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I???m new here and I???m looking for a notebook. The A110-153 sounds interesting for me.
Could anyone give me more information like reviews what are the + and - of the product?
Also I saw on a website that has this notebook has 2 hard discs. Is this true? I can't find it anywhere ( Also I find this odd, I never heard that a notebook has 2 hard drives or disks.
It???s a pity that this notebook has an integrated video card I think.
What I want to do with the notebook is the following:
- Internet
- Ms office
- working with pictures (I have a digital photo camera and soon a digital video camera)
- A little Photoshop

What???s your advice?

Answer:Need your opinion about Satellite A110-153


I have found some pictures of the Satellite A110-153 and in my opinion the notebook looks very nice?
The notebook supports Intel Core Duo (Yonah) processor T2050 1.6GHz and you can upgrade the memory up to 4GB
I don?t know where you found the information about 2 HDD but as far as I know there is only one 100GB HDD installed.

But I found one disadvantage. The notebook support s only a Intel 945GM 8-128 MB shared memory graphic card.
But don?t worry, It?s strong enough for working with picture and MS office applications.

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My husband's computer has been giving a tremendous amount of trouble for months and months now. After doing nearly everything I can think of, I'm at a loss. I would much appreciate some direction on this issue. Thanks very much!

Toshiba Satellite A110, Win XP, with upgraded memory (Crucial 1Gig +1Gig set)

Computer was running very slowly and crashing regularly. I felt that the anti-virus, firewall, etc in addition to running multiple programs was too much for the limited amount of memory, so I used Crucial's memory finder and ordered two 1G mem cards.

Installed mem cards as per instructions (not my first time - I felt comfortable doing it).

Continued to have problems. Cleaned up computer. Still problems.

Husband hired a "computer expert" who didn't know any more than I did. He (as I predicted) said, "you must have a virus" and reformatted the hard drive.

Still having the same problems.

I'm not sure how to proceed with troubleshooting. Symptoms are:

* very slow performance
* "blue screen of death" on a regular basis with various error messages (I gave up trying to record them all)
* programs crashing without warning (happens particularly often with IE and Outlook. Switched to Firefox but still have the problem. Husband refuses to change email program)

I'd be happy to provide any information you might need to help me.

Answer:Few issues with Satellite A110

Hi Jenny

Are you really from Jamaica? Wonderful Island!

Back to you issue.
Well, the BSOD appears because of serious software fault or due to a hardware malfunction.
My first thought was an RAM malfunction as you have already presumed.

I?m sure it?s not a virus. In my opinion the Virus does not cause any BSOD.
I think the notebook doesn?t run stable due to the overheating issue?

The overheating is possible if the fans don?t run correctly and don?t cool the internal devices properly! Sometimes dust and debris inside the notebook prevent the fans from spinning.
I would really recommend if the notebook can be cooled properly and if there is a fresh air circulation!
Ensure that the ventilators are free and that there is enough free space around the notebook.


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Last week I bought SATELLITE A110-195 notebook and KINGSTON KVR533D2S4/2G memory to expand memory to 4 GB, I want to have 4 GB but after putting is computer shows 3 GB not 4 GB. Could you help me?
Why shows 3 GB not 4 GB?

Answer:Satellite A110-195 shows only 3GB of RAM

Please check this site:

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I got one laptop Satellite A110-275. After first days when I bought it somebody spilled a glass of water. I send laptop on a centre here in country they change motherboard. Laptop worked for several months and from few weeks ago start to make me a problem like:
I start it and everything looks ok all leds are blue lighted I hear when fan from video card start and nothing appear on screen.

In the past after few opening and closing laptop started but now its leds say DEAD.
Could be the processor or again motherboard? I already changed memories 2 Gb and nothing.
Could somebody help me with some ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Satellite A110-275 Intel Core Duo T2400 processor clocked at 1.83GHz 2GB of 533MHz DDR2

Answer:Cannot start my Satellite A110-275

Hello Marina

Please don't understand me wrong but I don't believe there is much you can do alone about it.
Obviously there is some serious hardware problem, probably with mainboard. I don't know which component is ?troublemaker? but if your notebook doesn?t react at all it can be power supply electronic.

It can be CPU. It can be motherboard but you must understand that it is not possible to offer exact diagnostic on this way. What you need is professional help. Notebook must be checked by diagnostic tools and it can be done by authorized service only. Contact them and explain the situation.

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Can anyone be kind to enlighten me up a bit? I want to upgrade the CPU of a Satellite A110-293 from the current one, [Intel Core Solo T1350 |] to an Intel Core 2 Duo. This model has the [Compal HTW20|] motherboard. Is this possible or not?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A110-293 supported CPU's


Check at first this Toshiba document -

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I need dirvers for Satellite A110 - 178
(for ethernet, graphics card, sound driver and pci controller).

I don't found in

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite A110-178

The link to the page is correct.
The Toshiba EU driver page provides the drivers fro Satellite A110 series.

The Satellite A110-178 is part of the PSAB0E series and the drivers can be found in Archive area.
You have to choose: Product type ? Archive

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I'm desperately looking for the recovery cd of my laptop. (unfortunately lost the original one)
Toshiba satellite A110-173 (bought in 2006)
OS: Windows XP
Language: Dutch

The website sent me to the support site Toshiba media online shop.
There I found an answer: For your device no recovery medium can be ordered, because it comes either not from the region of Toshiba Europe, or it is too old for this service.
Is it normal that for a four-years-old laptop there is no more support ?
As a loyal Toshiba customer I hope to find a solution this way.

