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Re: Battery discharges by itself - Satellite A350

Question: Re: Battery discharges by itself - Satellite A350

I've got Toschiba Satellite A350 PSAL6E and Vista 32bit Home Premium. Battery discharges by itself for about 10% per night (after 24 hours). I checked Wake On LAN in BIOS option and disabled it (also in Windows). And this is happening all the time.

Laptop have only a few months so is it normal? Do I have to use guaranty repair?

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Preferred Solution: Re: Battery discharges by itself - Satellite A350

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Battery discharges by itself - Satellite A350

This behaviour is nothing unusual and I have noticed it on my Satellite A300. Last time I checked it battery looses 7% power over night. You can contact nearest service and ask why this happen but you will see that they will confirm that this is normal and do not happen just on your notebook model.

Don't worry about that.

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I've got Toschiba Satellite U500-11c PSU5EE
Battery discharges by itself for about 10% per night !!!! I checked USB Sleep & Charge in BIOS option and disabled it. And this is happening all the time.

Laptop have only a 15 days so is it normal? I think not. I uprage the bios 1.6 but same problem.

Answer:Battery discharges by itself - Satellite U500-11C


Believe me it is normal. Battery can lose capacity up to 25% over night. It?s nothing unusual.
Check also this interesting document -

BIOS update has nothing to do with it.

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I have had the laptop for ~2 years and it has been very good. But over the past few weeks the battery (when not on mains power) discharges VERY quickly (in a minute or so) as soon as any disk activity takes place. I assumed that it must be the battery but I noticed recently that even after it had been on mains power for several hours whilst I had been using it heavily, it showed that it was still only 90% charged.

I am aware that too frequent battery charging can cause the battery life to be significantly reduced but I have made a point to let it discharge frequently to try to avoid this.

Does all this make any sense?


Answer:Satellite Pro A10: battery discharges very quickly


The fact is that you can charge and discharge the battery about 500 times. After this time the battery looses the performance and you have to replace it.
The battery is covering 1 year by warranty.
To increases the battery life time it?s recommend to remove the battery if the AC adapter is plugged in.

In your case I think the battery is dead and if you want to use the notebook with battery you should replace it.

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I have a A210-171, but have a small problam with the Battery life on it. (recon from di+-ns)

If I leave the battery in for a few days and not use the laptop. It drained the battery after about 3 days it is dead.
But if I take the battery out of the laptop, it holds it charge nicely.

Any ideas how to stop this. I have looked at the forum and checked the Wake on LAN is not turned on.

Answer:Battery discharges also if Satellite A210-171 is disabled

Hmm? I thought the disabling of WOL (Wake up on Lan) option in BIOS should help you to stop the automatically discharging

Here is the Toshiba doc which describes this issue:

[Battery drains 15-20% when powered off overnight|]

But as far as I know the BIOS contains other Wake-up functions. So try to disable this too!

Furthermore you should disable the "Wake up on LAN" option in the LAN and WLan card properties!!!
You could find this settings in the device manger -> LAN card properties ?> Advanced tab


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Hi brothers!

I set up windows 7 on my notebook. It is so useful and fast but today an issue.
About battery. A warning that like this "changing your battery may helpful".
It is discharging the power very fast.
So what should I do? (A300D-17F and used one year only)

Answer:Battery discharges very fast on Satellite A300D-17F


You should know that the battery working time depends on the notebook usage. Running powerful applications and the high usage of HDD, graphic card, CPU, ODD or high display brightest decreases the battery working time!

At the other hand the battery performance will decrease during the time? this means the older the battery is the lower would be the performance?

My old battery is dead? I can use the notebook only for 1 min with battery power.
In such cases only the battery replacement can help.

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I have Toshiba Satellite P855-10G with 15days and he consume 15% battery all 24hours after I shutdown and remove the charger.

After 3 days when i turn on my pc i only have 55% battery
If i shutdown and remove the battery he doesnt consume anything. That means that is not a battery problem

What can i do?

thanks any help

Answer:Satellite P855-10G battery discharges even powered off


This can happens if some option in BIOS are enabled.
For example: the enabled Wake Up on LAN / Wake up on keyboard options could be the reason for the battery discharge issue.

In such case you would need to disable this. Save changes and check if it worked.

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I've a satellite a110-178 (psab0). The machine works fine, only the battery works for just 5 minutes and than it's going beeping and it shuts itself down.

Any way to get this battery working fine again?

Answer:Satellite A110-178 - Battery discharges very fast

Hi Maurice

For me it looks like your battery is dead.
May I ask you how old it is?

The point is that after a long time of usage every battery start to lose the own performance and someday it will die.
This is nothing unusual.

My battery is about 6 years old and since 3 years I can use it only for about 2min :D
I know, I should replace it but my notebook is connected always to the AC, so I don?t need a new battery.

Anyway, you battery need to be replaced if you want to run the notebook longer using the battery.


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Satellite L750, Win7. Computer about 18months old & have noticed that when switching on, the battery is only 75-80% charged after being 100% the previous day. If I have the computer switched off for 2 days the charge would be down to 60-65%. Does the battery need replacing or am I overlooking something? Any idea on price of replacement battery?

In normal use the battery would last about 90 minutes.
Suggestions appreciated, thanks Mooky

Answer:Satellite L750 - Battery discharges while computer switched off


It is nothing unusual that battery loses capacity over night.
Very useful document about that you can read on

Try to change these settings in BIOS.

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My new Toshiba Satellite Z830 10J ultrabook with Win7 64bit,. all updates, works fine and shows no deficiencies, there is however one strange exception.

When the battery is fully charded and i "pull the plug", the system runs on the battery for sometimes more than 5 hours, so i assume the battery cycle is ok.

When the battery now is fully charged again and i SHUT DOWN the system and do not use it for a few days,
then the battery is totally DISCHARGED to 0% and the system will not boot, until i plug it in.

This phenomenon occurs in less than a week. So: charging the batrery to 100%, switching off the system, pulling the plug, wanting to re-use the system after 7 days, yields to 0% battery charge.

Is there any specific reason for this?


Roland Schweiger

Answer:Satellite Z830-10J Battery discharges when system is shut down

Hello Roland

It is well known that battery looses capacity over night or after few days but maybe several percent or maximal 20% but it is not known to me that battery will be complexly empty.

Is some external device connected to USB ports when the notebook is off or notebook is placed on the desk without any connected devices?

Please enter also BIOS settings and disable every option that can be related to this issue. I don?t have this new notebook and BIOS is not known to me but check please all BIOS settings. Disable wake =up on LAN or USB sleep and charge.

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I hope someone out there can help. I have a problem with my laptop, even when it is plugged into the mains the battery symbol appears and starts to run down. It happens intermittently, and sometimes it is fine, but then suddenly it shows a battery with hardly any charge in it and runs down very quickly.

Sometimes if I power it down and up again it returns to normal. I have taken it to PC world and they say nothing worng with the charger or the battery. Maybe a PowerBoard problem. Can I trust them or is it worth getting another charger and/or battery to test it.

It seems to work fine when its plugged into the mains without the battery in it at all, although sometimes if I move it on my desk it shuts down straight away as though I have dislodged something.


Answer:Battery discharges even the main is plugged-in on Satellite L series

Hi Victoria ( <- it?s very nice name ;) I like it ;) )

Your issue sounds a little bit strange.
I think the problem could be caused either by battery fault or by power supply electronic malfunction.

Very useful information was published on the Toshiba European support homepage. -> Support & Downloads -> Support homepage -> Product Updates -> Product Update: Toshiba Voluntary Battery Exchange program.

There you will find ?BatteryCheck utility? software which could helps to identify the faulty battery.
If the battery is affected the software sends a notification mail to Toshiba and starts the battery replacement procedure.

But if the issue will be not solved after battery replacement, I would recommend contacting the authorized service provider in your country to run a notebook check.

