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Satellite A100-033 - ODD doesn't read all CDs but read DVDs

Question: Satellite A100-033 - ODD doesn't read all CDs but read DVDs

My CD Drive has started giving me problems.
It doesn't read all the CD I put in (Particularly Audio CDs).

It Plays DVDs fine.
I'm also unable to burn CDs as the system doesn't detect a CD.

Any suggestions on what I should be doing?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A100-033 - ODD doesn't read all CDs but read DVDs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A100-033 - ODD doesn't read all CDs but read DVDs


Maybe there is dust on the lens of the CD/DVD drive so I recommend cleansing the lens.

Further you should try to remove the upper and lower filters in registry. This does often solve with the CD/DVD drive so check the workaround on the Microsoft website:

In worst case the CD/DVD drive must be replaced :(

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I have a new satellite A100-049 that came with vista home premium pre-installed. After returning to the computer from sleep/standby (Whatever the mode is when the light pulses yellow) no discs can be read in the drive. The disc will spin continually but nothing will happen.

Everything works fine when the computer is turned on first time, but after sleep it stops reading discs. Is there anything I can do about this?

Answer:Satellite A100-049: CDs and DVDs don't read after standby


What happens if you will remove the CD or DVD media from the drive after the notebook returned from sleep/standby???

I mean you should try to remove the medium, close the drive drawer, then open the drive, insert the CD/DVD and check if the notebook recognizes the medium.

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My Drive does not read any CD or does not install any software but it reads a DVD when played. For Software CD or normal CD's it says - " Insert CD" and even if reinserted it does not read.

I tried the Microsoft support fix it - your CD and DVD drive cannot read but it did not fix the problem.

Can anybody help?

Answer:Satellite A100 - Doesn't read CDs

Hi buddy,

What Microsoft support fix have you tried exactly?
Do you mean this?

You can also try to remove the drive from device manager and then restart the notebook. After this the drive will be recognized automatically.

Try also to clean the lens of CD/DVD drive. Therefore you can use a microfiber cloth.

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I have a SatA40 (almost 3 years ago now) and the cd/dvd unit doesn't work right, the cd will not read or write, but the dvd reads all my dvds.

Does anyone have an idea why one doesn't and the other does work?? (Everyone I mention it to thinks it strange - thinking if one doesn't work the other shouldn't either.)

Answer:Satellite A40: Drive doesn't read CDs but DVDs


You description sounds like the drive lens cannot calibrate in the right position.
Usually before the drive will read or write the medium the lens must be calibrate.
In you case the lens cannot calibrate and therefore the drive does not recognize the CD.

Generally in such cases the drive must be replaced.
But maybe you?re a lucky man. Try to clean the lens gently. But be careful?

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I am a user of a Toshiba Satellite M40-110. The CD Recorder refuses to read some DVDs, and gives me the following error whenever I try to access the drive from the windows explorer:

D:\ is not accessible.

The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

I don't know if this is related to my problem, but yesterday it gave me "Power Callibration Errors" when trying to burn some CDs with Nero. However, after inserting another firm's CD, it worked with no errors at all.

Please reply at your earliest convinience.


Answer:Satellite M40 – the drive doesn’t read some DVDs


Does this error occur if you use Nero burning software? Is there ?power calibration area full'' error message?

I would recommend possibly trying a higher quality brand of media with the drive such as TDK, Verbatim, or Imation to determine if those work properly for you.

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The problem is very annoying , the dvd rom doesn't read all my dvd's ;

i tried to install a game from a dvd but it doen't want to read it, i but another dvd (different game) and it read it ; both dvds work on other laptops (i checked them)

the dvds are not made by me, they are bought from the store

any ideas on what is happening? i reinstalled the driver but nothing

i am using w7 ultimate x64

Answer:Satellite L750-11W - DVD rom doesn't read all DVDs

I found your other threads you posted some time ago about CD/DVD drive malfunction.

My idea was to clean the laser lens but this was already suggested in the other threads as well.

From my opinion there is no much to do? sometimes firmware could be updated to improve the compatibility between the different disks but this is only possible in case such firmware would be available.
I checked the Toshiba EU driver page and firmware update is not available for L750 series.
Therefore I guess your issue is related to ODD malfunction.

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The DVD drive on my Satellite A50 can read only CDs now but not DVDs. So I am not able to use the recovery disk.
My BIOS is up-to-date, I think.

Answer:Satellite A50: DVD drive doesn't read DVDs only CDs


Well, what can I say? For me it sounds like a drive malfunction.
Possibly the lens cannot calibrate properly and therefore the drive is only able to read the CDs.
I think only the drive replacement will help you :(

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I have a problem with my DVD drive, it works just fine for most of the time, but sometimes it decides to just not read DVDs. In this particular case I put a (brand new) DVD from a game in the drive, it mucks around for a while, then nothing happens, no autoplay or anything.

If I try to click on the drive manually it pretends there is absolutely nothing inside... The drive is (as far as I can tell) a GMA-4082N, appears to be made by LG. I figured I?d go ahead and try to update the driver, but neither Toshiba nor LG seem to provide anything of the sort...

This is really annoying, I?m hoping someone can tell me what the problem is...


Answer:Satellite A series DVD drive doesn´t read some DVDs

The lens may have dust on it, try gently blowing the lens.

Also remove the ODD Filters

Otherwise the drive may be faulty requiring replacement.

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I've got a really serious problem with my DVD reader.
It stopped to be working. I mean, it does read CD's but not DVD discs.
I dont know what is the issue.

I went through the internet and didnt find any solution.

Please help me.
It is not a software problem, because my notebook does not boot from DVD's, but from CD's does...

Answer:DVD-RW DVR-K17LF for Satellite A series doesn't read DVDs but only CDs


The issue could be related to the malfunction of drive?s laser lens.
Possibly the lens cannot handle the DVDs due to a hardware stress.
In most cases the lens cannot calibrate properly and therefore different medias would not work.
In such case there is no much to do? In most cases the drive must be replaced.

But maybe you could try to clean the drive?s laser lens using a professional cleaning set which could be purchased from different computer dealers.
I?m not quite sure if this will help you but it?s a worth a try?

PS: try also this:
Remove the drive from the device manager, access the registry and remove the upper and lower filters from this key;
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Then reboot the notebook and check the drive?s functionality.

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I have a satellite pro and satellite a100. I have bought a microsoft disc to replace XP with windows 7 on the a100.

The a100 dvd drive will not recognise the w7 disc yet it plays sound and video discs fine.

The satellite pro recognises the w7 disc so I think there may be a problem with the a100 dvd drive or its settings. Can anyone help please?

Answer:Satellite A100 - ODD doesn't read Win7 installation disc


There is nothing wrong with the settings because there are no special settings to read an disk.
If the optical disk drive does not read the inserted disk, then either the disk or the CD/DVD drive isn?t OK.

Since the disk works in connection with another optical disk drive, I guess that the drive?s laser lens cannot handle the Windows 7 medium.

From my experience such issues could appear due to dirty laser lens.
I would recommend you to clean the laser lens using cotton wool tip and alcohol fluid.

In many cases this simply workaround helped to get the disk recognized again.

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hi, everyone
my toshiba dvd-rom sd-r2512 just gave up readin any dvds - no matter if burned or original. i tried to find smth here, but the info is soo much. can you help me?
i tried re-installin the drivers, ****in around with limits in the regedit. cant make it...

Answer:My DVD-ROM doesn't read DVDs

It may be that the dvd laser is dead i had a toshiba qosmio laptop with this issue and it would still read cd's fine so it sounds like your drive has died sorry

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My OS is Vista Home Premium 32 bits.

My cd/dvd drive is HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM LG GSA-H55N SCSI.

I have one strange problem with my cd/dvd drive since a couple of days.

---My cd/dvd drive doesn't recognize Maxell CD-R discs and certain movie dvds and doesn't read any music cds (manufacturized albums). When I insert the disk, there's this message ''Insert the disk on Drive E:''.

But it doesn't have any problems with other CD-R and DVD-R like Memorex and Sony.

Last week, October 26, I played a DVD movies (like Broadway melody) without any problems. I tried to play it again today it gives me the ''insert the disc message''.

Is it due to some Windows update? or anything?


Anyone has an answer or tip?...