Thanks for all feedback people !
Timo - Belgium

Answer:Need recovery CD for Satellite A110-173

Support in general is not just to offer original recovery disc. Support is also to offer replacement hardware components. Support is also to offer all important drivers for your notebook model.

This info you found doesn?t mean your notebook is not supported anymore. Problem is that Toshiba doesn?t offer recovery disc for old notebook models but it is not end of the world. For every supported operating system you can download all important drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities. So what you should do is to obtain original Microsoft WXP disc (Dutch) , install WXP and later install all necessary drivers.

It is not so problematic. Anyway if you need some help let us know and we can help you.

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I've got Toshiba A110 with defective motherboard.
New one is hard to find and expensive.

Is there any other motherboard (from another model) that can fit my A110 case?

Thanks a lot for reply


Answer:Re: Satellite A110: What motherboards can I use

Unfortunately, you have to use the motherboard which is especially designed for the Satellite A110 notebook series. Other motherboards are not compatible!

Therefore you?ve got only two possibilities.
Either you will buy a new mobo or a second-hand?

The new would costs a little fortune and therefore I would recommend checking some offers on Ebay website?


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I must first excuse myself because my english is not perfect, so i'll use simple words.

A friend has a problem with his USB ports on a Satellite A110-294. I try to solve the problem but without succes till yet.
I made a new install of windows XP with the toshiba installation CD but it don't resolve the probleme. Then i try to remove the usb devices from the system properties, but there's a problem when i try to remove the usb host controller. system freez and nothing works no more! I remove root hub but it don't works.

I try to download some fix for usb problems with SP2, but the prob still here. I saw there's some INF files updates for some intel chipset but it's impossible to find the intel celeron chipset update. I update the BIOS to 1.70 and no result.

I try to search some drivers for the toshiba motherboard but i find nothing.

What can i do to resolve this problem?

Answer:USB does not work on Satellite A110-294

The Satellite A110-294 belongs to the PSAB6E series.

On the Toshiba website you will not find a chipset driver because it?s integrated in the display driver for this model (chipset). You don?t need an Intel chipset driver, this notebook has an ATI graphic chip and chipset.

So try to update the display driver: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

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For some reason I can't adjust the brightness on my screen using the FN key plus F6 or F7. it was working some months ago, but doesn't work anymore. The FN key is working, i am getting a green light when i press it. Moreover the combination from F1-F5 are working only F6-F8 is not working. I can't adjust the brightness nor the wireless functions...

using windows xp of the original installation...

any ideas?


Answer:Satellite A110-225 FN key does not work


Visit the Toshiba European driver page and download the Hotkey Utility for the A110-225 (PSAB0E)
Try to reinstall it again!

Check this!

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My laptop won't start up. The battery will not charge, but the laptop won't start up even on mains power (with or without battery in place).
Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite A110 - won't start at all!

This sounds like a mainboard issue?

Have you tried to remove the battery and AC/DC adaptor? Remove both and wait one hour then connect the battery and AC/DC adaptor again.

If it doesn?t work you should contact an authorized service provider for help. The technicians can help you to check the notebook. => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

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Satellite A110 it won't start power's on, but HD doesn't load no display fan start running but in a few second it stops.

please help

Answer:Satellite A110 - Won't start

Hi jinskywalker,

No display?
No beep signal?

In this case you should read this article:
[ Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start?|]

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I need a recovery dvd for this laptop as it won"t boot any longer.
Can I order or download it ?

Answer:Need recovery DVD for Satellite A110-228

Your Satellite is pretty old and I think you cannot order it anymore. Recovery image is not downloadable so this option is also not solution for you.

You can try to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask if they have such disc.
What you can do is to install own operating system. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can find on Toshiba download page under > Support & Download.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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I would like to restore an old Satellite A110-149 that doesn't boot any more.
The recovery disk doesnt boot too.
Is it possible to restore to factory default from the recovery partition?
thanks for your help.


Answer:How to recover old Satellite A110-149?

>... doesn't boot any more
What does it mean exactly? Doesn't boot due to missing OS or there is some other problem?

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I was using my laptop 100% fine last night and this morning it just will not turn on. I plug it on, the 'plugged in' light comes on as usual but the battery charge indicator light does not, and the power button does nothing.. Help?

Any ideas would be welcome as I love my XP Satellite A110-275.

Answer:Re: Not able to turn Satellite A110-275 on

Hi iam12volt

Sometimes this happens to other notebooks as well.. In most cases, removing the battery for 5 minutes power do the trick. (disconnect power cable as well)


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I've owned a Toshiba Satellite A110-275 since about 2 yrs ago, and this problem started happening about 1 yr ago (I want to fix it now).
Well, the problem is that when the computer is turned on, the screen freezes for about a second or two at the Windows loading screen and then the blue screen of death comes up. It says that a problem has been detected and windows shut down to prevent damage to your computer. It also says something like STOP : 0x842894749 0x923487yr9 e.t.c i don't remember exactly what it read but something like that.

It never logs on and I can't get onto safe mode. I tried reinstalling windows which worked up to the logging on point (where you select a user, then click on its icon and wait for it to log in to that account). When I clicked onto a user I waited for a moment although it didn?t look like it was loading anything, maybe it was frozen, I turned my back for a minute or two then looked back to find the blue screen of death.