Good luck


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I bought a satellite A300-1F0 6 month ago and everything worked perfectly.
Last week I had some problems with my battery : the battery is completely charged and if I put it in hibernation for one night for exemple, when I want to start the computer the battery is completely discharged and I have to put the adaptator to start the computer.

I never encountered this problem before...

Have you a solution for me?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A300-1F0: battery discharges while hibernation mode

Maybe the laptop is using power when its turned off? My laptop was doing the same thing.

Go into the BIOS and disable features that use power when the laptop is turned off, for example, Wake-On-LAN and USB Sleep and Charge.

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my battery keeps discharging even when the computer is completely booted down and switched off. It's been doing this for a few weeks now and it is every time.
Does anyone have the same problem?
And does anyone have a solution, apart from having the battery changed? Problem is I can't send the computer away for service right now as I am writing my thesis on it.

Thanks for your help


Answer:Satellite Z830 - Battery discharges when completely switched off

As far as I know it is ?normal? that battery looses few percent of capacity over the night. The same happen on my notebook.

Anyway, check please follow document

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Today I restored my Satellite A200 to factory settings.
This is about the 4th time I've done this in the last 2 years.

Now my battery life is screwed up.

100% charged with about 10 minutes remaining (image:

85% charged with 8 minutes remaining (image:

What's going on?

I'm afraid if I restore to factory settings again to 'fix' the problem it will only make it worse and end up being 2 minutes remaining at fully charged.

Answer:Satellite A200 short battery life time - it discharges very quickly


Looks like the battery is dead?
In such case you have to buy a new one?

I can use my old battery for about 2min? it?s fully charged but after 2min if usage it?s empty?
But I use my notebook like a desktop PC? it?s connected always to the AC adaptor so I don?t need a new battery?


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Hey, I have a HUGE list of problems (some that can't be fixed) on my laptop that's 5 months old but let's start with the most urgent problem.

The battery isn't charging all the time. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't, it's quite random... Sometimes it even says it's charging but it isn't. It just stays at 30% for example.

I have windows 7 and newest bios. Tried rebooting, placing battery after boot with cable and no battery etc. Nothing seems to fix the problem. Tried reinstalling drivers. Nothing.

Answer:Battery isn't charging on my Satellite A350-220

Too many issues, GET RID OF THIS LAPTOP NOW.
Don't waste your time trying to fix it. Send it back to Toshiba and have them replace it.
This is not acceptable from a brand name like Toshiba point of view.

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I recently bought the aspire E15 573G notebook. Its battery is sealed. However it fully charges in 1 and half hours and discharges within 2 and half hours even under  the power saving circumstances. What should I do?

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Hi there, I've got an Alienware 15 R2 that I bought 2 years ago. Everything worked fine until about 6 months ago when the battery began disconnecting and rapidly discharging (about 2hrs from full to shutdown) whenever I open any games.
I've searched everywhere for a solution. Diagnostics show battery health to be fine, I've tried different charging cables (mine is currently 240w and was the cable I received with the laptop) and I've attempted to reduce all processes to the bare minimum.
My fiance and I bought a matching pair of laptops and the other seems to work without issue. The only notable difference we've found was my BIOS having been updated recently while the other is an older version.

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Hey i have a NB200 and the battery discharges itself about 15% over night so i no that cant be normal. So is there anything in the BIOS that i can change or will i be able to get a replacement? btw its a 3cell battery.

Cheers Jasen

Answer:NB200 battery discharges itself.


Maybe you should try to disable the ?Wake-up on LAN? in the BIOS.
If this option is enabled then it could be possible that the battery would slowly discharge while the notebook is powered off.

So power up the notebook, press F2 in order to access the BIOS.
Then disable this option and save up the changes.

I think this should help you.

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Looking for some help with battery problem.

When fully charged and then unplugged from the mains, the battery has good life, lasting about 7-8 hours.
However, if the netbook is then turned off and left with the battery in over night, it is completely dead in the morning, even if it was fully charged when turned off.

It's as if something is draining the power even when the computer is fully shut down.
It's really annoying and means I have to take out the battery every time which becomes cumbersome when transporting.
Only had the net book a few weeks and apart from that, it's great.

Can anyone help with maybe a setting that may be wrong or something?

Answer:Battery discharges when NB520-10H is off


It?s nothing unusual that battery discharges if the notebook is OFF but its strange that the full battery looses all the power in this short time.

In BIOS the Wake up on LAN option might affect the battery but usually the battery would loose only 5%-10% of the power.
However, go to BIOS and disable this option.
Save the BIOS and check if it helps.

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I recently bought the aspire E15 573G notebook. Its battery is sealed. However it fully charges in 1 and half hours and discharges within 2 and half hours even under  the power saving circumstances. What should I do?

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Dear All, 
With my laptop battery, previously I could operate about 8 hours. 
But, very recently, this has dropped to about 2 hours. 
As per my observation, this happened suddenly.
I'd be much thankful, if anyone could help me in solving this. 
My model number is - Inspiron 7359 2-in-1
- Anuradha 

Answer:Battery discharges quickly

I guess, I could solve the problem by a system restore.
Thus, as per my understanding, it's not a hardware problem.
Anyway, will update in few days.

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I acquired a Toshiba Portege Z830-10F.

I have a question and issue on the consumption of the Battery during time that the PC is Off.

Meaning that when I Stop the unit, when I restart the unit a day after (or overnight) my battery level has gone down significantly (10 to 15%).

I even had the case that after a 3 to 4 days long week-end during which the unit had not been in operation AT ALL, I could not restart the computer because the battery was down.

I had to plug it in and then start it.

This seems quite odd and strange and so would like to know if there is a specific setting needed to be changed so that does not happen.

I updated the latest Bios version (v 1.40) and this does not change anything.

I am looking forward to your help and support.


Answer:Battery discharges even if Portege Z830 is off

> Meaning that when I Stop the unit, when I restart the unit a day after (or overnight) my battery level has gone down significantly (10 to 15%).

This can be caused by some options enabled in the BIOS.
For example the option Wake up on LAN or keyboard or low batter level use batter power even if the notebook is shut down. Disabling such option might help to sort out this issue.

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My M50 recently went away for repair because it wasn't posting properly and wouldn't boot. It's had a new motherboard and a bios update (ver 1.8). However, since it's return it will charge up to 100% then discharge and turn off. The orange 'charging' led stays on even when the power cord is removed.

Any ideas? Please don't say it has to go away again. :(

Thank you.

Answer:Equium M50-192. Battery discharges when on AC Power.


Do you mean the battery LED?
Usually if the AC was plugged in, the battery LED should lights orange during the charging procedure. If the battery is full the LED should change to blue.
I don?t know why the battery LED stays on orange but maybe there is something wrong with the electronic.
Did you try to remove the battery for a several time?
Try it. If the issue persists so I would recommend asking the service for details.

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My T450s has recently started discharging the internal battery first rather than the removable battery. I can't recall when this started to happen but I think it happened when I updated the BIOS to the latest version currently available. Anyone have any insight if this is an issue with other models and a fix? This is rather annoying. I have updated all of the other drivers with the System Update utility from Lenovo. Machine Type: 20BW

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My Battery is charging well, when i run on battery it works for reasonable time (2-3 hrs , I have been using it for 5 years now). But when I shut down, and unplug from AC, on next day the battery charging goes down from 99% to around 50%. I made battery check with Hp assistant and also with BIOS and they said the battery is ok?? Any solutions? 

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My laptop battery works from 100% till 50% then it goes to 3% direct.
I thought the battery is damage.

I bought a new one and the same problem occurs.
I tried to recalibrate the battery but noway, change the Bios version but the same problem

Any idea of the solution?