Answer:CD DVD drive doesn't read certain cds and DVDS

Check for Firmware upgrade @ LG's Support site. Sometimes updates are released to increase compatibility with more brands of media (disks).

ReadMe from latest Firmware v1.06 download.

LG Electronics Service Online :: Home

Click on "Device Driver" (small image of floppy disk) then choose DVD ROM (Writer) from the product drop menu and then search. Your drive's firmware comes up in a list amongst others. File name is

LG Electronics GSA-H55N
Firmware Version 1.06

Never update the firmware if the problem you’re having is the drive
isn't seen by windows, won't write with the included software, or other
interface related problems, unless the firmware specifically states it
fixes the problem you are having. Firmware updates normally don't fix those
types of problems. Trying to update the firmware when there are interface
address these problems can damage the drive's firmware. An error when
updating the firmware is usually caused by a problem with the drive
interface or there is more than one drive connected to that IDE channel.
Version History
- Added write strategy for POLAND media (EMTEC : MJC M005)

- Improved media support

- Improved DVD recording

- Improved playability for CPRM media.
- Reduced playback noise of DVD movies.

- Improved disc readability.... Read more

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Lately my dvd player hasn't been reading dvds. It reads and plays cds just fine. When I put in a DVD it just makes weird noises and If i do anything that involves the drive(like click on my computer) it just freezes up until i take the DVD out.

Artec 16x dvd, power dvd installed.
xp pro

Answer:DVD player doesn't read DVDs

I would invest in a good "DVD-compatible" laser lens cleaner! That's a pretty good sign of a dirty lens. Let us know how it works out!

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My cd-rom drive has stopped reading anything other than DVDs. It plays DVDs fine but software, music, video games, data discs, if it isn't a DVD it makes a
sound like it's trying to spin the disc but it retracts. Since it plays DVDs I figure it has to be a software problem. I've tried uninstalling the drive and having Windows reinstall it, it's still the same. The worse part is I can't even do a system restore to see if starting from scratch will fix it because they're on CDs.

If you have any idea how it can be fixed please help me.

Presario 700 laptop
XP Home
SP 1

Answer:cd-rom drive doesn't read anything other than DVDs

hmm so your cd rom drive can play dvd's hmm there not suposed to do this so it seems to me that it must be a factory fault and your cd rom drive must actually be a dvd rom drive dut dvd rom drives can play anything yes its a software problem try updating the software of take your cd rom back to were you bought it and have it replaced as it might also be a hardware problem

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I have this DVD drive that reads video DVDs and pretty much any other application of DVDs but it can't read data DVDs or install software from them.

Answer:DVD drive doesn't read data DVDs

How old is the DVD drive.
The most common failure item in a computer built in the past 10 years is the optical drive. The laser burns out, or the laser gets out of alignment, or the belt slips, or the drive wheel slips.
They generally last about a year, but if you use them a lot, they will fail after six months.
Luckily, they are very inexpensive nowadays. You can replace one from Wal-Mart, or Best Buy, or Target, or Circuit City, or the remaining CompUSA for about $$24 to $29 to $34 to $39. Four screws, and some cable exchanges, and you are done... if you can figger out how to get into the case.

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Recently, my Sat Pro M70 stopped reading certain DVDs, specifically Verbatim...
When I put them in, it simply doesn't see any disk. If I put the same disk in any other computer, even my friends Toshiba Sat Pro M70 - same as mine, it reads it normally.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satelite Pro M70 doesn't read DVDs of certain manufacturers

The ODD laser may be failing, or it could be dirty. Try cleaning the lens with a microfiber cloth.

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I have a Gateway 840GM. Under the device manager, my DVD-RW is a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S. I noticed the problem when I tried to create a Recovery DVD using Gateway's preinstalled program. "Record failure." Then I tested it with Nero, trying to burn a regular data disc. "Illegal disc." I'm using Memorex DVD-R 16X/4.7GB/120min.

Gateway doesn't seem to have a listing for this PC yet, but here is some information from

DVD-ROM Drive Yes
Maximum DVD-ROM Drive Speed 16x
Recordable DVD Drive Yes, double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW drive
Recordable DVD Drive Speeds 4x DVD+R DL; 16x8x16 DVD+RW; 16x6x16 DVD-RW; 40x24x40 CD-RW

Also, this drive is also a CD-RW. It seems to read CD's just fine. Is this a case of cheap DVD-Rs that just don't mesh with my hardware, or does it sound more like hardware failure?

Answer:DVD burner doesn't seem to read my blank DVDs

I don't see DVD-R in the list of media types/speeds... Have you tried +R?
Yes I see the -RW, but those are different from just -R..

Strange I know, but worth a try with +R.

Edit: Sorry after more review I see it should burn -R..
Just try different media I guess.. These things can be quite fickle when it come to that.

Like my burner hates to go over 4X, even though it's 12X... makes mistakes and ruins the disc's..

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hi there,

my computer is really stuffed up, it goes to the blue screen a lot of times and now it can't read cds or dvds that i put into the computer. when i go to y computer it says that the drives are empty and please put a disc in. i was hoping that someone could help me, my previous topic was called 'computer restarts frequently' if you wanted to look at it. i was also wondering if i'd be better off by just formatting my computer and start from scratch. but i want to point out that i only just formatted my computer 2 months ago. and prior to me formatting the computer, the blue screen of death also appeared. please can someone help me.

thanks a tonne


Answer:Computer Doesn't Read Cds Or Dvds Anymore

Well if it is reseting with BSOD all of the time and also now not being able to read CD's then I would say that is it likely a hardware issue. Or a driver issue. Since you have only just re-formatted and it is still happening then the later is less likely. do you have any information from the BSOD screen.

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Until a few days ago I was perfectly able to burn DVD's with my Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-850s with burning programs Nero and CloneDVD.

However now burning DVD's isn't possible anymore. I get the following message:

"burn process failed at 2.4x

I'v ealready tried the following things:

- re-install all burning software
- using other media
- using different burn speed
- unable DVD burner in system, log out and then disable it again

Thanks for your quick reply...

Answer:Satellite A100-00N doesn't burn DVDs anymore


Sometimes the burning and reading does not work due to the wrong settings in the registry. Maybe you are a lucky guy and you have to change this;

Try this:

Remove the CD/DVD driver from the device manager and reboot the notebook. Then the OS should recognize and install the drive again.

The do this:
Remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Hope it helps

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I just bought a Satellite A100-788 and can't read CD and DVD RW (the DVD I tried is a Sony) with the MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-841S.

I downloaded on Toshiba's site the driver (v and tried to install it but it didn't work (result is ok, but it's the previous version when I look the properties: Microsoft 5.1.2535.0, 01/07/2001). Will installation of this driver correct my problem, or, since I read it on forums, I'll nead to install a new firmware's version?

Does anybody knows what to do exactly?

Answer:Satellite A100-788 can not read CD and DVD RW

Did you test different CD and DVD brands?
As you possibly know the drives don?t support every kind of CD or DVD.
In my user manual I have found a index of supported CD and DVD.
This medias should be tested and are compatible.

Check you user manual for such list?

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Ok here is the first one:

I have had my Qosmio for about 4 months now, and everything for the most part was running fine. Just recently it seems like my computer has been over heating within an hour or so.

I used to be on it all day when i first got it and never ran into this problem. I checked the "suckage" of the cooling vents on the bottom, and noticed that only one of the two vents seem to be sucking air. I was wondering if only one is saposed to be working, if not what do you say i should do to fix this.

Second question:
When i first got my laptop the Hard drive wouldn't read ANY cds/dvds i put into it. It wouldn't read any games i tried to download. So i called toshiba's tech support and they helped me get it fixed and now it will read my games and CDs but it still wont read my DVDs i try and watch.

Should i call the tech support back and ask for help again?

Thanks for the help

Answer:Qosmio overheats after an hour and some ODD doesn't read some DVDs


What Qosmio notebook you have exactly?
Regarding the overheating issue maybe the dust is blocking a good air circulation. You should clean your notebook with compressed air spray. This can blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators. Compressed air spray can be bought from every computer shop normally.