It is still under warranty but I wanted to try and fix this problem myself as I need the laptop in a couple of days time! Please, can somebody help me with this?
Thank you!

Answer:Problem with Satellite A110

Have you upgraded your Satellite notebook a year ago? RAM or HDD?

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I have a Satellite A110-179 and have a problem with my CD/DVD Multi Recorder.
The LED on the DVD drive constantly stays orange. It wont read any CD's. I have already updated the BIOS.

What has happened?

Message was edited by: ADMIN (grammer, removed upper case)

Answer:Satellite A110-179 CD/DVD NOT READ

My friends DVD drive did the same thing, the drive needed replacing.

Bring the laptop to an ASP for repairs.

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I have the Toshiba Equium A110-252 with a 60GB hard drive.
I only have a few gb's left and need to expand the hard drive.

I have no idea what type or size would be compatible with my laptop.
Also, would this be the reason for all my applications running really slowly?

Does anyone have any advise or suggestions?


Answer:Equium A110-252: What HDD can I use for a upgrade


The Equium A110 is very similar to the Satellite A110 and both notebooks should support the same kind of HDD.
As I?m not mistaken you would need a 2.5? SATA HDD.

If the notebook supports the 60GB then a usage of the 80GB or 100GB should be possible too.

Check it out


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As the Equium A110 comes in two flavours (Core Solo and Core Duo), presumably with the same motherboard, can I just take out the Solo I have and drop in a Duo T2050? I imagine the BIOS can handle this. Further than that, can I drop in a Core 2 Duo, which should run cooler?

I know this would trash my warranty, but I'm still interested.

Answer:Equium A110-233 CPU upgrade

Do you just assume that they have the same Motherboard or do you know that for sure? Maybe some more information on the specs will be useful. It will be interesting if the core2duo theoretically fits in.

But I do not recommend you to change your hardware, because like you said, it can have the revocation of your warranty as a consequence.


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I have a Satilite A110-260 from my brother.
The Problem is, that the USB Ports don't work :-(

They are found in the hardware manager but I can't install it.
I have download the hardware setup from the Toshiba homepage but ... :-(

Can you help me?

Sincerely John

P.S. Sorry for my english ^^

Answer:Satellite A110-260 - USB ports don't work

Can you please tell us which OS you try to install?
SP1 or SP2?

Please after OS installation the first thing you must install is ?Chipset driver?.
Have you installed the right one?

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When I try to start the laptop the Power button gets blue, I hear the CD drive making its tests, the fan starts for 5-10 seconds then stops and the screen remains black all this time. I encounter this behavior when I connect only A/C, only battery or both (AC and battery).

I tried to connect an external monitor and still nothing displayed on it - the BIOS settings are on both LCD and external display.

I disconnected the HDD in order to decrease the power consumption and to eliminate it from the list of possible source of failures.

From time to time I manage to see the POST and then the OS boot loading message on both LCD and monitor but after restart or power on//off I get the same black screen.
I searched on the internet and a lot of people had this sort of issue with different Satellite versions but did not find any solution for it.

Many thanks for any hint.

Answer:Satellite A110 -195 starts and then stops

> I searched on the internet and a lot of people had this sort of issue with different Satellite versions but did not find any solution for it.
Do you really think there is some ?magic solution? for this? It is definitely some serious hardware problem that must be investigated in service with diagnostic tools.

All you do at the moment is right and you can eventually find out what the problem can be but question is: how to fix this? Can you repair manboard? Can you exchange mainboard? What you can do about it?

In my opinion all you can do is to find some cheap already used mainboard, exchange it and hope everything will be OK again. This can be a kind of challenge for you and hope you can fix it. Other way, sell it on eBay and obtain newer piece of hardware.

Sorry but I just try to be a bit realistic.

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There is no bass coming out of my Satellite!! even when I connect my A 110-167 laptop to my stereo system there is no bass!!

This seems be a common problem with the A series, but I havent found a solution yet.

How can I tackle this problem?

Cheers in advance for you help!!


Answer:Satellite A110-167: How can I get some bass coming out?


Try to delete two files (RTHDAEQ0 and RTHDAEQ1)
You could find it in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\ folder

The bass should be a little bit better.
But generally these are hardware (speaker) specifications and if it?s not enough for you there is no much to do ;(

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Hi I have a question.
I have a toshiba satelitte a110. But when i want to play a dvd, it says:
not compatible .......

Cant watch movies, how come.. :(

I installed a few dvd-ram software, also uninstalled, rebooted the notebook.


Answer:Satellite A110: I want to play a DVD but it says: not compatible


Do you use the Windows OS which was preinstalled on the Sat A110??
As far as I know almost all Toshiba notebooks are delivered with the WinDVD program.
I presume also the Sat A110 supports this software and you should use it to play the DVD?s.

One question; what DVD did you try to play? Original one or a copy???
The notebooks DVD drive supports different DVD region code settings.

Please check if the region code which was chosen on the CD/DVD drive supports your DVD medium!!!

For example; you will be not able to play US DVD?s if the region was set to Region 2

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This is nikhil patel from India.

I have Satellite *A110-195* notebook which is gifted by my cousin at UK .
My problem is now _battery is not being charged_ and my notebook is running only on ac supply .

Please tell me why this is being happened and what the solution is.
And if there is requirement of new battery where can I get it and at what price in India.