Answer:Qosmio G10 - Battery discharges very quickly from 50% to 3%

Can't anyone help me Please I changed the windows but no way

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Hi, If I turn off my laptop completely at 100%, when I wake in the morning it's at 95%. Should it be losing 5% of it's charge after 8-10 hours switched off? I don't have any USB devices left in.

Answer:Y500 Battery discharges even when fully off.

It Could Take 5% of Battery Power to start up the laptop.  or ,ay be the battery is out on it's Way... 

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I charged my laptop up to about 96% then I switched to Battery Protection Mode (in Energy Management) which, I think, is supposed to allow my laptop to be plugged and NOT charge if the battery level is greater than or equal to 60%. However, after a few minutes I realized that my battery was still discharging. Is this normal? I thought that because the laptop is plugged in, it will run on AC power and will not discharge. Is it possible that the battery protection mode is just supposed to stop the discharging of the battery when it is 60%?THANK YOU!

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Hi, I am using a t440s thinkpad with Arch linux installed on it.  The external battery was working fine at first but recently it refuses to discharge first.  The internal battery discharges then shuts the computer down when its empty leaving the external battery at full charge. Running acpi -V on my computer it outputs the following: Battery 0: Unknown, 100%
Battery 0: design capacity 6039 mAh, last full capacity 5672 mAh = 93%
Battery 1: Discharging, 98%, 02:16:50 remaining
Battery 1: design capacity 1924 mAh, last full capacity 1767 mAh = 91%Battery 0 is my external battery and is labeled as unknown.  I updated the BIOS to the latest version and this did not fix this issue.

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I have a Toshiba P25-S509 laptop that's a few years old but still runs pretty good. The problem that I having now is that it seems to only run on battery even if the AC adapter is plugged in. This is one of those 10lb giant laptops that was marketed as a desk top replacement. That was a joke and I fell for it.
I get about 50 minutes of run time and have to be religious about recharging. I purchased another adapter/charger and a new battery and the problem still exists. Strangely enough however, once in a while I'll see the charging light come on while it's running and i will think that my problem is solved but it doesn't last for long. If any one has any advice on how to fix this situation I would appreciate it. I may have to get a new laptop and I can assure you that it will not be a Toshiba. I would also appreciate any recommendations on a good reliable brand.

Thx in advance,


Answer:Laptop battery discharges when running on AC

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Well, after first full charging (during Windows 7 instalation power suply is mandatory!) everything was quite OK, but after few hours system's gone to hibernation - it's normal procedure in case of less then 10% of battery. But the problem is that a 20-30 minutes before this I checked battery status and it was 48% and system said it means about 3hour 30min working time! So the start to go to the hibernation state was a full surprise to me and I was in panic that my NB550D is broken!!!

After pluging power suply Windows woke up from hibernation state and said that battery has 7% and started charging process. Has anyone saw something like this???
Now, after full charging the battery has... let me see... 90% (and this means for system about 8hours working time, with wi-fi).

And I'm waitng what happens this time, when the battery reach 50% or less... I'll tell next time...

Answer:NB550D why battery discharges so quickly

In my opinion this working time that you can see is not 100% right and it is ?approximate? working time.
When I start my Tecra A11 with full battery it is shown that I can use notebook up to 4 hours but after 3 hours is the end.

I think there is no reason for panic.
Make full battery load and work on it just to see what maximum working time on battery power supply is. Define all settings and set low battery notification and critical battery action in advanced power settings.

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Dear community. I have a X1 Carbon of the first generation and have the following problem: the built-in battery discharges itself in the shut-down state very fast. Within 24 hours over 50%. The battery was replaced recently and is lenovo diagnosis in very good condition. The system is windows 10 pro and I have already read quite a few posts but unfortunately no help found. Someone had the same problem and possibly even a solution?

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My NB520 has recently developed a problem.
It was working fine and i charged it up to 99% then when i removed the charger, a message appears saying ''0:05 of battery remaining (99%)'' and then ''computer will suspend very soon unless it is plugged in''.

So even though it is registering the 99% charge it thinks there is only 5 minutes of operation time left.
Is this a battery problem or a motherboard problem?


Answer:NB520 battery discharges very quickly


For me it looks like a battery malfunction?maybe you could try to calibrate the battery several times in order to increase the performance but not quite sure if this would help in this case?

To calibrate the battery you should discharge the battery until it would be fully empty. Then charge it again until the battery indicator would switch to blue or green (this depends on model you have).

If this would not help, I would recommend testing new battery.

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Hello,  I bought this model of laptop 2 weeks ago and I found out strange problem, which I also found on HP forum, so definitely it is serious issue - every second or third day (at least for this first 2 weeks of using laptop) my laptop's battery is arround 5% discharged during night. To be precise, when I finish my work at night (during work power jack is plugged in and battery is 100% full), I completely shut down laptop (Windows button/Power/Shut Down, so no hibernation or anything similar, just standard shutdown of device) and I unplug it from electricity. When I power on laptop in the morning the battery is around 95%. So, basically during night while device isn't working at all it still somehow drains for around 5% . I am afraid that if I don't solve this problem it will get worse and worse, and after couple of months of using, battery can discharge even more during night.  As mentioned before, I am using Windows 10 64-bit system. I am also using my old laptop and this situation has never happened during many years of working on it. Looking forward to hear from you.

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Well, this is definitely an odd one. It all started three weeks ago.  I was working on my laptop with the battery in and the AC adapter plugged in.  Slowly (over an hour or so) the battery began to discharge.  When I put my cursor over the "plug" icon for Lenovo Power Manager on the taskbar it would say "Lenovo Battery: Charging (81%)" then a minute later "Lenovo Battery: Charging (80%)".  And slowly but surely, the battery crawled down to 0%.  I thought maybe it was a software thing; I thought the Power Manager wasn't accurately reading the battery level.  But when I unplugged the adapter the computer shut off immediately.  I plugged it back in and started it up.  The battery was at 0% and it said "Charging" but after several hours with the computer on and the AC adapter plugged in, it still was at 0%.  I turned the computer off and left it with the AC adapter plugged in and charged it for at least 24 hours.  When I turned it back on it was still at 0%.  I tried my other AC adapter (the portable one, 90W instead of the standard 65W one).  That didn't do anything.  The battery was not hot at all.  I called Lenovo and they sent me a new battery.  When I put that one in, it simply discharged as well!  I've tried doing a Battery Gauge Reset in Battery Maintenance, but that doesn't do anything. So, I've tried two adapters, two batteries, a battery gauge reset, charging for 24 hours.  I ... Read more

Answer:x200t discharges battery with AC adapter plugged in

Yes, absolutely.  This happened to me twice with my X200T - Contact Lenovo tech support and they should recognize the problem promptly. I had on-site tech support repair the computer both times - problem has not recurred since. As I recall, it was a motherboard issue. In my situation, the battery would charge fine as long as I plugged it into my dock but would never charge while in the laptop, irrespective of whether the laptop was docked or not.  So it was clearly not a battery problem JW

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Hi All,

I've had a search on the forum but not found any posts relating to an issue I am experiencing where the battery will run out overnight even when the R700 is powered down.

I recently disabled the USB charging option but this did not resolve the issue (even if I was never using it to actually charge anything it seemed a good starting point).

I was wondering if this issue has been seen an resolved elsewhere before I ask Toshiba to replace the battery?


Answer:Portege R700 - battery discharges even when powered down

Have you also tried this - ?

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This laptop is about four and a half years old and recently the battery has started acting up. The battery discharges from a full charge in about 15-20 minutes.

Another problem I had with the battery was a 601 error at bootup - I got this error in the BIOS screen and it states that the battery has fallen below its optimal charge capacity.