Regarding your other question, can you boot from DVD for example? You should try to remove the upper and lower filters in registry:
Maybe there is also dust on the lens. You should clean the lens of CD/DVD drive using a microfiber cloth. It?s worth a try! ;)

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Model: 300S-08IHH Desktop (ideacentre) Hi, Whenever I insert a Media DVD into the drive it makes the noises like it's loading and the light is flashing and then nothing happens. The noise stops and starts but the drive doesn't read the media files. I've tried a few steps I've found through here but nothing works. I have VLC and not even that program works with DVDs. It reads installation dvds but not movies no matter if they're new, old or in-between. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?

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Model: 300S-08IHH Desktop (ideacentre)
Whenever I insert a Media DVD into the drive it makes the noises like it's loading and the light is flashing and then nothing happens. The noise stops and starts but the drive doesn't read the media files. I've tried a few steps I've found through here but nothing works. I have VLC and not even that program works with DVDs. It reads installation dvds but not movies no matter if they're new, old or in-between.
Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?
Mod:  added system type to Subject line

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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well?

I have just been given a laptop for my son and I needed to wipe it. So I uploaded my Vista on to it which seemed to go ok. Now I switch the wireless internet switch and on the Connection icon on the bottom right I open it and it will not let me search any wireless connections as it says I have not got a wireless network adapter installed?

So I went onto the Toshiba website and downloaded the correct drivers. Well I think there the correct drivers. As I cannot get on to the internet I have done this via another laptop in the house which is using wireless internet. I then put the driver onto a DVD disc and tried to put it in the Toshiba laptop and it will not read the disc at all?
So I tried putting a normal DVD in there one of the kids and still will not read it. It sounds like it wants to read it then it just stops?

The model of the laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40

If anyone could help me I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks in Advance.

Answer:Satellite Pro L40 won’t read DVDs

WLAN card must be installed properly. The status can be checked in device manager.
To enable WLAN card properly you must enable WLAN switch and use FN+F8 key combination (VAP must be installed). Using this key combination you can enable/disable WLAN card.

What to say about DVDs? On this way it is not easy to say much about it. I presume you have installed Vista using installations disc and obviously SP L40 could read this disc properly.
Try to install WLAN driver using USB stick and when Vista is installed properly test optical disc drive using different CD/DVD medias.

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When I insert a DVD, the DVD does start up, sometimes edits the menu of the DVD, but when I e.g. start a movie, I get a Microsoft error message. When sending the report, I afterwards get a message that something 's wrong with the A Filter... Does someone have a solution for this? The driver for my DVD/CD-Rom is the standard Microsoft driver.

Answer:Can't read DVDs on Satellite L20


Did you try to use different DVD players? If not try it.

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My dvd drive in my Emachines laptop cant read data disks anymore, but it can read/play music and video dvds without any problem.

I have an Emachines D732z. I have Windows XP and drive is hl-dt-st dvdram gt32n.

I'm unsure of the cause of the problem. Can anybody help out? thanks!

Answer:DVD drive can read video dvds but cant read data disks.

Are the Data discs CD's? When you say Musicand video dvd's do you mean Music Cds and Video dvds?

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i have a problem with a dvd-ram engine in my notebook.
when i insert dvd or cd in engine, it can't read media.
The engine starts and rotate disk twice or three times and then turn of.
the engine is mat****a origin.


Answer:Satellite A100-192: Drive cannot read DVD or CD

Sounds like a hardware malfunction and in such case only the replacement will help.

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put a disk with a program in to my system it wont even acknowledge its there, anything like DvD CD its fine.Anyone know anything about this?cheers

Answer:Will read DvDs and CDs Wont read Autoexe on  

Have you disabled autostart? Can you start the program by clicking on the appropriate setup.exe file on the CD?

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I have a notebook Satellite M30X-144 and I am having a problem with my DVD player(Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-8315).

I can read CDs but when I put any kind of DVDs in it, it does not read anything.

What can I do to solve it?

Answer:DVD-RAM of Satellite M30X-144 cannot read DVDs

Hi Joao,

you have a problem with your DVD drive? I suggest you the following:

Remove the drive in the "device manager" of windows, let windows reinstall it, test if it works. If the same problem persists contact a local ASP (authorized service partner)
because then your drive is probably faulty and your machine needs to be checked by an technician.
Here a site where you can find the nearest ASP:

I hope I helped you a little bit with the problem of your Satellite M30X. ;)

Greetings from croatia

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I had to reinstall the operating program recently and cant get the dvd drive to work properly,it will only read cd-rom, not any audio CDs or DVDs. I have updated the drivers but that makes no difference.Does anyone know of a solution?

Answer:Satellite 1900-102: can't read CDs or DVDs


I don't know why this happens but I would suggest to reinstall the system again with the recovery CD.


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I have a problem with my Mat****a UJ 820S: it doesn't read ANY burned CD or DVD, only genuine cd/dvd's. I cleaned the lens without any improvement.

Help me please!

Answer:Satellite A60 cannot read burned CDs and DVDs

Are you able to use the ODD for burning CDs and DVDs? Have you tested it with different data burned on CDs/DVDs or you have this problem with specific data like movies or music?

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I own a Satellite M40-145 purchased just over one year ago; the DVD driver worked perfectly until three days ago, but today I discovered something... peculiar. It still reads commercial DVDs and burned DVD+R, but apparently it doesn't read burned DVD-Rs anymore. I have tried with different DVD-Rs I burned through the same DVD player, with no success; trying to access the DVD yields a "insert disk in D: drive" message.

In this case, I'm talking about movies on DVDs. Please tell me there's a way to solve this without sending the computer to customer service...
I'd hate to think it broke down just days after the expiration date of the warranty.

Answer:Satellite M40-145: CD/DVD drive won't read some DVDs


Well, you can try to remove the drive form the device manger.
After new reboot the drive should be recognized again. Check then if it?s possible to read the DVD-R CD.

But the issue sounds as a lens calibration error. If you use different media the lens must be calibrated again. But if this procedure fails, the drive is not able to read or write the DVD for example.
Unfortunately, in such cases only the drive replacement will solve this issue.

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Purchased Satellite P300-16T about a month ago, using Vista Home Premium. Up until today my cd/dvd rom drive was working fine.

Now when I try and insert any dvd it is not being recognised at all i.e. as though there is no disk in the drive. Audio cds are playing fine but any type of dvd whether it be original or dvd-r/rw is not recognised.

When clicking on the drive itself in 'computer' the drive then ejects and I get a message to insert a disk in the drive. I am not over knowledgeable about these things but I have checked the drivers are up to date.

I have unistalled and reinstalled the driver and also set a system restore point up to a week ago but still no luck. I would rather not take it back to the store as I have photos and videos now on the laptop and it would be a pain to remove them so if anyone can provide a solution would be grateful. I have also deleted upper registry values in redegit and deleted any added burning software like nero. Is now driving me mad

Thank you

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Answer:Satellite P300 - CD-Rom does not read DVDs


> I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and also set a system restore point up to a week ago but still no luck.
Ok... you have tried to set the OS to the early time point but did you also try to boot from a Toshiba Recovery DVD.
If this issue is related to the CD/DVD drive hardware problem then it shouldn?t be possible to boot from the Toshiba recovery DVD.
In such case the CD/DVD drive should be replaced by ASP

But if it?s possible to boot from the Toshiba Recovery DVD then your ODD is not damage and this could be only a software issue.
In this case an new OS installation and the usage of recovery DVD should help you to solve this CD/DVD drive problem.

In my opinion it?s worth a try?

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I own a Toshiba Satellite L755-16C Laptop. The DVDs I have run on it before (installing games, softwares, movies, etc) are no longer detected by the DVD Drive. CDs do work for some reason.

Whenever I insert a DVD Disk in the drive, the light blinks and I feel some movement and hear some noises that typically happens when a Disc is entered and being read. However the contents of the DVD Drive do not show. If I click open the DVD Drive from My Computer, the DVD ejects and the computer asks me to enter a Disc, as if there was no Disc inserted.

I downloaded the latest BIOS files from their website but nothing changed.

Answer:Satellite L755-16C - ODD can Read CDs but not DVDs any more

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. At first try to clean the lens up. Maybe is lens dirty.
Other way it can be mechanical problem. Fact is that lens position is different for reading CDs and DVDs. Maybe is there some problem with lens calibration.

Try to clean it up at first and post some feedback.

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I have a Satellite A60 with UJDA760 CDRW/DVD drive.
The drive won't read DVDs (DVD+R not at all, DVD-R sometimes (if the drive is cold(?!?))).