I'm living in _gujarat ahmedabad._

Answer:Battery is not being chared on my Satellite A110-195


First of all the people here in the forum can try to post some suggestions which could help you to solve different notebook issues but you shouldn?t expect that you will get a 100% right solution. I think you can understand that without putting the hands on the notebook we can suggest only about the reasons why ?something happens??

So back to your issue; in my opinion you should firstly check if the battery is faulty and if the new battery would help you.

I checked the Toshiba Options & Accessories page on the Toshiba European website and found the compatible batteries with Satellite A110-195;
The batteries are;

Battery Pack (Li-Ion, 4000mAh, 6 Cell) PA3465U-1BRS
Battery Pack (Li-Ion, 4300mAh, 8 Cell) PA3457U-1BRS

Have a nice day

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Recently I disabled several autostart apps and from that moment, the Fn +keys mentioned in the Subject don't work as they should be. First of all the message window doesn't appear for all function keys including F6 and F7 for example, but besides that they work properly - the brightness of the screen changes.

The real problem is that I can't launch the WiFi connection with the Fn+F8 combination or lock the screen with Fn+F1 or turn sound on/off with Fn+Esc combination.

What should I do?

Answer:Satellite A110-195 - some Fn +keys do not work as before

Yes, I am having the very same problem with my A60, the only Fn task I can carry out is switching between LCD and other screens, the rest of them (sounds, brightness etc.) are not working now, when they were working only a few days ago! Help needed!

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Hi all,

I really need some advise here...

My A110-178 does not start up at all! After pressing the power button, the power and battery light are lit (both blue, so my battery is fully charged). The HD-indicator gives a very short blink, and after that NOTHING happens... No fan, no HD, no screen, no sound, nothing!

My machine is four months old, and apart form the XP and Office 2003 only Adobe Photoshop and Symantec Client Security are active. Last logoff and power down was absolutely normal and by the book, so I'm really lost on what the right course of action might be (apart form calling Toshiba and be without pc for considerable time)...

Can someone help?


Answer:Satellite Pro A110-178 doesn't start up

Hi Erik

Please remove the battery, connect your notebook to AC adapter and try to start notebook again.

If notebook starts wait a little bit and when operating system is properly started insert battery again. Please let me know what happen when you try to do this.

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My Satellite A110-178, only 1 year and 3months old, switches off suddenly, without any warning every day, even more times a day, sometime even 3 times in 10 minutes. I was told that it might be an overheating problem. I installed speedfan and I have around 75-80gr. in the 2 Core processors...Which is the upper limit?

Any solutions?

Many thanks!


Answer:Satellite A110-178 swiches off maybe due to overheating?

Hello Carmen

Unfortunately there is no magic solution but overheating can be the reason why your notebook switches off suddenly and without any warning.

One year and three months is enough time for notebook to be full of dust. As first step I recommend you professional cleaning. Believe me after doing this notebook will be able to "take a breath" and will work much quieter, and of course without switching itself off.

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I'm not getting any reference for A110-173 model? Can anyone help me in getting specs for this model?

Answer:Need specification info about Satellite A110-173

I found an advertisement from care-four that had this model:
Here are the specifications according to this ad:

Processor: Intel Core Duo T2050 (bus 533 MHz 2Mb cache)
Ram: 1GB DDR2
TFT: 15.4" TruBrite High Definition
Wifi: 802.11 B&G

These info is not 100% verified as it comes from a printed advertisment for France (see link).


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Hi i have a Toshiba Satellite A110-275 and it is badly in need of a restore but I have lost my recovery cd. How would i go about getting a replacement from you guys? cheers.

Answer:Lost my recovery cd for my Satellite A110


I don?t think that any of the forum users will send you a recovery CD. We are giving each other suggestions and advices but that was all.
If you need a new recovery then contact a local authorized service partner and ask them, they will surely sell/send you one.

If you need some help to find a service partner, then you can check it here out:

Good luck

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I would like to know, Is Satellite A110-275 notebook windows 7 compatible? I can't see this series listed in Toshiba "Download Windows 7 drivers" website.

If not, is there any way it could be made compatible?

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Satellite A110-275 - Is it Windows 7 compatible or not?


To be honest, i don't know if it is compatible but as i know most of the Vista drivers work fine with 7 too.

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I'm using a Satellite A110-274 and successfully running Win 7 32Bit, however I'm wondering if I should update the Bios.

*Present BIOS*
Bios Name: Ver 1.00 PARTTBL.
SymBios Version: V1.30.
Date: 20/07/2006.

I know that Toshiba does not support older laptops running Win 7 but as an individual with limited money I can't afford to buy another laptop so I have to make do.
Please can somebody assist me. Thank you in advance.

Message was edited by: Mercosity_1

Answer:BIOS update on Satellite A110-274

My advice for you is: don't change anything.
If you don't have problems running Win7 on this old machine I think you should not change anything. I think BIOS update will not bring any benefits so there is no reason to change anything.

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Grandson just emailed me...he has done something to cause the screen on his Satellite A110-275 to rotate 90 deg. He now has a laptop standing on its edge so he can view without screwing his head off. Glad its not a 42" plasma screen he got. How does he reset the viewing.

Answer:Screen rotated 90 deg on Satellite A110

It is mostly possible using third part software. Toshiba original preinstalled stuff can not do this. He must check own preinstalles software.


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What does it's mean that memory my grphic adapter can be up to 128 MB? How i can upgrade grafic memory? My notebook is Toshiba Satellite A110-195 with Mobile Intel? 945GM Express chipset.