I managed to "fix" this problem with a BIOS update. I then ran the powercfg utility and it shows that the battery is charging fully,

Battery:Battery Information
Battery ID 14089 2010/12/01Hewlett-PackardPrimary
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Serial Number 14089 2010/12/01
Chemistry LIon
Long Term 1
Design Capacity 11502
Last Full Charge 11502

So can anyone tell me why the battery is discharging so quickly? Am running Windows 7 Home Premium in Power Saver mode and nothing is running in the background, and the only apps are a couple of browser windows.

Thank you in advance.

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why the battery allways discharges 3% volume per night when the kit shut down and AC adaper power off?X220 with W7 or W8 as the same problem. All of peripherals are disconnected. If battery disconnect, not discharge.Thanks!

Answer:why the battery allways discharges 3% volume per night?

Is the computer actually powered down, or in suspend mode?  If the latter, than the battery provides a trickle of current to the CPU and other components while the system is "sleeping" which uses up the little amount of electricity you noticed.
Aryeh Goretsky

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Hi Experts

I'm facing strange problem on my notebook, my battery get discharges quickly most of time within couple of minutes and it states (7% remaining). I don't know if i need to replace my battery.

Notebook: Equium A100 - PSAABE
OS: Windows Vista SP1

Anyone can help me troubleshooting the problem.

Kind Regards

Answer:Equium A100 - battery get discharges quickly

How long does it take till your battery is completely empty?

Usually the battery working time depends on the notebook usage.
But running a standard application like ?Word? or ?IE?, the notebook should run more as one hour using the battery.

For me it looks a little bit like a battery issue? maybe the battery is simply dead.
Yes, this can happens and is nothing unusual.

After about 500 times of charging / discharging the battery begins to lose the own performance and it?s only a matter of time when the battery should be replaced.

So in my opinion the battery should be checked.

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So my T420s, even when I close the lid the battery still discharges. I talked to Lenovo help and they said it was the battery but I bought a new one and the problem is still exactly the same. Please help me! Any ideas what to do?

Answer:T420s battery being discharges even when laptop is closed

Disable "use fingerprint scan instead of power-on button" (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software >  Settings > Authentication - Power-on Security). On my T420s it drains ~5% overnight (~10h); I have disabled it.

_________________________________________________________________T420s i5-2520M HD3000 480GB Crucial M500 SSD 8GB RAM Ericsson F5521gwT430 i5-3210M HD4000/NVIDIA 5400M 512GB Crucial MX100 SSD 12GB RAM Ericsson H5321gw

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my hp envy laptop battery discharges quickly

Answer:my hp envy laptop battery discharges quickly

Hey @manoharmathur,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! This is a great place to find solutions and help from our community! I understand you're having some battery trouble on your HP Envy. I'd be happy to help you with that, however, to better assist you, I do need to ask some more information. What is the Model number of the Notebook you're having difficulty with? If unsure, you can find that here: What operating system are you using on the Notebook? When did this issue begin to occur? Is there any error message? Have you tried any steps on your own? Please keep me posted. Cheers,TechSurge.

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Hi purchased a Toshiba R200 in Australia about 2-3 months ago with the standard battery and the extended battery. My problem is that even when I turn the machine off the battery continues to discharge (i.e. it is not hibernating nor is it suspended). For example I left the computer off power for 4 days and did not touch it. When I came back and used it the main battery had dropped to 60% and the extended battery had also dropped to around 60% (both were full when I left). It looses about 10% per day. I've never experienced this before in the 5 dell/toshiba notebooks I've had before.

It can't be my usage of the batteries because I rarely use the machine away from its power adapter. At most the batteries have experienced maybe 10 full charge/discharge cycles since I've had it. Also if I do run on battery power I will get around 7-8 hours of battery with the main and extended battery (which is normal) so it doesn't seem like 'memory effect' from the battery.

I'm trying to disconnect the batteries from the computer for a few days to check if it is the battery or the computer, however I just wanted to find out if anyone has any ideas or experiences with this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R200 - Battery discharges when turned off


Believe me it is normal. At my notebook happened the same thing. Over night there is deficit of 3 ? 5% of battery capacity. Don?t worry about it. Only what you can do is to do something about maximizing battery life.

For Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH) the battery will better hold a charge if allowed to discharge at least once a week. The chemical reactions that correspond to charge and discharge in a rechargeable battery should occur to obtain the maximum number of charge/discharge cycles in the battery.

It is not necessary to remove the battery from the computer during the week when it is on AC power.

Google a little bit around. You can find a lot of useful information about notebook-battery.

On this forum you can find similar discussions and many users have reported about this known issue. I just hope that you have charged the battery on the right way like described in user?s manuals.


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My battery will loose its charge after 10 mins but if i close my laptop lid it will stay on 4 couple hours is this a fault with my laptop or my battery please help

Answer:Battery discharges during 10min on Tecra 9000

This is simply to explain?.
The display needs most of the battery power and if you close the lid the display would be off and would not use the battery power.

In your case I believe that the battery is to old in order to run much longer as 10min?

I had a similar issue with my old battery? Now it?s running only 2min?
But in my case this is not really a problem because I use my notebook as desktop PC and it?s connected always to mains

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Hi,I buy a new Lenovo T61. Battery discharges when system is unplugged. In evrey 24Hours it  discharged about 30%.Thanks

Answer:Battery discharges abnormally when system is unplugged.

Are you turning your T61 off or are you using stand-by mode as this will drain the battery?

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Now that my hibernating feature is working OK, I have been using it most of the times I leave the netbook.
It so more quick to recover from hibernation than rebooting.

But I notice the battery discharges significantly; it typically is at critical alarm level after some 12 hours "hibernating".
Is this normal?

The unit is new and so is also the battery. It holds for some 3 hours in normal use.

Answer:NB100: battery discharges while hibernation mode


Usually the battery would discharge also if the notebook would be it boot mode (simply OFF). I read that enabled options like Wake up on LAN, etc? needs a small part of battery power even if the notebook is not ON. The battery could loses between 10% and 15% of power during one night?.
If the notebook is set to hibernation mode the battery could lose more than 15%.

However, I think you should check the BIOS settings and should disable the options like Wake up on LAN, etc?


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After job I unplug my computer from electricity.Nex day battery are less then 50 % charged.

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Hi, my T430-2342-CTO just arrived two days ago. I love everything about it, and I am really happy with my purchase. However, there is a bit of a problem with the battery. One of the reasons that I got Type 2342 was that it had a 9-cell battery, advertised to function for over 15 hours, an attribute that has been confirmed by multiple reviews. However, my battery struggles to last for 4 hours. I'm really not doing anything: I'm running Chrome (a browser) and Gvim (a text editor) at the same time, and that's it.And yet, it doesn't last over 4 hours. My battery utility tells me that it can hold 93.6 Wh, or 5616 Ws, which is an extremely tiny capacity (if my computer ran at 100 W, then the computer would run out of battery in one minute). Why is the capacity of my battery impaired like this? Can I get a replacement? I have a 4-year warranty plan for the battery, but I am under the impression that I would have to buy a new plan for the replacement battery if I used that warranty on this battery. Is there some out-of-the-box plan that I can invoke? Or, better yet, can I fix my problems from here.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T430-2342-CTO: 9-cell battery discharges very quickly

At 93.6Wh, if your computer ran at 100W, it would run out in one hour, and not one minute.You want to check what your rate of consumptions is. One of the key points is making sure the discrete graphics card isn't active all the time. That'll cut you rbattery life in half pretty quickly.Also make sure you're not running too many resident programs because they all end up using some amount of battery life, and having a ton of those really adds up.

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I've upgraded to Win 8.1 (RTM) a last night from the Windows Store. I've noticed the above behaviour (see subject line) when my PC shut down with citical battery alerts even though it was connected to power with power on all the time using the otiginal AC adapter. It won't charge past 50% ever. I uninstalled the Lenovo Settings Dependency Package because it wouldn't let me adjust the battery settings at all, and I downloaded the one for Win 8.1 from Lenovo and installed that. (grsd22ww Package Issued 2013/09/26). This allowed me to see some battery settings but I'm sure the old setting for battery life maintenance was gone. I can only adjust 30 day standby (turned ON) and battery stretch (turned OFF). It's pretty annoying because I want to take the PC off ac power to use mobile, but there's not enough charge to do any real work off mains! Please help. Thanks and regards,Paul


Go to Solution.