Can this be a firmware problem? And if so, does anyone know, where I can find a firmware update for this drive? (I tried the pack from the Toshiba web site, but an update for the drive is not available)

The drive reads CDs without problems.

Thanks for any comments!

Answer:Satellite A60: Can't read self-created DVDs


Here is the Firmware update for your A60. I hope this helps to resolve any issues you have. A tip is to make sure that you do not create multisession DVD's. This can render them non-readable. It is a good idea to close all DVD's after you burn them so this does not occur. I hope this fixes any problems you happen to have. =2&selFamily=2&selSeries=153&selProduct=536&langua ge=13&selOS=10&selType=all&yearupload=&monthupload =&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=allMachines&search= &action=search&macId=&country=all&selectedLanguage =13&type=all&page=1&ID=46804&OSID=-1&driverLanguage=42

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I have no problem with installing programs from CD, listening to music, viewing DVDs or burning. But I cannot read CD-roms that have been burnt in other computers, and I recently purchased a program that was "personalized" (ie professionally burnt) and it won't work - the CD works perfectly in other computers but not in my notebook. The company has sent me a second copy, and I have the same problem.

Why cannot I read CD-roms?

Answer:Satellite A100 cannot read burned CD from different computers

Hi Leticia (nice first name ;))

Do you have a little bit experience in computers?
I ask it because many notebook users don?t know that not every medium is compatible with every drive. I mean that it?s not unusual that some CDs or DVD cannot be read.
Mostly in the user manual you can find a list of compatible medias which should work on your notebook. In my user manual I have found such info.

Anyway, how about the burned CD/DVD on your notebook? Are you able to use CD/DVD which was burned on your notebook?
Your burning software is not known to me but I use the Nero. This software is known to most people and it works great.

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I have a 4 month old Satellite 100-447 (PSAAN), came pre-loaded with Vista Home Premium, and has a Mat****a UJ-850S super-multi DVD/CD drive.

The DVD drive is not functioning correctly. It will recognise some blank DVD's, but never DVD-R and will not recognise any burned DVD's at all. It's fine with CD's, and with DVD movie discs. It's just recordable DVD's where there's a problem.

Also when attempting to write to a DVD when it does choose to recognise one it errors out half way through.

What can I do?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite A100-447 - DVD drive won't read some discs


you can do the follwowing:

Go to this website ,

download the latest firmware update for that drive, install it and then try it again.

Sometimes the manufacturer have to update their drives for the newest recordable media and so I think it can be possible that your drive is simply not up-to-date.


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Cannot read Memory Stick *pro Duo* from my Sony Camera to edit fotos

Is there any update or possibly a solution via USB-Adaptor?

Answer:Satellite A100-775 - Can't read memory stick pro duo

I don?t have Memory Stick Pro Duo cards but I have looked in the user manual and the card reader supports SD/MS/MS Pro/MMC/xD memory cards and it looks like that MS Pro Duo cards are not supported.

I think you should use an external card reader. I bought an external card reader from Kingston and it works fine.

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I have an Problem with my "Mat****a UJ880AS" DVD Ram Drive in Toshiba Satellite L350!
I had tested 2 DVDs on Windows Vista, but the Drive can?t read these! What can I do?

Answer:Satellite L350 - DVD Drive can't read DVDs

Has your notebook ?factory settings? (still original preinstalled as on first day)?
What kind of DVDs you used for testing?

Please be more specific and explain to us what you have done exactly, what kind of DVDs you used and which DVD player you use for testing.

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Have a new laptop (3 months). A300 WinXP prof
It only can read <70% of all types of disks.
Even HP and Sony it don't recognize!!
Drive is a Mat****a DVD-Ram UJ-8505

In my last laptop I never had any problem reading whatsoever CD/DVD
Do I have to buy a new one? (drive I mean?)
Is substituting easy to be done? Or go to an ASP?
Should it need to clean the lens? With what - water/ alcohol?
What stands -RAM- for?


Answer:Satellite A300 - Don't read brand CDs/DVDs

I have the best experience with Verbatim DVD-R disks and TDK. These manufactures make high quality disks and never had problems with it so you try it.

In worst case you must go to an ASP. They can check your notebook and exchange the drive if it?s necessary.

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i need help!
after update to windows 10 my laptop have some problems:
- cd/dvd don""t read some kinds of disks.
jack for headphones not work!
best regards!

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I can?t read dvd?s...
i can burn them but when i start to read them it shows me an error like this " E:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."

it?s killin me, please help

Answer:Satellite Pro M30: Can't read DVDs on DVDrw drive


The ?I/O device error? occurs if drive has a problem with the disc or your system config (mainly a disc problem).
The DVD drive can?t read all DVDs or just the burned DVDs?
Which burning software did you use?
As far as I know you should always closed the burning session.

Furthermore if you need the DVD Shrink software please check this links:


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Evening, I have recently been testing out various OS's on my laptop and finally decided to revert back to Windows Pro.
It was working fine until a couple of days ago, but then the disk drive started to make a clicking noise as if the R/RW head was sticking.

Now it wont read CDs or DVDs, can someone please help and tell me if this is a software fault or a hardware fault and how best to fix it?

Answer:Satellite L30: drive wont read CDs or DVDs

It's a hardware problem, not because you changed the OS. A service could fix this problem (I think they must change the drive). I heard from another user, that he had problem with the optical drive. He had Panasonic (Matsu****a). If you have that type (not LG), maybe you have the same problem.

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About a fortnight ago my DVD drive stopped playing/burning DVD's and now only plays/burns CD's. I followed the guides for removing the Upper and Lower filters and reformatted my laptop to the factory state and the DVD drive didnt work.

I bought a new replacement drive and this doesnt play DVD's either so im presuming my original DVD drive worked but there is something wrong with the laptop hardware itself?

I bought the laptop in Nov '09 so is it still in warranty or is there anything else i can try?


Answer:Satellite L500D - Can't read/write DVDs

Hi mitchello,

> and reformatted my laptop to the factory state and the DVD drive didnt work.
If you have tested it with factory settings and it still doesn?t work it?s hardware malfunction but it?s strange why it doesn?t work with a new drive?

What program do you use for read or write DVDs? I can recommend VLC media player for playing all multimedia content and CD Burner XP as burning program. Both programs are freeware and working perfectly. Never had a problem with these tools.

Did you buy a new drive from an authorized service provider? I ask this because not all drives are compatible with all notebooks due different pin assignment. If the new drive is not working you can return it to get a replacement.

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Have installed all the vista drivers from the toshiba support page and my card reader reads SD cards well.

However when I insert an MMC card Vista searches for drivers but cannot find any. Says MMC1 Device has no drivers.

Help Please

Answer:Equium A100-306: Vista doesn't read MMC cards - MMC1 device has no driver

Did your Equium read MMC card with XP? If yes, then I suggest you to reinstall your drivers and check if you forgot to download some drivers to download/install.

Sometimes you can find drivers which are not on the european website on the canadian website of toshiba:

Hope you will be successful. :)


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Sat Pro (psaac) with DVD-RAM UJ-841S will not read or play audio cd's.
All rest works great but put in any audio cd and nowt.

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAC) DVD-RAM UJ-841S will not read audio CD


As you know not every CD is compatible and supported by every optical drive.
May I ask you what audio CDs don?t work??? Are these original audio CDs or burned one???
You should know that many new audio CD?s are delivered with different copy protections and sometimes happens that such CD?s are not readable?.

But we should firstly find out if all need options are enable. For this you should enter the drive properties and check if the option ?Enable digital CD audio for this CD rom device? was enabled successfully.

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I wonder if anyone can help. I have a satellite a100-163 which according to the manual should read 2gb sd cards. When i put one in the slot, it starts the found new hardware wizzard & then says the data is invalid. 1gb cards work fine.

Do i need to update some software?

Answer:Satellite A100: SD card reader wont read 2GB

According the notebook specification 2GB SD card should be supported. Do you use some high quality product or maybe some cheap no-name SD card? Please check if the card is locked up.

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ODD on my Satellite C70D-A-11E (05.2014) won?t to read DVDs anymore. It doesn't matter which one I try it simply doesn't work.
Latest driver is installed.