Answer:Satellite A110-195: What means that GPU memory can be up to 128 MB?


In specification for your notebook for graphics is described as follow: 8MB-128MB shared. That means that Intel graphic card use shared memory technology.

With short words: Video "shared" memory means your laptop will share some RAM memory with the video chipset from the motherboard, thus reducing its own RAM memory for the rest of the motherboard chipsets and processes.

If you want to find some more info about shared memory technology, Google a little bit around and you will find many interesting pages.

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I have bought a Satellite A110-159 and I'm very pleased about it so far but last friday something weird happened. After coming out of hibernate, my laptopscreen was upside down. I might have pressed some keys before this occured but if so, I did so unconsiously so I cannot remember them. Could you please help me out with this problem because this is not ideal for working on it;).

Answer:Screen upside down - Satellite A110

You have definitely pressed accidentally some keys which would change the position of the notebooks display.

The key combination depends on the graphic card which is installed in the notebook.
It looks like the Satellite A110-159 was delivered with the Intel GPU.

In such case you should check if you can change the screen using the combination like CTRL + ALT and UP or LEFT or DOWN or RIGHT

Usually the display position can be also changed in the graphic card properties -> some where in the advanced settings

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My DVD-ROM will not read any audio CDs with data or not. If I put and audio CD in with games audio or data on it will always open as if it is blank y is this

Answer:Satellite A110-162 - Will not read audio CDs


Have you tried removing the upper and lower filters?

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Hi, it's Michael from Hungary,

1.5yrs ago I've purchased an A110-351, last year I got these problems:
1.:When I power up my A110, it asks for a bios password. So I contacted my local toshiba authorized service center to solve this problem.
They told me that is not covered by warranty.
So I came in and they've billed me about 120 USD for removing that BIOS password-thing.
And now when I was searching for new drivers, I have noticed my problem in this bulletin (Document ID: 98082361):

"..The occurrence of this problem on any particular computer is unpredictable -- it may never happen, but it could happen any time that the computer is turned on. If this problem does occur, it will be necessary to send the computer to a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider, who will fix the problem at no charge to you."

2.: After that, I was happy that I can work with my Toshiba, then an another problem cames:
The sound of the fan was weird, and after a few days it almost stopped working (no significant air ventillation).
So I contacted again the service center, and the others were all the same, mentioned above.. billed me again.

Warranty, yes.. I have warranty until 2009-05-09. But I don't think it means anything. So I don't think I would recommend anyone I know in the future.

Any response? I made some mistakes or this is normal?

Answer:Satellite A110-351 - Fan stopped working


You speak about this document:
_New BIOS fixes incorrect power-on password prompt_

First of all this is a Toshiba US page and your notebook model has not been listed... so it's really hard to say if your notebook could be affected....

Furthermore the doc said also this:
+If this problem does occur, it will be necessary to send the computer to a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider, who will fix the problem at no charge to you.+

So you should pay for this? I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country and clarify this issue.

Furthermore if you warranty is still valid then the cooling module issue should be fixed for free? the warranty should cover the replacement of faulty parts?


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Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. I have just bought an A110-225 and have no trouble connecting to the internet with a netgear wireless USB adaptor but I cant get the correct IP address configured to make the actual installed wireless adaptor work. It's probably something really simple.
Anything obvious I might have missed?

Answer:Can not connect to the Internet - Satellite A110-225


Check if your IP address was set to ?automatically?. This option you can find in the ?WLan network properties? ? ?TCP/IP properties?.
Furthermore please check if the Windows can configure the WLan network.

But what?s the problem exactly? Does the WLan card is not able to assign the IP address?
Please check the postings in this WLan area. There are many hints

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Hi everyone,

I'm using TOSHIBA Satellite A110-293 with widescreen LCD. Since I have bought my laptop I'm observing that upper, left part of the screen is glittering. The problem shows up when I decrease backlight brightest to the low levels. It also happens when the LCD is witched off, and sudenly starded. Sometimes it is hard to notice that "problem" especially when working with high level of the brightest of the LCD, but when switched to lower levels it irritates me. Computer is under warranty. I wondering what should I do do now, and how to slove that problem.

I'm a little bit afraid of sending laptop to the service, because I heard some oppinions that if the problem is "not so big" or not easily noticable, service will not repair it and send laptop back, making me to pay for the transportatnion of the computer (it happens in Poland where I come from).

Another think I wanted to ask is that I have also spoted a quite big space, or backslash on hinghes which are holding LCD. When opening screen you can feel that it can move easily forvard and backwards (about 1 cm) in other words they're not holding LCD tight. Is that normal after using computer couple of months?

Thanks a lot, and I sory if I made some "english" mistakes, when writting that post.

Answer:Satellite A110-293 - glittering backlight LCD

Hi there,

if your problem does disturb you so heavily, then make the following: if you can find a authorized service partner near your town or in your region, then bring the machine
by yourself to them. Do this because you can explain them deeply what the problem is and show them how the problem can be reproduced.

Otherwise, if I were you, I would write a LONG letter with an DETAILED explanation of your problem, and tell them that your afraid they won?t find the error and they should look thouroghly
to find that error.

And regarding the hinges, write this additionaly on the letter, I think they will just tighten some screws, and the problem should be solved.


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hi there

i have purchased a satellite series A110-162 and was very disappointed with the volume as it doesn't go very high at all.
I was wondering if there is any one out there who has one of these and has the same problem as me.