Answer:ThinkPad Twist battery drains to nearly zero then recharges to 50% then discharges again (repeats)

I put a bigger AC adapter on it (a 90 W Lenovo Slimline one instead of the original 65W one) and now the machine charges to 100% and has stayed there overnight. So, problem resolved. I guess my external 1.5 TB USB 3.0 attached backup drive might've been a factor? Dunno really, as it had never been a problem before.

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My old original battery discharges in 30 minutes and I purchased an original new one from Toshiba authorized dealer in Croatia.

After several days of charging and discharging, the new genuine Toshiba battery discharges 1.5 hours of normal use without powering any external devices nor optical drive.

Toshiba specification for this model of Portege states that battery should last approximately 4 hours.
How I can get the battery replaced when local dealer stated that he can not guaranty battery life and that the new battery came directly from authorized Toshiba parts distributor in Europe?

Answer:Portege M700 new genuine Battery discharges in aproximately 1.5 hours

> After several days of charging and discharging, the new genuine Toshiba battery discharges 1.5 hours of normal use without powering any external devices nor optical drive.

The battery should be calibrated properly. This means that you should charge and discharge the battery until it?s fully empty. This should be repeated several times?

Furthermore the battery working times depends on notebook usage? using notebook with max display brightness or running applications which needs full CPU, GPU and HDD performance would decrease the battery working time.

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I'm trying to do what is recommended and not have my power cord plugged in when I shut my computer down but it seems as my battery is discharging? Suggestions?

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I have a Flex 3 that is only 4 months old and notice that even when the laptop is totally off (powered down, no lights on, not hibernate or sleep) after a day or two the batter charge upon bootup has gone down significantly. I am talking a reduction of say 40%. I am under warranty and I have to run this "Battery gauge reset" routine and do a few other checks before they replace the battery.  Although I can't imagine how looking at windows power options can impact what the battery draw is while the unit is OFF and windows is not running....but guess they have to go through their script. Anyway my question is on this Battery Gauge reset.  I have read things where this takes all night or something and people have to turn sleep mode off on their laptop? That is not in the official instructions so for those that have had this issue or run the reset do you just "press the button" or do I need to make sure the laptop stays awake.Also, what is it actually doing?? Is this type of battery drain a known issue?  To me it sure seems like just a bad battery....Thanks,BJBBJB

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My Web cam was working fine, and all of a sudden its almost non-existant.
I tried downloading the driver for it, and still nothing.
When i got to camera assistant software it just tells me that the web cam has either been disabled or has failed and to check web cam settings.

How can i check settings when I cant open it?
someone please help me, need it working asap

Answer:Web Cam on Satellite A350

Can you please check if the cam s listed properly in device manager?
It must be listed in ?Imaging device?.

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My father-in-law's laptop is the Satellite 350 and i think it has 12j after its name.

We re-installed Vista 32 bit the other day and he said a few things are not working as they should.

Firstly, if he presses the FN key and, let?s say, the brightness it works but he used to have a little dock type thing pop up at the top of the screen with the FN button icons. The other FN keys don?t work though such as the monitor swapping switch.

Second the soft-touch media keys don?t work such as turning off the LEDs behind them or bringing up media player.

We have done the obvious and tried installing the value package but it said on installation that it was removing the package so it must have already been installed. After re-installing it, there is no difference. I can?t find any programs or anything in control panel for it.
Also I tried the same thing for Hardware setup. Again it seemed to be saying it was there and uninstalling it. Again I re-installed it but still can?t find anything for it anywhere for me to go into to change any settings or anything.

I haven't got the laptop with me right now as it is at his house but I think I got everything right.

Any ideas welcome.

Answer:Re: Few issues with Satellite A350-12J

Every Toshiba notebook is offered with preinstalled operating system and this old A350 should be delivered with Vista so I would like to know if there is possibility for you to use this original recovery image.
Have your father in law created recovery DVD as recommended by Toshiba?

I presume you try to install own Vista version, right?

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I have a problem with my dvd player. I can't burn any dvd or cd.
I have tried with several brand of blank cd and dvd with Nero and i have always the same problem.

The software hangs without any error message.

I need your help.


Answer:Satellite A350-20S can't burn any dvd or cd


Do you try to copy any copyright protected disks?
Possibly this is not possibly due to some restrictions?
Otherwise you should check if an firmware update for the drive exists?
If one is available then you should find it on the Toshiba European driver page.

Last but not least if can be an hardware issue? but the ASP should be contacted as last resort?. I mean in most cases the used DVDs or CDs are responsible for such issues?
I had such issue too and could solve it using another brand? I?m now with TDK ?R disks

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A350 (about a year and a half old) that will not start up correctly. This happened after the laptop was left on until the battery ran out. The keyboard and power button LEDs will light up, but the screen remains black when I try to turn it on. I use Windows Vista.

The machine generally continues to make a whirring noise for a few seconds before it ceases to make any noise (the fan and the HD). The screen sometimes flickers a lighter black on a screen for less than a second. Also, the cooling fan sometimes continues to operate after everything else has stopped.

Another issue is that when if it does turn on and proceed to the Toshiba screen, odd lines will fade into the screen and eventually the screen will end up white/blue. On the other hand, sometimes it will turn on and act as if nothing happened. At these times, putting it to sleep mode will cause it to not be a ble to turn on again.

I've tried removing the battery, using only the battery, fully charging the battery and using the laptop with barely any charge in the battery and it does not change anything.

I would really appreciate any sort of lead as to what may be wrong with the poor thing.

Answer:Satellite A350 will not boot


Generally speaking it?s always hard to say something about such ?sometimes errors? because it?s not clear and could be caused by every part but at the moment I doubt this problem is software related?

Can you see something on an external screen when internal screen remains black?

In worst case it?s a hardware malfunction and this would mean you need help from an ASP to check what part is affected but if your notebook is under warranty, the repair would be for free.

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Hi all.....

not sure what bios to download, can't see vids, audio only,...(avi file)....

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Satellite A350-12J: What BIOS can I use


Why you don?t know what BIOS is compatible?
Where is the problem?

The Satellite A350-12J seems to belong to the PSALWE series. The number should be placed at the bottom of the unit.

If you would select this model number on the Toshiba European driver page then you would get all the necessary Vista drivers and the BIOS for this unit.
The page provides BIOS for vista 32bit and 64bit. If the Vista is 32bit OS then take the BIOS for 32bit?

But to be honest I still don?t know what a problem is? your posting is very short any not really helpful?

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I'm French.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A350-11C and would like to downgrade my pc to Windows XP but I don't found any driver for WinXP.
Where to download it? Or the Vista driver is compatible with Winxp?

Thanks bye

Answer:Need WXP drivers for my Satellite A350-11c


I have checked Toshiba support page and unfortunately there are no drivers for WXP. Obviously this newest notebook model is not WXP supported, or not yet.
So either you try to search drivers by hardware manufacturers, similar Satellite models or continue to use Vista.

To be honest I don't believe there is some difference between satellite A300 and A350 except dimension. I don't know which A300 is similar to your A350 (hardware configuration).
Try to compare notebook specifications on Toshiba support page.

At the end I must say that downgrade is OK but maybe you should also look forward and use Vista as latest operating system. Make good experience with it and prepare yourself for new Windows 7. It is similar to Vista but with some differences in design.

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Hi there guys. I just acquired a laptop from my step-father and I have formatted it to Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I seem to have most drivers for it but I have missing a crucial piece of software.