Message was edited: posting has been translated

Answer:ODD on my Satellite C70D-A-11E wont read DVDs anymore


If optical disc drive is installed properly maybe is reading lens dirty. Try to clean it up.

Other way, if your ODD can read CDs but not DVDs it can also be hardware malfunction. The reading lens cannot be calibrated properly and cannot find the right position to read DVD media.

In such case ODD must be exchanged.

Try to clean lens up and check if the problem persists. If yes contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

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I have a Toshiba laptop: Satellite A60-302 and I have a problem with the cd drive. It can read dvds and discs that I buy but it wont read all burned discs (even ones that I burned with the laptops own burner). Only from time to time it will read a burned disc.
I have tried cleaning the cd drives laser eye but it didnt help.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Answer:Satellite A60-302: CD drive read DVDs and CDs but not burned discs

You should avoid touching the lense because it is easy to scratch and break.

Is it just burned DVDs or burned CDs as well?

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I have been having this problem, whenever I insert a DVD, or even a CD that has data stored, my laptop will not be able to access those files.
When I go to My Computer, there will be icon to recognise the DVD or CD, I will occasionally get a message saying that the extensions of the file is not recongise and that I will have to change it.

Funnier still, when I try to insert a DVD-ROM, it recognises the DVD as a BLANK disc; an icon would appear in My Computer that would suggest that the DVD CD is in fact a blank disc. I simply cannot run any DVDs or data CDs whatsoever.

I have the latest drivers, I run Vista 32bit and am clueless as to the cause for my problems.

I hope I can have this problem resolved by your help.

Answer:Satellite A120: CD/DVD drive cannot read or recognise DVDs


I?m not quite sure what could be the reason for such strange ODD issue but let?s hope that this could be solved changing some registry entries.

First of all please access the device manager and remove the CD/DVD drive from the device list.

Then start the registry editor and remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Then reboot the notebook and check if the CD/DVD drive would work after new driver reorganization and installation.


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I've got a problem with my Satellite P200-1DO: impossible to read HD DVD. there is message who says that video can not be shown at external device.

The problem is the same if I try on the laptop screen or on the TV (Sony Bravia Full HD) with HDMI. I have the last driver and software for vista sp1 installed...

Some on have an idea?
Sorry to speak so bad...

Edited by: ADMIN

Answer:Satellite P200 - Toshiba HD-DVD Player can't read HD-DVDs

I think I know what?s wrong;

Check this Toshiba TB document;

[HD DVD title doesn't play ("Unable to output the video to an external device")| 788xml&sliceId=&dialogID=41741513&stateId=0%200%20 41739828]

To solve this issue you will have to update the Realtek Audio Driver for Windows Vista.

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I've had a look at other posts on the site from people who've had a similar problems and am begining to think my drive is defekt!

The drive failed after ripping audio from a CD to store on my MP3 player. I got to nearly the end of the CD and the drive started skipping so I took the cd out.
After that it wouldn't read any discs and returned the device I/O error that others have had.

First thing I did was re install the driver and cleaned the lens. No luck. Then I removed the device in device manager and windows reinstalled it, still no luck. Then I tried the registery fix. I even removed the drive and put it back in again, in my experience even this can sometimes fix things. Still no joy.
As a last resort I tried to find the firmware for the drive a Matsu****a UJ850, but could ony find the other manufacture OEM firmware.

Does firmware exist for the toshiba variant? I really have no idea why it gave up after ripping a CD. It's had very light use and is just over 1 year old. If there's any way to fix it rather than shell out on a new one I'd welcome any suggestions.

Answer:Satellite Pro A100: UJ850 DVD drive I/O error - won't read discs

I saw you first thread posted here in the forum about CD/DVD device drive problems;
Did you solve it??? It?s the same issue??

The problem described here sounds a little bit like a hardware malfunction. Mostly the drive cannot read or write the CD or DVD because of the drive lens malfunction.
But maybe you?re a lucky guy and the hardware is ok?

I have noticed that the installed Sonic software could be responsible or the I/O errors.
Remove the Sonic software from the ?add & remove programs?, reboot the notebook, clean the registry with ?CCleaner? software and check the drive functionality again.

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0x02459962 referred memory at 0x5902adf8 the memory could not be read.

This error keeps showing up.
Can anyone help? It comes up in norton when I do a check up.
I also get an error when I close internet explorer telling me msvcr.80.dll could not be found.

Apart from that my laptop works ok it is a A100 satellite.

Answer:Satellite A100: Norton error appears - memory could not be read


I think that file msvcr.80.dll is part of the .NET 2.0 Framework.
I would try to install the released version or see if you can do a repair on it via add/remove software.

I have investigated and waned to find out why the Norton error appears.
But the memory address does not help.
However, it seems you have installed something that could have a bad influence.

Maybe a switching the OS to the early good working point could help to clear this issue.

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I've got a Satellite A20-130 laptop, running WinXP and Ununtu Dapper in a dual partition. My 2nd laptop is not Toshiba one. When I burned DVDs (DVD+R) with my non-Toshiba laptop and played them in my Satellite it all worked fine.

However, when I bought a new optical drive for my 2nd laptop my Toshiba suddenly stopped playing the DVDs burnt in this new optical drive(I was using exactly the same disc brand and format as before-- DVD+R). I tried the old DVDs (the ones burnt in the laptop before the optical drive hardware was upgraded) and they can still by read perfectly fine.

This problem applies to both Ubuntu and WinXP. Support from 2nd laptop says this sounds like a firmware problem with my Toshiba. I updated the driver for my SD R2412 Toshiba optical drive (which, according to the file manual, seems to fix a DVD-Ram compatibility issue). Now the drive occasionally reads some of the new burned DVDs (after making loads of noise and waiting for ages), but more often than not I get an error message saying the device cannot be read because the format is incorrect or the device needs to be formatted.

This non-Toshiba laptop reads the DVDs it burns using the upgraded optical drive perfectly fine.

Answer:Satellite A20-130: SD R2412 cannot read DVDs burnt in certain optical drives


Satellite A20 is pretty old notebook model and after intensive usage it can be that drive is more ?sensitive?. If all this happen ?occasionally? there is no simply explanation why this happen.

I know it is pretty annoying but I do not see any ?magic? solution. At the end you must test it with brand new drive.

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Hello every1,
I have Satellite 1410-604 for more than 2 years, with forementioned combo drive...
It serves me well, except that it doesnt read some of the types of dvd-medias, and I use only high quality Verbatim dvds...
It only happens in last few months. It is not my primary computer but it is at use in my home, and it really bugs me that when my sister or father takes the new Sattelite Pro A60 on the road(its battery is better) I cant use latest discs on this one. So if there is some firmware upgrade, cause i cant find it on this site...

Thanks in advance...

Answer:SD-2212 Drive doesnt read some DVDs - Satellite 1410


I don?t think that the firmware update will solve this issue because this driver has recognized this DVDs a few times ago.
Furthermore I don?t found any firmware for this drive on the Toshiba website.

But check if the drive removing procedure will solve this problem. So for this please go to device manger and remove the drive. After new booting the OS should recognize the drive again


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Hi there,

I have the following problem:

I downloaded the official Toshiba Mobility Driver for Windows Vista 32bit (I got a Satellite A100 (PSAA9) for the built in x1400 mobility.

Once I start the setup, it will install ccc, but the actual driver, no matter what I do! If I try to install the driver manually, Windows says

"Cannot read from the device (ATI Mobility X1400)"

As an error message during install. It won't work in safe mode, either.
May someone help? Thx alot!

Greetz Jens

Answer:Satellite A100 - ATI Vista driver wont install - cannot read from device

I am not 100% clear on your problem you say the Driver has installed then in part this is not so? What is the function of the
ATI Mobility X1400 ?

Try viewing the device in Device Manager :


You will then see a list of Devices with a + next to each one

Locate the ATI Mobility X1400 then click the + sign next to it and see if any errors are diplayed yellow mark ! (Also note what the error is)

If their is yellow mark ! >> uninstall the Driver and reinstall it.

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I have a Satellite Pro A100-622 running MS Vista Home Basic. I have tried to use the integrated card reader with both an SD card and Memory Stick but am unable to view the contents using Windows Explorer.

In both cases the laptop recognises the card and tries to install new hardware. Unable to do so, it asks for the software disk that came with the cards. No software came with either card and I am unable to find any drivers to make the reader work.