Answer:Satellite A110-162: How to increase the volume?

Hello Janette

I hope you have checked all sound settings. Please enter Volume control and set Wave on max level. I recommend you also to check ?Toshiba virtual sound? tool. Believe me this tool is preinstalled just on units with good sound card and also quality speakers.

There you can enable SRS option and also use detail settings.

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Hi there,
I need a little help, somehow my notebook came up with the idea of putting a bios password in by himself. So I have no idea what it is.
I would really like to logging at my notebook again so has anyone an good idea?
I googled on the internet and I already tried:
- Playing with the boot button to try and by-pass the biospass
- Holding the left Shift button to try and by-pass the biospass
- Trying the password Toshiba / toshiba

So the warranty is already elapsed so I opened the Notebook and disamblled it. It ain't possible to get the Bios battery out of his place without killing it, and I can't find any jumper or bios chip.
So has anyone please an idea how to fix this problem?

my laptop also has no floppy drive.

thanks for reading and I hope you can help me solving this problem.

Koen Loep

Answer:How to reset BIOS on Satellite A110?

Hello Koen

It is really stupid situation. Problem is that BIOS deleting procedure is not the same for all notebook models. All you tried is a kind of "standard procedure" but as you can see, it will not help you at all.

I am afraid you have just one solution: contact nearest authorized service provider and explain the situation. They can help you and remove the BIOS password. Try to convince service people to believe you that it is not your fault.

I wish you good luck and hope service guys will help you.

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After unsuccessful bios update my Toshiba Satelite A110-195 (PSAB0) doesn' t post. How can I flash my bios with a working rom?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A110-195 - How to reflash the BIOS?

Hi tharaleos,

Here you can find the same questions:

Please check this thread!!!

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Hi all,

I bought my Toshiba Satellite A110-231 notebook in January 2007 in Spain. It came with Windows XP but has a label "Windows Vista ready". I installed Windows Vista and all the notebook's components worked fine. Now I just installed Windows 7, but the CD/DVD drive (Pioneer K16A) won't be recognized. I assume Windows Vista and Windows 7 have the same system requirements, so how can I make my DVD drive work on this OS?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A110-231 - CD/DVD drivers for Windows 7


What do you mean by saying ?not recognized??
Is the CD/DVD drive not visible in the device manager or what?

What does the BIOS said? Is the ODD recognized in BIOS?

Usually the CD/DVD drive uses the own Microsoft drivers and it should work with Win XP, Vista and Win 7?.

Please also check this MS knowledge base article;

You can remove the upper and lower filters?

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Is it possible to change the processor in Toshiba Satellite A110 form celeron M (410) 1,46 MHz ( to
Pentium M 1,86 MHz (

Answer:Processor exchange on Satellite A110


Generally speaking; the CPU upgrade is not possible or not advisable since the BIOS has not been tested with another CPUs and nobody can say how the notebook would run after such upgrade.

But if you want to know if an certain CPU is compatible, then you should check the Intel chipset properties of your A110?
If the chipset would support the new CPU and you could have good chances with the upgrade? but note; new CPU creates more heat dissipation which lead to higher temperature? this might be a problem?

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A I have a problem with Realtek High Definition Audio (SRS). Sound is tinny without bass and after install the latest drivers from Toshiba website in the control panel there isn't Realtek HD Audio Manager. I upgraded BIOS to 5.10 then I reinstalled system and the problem still exist. I use Vista Ultimate 32-bits.

On Windows XP sound is correct.

Help Me!

Answer:Satellite A110-293 - sound without bass

The notebook was delivered originally with preinstalled Windows XP operating system.
Am I right?

The Realtek HD Audio Manager exists only under windows XP but not under windows Vista.

Did you try the driver from the original Realtek page?
Check this: 4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false

Remove firstly you first installed driver and then install the one from the Realtek page!
But to be honest I don?t know if it will help to improve the bass quality.
Seems this is a normal state without installed HD Audio Manager

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Well, subject says it all, really. The LAN (wired) network does not work after hibernate.

It seems it cannot find the DHCP server, so after a while it gets a 169.* address.

After a reboot, the network functions as usual (gets a IP address from the DHCP server)

Tried the usual things, disconnecting the cable, disabling the LAN device, battery or AC adapter, the behavior is reproducible.

The wireless network will be restored after a hibernate.
It needs a little help though (right click on the icon and "recover" or whatever it is called in English)

Any suggestions?

Wilm Boerhout

Answer:Satellite A110-228 LAN does not work after hibernate

In the device manager you will find the Lan card. Then you can select the LAN card properties. In the Lan card properties please select the tab ?advanced?
There you can enable some interesting functions and change to optimal performance.
You can try to change some changes. Maybe it will work

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I have a very serious problem. I had to format my hard drive, and now, I want to reinstall Windows XP OS on my machine. The serial key is written under my keyboard, but I don't know how to specify it during the installation process.

Can i write an email to Toshiba asking for a new DVD copy of the OS?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A110 - How to reinstall Windows XP?


I?m a little bit confused now. Why do you want a new installation disk if you don?t know how to use the product key on the bottom side?
Do you have a XP disk at the moment?

The product key on the bottom side of the notebook can?t be used with a normal XP installation disk that you can buy in every computer shop. This is an OEM key and belongs to the preinstalled XP version.

So you can ask an authorized service provider for a new recovery disk or you buy a normal XP disk but then you have to use the product key that is delivered with the XP disk.