I have tried Vista 64bit and Win7 Flash Cards Utility to get my FN Keys working. Non of which have. Also the Value Added Package wont install either.

I would love some help with this!

Any Ideas?


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A350

Did you install the chipset drivers first before any other driver the .inf file gives the correct locations to which all other drivers will be instaled.

You should only use drivers for Windows 7 64-bit only

Have you checked that the FN key is not damaged or debris caught under the key itself giving a bad contact?

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I own a Toshiba Satellite A350-21d.

In the past few weeks I experienced that the computer shuts down, while playing games.
I have played these games for as long I?ve had the computer, so I really don?t understand why these shutdowns happen.

So if anyone could help it would be great
I have updated my BIOS, and several other updates.



Answer:Satellite A350-21d - Shutdown, WHY?

Hello Thomas

It is not easy to say why this happen exactly. To be honest your posting doesn?t offer any relevant info.
Which OS do you use?
Do you use Toshiba drivers only?
Have you may be installed some third part graphic driver?
Which games do you play?
Is notebook pretty hot before shuts down?

Please explain to us all this a little bit detailed.

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I have an A350-13I Notebook. The notebook has a slot to install a second hard disk but there is no connector for it. Does anybody know what modifications are necessary to install a second hard disk?

Answer:Satellite A350 - How to install a second HDD?


The answer is pretty easy: You can do nothing!

The reason why you have a second slot but without connector is that some models are equipped with second HDD and some other models not I think.

So fact is that you can?t add second HDD to your notebook.
If you need more disk space you can use a bigger HDD or an external HDD for data.

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My homefriend and i have same laptop Toshiba A350-22z but my laptop slower than the other.
I hope the problem is highest frequency; mine is %32 other is %100

What is the problem in your opinion?

Answer:2x Satellite A350-22z but one is slower than the other

hi erdemrek,
i cant see what is exactly the problem your talking about but:
if you have the same cpu, the same amount of ram, same model make, same installation then everything should be the same.
what do you mean with "highest frequency" unfortunatly i dont speak your language therefor i cant read the text on your image.
if you test the speed of the machine be assured to use the same utility (benchmark).
load on a system differs depending on the services and applications launched and running.
could you give some more information on this problem?

at first you can try to swap the hdd and see if there is any change. if it's a software related problem it should appear on the other machine as well when changing the hdd.

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I'm a french owner of a A350-122 (Serial No: 39169719K)

In the french user's manual, on page 1-5, it's written that it's possible to insert an other hard drive, and on page 2-6 the rear view of the A350-122 shows a second location on the left for a second hard drive.

So, I have bought an Intel X25-M SSD to put in the second location. I have opened the second location and there is nothing: no sata connector, no power connector, only an empty location.

So, what's wrong with this Satellite A350-122?

Thank's for your answer.

Answer:Satellite A350-122 - How to install second HDD?


Some of the A350 models do not support a second HDD. On those models, the Bay will be missing the SATA Connector.

On models that are shipped with two HDD's built-in, there will be a SATA connector in the Bay.

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Hi there,

When cleaning my A350-04S today, I removed my keyboard to find the motherboard labeled "3G / UWB / GPS". This was a surprise to me, as the laptop was not advertised with 3G / UWB or GPS. It also has a SIM slot behind the battery, but I can't seem to identify the F3507g mobile broadband module. Does anyone know if my model had the F3507g installed? I've also gone ahead and installed all the necessary software (found [here|]) but the module cannot be identified.

Could it be that the BIOS settings are disabling the hardware (if it is there)? If it isn't there, why has Toshiba included the SIM slot and printed on the motherboard "3G / UWB / GPS"?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:SIM Slot on Satellite A350-04S

According notebook specification your notebook model doesn?t have 3G module inside. All notebooks with 3G have preinstalled software for 3G that is included in original recovery image that Toshiba install on notebooks and offer to the customers.

I presume you such software was not preinstalled with, I presume original Vista OS. It is Canadian model and I don?t know if Toshiba Canada has offered A350 with 3G.

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Hi! Is it possible to regulate the sensivity of the touchpad in my laptop?
I have a Satellite A350-20J (according to the label at the bottom of the laptop), a PSAL6E-04800GRU (as of Toshiba diagnostics utility). I bought this notebook in Moscow.
It is getting already annoying to work with it as this touchpad is so sensible that I am continuously unintentionaly "making clicks" here and there, sometimes with very undesirable effects.

Another question:
To the date I am writing this message I have not been yet able to find the exact model of my laptop in both the English and Russian websites of Toshiba.

1 + Following the UK site, I reach There is a link on the top left "Click here to find your laptop". Click. A pop-up opens, with 2 ways to locate my laptop:
1.1 - Select the family, series or model you are looking for: I chose "Satellite A350 series" then the next combo offers just A350-20S. That's not the mine!!
1.2 - Enter the part number you are looking for: I enter the number in the label of my laptop, click Search and get a "Entered part number has not been found"

2 + Ok, ok, as I bought this computer in Moscow, maybe I have to go to the Russian site. I go there, everything of course is in Russian but no option to change the language to english (my native language is not English nor Russian). No problem. Browse the site up to Read more

Answer:Satellite A350-20J and Touchpad

Hello Carlos

At first I must say that you can change touchpad sensitivity. It can be done in Synaptics settings.
Please go to control panel > mouse > Device settings tab > Settings button > in next window you will find menu on the left and last option there ?Sensitivity?.
Try to change touch sensitivity there.

The whole story about notebook model identification is interesting but at the end I didn't understand why is this so important for you.
All you need to know is that you have PSAL6E model.

Using this part number on download page you will be able to download right drivers and all other Toshiba stuff for your notebook.
It will be very nice to know why is this identification so important for you.

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Hi guys,

I installed Windows 7 on my A350/07H and I have a few problems.

1. I cannot find any vista/w7 drivers for the frontpanel multimedia touch buttons
2. When I type shift+2 I get a " symbol instead of a @ symbol. Vice versa, when I press shift+' I get the @ symbol instead of the " symbol.
3. When installing vista drivers for the touchpad, by either Synaptics or ALPS (I think that's the name), the touchpad is quite laggy. That is, it's not smooth and seems to be less responsive than without the drivers. I uninstalled the touchpad drivers and the touchpad returns to being very responsive.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

Answer:Satellite A350/07H and Windows 7


As you know Win7 is not launched officially and at the moment you can try to use beta drivers from Toshiba US support page.
For every OS Toshiba must design and test new drivers. For Win7 such drivers still don't exist, just beta drivers. If everything works well is OK and you will be lucky if not .... you know what I mean. :(

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From where I can download the drivers for Win7 32bit for A350.


Answer:Need Win 7 drivers for Satellite A350

In your other posting you wrote you have installed driver/drivers downloaded from Toshiba support page so your question is ?a little bit strange?.
If you know where to find WXP drivers I cannot understand how you cannot find Win7 drivers there.

Change entry under ?Operating system? from WXP to Win7.
That?s all.

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I am thinking of buying A350 laptop.

I looked at it in Staples and it was running hot. Is it normal for Toshibas or was it just that laptop?


Answer:Is the Satellite A350 running hot?

My A300D-126 is also hot as hell, I even use external cooler all the time - to prevent it from shutting down, it used tu do that when it overheated... tree of my friends have the same problem with different models... ....I don't know.......

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The sound on my toshiba laptop is simply not working...

i have the sound turned on, ive tried playing music from itunes, videos on media player, youtube videos... no sound at all

ive checked my sound setting's and it says everything is working and my default sound says ''Speakers, TuneConvertAudio, Working''

has anybody ever had this problem? any tips on what i should do?

EDIT: Just to add, my laptop is in very good condition and there is no damage to the built-in speekers themselves

Message was edited by: NUFCRULE

Answer:No sound on Satellite A350-20S

So you are 100% sure it?s not muted?