The only application I can find on the laptop associated with the reader is an SD formatter, but I do not want to format the card(s) I just want to read the current contents of them and add files to them.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-622 cannot read the SD card and Memory Stick with Windows Explorer

Hi there,

you can download the drivers (and especially in your case for the sd-card-reader) here:

and here

So the other point is, that the SD-card service should be activated in Start -> Control Panel (Change to classical view) -> Administration -> Services -> Smartcard (At this point you should activate the service and configure to startup at windows boottime).

If you got any further questions, just ask. ;)


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After working with my new Toshiba P100-10U the system could not read DVDs anymore, it's still able to read CD-ROMs! In device manager a grey exclamation mark is visible.

The event log shows repeatedly "Der Treiber hat einen Controllerfehler auf \Device\CdRom0 gefunden.", something like "Driver has detected controller error on \Device\CdRom0."

I installed the system again but the erroneous behaviour is still there.
The system has a Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-850S drive.

I already checked the registry entry {4D36E965-E325 -11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}. There are no UpperFilter or LowerFilter attributes.

Any idea?

Thank's Kalle

Answer:Vista preinstalled Satellite P100-10U cannot read DVDs - event code 11


I?m really surprised because such error issue should be solved after the new OS installation.
Furthermore as you already suggested the Upper and Lower filter in the registry key are mostly responsible for such strange drive issues.

Anyway, I would recommend removing the drive from the device manager and reboot the notebook. After the new reboot the OS should recognize the CD/DVD drive again. You should see a message like ?new device was installed? or something like that?

Additionally it would be advisable to use a system repair program like ?CCleaner?. It?s freeware!!

Finally you should check the registry again if the Upper and Lower filter exists and delete it.
Don?t forget to reboot the unit!

Good luck

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After burning a DVD today on my Micro Solutions DVD-/+RW I could suddenly no longer read DVDs on that Drive. I have no idea what happen. At first I thought the drive was gone, but I put a CD in it and it reads it just fine.

I uninstalled the driver and the associated programs (i.e. powerDVD etc) and then reinstalled them and then re-did the UDB connection to the computer - it auto-detected it, and then said new device ready to use (using XP by the way). Still didn't work for DVDs, just CDs. I also updated the driver - still nothing.

Under my computer it is listed as a DVD-/+RW, so I cannot understand why it won't play DVDs, just CDs. It's as if the ability to play/burn DVDs has suddenly be locked out.

Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thank you.

Answer:DVD-RW suddenly cannot read DVDs, can read CDs


The device manager says it's working properly.

The problems occured after attempting to erase a DVD+RW using Deepburner. Basically I burnt a DVD and then tried out Deepburner to see if it would erase the DVD+RW. When I attempted to eject the DVD it wouldn't eject- the green light just kept flashing a couple times. Eventually I had to turn my PC off and unhook the USB connection and power connection and then do everything back up and restart the computer. Finally the DVD would eject, but since then will not read any DVDs, just CD's and CD-ROM.

The model is an external (USB) Micro-Solutions 2244010 (but really a NEC_DVD-RW, ND-1300A).

I updated the firmware to 1.0A about 6 months ago. I never had a single problem with this drive before or after updating the Firmware.

I really have no idea how or why this could have happened. I can play the DVDs in my other DVD drive just fine.

Please help.

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Hello, I recently installed a game which came on a DVD disk
The install had a few problems, and it needed to restart several times. (It looked as though it was unable to read the disc, which resulted in a failed install)
Eventually it installed and all was fine.
The game needs a disc check to start up, and so it must be able to read the DVD before the game can start. It was able to read it, and I quit and restarted the game several times with no problems. However, I tried another game restart and the launcher could NOT read the DVD ("no disk in drive" error). I re-inserted the disc and it worked.

Later, I had the same trouble multiple times. It worked one final time, but I later tried to start the game (and thus read the disc) and it refused to acknowledge a disc was in the drive. I restarted, I removed filters by editing the registry, I uninstalled the DVD drive drivers and even tried blowing air into the drive. I have also tried microsoft's "fix it" software for the drive. None of these methods resolved the problem.

The drive cannot read any other DVDs either (opening them from "computer" just opens the disk tray and states there is no disc in the drive)
The drive IS able to read CDs, which obviously means something (I'm not sure if there are two different lasers or something?)
For this reason I'm leaning towards a software fault, but I don't know what to do to remedy it.

The drive in question: TSSTcorp DVD+RW TS-H653F AT... Read more

Answer:DVD RW drive will not read DVDs (But will read CDs)

Yes. there are two lasers, and it sounds as though one has failed.
Replace the drive.

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DVD-ROM suddenly (it can read/write CDs/DVDs few days ago)

cannot read DVDs, but
can write on empty DVDs

can read/write CDs

OS: Windows XP SP3

-----i cant see the upperfilters & lowerfilters----
-----when i run the microsoftfixit, it just loads and then exits itself-----

I've read & tried the applicable suggestions on these forums:

Answer:DVD-ROM sudden cant read DVDs, but itcan write on empty DVD and can read/write CDs

Re: DVD-ROM sudden cant read DVDs, but itcan write on empty DVD and can read/write CD

I don't burn much of anything, but when I have needed to, I have found it difficult. Got XP SP3 too, and what I have done is try to find software that will pick up the drives correctly. For example, I have one drive currently that reads in Windows as a DVD ROM, but it's a CD/DVD +/- burner. I had success with CDBurnerXP for a little while, then it wouldn't work, so I switched to Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012, which I got free on a giveaway. I know it works, because I just burned a couple of rescue disks recently. I have heard that the same software version 6 works real well and is free, but I haven't tried it, so I can't say.

Maybe if you try a few burner programs, you'll run across one that will work...

Just to add...I've had to be persistent to be able to burn. Most of the time, when it has worked, it took numerous efforts to get it do so. This could mean trying one program, then another, and so on...

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I have a brand new notebook Satellite P300-1C9, which has Pioneer combo drive DVRTD08A. (+ Windows Vista, updated firmware and drivers).

The problem is that it does not read write or even see any CD! When a CD inserted and I click on the CD/DVD drive icon in Windows Vista it makes some repositioning noise for a couple of minutes and then says : "no disc". Tried quality CDs, Verbatim CD-R and CD-RW - all the same...
At the same time the drive operates normally with any DVDs.
So I'm not shure, but I'd guess that it's shouldn't be a hardware problem (like dirty lense), I also suppose it's not a filters problem in the registry, otherwise it wouldn't see any disks...

Anyone has any idea how to solve it?

Answer:Satellite P300-1C9 - Doesn't read or write any CD


Why do you don?t try to remove the upper and lower filters in registry? In my opinion it?s worth a try because it?s done in few minutes. So check this Microsoft document:

If it doesn?t you should try to clean the lense of the CD/DVD drive.

In worst case you must replace the CD/DVD drive. I had a similar issue that the notebook can?t burn DVDs and at the end of the story I had to replace the drive. :(


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I just received a used Satellite A20. Previous owner has uninstalled their programs, and now the DVD/CD does not read any kind of disk. It worked fine for the former owner.

Satellite A20C-0231Q Windows XP - Home Drive SD-R2412

In the bios a cd-rom drive is listed
In the Contol panel the drive is listed but with a yellow triangle and message suggesting that the device cannot be used... driver problem?

Is there a way to locate the driver for an older machine, install it, without doing a complete recover (since the cd drive does not work?)? I noticed that the driver listing started with Satellite A-200.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Answer:Satellite A20 - CD/DVD doesn't read any kind of disk


Normally you don?t have to install another driver for CD/DVD drive. The preinstalled driver is a part of OS and must not be renewed or something else.

Anyway, if your drive is listed in device manager with yellow exclamation mark you should remove it and restart the notebook. After this the drive will be recognized again.

If it doesn?t work you should follow this Microsoft workaround to remove the upper and lower filters:

By the way, can you boot from a bootable disk?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite l500-137 laptop with vista sp2.
There's a written cd that my dvd driver wouldn't read, the driver can read other cd's & dvd's though.
that mentioned cd is seems to be fine because it can be red by other computer.

any suggestions?


Answer:Satellite L500-13T - CD/DVD drive doesn't read CD


That means only one disk can?t be read from your notebook and all other disks can be read properly? Well, in my opinion it could be a problem of the disk, maybe it?s scratched and so it can?t be read from all drives.