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All was well, then it started having power up problems. Not sure why. There were a few "virus's" downloaded but other than that, all seemed to be good.

The problem was intermittant at first but now seems to have become solid. When I Power on the unit, the power light comes on and the CD/DVD drive light flashes. NO screen, nothing else. I tried to reseat the RAM, removed the HD, Removed the Battery, but still am not getting anywhere.


Swaff -)

Answer:Satellite A110 - Fails POST


If the notebook cannot perform the power on self test then I?ve got no good news for you buddy.
In most cases the issue is related to the motherboard malfunction!

One of my notebooks failed to boot and also the POST could not be performed.
Finally the technician found out that the ROM module, where the BIOS is stored, was faulty.

In your case I recommend contacting an ASP technician for an check?
Then you would know what part could be affected

Bye & Good luck

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I am the owner of a Toshiba Satellite A110-273 that I've had for three years.
During this period I updated it to 3 GB RAM, 250 GB HD, Bios ver 2 and Win 7.
The system worked properly but now the HD is broken.

Now I've tried to install a 320 GB HD but while the bios recognizes it, the system doesn't work. It cannot start up.

Is it possible that the BIOS doesn't support an HD of 320 GB?

Thanks for your support in this matter.



Answer:Satellite A110-273 - troubles in upgrading to 320 GB HD

hi m.fed,
i am not shure if there is a limitation for hdd sizes...
sata should not have such problems like pata(ide)

but i have no informations that verifies any limitation
as far as i know the biggest hdd for this machine was a 100gb disc...
it's possible that there is a 250gb limitation....

any failure messages while trying to boot from hdd?
missing bootloader or something like that?

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Recently I bought GOODRAM SO-DIMM DDR-2 1 GB / 667MHz and it works fine, but problem is with the old RAM (512 MB) which was originally installed in laptop (Satellite A110 (PSAB6)).
BIOS doesn't see the old RAM, I don't now why, maybe it's because the old one is slower (533MHz).
Now I have 1 GB instead 1.5 GB.
What can I do to resolve this problem, maybe there are some tricks (change this CL feture in RAM or sth)?
I tried to switch memory banks and updated BIOS to 1.50 version.
Please help because it's so annoying!


Answer:Satellite A110 - RAM memmory combability

Maybe you should use two identical RAM modules and not two with different front bus speed.

Tricks are not known to me but only logic explanation to use tested compatible RAM modules. One more thing: please do not think it will work faster when you use RAM with more MHz.

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I have got a Satellite A 110-153.

Does it have Bluetooth.?

Can not find it and I am not so handy with a computer

Answer:Does Satellite A110-153 support Bluetooth?


In my knowledge the Sat A110-153 has not been equipped with the internal BT module.
You will need to use an external USB BT dongle if you want to make this notebook BT ready!


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A110-293 Notebook. There is a problem with the notebook audio, the sound seems to lack Bass. When I Play music files, the bass sound is abnormal, there is no bass or the bass is not clear. The notebook has a Realtek HD Audio device, and it has SRS technology, and it suppose to have a rich bass sound, the bass suppose to be richer than a normal bass sound produced from a normal PC without SRS technology, but there is even no normal bass in my notebook.

I adjusted the levels in the Toshiba virtual sound software (SRS), I tried all the different configurations and I adjusted all the levels but still have the same problem, and even when I disable the Toshiba Virtual Sound Software, I have the same problem. I tried different media players with their default or modified graphic equalizer but it did not solve the problem.

I use Creative PC Works 2.1 speakers, and even with bass adjusted to the full, there is no clear bass, there is nothing wrong with the speakers because I tested them on another PC and they are working probably , I also tried different types of speakers on the notebook but the problem still exist.

The notebook is equipped with Windows XP Home Edition, I re-installed Windows using the Recovery Media, but still the same. I downloaded the audio driver for my notebook from Toshiba website and updated the audio driver. I downloaded an updated version (R 1.64) of the Realtek HD audio driver from Realtek official website (The driver ver... Read more

Answer:Bass is not good enough on my Satellite A110-293

You statement is very interesting.
I suppose it?s a sound driver issue? let?s hope Toshiba will publish an new sound driver update. This should helps?

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I have a computer Toshiba Satellite A110-149.
Suddenly the sound has a ridge running I download the latest driver but still the same problem!
Thank you for your reply

Answer:Sound issue on Satellite A110-149

Can you please explain this issue with other words?
What is wrong with sound?
Does this affect windows sound and any other sound (music, video) as well?
Have you noticed the same with speakers and headset too?

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Hey dear friends..

I use a Satellite A110-149 and I use Windows XP and I installed all drivers but I cant get any sound. When I play a media file it plays but no sound.. I tried a microphone it works.. only no sound..

What can I doing why can it appear? And what can I do?

thnx all..

Answer:Satellite A110-149 - I can't hear any sound


On Windows XP you need SP3 or two audio patches from Microsoft if you have a high definition sound card so did you install SP3 or these two patches?

Both patches or SP3 must be installed first and then the driver so check this and reinstall the sound driver.

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I have aASatellite A110 with windows xp home but now i formatted it and put windows xp pro.
Everything works ok but bright fn keys do not work on f6 and f7.
Before formatting it, I noticed when I change brightness, a sun on screen appear which shows me the brightness status.

What's driver or software do this?
I can change bright on bios screen and by power saver

what's problem??????