Please try the key combination Fn +ESC
This enables and disabled the mute.
Furthermore I recommend uninstalling the sound driver.
This might help if the issue would be related to a sound driver malfunction.

Did you try headphones?

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Hey everyone.

I own a Toshiba Satellite A350.

Last night, my down arrow key clicked out of place, and now I'm pretty sure one of the key retainers is broken, as a very small part of one of the retainers is broken, and the key will not click back into place.

I went to at least 4 different computer stores today and had no luck in finding somewhere who sells these retainers, one place , however suggested I go to the manufacturer, so do I call the Toshiba help line or something??

With this model, is it possible for me to fix this retainer/key issue, or will I have to take it to a professional??

Answer:Satellite A350 - I need a new key retainer

I think you will not find a key retainer because such parts are not available. If one key is broken or something else on the keyboard you must replace the complete keyboard.

What you can do now?
Well, in your case I would contact the nearest ASP that you can find on the Toshiba website. Explain the situation and the ASP can order a new keyboard and exchange it if you want. => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider

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I have A350-212 toshiba notebook and I have problem w?th microphone.
I did disable audio device after I cant enable again this device.

How w?ll I fix this problem.

Answer:Satellite A350-212: Cannot enable microphone


Please check the settings in control panel -> audio -> recording
There you should see the microphone and should be able to enable this again.

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I just purchased a brand new Satellite A350-02T laptop. I've only used it twice, and both times I've used it, the touch pad, at some point, has stopped working. Well, not "stopped", but becomes flakey, figitty, freezes, stalls... it's kind of hard to explain.

It will move a bit then freeze, then move a bit and freeze.

Also, I noticed yesterday when I was using it, the scroll option stopped working. I was viewing a .pdf document and it was allowing me to scroll one second, and then the next second, I couldn't scroll. I tried opening the web browser and scrolling but it still wouldn't let me. I rebooted the computer and it seemed fine again.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Touch pad freezes on Satellite A350-02T


Have you tested an external mouse on the notebook? Does it work or not?

It?s really hard to say what is the reason for this because I?m not a notebook technician but have you tried to update the touchpad driver? You can find it on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

What OS do you use and have you installed the notebook with the Toshiba recovery disk or Microsoft disk?


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FN key doesn't work. please

Answer:FN key by Satellite A350-200 doesn't work

Reinstall VAP (Value Added Package) and it will works again.

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I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite A350 and wanted to downgrade from Vista to XP.
What I did suscesfully.

But I can't find drivers (chipset) for Windows XP, both on Toshiba download page and Intel website.

Can anyone help me?
I'm stuck!!!


Answer:How to find WXP drivers for Satellite A350?

And which Satellite A350 do you have (A350-xxx)?

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Recently I notes my Fn key is not working, if I press any (F1-F12) nothing happening, but I didn't care, my wireless was picking up automaticly. But not today. My connectivity doctor reply "your wireless in not on - use Fn8 key) yep, I would but doesn't work.

I tried to restore about a month ago but didn't help. Please help! And if possible simple way, Thank you in advance.

Answer:FN Keys are not working on my Satellite A350-02T

I don?t know which notebook model do you have and which operating system do you use but try please to reinstall Toshiba Value added package.

You can find it on Toshiba download page under

If you need some assistance you are welcome.

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This triangle shaped thing has appeared out of the blue and has seemed to grow in size it must have been caused by some sort of hardware damage,

i want to now whether it will continue growing, and how much it would cost to fix or if i can fix it my self???

<img src= width=550>

*as you can see it is right above the word "your"*

Answer:Satellite A350-20s, screen damage


Looks like a display hardware problem?
I don?t know exactly how much a screen costs but for all hardware problems you should contact the authorized service provider in your country.
The guys can tell you how much a fix would costs and if it?s worth to replace the display.

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Hi, i want to download new wireless lan drivers which are newly published by toshiba, but i dont know which drivers to my laptop pass.. How i can learn which wireless lan drivers true for my laptop is?

Answer:Satellite A350-212 - Which Wireless lan driver?


Go the device manager:

and click on networks adapters where you can see the wlan adapter installed on youtr lap.

if it's unknown, read this article:

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I have a Satellite A350 and the USB ports recognise the mouse but no other input. It doesn't recognise a USB stick, or Logitech microphone or my Flip video.

Does anyone know what's going on? Thank you!

Answer:Re: USB is not working properly on Satellite A350

Usb controller drivers are responsible for such functions.These drivers are part of chipset drivers. Try to reinstall/update chipset utility:


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Hi every one
I am Col and I have just joint the site
I have a problem with my Satellite A350

I bought this laptop from a trusted auction,not on the net, with the password attached unfortunately this password don?t work, but the auction house clams it does,
What is happening is when I turn it on the first screen you see wants a password, I put in the so called password that was given to me but it wont work. When I try to get into the BIOS setup it still wants the password before I can continue.

This computer is using Vista and I cant even put the Vista disk back in because the DVD drive wont work because the op system has not booted
I hope some one knows how to by pass the password or can help me. I have tried removing the internal battery but no go, my email is [email protected] if you want me to explain things better

Thanks to every one

Answer:Satellite A350 - How can I remove the password?

Hi Col!

These are not so good news?

I?m not a Satellite A350 owner but if you want to remove the password you should contact an ASP and ask for help. The notebook technicians are know how to remove the password and so I think they can help you at best.
On the Toshiba website you can search for an ASP: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider


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Recently i purchased a Toshiba A350 disc. I've format both the discs and went with a clean sweap install of windows vista. Now, a few months later i want to use the Toshiba Recovery Discs i made on the first startup, to recover my Toshiba laptop and set it back to the default installation.

With the tool to create Toshiba Recovery Discs, i had to make 2 recovery discs. The first DVD contains the Windows installation, and the 2nd DVD contains SWM files.

I started the recovery by putting recovery disc 1 in my DVD player and boot it up. After boot it installed Windows Vista, and it never asked for DVD2. After the installation, I have a clean Windows Vista, but no Toshiba pre installed drivers, software etc.

How can I recover my laptop to the default settings, the way i bought it?

thnx for ur awnser,

sincerely, Frank


Answer:Satellite A350-12D - How to recover from recovery DVD?


Usually the Toshiba Recovery disk should contain the image.
The image is the package which contains the Vista, Toshiba drivers/tools and the additional software.

The Toshiba Recovery disk Creator can create the Recovery disk using the image on the notebook and therefore it?s not understandable for me and I cannot believe why you get only clean Vista without the Toshiba drivers and tools and 3rd party software.

You did everything right. In order to recover the notebook, you have to boot from Recovery disk and have to follow the instruction on the screen.

That?s all?.

PS: I the drivers and tools are really missing then you could download it from here: -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers

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I have a Satellite A350-20s.
It is described in its documentation as having the option to add a second internal 2"5 hdd, and a indeed there is a place reserved for it..

The problem is that when I remove the cover to insert the hdd there is no connector.

So, how to do it ?

Answer:Adding a second internal HDD on a Satellite A350-20s


Some of the Satellite A350 units and other notebook models could be upgraded with a second HDD. But this means that NOT all notebooks provide such upgrade possibility?
There are different A350 with different hardware specifications?
All notebooks support the same bottom cover but not all motherboard supports an second HDD controller and the connectors?.

Your A350 cannot be upgraded with a second HDD due to different motherboard and missing HDD controller.

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Hi guys!

I'm running at Satellite A350 04T with windows Vista 64bit. I recently downloaded Toshiba's Value Added Package to fix my multimedia key problem but now I have another problem. My secondary functions for the 'F' keys won't work. I can't dim the screen or put my computer on mute by hitting Fn and then pressing an 'F' button. Does anyone have any idea?


Answer:Satellite A350-04T - FN keys won't work

Were they working before?