In your case I would try to clean the lens of your CD/DVD drive. Therefore you can use a microfiber cloth.
Check this!!

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my toshiba is SATELLITE A200 and it doesn't see my Sony NWZ A816 mp4.
It didn't charge either.
What can i do?

i am waiting for your solutions

Answer:Satellite A200 doesn't read my mp3 player


You should update the driver for this NWZ-A816
I think you will find the needed software on the manufacturer webpage of the NWZ-A816


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my Satellite A300 - 1ME don?t read CD-R and CD-RW burned yet or unburned, it only read?s DVD?s.
Please can you give me a hand for this problem.


Answer:Satellite A300-1ME doesn't read CD-R only reads DVD


First of all you should check if the are some registry issues.
Go to registry an remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

After that reboot the unit and check if you could read the CDs.

I had a lot of problems with different disks (CDs and DVD as well)?
I could solve the issue?. the problem was that my CD/DVD drive was not compatible with some CDs and DVDs from different manufacturers?

Finally I bought some TDK CD-R and my CD/DVD drive was able to handle these disks?
I think you should check different disks from different manufacturers too!

Last but not least check if an CD/DVD firmware update for you CD/DVD drive is available.
For that, you should visit the Toshiba European driver page? check the details in ?More info?.
There you will find the info if the firmware has been released fro you CD/DVD drive.


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I have a Satellite P200-1FC and the "TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632D ATA Device won't read CDs or DVDs and don't respond. The device manager shows this device is working properly.

Can you please help?

Answer:Satellite P200-1FC - CD/DVD doesn't read disks


Try to remove the CD/DVD drive from device manger and restart the notebook. Does it work?

If not you should try to remove the upper and lower filters:
1) Run Regedit (Start -> Run -> Regedit)
2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
3) In the right pane, delete the "UpperFilters" key, and delete the "LowerFilters" key.
4) Reboot.


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Trouble with Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R2212 Drive on a Satellite S1410-801.
Please help!
My drive doesn't read many CD's and I can't write any CD's too?

Answer:Satellite 1410-801: Drive doesn't read and write many CD's

If it is in warranty I suggest taking it to your Authorized Service Provider and having them take a look at it. More then likely the DVD/CD is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. If out of warranty I suggest buying an external DVD/CD read/write and using that. There are many nice ones available on Toshiba's website.

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I have a problem with the MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-831S (firmaware 1.40 / driver Microsoft 5.1.2535.0) installed on an M 30 X... reading and writing on CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW does not work.

I tried firmware upgrade from the page of TOSHIBA but I could not.

How Can I resolve the problem?

Thanks from Spain

Answer:Satellite M30x: UJ-831S doesn't read & write the CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW

It sounds like a hardware problem. The drive lens could not calibrate in the right position and would malfunctions.
In such case the drive would be not able to handle different CDs or DVDs.

But firstly you should try this
Access the registry and try to remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

After this removing reboot the computer.

I read that this short procedure helps to solve different CD/DVD drive issue.

But if you will be not successful then a hardware problem is possible and only a drives replacement could helps

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I try to write a CD or DVD and the DVD drive does not read any of the blank CD/DVDs I insert!
Nero and the Toshiba disk creator tell me toinsert an empty disk although there is already one!

Please help!

Answer:Satellite A210-183 - Doesn't read blank disks


Have you tested disk from different manufactures? I have good experience with Verbatim disks. I use it for years and never had problems with it. Try it!

Check the Toshiba website if you can find a firmware update for your CD/DVD drive.


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My Satellite L755-16K BD-Rom Drive doesn't read discs
my OS is Windows 7 (64-bit)

so how can i fix this?

Answer:Satellite L755-16K BD-Rom Drive doesn't read discs

Good question. It will be nice if everything should be so easy.

Do you have problems with all discs or just with some specific discs?
Have you tried to clean the lens?

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I have a brand new A300-1MC, only 5 days old so surely not malfunctioning already!

Yesterday I configured it to my printer and camera, no problems at all when reading the discs. However, tonight the CD drive just doesn't read any disc at all, have tried everything from a DVD to a music CD.

I am not too hot with computer stuff but hoping someone out there will be able to help and hoping it's something really simple! Have done a virus scan, just in case, but nothing showed up.
Many thanks in advance, Carol.

Answer:Satellite A300-1MC - CD drive doesn't read any disc


Do Windows recognize the drive and the BIOS also?

On the Toshiba website I have founded a firmware update for drives from Toshiba or Pioneer.
If you have such a drive, download and install the update. => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers


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the following problem is sticky on the notebook Satellite M30X-165 with the burner Mat****a UJ-831S: It can read and write CDs, but isn't able to to write DVDs or even read some of those which I burned and also read in the same drive. Even at booting from DVD, it doesn't start from the recovery DVD, the drive starts and slows down very fast.
Probably, it has to be brought to the repair service or has someone any other suggestions?

Could you please tell me how long the repair takes (so that I know what to install on the temporarly used desktop).

Thank you

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Using burning programs, it detects the DVDs, but prompts a "Power Calibration Error (037303)".

Answer:Satellite M30X-165: Mat****a UJ-831S doesn't read and write any DVD

There was a firmware update released to multiple laptops a few months back. It might do you good to check the drivers page and see if you have to update your DVD drive's firmware.

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Same issue, my CD/DVD drive doesn't read any cd but it works with DVD. Same problem if I try to burn CD (it doesn't work, the yellow light out the drive and hard disk blue light on the laptop (U305) gets permanently on) but it's ok to burn DVD, even if it takes long to start reading a new dvd. How to solve it? I tried to find a new firmware for the drive but it seems not to exist (my drive is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-U10N ATA device). Anyone can help?? .

Answer:Satellite U400-112 CD/DVD optical drive doesn't read a CD discs

HI Arkadiusz Kulesza,

You should try to clean the lens using a microfiber cloth. Maybe dust is over the lens so it takes long to start reading the disk.

I had a similar issue that it wasn?t possible to burn a DVD and the reason was the CD/DVD drive itself. I replaced it with a new one and everything worked then! :)

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I've got the problem as in topic - my DVD drive doesn't read/write DVD-RAM discs (recorder: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T20N). Unfortunately, there aren't any drivers (newer than I've got) for this recorder on Toshiba site, not even on LG or Microsoft. What should I do?


Answer:DVD Recorder doesn't read/write DVD-RAM discs on Satellite A200-1GH


To be honest it is pretty strange. If the notebook is preinstalled with recovery image it must work. I have tested it on my notebook 5 minutes ago and it works. The DVD-RAM disc is readable and different documents can be saved on the disc too.

Do you use your own OS installation or you still have ?factory settings??

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My Satellite M40x can't read an XD Picture Card type M, but it can read a simple XD (no type M). Do I need any driver and where I can find it?

Answer:Satellite M40X doesn't read XD Picture card type M


The Satellite M40x can handle only this memory cards/medias:
Capacity 8/16/32/64/128/256/512MB

Capacity 4/8/16/32/64/128MB

Capacity 256/512/1024MB

SD card
Capacity 8/16/32/64/128/256/512MB

Capacity 8/16/32/64/128/256MB

XD-picture card
Capacity 4/8/16/32/64/128/256/512MB

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Well until the other day the CD-RW/DVD Drive in my Toshiba P20 laptop was working fine. Now however it isnt. Whenever I insert a disk into the drive the mouse turns into a spinning CD to show that it is reading the disk, however it finds no content on whatever disk I insert and it also says there is no disk inserted.

What should I do?


Answer:Satellite P20 - Optical Drive doesn’t read the disk properly

Try to reinstall the driver for the CD/DVD drive. It has maybe been corrupted by something.


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Hi all,

Since I have uninstall powerDVD on my laptop and alcool 52% from my laptop, I am unable to read any DVD or HD-DVD disk

When I insert a disk, the drive start to scan, and scan again and rescan... some applications like IE are freezed during this scan, then after a few minutes it just stop scanning the disk and nothing appends. Impossible to explore the disk, Device manager says everhing is ok and up to date.
I have try to uninstall the drive from the device manager after deleting upper and lower filter keys in registry, no effect on my issue.
I have also try to reinstall "Hardware setup" and HD DVD player, but no results

Anybody has a idea or another tip to try ?

thx in advance for your help

Answer:Satellite P200-1D0 (PSPB6E) - CD/DVD drive doesn't read a disk

Have you tried different CD/DVD?s in the drive?