[Edited by: admin on 07-Apr-2007 07:48]

Answer:Brightness function with Satellite A110


Yes there is a software which controls the brightness-behaviour of the LCD. If you don?t have it then download it here: nes

So, download all the other stuff which is important for your machine, if you don?t have it already.


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yesterday i have made in the Setup a HDD Built and a User Password. I took both the same. but now when I try to login it is wrong.
Without password I com not into setup.
What can I do? My BIOS is from Phoenix Version V1.30. And i have XP as OS.


Answer:Re: Satellite A110 - BIOS Password

What can you do?
If your password is not accepted all you can do is to visit nearest Toshiba service and ask them to remove BIOS password for you.

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Hi all

I have a Satellite A110-293 (PSAB0E).
The problem is 2-3 days ago I was installing the game on my computer and it?s was very slow, after install I saw that DVD was scratch a lot.

Now I have problems with my DVD when I play movie its very slow downloading than the sound of movie is funny and I see it slow in the begin.

If anyone can help plss.

Answer:Satellite A110-293 - Slow playing DVD

Hmm? I don?t know if this will help you but check this

Access the device manager and choose the IDE channel (IDE ATA/ATAPI controller)
Then remove it from the device list and reboot the notebook.

After notebook rebooted and the new hardware has been recognized, access the device manager again and go to the IDE channel properties.
Here you have to check if transfer mode was set to ? DMA if available.

Check it out

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I've got a problem with installing an printer (hp m1120) on my satellite A110 because when I connect the printer, usb didn't find it. What i must do to install that printer?

thx for help

Answer:How to connect an USB printer to Satellite A110?


just an dumb question from my side: did you power the printer on while connecting to the machine? If YES then try all available USB ports on your machine and the printer must be ON while connecting to the machine.

If the system would not find it then check if your USB ports are working, just by sticking some USB-stick or something else into it. If the computer does recognize the USB stick then your USB port is working. The next consequence would be to check if the printer works.

Connect the printer to another computer (could be a computer from a friend) and check if it would be recognized. The printer must be ON! when connecting to an computer, no matter which computer. If it works then reconnect it to your notebook and check if some new hardware were found.

Please give some feedback if it worked...


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Is it posible to change cpu in Toshiba Satellite A110-195 or it is soldered to a mother board?

Now it has got T2250 cpu.

Answer:Is it posible to change CPU in Satellite A110-195?


I don't have this old notebook model but I had similar M70 and CPU removal was possible.
I?m pretty sure that A110 design is almost the same as on older M70.

What do you want to do exactly? Upgrade or CPU replacement?

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Laptop: Toshiba Satellite A110-159
Windows XP

I reinstalled WXP and after that the DVD driver doesn't work anymore!!
I can't burn any disc since the problem!
I can only read a audio CD.

But i have a CD/DVD writer.
So the question is of someone know a good driver, so I can use my CD/DVD writer back!

Answer:Satellite A110-159 and ODD driver problem

Have you tried to use some burning application like NERO?

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My A110 Satellite notebook was making a noise of the cooler fan. Then their where different speeds of cooler and after 2 minutes the cooler was standing. After reboot the problem was away.

Is their anywhere someone who has the same problem? The notebook is 1 year old and I have further guarantee.

Answer:Cooler fan noise on Satellite A110

What do you mean exactly by ?notebook was making a noise of the cooler fan??
Do you mean the common noise which comes from the cooling module while the fan is rotating?

In my opinion this is nothing unusual. The fan rotation speed depends on the internal temperature and the additional settings in the power saver for example.
If your notebook doesn?t overheat (unexpected automatically shut downs) then the cooling module works properly and you shouldn?t be worried ;)

Best regards

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hello I have a Satellite A110-273 I'd like to expand the memory but I don't know if it support DDRII can someone help me?

Thank you

Answer:Which memory supports Satellite A110-273

> I have a Satellite A110-273 I'd like to expand the memory but I don't know if it support DDRII can someone help me?

According to the a100 specification

standard : 512 MB
maximum expandability : 2,048 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM (533 MHz)

So, as you see, it supports ddr2 up to 2 gb

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I recently received my copy of Express Upgrade to Windows Vista and I've installed it as suggested in the user's guide.

The first time Windows Vista ran normally and I had no problems with my DVD-RAM. But then, after windows upgraded it asked me to restart. When I restarted my Windows Vista didn't recognize the DVD-RAM driver.

I searched in Toshiba's website this driver but I couldn't find it. I just found Windows XP drivers, that couldn't be installed.

Did anybody had the same problem, or know where I can get this driver??

My laptop is a Satellite A110-149 (PSAB6E) and the DVD-RAM is a MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-841S

Answer:DVD-RAM driver issue on Satellite A110-149

Hi there,

usually a DVD-RAM needs no drivers, it has to be recognized automatically. Did you already tried to remove the drive in the system properties and restart the system?

Windows should install it properly after this. If not, please give a little feedback.


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When I connect a box to the laptop and i have the powercable connect, than I hear a broom/sound. What can i do?

Answer:Satellite A110-153 sound problem


here?s a link which describes what exactly the problem is:

You must ground your power connection between the amp and the machine. Thats all. Since this is a very extensive topic I would suggest you to go to and type the following words: "laptop ground loop amp"

You should have many hits where the problem is described and resolved. I would put some links from another forums here but I am not sure how the admin?s here would be reacting. ;)

Cheers and good luck

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