Did you install the correct TVAP for your specific model? Or from another model?

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I put this here instead of the wireless forum cos I thought people with knowledge of the actual system may know better.

I have a A350 and it came installed with this wireless manager that runs at start up, it always has a no entry sign on it when I look at it saying no wireless devices detected.

Whats it for? I've used mobile broadband through a USB stick and it hasn't "managed" that. It doesn't manage my connection to my router either, nothing happens when I shut it down.

Thanks :)

Answer:Satellite A350 - What is the wireless manager?

Hi buddy,

I would give you a proper answer but what wireless manager you mean exactly?
Do you mean Config Free tool?

Here is the description from Toshiba page:
+ConfigFree is a suite of utilities to allow easy control of communication devices and network connections. ConfigFree also helps you to find communication problems and create profiles for easy switching between location and communication networks.+

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does someone know where i find winxp drivers for the A350 - 200 ?


Answer:Where do I find the XP drivers for Satellite A350-200


At this time the Toshiba European driver page does not provide XP drivers fro the A350.
Maybe such drivers will be released in the next time.. let?s hope?

Until then you could collect the XP drivers at your own hand? you could use some single XP drivers released for other Toshiba notebooks? many series uses the same devices and therefore some single drivers should run too.


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Hi everyone,

I've got a problem and hope that anyone can help me.

After two years I had to re-install my satellite laptop with windows vista. Now is the problem that the productkey isn't readable anymore. So I used a little program(productkey86.exe) to get it out of the registry. So far so good. So I installed vista with that productkey but now my computer tells me that I have to activate. When I try to activate microsoft says: the product can't be activated..

Does anybody know what i have to do?

Hope to hear soon of you..



Answer:Re: Satellite A350 - Can't activate Vista


The problem is that the key on bottom side is an OEM license key and doesn?t work with normal Vista installation disks. So that?s the problem why you can?t activate your Vista installation.

You wrote that you have a Vista installation disk. Why you don?t use the key that belongs to this disk? This would work ;)

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I just bought my Toshiba Satellite A350-12D laptop two weeks ago, and am generally pleased with it, however I cannot get it to read data-DVD's properly.

When I try to read a data DVD that I burned on my desktop PC, the laptop starts to read but takes very, very, very long.
When I try to copy the data on the DVD to my laptop, it takes forever (I've tried once for 45 minutes and then gave up) and after a while it starts claiming it can't read most of the files on the DVD.
It's not the data on the disks that's causing problems, cause when I transfer those from my desktop to my laptop on a USB stick instead of a DVD, the files are copied immediately without a problem.

At first I figured it might be due to the DVD disks themselves (I use TDK DVD+ROM), or maybe Vista was the culprit, but I've tried the exact same disks on my friend's Medion laptop that's also running Vista and she's having no issues whatsoever.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this or better yet, what could solve it?

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Issues with CD/DVD drive on Satellite A350-12D

> When I try to read a data DVD that I burned on my desktop PC, the laptop starts to read but takes very, very, very long.

Hmm? I think this could be a problem of non-fully compatible DVDs.
My notebook?s drive couldn?t read or write some DVDs from different manufacturers.
I tested many disks and now I?m using TDK DVD-R.

But it?s always different?. Possibly your drive would not support this disk properly but another disk would be supported better?

I think you should test it simply?. There are many different disk manufacturers? so don?t give up buddy?

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When I plug a USB into any of my USBports my computer is unable to find the appropriate drivers to locate and use the USB. My laptop recognises the USB but continually tells me that it is searching for the driver and then after 5-10mins it says that it was unsuccessful at installing the necessary driver. I have tried updating all my USB drivers manually but I get a message saying that they are all up to date.

Any advice on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:USB devices are not recognized on my Satellite A350

Can you please tell us which operating system do you use?
Have you tested USB ports functionality with different USB devices?
Do you have this problem with one specific USB device?

Since when you have noticed this problem?
I mean if you use Toshiba recovery image (original OS) USB ports should work properly.

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I?d like change my OS from Windows Vista to Windows XP but I don?t find drivers for windows XP to my notebook Satellite A350-13A

can anybody help me?

Answer:Satellite A350-13A - Where to find XP drivers


The XP drivers are not available for Satellite A350 PSAL6E series.
If you want to install Win XP on this notebook then you would need to collect the drivers at your own hand.
Many notebooks models use the same devices and in most cases the drivers are compatible with different notebook series.

I recommend testing some Win XP drivers which were released for other notebook models like Satellite A300 and similar?

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Had anyone experienced that kind of issue? The notebook is new (bought it today). The "dirt" covers about 5 pixels (it's not regular) and looks like a grey shadow. Unfortunately it's placed in a very nasty spot getting all of my attention :/.

I'm positive those are not dead/stuck pixels because I can see it even when the notebook is turned off. To be 100% sure I've made a photo of the "anomaly" and when I zoom in I can see that pixels are working correctly but there is a grey "smudge" above them. I would upload the pictures but I've left my cable somewhere elese .

Can anyone tell me if it will be covered by the warranty or would I run into problems if I ask for a notebook/LCD panel replacement?

Thanks in advance for any replys!

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Answer:New Satellite A350 - dirt inside LCD

I think it will be covered under warranty, send the system to an ASP for repair :)

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Hi folks - I know there have been lots of posts about web cams not working.

I have reinstalled the driver several times, I have adjusted and readjusted the settings but the web cam always shows a black screen. If I try to record video - I get a fail to render message.

Can anyone suggest what I need to do to get the web cam working?



Answer:Satellite A350 - Web cam always shows black

Hi buddy,

Have you tried to enable the Night Mode?
Therefore navigate to properties of the webcam software and in next windows click the Night Mode check box.

I think this could be also interesting for you:

To be honest after reading this document I could solve the problems with my webcam. :)

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i,want toshiba satellite a350-22z vga driver for xp,please help me

[email protected]

Answer:toshiba satellite a350-22z vga driver

Re: Driver Downloads

Greetings, nairul.alam.

Welcome to Major Geeks - if you would, please start a new thread in this forum describing your symptoms for indexing purposes, and to help us help you.

Be advised: I'd strongly suggest not publicly posting your e-mail address.

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firstly i want you to forgive my broken english (it's not my mother tongue)

I have installed Windows 8.1 on my old (but very good) *Satallite A350-122 PSAL6E-02300SFR* and i was really satisfied till i tried to install my drivers downloaded from the Toshiba support center. No one were made for Windows 8.1 x64 but some could finally be installed but the others like the webcam and mouse drivers don't; so i looked for it on internet but it seems like they (Toshiba) didn't thought some one can some day install that OS on that computer espacialy.

So my question is: Can some one help me with it? i would be very gratefull.


Answer:Why some WIn 8.1 drivers don't work on Satellite A350-122?

This old Vista notebook is not supported for Win8 so Toshiba doesn't offer any driver, tool or utility for it. Generally speaking webcam driver doesn't exist anymore and Toshiba doesn't offer it for Win8.
Webcam driver is part of the Win8 system.
>... it seems like they (Toshiba) didn't thought some one can some day install that OS on that computer espacialy.
Toshiba cannot offer support for all notebook models, especially models offered long time ago.
I have the same model and use it with Win7 32bit. It is fully supported and works perfectly.
I really don't understand why do you use Win8 on this old piece of hardware.

My advice for you is to use Win7 on it.

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I have the same problem... I've tried everything. I have reinstalled Windows 7 on my A350-10b, and what is strange, some of the FN-keys like Sound On/Off or Brightness controll works fine, but only until I install VAP. Then Fn doesn't work :/

Answer:FN key of Satellite A350-10b doesn't work


You need the Flash Card support Utility for Win 7!
Choose the one released for L500!

Firstly install VAP then the Flash Card support Utility. Both tools should be compatible with Win 7!
Reboot the unit and then test it again.

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