Maybe you should clean the registry because there could be keys from powerDVD. For this you can use CCcleaner:

Which OS do you use? Have you installed it from the Microsoft disk or Toshiba disk?
Make sure that you have all Windows updates installed.

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I am having problems with my satellite A30/dvd/cdrw drive (TEAC DW-224E-A), it wont read dvd's but will read cd's and cd rom's. The drive will spin looking for the dvd but it wont find it and when I try to start the dvd via my computer menu it says the drives empty.

I have checked that the drive is enabled and it says that the drive is working correctly. I have also tried original and copied dvd's

It used to work fine but stopped all of a sudden,

Has anyone any tips please!!!

Answer:Satellite A30 wont read dvd's but will read cd/cd rom's


Try to remove the drive from the device manager.
After notebook rebooting the OS should recognizes the drive again.
Maybe it helps.

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I have Toshiba Sat pro 6100 and the CD/DVD drive is SD-C2502 on winxp sp2.
The drive didnt read any CD/DVD initially.
After a DVD lens cleaner, it reads DVD but the drive cannot read any CD incl music CD's.

The error is 'windows cannot read from the disk. The disk may be corrupted or .....'.

I have 'took off the CD/DVD drive and reconnected' and the driver also seems to be OK.

Any suggestions or ideas ?

Answer:Satellite Pro 6100 -> DVD read is OK but cannot read any CD


This sound like a drive lens cannot calibrate properly and therefore the drive cannot read from the CD disks.
Mostly the drive replacement is necessary and inevitable. :(

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I have A Phillips PBDV16OP DVD-RW and when my son tries to play a game called evil genius which is a cd it says to put the disk in the drive it does the same on another game of his called Tribes 2 Vengence and handful of other application that to numerous to mention i would vey much appriciate any help in resolving this matter

Answer:My DVD-RW will not read some CDs or DVDs

it actually say unable to othenticate original disc in time limit i also am running windows XP SP1 just so you know

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I was given this computer as a gift. It was brought about two months ago and was just given to me the other day. It's brand new and everything but I went to load a cd the other day and it would not read it, same thing with the dvd I tried. What can I do to fix this problem? Besides going out and buying another dvd/cd drive. The store would not let us return it and the company, Acer wants me to send it back but this is the only computer I have and I need it for school and my job that I currently have. When I looked up the drive in the device manager it gave this as the name WDC WD3200BEVT.

Answer:CD/DVD Won't Read CD or DVDs

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Had a problem that cropped up recently on the wife's laptop:
The DVD burner quit reading any sort of disc (blank, used, CD, DVD) very shortly after I did a malware removal. All it does is "hunt" for a disc whenever one is inserted. The "Recording" tab is also now missing.
I have tried all of the general fixes that I could find - registry fixes like the Upper and Lower Filter deletion, the "Drive Type" registry fix, removing the drive in Device Manager and letting Windows re-detect, and even phisically removing the drive and re-seating it. None had any effect. The one thing that I haven't tried yet is to see if the laptop will boot from a bootable disc. I have a Knoppix live CD that I can try - when I find it - that should be able to tell me if Windows is the culprit or not.
Now, I understand that it's entirely possible that the drive has packed up and quit, but it seems too coincidental that it did so right after that malware removal.

Is there any more obscure fixes (registry or otherwise) that I can try before I give up and attemt to find a replacement drive?

HP Pavillion dv8301nr w/ Windows XP Media Center Edition (SP3)

Edit to add: The drive is detected fine, and there's no yellow exclamation point in the Dev. Manager, before or after a re-detect. The drive appears in all respects to work fine - it just doesn't read the discs.

Answer:CDs + DVDs can't be read

I'll ask someone to reply to your other topic, first:;#entry1782774

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DVD drive won't read dvds anymore.

It will read and burn music cds. It will read images of a DVD+R. It won't read a DVD or burn anything to a DVD+R.

Just last week I back up all of my photos on a DVD+R but this week it won't even do that.

Any idea what the problem is?

I have restarted my pc, btw.

Answer:DVD-RW won't read DVDs

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I put in a dvd and it just sits there blinking the light and spining the disk and nothing happens. is there something i can do to get to to read the disk. i have gotten the Firmware Update and it still dosnt work. its a LG Electronics cdrw/dvd drive, gcc4480B

Answer:my dvd rom will not read dvds

Can it read regular CD's?

Have you tried more than one DVD?

Make sure the DVD is clean.

Can you access it via a drive letter (D:, E:, etc) and view the contents?

Perhaps you don't have DVD software installed?

Details about the system please.

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How to read UDF DVDs?

I got some important program in my DVD and i need to install something onto my laptop.
This DVD shows up as totally empty on my computer

I went to google up and found that this is due to DVD burnt in UDF format. However hard i tried, i cant get my computer to reat UDF format.

I tried the same disk on my friend's computer, it has no problem.
I googled around for some UDF drivers but all do not work at all.
I tried isobuster and CDRoller, but both take insanely long and need to pay $$. and dont work....
my dvd-rw drive can read all other CD/DVDs, except this one
I even took a USB DVD burner and plug it into my laptop to try reading, still cannot read so probably its this laptop's problem

So without using my friend's computer, how do i make it such that my computer can read UDF formats?

some more info:

on my fren's computer, it says "CDFS" format
and there are super long file names which have CRC problems when I try to copy from CD to computer
only for the super long file names files. The other files have no problem

if i recall correctly, it was burnt with NERO UDF format due to long file names

Answer:How to read UDF DVDs?

Take a look at this

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i have a lite-on dvdrw shw-160p65. running windowsxp. i used to be able to read all dvds, now only dvd-. i found a program, try then buy thing, that read one of the dvds. i need to know how to fix this. is there a program, that can make my dvd player recognize dvd+ dvds? ive done everything, i rebooted, i even did a system recovery. the lite on burner, did not come with a disc. only nero. no installation disc, (unless was thrown away, dont remember seeing it), and anyway did a driver update, didnt work either. thanks in advance. but, that one little trial program, it read one of the dvd+ dvds.... then said for more, i would have to purchase. if that program read it, im thinking theres a solution for this. thanks again.

Answer:DVD will not read +dvds

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Question: Can't read cd/dvds

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 267628 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0GD366
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

ok my issue is this I can not get my Dell Inspiron 1300 to read a CD let alone a DVD. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. I tried the mr.fix it and it gave me that my filters for my drive is corrupt

saved from the mr.fix it
CD/DVD Reading and Writing Publisher details
Issues found
Media in CD/DVD drive is not readable (_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A)
Not fixed
Insert readable media


Issues checked
Class filter drivers are corrupt
Device filter drivers are corrupt (_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A)
Device is not working properly (_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A)
Drive is disabled (_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A)
Drive is not assigned a drive letter
Issues found Detection details
Media in CD/DVD drive is not readable (_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A) Not fixed
The drive is empty or the media format is not supported
Insert readable media

Insert a readable CD or DVD into the selected CD/DVD drive
Issues checked Detection details
Class filter drivers are cor... Read more

Answer:Can't read cd/dvds

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Question: Can't read DVDs

I have a Samsung SD-616Q DVD-Rom drive. It no longer recognises DVDs, whether DVD-Video or DVD-Rom. It works perfectly with all types of CD.I don't think there is a problem with the driver. I have used a CD Lens Cleaner to no effect.Is the problem likely to be software related or a fault with the drive itself?Any help appreciated.

Answer:Can't read DVDs

The laser for DVD is different to the one for CD; hence it can work with one media and not another.Is it recognised as DVD drive at boot up / in device manager?

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Hi all,

I have a 2001 Toshiba Laptop that has a DVD-Rom/CD-RW drive, running Win XP Home Edition,
all of a sudden it will not read or write CDs but it will read DVDs in the built-in drive.

I set system back to a restore point 4 days ago when things were okay but problem persists.

I don't know what to check -- the hardware manager has everything okay and it says the device is working properly but it will not recognize CDs at all!!

Please tap your wisdom and give me some expert advice.

This really puts me in a bind and then some!

Thank you soo much.


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